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11-01-2009, 12:55 PM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.




:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

11-01-2009, 01:21 PM
HI LADIES ~ we awoke to gorgeous :sunny: this morning ... finally; yeah! :carrot:

We did have some *****over night but that's OK; the really bad weather held off for the kiddies and that was more important! Found out that we were supposed to put our clocks back last night, so now we know ... :lol:

Hope you all have a lovely day!!! :hug:

11-01-2009, 03:19 PM
Hi Ladies

Happy 1st November. Wow the year is going by so quickly. It is dreadful weather here today with pouring rain and howling wind definitely very wintry. It has been very dark skies all day so the light needed to be on in the house to see properly.

I will going to meadowhall in Sheffield tomorrow a shopping centre which is about 40 miles away from us. We will go and have about 4 hours there which is broken up with lots of rest thankfully they have plenty of seats to rest. I know I am on the verge of needing a wheelchair to go round these places but I am holding off as long as possible.

It has been fun and games here today who needs television :lol: Unfortunately the neighbour next door to us has a 16 year old lad which she has brought up on her own. Unfortunately she spoilt the child rotten and he had no boundaries. I think now she regrets this decision as he is becoming unruly at times. She had to call the police out this afternoon as he had locked her out of the house I think. He is now hanging round as well with a group of undesirable boys who are leading him astray as well. She is trying to place boundaries with him now but at 16 he is rebelling against this as they have not be instilled in him from the start. I try not to judge people but she has said this much to me that she spoilt him and let him have what he wanted and do what he wanted. I hope things sort themselves out and that contact with police will start to straighten him out on the right path.

ROSEBUD Thanks for starting the new thread today. I have learnt something about bonnehomme the character looking like casper. He looks rather cute to me and very sweet looking. Wow you were busy with Halloween and children calling at your home. we had no children call upon us this year but around were I live it is predominately elderly and barely any children around. My sister on the other hand has many children visitors as she lives in a area with children and her children go trick or treating also. Nice though about the left over treats to give it to children too sick to go out. At least this way they may not feel so left out of the occasions.

I was talking well typing to a young lad (in a game which I play online) who had taken his younger brothers and sisters trick or treating. Unfortunately the 4 year old brother walked into a lamp post so that earned him a trip to the hospital. Then poor wee mite a stay over night in hospital. He was so excited about dressing up and going trick or treating. This mishap happened to him. :hug:

Our clocks went back last Saturday night as yours traditionally used to be. So for us there will be the 5 hours apart but last week we would have had 6. Not sure though what the time difference is though at the west coast of Canada as you may have more than one time zone unlike in the UK who have just the one despite having 4 countries to make up the UK. I suppose it is because we are a small island no need for different time zones so I take it as the reason why.

Time to go and make a sandwich we are eating late today as we had a big lunch at the cafe down the road from us. So will have a smaller tea to compensate as well. To be honest not overly hungry so will maybe have some fruit/yoghurt. Bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-01-2009, 10:24 PM
HI PURPLE ~ well, we had :sunny: for the whole morning but by the afternoon, clouds rolled in and ended that, but it was so nice to have it for the whole AM at least; they are expecting some more sun in the early week too ...

We noticed that most of the kids were driven around or escorted by parents, grandparents, etc while they went trick or treating this year. We did have 24 kiddies show up and then delivered leftovers to 2 sick kids and their parents (neighbours). I mentioned to DH that these kids didn't come by, so I sent him over with a bag of goodies. When we found out that they were sick and didn't get to go out, we decided to take the leftovers to them to make up for that, and their Dad really appreciated that. I would much rather give it to them as we really don't need it! :lol:

I have to get up really early tomorrow (almost forgot about it), as I am having a top tooth removed (extracted) and hope all goes well. After much thought and prayers and talking with other people, I decided to take advantage of saving my wisdom teeth for all these years. Drilling makes me ill and so I have decided to have it removed instead of drawing it out any longer; and thankfully, the dentist is OK with my decision and I finally have peace about it ...

I hope you have a wonderful trip to the mall this week; don't be too shy about using a chair or scooter to get around the mall, esp if it means that you would enjoy your day there more. You could use a scooter for part of the day if you find yourself getting too tired. I haven't been to a mall in a while; the last time I went, I was barely able to get around one store as it was so large (mega-sized). I told DH I would likely have to use something or there wouldn't be any point of me going at all.

Now, we just shop in department stores, but only one at a time, as that is all I can handle right now. If I try to go to too many in one day, I am so sore by evening and the next day, so have to rest for a day or two. However, I still get some walking in each day as I figure that will keep me going in the long term. I certainly do understand your challenge with walking, my friend. You have a busy few days coming up this week. :hug:

DH was a busy bee today, and took down all the Halloween decos for me so they wouldn't get ruined by any future bad weather; but he left the lights up for Christmas -- we just won't turn them on until December 1st. I started taking an extra Multi-vitamin to help my leg heal and low and behold, I got a visitor again who hasn't been here for a while ... TOM came for a visit and I was very exhausted today, so I laid down this afternoon for awhile; and DH was kindly helping me out today. We have had a busy few days, so I will take it easy now for a day or two.

We had leftover BBQ Spit chicken today with baked homefries and mixed veggies (green & yellow beans with some kernel corn); that was very filling. I saved the back and wings to make some soup tomorrow; and will throw in the leftover veggies too. That will be at least three meals out of one chicken; not too bad ... :D

:wave: HI to VAL, and RONNI, and SPICY ...

Hope you all have a wonder day tomorrow and a great week! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-02-2009, 05:37 PM
Hi Ladies

Much nicer day today weather wise but chilly never the less especially after the really warm conditions of last week. On our travels today going to Sheffield in Yorkshire we had a rainbow in the sky for most of the way. Very beautiful sight been a while since I saw one.

ROSEBUD I hope your extraction at the dentist went ok and your not in to much discomfort. I know for a little while it is a soft diet to aid the healing process. My trip to the hospital is looming closer it is I think 19 November to see the maxillofacial surgeon regarding my issue with jagged bone in the jaw. I hope that he or she for that matter decide to operate. I know this is going to be painful but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Well tired today after my trip to the shopping centre. I am feeling that the wheelchair is very much on the cards which will allow me to do more. The only trouble being now we will lose our spontaneity of just deciding to go either that day or a couple of days before. To hire the wheelchair from Sheffield you need 1 weeks notice so that they can save the right chair for your needs. Some are manual others are battery powered ones.

Despite struggling a wee bit towards the end I loved the day plus DH took me for a nice meal in a restaurant there. He said it was my special day for my birthday treat oh it was lovely and such a surprise. We normally just go to a major store and have a meal there. I tried to choose something not too damning on the calorie front. I think the amount of walking I did today no further exercise is need for a week :lol: Ok so stretch the truth out certainly no further exercise is required today and I will use tomorrow as my rest day from exercise. It is my treatment day tomorrow my that does come round quickly.

See you are like me when it comes to a chicken eking many meals out of one bird. It is surprising how many meals you can get off one chicken. Plus the soup which lasts several days so that is another couple of lighter snacks sorted. Not that many calories in this soup and an excellent way to use up those vegetables. I like chicken or turkey soup though turkey is my favourite as it too me has more flavour.

Time to go and put my feet up now my legs and feet are talking as we put it :D or in other words they are sore and a tad painful. I have just taken a shower and that has helped a little the warm water on my skin. It is times like this I miss being able to soak in a warm bath to ease away those aches. When I was working shifts I would especially on working a 13 hour shift go to the nurse home (accommodation for nurses in those days there was a male and female one so we were kept separate.) and go and soak in a bath. It worked wonders for those aching feet after being on them for so many hours especially on the more demanding wards like mental health wards for the elderly. These were physically demanding as you had to do every task for the patient for many on the ward as they were no longer able to due to being in the later stages of dementia or occasionally Huntingdon chorea.

Night night ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-02-2009, 10:22 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the dentists to get that tooth pulled out early this AM; and as I am getting ready a bunch of things decide to go wrong -- but I did manage to have a shower, get my hair partly dry and out the door (although, I had to go back once to go to the washroom again).

Then we finally get on our way and ran into a detour, but we made it almost on the dot anyways; thank goodness they were still working with some other people at the time. I had to take some meds to calm my nervous tummy down and that finally kicked in just after he started his work. Next time, I take them a bit earlier.

After going to the dentists, we decided to go pick up a few things since we were up town already, and while I was there, I saw some great stuff for Christmas gifts so I got a good portion of my Christmas shopping done today. Our local department store workers were busy as bees putting up lots of great stuff today. Now, I just have to get something more for DH; and anything else would just be small stuff for next month anyways. I have the pumpkin for pie and our roast pork already, so I am way ahead this year.

Had nice mini-subs (my own homemade ones on a whole wheat hot dog bun with lean roast beef & thinly sliced onion, & mozzarella cheese with mustard) for brunch as I didn't have time to have any breakfast or a snack this AM. They were quite nice and soft and easy for me to chew on my right side of my mouth.

It took awhile for the bleeding to stop (until dinnertime) as I am on Aspirin therapy which I skipped this morning (just in case), but the dentist told me to take them as soon as I got home. This time the tooth broke on him and he had to drill a bit so I had a little pain afterwards. The other three times the teeth came out clean without much effort and didn't break; thus there was less pain afterwards too. I was going to take a tylenol, but so far, it seems more sore than painful really, so I may just take one before bed so that I can sleep more easily.

Made some nice homemade chicken soup/stew for dinner tonight; I added the leftover veggies from yesterday and some new potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, and a bit of turnip; and it was quite tastey. There is even some left for lunch tomorrow.

PURPLE ~ glad your trip turned out so well for you and you even felt well enuff to come in and share with us tonight. Yes, I think our wheelchair and scooter rentals are the same in that you have to go arrange for them in advance, but maybe you can get one that you can keep at home all the time. I don't know how it works here either; would have to go to the big city and investigate that, but for how often I would use it to go to a mall; I'm not sure it would warrant the price. Years ago, you could pick them up second-hand and have it at home when you needed it; now-a-days they are sooo expensive and out of reach for many people unless they get help from some charitable organization.

That was so nice of your DH to take you to that nice restaurant and I hope you enjoyed yourself and had whatever your heart desired; hey, your birthday only comes up once a year. YOu probably mentioned that before about your jaw, but I don't recall right now. Did they discover that at the dentists? Do they know what caused it? Hope they can help you in some way.

Well, time for me to put my feet up too as I have been on them all day today; and they need a good rest. Gonna take it easy the next couple of days. They say that some sunshine may be on the way; hope they are right. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-03-2009, 04:34 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you all are having a great day -- had some lovely sunshine today and some ***** too; on plan so far today; hope you are too ... :hug:

C U later ...

11-03-2009, 10:50 PM
Well, I had to lay down this evening as I was feeling a bit under the weather just after dinner; DH was a real help to me and did the dinner dishes, and then we played some card games for awhile to help get my mind off things; and boy, that really helped.

I soon discovered that I was full of water and had to run to washroom twice; but with my TOM visiting, water retention gets even worse than normal. I'm not sure why that makes me feel so blah, but then I have had a lot going on in my body the last few days. TOM decided to visit with full force the same day I am scheduled to have a tooth pulled and so I had to take a tylenol to sleep. I'm sure it did my body good to lay down and rest a bit too; that always helps to get rid of extra water for me too.

I found a favorite sweater when unpacking and put it on the last few nights and today, and that really helped take the chill off. Need that when you aren't feeling your best; nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold really. I love this sweater, it is a very thick pullover and it warms me up in minutes. I will be wearing it often this winter ...

:wave: VAL ~ hope all is well with you and yours, way up there in Thompson; and that your new meds are helping you feel better too.

Hope all you ladies are feeling well tonight; I know that each of you have your own challenges each and every day, and can't always come in. I just happen to get up to walk around as my legs were getting stiff and getting CHARLIE HORSES from that as well. Time to go make some tea and have a small, healthy snack. Take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-04-2009, 12:51 PM
Hi Ladies

Been under the weather after I think doing way too much walking on my trip to Sheffield. So now paying for my efforts. I feel better than I did yesterday but still not back to my normal self. DH has been a real sweetheart and been fussing like a mother hen over me :hug: Must admit things got on top of me yesterday and was in tears :cry: which is just not me. Normally I take things in my stride but yesterday was a day of feeling sorry for myself. When in truth I have so much to be grateful for. There are people so much worse off than myself who are so stoic and brave. Not to mention do not complain about the unfair card that life has dealt them.

Today I managed to do a little bit of shopping but had to call off early and sit in the cafe and wait for DH. This was doing our weekly grocery shop so I do like to do this if I can otherwise DH would if not kept in check by me ;) be putting cakes etc in the shopping trolley telling me " they just fell in there" :fr:. He is happy to eat healthy eating providing I do the menu's and know actually which are the good things and bad things. He is starting to learn but he is so easily drawn to the sweet stuff.

ROSEBUD Sounds like a nightmare morning you experienced on the day of the dentist one of those kind of days which anything that could go wrong did go wrong. Unfortunately TOM can be draining to say the least not to mention making you feel grotty (not so well in English :lol:).

Sorry to hear that your tummy played up due to the circumstances of the tooth being extracted. I know what it is like to have that I used to be exactly the same until I had all this medication for trigeminal neuralgia which constipates you to the hilt. It is so horrid to have this happen to you especially when you are out.

Sounds like your tooth extraction went like my last one had to be drilled take it out. Mine had to be divided in to 4 parts to take out as it had broken and didn't want to come out whole. I had never had that on previous extractions. I hope your pain is under control with the Tylenol you have been taking. Wise decision to not take the aspirin that morning of the extraction as this is an anti coagulant which means it does not allow the blood to clot so easily. This is great making the blood run smoother with heart condition or precautionary measures due to health issues you have or genetic reasons. I think if I did not have an ulcer they would put me on it as a precautionary measure due to my family history of heart problems. I know at least 3 generations of my family had heart problems so does not bode well for me :(

Glad you have made a start on Christmas gifts as have we (OK only one at this point :D). It helps to get them earlier if you can as there is no mad rush at the end to get gifts and this way it is kinder on me. I have the money saved for the meat we will have over Christmas. I will have my Mum and Dad over as normal so looking forward to that time.

Time for me to start making tracks and start the tea. We bought a French stick today which we do each week we go shopping I love this type of bread so our little treat each week to ourselves. Though no longer do we buy the big one but the small one and even then not quite all do we eat. Our feathered friends have the other little bit. Bye bye and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-04-2009, 05:54 PM
Hi, everyone! Well, finally have a couple minutes to post here. I've been trying to read everyone's posts daily, but always seem to get interrupted by kids or chores before I have time to post myself. Weather is finally nice the last day or two-partly sunny and mid-40's F. Much better than all the rain we've been having. October was the dreariest I can ever remember and we had so much rain, DH had to re-plumb the sump pump quickly when the sump pit was full of water. He had been putting the job off as we thought the rainy season was over!

DS2's football team is still undefeated and is in the play-offs. If they win Friday, they go to the state semi-finals and get to play at the U of Iowa's dome-they really enjoy getting to go there. But, Friday's game is a 2 1/2 hour drive away, so will be a long day and very cold again.

With all the running around and busy-ness, it's been incredibly hard to stay on plan. I'm not gaining, but can't seem to lose, either. It's very frustrating:mad:. I just need to stay on plan more than just 3 or 4 days in a row, so I'll quit bouncing around the same 3 pounds...grrrrr!

Purple-I found it funny that on Monday we had to go to a town called Sheffield also, which is about 15 minutes from where we live, for DS2's senior photos to be taken. The photographer there is highly recommended and doesn't seem to charge too much-he allows you to just purchase what you want and doesn't lock you into photo packages that have 100 wallet-size photos that you will never use-lol! I really hope you're feeling better, though, after your days out and about.

Rosebud-Glad your tooth extraction is over and that you're recovering. Isn't it amazing that TOM always shows up when a person least wants to have to deal with that too! That's always what happened to me. I've been very happy to apparently be in menopause now, but have a couple more months till that becomes "official," I guess.:crossed: Sounded like you had a nice Halloween and your decorations were very cute! Our evening at the church was great! Over 140 kids and also their parents came and played games, won prizes, and had a great time. I was a "floater" giving the kids running the games breaks for supper, so got to work almost all of the games and interact with lots of people-I was exhausted by the end of it!

Val & Spicy-Hi and how ya' doin'? Hope you're both well and having a great week!

Well, have a nice evening! :hug: to all!

11-04-2009, 10:49 PM
HI LADIES ~ We were blessed with gorgeous :sunny: all morning; then clouds rolled in for the afternoon and the temps plummeted. We had some new visitors at our big feeder today -- about 13 big & beautiful Rock Doves, plus 2 Woodpeckers, a bunch of mixed Sparrows, and a huge flock of Starlings all vying for the same spots ... it was wonderful to watch.

My bird book says that Rock Doves won't go on or in a feeder, but they sure went into ours; DH made it so big that even they can fit in it, but they were having a time trying to figure out how to get in there and then they played this game where they chased others out ~ very funny!

