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11-01-2009, 06:58 PM
Happy November, Flowers! We started out with sunshine today, but the clouds have moved in. It's a warm 69 degrees so that's nice. We got home about 3:30 and Bob headed for the farm. The elevator wasn't open yesterday because the fields were still too wet. I hope they're open later today to make up for lost time.

The church service this morning was very nice. The hometown church has a new lady minister and she is very plain and down to earth. Her sermons relate to every day living rather than a take off on Bible scriptures; today it pertained to someone (a "saint" in honor of the Saints Memorial) in your life who is/was a good influence in your life. Several people shared their thoughts with the congregation. Bob lit the candle and was given a long stemmed red rose in memory of his mom. Our church had cylinder glass candles with the names etched on them.

"Gma" -- You have been busy! I hope Jack has your light up and running without any problems. I had to laugh at Thomas and his past Halloween costumes -- I think he is wise beyond his years! :D Jackson makes a cute frog; thanks for sharing the picture. I used to have a card book but had so many family birthdays and anniversaries it finally fell apart. I have since cut my card list down to my side of the family since the other side quit sending them years ago. It seems like I have several to send at the first of the month, and if I don't pay attention, flip the calendar only to find out I'm late. :o

Maggie -- Bob went after milk last night around 9:00 and said the downtown area was pretty dead. He has maintained for the past several years that the kids out on the loose, are too lazy to run up, grab a pumpkin, and run back to the street and smash them. :lol: We only had 16 trick or treaters so the grandkids will get the rest of the prepackaged gummy Halloween treats at Ian's birthday. :T I don't know how much more visible 4 orange envelopes sticking out on a shelf could be. I guess I had other things on my mind rather than sending cards last week. I think the gift jars are a neat idea and not terribly expensive to make.

Susan -- I will have to look at WM for the tea as I know what the two grocery stores carry -- Lipton and Bigelow! :spin: I have a teapot that belonged to my grandma, but I've never made tea in it. When you use loose tea, is is stronger than the tea bags? Have fun on the quilting retreat as I know you will. :yes:

I guess I will go read the Sunday paper before it becomes Monday. Hope you all have a nice evening and a Marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-02-2009, 07:17 AM
Good morning ladies. I goofed up and didn't see that Jean had started a new thread and posted yesterday after she did on the old one so will move it over here.

Here are the boys' sweaters together. They are now both done, thank goodness. I really need to get the zip up jacket done now if he is going to get it and it still fit him. He is growing so darn fast.

Jean: We have had so much rain the farmers can't get in the fields to pick the cotton. It looks awful. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't lose a lot of it. It is a bedraggled mess. I think t or t is becoming a thing of the past really. I imagine a lot of parents are either having parties or sending their kids to parties because so much of it is dangerous, you can't let your kids go by themselves anymore so the parents don't want to deal with it and the givers are becoming less and less because they are afraid to open their doors anymore. So many things from our childhood that this generation could really enjoy have come and gone. Everything is techy now. It has its place, but bike riding, skating, marbles, jump rope, hopscotch, kick ball and on and on can't take the place of being numbed in front of a computer or tv.

Hopefully we will have a third day of nice sunny weather. My back yard is totally full of leaves, but we are going to wait until most of them are down now since the tree is getting pretty bare.

I heard the shower turn off, so Jack will be down anytime. You gals have a good start to your week! Talk at you later.

11-02-2009, 09:49 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is coming up and it looks like it might be another nice day in my neighborhood. I have several errands to run and have my list ready. Bob left for the farm at 7 since it was light out, and I won't see him until later this evening.

"Gma" -- The sweaters turned out great! :cp: Did you play jacks when you were little? My mom used to play with me -- she was a lot better at it than I ever was. :yes: I will say that both Beth and Jason see that their kids play outside whenever the weather permits. Now that it is dark earlier that may not be as often. I just think fresh air never hurt anyone! Way back when I taught Kdg. we told parents the kids would be going outside for recess unless the wind chill was below 0. Of course there were kids that never dressed appropriately and would huddle next to the building.

