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10-31-2009, 10:02 PM
I had a bad day. Not really a BAD bad day, just that I thought I could be strong enough to resist those darn candies. In fact, this year, we weren't even going to go trick or treating because we didn't want the candy in our house. My son will not eat anything but candy (well, you know what I mean...it's always a fight). What's the point?! So, we weren't going to go, and then the neighbors came over with a HUGE bag of individual fun size bars. So, I gave the bag to my husband and told him to hide them so that I wouldn't know where they are. If I don't have the temptation for them, I won't eat them. What does he do? He asks me to come into the kitchen, to help me pick two out for the kids to eat! I told him before that I was having a temptation to eat one, so he calls me into the kitchen? I feel like I just failed a test! lol It's really not that bad. I spent 170 calories on them, and now I'm 88 over my daily alottment. Oh well. I'll pick up my boot straps and keep chugging away.

And, I tried new exercise DVD's that are beyond me right now. I just got frustrated with them. So, I'm reverting back to my walking DVD's and need to remind myself that I didn't get this fat in one week. I can't cure my physical ability back to a healthy person in one week. So, bad day, yes-parts of it. But, a good lesson, too. I can make it through a bad day. Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent.

10-31-2009, 10:29 PM
Alyssa--sounds like you are getting back on track which is really what matters.

Keep on keeping on!




10-31-2009, 10:52 PM
You know what? You stopped yourself at only 88 calories over your limit and didn't adopt the whole "well the day's shot anyway" attitude and go all out. I think that means you did pass the test.

Acknowledging a minor slip up is an important step and now you can move on (and it sounds like you don't need any help doing it!)

Keep going!

Arctic Mama
11-01-2009, 04:27 AM
Oh, I wish I'd only gone that far over! But whether it's 88 or 888, it's the moving along down the road and getting back on plan that matters more. Great job catching yourself!