HI RONNI ~ when I'm busy, I just come in a post first; and come back later when I have time to read and catch up. That is how I am able to post so often. I don't have kids and your busy schedule, but I do have chores, errands, DH and dog, meals, and a house to look after. One of the biggest issues is my health of course; and like you say, everything seems to happens at once or when you least need it. I went into what my doctor called Peri-menopause around the age of 46 y/o; and since I turned 50, TOM has been scarce but will suddenly show up out of the blue like last Monday.

I thought I'd be smart and take an extra vitamin to help my leg heal up better, and that may be what caused it -- dunno. I heard somewhere that we can't say that we are truly through with TOM until we haven't seen him for 1 full year; guess I'm still not there yet. I just turned 51 y/y and he came back to surprise me ... :lol: Geepers, I started when I was 10 y/y ... how long is thing gonna last? :shrug: Someone said that it can last until 60 for some people -- oh, yoiks -- I hope not!!!

We have had weird weather this year too; the cloudiest and rainiest October I can recall ... and cold -- more like November. Yesterday and today we have had half sun and half snow (it's snowing big flakes out there right now). So far though, all the snow keeps melting and that is a blessing for us really; kinda makes up for the other bad weather.

PURPLE ~ :hug: I'm sorry to hear that you were having such a bad day yesterday; I was praying for you becuz I was concerned that you would be so tired after your trip to Sheffield. You and I both have to learn to take it easy after a big day; and also not to be so hard on ourselves too. :hug:

I was thinking that the town Sheffield in Iowa where RONNIE lives is probably named after the one in England becuz we have many towns and cities and counties in Canada named after towns and cities in England and France and Italy too. Of course, our country is made up of people from all across Europe and the world now, especially when we were first developing and growing.

I decided that I was going to take it really easy today, as I did laundry yesterday; so today I just did hand mending (hemming my new slacks) while resting my body as it has been thru the wringer this week. Had a good, on track and on plan day so far. We had leftover spagetti with meat sauce that I had frozen in individual containers for dinner tonight with a small coleslaw too; I think it was even tastier this time.

:wave: to VAL, and SPICY ~ hope both you ladies are well ...

Take good care ladies and hope you have a terrific day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-05-2009, 10:16 AM
Hi Ladies

Normality is slowly returning to me, I feel a little better again today. Again slept very well and I am sure that is helping as it is natures way of repairing the body. Glorious morning here at present after yesterdays very dark and dreary afternoon which was only fit for ducks.

We have had the council return today to sort the leak to the kitchen sink. The leak was a very small one but nevertheless it need fixing. It apparently was because the original pipe was cut to small thus causing strain on the joint called the U bend. So hopefully it will be fixed once and for all. Just got some niggly problems that need sorting out one being the water pressure to the hot tap which is so slow it allows you to make a cup of tea and still the washing up bowl is not full of water :dizzy: The second I need two tiles put back on the wall after two came off in replacing the sink in the first place.

RONNI Your life sounds busy at the minute but I think when you have children it always is you seem to be ferrying to and fro from different places. Then often to watch or are involved (providing food or drinks to others) in some way in the activities that they do. I know how busy my sister's life is with 4 girls I do not know how she does it especially as she is in constant pain from a damage to the spine. (she is awaiting an operation any time now )

Look on the positive side of things you may not be losing weight be on the plus side you are not gaining either. This is great practice for maintenance which is just as hard as the losing weight. I would like to lose a little more myself but I think this is the weight I am going to pan out at. Though I am not totally unhappy I am proud of my achievements. Miracles do happen :lol: I might just start losing again. You have done so well to lose the weight that you have so head up high and be proud. If staying on plan is difficult for days in a row, I found that planning several days in advance. Cooking extra meals when ever I can these then go in the freezer to provide what I call home made ready made meals. These are great if you do not have much time but can also be called upon if you are not well. I try on days I feel well enough to make an extra meal for example a casserole, bolognese sauce, home made burgers all come in handy. I can not give enough emphasise on planning. I know it seems a chore but it can be the key to success and after a while it becomes second nature.

If you are prone to feeling hungry whilst you are out ensure that you take snacks with you in your handbag, things like raisins, nuts or fruit are good ones to take. These will stave off your hunger until the next meal.

I think when many British folk emigrated to the United States or Canada for that matter they wanted things to make them feel at home. Maybe one of these ways was naming places after towns and cities in the UK. I know my home town of Nottingham has a counterpart in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada, and several places in the States are called Nottingham also. I live also near to Leicester and Birmingham and again they have an name sake in the states.

ROSEBUD I hope you continue to improve after your tooth extraction this week.

I am feeling better myself so gradually making to normality. Your right I think about names coming from the UK originally I see so many duplicated over the years. Though often pronounced a little differently to the name in the UK due to the difference in the accent and the emphasise on different vowels. For years I thought there was a new metal after hearing the word aluminum the mix up came as we pronounce the word totally different. It was only when I saw the word written down and spoken did I realise there was no new metal :lol: Here in the UK aluminum is pronounced al-loo-min -ee- hum. (here you may here it better than how I have broke it down

In many ways we are so much the same though there are those differences that occur due to culture and language. That's what makes a nation unique and interesting. It would be boring if we were all the same and to go abroad would not be so pleasurable as nothing would be different to experience. I know you would have the different scenery though for me the fun of going to new places is to experience some of the culture of where I am visiting. Though I haven't been abroad in many years due to the cost of insurance for travel due to my MS it is astronomical price. I understand the need for a higher premium due to the fact if I did need medical care due to my MS the treatment would be expensive and then all the arrangements to me made to fly you home etc plus accommodation for DH.

It is also difficult for someone in this country with MS to get a mortgage it is not impossible though most mortgage brokers take one look at the initials MS and run a mile just about :D

Tonight it is bonfire night here in the UK so lots of fireworks being set off left right and centre. So I will have a quivering wreck as Rizzie is so frightened and scared off them. I hate to see him like this and you feel so helpless to help him or console him as nothing does.

Right I must go and make my afternoon cup of tea I am so thirsty now. Just before I go though I will say hello to :wave: to VAL and SPICY and hope that you are both well and not suffering too bad with S.A.D.

caio for now fellow chicks I will try and drop by tomorrow but I am going to my parents for the day so time is short supply tomorrow.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-05-2009, 01:28 PM
It's a beautiful day here in Arkansas! Blue skies, perfect temps!

I've been busy, busy. But first here's the scoop on my food plan. It is working! I got on the scale today for the first time in six weeks, and I'm down about 9 lbs. That's like about 20 lbs. since I started here. Patting myself on the back. Now if I could get some exercise!

I've started making the Christmas pillows for my family. I'm slow, but steady. The most difficult part is putting the fabric paper in my printer. It's thick and sometimes the paper gets stuck, so I lose that page. Making progress, three down, about 8 to go.

I received the most wonderful news from one of my nephews in Louisiana. He recently bought a used motor home, and he has organized a trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife also have campers. They are all coming! Plus they are bringing with them family that doesn't have a camper! Looks like I'll have about 20 members of my family here for Thanksgiving! Guess you know what I'm thankful for this year.

Keep posting, Ladies. I believe with all my heart that your messages keep me on plan.

Big hugs all around.

11-05-2009, 08:23 PM
:comp: HELLO LADIES ~ we had some more snow fall over night, but not a lot; and we had mostly clouds and light fluff today that kinda looks like foam pellets ... :lol: So we kept busy doing stuff indoors today: I did a couple loads of towels and linens; and then we did some sorting in our spare room and emptied 2 boxes and threw out one bag, plus did some more organizing.

Tomorrow, we have to move some furniture around in the livingroom to make things roomier; so will start that first thing in the morning. We will be moving my computer desk the west wall and my new organ here where the desk is so it is handier to use and frees up the front wall of the livingroom for Christmas. I like to put my tree up there and have my rocking chair up near the window to look outside at the birds and all the people going by. Right now the organ is in the way, so it must be moved.

HI SPICEY ~ that is wonderful news -- to have so many of your family coming up for Thanksgiving is fantastic. It will be a busy but fun time, I am sure ...

PURPLE ~ I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better -- and so am I. My mouth is healing up well; a bit sore in places yet, but I think in about a weeks time, that should all be gone (I hope). The other times healed very quickly, so I hope for the same this time too. You mentioned that you travelled abroad -- which countries did you travel to? Were they all European countries? Did you ever get over to North America before?

The only country I have been to besides ours was Mexico when I was 16 y/y; we went to Merida, Mexico -- a wonderful old Spanish city and stayed in a really nice Spanish Villa type hotel. We all had a marvellous time, but we also saw how the ordinary Mexican people lived as well. At that time, they didn't have all the same amenities like we do ie No Air Conditioners, they just had a lot of large ceiling fans and wide open breezeways that were so lovely; plus lots of trees on the east and south sides of the pool to keep the sun at bay. It was a fantastic experience for all of us; and we have some great memories too ...

I think it's difficult to get a mortgage almost anywhere these days; I know it is here, and from what I hear, it's difficult in the US right now with the economy being so bad right now. I think it has always been difficult for anyone that is disabled or low-income to get a mortgage anywhere. I don't think they should discriminate like that, but they do. Travel insurance is something that would be needed in another country, and I could see how that would be a problem; now you know why I just stay home. We had a group plan when we went on our student trip and we were all young and in good health at the time. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your Mom & Dad tomorrow.

After we got all our sorting done this afternoon, I put my legs up and did some more mending -- had to mend my favorit pair of slacks. Each day, I am doing a bit more; I have some of DH's wooly socks to do and several pairs of new slacks (some mine, some his), so I'll be at this for awhile. I often use the winter time to catch up on mending; it helps to pass the time too.

We had a nice dinner of fish & chips with coleslaw & sliced tomatoes; I had sweet potato homefries; but DH had regular chips and gravy. This is one of his favorites so we usually have fish at least once a week. I made some nice homemade veggie soup with beans for lunch today; it was tres yummy ... So was very on plan today and trust me, I got lots and lots of walking and exercise in today ... I'm pooped! ;)

:wave: HIYA VALDINE ~ hope your feeling well up there in Thompson, Manitoba. Are you buried in snow yet? Hope your new meds are helping you feel better too ... :hug:

Take good care ladies; and hope you have a Fantastic Friday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-06-2009, 10:48 PM
:comp: HI LADIES ~ Well, we were blessed with gorgeous :sunny: this afternoon, and it warmed the temps up as well. We spent the morning rearranging furniture and things are all arranged for Christmas now. We put my rocking chair back by the front window as I just love to sit there and watch the birdies flying back and forth; and it's just a great place for me to do some reading, writing, singing, contemplating, praying, and relaxing too.

We had leftover veggie soup for lunch which I added dumplings to (I cut them in half) and that tasted really nice and was very filling too. I had planned on having something else for dinner, but in the end, we decided to have hamburglers and homemade fries instead as this is DH's favorite and I like it too, and I wanted to have something that would give me a little more energy at the same time.

My mouth is slowly healing and I can touch my face without it hurting now. I really needed to take it easy today so I did exactly that; and DH really did everything, while I just supervised. I put my legs up at least 3 times today, and that really helped me feel a lot better. I was just doing some reading before I got up to get something to drink -- it's time for some tea.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; and please do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-07-2009, 10:10 AM
Hi Ladies

Lovely blue skies here today must have been sent by Spicy ;) Joking apart I have taken the opportunity to put a line of laundry out whilst I can. It smells so much sweeter dried naturally rather than in the drier. Hopefully by the time I have had my dinner it will be dry. Not much ironing to tackle either so may if I feel up to it crack on with that.

Still remain fatigued but I am trying the best I can my DH is helping me no end poor love he gets the brunt of the work load when I am under the weather. Though he does it uncomplaining and with a smile :hug: I know I am so lucky to have such a special DH as I see to many down at the MS centre who do not have the support of their family as I do. They often say to me how envious they are of me to have such a caring DH who looks after me.

SPICY Glad to see you are having a spell of nice weather which is always welcome at this time of the year which for me can be so grey and wet. Though firstly I must congratulate you before I go on much further for :carrot::carrot: losing 9lbs and 20lbs in total :carrot::carrot: That is no mean feat as we all know on here how difficult it can be at times to lose the weight. I use to visualise how much weight I had lost for me it was done in bags of sugar. Here in the UK a bag of sugar weighs 2lb (well 2lb 2oz if we are being picky :lol:) so I use to think wow I have lost X bags of sugar. To think if I was asked to carry that in a bag all day long :dizzy: yet our body did no wonder we were tired and lifeless at times. It is good to put good food inside you even if you are like me and it is not 100% of the time as it is a balancing act. The body runs better it is like putting the right fuel inside a car it sure does run much better ;)

Trust me if people haven't noticed yet your fantastic weight loss they soon will. I had people saying to me at around 50lb loss but they told me eventually they had seen it before but were afraid to say in case I was "poorly" one couple I know who are in there 80's thought I had cancer as I had lost so much. When the compliments come in it spurred me to greater things as it was nice to get comments on how nice I looked. It was so sweet going into shops to get that size smaller such a boost to your ego and keeps you on the straight and narrow.

Wow your very much skilled making things like pillows like you have mentioned. I am challenged in that department if it involves machine sewing as me and sewing machines don't mix :lol: Nothing worse though getting something stuck in your printer I have done it a time or two then having the patience to tease out the paper without making the matters worse. I do hope you continue to make progress in the making of these pillows. What design is going on the pillow?

ROSEBUD Glad your mouth is healing well and you are on the road to recovery. My mouth where I had the tooth extracted has finally healed (never normally takes this long ) Though as I say it is very tender the whole area and there is good hollow where the tooth has been extracted from the jaw. None of my previous extractions have a hollow like indentation so not quite sure what is going on there.

Right let me think which countries I have travelled in my time I have a nice little list mounted up. Nearly all are in Europe except one.

former Yugoslavia
Crete (Greek Island)
Minorca (Spanish Island)
Majorca (Spanish Island)
Tunisia (only one not in Europe)

So I have never adventured over the Atlantic to Canada or America. For us the beauty is having so many countries within a few hours flight on our door step. The longest flight I think was approximately 4 hours so nothing really compared so many flights. I had never flown in my life until I was nigh on 22 years old then every year after that I went aboard somewhere or another. I would have done more but back when I started my nursing career it was extremely badly paid so took me all year to save up. Part way through my nursing career there was a big shake up regarding the pay structure and a huge wage increase so then it was a decently paid job. Bizarrely enough when I first qualified a nursing assistant who had done 7 years as a nursing assistant ( i am not demeaning them as I think they do a grand job often not praised enough for what they do) would get more than myself who was in charge of the ward and I took the can for anything that went wrong on the ward :?:

Your soup and dumplings sound nice, I am thinking of making over the weekend stuffed peppers with some flavoured rice that I have in store cupboard but tonight it will just be a ham sandwich with some fruit / yoghurt. Great time for the soups with the weather turning chilly great warmers and fillers I must say.

Must go I need to go and rest. I think it will be time for a little sleep as I have become so shattered. So I apologise if my post is a little disjointed with bad grammar :o Bye bye and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-07-2009, 05:54 PM
PURPLE ~ not to worry, your post was more than fine; I understood you perfectly. Yes, here I was with all my college education, and so many who barely passed grade school were getting paid more than me; sometimes, it was very disheartening although I didn't begrudge them being paid well at all. I just wondered what good it had done me (besides passing time) to go to college twice and not be able to get a decent job that paid well; and on top of that, I always worked so hard and my bosses would all say how organized and hard working I was; but I was never renumerated for that ... so I certainly understand your confusion becuz I felt the same way. Now we look back and see that we were taken advantage of and kinda used and abused really; and now my health isn't good enuff to work anymore -- so we just have to rest my dear, it's our turn to rest now ... :hug:

My DH is very helpful to me too; he says that he doesn't mind though becuz it is recyprocal; and gives him something to do (it makes him feel purposeful too). I do most of the light housechores and almost all of the cooking, except for a few times we eat out (which isn't that often becuz I used to be a professional cook too and I tend to be unsatisfied if the food isn't as good as I can prepare it myself ). :lol: That makes it hard for me to choose as well. As I mentioned before, most of our restaurants here are fast food places, not dining places and the cost is high too.

Tonight, I am making that steak and pork chop for DH with the medley of veggies and baked new potatoes; and boy, it sure smells nice in here. I just stayed home today and am having a restful weekend while my mouth and body heal up. Yes, like you this extraction was different than the rest, and I hope it heals OK; my mind says that the others healed up quite quickly but they came out cleaner and I wonder if that makes all the difference; we'll see eventually, I guess.

I am supposed to go back and get a couple of small fillings at the end of the month; hope all that goes well. I will be taking my meds way before to make sure they have time to kick in this time. I find each dental place different in how they do things, so you never know what to expect anymore; and that kinda makes me nervous.