I'm off to WM to get the toy advertised a week ago -- something Ian wanted. When I got to the checkout the ad didn't go into effect until Nov. 1st. GRRRR!

Have a great day and enjoy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-02-2009, 02:11 PM
It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Will has take Ragg Mopp for his trim and bath. The kittens are asleep on the bed and all is well. This is weigh day and I do believe I will show a gain. We ate "out" a lot with friends this past week and I don't always make the best of choices. We only handed out pre-packaged pop corn balls that we like for 2 points each. No candy to have any left over. I have a flat of quart jars and pint jars now waiting to be filled. I have the gift tags printed out and the recipes I am going to fill them with chosen. Brownie Mix, Cnnamon Pancake Mix, Friendship Soup Mix, Bean Soup Mix, Stuffing Mix, Herbed Rice Mix, Savory Onion Bread Mix, Hawaiian Cookie Mix, Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix, Hot Cocoa Mix. I also have a Snowman Soup which will be put in festive mugs. It isn't really "soup" for it cotains hot chocolate mix, Hershey Kisses, Mini Marshmallos and a candy cane with which to stir it all up with. Got my shopping list made and I notice it is gone so Will has it with him and will be getting some of it today anyway. What fun. I made the tags "book mark" style with the instructions printed on them. I will punch a hole in the top and tie it to the jar with ribbon. I do have fun.

DONNA FAYE Those sweaters are darling. Take a picture of the boys wearing them. It will be precious. I absolutely agree that we have left a kinder gentler time behind us. No more having the safe warm feeing with kids playing and squeeling with fun; allowed to be out to "just before dark." Then in to dinner with the family. The whole block where I grew up had lots of kids that would come out and play. We had a huge backyord and it was usually filled up with kids. Summer days were the best. My father built a playhouse for girls and a fort for boys. We had a badmitton court and croquet on the lawn. Our very next door neighbor had a swimming pool and on warm days when we weren't down at the beach (two blocks away) we could be found in the pool. Or down at the pool on the base. Nope, kids now days are sitting in front of TV's and getting zoned.

JEAN Hopefully the rain didn't ruin all the crops. Seems there is either too much rain or not enough. OOps gotta go. Type a y'all later.

11-02-2009, 05:00 PM
Good evening, ladies! Raining yet again. Dismal.

No bible study tonight since it is All Soul's day and we have church.

Jean, Bigelow makes most of the teas I mentioned and they also have a sampler pack. Their tea bags are good; I prefer the loose tea because it is stronger. If you aren't used to black teas, you might want to look for Lady Grey. I hope you got your toy.

Faye, the sweaters are lovely; they will look so cute in them. The Cotton in VA is wet and limp, too. If the rain doesn't stop soon, it will be ruined. The kids today don't know the fun we missed. It's really sad. I have to go look to see if I posed to the wrong thread yesterday. I did post but don't see it here.

Maggie, it would be so nice to have someone to do the grocery shopping. Will is a gem. Those jars sound great. I might do some of those hot chocolate mugs, a cute idea.

11-03-2009, 07:49 AM
Good morning to you all. I did leaf blowing at least what was dry and got some of it out to the end of the garage for the landscapers to pick up. I figure we pay $200 a month in association fees and they don't do squat for us so the least they can do is I don't bag up the leaves that the landscapers can do that when they go through and blow out the walkways. My deck is covered in leaves again as it is blowing here, but the next round will be a bit easier because there is less of them. Maybe I can tackle that this weekend some time.

Susan: oh my gosh the pumpkin spice tea is to die for. I opened it up on Sunday morning and had two cups of it. I can't wait to try the other spice tea. I have to put sweetner in my tea unlike other folks who prefer it without, but you can put artificial in the tea and it is ok.

