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11-01-2009, 01:52 PM
Welcome runners! Let's talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of running as we challenge and support each other through our running endeavors!

Mk - Thanks for the great advice! I think I'm gonna look into some of those smaller carb enhancements so I can just pop a few bites into my mouth if I need them. Also, I think the hand strap is a great idea because I was mainly just thirsty and in need of water most of the time. My pace was actually relatively slow, about 10min/mile because I finished in 1:08, but I guess I could try to slow down a little bit next week. It's really hard for me to run slowly, but I know it's good so I don't tire out. I also might try to find a route that's not an uphill for the first 3 miles! Haha. Have a fantastic run today! Great way to start November!

Eve - I'm really interested in the camel back idea. I'm trying not to spend too much money on my running stuff now because with races, clothes, all theses tools, it really adds up! I might go for a hand strap for now and then look into the camelback after I run the half or something like that. Definitely let us know how it is! Good luck with your running today! I'm so glad you've caught the running bug!!!

Anyone else do any running to burn off that evil Halloween candy?

11-01-2009, 02:04 PM
November already yikes! So I decided to sign up for my second 5K in December. This one is on pavement, not cross country. I have been on vacation for the last two weeks, scale is up, so really need to get back to running!

11-01-2009, 06:23 PM
:dizzy: Silly me! I post bright and early this morning and didn't even realize it was november 1st! WOW!

Mk, my run went great! Afterwards, I did some strength training on my bi's tri's and back muscles. I think on my run resting days I will work my legs and abs. I'm also going to get a swim pass and start swimming laps on rest days so I still get a good cardio workout. I'm glad I did a good job on picking the right breakfast for running! I put some thought into it, lol. And the p.b. protein shake was YUMMY! Just like having a milkshake without all the crap and high calories!
Hope you can fit in the last few miles of your run in somewhere today! You can do it! Running barefoot, is that some kind of secret weapon of yours? ;)

jayjay, Good luck with your 5k! You can do it! :carrot:

taking charge, yeah the camelbacks do get pricey! I'm going to dig mine out and try it out on Tuesday. I will let you all know how that works (or doesn't lol)

I'm signing up for a "christmas run" on December 19th. It's only 2.5 miles so I will totally be ready for it when the time comes. Any advice for running in the cold?

Fat Pants
11-01-2009, 11:20 PM
Howdy ladies.... can you believe it's November already?? I took the entire week of Thanksgiving off from work...hubby and I are planning on doing absolutely nothing but staying home (actually I have a 5k to start off the vacation, but other than that!) I'm REALLY looking forward to it... feeling so burned out lately, including running. 3 more weeks!!

I got out and ran a wonderful 3 miles around twilight tonight... it was warm (50 or so) and the hills I usually struggle on were so easy, it surprised me. I think weight lifting/strength training that I finally built into my exercise program is working wonders on my legs. Since it has been blizzarding the past week, I've been on the treadmill at the gym. It was great to get back outside.

My 10k is in two weeks. I'm SO not ready for it, but it's ok. I'm really trying to go in with no expectations and just run an easy, relaxing race. I'm thinking I need these races to keep my sanity during the upcoming holiday season!! :D

Eve ~ The only advice I have for running in the cold is dress lighter than you think you'll need to. you will heat up and the last thing you want is to over heat a mile into it. I highly suggest running tights - yeah they look silly but they keep you really warm. If you're looking for new running gear, try to find moisture wicking clothes. I personally use Nike Dri-Fit gear and love how it keeps me dry and not too warm.

Re: Camelbaks - I used to run with them when I first started out but it weighed me down and honestly for a 5k I didn't need water. We have a bunch for hiking so I didn't spend any extra money on them, but it's worth a shot to run with one and see how you feel.

jayjay - good luck with your 5k in December!!

TC - You betcha about running off the Halloween candy... we got rid of most if it with the trick or treaters but still had some left over. Normally I'm scheduled for weight lifting today but I got that run in as well to work off those tootsie rolls so *I* don't start getting any rolls! LOL

11-02-2009, 03:54 AM
Well ladies Im offically going to join the chatter this month. It was just too late to jump in last month. SO hello again;) I am not a huge runner. I ran track in the past and ran a mini in 06 but running is the best exercise (for me to get me and keep me healthy). So I put up with it. We have a luv hate relationship:hug:. WHen I start a run its the hardest thing to ever do but when I finish a long run with a great time like today Im the happiest person ever. So if Im not consistent Im sorry but my goal is to run while Im doing the ChaLean videos for the next three months. Then decide in Jan if Im going to run the St. Louis Spirit Mini again. I just fear for my knees but thats my goal for now.
Back to today Nov 1st! If I have great running days like this I will be running a marathon soon...haha...j/k! No but I use my phone because it has a GPS system and an application that can track my runs. According to my phone I ran 6miles in 54:43 mins (pace 9:06) and burned 666 calories. My time is down from last wks 6miler which was 57:11 mins. I think it was due to some boy passing me and for about a half a mile I was trying to keep up with his stride...haha the competitive nature in me!!! I was so happy with my time :carrot::carrot::carrot:
Im really stoked about being here and excited to get to know you all!!! It seems like you all do a lot of races so I might look into doing some...I know it will def keep me motivated to continue to run

11-02-2009, 08:14 AM
In the October thread, y'all were talking about hydration strategies and how to carry fluids. I have friends that simply carry a small water bottle in their hands and refill frequently during our long runs. There are ample drinking fountains where we run along the ocean, so that is feasible.

Personally, I absolutely HATE carrying anything in my hands, so that doesn't work for me. I prefer a fanny pack water bottle holder. I tried a Camelback fanny pack version, but didn't like it because it tended to leak and the tube and bite valve was kind of annoying. I found a simple hiking fanny pack with a zip pocket and one water bottle holder at the back. It cinches tight enough that it doesn't shift around when I run and pocket holds my car keys and stuff.

I don't take any fluids for races. I've always found ample water and gatorade stops at the races, so why carry the extra weight. I have a very small, neoprene waist pack that is just large enough for car keys, cliff blocks and chapstick. I usually gear check so I will have a change of clothes when I'm done and a jacket if it's chilly.

11-02-2009, 08:37 AM
bablou, congrats on your improved time! I want to do the chalean videos as well along with my running. I've asked Santa to get them for me along with some select tech dumbells ;)

skinny jeans, I read somewhere else that you were thinking about getting the chalean videos. Have you decided to get them? How are they working for you? Thanks for the cold advice. I hate being too warm and only wear a coat outside when it's FREEZING so I will definitely take your advice and dress a bit lighter.

MBN, for my bigger race coming up in june I wasn't planning on taking any extra fluids either. They will be having water and gatorade every 2 miles and 'gu' at mile 6 so i think I should be fine.

Ladies, it is official! Last night I registered! I am officially racing in the "See Jane Run Half Marathon"!!!! I am sooo stoked! I've never had that gu stuff before and I'm wondering if I may need more that just the one at mile six since this will be my first major distance. Should I bring some of my own?

Fat Pants
11-02-2009, 09:43 AM
skinny jeans, I read somewhere else that you were thinking about getting the chalean videos. Have you decided to get them? How are they working for you? Thanks for the cold advice. I hate being too warm and only wear a coat outside when it's FREEZING so I will definitely take your advice and dress a bit lighter.

I did end up ordering the ChaLEAN program. Last week was my first week and I lost 1.6 lbs and 3.5 inches sooo I gues you could say I'm a believer. I really believe that in order for the program to help you lose weight, you must pepper in cardio days... the program tends to be light on cardio so on my rest days or "interval" days with the program, I use those for my run days. I have really been able to tell a difference with my leg strength just in the first week. Now if I could transfer this to my races, I'd be so happy! :D

11-02-2009, 10:27 AM
Happy november everybody!

EveL - way to go on registering for the half marathon! You're committed to this now!

MK - congrats on the pull up! Rock on! That is one of my long term goals. At the gym they have a machine where you can do an assisted pull up by assuming of the body weight by pressing down on a lever with your feet, and I can do a pull up of about half my body weight, but it a long-term goal for me to do an unassisted one. Wow - you are a real inspiration! You have achieved a lot in a year and a half!

I am headed to the gym for an hour nia class followed by an hour of yoga, and then will hit the treadmill again tomorrow. Scale is not moving, but I've decided just not to focus on that number but rather on things I can control because it's just too disempowering to be so focused on the scale.

Alright, everybody, let's make it a great month!

11-02-2009, 11:14 AM
Todays run-- interval/track w/o on treadmill. 6 X 800 meters 400 meters RI. Warm up/cool down Total mileage 5.75 mi
Pace 3:12 per 800 meter (or a 6:24 min/mile pace)
GODAWFULL!! It was SO HARD. i *should* be running my 800s at a 6:40ish pace, but becuz im trying to kick it into high gear for the next 6 weeks, im stepping up ALL my paces on ALL my runs...... It was HARD...... it was the first time in a LONG time when i thought my legs were going to die, and my lungs were going to explode, etc..wow...guess that means i have to push that hard all the time, i mean, thats how im going to get better/faster.

On a side note...i am currently enjoying a SALAD...for BREAKFAST......weird, yet satisfying....... put dried fruits, nuts and dry oatmeal on it to make it more "breakfasty". Also made a dressing out of cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and this berry flavored whey protein mix......

11-02-2009, 11:55 AM
Re: dressing for cold weather runs. One of my friends went to Goodwill before her half marathon and bought things to layer with. Then when she pulled things off at the water stations as she got warm, she told them that the things came from Goodwill and could be donated. I'm going to do that this year. Last year I had on a jacket I liked and consequently burned up! No fun and I'm sure my time reflected that.

11-02-2009, 02:35 PM
mk - your breakfast salad description was pretty funny!

fatpants - do you throw your tights in the dryer or line dry them? The directions say no dryer but was curious if you had broken the rules at all.

Sounds like everyone's doing well and running like crazy! I'm going to have to get one of those fannypack/water bottle gizmos when it gets warm again here but I think I'm okay through the winter as I pretty much don't get thirsty on cold runs. Just got a nike drifit l/s shirt for layering for cold days - only $12 at ROSS.

Do any of you guys wear those reflective vests when you run? With it so dark morning and evening now, I'm thinking I may have to break one out.

11-02-2009, 03:42 PM
Dancer--this is going to sound counterintuitive--but, when i run in the early am, always the early am, always pitch dark, i NEVER wear a reflective vest. Couple of reasons.... If i have to run in the street i always run AGAINST traffic, so i can ALWAYS see a car coming LONG before it gets close to me...it being so dark i see the headlights first, ya know? and SECOND, when i am out running alone, that early in the morning, as a female, if no one even notices i am out there, i consider that a good thing!! A reflective vest just screams at 4 am "Here i am!! Look at me!! All Alone!!"..... If i were riding a bike it would be different..... thats my 2 cents

BTW, breakfast salad= very filling....

11-02-2009, 04:18 PM
mk - thanks for the interesting thought - that gives me a different perspective. Do you run with earphones? I'm guessing you're faster than any of the bad guys out there so maybe you feel safe even in the dark.

11-02-2009, 04:47 PM
i do run with earphones......an d i AM Scared sometimes.....and i DO realize im faster than any drunk creep!!! :)

11-02-2009, 04:48 PM
what part of denver do you live in?? That might make a difference too!! Im in the North/Northwestern burbs

11-02-2009, 05:45 PM
Good afternoon everyone! Only have a few minutes then I gotta SPLIT! I got me a spinning class!

MK, your salad sounds interesting and yummy!

Blue, I am *SO* committed to this half marathon now! I've been telling everyone. Excitement!

Skinny Jeans, That is awesome! Congrats on your success so far with CLX! I am really excited to get it now!

Nada, your friend had a good idea!

Dancer, I absolutely LOVE Ross! I've found 6 nike dri/fit sports bras there and an AWESOME bright green Nike long sleeve pullover. I am thinking of making a trip out there soon. And as far as reflective vests, If I do run outside when it is dark I am required to wear a reflective belt (I live on a military base) but right now since it is cold I've been running on the indoor track so I haven't had to wear one.

Well, I gotta go work out! Have a nice afternoon everyone!

11-02-2009, 06:41 PM
eve - now you've got me inspired - I will be hitting the discount stores regularly looking for steals! Love the sound of your pullover.

mk - Your neighborhood sounds pretty safe - glad to hear it! I live in central Denver and do most of my running near cheeseman park. Definitely the odd sketchy character around at times but mostly okay and lots of nice-seeming people out walking their dogs or pushing kids in strollers. Let's hope the drunks are home sleeping it off by the time you get out there! I'm lucky to have a flexible work schedule a few days a week so I can get most of my runs in at lunch or late afternoon and don't have to worry about the dark.

Happy running....

11-02-2009, 07:10 PM
Ok, I am back and in need of some serious butt-kicking. I just looked at my calendar and realized that I AM RUNNING A 10K IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! O crap!! I have been making every excuse under the sun to not work out - too tired, feeling a little sick, too busy. Sheesh! This race just crept up on me. I am going to a conference this week BUT I just checked and the hotel does have a pretty decent-looking fitness room (thank goodness, cos it's in Minnesota and I have NO cold weather running gear since I live in Arizona!).

11-02-2009, 09:19 PM
Iris! Get your butt running missy! :drill:

You can totally do this 10k!:D

11-02-2009, 10:48 PM
MBN - Thanks for the advice about carrying water during longer runs. At what distance did you start using gels/beans/etc?

Mk - Sorry you had a crappy run! But like you say, it happens to everyone and I'm sure your next run will be great and you'll forget all about it!

FatPants - Glad to hear you got rid of that halloween candy! It's still haunting me...haha. Sounds like that workout video has done wonders for you. That's awesome!

Bablou - Your 6 miles times are awesome! How often do you run and how long are you distances usually? Sounds like you're doing great!

Eve - That's fantastic!!! When is the race? I'm registered for my first half in February and can't wait! What's your training plan? I'm starting to get into longer runs these days (over 6 miles) and am gonna experiment with water/food so I have it all down for race day. You should hopefully know by then if you should bring anything with you or if the fuel station at mile 6 will be enough to get you through. Practice makes perfect!

Iris - RUN!!! :)

I got in a really short run today (2 miles) because I was planning on going to boot camp tonight, but now that it gets dark at a freakishly early hour, I couldn't drag my butt there. Oh well, I'll make it up tomorrow. But I think I'll make up the low mileage with the other runs this week, maybe go for 2 4 milers and then attempt 8 miles on Sat or Sun. Yikes! Everytime I think about running farther than I have before, it scares the s**t out of me! But what's the worst that can happen? I'll walk!

11-03-2009, 06:08 AM
MBN - Thanks for the advice about carrying water during longer runs. At what distance did you start using gels/beans/etc?

I don't bother with gels and such unless I'm doing more than 10 miles. It depends on your overall fueling and timing though. I run first thing in the morning, and I really don't like to eat RIGHT before I run. It just doesn't sit well. So, for runs of less than 10 miles, I just get up and go. More than 10 and I start to poop out with no fuel, so I've started popping one cliff block (30 calories) before I start, and another about 3/4 of the way through. I'll add another block for every additional 3-4 miles. And that seems to work fine. I like the shot blocks because I can portion it out better, a full gel at 100 calories of sugar is way too much for me at once. My stomach doesn't like it. And trying to shoot half a gel and carry the rest for later gets messy. If I ran with gatorade, I wouldn't need shots at all, but I prefer water.

Everyone is different though -- you have to experiment and see what works. That's the beauty of training, you have time to try different things and work it out before the race. You don't want to do anything new/different on race day!! (maybe it will work, but if not .... can make for a rather miserable time)

I'm so glad I don't have to run in the cold .... :D

11-03-2009, 06:39 AM
its 3 30am!!! Wahoos!!
Headin' out the door for my 7 mile LA Threshold RUn (aka, tempo). Will do one mile warm up, 2 miles @ 7 :12 1 mi easy @ 8:45 2 mi hard @ 7:12 1 mi cooldown.

11-03-2009, 06:40 AM
I wonder why MBN is online at 3 am also?

11-03-2009, 10:38 AM
I had a pretty good run this morning. I started off really cold, but after about 10 minutes I started to warm up a bit. The last kilometre and a half were a little rough but that's likely because I haven't done the full 5k circuit since I caught a cold about 10 days ago. But I did it again and I'm rather proud of myself.

11-03-2009, 01:13 PM
MBN - Thanks for the info! I'll definitely do some experimenting.

Mk - Hope you had a good early morning run!

Sylvied - Good job getting back out there!

I went to boot camp this morning so no run for me. The time change totally sucks in the evenings, but it makes for beautiful work out weather in the am! On a more unfortunate note, I'm having some hip pain after my 7 mile run on Saturday. It actually doesn't hurt when I run, but even after running about a mile at boot camp, I was having trouble walking back to my car without a sharp, stabbing pain every time I took a step. I might try to go to yoga today and stretch it out and just hope for the best I guess! Have a good day everyone!