Well, it has be dark and dreary out there all day; but they are predicting sun and warmer temps for tomorrow, so I sure hope we get it as we really need it these days. Hope you all have a Super Saturday night, and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-08-2009, 12:41 PM
Hi Ladies

Very dreary grey day here though no rain so one thing to be thankful off. It is definitely chilly now and need for the heating to be put on more. Plus I tend 9 times out of 10 to put the electric underblanket on to warm the bed through. I sure does help settle me down for the night and help with any aches and pains of the day. Heat therapy is very good for some conditions and takes pain away or reduces it considerably.

Not such good news on the health front for my dear sister who has been experiencing pain in all her joints. Doctor has sent her for a x-ray on one of the joints which happens to be her knee. Plus do blood work to see if she has osteoarthritis. I really do hope it is not that for her sake she has enough on her plate to contend with health wise. Genetically not so good as both parents suffer from arthritis and I am fairly certain she has osteoarthritis due to having what appears to me Heberden's nodes. Heberden's nodes are hard bony swellings on the joints of the fingers and toes. Mum has several noticeable Heberden's nodes on her hands. She is due to get all the results back from all the tests on Friday 13th November. My sister said the date is not such a good one jokingly for those of us who are superstitious. I hope and pray that it is not osteoarthritis.

ROSEBUD Here in the UK they are encouraging you to go in to further education but unfortunately after years of study there are no jobs to match your qualifications which much be so disheartening after all that hard work not to be rewarded in some way.

At present the school system in the UK is under going a change in leaving age. At the moment you can leave full time education at the age of 16 but now this age has been raised to 18. My sister has 4 children the two eldest it does not effect. Though the eldest is continuing her education at college. The two youngest girls it will have come into fruition by that stage so they can't leave until they reach 18.

I like yourself went to into education on several times. I went to college, school of nursing and then 10 years later university of nursing. So many hours spent in classrooms, libraries and hours of homework. Though I always felt that education was important it was not something women where suppose to aspire to do. We should sit at home be good housewife's and mothers. I am glad attitudes have changed and women are not put in this box of raising families etc. I knew from a very early age I didn't want that from life, though had to fight hammer tooth and nail academically as I was not naturally blessed to be an academic.

I pray that your next visit to the dentist will go well to have the remainder of the work completed. It is so nice to find a good dentist whom you trust and they take their time as you are nervous. If it is a good dentist then it definitely is a keeper for future dental works and check ups etc.

I have no further news for today so I will close my post and get some much needed rest which I seem to want a lot of at present. Bye bye ladies and take care one and all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-08-2009, 10:12 PM
:wave: We had the nicest day all day today ... full :sunny: for the entire day -- we expected that, so I got up early to watch the sun rise. DH went out for the morning so I sat by the window doing some reading and soaking up the sun with my coffee. NIKO spent a good portion of the morning out on the deck and I was out there for a short while too.

This afternoon, we went for a drive to our lot to check on things (our camper etc) and to bring a few things home; just to close things up for the year and it was glorious weather all day long today. We also went for a walk while we were out there, and chatted with one of the neighbours awhile too.

HI PURPLE ~ glad to hear that you are starting to feel better; it seems we both have had a ruff week. I determined that I would rest this whole weekend, and except for meals and dishes, I did. We had turkey drumsticks and roasted veggies for dinner; it was ready by the time we got home and was so very yummy.

I hope and pray that your sister doesn't have osteoarthritis too, but you already suspect the signs that are similar for both your mom and her, and you are a very smart nurse -- so you may be right in what you are suspecting. Let's also pray and hope that the doctors can find some good meds and/or therapies that will help them both in some way too. Yes, your sister does have a lot on her plate with 4 kids, her accident injuries and pain, and now this too! She could use our prayers for sure.

Well, it's time to put my legs up again, so I hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-09-2009, 10:53 AM
Hello, Everyone! Sounds like you all are on the mend health-wise. But, hoping the tiredness and fatigue lets up for all. That's been plaguing me as well, along with a recurrence of some of my newer MS symptoms, so I've been feeling quite nauseous off and on for a couple weeks now again.

Prayers for your sister, Purple, and hoping that, even if it is osteoarthritis, they can come up with a good treatment plan.

We've been enjoying some of Spicy's kind of weather-warmer (well, for us anyway-it's been in the upper 50's F) and sunny! DH mowed off and tilled the garden and we got the rest of the lawn mowed. Went up to MIL's to clean her gutters, mow lawn, and do some of her dishes and vacuum her house, as she had a knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago and still can't do much.

Football season is now over, as the team lost Friday night. Finished the season 11 wins, 1 loss. I do have to say they really played their hearts out, but just couldn't pull it off. The other team was really big and had a really good passing game, but the officiating during the game stunk and probably cost our boys the win, which really was heart-breaking. I can't figure out why they still can't seem to get totally unbiased referees for these games-they're supposed to be coming from other districts and have no connections to either team, but, every now and again, you get a ref or two who just can't seem to either see what's going on in front of them or they just choose to ignore it. And, climbing down from my soapbox now..... So, it'll be a more "normal" schedule for a while now and only having to worry about schooling and home stuff--whew!

Well, must try to get something done here.

And, Spicy, great work on 9 more pounds lost!! That's fantastic!

Have a great day!:hug::hug::hug:

11-09-2009, 03:31 PM
Hi fellow chicks

Today has been a wee bit better at least we had spells of sunshine. There was a sharp frost this morning which still had not thawed in parts where it remains in shade. With the sun being low in the sky with it being the winter months much of our back garden remains in shade for long periods of the day.

For lunch today I did stuffed peppers and some potato wedges. If I had made this nearer the day I go shopping we would have had a nice green salad I think. Talking of food I just happened to come across a programme last night on cooking. This was all about using those left over pieces from a previous meal and making another meal with it. It is good to see this ethos being practice on television as it may give ideas to others what to do with something left over. I was fooled by something he was doing I though here comes he is making a soup from the chicken carcass. How wrong I was in actual fact he just make a chicken stock let it cool then popped in to the fridge. Later that week he brought out this stock and he made a simple vegetarian dish of leek risotto using the stock. I thought it was something I could do as it did not have any cream or any such naughties. I can just cut down on the butter he used at the beginning and still have a nice dish at the end of it.

RONNI Sorry that your experiencing MS symptoms they are no fun :( Not sure what the nausea is all about unless your on medication that has this as a side effect or you have some infection that you body is trying to fight.

Sorry to hear that your son lost his football match so sad. It happens the world over you get referee whom are not impartial as they should be. This is the ugly side of sport I wish didn't exist it happens even at the highest level not just school lads. It spoils the game and could often change the outcome of a game by decisions made on the field.

Thanks for the prayers for my sister I know there are many treatments out there if it does turn out to be osteoarthritis. Unlike maybe 25 years ago things have come on in leaps and bounds.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prayers for my sister I am sure that they will help as she does have a lot to bear health wise. Not only does she have the issue with the spine due to the car accident. She was born with one kidney that has not grown properly and functions at about 16% (plus has one normal kidney). At the age of 15 she had an operation that moved the connection from the bladder to the kidney's. The worked wonders as for the first time in her life she was dry throughout the night no more bed wetting. It was prior to the operation that to remain dry in the day she had not to be too far from a toilet. So for her the operation transformed her life overnight so to speak. Though it does leave her very vulnerable to urine infections. If she gets one of those she is very poorly the weight drops off her and bless her she does not have the weight to lose. All her daughters were scanned at 3 days old to see if they had this rare genetic defeat fortunately none of the girls had the condition.

I have been trying to get as much rest as possible and conserving what energy I do have. I know I will get through this rough patch it is just a matter of riding it out till it passes in its own sweet time.

Yesterday was remembrance Sunday for us in the UK this is the day when we honour the service personnel and their ultimate sacrifice. Poppies are always laid at the cenotaph in London with the royal family and the prime minister taking part in the ceremony. Our actual day is 11th November but we always have remembrance Sunday on the nearest Sunday to that date. It is a moving affair as I am sure it is all around the world which ever day the service personnel are honoured. We always have 2 minutes silence as well at 11am this is because historically the end of the first world war was on the 11/11/1918 at 11am.

The paper poppies and wreaths of poppies etc are made by injured service men and women. This could also include post traumatic stress is included as a type of injury. This factory also give employment to many disabled people thus giving them employment which we know is all too hard if you have a disability. It can not help in this economic climate that jobs are scarcest that disability will get over looked more and more which is such a shame just because you are disabled it does not mean that you can't do the job equally as well as an able bodied person. So it was so nice that the factory which produces these poppies (was set up just after the first world war by a serviceman for his injured men ) have the criteria that it is to give gainful employment to those whom are often over looked because of their disability.

Time to go I am afraid no further new from me today. Tomorrow is treatment day so hopefully I will start to feel the benefit from then :crossed: So not sure whether I will get on to 3fc or not as time is usually very tight for me.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-10-2009, 12:00 AM
HI LADIES ~ Woke up to :rain: this AM, but it stopped by this afternoon, so we went up town to pick up a few things. They had some great bargains on veggies, fruit, and meat today -- fall is a great time to pick up good food deals! It was fairly busy up town for a Monday: must have been all the sales I guess. ;)

HEY PURPLE ~ glad you're on the mend; and rest seems to be the order of the day really. I have put my legs up twice already today and that seems to help a lot. I'm not a big fan of stuffed peppers; I like the stuffing alright, but I only like peppers in small amounts like diced in tomato sauce or in stir-fries or on a pizza. Just never got a taste for a whole pepper: not sure why ... I think it is probably becuz we never ate peppers that way in our life; actually, we never ate them at all as a child.

I could see myself having the same stuffing inside a tomato though as I love tomatoes and I bet that would work well too -- not sure how it would go over with DH who isn't a big veggie lover. He says he only started eating lots of veggies when he married me. I believe that becuz whenever I saw his parents eating, I never saw any veggies on the plate at dinner, but he says that when his mother cooked when they were younger that she often put veggies in soups and stews.

I would like that kind of recipe as I love rice pilafs with mushrooms and lots of veggies and could eat that as lunch or dinner. DH prefers to have the full plate with meat, but I have served him rice dishes with very little meat and he liked it: like Chinese Fried Rice (with chicken) that wasn't fried really; I baked it in the oven with lots and lots of veggies.

We have legion fellows that sell the poppies here too; they are often seen selling them at our local post office. DH picked some up this year as he likes to support them; and we think it is a terrific idea as well. Hope you have a good day at therapy tomorrow!

So I got a bit of walking in today as well! Kudos for that; and I made a nice pot of veggie-bean soup for lunch from this weekends leftovers ... yum! We had Hamburger Steak & Onions with new potatoes, tomatoes, cukes, and coleslaw for dinner tonight; hence a very good OP day today!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow ... :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

11-10-2009, 12:22 AM
HI RONNIE ~ sorry to hear the boys lost their game, esp to bad officiating. I think we all have seen or borne the brunt of that some time in our lives; I remember going thru that at some of our baseball games. It seems no matter how hard they try to find unbiased officials, that they do tend to subconciously pick their favorites and this comes out in the calls I think. I'm not sure they can do much to prevent that but stress fair play in their training sessions more. The boys can still be proud that they played well and worked hard; and chock it up as a learning experience: sometimes life isn't fair -- becuz humans are flawed, but maybe some day it will get better and they may have a hand in that too.

That was so nice that you all went and helped your MIL out while she is recuperating from her surgery; I'm sure she really appreciates the help too (am sending up prayers for a speedy and comfortable recovery). Wow, you are still cutting grass down there; here, we stop cutting around October as when the weather starts cooling down, the grass stops growing too.

Hope you are feeling better soon; like Purple I'm wondering why you are getting nauseated. I am in menopause now and I sometimes get that myself and I have read that could be caused by hormones. It can also be caused by a stomach bug and a few other things; hope it clears up for you real soon.

Take good care of yourself; and hope things settle down for you and your family over the next while. Any plans for Thanksgiving? I think that's coming up soon; and then Christmas follows close behind 'er ... :hug:

11-10-2009, 12:35 AM
:wave: HIYA VAL ~ hope you are feelin' better these days, and things are going good for you up in Thompson. We don't have any snow here at all; it all melted! And we're lovin' it! Do you have any **** up there? They are predicting some more for the end of this week though, but that's not too bad really ...

HI THERE, SPICY ~ yes, you are doin' great on the weightloss front! Congrats to you ... that is a big loss! :carrot: I think I recall you saying that you were putting pictures of your parents or of themselves on the pillows -- oops, now I am not so sure! Hehe ... ;)

11-10-2009, 01:15 PM
Hi, Everyone! Well, it's another beautiful, sunny day here with temps in the upper 50's, maybe lower 60's later! DS3 and I went to help out a family yesterday who's working on building their home with help from Habitat for Humanity. They really deserve it and we haven't had time to do anything for them until now, so we spent the day varnishing the interior trim, so they carpenters can install it later this week. They are to be in the home by the end of the month, so we really wanted to help them make the schedule. Hoping we can go up later this week, as well, if there's something we can do that's not too technical-I don't think they want me to try putting on exterior siding or doing electrical wiring:dizzy:!

To answer the questions about my nausea, it's due to sluggish intestines, which seems to be the newest issue from the MS. I'm not on any meds, except I do take vitamin D, calcium, fish oil caps, and flaxseed oil caps, as well as Benefiber that mixes in water to try to keep the system working, but I still have the sluggishness issue and then I get bloated and nauseous for a few days until things regulate again. Sorry if that's TMI:o

The veterans' auxiliaries here also give out paper poppies for Veterans' Day. I think that's really neat that there's a tradition common to other countries that were Allies in those "wars to end all wars." WWI and WWII really showed what people can do to protect each other and try to remove evil from the world. I'm very proud to have several uncles who are vets from WWII. Makes me glad that they were willing to go when the need arose. One of them was captured at the Battle of the Bulge and spent time in a German concentration camp. Another one was blown off his ship when a kamikazi plane hit it, but was rescued many long hours later. This was after he had spent time as a glider pilot spying over Germany at the beginning of the war. So many brave men and women saved our world back then and it just puts me in awe of the sacrifices they made, especially those who didn't come back.

Well, not much else going on here today, as I'm not feeling well again today, so will be doing whatever I can, but taking lots of breaks! Hope you all have a great day!

11-10-2009, 10:55 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another day of gorgeous :sunny: today. Had to go pick up DH's new glasses, then we decided to go for a drive in the country to a favorite lake, as it is so pretty with the sun shining on it; and it was so very nice. Gotta take advantage of these lovely days when we gottem' ...

HELLO RONNI ~ sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well today; will puts some prayers around that for you. Nothing worse than not feeling your best on such a nice day. I spent some time catching some rays or D's as I like to say, while doing some devotions and reading this AM on my favorite rocking chair. NIKO spent much of the day on the porch doing the same; he just loves it out there, esp on warm sunny days like this.

I have the same issue these days; I used to have IBS with the fox trots daily. Now I have the opposite problem and like you, that makes me bloat up and not feel too great; I never knew that there are problems for both ways; oh, to have balance in our intestines. Sending some ^prayers^ up for that for both of us. :lol:

That was so nice of you all to go help with that Habitat House; I think that is the most awesome program -- helping people get a home of their own. It is such a big dream for some people to have their own home and that is the only way they would ever be able to attain one. DH and I are still planning our little place; my Dad says that he will be up next spring to help DH get this thing going. :D

DH had an accident today -- he spilled some gasoline on his clothes; I put them thru the wash twice and could still smell it; now I am putting them thru for the third time, only this time with some baking soda in the water -- and they seem to smell better this time. I will have to hang them up and hope that works.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow; and take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-11-2009, 06:39 PM
Hello, Ladies-
Another beautiful day here in Arkansas, USA. I spent the morning working on my Christmas gifts, but I had a slight accident. I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to burn a few fingers on my left hand with the iron! I always use the iron to press out any wrinkles in the fabric before I pin it together. Ouch. That iron was hot!!!!

Food is going okay. I did kind of slip up on the weekend, but I've gotten back on track, thankfully! Oh well, if I can be "good" 85% of the time, I'm making progress.

A dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I have been praying for her in my head all day for the past couple days. We have been friends for many years, and I am trying to focus on postive energy. Cancer does go into remission, and she may be one of the lucky ones.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying autumn.

11-11-2009, 08:44 PM
HI SPICY ~ I am sending up some ^PRAYERS^ for your friend too for peace and comfort, plus healing and restoration ... and hey, for total remission too -- what the heck, why not? ;)

My SM (Step-Mother) had bladder cancer too and she is doing much better now. They had to do some scrapings and that seemed to help, but one time they found out there wasn't any cancer cells there so she went thru that for naught; but just talk to her last Sunday and she is sounding very good.

Don't worry, we all have our slip-up days; I did last weekend too -- one day during my TOM, I was ravished and got into some cheesy Nachos (last Friday I think), but my day was so good that I am sure that over the whole weekend, it was OK anyways. I do try to have something I really like every now and then, becuz you have to enjoy life too. At Christmas I am planning on getting some really good quality dark chocolate and maybe some nuts for my stocking; I do this every year now ...