Maggie: Well, for one thing, when I was very young like first grade or so, tv didn't have much to watch unless you had an antenna and could pick up Chicago stations so you didn't sit and watch tv. I watched Captain Kangaroo of course. I saw an interview the other day and don't know what brought him around to the conversation, but the woman being interviewed, said, "Who?" Boy, I guess that puts you in your place age wise because she was probably 40. Anyway, we enjoyed playing outside with friends. Since I lived in the north we got to ice skate in the winter and my mom would buy us passes for the rink where we could go every saturday and skate. Do you know I still have my ice skates with my black and yellow pompoms which were the colors for my jr high school! :^:

Jean: I loved to play Jacks and I liked to play pick up sticks, remember that. They actually still have a version of that the kids play. Thomas really likes board games. I am getting him three for Christmas. He wants Mille Borne, which I have always loved playing so that will be a fun new one for us to play together. Have you ever played it? It is a french road trip card game where you get flat tires, you run out of gas, etc. It is fun.

Jack came home yesterday morning with hand pain and is staying home today and then has a dr appt tomorrow. I imagine since the steroid/motrin round of meds didn't work at all, they will inject him and he is needle phobic so I may go with him. He keeps talking about it and I know he is dreading it. I try to tell him it is quick and sure doesn't hurt as much as recovering from open heart surgery did and that it will relieve the pain, but I am not convincing enough I guess.

Going to go back to knitting for awhile. I am going to check and see if they got my return and are working on my exchange. See you on the flip side and stay warm and dry!

11-03-2009, 10:13 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is trying hard to peek through the clouds, but I don't hold out much hope. :no: It's cold -- 27 degrees at 6 when I headed downstairs. Bob is long gone to the farm and hopes to finish one place so they can move back to the home place before the rain starts later today. I'm still working on my "stuff" -- I seem to create more mess before I get rid of one pile only to start another. :hyper: There has got to be a better method to this madness!

Maggie -- Where do find all of your mix recipes? They all sound delicious! :T You do have the best ideas! Sometimes I have good intentions when I hear about someone else's ideas. Maybe I will start early this year!

Susan -- I personally think WM pulled a fast one on the sale toy! When I was there the other day the medium sized toy was marked $7.99. Yesterday, there was a rack of smaller toys marked $5.00 which is what the ad said. I could not believe the number of clerks who were clearing out the Halloween items and stocking the toy shelves for Christmas! :eek: I even asked a clerk if the $5 toy was the one in the ad and she assured me it was. Then I asked about the ones marked $7.99 and she just :shrug: and walked away. Of course the check out gal has no clue either. I do drink black tea. I've tried to find out if the caffeine is similar to coffee; I can't say that I can tell any difference.

"Gma" -- One of our local TV channels has a quick quiz question every morning and there was just one about the clown's name on the Howdy Doody show. Of course the caller didn't know and the program host said he wouldn't have known if he hadn't had the answer in front of him. :) I was channel surfing and saw that Mr. Rogers is still on; there was another man doing the main part, but Mr. Rogers did the sign off. Jason never liked that program; it was too laid back for him. :lol: I do remember Pickup Stix! I've never played Mille Borne, but it sounds like fun. Bob liked Monopoly as a kid and I hated it because I always had to sell my property early in the game.

I need to get dressed and get busy. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-03-2009, 03:24 PM
I got a dozen quart jars & 8 pint jars filled and tagged wih instructions on the "how-to" use the contents" yesterday with a festive ribbon tied around the jar neck ~ I use real ribbon for this. I have some red and green striped grosgrain and some red satin with those little loops that run along the edges. I got that one year for pennies a spool at an after Christmas sale at an uptown spendy shop one year. Today I am going to oven dry some celery and carrots sliced very thin with my Mandolin to put in the bean soup jars. I ran out of stuff to fill the pint jars with but the store is close. I am storing them in a nice cool place and am glad to have them mostly done now. I will be very busy with glass work the rest of the year and wanted to get my jars filled now. I’ll give one jar to single folks and ones married with no children. The ones that have kids will get more jars. Like a family with 3 kids I will give bread, cookie and bean soup jars. I think I will give the hot chocolate jars to the college kids. Those jars hold many servings of hot chocolate. The mugs I get will hold one serving of hot chocolate and I’ll give them away to “friends down town.” Will wants some of them for the nice ladies that work at the place he buys coffee beans and then the one that he is buying my pans from and the one he works with at the cancer center. And the beat goes on. I love this time of the year. You know I actually saw in a cataloge where they had a version of the Bean Soup jar for sale for $40 bucks. I got a chuckle out of that.

