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11-01-2009, 06:04 AM
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The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful deiting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck easues you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before monving on to the next. And you'll learn tehcniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll acheive a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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11-01-2009, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Bit the bullet and bought small boxes of raisins for the Trick or Treat'ers (not the micro boxes, but the 1 1/2 oz. ones). I can use the leftovers in my morning granola as part of my normal eating plan and they're not a temptation for me since I have a pantry full of raisins already. Two kids out of 29 did turn them down. I'm OK with that; it's facing the teasing I'll get from my own adult kids that was blocking me.

As for me, I ate not one bite of Halloween stuff - not one; CREDIT moi. That's the lowest I've ever gone. In recent years I've justified just a few and felt pleased.

Got in a good brisk walk - CREDIT moi - in shorts in welcome balmy weather in the late afternoon. Saw lots of costumed folk about, bustling on their way to somewhere.

maryblu - Waving. What's up that your gentleman-of-a-certain-age quarterback can cause sentences like this in my local newspaper, "No wonder an entire state is angst-ridden over Sunday's game at Lambeau Field against the Minnesota Vikings."

Robin (RobinW) - Neat perspective that you're not about signs, but about "getting your business noticed." Can see how that allows you to market all that other magic that you do. Ouch about the eating after wine; perhaps you can find a way to plan and measure out your snack as a signal to limit it. Good luck disposing of those two bags of leftover Halloween candy.

Anne (wndranne) - Waving. Kindly refrain from setting your clocks back; you do not get an extra hours sleep this morning. The rest of the world is simply re-aligning itself with Arizona.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Now that's a neat idea - to give out good "Ghirardelli chocolates" that you know how to plan into you diet rather than the junk stuff that's a temptation. Kudos for that.

Beach Patrol - LOL at your Bah Humbug approach to Halloween. I'd love for you to start a movement to shift it away from cheap, HFCS candy. Yep, you earn Kudos for working on the eating slowly bits.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yep, I too was surprised to observe how far from slowly I was eating. The book gives several strategies for slowing down, most requiring me to put down my fork. It was telling how much I resisted letting go - as that would interrupt my shoveling it in, LOL.

LADY WINDSONG - LOL at Charlie as a cowdog. Kudos for planning the extra walking.

CeeJay - Giving out "loonies" is generous - BIG Kudos for doing that to avoid bringing the sugar into your house.

Readers - day 5
Eat Slowly and Mindfully

It is best to minimize distractions
when you eat, but ultimately you'll need
to learn the skills of eating mindfully
even if you're distracted.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 81.

11-01-2009, 06:27 AM
gardenerjoy love those chocolates. Treat yourself kindly. yay! you lost.

RobinW donate the candy.....please don't eat it.

CeeJay loonies? Good for you for not wanting to eat any candy. I am thinking that sensible, portion controlled eating with a calorie range may be the way to go.

Beach Patrol everyday IS a new day and may this new day be one of your best.

Bill, I can't imagine someone saying no thank you! I like raisins but can remember as a kid just wanting candy.
Kudos for all that you did yesterday.

It was quiet on our street. We don't give out candy because no kids ever come. I do have a BIG kid in the house, my dh, and he does eat candy.
I have told him to enjoy it now because after I read my book WE are changing our eating. He will do this but I will have to make some concessions for him.

Here it is November....a new month and a new opportunity to renew or start our eating lifestyle.

I hope you set your clocks back. Me, I did but was up at midnight, my one o'clock!

If you are tempted to eat that leftover candy put it in the freezer....out of sight out of mind.

11-01-2009, 10:01 AM
Coaches/Buddies I think I had two pieces of candy this year. Not bad, considering. Had some pumpkin pie and pizza issues, but Oh Well.

I'm trying once again to re-engage. I need to make a metric on how often I say that so I'm actually shamed into doing it. Work has gotten so bad there is no point worrying about it any more. I've done all I can, and that's freeing. My latest pair of jeans are a size smaller, and I've hit the pre-preg bin again for a couple new things. This is good since my weight has been stable for months now.

BillBE Raisins are a good choice, as are the pencils, play-doh and erasers my kids picked up at some houses last night. Good for you for getting them, and for staying away. I'd gladly forgo the hour of sleep now for the one lost in the spring. Of the nice things about AZ is the lack of DST and just not worrying about it.

Windsong Sounds like you have a great attitude about your candy. Hope you win your negotiations with DH.


11-01-2009, 03:06 PM
Good afternoon, Coaches/Buddies. I can't believe that it has been an entire week since I posted last. First of all, welcome to the newcomers, Buffdama76, Ceejay, Lady Windsong, and zanjabil. I really think this is a terrific forum -- one of the most supportive I have ever experienced.

I had an OK week. School and work got very busy during the early part of the week. But, I am pretty near the end of my requirements for this semester, so now I can focus mainly on research and work at this point. The early part of the week was chaotic in terms of eating, but improved during the last part of the week. I am realizing that I need to commit to preparing meals ahead of time. So, CREDIT for this realization. But, I plan to integrate this into my daily life very slowly, so that I am more likely to stick with it.

Beach Patrol, I've often wondered about when I should eat when I am hungry and when i should not. I skip very few meals and do always miss breakfast, but would be interested in hearing what others have to say about this. CREDIT for the important question to ask.

BillBlueEyes, nice job on the raisins. Just tell your kids you are refusing to perpetuate the fattening of America's youth! Would you mind sharing your granola recipe?

ChinaMaine, I am really glad your experience with your Mother-in-Law is going so well. CREDIT to you for reducing stress during this transition. You are really changing my attitude about how we will deal with our parents' (all four sets of them) inevitable aging.

Gardenerjob, how did your tech-free week go? You inspired me to have a tech-free Saturday yesterday after an evil technology day on Friday. (I was ready to through my phone and 2 laptops through glass windows.) So, I relearned how to knit yesterday, which was quite enjoyable.

Lady Windsong, I hope you are enjoying your Beck books. You asked a few days ago about what diet plans people were using. My plan was to use SuperFoods Rx with Weight Watchers as an alternative. But, I do agree with the others that have said selecting your diet is a matter of your lifestyle and what you are willing/able to change. Good luck with your decision.

Nuxmaga, CREDIT for getting through the tapas and the exercise.

RobinW, CREDIT for getting to the gym.

Shepherdess, your life sounds amazing and so different from my current McMansion urban-sprawl adventure. Thank you for working so hard in your life (and your DH) to maintain that important component of our world!

Wndranne, hope you are doing well.

Happy November!

Beach Patrol
11-01-2009, 05:07 PM

I have been very good today and give myself credit for eating a healthy lunch when I was NOT in the mood to BE quite so healthy. (I also had a healthy breakfast, but I did eat a little more than I'd intended. :o )

I have been working around the house all day... "Fall Cleaning" which as you know, is much like "Spring Cleaning" only with a different season. :D

I've been doing the BECK for two weeks now, and still have not lost a single ounce... but am I disappointed? YOU BETCHA! However... I know I am learning GOOD habits that will help me in the future, and I am LOVING not being STUFFED everytime I eat! - Since I started this, I have only been "over-full" one time.... JUST ONCE! -so CREDIT for that!

... and I am not letting the lack of weight loss bug me out. I know that eventually the scale WILL move. :dance:

Here's to another month doin' the BECK!

FFChick ~ YAY for the realization that you need to prepare ahead of time! That's a BIG step!

BILL ~ YAY for the raisins! Kids need to have healthy snacks and congrats for not one bite of the Halloween stuff!

wndranne ~ YAY! a smaller pair of jeans! So proud for you!

LADY WINDSONG ~ good idea with the "out of sight/out of mind" trick. I do that one a lot!

Remember everyone... Everyday's a New Day! :sunny:

11-01-2009, 05:28 PM
I had a total blast at the Halloween party. I even got DH to dress up. He wore a very formal Japanese kimono that he got years ago when he lived in Japan to study a martial art (a different life). He did get a bit down that all that time he spent and now it has been reduced to a Halloween costume. I was a cowboy, wearing DH's chaps (and trying to keep them from falling off all night) and his hat. He told everyone I was going as him.

The eating was a mixed success. I had skipped the previous night's treat so that I could enjoy one of my friend’s daquaris (I figured a single daquari was probably two days worth of treats). My friend didn't have time to make her daquaris, so of course I started scanning the treats to see what I would have. There was some chocolate cheesecake that was appealing, but I figured a single piece would put me over my calorie limit. I finally settled on a Halloween decorated cupcake, but while I was eating it I was thinking, “I skipped last night’s dessert for this?” It reminded me of when I take my nieces and nephew to ice cream and they choose bright colored sprinkles as a topping. They pass over berries, brownie chunks and caramel and instead have waxy sugar bits just because their colorful.

I didn’t get my long run yesterday, but got exercise working sheep all day. It certainly feels like an endurance event. I was stiff and a bit sore this AM. And, of course, it took us a lot longer than we thought it would. We had a small crew, just me, dh, my father-in-law and my friend. We wanted to let the ranch hands have their Saturday. We didn’t get a chance to stop and eat while we were working, and dh and I still had a late dinner. I was able to resist snarfing down the first thing I could grab when we walked in the door. We had a sensible dinner, and snacked on toasted pumpkin seeds during our annual Halloween horror movie. I didn’t measure them, but I did pay attention to how I was feeling, and stopped when I was comfortably full.

We have beautiful weather today. I wasn’t quite feeling up to a long run, but I had to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. I didn’t do all my miles, and I allowed myself plenty of walk breaks, but I did most of my miles.

RobinW, that's a bummer about your exercise buddy, but good for you for staying with it. I am also a wino and understand where you're coming from. Wine, it tastes great, but loosens those inhibitions. The evenings when I am having wine, I have it after dinner, after I have eaten everything for the day. I just enjoy the wine and know the kitchen is closed.

Nuxmaga, good job with the tapas restaurant. It may not have been as "perfect" as you would have liked, but it was great progress. That's great that you were helping your friends with the book. It sounds really cool. Plus it's just a great feeling to discover your own hidden expertise.

Gardnerjoy, love the Ghirardelli solution. Good job skipping dessert when you realized your snack was larger than you intended. I think that's a good way to be flexible.

BillBE, I'm totally impressed that you were able to avoid seconds even while everyone else was having them. I'm even more impressed that you weren't even tempted! I support your handing out raisins rather than candy. Kids don't need more sugar on Halloween. I’m glad you’re enjoying nice weather too. I was able to run in shorts today too.

Ruthxxx, sitting down at the table for dinner has been a huge help for me. DH and I used to eat most dinners in front of the TV. It's just easier after a long day when you're tired. Since Beck we have started sitting at the table like civilized people. Even in the first stage where I wasn't actually on a "diet" I lost a few lbs, just by being mindful. DH has also lost a few lbs since we've started eating at the table.

Beach Patrol, love the oatmeal for dinner. Healthy food is healthy no matter what time of day you eat it. Way to defy convention and eat something healthy that sounded good. I'm totally impressed that you're stopping halfway through the meal to gauge your hunger. Exercise will get there if you just stick with it. I like that you're searching for motivation. I think that's a good sign. I know it’s a bummer that the scale hasn’t budged, but if you keep up these good habits it’s going to start moving soon.

Lady Windsong, good advice on putting leftover candy out of sight. Love the cow dog, he and I would have made a good Halloween pair. Count me in as another person who wants to hear your initial reactions to Beck. I love your enthusiasm.

Wndranne, yay for smaller jeans and for keeping weight stable. Good job with limiting your candy, one victory at a time. Sorry that work is so bad, but I'm impressed with your attitude. Hope things get better soon.

Future Fit Chick, thank you so much for the kind words. I know how you feel living in the city. Before DH and I moved out to the ranch, we were living in Phoenix where he was teaching at a Community College and I was working on my MA. We were both unhappy and he decided he wanted to come back to WY and give the family ranch a shot. So far it’s worked out great. Kudos on improving your eating and for making the realization of the importance of planning ahead. I’m glad you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as school goes. Good luck on finishing the semester.

11-01-2009, 09:51 PM
Good evening, Buddies/Coaches.

I just got back from a dinner out at a Mexican restaurant. I was pretty proud of myself for 1) stopping the chip-fest and sensing my hunger level, 2) ordering a chicken breast topped with spinach and mushrooms, served with rice, guacamole salad, and beans, 3) stopping eating when I was full, especially since when my food came I found that the menu neglected to mention it was a cheesy/creamy mushroom sauce and not just fresh grilled mushrooms like I thought, and 4) coming home instead of going out to a movie so that I can prepare for tomorrow's eating. So, overall, lots of credits in spite of the cheesy sauce. And I have enough left for 1 or maybe two more meals.

I did something really interesting this evening. In preparation for making some clothing, I made a duct tape dummy of myself. (I put on an oversized t-shirt while my husband placed piece after piece of duct tape on the shirt to make an inexpensive dress form.) It turned into a really interesting body-image learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone with body dysmorphia issues. I voiced my realizations out loud to my husband as I noticed several things. 1) I am very volumous - a terrific eating plan motivator. 2) I am not shaped like bean bags stacked up on top of each other. 3) My butt has a big imprint. 4) I am not totally destroyed by seeing this shape that is my shape nor am I filled with judgement or disgust by it. I didn't look at this dress form and say "Boy that is so ugly - look at how unworthy that shape is because it is big where the belly is." But, I could see an honest to goodness, three-dimensional shape of what my body is right now. It was really powerful.

Beach Patrol, would you mind sprinkling some of that cleaning motivation over here on me? Major CREDIT to you for 1) keeping motivated regardless of the scale display and 2) learning about your fullness. Great job!

Shepherdess, I loved this comment:
I finally settled on a Halloween decorated cupcake, but while I was eating it I was thinking, “I skipped last night’s dessert for this?”
It amazes me how much power over us we give to our food. CREDIT to you for seeing the cupcake as just a cupcake.

I am headed to prepare some food for tomorrow. CREDIT to me for that! Then I will read my response cards.

Have a great week everyone!

11-01-2009, 10:16 PM
Hi All,
A quick check-in. Survived Halloween--I had bought mostly candy I don't like, and kept my total to a couple tootsie pops and some sort of brightly colored sugar thing. We had about 200 trick or treaters, and not a piece of candy left--yay!

Today, tracked food, credit, and came in under calories, yay! 9200+ steps, credit. Had half a roll and resisted the other half, credit. Did not go treat foraging after setting up for a craft show. I just had to set up a table, and then I get to go home and come back in 8 days, unless of course I sell out and need to restock. . .that would be nice!

Well, off to update my newsletter mailing list.

11-01-2009, 11:26 PM
We fix a dish nearly every week that has peanut sauce made with peanut butter and is topped with peanuts. And, every week, I sample the peanut butter, the sauce, and the peanuts while fixing it even though that's so not Beckian. But tonight, I decided to see if I could fix this dish and not eat anything until we actually sat down for supper. And I did it! Plus, the extra peanuts went back in the container at the end of the meal instead of in my mouth. Credit for conquering peanuts in all forms!

WI: -0.7kg, Exercise: +0, 0/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: raisins is a great idea for the Halloween problem.

LADY WINDSONG: These days, most of my clocks set themselves back! Thanks for the first of November pep talk! I love new opportunities brought regularly by the calendar.

wndranne: glad you are finding a sense of liberation in knowing that you've done all you can at work.

FutureFitChick: I had a great time with my tech-free week -- I wrote more, read more books, and realized that I could give myself more creative time by going without the internet during the day, limiting my web time to after 5.
Wow! That dress form experience sounds amazing!

Beach Patrol: Good job on not getting sidetracked by the scale. One thing I'm learning with Beck's daily weighing is just how capricious that number is. Eventually, the reduction of over-full feelings and other new habits will lead to movement on the scale.

Shepherdess: Good job on the Halloween party and all the physical activity.

Nuxmaga: great job with the Halloween candy and having a terrific follow-up day.

11-01-2009, 11:28 PM

I am so pleased with myself. Credit moi. I think perhaps only Shepherdess can fully appreciate and understand what I did today, but all I can say to the rest of you is, it felt so cool; it was so much fun.

I helped my grass fed beef farmer/organic truck farmer with 35 head of beef. We sorted, taped, poured, banded, de-horned, tagged..and whatever else they needed. It was 6 and a half hours in the ankle deep muck and not real pleasant weather. It was way cool watching his cattle dog work. We had 7 deviant head that added an extra hour to our time by not cooperating, but Fuzzy (yeah, I know, an inglorious name for a Border Collie and Blue Healer cross) just kept hounding them until they tired. *sigh Great fun for this former dairy farm girl who thinks beef cattle are mean and stupid. I now take back the mean part. As I poured them I kept telling them they were going to get et, but they didn't seem to get it.

We had burgers and tomatoes..yes, still hoop house Beef Eaters tomatoes to die for, and some Beck's to mark a good day's work. No regrets on the eats; I earned it!

It felt kinda like labor; lotza work, but the minute I was done, I thought, "damn, I was good at that; I am ready to do it again." Next year.

BillBE, I missed the Vikings game, but man, do you love that old man, or what?

Have a good week all.

11-02-2009, 04:45 AM
My day begins on a positive note. I know what I want to do but have tiny doubts that I will. I am giving myself a pep talk. Get through one hour and then work on the next. Set a goal for today. Something that you can do. Write down what you are eating, doing and feeling. Make today a day to be proud of.

I still need to read in my training Shih Tzu book instead! Well I need to correct myself. I did read a few pages. Today I will read chapter 1. There I have made a commitment.

maryblu what an exhilerating day you had. Great fun and it was good for your soul.

gardenerjoy If you can do it with peanuts you can do it with other meals. Doing the happy dance for you.

Nuxmaga you had a wonderful day. Woo hoo on all that you did. Be proud.

FutureFitChick That is amazing! How great of your dh for helping you. You are on your way to being the fit chick.

Shepherdess you brought back a favorite childhood memory for me. I will share. I must have been 12 and my bff and I went to Paonia, CO to her uncles home.
We were awoken before the cock could crow to herd some sheep. We were excited and scared at the same time.
Uncle Johnny had Debbie and me and some of her nieces and family members get in a circle. He explained what we were to do and by all means not to let any of them out of the circle. We were pensive yet couldn't wait.
The big moment came. We could hear their footsteps......then one came in the circle a baby! Not taller than Fuzzy!
Then we heard laughter that echoed all around us.
He had pulled a farm prank on us and we joined in laughing with him. Then we had a big country breakfast!

Mixed success is better than failure. I am glad you made some good decisions and had a blast.

Beach Patrol maybe no pounds but maybe inches? Your body is getting ready for the loss. Just wait and see. Keep up the great attitude it can be catching :)

11-02-2009, 05:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A small NSV: while out for my walk, CREDIT moi, I felt that sharp pain of a pebble in my shoe. I stood there on one foot, removed the other shoe and the pebble, reassembled myself and went on. Only then did I observe that before my journey standing on one foot was not remotely possible; CREDIT moi.

The joy of the balmy November 1st was to climb a small mountain with DW. (OK, for you Rocky Mountain folks, it's a bump in the terrain, LOL.) We're just past peak color with a few brilliant red trees left with a mix of the yellows and oranges and about half full bare. Saw a Red Tailed Hawk and a Northern Flicker.

maryblu - Since I'm not a country boy, I had to Google poured cattle, finding this neat quote:For a decade the world discovered the grasslands
and poured cattle into the plains.

The Script of The Plow That Broke the PlainsDrooling over your "hoop house Beef Eaters tomatoes to die for." Kudos for "No regrets on the eats." I'm surprised you aren't complaining about the snows yet.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for your NSV's of smaller jeans and shopping in your famous "pre-preg bin." Ouch for the difficult work situation but rather centered of you to feel free that you've done all that you can. Hats off to you for that approach. LOL at your re-engage metric - certainly you'll think of something fresher than "If I had a nickel for every time ..."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Here's hoping that you sell out and then sell out again. Good strategy to buy candy you don't like; Kudos. 200 is a lot of kids, Congrats for having enough candy on hand.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's a Hat Trick for conquering peanuts in three forms in one event; Three Kudos for that.

FutureFitChick - Amazing tale of making your duct tape dress dummy. Monster Kudos for your unemotional acceptance of your body as it is. That's a great reminder to me of all the stuff I tend to hang on my body instead of just accepting it. And Kudos for your Mexican Restaurant success, particularly stopping the "chip-fest."

Beach Patrol - What a great attitude; Yep, Kudos for two weeks of working the Beck strategies, especially for standing down the "over-full" syndrome. Have you started the process of journaling every bite you eat? Some of us have been surprised when we reviewed our day after careful recording. Yay for the fall cleaning - now that's energy well directed.

Shepherdess - Ouch that you missed your chokecherry daquari, but Kudos for having a blast at your Halloween party and remaining mindful of your eating. Neat to stop at those pumpkin seeds; I find those a challenge. Yay for "stiff and a bit sore" from real work.

LADY WINDSONG - LOL at "...after I read my book WE are changing..." Good luck to your DH absorbing Beck second hand. Now that's a pro-active way to secure a diet coach that isn't in Beck's book. Re Trick or Treat'ers turning down raisins: They were little kids, maybe 5 years old - that speak the truth age. Their mom down on the sidewalk yelled out, "Take it anyway" but the kids didn't, LOL. I started to toss their boxes to their mom, but decided that the kids were teaching mom a lesson and I wasn't to intervene.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Yes, you're going to need a diet coach. Are you having any sabotaging thoughts? Perhaps you prefer to keep your diet private. Or maybe you're uncomfortable with asking for help. In my experience, however, very few people who have struggled with dieting can lose weight and sustain that weight loss without help and encouragement from another person. Studies consistently show that getting someone to support you increases your chance of success.

In many ways I'm serving as your diet coach. Through the pages of this book, I'm providing you with the same advice I've given to dieters over the years. But you also need a real live person to talk to, someone you like and on whom you can depend.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 84.

11-02-2009, 06:15 AM
FutureFitChick - here's my granola recipe as requested. Feel free to assume that this has passed down from the sixties when we all sat around making granola together, barefoot all over, sharing the same smoke, sipping from the same gallon jug, while tie dying our tee shirts. Or, if that sounds like a version of hippies from Wiki, assume this was found on the internet and modified.

Mix and Match Granola

4 cups rolled oats, wheat, or barley (or any combination) - I use oats, not the instant.
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup sesame seeds - I omit because they don't clump when I use less sugar
1/2 cup Soy nuts, roasted without salt
1/2 cup Walnuts, pecans, or almonds - I rotate.

1/4 cup honey, maple syrup, dark cane molasses, or a thick syrup made with 1/4 cup brown sugar and 2-3 tablespoons water. - I rotate. Original called for 1/2 cup, but I like it less sweet to better taste the oats.
2 tsp Vanilla extract - Original called for 1 tsp
1 tsp Almond extract
1/4 cup canola oil
1/2 tsp salt - I omit, again to better taste the ingredients.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients.
In another bowl, mix the sweetener, oil, and two extracts together.
Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Thoroughly prevents burning.
Speread the granola on two baking sheets. Bake at 325 degrees for 9 minutes. Use a spatula to turn the granola on the baking sheets. Bake for another 9 minutes or until fairly dry and starting to brown. Remove from the oven.

A serving size is 1/14 of the batch so that you can make it every other weekend. I tend to make one and a half of this recipe to meet my two weeks goal for the portion I serve.

Before serving in the winter, add a banana and a combination of raisins, dried cranberries, dried figs, dried apricots, and dried plums. I choose at least two. Waiting until serving resolves the tension between keeping the granola dry and crisp and the fruit moist.

Before serving in the summer, add a banana, a peach, a cup of strawberries, and a half cup of blueberries.

Serve with fat free milk or fat free yoghurt.

Granola will become crispier and crunchier as it cools.
Because of the oil, granola will not stay fresh long. Store in an airtight container and use within two weeks. Freeze for longer storage.


11-02-2009, 09:32 AM
Good morning, Coaches/Buddies.

Last night I made my breakfast and lunch for today, credit to me. I also tracked all of my food yesterday and breakfast this morning. I am really glad I passed on the movie last night to have time to get all of that done. Have a great day, everyone!

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the granola recipe. Maybe I can substitute apple cider for the infamous gallon jug. :joker: I will give that a try next week. Your walk sounds lovely. Credit to you for continuing to recognize and cherish the things that come along with all of your hard work. I am envious of your mountain though. The glaciers ruined all of the ones in my area. My husband and I got excited the other day when there was a bunch of low hanging clouds in the area; if we looked at it just right we could pretend they were mountains in the distance (and that we lived in "someplace real")...

Gardenerjoy, excellent job on the peanut restraint.

Lady Windsong, great job on your self-pep-talk. I think that is an important skill to develop for any one.

Maryblu, sounds like an exhilierating day. What do you mean by "taping"? Congratulations on the hard work!

Nuxmaga, great job for stopping at 1/2 of a roll. Best wishes for a super sell-out show. It is amazing how much time the internet and computers take up in a day, isn't it?

I hope your Monday doesn't feel like one today at all!

11-02-2009, 11:53 AM
I'm celebrating 5 lbs gone! I was beginning to think about dropping my calorie count down to the next level because my weight had held steady since I started following the diet just over two weeks ago. Then when I weighed myself on Thurs, I was 2 lbs lighter than the day before (5 lbs lighter since starting Beck). I thought maybe it was a weigh in fluke and wasn't quite ready to celebrate. But it has held pretty steady for 5 days now, only minor fluctuations up and down, and so I let myself celebrate. I didn't want to spend much money, but we have a nice second hand store in town and I bought a very cute skirt and blouse. DH and I have a confernce to go to in a few days and I needed something nice to wear. My normal workday attire of old jeans and sweatshirts just won't cut it.

It took me just over a month on Beck to lose 5 lbs. When I have dieted before, I've done it much quicker and I was a bit skeptical of the program I was on. The calorie count sounded too high, but I liked Beck's response to her client who had similar doubts. It was basically, "How were those diets working out for you." The client answered that she had lost quite a bit of weight. Then Beck asks, "Then what happened?" Of course, she had regained all the wieght. So here's to slow and steady and building lasting habits!

FutureFitChick, great job with the Mexican restaraunt! That endless bowl of chips and salsa has always been a disaster for me, so big kudos for not letting it derail you. And kudos for sensing your hunger level. The body mold is a great idea. I second BillBE, "Monster Kudos for your unemotional acceptance of your body as it is."

Nuxmaga, yay for getting rid of all of your Halloween candy! Kudos for coming in under calories, and good job stopping at half a roll and resisting "treat foraging." Best of luck on your show!

gardnerjoy, yay for avoiding the peanut testing and nibbling and kudos for putting the leftover peanuts back in the container instead of your mouth.

Maryblu, big credit for no regrets eating. Beefeater tomatoes sound wonderful, and yes, you definitely did earn it. Glad you had great fun with the "mean and stupid" beef cattle. You don't have to take back the mean, they are pretty mean.

Lady Windsong, thanks for that very cute story. What a great memory. Hate those tiny doubts, but you have a great strategy to overcome them. One little bit at a time.

BillBE, yay for standing on one foot and big credit for recognizing how far you have come. Loved your description of your climb up the mountain, and I would never disparage anyone's mountain!

Beach Patrol
11-02-2009, 12:18 PM
Shepherdess ~ “I skipped last night’s dessert for this?” Excellent! You know now that not all foods are truly worth having! And KUDOS for stopping eating when you were comfortably full!! :carrot:

FFChick ~ And KUDOS to you for stopping eating when you were full, AND for going home to prepare for the next day instead of going out to a movie!

As for the duct tape dress … I am very proud of you for not letting the shape get to you!

As for sprinkling some of my motivation cleaning dust to you… sorry! – but I used it all up in an intravenous drip of the stuff just to get myself moving, LOL! :dizzy:

Nuxmaga ~ WOO HOO! – you tracked your food and came in under calories, AND did 9200+ steps – That’s awesome! :D

gardenerjoy ~ I’m happy to see you surprised yourself by not eating anything until you sat down to dinner – see? You CAN do this! Kudos!!!! :cp:

Maryblu ~ congrats for all the work you did with the cattle! – that’s exercise right there, I know! :bravo:

Lady Winsong ~ Yay for your commitment to read Chapter 1! It’s just an itty-bitty chapter! – you can do that! :goodluck:

Bill ~ Your walk sounds devine! And I bet it was so refreshing! :goodvibes


As for myself...first of all, I always keep my food diary handy. I write down everything I eat, when I eat it & what's going on in my head during that time. I don't track calories, however, because that's not the diet I'm doing.

I had Oatmeal again this morning for breakfast, it was yummy, and I sat down & ate slowly.

For today's lunch, I have tomato soup, which I like to put salsa in... it is SOOOO yummy! - if y'all haven't tried it, you should! It's healthy & low in calories! And just YUMMY! :yes:

...and in about 30 minutes, I will do my PLANNED exercise (walking) ... we're finally in the low 70's today so it will be a little chilly out by the river what with the windy winds & all, but that's how I like it! - perfect walking weather!! :running:

Tonight for dinner - Spaghetti. Whole wheat pasta (soooo yummy!) low fat beef, Ragu Veggie sauce, and chopped up mushrooms.... with a salad on the side! - This is the FIRST TIME having spaghetti since I started BECKing. The hard part with me & spaghetti has ALWAYS been portion size. So I'll have to be extra careful tonight & have my salad first, and a SMALL plate for my spaghetti & really monitor my hunger gauge!


11-02-2009, 12:28 PM
Mindful eating. Aw, it is making sense but I shall work on it.
Do I really want it....well, YES! I will learn to change this to NO.

11-02-2009, 01:15 PM
Bill, don't you love those moments. Makes you know you are alive and thinking.

FFChick your day will be a great one. You are making great decisions.

Shepherdess I am so happy that you chose a clothes reward instead of a food one. Happy dance on your weight loss.

BeachP food planning is such an art. I am a spur of the moment planner but heathly. Your day will be a bright day.

Do you really think like a thin person?

Reading now in chapter 3.
Gave Charley a bath and he is even MORE adorable.


11-02-2009, 10:17 PM
Dear Beckies,

From my irrationally exuberant post last evening..just to answer some questions about terminology relating to raising grass fed beef--I did not know these terms either:

Taping means measuring girth and length to calculate the animal's weight, which informs pouring, the applying of a systemic insecticide to the backbone of the cow for lice control over winter. These are grass fed beef cattle for sure, but not strictly organic. The veggies grown on the farm are strictly organic, and I can attest to the fact that the grass fed beef indeed are; they do not get a kernel of corn, nor a single oat. The value, of course, is that grass fed beef do not pose the threat of E. coli contamination, and they are much more nutritious, including the fact that there are Omega 3s present in their flesh naturally. I will always be a passionate omnivore, but really shun "junk" red meat, "junk" chicken, i.e. cage raised, etc. There is just too much great vegetarian fare and Omega 30-rich seafood choices to do the low quality, carbon-scarring junk meat stuff.

As for the "mere" 5 pound per month weight loss, please, please, let's all remember ......5 pounds lost is 5 pounds lost..It is great success. Way to go, Sheperdess..way to go..with Beck, that is 5#s never to be regained. As I lost my (now) 90+ pounds, and have maintained 80 #s lost for 7 + years.......I lost ......I lost ...5 pounds per month...........steadily, consistently.......but.........5 pounds per month for over a year. You get to a point where you don't want to feel stuffed. It is not the norm; it is not comfortable, and you just don't do that anymore.

I am not sure what a binge is..I think we all think it is eating way beyond full..nothing satisfies, but even if I do want to and do eat more food from time to time than I need, it all evens out. If it were effortless, I would not be on 3fc..I would not need BillBE to lead us, and I would not need to check in..but please know, all, it is possible, and it is way, way, way worth it! It just drives me nuts I keep reading posts on 3fc..and NOT here on Beck's, but posts that say .."I will start"... and "Am I allowed"..and "I plan to lose X# of pounds by X date"..geez..we at Beck's know, just follow the Beck's guidelines......and success will follow! If we stop the madness, the "I will start"..and JUST DO IT..just do it..we will lose 5 pounds per month..whatever..consistently..and success will follow. We will be those selective few who have success and maintain it. We just will.

11-02-2009, 10:38 PM
We had a nice weekend. Hung out on Saturday; on Sunday took my MIL for a ride in Acadia. She had visited when she was a WAV in Boston, but still was impressed by the beauty. Weve had lobster 3 days in a row (lobster roll, lobster bisque and lobster cooked at home). :D Our local general store is selling live lobsters for $3.89 a pound. Well have whole lobsters 2x a week as long as that deal lasts! I saw my doc today and got an anti-anxiety pill today for the insomnia. Heres to hoping I sleep like a log tonight!

:df: *4 day report* WI-down .7 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food op (except +200 calories Saturday), Exercise op, except for lazy Saturday (55m/0m/45m/30m).

Lady Windsong Good luck with the mindful eating!

Beach Patrol Kudos for logging your food! Portion control for food like spaghetti is one of my biggest challenges too. I havent heard a good way of doing it yet Ouch for not losing weight yet but the key with the Beck approach is moderation and consistency. Keep with it, and you will see the pounds drop off. And if you dont then you can tweak your diet plan. Because theres no tragedy if your current plan isnt perfect; you can tweak it to make it better.

shepherdess My weight loss is never steady either. I tend to lose a big chunk, then it goes up for a week or two (or three) and then drops again. When its logged on a graph its clear that the direciton is steadily down. But from day to day, week to week, its just a mess. For me, it really is best to concentrate on NSVs, even though Im emotionally tied to the number on the scale in the long-term. Great mini-goal reward!

Future Fit Chick Bravo for delayed gratification that pays off! And for reasonable choices at the Mexican restaurant. Thanks for the kind words about my MIL.

Bill Nice Sunday hike! And kudos for a great NSV, and for a treat-free Halloween. :bravo:

gardenerjoy Great job changing old habits!

Margaret Great strategy for Halloween candy!

zanjabil :

Anne Congrats on the NSVs smaller clothes are always rewarding. Its good to see you and cant wait until you are sufficiently engaged (or we are sufficiently engaging) for you join us every night again. ;)

Robin I share your issues with (alcohol + me) --> eating + eating + eating. Its actually one of the reasons I was attracted to the Beck approach. It gave me tools to deal with it. First, I needed to learn to drink less, but you seem to have that totally under control already. 1 box of wine isnt bad at all. ;) I had to use my response cards A LOT my first couple of months on the program. But I can attest the building the resistance muscle, saying no choice and not about me really does make dieting easier and easier. I wish you luck, and I know you can do it. :)

Ruthxxx Just wondering are you having sabotaging thoughts that encourage you to avoid reading the book? :?: If so, just open the book and read it for 5 minutes. You can always stop reading it you dont find it interesting

11-02-2009, 10:39 PM
Hello Everyone:

BillBlueEyes- credit to you for not buying or eating any Halloween stuff. This is my first year since I have been old enough to eat candy that I have not eaten any. Hurray for us. Also your granola recipe looks great.

Lady Windsong- loonies are Canadian $1 coins. I know what you mean about doubts, I am also trying to keep it at bay. I am also like you trying to live in the minute and not get to far ahead of myself.

wndranne- another Halloween resister. :)

FutureFitChick- thanks for the welcome. I totally agree with you that planning meals is one of the keys. I know as soon as I don't, I hit snags and end up eating things I don't want to be eating.

maryblu- what a wonderful experience you had with the cows!! And thank you for your words about just following the plan and that leading to success. I am trying to just do it and so far, so good.

Beach Patrol- credit for eating healthy when you did not want to!!! Your spaghetti dinner sounds great, know what you mean about pasta to start with the salad.

Shepherdess-I know how you felt being disappointed with the cupcake. Now when I want a treat it has to be fabulous or else. Congratulations on the 5 lbs. and great that you got yourself an outfit.

Nuxmaga-looks like you had a great day yesterday.

gardenerjoy-Credit about the peanuts, they are pretty hard to resist.

The last 2 days for me have been --- a mess. We are having family crises on all fronts and before reading Beck, those type of problems would have sent me running for comfort food, and lots of it. I have been ploughing through by saying "I am doing this anyways." This being eating well and on plan, walking 2 times per day like I said I would, planning all meals ahead of time, and doing my weights. And it is working. No Choice. Even if everything else sucks right now.

This morning the scale said I've lost 10 pounds. :)

Have a good day tomorrow everyone!!!:wave:

11-02-2009, 11:55 PM
I selected food off of a lite menu at a restaurant lunch today. I think that's a first -- possibly due to childhood trauma of watching my mother suffer through the Diet Plate of cottage cheese and fruit while I ate a delicious burger and fries. Fortunately, lite lunches have come a long way since then -- a grilled chicken breast with roasted tomato and pesto, brown rice, steamed veggies (mostly bok choy) and a lovely grilled lemon to squeeze over them all.

WI: -0.15kg (new low), Exercise: +50, 50/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses:

maryblu: Your herding day sounds like a terrific experience. Thanks for the pep talk! Looks like I'm going to join the 5 pound a month club -- that's exactly what I lost in October.

LADY WINDSONG: Look at you! Already in Chapter 3!

BillBlueEyes: Yay for balance in all forms

FutureFitChick: Good job in preparing food in advance!

Shepherdess: Hooray for the 5 pounds! And good for you for celebrating. I found the slow and steady argument very convincing, too.

BeachPatrol: you are doing great with your eating and exercise! And I love your cheery messages to all of us. I don't track calories either -- it's working so far!

ChinaMaine: Hope you're soon happily sleeping!

CeeJay: Yay for the 10 pounds! That's terrific! So sorry you are dealing with multiple crises but huge kudos for doing it in a new way. You are inspiring!

11-03-2009, 12:06 AM

got thru my first workshop! Im enjoying my 2nd glass of wine...knowing that I havent had dinner. So eating a meal is ok this time.

Is it ok to say Im happy the picture was taken from the back of the room? :lol:

no exercise, Ive been concentrating on not tossing my cookies before this class, and trying to keep everything under control

Stress eating has been a major issue the last couple days. I have 2 more days to practice not stress eating before the next workshop.

Night all :wave:

11-03-2009, 06:08 AM
RobinW you will fly. :)

gardenerjoy I know you felt good about yourself. We can eat out and enjoy our 'lite' meal.

CeeJay wonderful news. 10 woo hoo. Keep it up.

ChinaMaine I am smiling from ear to ear for your great day.

maryblu we just will and you are doing it. NJ

11-03-2009, 06:14 AM
Good Morning,

My first thought when I woke was "I don't have to eat what I really don't want".

Changing my thoughts will change my actions.

Food can call my name, but I am working on turning a deaf ear.

This will be an adventure in finding and understanding me.

I really have never put me first. Now I have to learn that I can and my world won't crumble.

Thinking thin is foreign to me. Full? Really? Eating when hungry? Ok, listen, listen, listen.


11-03-2009, 06:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I was close enough, by volume, to eating on plan yesterday, CREDIT moi, but rather grazed my way though a pot luck dinner. We ate from tiny plates in the presence of the food - as if we were having tapas, LOL. So I went back for shrimp several times and with that excursion from my Beck strategies, just helped myself to a handful of roasted peanuts. Didn't need the peanuts - I have a jar in my pantry that I ignore without thinking about them - but once I've slightly drifted away from on-plan the next step is easier. Since this is a monthly affair as part of a volunteer group, I'll have many more opportunities to get this under control.

On my walk home after gym, CREDIT moi, I had this thought to walk through CVS Pharmacy to just look at the Halloween candy on sale. Good grief. I suppose that after decades of buying the half price stuff after each holiday, there are still neurons dedicated to grabbing my share.

maryblu - Yay for exuberance; I just love it, and irrational exuberance is my favorite kind. Thanks for the mini lesson on grass fed beef and for the phrase "junk" red meat, "junk" chicken. Good to be reminded that food is not a commodity.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for the stress before a presentation; BTDT. Kudos for marching forward with your new business venture. Thanks for the picture - the meeting looks well attended.

ChinaMaine - Good grief!! $3.89 per pound lobster. I bet you're having it twice per week. Hope that's just a temporary sale - hard to believe that the lobster fishermen are thriving when the retail price is that low. Love thinking about your drive through Acadia National Park - you've got one of the world's most beautiful spots there. Sending sleeping thoughts your way.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the new low scale reading. Drooling over your roasted tomato pesto; Yep, Kudos for ordering from the lite menu, particularly since you had to overwrite some childhood neurons to do it.

FutureFitChick - LOL at converting clouds into distant mountains. Kudos for planning and food prep in advance. My experience is that that stuff does take time; this mindful eating has a cost. It's clearly worth it to me, but acknowledging the cost makes it easier for me to schedule it in and, when required, to miss a movie or such every now and then.

Beach Patrol - hmmmm... tomato soup with salsa - gotta try that. Yay for oatmeal and Kudos for oatmeal slowly while sitting.

Shepherdess - Congrats on the lost five pounds. Kudos for giving yourself a reward of new duds - especially since you needed them. And Kudos for accepting the slow and steady notion.

LADY WINDSONG - Kudos for marching through the first three chapters of Beck. It's easy to believe that eating mindfully can bust a huge bunch of the overeating that contributes to carrying excess weight.

CeeJay - Ouch for the crises on all fronts. Sending supportive thoughts as you find your path through those. Big Kudos for staying on plan in the midst of it all, especially for your first Halloween ever without the candy.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Here's what your diet coach can do:

Keep you motivated. Your diet coach can encourage you by helping you remember why all of your efforts are worthwhile. Give him or her a copy of your Advantages Response Card. When you're on the verge of giving into a craving - when those sabotaging thoughts pop up - turn to your coach. If you start getting discouraged and want to throw in the towel, your coach (as keeper of your memories) can remind you that you don't usually feel that way and that most of the time you actually feel good about dieting.

. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 84.

11-03-2009, 12:49 PM
Hello Coaches:

I last posted in October and seems like lots has happened since then. It started when I was reading here on 3FC and I got a pop up ad for a place called the Bariatric Medical Institute here in the town I live in. I NEVER click on ads- way too internet savvy I am- but I had never heard of it before so click I did. Well turns out they are not a fly by night quack weightloss organization. I made an appointment and saw the Dr. and was told about all aspects of their program. As a participant you see the Dr, you see a dietician, you see a personal fitness trainer and are required to go to exercise classes 3x a week in-house, and you have access to a psychologist if you need that. The weightloss goals are 1-3lbs a week and the longterm goal is to keep the weight off aka maintenance. The Dr. told me they don't want repeat customers. So the program is a 22week program done in four phases. Plus an optional 1 yr of maintenance with continuing access to the professionals. I'm all about maintenance I DO NOT want to be facing doing
this yet again a year from now.

It's expensive but it means a real in your face committment on my part. I tend to always put my foodplan and my exercise and my planning on the backburner and I don't keep at it long enough to make it stick. With this program I'd really be in it and I need something like that. My sister has offered to pay for 1/2 of the program for me for my birthday and the cheque is in the mail as my birthday is tomorrow. November has traditionally been a very great month for me to start weightloss programs. And this year there is a calm space in my life to do this. I don't have the crazy craft show schedule or the crazy school deadlines. I can take the time to focus on me throughout the winter and with the team of weightloss professionals to keep me honest and on track until I get a program that is authentic to me I can have some success with this and then success will propel me forward.

The Dr. gave me a bloodtest requisition and it is very thorough. They'll be testing me for my metabolic rate by having me breathe into something. And then once they get the raw data from the blood test and the body tests (metabolic rate/physical strength & flexibilty) they start to craft a program to address me and only me. He said no food is off limits and they want me to like what I am doing inthe theory that if you like it you'll be more inclined to keep doing it.

What a novel sane approach.

Of course, I question the $ and why I need so much attention. Can't I just do this on my own? Maybe. But my long time history, 30+ years now, of battling my weight works on my mind against me. I think I would really benefit from the full frontal weight loss assault team beside me and you guys too! I'm back on Beck, Day One, as it'll probably be close to 2 weeks before I officially begin my new food plan anyway.

I can't see a down side to this plan. All I see is fuzzy hope.

Here's the link to where I am planning on going

Kudos to everyone here! We're really doing well...

11-03-2009, 01:04 PM
Sticky notes, notebook and 3x5 we go to the dollar shop!

11-03-2009, 01:06 PM
Good morning (barely), all.

Yesterday I recorded all of my food, and ate all of it while sitting. I need to improve eating without distraction, however. I also made my lunch for today (but am home with a bad cold, so I'll save it for tomorrow). I also read my Advantages card last night and this morning.

Today I read Day 8 out of The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. This section discussed the importance of making time for your healthy lifestyle activities. I really thought this was wonderful and so practical. I don't think I have ever seen any other diet program address this before. Whenever I'd fall off track, I would feel like I was not dedicated enough/committed enough and i just needed to try harder. But, in reality, I wasn't setting aside the time to make these behaviors happen, forgetting that time is a limiting reagent. So, I thought this was really great information.

Beach Patrol, great job on tracking your food and planning your exercise. When I married my husband, he came with a spaghetti measurer that allows me to only cook the appropriate amount (it measures the diameter of the spaghetti). Maybe you could try that?

BillBlueEyes, I will have to remember your comment just helped myself to a handful of roasted peanuts. Didn't need the peanuts - I have a jar in my pantry that I ignore without thinking about them - but once I've slightly drifted away from on-plan the next step is easier. This is so true. I have the ingredients to make nearly anything I want to at home. But, at the confluence of social factors, time, and unclear thinking, there I am with food in my mouth.
This was also really helpful to read (and funny). I had this thought to walk through CVS Pharmacy to just look at the Halloween candy on sale. Good grief. I suppose that after decades of buying the half price stuff after each holiday, there are still neurons dedicated to grabbing my share. Yeah. That whole neuronal plasticity thing seems to happen really slowly in the midst of changing habits, doesn't it? Anyhow, credit to you for great realization about ingrained eating tendencies.

CeeJay, major congratulations to you on sticking with your program in the midst of chaos. That is so hard (and I am really far away from getting that down). Also, great job on the loss.

ChinaMaine, what is a WAV? I am soooo jealous of your lobster! I just keep thinking about it. I think it is like $14.99/lbs out here. Soooo jealous! I just have to keep telling myself that someday I will live where I can get fresh seafood! I hope your insomnia improves soon. That can be very exhausting. Credit to you for taking care of yourself to deal with it.

GardenerJoy, great job on healthy selections while eating out. That is such a great feeling when that is successful. Grilled lemon sounds intriguing.

Lady Windsong, great job on your commitment to reading and for getting your supplies ready for CREDITS!

Maryblu, I found your post very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

Onebyone, best of luck in your decision making. I found it appealing that they don't sell products and that you have unlimited access to the professional staff if you need. They appear well-credentialed and the program looks well-grounded in science. Can you ask your regular physician if they know of this clinic? Good luck!

RobinW, congratulations on the successful workshop and best wishes for you to keep on track!

Shepherdess, congratulations on the loss. I was really great to hear that you are accepting the slow gradual weight loss. I needed to hear that today too. Next time you are in your pantry or at the store, check out how heavy a 5# sack of flour is!

Have a great day!

Beach Patrol
11-03-2009, 01:42 PM
Lady Windsong ~ WOOHOO for reading Chapter 3!!! And for changing your thought pattern in order to change your actions. You're right! Food might call out your name, but it can't make you eat it! I like your stance that this will be an adventure in finding and understanding yourself. It certainly has been for me, so far!

Maryblu ~ WOW-WEE!!!! 90+ pounds!!!! That's a hoopla-lot! and maintained for 7+ years... :carrot: That's just incredible!!! Five pounds per month, steadily & consistently - that would be just fine with me... that's 60 pounds a year! And you are SO RIGHT that you get to a point where you don't want to feel stuffed. That is my main thing right now & I'm just in week 3 of doing BECK. I love not feeling stuffed - LOVE IT!!

ChinaMaine ~ YAY that you read your cards & made a plan. And YAY for exercising! (and it's ok to be "lazy" on a Saturday! ain't that why they made Saturdays in the first place? :D )

CeeJay -10 pounds!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Gardenerjoy ~ YAY for you for your "new low" and for eating OP and exercising and reading your Advantages/Responses!!

RobinW ~ Two more days to practice not stress eating is good! I have to practice that myself as well! - and PRACTICE is what makes us good!!!

Bill ~ BIG CREDITS for eating on plan yesterday and your walk/gym time!

:cp: for everybody!!!!

As for me...
Did NOT have spaghetti last night as planned... sometime around 3 or 4pm I realized I was NOT hungry AT ALL (usually am wanting a snack by then!) so I called Hubby & canceled the spaghetti. I knew there was no way I'd be hungry enough to eat it last night! - so .... (drum roll) I had soup (I'm diggin' on the soup & oatmeal right now, obviously!) again for dinner. And I didn't eat all of that, either.

Oatmeal this morning... out on the back deck, under the cool crispness of a blue-sky, it was so calm & serene. I ate slowly & I'm getting better & better at that!

Walked yesterday, walked today (Yay!) and it's almost 1pm, and I will have my healthy planned lunch in about 15 minutes.

Things are going very well for me this week! - Yippee!!!! :cb: On plan with food, and on plan with exercise! :dancer: Still need to work on reading my response cards more often, because I feel myself getting cocky & just going with the flow, and I don't think that's helpful. SO... will try to read my response cards MORE OFTEN. :D

11-03-2009, 06:05 PM
Onebyone, I don't see a downside, either. It is a credible program, so what if it costs money? So does poor health. Sometimes spending the money correlates to commitment. You GO, girl. And Happy BD!

Beach Patrol..I am roflmao at your "crisp" morning...try 30 *that is CRISP! lol. 70 degrees? I won't see that until April if I am lucky! I second your love of good old-fashioned Campbell's tomato soup made with milk and the salsa is definitely a good idea, especially since I still have my friend's homemade stuff. Try the tomato soup made with milk with a jar of baby food carrots stirred in..yummy and filling..great comfort food.

If anyone really figures out how to limit a pasta serving, lemme know, though I gotta tellya, I can't even eat regular anymore..must have my Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta from of all places..Wallyworld!

Good work, all.

11-03-2009, 07:12 PM
It’s been one of those days where I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since the alarm went off this AM. I have managed to stay on plan, eating wise. And I think I’m just about done, so I will get a chance to get a run in before dinner. We’re having another beautiful day and I feel the need to enjoy this weather while it lasts!

Futurefitchick, kudos on prepping ahead of time and for having a good attitude about it. Yes it takes a little extra time to eat healthy, but it is worth it! Good job recording all of your food. Thanks for the 5lb sack of flour visual. I did that at the grocery store last night. It’s pretty significant.

Beach Patrol, sounds like a healthy food day. Yay for keeping a food diary. I find it helpful, not only because I see where I’m eating more than I thought I was, but also because I’m less likely to eat things I know I shouldn’t when I’m going to have to report them. It’s all about accountability! Kudos for walking and for realizing you weren’t hungry and changing plan accordingly.

Lady Windsong, looks like reading in Beck is going well. Mindful eating, it’s so simple and obvious, but something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. But it sounds like you are off to a good start.

Maryblu, thanks for the encouraging words. I definitely see the benefit to the slow process. I have lost weight plenty of times, but it always involved a lot of deprivation. Once I was done with the diet, my body was so relieved I was feeding it again that I gained it all back. I agree that this is the way to go and I am feeling positive about losing for good.

ChinaMaine, it sounds like you are showing your MIL a wonderful time. Lobster 3 days in a row—my dh would be so jealous. Best of luck on the insomnia.

CeeJay, so sorry for the family crisis, but huge kudos for staying on track in spite of the chaos. If you can handle this situation, you can handle any situation. Two walks a day is a much better stress release than food anyways. Congrats on 10 lbs down!

Gardenerjoy, good job for ordering off of the light menu and extra kudos for enjoying it! I’m so glad restaurants have figured out that low calorie, low fat can be delicious.

RobinW, I hope the workshops are going well. I totally understand those nerves. I teach occasionally, when I can find enough students, and am always a wreck beforehand. Good luck on avoiding stress eating.

BillBE, good job avoiding the detour to look at leftover Halloween candy. I had a similar thought yesterday when I was at the grocery store and I saw the baskets of candy on sale. I had a momentary urge to look through it just to see what they had. It’s an odd thought, considering I’ve ignored all the candy leading up to Halloween. The potluck is always a tough situation, but it sounds like the damage was minimal.

Onebyone, happy birthday. It sounds like it could be a great program, particularly since you will have so much professional support. I second Maryblu's "So what if it costs money." You deserve the personal attention, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the dietician, personal trainer and the psychologist. Best of luck.

11-04-2009, 12:01 AM
Just a quick check-in tonight.

Hello to everyone and thanks for all your comments. I am loving this group. :hug:

Giving myself credit for another day of keeping my commitments- ate well and on plan, resisted the tarts on the table right in my face all day in a long (and very boring) meeting, and walked twice.

I found a quote I really liked that goes along with my journey to lose weight:

"Fall seven times, stand up eight." ~Japanese Proverb~


11-04-2009, 12:49 AM
I overate my afternoon snack. Every part of me was just screaming "Just one more piece." And I gave in. Twice. In hindsight, I suspect that I should have interpreted that inner screaming to really be saying "a longer break, please."

I've always used food as a way to take a break. And I'm not really sure how to take a break without food. The scheduled eating with Beck helped me get away from that, but it wasn't so much that I learned other ways to take breaks -- I just stopped taking breaks except when they correspond to my scheduled eating.

So, still some work to be done on the concept of food as break and on experimenting to see how else breaks can be taken.

It came up now because I'm doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month is November -- a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in a month). It's obviously rather intensive and breaks are necessary, but I'm not good at taking breaks.

WI: no change in kg, Exercise: +37, 87/1300 minutes for November, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

RobinW: good job on the workshop and this is a great way to look at things: 2 more days to practice not stress eating

LADY WINDSONG: that's a great first thought of the day: "I don't have to eat what I really don't want"

BillBlueEyes: Good job on getting the volume right and on seeing the opportunity to get things under control.

onebyone: I'm so glad that you're excited about working with this clinic. Great job on getting yourself there and working out something to make it go!

FutureFitChick: Good job on realizing the time factor and how it effects your behaviors. Credit for changing your eating habits a little at a time!

BeachPatrol: Great job on all the on plan things!

Shepherdess: Way to go staying on plan even while running around!

CeeJay: great job on avoiding meeting treats -- that's a hard one!

11-04-2009, 06:42 AM
gardenerjoy even though you ate them, you realized what you could have done. Credit you. I love to write, what are you writing?

CeeJay we can always get back up!

Shepherdess gg and enjoy your run.

Beach Patrol woo hoo you are doing well and get those cards out.

FutureFitChick sitting is good. Make some activity time soon.

Bill, did you grab? NJ on your great day.

11-04-2009, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had lentils with tomatoes and kale over broccoli slaw for lunch both days this week; CREDIT moi. Just mentioning that to give myself credit for taking the time on Sunday to make a big batch - half of it frozen for a future week- since we wrote yesterday about taking the time to make our eating plan work. The kale was from our community garden; it's still growing strong.

While wrestling a difficult - as in I don't wanna be doing this - problem at work, I had this Urge for a snack. Was neat that I immediately recognized that I really just wanted to avoid an unpleasant task. I just kept going, but next time that happens I'll grab my notebook and walk briskly like a man on a mission down three flights of stairs, around a loop, and back to get the benefits of a vending machine run without the Hersey's Chocolate Bar with Almonds.

Walked after work; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Yay for Whole Wheat pasta - wherever you have to go to buy it. LOL that you got tweaked to post "try 30 *that is CRISP!" We haven't seen that yet.

onebyone - Happy Birthday. Read the site, I agree they do seem real, I didn't know such places existed. Yep, it's a bunch of money, and Yep, it costs less if you get the same results without spending it. But, if you're having trouble getting traction to get going, this will certainly provide that. And for staying on track for the 22 weeks, 3+ scheduled appointments a week should do that. I also don't see a downside, if you can see how to get the money before you start to avoid the awful choice of staying on your program or paying rent. And if you can see that you won't build resentment for the money spent. If that seems under control, then charge forward with full onebyone enthusiasm toward "fuzzy hope." I'll be here cheering.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay that you're underway writing your NaNoWriMo novel. Interesting that you're dealing with the need for a break from intensity, not from boredom. But still dealing with the need for a break without food. It's a new thought for me to consider scheduling a five minute walk break; gonna try it.

FutureFitChick - Neat to be reminded that the hard when using the Beck strategies isn't like a white-knuckling-hard, but a commit-the-time-to-do-this hard, so pithily stated by your, "time is a limiting reagent." Kudos for putting in your time.

And thanks also for the reminder that these old neurons change ever so slowly. It's such a wonder that they can remember faces after twenty years and remember to ride a bicycle after forever. So it shouldn't be such a surprise that they remember to take seconds, to buy sale candy after Halloween, and to head to a vending machine to avoid tension. So, a new Helpful Response: This isn't about wanting seconds, this is about remembering my past.

Beach Patrol - Yay for "soup & oatmeal" - when you're on a roll, keep on keeping on.

Shepherdess - Kudos for being an on plan "chicken" - busy is a great distraction from eating, LOL. And Kudos for actually going to pick up the five pound sack of flour; that's such a good encourager - I gotta go do that.

LADY WINDSONG - Neat strategy there, "working on turning a deaf ear" to food calling your name; gonna try that.

CeeJay - Kudos for resisting tarts, but Double Kudos for resisting them during a boring all day meeting. There should be a sensor that detects when more than half the attendees are more than 50% bored and give the speaker a mild shock, LOL.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Here's what your diet coach can do:
. . .

Build your self confidence. Your diet coach can help make sure that you give yourself credit on an ongoing basis. And when you slip and think, I can't do this anymore, your diet coach can help you get back on track and remind you of what you've learned to get to that point. Your diet coach can counteract your sense of helplessness.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 84.

11-04-2009, 07:21 AM
I'm getting desperate so today, right after my gym session, I will sit down at the kitchen table with my 9:30 coffee and start reading The Book! After over 50 years of dieting, I need to learn some new stuff because the old mind-set is worn out.

11-04-2009, 08:45 AM
the way stress effects me never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday was a crash and burn day. I went to the shop in the morning and after 3 cups of coffee, hubs finally said "go home, go to bed" I could barely stay awake!! I went home and slept for 4 hours!

Back in bed early last night, and so far so good this morning :lol:

I suspect once I get more used to this it will be easier on my system :rolleyes: one can only hope right?

Food was right on yesterday, exercise was walking back and forth to the shop.

Have a great day everyone!

11-04-2009, 09:31 AM
You can choose. Isn't this a wonderful idea.
To chose.
You make the decision to do something or not.
You have to know that you are worth it.
You don't have to fear what you don't see.
It is inside you to let yourself go and to know that you will be okay.
Choose today to think differently.
Make it happen.

11-04-2009, 12:42 PM
I got my run in yesterday evening, but forgot about the time change. I was admiring the beautiful sunset until it dawned on me that I was going to be running home in the dark. Luckily, there was that lovely harvest moon to light my path home.

Today we are preg testing the cows. I was prepared for a busy day in the corrals, but we have a ton of help and dh said he didn't need me to be there. I have plenty of other things to do, but I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed. As Maryblu can attest, working the livestock can be a lot of fun. I'm bringing the guys lunch, so I may just stick around and help whether they need me or not.

I made batch of brownies for their lunch, and of course, they smelled good in the oven. Brownies aren't on the plan for today. I just reminded myself that I'd rather have wine this evening. I did cut myself a small peice and put it in the freezer for sometime next week, so I'm not completely depriving myself.

CeeJay, good job avoiding tarts right in front of you. That's a tough thing to do. And kudos for getting your exercise. Thanks for the great proverb.

Gardenerjoy, good insight that you're snacking because you need a break. Writing is hard work, although not everyone realizes it. The South Dakota author Linda Hasselstrom writes that her rancher neighbors always ask her if she's got a real job yet. Have you tried taking a stretch break, a walk break or maybe just taking a few minutes for some deep breathing. Just some thoughts. Best of luck on your writing!

BillBE, your lentils sounds wonderful. My mom used to make good lentil soup. I haven't made it in a while, but you've got me thinking about making some. Kudos for taking the time to make it. I liked your idea for simulating a vending machine run. It gives you the mental break you need, and the bonus is you not only skip extra calories, but burn a few extra in the process.

Ruthxxx, kudos on getting to the gym and good for you for just sitting down and reading your book. There are always a million things that you can think of to do instead of starting on the book, but, at least in my case, procrastination is just my mind resisting change. Best of luck!

RobinW, sorry about the crash and burn, but kudos for you for getting the rest you need and good job choosing such a great husband who gives you the break you need. Big congrats on a good food day!

Lady Windsong, the idea of choice is so empowering. It's so easy to get bogged down in old habits and all those things you can't control. But when you focus instead on all the choices we can make, it becomes clear how much power we have over our own lives.

Beach Patrol
11-04-2009, 02:56 PM
Onebyone ~ The only downside I see is the money - but if you can swing it, then go for it! And HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Maryblu ~ 30 degrees? No thanks! I'm truly a southern girl! - when it's 30 degrees, I'm huddled under a blankie, with a blazin' fire going, and a cup of hot chocolate or tea or coffee. I'll keep my "crisp 60ish degrees" in the morning as long as mother nature complies!

Shepherdess ~ Ummmmm brownies! Congrats to you for choosing either wine OR brownie and not both! And nothing wrong with keeping a small piece so as to not deprive yourself. Deprivation is NEVER good!

I bet your run home under the harvest moon was divine! - I know it was beautiful shining on the lagoon in my back yard early this (crisp!) morning!

CeeJay ~ BIG credits for one more day of sticking to your commitments- eating well/on plan, & resisting those "tarts" - and walking - TWICE! WOO HOO for you!!!

Gardenerjoy ~ I have found that the best way to take a break is to do something PHYSICAL. Whether it's a quickie-walk around the block (or building) or some light stretching, deep breathing - it's way better than turning to food.

Bill ~ Way to go for recognizing the fake hunger! I've often thought I was "hungry" when I was bored OR over-stimulated by work - and I bet that walk you had after work was a good way to unwind from that unpleasant task. YAY!!!

Ruthxxx ~ I hope the BECK works for you - I can't boast about any super weight loss (yet!) but I can say that after only a few weeks, my mindset has REALLY changed. I am very pleased at the positive reinforcement techniques that BECK teaches. And I can see how these techniques can work in other areas of my life as well. So start reading and good luck to you!

RobinW ~ stress is a horrible thing! - I do everything I can to avoid it! - and I have found great benefits in a good night's sleep! So when your body yells "sleep!" - then yeah, sleep! It's good for you!

YAY to all BECKstars!!!!

As for me...

food - on track
exercise - on track
positive thinking - on track! :cp:

So, til next time... :wave:


11-04-2009, 07:53 PM
Good evening, Coaches/Buddies. I read the next section in Beck today, which discussed the importance of committing to an exercise plan. I am still formulating what my plan will be, but will update you when I figure it out. I read my cards today and ate well and sat for breakfast (I ate lunch in the car between meetings). I am headed out to a pizza dinner, so hopefully that will go well too. I have been a bit under the weather with a cold, so as a result have been sleeping a ton.

Beach Patrol, great job on staying on track with everything. You have a fantastic attitude. Maybe its all of that sun you get that I'm missing now.

BillBlueEyes, I thought this was a really cool notion. So it shouldn't be such a surprise that they remember to take seconds, to buy sale candy after Halloween, and to head to a vending machine to avoid tension. So, a new Helpful Response: This isn't about wanting seconds, this is about remembering my past. Thanks for sharing. Also, CREDIT for recognizing the benefit of the candy bar run sans candy bar. That's a great idea I'll have to incorporate.

CeeJay, CREDIT for pastrie de la resistance! That is a huge downfall for me, so I am really admiring your desire to stay on plan.

GardenerJoy, CREDIT for recognizing why you overate. That's really important and easy to overlook. Also, good luck with NaNoWrMo. I'm thinking about applying that philosophy to my dissertation writing when it comes to be time. Keep posting on how it is going, please.

LadyWindsong, CREDIT for and keep up the good attitude!

Maryblu, I have a spaghetti measurer that measurers the diameter of the uncooked noodles to portion them out. It's a little messy, but much more reliable for me than just piling it on my plate.

RobinW, CREDIT for taking care of your tiredness. Sleep is so important, especially for weight loss.

Ruthxx, CREDIT for getting to the gym. You can do it!!! We're cheering you on.

Shepherdess, CREDIT for freezing your brownie for later. That is a great way to let yourself know your not being deprived but still let you incorporate it into your plan at another time.

Happy mid-week to everyone.

11-04-2009, 10:12 PM
Hello Coaches

I had a good day. I got my artwork finished last night and hung it for exhibit this morning, got to ceramic class after that and started a new project that looks like it'll be bigger than I anticipated (the projects always have these alternate ideas that I never know until I get to work on them), I came home to a home cooked birthday dinner and I've been relaxing for a few hours now, my gift to myself this evening. I had zero expectations for this birthday and have been pleasantly surprised. I awaoke to a present from DH waiting for me before I left for the day-unexpected as we agreed to postpone both the birthday and the anniversary celebrations until we had more money. My friends remembered and that was nice. I got a Tim Horton's gift card from DH's mom in the mail and that was nice too. I think what's made me so content is reflecting on the year that's gone by. It was good. Really good. I did a lot of good work and I can feel things shifting in my life which is great as I also feel I am definitely embarking on the second half of my life. I need to get my house in order and I am sure this is the year I will begin to truly deal with this weight I carry. It's really time to right what wrong and push forward with what is working. I visualize it as a giant U-turn like I have the time and the space to turn some things around if I do the work this coming year. I am going to really try and do that.

FutureFitChick I have managed to incorporate unplanned exercise in my day most days. Planned exercise is another thing. I've been better with that in the past than I am now. Kudos for reading your book and contemplating what you'll do to follow Beck's suggestions.

Beach Patrol Thanks for the birthday wishes. Kudos for being 100% on track today!

Shepherdess I saw that gorgeous moon too. credit for your run under it and for making brownies and giving them to those you intended to give them to.;)

LADY WINDSONG Choice is a quality of thinking beings, even bad choices tell us what we don't want. thanks for the thought.

RobinW I may share in some of that pre-show/talk jitteriness too. I'm about to start telling people I'll come to their house and teach a small group to make things and while I am sure I can do it it's still scary. But being nervous is normal if it's something you've never done before... and it does get better with practice. Kudos for having the guts to do what doesn't come naturally!

Ruthxxx I too am a chronic dieter. I've had some success keeping some weight off but it all came back this year. I am where I was 6 years ago now but it won't stay that way. With me there's a strange perfectionism streak that makes me not want to try something for fear that it won't work anyway. This is actually a family trait/belief system and it does me no good whatsoever. Weight issues are where these beliefs live in me more so than any other area of my life. Read the book. Everything you are looking for may not be there but I'll bet you'll be surprised at what you find in it instead!

BillBlueEyes As you know money issues are always happenin' in my world. My sister is sending me 1/2 the $ for the clinic. That covers me for the first 6 weeks and 3/4 of the next phase. I can find the extra hours at the school to cover my payments and put the $ aside slowly. I definitely will not resent the $ if it works for me! I think I really need the constant reminder of committing to a program. I let things slide way too easily right now. I'm too darn happy in general... but that won't last if health issues push forward simply due to my own negligence. Really. Kudos for recognizing the urge to eat to fix an emotion; even greater kudos for working your resistance muscle on it.

'night everyone.

11-04-2009, 10:44 PM
Hi All,
Feeling some major craft show preparation stress, and turning to the old neural pathways and eating pudding parfaits, potato chips etc. I was down 2 lbs yesterday, after 2 weeks of not weighing, so credit for that! It looks like I am in the 2 lbs a month club. At times it feels way too slow, but in the past it crept up about 2 lbs a month, and that is definitely more painful than slow loss. Today I tracked food, credit, walked 9700+ steps and turned the car around after starting to drive to a cupcake bakery, credit. Skipped Zumba, sigh. I know exercise reduces stress, but stress makes me less inclined to exercise. Arrgh. Well, I should go to bed. Hope to do personals soon. I enjoy reading everyone's entries so much.

11-04-2009, 10:52 PM
The doctor, after quizzing me about the measures Id taken to address my insomnia, asked me why I thought an anti-anxiety med might do the trick. I told her Id seen a counselor about anxiety and that my CBT tricks didnt help much at night, and that I slept fine on weekends when I wasnt anxious about work the next day. Then I told her about the life change we were experiencing with MIL. She gave me a prescription for a med that addresses anxiety. It doesnt cause cognitive difficulties for most folks. Ive taken it for 2 nights and am most impressed. Ive woken up as much as usual, but have fallen back to sleep pretty quickly. I dont think Ill take it on weekends, but will Monday to Thursday.

Food has been fine calorie-wise. But, Ive found that many higher fat foods really dont agree with my digestion anymore. For example -- on Sunday, we went to our favorite restaurant in Bar Harbot, with big windows overlooking the harbor. Although I usually have a salad or seafood when I go there, I was just craving a burger. And not just a burger, but one with cheese and carmelized onions. I have rules about this if I have a burger at a restaurant then I can top it with cheese or veggies, but not both. But I was just la-di-dah, I dont have to follow rules And for the next 4 hours I felt disgusting from all the fat in the meal. Oh well. We had a light dinner when we got home, so the calories ended up fine for the day.

:df: *2 day report* WI-down .9 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food op, Exercise op (48m/57m).

CeeJay :yay: for 10 lbs lost and for walking the Beck walk!

gardenerjoy :yay: for the new low and choosing to eat reasonably at a restaurant. Re: your problem about wanting to eat in order to take a break. Do you think you can do something healthier for a break a walk, doing laundry, petting the cat, anything just to stand up and move around?

Robin Kudos for getting thru your first workshop, and good luck with the stress eating. And credit for food op and exercise yesterday.

Bill I couldnt tell from you description of the potluck, did you choose healthy foods and eat only until full? Or did you eat the peanuts after you were already full? Lol at your solution for wanting to eat in order to avoid work. I *wish* I could make myself get up and do something when Im busy. I cant seem to pull that one off

one by one I think your new weight management program looks great. :bravo: taking such a bold step. The only thing that kind of set off a red flag for me is that it is a 6 month program. And I think most of us need more than 6 months to lose all the weight we need to lose. Are you happy with how they will continue to help you after the program is over?

It sounds like you are having a lovely b-day/anniversary. Its so uplifting to hear your optimism and happiness. Cheers! :cheers:

Future Fit Chick The concept of thinking like a thin person has probably had the biggest impact on how I view eating and exercise. I always take the opportunity to watch thin people eat, and ask them questions about what they do/think about food and exercise.

I misspelled it its actually WAVES ( They were a branch of the Navy in WWII composed only of women.

We promised MIL lobster and wine every day; we try to keep our word! ;) And the lobster here in Maine is soooo sweet and tender. You can get lobster here that was in the ocean the day before. Being out of the ocean for a while really seems to affect how it tastes. So, youll have to come here sometime to see how lobster should taste. :D

Beach Patrol Credit for the wise food choices and exercise you are doing great!

shepherdess Working the livestock does sound like fun! Credit for the moonlight run (must have been spectacular!) and great food choices.

Ruthxxx Did you like the book today?

Lady Windsong Today is indeed a new day!

11-04-2009, 11:48 PM
I did fine with snacks today -- identifying the problem is at least enough to make me cautious.

Hauled leaves for exercise -- aerobics, endurance, and strength training all in one practical activity!

WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +90, 177/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Thanks, everyone, for your advice about how to deal with my difficulties in taking a break. "Walk" seems to be the consensus answer and definitely one that I think will work for me.

Lady Windsong: I'm working on a fantasy romance. It's going well so far. My hero is entranced and my heroine barely knows he exists.

onebyone: Happy Birthday!

11-05-2009, 12:01 AM
Good Evening Everyone!!!

gardenerjoy- Your insight about not taking a break without food is right on!! I used to take breaks to smoke, then to eat. I am walking lots of short walks, keeps me away from the break room which 80% of the time has goodies on the table.

RobinW-sorry about your crash and burn day. Hope today was much better. Good for you for sticking to your plan and walking.

Lady Windsong- LOL. Anything thin is foreign to me too. LOL. I like your comments about looking at change as an adventure. Who know's what can happen, right?

BillBlueEyes- LOL re the half price Halloween candy. To heck with it, credit for you for walking the other way. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I am standing firm that despite trouble, I am not eating my way through it.

onebyone- welcome back and happy birthday.:hat: I loved reading about your desire to get things in order and turn things around. I am just starting down this path too and wish the same.

FutureFitChick-Credit for all your accomplishments- recording your food, sitting down to eat, making lunch and reading the Advantages cards. Fantastic.

Beach Patrol- Good for you for all you have accomplished this week. OP with food and exercise- I so know the danger of getting cocky. I find that the response cards are helping me with where I have been and don't want to go back to.

Shepherdess- Even though you were running around, you are on plan, so that's great. Agreed that walking is better than food for stress relief. I can't tell you how much better I feel when I get out in some fresh air. I think I had an easier time resisting tarts than I would have had with your homemade brownies. LOL.

Ruthxxx- how did the rest of the day go?

Nuxmaga- YAY for 2 pounds and for skipping the cupcake bakery.

ChinaMaine-glad you are sleeping better. And credit for being op with food and exercise.

For me another day on program for eating and for walking. I have been at this 3 weeks now and feel 100% better than I did 3 weeks ago. I am a little worried though because every other time I have tried to lose weight I start melting down at the 3 week point, you know what I mean- starting to eat extra food, then sugar, then saying to **** with it for certain meals, and that is the end of all my good intentions in another week or two. And I always lose a bunch fast (like this time 10 lbs in 3 weeks) but that dramatically tapers off now. So before that would be a huge disappointment too. This time I am accepting that I will not be losing at this rate for much longer and that is OK. So I am determined to pass this next week and that will be a huge accomplishment for me.

Wishing everyone a good day tomorrow.:)

11-05-2009, 05:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A late meeting at work got me out of sync. I considered skipping gym, but put off the errands instead; CREDIT moi. For each one of my d*rn lunges, I thought I could have skipped this, LOL.

Leftover Halloween candy appeared in the mail room - ignored by me, of course, CREDIT moi. People are getting desperate, LOL. I'm ready to stop seeing the stuff.

onebyone - Nice birthday. Sounds like you're clear that you're on your new journey. Kudos for getting your artwork finished and hung; you do seem to have a knack for making those deadlines.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for working for an employer who sends you home for a nap when you're exhausted. Good choice.

ChinaMaine - Glad you're getting some sleep. Ouch for the reaction to the hamburger; good warning for me since I'm contemplating a trip to a local "famous" hamburger place with DW. I've got this image of how much I'll enjoy it without considering that I haven't had a big hamburger plate in a few years. She thinks we'll need to split a plate in order to finish it. Methinks she's right, but it seems like a crime to split a hamburger, LOL.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yep, those old neural pathways are reminding you that you used to eat pudding farfaits to deal with stress. Fond memories of days gone by. Good luck preparing for your major craft show.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for leaf hauling as the all-in-one exercise plan. Yep, identifying the problem seems to be the biggest step.

FutureFitChick - Yay for sleeping a ton; Ouch for the cold that's causing that. The spaghetti we used to buy had a measuring diagram printed right on the box - a set of concentric circles marked for number of servings. LOL that you acquired one through marriage. Good luck choosing your exercise program.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for giving yourself credit for "positive thinking - on track!" Dreaming of a lagoon in my back yard.

Shepherdess - Now that's a neat idea - to put a piece of brownie in the freezer so that you don't feel deprived; Kudos. Lovely image of you running home under the Harvest Moon.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for a new mindset. Happy reading.

LADY WINDSONG - Always good to be reminded that I can choose. Re "did you grab?" Nope, I walked past without going in; left all that discounted candy for the people who needed it, LOL.

CeeJay - Kudos for identifying that the 3 week point is an important hurdle to be passed. And Kudos for continuing on plan despite troubles. Rooting for you from here.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Here's what your diet coach can do:
. . .

Help you solve problems. From time to time you'll encounter obstacles that can make sticking to this program difficult. You might find that you're too busy to find the time and energy you need to follow your diet. You might feel unmotivated. You might feel that other people, purposely or not, put roadblocks in your way. Let your diet coach help you solve both your diet and non-diet related problems. Two heads are better than one.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 84.

11-05-2009, 11:05 AM
another quick hello! :wave:

Tonight is our 2nd workshop and Im not feeling like Im going to throw up! :lol: Thats always a good thing.

I have made quite a few decisions over the last week, and stopping in here to drop a few lines just isnt helping me. I need to get my book back out and apply EVERYTHING Ive learned and APPLY IT I want to be successful in all aspects of my life. Ive been asking myself what good success is if I wont be around to enjoy it in 20 yrs because Ive let diabetes or heart disease take control of me. (Im not good with giving up control)

1. I will make time to post here and check in with my coaches
2. I will make time every morning to get to the gym
3. I will make time to prepare my food in advance
4. I will make time to read my cards
5. I will make time to take care of ME

...even if it isnt a perfect day, I will accept that it wasnt perfect and just get on with it.

Ok...with all that being said I need to dash! Get myself organized for tonight. :lol:

Have a great day everyone! :wave:

11-05-2009, 11:19 AM
Have to leave for a getting fixed.
Thank you all.
Until we meet again.

Beach Patrol
11-05-2009, 05:21 PM
FFChick ~YAY for reading your cards, eating well, and sitting down!!! :carrot:

1x1 ~ This WILL be the year for you! We're all here to support & help each other - you'll meet your goal if you don't give up! :yes: :D

Nuxmaga ~ WOO HOO for the "negative 2" !!!! And extra woohoos for tracking your food, 9700+ steps and ESPECIALLY for turning that car around!!!! :cheer2:

ChinaMaine ~ Double Yippee for reading your cards & making a plan! :cb:

Garndenerjoy ~ Identifying the problem is the biggest part of any solution! Way to go!!! :cp:

CeeJay ~ I have also been at this for 3 weeks; and like you, I too feel 100% better! WOO HOO! - :high:

Bill ~ SUPER for not skipping gym, and EXCELLENT on ignoring the left over Halloween candy!!!! :woohoo:

RobinW ~ congrats on making time to take care of YOU. That's where it all begins, when we realize we are responsible for ourselves! Yay, you! :congrat:


Today was not as "cheery" for me as normal. I contribute it to surfing the crimson tide. But I have read my cards, eaten healthy, sat down for my meals (including my snacks!!) and exercised. But I still feel very disappointed that I haven't lost any weight (not even 1/2 a pound! :?: :( ) in 3 weeks. I have read & re-read & read again my response card "I'm not trying to win The Biggest Loser here! Just want to be healthy & lose weight, not quickly, but rather FOR GOOD this time!" But I can't help it... that cracked thinking interferes from time to time "might as well forget it, I just can't lose this weight"... then I come here, and reading all the positive vibes from y'all makes me want to stick with it. So.... thanks! It really helps!!!! :encore:

Also... someone brought homemade carrot cake to work today. Everyone kept saying "oh, you HAVE to try a piece! it's so good!"... well, after lunch, I still felt a little bit hungry, and a co-worker said "Go ahead, just one slice!! It won't hurt!" ... and I said "Yeah, OK!..." and I cut a itty-bitty, eensy-weensy, t-tiny slice... ate two bites and took the rest to my desk... AND PROMPTLY FILE 13'd IT!!!! :D :D :D So, there's my "big credit" for the day. :yes: :bravo:

11-05-2009, 09:10 PM
Hello everyone.

Another day on track. That makes me so happy. Credit for eating healthy meals on plan, walking twice, resisting carrot cake and posting here.

I reluctantly decided to post my weight. I have never told anyone that number. Only my doctor knows that bit of info. I guess putting it up there is another way of deepening my commitment to this path and telling myself that this time is the last time.

BillBlueEyes- good for you for going to the gym even though you did not want to. I mean really, what could be more fun than lunges. LOL. Not that I would know-- the only thing I have lunged for in the past 30 years is food. :lol:

RobinW- sounds like you are recommitting to yourself. You sound very determined. :bravo:

Beach Patrol-we are on the same time line. Excellent, we will do this together. You did great today. Funny both our work places had carrot cake on the same day. I give you huge credit for keeping going, despite no movement on the scale. Do not give up, it will move again. You are doing great.:carrot:

11-05-2009, 11:19 PM
Today was a pretty low key day. Since Im sleeping better, Im waking up earlier. I love my time in the morning to exercise, read my cards, etc. I really dont like feeling rushed in the morning and if I sleep late to make up for insomnia, I always feel rushed. I also have more time to practice piano. :) My exercise was an upper body workout following by a 1 mile walk with Moose.

:df: WI-up 1.1 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food op, Exercise op (48m).

Bill I forgot to respond to your query about lobster prices. Yes, the market price for lobster has fallen through the floor since last September. Last winter we felt guilty eating lobster at $4.45 a lb because the lobsterman cant make money at that price. The only positive thing about the $3.89 lobster is that the retailer bought it directly from the lobsterman. So he may actually have made more money than those who caught the $4.45 lobster. But, I agree, I dont believe they can be making a living wage.

Omg I totally am in sync about the lunges. Ive tried to appreciate them, but they are the most evil exercise known to man. Nuf said

CeeJay Credit you for posting your weight. This is one big step towards taking the power back. The number on the scale is just a number, and it provides useful information. The conisistent steps you take every day to eat healthy and exercise are the real power here

Beach Patrol If its TOM, that could explain not showing any weight loss. Lets see what your weight is in a week or so, what do you think?

Robin :bravo: for your new commitments!!

gardenerjoy Kudos for the productive exercise of hauling leaves. I get tired just thinking about it. :)

11-06-2009, 12:54 AM
I made an appointment today for a free consultation with a curly hair specialist next week. I fully expect her to talk me into making a further appointment for a new color and a new style. Several things have come together recently that make me want to update my look. One, of course, being that I am successfully losing weight. I don't want to spend money on clothes right now, but it seems like the perfect time to start figuring out what hair style will work for me.

WI: +0.45kg, Exercise: +40, 217/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

CeeJay: I think you'll pass the three week mark with flying colors. I'm now about 12 weeks in -- which is precisely twice as long as I've ever managed to work a program before. Think of all the things that you are doing differently this time -- particularly posting here.
I surprised myself when I put my weight up, too. It seems to be part of the culture here and being open and honest about my weight in this one space helps me own my process.

BillBlueEyes: way to go with getting exercise in on a day that doesn't go according to schedule -- that can be such a challenge.

RobinW: your goals sound like a great way to get yourself in a position to make this all work for you

Beach Patrol: good job sticking to the plan even when the scale isn't rewarding you. I've been losing in fits and starts -- I've been stuck twice for about three weeks. I hope that satisfying whoosh of weight loss comes for you soon. And BRAVO! for eating only two bites of carrot cake!