I am not being a stickler about the calories; I am doing well for the majority of the days, so I am very, very happy with that. I have gone down a full size on my bottom this year, and that is a NSV (non-scale victory) that I am pleased with as that is really my number #1 gauge: sizes. My big goal is to get down to a size large, then we'll see from there; small goal: one size at a tme.

We had another lovely :sunny: day today, so we took advantage of that and spent a good part of the day on our deck hanging our Christmas decos. This way they are now up and we don't have do put them up during a blizzard or anything like that ... Got lots of walking in today too (back and forth; back and forth)! :lol:

Today is our pasta day also, so I made a lovely Bolognese sauce with Penne and it was yummy. Have 4 dishes leftover over for another dinner and maybe a couple of lunches: into the freezer they go for a day when I don't feel like cookin' ... :D

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-11-2009, 08:52 PM
HI PURPLE ~ I know yesterday was your therapy day, and today is your shopping day and you are probably very tired. Hope you get lots of rest tonight ... :hug:

:wave: HI TO VAL ~ up there in Thompson; alway thinking about you and praying that all is well with you, esp that you are starting to feel better ... :hug:

HI TO RONNI ~ hope you are having a nice fall down there; feelin' better, and gettin' some rest too! :hug:

11-12-2009, 05:51 AM
Hi ladies

This will have to be a quick post to let you know that I am OK it is just that the internet connection is not. They are working on it in the area apparently after we telephoned them up. It is on/off constantly happening randomly initially we thought our modem was faulty but it has not long been replaced. So at least the mystery has been solved. The engineers are working on the issue today again so hopefully we will be fixed shortly or at least by the end of day.

I have read your messages and will respond to them when the internet is not on the blink. Gosh I do not realise how much I now rely on the internet today what did I do to fill my time before the internet :lol: I know many many hours was spent reading so my head was in a book. Unfortunately the concentration level now is like that of a gnat at times so reading is never the pleasure that it once was. I never ever thought I would say that I loved books don't get me wrong I still like to read condition permitting but just not as avidly.

Well I will go before it decides to give out on me again and I have no internet for X minutes. So bye for now ladies and take care

:wave: :wave: purpleorc :hug: :hug:

11-12-2009, 09:42 AM
Hi Fellow chicks

Hello it is me again I hit on this brain wave :idea: not that I have many of these that I might be able to answer your beautiful posts after all. I thought if i did it on “Microsoft word” then copied and pasted it on to 3fc then I would still have the master copy if the internet decided to go on the blink again. So here goes....

Rosebud was right yesterday was my shopping day and I need a rest after all that exertion. Though I am beginning to feel back to my normal self which is a good job considering DH is coming down with a cold. So I am plying him with paracetamol not sure of the name used over the pond for this drug though I do know it is licensed to be used there. Although I seem to have a sneaky feeling that it maybe called acetaminophen in Canada and USA. I have also been giving throat lozenges when his throat feels really sore. Though trying to get medication down him is dreadful anyone would think I was trying to poison him lol. It is like have a teenager who is on medication and having to remind them to take in when in actual fact they are old enough and responsible enough to do it of their own accord.

The treatment I have on Tuesday helped immensely to restore my energy levels it was as though someone had just plugged me into the electricity mains and suddenly I had the energy to do things. Not that I am over doing it I am still taking things easy as I do not want to run before I can walk. I know this treatment maybe short lived and I will need a few more to put me back together again. On Tuesday at the treatment centre it was extremely busy the busiest I had seen it. I think everyone and their granny came :D This is an expression used to indicate that it was busy and it seems that the whole family was there due to the age ranges of the people. I think that is the best I can describe that phrase that is a really old one I think my grandparents used to even say. The centre is only small so when you get 3 or 4 wheelchair users plus people with various walking aids room is of a premium.

Talking of wheelchairs we are just about to look at a second hand one well one of these scooters but this one comes apart and in small parts to make it easy for storage. We have a very good friend whose son’s father in law passed away recently and it is his scooter. He had not long got this due to his health issues of being riddled with arthritis and bad asthma. So I can get it very cheap at £500 when the new price is £1500. So I will let you know if it is ok for me. I am a little reluctant as it is still a lot of money to be spent on me :o I know DH wants to get it for me and has no qualms but I am the more reserved one when it comes to spending so I am very cautious. I like to spend money on others not myself or do things for others not the other way round. I suppose the shoe is on the other foot and it just feels strange and uncomfortable at that minute to be on the receiving end.

ROSEBUD I was fortunate growing up my parents had an allotment so there was an array of vegetables. Although not as many types of vegetable that I eat today such as butternut squash or sweet potatoes never graced our plates. Not that I was a great vegetable eater as I a child I was really bad to be honest. It was only as I left home and I tried more and more varieties of vegetables and found that I like them. So now there is not much I will not eat vegetable wise apart from the dread humble pea :lol:

Yes you can stuff tomatoes instead of peppers if they aren’t to your taste. To please your DH you could put chicken or some other meat throughout the rice or cous cous. You can even stuff it with lean mince beef I have seen recipes if that will please his palate. Today I have done for lunch sweet and sour gammon (normally would do chicken but I am using items from the freezer slowly but steadily I will soon have to go to the store for meat as I have very little left, yippee never thought I would be able to be strict enough with myself to use just meats from the freezer but I have done it) with rice. Then low calorie yoghurt with mixture of fresh and tinned fruit :T I have been organised and sorted out our tea as well. So it is a ham sandwich with framage frais and a small banana for after. So I have that meal sown up. So this afternoon can have a long rest before we venture out.

RONNI I hope that you are feeling better today and all you can do is on the bad days do the necessary and take as many breaks as you can. Just as you are going to do and ride out the bad times and look forward to the “better” times.

Never TMI for me with having being a nurse :lol: It is so horrid to suffer from stomach issues due to whatever reason. I hope you find refuge in the home remedy treatments that you have and that they take away all the horrid side effects that are so miserable at times. There are so many symptoms with MS that it is so hard to keep up with them all. We were discussing this on Tuesday at the MS centre that we pass symptoms off to MS but are they MS or are they indicative of another disease it is so hard to say.

For example my father has poor feeling in his feet and frequent trips to the bathroom. Hey presto I would put that down to MS if I was experiencing those symptoms so easily yet for my father it was diabetes. Doctors can also be dismissive of ailments we have and they go oh it is your MS when in actual fact it maybe something else differently. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that your tummy problems are anything more than the long list of symptoms MS gives you so I do not want to frighten you in any way shape or form that is not my intention. I was just pointing out how many symptoms there are in MS and it is so hard to know them all. I have medical background and I only know so much about the disease which I touched on in my nursing career how any earth are we suppose to keep up with all of the symptoms it baffles me at times :dunno: I think I best keep quiet as I think I am not explaining this very well and the more I try the worse I put my foot in it :foot: Sometimes getting words right or spoken words for that matter come out all wrong and not has I meant them to be :(

I had to my knowledge one grandfather who was in the WW2 but my other grandfather was in a reserved occupation. I come from a really rural area where there are many farms in a short distance from the town. With being an island it was imperative that we produced as much food as we could so not has to rely on imports into the country. Hence we had rationing from very early on in the war and my parents can remember that as rationing still continued long after the war had stopped. It stopped in 1954 so some 9 years after the war had cease. Even though the food was rationed the diet was healthy with less meat, fat and sugar. The emphasis was on vegetarian food more and I suppose it is the diet we strive towards today with being in the position of losing weight not that I always achieve that I might add :lol:

SPICY So sorry to hear that your dear friend has cancer of the bladder. I am sending prayers that for her recovery and strength needed for the treatment ahead. The medical advancements now days give much better treatment than years ago. So miracles do happen as you say and she will be a cancer survivor.

I know this news has knocked you side wards about your friend so I am sending prayers for you as well to give you strength in the road ahead in being a support to your friend. Your friend will need a listening ear not to mention a shoulder in the months to come along the bumpy path of highs and lows.

Ouch :hug: for the burnt fingers they are so easily done I am sure we have all been there more than once with a moment of lapse of concentration the accident happens. My worse burn was when I decided to lean over the kettle as it was boiling whatever possessed me I do not know to this day, it is something I never do when it is switched on but that lapse in concentration it is easily done. I burnt the outer part of my forearm with a 1” wide by 2” long burn. It took months to heal really I think I should have gone to the hospital but I treated it myself. I do have a scar on my arm for my troubles but due to wearing a cardigan most of the time due to being cold it does not show very often.

We all have our moments when we slip from our “diet” so to speak and go off the rails. None of us are perfect the best thing to do is hop right back on the wagon as soon as you can and put it down to experience. I have had to hop back on the wagon more times than I care to remember ;) I have a real weakness for chocolate cake need I say any more, I am drawn to it like bees to a honey pot :lol:

Yikes this post has turned into an epic I think anyways I have no more news to tell you ladies so I bid you good bye once again and all look after yourselves till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-12-2009, 09:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had another :sunny: day today, mostly for the AM, but it was still there all afternoon, but with a bit of a haze around it, but hey, we'll take it after that gloomy, overcast October ... that's 4 days in a row for us -- and still no ***** out there! :carrot:

We had another busy day today; did some more sorting of our spare room and tossed out 3 boxes today. The room is half empty now and that is with all our Christmas boxes in there too, so we are almost done ... yeah! So I got lots of walking and exercise in today too!

PURPLE ~ you weren't the only one having trouble getting in here today; I tried to get in here all day and couldn't for some unknown reason; others had the same problem. Finally got
creative, and got in by coming in on an old thread directly ... that I had posted in some time ago ... go figure, but it worked! :shrug:

Glad to hear that you are feeling much better; your MS center is becoming more and more popular I see, and I bet as more people hear about it and the good effects of the treatments, it will likely get even busier. I think that is great that you found a scooter for that price; I agree with your DH, you deserve it and I think you will find it makes your exersions to malls and other places more enjoyable for you. I hope it suits you and you grab this opportunity while you can ...

I hope your DH gets over his cold soon; will send up prayers for him. My DH somehow hurt his foot, but he doesn't remember when or how. He is going to lay down right now to see if some rest helps the pain go away. Hopefully, it is just a wee sprain and will be gone in a few days.

We had nice wild pacific salmon with mixed rice and French style green beans for dinner and it was very good; I poached the fish in lite Ceasar dressing and it was yummy. Had a great OP day today; hope you all did too!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday tomorrow, and take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-14-2009, 02:05 PM
Hi this is Numpster, dear sister of Rosebud! She wanted me to tell you she wants to be here, but is unable to load the site through her internet connection. I was able to load it and get in.

She said to tell you that she will keep trying until she gets back in!


11-14-2009, 03:23 PM
Hi Ladies

Yeah I finally cracked it and managed to break the door down ;) No matter how I tried last night and earlier today I was unable to make it here so here I am better late than never. It never entered my head to use the method you did Rosebud to get here I just presumed the site was down for maintenance or having technical difficulties.

Today I have written a letter to Auntie and Uncle in Cyprus. I received my birthday card from them yesterday despite them sending it well on time we have had postal strikes here and unfortunately this has had a knock on effect on the mail by the looks of it. Normally any birthday cards for DH or I comes weeks before not weeks late. I am sending them the letter on Monday with a birthday card for Auntie and there Christmas card and hope they get them in good time.

Today for lunch we have had turkey casserole made from the thigh meat which was on offer. It has made a beautiful casserole and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I did some stewed apples and custard for dessert (made with sweetener of course) not the best choice but it is so seldom we have custard that it is nice to have it once in a blue moon.

Last night the weather was atrocious the wind was howling and the rain was lashing down. It was not fit for ducks even ;) Today no rain and the wind has died down some.

My sister went to the doctors yesterday to get her test results from her battery of tests. Unfortunately she has osteoarthritis as they expected not the birthday gift she was expecting this year I am sure :( The doctor has but on Ibuprofen 600mgs TDS sorry I mean 3 times a day. This comes from the nursing days but it come originally from Latin and translates to three times a day. I still think in those terms about medication and how many times a day to take them. I hope they provide some relief from the joint pain that she is having. One blessing I was thinking at least the children are now no longer toddlers and requiring being carried. The youngest is 10 and the eldest is 16 now. Wow when did they get that old it is hard to think where that time went.

ROSEBUD It seems that my treatment is holding out and I still have some energy even though that is beginning to wane a little but that is normal as the days go on.

Talking of you clearing out your old boxes etc reminds me that we have got to tackle a walk in cupboard before my parents get here. This is because we think this is where the scooter will be stored as it is one that comes apart into smaller parts. It is surprising how things build up over the months and years and we have to be strict like yourselves with living in a small place.

I hope your husband is OK and it is just a slight sprain of the ankle. I know that hurts from previous experience though not recently fortunately. It is so easily done and sometimes you do not even know you have done it until later.

Sounds like you had a really healthy meal there with salmon. Salmon here is very expensive to buy fresh tinned is cheap by far but I am sure it is not as nice as the fresh. I am not a fish lover but wish I did eat more of it but bones put me off. I can take bones out what I know as wet fish or more commonly known as fresh fish. But know I have less function of my hands I find that job way to fiddly not to mention I would not always feel the bones as I once had done.

NUMPSTER Nice to hear from you I have been having the same difficulties as you to find the key to the door ;) but my perseverance prevailed. I hope you are well and so are your family.

Well time for me to go and make tracks we are having a late tea tonight as we are not hungry. So I need to go and prepare it soon before we are having a midnight feast :o

Bye bye ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-14-2009, 10:43 PM
HI PURPLE ~ finally able to get in here tonight; boy, that sure took a while. Ya, I tried all Friday and earlier today with no luck, so my lil' sister tried for me, and as you know, she was able to get in and send you a wee message just to let you know why I wasn't here.

I'm glad you found a way to get back in; and that you are feeling better today too. We had some :rain: here this AM (had lots of wind here too); and the sun tried to shine thru a few times to cheer us up. DH was very upset becuz we found out his priest (for many, many years) died of a heart attack on Friday and he was younger than DH, so it was good to rest and take the day to reflect anyways.

I talked to a lot of my family today and a friend as well whose Dad had to have emergency colon surgery recently; they will also be coming over either for Christmas or New Year's if they stay home this year. They are planning on going to see her parents sometime, depending on how they are feeling over the season.

The wild Pacific salmon we had on Thurday night was filleted and didn't have any bones in it at all; it was really nice and mild flavored too. I picked it up on a deal as well; it was on sale recently, so I bought 3 packages becuz DH loves it so much. I don't like strong tasting fish and this is one that I actually like, so I was game to try it once to see how it was.

We really liked it with the lite Ceasar dressing (which has a mild garlic flavor to it) which is a perfect match for this fish. Lots of fish here is expensive too, so I only buy it when it is on sale and stash it in the freezer; we picked up some Sole fillets last week on sale too.

A friend of ours and his wife went carrot picking this AM and brought us a box; that was so very nice of them to do that. A local farmer here had lots of leftover produce and as Christians, every year they offer this to anyone who is willing or able to go pick it. I think we will have enuff to last for almost the whole winter. I will put some in the fridge and the rest in baggies in the freezer.

Well, I'm glad that I was able to get in here and post; hope there aren't any more problems and that we all will be able to come in again in the future. Take good care, my friends ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-15-2009, 01:01 PM
Hello fellow chicks

It has remained windy here but sunny so I have taken the opportunity to put the washing on the line which has dried well. I am going to iron it shortly so I do not get too much of a build up of ironing to do at one time which as we all know is back breaking.

I have already prepared our sandwiches for tea and popped them in the fridge till we need them later. We are having the last of the fresh fruit / tinned fruit today for tea. I will have to make another batch up soon with some different sorts of fruit.

DH has a cold at the minute you know the sort "man flu" ;) Joking apart poor love has had two bad nights sleep with it hence my sleep has been broken because of his tossing and turning. Plus my TOM has arrived hence I have back ache as I often do round this time. Though it goes as quick as it comes and I tend to get one bout of the trots. I suppose it must be to do with the hormones and how they have an affect on the body I suppose.

I was watching a very old comedy programme last night one I used to see in my childhood as it was first screened in 1974. It was all good clean fun and it still funny now. So it shows it has stood the test of time if it still remains funny and it is nice that it is not filled with lots of swear words. In actual fact there were none it was called "porridge" set in a prison around a first time offender and habitual criminal.

ROSEBUD I am so sorry to hear your sad news that your long time priest has passed away so young. It is difficult news to digest when anyone dies but some how it is doubly hard when it is someone so young. I hope you find solace through reflection and prayers. My thoughts are with you during this sad time.