11-03-2009, 02:13 PM
Hi Everyone. Just had my first run in years last night. I ran for about 20 minutes at a fairly decent pace (not super fast/not super slow), I'm pretty proud of me :) Anyways, I'm just hopping into this thread and I hope that's ok! Thanks everyone~!

11-03-2009, 03:21 PM
Welcome Sporty!!! Of COURSE its ok!! Glad you decided to start running again!! What made you decide to pick it up again? How much running did you do in your past?

11-03-2009, 03:34 PM
TC- Take care of that hip!! Just watch it, alright? Sometimes i get weird hip/bursitis pains and they go away after a day or 2 on their own..... Its possible it might be temp. inflamed from the increase in mileage or from something you did in bootcamp!

Sylvied--- i love my cold early morning runs....sometimes its hard to get my butt out the door, but i always warmup so fast, and i find the cold air is so refreshing to run in!! Glad you had a good run!!

So, im following this specific training program for that 10k i want to compete at, and the tempo runs im supposed to do should be "comfortably hard"(to quote the book).well, since im really stepping up the speeds and trying to maximize my improvement in just 6 weeks, "comfortably hard" has begun to mean UNCOMFORTABLY Hard!! Both Yesterdays 800's interval workout, and then todays 7 mi Lactic acid threshold were REALLY HARD. UNCOMFORTABLY hard. I struggled trying to maintain the 7:12 pace, and sometimes was NOT able to maintain it. But this is good. This is GOOD for me! I was getting very complacent and content with my running ability. Its time to remember how to handle being "uncomfortable" again. This is where i/we/runners find improvement!!
So, when im complaining about how hard my runs feel in the next few weeks, its a good thing, not a running funk, bad run kinda thing!

11-03-2009, 05:18 PM
Not me lately that's for sure. sick kids, sick dad,sick mom : relapse repeat. Over TWO LAME #@!%&**@@$ weeks of nonsense. On the plus side today is beautiful out my kids are finally back in school, and I can almost fully breath thru my nose. Go me.

A short but utterly blissful mile and a half on the TM after spin class today. Wish I would have had more gas, but didn't. It felt great while it lasted though. Is it weird that I still feel better running after I bike? I trained that transition really hard for my tri, but now I still feel the most free when I run after the bike. I feel discombobulated, and stiff when I run alone.

I have that 10 k trail run in less that two weeks and I'm WORRIED. I feel really weak......

11-03-2009, 05:25 PM
MK: You rock on the training . I greatly admire your determination. If you ever want to do tris swimming wont stand in your way. I have a really hard time pushing myself into uncomfortably hard ground. REALLY hard. I worry A LOT. I know it's the fastest way for me to improve and the best for pushing my weight loss along but....... It's really hard. I'm afraid to crash and I don't know why .

Also in an unrelated note I thought of you yesterday when I gave a new family a tour of my kids elementary. They were from Boulder so I kept an eye on them for extra shenanigans.....

11-03-2009, 05:40 PM
HA!! Now the Boulderites are YOUR problem! :) too funny......are they weirdos? JK

Thank you Geranium for the Compliment!! Pushing oneself into being comfortable with being uncomfortable def takes work. But let me tell you something:

It was only just this last July (like, a few months ago) That i learned to push thru my own fear. ANd it WAS fear. But fear of what? I still dont know. Fear of being fast, fear of being good, fear of being uncomfortable, fear of failing--- it all created such a block, a MENTAL block, as it does i think, for so many of us. I threw caution to the wind at a local race one day, and went out HARD. I went out FAST. I Pushed myself right at the beginning---to the point where i KNEW my pace was way over my head, and completely unsustainable.......and then i pushed right thru that mental block, and right thru that fear. I survived. I ran 6 or 7 miles at that "impossible" pace, and then i DID burn out...HARD....but you know what? i lived. ANd i finished the race ( i think it was 15 miles?)
The single greatest thing that ever happend to my running....... Since then ive gone on to PR my 10K by OVER 12 MINUTES, ive won one 10K, placed 2nd in a 20 miler, and completed, very successfully, my first marathon. Im not afraid to be uncomfortable, or too hurt, or to push myself anymore.....

11-03-2009, 05:56 PM
MK, you are incredible! Congrats on overcoming your fear and doing amazing in past races! I am finished with week one of c25k and I'm a bit afraid of moving on. But I'm certainly not going to let fear stop me! It's so inspirational to know that even totally awesome runners like you get that fear every now and then. You rock!

taking charge, Thanks! The race is on June 19th 2010 so I have 7 months roughly to train. Right now I am starting off with c25k, when I finish that I will be moving on to a training plan i found on marathonrookie.com that goes from 3 miles up to 13. After that I will be joining the races' local running group/seminar that runs from april 3rd to race day. It has running coaches, nutrition lectures etc. along with actually training for the race so I'm really excited about that. Good luck on your half! You can totally nail it! Post us lots of pics! And you will conquer those 8 miles girl! Just push past the fear and you will rock it! Hope your hip feels better as well! will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sporty, WELCOME! Congrats on your latest run! Keep it up.

ETA: weighed in this morning and I am 5 pounds away from ONEDERLAND! YEAH!

11-03-2009, 07:51 PM
:high: you do rock MK!!

EveLHaelf - Onderland will be wonderfull :bravo: Congrats!!

I'm lazy these days... I didn't go out today :shrug: I have no idea/reason/excuse why :frypan: I just didn't wanna :tantrum:

Fat Pants
11-03-2009, 08:04 PM
Helloooo ladies! Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather like we are here... oh, what were wwe saying last week? That it was blizzarding? Yeah, welcome to Fall/Spring in Colorado. 68 one day, snow the next!

I took advantage of the nice weather and got out for a 5.2 mile run this afternoon. I did it in 60 min FLAT which is exactly what I was aiming for (actually a bit faster). This was my last "long run" before my 10k next Saturday!!! I REALLY needed this run to go well and it went perfectly. I know I keep saying it, but I can't believe the difference that weight training has done for my running. My legs are solid now and rarely get tired. In fact I felt like I could have gone for the entire 6 miles, but I had to get home and start dinner. :p

About the mental thing...oh yes. Our minds can convince us of anything. Hence why I tend to suck at racing, and then go out and have a perfect 3 miles the next day. LOL

11-03-2009, 09:23 PM
Sporty - Welcome! Glad you had a great first run back!

Mk - Thanks for the hip advice! It only really gets bad after I've sat for a while and then left up my leg and it's really stiff in the hip flexor area with a slight sharp twinge. Do you think I can try running tomorrow or should I stick with boot camp (which is only a bit of running but mostly strength training)? Your ability to push yourself to that uncomfortable point is really impressive! I definitely have a lot of trouble with that, but I'm slowly working my way there.

SGeranium - Sounds like things have been crazy for you! Don't worry too much about your race. Just give it your best and have fun!

Eve - Thanks for the encouragement! It sounds like you have a really well-thought out training plan. You'll have to give me some tips! :)

Ilene - I think daylight savings makes everyone a little lazy! I got into bed at 9pm last night!

FatPants - Wow, what a great run!! You're SO ready for your 10k. I can't wait to hear about it!

11-03-2009, 09:31 PM
Howdy all!

I wore my new nike drifit top for a gorgeous twilight run today and felt great. Totally agree, fatpants - these are some crazy weather changes but I'm just glad the snow is off my path!

eve - woohoo on being so close to onederland!!

sporty - welcome! That's quite an avatar you're rockin'!

mk - you continue to blow me away with your dedication! how's the foot? Have you been running barefoot for all of your runs?

tc - ouch! is it your IT band? Or something else entirely?

geranium - it was so interesting to read your post about feeling more comfortable running after biking. It must just be whatever you get used to. I definitely walk 5-10 minutes to warm up a little before I run - I imagine you've tried that but no dice, right?

Fat Pants
11-03-2009, 11:49 PM
TC - sorry if you answered this previously, but do you have the foam roller? My hip flexor can get sore/stiff if my IT Band is inflammed, and it's worse if I'm sitting for a bit. If you haven't tried the foam roller yet, I would give it a shot!

Denver - glad you got to enjoy the weather as well! It's supposed to be a fabulous weekend! So you liked the dri-ft? To answer your tights question I just let them air dry. Since there is plastic around the ankles I didn't want to risk melting it haha. They dry pretty quickly.

Ilene - I've been feeling like that as well... just tired/burned out/not wanting to! It helped to add some variety in my routine...and knowing the holidays are coming up makes me want to get ahead as much as possible! :lol:

Eve - You're so close to onederland!!! You'll be here before you know it!

Geranium & Sporty - welcome!!! Glad you joined us!

11-04-2009, 12:51 AM
Okay I have a question for the more experienced runners. My 15k was this past weekend and it went really well! It was my first running "only" race I normally do Tris. I'm really happy with my pace and everything. During the last mile though my knees began to ache. Then maybe the last half mile they really hurt a lot.

What I don't understand is why has they not happened on training runs? The only thing I can figure is that maybe I took the slight declines too fast (thinking hey free speed!) but it was a fairly flat course. I have been running mostly on the treadmill so the cement didn't help I guess, but it's not like I haven't run on cement at all. Any ideas?

They stopped hurting after the run ended and feel fine now... but I'm taking a few days off just in case. I know I haven't been running this far that long, but still makes me wonder why in the race and not training runs?

11-04-2009, 06:46 AM
hey all-- Will come back later and post/respond to everything going on!

Plan this am : "rest" day.... (hahahahahahaa)

Getting ready to drive to the gym right now. Will do 3.5 miles barefoot outside, around the gym neighborhood then do a cycle class that starts at 5 am.... Have great morning runs, ya'll !!! :)

11-04-2009, 07:57 AM
Okay I have a question for the more experienced runners. My 15k was this past weekend and it went really well! It was my first running "only" race I normally do Tris. I'm really happy with my pace and everything. During the last mile though my knees began to ache. Then maybe the last half mile they really hurt a lot.

What I don't understand is why has they not happened on training runs?
I think races stress our systems differently than training runs. We run races much harder for much longer and the terrain is different than our "usual" routes (unless we train in the same place). When we run that hard, we exhaust our primary muscle fibers and then recruit secondary muscles to pick up the slack and keep going. Our gait or stride may change slightly as we use muscles a little differently in our push forward to the end. So yeah, anything can happen.

I've had that happen too, something will start bothering me (quads, or calf or feet, or whatever) toward the end of a race and it never bothered me in practice. The good news is, if it really was an incipient overuse injury, you probably would have felt twinges before now. A few recovery days (easy runs), good stretching, and it should be fine. It could signal that your shoes are getting worn and time for replacement though.

Did a few intervals on the TM this morning, 5.4 miles total. My first half is on the 15th and I'm not feeling speedy this year. I just haven't focused on speedwork, more focused on longer long runs, cross training and calorie burning. I set my PR at this race last year, around 2:01. I doubt I'll do that well this year, not that I really care. I'm in it more for the fun these days, rather than the PRs. Althought it would be nice to break 2 hours some day ... :D

MK - I was posting at 5 am my time. I'm an early bird and early morning is when I have time for this!

11-04-2009, 10:13 AM
fatpants - love the tights! too bad they're not dryer friendly but things do dry so fast here it's no biggee. Really liked the new drifit long sleeved t as well - am going to try to get some more for layering as it gets colder. I'm definitely looking forward to riding this wave of nice weather! Then I'm in Orlando next week so back to running on the hotel TM and maybe some walks outside.

Anyone else have issues from time to time with knee pain from their patella (kneecap) not tracking quite right, rubbing against something (a tendon or ligament - not sure) and getting sore? I've done some poking around online and it sounds like it helps to strengthen part of your quads to help hold it in place but I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has conquered this particular demon....

11-04-2009, 11:18 AM
Morning ladies, though from the sounds of it this hardly counts as morning to many of you! Early risers! Thanks everyone for the welcomes! I went for another run last night and boy am I feeling it today! Feels good though.
MK - I never really was a runner before but I was a dancer and would run home from the studio after rehersals (about a mile), but that was almost 10 years ago so it all feels brand new!
I hope everyone has a great day and great runs!

11-04-2009, 11:45 AM
Gonna read up and comment on posts later this evening when I'm at work. Got cleared to run again, and have restarted my C25K. instead of rest days, which tend to make me conveniently "forget" to set aside to run, I go every day. Drop the kid off at school, and head to the park before I can even THINK that I'm tired and don't want to run. Feeling great, sleeping heavy- it's just awesome to be back out there. :)

Shannon in ATL
11-04-2009, 12:30 PM
I've lurked on this thread, but never really posted. I would love to start posting here if it is okay. :)

I currently run at my local park. I only get out there a couple of times per week, last week I did 14.5 miles between the two days. I also run on my treadmill some, too. I'm really afraid about running on the roads here in Atlanta - I see people do it all the time, but where I live there aren't a lot of sidewalks and people drive all kinds of crazy. There is a local running club I've seen there a few times that I'm thinking about joining up with, and I'm considering signing up for a half marathon in March. I know if I do that I'll have to get my tail to the park more often. :)

I'm currently a little incapacitated running wise - I tried running on the balls of my feet instead of my heels both times last week and my calves are still killing me after Sunday. I liked the way it felt during the run itself, but the afterward hasn't been pleasant. Thursday didn't bother me at all, but Monday morning the calves were really unhappy with me... Getting better every day, but still not great.

I'm going to read back through the older threads to get to know everyone. You guys all seem so much more dedicated than me. Inspiring!

11-04-2009, 01:07 PM
EveL - I'm at 207.5 and have my sights set on onederland, too! Keep up the great work.

shannon - welcome!

so impressed by all of you that run in the middle of the night (seriously, 3:30 am is not the morning....it is still nighttime in my book...!) since I'm an afternoon/early evening runner. What dedication!

currently looking for 5k races in the Boston area that I could run when I am there in the summer for grad school. I could probably run one sooner, like the spring, but I want to really be ready and lose at least 15 more pounds before I run one. Thanks to all of you for inspiring me to sign up for my first race!

11-04-2009, 01:15 PM
Dancer - I think it's my hip flexor actually, because it's right where the quad meets the pelvis in the front. It's a little better today but definitely still sore, so I might try to run later this afternoon or just take it easy. Thanks for asking! How are you runs going? I'm sorry to hear about your knee pain! Can't say it's ever happened to me, but I pretty much ice anything that hurts and it usually works well!

FatPants - I've never tried using a foam roller. Where did you get one? And would I just look up some exercises online for it? Thanks for the advice!

Idealmuse - I totally agree with MBN on this one. The extra strain from racing and maybe just all of the training runs culminating on this one day could have caused the pain. As long as you monitor it and make sure it's not getting worse, you should be fine!

MBN - It's awesome that you're enjoying distance running for the sake of running and not for the sake of speed. You're doing what you love and still challenging and pushing yourself to go those long distances, so that's fantastic!

Mk - Have a good "rest" day! Haha!

Sporty - Good job on another run!

Smee - Welcome back! We missed you!

Shannon - Welcome! Sounds like you have a lot of good running opportunities going on...the local club, half marathon...how exciting! I'm doing my first half in February, so we can help each other through it! Can I ask why you're running on the balls of your feet? I'm by no means an expert, but from the reading I've done about form and from my running experience, I've found it best to land on neither the heel nor the ball, but somewhere in the middle (if that makes any sense!). Heel strikes hurt my shins but toe strikes just seem uncomfortable. There are a ton of videos out there about good running form, so if you havent checked them out already, I'd recommend it. Look forward to getting to know you!

Nothing new for me to report. I'm kind of achy today from the hip flexor stuff and from boot camp so I'm taking it easy this morning and will see how I feel in the afternoon. Hoping to get in a run but we'll see! Have a great day!

11-04-2009, 01:50 PM
Ideal- congrats on the 15k and I hope you get that issue figured out!

Shannon- Welcome! And you should totally join the running club! I wish there were a local one here. I'm training for my first half marathon in June. Good luck on yours!

Blue- We will both be in Onederland soon! We can do it!

Fat Pants
11-04-2009, 02:38 PM
FatPants - I've never tried using a foam roller. Where did you get one? And would I just look up some exercises online for it? Thanks for the advice!

I got mine from ZombieRunner.com, but check your local running store to see if they have them: http://www.zombierunner.com/store/categories/injury_prevention/product2102.html - they might be cheaper at a local store.

Check these out for exercises:



Also I highly recommend the traditional ITB foam roller exercise (the one shown in the product link). My hips felt really tight yesterday during most of my run and sure enough my right hip with the ITB injury was aching all last night and a little bit today. When my ITB is inflamed, I use the foam roller every night regardless of whether or not I run. I would say it takes just a few days - a week to work it out. You'll know when it's not inflamed anymore because it hurts like a you-know-what when you're rolling it and it's tight, and gradually the pain lessens as the muscles/tendons are massaged and relaxed as the week goes on. Now I only use it on run days.

11-04-2009, 06:44 PM
Ca I quickly say this- the name "Zombie Runner" made me giggle. I'm not sure why, but it did.

TC- Thanks! It was so hard to stay away and not be able to read about everyone's progress without the old Envy Monster popping up. But I'm feeling great now, and I have my eyes on a 5 mile race on New Year's Day here in Dallas. I dont' go out and party on NYE, so I figured "Why not?". I'm also thinking about training for a 10k after that, then, by the summer, a half. I'm thinking I can do it.