ChinaMaine: so glad that you are sleeping better and reaping the benefits of early mornings.

11-06-2009, 06:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The leftover Halloween candy remains in the mail room, shrinking slowly; apparently demand is low. I'll fantasize that this means that everyone at work has become diet conscious, LOL. I continued to not take any - CREDIT moi - but monitored it each visit like a teenager reading Playboy.

Went for my dental cleaning; got the standard lecture that I should do more, "Do your brush for the full two minutes?" But got a FREE toothbrush as usual. As usual, I'm as drawn to a FREE toothbrush as I am to FREE food. Need to find a way to make myself replace my toothbrush monthly instead of waiting until I notice that the bristles are limp.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for digging into your "not good with giving up control" to take charge of your food and exercise plans. Now that's an insight. And thanks for the reminder, "I will accept that it wasnt perfect and just get on with it." Hope your second session went well.

ChinaMaine - Yay for morning time; Yay for being a morning person. Glad you continue to get your sleep. Thanks for the lobster update; can imagine it's a bind to enjoy the bargain prices when you identify with the lobstermen.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a positive sign to want to change your appearance. Kudos for charging forward there instead of putting it off until some fuzzy future time when you're 100% happy with your weight. Does "curly hair specialist" imply you arrive with curly hair looking for a new style, or arrive with straight hair to become curly?

Beach Patrol - Like the phrase, "I'm not trying to win The Biggest Loser." Kudos for keeping the faith as you wait for your body to let go a bit. And Kudos for tossing the carrot cake; I still shudder at the thought of tossing food - the starving children in China neurons.

LADY WINDSONG - Waving back, although perhaps you can't see this without a computer. See you when you return.

CeeJay - I like that play on words; next time I'm doing lunges at the gym I'll remember that I used to lunge for food, LOL. Kudos for another day on track and for posting your weight - a courageous act.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Here's what your diet coach can do:
. . .

Keep you accountable. Knowing that you have to report on your progress to someone can motivate you to stick to your plan. THIS IS A CRUCIAL COMPONENT OF THE PROGRAM. Dieters I've counseled have told me time and time again, "I didn't overeat because I knew I'd have to tell you about it." You'll keep yourself in line better if you know you're going to have to report to your diet coach. Make sure you're completely honest!
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 85.

11-06-2009, 01:05 PM
Hi, Coaches/Buddies. I've been doing lots of thinking over the last several days regarding future life plans. Eventually I came to realize that in order to care for another, I need to get my day to day life in order. I really struggle with routine, so this makes things even more difficult. So, I will really be focusing on getting my day to day routine (eating, exercise, meditation, etc.) set. Furthermore, I want to maintain a healthy routine for 1 year before I consider adding other responsibilities to my life.

For now, I have decided to commit to a calisthenics program that has a small aerobic component that I can do at home. I will also walk my dogs at least 3 times a week for >20 minutes. From there, my intention is to work toward a more aerobic activity, like swimming or dance.

I logged my food and ate while sitting. I also read my advantage cards, modifying them to add the following (to the others I already shared):

Advantage card #1

Reasons I want to lose weight:

1) *It is a primary example of self-care and unconditional love for myself.

Reasons I want to exercise:
1) I will feel strong.
2) I will feel energy in my body.
3) I will decrease jiggle.
4) I will improve my weight loss.
5) I will breath easier (eventually).
6) It will enable me to be more active with my dogs and my husband.
7) It may lead to me being able to take the bus (feeling more comfortable biking on public roads).
8) I will be less prone to injuries.
9) I will decrease stress build-up.
10) My body will feel stretched.
11) I won't feel "less than" my exercising/healthy weight friends.

Tonight, I will eat dinner without any distractions and focus on enjoying every bite. Tomorrow we are going out of town, so during the car ride, I will create a meal plan for at least the next week.

Beach Patrol, major CREDIT for ditching the carrot cake!!!!!! Do you measure your food?

BillBlueEyes, CREDIT to you for staying on track in the midst of wastefully packaged little bits of synthetic sweets! I hear your on the 2-minutes thing. I broke down and set a timer on my bathroom counter.

CeeJay, CREDIT to you for staying on your plan. THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT! You can do it and we are all rooting for you. Maybe you could think about it in terms of staying on plan for the next few days. I have always fallen off around three weeks too. You can do it!!:carrot:

ChinaMaine, between your habor talk and lobster talk I am dizzy with envy! CREDIT to you for getting to the doctor and also learning about how your body responds to high fat food now. I am really looking forward to that. I think it is so cool your mother-in-law was a WAVES. Was she a pilot too?

GardenerJoy, CREDIT to you for treating yourself without food.

LadyWindsong, see you soon!

Nuxmaga, your experience of turning the car around on the way to a cupcake is awe inspiring. Once I'm out of the house and headed there (at least previously), all bets are off. So, major CREDIT to you!

One by One, happy birthday. Your contented spirit is inspiring to me, bringing me some much needed thoughts of peace. You mentioned wanting to get your house in order. I have found this website ( to have some great tools to do just that. I know I don't have it all figured out yet, but this group of individuals has been really helpful and encouraging for the improvement I have made.

RobinW, I hope your presentation went well. CREDIT to you for realizing you need to prioritize yourself!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

11-06-2009, 04:40 PM
Hi Everyone,
I joined the site recently and have been roaming around the forum trying to catch up on some old posts. I came across an ad in my newspaper for the Ideal Protein Diet. I attended a meeting this past week and was interested, but the cost was too much to handle right now. ($80+ a week).
This is a doctor run program. The doctor mentioned the Beck diet, which I ran to Barnes and Noble and purchased. I'm so glad I found you guys :D.
I'm fat and forty and have tried WW, Nutrasystem, Jenny, Bead Diet and all have proved successful with a 30-50 lb weight loss. I always gain it back though. I am 5'8" and 210 now. My magic number would be about 170, but WW says I need to be about 164 (at the high end). I can't wrap my head around why I can't maintain after a loss. I'm kind of treating this book like my life coach.
I need a buddy! Will you be my buddies?
Has anyone been on the program for a while? Hows it going? I'm not expecting a killer weightloss. I have come to realize I'm stuck in a viscious cycle. Help!!:^:

11-06-2009, 09:31 PM
Welcome. You will get a much better welcome from our Cyber Shepperd, BillBlueEyes, but for now, welcome from me.

What strikes me is our similar stats..I am 5' 7 and 1/2..and was always ~220#s ..I conquered my weight issue a bit later in life than you are now tackling yours.... but I have maintained an 80# loss... and now 90#s for ~ 7 plus years..I never really tracked..I never had a "this- is- it--this -is- the- day -I -change- my -life -day" I am really not too certain of dates/times. The point is, you *can change your life, you *can do it, and we here on the Beck thread are ALL a woman..and one, very important man...*smile, BillBE, are here to support you. As you will learn from reading, just doing Beck that the diet itself is immaterial..they all work, if you follow them. Beck strategies help you follow is not about *what you eat, it is about *how you choose to behave.......and the great thing is, with Beck, it is all laid out..rote..if this, do that..just do it..behave the way Beck says to behave and you will be successful. It never ceases to amaze me that she sees it all coming..and helps you block off the is truly amazing..I only have the first book..that is all I ever needed...I had lost the wt. pre-Beck, but was back sliding..and once I picked up Beck, I just could not believe that she covered everything..every single thing that can sabotage us..and she wasn't even ever *that fat! But she has treated us, and she gets it.

We are all here, ready to be your diet coaches. If you just dive in and do it, you will be successful. My one word of caution is: avoid that perfectionist mentality trap. If you slip up, get back on track big deal..just do it.

11-06-2009, 09:47 PM
just a quickie...class went awesome last night!
My goal is to be 100% back on track by tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

11-06-2009, 10:21 PM
Hello everyone,

Week 3 is done!!!! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

ChinaMaine- Glad to hear you are sleeping better- what a difference that can make. Sounds like you did well yesterday in all ways. :carrot:

gardenerjoy- how did your hair consult go? Are you going for the new look? That can put such a positive spin on things. Good for you for the doing your exercise and eating on program. :) It was good to read about your 12 weeks into a program and look at how much you have lost!

BillBlueEyes- LOL about the halloween candy. Maybe you should just ditch it when no one is looking.

FutureFitChick- you are doing lots of soul searching and it is going to pay off for you. I love your advantage that you want to lose weight as a primary example of self-care and unconditional love for myself. That is fantastic and it says everything in one sentence.

disneynerd- welcome here. I am really new to this forum too and just like you trying to escape a vicious cycle. I have lost and regained 10-20 pounds so often I could not count them. Seems to me that just posting here is a big step in the right direction.

maryblu- your post was great. I agree with all your comments about the Beck book. She talked about everything I have been struggling with and it was such a relief to see it all laid out like that.

RobinW- hope you are back on track and going to have a great weekend.

Thanks you all for the encouragement. It means so much. FutureFitChick said that it might be good to just think in terms of a few days. Thanks for that. I need to remember to take it day by day. Not get too ahead of myself.

Crediting me for eating OP today, walking once, turning down an invitation to lunch and eating my healthy stuff instead, and posting here.

This weekend I really am going to be busy but am promising myself that I am going to read the Response Cards and start to make my Advantages cards.

Have a good night everyone.

You all rock.:cool:

11-06-2009, 10:21 PM
Hi All,
This craft show anxiety is tough! I just ate some of the chocolate cookies from the freezer(from the grateful but misguided client)--I need to reconsider the idea of freezing treats at this time of the year when the stress is high. Sigh.
I also foraged for treats on the way to, and on the way home from work, eating them standing up. Double sigh.

I did go to Zumba today, credit. I tracked my food, credit, and though I went over my goal, it was less than yesterday, and I want to keep the trend going down.

maryblu--I will second Beck's uncanny ability to predict what sabotaging thoughts we may have as we move through the book, and change our habits.

disneynerd--welcome! I've been doing this since June, and it's the first time my weight has trended downward in a long time.

futurefitchick--Kudos for your decision to develop a healthy routine and stick to it for a year before considering adding more responsibility--that's a great way to take care of yourself! And thank you for your encouragement about turning the car around on the way to the bakery--that may be a first for me, and I was quite amazed with myself too.

Bill--Congrats on passing up the Halloween candy repeatedly! The first thing in my life I ever tried "no choice" with was flossing my teeth, and though a challenge, I have been rewarded with very quick cleanings and hygenist approval.

gardenerjoy--yay for planning to update your look! I went to a curly hair specialist in July, for the first time, after going 2 years without a haircut because of frustration with what regular hairdressers have done with my curls. If I remember correctly, you're a librarian as well? If so, the Beck group gets two curly headed librarians. . .

ChinaMaine--Yay for more sleep! And walking Moose for a mile. I always get an image of him "walking you" since his name implies quite a beast.

CeeJay--Credit for resisting carrot cake! And for doing Beck for 3 weeks! If you start to melt down, please post to the group--that's exactly what Beck is about--having support to challenge the sabotaging thoughts.

BeachPatrol--Way to work that Beck in dealing with maintaining rather than losing any weight! I keep reminding myself that any thoughts of "this won't work," or "somehow I am cursed" are just thoughts, and usually are saboteurs to any possibility of weight loss.

RobinW--Credit for facing workshops, and working through the anxiety. I've been there, and it takes a lot of courage. And yay for getting Beck out again. I need to do that too.

11-06-2009, 11:03 PM
Welcome. You will get a much better welcome from our Cyber Shepperd, BillBlueEyes, but for now, welcome from me.

What strikes me is our similar stats..I am 5' 7 and 1/2..and was always ~220#s ..I conquered my weight issue a bit later in life than you are now tackling yours.... but I have maintained an 80# loss... and now 90#s for ~ 7 plus years..I never really tracked..I never had a "this- is- it--this -is- the- day -I -change- my -life -day" I am really not too certain of dates/times. The point is, you *can change your life, you *can do it, and we here on the Beck thread are ALL a woman..and one, very important man...*smile, BillBE, are here to support you. As you will learn from reading, just doing Beck that the diet itself is immaterial..they all work, if you follow them. Beck strategies help you follow is not about *what you eat, it is about *how you choose to behave.......and the great thing is, with Beck, it is all laid out..rote..if this, do that..just do it..behave the way Beck says to behave and you will be successful. It never ceases to amaze me that she sees it all coming..and helps you block off the is truly amazing..I only have the first book..that is all I ever needed...I had lost the wt. pre-Beck, but was back sliding..and once I picked up Beck, I just could not believe that she covered everything..every single thing that can sabotage us..and she wasn't even ever *that fat! But she has treated us, and she gets it.

We are all here, ready to be your diet coaches. If you just dive in and do it, you will be successful. My one word of caution is: avoid that perfectionist mentality trap. If you slip up, get back on track big deal..just do it.

Wow! That was deep Maryblu! Thanks for the quick response. I just bought the workbook because B&N didn't have any other Beck books. Thankyou for 'taking me on' :D
I've been waiting for that ah-ha moment as Oprah says but it never came and I'm tired of waiting. Is it too much too ask that my thighs don't rub together anymore?

11-06-2009, 11:43 PM
LOL..disneynerd..your first Advantage Response Card.

No more chaffing thighs!


11-07-2009, 12:25 AM
We chose badly for a lunch restaurant. But, credit, for leaving some of the worst bits on my plate and skipping a snack to make up for some of it.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +30, 247/1300 minutes for November, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: I have naturally curly hair -- a decided disadvantage growing up in the 60s and 70s, but much appreciated most years since then

FutureFitChick: great job thinking through things like your reasons for losing weight and exercise and for taking time to plan how to work that into your life.

disneynerd: We'll be your buddies! You will find BillBlueEyes' long experience with Beck and maintenance invaluable on your journey -- and we have lots of other enthusiastic and supportive people here, too. You are in a great starting point for long term, permanent weight loss. I keep reminding myself what they tell smokers -- all those previous times were just practice.

RobinW: glad your session went well!

CeeJay: Yay for getting past the important milestone of week 3! My hair consult is next week -- I'll let you know!

Nuxmaga: that's right, I am a librarian, too! Are you happy with the curly hair specialist?

11-07-2009, 07:28 AM
:welcome: disneynerd :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these last month when you first posted, :wel3fc:

Yay for learning about the Beck program from a doctor at an Ideal Protein Diet clinic!!!

How did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?


11-07-2009, 08:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Arrrrrgh! Did OK at a family gathering - stayed wihin my calories allocation (CRDIT moi), if I were counting calories and had an allocation. Until that long period of after dinner conversation with a bowl of roasted peanuts sitting on the table. After the third time I found my hand in the bowl, without asking permission of the hostess, I walked the bowl back to their kitchen and sat back down and continued the conversation, like that was the right of any table guest. CREDIT moi for taking care of myself; Might have to work on my Emily Post a bit, LOL.

Little exercise besides a handful of very short walks. I hope my lunges at the gym didn't miss me.

maryblue - Just love the reminders, "no big deal..just do it," and "avoid that perfectionist mentality trap." Yep, it's the perfectionist notion that suggests to me that since I snarfed some peanuts on Monday, then I'm the kind of guy who can eat them on Friday.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for an awsome class. You're rolling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Big Kudos for "leaving some of the worst bits on my plate" from the guy whose nurons reuse to desert the starving children in China. Thanks for the clarification about "curly hair specialist." Methinks my real question was whether she'd accept a client who didn't have curly hair - as in, you know, wasn't curly when it was there.

Margaret (Nusmaga) - Ouch for the anxiety; Double Ouch for figuring out the combination to your freezer safe. But Kudos for Zumba and for giving yourself credit for your on-plan stuff. Hope that sales meet your expectations.

FutureFItChick - Neat and succient, "self-care and unconditional love for myself." Kudos for pondering your future and then converting that into actual steps. Have a nice trip.

CeeJay - That's a terrific idea; I'll become the secret candy evaporator, snarfing it up from every break room in my company and stuffing it into my briefcase for disposal. Just gotta avoid the elderly security guard at the front door; imagine facing, "Sir, would you mind opening that briefcase?"

Kudos for completeing week 3. Onward to the first day of week 4.

disneynerd - Re: "Will you be my buddies?" I join the others, Yep and hope you'll accept the role to be my Diet Coach/Buddy also. Kudos that you already start out with the perspective, "not expecting a killer weightloss."

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

Here's what your diet coach can do:
. . .

Help you take a more useful perspective. Imagine your diet coach looking over your shoulder at times when your resolve is weak. When you consider straying from your food plan, think to yourself, What would my coach say to me now? Doing so can help you better stick to your plan.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 85.

11-07-2009, 01:43 PM
:wave: Migraine and sick kid this week. Eating was way off, but did manage to do some running even when I didn't really want to. I also had some victories in the midst of defeat on the food side, so I must remember to give myself credit.

BillBE, I get a new toothbrush every time I get new toothpaste. But I too love the free one from the dentist.

Glad to see new faces here!


11-07-2009, 10:49 PM
:welcome: disneynerd :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these last month when you first posted, :wel3fc:

Yay for learning about the Beck program from a doctor at an Ideal Protein Diet clinic!!!

How did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?


Thanks for the awesome greeting. I laughed out loud and both my husband and dog look at me funny. I was reviewing diets recently and remembered this site primarily due to the name. How can you go wrong with 3fatchicks? awesome. I see its been quite a journey for you. I'm interested in learning more from everyone. :)

11-07-2009, 10:56 PM
How many times can I say I am back before I actually follow through?? This is time #3. I am embarrassed to say I have had an epiphany about myself that I don't particularly care for... I am lazy. Not in the traditional sense, I don't laze on my couch all day. I have two kids under three so I am up and at 'em most of the time, whether or not I want to be. But I am lazy, however, when it comes to taking care of myself. I realized that part of the reason I am not sticking to any sort of plan is that I enjoy being glutenous and irresponsible. Enjoy may not be the correct term as I don't gleefully stuff my face but you get the idea. It is much EASIER to be lazy than to make a commitment to being responsible. I am beginning to feel, however, that I am not being an active participant in my own life. I was actually trying to come up with reasons I could give for not posting regularly on this thread after I said I was back. I don't consider myself a dishonest person, actually I abhor dishonesty, but I am so embarrassed by my willingness to take the path of least resistance that I had to come up with some kind of REASON that I wouldn't be posting!!

I have been trying to be a little more gentle with myself as, truthfully, I am generally strapped for time, especially for myself. I think, however, I may have taken this a step too far and just started making excuses for my poor behavior..... becoming lazy.

I think that is enough divulging for one post. :o

11-07-2009, 10:58 PM
*A well-stacked wood pile. I got my wood delivered today, and it is very well my hand alone (will stop short of saying perfectly..cuz......the wild card is the dawgs..if they want to get at something on top of it..who knows?) It is just weird how much I like stacking wood. It is just rote..just do it..just keep will turn out right...hmmm...just rote..just do it...if this, do that..sound familiar?

*seeing a wndranne post..hey, bud, good to see you! I am rewarding myself tonight for great day of stacking wood and getting the yard cleaned up by diving into The Sorceress..had to buy it in hard copy..but couldn't wait. Oh, well.

* November gift day of 57 degrees F. No wind, lake like glass. Amazing how thick my blood has already gotten. Was outside all day with just a sweatshirt vest felt balmy! And no end in sight..projected to be in the 50s for the next week. The downside is that it is deer hunting season, so have to keep a close eye on the dawgs..Buck looks like a deer, runs like a deer, even has the white turned-up, have to keep 'em close for the next 8 days. Woke up this morning to lots of used to that from growing up on the farm, but, still, a November ritual.

*Beck buddies doing go, all!

11-07-2009, 11:21 PM
Happy Saturday Night Everyone!
So I'm the new kid on the block here. This hot pink workbook keeps getting my attention. I've been paging through the last couple days and I tell you the thinking is sticking. I keep rereading the first couple chapters to make sure I'm following the correct steps.
Simply not eating when standing is so simple yet I do it all the time. or used too.
Feeling hungry is o.k.? Wow I won't starve after all.
I was at a get together this afternoon and managed to avoid Wise honey barbeque chips, peanut butter cookies, pretzels and Dove chocolates. I was tempted but I guess I wanted to test myself. I passed today.

MaryBlu- I like that idea of 'don't want my thighs to rub together' as a response card. Good idea. Its simple yet powerful.

Nuxmaga- slow and steady is better than fast and furious. Keep up the good work!

GardenerJoy- wow 15lbs is outstanding! try picking up a 15lb turkey at the store this holiday and carry it up an down the aisle. Feel your loss for real!

11-07-2009, 11:24 PM
Made my way through a 24-hour funk without overeating, even though I wanted to. Took the Beck advice to engage in distractions -- even computer games are better than overeating from that perspective. Feeling better now and even better that I didn't overeat.

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +30, 277/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: I'm not quite sure if a curly hair specialists only works on natural curls or also creates curls from straight. Maybe I'll learn that next week.

wndranne: good job creating opportunities for giving yourself credit during a difficult week.

KidsLibrarylady: I hope you can make some time for yourself to figure out how to make time to do what it takes to be "an active participant in your own life" (great phrase). One thing that keeps recurring for me as I take this journey is realizing just how much I enjoyed overeating. Like you said, "enjoy" isn't quite the right word, but it was really serving several purposes and I keep having to work out new ways to deal with things now that overeating isn't a choice that I'm allowing myself.

maryblu: we're having unseasonably warm temperatures, too -- a great time to work outdoors! I think it reached 75 here today!

11-08-2009, 12:02 AM
is it just my imagination or am I seeing more discrimination towards overweight ppl?

Its almost as if its now "OK" to make fun of us because it isnt healthy etc etc etc.

I was looking thru some friends facebook photos and seen a couple dressed as a "biggest loser" couple and I was appauled that they thought this was acceptable.

Im feeling more and more pressure to get the weight off ....has anyone else noticed this? Its not something that has happned overnight, but something Ive been noticing and thinking its just "that person". But it almost seems to be all over the place.

Ok....Im off to bed to get rested for a fully 100% op day tomorrow!

11-08-2009, 07:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Thoroughly enjoyed my walk, CREDIT moi, in the morning when there was still frost on the windows of parked cars. Crisp air motivates me big time.

Eating felt more in line than I reported yesterday; CREDIT moi. At lunch, however, with family dynamics on the table along with the food, I chose a half slice of a blueberry crumb cake being touted from a local bakery gaining recognition. Good choice for splitting a slice, but it was just cake, and it was still dessert at lunch for heavens sake. For dinner at a restaurant that featured MASSIVE portions and included french fries with everything I chose well, even got zuccini, broccoli, and salad with NO fries, and, much to my delight, when I asked for oil and vinegar was able to choose balsamic. And for dessert later at a big table with extended family about, I went to the fridge and found myself a pear instead of the selecting several of the uber-rich delectables being snarfed by everyone else.

My current goal in life is to have dessert in the desert without using the dictionary to figure out which gets the double 's'.

maryblue - Happiness is "A well-stacked wood pile" and then savoring it with the reward of reading The Sorceress. Thanks for a lovely demo of "just do it."

Robin (RobinW) - Nope, it's not your imagination, there does seem to be more pointed discrimination about weight on adults. (Thinking that discrimination toward fat kids has always been over the top.) Perhaps it's partially because more people are visible who carry weight or because more rude people are visible, LOL. There was a thread around here recently on that subject and the most compelling response, over and over again, was that no one got shamed into losing weight.

Anne (wndranne) - Double Kudos for giving yourself credit along with your food victories. Double Ouch for tending a migraine along with a sick kid. Thanks for the tip to use a schedule to replace my toothbrush - hadn't thought of that, duh!

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for the funk, but Kudos for recognizing that "engaging in distractions" is a Helpful Response, and Kudos again for doing it.

KidsLibrarylady - My admiration for working at looking at yourself honestly and for having the courage to post about it; Big Kudos. It helps me to avoid labeling myself, e.g. as lazy me, rather than the actions themselves, e.g. Sabotaging Thought to avoid posting. Whatever works for you, it's neat that you broke the re-entry barrior and can feel free to select small, specific tasks to do each day as you climb yourself fullly onto your plan.

I, too, love your phrase, "not being an active participant in my own life." Yep, I've felt that one big time.

disneynerd - Kudos for testing yourself and passing on all those food porn items. And Kudos for reading and re-reading the first chapers; Dr. Beck has emphasized that those first chapters are the key to making the program work. What got to me was when I read them, and immediately realized that they weren't necessary for me, but must be for people who needed simplistic little things, Beck then wrote that I had probably just had the Sabotaging Thought that I didn't need to do those steps, but, in fact, I did. So I did, and have come to belive that it's been exactly those "simplistic" steps that have made her program work for me.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach

Decide whom you'd like to be your diet coach and line up that person now. You might not need your coach's help at this point to assist you in implementing the toaks in the program. And you might not need the inspiration your coach can provide during the first few weeks of dieting when your motivation is high. But you will need a diet coach at some point. Lining up your diet coach now is important because I've found that a dieter is much less likely to try to find a coach once he or she has hit a rough patch and is feeling discouraged - which is the time, of course, when the coach is needed most.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 85.

11-08-2009, 11:10 AM
Good Morning Coaches

It's a real WoW day out there today. Warm for November. Nice. I've been resting the past two days, heading a cold off at the pass. All the overtime hours I put into getting my art installed earlier this week really did me in. Then I felt the scratchy throat and the achiness and I've managed to pull through okay.

Foodwise I haven't been tracking and I haven't been choosing all that well but I do weigh in everyday (credit) and I don't have second helpings (credit) and I am still off the fake sugars in any form (Big Credit). I plan to go for my blood tests tomorrow. I need to fast for 12hours to get the test so I'll stop eating at 8pm but I will most likely have stopped at 8pm so really it's not such a big deal except that I am moving forward with this and whatever those tests show. I'm ready to face myself once more. My sister confirmed that she sent me birthday $ Thursday in the mail so sometime this coming week it'll get here and I'll be starting the program at the clinic. I'm ready to move forward. I feel so conscious of my weight and my extra fleshiness these days. I am conscious of being wider than one seat on the bus and I *think* about it. I notice my double chin when I get out my scarf and wrap it around my neck. I just feel too generally big. My clothing is at its upper limit though when it was getting cold earlier this week I had to put on the winter coat and I worried it would be too small but it fits. I'll give myself a (credit) for that as it means I have successfully maintained this general size for a three winters now. I had hoped to be smaller but I'm not significantly bigger so that deserves a (credit).

Off to the school to get a few hours of work in.

Have a great day coaches.

11-08-2009, 01:31 PM
Good Morning Everyone

We are having another gorgeous day here. What a gift +10 is on a November Manitoba weekend. Went for an ATV ride, a walk in the woods and had a barbecue yesterday.

Nuxmaga- Never mind the treats on Friday, just keep on moving forward.

disneynerd- LOL about the chafing thighs. I long ago gave up wearing dresses in the summer due to this. Now it is shorts down to around my knees. :D. Credit to you for passing up the unhealthy food at the get together.

gardenerjoy- Restaurants are a real challenge for me. Good for you for modifying the rest of the day by skipping snack. And for getting through the funk without overeating.

BillBlueEyes-Another challenge- a gathering! Kudos for getting rid of the peanuts, out of site, out of mind (and stomach). And for making all those good choices the next day too. :carrot:

wndranne- sorry you were not feeling well. Credit for the running.

KidsLibrarylady-I know all about trying, giving in, trying, giving up, trying, quitting.... done that so many times I can't count that high. But look at your numbers and at how far you have come. You lost 51 pounds, that is incredible. Don't give up. It takes a long time to learn to care for yourself. When I read your post what I felt was---this person is not lazy, she is an incredibly busy mother of 2 babies that has accomplished the awesome feat of losing 51 pounds.:cb:

maryblu- nice way to spend some time, stacking wood. Sounds like a beautiful day.

onebyone-hope you are feeling better. Big credit for being off fake sugar. That is excellent. Good luck with the blood tests. What a courageous step to go to the clinic. I will be very interested in reading about your experiences there.

For me the scale said another 2 pounds gone. Far out!!! I am feeling strong and committed today.

We are headed to a birthday party at a restaurant. Fortunately there are healthy food choices on the menu and I have decided I will make a healthy choice and have a small piece of birthday cake. Will skip snacks today to allow for that. I am feeling in control. Making the decision to have that piece of cake is a change from my other attempts at losing weight where I would have thought I am not having cake and then had it anyway, and then felt bad and thought I screwed up so why not have more??? Total sabotage. I will be interested to see if planning it in helps me just have a small piece and move forward.

Take care everyone and have a nice Sunday. :grouphug:

11-08-2009, 02:54 PM
DH and I just got back from our 3 day conference last night. He just started a 14 month program on agriculture in WY. They will have a series of conferences around the state, a trip to DC and an international trip. I'm excited for him. It's going to be a great program and its a neat group of people. This weekend was the first conference (spouses were invited) and they held it at Ucross, WY. It's a beautiful part of the state, in the foothills of the Bighorns. I recommend a stay at the ranch at Ucross to anyone who visits our beautiful state.

My exercise wasn't as vigorous as usual, but credit for getting exercise during a busy conference schedule. I took liesurly strolls around the grounds and did yoga in my room in the evenings. I was nervous about being a vegetarian at a conference for wyoming ag producers (usually meaning ranchers). It's obviously a bit awkward and I was worried about food choices. We were served plenty of veggies, which was great. And it was mostly buffet, which was nice for me because I could avoid meat without anyone noticing. I had one awkward moment at dinner Friday. We were served that dinner, and someone at the table noticed I wasn't eating my steak. I just explained that I was a vegetarian. I didn't grow up eating meat and just don't like it. Those at the table may have thought I was odd, but all was forgiven when I passed my steak around the table and everyone who wanted more meat took some.

I obviously didn't weigh and measure during the conference, but I did try to keep track in my head and I think my calorie count was pretty low, and I also got very little protein. I was really hungry and tired when we got back last night and MIL (dh's step mom) wanted us to stay for dinner. She is a wonderful cook, but lowfat is not in her cooking repetoir. I went way overboard, caloriewise at dinner. Salad with full fat dressing (it was already dressed), white pasta with cream sauce. I did skip dessert. MIL is a huge food pusher and kept trying to get me to take a lemon curd cupcake. They are from a local bakery and amazing. I just kept resisting and refused to take any home. I told myself that I blew it at dinner and just needed some damage control.

So here are my lessons learned: 1) I need to bring some nuts or other protein snacks with me on this type of trip. 2) I cannot have dinner with MIL when I am hungry and exhausted.

I am back on track today, and the scale didn't move. So I'm feeling good. I'm trying to get caught up with all of you.

Welcome Disneynerd! I am new to Beck and this forum--just over a month now. I have found it totally helpful. Good for you for jumping right in. I understand your doubts, I am also a career dieter, but this program is different. The focus on your thougt patterns makes all the difference.

Onebyone, it sounds like you had a wonderful and reflective birthday. Congrats on your exhibit and your cermics sound so cool. Kudos on skipping seconds, and you do deserve credit for keeping your weight steady.

Nuxmaga, sorry for the craftshow stress, but good for you for getting exercise. I understand how difficult it is to make yourself exercise when you're stressed, I struggle with that as well. Isn't it odd that the best thing for us is always the most difficult thing to do. Some psych grad student needs to write a dissertation on that!

FutureFitChick, kudos for establishing a routine. This is something I struggle with as well, but it is so important for success! Since Beck, I have established a good food and exercise routine, but my work routine is a mess! Thanks for giving me something to think about. Hope you have a great trip!

CeeJay, congrats on two pounds gone. Huge kudos for getting over the three week slump and keeping strong. Sounds like you have a good plan for a difficult situation. Huge kudos for posting your weight. I understand how scary that can be!

Gardnerjoy, congrats on going for a new look. What a wonderful way to celebrate success and motivate yourself for more success. Good job leaving the worst food offenders on your plate at a diet-unfriendly restaurant!

RobinW, congrats for recommitting yourself to Beck. We live in a society that values carreer success so much that it neglects to value things like taking care of ourselves. Kudos to you for recognizing how important it is!

BillBE, I am so impressed that you face so many difficult situations and social meals, and you remain successful. I don't know what Emily Post would say, but I think in this day and age, when so many of us struggle with our weight, those who leave food lying around should be considered the rude ones.

KidsLibrarylady, thanks for sharing your insights. Just for the record, I don't think you're lazy. It's difficult to make time for yourself when the laundry is piling up and your family needs to be cared for. That time to care for yourself just feels selfish. Maybe this sounds totally hokey, but changing the way you think about that time might help. You can think of it instead of time spent on your family. It's giving you the energy to take better care of them. Hope that helps.

Wndranne, good job for running even when you didn't feel like it! I know those food mistakes are frustrating, but good for you for recognizing your successes amidst the mistakes. That's not always easy to do, but important because it gives you somehting to build upon.

Maryblu, stacking wood sounds like a great workout. I totally understand the appeal. The repetition has a zen-like quality. DH loves fixing fence for the same reason. The body is busy, but doesn't need much brain supervision. Your mind has a chance to wander. Is Buck your dog? I worry about our bird dog when she's hunting. We have a hunter orange vest that she wears so she isn't accidently hunted.

11-08-2009, 07:35 PM
Hi everyone. Still new at this. Hmm let's see. My boys and I walked today for an hour. Credit. It was beautiful out and in the mid 70s. I had an overall good day. No cravings, really(1 tiny one, I drank some green tea and it was gone. I ate the healthy foods my body needed and I stopped eating when I was satisfied.:)

11-08-2009, 09:20 PM
Beautiful day here in buffalo today!!

Food was ok, not perfect, but the portions were bang on!
Exercise...hubs and I walked all around Niagara Falls today. We soaked up a few hours of sunshine and got more than our share of Vit D :D

11-08-2009, 10:23 PM
Hi All,
A gorgeous day here in PA as well! Had a long walk with a friend, credit. Chose a grilled veggie sandwich at lunch, didn't eat all the bread and had salad instead of chips, credit. But my friend offered me some of her pizza, sigh. Tracked food, credit. Yesterday, I ordered a chocolate chip pancake at breakfast(credit for having 1 not 2), and the middle wasn't completely done. I managed to resist letting the waitress bring me a whole new pancake, since I'd already eaten the edges of the old one--yay!

Gardenerjoy--Yes, I was pleased with my curly hair specialist--she knew what she was doing, cut my hair dry, according to the curl pattern I already have. I've gotten more compliments on my hair!

11-09-2009, 12:16 AM
I survived my second NaNoWriMo write-in in a place that has a sandwich I used to love. This week, I found myself staring at the menu. In the staring, I discovered the 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad option. Hmmm. If I still want it, I promised myself that at the last NaNoWriMo write-in. That way it will be a one-time treat rather than something I do weekly this month (and who knows what might happen next month?)

A gorgeous day here, too! I was late to my write-in because we had to go for a walk!

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +67, 344/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

disneynerd: Yes! "Hunger is never an emergency" has been a very helpful mantra for me. And a completely new thought in my brain.

BillBlueEyes: great job on dealing with the Massive Portions with Fries Restaurant

Onebyone: good job on moving things forward -- hope the blood tests go well.

CeeJay: what a great thing you are doing in your experiment with having the cake. That has worked well for me and is also a new idea -- plan for it, eat and enjoy it, and move on. Much better than things I've tried in the past.

Shepherdess: Sounds like you did great things for yourself at the conference. And what wasn't so great, you learned something from it -- so that's great, too!

zanjabil: Good job on the walking and on handling a craving with green tea!

RobinW: thanks for sharing the pictures! Sounds like a lovely day.

11-09-2009, 05:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Again I took my walk in the crisp early morning; CREDIT moi. Again there was frost on car windshields and I could feel myself transitioning from denying that summer might be ending to grateful that it wasn't snowing. My second walk was an emergency 8pm trek to buy bananas for today's breakfast, so got to enjoy walking after dark.

Eating on-plan at my own kitchen table with DW is just too easy, but CREDIT moi anyway in the spirit of giving oneself credit for the little stuff that contributes to the grand plan.

onebyone - Yay for fitting the winter coat and Kudos for all the on-plan stuff you're doing even before starting your new adventure. Good luck on your blood tests today.

Robin (RobinW) - Yea for vitamin D! I believe that helps with memory does it not? You win the contest for best walk on a sunny November Sunday by having Niagara Falls nearby.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for a PA walk here on the Beck-Gorgeous-November- Walking-Day thread, LOL. Kudos for letting the under cooked pancakes slide since you'd had enough from the edges already. What an insight, if you don't need to eat it you don't need to have it replaced.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for continuing your NaNoWriMo writing with Extra Kudos for working near desirable food. Do your track against your goal of 1700 words per day? That's really some pressure. Which reminds me, every time I see the NaNoWriMo thread, I remind myself to tell you about it, and then see that you started the thread, LOL.

Shepherdess - Ouch for the difficulty of getting sufficient vegetarian protein from a meat-centric chef. Which reminds me that many people who hate veggies have never had any that were well prepared, which reminds me that at my restaurant with MASSIVE portions on Saturday, I received a MASSIVE serving of broccoli - overcooked with NO seasonings whatsoever - like medicine to take down, LOL. Kudos for your sane approach to the three day conference and for your thoughtful lessons learned.

Neat idea that it's "rude" to leave food lying around when our society faces an obesity epidemic. Emily Post needs updating.

CeeJay - Yay for a November walk in the woods - now that appeals to me. Kudos for planning a piece of birthday cake with awareness of the pattern of denial and capitulation. Neat that you can see the old pattern as "Total sabotage" and work up strategies for yourself that will work for a lifetime. Thanks for a demo of the power of planning.

zanjabil - Yay for taking advantage of a beautiful November day for walking. Kudos for using the strategy of green tea to counter a craving. And Kudos as well that you "stopped eating when satisfied."

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach If you're not sure whom to select, consider the following:

Enlist the help of a close friend or family member. It isn't necessary to select someone who has had experience with dieting. It's more important to chose someone who is positive, good at problem solving, and truly supportive, motivating, and proud of you.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 85.

11-09-2009, 10:36 AM
I'm finding it difficult to do all my weighing and measuring again. After a few days of not doing, my brain is telling me that was so much easier. Why can't I just eyeball it. But I'm sticking with the weighing and measuring. I need to be firm on this point. I know my eyeballed portions will only grow.

I went for my long run yesterday. I was feeling tired and didn't really want to do it, but it felt good once I got out there. I was going to let myself cut the run short, but once I started, it was easy enough to go the full distance. But it's been three days of no running and I'm a bit sore this AM. Oh well, it's good to get back to the old routine.

Zanjabil, kudos for the long walk. It sounds lovely. Green tea is a good choice. I have been drinking so much tea since I started Beck. It's great for killing a craving and the antioxidants are a bonus.

RobinW, thanks so much for the pictures. You must feel so lucky to have Niagra Falls so close. Good job on the portion sizes. I can only control them through careful measuring. Sounds like you had a great day.

Nuxmaga, huge credit on the salad instead of chips. I have not given myself that opportunity since starting Beck because I pretty much know how that one would go down. Good job on not letting the waitress replace the less than perfect pancake.

Gardnerjoy, good idea to give yourself the oppportunity for a treat in the future. That seems like it would quiet the feelings of deprivation right now and give you something to look forward to. That's a strategy I'll have to think about.

BillBE, love the sound of walking on a crisp morning. Good for you for giving yourself credit for the little things. Even if sitting down for a healthy breakfast with your DW is easy now, I bet there was a time when it wasn't. So big credit for making a healthy choice a no-brainer.

11-09-2009, 02:02 PM
I have let a number of healthy habits I'd acquired come and go over the past several months and I've let some unhealthy ones come back as well :(

I've had a bunch of stressful events (1 year anniversary of my brother's death, still in process of divorce and finally about 2 weeks ago I moved) occurring and I kind of gave myself a free pass (on and off) to do whatever I needed to cope. That has included eating and smoking :( I did have several good weeks of exercise/running, but then I got sick and that all went out the window too :(

So, today is my day to get things back on track. It seems a little crazy to quit smoking, start eating well and exercising all at the same time, but they do all go hand-in-hand for me. It's like I've said goodbye to the unhealthy me and hello (again) to the healthy me.

Here's what I've done so far to help myself succeed:

-I strapped my Senswear on this morning (it calculates all calories expended)
- I charged my iPod and Garmin Forerunner in preparation for a run after work
- I've logged my meals into the Sensewear software
-I've told my co-workers that I'm quitting smoking
-I weighed myself (haven't done that in many weeks)
-I found the box that had my BDS book in it and I've brought it with me to look at if I get any downtime at work today
-I've posted here.

I definitely feel like I'm on track. I feel confident that I can do this, but also apprehensive due to the the number of times I've started out gung-ho and then it fizzles out :(

Thanks for listening to me. I look forward to reconnecting with some old friends and meeting some new ones. I hate that I've written that so many times before. I hate that I'm around for awhile, posting consistently and then I just let it go :( I would really like to be more consistent, even if I don't always have the time to give a long update or respond with personals.

11-09-2009, 03:58 PM
Thanks for the kind words on my return! The validation is appreciated.