Maybe I would like pacific salmon if the taste of fish was mild. How do you cook it? Is is steam or bake in the oven would be nice to know in case i see any on offer. Fish here when I was a child was a cheap meal but over the years it has got more and more expensive to the stage where it is more in line with the fillet or the loin of meat but less of it for the money :o I think maybe it has do with over fishing or restriction brought on by being in the European Union. The European Union if you are not aware is a group of countries in European (not all European countries but the major one and they have been joined over the years by smaller countries) then we have restriction on how much can be produced and how much can be fished etc. Many countries changed their currency to the same one being the Euro but we the UK kept our £££. It is a union that many people feel we that should not have joined due to the concessions we have to do and they can not see many benefits from being in it either.


Just broke off in between typing this message to complete the ironing as I wanted to get it done before it was too late and all my energy had disappeared for such tasks. With not cooking today I was able to put my energies into something constructive as ironing rather than wasting it.

What a lovely thing for your friends to do to pick a box of carrots for you so kind and thoughtful. They will come in handy over the winter months. Here we are lucky as the winter is not so severe there is still some produces being grown like winter cabbages, brussel sprouts and kale to name a few. It was so Christian of the farmer to offer people the chance to go and pick some vegetables from his excess. Years ago when I was a teenager a farmer who my cousin was working for at the time use to let us have several buckets of peas just as they were being picked from the field. So we could not have got them any fresher. So then as kids we spent hours shelling the peas and getting them ready for my parents to blanch ready to put in the freezer. I can also remember sitting in the gardening shelling broad beans. It is funny what pops in your mind all from me thinking about the farm.

You see my cousin went to agricultural college as farming is one of the occupations that men think able with living in a rural area. Lincolnshire is a flat county and good soil for growing produce. Though it is not the big fields that I see in the USA but smaller fields with hedgerow dividing them or dry stone walling ( a wall built just with stones and no mortar, very skilled art to be able to make one of those ). I love to see dry stone walling but even more I like to see hedges that have been plashed by farmers. Here gives you some idea what plashing a hedge is. To be honest until my granddad died and I was helping grandma move to a new place I did not know he had done that and won competitions for it. Granddad worked on a farm the same one for 40 years and he apparently entered numerous competitions and won awards.

Another thing I found out about my granddad when he passed away was he was a special constable which is a volunteer policeman who helps out on days when more officers are needed for example a football match. The only reason I found that out I was sorting grandmas needlework case out and found a cloth badge to be sewn on to a uniform at the top of the shoulder to indicate he was a special constable. I so wished I had known about these things when I was younger but you never think to ask such questions.

The nights are pulling in thick and fast now it is pitch black now and it is not even 5pm. DH has just had to put central heating on as it has got rather chilly now. We have the heating on now first thing in the morning ready for when we get up so that it is warm. Then the rest of the day it is normally OK until around now when it gets cold again.

Time to think about having a drink to take my tablets with it is that time again. Bye ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-15-2009, 10:17 PM
:wave: We had a funny mixed bag of weather today; some :sunny: and some :rain: and some ***** and some ~~~~~ (that's big winds)
... it just couldn't make up it's mind ... :lol:

PURPLE ~ the first time I tried the Wild Pacific Salmon, I poached it in the lite Ceasar sauce in a small skillet; but the last two times, I baked it in the oven in a glass baking dish (so much easier really). I sprayed the dish, put the meat in and put about 1/4 cup of the lite Ceasar salad dressing over the meat and 1/4 cup water; covered the dish with foil and baked it in the oven for about 1 hour @ 375 F.

I also did a side dish of rice in chicken broth at the same time. I heated the French style beans on top of the stove about half way through (30 minutes before the rest was to be done). It all turned out nicely too.

That sounds interesting all the history you found out about your grandfather. One of my grandfathers was a brilliant sock inventor & machinist & manufacturer; and another (on the other side of the family) was also mechanically inclined as a licensed mechanic, and he also did retail and was an avid gardener/small farmer. He also worked in the famous Avro Arrow super-sonic airplane factory here in Canada many moons ago, which he was very proud of and talked about quite often.

We just had a relaxed day today, as I decided to take it easy after such a busy week as my legs were a bit tired. Take good care, and hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY .... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-16-2009, 07:29 PM
Hello ladies

Well I do not know where today went not that I did anything exciting or really did anything but it seems to have got this late and I haven't posted on here today. So I thought I best make an appearance before I retire to bed.

On waking this morning there must have been a good down pour as the area we call the patio (nothing like a real patio mind you just a group of flag stones in front of the kitchen window. the rest of the path is just concrete) was standing in rain. We also had another sharp downpour of rain this afternoon but in between that it has been rather nice weather but the wind still remains.

DH cold has taken hold now and it seems to be moving down to his chest now. I do hope it is not like previous cold when it went to his chest and he required antibiotics as he just could not shift it on his own. Fortunately he had a better nights sleep though he was up apparently at 6am. I say apparently as I was tucked up nicely in my bed thank you very much I don't do 6am way to early for me I am afraid.

ROSEBUD It was nice to hear about what your ancestors did before as employment. I find the whole thing about genealogy exciting uncovering all these exciting factors of their lives. I loved doing our family history but came unstuck on my mother's side of the family around 1900's when it was left blank for name of father so likely illegitimated birth. We always knew that there was something my grandma wanted to hide as she was adamant that she was not wanting the family history to be explored. We kept our promises and never did do this in her life time. It was only many years after her death did we do the family tree for my mum's side of the family. The funny thing is illegitimacy is not viewed as something so be kept hidden and secret but obviously my my grandma came from a different generation and her belief's were different from ours. We kind of guessed this might have been the case that she was trying to hide the illegitimacy in the family but never knew for definite until undertaking the research.

Thanks for telling me how you cooked the salmon to be honest I wouldn't know where to beginning as I am not very skilled at cooking fish as we do not eat it. I used to do fried fish but that is off the menu these days with our healthy eating. Had a good couple of days food wise and stayed on plan so pleased there.

Time for bed I am afraid my dear friends I am so tired now so good night ladies and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-16-2009, 11:02 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had some nice :sunny: this AM with a few clouds here and there, so we decided to go do a wee bit of shopping today. I ended up walking all over the store --spending too much time looking at all the nice Christmas stuff. I only bought a couple of things this year though ... so far! ;) I am doing quite well resisting; today I only bought some nuts and some special dark chocolate bars for 99c each for my stocking: a very good deal. I am trying to keep it healthy this year.

I have to find some things for DH's stocking (without him seeing me is hard though) but I will wait a bit for that; maybe I'll send him on a errand or something like that. I am not really sure what to get him this year ... hmmm ... will have to put my thinking cap on for sure! :lol: I have my main big gifts for my parents (Dad & SM) and a couple of friends, so all I have left is to get one treat gift each and some small gifts for others; and I have to get DH's at least 3 gifts.

We are downsizing this year, so I must be very selective what I get him. I also found some nice Christmas movies for good prices; these will go under the tree for both of us. EAch year, we try to get a couple of fun Christmas movies to bring good cheer; one is a movie about the REAL CHRISTMAS STORY about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus: it looks like it will be a good one that we will treasure for awhile ...

So I ate healthy today and got lots of walking; I had to lay down for awhile this afternoon as I overdid it a bit (my poor feetsies were throbbing). I also cleaned and puts some of those gift carrots in our crisper today. We are using our back porch like a cold room; we rinsed them and put cardboard over them to keep them dark and protected. I am going to put a thermometer in there so I can watch to make sure it doesn't get too cold in there; if it does, we will move them to our spare room instead.

We had one sad bit of news today -- that our BIL (TOM) who has been having heart problems isn't doing well; they went to a specialist and they said there isn't anything else they can do for him. We met up with his sister today and she says that he is losing weight now, so we are praying for him for comfort and peace (and for his wife too).

Take good care ladies, and we hope you have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-16-2009, 11:11 PM
HI PURPLE ~ yes, it looks like you were in here late for sure, but it was nice to hear from you. I am kinda late too as I spent some time tonight sending out prayers for our BIL and his wife (as I mentioned above).

I will be sending up some prayers for your DH that he will start feeling better soon too. I don't get up too early these days either (only did that when I worked before); now I need at least 8 hours to rest this poor body. I go to bed a tad bit later than DH though (about 12 pm). NIKO and DH are up with the first light which is a bit later these days. ;) NIKO wakes us up from around 6-7 AM, but I fall back asleep again. DH has always been like the farmers: early to bed; early to rise ... :lol:

Hope you have a great day at your treatment center tomorrow; I know how much you look forward to it too ... :hug:

11-17-2009, 10:29 AM
Hello, everyone! So long since I've been on here-same problem as everyone else and just couldn't get on here for several days, then, have still been feeling ill, so have been trying to rest, but, of course, there are always chores to do, so rest is hard to come by:dz::yawn:

Praying for healing for Purple's DH and Rosebud's BIL & DH's ankle.

We may run to the photographer today, as he called to tell us that DS2's senior pic proofs are ready for us to look over and make choices. Other than that, nothing going on here. As I said before, still not feeling well. Along with the tummy trouble, I've been having a migraine for about 6 days now. It comes from a neck injury from a car accident over 3 years ago and when it acts up (from sleeping crooked or twisting my head too far), the headache just hangs for days.

But, anyway, enough with the complaining. Hope you all have a great day! I'll try to be back later!:D

11-17-2009, 11:09 PM
HI RONNIE ~ don't mind you sharing your health issues with us; this way we can pray for you and be more specific about what is wrong, becuz we want you to be as well and happy as can be ... :hug:

I have had a few injuries on my back (spine) that act up now and then too. I hurt some discs on my lower neck and in the middle of my back (not something someone with Spina Bifida needed really). They think the top one was when I fell down the stairs and dislocated my knee; and the latter injury happened or was aggravated when I was just making the bed, no less.

I lost my balance and pulled my back so bad I couldn't straighten up for 3 weeks: just to go to the washroom, I would scream it was so bad. Thank GOD, it healed pretty good, but if I just make the wrong move or go too fast, I feel a sharp pain go up my spine ... eeks -- so, I have to be very careful now.

Hope you start to feel better real soon; prayers still going up for your DAD and you MIL too ... :hug:

11-17-2009, 11:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had the most beautiful day today. We had :sunny: all day long. We decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping and then we went for a ride to a few of our favorite lakes. It was a glorious day ... just way too nice to stay indoors. We got home just as the sun was getting ready to set ...

We found another small ornament to put on our front deck becuz we had one space that was a bit empty. We found an adorable shovel with penquins on it that will look great beside our moose-reigndeer. I also got some lovely snowflake stickies for our front window and a few sparkly snowflakes for our little Christmas tree too.

Made a nice cassoulet bean pot for lunch with some leftover roast pork and veggies from Sunday; and had sole fish for dinner. Got lots of walking in at the store (did this on purpose), then we went for our lovely drive.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-18-2009, 12:39 PM
Hi Ladies

Horrid weather here today in the UK drizzling with rain and windy. Not a nice combination and here's me wanting a nice day to wash the dog's bedding. Oh well Mum said the weather was suppose to be nicer Friday so I have to wait another couple of days to wash.

DH still full of cold and my body is still making its mind up whether I am getting it or not. I keep getting a sore throat and feeling achy but nothing more. Joking I tell him I can tell the cold its from DH as it can't make it's mind up. This is because faced with a choice at a restaurant he can't make his mind up what he wants as he has such a wide taste in food and not fussy in that department. I wonder if that comes from being brought up in a children's home (not orphaned or anything like that he was a naughty lad and kept running away from home :o I think the route of the problem was he as his father did not see eye to eye. He was a military man with strict values ) and you eat what is put in front of you else you went hungry. Either way he is a dream to feed and he will try anything as well.

I have taken a tumble today after trying to ferret from underneath my computer table our Rizzie's tennis ball on trying to stand up from the floor my legs played bambi. I landed on my knees which now are very sore and my back feels a little sore also. Although my knee's took the brunt of the fall so I am hoping that tomorrow I am not too stiff and sore I expect I will get a bruisesfor my troubles. Needless to say DH gave me a flea in my ear :D for getting down on the floor. Sometimes I don't think and this gets me into mischief. I forget that I am unable to do what I once took for granted.

Off to hospital tomorrow regarding my mouth so seeing the maxofacial team but the appointment is rather late as it is 6pm. So we have to battle the rush hour traffic going to the Queen's medical centre or locally know either as Queen's or QMC. This hospital is a large teaching hospital built in 1977 it meant several smaller units or cottage hospitals closed when this opened. At the entrance to the Queen's there is a stained glass window depicting and remembering this places which I thought was a nice touch. This was the hospital that I did my nurse training at all those years ago but did my actual nursing work in a hospital called Saxondale but this has since closed down. This is a website showing a few views of my old hospital which I so fondly remember When it was closed down parts of it was demolished though some was converted into living accomodation and a restaurant. In the grounds houses was built, DH took me once to see it and I was so heart broken I Knew things would be different but the reality kicked in on seeing it for real. I loved my training in this hospital the friendly atmosphere and comradeship. I have never worked since in such a wonderful atmosphere. Probably created by the nature of the building being isolated and miles from anywhere as such.

RONNI Sorry to hear that you are poorly and it is hard to rest when you have a young family to care for who need you. I know my sister has the same trouble as yourself with having a family to care for. I hope you feel better soon.

Like yourself school children have their photographs taken every year at school plus a class one to buy if you want. You get a selection of photograph's to look at and if you want you can buy them and extra's for grandparents etc. No pressure to buy them but most parents at least buy one as a record of their year in school. I know my parents bought mine and still have the embarrassing selection of them. My first photograph I think it was I had decided much to my parents horror to give myself a DIY hair cut. So by the time I had finished hacking at it I barely had a fringe (bangs) and my hair is so short it looks as though I am in a boy in that photograph. The next few years I am minus a few teeth as you loose your milk teeth and get your adult set. So none of those photographs are particular good either :D After that they did get better phew ;)

ROSEBUD Ouch your recount of the back injuries you have sustained over the years sometimes from the simplest of tasks. It seems that if you have once injured you back in the past it is something that you must be careful of at all times else it comes back with vengeance. Like you say when you already have an issue from birth like spine bifida it is the last thing on earth that you want. I not sure if like my next door neighbour a lady also with spine bifida she walks with a strange gait due to the condition. This in turn has put stress on other joints which is often the case. The specialist has told her if she does not lose weight then she is looking at a wheelchair very shortly. She has just turned 40 and does not believe or does not want to believe that her weight is a contributing factor so the issues with her hips. I do hope that she takes the specialists advise and attempts to lose a little weight. I know it is not going to be easy. I just know that she eats much fried food and maybe if she just cooked it in a different way it will make a difference. I do not want to seem holy than thou and have never preached to her. This is as I know only when you are ready to listen or take the first steps to losing weight. (I know this from my own attitude for years it did not matter what anyone said about my weight and that I should lose it. I would not listen but found more solace in food and of course the weight just piled on. It was only when I was ready did I have the ears to listen and I made my first attempts to lose the weight I had carried for so long) I know this happens also with polio they walk differently from the norm thus giving problems in later life. There is a medical name for this but at the minute it eludes me :dizzy: I know it can cause concern during pregnacy in polio due to where the paralysis and the lady will often come under the consultant due the nature of more difficult potential prenatal care or birth. Consultant doctors here in the UK often take on the more complex cases in any speciality due to there experience and knowledge.

Sound like you making great preparations in to decorating for Christmas. The shovel sounds rather cute and you will have to take some photographs to show me how beautifully you have decorated your porch. People here do not tend to put things like that out but decorate with lights. Some people take this to extremes and the house and garden is adorned top to bottom. Though the ones who often take this too another level so to speak do this for a charity and people donate money for their nominated charity. We have a house not far from our home that we visit every year as this man put so much effort into putting all these pretty decorations up. I wouldn't want the electric bill with the cost of fuel these days :dizzy:

Time to go and make a spot of tea. Ham sandwich for me and DH is having a cheese sandwich made from reduced fat cheese. I weigh the cheese out before hand and cut about 1oz and grate that. It is surprising how far 1oz goes if you grate it on the finest setting. Bye for now and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-18-2009, 11:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another gorgeous :sunny: day today ... what a gift from GOD! My Aunt emailed me today and says that the weather people are predicting mild weather for some time; it seems fall has finally arrived after all ... :lol:

DH went to his priest's funeral today -- and it was so fitting that it was so nice and :sunny: today, as this man was always smiling. There were so many people there he had to stand thru the whole thing which lasted about 3 hours then they went to the cemetary too. They had a small snack and viewed some history of the church and then he came home around 2 pm.

This nice priest was only 52 years old; he had a bad heart and had been sick on and off for awhile from what DH heard today, but now he is free from all that ... so GOD BLESS HIM! He was a dedicated teacher as well, and loved both positions he had. That is a lot to take on being a high school teacher and a priest at the same time, but he did a marvellous job of both, and his students talked well of him too.

Seems I too have caught a wee cold so I stayed home today and rested; but thankfully, it's not too bad right now. The symptoms started with runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing, and a small dry cough, but that has subsided thankfully. This afternoon we put up those decos we bought this week and they look really nice: I esp love the snowflakes on the windows.