I do have a question for everyone. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, which, along with my fast food tooth has contributed to my volumptuous figure. After only 3 days I'm finding that those two cravings are almost nil now. Granted, I still like some soda and some chocolate every once in a while, but that nagging desire just isn't there so much. Does anyone else get this?

I'm so glad I can read the posts again! You guys are so darn inspiring!

11-05-2009, 06:44 AM
dancerindenver: The only time I had really intrusive knee pain was when I trained for my full marathon. By the time I finished that race, I had to take several weeks off from running to let it recover. I attribute it to lack of cross training and strengthening while running too many miles. My prevention strategy now is to make sure I'm replacing those shoes at proper intervals, and to do plenty of stretching and lower body strengthening work. And I work all of the lower body not just the quads - hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes, inner/outer thighs etc. I"m not a big fan of weight machines, I do lots of squats, lunges, body scupting classes, yoga, etc (functional exercises). My theory is knee pain can occur when muscles get out of balance, because we're not working enough of the other muscles/tendons/ligaments. That, and I don't run the really long runs any more (20 plus milers), because I only train for halfs. I haven't had any knee problems since. YMMV, of course!

I sometimes sound like a broken record, I'm afraid, but I've seen it happen so many times ... new runners get so enthusiastic and go out and run too many miles, too soon, aren't doing any kind of cross training, don't know how to stretch, may not have the right shoes, and --- they end up with an overuse injury. I did EXACTLY that when I first started running, had a hip bursitis flare, and ended up with several weeks of physical therapy. And guess what they had me do: hold back on the running, stretch religiously, and do lower body strengthening exercise. When the pain got better, ramp up the miles more slowly. Voila, problem fixed! Fortunately it was early enough that it resolved quickly. But I learned a whole lot from that experience, including the immense value of cross training, strength training, and stretching. Every time I've developed a nagging pain somewhere (and I still get them), I can usually trace it back to one of several things: worn out shoes, neglected my stretching or strengthening, or increased my miles too quickly. Usually it's the shoes or the mileage. I don't want to sound preachy, but I've been able to run more than 1000 miles so far this year injury-free (and I'm 50 years old!), so something must be working. I've been lucky in never having anything serious like a stress fracture, that's another animal. Good genetics, I guess!

Smee: I wish running controlled my sweet tooth!! Unfortunately, the only way I can avoid sweet cravings is to avoid the sugary stuff altogether. Working out does make me feel happier and more in control, so I'm better able to stay on track with my eating plan when I'm exercising regularly.

Happy running ... today and tomorrow are cross-train days for me. I'm doing bridge repeats (South Florida's version of hill repeats!) on Saturday morning and the usual long run on Sunday morning. The marathon gals are scheduled for 18 miles. I did the 16 miler with them a couple of weeks ago, and haven't decided if I'm going to hang the whole time or bail at 15-16. Part of me wants to see if I can do it -- haven't run that far since full marathon training in 2002 -- and part of me doesn't think me wants to run for more than 3 hours!! I'll see how the spirit moves. ;)

11-05-2009, 07:19 AM
Good morning everyone!

MBN, thanks for the informative post! I always look forward to reading what you have to say because I can always learn! What are all the stretches that we should be doing after a run? I've been stretching afterwards, but I'm wondering if I'm not stretching [I]enough[I]

I'm going out to start week 2 of c25k in a few minutes! I'm a bit nervous because it ups my running time by 30 seconds (i know its only 30 seconds lol), but i'm excited as well!

Hope everyone has a good day. :)

11-05-2009, 08:39 AM
I just want to pop in and say hi. i have been on a cruise and gained 5 pounds in two weeks or so. ARGH! Oh well back on my grind. Glad to see the running thread I tell you that. I didn't run on the cruise (it was like running in sand, but while dizzy) and that time felt like for-ever! I ran for the first time last night, 6 miles. THe first 20 were like a slow death but after that i felt like my old self (almost). So I have my HM FINALLY next weekend and IDC if I have to crawl to the finish line I am DOING IT!

I have missed you girls ....kisses

11-05-2009, 09:12 AM
Here's a good resource on stretching from Hal Higdon's website:

And another from Cool Running:

11-05-2009, 11:18 AM
HOLY CR@P!! its CAKEBATTER!!! :) Wahoos!! We missed you girl!! I remember specifically asking at least once or twice, "and where the he*l is Cake!?" :)
Half mary next weekend eh? how exciting!!!!! youre gonna have a blast!! whch half are you running?

Todays am run... 7.25 mi LA threshold, Long run tempo @ 7:37 min/mi avg

Im finally starting to really get a good handle on these threshold runs. There is a VERY fine line between not working hard enough, and working too hard.... i tend to err on the side of working too hard, but the prob is, if you cant finish the run, or maintain the paces youre supposed to, then the integrity of the threshold run is compromised. Likewise if you arent pushing hard enough that the lactic acid builds up, then the benefits are diminished as well.

Question for you all: So, i want to get a strength training DVD to do at home, like for in the am after my runs, when i can sqeeze in a half hour, instead of having to make a huge production of going to the gym, or taking a class, you know what i mean. So, i got Jillian Michaels No More trouble zones, or something, cuz everyone says its SO HARD and whatever...well.....i used the heaviest weights we have at home (12.5 and 15 lbs) and i didnt even break a sweat. ANyone know of a REALLY GOOD/ REALLY HARD strength trainign video?? I realize i can always make it harder by upping the weights.......
I still meet with my trainer of course, but tats only a couple times a week.....

11-05-2009, 11:22 AM
Oh, and sorry im not chiming in to much about the inury stuff.....i dont wanna be a hypocrite....... i tend to ignore pain, i ignore doctors orders, i up my mileage even when i have stress fractures, i run on broken bones, i dont let crap heal....i dont stretch, dont own a foam roller.....basically i ALWAYS suck it up and deal with it. I hope you ladies are smart enough (read: not stubborn and completely lacking in common sense) to listen to your bodies and treat them well..... :)

FYI-- my foot is feeling MUCH better!!!!! mostly...usually....still hurts a little when i wake up...nothing a few percocets cant take care of!! KIDDING.....i meant advil..... :)

11-05-2009, 11:58 AM
MK - didn't break a sweat doing No More Trouble Zones eh? Wow. I'm very impressed. You go girl. I find the abs and triceps work in that one leaves me in pain - good pain, but pain.

Some people on the fitness videos board rave about the P90x vidoes. I've heard they're harder than Jillian Michaels' videos. It's an order via infomercial product so I've avoided it thus far but there are threads about it on the fitness videos board which may give you an idea of whether it is hardcore enough for you.

I'm still out running in the mornings. I was doing every other morning for awhile but I'm trying to up it to two days on, one day off now. It seems to be working so far. I never thought I'd be someone who ran 5kms before breakfast on a regular basis... but I'm enjoying it.

Fat Pants
11-05-2009, 12:05 PM
MK, I'm doing ChaLEAN Extreme which is by the same people who produce P90x. It is heavier weights, fewer reps. I always think I'm not going to get a good workout but by the end, my legs and arms are shaking and I've worked up a pretty good sweat and my strength has increased considerably just in the 2 weeks I've been doing it. With this one it really is all about the amount of weight you use. It might be worth it to invest in 20 lb weights. The circuits are about 30-35 minutes in length, so not too long.

Also - looks like I'm going to do the 5M for Frozen Five & Ten, and the Snowman Stampede 10M. If I'm not too scared to bump my long run up to 10 miles by February... lol.

11-05-2009, 12:05 PM
Argh! Finally found time (motivation?) to get on my treadmill and it started making a really TERRIBLE noise! Oh my!! I didn't even get a mile in before I had to stop.

I am really hoping my hubby can fix it when he gets home because I don't forsee a new one fitting into our budget right now :(

11-05-2009, 01:33 PM
MK - You made me bust out this big old silly grin.....I didn't think anyone noticed. It is the McDonalds HM (i am simply doing it to finish) and then I am training for time for the Shamrock Half in March. So I am guessing you are still smoke-free. And did you place in your marathon?

I had been slacking off a bit because I think i was simply overtrained.....I worked so hard for an event I never got to do and I just sort of went into a slow slump. Oh well I am BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER

Sylvied - Isn't is awesome to look at yourself and say "i never thought in a million years I could ever...."

11-05-2009, 05:00 PM
Hi all - great to read about what you all are up to. I had a crazy busy day yesterday but managed to fit in a trip to the gym after my afternoon meeting before going home and making dinner. I ran/walked 5k on the treadmill - a minute and a half slower than last week, but I wasn't going for a PR, just a plain old workout. :)

Headed to the gym now for elliptical and strength training (it's an 'off' day for running). Was going to work out outside but wowza the wind has popped up something fierce and it's way too gusty to work out outside.

One question - I have read threads saying that the heart rate monitors on aerobic machines aren't too accurate, still every now and then I use them. I'm 29 years old, and I think my target heart rate is somewhere in the 145-150 range. Should I be concerned if the heart rate monitor on the treadmill registers something higher like that? I'm pretty consistently getting 155s or even in the 160s and I'm not sure if I should slow down or if it's all right. Any words of wisdom for this beginner?

Shannon in ATL
11-05-2009, 06:00 PM
Can I ask why you're running on the balls of your feet? I'm by no means an expert, but from the reading I've done about form and from my running experience, I've found it best to land on neither the heel nor the ball, but somewhere in the middle (if that makes any sense!). Heel strikes hurt my shins but toe strikes just seem uncomfortable. There are a ton of videos out there about good running form, so if you havent checked them out already, I'd recommend it. Look forward to getting to know you!

TakingCharge - I don't have a good reason for why I was trying the balls of the feet, read it in a magazine and then found some references to it other places that seemed positive and decided to try it. My right foot goes to sleep sometimes during longer runs, and I found the toe strike when I was lokoing for ways to keep that from happening. While it did stop the tingly foot for the most part, obviously it was a bad idea long term. :) I've also read about striking in the middle of the foot. I need to look at that.

I'm walking like a normal person now, so am planning on the park after work. I'm hoping for 5 miles, but we'll see how the legs feel once I get there.

Ack - got a call and got pulled off and now I've lost where I was going with my thought. :)

11-05-2009, 06:01 PM
I totally ROCKED day 1 of week 2 for c25k! I was nervous about the xtra 30 secs but my body was absolutely fine. :carrot:

Cake- Good luck on your HM!

MBN- Thanks for the link for the stretches! I"ll be using them on my next run day.

MK- I second the Chalean Extreme dvd's. I'm getting them for x mas.

Mom of 5k- Sorry to hear about your treadmill! I hope it's an easy fix.

Just got home from work, and I'm trying to work up the extra energy to make it to my 'cardio blast' class.

11-05-2009, 06:47 PM
I got 5 miles in today on the TM of doom. I still can't breathe thru my nose completely so it was slow and snotty, I had to walk at least a mile of it, but it's done. I've been paying attention to my foot strike while I've been running. Not to change, just to identify what I do naturally. I do both. cruising along full of energy: mid foot strike. Tired end of run or backing of a too fast pace for a bit: heel . Weird?

It's fun to have so many people checking in. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Take care of your injuries Ladies. I wish you speedy healing vibes.

MK: Weirdos? It's Seattle everyone is a weirdo.:dizzy: I did think Boulder to Seattle why bother ?.........

11-06-2009, 08:25 AM
Good morning everyone!

Today is a rest day for me, but i'm going to go swim some laps after work to still get some cardio in.

Hubby keeps trying to get me to eat bad stuff, like chinese food or ice cream and when I decline he gets all angry. He complains about my plan being too strict and that he misses being able to eat with me. I've tried telling him that I can physically eat with him, it just can't be the same crap that he eats (he refuses to eat healthy, lol) It's just hard when he tempts me with all my old favorite junk foods. He's also complaining about all the time I spend working out and because of that he 'never' gets to see me. :o

I'm just confused about his behavior because before he would constantly urge me to go to the gym and eat healthy and now that I am he's not liking that either. What the heck?:?:

enough complaining, lol. Hope everyone has a good day!

11-06-2009, 11:03 AM
Morning Everyone! Went for a short run this morning, figured I'd try the early morning exercise and it was actually pretty nice. Ran along the water with the sun rising... not too shabby! Of course we'll see if I crash this afternoon!

Blue - impressed that even with a tough day at work you managed to get to the gym afterwards. That's always one of the toughest things for me, convincing myself to work out when it was a bad day at the job!

Eve - My husband is kind of the same way. In our relationship our good times together usually involved eating and drinking, and not particularly health stuff either. It took time but slowly we started to work more fun, non-food related activities into our lives and its been working well for us. I think the important thing is just to stick to your guns but also to bring new 'hang-out' activities into the equation.

Geranium - I love how you call it the treadmill of doom! Makes me smile!

Have a great day everyone!

Shannon in ATL
11-06-2009, 11:23 AM
Good morning!

Tried the park yesterday afternoon, realized I had no sports bra in my bag when I went to change... :( Didn't want to be bouncing everywhere so went home and ran on the treadmill. 4 miles instead of the 5 I hoped for, but better than I've done on the treadmill in a while. I did feel pretty comfortable after dark there, so I'm that looks good for the future.

Good day everyone!

11-06-2009, 11:43 AM
WOW. we really HAVE grown you guys!! I can barely keep up!!

Eve-- is it possible your hubby is starting to feel threatened/jealous/insecure now that youre making lifestyle changes and he is not?? Dont let him tempt you or deter you away from your goals!! i know how hard it is living with someone who doesnt share your "lifestyle" :) But thats no reason it cant work!! keep at it, keep resisting his temptations, and eventually he will get bored/used to it and stop trying....

Geranium....Is seattle full of rich stoned granola hippys as well?? Im sorry to hear that,....washington is one of the only other places in the US id consider moving too... :)
Shannon--sorry bout having to run the tread instead! Personally, i dont have a problem if i forget a bra/sports bra....usually my tanks with the built in shelf provide MORE than enuf support for these A cups!! :)

Sporty- Glad you enjoyed your AM run!! There really ARE two types of runners--morning and evening runners!! Give it a week or two-- you will never go back!! What time did you run at?? I wake up at 3 and dont usually have a prob crashing untill about 6 or 7 at night.

Blue---first of all, dont pay ANY Attention to what the HR monitor on the treadmill or other piece of gym eqipment tells you. If you ARE interested in HR, then definitely invest in a decent HR monitor...it wil be MUCH more accurate!! Second of all, i believe the "aerobic" zone for you and i (we are both 29) is anywhere from approx 130 to 155 or SO...give or take..... It is my personal opinion that it doesnt really matter what your HR...percieved exertion is more important, unless you are specifically TRAINING something, like your Lactic Acid threshold, or VO2Max . You know how hard you are working........if its a long run, you dont wanna be out of breath..if its interval work, you wanna be breathing hard at the end of each interval....easy enough!!
anyway, thats just my opinion...although HR monitors are GREAT to have, especially for getting accurate calories burned.... i like to wear mine once a month or so, to check my progress and see cardiovascular improvement..... The better shape i get in, the less calories i burn when i run becuz my heart doesnt have to beat as many tmes to get oxygen to my muscles....more is delivered with each beat, you know? im finding where i USED to burn about 650 calories during a 10K, now im LUCKY if i burn 400 on a 6 mile run..... kinda sux.......on the other hand, im burning way more calories at rest than when i was "chubby"........ DOnt know if any of that helped....

11-06-2009, 12:11 PM
Cake-of course im still smoke free!! :) never EVER going to let a cigarrette cross my lips again!! Of course, i havent had any alcohol since i quit smoking, so we will see how i handle that situation when it arrives (drinking and smoking go together like PB &J!) I didnt "place" at the marathon... are you kidding?!! I think i got 600th somethig overall outta 2000 runners!! So ya,i guess i did "place".....!! :) Youre funny.....

FAT---That would be totally fantastico if we both did the winter distance races!! i would LOVE meeting you in person! :) We could go out for brkfst or something after the races!!

Lets see...today= off day :( actually, im finding now that ive stepped up my intensity i think i DO need days aff from running....weird......not that i CANT run, its more like i want to get the MOST out of my KEY runs, ya know? SO i did the stairmill thing at the gym, and the spin bike, and i did kicking drills in the pool for about 20 minutes (OMG, if you guys havent done that, it is KILLER on your legs!!) Then later this afternoon i meet with my trainer for strength training, i think today (As oppossed to track work or conditioning)... TOMORROW i will hit up a nice relaxing long run.....mayhaps 13 to 15 miles.....at approx an 8 30 or so pace (trying to bring my long run tempo down, in prep for training to qualify for baston after the new year).
but SUNDAY is the BIG-to-do this weekend for me.....im doing this thing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, called Red Rocks Fitness.....its free, and started by this guy who just wanted to do a killer workout at red rocks....now hundreds of people join him!! Itll be a bootcampy style thing for about 2 and a half hours i think, and its supposed to be the HARDEST WORKOUT around..... heres a link for it if you guys wanna look...i think its sounds GREAT!!! but, im really weird like that, so.... :)

check out the "routine" tab at the top....looks UBER KILLER....