I have decided that overeating is something that I use to indulge myself since i don't have a lot of time to myself and it is one things I can control (The girls are down for a nap at the same time today so I am sneaking in a post-- this RARELY happens.) So... in lieu of indulging myself by overeating, I am coming up with a list of things I can indulge in that are healthier and that I can do at home in the evening. Things such as watching a favorite show or a quick facial. Should be fun. When I want to stuff myself, I will pull out a card with one of my other choices and hold on to that puppy for dear life until the girls are sleeping. :)

I made reasons I want to lose weight cards last night and am posting them on the fridge and the bathroom mirror. I have been trying to eat sitting down today. My meals have been sitting down but I did have a couple of pretzels on the way home from the park. Technically I was sitting... while driving. During my lunch, I was sitting on the floor with my 9-month-old was crawling all over me and my 2-year-old stealing green beans from my plate on her little play table BUT I have to take what I can get!

Disneynerd-- that not sitting by eating is a serious challenge for me.... good job on avoiding Dove chocolate!!

Billblueyes-- a walk alone on a crisp day sounds delightful to me! I had the same thoughts about those first steps-- I didn't think I really needed to write out advantage response cards-- it goes without saying how well that worked out for me. :)

onebyone-- I am looking forward to hearing about the clinic. I, too, feel extra fleshy. Even after only a couple of weeks of good walking, I know I will feel a little less jiggly-- I am looking forward to that feeling!

Sheperdess-- MILs are a dangerous thing when hungry.... Kudos on your long run, are you training for something or just enjoying?

bennyhannamama-- Good grief you have had a tough year. I am so sorry for all your struggles, that could make anyone a little wobbly on their weight loss goals. I have heard great things about the sensewear, though, hopefully that will help you get back on track!

Have a great day-- it is BEAUTEOUS here in Ohio!

11-09-2009, 04:55 PM
Coaches/Buddies, this weekend out of town seemed to go by pretty fast. I went home to visit my parents, which is really a challenge for me. My mother cooks with a fairly large portion of fat and sugar and does not support anyone else trying to improve their health and eating habits. If someone is full and does not want a second helping, she goes into this dramatic dialogue about how that person does not like her cooking that she worked so hard on. When doughnuts were put on the table and I had already had my one and they were passed again with two still left of the plate, she was very rude when I reached across the table to put the plate so that it was not sitting next to me. It drives me crazy. Today, my weight is up and we got home at 10:30 PM, so I didn't have time to prepare food/meal plan for today. I'm really discouraged.

I am also really struggling with how to implement routine into my life. At the moment, I am recovering from a virus which still has me sleeping more than normal. Regularly, it takes me a long time to fall asleep at night and I have a terrible time waking up in the morning, regardless of time. (This has pretty well always been the case and is really frustrating for me.) Then, I get up late and don't have time for the exercise I planned in the morning. And, if I exercise at night when I get home, I have even a worse problem going to sleep. I'm also really tired when I get home, which makes it difficult to cook a healthy meal and prepare food in advance. I end up getting a lot of Subway or semi-fast-food for lunch as a result.

I really need some encouragement and would love any suggestions anyone has.


BennyHannahMama, nice to "meet" you. Congratualations on your success thus far and for recommitting yourself before you slide back too much. One thing I have learned from the 3FC forum participants is that this is a lifelong process, and you can't count on any day being "easy". :hug: to you, because it looks like you are going through a lot. I admire your jumping back into healthy habits with both feet. I have to just take it a day at a time and try to make my little changes stick. Good luck to you!!

BillBlueEyes, CREDIT for the success on your home turf. That is great to have a safe and comfortable environment at home for your success.

CeeJay, great job on the planning ahead for eating out and not banishing something you enjoy. That is fantastic.

disneynerd, nice to "meet" you. CREDIT for ignoring the food that wasn't going to be helpful for you. I am glad you are so excited about Beck.

GardnerJoy, CREDIT for seeing that you have many options and don't have to do what you did before in order to succeed at NaNoWriMo.

KidsLibraryLady, nice to "meet" you. I love your idea of having a list handy with an alternative to eating for relaxation and comfort. I think I will make one for myself. I have no children, just a husband and lots of pets, so I can't even begin to imaging how it is to be at home with two little ones. I admire you for your work at home and your resolve to take better care of yourself.

Maryblu, it is really nice to read more about your history. Thanks for sharing.

Nuxmaga, CREDIT for noting your progress in eating out situations. Great job, even if the pizza did get you a little. CREDIT for accurate tracking too.

OneByOne, hope you are feeling better and that your blood tests went well. CREDIT for recognizing areas where you are feeling off track as well as not taking seconds.

RobinW, CREDIT for successful portions. That is fantastic. I imagine the falls are wonderful right now.

Shepherdess, CREDIT to you for being vegetarian in cattle-country. That had to be really tough for you! That must feel empowering to succeed. Also, CREDIT for jumping back in to your healthy habits.

Wndranne, great job at running when you didn't want to. I have enormous respect for that behavior.

zanjabil, great job for the healthy walking with your boys and for your hunger awareness savy. Keep it up!

11-09-2009, 05:30 PM

I just noticed the cookie diet being advertised on the right hand side. Really? Cookies are one of the things that helped get me to where I am. Seriously!

Im good and on track!

11-10-2009, 12:02 AM
I discovered another benefit that overeating used to give me -- it allowed me to procrastinate without acknowledging that I was procrastinating. When I needed a little vacation from my life, I would run errands and, while out of the house, indulge in a book and a snack. Now that option is no longer available. I'm finding that everything else is much more conscious. For example, to keep the vacation metaphor, it would probably be effective to research a place I might want to visit someday, plan a fantasy trip as a way to give myself a little inner vacation. But to do that would require that I acknowledge that I'm not doing the things I "should" be doing so that I can do this other thing.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +60, 404/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Hugs to bennyhannahmama and FutureFitChick and anyone else who wants them! And kudos to all of you doing well. I'm off to bed -- I have to let the HVAC guy in at 7AM and it would be good if I were, you know, awake and dressed.

11-10-2009, 06:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Missed just one day of gym last week and yesterday's session felt like a new process; CREDIT moi for knowing that the old body would recover the lost ground.

I saw Christmas candy in the supermarket where the Halloween candy had been. Ugh!!! Rather unpleasant remembering how much of that stuff I used to buy. Goodbye cheap HFCS candy; may you never be part of my life again.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, that ol' cookie diet helped support my 80 extra pounds, LOL. One of the 3FC sisters commented that they don't control the Google ads; they get some dillies - "Mexico Weight Loss Clinic, Savings up to 75%" as I type (OK, give them credit for not saying "Up to 75% off," LOL). Kudos for "good and on track."

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Sending supportive thoughts as you continue to grieve your brother's death and mush forward with your divorce. And happily waving "hello (again) to the healthy me" - whatever your path takes. Yep, it's a classic Sabotaging Thought to replay all fizzles to support another one; it might be worth reading the chapter on errors in thinking to help put that one back in it's den. Did you buy a new house?

FutureFitChick - Ouch for the reality of a virus that steals from limited time. But Super Ouch for food pushing from your mom - that's unlikely to heal itself with time. One strategy might be to announce, at the table, in a loud, assertive, ostentatious voice, "This is a one serving dinner for me - my health coach (dietitian, doctor) says I absolutely need to force myself." Or perhaps to serve yourself a MONSTER salad with half servings of the rest then go back for "seconds" to get the other half. That's a classic hard one when you can't change your food pusher and it's family you love dearly and don't want to hurt. Good luck keeping your sanity on that one.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's a powerful insight - that eating allows "procrastinate without acknowledging that I was procrastinating." Since it's OK to eat - I mean the body needs food - then all the unsolved issues of life are legitimately avoided while eating. What a good system. If it really worked that way, you'd expect to find epidemic obesity in the population wouldn't you? LOL. Hope the writing continues on track.

KidsLibraryLady - Yay for a "BEAUTEOUS" day and Double Yay for two kids napping at the same time; mine were four years apart and I don't off hand recall that ever happening. Love the visual of trying to eat with a nine month old crawling over you; it's obvious that Beck wrote her strategy to concentrate while eating after her kids were grown, LOL. And Kudos for raising a daughter who steals green beans from your plate instead of french fries - you're wiring some neurons well there.

Shepherdess - Yay for "a bit sore" - the muscle's way of announcing that they're growing stronger. And Kudos for pushing back against the Sabotaging Thoughts that your eyeballs are as accurate as your scale.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach If you're not sure whom to select, consider the following:
. . .
Consider starting this program with a friend or family member. Some dieters find it very helpful to choose someone who also wants to lose weight so that they can be each other's diet coach.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 85.

11-10-2009, 10:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies, good morning. I am considering changing our Thanksgiving plans to not stay at my parents' house and shell out the money for a hotel. (That means we have to kennel the dogs or find a place that will take them too.) I am really in the mood to stay home and sleep for the holiday. Ugh. Food selections have been pretty good over the last few days, but I still need to work on paying attention when I am eating.

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the advice on dealing with a food pusher. Family can be hard! Good job on getting back in the gym.

GardenerJoy, really interesting observation about the procrastination and eating. I want to give that some observation in my own life to see if that holds true for me as well.

RobinW, glad to hear you are on track. Keep it up.

Have a good one.

11-10-2009, 09:56 PM
Hi everyone

Shepherdess- big credit for exercising while at the conference. It is so easy at something like that to just not do it so kudos to you. Bet you were the only vegetarian in the place! Good for you for getting back on track as soon as you were home.

zanjabil - credit for the walking and stopping when you had enough.

RobinW- sounds like you had a lovely walk around the Falls. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Nuxmaga- another Becker out walking on Sunday. I think we all had the same idea that day. Sounds like it was beautiful weather everywhere. Credit for one pancake only.

Garenerjoy- good for you for planning to treat yourself to something you love. It worked out for me planning for the one small piece of birthday cake and then stopping.

BillBlueEyes- credit the little stuff- I like that. It is helping me stay focused and it is so good to be giving myself credit for all the small choices, instead of dwelling on the big picture too much. Christmas candy---bah humbug. LOL.

bennyhannahmama- hello. Credit +++ for all you have done to get back on track. It sounds like you have had a very difficult time--treating yourself well can only help.

KidsLibrarylady- Making a list of alternatives to eating sounds like a great idea. For me too, eating and relaxing have always gone hand in hand and it is hard to learn to relax without food. Let me know what you come up with.

FutureFitChick-isn't it so true that time pressure can interfere with planning. One thing that has been working for me is that I have been trying on Sundays to spend some time cooking up a few things for the freezer and chopping veggies for the week. That makes it easier to bring a lunch and eat something reasonable at dinner. Have been freezing 1 cup portions of cooked brown rice so that I can come home and throw a chicken breast on the George Foreman and have veggies and rice all ready to go. Also trying to look at pasta with frozen homemade tomato sauce as my fast food so that if I have nothing planned, I have this instead of restaurant stuff.

For me, this is proving a harder week than the last 3. I have resisted plenty but did break down and eat nuts last night that were definitely not OP. Why? Mostly because I had to bring about 4 hours of paperwork home, I was tired and I was super annoyed about doing the work and just fell into an old habit-- munch through things I don't want to do. I guess I will give myself some credit for realizing what I was doing and why and credit for stopping pretty quickly.

Back on track today, ate OP, went for a walk, left work at a reasonable hour, and am going to bed early tonight.

Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. Don't forget to stop for a moment and pay respect to those who have lost their lives overseas.

11-11-2009, 12:22 AM
I'm only a couple of hundred words shy of my word count for NaNoWriMo. I could probably whip that out now, but I think it's more motivating to be just a little low -- too low and I panic, but a little low and I get to writing. Which reminds me...I just backed it up.

WI: -0.55kg, Exercise: +0, 404/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: Thanks for the farewell shot to HFCS candy -- I'll consider that mine as well.

FutureFitChick: Taking good care of yourself on Thanksgiving sounds like an excellent plan.

CeeJay: I'm so glad the planned birthday cake worked for you! Yay for analyzing the whys and wherefores of your night time nut munching and for "for stopping pretty quickly."

11-11-2009, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Tonight I have a potluck dinner, so I declare here that I will have one plate of healthy foods and one dessert. I'll report back.

Found myself last night thinking about having a second piece of fruit for my evening snack after enjoying a tasty half grapefruit. Don't know why that's coming up; the plan is one piece and that satisfies me. This urge to have more seem to be a replay of old stuff by the neurons. Gotta bang heads against that camel putting its nose under my tent. Wonder how many calories I can burn by mixing metaphors, LOL.

Eating and walking OP; CREDIT moi.

FutureFitChick - Good luck with the family dynamics of staying at a hotel instead of your parents' house. I know that feeling of just wanting to sleep.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for mushing forth with your NaNoWriMo novel. And Kudos for backing it up (perhaps that's tending your environment, LOL).

CeeJay - Ouch for "munch through things I don't want to do." I so remember doing that. But yep, Kudos for recognizing it and stopping. Perhaps the scheduled breaks with a five minute walk could serve the purpose.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach If you're not sure whom to select, consider the following:
. . .
Join an organized group. Look into weight loss support groups offered by nonprofit community groups, hospitals, and commercial organizations. Ask to sit in on a meeting before making a commitment. You don't want a group where people just talk about their problems and express their negative emotions in a nonconstructive way. You want a group where people describe their successes, help others with their diet-related difficulties, and share useful weight loss strategies.

If you join a group, you won't feel alone since you'll be sharing experiences with other who are also struggling. Viewing their slips and mistakes in an objective, problem-solving way can help you take a more useful view of your own difficulties. You might also get a good feeling from helping others - and from being helped by them. You might meet someone who will agree to be your diet coach - and vice versa!
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 86.

11-11-2009, 10:48 AM

I survived yesterday :broc: I had my final mediation for my divorce and we signed our agreement. It was a rough 5 hours, but I made it!

Better yet, I did not have a cigarette :broc: nor did I use food to get me through :broc:!

Last night I felt such an emptiness that I wanted to fill with food and/or have a cigarette (I quit on Monday)... I just wanted to numb the feelings. I realized that and thought to myself that if I could just actually feel the feelings then I can move past them... it was nice to have such clarity about that.


- weighed in :broc:
- ran a mile :broc:
- stretched after run and did some ab exercises :broc:
- tracked all my food online :broc:
- did not put any food in my mouth unconsciously nor without accounting for it :broc:
- gave myself credit :broc:


- weighed in :broc:
- ran a mile :broc:
- stretched and did ab exercises :broc:
- checked in here :broc:

Thanks for the reminder about finding other ways to indulge ourselves. I also seem to find that food is the fastest, easiest form of indulgence. But I'm trying to remember that it's not really an indulgence if I feel like sh*t afterward!
Kudos to you for all your work despite the challenges of being a mother to two little ones!

Thanks also for your words of encouragement and yes, if I use the Sensewear it is an incredible tool :)

Shoot, just realized that I need to be at therapy in 10 minutes... I hope to respond more later!

11-11-2009, 11:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies, thank goodness that I am feeling better today than yesterday. I ended up skipping work yesterday because I was so down. It was really terrible. I tracked my food from yesterday and today this morning, read my advantage cards, and thought more about exercise this morning. I had originally committed to calisthenics at home for a while, but I am not getting it done. So, I am going to investigate what group exercise classes are in the area that I can still sign up for at this point in the year and consider if my intimidation about being in a gym will be greater than the lack of motivation to exercise on my own. I am going to spend some time today/tonight getting a meal plan in place for the week and sharing it with my husband so that he can help me if he is willing/able. In the meantime, I am trying to convince myself it is not a good idea to run away to Hawaii today...

BennyHannahMama, so amazed at your success in the face of adversity! Congratulations. You are an inspiration and it was a delight to see all of your well-deserved dancing broccoli.

BillBlueEyes, hope the potluck went well. I am sure you did great. Thanks for the support about my Thanksgiving dilemma.

CeeJay, thanks for the suggestions. I am going to think about how I might be able to incorporate some preparation ahead of time into my weekend plans on a routine basis.

GardenerJoy, glad to hear the writing is going well and to see that your food is on plan. That is terrific.

Thanks everyone.

11-11-2009, 11:23 AM
DH had knee surgery yesterday. I was pretty nervous, not because I was afraid something would go wrong. I know how low those risks are. I was just nervous about the thought of someone I loved being cut on and also nervous about the difficult recovery. I went for a walk while he was in surgery. I just couldn’t sit and worry in the waiting room. I had my food all ready to go yesterday, so I didn’t have to think about it and it was easy to stick to my plan. I did have dinner while watching a movie. DH has to stick to the couch, so if I wanted to have dinner with him, I had to eat in the living room. It was a good reminder how easy it is to overeat while watching TV. I had measured all of my portions before sitting down, but wanted more after I was done eating. I was able to resist, but it’s good to remember why eating at the table is worth it.

DH is doing well, but I’m afraid today is going to be difficult. Yesterday it was easy for him to stay on the couch since he was still drowsy from the anesthesia. But he’s alert today and still needs to keep the leg elevated. He’s not a guy that can sit on a couch all day. I’ve been thinking about breaking something so that he’ll have something productive to do today.

Bennyhannamama, I liked your line “It's like I've said goodbye to the unhealthy me and hello (again) to the healthy me.” Huge kudos for quitting smoking, watching your eating and beginning to exercise at the same time. I am no life coach, but it does sound like a good strategy to do everything at the same time. It sounds like you’re re-inventing yourself. Sounds like you did really well during a hugely stressful time. Congrats on feeling your feelings rather than numbing them. I agree that it is so much more difficult, but much more productive.

KidsLibrarylady, good idea on making non-food indulgences. A lot of us reward ourselves with food, but I think that’s a good strategy to break that habit. LOL at eating with your kids climbing on you. Kudos to you for sticking with Beck with such a busy life.

I am getting ready to run a 5k in a few weeks. I just like running, but I like training because it gives me the motivation to run harder. My local running club has races all throughout the year and I enter as many of them as I can.

FutureFitChick, good for you for staying firm with the doughnuts. For most food pushers, I think the issue is something other than food. It sounds like your mother uses food as a way of showing her affection and her self-worth may even be wrapped up in her cooking. Some food pushers are even resentful of other’s healthy eating because it reminds them of their own bad habits. It’s hard eat well when you’re busy. When you have time, it might help to make a list of some safe takeout items that are good choices or some meals that take almost no prep (maybe some frozen meals). I find that a few safe fall-backs helps me when life gets crazy. Good for you for giving yourself a much needed break and good luck finding an exercise program.

RobinW, LOL about the cookie diet. I believe the strategy of that diet is to replace two meals with a very large, healthyish cookie (sold to you, of course, by the cookie diet). It’s kind of like slim fast in cookie form, although I’ve heard critique that it leaves the daily calorie count way to low.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on sticking to your writing goals. I’m inspired to work on my own projects that I’m neglecting. I liked your insights about using food as mini-vacations. It’s interesting that mindless eating masks so many other mindless behaviors.

BillBE, kudos on getting back to the gym. I think the downside of getting fit is that when you miss a workout, you notice it more. So kudos on getting back to the gym after a (very short) break, and kudos for being so fit! LOL on the Christmas candy. After Christmas, they’ll put out V day candy, then Easter candy. No rest for the wicked, as my FIL likes to say. Good luck on the potluck dinner.

CeeJay, good for you for giving yourself credit for recognizing a mistake and quitting quickly. It’s much more productive than feeling hopeless. Sorry about all the extra work. Kudos for getting back to eating on plan so quickly.

11-11-2009, 09:46 PM
I want to answer alot of comments made but Im trying to get some work done tonight.

doing good....ate out tonight, chose chinese food...lots of veggies and lots of left over stuff! Lunches for at least 3 days worth!

Im trying to stay focused its the checking in properly with my coaches that isnt working very well.

I will try to check in every morning as soon as I get to the shop.

Call me on it if I start to slack!! I should have a post by 10am every week morning.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

11-11-2009, 09:56 PM
Hi all! Today was another day at the zoo. We only live about 45 mins away and have a seasons pass so I like to go as much as possible-- usually once a week or so, if possible. I put the baby in the backpack and the toddler in a stroller she can get in and out of and off we go!! It's so nice just to get to spend time with them with no interruptions and nothing else to do but enjoy their presence. Thankfully they are both lovely while we are there.... hmmmm... maybe that is actually why I like it so much. :) It did make eating while sitting a challenge but I was more successful than not. I actually didn't move on to the next day b/c I knew that one was going to be tricky, plus I am avoiding day 5. I may have to sell my children in order to be successful at eating slowly and mindfully.

Some thoughts on non-food indulgences-- a hot bath (just got the whirlpool tub fixed yesterday! Woohoo!) flipping through a magazine, hot tea, flannel jammies and a good novel, time on Facebook (love it,) foot soak... more to come. Got my cards made for these and will put them in the mommy drawer that no one is allowed to touch.

Futurefitchick-- I am so sorry you struggle with going to sleep. That would make me miserable. Also sorry about your drama-over-food-mama. That would also make me miserable. :( We always prefer a hotel. I need a mental break, anyway. :) I don't have a lot of advice other than to ask if you own a crock pot. I don't enjoy cooking but have to do it out of necessity. Today I put in some frozen chicken along with a couple of cups of chicken broth, set it to low for 8 hours, once done, I took it out and shredded it and mixed it up with BBQ sauce and then baked it in the oven for 30 mins at 350. Voila, dinner is served. Took less than 10 minutes of me actually having to do any work and had minimal clean-up. Exactly how I like it. You can do that recipe for pork, too. I don't eat pork but the house smells delicious while it is cooking so I am assuming it is yummy. Hope that helps. I love my crock pot. :) (check out if you haven't already.) Off to Hawaii with you...

Gardenjoy-- Right there with you on the procrastinating by eating. I absolutely do that. Then I feel like an idiot b/c I just wasted precious time and still haven't accomplished anything but 500 calories on my thighs that I didn't need. Great observation!

BBE-- Glad you got to the gym. I always liked going to the gym b/c its purpose was singular. Once I was there, that was it. There are advantages and disadvantages to having my kids relatively close together (23 mos apart.) On occasion, I do get some down time when they nap. About every three weeks or so. I savor it. Yes, my 2-year-old is quite a good eater. Tonight she had edamame and liked it. I have been super-conscious, perhaps to a fault, over her eating-- trying to make sure she doesn't fall into the same trap my husband and I have. The result is a 2-year-old who loves broccoli, cauliflower, green beans.... now if I could just get my 9-month-old to eat solid food. :)

Ceejay-- CREDIT for stopping yourself in the midst of an old habit. That is no simple task. I think I eat sometimes to keep myself awake when I have a bunch of paperwork to wade through. I am sure water would do the same thing for me. :)

Gardenjoy-- I had to google NaNoWriMo!! So excited for you to write. I am a children's librarian and love the idea of knowing people who can write books. Hope it's finishing well!

Bennyhannamama-- 'But I'm trying to remember that it's not really an indulgence if I feel like sh*t afterward!' Still..... laughing... out loud.... Good job today-- sounds like you are gettin' your groove thing back!

Shepherdess-- Glad all went well and kudos to you for eating OP. There is nothing worse than someone you love being in pain and you having to wait around. Your resolve is quite impressive!

Have a great evening! I am off to the treadmill with hopes the baby will sleep long enough for me to finish my time.

11-11-2009, 10:13 PM
The curly hair specialist was fun -- we actually went ahead and colored my hair today. Not too different but a shade warmer. She cuts straight hair, too, and she would probably make it curly if someone insisted, but they are very big there on letting your hair do what it's meant to do so she would probably argue against it.

I have double challenges tomorrow. Lunch during an advisory board meeting and a dinner party for donors at the botanical garden. I'm following BillBlueEyes example and reminding myself that these events will both feature institutional food. It may be high end institutional food, but it still will not be as good as a fine restaurant or even as what I cook at home. I can enjoy the novelty of eating food that isn't prepared by me without overeating it. My specific strategy will be to focus on vegetables and eating half or less portions of meat and dessert.

WI: +0.65kg, Exercise: +30, 434/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

bennyhannahmama: Big hugs and congratulations for achieving the big step of signing a divorce agreement. That is a huge accomplishment, taking a variety of skills and perseverance.

Hello to everyone! Off to get my clothes ready for both events tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't wear gardening clothes to a dinner party even if it's at a garden!

11-11-2009, 10:27 PM
I have this terrible habit of only posting when things are going relatively well. As soon as things start to get difficult I stop posting. :( You've got the right idea- reaching out for help and sharing your struggles.
Oh and it's nice to "meet" you too :)

gardenerjoy: Thanks for the :hug: and right back at ya! Good for you for your new realization.

BillBlueEyes: As always it's a comfort to see you here and hear about your successes. I am starting the book at page 1 again (can't say I've ever even come close to getting all the way through it) and will definitely pay careful attention to the chapter on errors in thinking. Nope, didn't buy a house, just moved from one rental house to another.

I know I've missed some of you, but I need to go read my Beck book before it gets too late and I get too sleepy. Hope everyone had a great day!

11-11-2009, 11:12 PM
Coaches/Buddies, today went so much better than yesterday. I was productive and my thinking cleared up some, so that is a relief. I took it easy tonight and watched a movie. Now I am doing some meal planning. I walked a lot on campus today and met my activity target (using a GoWearFit), and ate lunch very slowly, enjoying every bite. I really savored the flavors of the soup I was enjoying. I read my advantage card and added GardenerJoy's It may be high end institutional food, but it still will not be as good as a fine restaurant or even as what I cook at home. I can enjoy the novelty of eating food that isn't prepared by me without overeating it. as a response card. Tonight we had pizza, which was only mediocre. I ate a salad beforehand, but then didn't do the best job on focusing on my pizza to stop when I should have (in retrospect).

I am going to work on my food plan for the next few days, and identify some easy back ups. Thanks for all of the support everyone. I really appreciate it.

BennyHannahMama, thanks for your support! CREDIT to you for your dedication to getting back into the Beck book.

GardenerJoy, I really loved your suggestion about how you are going to approach your meals out. (I love the Missouri Botanical Garden!!!! i smile just thinking about it.) Have a great time. I know you'll do great.

KidsLibraryLady, you sound like a fabulous mom, taking your kids to the zoo. Sounds like that really works for you three. That's great. You'll take day 5 in stride and do great! I have been doing more with the crock-pot lately. My husband is a lactose-intollerant vegetarian, so that cuts down on some of the utility of it. But it sure is wonderful to come home and have dinner ready for me!

RobinW, glad to hear your eating is going well. CREDIT to you for the commitment to posting in the morning.

Shepherdess, glad to hear your husband is doing OK. I hope he can find it in himself to take it easy to properly heal! Great job on planning your food for surgery day. Also, CREDIT for noticing the impact of eating in a different environment. I really appreciate your suggestions of finding "safe" backup foods when having to eat out. I started making my list as soon as I read that. Thanks!

Have a great evening!

11-12-2009, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Aced the potluck last night by the amazing trick of . . . <drum roll> . . . planning ahead. Duh! CREDIT moi. As I was eating my one plate I felt this desire to rush so I could get a refill, then, remembering my plan, slowed down and savored a rather nice assortment of vegetarian foods (this group just sort of drifted to only bringing vegetarian dishes since a few folks are vegetarian and the omnivores are flexible). Wish I could get it into my head that when I plan, events go well. When I get this ego thing that I don't have to plan, all the old thinking roars into place. Methinks it isn't about being lazy, it's just ego.

Still don't know what I'm packing for my lunch today since I wasn't around over the weekend and didn't plan anything for the week. Yesterday I had the codfish cake that I took home from the restaurant on Saturday - now wish that I'd originally only eaten one and brought two home so I'd have one for today. One was plenty and I knew that while I was eating, but the MASSIVE portions of everything helped me to continue.

At gym, CREDIT moi, I found myself staring at my body in the mirror, wearing my new t-shirt that fits, liking what I saw, but still kinda amazed that I don't see the fat guy. Then decided that my gym shorts were mom jeans, LOL. Geeze ... I've never thought about my gym shorts - EVER. But here I was having a positive thought about my appearance and my neurons got pretty desperate to produce a negative thought.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for three days of lunches from the doggie bag from one meal. Kudos for choosing well at a Chinese Restaurant - there are so many unhealthy options there.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Congrats on completing your divorce agreement - five hours sounds tough. Big Kudos for not using food to handle the tensions. Yay for starting the Beck book from page 1 again. There's a bunch of people near the beginning right now so you're in good company.

FutureFitChick - Yay for feeling better and Kudos for the continued search to find an exercise program that fits. LOL at the thought of just running away to Hawaii - Ouch, of course, that you actually missed that trip for this year. Kudos for "savoring" your soup; I just love that Beck has me really enjoying my food instead of just wolfing it down.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for having a plan for your double challenges today. Like your discussion about institutional food. Glad that your curly hair specialist worked out. My original question was merely tongue-in-cheek wondering if she'd grow me back a bit more hair to curl, LOL.

KidsLibraryLady - Neat that you have season's passes to the zoo. I love that zoos are so unpredictable - the animals do what they want to be doing.

Shepherdess - Ouch for a disabled DH who wants to be active. Hope his knee heals rapidly. Kudos for recognizing the desire for more food while watching TV - that's so seductive.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach If you're not sure whom to select, consider the following:
. . .
Find a diet professional. Consider working one on one with a mental-health or health-care professional who has had experience and success with helping people lose weight and keep it off. You don't want to pick someone who focuses only on the supposed root cause of your weight problems ("It's your mother's fault"). You want someone who helps you identify and conquer your unhelpful thinking, gives practical advice, is highly encouraging and motivating, and is willing to help you implement this program.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 86.

11-12-2009, 09:40 AM
Coaches/Buddies Grumble, grumble, humph, humph, humph. That about sums it up. Anne is grouchy, tired, and saturated.

KidsLibrarylady Your post from a couple days ago, which I am sad to say I just got to (Anne hangs head in shame), reminded me of Beck Day 8, which is Create Time and Energy. When I worked through that, I really found I had no more time to create, with a job and a baby and a toddler and and and. But I had this epiphany. It isn't just about time, it is also about energy. To quote our author:
It all takes fortitude and mental energy, especially if and when sabotaging thoughts get in the way.
So I took this to heart and made a list of things that boost me instead of dragged me down, and tried to do that instead. I have strayed over the last year, since happy and optimistic and perky doesn't come naturally to me. I have to work at positive.

So, I'm going to do two things. I'm going to go read that list. And then I'm going to write down what I just ate for breakfast. This is a 7-year habit I can't seem to get myself to do lately. It isn't that big a deal, and I don't really understand why I can't just do it. So I'm going to just do it. For today, at least, and I'll let tomorrow worry about tomorrow.

gardnerjoy I can totally relate to the procrastinating thing. I do that all the time.

Kim Welcome back! Glad you survived your rough patch and are with us again. (Anne says "us" as if I am still a regular. Working on that.)

Maryblu Can't wait until May for the next book in the series. ONLY 3 more years to finish it out. Ouch!

Hello to everyone! Thanks as always for being here.

So I'm going to read and write now.

And as I reread this, I must apologize for the 3rd person speak. Clearly I've been spending too much time on Facebook again.


11-12-2009, 08:34 PM
First, dear Beckies, please let me get *this OFF* MY *CHEST:

wndranne, my* dear* Beckie*friend--ahem.. I did NOT know, when I got SUCKED into this Micheal Scott series that is was more* than *3 *freakin'* books! There I was, RACING through The Sorceress(having bought it in HARD copy) thinking that was it- the end.......only to be left HANGING again! Who does he think he IS, anyway???? * least DS isn't into this one, so I only have to buy one copy of the book at a time. But, I unsuspectingly hooked DS on it..$%@#^@%@^ those recommendations coming; we are kindred spirits. I hafta say, though, J.K. could end a book..with an outcome, and not leave you so hangin'..yanno?

As for writing it all down, it is sometimes for me, the ONLY way to get back on track. It is just one of those rote behaviors...if I am really off track, then that is one way to immediately stop the madness. Once you write it down, before, or after, it is there in black and white, and it stops the madness cold. Credit, you!

It has been an incredible run of balmy weather..55 degrees with no wind, the lake like blood is already so thick I am in shorts. lol..yes, Beachy, shorts!

Yesterday it hit me. I was sitting in the hairdresser's chair having a consultation w/o a cape gotta know, I don't GO to a hair dresser..I just cut off the ends myself..or go to Cost Cutters twice a year..but this was special..and there I sat..full mirror...sat. in jeans...sat...looked at myself as the hair dresser was pulling up locks of hair and "consulting". Long neck, no double chin, no midriff bubbled up tops of the legs..looked lean, thin...nothing but thin..*sigh. I am a thin person. Wow. 140 didn't feel/look like this. 132 does. Pretty cool...everyone has been saying it..but this was the first time I *saw it.

Today, I bought new jeans..a size 6 "skinny fit"..and a size 7 long, low was so cool to bring those sizes into the booth and never for a minute think they wouldn't fit.

I still think the wisdom Beck imparts is the road to success. Even though she doesn't say it: One day at a time..she implies it..get right back on track..pick up and go on, and don't get caught up in the madness of projecting way, way out..projecting, I will lose this amount by this time by doing ...pick your category of over -the -top- effort... It is easy for me to say, now that I am *there, but many of the Beckie old timers will remember it wasn't that long ago I was struggling. I just have to say, what got me back on track..was going back to what had worked in the first place..well, and then a serious case of sad ..too sad to eat...but, what ended up working was going back to what had worked for me..eating less...eating exactly what I wanted to eat, just less...and stopping way before feeling full..and liking that feeling..and I still like that feeling..not feeling full..I feel more alive slightly hungry after 3 hours ..and never feeling stuffed.

carry on, all..oh, P.S. wndranne, didja ever see such a piece of work as Russell?? Not since Johnny Fair Play, or Richard Hatch himself. Sorry, all...Survivor commiserations.

11-12-2009, 09:29 PM
*tsk! I didnt get here this morning. We opened the shop and I didnt come up for air until about 3pm. Then I had to get home, change and get dolled up for a networking event I had to go to.

I just dont know.

11-12-2009, 11:51 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I had a pretty good day today. I was a little slow getting going this morning, but nothing like it has been. Hopefully, things will continue to progress like this and I can attribute all of that to the lingering illness from the week before and not a bout of depression arriving. Food was pretty good today. I really paid attention to my breakfast and snack. I read my advantage cards twice today and packed my lunch and snacks for tomorrow. I also planned tomorrow's dinner and am soaking beans as I type. I took some time out today to also block out time in my everyday schedule for daily diet and exercise planning/3FC writing/food tracking and weekly food planning and preparation time. I am still working on the exercise identification and commitment.

BillBlueEyes, great job with the potluck! That is fantastic. I really appreciate you sharing so that I can try that technique next time I am in a similar situation.

Maryblue, sounds like you had some lovely revelations. That is so neat. I am craving some cold weather about now!

RobinW, credit for checking in, even though you didn't make it when you hoped you would. Tomorrow you will!

wndranne, :hug: to you. Here's hoping you get to relax some soon!

Have a great Friday, everyone.

11-13-2009, 01:11 AM
The lunch went really well. There's a new person on our advisory board and she's a vegetarian, so we got a potato bar with both meat and non-meat options and a salad and dessert. I went meatless on my potato and divided a brownie in half for dessert (good thing -- it was way too sweet, so two bites were plenty!)

The dinner was actually nicer than I expected. But I stuck to my plan, eating all my veggies and half of everything else. It was plenty of food, and I enjoyed each delicious bite! I noticed that the thin women around the table left about as much food as I did.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +30, 464/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

11-13-2009, 05:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - So I conjured my lunch; took the quarter cup of broccoli-cheese casserole left over from the pot luck (I know, any sane person would have thrown away such a small amount), added some getting-hard white rice leftovers, chopped in some fresh broccoli, and mixed in a can of tuna fish, blending them right into the Pyrex dish I take them to work in. Voila, I am an extemporaneous creative chef, me! And it tasted as good as it sounds.

But I ate it anyway; CREDIT moi. The nutrition was good enough and it served me right for not planning. Fortunately, my 1.9 quarts of raw veggies in addition always carries me through lunch anyway.

maryblu - Yep, gotta be leery of book recommendations from someone who reads at the speed of light and, worse, remembers what she's read. Neat that you inferred "One day at a time" from Beck - she often seems to come down on the side of the wisdom of the ages. Methinks you are sooooo on track with "eating exactly what I wanted to eat, just less."

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for super busy at work and networking. But Yay that it means that you're keeping your own business thriving.

Anne (wndranne) - Bill is ROFLHAO at grouchy Anne. Boy do I ever need to make the list of things that boost me and do some substituting; sufficiently handling obligations isn't enough. Big Kudos that you've done that in the past and commit yourself to doing it again.

FutureFitChick - Having beans soaking is one of the best feelings in the world, IMHO; don't know why, but it makes me feel at one with the food I'm going to eat. Yay for continuing to feel better and Kudos for getting one day organized.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for making a plan and Kudos for following your plan for both eating events. Yay for a buffet that sounds yummy with limited options that include good vegetarian options. Interesting observation that the thin folks left food on their plates. I need to keep hearing that in hopes of learning that skill - it's the SCIC, you know.

Readers - day 6
Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach If you're not sure whom to select, consider the following:
. . .
Investigate Internet support. Face-to-face interaction is usually more desirable, but if you absolutely can't meet with someone in person, investigate weight loss support groups on the Internet. A study conducted by the University of Vermont in Burlington found that participants who enrolled in a weight maintenance program over the Internet sustained the same amount of weight loss as participants who met with a support group in person.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 86.

11-14-2009, 02:41 PM
Outage - The error messages you received over the last three days weren't your computer - 3FC wasn't responding. I don't yet know the story behind the 3FC outage, but indeed there was one. I Googled and found one blog that said that a bunch of Internet Brands sites were affected, so there's a story to be told.

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Samples were offered at Trader Joe's. I loved the taste of the strawberry rhubarb pie until it dawned on me that I was eating pie crust. So I stopped, and tossed the remainder; CREDIT moi since I toss out very little. Was happy to shave a few calories and, in addition, indulge in a bit of self-righteousness. The latter was apparently enough to justify then accepting a sample of pumpkin ginger cake, LOL. Just reminds me of the notion from The End of Overeating, or somewhere, that some mere hint of healthy seems to justify our eating more of something. Oh Well. But I counted it as my morning snack.

Finished work early so I made it to the gym early on Friday, CREDIT moi. Felt odd working out with a bunch of strangers since I wasn't there during my time slot. Got to see a guy doing a bunch of pull ups even though he didn't look particularly muscular - just a young lanky guy. I liked that.

I incremented my ticker - one more month of maintenance; CREDIT moi.

Readers - day 7
Arrange Your Environment

I find it difficult to have junk food staring me in the face. At home, I make sure it's all on a high shelf in a cupboard or in the freezer. I don't keep food in my office or in my car because I don't always have the mental energy to resist urges to eat - particularly at the end of the workday. The dieters with whom I work also have found this practice to be a valuable strategy for losing weight and maintaining their weight loss.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 90.

11-14-2009, 03:44 PM
Coaches/Buddies Things are OK. Yesterday was a bad day for the record books, but today has been reasonable so far. My goal is to get these wild oscillations damped into something livable and more like consistency. Bike this morning was nice.

maryblu Sorry about the time commitment on the Michael Scott series. I'm hoping it'll be worth it in the end. Hooray for skinny jeans! I'm so far behind on Survivor I can't even comment.

Thanks for your words about your journey. There are good times and bad times on this path, as we all know, but it is easy to forget the bad times pass when you are in one. I think this is a Beck thing too--Day 24, which also includes the one day at a time thing. What isn't in this book?

RobinW Keep on keeping on. I myself am jumping on kuhljeanie's wagon when she brings it back. Or maybe we should just make our own.

Futurefitchick sounds like things are moving along splendidly! I'm always happy to hear when people are doing well. Gives me hope.

gardenerjoy Just in awe of two bites of brownie. Nice work!

BillBE Cringing at your lunch! Spent a long time figuring out what ROTFLHAO meant. Google was unhelpful. But finally the fog lifted! Hurray for humor! ;P

Nice job figure out pie crust isn't worth it (it sooo isn't), and congrats on another month of maintenance!


11-14-2009, 06:17 PM
Hello everyone!!!

gardenerjoy-great plan to deal with the 2 meals out. And it worked! Good going.

BillBlueEyes- OP eating and walking and going to the gym-- credit! What a nice moment you must have had looking in the mirror and liking what you saw. One day...

Bennyhannahmama- amazing going through your mediation not using cigarettes or food to cope. Excellent. Credit for all your successes during such a hard time.

FutureFitChick- glad you are feeling better. Good for you for working on your meal plan. Running away to Hawaii actually sounds like a pretty good idea...;) :D

Shepherdess-glad your DH is doing OK after surgery. It is always stressful to have someone you love undergo surgery.

RobinW- kuddos for eating well at the Chinese food restaurant. I find restaurants really tricky, so I admire your ability to stick to your plan.

KidsLibrarylady-eating slowly and mindfully mostly alludes me at this point. I find that so hard. Sounds like a nice day at the zoo with the kids. Your non-food indulgences sound great.

wndranne- Letting tomorrow worry about tomorrow. That is so positive.

maryblu- you had a great moment like BillBlueEyes while looking in the mirror at the hairdressers. That is fantastic.

For me, have not posted since Tuesday. My eating on Wed and Thurs was OP and healthy but I found myself caving for peanut butter toast at bedtime both nights. Nothing to do with hunger...only to do with stress. Friday was just terrible eating all day.

Late last night I thought, well this is the point where I have always thrown in the towel. And I am not doing it this time. So sat down and wrote up the way it was going to be today: eat a healthy breakfast, go for a walk, eat the usual morning yogurt and berries, eat a healthy lunch, eat a healthy afternoon snack, lift weights, go for 2nd walk, eat a healthy dinner. Snack in the evening is going to be more yogurt or a 100 calorie popcorn snack. Read response and advantages cards and post at 3FC's. And that is it. Just do it.

