Weight Loss Surgery - Feel Like I'm falling off the "Band Wagon"

10-28-2009, 05:21 PM
I am now 3 months, 8 days past my surgery and have lost 42 lbs as of today.....I am exercising at least 30 minutes a day and measuring all my meals to 4 oz. No more/No Less.....But I find myself grazing on snacks the past few weeks. Every morning I tell myself. NO SNACKS TODAY, PERIOD, and I just found myself sitting on the couch with a twinkie watching my soaps....As I got to the last bite, I realized what I was doing and quickly threw the last piece to the dogs. I realize a twinkie is only 150 calories and I probably surrendered about 35 calories to the dog but I still have this incredible feeling of guilt. Does anyone else go through this. I understand that nobody is perfect but I feel I am slowing down my loss the past couple of weeks. Each week I only had a 1.5 lb loss. I have 5.5 cc's in by band now and thought I was "Full" because I finally started feeling restrictions and had an incident over a month ago where I threw up. I really don't feel full after eating my meals and find myself hungry 2-3 hours later. What scares me more is Halloween weekend is here and my daughter has already been bringing home extra candy. Every pack of Smarties seems insignificant but I know they add up.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

10-28-2009, 09:45 PM
I'm sorry that you are getting discouraged. It must be very difficult to do what you are suppose to only to be hungry a few hours later. (I have surgery next month~but I know what you are going thru, only I'm pre-WLS) I seem to be hungry all of the time.

Are you eating because you are indeed hungry? could it be that you are bored? need something to do with your hands or mouth?

See I find myself bored...so I eat! When I'm at the office, in betwen phone calls I graze on what ever I can get my hands on. Candy, chips you name it. I could chew gum, but who wants to hear someone chomping on gum while on the phone? I understand those small packs of candy do add up...I swear some of that candy is calling my name.

This just goes to show that having any type of WLS doesn't change how we feel about foods. We must change how we feel about food. I need to find other things to do when I'm bored. I need to address the reasons why I need to eat to supress my emotions.

I don't have any answers for you~but I totally understand. I pray that someone has answers for you...for us.

prayers coming your way~

10-29-2009, 12:05 PM
I know Lapband isn't Mal Absorptive however perhaps you should get some blood work I grazed My iron was super low and sugar boosted me up

Aside from that Kids or no kids get the crap food out of your house if you can't resist it. I used to eat crap when I was out by myself till I realized what I was doing.
You're success is more important than Junk food!
:hug: and lots of prayers
You can do it!