11-06-2009, 12:14 PM
Dancer and FaT--- join me at redrocks!!! i think it starts at 10 am!

11-06-2009, 12:52 PM
Wow you gals are just so chatty, I can barely keep up...

I haven't read the last few posts but I did read EveLHaelf hubby's reaction... I'm 53, married 26 years, and my hubby has learned to suck it up. We not only do this for ourselves, but we do it to improve our couple relationship, so that we can live «Happily Ever After» ... So tell hubby to suck it up, he'll be happier in the end... I'm such a hard a$$ though :lol: ..... He'll also get used to the new you/lifestyle, so keep at it...he may even join you in the end...

11-06-2009, 01:54 PM
I just joined and am thrilled that there is a runners thread. I live on the coast and the best hour of my day is the run to the beach and back, approx 5 miles. Daylight savings means I can put my flashlight away for a few weeks.

11-06-2009, 03:03 PM
MK - well for me an AM run is certainly not the same as yours! I'm talking 7:30ish, hardly 3:00am!!!

11-06-2009, 03:27 PM
Sporty-- let us know if you crash this afternoon!!

Welcome Button!! Always glad to have new members!! Tell us a little more about your running history please!! Sound slike youve been doing it, at least for a LITTLE while....any races? In the past OR planned for the future?

11-06-2009, 03:33 PM
Hey, whatever time works, as long as you go and run! ;)

MK, I feel your pain about the calorie burn. I burn around 85 calories per mile, because I'm little. A half marathon burns, maybe, 1100 calories. Yeah it's a nice calorie bump, but hardly license to go pig out. When you add up my pre-race breakfast (I don't normally eat before I run), gatorade and gel during the race, and post-race banana, I've already consumed half of that probably. If I've taken the day off before the race as a "taper", there goes the other half because I've lost the calorie burn the day before.

That's why I tend to gain weight during running season -- between the tapering and race fueling, it's really easy to over-consume! I'm going to make a conscious effort NOT to do that this year. Race day is just another day (food wise).

11-06-2009, 03:55 PM
MBN- i absolutely consider race day just another day, food wise as well!! As runners we DO tend to overeat- "i just ran 10 miles, i can eat whatever i want!" The only thing i do differently is before a really long run i will have a larger brkfst, ie; a WHOLE bagel instead of HALF a bagel...and i will put a smear of p-nut butter and honey on it.... thats about it for me too.....

11-06-2009, 06:28 PM
You gal's are right. He needs to suck it up. Before I started my journey, we would always go out to eat and such so maybe that's why he's feeling upset. We do need to put more non food activities together. Ive tried to get him to go to the gym with me, but he has to work out for an hour every day as part of his work day so he is never 'in the mood' to go when I go. But I am totally determined! I am doing this for ME and him but mostly ME! I finally realize that now, because if I was doing it for him, I would have stopped because it made him upset. But since I have no intention of quitting, I know for a fact that I am doing it for ME. :carrot: I've gotten to know myself so much more in the past 13 weeks and I'm really liking who I am and who I'm becoming. I have a purpose in life now. I look forward to each day instead of dreading every minute. And I wouldn't give that up for anything! We are having a date-night tonight and we are going to a nice restaurant where they have an awesome spinach and feta salad! I'm going to add grilled chicken to it because I love me some protein!

Button- WELCOME!

11-07-2009, 09:47 AM
Sporty _ I absolutely love your avi. That pig is sooooo cute.

MBN/MK - Yeah I don't change my diet for a long run either, maybe an extra fruit or something. Not really long, but I ran 7.5 last night and if I converted that to food its about the equivalent of a 3oz burger with a slice of FF cheese no mayo and a few fries :o (of course prepared at home)....hahaha. Yeah I don't change my diet for lengthy runs. :D

MK - That's AWESOME!!!! 600 out of 2000 and its your first! You are awesome!. As far as the drinking and smoking .,....you PB&J! But we already know you conquer what ever you feel like.....so it'll be no sweat my pet! LMAO.

Eve - HUbby may have wanted you to eat healthy and go to the gym but then didn't realize that he would be affected as well. Maybe he think about the fact that there would be less eating out and you being away from home more in order to make it to the gym. Like MK said just keep resisting and eventually what you are doing will just be normal and he will leave you alone. He just has to realize you are truly serious about it and you won't quit....even for hubby.

Shannon - GJ....are kidding?!?!? 4 miles is better than ZERO! :hug:

Well I got in 7.5 miles last night. I will crosstrain today and run 9 or 10 on sunday and then begin to taper for Saturday. Needless to say I am pretty sore since I haven't had a longish run in a while.
Have a great day ladies!!

11-07-2009, 10:00 AM
Hi everyone! May I join you? :) I am a new runner, and I've been lurking for a little while, and have found all of you to be such an inspiring, motivating group!

A little more about me...I'm 31, married, with a 2 1/2 year old son and I'm living in Wisconsin...although I grew up in Florida and will ALWAYS consider myself a Floridian at heart! :D Anyway, over the summer one of my good friends did Couch to 5K, and even though I have NEVER been a runner, she really inspired me to try it, and I was looking for a weight loss/exercise challenge anyway to help me lose an extra 30 pounds. So I started C25K, and now am in the very last week of the program, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE running! My race experience so far is a 5K for the local zoo in September, which I walk/jogged, and a two mile run for Gilda's Club last month, which I did in 21:28...which I'm very proud of given that I could barely jog for a minute in August! I'm doing a Turkey Day 5K in a couple of weeks, and possibly a Jingle Bell 5K in December. My DREAM race, however, is to run a half marathon at Walt Disney World! I spent a lot of time at Disney growing up and I am a HUGE fan, so it just seems like the perfect place to race. I have my eye on a HM they're having next October as part of the Food & Wine Festival. I truly hope I can be there! I'm a bit nervous about being able to do the whole distance, but I have a year to train, so that's enough, right???

Nice to "meet" all of you and I look forward to chatting some more with all of you!

11-07-2009, 10:33 AM
Cake- Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration! You awesome for doing 7.5 miles!

crk- Welcome! I'm fairly new to running as well. I'm starting day 2 of week 2 this morning and I'm loving it! I've signed up for a Half Marathon in June and that's only about 7 months. I'm going to train train train til I can finish that race in June and I absolutely think it's doable. Since you are already on your last week of c25k you should be just fine with a half marathon. You go girl!:carrot:

11-07-2009, 12:22 PM
crk, I am new too, and also lived in Madison for 4 years, where my 2 oldest were born. I started running to lose baby weight, around Lake Monona and the campus. Never ran before that, but have kept on for 23 years. Now I have 4 children, most are independent, but the best time for me to run is still the am before the school chaos starts.

I have done some 5K and 10K races, trying to motivate myself to do a half marathon. I notice when I train in the longer distances my hip flexor is sore, so am thinking I should trim down to a better BMI.

My new favorite toy is the stopwatch app on my iPod. I am starting to put sprints into my morning 5 mile run, especially the last uphill push on my favorite route.

11-07-2009, 12:57 PM
Welcome, Crk! I am in central Virginia now in the blue ridge mountains (you guessed it!) but am originally from the Madison area. Congrats on having some races under your belt, and it sounds like you have a clear vision of what you are looking for which is great. Disneyworld, here you come!!!

EveL - your salad sounds tasty! I love feta, and I love me some protein, too! It sounds like you're planning ahead so you can still go out to eat together which he enjoys while staying on your eating plan. Be patient - he may come around in time. It can be threatening to others in our lives when we take control of our lives since it challenges those around us in ways that they may not want to face. Not sure if this is the case w/ your hubby, but I've definitely experienced it in my own life, both with my health as well as with a job change. Just keep leading by example and focusing on reaching your goals for yourself - you don't need anyone else's permission or blessing to do this. Congrats on the half marathon sign up - that is huge!

So I banged out another 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday. I think I am going to set the goal of about 10 miles a week spread out over three ones: 3.1 miles for speed (no incline, just get the lowest time possible) 3.1 miles where I play with incline and do more walking, and a 3.8 mile 'long' run. Okay, not long compared to some of y'all but I'm still pretty new to this. On my off days I plan to do elliptical, swim, dance or yoga, or a workout video - and of course strength training 3x/week. (Did I mention I have biceps now??!!) Trying to keep it varied.

I have found some great 5ks in Boston in July and planning to do one if all continues according to plan.

Have a great weekend all!

11-07-2009, 02:01 PM
Hey girls! There's so much going on here, wow! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to everyone, but my exam is next week and you know I tend to disappear around exam week, but I've been reading what you all are up to so I'm staying in the loop! Welcome to all the new members, good job to all of you for keeping up with the running and pushing yourselves to new distances, and Cake - welcome back!!!

Quick update: I ran 8 miles today!! Unfortunately, it was through a park so I can't be sure of the exact distance, but based on my time (1:20) and by asking people about the trail, I'm pretty sure it was 8. Close enough! I started waaay too fast and was so tired after like 2 miles, but then slowed down and easily made my way to the end. It feels great! My half marathon is exactly 3 months from today, so I'm getting pumped up about it! And I signed up for another 10K in 3 weeks, just for fun :) Anyway, I promise I'll be back after next week and actually participate in the convo. Have a great weekend and week everyone!

11-07-2009, 02:09 PM
Blue- The salad was FABULOUS! yummy! We both had a great evening, it felt more like our norm (minus all the horrible calories!) So that is a great start for us. And congrats on the biceps! I'm starting to feel mine too but they're still under a few layers of fat, lol.

11-07-2009, 06:26 PM
Hey all... was supposed to do about 15 miles today BUT ended up cutting it a little short, and did ALMOST 13..... at an 8:32 avg...so im pleased..... it was pretty Zen-like, for about 8 or 9 miles...then i think all the hills i had been running in the earlier miles caught up with me, and the run started to feel less zen-like and more like work, which is why i cut it short...i want to keep this very positive happy peaceful feeling surrounding my long runs..i dotn WANT them to feel like work! i want them to be the one run i look forward to all week, ya know?

Heres some awesome news though...went in to the MRC weightloss center to weigh-in. I am technically on maintenance but i still go in every two weeks or so to weigh-in and check in, etc... Theyve been helping me since i quit smoking with meal plans to minimize the weight gain... ANYWAY, since before my marathon id been hovering around 137-138...but it stayed there consistently since i quit smoking (gained about 5 pounds total) So i go in a weigh-in today.. and WHOOSH!! I am down 2 or 3 pounds to 135!! WAHOOS!!! AND ive been eating MORE lately!! Ive been trying to very gradually up my calories, because theres NO reason, being as active as i am, that i cant be eating 1800 to 2000 cals a day, on a NORMAL day.... No more of this 1300-1400 crap!!! Well....i havent been gaining, so i think my metabolism has started to regulate itself out!!

11-07-2009, 10:38 PM
Mk- Congrats on the weigh in!

I got impatient and ordered Chalean Extreme and some select tech dumbells. I'm soooo excited to start! I always have such a hard time trying to get a good strength session in at the local gym. All the machines/dumbells/space are taken up by muscle heads and it's hard to get in the groove when you have to wait for someone else to finish their EXTREME GRUNT PROVOKING VEIN POPPING HARDCORE LAT PULLDOWN! Frustrating.

11-07-2009, 10:55 PM
Anyone else have issues from time to time with knee pain from their patella (kneecap) not tracking quite right, rubbing against something (a tendon or ligament - not sure) and getting sore? I've done some poking around online and it sounds like it helps to strengthen part of your quads to help hold it in place but I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has conquered this particular demon....

Dancer - When I was much younger, I broke a piece of bone off the top of my tibia and the way it healed causes my knee to track higher than it should, leading to the kind of pain you describe. Specific strengthening exercises that firm up the muscles and tendons that hold the knee cap in place help, as does wearing a brace, taping my knee in place and icing at the first sign of soreness keep it at bay too.

If it's something you have consistent problems with, it's definitely worth having your doctor refer you to a physical therapist. They'll be able to figure out the best solution for you, based on how and where your knee cap is going out of alignment.

Shannon in ATL
11-07-2009, 11:42 PM
Eve - glad you guys had a good time, and the salad did sound fabulous! Some people just have a hard time with change, even when it is change that they encourage...

Mk - congrats on the weigh-in! Maintenance is so much harder than I expected, and I don't have stopping smoking in there. You seem to be doing great!

Crk - I'm new, too. :)

Cake - I was was pleased with the 4 miles, more disappointed about being trapped indoors than anything. I loved my treadmill until I started getting to the park more, now I tolerate it more than enjoy it...

5 miles today at the park, didn't go until late so it got dark while I was still there. Haven't done a lot of after dark running, park was pretty crowded so I felt fine. Took out one of my earphones and listened to the crickets and night noises. Peaceful.
I'm pretty sure I'm doing a Turkey Trot 5k on the 21st, it will be my first formal event, pretty excited. I'm giving serious consideration to signing up for the ING Half here in Atlana in March. DH asked me why I wanted to do it and I couldn't immediately give a good reason, I just feel like I want to do it. I'm going to think on it some more, because I know it will be hard work.

I'm posting on my iPod while DH watches the GA Tech game on DVR so hard to scroll back to read posts. I'll be back tomorrow on my computer.

Good night everyone!

11-08-2009, 10:09 AM
Shannon-- Congrats on signing up for the Turkey Trot-- your first "formal" event! You will have a blast!!
Putting our bodies through the stress of training for a distance event (such as a half marathon) is not something that non-runners can, or will, EVER understand!! That's ok. I suppose, looking at it from the outside, it DOES seem crazy to WANT to run 13.1 miles, or 26.2 miles!! That's not even including all of the training miles, which is where the REAL dedication comes in (and also the real ENJOYMENT, in my opinion!) When i was running the marathon, someone was holding up a sign that read "YOU ARE ALL CRAZY" ! :)

Give it some serious though. March is not very far off (But definitely doable, if you commit!) and there will ALWAYS be another half mary if you dont feel you are QUITE ready!! Youll make the right choice!

11-08-2009, 10:34 AM
Shannon - you should definitely go for the Turkey Trot! It's such a great time of year for racing, and the atmosphere of a race is just insane (in a GOOD way)! I'm running a turkey trot too and I'm very excited. It will be my first 5K. I told my husband about my goal to run a HM, and he looked at me like I was completely loopy, but he wouldn't even run 3 miles much less 13.1, so there you go. If you pushed me for a reason why I want to do the HM, it's really hard to nail it down, but that's because there are SO MANY reasons why it will ROCK! Even if you decide you're not ready for March there will definitely be others down the road.

Eve - Oooooo, I keep hearing the talk about the Chalean videos and am interested to hear how they work out for you. I really struggle to get my strength training in (due to lack of motivation) so I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to make it more interesting!

MK - congrats on the GREAT weigh-in! Maintenance is tricky (I'm there too...) and that's awesome to hear that you're doing so well.

Today is my last day of a vacation in FL, where my hometown is, after having been here for a week. Flying back to Wisconsin in about two hours (blah), and I'm already daydreaming about my next trip to FL! I've been having a good trip and been great about staying on track with my running and (at least somewhat) with my eating. Also, Santa (my parents) gave me my Christmas gift a little early...a Garmin running watch! Of course I HAD to get up early this morning to try it out!! For now, I have to go get myself on a plane! Talk to you later!

11-08-2009, 05:24 PM
smisen - thanks so much for the response on your knee pain - that was very helpful! I'm going to see if running every other day and getting in the stretches and quad exercises keeps it at bay - if not, I'll head to a doc or PT for some more help.

Sounds like you are all doing great!

MK - did you go to that crazy class at red rocks afterall?

11-08-2009, 08:34 PM
6 days to HM.....getting nervous and excited all at the same time....but I get a medal at the end...how cool.

CRK - Welcome!

Mk - You are right people must think we are crazy! I love being crazy then...

* i just lost everything* argh

11-09-2009, 07:18 AM
Mk- someone actually held a sign that said that?! OMG that's hilarious! :rofl:

cake- you can do this hm! Go you! :goodluck:

Today is my last day of week 2. I'm gonna go out there and kick some butt! :club:

Everyone have a great day!

11-09-2009, 08:32 AM
Hey guys! Cakebatter -- which half are you doing? I've got the 131 Ft. Lauderdale this Sunday, my first half of this season.

I had a busy running weekend. Did 7.5 miles of bridge repeats on Saturday - bridges are the only hills we have around here! Then went to lifting class and we did a ton of squats and lunges. On Sunday morning, the marathon gals did 18 -- I had planned to hang with them as long as I could but bailed out at 15.5. My legs were really tired, that's about all I could manage! But, for half training, that's plenty good enough.

This week, I have the taper dilemma again. I tend not to taper at all. Which is fine for calorie burn, but not for optimal race performance! For me, a 13 mile run is just an average Sunday morning long run distance, but if I expect to run it FAST, then a little taper would probably help. I'm not sure I even care about "optimal race performance" any more .... I just hate to take a day off of working out. I'm running for fun more than time these days. It takes the pressure totally out of the whole race thing too.