So far so good today. The healthy dinner is waiting and I am headed off for walk #2.

Thank you all for your support. It is really helping. I am back on track. :jig:

Beach Patrol
11-14-2009, 06:31 PM
Coaches/Buddies -
I haven't been here in about a week or so; last couple of days the website was to blame...

But I've had a bad cold since last Sunday - out of work Mon & Tue, back to work on Wed but it wore me completely out, so I only worked a few hours... meant to be back full time on Thur but then my two herniated discs in my neck decided to whack out... trip to the chiro & another day in bed with ice packs... felt better today, but that's the whole week in a nutshell.

Coincidentally, I haven't been "on track" very much. Between the cold, the disc herniation, and being out of work for nearly a week - I haven't really kept up with anything. I have been having healthy oatmeal breakfast, but otherwise, I've pretty much lived on Chicken Noodle Soup and saltines. Not TOO bad, but not good either. And of course I've done no exercise at all.

I'm giving myself one more day of rest tomorrow... then I plan to jump right back on the horse on Monday. Food tracking, reading my cards, exercising, etc.

Until then... good luck to you all - and to myself. Man, it's been a hard week!


When I weighed last Monday, I weighed in at 179. Then I went BACK in my diet journal & read from day one, which I recorded as 184 pounds... so really... I'VE LOST 5 POUNDS! - YAY ME!!!! But being sick & everything, I haven't weighed since then... so I'll start clean on Monday.

but... YAY! :D

11-14-2009, 09:37 PM
Hi all-- glad it was just me who had trouble with 3FC! Today was eat slowly and mindfully. I hate it. Truly. It goes against everything I usually do and is, sadly, most assuredly the key to my ultimate success. My snack of an apple was eaten with a baby on my knee and a toddler hanging off of my neck, literally, my lunch was spent trying to keep play-doh and a baby off of my sandwich and my dinner was spent singing the ants go marching one by one. I did eat my breakfast of oatmeal in peace as the baby was still asleep (hallelujah) and I am dead to my toddler if daddy is around, which he was. I put forth my best effort (CREDIT moi) and will go at it again! I will say I left food on my plate at dinner as a result of eating so slowly. Even so, I probably ate more than I should have. Recognizing when I am full is a challenge as I am used to busting.

Off to start my thirty day challenge on Wii Fit and perhaps a little time on the treadmill... but probably not.

Gardenjoy-- Glad your even went well and you avoided pitfalls. Interesting that the skinny women left as much as you. They probably did so without thinking... Oh, to have that be an unconcious event!
Bennyhannamama-- I, too, need to read the first chapter. I skimmed it this time since I have read it before and feel like I did my self a disservice.

Futurefitchick-- Glad you are feeling back on track! I feel like a lactose-intolerant vegetarian is some sort of urban legend. :) No wonder you struggle so much with preparing meals. I can't eat dairy (or nuts or eggs) when I nurse-- so a year with the first and now I am 9 months in with the second baby-- and it is a CHALLENGE to prepare food without dairy-- and I eat poultry!!! Yep-- no advice from me, just sympathy and encouragement!!

BBE- While I am sad that you had a negative thought at the gym, I am HOWLING at the thought of a man thinking he had on mom jeans!!!!! Also hysterical-- "And it tasted as good as it sounds." you gave me my guffaws for the day. YEAH!! at one more month of maintenance, that's great!

wndranne-- LOVE-- 'It isn't just about time, it is also about energy." thanks! Had to google ROTFLHAO, too :)

Maryblu-- your revelation at the hair stylist brought tears to my ears. That is truly [B]FANTASTIC[/B!!

Ceejay 'And that is it. Just do it' I say that's fabulous! Glad you got back on track-- love your intentionality of the list-- but am sorry you had a crummy day. Also sorry I now crave PB on toast. :)

Beach Patrol-- Good grief-- that is a pitiful week. :( I think our bodies should, at the very least, space out the disasters of illness and pain. Hope you are feeling better!

11-14-2009, 11:09 PM
Today was too nice to write, so my word count for NaNoWriMo suffered, but my exercise minutes for the month benefitted! The prediction is rain for a week, so I imagine that trend will reverse.

WI: -0.55kg (new low), Exercise: +110, 634/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Good to "see" everyone now that the site is up and running.

BillBlueEyes: congratulations on another month of maintenance!

wndranne: kudos for a good bike ride!

CeeJay: way to go for taking that sabotaging thought of "this is when I quit" and transforming it to a postive action of "this is when I plan." And thanks for sharing it -- I'm going to use that!

Beach Patrol: good job on handling a rough week and planning your way back on track! Hope you're feeling better!

FutureFatChick: you're doing great working this in around your many challenges and finding ways to make it work for you.

11-14-2009, 11:58 PM
Good evening,Coaches/Buddies. Hope you are all having a nice weekend. Today was my last football season babysitting day for my most handsome, although sadly teething, nephew. It was a joy to be around him anyway. Food came out OK. We had brunch again, and my original plan was to have fruit and a Belgian waffle, plain. Well things got mixed up and I didn't get my waffle as a result - so disappointed. But, I stuck with my fruit and had a slice of spinach quiche instead. Dinner, I had a salad, which in retrospect I wish I would have ordered with the dressing on the side (I hate it when I forget to do that) and shared a brownie sundae with the whole family. I got lots of exercise from cleaning and walking around on campus. I still haven't found an exercise routine yet, and I am going to make myself admit that to you every time I post until I do something about it! Tomorrow I am working on my meal plan for next week, and am going to grocery shop and prep ahead. I will also walk with my dogs.

My fantastic Friday story: had a MASSIVE craving for a SuzyQ (I've probably had fewer than 4 SuzyQs in my life) at work on Friday. I told myself that I had to distract myself from my impulse for at least 15 minutes before giving in to the vending machine. 15 minutes passed and that was still all i could think about. So, 10 minutes later i went to the vending machine - not a single chocolate item in it. So, did my best to get something more done before I headed home. Working was less than productive with the chocolate cakey thing stuck on my mind, so gave up after 1/2 hour and headed home. I didn't stop at the nearby cafe (though I really wanted to). I didn't stop at Starbucks. I didn't stop at Dairy Queen. I didn't stop at the grocery store to get something. I made it all of the way home. I then satisfied my craving with a small bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and a square of Ghiradelli chocolate in it. Such a better outcome than a crappy SuzyQ. I am still proud of my self 30 hours later.

I read my advantage cards once today and tracked my food. I sat down for all my meals and ate slowly. I overate my salad and wished I would have let myself "finish" before I did. Next time...

BeachPatrol, sorry to hear you've been sick. Great job on taking care of yourself though. I'm glad you'll be back on track Monday.

BillBlueEyes, I second that congratulations on another month of success. Just curious, how much would you attribute your daily posting to the success of your maintenance. Your broccoli casserole concoction actually sounded pretty decent on this end.

Ceejay, :carrot: :hug::cb::cheer3::yay::dust::broc::encore::cp:
Great job for getting yourself on track and having such a fantastic plan for today. You did it! You haven't thrown in the towel. You are changing for life and are an inspiration to me!!

GardnerJoy, so glad to hear your meals out went so well. That is terrific when things work out like that. Congratulations on the exercise - 110 minutes, WOW - and the new low on the weight loss. FANTASTIC! Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck next week on NaNoWriMo.

KidsLibraryLady, CREDIT to you for everyday being at home with the little ones. I don't know if this is feasible at all, but would it be possible to shift your lunch time to when the baby is napping? Thanks for the empathy on the lactose-intolerant vegetarian husband/low fat meal planning. It is a challenge and I appreciated your comment. I hope the Wii goes well for you. We've tossed around the idea of getting one ourselves, but I always go back to the fear that it would end up become an expensive dust holder after 6 weeks.

Wndranne, here's to hoping things settle down for you. Thanks for the encouragement. It means a ton to me!

11-15-2009, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Made a batch of curried zucchini for my lunches next week - CREDIT moi- as well as a supermarket trip to get broccoli slaw to go under it. It's a positive step for me that I got back on track preparing my weeks meals after a week of failing to plan and gathering whatever I could find. I have that tendency to take any small stall as an invitation to slid backwards. The Beck strategies are good for me because they counter that. Just do it.

Apparently, with the rain, exercise is no longer required. Today I'll need to counter that one.

Anne (wndranne) - Seems wise to make your goal to damp the wild oscillations rather than to fix them or to make them go away. Sending supportive thoughts for that as well as supportive thoughts for continuing to make wise choices with your limited discretionary time. I do admire the effort required to juggle priorities with small kids, DH, a job, and a life. Thanks for taking the time to figure out that ROTFLHAO was a mod to Laughing His A** Off. I need to remember sometimes that obscure humor doesn't work where it's natural to just assume a typo.

FutureFitChick - MASSIVE Kudos for dealing with your SuzyQs cravings. Neat to give yourself a square of Ghiradelli chocolate - you should be proud 30 hours later. A bunch of super steps you took to wrestle it down. Just WOW.

Re how much I attribute daily 3FC postings to my success in maintenance: I've wondered that. I rate it pretty high because it forces me to confront a bunch of minimizing that I'm capable of doing that would lay the groundwork for dropping off my plans. I am so capable of having the thought that I've now done this weight loss thing, time to move on. This is the only place where I give myself credit for the small, daily steps that are key to remaining on track. Thanks for asking, it's a real question in my life.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for a sane response to being a bit behind in your NaNoWriMo work count plan - wish for myself to always be that sane when I'm a bit behind in my food plan. And Congrats for that new scale low.

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at the thought of trying to keep play-doh and a baby off your sandwich; clearly Beck needs to update her book with some examples like that. Kudos for recognizing that you're working on recognizing full; I think that's a challenge after a period of experiencing busting. Good luck facing that one head on.

Beach Patrol - Congrats on the "LOST 5 POUNDS!" Ouch for a bad cold and neck stuff in the same week. Hope you can find time today to peek at your cards and help your brain get ready for Monday's start.

CeeJay - Ouch for stress cravings. But Honking Big Kudos for recognizing that you were at a good point for quitting. And Double Honking Big Kudos for then making a plan and moving forward. Boy, do I ever need to see examples like that to remind myself that a bad day isn't inevitably the beginning of the slippery slide.

Readers - day 7
Arrange Your Environment

It's especially important to avoid environmental triggers when you're first starting your diet. "Out of sight, out of mind" is a good policy right now. Although you won't necessarily have to reduce environmental triggers forever, you may decide, as I have, that you prefer to keep certain foods out of sight even after you've lost weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 90.

11-15-2009, 02:28 PM
Coaches/Buddies Back to basics today. I made it plan on a post-it, right on my food journal, and so far it is guiding me to good choices. Brought back out the parking lot and am writing my cravings on it to incorporate into my plan over the next few days. I'm finding it comforting, rather than stressful today. I should make a Memory Card. Which reminds me, I need to read my ARC, my major RCs, and Memory Cards.

CeeJay I think it was genius to fight today's cravings by planning for tomorrow. I'm going to have to try that.

Beach Patrol Hurray for the five pounds. Good for you! Sounds like you've had a run of feeling bad, and hope you heal and get well. I never do well when I'm feeling bad either. Just not enough mental energy. I always wonder at the people who don't want to eat when they get sick. That NEVER happens to me.

KidsLibrarylady I can relate to trying to eat with small children. When I'm on plan, I try to follow the slow, mindful way, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Oh Well, right? Good luck on the 30 day Wii challenge. Last time I got on my Wii Fit, it harassed me for 10 minutes about who I was and what I was doing, and it was about time. I don't bother to tell it when I run or bike or swim though, LOL. It also wants my DD to come back, but she only likes it for the penguin-eating-fish balance game.

gardenerjoy I love days that are too nice to write. Hope you get another one. Congrats on the new low!

FutureFitChick WAY TO GO on the SuzyQ craving. Just excellent! I should say you should still be pleased 30 hours later. I had a great burrito victory in late 2002 that I still remember fondly. The good ones stick with you!

BillBE I love obscure humor, and I got it, but just slowly! Have I mentioned lately that I'm brain fried. Like of the extra crispy variety?? :) Good job with the zucks and the brocs. Now go show the rain who won't melt!

Have a great one Beckies!


11-15-2009, 04:41 PM
I missed you! 3 days W/O 3FC. I just assumed it was due to the acquisition thing.

wndranne, please don't apologize for making recommendations on reading that sorta helps ease the pain of no more Harry Potter. Do any of us think we will ever see the likes of her work again? I am not so sure. Hope you catch up on Survivor; I really wanna dish on it with you!

Re: eating slowly and mindfully. Kidslibrarylady et. al. For as much as I harp on things like avoiding the perfectionist trap, the all-or-nothing-I-have-blown-it-why-bother trap...fortunately Beck really, really helps make that trap so obvious and she makes the solutions so obvious..start over IMMEDIATELY. I think most of us have learned that lesson and behavior. For as much as I occasionally have to write things down again when I get off track, here's the deal:

If*I*am*eating*slowly*and*mindfully*I*don't*get*of f*track.

It is just that simple. If I am eating what I want, exactly what I want, and eating slowly and mindfully, enjoying it immensely and just stopping before I am full, then I don't get off track. I don't feel deprived; there is something that feels so powerful and in control when I do that. I like not feeling full. I have more energy and feel more alert and alive when I am even slightly hungry. I like that feeling.

Last night I went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant--enjoyed several flavors, not too much and two great bottles of beer. I then went dancing and actually got almost enough dancing in...could have danced more, but the band quit. I woke up in the night a little bit hungry, and just smiled. If I am hungry in the night, I am OK...I know it did it right. I could not begin to say how many calories I consumed, or burned for that matter, but I know it was right.

I think it is a true gift. I have often said, "I just got full". I would wish it for all of you, but in lieu of your getting said gift, Beck is the second best option I can offer. It is all so cut and dried and laid out..just do it.

That said, it will take someone much smarter than I to figure out how you do it with kids, especially those under 30 inches or so..and a career...and all the other challenges of health, both personal and family..I would challenge us to try to offer up some help about how to eat slowly and mindfully with little kids..I am thinking it might be less of a logistics solution than a change of mindset..I am not sure where I am even going with this, but let's chew on it a bit...Oh, dear, I *did say chew, didn't I?

OMG, BillBE, Favre is at it again..just through a 64 yard pass! He is something ..just threw a TD pass! OMG!!

11-15-2009, 05:44 PM
These last few days have been mostly on track. There was an incident with French fries after DH’s physical therapy appointment on Fri. We stopped at a drive thru so he could get some food and take a pain pill—he needed one after they ran electric current through his quadriceps. I was all set to resist, but they put an extra order of fries in the bag and I just couldn’t waste them. I also hadn’t planned well and didn’t have my snack with me. So I ate a few, and then it just felt good to do something bad. I wasn’t rebelling against my eating, which I was sticking to with no resentment. I think I just needed to rebel against keeping track of DH’s meds, appointments, bandage changes, etc. But the good news is that he is much more mobile and independent now. I quickly recovered from the fries incident and made up the calories in other meals. Fries was my dessert for the day.

I got my long run in yesterday, which felt really nice. We are having beautiful weather and I actually felt like I had some extra energy. I haven’t had energy to do all of my runs last week. I’ve been setting the alarm in the middle of the night for DH’s meds and then just having trouble sleeping. But the good news is that on days I didn’t run, I did make myself do yoga. It seemed like a good compromise. Running would have been too much, but I don’t get an exercise pass. I still need to do something.

RobinW, sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions, but good job making a quick check-in when time allows.

KidsLibrarylady, the day at the zoo sounds wonderful and what a great experience for your kids. Kudos on success at sitting down while eating in a challenging situation. Good job at attempting to eat mindfully and sticking with it even though you have more challenges than most. Good luck with finding a way to eat mindfully while singing “The Ants Go Marching One by One.”

Gardenerjoy, congrats on your success with two challenging meals. I’m impressed that a brownie was too sweet for you and you could only eat a few bites. I’m not sure I have ever encountered a food too sweet for me. Way to make the most of good weather while it lasts.

FutureFitChick, kudos for blocking off time to plan meals. Huge kudos for ignoring your sweet tooth and finding a better way to satisfy a craving. Kudos on getting lots of exercise and good luck finding a good workout. Are there activities that you enjoy? I don’t think your exercise necessarily has to be a traditional gym routine. You could find a class or a sport you enjoy. You could even rent some dvds to try out some different activities.

Maryblu, kudos for taking a good look in the mirror and seeing your true skinny self and for getting some jeans that fit the new you. You’re an inspiration. I am looking forward to one day seeing something I like in the mirror. Your night of Indian food and dancing sounds wonderful, and I’m also impressed that you are to the point where there is no counting, just listening to your body.

BillBE, LOL at your leftovers casserole, but curried zucchini sounds like it more than made up for it. I can relate to the Trader Joe’s incident. Interesting insight that the feeling that we’ve done something healthy is a pass to do something unhealthy, even if the two behaviors don’t balance out. That’s something to think about.

Wndranne, yay for the bike. Consistency is always tough when you lead a busy life. I’m wishing you luck in finding it! Sounds like you are off to a good start with getting back to the basics. Writing down your cravings sounds like a good strategy. I’ll have to remember that one.

CeeJay, sorry for the bad day on Friday, but good job getting back on track. It is so easy to throw in the towel after a bad day, which is odd because what is one bad day compared with the several good weeks you have had?

Beach Patrol, congrats on 5 lbs gone! I know it was frustrating when the scale seemed stuck, but all your hard work is paying off. Give yourself a big reward. You deserve it, especially for a week out sick. Good job getting back on that horse after a week off sick.

11-15-2009, 08:24 PM
Coaches/Buddies, finished out the weekend with 2 more meals out today. But, I made the healthier choices for breakfast (veggie omelet requested with egg beaters, whole wheat dry toast), and stopped when I was feeling full. I kept lunch as light as possible with a cup of soup. Dinner was light too. I planned my meals for the week and grocery shopped. Before bed, I am going to make my lunch for tomorrow and do some prep for tomorrow's dinner. I read my advantage cards this morning. WI: -.5lbs. Sat and ate all of my food slowly and paid attention to each bite.

BillBlueEyes, CREDIT for getting your lunches together for next week. I always find it interesting to hear that maintainers get off track; this has been really important for me to learn -- this is going to be a lifelong struggle for me, even after losing weight. Thank you so much for sharing.

Maryblu, thanks for the advice on eating mindfully.

Shepherdess, it is amazing what we will do with "free" food, isn't it? Great job for getting on track right after though and for reframing them as a dessert. I got a couple of dance DVDs to try out to see if I like that for an exercise routine. Thanks for the suggestion.

Wndanne, I loved this:
the parking lot and am writing my cravings on it to incorporate into my plan over the next few days.
I use this technique to deal with my head interfering with my work (ADD), but never thought to try it for food. Great idea! Let me know how it works for you!

11-15-2009, 11:00 PM
Hello everyone

I am so happy about this weekend. I pulled it together and did everything I wanted to- credit to me for healthy eating on plan, walking both days, doing my weights and checking in here. Ready to tackle the week. Lunch is packed and ready and dinner for tomorrow night is planned. What an absolute relief to know that I can have a few bad days and get back to it.

Beach Patrol- sounds like you had a terrible week. I cringed when I read about your neck. I had whiplash many years ago and I can safely say that neck pain is the worst. Feels like your head weighs about 100 pounds. Yay for the 5 pounds!!!

KidsLibrarylady- I hate eating slowly and mindfully too. I have always been a speed eater. It is going to take a long time for me to deal with this one, I keep thinking about it after I eat. LOL.

gardenerjoy- You are doing fantastic!!! :carrot:

FutureFitChick-I loved your story about the SuzyQ- that is worth being proud about. Don't you hate it when some sort of food gets stuck in your head like that? You did great. And thanks for the will power dust and the dancing happy guys. That made my day. I'm rooting for you too.

BillBlueEyes- curried zucchini on broccoli slaw sounds pretty good. May have to give that a try.

wndranne- your comment about back to basics was an eye opener for me. Made me realize that one day, it will feel like the basics of eating and it won't feel so new.

maryblu- thanks for your thoughts on eating slowly and mindfully. I liked what you said about it giving you a sense of power and control. I am going to try to think about it that way and think it might just help to reframe this for me.

Shepherdess- Glad your DH is doing well. Good for you for recovering from the fries and just counting them into the day.

Have a great week everyone!!!

11-15-2009, 11:40 PM
Good Evening! I didn't get to do Wii last night. My DH is an uber-geek and just turning on our TV is akin to launching a shuttle. So getting Wii-- it is actually Wii active, not Wii fit- to turn on was a feat beyond my capabilities. I did, however, get to do it tonight with assistance and get in a walk pushing my little people. CREDIT to me! It was another nice day outside! I am resisting the urge to go to the zoo tomorrow. I think the girls need a day around the house. Today was choosing a diet coach and thanks to you fine folks, that was an easy one.

Futurefitchick-- WOOOOT WOOOT!! Here's hoping you are STILL proud of yourself!! suzyQs have their own way of talking to you... Sometimes I can shift my eating around-- today I ate lunch at 2:30 for exactly that reason. It all depends on the day. Do you seriously have ADD? I do and am unmedicated. I feel like it makes 'dieting' so much more difficult.

BBE-- Glad you had time to meal plan! I find that makes my week so much more relaxed. Curious as to why I don't do it! You are a good reminder that this is for the long haul and these habits don't die easily.

wndranne-- Glad your back on track! Isn't eating with young children a hoot?!! Today while eating oatmeal, the baby was crawling up me and the toddler was eating every other bite. I did eat slowly... b/c my food was being stolen, mindfully, not so much.

Maryblu-- slowly and mindfully is going to be a challenge for me for quite some time. Beyond children climbing on me, I am just a fast mover and easily distracted in general.

Shepherdess-- Sounds like you are on track despite a huge challenge. I am glad you got your run in... I am sure a break from being a caretaker was nice.

Ceejay-- 'What an absolute relief to know that I can have a few bad days and get back to it. ' WOOHOO!! That is a sweet, sweet sentence.

11-16-2009, 12:09 AM
Halfway through my exercise for November!

WI: +0.55kg, Exercise: +20, 654/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: yay for pre-fixed lunches!

wndranne: good job on planning for the things you crave! That's one of the things that is really making Beck work for me (when I remember to do it)

maryblu: thanks for the reminder that the slightly hungry feeling can actually feel good! I needed it now that we're coming into cloudy, rainy days and part of me would like to cuddle up with a big bowl of something and eat until I'm over-full. But, you're right, I like having energy and that behavior would take it away!

Shepherdess: good job with making the fries work in your day, and thinking through why it happened, saying "oh well" and getting on with it!

FutureFitChick: way to go with two meals out and all that planning and preparation for the week!

CeeJay: yay for getting back to it and having a great weekend!

KidsLibraryLady: Yay for figuring out the Wii (with a little help) and for pushing the little ones in the stroller for exercise!

11-16-2009, 06:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Finished preparing for my week's lunches by picking up a rotisserie chicken while on my warm afternoon walk; CREDIT moi and CREDIT moi. DW also wanted it for our dinner - some days are busy enough that a little help with dinner is appreciated.

Packed today's lunch last night - quite unusual for me since I'm a morning person. But I have to scoot to work early; deadline like a guillotine waiting for me at the office.

maryblu - The message from Suzanne 3FC is that the outage wasn't caused by the acquisition, but the cause of the outage hasn't been announced where I've seen it. Kudos to that special gentleman-of-a-certain-age in your life who can throw 244 yards in one game. Yay for dancing the band under the table. You ROCK.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for activating all your tools at once - back on the wagon for sure. Ouch for the fried brain - LOL at extra crispy. BTDT. Hope the work situation evolves positively for you.

FutureFitChick - Neat to just incorporate two meals out into your life by wise choices and adjusting elsewhere. Yep, the folks over on the maintenance threads with long term success are still vigilant and mindful - I wouldn't say struggle. But Beck suggests that thin people are always mindful of their eating - she suggests that there's no such thing as blissfully thin.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for half way through your month's exercising at mid month. Hope your writing continues to go well.

KidsLibraryLady - Shuttle launch is scheduled for today; perhaps your TV will turn on, LOL. Yay for pushing little people for exercise.

Shepherdess - LOL at "Fries was my dessert for the day." Kudos for a fine recovery and Extra Kudos for identifying your caregiver stress as a trigger. When I find unwanted food in my mouth and go looking for its trigger, I often find a slight resentment lurking.

CeeJay - WOW - Kudos for a stellar weekend with a head start on a planned coming week. Yay for walking both days - hope that means that you had two days of good weather.

Readers - day 7
Arrange Your Environment

Today, I'd like you to prepare you home and work environment by putting tempting foods where you won't easily see them - and by putting wholesome foods allowed by your diet in plain view.

Did this suggestion trigger sabotaging thoughts? Many dieters tell me "If I make changes, I'll have to tell everyone I'm dieting. I'm worried I could fail on this diet, too. Then everyone will know. So it's better not to let anyone know." If you're having such thought, you're going to need a strong response or you may decide not to make environmental changes. Consider the following:

You don't have to tell people you're dieting. You can tell them that you've decided to eat in a more healthful way.
How differently will people view you? No matter what happens, if they've had a positive view of you, they'll probably still think of you positively.
Won't most people think it's better to have tried to diet than not to have tried at all? They'll probably see your efforts at self-improvement as an admirable goal, even if all doesn't turn out as you expected or hoped.

Finally, think about how likely it is that you will lose weight this time because now you have the power of Cognitive Therapy and the Beck Diet Solution - if you follow all the steps.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 90.

11-16-2009, 11:46 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I got my lunches started and my week's chopping done last night. Yea for quiet Sundays! This morning, I weighed/measured my breakfast and sat and ate it mindfully. Then I exercised to one of my two new DVDs for 20 minutes - good fun and lots to learn. I'm going to read next day in Beck book after posting. WI -1 lb. and read my cards last night and this morning. Have a great week, everyone!

P.S. I really appreciate the support I've been getting here. It has been really comfortable for me (in WW, I would never talk to the group and just listen - trust issues it seems). Thanks!

BillBlueEyes, CREDIT for the walk and prepping lunches. I've never tried a rotisserie chicken. Do you just track it like a roasted chicken (and not eat the skin), or is it not seasoned/basted/flavored? I just realized after reading your feedback that ordering healthy while eating out didn't leave me bitter like it usually has (e.g. why can't I have that XXX when everyone else at the table it? WHINE...) That is pretty cool.

CeeJay, this was sooo cool to read!
I am so happy about this weekend. I pulled it together and did everything I wanted to... What an absolute relief to know that I can have a few bad days and get back to it. You are a powerful woman!

GardenerJoy, that is a neat way to track your activity. I never thought about a cumulative month total. I'll have to think about that when my endurance is built up some. Congratulations on the great progress and happy writing this week!

KidsLibraryLady, yep, I'm still proud of conqurring the SuzyQ craving. Great job for getting the walk and the Wii in and for carving out some quiet time of your own to eat. That's awesome!
Re: ADD - yes. I was diagnosed 7 years ago (I'm 33 now) with inattentive type (as opposed to hyperactive type). I was having trouble focusing on some repetitive tasks I was trying to do at work. (There's nothing like losing your place and in 12 seconds blowing $450 of the company's money to get your attention!!) I didn't get medication until I came back to graduate school and had serious difficulties with paying attention in class (and it affected my grades). I'd managed to get through undergrad OK, but found grad school more difficult in this respect. The medications do help - I notice a big difference on the rare occasion that I run out of medication or forget to take one. And I totally agree, it really makes dieting hard. I listen to a podcast called iProcrastinate, and the author made a really good point regarding the difficulty for some (ADD people especially) to keep their eye on the prize and not "Give in to feel good." So, I've really been trying to put that in the forefront of my mind with my daily habits, food choices, etc.

11-16-2009, 02:35 PM
Coaches/Buddies: Struggling a bit, but not as bad as I have been in the past. Eating more than I should, but at least accounting for it. Also getting exercise in. Just need to get myself into a routine. Got more unpacking and organizing done over the weekend which is helping me toward my goal of organization and routine. Need to get back to work now, going to check in again later.

11-16-2009, 05:21 PM
So I'm new to the Beck Diet, a couple weeks on the site now. I keep reading pages over to make sure I get it right.
I was wondering if anyone else has a habit of overspending. I have credit card debt I'm working on and feel I over spent money like I over eat food/calories. It kinda connected in a weird way. I just figure it doesn't really matter if I use my credit card. I don't see the bill til later. Or it doesn't really matter if I eat those M&Ms because they don't count.
Sounds like a page right out of the book! :dizzy:

11-16-2009, 09:58 PM
Coaches/Buddies Credits:

I read my ARC.
I Got Back on Track.
I talked myself out of another Off Plan food.
I planned for today.
I recorded all planned and unplanned eating.
I checked in here.
I calmed down before I ate.

I'm sure there are more. A good day today. Not perfect, but good will have to do. Tomorrow is a run.

Reconnected with an old, dear friend today. I'm really happy about that. And best of all DH sent me a love letter of sorts last night. Wow!

maryblu Cheers for enjoying Indian food, beer, and dancing. Food is so much better when it is savored, rather than just shoveling it in.

Shepherdess How far are you running? I used to do a lot more distance and am trying to build back up after kid #2. Good job on the fries recovery!

FutureFitChick Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I think your eating out plan sounds good. I actually love the parking lot for cravings. I'm not sure it is a Beck strategy, but one day I realized it helped me to make the "I can always eat that tomorrow" more concrete. This was really good because I was having issues on the 2nd day of craving/desiring a food if I had forgotten to plan it in.

Great work on getting all your chopping done. That can be quite a chore.

CeeJay Congrats on recognizing the real trick: perfection may not be achievable but consistency and persistence are!

KidsLibrarylady Sorry about the Wii absence! Nice job on the walk though. It is funny how mad I get at my kids when they eat my food that I've planned for, weighed, and measured. I'm quite immature about it!

gardenerjoy Looks like you are on track for the exercise goal for November. Good work on planning. Out of curiosity, why do you think you didn't read your RCs? I ask because I resist it myself, and am never sure why. It isn't that big a deal. And on that note, here I go reading...

Aside OK, my Memory Cards are very, very powerful! I forget what I can do! And my "short term" weight goal is one pound less difficult to reach than I remembered, which makes a big psychological boost!

BillBE I continue to be impressed by your consistency. I'm glad you're here to set that example. Me, I'm the Queen of Persistence (read stubborn as ****) but consistency is tough for me!

Kim Glad to see you checking in. Sending positive thoughts for getting into a routine.

disneynerd :welcome: I often think of my food/caloric budget like a monetary one, but don't have the problem of overspending. I can see how they'd feel connected but don't have any specific thoughts for money issues. I'd think CT techniques could help, as they do for depression, insomnia, and on and on and on, all in addition to overeating, but you might want to look up some specific strategies related to that.

'Night everyone. Have a good one!


11-16-2009, 11:10 PM
hi all! just taking a minute to check in before I try and start up the Wii. Today was changing my environment. Didn't take much since we don't keep any junk in the house, really. My struggle is the check-out line at the grocery store. Or any store. That and eating enough for 6 people. Still working on eating slowly and mindfully. Ate slow, mindfully, not so much. Dinner was another round of the ants go marching. :) I was putting pasta on my plate and thinking that I didn't want to take too much b/c it would take too long to eat. :) I still managed to eat too much, feeling too full, but didn't have a second helping. That, at least, deserves some credit as I still would have taken a second helping before.

Have a great night!

gardenerjoy-- How did you come up with the exercise for the month idea?

BBE-- love me a rotisserie chicken. So many options, so little time.

FutureFitChick-- you got your groove on!! What exercise DVDs are you using? I miss my meds.... seriously. I have tried several but Concerta seems to work the best for me. I am considering going back on after the baby is done nursing, should she ever choose to eat solid foods. :) I was self-diagnosed (I work with kids so I know the symptoms well) but didn't get on meds until I was 28. I self-medicated thru undergrad on diet mountain dew but was happily medicated all through grad school. Thankfully! I think I will try the more natural route-- fish oil and something else I forget (of course) for a little while and see how that works for me. Until then, I will just deal. It ABSOLUTELY makes sticking to a diet more challenging, especially as I, like many, struggle with planning and a love of the spontaneous. Combine that with a short memory and DISASTER. Love teh quote and will make that into a response card.

Disneynerd-- welcome! Glad you found the group. I am new myself and have already found it to be helpful!

wndranne-- yum- a love letter. love it. Someone told us before we had kids that since having children they just missed having their own stuff. I didn't fully understand that until everything (in the most literal sense) became fair game for sharing or interruption. Sigh. They are cute though. Good thing, yes?

Bennyhannamama-- hope you get in some down time. You need a break with all you have been through. A healthy break, but a break nonetheless.

11-17-2009, 12:36 AM
It looks like my brother's significant other is going to start home hospice care this week. She has lived with rheumatoid arthritis and an assortment of other health problems most of her adult life. Since July, she's been dealing with congestive heart failure which means, among other things, that she can no longer take the more effective forms of pain relief for the arthritis. The best life the doctors can promise is pain-filled and house-bound. So, she's going to refuse the treatment for the heart failure, which qualifies her for hospice care, expected to die within the next six months.

My brother and I lost our dad in 2001 and our mother in 2005, so this hasn't been a good decade. I know this kind of thing happens as you get older, but I'm not even 50 yet.

The dangers for my weight loss journey during this time are mindless eating and not taking the time to exercise, so I'll try to keep an eye on both of those.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +45, 699/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: good job on the pre-packed lunch for an early day

FutureFitChick and KidsLibraryLady: I got the idea of a cumulative month total for exercise from the Chicks Up for a Challenge monthly exercise goal. Several of the ladies there track monthly minutes or some variation. I track it in detail on that thread and find it very motivating. It's helpful to have it for the whole month, because missing a day here and there is no big deal -- I have time to make it up.

bennyhannahmama: yay for not struggling quite so much -- and noticing it. I tend to think of that sort of thing as an on and off state which isn't that helpful.

disneynerd: I'm finding all kinds of weird ways that I'm connecting what I'm learning from Beck to the rest of my life.

wndranne: it's great to see all of those credits to you! I think I probably need to get my RCs in a place where I will read them everyday. Right now they are in a notebook with other things that I would like to look at everyday -- it's fun and visual, but even that doesn't mean that I'll pull it out and look at it. BillBlueEyes suggested putting them on a sheet in the same Excel file where I record my weight. If I did that, I suspect I could develop a daily habit.

11-17-2009, 05:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Going in to work early again this morning to stay the guillotine. Been here before, always full of the thought that I could have done more work earlier and not faced the crunch of a deadline. But seem to be a deadline driven person. Yay for coffee.

Food and gym OP; CREDITS moi. Seems that I used almost the last of the onions making my zucchini this weekend and didn't replace them. Ooooops. The chef of the house desired me to scoot to the store and get some so that dinner could proceed. Was a neat walk in the dark - CREDIT moi. I still had on my gym shorts and the evening was warm enough.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for Anne with both barrels. Thanks for the reminder about the power of your Memory Cards; need to kick myself into starting some of those. And thanks for the kind words. LOL at "Queen of Persistence (read stubborn as ****)" - good thing that given the situations you get yourself into on your bike.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Kudos for unpacking and organizing to set up your routine. I'm jealous since I have problems in that area. Ouch for the struggling. Keep the faith.

FutureFitChick - Yep, it's cool alright to enjoy a restaurant meal without "why can't I have that XXX when everyone else at the table is?" Hopefully that's a transition in your life that needn't be crossed again. Kudos for the work that got your mind to that place. Re the rotisserie chicken: Yep, I remove the skin and treat it as a roasted chicken. When I was de-boning the remainder, I pulled the meat out of one wing and was astounded at how much fat and skin was left. Chicken wings are deadly; no wonder they taste so good.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sending supportive thoughts to you and your family as you face your brother's significant other in home hospice care. Count on us for support in your eating and exercise during difficult times. I hope you have some additional real life support for the emotional challenge of the hospice journey.

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at "I didn't want to take too much b/c it would take too long to eat." Whatever works. One solution for the diabolical check-out line at the grocery store is to indulge in the scandal magazines; I give myself permission to waddle in the salacious for as long as the waiting takes. But it's a little like eating - the first bite is best and then it gets repetitive.

disneynerd - Makes sense to me that overspending is using the same mindless actions as overeating. I'd bet there was a Cognitive Therapy book about that - I do know there's a Cognitive Therapy for Dummies at Amazon, but the title is all I know about it. I've had the same thought to try Cognitive Therapy in other parts of my life but haven't done anything yet. Kudos for making that connection to begin the search for a path out of that.

Readers - day 8
Create Time and Energy

Dieting takes a commitment that goes beyond eating differently. For starters, you'll need time to plan meals, to make lists, to shop for food, and to cook. You'll need to eat slowly, to exercise, and to read your Response Cards. It all takes fortitude and mental energy, especially if and when sabotaging thoughts get in the way.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 97.

11-17-2009, 12:01 PM
DH made it through another PT appointment yesterday. We suspect the “T” stands for torture, not therapy. But DH was distracted from the electricity running through his leg. The therapist that put his brace on post-op did a very funny impression of dh coming out of anesthesia. All DH remembers are half a dozen people holding him down. I’m the brutal task master at home, making DH do his exercises. In solidarity, I have been doing some tough exercises while he’s doing his, so I have some sore ab muscles right now. I also got my run in yesterday and eating was OP. Last night, I made my mom’s black bean soup recipe. I don’t know why I never think to make it. It’s good, healthy and filling, and it’s really not that difficult to make. I have enough for lunches for the rest of the week.

FutureFitChick, kudos on two meals out with healthy choices, and for getting a start on a week of healthy eating, with meals planned and shopping done. Kudos getting your exercise and glad it was lots fun. Diddo that this is a great group. I have glanced at a few different weight loss forums, but have never been very interested. I find this group very supportive and there are lots of good heads for problem solving.

Ceejay, great job doing everything you wanted to do this weekend. It is tough getting back on the wagon after a few rough days, but it’s so great to teach yourself that a those rough patches don’t ruin everything.

KidsLibrarylady, LOL at your dh’s TV set-up. Kudos for getting a walk in with your kids. LOL at not wanting to take too much pasta because it would take too long to eat. And resisting a second helping deserves lots of credit—one victory at a time.

Gardnerjoy, kudos on getting halfway through your exercise goals for Nov. I think the month goal is a good strategy, since it allows you some wiggle room on a day-to-day basis. So sorry to hear about your brothers SO. Good for you for recognizing ahead of time all of the pitfalls related to the emotional turmoil. You do deserve comfort during this difficult time, but food is not the right form of comfort. And it’s easy to skip exercise, but it will give you some good time alone with your thoughts to work out your feelings.

BillBE, kudos on getting all your lunches prepared. This week you’ll skip the leftover surprise. Good luck on avoiding the guillotine. I’m impressed that you are able to stick to healthy eating and exercise with all of the work stress. LOL at the unplanned exercise walking to the store. Yay for evenings warm enough in Nov that you can walk outside in shorts!

Bennyhannamamma, sorry that you’re going through a rough patch, but good for you for looking at what you’re doing right. It’s hard when you’re in a big transition. Good luck getting organized.

Disneynerd, interesting insight that spending and eating are similar. It is true that it’s all about budgeting. It’s easy not to count those few calories from the candy that you eat while passing by, or the few dollars that you spend here and there, but every little bit adds up, whether its pennies or calories. Good job reading Beck carefully and taking your time.

Wndranne, kudos on getting back onto the wagon, sticking to the plan and resisting off-plan food. Kudos on reading your cards, since it is difficult for you. I resisted reading the cards at first. Just seemed really dorky, but reading them first thing in the AM was helpful. Now I just need to remember to read them when I’m having trouble. . .

I run 25 to 30 miles a week. My goal is 30, but it there are some runs that just don’t happen. I have been working up to that mileage for 3 years now. Right now, 30 miles a week seems to be my ceiling.

Beach Patrol
11-17-2009, 02:19 PM
BILL ~ Big YAY for staying OP with food AND gym time. You're an inspiration! :carrot:

SHEPHERDESS ~ Congrats for your "tough exercises" - some soreness just proves you're work'n it! And KUDOS for your run and OP eating. I admire you for your running! :cp: - I've never been a runner ... walker, yes, at one time was doing 6 miles per day... but running? My feet rebel just thinking about it!

MARYBLU ~ "If I am eating what I want, exactly what I want, and eating slowly and mindfully, enjoying it immensely and just stopping before I am full, then I don't get off track. I don't feel deprived; there is something that feels so powerful and in control when I do that. I like not feeling full. I have more energy and feel more alert and alive when I am even slightly hungry. I like that feeling." That is EXACTLY what I'm doing. And it DOES feel SO good (powerful & in control!!!) and I LOVE not feel over-stuffed. Congrats to you! :cheer3:

FFCHICK ~ YAY for making healthier choices for breakfast (I bet that veggie omelet was kick'n!!!!), and another YAY for stopping at the full point. WOO HOO for reading your adv. cards & sitting down & eating slowly. You rock! :dancer:

CEEJAY ~ CREDITS for healthy eating and walking & weights & checking in! "What an absolute relief to know that I can have a few bad days and get back to it." Ain't it tho?!?!!? :D

KIDSLIBRARYLADY ~ Congrats for choosing your diet coach! - that was actually kinda a tough step for me. :congrat:

(I'm sorry if I missed anyone!!!!!)