PURPLE ~ The pictures of the building of the hospital where you used to work were very interesting; that looks like it covered quite a big area. I know how you feel: I worked in a nursing home here that was closed down too. DH and I went to see it the day they knocked it down; and we had mixed feelings about it, as we thought it was big waste of a good building.

They couldn't find anyone to buy it or get any money to use it for something else, so they demolished it; and sold off the land for housing lots. Some still haven't sold yet. We've had to tear down some old schools and other buildings that really were in bad shape though, so our town is changing somewhat right now.

I am not so sure that your neighbour doesn't WANT to lose weight; I think there is more to the issue than that. We have to be careful about making judgements about how others feel or what they think about their weight. I have never met anyone who likes being fat or who wouldn't like to be normal size. It isn't my place to tell anyone anything about their weight becuz I know they know already.

Anyways, it was pasta night tonight so we had creamy pasta in a mushroom sauce. Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow with good weather like we are having here; and take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-19-2009, 09:04 PM
Hi Ladies

Very late for me to day to pop in so I will answer your post tomorrow Rosebud. Time has been thin on the ground it is because I have done the shopping today plus visited the hospital. So today just whizzed by in a flash. So as I have made this little post I will be going to bed to count sheep :lol: Not really I seldom have trouble sleeping these days.

I will fill you in tomorrow about the hospital visit and what the doctor said. The weather today has been very windy making it difficult for me on too fronts one due to the wind knocking me off balance and secondly needed to wrap up my face to stop any attacks occurring with TN.

Bye for now ladies and have a wonderful Friday

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-19-2009, 11:59 PM
HI PURPLE ~ I understand that you have had a very busy day, esp with going to the hospital for a consult, and doing some shopping while you are there too. As it was, you were up late making that post ... :hug:

We awoke to lovely :sunny: weather again this morning, but clouds rolled in this afternoon and DH said it sprinkled :rain: out there a bit tonight -- that is supposed be the same for tomorrow, but the sun is supposed to be back for the weekend. We are really getting spoiled with all this lovely fall-like weather, but we are lovin' it too ... ;)

We had a quick dinner tonight of super chicken dogs and I had a romaine salad with mine. I had a baked apple with cinnamon for my snack, and am having my evening tea too. DH is out there making himself a snack -- his usual of a toasted peanut butter sandwich.

I just had a lazy day at home, doing small stuff around here; wrote a letter to my brother and did some reading. Did some light cleaning as well (the washroom); and sorted socks and DH's dresser today -- boy, you can sure have a good laugh cleaning your hubby's dresser that's for sure. I may get at sorting those Christmas ornaments tomorrow and do some more mending, as I found many mates for his socks, but also found some more that needed repairs too! :lol:

I was just reading our local paper and noticed our neighbour (and former co-worker) and her DH have been married for 60 years this month. Wowie, that is a very long time; I ran into her at the store the other day -- next time I see her, I will have to congratulate her on her 60th anniversary!

Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-20-2009, 12:03 AM
We spent the morning rearranging furniture and things are all arranged for Christmas now. We put my rocking chair back by the front window as I just love to sit there and watch the birdies flying back and forth; and it's just a great place for me to do some reading, writing, singing, contemplating, praying, and relaxing too.

11-20-2009, 12:08 AM
Vompaser ~ you savin' my back posts? :lol: Yes, that is a favorite place for me to sit and enjoy that gorgeous sun. My furniture is all set, now I have to get at the inside decos ... the tree and the wall decos, etc. Wanna come over and help me? ;)

BTW ... :welcome: to our thread -- come back and tell us a bit more about yourself sometime. We'd love to have you join us here ... ;)

11-20-2009, 11:34 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Much brighter weather wise and the wind has calmed down somewhat today. Tomorrow we should be going round to friends for tea and to see a scooter for me at their home. It actually came from the father in law of their son whom passed away a few months ago so they are now looking to sell as they are in no need of it. Will let you know how it goes on the scooter front.

Yesterday as you know I went to hospital to see the doctor at the maxofacial unit at out local hospital. Firstly we had to battle the rush hour traffic due to the appointment being at 6pm of all times. We started off at good time so we had time for a coffee before the appointment to kill time. Managed to get a bit of walking in yesterday what with the shopping plus walking down those corridors at the hospital. The hospital has miles of corridors and it is so easy to get lost. I know way back when I was a student nurse even though this was not my hospital I did my nursing in this was Saxondale. I did get 2 placements here one to do 12 weeks on an acute admission with a mother and baby unit. Then 8 weeks on a general medical ward. This is the only stint you do in mental health nurse training in the sphere of general nursing. Student nurses who where new never got sent for important thinks as you inevitably got lost and had to ask several times. I know a fair amount of the hospital over the years but even still I am still learning. There are seven floors in all and it is made up of 5 squares interlinked up :?:

I digress as normal :lol: back to the point in hand. Well went to the clinic which seemed like a ghost town after the normal hussle and bussle of a clinic. I was the only person in the waiting room with my DH. I was soon called in to see the doctor. She was a wonderful doctor so kind and caring. The nurse whom was assisting her was also like this a credit to the hospital both of the staff. They took a look at my xray which showed a bony spur on the site of the extraction. I asked her opinion what to do after she gave me several choices to choose from. Her opinion was to have the minor operation which is done under local anaesthetic the gum cut and the bone reshaped. It will require stitches but I know there is a risk of infection and that the procedure will not easy the pain. Those where the negatives they have to tell you about prior to under going the procedure so that you can make an informed decision. I am having the operation done on the 22 of December at 10am. So it will be a soft diet for me over christmas :yes:

Talking of food today I cooked what is known a barbecue chicken with vegetables and lentils. It is from a recipe that I adapted from this site from some kind person whom put up the recipe. Though their recipe used pork chops I used chicken thighs which I boned myself. I then added to the chicken as I fried it in a frying pan (skillet) with one clove of garlic. The frying pain was a non stick one so no oil or one cal spray needed. Just to save time today I cooked in a separate sauce pan a selection of vegetables. I also added a small portion of split lentils to bulk it out a bit. I cooked the vegetables and lentils until soft drained the water from them. I fried the chicken until it had a slight golden brown colour to it. In a small casserole dish I mixed I added one cup of tomato ketchup and 1 can of diet coke. Stir those two together then add chicken and vegetables. Cook in the oven for about an hour to hour and half at 150c or 300 -325f. You can season with pepper and salt but I find I do not require salt as I use very little in my cooking. I served with rice but a jacket potato is a good accompaniment.

VOMPASER :welcome2: to this thread nice to have you on board. It would be nice when you have a little time to stop by and tell us a little about yourself.

Has Rosebud as mentioned the rocking chair on the porch is a nice place for her to relax and unwind. I think it is for a lot of people who own a rocking chair they are so soothing and have a calming effect.

ROSEBUD Has promise I am back today with more time on my hand to answer your post. I was having trouble getting tired last night I think really I was over tired from the days events so took me a long while to get ready for bed. I slept beautifully last night and did not get up until after 9am.

Gosh the funeral was arranged quick for the priest of your DH. Normally here in the UK it can take well over a week often running nigh into a fortnight from the passing of the person. Wow it shows how much people thought of him with the amount of people in the congregation that there was standing room only. Like you said it is a kind blessing that he is no longer suffering and is now at peace. He sounded like a very special man whom was devoted to God but also had a vocation in teaching as well. He was a talented man whom will be sorely missed by many.

The bake apple with cinnamon sound like a health snack that sound very yummy to me. I love apple in any shape or form. There is not many days go by that I don't eat one either fresh or stewed. I find them filling and for the amount of calories they are great fillers.

Yes 60 years of marriage is surely a wonderful achievement. Not many people see their diamond anniversary. Has we both know being in a relationship requires work the path is not always smooth and it has its ups and downs. My DH and I have been together now for 11 years now no wait make that 12 :yes: the time flies. I am trying to figure how long my sister has been with her husband and it is either 19 or 20 years I can't quite remember. So many couples whom get married do not now work through the tough times they take the route of divorce. I am not saying that for some it is the best route due to the nature of the person for example if they maybe violent.

You talk of how building are just torn down because they can't find a buyer. Here in Nottingham some years back quite a lot of buildings which were old where pulled down. The council now regret their decision to take down some of these old building as they are the heritage of your city or town. Fortunately they stopped before too much was lost and now they are more conservative in there approach.

I try not to be judgemental of others but I worry for her future now that her son will be moving from home son either with education, work or relationship. I know that people live perfectly independently in a wheelchair so maybe my worries are unfounded. I have thought about it since and I wonder if she is in much pain and that for my neighbour the wheelchair will provide some relief from joint pain as mobility causes lots of pain. Has they say unless you are in walk in someone's shoes you really do not know what it is like. Like you say most people whom are overweight would like not to be that way and don't need reminding of that fact. Like you I have been along that road so hence I never mention or comment anything like that to her. It is her choice what she does with her life and what path she decides to take and no one else's.

No further news for now. So time to think about making some tea to put in the fridge for later. Until next time bye bye and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-21-2009, 12:41 AM
HI LADIES ~ We spent the morning trying to decide where to put our Christmas tree; in the end, we decided to put it beside the piano this year, and it looks great there. That way I can keep my rocking chair by the front window to look out and see all the pretty lights, and my birdies, and any other activities goin' on out there ... ;)

Then DH put the penny lights on the tree for me so I could decorate it. This evening, I went thru my ornaments and decided on a red & white theme this year; I try to change the colors or themes on my tree each year for variety. It looks pretty good, I think. Since I was on my feet so much today, I took a rest after for a couple of hours, and promptly nodded off. :lol:

DH went to help a neighbour put some poles along his laneway so the guy who clears the snow won't fall over the side of the hill like he did last year. They already had to put florescent pole markers in our laneway to mark out the neighbours property so they don't cut up their lawn -- there was a lot of damage done last year on both properties, so hopefully this will remedy that issue.

PURPLE ~ I recalled that you said that you had something wrong with your jaw, but I had forgotten that it was caused by having your tooth pulled. As you know, I had a tooth extracted at the beginning of the month, but it broke on him, so he had to drill the rest out (he was a young dentist); and today, some very small pieces came out (and that was 20 days ago).

The thing that concerns me is that I can still feel one slight edge on the outside: I sure hope that's not a bonespur, and pray that it goes away in time. I feel bad for you that you now have to have surgery (even if it is minor; you still have to have it). Gee, that is too bad they have to do that procedure just 3 days before Christmas. Will send up some prayers that all goes well and there is no infection. :hug:

Well, we had a bit of :sunny: this afternoon, but it disappeared just before sunset. I saw a sliver of a moon out there tonight though, so it did clear up again. It is supposed to be nice and sunny for the weekend, so I hope those weather forecasters are right. We ended up having hamburglers for dinner tonight (I had chicken and DH had beef). A friend called tonight, and they are coming over for visit tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-21-2009, 01:01 AM
OH, and I wanted to tell you about my baked apples -- I wash a MacIntosh apple (they are a Canadian variety that are sweet-tart) and cut it into chunks then put it into a glass dish. Then I sprinkle it with a bit of cinnamon and 1 tsp of the Splenda brown sugar mix, but you can use whatever you want to sweeten it with. I put it in my microwave for 1.5 minutes. It comes out semi-cooked but it tastes lovely ... kinda makes a great mock apple pie really. I love it so much that I have it almost daily now.

Another favorite snack I shared with some ladies recently is that I really love peanut butter, but I wanted to avoid always having to put it on bread (although sometimes I will put it on one slice if I am really hungry; and you can get WW--Weight Watcher's wg--whole grain bread for only 50 calories a slice).

Anyways, I cut up some BABY CARROTS into 4-6 sticks; and dip them in some ALL-NATURAL Peanut Butter (which has no salt, no sugar, and no additives so it must be kept in the fridge). I was surprised how good the carrots taste with the peanut butter. I have about 12-16 carrots sticks with 1 tbl peanut butter on a little dish. This has become another favorite low-calorie snack for me that I love to have now.

11-21-2009, 09:32 PM
Hi Ladies

I realised this late that I have not popped on today as I have been busy. I have been out to the shops briefly then went to friends for tea. Then we played our inevitable game of card and something called Rummicubs (not really sure of the spelling.) It is like playing a version of playing cards rummy though this is played with tiles. It sure does make you think, I am not very good at this game as you have to be very canny with finding ways to get rid of tiles by splits already laid tiles. Normally I come last at this game but I don't mind I just love playing anything.

After the version of rummy we moved on to a game called Spades which we play in pairs. Tonight it was ladies V gents but we swap on other nights. Tonight our host was "baby sitting" her 2 year old grandson. Though he was no trouble he ate his meal with us and went to bed no trouble. We never heard a peep out of him. So he is a good little lad and he eats well which surprised me as we were eating foreign food. It was a chinese food cooked by our host which was beautiful to say the least.

I have bought the scooter so watch out it is going to take some practise at steering and driving it but I am sure I will get there in the end. Just nervous at the minute. I have a bonus it can be change colours either red or blue. It has all the paper work and receipt (original). It even has a rain mac that goes with it should the weather turn bad.

ROSEBUD. Your Christmas tree sound beautiful. No wonder you where tired after all the decorating not to mention housework etc which always is calling.

Thanks for the recipe for the baked apples. I had never heard to the variety of apple it does not appear to have come over the pond as far as I know. It sounds like it lends itself well to baking.

Healthy snacks are a must and ones like the peanut butter/carrots are ideal. I often reach for pieces of fruit or crackers with peanut butter. My peanut butter is no added sugar or preservatives. You pay that bit more for it but worth it. It is also nice when making smoothies or milk shake to put a teaspoon of peanut butter in. I like the one with milk, peanut butter, natural yoghurt (zero fat) or low fat greek yoghurt (sometimes I can get hold of fat free), cocoa powder and banana. I love the taste of the chocolate, peanut and banana together.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes for my forth coming operation. It looks like I will be choosing food at christmas that is soft. So mashed potato, swede, cauliflower etc all lend themselves to being a good soft diet. Good job I make a soup from the carcass. This year it will be extra special for me as I know it will fit the bill with a sore mouth. I really do hope that your sharp edge goes that you are experiencing also. I know what has happened to me is a rare occurrence so lets hope that it is the extraction just is settling down from the trauma caused from the tooth being removed.

Well I really must go to bed it is so late here but I took my tablets late with being out for the evening and this is the result wake at 1.30am !

Night night ladies and catch you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-21-2009, 10:50 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a nice day today; we didn't quite get the weather that was predicted, but the :sunny: did peak out a bit this afternoon. I put on the last of my ornaments on our Christmas tree last night and this AM; now all we have to do is the wall decos and that won't take long. We had company for the afternoon: we had a very nice visit with some friends.

HI PURPLE ~ yes, that was late for you; but I have been there where I just can't sleep or I just lose track of the time. I had a night like that last night and my hormones and/or sugars were really acting up; I finally fell asleep again about 3 am, so I stayed in bed til 9 am this morning.

Those games sound interesting; some of our friends like games but some don't. The ones that came today, just like to have coffee and cake (DH picked up a lemon coffee cake) and chat. We only have treats like that when guests come now. I don't bake stuff like that anymore, so we have to pick it up and DH gets to eat the leftovers which makes him happy.

Glad you liked my snack ideas -- sometimes, I do bake the apples in the oven, when I am baking a roast or chicken. The rest of the time, I use the microwave instead. You can use any sweet-tart apple that you like. That smoothie does sound yummy and easy to make; will have to try that one for sure.

After a busy day, I put my legs up until suppertime. Had fish & baked homefries for dinner (I had sweet potato ones and DH had the regular); plus I had a romaine salad with mine. Got some exercise in this AM, and ate well today (kudos for that).

Time for my evening tea. Hope you all have a restful Sunday tomorrow; and do take good care too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-22-2009, 02:28 PM
Hi fellow chicks

It is bitterly cold here today with outbursts of rain. All in all a good November day one you are glad to stay indoors and wrap up warm.

I went for my first ride on my scooter today and lived to tell the tale :lol: It seemed strange at first but I am sure the more I practice it will become second nature. DH and I went out for a walk that would have been out of limits for my walking. It was really nice to get out that far once again and not be in a car. You do not realise how much you give up gradually as you can't do it and your world because smaller as such. The car is a god send but I also think that the scooter is that too. No longer will I be too tired and exhausted to go that far I can manage it. I had to wrap up warm as it was a cold day but it sure was worth it and I loved every minute of it.

ROSEBUD :carrot: yeah for you for the exercise and being on plan :carrot: That's the way to do it slowly, slowly does it we know who won between the tortoise and the hare :D I think doing it slowly it so much better and more likely the weight will stop off as you have done it gradually. Not that it isn't a balancing act I am sure once you get to your target weight. We will always have to be on our guard so that we do not stray too far from the straight and narrow.

I have only ever baked my apples in the oven so it is nice to know that I can make a microwave version in a fraction of the time if I do not have the oven already on. Just in the middle of preparing chicken thigh casserole. I have popped the chicken breast in some chopped tomatoes, herbs and bay leave to marinade for a couple of hours. I will then cook it in the slow cooker over night. I am going to serve it with, leeks, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. So lots of vegetables to eke out the casserole and make it go that bit further.