So - HM this weekend. Then a Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot 5K, and maybe I'll do the Jingle bell jog again this year. It's always amusing to see the costumes and hear the jingle bells that everyone wears on their shoes!

Happy Monday everyone ....

11-09-2009, 11:08 AM
MBN-- i dont taper either...ast least, not for a half....... you said yourself you werent running this to "perform"...do what feels good!!! you didnt take a day off the day befor eyou ran 15 miles this sunday! Thats my opinion....of course, you are a more seasoned runner, and i wouldnt suggest that to a newbie ;) I get exactly the same way if i cant/dont/shouldnt get a run in..... i lose out on all those calories burned!!!! Ijust about lost my mind tapering for the darned marathon!!!

11-09-2009, 11:11 AM
CAKE---5days to go!!! are you tapering?? whats your running/workout plan for the week?? as far as the night before, i dont htink you need to go too crazy carbo loading (itll just sabotauge your weightloss!) I would suggest adding just a little bit of extra carbs the night before. I dont know what you usually eat, but maybe add like HALF a whole wheat bagel, and the have the other half as part of your breakfast in the am...... alittle bit of honey on top is always good, and whatever other carb you normally have for dinner i would increase the serving size..... you should be good to go!! ( Your welcome for the unsolicited advice)... Or you could do oatmeal!! Yummy!!!

11-09-2009, 11:16 AM
Evel-- how did week 2 wrap up for you??? All ready for week three now? :)

I went to the gym this am and did my track workout on the tread.....2 X 1600 at a 6:48 pace and 1X 800 with 400 m rest in between....thats all..... plus warm up/cool down mile.....

Went to that crazy red rocks fitness yesterday!! WOW!! I am SO SORE in my upper body!! it was awseom!! It was really a lot of fun, and VERY challenging---although not as cardio challenging as i thought it would be!! I thought there would be more running and sprinting up the stairs and around red rocks park, but it was a lot more strength stuff...really crazy stuff, like crawling backwards up all the stairs..we did do SOME high intesity cardio though...all in all it was fantastic, and i will DEF continue to go!!
As a bonus.... I kept getting hit on by all the really hot, REALLY FIT guys there !! ;) HUGE ego boost !!!! I think some of the gals were hitting on me too!

Fat Pants
11-09-2009, 04:47 PM
LOL...glad you had such a blast at RR fitness! I checked out the website.. it looks tough! Maybe not for a superstar like you, MK, but I'm still pudgy! :lol:

I do have a major NSV... I bough size 8 jeans from American Eagle this weekend. SO happy... got a little teary in the dressing room... it seems like not that long ago I was still twice this size in clothing (16/18). Geez. It's taken a lot of hard work to get here.

My 10k is this Saturday! :yikes: So not ready!!

Shannon in ATL
11-09-2009, 04:54 PM
FP, or should I say "Formerly Knows as FP"? - Fantastic on the size 8!

MK - red rocks fitness is pretty intimidating. Glad you had a good time!

11-09-2009, 05:06 PM
MK- week 2 went great! Everything felt good and it wasn't too challenging. I'm nervous about week 3! Jogging for 3 minutes is intimidating but I will give it a try! My mind is screaming 'you can't go for 3 minutes!' But I'm going to ignore it and see how I do! Glad you had fun at RR and kudos to you for getting hit on! ;)

fatpants- (skinny jeans!) Congrats on American Eagle size 8's! I would be teary eyed too! You're doing great! I know you will do awesome at your 10k don't worry! :D

ETA: Weigh in today.....SOOO CLOSE! 3 more pounds til ONEDERLAND! :D :D :D

11-09-2009, 05:25 PM
MBN - I am doing the McDonalds Half in Richmond VA

Mk _ No carb loading for me. But the boy and I will be going out to dinner the night before, due to us staying at a hotel that night. The race is an hour 20 from where I live and I HAVE to go up the evening before to pick up my packet.....didn't see the since of coming right back just to repeat less than 10 hours later.

This week: Today I am running for two hours or 10 miles. Then tomorrow 4, Wed 6, Thursday very light crosstraining and friday...NADA

Fatpants - WaHOOOO! Congratulations. Even though I wear a 8 now i still try on the 10 or 11 first....It took me a while to adjust!

Eve - The mental is like 80% of battle inmy opinion, You are going to rock it!

11-09-2009, 09:32 PM
Happy Monday everyone! Today was my first day back at work after a great vacation, so meh on that, but it actually ended up being not so bad. Now I'm just contemplating what to do at the gym tonight since I didn't get to workout earlier in the day...

Fatpants - Congrats on the Skinny Jeans!! Awesome! And best of luck with your 10K this weekend.

Eve - great job on finishing week 2. I know you will ROCK week 3! Mind over matter! It sounds like a big jump in the amount of running that you have to do, but you will be ready!

11-10-2009, 01:54 AM
Hello to all the new sconny ladies, The land of my birth. We are leaving for Thanksgiving in WI in a little over a week.:carrot:

Good luck on your halves ladies

Evel : your enthusiasm makes me happy, you'll do it.

MK: Congrats on your weight loss, I remember you r were very concerned about this.

5 suckfesty miles for me today. I think I need new shoes ( my low back hurt the whole time) and my lungs are still a little congested ( complain much) Also I skipped my yoga class tonight for no real reason. Sad because it's the thing that keeps me injury free. Ah well tomorrow is an another day. Hopefully it will bring a new attitude and a trip to the running store.

Shannon in ATL
11-10-2009, 10:56 AM
Morning! 6 miles at the park last night. I may also be nearing the time for new running shoes... Got mine in January, have probably done somewhere in the 350-400 mile range on them now.

Good luck to everyone on the weekend races! :)

Eve - you will be great in week 3, the three minutes will fly by. :)

I'm still giving serious consideration to the half in March. Found a ten week half marathon training schedule online. Wow. Have to decide if I can really commit to all the time it will take before I sign up. I have 12/31 to still get discounted registration, so I'm going to see how the next couple of weeks go before I decide. Will ramp up the running over that time and see how much I can really get done.

Good day everyone!

11-11-2009, 07:55 AM
3 days and one hour to race day.....nervous....nervous. THere is a NorEaster coming thru. I am hoping the storm clears out by Thursday because the race will be rescheduled if it is storming and pouring on Saturday (at least that is what I am guessing). And I have to drive up on Friday. *sigh*

Shannon- WTG on 6 miles. I say if you are running 6 miles now you "breeze" through your training schedule for a race in March!!!! Gor for it!

SG - Did you make it yoga last night? I hope your workout went better than the day before.

Crk - I do WW too!!!!

Fat Pants
11-11-2009, 11:20 AM
Hey thanks everyone! Funny last time I was a size 8, I was at least 10 lbs lighter so I definitely have exercise to thank for this.

Cake ~ hope the weather holds out!! It's looking a little iffy for my race this weekend as well.. we need good weather vibes! You are going to do FANTASTIC!

Shannon ~ I agree with Cake, if you've got 6 miles under your belt pretty regularly, the half marathon shouldn't be too difficult to train for, especially if you find a schedule that seems doable.

Geranium ~ good luck at the running store.. definitely sounds like you might need some more supportive shoes!

Eve ~ Have you started Week 3? How is it going? I was also very nervous to jog for 3 minutes when I did that week... weird to think about now. You will do great!!!

11-11-2009, 12:25 PM
Good Morning!

I didn't have to work today, so Im just now waking up! hehehe

After breakfast I'm heading out to do week3 day1 I'm really trying not to worry about it and just do it.

I hope nobody's races get canceled! I'll send good weather vibes out to both of you!

11-11-2009, 01:30 PM
EveL - you're so close to onederland! I dropped a 1/2 pound last week so I now have 7.5 pounds to go. Congrats on being at the half-way mark!

Geranium - nothing can beat a good pair of shoes. I am notoriously cheap but good socks and shoes (especially for exercise) are the one thing I won't skimp on.

Cake - Richmond is just about 1 1/2 hr from me - maybe someday I'll join you for a race there!

Fatpants/Skinny Jeans - congrats on size 8! Wow, a single digit! And good luck at your race - is it appropriate to say 'break a leg'?

I couldn't work out Mon or Tues so am looking forward to a long run and some weight lifting after work (woohoo - I get out of office at 3:30 today!) - rainy but that's what treadmills are for. My doctor noted that my resting heart rate has decreased, which is awesome. I have my running to thank!

11-11-2009, 01:39 PM
I took my doggie out for my run today. He kept me distracted during the 3 minute runs. We totally rocked it! No sweat! (well there was some ;)) I'm really getting into this running thing. :D

blue- It's so unreal that I'm half way there already! Congrats on being close to onederland as well! If I get there first, I'll save you a seat! And congrats on decreasing your resting heart rate! That is awesome!

11-11-2009, 03:44 PM
Fat--- you look so Beautiful!! Just Glowing!! What was the occassion for the dress?

Fat Pants
11-11-2009, 03:48 PM
Fat--- you look so Beautiful!! Just Glowing!! What was the occassion for the dress?

Thank you! It's actually the dress I just got for all the holiday party shenanigans in December. I am pretty stoked about it!

Shannon in ATL
11-11-2009, 03:53 PM
Eve - :high: on the run today!

FatPants - fantastic picture! :)

Planning a run after work, but might push it to tomorrow. Had to put a metal shelving unit together in our storage unit and moved a lot of really heavy boxes back and forth. Probably should have been two person assembly... :eek: Pretty worn out at the moment, so might go home and do some yoga. The weather is dreary today, too, which doesn't help. Blah...

Good day everyone!

11-11-2009, 05:35 PM
Hey All! I just got back from my vacation and I'm here to report that I did absolutely no running (or working out in general) the whole time I was gone. I ate like a pig and drank like a fish. It rained the day of my friend's wedding but it was still so very pretty. We had a blast - I SCUBA dive so the bride, another friend, and I all went on a two-tank dive and saw some beautiful fish and coral and DH went snorkeling with some of our other friends. The food was amazing - I ate some sort of fish/seafood practically every day. So we came home last night and the rain from Hurricane Ida followed us in so I haven't ran today. I need to get back to business! I think I'm going to have to start getting my runs in early in the morning before DH leaves for work... evenings are too short as it is.

Great Pic no-longer-FatPants! Beautiful Dress!

Shannon in ATL
11-11-2009, 06:02 PM
One of my anxieties about the half marathon is that I am a super slow runner... Some of my splits show as 12:30 per mile, and I have some decent bursts of 10:25 on my exceptionally perky days but I'm sill averaging 14:10, 14:30, 15:30 per mile for total runs... I don't want to be the last one finishing... :(

Oddly, I run pretty consistently at 5-6 mph, can do decent intervals at 7-8 mph on the treadmill. On the road I just slow down.

11-11-2009, 07:32 PM
Shannon, the adrenaline will kick in and you'll do fine in your HM :hug:

FAT PANTS, is that you in that avatar :love: .... vavavoom :lol: , you look great...

Amy welcome back...

Had a super run this afternoon it was 4c/39f, loved it... I'm not fast but we had a great pace going today...

11-11-2009, 10:05 PM
Just popping in for a super quick study break...

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

FatPants - You look absolutely beautiful! It's amazing to see how far you've come!

Hope everyone is managing to keep up with the running in all this cold weather. I know I can't talk, living in LA and all, but daylight savings is totally killing me and making me want to go to bed at 5pm! Luckily my running is on track as it's the only thing keeping me sane right now. Ah! Hoping for another 8 mile run this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. I miss you girls! I promise I'll be back after my stupid exam. Have a good rest of your week!

11-11-2009, 11:17 PM
Fat - You look BEAUTIFUL!

11-12-2009, 06:32 AM
One of my anxieties about the half marathon is that I am a super slow runner... Some of my splits show as 12:30 per mile, and I have some decent bursts of 10:25 on my exceptionally perky days but I'm sill averaging 14:10, 14:30, 15:30 per mile for total runs... I don't want to be the last one finishing... :(

Shannon, unless your half is VERY small, rest assured that you won't be the last finisher!! All of the halfs I do have some percentage of walkers and a cut off time of around 16 minutes per mile (3.5 hours). Even if you run as slowly during the race as during your training runs, you won't be last. But, there's something about the race environment that kicks up the adrenaline and brings out our best efforts -- you will probably be faster than you think! Plus, your half isn't until, what, March? You may find you get faster anyway as you train up.

Fatpants (you are going to have to change your handle :D), what a beautiful dress!!

CakeBatter - how's the weather forecast looking? My race is Sunday, and it looks like it's going to really nice here -- cooling off finally.

11-12-2009, 08:59 AM
fatpants - woohoo for the size 8s and the gorgeous dress!
cake - I hope the weather this weekend will work out for your race - must be a bit nerve-wracking in the meantime.
evel- how did day3 go? If it gets hard to keep running, you can always try slowing it down even further - it's still jogging, no matter how slow it you go!
amy - welcome back! glad you had fun!
TC - between daylight savings and much shorter days this time of year, it's definitely harder to get in a run while it's light, even totally apart from temperature issues. I got spoiled this summer, I guess. Can't wait to be on the other side of the year as things gradually get better again.

I'll be back in Denver (after a week in FL) again tonight and am looking forward to getting in a good run outside - I'm a bit sick of the hotel treadmill!

11-12-2009, 10:36 AM
Good morning all!

amy - welcome back! your trip sounds so fun! I've always wanted to try scuba diving!
MBN - good luck on your race
Dancer - great job in keeping up your exercise while traveling, when it's easiest to let the routine slide.
Takingcharge - I know, I hate daylight savings time. Just doesn't seem right for it to be pitch black outside when I'm eating dinner at 6 pm. Glad you have a track to use.
EveL - keep up the great work on your training and definitely save me a seat in onederland...I'm on my way!!!

Had a great 3.6 mile run on the treadmill (the longest I've ever run, woohoo!) and weight training yesterday at the gym. Covered the screen which shows speed, distance, time, etc with a towel and just tried to get into the zone which was pretty nice. Going back today for a treadmill work out. It's amazing how quickly I feel myself improving. Just two or three weeks ago I starting trying to run/walk more than a mile at a time, and now it definitely takes less excertion that it did then. Perceiving that it is getting easier to run and lift is a big motivator as the scale oh-so-slowly inches down. And keeping up with all of you is another big motivator!

11-12-2009, 05:43 PM
My first three minute run of week 3 went really well! It's hard to believe how quickly I am able to increase my time running. I love it!

Today is my running rest day, but that didn't stop me from getting a killer workout at the gym. I did 45 minutes of spinning, then did weights for i'm not sure how long. I was there for like 2 hours though so yeah! Any biggest loser watchers out there? If so: ever see those parts where bob or jillian try to get one of the contestants to jump up on one of those high platforms? I had one of those moments today. It was the smallest one the gym had, but it still looked daunting. I told myself that I was not going to leave until I atleast TRIED. It took me FOREVER to work up the courage to just JUMP. I finally did, I landed with both feet on the platform, but was off balance and fell straight back on my booty! :lol: There was one other guy in the room and I just had to laugh at myself. I got up there! I can actually jump that high! Now I just have to work on 'sticking' the landing! lol

Blue- Congrats on 3.6 miles! You rock! I can't wait til I can go for that long. :high:

Well, I'm off to do some laundry. Hope everyone has a great day!

11-12-2009, 09:55 PM
It's me again!

So I have my very first race on December 19th. It is a 2 mile "christmas run" and I'm really excited! Ive been reading up on how to dress for running outside and I came across something called a "neck gaiter" that you can pull up over your mouth. I'm wondering if any of you ladies wear one? When I went outside to do my run yesterday, it wasn't a very cold day (we are having an indian summer where last year we had snow on the ground but this year we barely get any frost in the am) but afterwards, my sinuses felt sniffly and my throat kinda did as well. I'm wondering if I should get one of these things to wear for my x mas run?

I'm also trying to find a pair of candy cane striped tights and a santa hat, too but that's beside the point! :lol:

11-12-2009, 11:12 PM
Tonight is supposed to be the peak of the storm with rain thru tomorrow evening. The forcast on the HM site says it will be a bit more humid than we would like but the storm should be cleared out. *good weather vibes*. I am still so nervous. I have found out that the course is pretty hilly. I am nervous almost each day and definitely everytime I think about it.

fat - I hope you end up with good weather as well.

Amy - Seem like you had a lot of fun. Welcome back

Eve - I am glad to hear your 3 min went well. Wait until you start running 20 minutes at a time....it is so amazing how quickly it comes. Your Christmas run is going to awesome. First time races are so exciting

BlueRidge - i would be cool to meet up at one of the races....to get to me someone off 3FC IRL. WOW

:wave: everyone!

11-13-2009, 02:12 PM
Hey all-- i havnet been MIA----i cant seem to get on to 3FC!! ANyone else having isses for the past few days?!?! WTF?
Anyway, real quick before it boots me:

FAT-- Will be thinkin of you for your 10k this weekend (it IS this weekend, right?) You are gonna rock it!! HAve a lot of fun, even with the craptastic weather!! Dont go out to fast!! Promise?? I checked out last years race for the turkey trot up there in Longmont, and it seems like a pretty big deal. If youre feeling UBEr nervouse about it i wouldnt mind too terribly running it with you for fun........ i believe my house is on the way up to Longmont for you!! (im actually not joking....if you want someone to run with you, at YOUR pace, i would LOVE TO....)