I am back on track with my eating plan & exercise after such a blah week last week. It felt SO GOOD to get out & walk today. We're still having mid 70's weather, and that's helpful for exercise planning!

We made spaghetti Sunday night, and had left over last night. Both times I put my spaghetti in a BOWL instead of a huge plate... I didn't over eat so I didn't feel stuffed - and I know now the "power of the bowl". WOOT! :cheer:

Here's some :dust: for everyone!
Remember - EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY! :sunny:

11-17-2009, 04:14 PM
Coaches/Buddies, last night I got my cooking done and meal prep for today too. I did not yet read the next day in Beck like I said I would, but will try to do that tonight. I read my advantage and response cards last night and this morning. I started to take a bite of food standing up, took it out of my mouth, and waited until I was seated. WI: 0 lb change

BeachPatrol, your lamenting about your great weather makes me depressed about mine! ;) Great job on not overeating and otherwise staying on plan. Fantastic!

BillBlueEyes, great job on the extra walking. Thanks for the chicken info. Hopefully the craziness at work will end soon (but not too soon so you can get it all done)!

CeeJay, a routine must be tough with all of the changes. CREDIT to you for sticking with it!

Disneynerd, I think the spending and overweight often occur in the same person. I just try to focus on not giving in to feel good and remember the big picture (e.g. response/advantage cards).

Gardenerjoy, that is so sad to hear about your "sister-in-law". That has to be tough. We'll be thinking about you and sending extra good thoughts your way in this tough time! Great job on meeting your daily goals! That is spectacular.

KidsLibraryLady, way to go on recognizing your fullness! That is terrific. I got 2 dance DVDs at Barnes & Noble, but honestly have no idea what they are titled. Good to hear it is possible to make it through grad school!:dizzy:

shepherdess, glad to hear DH is continuing his PT work with a great home coach (CREDIT to you). Also, credit for the healthy cooking of black bean soup. Sounds lovely.

wndranne, look at you soar! I am so impressed! I know you can keep up the great work!

11-17-2009, 10:42 PM
Pllllttttt... pretty much blew today. Too much running around and my children were temporally possessed by satan. Well, I hope it was temporary, anyway. Today was supposed to be create time and energy. I was reading through the chapter last night after 11:00, at 11:25 I was folding laundry, at 12:05 am I finally laid my head on my pillow and at 12:12 the baby was up to be fed. At 1:30 the baby was up to be fed. At 3:30 the baby was up to be fed. So, needless to say, I was not feeling energetic or as if I had an abundance of time today and let that be my focus instead of how I could make this work in my life as it is. SO, tomorrow is a do-over. I am going to make every effort to go to bed earlier and WORK through the chapter and be creative. My time is not my own right now for the most part and that is just the way it is. My job now becomes how to make this work within the confines of this life season.

Gardenerjoy-- Sigh. I really don't know what to say, that is so very sad. Good for you to recognize with such specificity what your challenges will be.

BBE-- I envy your walk to the store. Get in some exercise and some healthy food. Plus you can read about babies born with bunny ears b/c their mom ate to many carrots while they were pregnant on your way home.

Sheperdess-- I have had the thrill of PT and I tend to agree with the torture part. You are a good wife with your sore abs!

Beach Patrol-- spaghetti in a bowl... wish I had thought to do that. Glad your week is going better. mid-70's weather sounds delightful!

Futurefitchick-- I, too, have done food removal. My husband thought I had lost my mind. Dance DVDs sound like fun. Grad school is indeed possible for us!! There are some really impressive people with ADD. Just a matter of finding what we are good at that works for how we function, I think

Have a great night!

11-17-2009, 11:42 PM
Coaches/Buddies A pretty good day. Not perfect, but good. I was mostly on plan, got back on track, and got my run in. Still feeling good with the planning and recording, and it is good to be reminded that this feels like a comforting ritual rather than a punishment. The parking lot is working great for cravings at home, and the problem area in the last couple days is unexpected food popping up at work. I have awareness for tomorrow.

KidsLibrarylady LOL about the pasta. Too long to eat. BTDT. I lost my weight originally without kids in the house, and it is a lot harder with them around.

You kids cannot be possessed because all the demons are here at my place. But sounds like you need some sleep!

gardenerjoy I'm so sorry about your brother's SO and your parents. It is good to see you staying on the path of health that I'm sure they'd want for you, even during challenging times.

BillBE Hope you beat your deadline, and I'll always second a Yay for coffee. Give the Memory Cards a shot. It is amazing the things I forget. Not so much the Big Stuff, but the little day to day stuff that is absent on tough days and makes carrying on worthwhile.

Shepherdess PT sounds so traumatic. Black bean soup sounds so good though!

Beach Patrol The bowl of spaghetti sounds like a great portion-control strategy. Glad you enjoyed your walk.

FutureFitChick Just wow on pulling the food out of your mouth until you sat. Wow! I must admit sacrificing sitting because of the kids, but always strove for mindfulness. Must get back in the habit.


11-17-2009, 11:56 PM
Hi All,
Surfacing here after a weekend at an out of town craft show! The show went well, but now the house is chaos, and we have shows the next 4 weekends. I did track all my food while away, credit. I didn't gain any weight, in spite of some difficulty avoiding snacks, yay! Tomorrow is lunch with my retired volunteer from work at a place where "ladies lunch", so nothing on the menu is really appropriate for being healthy, sigh. I need to go to bed, but I did read through everyone's posts to catch up, and hope to do personals sometime soon.

11-18-2009, 12:33 AM
Thanks for all the support, everyone! I do have some real world support as well, but it's nice to have support here where it sits 24 hours a day and I know it will be there anytime I want to look.

My brother and his SO took a quick trip to her home town so she can say good-bye to her family before starting hospice care, which makes me cry every time I think about it.

Rained today. I got myself to a write-in at the mall 45 minutes early to force myself to walk and it worked. I'm still attempting to write because NaNoWriMo is something my brother and I do together. He's not sure that he's going to keep working on his, but he might -- in fact his SO might push him on that when they get back in town so that he's doing something positive and forward-looking. He's way ahead of me on word count and can afford to miss a few days. I want to stay close enough to caught up that I could make that final push with him if he chooses to do it.

WI: -0.7kg (new low), Exercise: +45, 744/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

11-18-2009, 06:06 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Long day at the office and headed for another. Stayed the guillotine for the day, but there's a week of this to go. Interesting that I didn't think about food all day; CREDIT moi. I recall the days that I'd be buying two Hersey's Chocolate Bar with Almonds on each trip to the vending machines. Someone gave DW a nice cookie to bring home to me - "know he'll want this." I graciously accepted then graciously asked DW to make it go away. Cookies are allocated to rare events and they have to be worth thier weight.

Took my after work walk even though it was dark; CREDIT moi. I suppose I should get used to this - it seems to happen every year, LOL.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for "comforting ritual rather than a punishment." Food at work should be banned just like smoking has been.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for selling well at your weekend craft show and Kudos for sufficiently avoiding snacks to maintain.

FutureFitChick - Neat to catch yourself standing in mid-bite. That should whack a few neurons into new paths, LOL.

KidsLibraryLady - I had wondered where Satan had landed after my kids grew into humans, LOL. Good luck with that feeding schedule. Yep, babies born with bunny ears is just the kind of article I get to read and, WARNING TMI, would you believe that Hollywood stars when they think they aren't being observed sometimes show the edge of their underwear? SHOCKING - all for $4.95.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for crying; a long time loving somebody means a lot of grieving to process. Kudos for continuing your NaNoWriMo writing; hope you can help your brother to continue.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for using a "BOWL" for portion control. Jealous of your mild 70 degree weather. Did you get a good soaking from last week's storm?

Shepherdess - Yay for "brutal task master" and Yay for black bean soup. Ouch for "torture" and electricity running through his leg. Kudos for being such a good friend to do tough exercises in solidarity.

Readers - day 8
Create Time and Energy

Don't assume that time and energy will magically make itself available to you. If you're like most people, your days may already be very busy with work, family responsibilities, housework, social events, volunteer work, and other commitments. Most of the dieters I've counseled over the years couldn't consistently find the time they needed to follow their diets until they created the time. In other words they needed to look at their calendars and - in writing - schedule in time for dieting. Often this meant decreasing, delegating, or eliminating some tasks or responsibilities.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 97.

11-18-2009, 08:10 AM

working on my 3rd 100% op day

Ive found a work out partner of sorts. More like a virtual one who is going to help tweek my workouts and keep me accountable.

Things are just crazy right now, Im being forced to jump thru some hoops by the govt to update my status here. Stuff that is tedious and I really dont want to do :( Oh well.

Work has quieted down, but we have alot of things planned and in the works. So that is keeping us very busy.

Thats it for me....have a great day everyone!

11-18-2009, 11:57 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I read last night in Beck about the Hunger/Desire/Craving. I had planned to do it today, but forgot until after I'd already eaten my breakfast, so I will leave a note on the milk in the refrigerator tonight to remind me tomorrow morning. Yesterday, when tracking all of my food, in my head I feel like I ate very healthy yesterday. But, when I look at my food log and my calorie total, I feel like I must not have stopped eating all day long. My point it, I'm glad I had such a vast difference between my feelings about what I ate and the nutrition of what I ate, as it reinforces the importance of the food log. My food plan for last night got thrown out the window when I had to finish watching some DVDs I had rented and then it was to late to make what I planned (my husband wasn't feeling well, so this also made preparing an elaborate meal seem not worthwhile). Also did not implement "It's not about me" strategy when a coworker brought in cupcakes leftover from her son's birthday party. Next time... WI: no change, read cards 2x, sat and ate all meals yesterday in a mindful manner; still do not have a firm exercise plan commitment yet.

BillBlueEyes, I'm really impressed that you didn't turn to food when your work was so hectic. (What great teachers you all are, really!) May the work fairy bless you with exceptional productivity today!

Gardenerjoy, don't even know where to begin. I can't imagine the strength that is being built in all of you surrounding this difficult issue. What courage she must have! Great job for sticking to the writing and for getting the walking in. I am really happy for you that you are still making that a priority.

KidsLibraryLady, I am so excited for you that you are posting even when you have an off day. That is really impressive. (I'm already in awe of anyone trying to manage their day with 2 little ones at home.) That is all a major CREDIT to you!

Nuxmaga, great job for tracking while you were away. I find that really tough to day, since when I eat out, I feel like I am taking a stab in the dark at how a restaurant might have "contaminated" the healthfulness of my selected food. ;) Good luck on getting the house back in order.

RobinW, nice job of staying on plan. I hope all of the paperwork isn't as bad as you dread!

Wndranne, great job for staying on track with your food log and plan, and as always, running. (I am always amazed at people that make themselves run!) Also, great job for the parking lot for cravings. I think this will become really important to my long-term success and am so glad you shared it. Lastly, good luck today on the magical work food. Hopefully it will disappear from your mind! P.S., thanks for the wow to me! It felt like a hug on this end!

11-18-2009, 04:39 PM
futurefitchick~ its never as bad as I make it out to be. But this is the kind of stuff I really dislike doing. I just want it all to be ok and not have to do anything about it LOL Its not as easy as they made it out to be in "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock LOL

11-18-2009, 10:18 PM
Coaches/Buddies Another day of planning and recording. I had a run-in with a Reese's PB Cup at work, but mostly OK other than that. Running in the morning. A reasonably uneventful day, and I only went nonlinear once at work.

Margaret Good job tracking while you were away. Hope you can find something healthy at lunch, and barring that, something at least enjoyable and portion-controlled.

gardenerjoy Walking at the mall during the rain sounds like a great alternative. Hope your writing is going the way you want it.

BillBE Wishing your week goes quickly or slowly as appropriate. I find some deadlines very stressful and some a relief.

RobinW Hooray for OP days! Hooray for planned days in general!

FutureFitChick Sounds like the food log is going to be a good tool for you. I think sticking the milk is a great solution to early morning memory problems.

Tired tonight and not feeling very chatty. Credit moi for checking in anyway, and I hope you are all having a good day!


11-18-2009, 11:44 PM
Hi All,
Well, lunch was better than I expected. I had the soup special of minestrone, and a caesar salad. Next time I'll ask for dressing on the side. Declined dessert, yay! Had a run-in with potato chips and eggnog, but much less damage than last week's encounter. I need to do some strategizing when I go shopping at stores that claim to be "discount" or "bargain" or "department" stores, because they all have so much junk food for sale, and I have a big weak spot in those types of places.

Tracked food, credit. No Zumba, but did walk, and get 8500+ steps. Fighting off a cold, which of course creates sabotaging thoughts about the quantity of orange juice I can drink. . .

11-19-2009, 05:58 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Knowing that dinner was happening after 8pm, I earlier had a cup of miso soup (35 cals); CREDIT moi. I bought the individual packets of miso soup two years ago and forget to use them. It did the trick of allowing me to approach dinner without that ravenous pseudo-hunger making me want to wolf down the food.

Work, eat, gym - CREDIT moi for the usual.

maryblu - Waving. What do you think of Nutrition Action Health Letter recommending that creatine helps build muscle? Is that stuff OK to use?

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for things planned and in the works; Ouch for government forms to fill out. Neat that you've found a way to be accountable with your exercise.

Anne (wndranne) - LOL at "nonlinear once at work" - can't be a bad day if you can count the number. I'm grateful that I'm not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate combo; those Reese's PB cups will get ya.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat lunch. Kudos for identifying that the "bargain" stores are a trigger for junk food. I know about coming home with a humongous bag of something junk.

FutureFitChick - Yay for a healthy eating day. Ouch for someone's leftover cupcakes - we just gotta change the social norm so that it's considered rude to bring gratuitous calories to the office.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Although many people attempt to lose weight through dieting alone, research clearly supports that your long-term success depends on also getting regular exercise. Results from the National Weight Control Registry - a study of thousands of participants who have lost more than 30 pounds and maintained that weight loss for at least a year - show that nearly 90 percent of dieters who lose weight and keep it off do so with a combination of diet and exercise , only 10 percent use diet alone, and 1 percent rely on only exercise.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-19-2009, 01:35 PM
Exercise has been good the past few days. I have gotten my running in, despite high winds. I have been chipping away at the weights, doing a few exercises every time I make DH do his PT. My food has also been on track, despite some major schedule changes. I’ve been planning ahead so I have my snacks and everything with me. No excuse to stop and get something unhealthy.

Beach Patrol, yay for feeling better and kudos for getting back on track so quickly. I loved the idea of using a bowl for spaghetti portion control. I’ll have to remember that one.

FuturefitChick, good job recognizing the importance of the food log. I look forward to the day when I can keep a mental log, but that is a long way off for me. I have found Beck’s hunger/desire/craving so useful, but I’m still pretty inconsistent about analyzing every desire to eat.

KidsLibrarylady, LOL at the kids temporarily possessed by Satan. You definitely deserve a do-over. Hope your children have had their demons fully exorcized.

Wndranne, kudos for running and for getting back on track. And kudos for a positive attitude, seeing the planning as a comforting ritual rather than a punishment. Good job only going non-linear once at work.

Nuxmaga, good job tracking food while at the craft show. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you. Good job at the ladies lunch, and kudos for damage control with eggnog and chips. Nice recognition of the pitfalls of bargain shopping.

Gardenerjoy, your brother’s SO sounds like a wonderful person for encouraging your brother to do something positive and forward-looking. Kudos for sticking with your writing and I hope your brother is able to as well.

BillBE, glad you are staying the guillotine at work. Kudos for avoiding snacks at work. The miso soup sounds like a good trick. Kudos for planning ahead.

RobinW, kudos for 3 days OP and good luck jumping through hoops. Wish you could count that as exercise. It’s certainly more exhausting than a workout. Yay for a workout buddy to keep you accountable.

Beach Patrol
11-19-2009, 05:12 PM
Fighting off a cold, which of course creates sabotaging thoughts about the quantity of orange juice I can drink. . .

Nuxmaga - just thought I'd say that when I was sick last week, I didn't worry about my O.J. quantity. O.J. is SO good for you (if it's pure, you know, no sugar or extra stuff added) and really helps your immune system. So I drank 2-3 glasses per day. I credit O.J. for helping me feel better faster... along with Chicken Noodle Soup and lots & lots of rest - feel better soon!!! :)

Beach Patrol
11-19-2009, 05:25 PM
Hey Everybody! :wave:

Shepherdess ~ way to go in "planning ahead"!!! It really does help to not get off track & go the unhealthy route. You go girl! :cheer:

Bill ~ work, eat, gym, WOO HOO, WOO HOO, WOO HOO!!! :carrot:

wdnranne ~ a run with a Reese's PB cup at work, eh? I had one of those too! But I had "snack" on my plan for 3pm .... and I don't believe that ONE RPBcup can make or break me! - you're doing just fine! Keep up the good work! :yes:

FFChick ~ good for you for noticing the difference between feelings about what you ate and the nutrition of what you ate, because knowing exactly what is going in our mouth is a BIG PART of controlling what goes in our mouth! Kudos for keeping your food log!!! :write:

gardenerjoy ~ yay for your "NEW LOW" and YAY for your exercise and BIG YAY for eating OP! Now it's time to get serious about reading those Advantages and Responses cards!!!! You can do it!! :goodluck: :D


As for me... I have been eating VERY healthy and getting in my daily walking exercise. I'm down ONE MORE pound! So YAY ME! :yay: And another credit for reading my response cards 2x per day (breakfast & dinner) and not giving in to stupid cravings! WOOTAGE and YEEHAW!

~EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY!!!! :sunny:

11-19-2009, 05:58 PM
:( found out today Im at stage one of hyper tension.

....that kept me at 100% op!!!!!! Even going to get my butt to the gym tonight, and practice deep breathing in a relaxing soaking tub tonight.

I asked if I could try diet and exercise to lower for a couple months to see if I can lower it that way. Rather than being put on meds (which I DONT want) So, she gave me 3 months!

Ive been doing alot of research this afternoon, and it seems aside from the usual stuff, I really need to reduce my stress.

OnWard Ho!!!!! Catching it before it takes over! I WILL be healthy happy and love my life :D

...have a wonderful evening coaches.

11-19-2009, 10:05 PM
Coaches/Buddies Migraine today. No plan, no work. Tracked most of my food, but still need to write dinner down. Not the best day ever, but cutting myself some slack. Stress, age, hormones. Whatever has caused this turn of events in the last year, I'm not a fan. Hoping for better tomorrow. I'm doing ok now, except when there are loud noises, i.e. all the screaming the children are doing and we are doing at them. Yikes.

Margaret Sounds like you did great with the soup and salad, and (re)learned a lesson about dressing on the side. I'd count that as a victory.

BillBE Good job with the miso. A tried and true Volumetrics strategy, and one Beck has adopted as well.

Shepherdess I'm envious of your run. Mine got skipped today for obvious reasons.

Beach Patrol Looks like you are building up lots of momentum with good habits!

RobinW Health issues are always a huge motivator. I know you can make positive changes in 3 months.

See y'all tomorrow!


11-19-2009, 10:13 PM
Good evening! Well, it wasn't until dinner tonight that I got myself back on track. ooops. Little emotional eating on my part. I worked last night and that always throws me off. No reason, just not paying attention. Typically I work ten hours a MONTH outside of my home and some months as much as 20. I consider it a vacation that pays. :)

Now I am checking in here and doing my Wii Active and hitting the sack. Bed is a safe place with no food. :)

wndranne-- I really think it should be illegal for people to bring food to share to work. I always struggled with that b/c one, I am an impulse eater and two, I could work under the pretty safe assumption that their food was better than whatever I made. :) I do indeed need sleep. I lost a lot of weight before I had kids and it is easier then. You can make it your full time job. Not so much with little people around. What does going nonlinear at work mean?? So sorry about your migraine. I am grateful to not get them and it pains me to see people who are suffering-- just seems beyond miserable.

Nuxmaga-- kudos to you for not gaining any weight while out of your house! Hope you are feeling better.

Gardenerjoy-- your posts break my heart.

BBE-- didn't think about food all day???? Can't even fathom. :)

Futurefitchick-- you sound like me--'in my head.... But..." kudos to your for writing everything down!

Shepherdess-- I am so impressed with how well you are dealing with taking care of your DH! Truly! You seem to be so on top of your behaviors in a smart, preventative way.

Beachpatrol-- I agree--- YIPPEEEE YEEHAW and WOOOOOT WOOOOOT For being down another pound... CONGRATS! I need to stop doing quick replies so I include more icons. :)

RobinW-- Yikes on the hypertension. So glad you are trying to do it without meds. I am sure you will knock your docs socks off when she sees you in three months.

Happy Thursday!

11-19-2009, 11:43 PM
Keeping track of things. I'm not really exercising the way I want, but I think I'll be gentle with myself given the writing for NaNoWriMo and the things I'm doing for my brother and his SO.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +30, 804/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

11-19-2009, 11:44 PM
Hi All,
On track with calories today, and tracked food, credit. 5100+ steps, credit. No bargain sized bags of anything consumed, yay! Tomorrow is set-up for a craft show, right at dinnertime. Still need a plan for a snack to tide me over until we get back home and can eat some good homemade soup.

Kidslibrarylady--Yay for getting back on track! I know how quickly I can lapse into not paying attention, and things add up.

wndranne--credit for tracking most of your food. Hope your migraine is gone.

RobinW--Ouch on the hypertension. I am on meds, but since I started Beck, I was able to reduce the dose of one, and my numbers are good. Did you ever read Jon Kabat-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living? That's really good stuff for dealing with stress.

BeachPatrol--Kudos for being down a pound! Thanks for the encouragement about the orange juice! I do feel better today.

Shepherdess--I'm impressed with all the self-care you've gotten in, right in the middle of schedule changes and your dh's medical issues.

Bill--Yay for miso soup! Excellent strategy.

FutureFitChick--Credit for food tracking! It has been a revelation to me since I've started tracking--I really knew very little about how many calories I was eating. Restaurant food is always a guess, but I practice just taking my best guess, and persisting with my changes, and figure it will even out--some underestimating, some overestimating.

gardenerjoy--yay for writing! That is so cool. I'm sorry to hear about your brother's SO. That is sad.

Good night!

11-20-2009, 05:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At the reception with an art show after work I took only a small plate of raw veggies - no dip, no cheeses, no crackers, no drinks; CREDIT moi. Then took DW and DD to Panera Bread for a quick dinner where, encouraged by Anne (wndranne)'s use of "Volumetrics" I had a half bowl of bean soup and a half turkey avocado sandwich. CREDIT moi for two good eating choices in one evening.

Robin (RobinW) - Hyper Kudos for taking on your hyper tension with lifestyle changes. Neat that your doctor gave you a specific three month window. Cheering you on from here.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch. Sending virtual chicken soup.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - May the sales at your dinner time craft show today be sufficient to distract you from idle eating.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay that the writing continues and that your exercise total is staying on track.

KidsLibraryLady - Ooops for "just not paying attention" - I hate it when I discover that I've just been eating.

Beach Patrol - Double Kudos for reading your Response Cards twice per day - those do have an impact on me also.

Shepherdess - Yay for continuing to be the Physical Therapist for you DH. And Kudos for ignoring the winds as an excuse not to run.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.

Exercise helps you stick with your diet. When you exercise, you say to yourself, I'm serious about losing weight and getting in shape ... I'm willing to make a commitment, even if I start off very small ... I'm determined to succeed, once and for all. Viewing exercise in this way can help you better commit to changing your eating, too, as this determination can carry over into your dieting efforts.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

Beach Patrol
11-20-2009, 02:26 PM
OK everybody! - Here comes the weekend! - and then THANKSGIVING is next week! - wow!!! Seems like just yesterday was 4th of July! :dizzy:

I seem to only post here Mon-Fri (usually while at work... :o ) cause I rarely get on the computer at home during weekends/holidays. So ... I will hopefully be here Monday & Tuesday of next week, then I'm off for T'giving & expecting my dad & brother for a 4-day visit. :cp:

FOR THANKSGIVING: I plan to eat whatever I want and not worry about anything. I also plan to take a good few walks along the beach while dad & bro are here, so I'll be sure to get in my exercise. I'm a little apprehensive about T'giving because there is just always SO MUCH FOOD :hun: AND STRESS :stress: ... but I am going to be diligent about reading my cards and rating my hunger before/during/after meals, and NOT hang around the kitchen unless it's time to eat!

I will absolutely try to check in with everyone next week, but if I'm not around, y'all will know why. :D

So y'all be GOOD and READ your cards! And eat OP and EXERCISE and ENJOY THE HOLIDAY! - and CREDIT YOURSELVES, ya hear?? :thanks1:

~EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY!!! :sunny:

11-20-2009, 03:00 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I got off track yesterday, but seem to have gotten back on OK this afternoon. (I still was completely honest about what I ate though.) I still have not committed to an exercise plan! :tantrum: This weekend... I have been tracking my food, reading my cards, and sitting and eating mindfully today. I started doing the Hunger, Desire, Craving exercise yesterday, but didn't get it finished. I plan to re-do that tomorrow. I was surprised at how little I wanted breakfast. I really have not been paying attention to my hunger!

Tonight, we are going to a farewell party for a colleague whom I really like. I would much rather stay at home and enjoy our pets and home and see my husband. (He has been working late several nights this weekend and as a result doesn't commute home if it is too late at night to drive.) I don't want to deal with the junk food that will be there and trying to make pleasant conversation with drunken friends. Uck! (I won't drink because of the calories and will also be DD.) I have been becoming more and more anti-social in the last several weeks. I am not sure if it is the change in weather, getting older and wanting to be around family, or spending so much time in my head dealing with the eating issues. Anyhow, I hope you have a nice weekend.

BeachPatrol, I'm really glad to hear about your VERY healthy eating and walks. Congratulations on your loss from all of your hard work. YEA!

BillBlueEyes, great job at the reception with sticking to the raw veggies and for the Panera selections. Hope the work deadline is going OK for you.

Gardenerjoy, great job on the continued loss, especially given all of the chaos in your life. You can do it! Hopefully the weather will be nicer this weekend. Take care, and happy typing.

KidsLibraryLady, I think considering your work a vacation that pays is remarkable. I'm going to have to remember that! Fabulous job on getting back on track list night. You can do it!

Nuxmaga, I hope you are feeling better and that the OJ didn't get the better of you. Did you come up with some responses for future "bargain store" shopping? I'd love to hear them.

RobinW, glad to hear the paperwork is not as much of a nightmare as I had imagined. Sorry to hear about the hypertension. You can manage it, I know you can! Don't forget how important stress reduction can be to lowering blood pressure. Personally, I have a terrible time remembering that when I add something to my life, something else has to come out! It was a really interesting exercise to go through and list all of the things my head expected me to be able to do in a day, then time it and compare to how long each thing actually takes. I ended up with 27 hours of stuff I was expecting myself to do, not including sleep. YIKES! Anyhow, 3 months is a great time frame to conquer this. Keep at it, girl!

Shepherdess, I was thinking about you and your husband's recovery last night and hope that it is going well. Really awesome job on planning ahead and staying on track even though there is chaos in the daily life.

Wndranne, sorry to hear about the PB cup run-in. Hopefully it didn't ruin your clothes! ;) Migraines are stinkers! Here's hoping you got rid of it! Take care of yourself.

11-20-2009, 10:42 PM
Coaches/Buddies Feeling much better today. Kids are now asleep. I had a mental plan today that I pretty much stuck to. Passed up donuts, candy, and a big plate of desserts at work today. Enjoying my planned chips and beer now with no guilt. I like that. Didn't get my run in today with catching up and kid duty, tomorrow is DH's big ride (109 miles), but Sunday I'm supposed to run (or at least run/walk) 8 miles. I did walk around the "block" ~1 mile, carrying a 22 lb toddler, so I suppose that counts for something.

KidsLibrarylady good for you for getting back on track. Some days it takes a while. It is so hard with kids. Going nonlinear is just nerd-speak for flying off the handle about something.

gardenerjoy I'm glad you checked in and are giving yourself credit for what you are able to do.

Margaret Good work being on plan and staying out of the bargain sized bags. They are quite expensive in human cost after all.

BillBE Hurray, and hurray. Nice work.

Beach Patrol Nice reminder on a T'day plan. I find it helps to do some visualizing to stay on plan.

FutureFitChick I understand your anti-social feelings. We are become more and more hermit-like ourselves. Hope the party goes/went well.

Have a good one, my friends.


11-20-2009, 11:13 PM
Hi All,
A quick check-in. dh and I set up our booth tonight. Had a late dinner, but went with a veggie wrap and soup(it would be good in the future to ask if it's creamy, because it was, and I didn't expect it to be, and a crumbled corn chip garnish), and didn't attack the bread basket, credit. Tomorrow we're at the show 9:30-4:30--I need to pack a lunch. Dumped the rest of the Horizon "lowfat" eggnog down the sink this morning, yay!! It was wretchedly awful, and yet old taste memories of loving eggnog as a child activated a second serving last night--even mixed with 1% milk, it was too sweet with a bubblegum aftertaste. dh thought maybe some bourbon would drown that out. . . Well, off to bed.
Have a good weekend everyone!

11-20-2009, 11:35 PM
I had a planned breakfast out during a write-in this morning, but it was an unplanned amount of calories -- something I realized about three hours later when I wasn't hungry yet for lunch. Oops. The odd thing, though, was that I had a hard time resisting foraging behavior while running errands on the way home. They were much stronger urges than I have been experiencing the last few weeks. Apparently, my strongest trigger for overeating is overeating.

I did resist (Credit!) and had a light lunch to make up for that breakfast when I finally did get hungry.

I was all ready to do a short strength training routine and a bit of yoga when I got called into action -- buy new extra-long sheets for the hospital bed that the hospice people provided. I don't mind at all -- that's just the sort of task I can do and feel good about, but it's the kind of thing that means exercise for the fourth day in a row was several short walks rather than the more ambitious workout I had in mind. Oh well.

WI: -0.5kg (new low), Exercise: +30, 834/1300 minutes for November, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: great food choices for a busy evening!

FutureFitChick: I hope your party goes better than expected, but I totally get just wanting to stay home.

wndranne: great job in passing up all those sweets at work -- good grief!

Nuxmaga: way to go on dumping eggnog that wasn't working for you!

11-20-2009, 11:39 PM
good day here...tomorrow is cleaning day (again!) the construction guys are still working pfft!

11-21-2009, 06:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At Panera's Bread on Thursday, I didn't eat the sourdough-looking roll that came with my soup; CREDIT moi. However, I stuck it in my sports coat pocket - like a French nobleman during the revolution stealing bread for my starving children. Amazes me that even when I bring myself to avoid eating a chunk of bread I still need to save it. So, last night I sliced it into coins and toasted it to go with DW's white bean soup for dinner. It was OK, but not sourdough. Someday I hope to be able to avoid food and walk away from it. Oh Well. (hmmmm... I suspect that French nobleman image snuck into my brain beside the guillotine that continues to hang at work, LOL.)

Snack after dinner was a fresh pineapple that I had picked up on a walk for just 99 cents. My thoughts of going to Hawaii aren't just to surf the giant waves and see active volcanoes, it's to engorge myself on fresh pineapple.

A window labeled "Pulse360" just popped up on my screen as it does once a session. Does anyone else get those?

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at "cleaning day (again!)" - you'd think it would learn it's lesson.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for "planned chips and beer now with no guilt" - now that's showing us all how to do it. Yep, toddler toting is a recognized Olympic sport.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for dumping the "lowfat" eggnog and for your good choice of soup and wrap for dinner. Good luck at your show today.

FutureFitChick - That rapid return to on-track without a bucket of self put downs is a great way to stay on path for the long haul; Kudos. Hope your party went well last night. Sending exercise plan thoughts your way.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Stealing this for my lists, "Apparently, my strongest trigger for overeating is overeating." Just gotta learn that; it's certainly true for me.

Beach Patrol - Your comment, "Seems like just yesterday was 4th of July!" had me humming all day from the Chicago song Saturday, in the park
Think it was the 4th of July
A man selling ice creamKudos for planning walks with your dad and bro. I found that one of the great benefits of having a food plan was that I could comfortably take it to big Holiday meals and choose the items I wanted to eat and still finish well below my former stuffed.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise might help control appetite. Although study results are mixed, some psychologist believe that regular exercise helps to regulate the appetite control system.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-21-2009, 10:19 AM
Coaches/Buddies, the party last night went OK. I am glad it is over. It was nice to catch up with friends. We went out to eat before we got to the party. We went to a tex-mex place. I stopped eating my burito because 1) it was giant, 2) I got to the point where my last bite didn't taste any better than the first one. I didn't finish the accompanying chips either. At the party, I sampled a few things, but placed myself across the room from the food (which unfortunately moved me away from many of the people as well). I again thought that I had done pretty well in terms of calories for the day, but when I finished tracking everything, I was over by a lot more than I'd like to be.

I have my meals planned out for the next week and will do some preparative cooking/cutting today. I read my response cards. I still have not planned my exercise, but will likely at least walk with the dogs today. My food tracking is also up to date. WI: +3lbs, which was a surprise until I finished my food tracking (and disappointing, but not traumatizing - maybe I'm too tired to get overly emotional about it...).

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the exercise plan thoughts. They are starting to work, so keep sending them for now. Hope the guillotine is fading. Of course, as soon as you said that, I was thinking "Let them eat bread?"
Snack after dinner was a fresh pineapple that I had picked up on a walk for just 99 cents. I misread this as pickled and thought, "Hmm...I'm not sure what that would be like!"

My thoughts of going to Hawaii aren't just to surf the giant waves and see active volcanoes, it's to engorge myself on fresh pineapple.
Don't forget the guava!

A window labeled "Pulse360" just popped up on my screen as it does once a session. Does anyone else get those? I don't, but am on a Mac.

GardenerJoy, too bad about the unplanned amount of calories. It is so frustrating feeling like you have to jump through hoops just to get a reasonable meal. I found this really funny:
The odd thing, though, was that I had a hard time resisting foraging behavior while running errands on the way home... Apparently, my strongest trigger for overeating is overeating. So true! Once I get fast food or something like that, it send my brain into "survival of the fattest" mode and makes me think I need to eat all of my meals out. Yuck! Congratulations on your new low. That is so impressive with all that is going on. I'm glad you were able to help your family. It always make me feel glad to be "used" like that for something someone needs. Keeping you all in my thoughts! Oh, and by the way. In case we don't "talk" before Thursday, I am obligated by marriage to say the following:GO WEBSTER STATESMEN!

Nuxmaga, good job on the food selections. I never remember/try to order new food prepared a specific way. I don't know why, but I either am too intimidated (the fat girl needs her food prepared special - why is she bothering at this point), or just plain don't think about it. Bummer about the eggnot. It's always sad when beverages get ruined (in my opinion) by sweeteners or corn syrup. Happy selling today.

RobinW, happy cleaning!

Wndranne, major victory of the sugar assault. That's great! I am so impressed! Hope the weather is nice today for your family and tomorrow for your run.

11-21-2009, 11:07 AM
I haven’t posted here for over 2 weeks. I am finding it hard to make the time now that our MIL is with us. I’m not complaining, it’s a joy to have her. But I haven’t figured out how to make the time for this activity. I exercise and plan my food for the day before work. I work until 6, hang out with DH and MIL until 9, and then have 1:1 time with DH until I fall into bed between 9:30 and 10 PM. The only time I’m willing to sacrifice is time at work, so I’ll start writing my posts during the day at work…

I’m officially at a plateau in weight loss. I’ve lost 42 lbs since my high of 206, so almost exactly 20%. It could be due to a few things.
I’ve hit a set point and need to either wait it out or change my behavior in some way to circumvent my body’s weight maintenance mechanisms.
I’m eating more calories than I should to lose weight. According to my food diary (MFD), my net calories have gone up about 75 calories a day since MIL arrived. So, I’ve adjusted my plan to reduce my daily calorie intake by about 100 calories.
I’m not exercising enough. According to MFD, my average weekly minutes of exercise is down to pre-August levels since MIL has arrived too. I think this is due to 2 things: (1) we’re not doing any hiking because we feel funny leaving her home alone, (2) I did a lot of spontaneous kayaking in the summer, that I’m just not interested in when it’s this cold. I’ve changed my planned daily exercise to be 60 minutes a day instead of 45 minutes. I’m doing it by doubling the length of my daily walks. (My lazy Moose *hates* this change.) But even at 60 minutes a day, I won’t return to pre-November levels of exercise unless I start adding in more weekend exercise and some spontaneous exercise. I’m not sure what I can do about that…

Bill, Maryblu and Anne (and any other ‘big losers’ I can’t think of) – did you hit a plateau and how did you move past it?

In Beck’s newsletter she suggested putting status for all the major skills into posts like this. Since, it seems a good time for me to get back to basics, I thought I’d give it a try. So, you’ll see a change to my report below.

:df: WI-down .3 lbs. Read my cards every day but one, made a plan every day but one. Food – op, Exercise – op (340-375 minutes per week).
Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – I do this frequently but not consistently
Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior - never Spontaneous exercise - infrequently
Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate - always
Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yes for unplanned food. But if it was planned food, I sometimes ate it even when not hungry.
Used resistance techniques – yes for unplanned food
I posted here – clearly I have not posted here often enough

I have been lurking here everyday and am impressed by all of you. I hope to get back to personals soon, but I want to start by getting back into the habit of posting daily.

11-21-2009, 06:17 PM
got told off this morning....told hubby I was going to get my cleaning done.

He promptly asked me what was more or my health. Guess who didnt get much cleaning done. :lol: Managed to get my floors done again and all the construction dust off of them.

Then I did my workout...cardio and some upper strength training.

Food is right on! Exercise is right on! Attitude is better... :)

Have a great evening everyone!

11-21-2009, 08:20 PM
Yo, Beckies,

It strikes me that none of us are immune to life's challenges. I still think I get off pretty easy. Living proof, better to be lucky than good.

In response to a cuppla direct questions:

BillBE, I was shocked, frankly, to read the Nutrition Action Newsletter endorsement of Creatine based on one skimpy Canadian/Creatine manufacturer- sponsored study. Weren't you? It is an individual choice, and granted, Creatine is naturally produced by the body, but still, when I hear liver damage, I sit back. This from someone who screams that "they" will pry my HRT from my cold dead fingers..*ahem. Pick your battles, I say. And speaking of battles, I choose my liver damage from Pinot Noir or a bottla Becks. Again, just me.

ChinaMaine, my only thoughts about your plateau is: be patient. If you are doing what is right for you, then just be patient, and it will all start moving again. Who knows what water weight adjustments are going on? If you can just maintain the day to day sanity, good the Beck plan..concentrate totally on what Beck says to do, not what the scale says. We have lived a lifetime, for the most part, with the excess weight. If you are doing what is right for you, working Beck, it will all come out in the end..we can afford to be patient..we were asleep at the wheel as the weight crept on..right?

I am still putting the challenge out there for suggestions on how to eat slowly and mindfully with small children to raise ..c'mon, we are the smartest forum on 3FC.. haven't even heard a peep about duct taping them into their bedrooms! Hey,when the going gets tough, the tough get duct tape.

11-21-2009, 09:46 PM
Evening! No time for many personals. I am exhausted and need to get in my Wii Active before I hit the bed. Plus, this way I don't have to admit to all of the stupid things I have been doing. How did that chunk of bread get into my hand while I was cleaning out the microwave. Seriously? How??

Maryblu-- I am simply appalled at the idea of duct taping my sweet, sweet children into their bedroom. First of all, that's a waste of good duct tape. I find ace bandages to be more effective. They are re-usable for different functions and not disposable so they are better for the environment. Plus, if the kids get caught in them, they don't leave marks. Second, if anyone is going to get duct taped into their bedroom, it is going to be me. Definitely me.

ChinaMaine-- Excuse the copy and paste but this is a post I did a long time ago regarding plateaus. It may be of use to you--

"Several years ago I worked with a trainer and when I would hit a plateau I would hit them harder than anyone she had ever worked with so I feel your pain. She said the only way to get through one is to do one or more of three things-- increase your intensity, your duration or your frequency. I hated her a little for it but it always worked. So, for example, if you are doing 30 minutes (duration) of exercise once a day (frequency) you may want to up it to 45 minutes twice a day until you break through. Or you could increase the intensity and step up the incline on a treadmill, up the resistance on an elliptical or increase your heart rate by 10 beats a minute. I would have to do two one hour exercise sessions to get through some of mine... thus the hating her just a little.

She also always encouraged me to vary my exercise so my body didn't get used to doing the same thing. So one day walking, one day elliptical etc.

She said you can expect to plateau every 10% of your body weight that you lose but can preempt it by doing the above things. That also helped, I skipped a couple plateaus that way. I still hated her a little. I hope that helps."

11-21-2009, 09:50 PM
Coaches/Buddies Look at me, consistently posting again. CREDIT.

An odd day today. DH was doing a 109 mile bike race, and I was chasing kids, going to the park, to McDs, and then dragged them out to watch the race. I kind of snacked only until about 1 pm, then ate a huge dinner. A bit over on my calorie plan, but not too bad, although it feels worse since the day was unbalanced.

The kids were awesome at the park. And it still amazes me that I can get my backside down the kids' slide without getting stuck. And I can climb up the ladders, and chase after two of them at once. And and and. Have I mentioned lately that it really rocks to be living your ARC? And, yeah, I think this is why it is tough to convince myself that that last 10 lbs, and the bonus 10 I was shooting for (yes, I can lose 20 still) is worth giving up 500 calories a day for.

