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11-01-2009, 09:26 PM
OK, someone smack me!! I'm really frustrated.

I'm doing my internship as a student minister. That means that even though I wear a robe, I am supposed to look halfway decent on Sundays (and other days too). I've gotten rid of all of my really nice suits from when I was a fat (rich and obese) finance analyst in the big city...and I've got a few nice pieces of clothing and I'm trying to make due with some pieces from Kohl's. I've had bad luck with Goodwill, and I have been able to buy some stuff at consignment shops but can't find one near me right now.

So here's my problem(S).
1) I have five lipomas on my ribcage, front and back that have presented this summer (they are benign, I have been through the battery of tests. I may have them out with an abdominoplasty in the summer if I can reach a good weigh in the spring). They are painful and one sits under my bra strap. I have switched to all non-underwire bras. (Olga 30589 from Kohl's if you are interested, I can't see a difference in my profile, they are COMFY, no pad!)

2) My dr. says that due to my swift weight loss progress, the fat is releasing stored chemicals into my system. One of the worst chemicals for me is estrogen. I have been losing ~10 lbs a month since August and my TOM is rough and I have gone up a cup and band size in my bra (have lost 40 pounds, this is not logical!...but dr. says it is scientific.) Fortunately, I won't ever have to whine about having to replace my shirts. (suit jackets for some reason, though...ugh. I think it's the arms.

3) Even though times are really tight for us right now (I mentioned elsewhere my husband is a pastor) I bought 3 new pairs of pants (full price) and some new shirts 'cause they were on clearance... well, one of the pants, I can't take in, and I'm afraid to take in the other two pairs of pants because of the way they are constructed. I'm thinking about taking them to a consignment store...I'm just sooo frustrated, I've only gotten 5 or so wearings out of them, and I usually wear things until they fall apart! Like, $120 worth of pants, with slimming panels and all! I guess I could take them to a seamstress, but they are a 20W and I bet they need to be a 16w...and I will just shrink out of them anyway, and I have some Dockers 16s that are snug on me that I should probably just wait, I should probably just wear these pants for one more week and then put them in the consignment box???

Oh, ETA the frustrating part: my most attractive pair of black pants right now is a pair of men's workout pants from K-mart - knit, $13. I can't seriously wear these for non-workout, can I?

4) The person I'm supposed to be training under has a passive aggressive streak like you've never seen. Today, I was following him in my car to go somewhere, and he pulled into a McDonald's (he knows the places I can go to), knowing that I hadn't eaten didn't really bother me, I just pulled out my cell and called my husband, laughing, "guess what he did THIS time???" ha ha ha. :P After all, I got my revenge, watching him stuff fries in his mouth the next three miles.

I had a great twilight walk with my family and dogs in the cemetery, though (we live in an old Victorian that overlooks an old city cemetery, and you can walk miles by weaving in and out of the stones!). I didn't need one drink of water (45 minutes) when, even yesterday, I was huffing and puffing and begging for a drink. I guess I am getting into shape!

:) Weeb

11-02-2009, 09:17 AM
I don't know that we have a "smack" smilie, so here. :kickbutt:

Don't stress, sister. Being someone that gave up worldly things to serve the Lord, you knew it wasn't going to be easy. Satan works hardest on those that are most faithful. Lay it all down at His feet. He'll provide.

And nothing wrong with Kmart comfy pants! I don't know who you were before you gave your life to the Lord, but some of us have always lived that way and see nothing wrong with it! ;)

I'll pray for you sister!!!! Hope you have a better day! :D


11-02-2009, 09:39 AM
I'm not stressed... I guess that's why I'm asking for (and I think the kick is great) a smack...I know that I'm annoyed by things I should be (and am) rejoicing over.

I can't really be wearing men's workout pants (even with a cute top over them)...for regular clothes...but my "wardrobe" has gotten very stressed by our always-frugal lifestyle and our current income.

My first year of seminary wasn't a big deal, because I had nice stuff (in my size) and we had some savings for "extra stuff" and home improvements, etc from my old job.

This year, though, my husband hadn't planned on "replacing" my entire wardrobe twice...and there was a little 'retail therapy' when I called him from Kohl's and said, "The radiologist's assistant told me to go shopping for a while to wait for the radiologist to look at some stuff..." (I was buying bras that didn't hurt and loose blouses that I could wear with a shelf cami that day though). I 'only' spent $200 that day. Bras are expensive when you need to replace all that you have.

Still, it's been a great relief to know that I don't have cancer, I'm just a bit freakish (maybe I can charge a buck a peek, I like to call the biggest one thirdboob (no it's not that big, but *I* notice it in the mirror when I wear a wide empire waist clingy blouse, which is kindof annoying, the thinner I get, the more I can see it!).