DONNA FAYE Your leaf management counts as exercise don’t ya know. Yeppers they are so much easier to rake when they are dry. Otherwise you have to use a flat shovel to scoop them up and that is no fun at all. I love playing board games with kiddos. They are so exuberant about it ~ and smart. Kids know stuff.

JEAN I have had these “jar” recipes for years but I imagine you can find some on line. Or if you want I can email them to you. Just tell me what you want and I’ll send it your way. Did you know that Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal and Captain Kangaroo was a Sergeant in WW II and was awarded for bravery and that John Walton son of Sam Walton the owner of Wall♥mart was awarded the Silver Star for his excellent service. And the list goes on.

SUSAN Girlfriend you are making me want to go on a tea quest. I love a cup-a and tea is sure sounding good for these winter days. Hope your day is going well with you.

I hope all y'all are having a lovely day. :wave:

11-04-2009, 07:19 AM
Good morning to you all! Had a rotten toss and turn night, but stayed in bed until 4:30 then came down and let the dog out, balanced the checkbook and am here with you lovely ladies. It is cool this morning but has been warming up to low 70's mostly during the day. It was lovely yesterday.

Maggie: If you like pumpkin or spice flavors get the Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice tea and they also have a Twingins herbal tea that is Winter Spice and is apple, cinnamon and cardamom camomile tea. They are really yummy.

Jean: Here you go kiddo, this is four pages of "in a jar" recipes and includes some neat ones on the last page. Jack was complaining just the other day how the workers in stores have no clues about their products. He was in Best Buy trying to buy a plug for the cigarette lighters in the car for all our phones, gps and such and no one had a clue about where they were or anything. You would think in specialty stores like that they would at least know where products where.

Jack has an appt for his hand today most likely will get a cortizone shot so if he does he says he is going to ask the dr to give him until Monday off work so that maybe he can get it back in order. He twisted it again a few days ago and now it is hurting him pretty badly again. One of those things you aren't going to die from, bleed from or heal incorrectly, but hurts none the less. All those "itises" are that way.

I am trying to get the sleeve of the little zip up jacket finally done so I can sew it together and try and get a zipper in it. I imagine when it is sewn together I will take it to Joann's and let them help me get a zipper for it.

You gals have a nice hump day! Oh, I spoke to Gloria on facebook yesterday she seems to be doing just fine!

11-04-2009, 09:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is coming up across the lake and it's supposed to be a nice day. Not much going on in my world today. Bob is long gone; last night he said if the weather holds they might be able to get finished in a week. I don't remember it taking so long last year. Today I'm staying home and sorting through a box(es) in the basement.

Maggie -- One thing about your glass work keeping you busy is that you can't eat while you are working. :D Thank you for the recipe mix offer. Your food and menu ideas always sound so good. I was going to say that I would look online and then see that Faye posted a website.

"Gma" -- My body is still on daylight savings time; I wake up at 5 and can't get back to sleep. I'm supposed to meet Beth tomorrow and shop for a dress (for her); I hope I don't have to stop on the way home for a nap. :o Thank you for the recipe website! I hope the shot will help Jack's hand. Is that something he would eventually need surgery to correct? Thanks for mentioning Gloria; I know she hasn't been here for awhile and I was wondering how she is doing. Gail has been absent too, for that matter.

My washer is waiting for another load and I need to do some much needed ironing. Hope you all have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-04-2009, 01:23 PM
I am here without any ambition. I have had a touch of something but not the dreaded flue. Just the feeling all rung out. I get enough sleep so I don’t know what is going on ~ maybe it is old age. I am going to get some glass work done anyway and try to snap out of it. Will stuck my charm bracelet in his tumbler and it sure made it nice and shiny once more. Shiny is good. The lady that bought 9 houses, 3 out-houses & 3 gazebos will be picking them up soon. I have some pillow packing I can give her. You know those little plastic air filled pillows shippers use. I like them, for peanuts are so messy. Howevr, I also have a huge container of peanuts if she wants them. She isn’t mailing them for her Christmas is going to be on Thanksgiving when all the kids and their family can come. However, she wants to pack them nice and sturdy for her daughters to take home. Makes sense to me.