I certainly will be going to be a lot earlier tonight that gone 1.30am. There are very odd nights where I seem to get over tired or forget to take my medication till late. It takes nigh on 3 hours to work these days. Gone are the times when within a hour I was ready for my bed. Though I stay up and do something on my PC or read my book.

I hope VAL, SPICY and RONNI are all well and I know that things can get very busy or hectic for you. Not to mention feeling under the weather due to SAD. Time for me to start making tracks towards the kitchen and making some sandwiches for tea. Bye for now and take care fellow chicks

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-22-2009, 11:38 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a gorgeous day of :sunny: all day. It was too nice to stay indoors, so we went for a drive this afternoon first to look at some cottages that were for sale (just for fun); and then we went to a lovely place where a great and mighty river has
some pretty rapids and I took some lovely pictures as well.

Then we came home to a lovely roasted Chicken and veggie dinner that was baking while we were away; and it was delicious and healthy too. It was perfect way to relax on a Sunday!

PURPLE ~ I am so happy for you that you were able to get that scooter and that you had such a wonderful time going out for an extended ride/walk with your DH. I bet the next time you go to the mall you will be zooming around there like a bandit ... :lol: Sounds like it is going to be worth every penny (I mean dollar)! ;)

We awoke to really heavy frost on the ground and it was chilly, but the :sunny: came out and melted it for us. We usually have snow on the ground at this time of year, so I guess Jack Frost thought he'd take its place. We had lots of birdies here first thing this AM -- Rock Doves, Mourning Doves, swallows, chickadees, and woodpeckers (may have been different ones or the same came back twice?) ...

Had to soak my leg tonight so the scab could come off, but it actually looks a bit better underneath this time. I am having my tea as I am posting, but then I must put my legs up to help get the water out. We had a busy day so I was on them a lot.

Hope you all have a marvellous Monday; and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-22-2009, 11:43 PM
Yes, I do hope that VAL way up in Thompson, and SPICY, from way down south are both doing well. We do miss hearing from you two ladies!

I did hear from RONNI in our CE's thread: she has been busy with her boys, but is battling her MS symptoms too (esp fatigue) these days. Your all are so brave, and I keep you in my prayers for comfort and strength each day ... :hug:

11-23-2009, 05:10 PM
Hi chickadees

It has been horrid weather wise here today with lots of rain very dreary day. Although I we are fortunate it as several parts of the UK have been flooded or are on flood alert.

We have had chicken caserole for dinner today with vegetables which was very nice :T Later for tea we had a small stuffed pepper again that hit the mark food wise. We are having ostrich burgers for dinner tomorrow when we return from the MS centre. So an easy meal to knock up when my time is limited.

Sorry to hear the Ronni is having tough time of it with her MS symptoms. It can be so restricting to your life when they hit. I hope that you start to feel better soon. All you can do in the mean time is take as much rest and sleep as you can.

ROSEBUD It is nice to go window shopping for fun like you do with the cottages. It is nice to dream once in a while what you would do if you had the money. Sounds like you had a beautiful day taking in some stunning scenery that you have in Canada which is truely breath taking.

Yes roast chicken is a perfect choice for Sunday lunch and it fits well into our healthy eating plan. I eat a lot of chicken and turkey plus I have found ostrich which is lower in fat than either of the chicken or turkey. I hear that buffalo is also a great low fat alternative if you can purchase it. At present I can't buy that I am not saying that it is impossible but it is not on sale at the large super markets or farmers market.

Sure right worth every penny the scooter for the freedom it will give me. I can now join in actives such as walking the dog which had now become out of my range.

Glad your leg ulcer is slowly making improvement. I know it is going to be a long haul getting it better but I am sure it is going to be worth it in the end.

No further news from me just going to go and make some sandwiches for tomorrow to take to the MS centre. Then I am all set I think for tomorrow apart from popping in my reading book into a bag I take with us. Then I think I am all set. Bye for now and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-23-2009, 10:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We just had a quiet day at home today; as we had quite a busy weekend so I decided to take today as a complete rest day instead. We had our leftover roasted chicken and veggies with a brown rice mix for dinner tonight; and it was lovely too.

PURPLE ~ Yes, my skin ulcer looks much better this time and I am so thankful; I have noticed that the skin coloration is so much better now too. I am trying so hard to eat healthy; keep my sugars in line; and get proper exercises for my legs; and we can definately see improvement now, so it is paying off. As you know (as a nurse) these things take a long time to heal up.

My friend who was here on the weekend had one too and it took over 2 years for hers to heal up properly; then this year, she got another small one, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as the first one. I also had a small one on my left leg, but thankfully, it has healed up well for me too. It is so strange, they just get started by a small scratch or scrape; it is so weird. Years ago, that would have healed up right away, now it takes longer. I sure hope and pray that with my better eating and lifestyle (and losing weight), that this will reverse itself completely.

When I get all my pictures downloaded and resized, I will post some for you all to see; it just takes a bit of time to do though. I don't know any place around here to get bison or ostrich burgers though I would have like to try them; but we live in a very small town (possibly in the city, one might be able to find them). Right now, DH has beef and I have been having chicken burgers; I think I have a box of turkey ones in the freezer if I recall correctly.

Hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY TOMORROW; and do take good care of yourselves as well ...

11-24-2009, 10:32 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We are starting to feel the cold here, but we still don't have any ***** yet though. Made a nice pot of chicken & dumpling & veggie soup for lunch today: just the right thing for DH who has a cold and for me, for good healthy eating. I hope I don't have that cold/flu; was a bit tired today and minor symptoms but hopefully I will be able to battle that off!

DH went to visit his sister and BIL to see how BIL was doing as they last 2-3 times we/he went by they were not home. They told him that the health unit was offering another H1N1 clinic today, so he decided to go over and check it out. They said that he qualified today becuz of his age, and so he decided to get it. Then they told him that his joints would be sore for few days and to take it easy.

I just had a quiet day at home while DH ran errands for us and picked up a few things at the grocer to carry us thru the week too. He actually likes to do that becuz it gives him something different to do. I like that becuz then I can get things done here at home like making that homemade soup for lunch. We just had a simple comfort dinner tonight; nothing special, but still within my plan.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... ROSEBUD:hug:

11-25-2009, 11:46 AM
Hello and good afternoon

The weather has been dry for us today though very windy. Parts of the UK are not faring very well at time with floods and destroying hundred year old bridges in its wake. I am so very fortunately that I live where I do.

I went for my oxygen treatment yesterday. There have been many new faces I am seeing over the past weeks. Not sure if all the people have MS or other health issues. It has found to be beneficial in reducing the symptoms caused by chemotherapy. So needless to say with this being in the national news there have been quite a few people whom have cancer. I know also that there are several sessions for children with either cerebral palsy or autism. Parents or guardians of the children have reported improvements in the children which is good. They maybe only small changes to other people though to parents etc they are great leaps forward.

I am going to do my weekly shopping tomorrow but have been planning the shopping list today to try and ensure that I do not forgot something. At present the list does not look very big which is a bonus as last weeks was the biggest we had had in a long while. Though for the first time in months I had bought a few portion of different types of meat.

ROSEBUD So glad that you have reported an improvement in the ulcer as I was wondering how that was getting on and praying that you had seen some signs of healing. Yes like you say healing is a slow process and patience is sure needed as it is no quick fix. I am sure in the long term the improvement in the diet and healthier life style which includes more exercise will reap its rewards on preventing further ulcers. If you do happen to be unfortunate and get an ulcer it healing process will be quick. I am a big believer that the body works so much better with wholesome foods inside it. Though I can't do wholesome foods 100% I am sure that my vast improvement on my diet gives my body the best chance of being healthy and able to fit off infections.

The trouble with living in a small village/town you have excess to limited supplies. I know what that was like growing up as I came from such a place and it wasn't until I moved away from home did I realise how limited things were. Maybe if for whatever reason you take a trip into one of the larger cities you could take a little bit of time to take a peek in the supermarket and see if you can purchase such items then store them in the freezer.

I did not know what H1N1 was so had to google it. Here it is just know colloquial name of just swine flu vaccine. My father also qualifies for it on two grounds one due to his health issues and secondly his age. I need to check whether my practice (doctor's) suggest that I have the vaccine. I would suspect they will as I have the annual flu vaccine. After I have had the flu vaccine I normally have a sore arm and occasionally feel "achy" but nothing really the symptoms are mild.

I hope you all having a lovely Wednesday. Take care all and catch you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-25-2009, 11:26 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ thanks for that info about the H1N1 ... I didn't realize that they were the one and same virus. Some people call it the swine flu (esp in the US and the UK) but here in Canada, they are calling it the H1N1 flu virus. Here I have been praying about both of them and they are the same one ... :lol: Oh well, that's OK --double the prayers to bind and get rid of that thing; and the faster the better.

DH says he feels OK, just a bit tired but who knows if that has anything to do with it. He said he felt a bit hot today but then he already had some type of flu or cold before he got that shot anyways. I guess he will have to wait until he is better to get the regular flu shot; as someone said you shouldn't get it if you are already sick or have a fever. :shrug:

Our neighbour says that he got all the shots but now he has come down with another flu and is really sick; poor man is really having trouble breathing. He already was having problems with breathing before he got this bug; so I am sending lots of prayers up for him as he is in his 70's and is in a very high risk group.

We got in some shopping today; I just didn't want to sit around the house all day. We only needed a few things, but it was fun to get out and this allowed me to get in some extra walking today too. I picked up a few more decos for my tree; each year I like to add a couple of new ones. We needed new stockings and I got some really nice red & green plaid quilted ones and even got one for our dear NIKO as well.

We had steak & mushroom medley for dinner tonight and it was really nice. We ate kinda late as we were late having our lunch as we didn't get back til after 2 pm. I tried to get in here several times today but had a lot of trouble; I wasn't able to get in here until now. I hope they can get all the wrinkles ironed out with the server as they have been having a lot of problems lately. Just glad to be able to come by and chat with our friends.

They are calling for some ***** overnight; but they said that last night and it didn't come, so we'll see. Take good care and have a great day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-26-2009, 08:43 PM
HELLO, my friends ~ I managed to find a window of opportunity to get in here and post tonight; I know that many others are trying to get in and are having difficulties. I saw a techie post that says that this site may have been hit by some kind of virus (aka cyber attack). We are praying that they will be able to solve the problems soon, and get this site back up and running smoothly like it was before.

Unfortunately our car is on the fritz again too (meaning broken down again); same thing as before. DH went to hook up our trailer and it seems that a fuse blew; but the real mystery is trying to find which one it is (for there are so many of them). He spent all afternoon on it; and will be at it again tomorrow. So I cancelled my dentist appointment until January; but it was only for a couple of small fillings so that isn't any problem. My mouth is finally starting to heal up nicely at this point; and it isn't sore anywhere anymore and is rounding out well too.

This AM, DH was able to run a couple of small errands before the car went on the bummer, but I just stayed home to rest my poor tired legs and feet after a busy, busy day yesterday. It was fun looking around the stores at all the stuff though; I like browsing and didn't really buy much as we already have so much now. We are indeed blessed; and I am so grateful for that.

I hope our US friends are all having a wonderful THANKSGIVING DAY!!! Take good care, and I hope that you will be able to drop by and visit again very soon ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-26-2009, 10:42 PM
:hugs: thank you for your thoughts ladies It has been a long month... and it's gone by fast in other ways.

I have a follow up appointment with my family doctor tomorrow - I'm going to ask for a higher dose of celexa. I continue to run as regularly as possible.. and need a lot more sleep then usual. winter has most definitly set in :(

11-27-2009, 05:48 AM
Hello and good morning fellow chicks

HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING to all our American friends.

It is a bitterly cold morning but we must expect it with being November shortly leading into December. Friends of ours are going away for a week starting Saturday they are going to a place called centre parcs they are going to the one in Sherwood forest so not much travelling for them. They are going with the rest of the family whom are now grown up and have children of their own. (in total 1 grandson and 2 granddaughters). It is somewhere I haven't been too but both of my cousins have taken holidays there.

I didn't make an appearance yesterday as I was shopping in the morning which then made me tired. So rested in the afternoon so I was more refreshed to play cards that evening. I won some apple pies which are way too off the diet plan so will be taking them to the MS centre for others to enjoy who are OK with what they eat. Unlike us who have to watch very carefully otherwise we put 2lbs by just looking at something naughty ;)

VAL Nice to hear from you after your months trip away. Gosh time sure does go quick does not seem that length of time that you have been away.

Hope your appointment with the doctors today goes well and you get your increased dose of celexa. Sorry to hear that you are sleeping more unfortunately it is chicken and the egg theory is it SAD or is it MS so hard to gauge I would imagine.

Glad your managing to keep up with the running regime that you started and hope your starting to see improvements in your stamina whilst running. Like you can run a wee bit further or for longer without having to take a break. Good for you for running :carrot: If my mobility was not that now of a drunken sailor ;) I would love to took up running it seems a natural progression to the walking I so loved to do. Way back in the days I walked 3 miles a day every day.

ROSEBUD The fact that in Canada they call it H1N1 is nothing new in the pandemic of 1919 of flu the rest of the world was calling it Spanish flu. Not that it started there but they wanted someone to blame and Spain seemed a far away country way back then when travelling was limited. Though the Spanish called it the French flu. I think to be honest H1N1 is the more medical term for the flu outbreak that we are having so Canada is technically more correct than the UK when it comes to naming the flu.

No as far as I am aware and my knowledge from my nursing days when I used to give the flu vaccine to my patients. They should be fit and well ( well as much as your medical condition will allow if that makes sense) Though that is not to mean that the thought on that has change and it is now considered OK. Things that were religiously done or teaching in the mid 80's are now not done or things have superseded it. This is as medical research advances knowledge changes with that. Some of the things in my opinion have changed for the worse though. Not the knowledge as I expect that to evolve but the discipline which was almost regimented but it made you look professional. In many ways the beginning of your training was like the boot camp of the military they beast you for X number of weeks to mould you to there ways. After you have been on the wrong end of the tongue a couple of times you soon do things correctly all the time. You never knew either when matron would come round inspecting either. They got rid of matrons though in recent years (last couple I would imagine) they have brought them back as they realise what an important role they actually play.

Sorry to hear that your neighbour has breathing difficulties and like you say 70's is a higher risk group. I pray that he makes a full recovering from this like you. It is always a worry when people become sick who we know or love.

Talking of what you had for lunch a couple of days ago reminded me of what we are having today. we are having pork in stuffing with vegetables. Then I have made a yoghurt jelly for dessert. yoghurt jelly (jello is easy to make all you do is dissolve your jelly as per normal put let it cool so that that it is OK to take yoghurt without curdling it. Add a 200g yoghurt of either the same flavour as the yoghurt or natural yoghurt. I choose a yoghurt that is low fat or zero to add. Now stir in until both combined together. Now looks a bit like a milk shake at this point. you can either leave at this point popping it first into suitable dish. Or mix it with a mixer to froth up the mixture to make it all light and fluffy. The first method will give you something like blancmange the second like moose. So take your pick what you fancy) Very easy to make and low in calories if you use like I do the sugar free jelly (jello)

Sorry to hear that your car is off the road again as it has blown a fuse. I know you have been sabotaging it Rosebud so you don't have to visit the dentist ;) You can always guarantee these things happen when you have appointments or visits to make. I really hope that you get your car back on the road again soon and cheaply at that.

Time for me to get cracking and go and peel some potatoes for dinner then put the meat on. Then the rest of the vegetables are prepared as I cracked on with them late last night. Had one of those rotten nights sleep you get once in a while. I dropped of to sleep swiftly but after that oh boy woke up at 4am with a tickle in my throat and by the time I had finished coughing I was wide away. Like normal you can sleep when it is time to get up. So will have to remedy this lack of sleep with an early night.

Bye for now take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-28-2009, 01:52 AM
:wave: We awoke to 4 inches of nice big fluffy snow ***** and it continued to fall on and off all day; so far, it's still here but the roads did melt though. The trees look so pretty and the branches are hanging heavy but the birdies are lovin' that as a good place to play; and we had more than usual come by for something to eat today.

PURPLE ~ Well, the car is moving again: it was the gear fuse like we thought, but we will have to pay for a house call as DH couldn't see well enuff to find the fuse. Now the brakes
lights don't work so that is likely another fuse so I will help him tomorrow becuz I can see better than him; oh -- the joys of aging ... :lol:

Yeppers, I was really upset that I had to cancel that dentist appointment; I thought ... gee, that was great timing. Hehe ... ;) Well, I had asked them to stretch out those appointments but seemed like they didn't here that as they book them together on the same day. :?: Thanks for the recipe ideas -- they sound nice. You make your chicken casserole often, so that must be a favorite; what do you put in besides chicken and veggies?