CAKE--- This is your time now....you have prepped as well as you could, and there is nothing you can do about the weather....dont let it hold you back....just try and relax and go with it!! 13.1 mi will go by so fast you wont be able to believe it!! i want you to also start out pretty slow , untill you get your groove on...if you feel like going a littl fastrt after mil 4 than go for it (but only a little). and then run as fast as your little legs want to once you get past mi 10! GOOD LUCK!! we are all rooting for you!

EVEL-- my advice about neck gaiters---they are only useful for activities like downhill skiing, where you have a lot of "down time" (like on the lifts) where you arent moving and get cold. I think you will SERIOUSLY overheat in a neck gaiter. IMHO. DO me a favor and make a point to run at least a LITTLE bit next time it gets 30 degrees or below where you are.......you need to see how quickly you overheat once you start running!! Even when it was 17 degrees out here a few weeks ago, i wore only a tank top, running tights, and a light wind resistant running jacket and HEAVY gloves...heavy gloves are important when its cold!!

11-13-2009, 02:28 PM
Hey all-- i havnet been MIA----i cant seem to get on to 3FC!! ANyone else having isses for the past few days?!?! WTF?
Anyway, real quick before it boots me:

FAT-- Will be thinkin of you for your 10k this weekend (it IS this weekend, right?) You are gonna rock it!! HAve a lot of fun, even with the craptastic weather!! Dont go out to fast!! Promise?? I checked out last years race for the turkey trot up there in Longmont, and it seems like a pretty big deal. If youre feeling UBEr nervouse about it i wouldnt mind too terribly running it with you for fun........ i believe my house is on the way up to Longmont for you!! (im actually not joking....if you want someone to run with you, at YOUR pace, i would LOVE TO....)

CAKE--- This is your time now....you have prepped as well as you could, and there is nothing you can do about the weather....dont let it hold you back....just try and relax and go with it!! 13.1 mi will go by so fast you wont be able to believe it!! i want you to also start out pretty slow , untill you get your groove on...if you feel like going a littl fastrt after mil 4 than go for it (but only a little). and then run as fast as your little legs want to once you get past mi 10! GOOD LUCK!! we are all rooting for you!

EVEL-- my advice about neck gaiters---they are only useful for activities like downhill skiing, where you have a lot of "down time" (like on the lifts) where you arent moving and get cold. I think you will SERIOUSLY overheat in a neck gaiter. IMHO. DO me a favor and make a point to run at least a LITTLE bit next time it gets 30 degrees or below where you are.......you need to see how quickly you overheat once you start running!! Even when it was 17 degrees out here a few weeks ago, i wore only a tank top, running tights, and a light wind resistant running jacket and HEAVY gloves...heavy gloves are important when its cold!!

11-14-2009, 01:32 PM
Cake - it's great weather here so I'm sure it's nice in Richmond too! The storm passed and it's all sunshine and light breeze - great running weather. Have a great race!

EveL - congrats on signing up for your first race! Sounds like you will go out in style!

Mkroyer - Yeah, I've had difficulty both yesterday and today getting on 3FC so happy to have been able to get on now.

Just had to share my good news that last night I ran a sub-10 minute mile!!! I went to the gym, did my strength routine and then got on the treadmill and set it to a 9:49 pace. When I was at .8/mile I felt decent so I actually kicked up the speed a bit for the last bit and clocked a mile in 9 minutes and 30 seconds. WOW!!! This has been a goal of mine since I started running and it feels like a huge step forward.

Okay, have a great day all! Keep up the great work!

Shannon in ATL
11-14-2009, 03:13 PM
Good afternoon!

Cake - good luck today!

Eve - I was going to say what MK said, you will likely warm up too fast for a neck gaiter. Gloves are a good idea for cold temps, though, absolutely.

3 miles on Thursday, then 3 miles today. Planned a longer run for today, but they were having a "Living History Timeline" at the park where I run so it was pretty crowded. I'm going away tomorrow for a little three day vacation, so wasn't feeling like pushing it anyway.

Good day everyone!

11-14-2009, 04:12 PM
OMG I'm finally able to get on! I've been having 3fc withdrawal!:lol:

Everyone who is racing this weekend GOOD LUCK! (cake and skinny i believe?) You guys will do awesome! I wish There were some 3fc'ers in Idaho to run with. That would be sweet! The nearest turkey trot for me is a 4 hour drive...:(

blue- congrats on the sub 10 min mile! That too is a goal of mine one day. You rock!

Mk & shannon- thanks for the advice. I will certainly take your advice and not over do it with the clothes! Thanks!

Got day 2 of week 3 done and it went great. I'm having some ipod problems though...it seems to have died on me. Not even my hubby can fix it (and he's Mr. Fix it! lol) Good thing I'm getting a touch for x mas ;) I'll just have to use hubby's ipod til then.

11-14-2009, 05:10 PM
Morning (er...afternoon) everyone! It's nice to be back after not being able to get on 3FC for a day or two. Not much going on with me. I've had some good runs the last couple of days, but I'm finding that the cold weather isn't agreeing too well with me after being in FL for a week!! I find that when I run outdoors in the cold I seem to have a bit of breathing trouble at times, like this morning when I crapped out after 1.5 miles and had to stop moving altogether to catch my breath. Not sure why, but if it keeps on happening I may talk to my doctor about it. I NEVER have trouble breathing at the gym or in warmer conditions or any other times. Weird?! Now I'm starting to feel nervous about running a 5K outdoors on Thanksgiving...maybe I'm just psyching myself out though. Being from Florida, I am a HUGE baby about the cold even though I am in Wisconsin now.

GOOD LUCK to everyone racing this weekend! And have lots of fun out there...

Eve - sounds like you are kicking C25K's behind! YAY! Sorry to hear about the iPod dying though. At least a new one is coming soon. Ooooh, and that race sounds perfect! My first timed race was a two miler, and I did it right around week 6 (or was it 7) of C25K, and it was perfect timing for me. Enjoy!

Blue - a sub 10 minute mile? COOL! That is a goal of mine too but getting lower than 10:30 is like breaking the sound barrier (for me). So, I congratulate you on this awesome accomplishment!!

Happy running, everyone!!:running:

11-14-2009, 07:02 PM
Hey ladies! Holy freaking Canoodles! I finished in 2:15:09! Its the most amazing thing I have ever done! I'll give the long version on my laptop. I am via blackberry rt now. Get this I had four "followers" for about 5 miles because they thought I was such an inspiration! Idk why but damn it was cool! But I had to part with them at 10. But I stayed to see them finish! Be back when I have a computer!

MK- that's exactly what I did! No shyt! I started really slow and gradually built up. After 10 I ran like a bat out if ****!

Fat - I hope ur race went well!

11-14-2009, 08:41 PM
What has been going on with 3fc? yikes! I haven't been able to get on for days!

I ran three miles this morning and it didn't totally kick my a$$ so I may have found my groove again. Still to chicken to go back outside for a run but I'd better get over that if I am going to do the resolution run I am registered for!

Nice to see you again! Good luck to those of you racing this weekend!

11-14-2009, 08:57 PM
crk- i am also a big baby about the cold! I hope that you get your breathing issues figured out!

Cake- that is AWESOME! I'm so glad your race went well. Congrats on the time! I can't wait to hear more about it! :cp:

11-14-2009, 10:34 PM
Okay I thought I was the only one having issues getting on. Phew! Congrats on those runs, ladies! Wow, a sub-10 mile? I can only DREAM of getting there at this point. And Cake, great job on your run! I'm so excited for everyone!

I took today and yesterday off, as my ankle feels tender again. I did, however, step on the scale a little bit earlier than my usual Sunday morning weigh-in, and I am at 199.8. I can't tell you how excited I was to see that first number be a 1 instead of a 2! So I've dropped 2 lbs this week! We celebrated our anniversary a little late by heading to Hooters near the house and I had the grilled chicken in a 3 mile wing sauce and some fries. Half the fries went to my girl and hubby, though. Since lunch was heavy, dinner at work was chicken noodle soup. I'm not going to sabotage myself and overeat again... I'm going to swap out fatty foods for grilled, and my celebrations (besides the anniversary- it's our 15th) are all non-foods. 2 more lbs, and I get a new book! Yay!

Yay everybody!

Fat Pants
11-14-2009, 11:33 PM
Hi guys!!! Thanks for thinking about me... this is the first time I've been able to get on 3FC since like Wednesday...site was down for me Thurs/Fri. CAKE what a great HM time!!! You killed it! You should be so proud of yourself!!

MK wish I had seen your offer sooner... I would have loved to run with you! The weather actually wasn't too bad this morning...last night when we were driving up (my in laws live in Brighton so we stayed with them) the weather was terrible and it took us 3 hours to drive up ... I kept thinking if it's like this tomorrow I will just lose the $20 reg fee and stay in bed!!! :lol: But fortunately it cleared out in the morning and it was just cold...other than that it was really nice, no wind/snow/rain. I wasn't too nervous... I just kept thinking "gee I just want to finish and I hope I don't come in last" given I've actually never run 6 miles before... I had it in my head I wanted to come in around 1:20 and totally expected to walk a bit.

Well - I totally ROCKED it! I ran the entire 6.2 miles and finished in 1:15!! My awesome, sweet hubby ran with me entire time and kept cheering me on even though he can run way faster (darn long legs! lol). Around mile 5 is when I really started to feel it and that last mile seemed the longest but I just kept going. I am incredibly pleased with how it went! The course is GREAT...no hills hahaha.

Anyway thanks for all the support ladies!!!!

11-15-2009, 01:38 AM
Smee, congrats on reaching ONEDERLAND! That is so awesome! Please save me a seat because I will *hopefully* be there soon! And also congrats on your anniversary!

Skinny- Great job on your race! You totally conquered it! :high:

11-15-2009, 11:25 PM
Congrats on the races girls you rock :high: ...

I have a neck gaiter, I didn't even know that's what they were called :lol: ... I got it at a running store, it's very thin made of wick away material, I never wear it over my nose and mouth though because it fogs my glasses, I always wear sunglasses. But I do love it, it keeps the chill out of my neck, when I run in -20c/-4f, I usually start wearing it when it gets to -10c/ 14f or so...

11-16-2009, 10:42 AM
Here's my half marathon race report, if you are interested ....
It was a lovely day for a race yesterday morning – clear, mid-60’s, with a light breeze off the ocean. It was the 131 Ft. Lauderdale, one of a series of half-marathon-only events that are held in various cities through the year. The race was a nice mid-size event, with about 2200 runners. There are enough participants to be interesting, but not so many that you feel overcrowded all of the time.

I caught up with several of my running friends and we hung out before the race, chatting. That surely makes the time pass faster! The race started on time, right at 6:13 am. Why 6:13 am you ask? No one knows for sure … just one of those arcane things, I guess. That, or synchronizing with train schedules, perhaps.

The race took us through the tunnel on US1 under the New River – now that was cool! We ran through Ft. Lauderdale, down Las Olas and over the bridge to A1A. Most of the race was running north and south along the ocean on A1A. It was so beautiful, with the sun rising over the ocean, a wonderful day to be alive and moving! At those times I feel incredibly blessed to be able just to run free; healthy and strong. I just never take that for granted. :)

I had absolutely no idea what my finishing time would be, not having raced since last spring. I’ve been running lots of mileage, but haven’t been doing speed-work, so I wasn’t expecting to be very quick. Not that I really cared anyway! But I felt great, and kept a comfortably-hard pace throughout, pushed it at the end, and ended up finishing at a little over 2:03 (9:26 min/mile pace) -- my second-best time ever, less than two minutes slower than my PR! I was pleasantly surprised to do so well. After training in the heat for so long, the cooler weather just felt wonderful. :D

Now I have another shiny medal to add to my box of glory.
Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend!! :cp::congrat:

11-16-2009, 02:32 PM
Congrats MBN! :congrat: I'm glad you had a great race and your time is awesome! I wish it was still in the 60's here...it's down in the low 30's and windy as heck....BRRRRRR! :shocksn: Still no snow though....

I can't believe that november is almost done! It's not even thanksgiving yet, and all the stores are already shoving christmas in our faces....sigh....:turkey: I have a really yummy turkey recipe I got from clean eating magazine that I am going to attempt to make. This will be my first year making thanksgiving dinner my husband likes to cook these types of meals so he will be helping as well. He actually made the entire dinner last year because I was sick as a dog. He made so much food and it was just the two of us and I wasn't able to eat much. This year we are having one of his single friends join us so hopefully there won't be as many left overs. I'm not sure why I just went on this turkey day ramble...:blah: lol sorry!

I start week 4 of c25k on Tuesday. I'm excited! I have a spinning class to do this afternoon and while I'm at the gym I will weigh myself and see if I made it to ONEDERLAND! :crossed::crossed::goodluck: heh...I love smileys!

Have a good Monday everyone!

11-16-2009, 02:41 PM
Let me start off by saying that my actual chip time was 2:41. The clock at the finish line read 2:15:09 which is where I got the time from, but apparently it was wrong. With that being said this is how my race went:

I totally underestimated the amount of people going to be there, so it took a little longer to get to Corral 4. The whole time at the starting line I was saying to myself “I can’t believe I am running 13 miles, I can’t believe I am running 13 miles…” Once the gun went off we started gradually moving up to the fron and before you know it I was running.

It was a slight drizzle out the first half of the race at about 60ish degrees. I was fine though, I had on my new Under Armour gear  . I had a game plan to walk if need be , just as long as I finished. Turns out I didn’t need to. When I got to mile five I realized I had adjusted to running outside and I was doing just fine. I guess I didn’t notice before because my mind was so busy.

There were hills, yeah I have never run hills, ever. We don’t have any around here. But I just kep trucking. By mile 9 I was sort of delirious, in the sense that my legs were just running on their own. But when I saw mile marker 10 I was just broke out like a bat out of ****. I said, “its just a freaking 5K , I do them all the time”.

When I finished the race (other than legs feeling like gravel being ground inside of them) I felt like I had just conquered the world. I can’t exactly describe the feeling I had. It was sooo amazing. I have been wanting to run ever since, but legs are dead. So I will pick it up tomorrow. I am running the shamrock half in march so my goal is to make it under 2:30.

BTW I can see myself running a marathon in the next couple years totally!

11-16-2009, 02:42 PM

MBN - I am glad you had such a wonderful race....2:03 is freaking awsome!

11-16-2009, 03:45 PM
Cakebatter - I ran my first half marathon right about 2:40. I was ecstatic to make the 3 hour cut-off time! A year or so later, it was 2:26. And now, several years after that, 2:0-something. Who'd-uv ever thunk it?? Not me!!

Just a very short time ago, I thought that running 11 min miles was fast, and regularly have to pinch myself to realize that *I* am normally running in the 9.x min/mile range. You just never, never know .... keep training!
And nicely done yourself!!! :carrot:
The feeling of crossing the finish line is always intense and exhilirating. Partly relief that I can stop now, partly excitement at crossing the line, a real mix of emotions. It's an adrenaline rush that has to be experienced -- and it's what brings me back for more!

11-16-2009, 04:34 PM
Hi Ladies. I was at a conference so haven't had any time check in and see how everyone is doing but I'm back now and boy, do you ladies post! I'm going to have to look back over everything later though... work kinda gets in the way :) Take are and keep it up!

11-16-2009, 06:08 PM
Cake, you totally rock! When I do my half in June I just want to be able to finish before they close the course down in 5 hours! lol

11-16-2009, 06:11 PM
so, the workouts I usually get are on my treadmill. I usually go from walking to fast pacing walking to running/more jogging.

I was wondering how long does it take for my endurance to kick up, b/c today I jogged for 8 minutes which is pretty long for me.

and how long do I have to keep at it? Like, should I run/jog/walk everyday??

11-16-2009, 10:03 PM
Welcome Mickey!

I am a beginner so I will let some of the more seasoned runners answer your questions. I will just say that I run every other day to give my joints and such time to heal.

And I weighed in and it's official! I have stepped into ONEDERLAND! WOOOHOOOOOOO! :carrot::carrot:

11-17-2009, 06:28 AM
so, the workouts I usually get are on my treadmill. I usually go from walking to fast pacing walking to running/more jogging.

I was wondering how long does it take for my endurance to kick up, b/c today I jogged for 8 minutes which is pretty long for me.

and how long do I have to keep at it? Like, should I run/jog/walk everyday??
Hi Mickeypnd - running/jogging is a high impact activity. While I think it is fine to walk everyday, I tend to caution beginners from trying to run every day. Now there are those who go out and run every day and do just fine, but I'm not one of them. I run 4 days per week, max. The other days I cross-train and do all kinds of other things -- strength training, core training, other aerobic activities, etc. It's important to pay attention to how you feel.