JEAN I emailed you a recipe for Bean Soup that I jared which turned out nice. With the jar full it looks so pretty with the bean layers. It is my favorite for that look. The cookie jars are not as pretty but the recipes are yummy when cooked. Another pretty one is the Friendship Soup. If you do find recipes on line check to see if what they say will really fit into a pint jar if that is what they are saying to use. I find that most fit in quart jars. I do have hot chocolate mix in pint jars and herbed rice mix and the like. It is the bean and cookie and brownie etc. mixes that use the quart size.

DONNA FAYE You sure get up with the chickens. By that time I am just getting my 2nd hour of sleep in. I stay up late though. Old habit from when I was in the working force. These 20 some years that I have been retired I still can’t seem to get to bed at any other time than I did for years. I am so glad that I am not hooked into SS for my retirement for they are going broke fast. I am also very thankful that my father had a real good retirement from the Govt. and my mother is set and doesn’t have to get SS either. I truly feel so sorry for those who have to rely on SS for their living.

SUSAN You doing OK this day?

Type at y’all later :wave:

11-04-2009, 05:42 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Only 57 degrees but the sun is shining.

Haven't done anything but go to work and come home for the past few days. But tomorrow all that will change!

Maggie, thanks for the Snowman Soup. I'll be making lots of those. I'm one of those that counts on SS. I have a tiny pension from General Tire and I do have an IRA but that hasn't recovered completely yet. Guess the government will have to keep SS afloat or be prepared to give us food stamps and welfare checks.

Jean, ah, yes, the perpetual sorting through boxes. Does you Goodwill give you $$$ to use in the store when you make a donation? Ours does now.

Faye, thanks for that website. I'm going to check it out as soon as I am done here. I hope they get Jack some pain relieve today. This getting old is not easy.

Well, tonight I'm finishing packing up my sewing things I am taking to retreat. And then I have to get my clothes together. I have a dentist appointment at 8 am tomorrow and then we are off to retreat.

I won't be here again until Monday. Just wanted to remind you so you won't think I'm sick or in the hospital. Just imagine a huge room with 65 8-foot tables, each one containing a sewing machine going at top speed and that's where I'll be.

11-05-2009, 01:11 PM
Good morning to you all! Well, we took Jack to the dr yesterday and he has muscle strain in the fat pad behind his thumb besides the tendonitis, which of course, when we were at the doctor's wasn't bothering him. He put him on two week of Meloxicam to help with the muscle inflammation and he is off work until Monday. He is supposed to not use the left hand, but of course, he isn't doing it. He took the wrap off already and I told him I don't want to hear him complain if he won't follow dr's orders. Men!

I cleaned out his office this morning and moved the Christmas presents into his office for now as Thomas is coming to visit on Tuesday. None of the gifts are his except for the sweater, but I don't want them in his room, it is too tiny. I am so frustrated with not having any room here. The closets are tiny and I have every bit of space crammed with stuff. I guess I am just in a lousy mood today from the long weeks of lack of sleep.

Maggie: I think I just read somewhere that Social Security is not in the huge trouble that people are saying. I guess if the money is put back that was borrowed from ss everything would even out. The article said that even then there should be no trouble until at least 2050 I think is what it said, but who knows. Everyone talks out the sides of their mouths. We will need SS to supplement Jack's city pension and his military one because of the change in our health care costs for one thing and we will take a 55% loss on his city pay once he retires since he hasn't been with the city a long long time. I am striving to pay off the mortgage and student loans and everything else so that we will be pretty debt free by retirement, but unlike most of you, we didn't buy our first home until 8 years ago. We haven't been able to roll one property's money into another home or anything like that and like I said haven't owned this one very long. Ahh well, it will all work out in the end. Jack and I are the last of the big planners so we have already worked on what we need to live ok in retirement years.

Susan: Have fun at the quilting retreat. Hope your weather is great too so you can enjoy wherever it was you were going.