I have just been resting and relaxing at home today, doing our usual daily chores and meals. Had a fun dinner tonight but still stayed within my daily allotment. I have been reading a book about Angel encounters the last few nights; very interesting book. Before that I read a book called Christmas Shoes: it was very good, but also very sad.

I am trying to read seasonal stories right now, but am looking for ones a bit more cheery. :lol: Hope you all have a restful and relaxing weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-28-2009, 01:57 AM
OH, HIYA VAL ~ it is so nice to see you drop by again; I am glad that you are feeling a bit better and hope that you get the meds you need from your doctor. I am sure it is a delicate balancing act between feeling well and trying to work.

As I stated in my earlier post, we got lots of snow today; and it looks so nice. I am glad as Christmas doesn't seem the same without snow, but we had such a nice November, that now our winter will be only 6 months or less this year; and that is welcome after the long one we had last year.

Hope you continue to feel better each and every day; am keeping you in my prayers and hope you can come by and see us more often. Take good care of yourself too ... Rosebud:hug:

11-29-2009, 12:55 PM
Good afternoon fellow chicks

It started of very dull and dreary this morning with a threat of rain in the air but it did not materialise unlike last night when the heavens opened. This afternoon the skies promise something better as there are bluer patches with a few fluffy white clouds.

Last night when out for a little walk to get my exercise in was hoping to see some foxes but my hopes were dashed not one in sight. Have been out on my scooter again accompany DH and Rizzie on a 2.5 mile stretch. It was so lovely I have not been able to do this walk in simply years as my legs gave up on me and don't plan game ;) We took a route that encounter what was a house that had been badly fire damaged. We noticed one day in passing in the car that it had been flattened to the ground. So we took the route that passed this they are now building on this plot not sure yet whether it will be a house or a bungalow. There are several bungalows down that road as they are on easy bus route into the city plus have a few shops within walking distance for those bits and pieces you sometimes run out of.

I have managed now to be on plan for 3 days and today is my fourth. This is good at the minute after my past record of the last few month. I was not able to string many days in a row without being naughty :o So proud that I have got this far. Been eating lots of vegetables and fruit in the diet as well so I am doing what they recommend 5 a day. Not to mention doing a little walking as well. If I can't go out for a walk that day as they weather might be too cold then I try to notch some up in the house. I do this by say when laying the table make several trips instead of maybe one. The same with clearing and so forth. It might not be loads but I figure it all adds up by the end of the day if I carry on all day doing that. I am fearful of going back to my old ways I so do not want to put back the weight. I am sure the longer I go the less afraid I will be I have manage to maintain my weight within a 5lb range I have for myself. With myself teetering at the top of my range for many weeks I knew I had to be careful else I would be going over if I did not tighten the reins and get myself back on track more.

I am feeling the effects of my treatment wearing off today so feel somewhat tired so wanting Tuesday to come along very swiftly. I picked up a new book whilst I was shopping it is by Jennifer Worth who was trained as a midwife by nuns in London working in some of the most deprived areas many of them slums. The first book each chapter dealt with different births she had attended even though it did have a few medical terms in there was a little mini dictionary at the back to fill you in with layman terms what they meant. She kept them to a minimum so you were not constantly flicking to the dictionary to discover what it all was referring to. I passed it on too my Mum not sure whether she would gain the same enjoyment in it as I did. I have the medical background as you all know so I like things like this. Mum read it and thoroughly enjoyed it and did not find it to medical at all. It was good for me as it was referring to a training that no longer exists. Nuns were often involved in the profession of nursing in some capacity. Here in Nottingham we used to have a convent hospital which was run as you would expect by nuns. I would expect though as not so many women go to devote their life to God and become a nun it could no longer staff itself :(

I digress as normal ;) the new book is about the workhouse which was the dreaded poor house. I took a sneak preview and read the first chapter as the temptation was too much :o It promises by the first chapter to be excellent gain and has the same feel as the first. So now I am trying to read the book that I am reading at present so I can go on to this. I feel it is a bit like the carrot and the stick method :D Mind you I have a little way to do I still have over a hundred pages to read but getting there. Was hoping to read a little last night but only managed a few pages before I was dropping off to sleep so time to but the book aside I thought.

ROSEBUD I see you are having snow in earnest but at least your roads are clear so if you need to you can go out and about. If we had 4 inches of snow we would be at a standstill the UK as we are just not geared up for such snowfalls. I bet it is good to see the birds playing in the snow and coming to your feeding station. I sure know they must be thankful to people like yourself who feed the feathered friends as they would not survive. Do you have any squirrels where you live ? I know they are hibernating with your extreme weather conditions. I wondered when they are up and about do they "steal" the bird food. Here they are renowned for that and find ingenious ways of getting the seed. Often doing daring feats to get at the loot they are wonderful to watch. Talking of squirrels I saw a grey squirrel two days ago when out on my scooter. They are not native squirrels to the UK it is the red squirrel but I have not seen them in years. They are in living in the same habitat and competing for the same food. There are other factors like reduction of habitat, disease, road traffic, pine martins (plus other predators) and urban living squirrels the domestic cat. Here endth the lesson in red squirrels :lol:

Yes age is a bit factor in the decline of eye sight although my DH who is older than me as much better eyesight than I. He only need glasses when he reads mind you getting him to wear them is a nightmare :dizzy: I on the other hand is getting as blind as a bat without them. I wear my glasses all the time as I need for both near and far. I am ready for a new pair but I hope to get Christmas out the way and save up for them. They do no come cheap at around £300 per pair why they have to be so costly it is a mystery to me. Hearing can also go with age as well which my Dad suffers from badly but will he admit to it no way. He blames everyone else for muttering or speaking to softly. I really do wish he would go to the doctors and get the ball rolling. I am sure an hearing aid would open up a whole new world to him and he will realise what he had been missing. His deafness stems from working in a noisy environment and not wearing the ear plugs proved. Not seeing the danger down the line of loud noise. He worked in an ordinance survey factory making munitions not sure what though as he took the official secrets act. This meant he was not allow to discuss what he was making etc so hence I know very little about that part of his working life.

*brown chicken/ turkey
*sweat onions
*add one tin of tomatoes I chop up if not already so
*add vegetable (any root ones in season)
*optional add potatoes
*optional add bay leaves (4 for a very large casserole otherwise 2)
*add either beans like butter , harricot or lentils
*add herbs of your choice thyme is good with poultry, but mixed herbs works well
*add gravy I cheat add gravy granules made up with water
*now cook slowly in the oven so meat and vegetables are all soft.
*viola serve with more vegetables

So really overall the calorie intake is not too bad for this meal as lots of vegetables and pulses with not a big portion of meat. Though everything tastes very yummy as it has all taken on flavours during the cooking process. I find then there is gravy left over which is good for meals which do not have gravy such as bangers and mash or pork loin chops for instances. I hope I was able to explain the recipe well enough to understand. I make other meats such as beef casserole in much the same way but choose a different herb. If I use pork instead of chicken I will peel and core apples, then slice then and add to the casserole. They melt away the apples into the gravy but it gives a lovely flavour. I would add about 2 apples to the casserole by the way. A vegetable casserole maybe made in much the same way as above just omit the meat and use a vegetable gravy (maybe onion gravy if you can get hold of it) Except with a vegetable casserole add more lentils or beans as they are your form of protein which as we knows is the part of the meal which keeps you fuller for longer. like you say it is a firm favourite of ours my DH is a big casserole fan. If you are cooking it for a special occasion one tip I can give add some dry white wine to chicken casserole one very large glass for a big casserole for a smaller reduce that to small glass. If using beef and you want to make it special for a dinner party or such like add a small bottle of beer :T

Just been making some individual jellies (jello) with some fruit in the bottom. I have saved some 200g yoghurt pots and I make them in that. I have made four of them and two will be taken to the MS centre for our lunch. I made a yoghurt jelly the other day which lasted us two days only 59 calories per person so not breaking the bank on calories. I had a higher calorie yoghurt I was using else it would have been a bit lower as it normally is. It normally pans in around 40 odd calories per person. Has you know jelly is very versatile and for me it is a low calorie pudding to give DH but sneak the fruit in there. He will eat it as he see that as a pudding today I gave him a very small portion of low fat ice cream so he was in seventh heaven as he loves ice cream to say the least.

Well it is time to go and start sorting tea out wow where did the time go. You do not realise when you are busy typing away how the time just whizzes by without you noticing. It is now pitch black outside so much go and draw the curtains to make the room nice and cosy. tara for now and take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

11-29-2009, 08:41 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ had a nice restful Sunday at home, keeping warm inside; had a bit of ***** on and off, but not too much. Did a bit of reading and answering mail and such just for fun; I finished off the book about Angels yesterday. Now I am reading a nice story called "The Christmas Promise" by Thomas Kinkade: and it seems to be the positive Christmas story I was looking for, and I am enjoying it thoroughly so far ....

HI PURPLE ~ thanks for sharing your chicken casserole recipe; it sounds a lot like a version of Chicken Cattiatore, but with a few variations. Here, I would maybe add in some carrots, kniblets corn, mushrooms, and green beans. I am definitely going to try that one for DH. Tonight we had Shepherd's Pie along with some roasted veggies.

I put them in 30 minutes earlier: sliced carrots and parsnips, plus broccoli and cauliflower on top and they were very nice. I really like the added flavor of the parsnips; I had forgotten what they taste like: they have a kind of spicy flavor to them, almost like ginger; and my mind started thinking of ways I could put them in soups and stews, etc.

I recall that they were a favorite of my great uncle and he often suggested to me that I try them; and my Dad really likes to put them in soups & stews too. I found some on sale last week, so I wanted to try them out, and I am glad that I did; now I have another root veggie to add to my favorite dishes, and I bet they would taste fantastic in that chicken casserole.

Congrats on staying on plan for so many days in a row; I have been doing very well also, but it seems that 1 day a week, I seem to digress a bit, but I am trying very hard to limit that now. I hope in time that I can actually find ways to have a treat yet also stay within my alotted calories for the day. So far I am doing pretty good; and I am even trying to have protein more often for snacks as well, so if I go over the damage will be minimal.

I am also trying to work in some fun foods like hamburgers and fries into our week (once a week) but still stay within my calorie limit for that day. I am doing this by shaving calories off my breakfast & lunch and my snacks, and so far, it is working out OK. I am allowing myself 200 more calories for Friday to Sunday, so that helps; but have 200 less on Monday to Thursday.

On those days, I have more for BF and lunch; and a lighter dinner so I won't have too many cravings. It is a balancing act and it does take time to figure out what will work and what won't. I just know that I have to find ways that will help me stick to this for the long term; so far, it is helping. I know that if I don't, then I might slip back into old habits; this way I am working around those old habits, by changing them into new ones.

For instance, this Christmas, I am getting myself dark chocolate and nuts for my stocking; that way, I can still have a treat (in moderation) and still stick to my plan. I think we will save some money this way too. ;) I am waiting to get DH's stuff and then putting it in a hamper to go away; it's Ok becuz I am getting him stuff I am not fond of anyways.

I already have my meat pies for this year; but that will be our special Christmas Eve dinner with roasted veggies and for New Year's Eve as well. I have things all planned ahead; they say this planning will help me stay on my plan better, and I think that is true.

When and if our guests do come, I will again have healthier treats this year and am going to wait until I know exactly when they are coming. My friend says that she really appreciates that we are doing things this way now. When they come over for coffee, we purposely choose something that is light and not too sugary now.

Yes, we do have squirrels and chipmunks where we live, but we haven't seen any this year; the chipmunk came to our feeder last winter. Maybe he/she will show up again this winter, if they get low on food. The squirrels hybernate during the wintertime here. I hear other people say they have a problem with them, but we never have; maybe becuz we have more than one feeder. We have one big one, and a small one hanging in the tree, and several tree bells over the winter. I think that he is able to get enuff food on the ground from under the tree (from what drops there) that he doesn't really bother the birds too much; he doesn't act like the greedy type either (our chipmunk, I mean).

Our flock of ROCK DOVES has grown to about 25 over the last while; I don't know if they will stay all winter or not. They come by several times over the day, with a few that stick around quite regular and stare into our kitchen window: it is fun to watch them watch us though ... :lol: They are so friendly that they aren't afraid of DH or our NIKO either (DH thinks they know that he is tied up and can't reach them).

Anyways, this is turning into a novel; it's time for me to go make my evening tea and put my legs up. Do take good care ladies, and I hope you have a marvellous Monday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

11-30-2009, 12:02 PM
Hello everyone

This morning was glorious weather wise with wonderful blue skies. Although now the skies are darkening fast and I think we are in for a horrid downpour of rain. It rained quite heavily last night and part way through the night as this morning there was big puddle about.

I went out for my longest ride yesterday on my scooter I did 3 miles. It took us about 45 minutes I think to get round the route. We saw a gentleman putting the finishing touches to his Christmas lights on the house. He is one who highly decorates his house, garden and garage with lights and other Christmastime things such as Santa Claus. The weather was dry but a good nip in the air.

ROSEBUD Like you I love the taste of parsnip especially roasted. Although I do steam it more these days now I am on the healthy eating. I add it into casseroles and soups too this gives another dimension to the flavour. Talking of food I was watching a programme with a cook called Nigel Slatter. He seems to make simple dishes that are good for all the family. One the one show he shows you a weeks worth of main meals. One thing I think I might have a go at is something he called carrot and coriander fritters. I will have to double check the recipe before I have a bash but I know there was grated carrot, coriander and egg. There was not much else either as I recall as all his dishes have very few ingredients. The last thing he made was a chowder (:?: spelling) or fancy name for a soup. I thought of you immediately as it had smoked haddock. He was concious that it was expensive so he made a little go a long way by poaching it in milk then breaking it up into bite size pieces. The milk was used to add to cooked leeks, potatoes and sweetcorn. This was seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and that was you meal. He served it with a small piece of crusty bread. So you see what a mean that he uses very few things to knock up a tasty meal. In the middle of the programme he goes to someone's allotment a different person each week. Whilst he is there he cooks something from the produce from the garden. This one was vegetables, streaky bacon and water cook till all soft , season to taste and here was simple soup using what was in season.

Well done :carrot: for staying on plan today is my 5th day on plan. I can't remember stringing this many together for a very long time. I am sure that it will pay dividend and tomorrow I always am on plan as it is my MS day so I have a meal already cooked to turn to. We are having a small portion tomorrow of corn beef hash. I have only used a small portion of corn beef and it is mainly flavoured with onions which I sweated off to soften. I have served it with a big plate of vegetable to fill up on. I think we will have either a baked apple or stewed apple for dessert. Like you I shave off calories from other meals to have a more calorie laden meal that way you stay on plan. Like you say it is nice to have fries or burgers once in a while.At times it is a balancing act knowing what works for you and what does. What makes you feel full and what leaves you hungry an hour or so after you have ate it.

I have had a sore throat for the past few days but last night woke in the night with the pain from it. Sucked on a lozenge which helped some to easing the pain. Took a look this morning at the throat, I have white spots at the back of the throat but not on the tonsils itself. So I have some infection going on in my throat and I was hoping that my body can fight it off. Otherwise a trip to the doctors to see if they think I need antibiotics which I do not like to take unless I am forced.

We do not have any chipmunks in the wild here as they are not native to our country. I am not sure if we have many species that are not seen in Canada but you have much more diversity of wild life I think. Last night was the last programme in a series following the explorers from the UK whom realise to be able to travel through Canada at that period in time you had to learn the skills from the first nations. So it has been interesting learning a variety skills from different tribes along the way. Last night they were on the West coast of Canada in the territory known at British Colombia.

No further news for today so bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-01-2009, 12:08 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a wee bit of light ***** fall today; not too much but it was very pretty and the sun actually tried to come out and shine for a few minutes this AM. The snow is sticking around so I am glad we'll have it for Christmas too.

PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you have such a sore throat; sure hope that isn't an infection, but will send up some prayers for you that it will heal and/or that the doctor will be able to help you in some way, if needs be. Maybe you are getting your DH's flu bug; hope you both are feeling better real soon.

I like easy recipes that have only a few ingredients; these days, I like to make things that aren't too complicated or that don't take a lot of prep time. Those recipes by Nigel Slatter do sound interesting.

You sound like you are having a ball zooming around on your :scooter: ... I am so glad for you that you get to go touring around like that. Every Christmas, DH and I drive around in evening and look at all the different lights and decos; this year, we might take some hot chocolate with us in our new thermos too.

We had a busy day shopping today; walked my feet off and had to put them up to rest when we got home -- as they were throbbing. We had a nice early dinner of spit BBQ chicken with a few tators and coleslaw (but don't worry, stayed within my daily alottment) and that was nice. Had a good on plan day ...

Tomorrow, we will just stay home and do odd jobs around here. This week, I hope to do my light housechores and laundry, catch up on mending; get all my Christmas cards and gifts done and sent out; write some letters; put up indoor wall decos; and put up our big red bows on the front deck (we almost forgot them).

Hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow -- and do take good care too ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-01-2009, 01:31 PM