We have very good financial habits and are a lot better off than a lot of people we serve in the community where we live. So...that's something that we keep in mind on a daily basis. We have a beautiful old home. We fill it with inexpensive (but sometimes valuable) antiques that sometimes take a month's worth of handiwork to restore. In two and a half years, I'll be done with school and after paying off twenty years of student loans we'll be done with our money troubles...oh wait, then we'll be dead. Oh, wait! I forgot! We're into this whole healthy lifestyle! So we'll be ready to retire then!

So I guess it's ok. :)

Thanks for the prayers, Lisa. :)

11-02-2009, 09:43 AM
Weeble, it's a shame you've had bad luck with Salvo. I'm not sure where you are in Indy, but you could look for other Salvation Army (and similar) shops in neighboring towns. I get really good luck at the one that's in a college town about 45 mins from me--they seem to have a lot of clothes in my size and styles. Salvo and consignment stores were my salvation when I was losing quickly. I turned in my big clothes to the consignment stores for cash (I didn't try this, but you might try selling them on Ebay) and then spent it at the Salvo to go down another size.

Though it's the wrong time of the year for them, keep an eye out for rummage and garage sales. They are an AWESOME source of clothes for next to of my favorite sweaters was 75 cents and another was brand new with tags for $3. My friend Mel bought an entire maternity wardrobe at garage sales for next to nothing. You can really find some deals! Also, look into buying your clothes on E-bay. They have a lot of stuff for very low cost. Another option for buying new at a lower cost is to go to a place like T.J. Maxx/Marshall's/Ross. They often have good deals if you search.

In addition, you might want to organize something through yours or your husband's church. Maybe you can do a "swap" day, where parishoners bring their unwanted clothes and exchange with each other, then give the leftovers to Salvo or a local charity. That could solve your problem while helping others, too!

You might also use your resources in the church to find some seamstresses who are willing to take in your clothes for low or no cost. Most of the churchgoers I know are aware of the relative poverty their pastors live in and want to help them and their families in any way they can. Perhaps some of that could be taking in your clothes! I actually have a neighbor that lost a lot of weight recently and has been taking in her own clothes. She wasn't particularly adept when she started, but she was still willing to help a friend of mine by taking in her clothes. So you never know. If you pay a tailor to take them in, it might cost as much as new ones, but it's worth checking into just in case, right?

Sorry to hear about the skin issues. I hope you can find some relief. In the meantime, the soft bras sound like a good idea. :)

Keep fighting the good fight!

11-02-2009, 10:40 AM
A friend of mine who lost weight rapidly bought a book on about how to alter and "make-over" clothing. She was able to keep altering down her clothes as she shrank for quite awhile. So if you have a sewing machine, alteration is a skill that can be learned. I've tried it on pants but always end up with weird thick seams, so apparently I need a book too. :)

11-02-2009, 10:57 AM
I was a historical costumer in a 'former life'. The problem is...with my schedule, I can sew OR exercise. :) so that's a decision right there. I did take in one of my favorite "old" pairs of pants as a test, I took in 8 inches off the waist. They don't look great, but it will extend the wearability. There's no way that the pants could ever be worn tucked in, they now go up almost to my bra (it's kinda funny). They look fine with a shirt over them, but they're goofy. I think, for the "new" pants, that it would be a bad waste of their value to hack them apart for another month worth of wear (I am losing 8-10 pounds a month and toning, and apparently losing nothing from my chest, yes, I'll quit whining now).

I'll just be best friends with the washer & dryer & be creative with my belt. Maybe I'll wear skirts a lot (you can take those in very easily)...and ask my mom if I can borrow some pants from her library of clothes (she has quite the collection of garage sale finds)...

OK I'm done whining. Off to the gym to be weighed for biggest loser.

11-02-2009, 01:32 PM
Weebles, I forgot to mention Freecycle. You can get some awesome things there...I just saw three ads on my local one (and I'm in a tiny town) for plus size clothing, for free!

One thing I did (since my sewing leaves a ton to be desired) is use quilting safety pins meant for basting (they're curved) to "take in" my skirts and pants at the waist. They didn't look great, but they worked. I also used a rope as a belt for a couple months, because I was far too big for any actual belts! :lol: DH got a kick out of that...

11-02-2009, 02:01 PM
Yeah, I just get annoyed with the poopypants/gangsta look :)

It just is frustrating to go from having a nice plus sized wardrobe with a craptastic body to having a nice not-so-plus sized body with a craptastic wardrobe that camoflages all the hard work you did on your body!

I need to find some diet buddies around here to share clothes with, I think. There has to be some sort of round robin program.