Jean: I think all the farmers around here are late getting in the crops because of the day in and day out rain we had for several weeks. That is, if they have any crops left after all of it. Hope your sort and pitch went well. I did old bill sorting and stuff today. What a pain that is, but it does have to be done every year so that we can keep control of stuff. I usually keep most stuff 2-3 years before I get rid of it.

I better hope to back to knitting so I can try and finish that sweater. I just hope it sews up correctly. I have never sewn up a raglan sleeve anything before. Have a great day all! It is beautiful, warm and sunny here today. Lovely fall weather. Faye

11-05-2009, 09:04 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a long day for me! :yawn: I left at 8 this morning and drove to Sioux City to meet Beth. She needed a dress and wanted my input since she never wears dresses. She's short and think dresses make her look shorter and fatter. I stopped at KMart to kill some time, and look for jeans and a shirt for Ian's birthday. No one evidently bothers to put sizes together; everything was neat but the sizes were all mixed together. :hyper: I never did find his size and of course, there were no clerks around to ask. Beth did find a dress we both liked, so that was good. We ate lunch at the Olive Garden and I headed home. I had a half hour before my church meeting, and now I'm home again. Bob is still out in a field "somewhere." He came home early last night so I was hoping the same for tonight . . . no such luck there. :(

Maggie -- All of your jar mixes sound good! :T I did send you an email, but let me know if you didn't get it. Bob's company stock bottomed out below $3 a few months ago and is now way over $18 a share. The investors say that things will turn around and we just have to be patient. I'm not so sure about Obama and his plans though. :no:

Susan -- Our Good Will is pretty dumpy to put it bluntly. We take most of our stuff to the SOS store, but I still say GW. I think the SOS stands for "Save Our School" because all the proceeds go to the Catholic school here. There are other SOS stores that if something doesn't sell after so long they move it on to another store. I know you will have an enjoyable time at the retreat. I have a mental picture of all the sewing machines buzzing away! :D

"Gma" -- I hope the "rest" will do Jack's thumb/hand some good. Is he left handed? You have probably said and I spaced it off. :o When people ask Bob if he's going to retire, because I did, he says that it's scary because the paychecks quit coming. :lol: He has matching funds from the company which have accumulated over the last 20+ years so that is a nice nest egg. He figures we can live with that interest, ss, my IRA, my teachers' retirement fund which goes on for life, and his own IRA. I hope so! It is scary! We only owe on our house and could pay it off, but get more interest in the invested money right now that we'd save paying it off. My car is leased and that ends next Sept., so we will have to decide on another vehicle then.

I guess I will go fix a WW frozen dinner of some sort. Have a nice evening and a TGIF day tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-06-2009, 07:49 AM
Good morning to you all. It is chilly this morning and Jack was cold so I turned on the furnace for him to sleep a bit. I needed to get up and going as I am terribly sore. I have had muscle soreness in my right shoulder and upper arm for weeks and I think it is from going back to sleep in the chair. We need to buy a new one as I can't keep the full recline, reclined so I basically sleep sitting up. The result is sore shoulders and upper arms. I am going to sit and knit for awhile in a few and put try and put the heating pad on it.

Jean: No, I am the lefty and Jack is right handed but he needs both hands to work doing his job so they had him stay out of work until Monday. This is going to be an ongoing thing I think so it is something he is going to have to get used to. Hope Bob finally made it home last night. Sounds like you had a good time with Beth. I imagine it is harder for a short woman to find something other than pants when you have to dress up. My sister is 5 foot tall and I know everything she buys has to be altered.
Are you short as well? I can't remember and I know you have said.

I am taking the big plunge and putting a pair of socks on the needles. I found a pattern where I think I can do it without my hands hurting. I emailed Kelly yesterday and ask her what size socks Thomas wore and she emailed me back with, "Um, I don't know, but he can wear a size 7 women's shoe." That gave me the giggles for some reason but it is great that he can wear adult size women's socks then.

Well, I am going to sit and knit and see if I can get the stiffness out. I need to get back to regular exercise too. Getting old stinks for sure at least in that way. Have a good weekend all. I have clinic this afternoon so that should be fun.