It takes a while for your legs to get used to the high impact nature of running. But there are a ton of other things you can do to work on cardio endurance without running. For example, you can set your treadmill on an incline and walk briskly. Or alternate run days with biking, elliptical, stair climber, or rowing machine or swimming -- whatever you have access to and enjoy doing. If you keep working out consistently over time, then improvements will come faster than you think! The important thing is to find activities that you enjoy and will do over an extended period of time.

11-17-2009, 08:12 AM
Eve -:congrat::cheer:

11-18-2009, 01:17 AM
Sounds like lots of good news all around this week!

Eve - Congrats on making it to Onederland!! I'm so happy for you! :congrat:

MBN - I am in awe of your HM time! Right now the thought of just completing a HM before the course gets shut down is enough to wrap my mind around. Congrats!! :cp:

Cake - congrats on your race too! Glad it was a positive experience!!

My week has been pretty uneventful. It has been COLD here and I am not taking well to this weather! I'll admit I've been doing a lot more of my running on the treadmill the last couple of weeks, although I promised myself I'd try another outdoor run this weekend. I am wondering what on earth I was thinking signing up for a Thanksgiving 5K when it's going to be something like 30 degrees out. :?::shocksn: Oh well, I WILL survive this! Kinda wishing I still lived in Florida right now though...

11-18-2009, 03:02 PM
crk, I totally understand about the cold weather! It's in the 30's here in good old Idaho and on top of that it's extremely windy! Don't worry you will be fine doing your thanksgiving run. I have on in December that I'm worried about because there will probably be snow. I'm just hoping I don't slip and fall! lol;)

11-18-2009, 05:45 PM
Howdy all - I've missed a bit with the 3fc outage and work getting crazy.

fatpants - woohoo on your race up north - you rock!

cake - you speed demon - sounds like a fantastic race!

eve - congrats on onederland!

11-19-2009, 12:36 AM
crk, I totally understand about the cold weather! It's in the 30's here in good old Idaho and on top of that it's extremely windy! Don't worry you will be fine doing your thanksgiving run. I have on in December that I'm worried about because there will probably be snow. I'm just hoping I don't slip and fall! lol;)

Oh goodness, don't even get me started! Slipping on a patch of ice or wet pavement or something is my second fear about running a winter race! I am such a klutz, it could happen (for me)!!

11-19-2009, 06:27 AM
My sister is also a runner, she lives in Montana and trains all winter. (She and her husband moved up there from Southern California to retire! Is she NUTS?!). She has this contraption called yak-tracks - they look like springs that slip over your shoes. Apparently they work great for running in slick snowy and icy conditions.

Now, MY philosophy is to live where there is NEVER any snow or ice, so it's not a problem!! Although I do visit snow and ice every so often ...

Here's a couple of photos from the weekend's race! It was a glorious day.

11-19-2009, 11:32 AM
I train all winter in Canada and I've never fallen, I'm 52, it is a fear of mine but in 5 years of running I've never fallen in the winter. I am very cautious though, I always look down in front of me about 3 feet, when it's really slipery I run the wrong way on one way streets in the street, the street is wide and has two lanes so no danger of cars. I've never worn those spike things they would probably drive me crazy... Having said this though, I am not a long distance runner, the longest I run is 10k...

11-19-2009, 12:39 PM
mbn, I'm glad you had a great race! You look so happy and confident in those pics. Way to go! :congrat:

Shannon in ATL
11-19-2009, 12:51 PM
Eve - :high: on onederland!

MBN & Cake - great races!

Back from a three day vacation in the mountains where I did no formal exercise at all and drank a good amount of wine. :) I went to the park when I got home yesterday and did 7.25 miles, planning on a Turkey Trot 5k this Saturday. Some weights and yoga today and tomorrow. Getting back into the swing of things.

Good day everyone!

11-19-2009, 12:52 PM
Eve - congrats on onederland. Hold a seat for me - I'm down a half pound this week at 206.5 so I'm right behind you!

mbn - congrats on your race

As a Wisconsin native I take snow and ice seriously and would definitely opt for a treadmill on days like that...no chance in risking it is my opinion. Although others who are most confident and experienced probably can do it with no problem.

Another rainy day so planning on a good long treadmill run and some lifting at the gym today. Also, I wanted to share that Labor Day weekend near where I live there is a women's 4 mile race and I'm committing now to run it. That's further than I've ever run, and I want to run the whole thing without walk breaks. That's a big goal, but I am giving myself plenty of time to work up to it.

11-19-2009, 04:52 PM
blue- You are soooo close! Keep going!
:cheer3:GO:cheer3: GO:cheer3:GO:cheer3: GO:cheer3: GO:cheer3:

Congrats on committing to a race! You will do great!

11-20-2009, 02:24 PM
I have a short tempo run today. I hoping to do sub 33 at the Turkey Trot nest week. I did it in training, But I almost thought it was a fluke.

I hope everyone has a great weekend full of great running.

Shannon - WTG on the mileage. You are doing great

BRGirl - Congratulations ton commiting to a real live race! WTG

11-20-2009, 03:19 PM
Cake, your picture is awesome! You look great!

I think I have my first injury....:mad:

Remember the platform I just HAD to jump up onto? Well after I fell straight back on my arse, I got up and felt a slight twinge in my lower left back region like right above my cheek. I shrugged it off and just took some ibuprofen and iced it like i've been doing any time my knees feel a little sore. It started to get better and it was barely noticeable. Then about a week later, I did my biggest loser cardio max dvd and during one of the exercises (a side lunge I think it was) BAM it starts panging alittle more noticeably. I took more ibuprofen and have been icing it and haven't done the darn dvd since but it hasn't gotten better this time. I was doing my usual cardio blast class at the gym yesterday and towards the end it starts hurting and not just a little. :(

I came home and medicated again and iced. (I've been taking ibuprofen every 4 hours and icing it since i fell). I couldn't get comfortable sitting on the couch while I was trying to read (ali vincent's book) and any time I tried to readjust it was PAINFUL. UGH! I finally went to bed but could hardly get any sleep because every position I tried I just couldn't get my back to stop aching. :shrug:

This morning when I got up, it felt a tiny bit better, but just trying to bend a bit to unload the friggen dish washer hurt and once again I'm back to the situation of I can't get comfortable sitting or lying down. I can't get it to just STOP ACHING. Soooo frustrating! :tantrum::censored::frypan: I'm taking a full rest day today. No darn exercise or anything, and continuing to medicate and ice and we'll see how I feel tomorrow. I really don't want to go to the doctor because first off There are no appointments available for my primary doctor EVER unless I want to wait another month so the other option is to just go the the ucc (urgent care center.) But since everyone's doctor is booked, the waiting room will be packed with people and the waiting time is usually 2-4 hours just to be seen by a grumpy ucc doctor that will say "just take motrin every four hours and wait 3 weeks" and dismiss ya. And secondly I do not want them to tell me to stop working out for a darn week or two. I am too stubborn and I do not want to lose all the hard earned progress I've made! :snooty: Argh.....I really hope that this rest day will make a big difference. :(

Feel free to yell at me for being stubborn and what not. I just LOATHE not being able to exercise.

(Sorry about all the ramblings and run on sentences. lol I do that when I get worked up)

Fat Pants
11-20-2009, 03:50 PM
Eve, I would give you heck but honestly, I'm the same way (never claimed to be smart or nothin'! ;) ) Any time I have an injury I tend to ignore it until I am pretty much knocked on my hiney from it. You would think after a few injuries I would learn to just let my body rest, but no. I hate not being able to exercise. Low impact stuff is good. Do you belong to a gym? The elliptical and stationary bikes helped me keep my sanity when I was rehabbing my knee. Also low impact (on the legs) weight lifting. Hope it feels better soon... I know how much it sucks to be taken down!

Cake - Good luck on your turkey trot! I have one tomorrow - my last race of the season. Just a 5k and it's a predict (you predict your time and the top 6 that come in closest win a turkey lol) so no PRs for me. You look GREAT in your picture!!!

I've logged quite a bit of miles this week. Looking forward to my rest day today... got the 5k tomorrow and that is it for the year for races. Is anyone else looking ahead to the next year for races? I have five picked out... I will probably sprinkle in some more I'm sure, but for now I am VERY excited to begin half marathon/marathon training in January.

I am SO happy what running has given me. I feel more confident about myself than ever, just in terms of what I could accomplish. When I started this journey it was difficult to walk up the stairs without getting winded. It's just really awesome to see how running has changed my outlook on life.

Fat Pants
11-20-2009, 03:51 PM
Where is MKROYER?? Earth to megan!!! Check in with us if you're around!

11-20-2009, 04:00 PM
Thanks, skinny jeans! Running has done so much for me as well. I feel so much more confident and just overall better about myself! Congrats to us both for our success so far!:hug: I've been searching for races for the upcoming year like a mad woman! I have only been able to find 2 so far though. The half marathon I signed up for in June, and the new years day 5k. Other than that, nada. I keep looking often though, because I'm anxious and I wanna have more races to sign up for! :D I do have a gym membership and I think I will take your advice and get on the elliptical tomorrow!;)

I've been wondering about MK as well! WE MISS YOUUUUUU! :)

Fat Pants
11-20-2009, 04:11 PM
Thanks, skinny jeans! Running has done so much for me as well. I feel so much more confident and just overall better about myself! Congrats to us both for our success so far!:hug: I've been searching for races for the upcoming year like a mad woman! I have only been able to find 2 so far though. The half marathon I signed up for in June, and the new years day 5k. Other than that, nada. I keep looking often though, because I'm anxious and I wanna have more races to sign up for! :D I do have a gym membership and I think I will take your advice and get on the elliptical tomorrow!;)

I've been wondering about MK as well! WE MISS YOUUUUUU! :)

CONGRATS ON REACHING ONEDERLAND!! I kept meaning to post during the week but then the site wasn't working..argh. Anyway, congrats! You should be so proud of yourself!

Have you tried active.com for races? that's where I find a lot of mine, also on local running group websites.

11-20-2009, 04:25 PM
Eve and Cake - thanks for your congrats! Eve, wow, a whole row of cheerleadery smiley faces. That's pretty motivating. Right now getting below 205 (being closer to 200 than 210) would be pretty thrilling.

Eve - sorry to hear about your injury. Can you do some upper body stuff like punches or push ups or anything so at least you could get your heart rate up? Maybe that would lift your spirits.

Fatpants - congrats on starting marathon training. I don't think I'd ever do a full 26.2, but I might like to try a half (after I do a 5k and 10k of course). You are an inspiration as one further along the journey than me!

Confession time - I didn't get my work out in yesterday and actually had a run-in with a bag of fritos today (just had a few and put them away...actually realized, 'hey these don't taste all that good...not worth it') but seriously in like 15 minutes I am turning of my computer and going STRAIGHT to the gym to lift and run. And I have a workout planned for tomorrow afternoon as well. Okay, I'm off! I can hear the body bar calling!

11-20-2009, 05:01 PM
skinny- Thanks for the congrats! I just did a search on active.com and it only turned up the two I've signed up for, lol. I think I just need to wait until January before they will post more maybe. :P

blue- putting down those fritos because they didn't taste good to you sounds like a great NSV to me! Congrats!

11-20-2009, 06:31 PM
Ya know I was wondering about MK as well.

Eve and Skinny -Thanks ladies

Skinny - The turkey is my last race as well. But I have 5 planned for the first half of 2010 as well. Marathon training will be so excitng for you. Wait till you see how many miles you log.

BRGirl - Soooo your confession was..........that you are awesome and made wise decisions to keep being WTG

Eve - I am sorry to hear about you injury. But I won't fuss at you cause I am the same way. I hope your rest day or days (2) will do you lots of good

11-21-2009, 04:16 PM
Hi all - I'd like to share two pieces of good news. First, I'm at 205.5 which means I've lost 30.5 pounds. I've been wanting to hit the thirty pounds lost mark for a while and am pleased that today was the day (despite those fritos yesterday) - with an extra half pound to boot. Six pounds from onederland!

Secondly, I have a new PR for my 5k (treadmill). After my strength routine I hopped on the treadmill yesterdaywith an eye to do 5k in 35 minutes or less, and pulled it off in 34:37. I tell you, it's that last 1/10th of a mile that kicks my booty. Somehow psychologically 3.1 miles is tougher than 3. I paced myself so I could run the second half faster than the first half. Felt great afterwards. Way sweaty. Came home and drank a ton of water.

I was really pushing myself and at some points during the race didn't think I would pull of a sub 35 minute 5k, but I had a few images in my head to motivate me: my size 10 black formal dress that I want to be able to wear out, an image of me racing this summer in Boston, and Fatpants' avatar with the picture of her in her red dress! Seriously, Fatpants/Skinny jeans, I was thinking of you and your success and that helped me to keep pushing myself on the treadmill to crank up the speed. So thanks to FP/SJ and to all of you for being so inspirational. Have a great weekend everybody!

11-21-2009, 05:31 PM
blue- OMG congrats! :carrot: You are doing so well with your running! And in the final stretch to onederland! Do you have a reward in mind for when you reach it? You totally deserve one! So proud of you girl!:hug:

Back is feeling better today. I finished up week 4 of c25k and that is going to be my only exercise for today because anything else irritates my wonderful back. I'm trying to ease back into my usual exercising routine...i'm impatient though.

There were other people on the track today while I was running and they KEPT PASSING ME! I know that's no offense or anything, but it was kinda disheartening me because I was going so slooooow. I didn't stop though so that's good. I know that speed will come later and that I just need to work on the distance right now...but...again..impatience, lol.

Me and the hubs are cleaning the house to get it ready for when we have thanksgiving dinner. It's just going to be us two and one of his single buddies but it's an improvement from last year!

Fat Pants
11-21-2009, 06:09 PM
howdy everyone!

Blue - congrats on the weight loss and the 5k time! you must bee so excited! and great timing, too..right before the holiday so that's some great motivation for staying on track!

Eve - yes, the speed will definitely come in time. The more in shape you get, the less you weigh, the more muscle you build, etc. all factor into speed. I know it's easy to get caught up in how fast people are going...that was my major mistake for my first race! I felt like everyone in the world was running past me and I would end up dead last (very hard to do with 7,000 people running with you, but still). It was disheartening but you know what? You juts have to focus on your own journey, not theirs. It's about you and what you have accomplished!

Well I had my las trace today - it went really well and I finished in 37 minutes. Didn't win a turkey but that's ok, we had beautiful weather and the course was really lovely (ran at the base of Pikes Peak around a beautiful lake). I'm bummed racing is done for another 2 months but that gives me lots of time to work on increasing my mileage. On the plus side, my hubby took a lot of photos today and when I was looking through them I just ccouldn't believe how small I've gotten. Sometimes it's so hard to see the changes when you look in the mirror, but pictures really help!

11-22-2009, 02:22 PM
Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend and all ready for Thanksgiving! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. :turkey:

My main goals for this week are to maintain my weight (which shouldn't be horribly difficult since we don't have family around, aren't traveling, and don't have any major Thanksgiving feasts planned) and run my Thanksgiving Day 5K. Not sure how the race will go because cold weather and I don't seem to like each other very much, but I'll do my best and if I have to walk some, so be it! I'm already thinking ahead to all the 5K/10K races I can sign up for in the spring and summer. I've been stalking the running calendar that my local running store keeps up for what's going to be available once the weather warms up, and I'm mentally planning ahead for a trip to FL conveniently timed for one of the Disney World races, hopefully fall 2010.

MBN - Your philosophy is to never live in a place where there is snow and ice. So was mine! I am a Central FL girl and lived there until I got a job in Wisconsin that I couldn't pass up! :lol: Fooey! I am counting the days until my hubs and I can relocate back down South somewhere!!

Eve - Sorry to hear about your injury! I too am one of the "foolish" who would try to tough it out through an injury unless I was absolutely dying. You are doing so well with C25K. Don't let other people's speed get to you. I am one seriously slow runner, but I don't really care because slow running is so much more than I could do six months ago! Speed will come in time.

Fat Pants - I always love hearing about what your running has done for you! You have been on such an amazing journey. Congrats on a great Turkey Trot race, and the course sounds just beautiful! The most scenic thing I'll probably see on my Turkey Trot is cows!! :dizzy:

Shannon - How did your Turkey Trot go?

Blue - Your confession sounds more like a victory to me! Good for you for putting down the Fritos and going to work out!! Also, congrats on your weight loss progress (onederland is so close!) and your 5K PR! You are doing GREAT! :cb:

MK - We miss you! Come back!

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't chat will all of you before then! :happ3:

11-22-2009, 02:44 PM
Hey youguys!! I am here!! HERE I AM! :) Wow, you make me feel so loved and needed..... :)
The deal is i just got a HUGE promotion at work, and work is when i generally get online and come to this forum, but ive been SO BUSY the past week....... I really dont have time to go all the way back through and catch up!

CAKE--i am so proud of you for finishing your half marathon! :) 13.1 is a HUGE accomplishment! I know youd been having a hard time getting all your training in, and that must have been so stressful, but you pulled it off!! What is next? You said up about you are done racing for the rest of the year..... Arent you planning on doing a half in like march or february or something??