Tomorrow is my 8 mile run. Big mileage for me these days, so I'll do a 5:1 minutes run:walk thing.

Margaret If I'm going to splurge on eggnog these days, it better have bourbon, LOL! Great job on tossing it, and sounds like you did a reasonable job of dinner picking.

gardenerjoy You have so much going on, I'd love to see you giving yourself credit for short walks in a busy day, than an Oh Well for something longer. You're living it right now, and that's really good. I have trouble with that.

RobinW :wave: Hurray for your hubby and for a messy/dirty place.

BillBE I'm just gobsmacked that you took the bread! ROTFL! wOOt! I don't know why this tickles me so, yet it does. I suppose I should say, "Stop that!" :) Good on ya for the pineapple though. Tasty! No Pulse360 here.

FutureFitChick Sounds like an excellent party strategy, and also like you are well on your way to setting yourself up for success for the week.

ChinaMaine Good to see you back here! Plateau question: Let's see, how long have you been at this weight? I find if I'm stuck, and it's more than a couple weeks, I'm kidding myself in some way. I'm eating more than I should be, or exercising less. But, when I hit a really big plateau, months, during the Big Loss, in the 170s, I gave it up. I was happy with what I could eat, how much I was exercising, and most importantly, living the Advantages (and then some) that I had for myself. I somehow came to the very important realization that weight is an important metric for seeing how I was managing the lifestyle change, but in the end, it is about the lifestyle and not the number. Hence my current 10 (20) lb dilemma. I think you've already identified a couple of possible issues, with the extra calories (although this is a really low level) and less exercise. But it may also be time for a re-evaluation of where you want to be, and what is it worth for you to get there.

I also agree with maryblu's recommendation for patience. What else are we going to do? It's all about the lifestyle change if it is going to be permanent weight loss.

maryblu Thanks as always for your wisdom. I'm with you on your choice of liver challenges, see the bourbon comment above. Still haven't even approximately caught up on Survivor. Someday. LOL on the duct tape thing. The screaming would still get me though!

Happy Saturday!


11-21-2009, 10:05 PM
I’ve been at a craft fair for the past two days. My sister-in-law offered me some space for my wool at her mother’s booth. Her mother is a spinner/weaver/knitter, and my wool is in many of her items. My mother-in-law also displayed some of her felted scarves and hats that also feature my wool. I didn’t sell much, but a number of people took my cards, so hopefully wool will slowly disappear from my workroom. Eating was good during the fair. I packed salads for lunch and dinner and packed fruit for snacks.

I ran in my local 5K turkey trot this morning. This was the first time I've run one under 30 minutes--a PR of 29 minutes. That's really only impressive to me, but I was happy about that. It was even pretty comfortable, in spite of high winds. It was a lot of fun and there were lots of families with kids running in the race, which was great to see.

Beach Patrol, yay for healthy eating and exercise and yay for 1 lb gone! I think you’re Thanksgiving plan sounds good. Practicing mindfulness will help so much, and what better time to do that than a day for thinking of everything we’re thankful for?

RobinW, sorry about the hypertension, but glad to hear that you get some time to get it under control. Best of luck with the stress control, that’s a biggie! Does your gym offer yoga classes? I like yoga for relaxation, but it’s good to observe a class before jumping in. Some instructors tend to focus on the calorie burning potential and it’s fast for beginners and gives short shrift to the meditative side of yoga. Kudos for choosing your health over clean floors and for a better attitude!

Wndranne, so sorry about the migraine, but glad you are feeling better. I do think carrying a toddler around the block counts as exercise! Kudos for sticking to your mental plan while there were so many temptations around. Yay for consistent posting! I'm not doing well with that lately, although I do lurk regularly.

KidsLibrarylady, LOL at seeing work as a paid vacation.

Gardenerjoy, good job tracking everything when you’re under stress. Kudos for resisting urge to forage and big kudos for realizing that your breakfast was over-budget and eating lunch accordingly. Good job for getting some exercise even if it wasn’t as strenuous as you had planned.

Nuxmaga, good job tracking food and getting exercise during a hectic schedule! Kudos for avoiding the breadbasket when out to dinner. LOL at bubblegum aftertaste! Good for you for throwing the whole thing out.

BillBE, I’m impressed that you were able to eat so well at a reception and then later when you went out to dinner. I can only give myself one challenge a day, and even that’s a lot. LOL at stealing bread for your starving children. At least you made good use of it!

FutureFitChick, good job getting back on track after a minor setback. It’s odd how revolutionary that concept has been for me. Kudos for not finishing your giant burrito and realizing that the last bite didn’t taste better than the one before it. That’s the kind of mindfulness I strive for, but am not there yet.

ChinaMaine, the plateau sounds frustrating, but it’s understandable due to the big life changes you have made. Good job coming up with a plan to bust through the plateau. It’s amazing how a few small changes can make a big difference. You could add a little intensity to your walks to burn more calories without increasing your times—find a hillier route, use Nordic walking poles or even 30 seconds of jogging every few minutes (I don’t know if Moose would object to this one).

Maryblu, LOL at choosing liver damage from a Pinot--me too! Thanks for the warning about Creatine. I hadn't heard of the controversy, but I'll have to look it up.

Gotta run, dh has finished dinner. Yay! Recovery is coming along nicely!

11-22-2009, 12:47 AM
Hello everyone,

No I did not disappear or give up. :) :lol: Just super busy this week and working too many hours. Just a short post tonight. Hopefully will have time to read what I have missed this week and be a better buddy.

I am doing OK, not great, but OK. Some days have been better than others, but I am mostly OP and walking every day. I feel better. Have not really lost any more, but then again no gain either. Spent a few nights away from home this week for work, and I always find staying in hotels a huge challenge as far as eating goes.

Hoping to spend some time tomorrow rereading part of the book. I am having the hardest time with the eat slowly and mindfully part of the plan. I would welcome any advice on this.

I think I have always eaten about twice as fast as everyone else. In fact the only time I slow down is when I am eating with others so I don't finish so fast. I am so in the habit of speed eating. Sitting quietly and just eating seems so boring and a waste of time. Eating while I am working, reading, or watching TV is my MO. On the other hand I know this is a big part of my overeating. I know that I need to do this. I am trying look at this like it is powerful and means I am in control, but I am still finding it hard.

Hope you have a good Sunday everyone!!

11-22-2009, 07:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At Trader Joe's I've been drawn to their dark chocolate covered cranberries. I don't need these, and can tell by their attraction to me that I really just want to consume the whole pint as fast as possible. DW has asked me to stop bringing her stuff like that since she already has a source for dark chocolate and isn't looking for more. So, I solved my problem by buying a pint for the crowd at Thanksgiving dinner - there will be about ten young adults - and I'll plan to have a small few, which is just what I need to taste them.

Walk and food were OP; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Thanks for the sober response to the creatine question. Yep, I was shocked, since Nutrition Action has always represented sane suggestions. I don't have a compelling reason to consider taking the stuff, and have to observe that the draw is for free muscle gain.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for upper strength training instead of cleaning - that alone could account for "Attitude is better."

Anne (wndranne) - Good luck on your 8 mile run today. Congrats on your activities on the kids slide and thanks for sharing with us the joys of reaching some goals. LOL at "gobsmacked" - I needed that to let my brain be aware that taking a roll from a restaurant isn't so normal.

ChinaMaine - Thanks for the thorough catch-up report. Can't help with plateau since I didn't have one myself, perhaps because I let my body choose its end weight so I declared lack of losing as done. Kudos for making adjustments to get yourself back on track. Wondering if you might rethink not leaving your MIL alone so that you two can hike; while she's cogent and capable of using a list of emergency numbers (or a I've Fallen" button) she might be expecting you to take off periodically - might even value the free time herself.

FutureFitChick - Neat that you were aware that the taste of your burrito wasn't engaging enough to continue instead of mindlessly eating because it's there. LOL at "Let them eat bread" - Yep, that explains my actions. I need to revisit guava to see why it's not on my list of favorite foods. Go WGHS!

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at your response to duct tape for child rearing. Ouch for "exhausted." You get my sympathy for a "chunk of bread" problem; BTDT rather recently.

Shepherdess - Big Congrats on the 5K Turkey Trot and for your new low time. Good to hear that your DH is recovering nicely.

CeeJay - Yep, eating during a hotel stay is a challenge - good luck wrestling that one to the ground. Kudos for being aware of speed eating. I tried the range of suggested strategies; putting down the fork between bites seemed to help me the most. It also helped me to name to myself what was in the fork of food I was eating.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise boosts mood and reduces stress. If you tend to eat in response to anxiety, frustration, and other negative emotions, exericse might provide a productive outlet.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-22-2009, 11:14 AM
Thanks everyone for your great advice, and I think Im going to take a little bit from each of you.

From KidsLibraryLady, Shepherdess, Ill continue to up my exercise goals/methods. Over the last 2 weeks Ive upped my exercise from 45 mins per day to 60 mins. I have to change exercise more incrementally than most folks, because Ive had a life-long issue with fatigue. Big changes in exercise, usually results in fatigue. Right now, Im working on increasing the weights I use in my upper body workout. Once Ive moved up to the next level, Ill start substituting time on the eliptical for time walking Moose. Shepherdess Ive never heard of using walking poles to increase exercise intensity. We have some for snow-shoeing and will start adding them in!

Bill Ill talk to DH about taking hikes so long as MIL is still doing well. I know she would prefer to go out and have fun; this is our issue not hers.

. Anne I have found a few things I was fooling myself about. Ive taken to eating 3-4 Hersheys Kisses each day without writing them down (or planning for them). I acted as if they were calorie free lol. But they go into my plan now, and if I cant find a way to eat them and stay under my calorie goals, then itll just have to be no choice. Ive also been measuring a bit less consistently, and that has to change as well. So, Im going to go back to the beginning, reread Beck and concentrate on the skills for awhile rather than weight loss.

From Maryblu and Anne Ill take patience. After 10 months on Beck, Im thrilled with how I look and feel. Im wearing sizes I feared Id never see again, and Im beginning to have a womanly shape once more. Ive met most of my exercise goals for the year. (The one remaining is doing the elliptical 1.5 hours a week.) Ive also achieved many of my Advantages already. I have a long way to go to be ready to declare complete victory, but for now I can be happy where I am. So, Ill work the Beck skills a little more diligently and consistently and revisit my plan at my 1 year anniversary: Jan 19th

Yesterday was a good day overall. We found a restaurant nearby with a great view of the Kennebec River that serves Thai and Japanese food. DH and I had sushi, MIL had noodle soup. DH and I usually get 2 orders each, and DH suggested we get three and share one so we didnt get overstuffed. It was the perfect amount. With the errands, etc, I just didnt squeeze in all 60 minutes of exercise yesterday but Ill use no choice with more conviction today.

:df: WI-down .9 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food op, Exercise off-plan (30 minutes).
The Good :angel:
Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite credit!
Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate credit!
Tolerated non-hunger without eating credit!
Used resistance techniques credit!
I posted here credit!

The Bad :no:
Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior - nope

The Ugly :stars:
Spontaneous exercise nope. In terms of the basic Beck skills this is the one Im going to target to improve over the next few weeks.

CeeJay You could try putting your fork down when you take a bite. And then force yourself not to pick it up until your food is well-chewed and swallowed. At the very beginning I would count to ten after I swallowed my food, before picking up the fork. But I think that was overkill. ;)

11-22-2009, 03:58 PM
Thank you so much everyone!! :grouphug:

Im still working on "making time" to get here. It shouldnt be so hard when Im on the computer most of the day. It just seems there is so much that needs to be done/written/compiled that I forget to check in.

Today has been very good so far. We had our regular sunday scheduled starbucks coffee and paper read. Then it was off down the street for a wine tasting. One of our customers. I left with a new bottle of pinot blanc, and have promised myself "1" glass tonight! Thats it!! NOT the whole bottle :D :lol:

Food is good, exercise is going to be good. Im going to hit the park this afternoon instead of the gym. Its too nice out to be in a gym! I just need to finish my coffee first :D

:wave: to all my wondeful coaches!! Thank you for being here.

Have a great day everyone!

11-22-2009, 10:15 PM
Coaches/Buddies I ran 8 miles this morning. Ouch. I didn't track any food intake or plan for today. Back on it tomorrow.

Shepherdess Nice work on the sub-30 5K. My PR was like 30m10s. Nowhere near that now. I'll get there again some day. My tri club is doing a December runathon, 2 miles a day minimum come **** or high water. I'm doing it. I desperately need consistency.

CeeJay Good to see you back, and glad you are doing OK. Sounds like you have identified a big issue in eating quickly. A good thing to focus on.

BillBE TJs and candy. Pushers if there ever were any. Just say no.

ChinaMaine I'm glad you got some useful take-aways on your plateau. Sounds like you have a good plan for going forward.

RobinW The park sounds great! How was it?

'Night everyone!


11-22-2009, 11:27 PM
Hello everyone!

KidsLibrarylady- I am happy to be part of your diet coach team. LOL re your comment about eating enough for 6 people. You and I have that in common. You are doing fantastic to be able to make these changes with your kids to take care of and lack of sleep.

gardenerjoy - Your exercise count looks fantastic. When you said your strongest trigger for overeating was overeating- well that is just brilliant. I know that is the absolute truth.
I am sorry about your brother's sign. other. How very sad for her, your brother, you and your family. My aunt has rheumatoid arthritis, what a terrible thing it is.

BillBlueEyes - know all about the deadlines, good for you for planning lunch ahead, resisting the cookie, walking. It is easy to get off track when busy. I will try your trick of putting the fork down.

FutureFitChick - Good for you for your efforts. Yahoo for 1 pound down. Feels good eh? I share your feelings about the comfort level here. I am grateful to find the support. It is helping.

bennyhannahmama - hang in there. Life has been extra stressful for you so any effort towards your health is excellent.

disneynerd - Good for you for noticing the link between eating and spending. Both are instant gratification- with big consequences. Both hard to change but you are on the right track.

wndranne - kuddos for you for getting back on track and your consistent posting. Darn those people who bring treats to work. About every day where I work. Staying out of the coffee room helps.

Shepherdess - sounds like your DH is doing pretty well. And good for you for keeping up with exercising and eating healthy through it all. Congratulations on your 5K run in under 30 minutes. WOW.

Beach Patrol - Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the will power dust. Can use all you can spare! Yay for another pound gone. You are doing great!! Your plan for Thanksgiving sounds like it will work.

Nuxmaga - Amazing you tracked food while away. You are so busy but you are still doing so well.

RobinW - kuddos for all the good days you have been having.

ChinaMaine - 42 pounds. Oh my, that is so excellent. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for the suggestion of counting after swallowing. I will try that. Maybe not as high as ten though. ;)

maryblu - I liked your advice to ChinaMaine. Since reading Beck I have been much less obsessed with the numbers on the scale.

For me- coming off of 3 great days. Giving myself credit for weighing in, 2 walks every day, doing my weights, eating 100% on plan, resisting snacks, planning tomorrows food and making lunch, and spending a nice afternoon on the ATV with my DH.

Loving what I am doing and ready for the week!

11-23-2009, 12:12 AM
Got in a long walk with a friend today!

We've had more bad health news in the family -- it looks like my husband's sister's husband (i.e. my brother-in-law) has MS. We'll know more after tests this week.

I think hospice gave J a catheter today which should ease her stresses considerably.

Thanksgiving is going to be a challenge this year. We'll be visting my brother and J earlier in the day. Then we're due at my in-laws, but expect bil to be suffering after effects of a spinal fluid test and the nephews and niece (all young adults) are reportedly needing tons of emotional support to accept their father's diagnosis.

I'm finding myself grateful for all my Beck skills. With all the worries I have about Thanksgiving, I am not the least concerned about the traditional worry -- overeating. I'm confident that I won't be doing any of that!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +35, 899/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

FutureFitChick: Go Kirkwood Pioneers! Did you know that Webster is going to State this year? So, the Turkey Day Game will be a JV affair. No one seems to mind. Since I didn't grow up here or raise kids here, I'm not very emotionally involved, but it's fun to have it happening in my community.
For the rest of you, we are referring to a Thanksgiving Day football rivalry that has been going on for more than one hundred years!

ChinaMaine: good to see you back -- I missed you!

wndranne: thanks for the push to give myself credit for short walks on challenging days! I'll remember that!

Shepherdess: yay for the PR on a 5K. That's wonderful!

BillBlueEyes: I love how you worked out a way to get the dark chocolate covered cranberries without overdoing it.

RobinW: sounds like a lovely Sunday! And thoughtfully healthful, too!

CeeJay: yay for 3 great days!

11-23-2009, 05:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an unusual string of food offerings that included a hardware store celebrating a 50 year anniversary with a sheet cake and multiple other stuff. I ignored all, CREDIT moi, except for a sample size of a magical "trifle" topped with crumbled biscoti, Oh Well. But, I was out on a walk when I did, CREDIT moi.

Must off to see if Marie Antoinette has knit my name in her scarf this week.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for taking advantage of the nice weather to hit the park. Beck's trick on using a smaller plate size can be used for wine glasses also; some of our local restaurants put out glasses that easily hold a third of a bottle.

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on the sore from an 8 mile run. Yep, Trader Joe's is a pusher all right; think I'm being seduced by their friendly looking colorful shirts - gotta remember that a pirate in a friendly looking shirt is still a pirate, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Drooling over sushi, with a view of the Kennebec River even.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for your double whammy. Sending supportive thoughts for you and family for facing your BIL's MS, and for helping their kids deal with the situation. Kudos for getting yourself to a place where you aren't worried about overeating despite the emotional stress on Thanksgiving - that's a serious accomplishment.

CeeJay - Kudos for three great days. What sort of territory are you exploring on your ATV?

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise burns calories. During exercise, your muscles burn calories at at faster rate than usual to power your movement. You also continue to burn at a slightly faster rate after a workout as your body recovers and rebuilds your muscles.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-23-2009, 10:40 AM
We are cleaning up the boxes we had in storage, and Ive been sorting through all our photos to organize them. DH is scanning the best of them. For Xmas I want to make a slideshow of the best photos of DS for him. And to make a DVD of all photos, especially of the family trips we took when he was a teenager. Three rooms of our house are littered with photos and Im getting stressed about getting it all cleaned up in time for company to start arriving tomorrow night.

I was off-plan yesterday for both food and exercise, but today is a new day!

WI-down .9 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food off-plan, Exercise off-plan (30 minutes).
The Good :angel:
Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite credit!
Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate credit!
Tolerated non-hunger without eating credit!
I posted here credit!

The Bad :no:
Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior - nope
Used resistance techniques I had an extra glass of wine last night, after being op all day. ARGGH

The Ugly :stars:
Spontaneous exercise nope.

11-23-2009, 01:39 PM
I went for a short, easy run yesterday. I must finally be getting used to that winter weather because it wasn’t until I was almost to my halfway point that I noticed how windy it was. Yay for building some winter toughness.

DH and I went out to dinner last night with his dad and stepmom. This is the first time I’ve gone out to dinner with them since starting Beck and I have to admit I have been dreading it. They like to order lots of food and I always feel like my eating is so out of control with them. But I found the evening surprisingly easy to stay on track—maybe because I’d psyched myself up so much beforehand. We had Mexican, and I ignored the chips and salsa right in front of me (I usually turn into a Hoover), ordered a burrito with lots of veggies a la carte and only ate half. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the whole evening more than usual. No feelings of deprivation—I enjoyed every bite, even if I had fewer of them. I felt comfortably satiated afterwards, not stuffed. And I could enjoy the conversation because there was no anxiety about food. So I’m considering this a major victory!

CeeJay, kudos for staying mostly on track with a busy work schedule, and extra kudos for maintaining your weight while spending a few nights away from home. I’m also struggling with eating slowly. I eat a few meals slowly, then find myself speeding up. Putting the fork down between bites is the most helpful, but hard for me to stick to.

BillBE, chocolate covered cranberries sound delicious, and sounds chock full of antioxidants. Sounds like you have a great strategy to enjoy them. Kudos on avoiding a string of unplanned eating (mostly).
Good luck at the guillotine.

ChinaMaine, kudos on a good day. The restaurant sounds lovely and it sounds like you made good, healthy choices. Good job getting back to the basics, recognizing how far you have come and being patient with the process. I’m inspired by your great attitude that today is a new day. I love the idea for your son's christmas gift.

RobinW, kudos for the exercise and extra kudos for finding a great way to enjoy it. The gym has its benefits, but exercise outdoors just feels like a treat.

Wndranne, big congrats on doing your 8 miles! The December runathon sounds like great motivation. I agree that consistency is key. My miles have gotten a lot easier since I’m posting here. I love reporting that I got my run in and hate reporting that I skipped it.

Gardenerjoy, so sorry about your BIL’s diagnosis. You have so many worries right now, but I loved your thought of thankfulness to Beck for relieving you of one more worry. I hope your thanksgiving brings you some good quality family time.

11-23-2009, 04:56 PM
I've been reading the forum for a week, but this is my first post. Hope I'm following the protocols.

I'm up a half pound.

I've been exercising most days (5 or 6 out of 7) but am having so much trouble with setting and monitoring an eating plan. I think I just need to write something out, make it doable, and do it!

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and support with other Beck followers.

11-23-2009, 09:47 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

Anne~ the park was good, and cold :lol: I forgot how the wind whips across that big open space!

Bill~ I thought of the small glass!!! Even used it!!!! Kudos for me :cb: but the wine was really really good!! ;)

Sheperdress~ Big Kudos for mindful eating while out in a social situation! Good for you!

Annz~ :welcome3:

ChinaMiane~ I love the idea of making a dvd of all the phots! That sounds wonderful.

Ceejay~ how was your afternoon on the ATV??? Kudos for 3 great days too!

Joy~ Sending supportive thoughts for your family.

Today was a big "take care of me" day. I started planning it on friday. The stress from everything has been beyond manageable again. So I took the bull by the horns.

Simply because this is my "wall". This is what stops me dead in my tracks from reaching my full potential. We are growing the business by what seems like weekly. I love it, because I love the creativitiy of it all. But balancing home and work is getting extremely difficult.


Today 9am I was at the gym. Spent 1.75 hours working out. It literally took my body .67 miles on the treadmill to kick in the endorphins. I was really dragging my butt, tired, wanted to just get to my mile and Id move onto my weights. But something kicked in!! All the pain in my chest, neck and arms dissappeared. I pushed myself because I was feeling so good to 2 miles!! Awesome!!

12 noon....headed off to the life coach to help me straighten out and figure out how to alleviate the stress and pressure I put on myself. What was interesting was several techniques and thought processes very similar to Dr. Beck's teachings.

Be mindful of my eating.......Be mindful of my mindful of what is happening to my body before it reaches the overflow etc etc.

The reason I went to go see her was because, I had asked her for suggestions on a good book to help relieve stress. She sent me back this book of an email telling me the last thing I needed was another book on my table that I was going to stress over reading and learning.

:lol: she was right........that's why I called her!

2pm a wonderful destressing massage. Remember how I fussed over even going to have one?!?!? What a wonderful discovery!

6-8pm...I took a lovely nap until I heard hubby's popcorn popper and thought I better get up! :)

The pain in my chest is almost gone. I still have a bit in my shoulders, but the more breathing I do, the better it gets.

My eating is 100% and my exercise is 100% and Im happy with my progress :)

Have a great evening everyone :wave:

11-23-2009, 10:42 PM
Good evening! I've been dealing with a sick toddler for the last couple of days. It makes me so sad for her. :( She missed out on going to her home care provider today -- she goes once a week to work, as she calls it-- because she was running a fever. I hated having to tell her she couldn't go. She got a bit spoiled today so I think it all turned out okay. :) So far the baby is fever-free, just a runny nose and a refusal to nap. She did finally eat solid foods today... almost half of what she should be eating. That is a very good thing. It is ironic that I have a baby who doesn't like to eat solid foods. Maybe she was switched at the hospital.

When we moved into our house almost a year and a half ago, I pretty much threw things in the master bedroom closet and never looked back. In an effort to clear out my space, I emptied it out yesterday and started boxing stuff up for goodwill. The deal was that anything that was too big had to go. I didn't think it would be so hard! I feel like my safety net (ironically one I don't even want) is gone. I have no idea why I would want to hold onto clothes that are too big. I also found a bag of clothes that I could have been wearing over the last couple of months. They are a size bigger than what I am currently wearing. That was annoying... I could have used those clothes! Part of what is bothering me is that some of the clothes were worn one time!! So... I just have to suck it up and get rid of them. Like my DH keeps reminding me, it is a good problem to have.

wndranne-- YEAH for you for consistently posting! It does take some time/energy to do so. Glad you had fun at the park. That's one of my favorite things to do. I am looking forward to getting my badunkadunk down a slide. Kudos on your 8 miles-- awesome!

Shepherdess- "This was the first time I've run one under 30 minutes--a PR of 29 minutes" AWESOME!!!! I am so impressed with your planning for your time at the craft fairs. All those yummy smells.... you are impressive! Glad your DH is on the mend. Sounds like your dinner out was lovely.. how nice!

Ceejay-- It was as if I was reading my own words when it comes to eating slowly and mindfully. Truly! I practically had to look to make sure I hadn't written that and forgotten. It just DOES NOT come easily to me and I am always so embarrassed if I am with others and I am done eating WAY before them! The only thing that has been helping me is putting down my fork between every bite. I hate it. But, as you said, my speed-eating contributes greatly to my overeating. Also, my husband has permission to nag me about it. I hate that too. Let me (us) know if you come up with anything brilliant to help you with this challenge. Glad to be part of your diet coach team as well!

BBE-- I love Trader Joes. It is a dangerous place for me, though. My friend never understood what I meant when I said I eat fairly healthy just too much until I took her there. There is so much good food! Glad you have a plan for dealing with those chocolate covered evils.

ChinaMaine-- fatigue is such a nasty little problem. No one can see that you aren't feeling well so you don't even get any sympathy. Not something I have ever had to deal with but lived with someone who did. I can definitely see wanting to keep that at bay at all costs. Sounds like the pole-walking may be a good solution. I love the way you break down your day.

RobinW-- a walk in the park sounds simply delightful. Glad the weather is still good enough to enjoy it and kudos to you for recognizing the opportunity to more fully enjoy your exercise! I am so VERY GLAD you took a day for you! What a great gift to yourself and it sounds like it was wonderful. So glad your pain is lessening.

Gardenjoy-- good grief-- you need a break from bad news. Sounds like your Thanksgiving is going to be challenge. I am glad for you re: Beck skills

AnnZ-- Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

11-23-2009, 11:11 PM
Coaches/Buddies I think I did everything wrong that was possible to do wrong today, at least from a diet/exercise standpoint. I did not get back on track. I recorded the disaster, but that was about it. I'll also claim posting here tonight. Short list. I don't like it, and it is a motivator not to do it again.

Mama said there'd be days like this...


We are hopping here on the Beck board!

CeeJay Glad you're doing well, and I'm hoping to pick up some of your enthusiasm.

gardenerjoy Sorry to hear more bad news about the family. Glad you got in your long walk and that you are taking care of the one person you can--yourself.

BillBE I'd say you nailed that hardware store cake challenge. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Sorry, sugar rush.

ChinaMaine The photos sound like such a lovely idea.

Shepherdess Hooray for the short run and the great dining out experience! I should get back to the running thread, but I don't have a lot of extra time, and "should"s are nothing but opportunities to flog myself, so on second thought....

AnnZ :welcome:

RobinW Your post tonight is so positive! I'm so happy for you.

KidsLibrarylady Best wishes that your toddler feels better and the baby doesn't come down with it. Removing old, big clothes is a key to success. It is a way of telling yourself that you are NOT going back.

OK, now off and planning for tomorrow. Plan, plan, plan. I'm running 2 miles and packing my lunch. Not so tough.


11-23-2009, 11:13 PM
PS Anybody heard from onebyone, Tera, or kuhljeanie?

11-24-2009, 12:16 AM
Hi Everyone:

Just a quick check in tonight. Crediting myself for eating 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks. Eating OP. 2 walks today. Went to the city and picked something up for dinner at Subway instead of McD's. Yay.

Giving credit to myself every time I make a good choice is working for me. Used to be all I paid attention to was what I did wrong. Now I am paying very close attention to every success.

The other thing I like is treating myself for every 5 pounds. Is everyone else doing that? For the first 5 I got myself a pair of PJ's. The second I got a pair of earings. I am almost ready for the next one, so today while in the city I picked up a CD that I will listen to the day I hit 281. It is sitting where the scales are. And it is a good feeling to believe that if I just keep doing what I am doing sooner or later (does not matter which) I will be there. Would love to hear some of your rewards.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Your support is so appreciated.

11-24-2009, 06:29 AM
:welcome: AnnZ :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the Beck books?

How did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?


11-24-2009, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - For lunch I had spicy something or other leftovers containing chick peas that DW had made. So good. Had it over leftover cous cous, which, because it's 100% whole wheat purchased from Whole Foods, I treat as proper food instead of the ground up pasta that it is. But consciously served a small amount; CREDIT moi there at least.

At gym, CREDIT moi, I thought about giving myself credit for keeping my back straight during my push ups. It's easy for me to forget about form and get sloppy. So, CREDIT moi for that also.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for 2 miles, "Awesome!!" indeed. Congrats on your rapid journey from finding massage distressing to destressing. What a lovely day for yourself.

Anne (wndranne) - Here's hoping to find dessert when hopping in the desert. Dang that doesn't come easy for me. Kudos for being on track today; may your two miles running in the desert be a joy.

ChinaMaine - Congrats for attempting to organize the stacks of photos - shuddering at the thought, LOL.

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at "ironic that I have a baby who doesn't like to eat solid foods" - maybe you've got one of those naturally thin kids. Congrats for tackling your closet - I need encouragement in that arena.

Shepherdess - Interesting that you "could enjoy the conversation because there was no anxiety about food" - Yep, that's a major development all right; Kudos. Thanks for reminding me about the antioxidants - I'll use that to justify a second handful, LOL.

CeeJay - Neat rewards at each five pounds. Yep, I did that; bought another book on exercise or nutrition each five pounds. Alas, I also bought a book or so in between each five pounds - Amazon one click shopping is evil.

AnnZ - That's an admirable exercise schedule you're doing; Kudos for that. Yep, sounds like you're ready for a written food plan. Have you chosen a plan or are you rolling your own?

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise preserves muscle tissue. Usually as you lose weight, you lose a combination of fat and muscle tissue. But, exercise helps to preserve muscle tissue, so much of your weight loss comes from the fat tissue.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-24-2009, 10:21 AM
Yesterday was a nice on-plan day all around. I noticed that I ate a full sandwich for lunch with 1/4 avocado, but wasnt hungry enough to eat the baby carrots or 1/2 orange I had planned on. I think Ill try a half sandwich today and see how it goes. Also, it got to be PM snack-time and as soon as saw the time I promptly thought I was hungry. But when I really thought about it, I realized I wasnt hungry at all, I was just imagining it. (Can anyone say Pavlov?) So I decided to wait an hour and have a snack if I was hungry then. I didnt think about eating again until dinner-time, three hours later. Credit!

WI-up .9 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food op, Exercise op (58 minutes).
The Good :angel:
Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite credit!
Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate credit!
Tolerated non-hunger without eating credit!
I posted here credit!
Used resistance techniques credit!

The Bad :no:
Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior - nope

The Ugly :stars:
Spontaneous exercise Im going to have to start doing something about this. But Im avoiding thinking about it. Ill need to find a way to keep it in mind

My DS is arriving tonight, and everyone else is arriving tomorrow. So I probably won't post until Sunday or Monday. Have a great Turkey Day (for those of you living in America...)

11-24-2009, 12:04 PM
Well, my life is slowly returning to normal—as normal as my life ever is. Eating was on plan yesterday and I did weights yesterday. It’s wonderful how much easier everything is when my life is more predictable.

Welcome AnnZ! Kudos for getting your exercise. Have you already picked your eating plan or are you still searching for one.

RobinW, kudos on limiting yourself to one small glass of wine. Wine is a weakness for me. Huge kudos on your “me day!” Sounds like you are getting a good start on managing stress. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

KidsLibrarylady, LOL on baby switched at hospital. Kudos on cleaning out the closet. It’s interesting that you saw hanging on to these clothes as a safety net. By getting rid of them you are making a commitment to your health and your diet.

Wndranne, kudos on recording your mistake and posting. Sorry about the exercise/food disaster, but kudos for getting back on board. LOL on your statement “’should’s are nothing but opportunities to flog myself.”

CeeJay, kudos on getting your exercise and for eating OP, and for making the healthy fast food choice. Good job rewarding yourself for every 5 lbs lost. I think it’s important to learn to treat yourself in a non-food way.

ChinaMaine, good job recognizing that the feeling of hunger was really just habit. I have the same Pavlovian response and need to get better at recognizing it. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

11-24-2009, 09:45 PM
By 12:10 a.m. I had already rocked my toddler back to sleep twice and fed the baby twice. Laid my head on the pillow and by 12:24 am the baby was back up. If it is true that it is more difficult to lose weight when tired, I am in big trouble. Actually, as I type this, I can hear my toddler starting to fuss. I love them, I love being a mom, I am grateful for their health and obvious giftedness ( :) ) I am tired. I want sleep. pllllttt... No eating slowly or mindfully today. No credit. No sitting down to eat. Just survival. I have have been sitting on the create time and energy idea for several days now and am just moving on. I am letting it overwhelm me and I just need to get over it and get on with it. Now that decision is made, I actually feel like I have more energy. :) I am off to the treadmill so I can watch Big Bang Theory while walking.

wndranne-- so sorry your day was a disaster but so glad you were smart enough to record it. Hope your run today was good.

CeeJay-- sounds like you had a great day! What a good idea to treat yourself every five pounds. I should start doing that.

BBE-- yummm couscous

ChinaMaine-- great observations of your behavior. Pavlov could have had a field day with me

Shepherdess-- "It’s wonderful how much easier everything is when my life is more predictable." Amen and I am so glad for you!

Toddler isn't giving in. If rocking a child is considered exercise, I am a machine!!

11-24-2009, 11:13 PM
Hi All,
Well, I got through my craft show on Saturday, and was pleased there was a veggie tray option at lunch, though why a pound of cheese cubes was included, I'm not sure. . .I had requested last year that a vegetarian option be offered, so I'm glad they responded but it really was enough for a party tray, not one person. And credit that I did not eat all the cheese.

Sunday I had a victory with going to Michaels, AC Moore, Target, and the grocery store without buying any junk! I am still amazed. I kept reminding myself that at craft supply stores have no business selling industrial size bags of candy at the check-out, and that seemed to help, as did my planned pastry and coffee at the French bakery. Monday I went to Zumba, yay!

Today, tracked food, credit. Declined chips with my sandwich at dinner, credit. Resisted buying chips after work when I was feeling stressed. I did get sucked in by a pudding parfait, but I definitely limited the damage by stopping after I ate that. Average calories for last week were on target, credit.

I'm getting ready for a craft show on black Friday/Saturday, and of course Thanksgiving. T-day is at my inlaws, and I usually eat out of anxiety when I'm there, and my sister will be there too, which is unusual and kind of awkward. We are bringing a salad, so that is good. Only having one plate full would be a good plan--and eating slowly. I eat faster than anyone I know with the exception of my sister. I need to observe my SIL again--she eats slowly and moderately.

11-24-2009, 11:15 PM
Coaches/Buddies Today was way better than yesterday by a long shot. I ran this morning, avoided work food, ate according to plan, and did a reasonable job at dinner out. After dinner, though, I went on autopilot for some cookies. Oh Well. I'll watch out for that tomorrow!

CeeJay I gave myself rewards at my 5 lb goals. I need to get back in that habit, especially since I've developed a real CD habit lately. I found it helpful.

BillBE The chickpeas sound wonderful. Nice work on the pushups. Did you knock off your deadline yet?

ChinaMaine You remind me that I should pay attention to hunger. I've been paying attention to plan. Hunger, hunger. I'm going to pay attention tomorrow. Thanks! Have fun with your DS over the holiday.

Shepherdess Glad things are returning to normal for you. Normal is good. Except when it isn't! LOL.

KidsLibrarylady You sound like you are a machine. I can remember being so tired I literally couldn't see straight. I don't think I was very successful until my youngest was mostly sleeping through the night, although hanging in always seemed possible. Perhaps I misremember--my short term memory was also shot.

Wishing everyone a good tomorrow!


11-24-2009, 11:44 PM
Credit today for ordering a healthy meal at a nice restaurant for lunch, and for leaving a large portion of it on my plate when the serving size proved too large. Never thought I'd do that!

And my reward for that and all the other good things I've done since mid-August: a blouse and jacket in size 16! (some of that is due to vanity sizing, but I'm just happy I can walk into a nice store and get clothes that fit)

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +30, 969/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AnnZ: welcome!

RobinW: Yay for your "take care of me" day! What a wonderful idea!

KidsLibraryLady: hope your kids are feeling better -- and don't give the sickness to you! And that you can find some rest for yourself.

wndranne: thanks for the reminder that I am the one person I can take care of -- wonderfully put!

CeeJay: I'm so happy to see how giving credit to yourself is working for you. I'm treating myself to a movie in a theater every 5 pounds -- next up, the 3D Christmas Carol.

BillBlueEyes: your chick pea concoction of whole wheat cous cous sounds like a wonderful lunch!

ChinaMaine: Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Shepherdess: I'm glad that things are getting back to normal for you and that you are finding eating healthily and exercise easier as a result.

Nuxmaga: Good job with not buying junk on your errands! I had to make rules for myself to stop that behavior. For me it was, "No eating anything purchased at a drug store or gas station." You are right about "craft supply stores have no business selling industrial size bags of candy at the check-out" -- I have the same problem with office supply stores.
Sounds like you have a good plan for Thanksgiving -- I need to work one out for myself, too.

11-25-2009, 05:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Made it past the guillotine deadline at work good enough. Unfortunately, it was a soft deadline, that morphs into another soft deadline for next week. But feeling more sane since my part is better on track. CREDIT moi for not using the vending machines. I did, however, use that idea of a pseudo-vending-machine run to take a quick walk up and down three flights of stairs and to the other end of the building at a brisk pace looking like I was late for an important meeting. That was all the more fun imagining I was pulling off a sneaky trick that no one knew about, LOL.

Didn't eat all my sweet potatoes fries at dinner; CREDIT moi. I'm already drooling at the thought that they will be in my lunch today. Might even bring in a tiny container of plain yogurt to go with them. It so works for me to prepare a lunch that I look forward to.

Anne (wndranne) - Just oughta be a law about food at work - maybe an application form required for bringing in food, with a justification for caloric emergency field, LOL. Kudos for the early morning run.

ChinaMaine - LOL at the thought of you salivating at 2pm. Neat work being in touch with your true hunger. Have a nice weekend with your DS.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for a veggie tray option; Ouch that carnivores are so worried about vegetarians getting protein that it included a pound of cheese - Kudos for eating what you needed from the bounty. Good luck at your in-laws for Thanksgiving; I think it neat that you already plan to watch your SIL's habits.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for leaving food on your plate at a restaurant and not even taking it home. WOW. I'm impressed. Congrats on the new clothes.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for sleep deprivation; Kudos for recognizing your blessings and mushing forth. Like the image of watching the Big Bang Theory from the treadmill.

Shepherdess - LOL at "as normal as my life ever is" - hope that means that your DH is back in the saddle. Kudos for weights and on-plan eating in a "more predictable" spell.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise builds confidence. As you increase your fitness, you're likely to feel better about yourself and your abilities. Researchers at the University of Huston in Texas found that students who participated in a six-week weight training program reported feeling more positive about their appearance, less anxious about their bodies, and more confident in their abilities than students who didn't exercise.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 107.

11-25-2009, 10:52 AM
I got my run in yesterday. I left a bit late and it was starting to get dark towards the end of the run, but credit me for not letting my late start become an excuse to skip the run. Eating was OP yesterday, credit for packing my snacks so I didn’t have an excuse to eat off plan while running errands.

KidsLibrarylady, you’re right that you have a lot more challenges with small children. Good for you for doing what you can do right now and not getting hung up on the stuff you can’t do. Kudos for getting on the treadmill while you watch TV.

Nuxmaga, yay for the veggie tray. LOL that they still find a way to make it pack on the calories. Good job noticing the party-platter portions and eating accordingly. Turkey Day is going to be a challenge—love those holidays dedicated entirely to food. Sounds like you have a good plan.

Wndranne, kudos for a better day than the one before—that’s always the goal for me. Yay for going for a run. Good job avoiding unplanned food at work, and as for the cookies on autopilot, nice attitude that it’s a learning experience rather than a catastrophe.

Gardenerjoy, good job for recognizing oversized portions and for leaving food on your plate accordingly. I still don’t trust myself at restaurants. Congrats on the size 16 shirt and jacket!

BillBE, glad to hear you stayed the guillotine, and your life is more sane. LOL for your sneaky walking trick. Nice job not eating all of your sweet potato fries so you could have some for your lunch. What a great way to savor your food!

11-25-2009, 11:12 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I had kind of a down weekend. Saturday started out pretty well - I got up early, although we had been out late the night before. But, a few hours into it, I was off track with my schedule and planned cooking and didn't really manage to get back to it. This kind of stuff gets me so down! I spent lots of time planning my work, meals, and cooking on Friday with great intentions. I'm disappointed when I am unable to do what I had planned. I know that I need to plan smaller - put less into my expectations for a day. But, then I often end up at the other extreme and get stuck getting very little done because there isn't enough detail in my plan. I don't know how to get all of it done between making good health habits, classes, work, my pets, and trying to take care of our house.