11-06-2009, 11:05 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining again and it's supposed to be 70 degrees this afternoon. I love it! I have lots I could do today since I was gone all day yesterday. The ambition is sort of there, but not 100%. :o I'm looking at the calendar and trying to decide how much I want done by the 16th when I host my card club. I do need to go to the grocery store sometime today -- something I said I wouldn't do on Fridays when I retired. ;)

"Gma" -- Have you been recliner shopping? I notice they are advertised every Sunday in the paper. I sometimes sleep in the recliner; ours is really too big/tall/long for me because the top 'pillow' hits my head wrong. If I want to really get comfy I flip it back and then can really stretch out. It feels pretty good at 3 AM! Bob got home around 8:30 last night. They are on the home farm so can fill the bins w/o having to go to the elevator. The elevator has been closing early because they are full and waiting for railroad cars to haul some out. It's a bumper crop in spite of the rainy weather. I'm 5' 4" and Beth is 5' 3". Both my mom and Bob's mom, as well as grandmothers were all short. I'm glad it's Beth that is short and not Jason. :lol: I trust that Thomas doesn't broadcast he can wear a woman's shoe. :no: At least you know the size of sock for him -- have fun knitting. I hope your stiffness is gone by the time you have to go to school.

I am dressed so need to head downstairs and get busy. I think the grocery store will be first so I can get there before all of the "old" retired are out and about. :D Have a GREAT day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-07-2009, 10:03 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a "warm" 53 degrees outside, with a stiff breeze to finish off the rest of the leaves. Today is my morning to work in the gift shop and I'm assuming I won't have any customers, as usual. The gift items are pretty sparse; they were supposed to start construction in October but that didn't happen.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing -- guess it will be layers of something since the shop is always cold. Have a nice day and remember to :D!

Jean -- :wave: from :flow1: Iowa!

11-07-2009, 10:16 AM
Good morning to you all! I hope your day is starting out well. It is cool this morning but we are going to have two more sunny days before more rain moves in. I am going to do cleaning today then tomorrow move out some more leaves. The deck is full again and the tree isn't bald yet either.

Jean: Hope you enjoy the shop today. Are they still contemplating closing it I don't remember what you said about it. My sister is 5 foot like I said and she comes up to just above my son's belt range when she hugs him. It is hilarious.

I got my yarn for my niece's sweater but am still waiting for her sizes. I am going to have to nag my brother to get them I guess. The yarn is a beautiful burgundy color called hollyberry. My sock is coming along, but I am almost at the critical stage, where I have to start knitting the flap and the gusset so it should be interesting. This lady explains things really well and she said to just follow the directions and not question them and it will turn out fine. She says socks are something you can't think about when you knit, just knit them.

Well, need to get some breakfast in me. Have a nice Saturday. Faye

11-07-2009, 05:39 PM
What a day this has been so far and up in the 80's to boot. The lady that bought the 9 houses came today to pick them up and her husband and 2 grandchildren were along the boy is in high school. :DThey are dear friends so we were glad they all came. I had the boxes for the houses to fit 3 in each along with a gazebo and outhouse wrapped in bubble wrap which she brought. I didn’t have to pack them for shipping for she is giving them at a family gathering. I had an extra gazebo which I gave to the grand daughter for she fell in love with it and the outhouses, one of which I will make for her later. Her mother is one of the ones getting a set and she has promised not to tell her. Anyway she wants me to teach her how to cut glass. This girl is in Jr. High and such a sweet person and very bright. :o I told her to come over some this summer when school is out and I would be happy to help her make a project. While here we ordered pizza and watched a football game. A good time was had by all. Now I am going to figure out what to fix for dinner.:?:

JEAN How did “card club” go and what did you serve? I do wander when they will get to that remodeling there where you volunteer. Maybe with these tough times they will have to put it off for awhile.

DONNA FAYE No bald tree yet ~ means more leaves to leave for you. I’ve never knitted a pair of sox that weren’t tube socks and they were to be worn in boots. I often wondered how folks did those heels. A mystery to me.

SUSAN Howdy :wave: out there lady. Hope all is well with you and you are having a grand time.

OK folks I am gonna go do something worthwhile since I played all day morning and it is early afternoon now. :wave: Type at y’all later.