FAT-- You are a racing MACHINE!! I cant believe you still did that 10K with the weather as craptastic as it was, and then you did ANOTHER race this weekend?? I have serious race envy... :) But seriously, ive been meaning to ask you, what diet plan are you following?? You look SO FANTASTIC, and it seems like just in the last couple months your weight has really been going down down down!! Have you noticed an improvement in your running from the weight loss? you SHOULD be running faster by virtue of dropping all that excess....seriously, you are BEAUTIFUL.

Blue--way to go on the 5K PR!!!!!!

Evel-- who cares what others were doing on the track!?? you were there to do YOUR workout, not theirs...you will get there.......everyone is at different levels of fitness, but you know what?/ We ALL started out in the same place! :) Chin up, and keep on pluggin away! Oh, and WELCOME TO ONEDERLAND!!! That is so great! You must feel on top of the world!

So for me--- man, i have really been struggling with my running lately.... i am SO BURNT out and overtrained, and why?? I dont know why i am doing this to myself..... :( I F**ed up my back onFriday dead lifting with my trainer ( i just have bad form) and it is SERIOUSLY screwed up...... my 17 miler turned into a 14 miler and it was EXCRUCIATING the last 7 miles or so.......bad bad suckfest. my 9 miler yesterday went well, but my back was still bothering me........Oh, and my 9 mile time for yesterday---1 hour 9 min 45 sec!!! Thats a big whoop fast for me!! This speed training program i am following is really hard, but i think its paying off.....my 10K is in one month, and id lke to shave another 15 seconds per mile off my mile.......I think right now i can run the 10K at a 7 :10 min/mile or so, but that will be huge, hurl inducing effort!! Thats ok, i dont mind..
My daughter and i are getting ready to go see New Moon, as soon as i finish luch. OH!! ANd im trying to drop approx 5 pounds before the 10K...That will make me about a minute or 1:30 faster overall on my 10K time, which could make all the difference in whether or not i win or place....so......back to UBER CLEAN eating, i guess!

11-22-2009, 06:17 PM
Mk! aaaaahhhh! You ARE loved and needed! :hug:

WAY TO GO on your promotion! No wonder you haven't been posting! It's always good when you are busy busy at work, it makes the time fly by! Sorry to hear about your back! (when i first read it, i thought you said you tried to deadlift your trainer!);) I will send healing thoughts your way! Hope it is feeling better soon.

My back seems to be getting better. 2 days is all the rest it's getting. I need to work out! week 5 of c25k starts tomorrow! :carrot: I got my select tech dumbbells and chalene extreme delivered to my house on friday, but with my back I haven't started it yet. I'm going to try it out this week and see how it goes.

I really started running at a bad time, lol. It's fricken NOVEMBER, it's COLD and ridiculously windy outisde, and the race pickings are very slim until around may so I'm going NUTS! I'm soooo impatient and I just want it to be spring! I need to just calm down...hahaha I have one race in each upcoming month until April which is when the boise running club starts the half marathon training. Then 2 races in may, the half marathon in June....Nothing in july....then a race in august, 2 in sept, and another half marathon in October:dizzy: I've been looking at the upcoming race calendar like crazy!

I'm done rambling, now! hahaha :dizzy:

11-22-2009, 06:43 PM
MK - Congrats on the promotion! And I hope your back feels better very soon...

11-22-2009, 06:45 PM
MK! I forgot to add: lemme know how New Moon is. I haven't gone yet because I don't want to have to wade through all the preteens screaming for EDWARD or JACOB! (edward all the way, baby ;))

11-22-2009, 09:04 PM
I had an awesome 5 miler through the neighborhood this morning. It was pretty much vanglorious. Then I came in and cleaned the house from top to bottom with the fiance.

Skinny - I am glad you had a wonderful race. You look really awesome.

MK - Thanks so much. Your words mean so much. I always think about you during my training runs when I need a push. I talk about you IRL like you live around the corner....LOL. COngrats on your promotion! Sorry to hear about your back...but you are such a trooper, I know you wil be fine.

My next race is the Turkey Trot and then RnR Half.

Eve and CRK - I have been stalking the running calendar as well. I can't help it. I hate to see race season go. For now I will just keep training for the Rock n Roll Half.

BR Girl - Awesome time! And WTG on your 30.5 lbs lost. You are almost to onederland. Hurry and come join us!!!!

Shannon in ATL
11-22-2009, 09:39 PM
Hello everyone! My Turkey Chase 5k went well yesterday. 33:17, which made me pretty happy. I'm nota fast runner by any means, and this was a little faster than normal. I was nervous about the race environment (I don't always do well with crowds or interruptions... :) ) but it was really smooth and a beautiful course through historic downtown and around by the lake. Pretty way to start the morning!

Posting on my iPhone so can't scroll back to see posts to reply to easily, so I'll just wish everyone a good night!

11-23-2009, 08:10 AM
Hi everyone -- lots of Turkey trot races going on. It seems somehow fitting to go and run before stuffing one's face!! I had a nice running weekend myself - 5 easy miles on Saturday, 16 miler long run yesterday, 5.25 TM miles this morning. Hey, I did a marathon, just took me 3 days!!

Our race season is now in full swing. That's the advantage of living where I do! Got a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and my next half in mid-December. I'm trying to do a little more speedwork between now and the half. It's a smaller event, and I have a better shot at placing in my age group - if the faster old ladies don't come out that day!!

MK, congrats on your promotion! Traning is a tough balance - you want to push hard enough to improve but not so hard that you burn out. It isn't a bad thing to bail early out of a long run occasionally, or turn a speed run into an easy day. Or even take a day off. (do what I say and not what I do!!) You do have to listen to your body.

Congrats on everyone's races -- happy running!

11-23-2009, 01:32 PM
:) Hey guys! I'm happy to see you all are doing great! I've been running at least twice a week now! I'm about to go to the track (first time outdoors all fall! :)) and get in a good run. I'm proud to say last time I was at the gym on the treadmill I floored it and did two miles @ 8.5 min/mile. I was doing a 7.5 min/mile for part of it too... I'm pretty proud! :D

I'll be checking in a little more now that thanksgiving is here...and finals week/winter break is here = RUNNING!!! I'm thinking my Thanksgiving goal may not happen due to the large amounts of stress this month due to school...and eating in turn. But, I still will try and I'm setting a goal to run tons during my winter break...and be 140 at minimum by Jan 11:)

Fat Pants
11-23-2009, 05:49 PM
FAT-- You are a racing MACHINE!! I cant believe you still did that 10K with the weather as craptastic as it was, and then you did ANOTHER race this weekend?? I have serious race envy... :) But seriously, ive been meaning to ask you, what diet plan are you following?? You look SO FANTASTIC, and it seems like just in the last couple months your weight has really been going down down down!! Have you noticed an improvement in your running from the weight loss? you SHOULD be running faster by virtue of dropping all that excess....seriously, you are BEAUTIFUL.

Wahoooooo hey MK!! Congrats on the promotion! That's so wonderful! Sorry to hear about the back - I have a tough time with good form on deadlifts and am always afraid of hurting my back. Hopefully it heals quickly!

I probably do something similar (if I recall) to MRC - 1200 cals, low (less than 100g/day) carbs, high protein. Then I do ChaLEAN Extreme for my weight lifting which has made a MAJOR difference in both my speed and endurance. 4 weeks ago I don't think I could have ran the entire 10k w/o stopping to walk a lot, but really focusing on squats/lunges has majorly improved my running. I used to think "well I'm a runner, my legs get enough of a workout" but I think after a certain point I kind of topped out on building muscle just from running - and if I do, it's in my calves, not my quads/hamstrings. So the lunges/squats have built some serious muscle which is helping a ton with the speed/endurance. Before I started weight lifting, it would take me about 10 lbs to lose 1 or 2 inches on my body; since starting I've only lost 5 lbs but 6 inches! So I am a huge fan. :D

Shannon ~ huge congrats on the 5k time! That's incredible!

MBN - you are a running machine! hey at this rate it take sme about 2 weeks to do a marathon so you've got a few days on me ;)

Eve - you'll have to let me know how you like CE; it's a lot of fun and I never feel like i'm suffering through the workouts. I nkow that it's unusual to lose a lot of inches during the first phase but it really zapped off the inches on me, especially in the hips/wast. I just started the push phase today and HOLY COW it was tough, but good tough.

loquacious - good luck with your finals! I know what you mean about having more time to exercise, especially run! I'm on vacation all this week and I am LOVING the free time I have to run!!

crk-I like your goal for maintaining your weight ... T-day iis one of my favorite holidays as well, so I think maintaining is a great goal.

Cake - great job on the 5 miler!

11-23-2009, 06:09 PM
I found me a Turkey Day 5k!!!! :carrot: It works perfectly because thursday is when I would normally be doing my first 20 minute run for c25k. I know it will take me much longer to complete the 5k but I will atleast get in the 20 mins. It's one of those where you guess your finish time...I seriously have no idea how long it will take me! I'm thinking in the 40 min range...because all you rockin' ladies are doing yours in 30 or so and I'm no where near as good as ya'll! ;)

Shannon in ATL
11-24-2009, 01:44 PM
Eve - good luck in your 5k!

Fat Pants
11-25-2009, 12:56 AM
Good luck, Eve!! you'll do great...racing is so much fun!

11-25-2009, 09:34 PM
Eve - GOOD LUCK with your Turkey Day 5K! I'll be thinking of you while I'm running my 5K tomorrow morning. I know you are going to do GREAT!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a great day tomorrow!!


11-26-2009, 09:35 AM
Its turkey day!! Good Luck Eve and CR!!! Hope the weather is nice for you guys!!! HAve a blast and earn that stuffing!! ;) !!

I think i have figured out the problem with my running...i am burnt out on these speeds ive set for myself... . . Im starting to dread my runs more and more, becuz every one of them is starting to turn into more and more of a suckfest!! Take last week, for example: For my "long tempo" run i was to do 9 miles at a 7:45 pace! I was able to accompolish it (only by taking a couple walk breaks and stopping my garmin) but it was like pulling teeth, and it was serious work. The tuesday, for my "short tempo" run i was supposed to do 1 mi warm up, 4 miles at short tempo pace, which is a 7:12 for me, and then 1 mi cool down. Again, a COMPLETE suckfest, and i *shouldnt* have MUCH of a problem running 4 miles, even that fast!! I was able to complete it, once agin taking walk breaks..... :( IF i cant eek out 4 miles at a 7:12 than i def cant do 6.2 miles at a sub 7, which is my goal.... Now TODAY i have a 10 mile "long tempo" run at a 7:45 pace.......ya right. Im backing off the pace today. In fact, im backing off the paces on ALL my runs for the next week. Im just not recovering between these intense runs and its seriously starting to effect my running and my motivation, which of course effects my CONFIDENCE, which viciously circles back to performance... So toady i will shoot for approx an 8 minute mile, see how that goes ( still want the runs to be hard.....but DOABLE)

Were going SKIING TODAY!! Wahoos!! Soon as i get back from my run we will take off for a couple of hours!! My BF and i both Telemark, and my daughter alpine skis...... I already went up on tuesday with just myself and my daughter for a couple of runs!

11-26-2009, 05:29 PM
Good luck crk!

I was able to run the ENTIRE TIME! WAHOOOOO! :carrot: It took me 40:11 but I achieved my goal of being able to go the whole time without walking. YES! I'm absolutely hooked! :D

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11-26-2009, 07:37 PM
Congrats :bravo: EveLHaelf such a great feeling isn't it!?

11-27-2009, 02:15 PM
Hey everyone, happy thanksgiving! Just went to the track, although I was only there 30 min. I didn't run the entirety...but I'm planning a nice long run for tomorrow. :)

CongratsEve! And mkroyer, it will happen. Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard... and maybe getting rid of pacing is what you need. Have fun skiing! :)

11-27-2009, 10:21 PM
Hi everyone! I hope you had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!

My Turkey Trot was amazing. There were 5000 people there, and there was so much positive energy in the air...I just fed right off of it! I was very happy with how the race went. I did the first 2-2.25 miles at a nice easy run, about a 10:45 min/mile pace, which is lightning fast for me. :D But then in the last little bit, I encountered this HUGE uphill grade that I didn't expect and the cold wind started blowing straight in my face. I was slowing and slowing to a point that I realized I could probably WALK the hill as fast as/maybe faster than I was trying to run it. So I walked to the top of the hill, and then when I got to the top, picked up jogging again. I was tired, but I could spot the finish line in the distance, so just went for it as fast as my little legs would let me!! My chip time was 33:41. My goal was to finish in 36 minutes, so I DID IT! I'm so happy! I'm already signed up for my next 5K, the final race of 2009, which is a Jingle Bells Run for Arthritis on 12/12. I can't wait! :coolsnow:

Oh, and at the race, I got a flier for a half marathon in my race packet. It's on August 21, 2010. I'm thinkin' about it...

Eve - congrats on your wonderful 5K! You got to run the whole thing! YAY! :bravo:

Happy running everyone!

11-27-2009, 11:56 PM
crk, CONGRATS! So glad your race went well! I was lucky there was no wind because I'm a baby when the wind is blowing in my face! You should totally go for the half marathon! You have plenty of time to train, you will do great!

loquacious, hope your run goes well tomorrow!

I got fitted and bought me a new pair of running shoes today. I'm excited to try them out!

Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving!

11-30-2009, 08:34 AM
Good Monday everyone, I hope y'all had a great holiday weekend!! I ran a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and achieved a new PR: 25:11! I was very happy, that blew away my previous 5K PR by a whole minute! It's cool to think that even though I turned 50 this year, maybe I haven't peaked yet? Since I started running later in life (over 40), it's hard to know what my potential really is.

The cooler temps are helping my speed a LOT. Also, my running group kept our base mileage up all summer long (stayed at 12 mile long runs instead of dropping back to 6-9) and I think that's another reason we all are doing so well this year. All of us are running strong and either setting PRs or close to them. I also hit an all-time monthly mileage high; 140 miles for the month of November.

Eve, Christina - congratulations on your 5Ks!!! Races are SO much fun, aren't they? It's the races that keep me hooked and keep me training. By the way, my first 5K's were in the 35 minute range and breaking 30 minutes seemed like an unattainable goal. So -- keep training and who knows what you'll be able to achieve!

MK - sounds like overtraining to me. Backing off is wise, give yourself a little break and you'll get your running mojo back! After all, running is supposed to be fun. If we put too much pressure on ourselves, it sucks the fun right out of it all. I dare you to go out for a run and NOT TIME YOURSELF at all. No watch, don't check the clock. Just .... run easy, feel the breeze in your face, enjoy your surroundings, and rediscover the joy in movement. Every run doesn't have to be goal-oriented (other than burning calories which is always my goal!). Life is too short!!

Fat Pants
11-30-2009, 01:56 PM
Congratulations on all the fabulous turkey trots, everyone! Makes me wish I had another race this year. :D

Ran four days last week (helped me survive Thanksgiving!) and I'm happy to be back into a routine this week, although vacation was NICE! I also second MBN's suggestion of not timing yourself. I stopped doing this, even with my races. I just run... it's freeing and like she mentioned, helps me rediscover the joy of running. Because it IS an absolutely joyful journey.

Let's kick off December with some great runs!!!

11-30-2009, 03:25 PM
I had a great time over the Holidays with family and totally eating things that are usually a "no no" but without stuffing myself. Plus I kept up my exercise througout. I did a Turkey Trot and I totally beat my goal time and finished in 32:41. I was so stoked. Then I ran back for my big sisters and pushed them the rest of the way. It was awesome!

BTW I tried to post like 3 times but it wouldn't let me.....so weird. Congrats on everyones races really. You ladies are truly an inspiration. We never give up!!!

11-30-2009, 04:08 PM
Hey all!!
MBN- I second the notion that i am seriously overtrained and that is why my performance is suffering.... HAd some long chats with my trainer.....im not going to train for this 10K anymore. I never took a day off after my marathon--LITERALLY--- i ran the day after. I need to let my body recover for a few weeks, becuz on December 21 i begin training for my next marathon!!! :) Its been decided...... Salt Lake City, April 17th. I will qualify for Boston..... ANyway, im still racing in the 10K, im just done training for it now, and whatever happens will happen......

Congrats to EVERYONE on their Turkey Trots!!!

11-30-2009, 05:47 PM
Well done everyone! I am having a hard time keeping up with everyone's posts and races but would like to send congratulations to you all!

As a very new runner, I find inspiration in you all. So much so that...

I just registered for my first event THIS Saturday!! It is a 5K event called the Santa Shuffle and I am SO nervous but I really want to try it.

I am going in with no expectations of time of anything...just running it for the sake of running my first ever event. And, to be honest, running "in public" for the first time in daytime!!

Wish me luck :)

11-30-2009, 10:45 PM
MOMOF5k - Awesome! It is a wonderful experience. You will totally enjoy yourself! I am doing a Santa Shuffle as well although it is not for two more weeks.

MK - Yay you are going to take a break. YOU NEED IT! Also congrats for signing up for the next marathon....and yes you will qualify! WTG