Among the magic weight loss pill that I wish existed, I want a magic "become a morning person" pill. I am not a morning person - I don't wake up well at all. But, I am not very energetic at night either. Sometimes I wonder if I am not a morning person or a night person, am I a person? Sounds dumb, but where is the energy of life in me? I know that the energy and motivation required to succeed with this life change is going to take some time every day, but why does it feel like it has to take hours and I am not seeing progress yet?

Anyhow, I am feeling a bit better now. I'm nervous about the holiday I've associated with such a great deal of disgusting overeating all my life. I am looking forward to seeing my brother's family and hoping that our dogs travel well and behave themselves. I have caught up on my food log now - boy I shouldn't let that slide. I think it is going to have to become a multiple time a day affair rather than once a day (or days as it has been in the last several). But, I feel guilty trying to do it at work. I am finishing my Hunger/Desire/Craving exercise today and will not move on to the next day (not eating during the day) until a week from yesterday, since I would like it to occur on a day when there is more of a regular routine occurring. I read my response card this morning and started investigating the cost of personal trainers in the area. I have fibromyalgia, so finding a trainer that can "push" me without putting me in several days of pain is important to me. My hope is that if i can get someone that can help me build the habit of regular intentional exercise into my day that it will feel more comfortable and maybe even enjoyable. WI:+3 pounds - ugh! (but I am not at all surprised).

AnnZ, hi and welcome.

BillBlueEyes, I've found a great source for dark chocolate is cocoa nibs, made by sweetriot. I have gotten them at healthfood stores. That have 1 - 2 calories a piece, and pack a great chocolate taste. Plus they come is a small container that even if I overate on them, it would be fairly few calories.
Also, how do you know WGHS?
Great job on passing up hardware cake!
I had thought couscous was a grain. Thanks for the education. Also, nice job on the good form.
Glad your major deadline is passed sans vending machine and here's hoping your projects for next week go well.

CeeJay, go to see you! Eating mindfully is challenging, especially if you don't often sit still. Maybe that might be helpful, just taking 5 minutes or so (while not eating) to sit and look out the window or at a picture or something - no laptop, no phone, to TV. That way, when you are eating it won't be the only "still" moment you have. It is hard to switch out of that gear once you get into it. By the way, I love your rewards. Congratulations on losing almost 15 pounds!

ChinaMaine, nice to "see" you. I'd been thinking about you and your family and hoping you were doing OK. I like your committed changes and think that is really impressive. I also like your new summary, and if you don't mind think I may copy that to do myself. It sounds like you are on the right track. Congratulations on getting rid of almost 20%!
I second Bill's suggestion of finding a way to leave your mother-in-law at home alone. I am often desperate to get some quiet time at home. About the Hershey's Kisses, great thinking about the no choice. I need to implement that in my eating.
Also, do you have fibromyalgia or CFS (if you don't mind my asking)?
What a cool gift for your son!
Great job with mindful eating and Hunger/Desire observations!

GardenerJoy, so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. What a rough time it must be. I am really "proud" (for lack of a better word) that you are continuing to post here. In some weird way, I feel honored that you are sharing this with all of us. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else or not...
What a fabulous reward to shop in a regular store!

KidsLibraryLady, you're so funny - ace bandages! Also, I really loved the advice about anticipating plateaus every 10% and how to preemptively avoid them. How awesome that you had clothes too big to get rid of! You won't need them! You are stronger than that. Hope your kids are feeling OK. The fact that you are posting and taking care of your babies is hugely impressive. You are fabulous!

Nuxmaga, great job on the cheese restraint. I couldn't agree with you more about the craft store selling junk food. I would add to that the hardware store and the pet store too! I like your plan for tomorrow and am thinking about copying your ideas!

Maryblue, the duct tape idea is a sound, albeit sticky one!

RobinW, it's great to hear that your husband is looking out for your health when other parts of life are trying to distract you. What an amazing gym story. Honestly, I didn't know it was possible for someone like me to get endorphins at the gym - I'd heard it from skinnies before, but I've NEVER experienced it myself. I am really joyful for you - it made me feel like I was getting a hug!

Shepherdess, great job at the craft fair and the Turkey Trot. 29 minutes is indeed awsome!
How cool is that that you felt it was "easy" to eat out with your family?!
Glad to hear things are getting back on your "normal" schedule. Great job on the late run, though I hope you glow like a radioactive cat when your out there (I'm assuming on country roads). I love the idea of packing snacks for running errands. I am going to have to try that too.

Wndranne, it is so nice to hear about how your success is evidenced in your family. That is terrific. Good job at recording the bad day, even though it was a bad day. That is power and commitment in action. Great attitude about the cookie mishap too.

11-25-2009, 11:20 AM
Quick shout to all as I prep for Thanksgiving feast..I finally realized what is so captivating about our own dear BillBE

"That was all the more fun imagining I was pulling off a sneaky trick that no one knew about, LOL."

It's the little kid in you, Bill.. *that's what I like about you

Happy T-day all!

11-25-2009, 11:46 PM
Hi All,
A quick check-in before bed. Tracked food, credit. Zumba, credit. Split a muffin with dh rather than eating a whole one, though I did ask if *he* wanted a whole one, so the sabotaging voice was in action. . .Left some of my spaghetti squash at dinner, even though I had the impusle to finish it all, as it was healthy, even though I was full, credit. Got all sorts of veggies for t-day salad. Plan to go to the gym in the morning, since they are open. Hope everyone from the US has a good Thanksgiving! Personals soon!

11-26-2009, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The pre-Thanksgiving gym (CREDIT moi) was packed - loved the energy of the place. Dinner was OP, CREDIT moi, easily because it was dahl (spicy lentils) with a small piece of the cornbread made the day before for the turkey's stuffing. DW and I talked about strategies for sane eating on Thanksgiving, and I realized that it would be my fifth one on this Journey - CREDIT moi. Biggest obstacle is to recognize that pie crust is plain evil.

Got to be family hero last night when DW noticed that her backing powder was two years out of date. Don't know if that matters, but didn't seem worth the risk. So, I was delegated for a grocery store run at the peak of day-before-madness. Sigh, it was indeed a madhouse, but I returned with a fresh can, CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Shouting back to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving also. Laughing at you laughing at the little boy in me. When I'm on a project with enough money on the table they pass my vu-graphs through an editor - a humorless person who takes no joy in the foibles of the English language allbethem proficient in its linguistics - and I have to read sentences that sound as if they have no author. Methinks it's the little kid in us that finds the joy in life.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat insight into the Sabotaging Thought when you offered your DH a full muffin. Kudos for not overeating spaghetti squash even though it's good for you - that's some clear vision.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for that bummer feeling from an emotional bump in the road. Kudos for facing it and thinking about alternative strategies - give yourself credit that you're not just throwing in the towel which is a standard response from many folks not on a plan like Beck. Yes you are a person and Yes you'll climb over this bump.

Thanks for the tip about Sweetriot cocoa nibs; we have those around here - local brand - and I do love them. Hadn't ever thought of only having a couple, LOL, you've given me a new idea. I googled WGHS from your post - that's my only knowledge of it.

Shepherdess - Yep, Kudos for packing snacks to avoid all the opportunities for junk food when running errands.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise makes you feel better physically. The more you move, the more you feel like moving. Regular exercise strengthens your lungs, heart, and other muscles with the result that your daily activities (such as carrying bags of groceries or doing housework) feel less taxing. Because exercise can improve sleep, you might find that you have more energy as well.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pgs 107-108.

11-26-2009, 11:12 AM
DH and I went to lunch yesterday at a new Asian Bistro. My vegetable dish came out glimmering and shining with lots of oil. I left a lot of the lunch on my plate and my calories were on track, but it did leave me hungry for the rest of the afternoon. I guess that’s why it’s a good idea not to do those lunches very often. I got my run in yesterday evening and it was an absolutely beautiful evening.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m spending my morning doing my cooking. All of my contributions to the meal are healthy. I have a plan in place and am feeling optimistic. Among the many things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a growing sense of control over my eating (and therefore much of my life) and I’m thankful for all of wonderful support I have found here.

FutureFitChick, I can relate about not being able to accomplish all of your intentions. I think it just takes patience and practice. You already had a lot of things to balance, and you’ve added one more time-consuming goal to your life. Good luck finding a personal trainer. I think that’s a great idea.

Maryblu, LOL about the big kid in BillBe! I ditto that it’s the big kid in us that finds the joy in life.

Nuxmaga, credit for tracking food and getting your exercise and kudos for splitting the muffin even if you wanted a whole one to yourself. Good job recognizing that healthy food can be a trigger to overeat.

BillBE, yum dahl. One of my favorite dishes! Huge kudos for facing five Thanksgivings on your Beck journey. LOL about evil pie crust. Good job being the hero and facing the shopping madness.

11-26-2009, 01:09 PM
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for each one of you!

FutureFitChick: I'm not a morning or a night person either and it does make one feel kind of nothing, doesn't it? Now that I've accepted that, I'm starting to appreciate my mid-day energy, say 10 to 2, and my after supper second-wind that lasts on hour or two. I'm still working on accepting how much time in a day that adding healthy behaviors seems to take. Right now, I've got the time for cooking working well, but I've lost my exercise time somewhere.My great hope, at the moment, is a new calendar I bought at a local craft fair, but they're selling it on-line, too:
Oh! It's on sale through Black Friday.

BillBlueEyes: Thanks for the reminder that pie crust is pure evil. I will now be skipping any pie crust I encounter today!

And Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans in our group and Happy Thursday to ever one else!

My strategy for today is to eat lots of vegetables (I'm bring a salad with green and purple cabbage, red Bulgarian sweet peppers, and carrots that are orange on the inside and purple on the outside -- all bought from the Winter Farmer's Market on Saturday) and tiny servings of anything else that I want.

11-26-2009, 06:02 PM
Having trouble with the site. It is eating my posts like a Tday turkey.

Will attempt it later again.


11-27-2009, 12:20 AM
Thanks all for the welcome to the forum. I haven't been checking in each night so I'm going to commit to that.

I was down a pound today.

I did a Turkey Trot this morning, so I felt great about that. I didn't monitor my food today, so I didn't great about that. I do have the sabotaging thoughts that if I exercise a lot during a day, I can eat lots of "healthy" food. That's not truthful or realistic, so I'm going to have to face the reality of what I'm putting in my mouth.

11-27-2009, 08:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a great Thanksgiving. Good walk before dinner with another on the beach after dinner; CREDIT moi. One meal served for both lunch and dinner and I made one plate with no seconds, mostly vegetables; CREDIT moi. Had uber thin slices of three desserts - all home made by close relatives expecting critical acclimations which were well deserved. And the freshest ever organic salad that included edible flowers. I peeled two pomegranates that served as a nice diversion for those of us avoiding the huge pie selection and had only a reasonable handful of my dark chocolate covered cranberries - leaving the remainder for some young adults to devour. A good day.

And this morning my weight was within its normal variations, BUT, with a smirk, I note it was 2 pounds less than yesterday. Now I know that's just my normal ups and downs but I accept the scale's statement that I didn't overeat on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you scale.

Anne (wndranne) - Gobble Gobble posts, LOL. I had trouble also, and am, at this moment, typing on my DW's computer since mine seems too annoyed to connect to 3FC at all.

Shepherdess - Kudos for leaving good food at the Asian Bistro. I just love hearing stories of food left at restaurants since that still remains a challenge for me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Drooling over that salad - like the visual image of the colors. Yay for "Winter Farmer's Market" - we don't have one of those.

AnnZ - Congrats on down a pound and Kudos for the Turkey Trot. And Kudos for spotting that Sabotaging Thought that some exercise justifies later overeating - think that one gets all of us at sometime.

Readers - day 9
Select an Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits.
. . .
Exercise improves your health and helps prevent diseases. Studies have found a correlation between regular exercise and a reduced risk for heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 108.

11-27-2009, 10:34 AM
I’m enjoying a sunrise with deep purples and pinks peaking up over my lilac bushes. I think it’s a well-deserved reward for a very good day yesterday. I stuck to my eating plan and enjoyed every single bite and enjoyed the family time after dinner, playing cards, without feeling stuffed. I realized how much of the food I normally take I don’t even care much about, I just take it to be polite. So this year, I passed on the role (like we don’t have enough carbs on the table) and I passed on the sweet potatoes. I like the way I cook sweet potatoes, but the traditional Thanksgiving way is too sweet and buttery for me. I’d rather have dessert.

I didn’t get my planned exercise yesterday, but did get some unplanned exercise. DH and I were heading out to feed the sheep and got a flat tire. The jack that comes with the truck was obviously not tested on a ton pickup, so I hiked the 2 miles back to the house to get the decent jack out of the shop. The entire ordeal made us late for Thanksgiving, but that’s life out here. Now the jack is staying in the truck.

Gardenerjoy, thanks for the link for the daysteps calendar. It looks like it could be a helpful tool. Sounds like your Thanksgiving strategy was a good one. Those carrots sound like a lot of fun!

Wndranne, I was having trouble losing my posts as well. Now I write them on a Word document and cut and paste them for the post.

AnnZ, yay for one lb down and kudos for doing the Turkey Trot! Good job realizing the importance of monitoring as well as exercise. Many of us use exercise as an excuse to overeat. I was recently reading a post on a running forum from someone who wanted to lose weight through running, but didn’t want to count calories. The expert replied that yes, running burns a lot of calories, but running a 12 min mile, you burn approximately 500 calories in an hour and you can eat those calories in less than 5 minutes. So we’re back to monitoring. . .

BillBE, congrats on the hugely successful Thanksgiving and the weigh-in to prove it! Kudos for two walks. Glad you were able to get the taste of the chocolate covered cranberries that you craved without over doing it.

11-27-2009, 11:12 PM
I had a novel idea the other day: I should actually read "The Complete Beck Diet for Life" book that I've owned since it first came out and haven't read past the first chapter :o I kid you not! I read the first few chapters of the original book about a year ago and I sporadically followed some of the guidelines, but never really did it all. The old book was based on 1 new concept a day which was too much. That was part of why Dr. Beck changed the format of the new version and what I really liked a lot.

Approximately a year ago I came across the original book and also purchased the Sensewear WMS armband. Using the Sensewear religiously, combined with some of the Beck techniques I managed to lose over 25 lbs and felt as if I had a life altering experience. Unfortunately, I've started to gain some of the weight back (I've been yo-yoing up and down about 5lbs for the past 6 months or so).

I sporadically check in here and then drop it all together. I'm stuck in the whole "on plan" vs. "off plan" mentality again and have been struggling with negative self-talk.

I started reading the new book today and realized that I have not even come close to following Beck's techniques in the past 6 months.

My plan now is to follow the book to the letter. Including not worrying about diet changes until it is recommended (which I didn't do in the past).

Here are some lines that really spoke to me so far...

Here is my best advice: Practice every skill I teach you in this book. Don't skip any.

Wow, I missed the author's best advice-- or chose to ignore it.

You learn these skills as well as how to get yourself to practice them, day after day -- even if you are tired, stressed, busy or unmotivated.

This is where I've had the biggest problems (go figure!)-- I did well when I wasn't stressed, tired or busy. As you can imagine, those days were few and far between.

So, this is the beginning of a new journey. Therefore, I have not addressed you all as my "coaches/buddies" because I'm not up to that part of the book yet :D

BillBlueEyes: Your Thanksgiving experience reminds me so much of Dr. Beck's example right at the beginning of chapter 1-- in control, confident and incredible choices. I love having a real life example of how to make this program work right in my midst! I love your reward of 2lbs down the day after Thanksgiving (even if it was within your normal fluctuation!)
Glad you had such a wonderful day.

Shepherdess: Sounds like you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving-- congratulations on such a successful day. I also love your description of the sky and referring to it as your reward (so much better than any food reward!).

11-27-2009, 11:36 PM
Hi All,
Thankgiving went well--only a small amount of seconds, and passed on the stuffing. My sil took some of everything, but in small enough amounts that there were gaps between the portions! I don't know if I've ever done that at Thanksgiving. It's quite fascinating to watch her.

Today was the first day of a craft show, and I didn't have a plan for it, and I set a record for calories, sigh. Lots of easily accessible tasty food, and a very long day(got there at 7 am, left at 7pm) and then friends had us over for dinner, so more good tasty food. The sabotaging voice is jumping up and down and going "whee"--since all the good food is there tomorrow as well.

I forgot my pedometer too. oh well.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

11-27-2009, 11:38 PM
Quick check-in. Eating very well all week, except today but to heck with today. It is finished. Walking everyday, except today. See prior comment. :D

Today does not matter, it is done.

Tomorrow I will do the following- weigh in, eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks. Walk twice. Lift weights. Stay positive. Relax. Spend time with my husband. Meals are planned. Read Response Cards. Make a few new Advantages cards. And hardest of all- eat slowly and mindfully.

Peace to you all and happy thanksgiving to all our American coaches and buddies.

11-27-2009, 11:52 PM
I join BillBlueEyes in my smugness about a down tic on the scale the day after Thanksgiving, while fully aware that it doesn't truly mean much! My big new thing was one small serving of stuffing instead of three large ones. And today I made my own stuffing, better than sil's (if I do say so myself) and I will eat it over the next few days in a planned way instead of an out of control one, because there is plenty there and I don't have to eat it all at once.

WI: -0.45kg, Exercise: +0, 1009/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AnnZ: Good job on the turkey trot. I'm another one who would prefer to exercise rather than pay attention to eating. After losing fifteen pounds in the last three months, I'm really beginning to accept that for me, it takes both exercise and watching what I eat.

Shepherdess: great job with your Thanksgiving strategy!

bennyhannahmama: enjoy your reading! Credit for your determination to follow the book to the letter.

Nuxmaga: great observations of your sil and how she works the Thanksgiving meal.

CeeJay: sounds like a great plan for tomorrow!

11-28-2009, 06:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Black Friday shopping wasn't bad since I went about noon to downtown Boston where Macy's had a deep sales price on the khaki's I needed plus an additional discount on the total. CREDIT moi because the pair I was wearing were frayed on the inner cuff - OK ratty on the whole cuff - because I despise shopping. And because I've always used failure to fit into my pants as the clue to replace them. This buying new clothes because they're worn past presentable is new for me; gotta get better at recognizing that they look bad.

Post-Thanksgiving gym (CREDIT moi) was nearly deserted. Remembering that I failed to report that on Thanksgiving I found my hand in a bowl of roasted peanuts on the table - Yuk. The food was served from a sideboard with peanuts the only item left on the table. Should have removed it; Oh Well.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for tackling "When all else fails, read the instructions," LOL. Bon Voyage on your start over in Beck's new book. Appreciate the quote "Don't skip any." - I need to be reminded of that frequently.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Love the "gaps between the portions" of your SIL's plate - you could make YouTube videos of her eating for all of us to watch. Interesting because I feel a little embarrassed when my food doesn't completely cover my plate at a buffet.

Shepherdess - Ouch for hiking back for a jack; Yay for the glorious sunrise. I dream of owning a house with a clear Eastern view of some mountains - I love sunrises since I'm up early enough most winter mornings. Interesting observation about taking food to be "polite" - that's one prime idea to get rid of.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "smugness about a down tic" - take the positive feedback from wherever we can extract it, LOL. Neat that you made stuffing the day after to get what you wanted. And Kudos for being within reach of your monthly goal; I do like your style of showing your moving total.

CeeJay - Kudos for a good week and a plan for tomorrow. Good luck with "slowly and mindfully" - easy for me to drift away from those also.

Readers - day 10
Set a Realistic Goal

Setting a goal for yourself can be a great motivator - but you can easily become overwhelmed if you set a goal that seems too daunting or will take too long to achieve Don't fall into that trap.

What is your goal?

To get to a certain weight
To fit into a particular size of clothing
To look the way you looked when you were younger

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 113.

11-28-2009, 12:41 PM
Eating was on-plan yesterday. I’m enjoying still enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers. I did take a doggy bag home, but I threw out the food I didn’t want around the house. Now I only have food that I’m working into my plan. I did weights yesterday. It’s good that I’m getting stronger because DH and I have just begun feeding the sheep every day which requires me to lift heavy bags of feed. Last year I could just lift until I got tired and let DH finish, but he needs me to do more heavy lifting right now. It’s exciting to be able to do it.

Bennyhannamamma, kudos for returning to the Beck book. I have only used the Diet for Life book, but have wondered about the two different formats. I imagine that some find the one-day-at-a-time format works better and some find the stage format works better. Good for you for not giving up when the first didn’t work for you.

Nuxmaga, great job at thanksgiving. Sorry about the busy craft show, but kudos for recognizing the sabotaging thoughts. Here’s to a better second day—you can look at it like a do-over.

Ceejay, kudos on getting back on track after a difficult day. I liked the attitude “to heck with today. It is finished.” It’s a good way of putting it behind you and moving on. Sounds like you have a good plan and good luck with eating slowly and mindfully. It’s always a challenge.

Gardenerjoy, kudos on a successful thanksgiving and a scale reading that reflects it. It sounds like you have a good strategy for your stuffing. Kudos for making your own that you like better and finding a way to enjoy it.

BillBE, yay for buying new clothes because they are worn not because you’ve outgrown them. That’s a sign of success. Kudos for making time for the gym and for shopping on Black Friday. DH and I drove by the mall on our way to the office yesterday and I thought if I went into that parking lot, I’d never get out again.

11-28-2009, 02:12 PM
Quick 'lo from your fellow Beckie. Shepherdess, such a great feeling, doing work you couldn't do last year..great joy, good job. *that's what this journey is about..better living!

That said, last night's dancing will be followed by tonight's dancing..sorry to have to report to my coaches I have a lotta indulging to undo..I can feel it..everywhere..and *see it..right where those fat cells always so obligingly and gleefully swell up whenever I let the indulgence go on too long ...Oh, well, only sat out 4 songs last night, and tonight's another night!

11-29-2009, 12:08 AM
Hi All,
Another craft show down! Yay! Today was exceedingly slow, and I ate pretty much calorie for calorie as I did yesterday, sigh. I did track my food, credit. I walked for coffee and for lunch, credit. Declined a cookie from a friend, credit, who then gave it to dh, who then offered to me, and I declined again, credit. Main sabotaging thought to watch is "oh, it's a big package, but I'll eat only one serving." That didn't work with the 16 oz of chocolate milk, nor did it work with the large bag of potato chips. In fact, I doubt it has ever worked, but it sounds so seductive. . .
Planning for personals tomorrow. A quick one now for Bill--you made me laugh with the YouTube videos of my sil and her Beckian eating! I did have a fleeting moment of thinking that would be cool, followed by the thought of how crazy she'd think I was!

11-29-2009, 01:25 AM
Continuing to read the book. Purchased/located all the "tools" I need. Going to bed now. More tomorrow.

11-29-2009, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wonderful day out and about, mostly on Atlantic Ocean beaches reveling at the winter ducks. Terrific sighting of a few Northern Gannet diving at great speed for fish in the water. Some harbor seals were broaching like porpoises - so funny. CREDIT moi just for joy. A strong wind made it feel like winter even though the temperature was up at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lunch tastes so good when huddled in the car to get warm, in a beautiful spot on planet earth, experiencing a tad of real hunger. It felt like my peanut butter, walnuts, and banana sandwich was manna from heaven. I noted that I didn't munch on anything during the drive home; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Yay for dancing, dancing, and dancing. Can't be any better exercise than having that much fun.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. Satisfying to have the "tools" in place.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for slow sales; Double Ouch for the nibbling from stress and boredom. But Double Kudos for declining the same cookie twice, LOL. That's a point about economics that I've never grasped; each time that cookie passes from one person to the next the Gross National Product of the country increases by one more cookie - regardless of how many people the same single cookies passes through. Perhaps some day an overweight economist will read Beck, find their way here, and explain that to me.

Shepherdess - Congrats for being able to lift those heavy bags of feed and for doing it for the whole job. Men's Health magazine recently touted working out with feed bags rather than weights because it works all the small muscles as well as the major ones - says that the trainers for major league football teams stress that.

Readers - day 10
Set a Realistic Goal

It is natural to want to set a long term goal. In reality, though, we don't yet know whether your goal is reasonable for you. I also don't want you to become anxious thinking how far you have to go. Instead, I'd like you to set a short-term goal to lose 5 pounds.

You probably want to lose more than that, of course. So once you lose 5 pounds, set a new goal to lose 5 more pounds, and so on. Each time you lose 5 pounds, celebrate. Call a friend or your diet coach, and celebrate together. Or buy yourself something you can afford that you've wanted for a while.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 113.

11-29-2009, 10:38 AM
I had a nice long run yesterday. It was moving a little slow, but I just let myself enjoy being outside and putting in my miles. I was tempted to take seconds at dinner, even though my first helping had been plenty. I resisted and stayed on track. I’m telling myself that my reward for my hard exercise is to stay on plan so that it counts for something.

Maryblu, yay for two nights of dancing—great way to get your exercise. It’s somehow comforting to hear that even veterans indulge a little too much, and it’s encouraging to hear that you recognize it and undo the damage before the situation gets out of control.

Nuxmaga, kudos on getting your exercise and for turning down the same cookie twice. Nice recognition of the sabotaging thought that you’ll eat only one serving out of a several-serving package.

Bennyhannamamma, good job keeping up and getting prepared.

BillBE, those of us from landlocked states are loving your description of a walk on the beach. The idea of harbor seals as wildlife is pretty amazing. LOL at working out with feed bags. Maybe we could open a gym on the side and get people to pay to do our work for us. But it is a great workout.

11-29-2009, 02:03 PM
BillBE, you must be serious about the same cookie being counted twice, or as many times as it passes as adding to GNP..and btw, when did it cease being called GDP? That is insane but I shouldn't be surprised; of all the disciplines, I swear economics is the biggest buncha bs I ever did see. Nothing else even comes close. Where else do you go in to defend your dissertation with a dart board?

Yes, to Shepherdess and all, I did fall pist at myself, but seriously back on to do that? Write it down. I know BillBE and so many of the maintainers would stress planning..write it down first...but for me, just keeping track and writing it down gets me back on track. I do trust my body to tell me it has had just enough. My mind set is there, so I am not worried, just pist. What did I learn?

It wasn't that much fun. It really wasn't. Which tells me I was feeding emotions..duh...the hard part for me is always sorting out what emotion(s) is never that easy to do..

Am thinking there was a bit of arrogance, cockiness mebbe, too. Well, I am sufficiently humbled. The truth is, I can indulge once in a while and get away with just gets dangerous if I let it go..that is I know why Bill keeps such watch, as do the maintainers..they document and record one slip..and watch like hawks for repeats of such lax behavior.

Dancing last night was great..the band was great, my dance partner better! *SMILE

11-29-2009, 03:19 PM
Coaches/Buddies I had an exceptionally crappy run this morning, so I'm in a bad mood. It may have kicked my butt out of some recent complacency so hopefully it'll help. 100% on plan today, except for a planned chocolate milk I skipped since I didn't make the miles it was supposed to refuel. I also measured out 3/4 of my peanut butter allotment for my sandwich and didn't miss it. I quit eating an apple in the middle because I was done. Credits all around.

AnnZ Hooray for the Turkey Trot. We did one too. It is becoming one of our family Thanksgiving traditions. A good one too. Except I almost got quacked off the course by a pond full of irate ducks that seemed ticked to have their lovely morning disturbed by rampaging hordes who didn't bother to bring breadcrumbs.

BillBE I like the idea of pomegranates on Thanksgiving. They always seem so festive to me. Replacing worn pants sounds like a huge victory to me. MAKE A MEMORY CARD ABOUT THIS! There now. Glad your ducks were less scary than mine.

Shepherdess Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Love the sunrise description. Reminds me of the wonderful one that we had yesterday. Glad you are able to help feed the sheep! I'm jealous of a nice long run.

Kim Good work on re-engaging with CBDFL. I find it does help when I'm being consistent. I need to get my calendar to start pinging me to read my Cards again. I do better when I do that.

Nuxmaga Good for Thanksgiving, and rats for the craft show. Hope you can at least chalk it up to a learning experience. On that note, I should be a genius by now!

CeeJay Good for you for getting back on track and getting the planning rolling again.

gardenerjoy I take scale smugness every time I can get it. Good for you.

maryblu Dancing sounds wonderful. Indulging is so seductive, especially when you get away with it. It eventually catches up. Always. Sigh.

Ah, the Boy is crying. Must go mother him in some way.


11-30-2009, 12:12 AM
I won NaNoWriMo today -- 50,000 words and a complete story. It's bad, but it's an order of magnitude better than last year's story, so if I keep improving at that rate, I may one day write a novel that I would actually let someone else read.

It's obvious that I'm not going to meet my exercise goal for November. That's related to the above. Some of my exercise time and energy went into writing. I've already made some notes about how I could do things a bit differently next year so that I could meet both goals.

It helped to fall off the exercise a bit, in an odd way. I miss it! I'm having more aches and pains and more trouble sleeping with less exercise so I'm very motivated to get back on track.

WI: -0.3kg, Exercise: +25, 1064/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: sounds like a wonderful day of bird watching!

Shepherdess: love your self talk to resist seconds after exercise

maryblu: glad the dancing was great and that you're working through the slip

wndranne: yay for stopping eating when you're done -- that one's really hard for me.

11-30-2009, 12:50 AM
Just created a new Advantages Deck and have my first 4 Response Cards ready to go.

In looking over the Success Skills for Stage 1 I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm kind of confused (may just be because I'm really tired). I know the original book focused on one skill per day (which was too fast for me), and that this new book has more of an emphasis on taking the time you need to really master the skills before moving on. However, it looks like I'm supposed to try learning all 10 Skills at once. That's where the overwhelmed feeling comes in.

So, for tomorrow, I've decided that I will incorporate these skills:

- reading my Advantages Deck
- reading my Response Cards
- weigh myself
- check in with buddies/coaches

How have other people handled this? I want to set myself up for success and feel if I attempt to incorporate all 10 skills at once it's not going to be pretty :(

Any advice appreciated!

Oh and by the way, thanks for all the feedback from everyone. I hope to get to personals soon, but see above re: feeling overwhelmed :D


11-30-2009, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had planned to have a piece of coffee cake with a bunch of folks; I did - CREDIT moi. But then a late arriving Boston Cream Pie appeared - my favorite cake - and, with a belly full of coffee cake, I just had a piece. Oh Well. Gotta remember that even a planned serving of sugar stuff triggers my neurons to want more.

Exercise included walking miles from one end of Home Depot to the other to get some stuff for my heating system, including timer thermostats so that we don't have to do all that work of turning the thermostat down each night and up each morning. Found one of those only-the-month-before-Christmas bargains of 60 AA alkaline batteries for $9.99. Even though we use rechargeables whenever possible, we still consume enough throwaways to justify those.

maryblu - Congrats to you and that man in your life of-a-certain-age for over the top performances this weekend; 392 yards passing is as good as you dancing the band under the table, LOL.

Kudos for going through the work to identify which emotions you were trying to satisfy with food; Yep, shining a little light on that is a great defense, and, as the good Dr. Beck says, "The best offense is a good defense."

Anne (wndranne) - LMAO at your "pond full of irate ducks." We were approached by a guy who was fascinated by our spotting scope who told us that if we had a loaf of bread, all the ducks would come over and we wouldn't need it ... <sigh>. Kudos for fine tuning your eating; I'm particularly impressed with stopping mid-apple - that's above my skill level.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Whatever it takes to counter the "overwhelmed feeling" is certainly priority one. Kudos for seeing that and making choices. I can't think of any better advice than what you've done - attack the list one by one to gather the skills while feeling in control.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Big Congrats on completing your NaNoWriMo novel two days early. Perhaps you could cut yourself some slack in criticizing it - perhaps in a month it could seem worthy of having another reader. Kudos for already working on your strategies for next year for keeping up with exercise even under the stress of churning out a 50,000 word novel in a month.

Shepherdess - Now that's one stellar line of thinking, "my reward for my hard exercise is to stay on plan so that it counts for something." Beck needs to get that into her book to help people fight the tendency to chomp a 500 calorie reward for 200 calories of exercise.

Yep, opening the Shepherdess Dude Ranch would be a nifty second income; you could also allow the guests the exercise of shoveling manure and the dexterity training of removing stuff from your wool, LOL.

Readers - day 10
Set a Realistic Goal

One woman I counseled bought an inexpensive charm for her charm bracelet every time she reached a new 5-pound goal. Consider indulging yourself in some non-food-related way - with a tennis lesson or a massage, for example. It's important to celebrate your small successes along the way rather than waiting until you've lost a lot of weight to feel good about your efforts.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 113.

11-30-2009, 09:39 AM
Good Morning :wave:

Still doing good here...100% on plan. Ive been making it to the gym at 3x a week, and Ive worked my way up to 3 miles on the treadmill. Im down several lbs, and Im feeling better for it. More mentally than anything else.

Work is keeping me very busy, and trying to make time with my husband has become even more important. We work together all day every day....home and together, every day all breaking us apart from the "business" hasnt been easy. We have been focusing on just "us" again....and this has helped the stress level alot too.

Ive found some meditation podcasts and Ive been working on my breathing.....its all helping :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

11-30-2009, 11:23 AM
Last night I found myself snacking mindlessly on some gummy peach candies I had bought earlier in the day. I’m still trying to sort out how it all happened, but I think everything started with skipping my mid-morning snack. DH and I were doing errands and I didn’t pack my snack. Maybe it was arrogance or just plain old stupidity. So I went to the store hungry and picked up the candies—one of our favorites. I told myself I would work them into my plan, or DH would eat them, or whatever, they just needed to be in my basket. So before dinner, they were sitting on the counter and I just started munching away and didn’t bother to stop once I started. Then I wasn’t really hungry for dinner. I ate some veggies but that was it. I’m not sure if I was just feeling justified since I deprived myself earlier or what. So the lessons are 1) eat all planned snacks and 2) don’t bring treats into the house unless I already have a plan for them.

I did do my weights yesterday, so that is one success.

Maryblu, all of your dancing sounds like a blast. Kudos for getting back on track. I’m impressed by your intuitive approach. I’ve been thinking I should try to focus more on how my body feels and less on the objective number crunching because I would eventually like to be able to eat like a normal person. I just don’t trust myself yet—one step at a time, I guess.

Wndranne, sorry for the crappy run, but glad that it’s serving as motivation. I’m impressed that you quit eating an apple in the middle because you were done. I always feel like I need to eat everything I plan, even if I have to stuff it down. Just need to pay more attention to my body.

Gardenerjoy, huge congrats on your writing and yay for missing exercise. You may not have met your exercise goals, but you did log quite a few minutes even during a rough time. It think there’s a victory there.

Bennyhannamamma, kudos on getting your advantages and response cards made. I followed the same program, but I didn’t do everything all at once. For the most part I just added skills one by one working them into my schedule when I could. Usually it was one a day. I added several skills at a time if they were easy or waited a few days if a skill was particularly hard. And with the different experiments, I just did them when it worked with my schedule (particularly the hunger versus non-hunger experiment and the hunger experiment. They took more planning).

BillBE, interesting insight that a bit of sugar triggers desire for more sugar. It’s certainly true for me. It’s just a good reminder to be extra vigilant after my planned indulgences. Kudos on killing two birds with one stone—getting a walk and getting something you needed.

RobinW, yay for down several lbs and feeling good mentally! Kudos on staying 100% OP and for getting your exercise in. It sounds like you’re doing well on the stress end. I can relate to all of the pitfalls of working with your SO. Good for you for making non-work time together.

11-30-2009, 10:31 PM
Coaches/Buddies An exceptionally great day today. I was home with DS who was recovering from his fever from yesterday. On plan all day. No run, but that is the way it needed to be, and I'm on track for tomorrow. And I did do some strength training, in the way of pushups, lunges, and squat jumps with the boy. He thinks squat jumps are super cool, and an invitation to crawl under.

Feels great to string a few together. Weight is dropping back to something more like what I'm used to seeing as well. Next up, new territory.

gardenerjoy Hurray for finishing NaNoWriMo! That is a huge deal. Sounds like getting back on the exercise wagon will do a body good.

Kim I just worked one skill at a time in CBDFL. Worked out just fine. Then you have to keep doing #1 while you master #2 and so on. There was a nice checklist if I remember right.

BillBE I think once in a while having the Boston Creme Pie is a good choice. Who'd want to go through life without it? I really believe it is about the patterns rather than the individual incidents. The trick is keeping the small stuff from becoming a pattern.

RobinW Glad reconnecting with your husband is helping the stress levels. Good to see you are on plan, and that the meditation podcasts are good.

Shepherdess The easiest place for me to say no to snacks is the grocery store. I dread when DH goes to Costco and brings home the giant sized junk food. Sounds like you've got a great plan for dealing with it.

'Night everyone!


11-30-2009, 11:24 PM
Two sick kids and a sick husband. I will let you figure out who is the worst patient. :)

Glad to see so many people do so well at Thanksgiving!

Hoping to get back on track and back to posting within the next couple of days.

My husband sent me this link and I thought it was interesting and wondering what others thought. Specifically looking at the self control as a limited resource part:

Hope all is well!

11-30-2009, 11:52 PM
Buddies/Coaches: Overall an excellent day.

-I read my Advantages Deck :broc:
-I read my Response Cards :broc:
-I weighed in (129.5) :broc:
-I'm checking in here :broc:

Other things I did today that were not on my list:

-I ate all of my meals sitting down :broc:
-I ate slowly and mindfully most of the day :broc:
-I stopped myself from nibbling, picking and tasting :broc:
-I didn't eat any of the chocolate snacks that were at work today :broc:
-I didn't eat any of the cupcakes that were in my house for my son to bring to school :broc:
-I dealt with and accepted my hunger tonight :broc:

12-01-2009, 12:53 AM
Still marveling at how easy I'm finding it to leave food on the plate in a restaurant. I think it's because I go in assuming that the serving sizes are too large, so my mindset is to eat appropriately-sized servings rather than clean my plate. I had no idea I could do this three months ago and now it's almost second nature. It's making eating out fun again because I don't stress about overeating.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +25, 1089/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses:

bennyhannahmama: Yay for all the dancing broccoli!

BillBlueEyes: hope you love those thermostats -- it's so nice to get up in a warm house instead of a cold one!

RobinW: yay for 100% on plan!

Shepherdess: good job working out what was going on with the candies and making rules for yourself to prevent it next time

wndranne: I'm so glad you had an exceptionally great day! DS crawling under squat jumps made me smile.

KidsLibrarylady: hope everyone gets well soon!

12-01-2009, 01:01 AM
Coaches/Buddies, I had a fairly good holiday. I tried to post a few times over the weekend, but just kept getting busy messages. Anyhow, I avoided seconds most of the time! When eating out, I made mostly healthy choices too. CREDIT! :) I did spend way too much time in the car every day, driving between my mom's and my brother's homes, so a little lacking in exercise. Today, I had some leftover lunch stuff from last week ready to go, so that was easy and have tomorrow's lunch mostly prepped as well. I read my response cards today (so so on this over the weekend). My husband has been a good cheering section for me and asking what he can do to help. That has been really nice.

Hope you all had a good holiday (for those in the US) and are getting back into the swing of things.

AnnZ, great job on the Turkey Trot. I struggle with the eating allowances in my mind when I incorporate exercise. Let me know if you figure out a mental strategy to overcome that.

BennyHannahMama, congratulations on the Beck commitment and thanks for sharing your insights. I look forward to more. Great job on continuing to set-up your stuff. I am working in the other book, but am not advancing to the next day until I master that technique. I've not read the book you've got, so I'd be curious to hear more about how it is different.

BillBlueEyes, that is really great that your wife helps you come up with ideas for success for Thanksgiving. Great job at Thanksgiving. You had a beach walk, in November. Oooh so envious am I! I had no idea you could see seals in the Boston area. I could almost smell the fish in the air from your description. How great that you had to realize you needed new pants because the others were worn out. That is so cool, you Super Maintainer! Your cookie economics is indeed thought provoking. I'll have to bring that up with my health economics professor.

Ceejay, glad to hear your eating has been going well and that you have been planning ahead. Great job.

GardenerJoy, your Thanksgiving menu items sounded splendid! Thanks for the calendar suggestion - I will look into it. Let me know how it works for you. Major congratulations on winning the completion of your novel. What a cool realization about missing exercise - now that's power!

Maryblue, the joy of a child-like mind! Ahh! What kind of dancing do you do? I couldn't agree with you more about economics. My current issue of pondering is agricultural subsidies.

Nuxmaga, looks like you've really been on track. Way to go! Gaps between Thanksgiving food - I never would have come up with that on my plate. Good job for tracking your craft show food, even though it wasn't fun to write down. I know that is hard to see it in black and white.

RobinW, great job at staying on track!

Shepherdess, sorry to hear about the Asian bistro experiences. That is so incredibly disheartening when you pick something out on a menu and expect a nice healthy dish, only to be disappointed by that magical unhealthy ingredients that forgot to mention in the menu description. Thanks for the support too. Great job on crediting yourself for your increased strength for lifting feed bags. Also, nice job on making the best out of the peach gummies and learning from it!

Wndranne, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Maybe the poor run yesterday was a duck-related curse. But really, I have so much admiration for the running at all! So, dumb question for you. When you didn't finish your apple, did you adjust your food plan/log to say that you ate "most" of it? Really glad today went so well and that you enjoyed your mommy time.

12-01-2009, 07:02 AM
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