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10-28-2009, 11:15 PM
Ok, I know, I know. It's just a number, etc. etc.

But I've been having a scale saga for the last three days and now I'm totally bummed.

About 3 months ago, I got a new scale because my old one was really unreliable-- it used to jump around by six to seven pounds....my new scale really nice good quality scale weighed me 4 pounds lighter than the old one, so I was really happy.

But, now my new scale is broken-- even changing the batteries didn't help. So I put a new battery in my old scale...

Which is fine, except it's weighing me about 6 pounds heavier than my weight on the other scale as of the weekend.

Now, I'm wondering if it was the new scale that was wrong.

it is just SO DEPRESSING to see 248 on the scale!!!!!!!!! Especially since it's been sort of a slow month in October and that puts me all the way back to my mid-September weight.

Now I just don't know how much I weigh!?! I thought I was just about to hit 241 and was looking forward to saying goodbye to the 240s entirely.

I really try not to let it get to me, but, sigh, it does.

To make matters worse, the old-fashioned balance scale at the gym doesn't give me any weight at all. It doesn't seem adjusted right once you put it over 200.

10-29-2009, 12:09 AM
Oh that really sucks. I know the scale can mess with our minds! I am getting a new digital scale to try out soon and when I think "what if it says I weigh 245?" I get quite panicky. Ugh! Feels like a real gain.

Maybe go to the store in the morning when you weigh the least and stand on various scales in the scale department, get a consensus and then stick with that?

10-29-2009, 12:10 AM
Sorry to hear about your scale troubles. Do you have some hand weights you can put on the scale to see how accurate it is? Or could you borrow a friend or family members scale to compare your scale to? My scale depending where I put on floor what my weight is. It can vary a couple of pounds. Very frustrating.

10-29-2009, 05:39 AM
When I was at a weight loss spa I didn't trust their scale so I went to a local hospital and asked them if I could use their balance scale and when I explained, they were more than happy to let me use it. I think a balance scale is about as accurate as you can expect. Go home immediately and weigh with the same clothes, shoes, etc. and then set it at that and forget it.

This whole scale thing basically sucks. I have three scales and they all weigh differently. All you can tell for sure is how much you have lost.

Cheer up. The depression will pass. I can vouch for that.

10-29-2009, 07:05 AM
I used to put way too much of my attention on the scale the old mighty number eek and it would make me feel terrible and give up but I have learned not to weigh too often instead I go by measurements and how my clothes fit there are just too many variables with the scale and it can make you crazy especially since I have started strength training I know that can make me appear to gain but in the long haul I am toning up. hang in there and try not to worry so much about the number :hug:

10-29-2009, 09:51 AM
I know how depressing it is to see a higher number on a different scale. Is there anyway you can get another new scale?

10-29-2009, 10:24 AM
So, for an update this morning...

I weighed 244 this morning on the new (old) scale. I got my husband to weigh himself, and he also weighed 5 pounds heavier....

So... this would suggest that in reality, I've lost a couple of pounds this week-- which makes sense because just before my scale broke I was down half a pound at night and thought I was about to see a drop...

However, I don't think I can go around subtracting five pounds from my weight... so I'm just going to work from 244 for now. I know I've been 100% on plan, so I'm not worried that I'm in denial about a real gain.

On the plus side, my husband noticed yesterday that I've incorporated running into my routine and he was ASTONISHED.... he's known me for twenty-six years and has never seen me run! :carrot:

10-29-2009, 12:52 PM
Do you take measurements? They are a fantastic back-up that prove when the scale is either wrong or reflecting water weight.

10-29-2009, 07:24 PM
Sounds like you are getting it worked out. If you get a new new scale I am sure it will work out again!!

10-29-2009, 08:58 PM
I was shopping on line today for professional scales...

maybe that's taking it a bit too far.

10-30-2009, 06:26 AM
Seriously, do yourself a favor and just invest some extra money in getting a good one. The daily heartache and anxiety over it just isn't worth it....

I got the scale I've listed in a link at the bottom of my post a few months ago by the recommendation of another 3FC member and I have NOT regretted it. I can get on it 5 times in a row and its EXACTLY THE SAME, to the ounce, each time. And no, it doesn't store the previous weight. And no weird and mysterious 3 to 7lb (or more) gains or losses every other day!

Even my best friend went out and bought it and has been happy with it!

And, if you're willing to wait an extra week... free shipping! :)


Good luck, with whatever you do! :)

10-30-2009, 10:48 AM
All right.

I'm going to invest. The scale bopped up to 246.6 again this morning....

It's SO FRUSTRATING. I knew I was due for a loss. I feel slimmer. My waist is smaller... and instead I'm coping with almost of week of staring at last month's weights.

I'm strong, but not that strong.

i totally know that in the long run, the number on the scale doesn't mean that much, but it's a tool that I rely on.

The more subjective factors, like how my clothes fit, have allowed me to trick myself for years and so I don't trust them as much.

So, far I've handled the two pounds up and down, but generally down thing just fine... but to shoot up when I think I should be going down. That's just too much.

Off to Amazon I go!

10-30-2009, 06:10 PM
It's way, WAY worth it. ;) I know you'll love it!