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10-26-2009, 03:21 PM
Hello! We are a group of chicks who love our bikes...and scooters! We are a diverse group from one coast to another, with two things in common...we are working on getting smaller and fitter; and we love our knees in the breeze

Hope its ok i went ahead and started a new thread for us :)

10-26-2009, 03:23 PM
The last post from previous thread...

Oh yes Tammy will be in the 180's this week as hard as you are working :) that is awesome

I would also much rather hot tamales over mike n ikes but staying away from both :)

Well we are suppose to warm up to 55 today but started out at a chilly 28
Still hven't gotten my bike back yet - On a great note I sent in a Resume for my DH for a fleet mechanic at our local MidAmerican company and he has interview and testing on Wednesday evening- This would be so awesome and has great benefits and starting wage $26.85 per hour
Not counting our cookies before they hatch because he is 41 and most companies do look for younger people - Anyways they do have you take a written test on different hydraulic stuff and motor stuff so hopefully that will all go good for him because that will determine who goes on to 2nd round :)

Ok well I suppose I should get off computer and do something today

Have a Great Monday

10-26-2009, 05:35 PM
Thanks Mandy..... How have you been?

10-26-2009, 05:44 PM
Thats great Mandy, thanks

10-26-2009, 08:21 PM
THank you Mandy! DUH to me, I went and started one before I saw this...and I can't see how to delete it! grrr. Well we will just ignore that one :D

CChick, crossed fingers :crossed: for DH to get that job!

10-27-2009, 09:04 AM
good morning chicks, maybe I can ride to work today... :)

had strange dreams last night, I think it was because our Eddie the dog was sprawled across the bottom of the bed and would NOT MOVE.

haven't worked out yet but i'll post back after I do.

10-27-2009, 09:43 AM
CC, I sure do hope that DH gets the job, that would be great. Btw, you know as well as I do that "younger" people (for the most part) don't have good work ethics than someone in their late 30s and older. So, don't let that keep you worried.

Holly, sorry Eddie invaded your space. If Jake got in the bed with DH and myself we would have to get another king size bed..... that dog is just as big as a human (if not bigger) when he sprawls!

I RAN a solid 3/4 of a mile before boot camp (I walked 3/4 also). I was sooo proud, and soooo tired when I was done with boot camp. I sure hope it pays off. I weigh at WW today (I weigh on my lunch and then go to the meeting in the evening b/c it gets me out of the office- and I have a lighter weight lol). I am hoping that I am out of this set of numbers! It would be GREAT to see the 190s gone! I have been in them since APRIL!

Shock, shock..... it is raining here again. Supposed to rain all freaking week. What gives?

I will post more later. I need to get some work done while it is quiet in the office.

10-27-2009, 09:56 AM
Good Luck at WI Tammy you are bound to be out of the 190's :) no problem

No pets here to talk about - we are to busy and just don't have time to train them correctly

Heres to you getting to ride today Holly

Hello Mandy

10-27-2009, 10:03 AM
I just happen to be on the the mod posted to start a new thread, although we are pretty good at figuring that out on our

Been doing ok here. Everything in my town is still focused on the murder of the little girl. Our local news website is and if anyone is interested. John Walsh talked about the case on Good Morning America this morning, his interview is on their website. It just seems so unreal. There is going to be a Poker Run to help raise money for the family.

10-27-2009, 10:08 AM
WTG Tammy, you are like WonderWoman, running before boot camp!! I could not run 3/4 mile without slowing down...woohoo to you! you must feel so strong afterwards (well, once you recover :dizzy: )

Hi CChick, when do you leave for Vegas?

Hi Mandy :wave:

this morning, for a change, I did Gilad's 45 min. Strength tape, its no cardio at all, just strength.

Oh jeez, I managed to get the Old Lady co-worker mad at me yesterday, and I wasn't even trying! :devil: She did one of her lame "do you want me to do this for you , to help you?" which consisted of dumping one cup of leftover soup from an insert into a paper cup :rolleyes: I said "Sure. Hey, while you're at it, why don't you wash out the insert too?" because she usually puts the insert bin into the sink (for me to wash) but doesn't even run any water in it to soak. So it gets all crusty.

She gets all huffy and says, in this STUPID little girl voice, "I was just trying to be nice". I said, "Lighten up, I was kidding." And she huffs off :devil:

It is pretty overcast right now but at least it's almost 42 degrees, I can handle the 40's for a ride :)

have a great day chicks!

10-27-2009, 12:38 PM
No such luck getting out of the 190s..... :( I weighed in at 191

10-27-2009, 11:01 PM
No such luck getting out of the 190s..... :( I weighed in at 191

I bet you'll weigh less tomorrow morning, it's all about timing :hug:

10-28-2009, 01:10 AM
Hey Tammy that is still awesome you have been working your butt off :) Like Holly said tomorrow morning you will be down probably 3 pounds or something it is timing ......

Holly great job keeping your cool and trying to kid around but she won't take it that way because she knows what and how she is acting

Mandy I did get to watch GMA this morning and just can't believe it- and to not have any leads yet or at least as of this morning. That is great that you guys got together and already have a poker run set up to help the family out :) My thoughts and prayers still go out and hope they find the sick person that has done this terrible thing

Well guys leave for Vegas on Friday - YAY - I think I am dressing up like an Egg for halloween but not sure yet, oh ya today I did find some wedge hills to wear this weekend and they are comfty as well :) I will have to pack tomorrow night after we get back from DH test- I will wait outside for him but we are going to go out to eat while we are there since it is about 30 miles away and have way more choices to choose from

I am just now watching Biggest Loser good thing for DVR's anyways just listening to Abby tell about her husband and children not making it through the car crash, wow I could not imagine bringing tears to my eyes seriously gotta go

10-28-2009, 09:32 AM
Wow I just watched GMA and they have a teenage girl in custody, actually the sister to the boy that lead the police to where they found the little girl :( This is awful so Mandy my heart goes out to your town this is
going to divide the town if it is true and what the family is going to have to go through now, just awful

Well it is Wednesday WHOO-HOOO only one more full day of work after today then off we go yay

Have a great day everyone

10-28-2009, 09:50 AM
Good morning chicks, it is a gray day here and I didn't ride yesterday (still too cold for me) but maybe tomorrow.

Yay CChick, Vegas is so close!

Hi Tammy and Mandy :wave:

I have off and need to clean this mess (and DH has been home since October 6, 'housework', what is that word :devil:) and I want to drive to the Goodwill Store in Williston (about 50 miles from here) because I need shirts for work, they get so stained and yucky so I need bunches of cheap tops to wear all winter.

Yesterday a regular customer asked if I knew anyone who would 'waitress for her'. She actually meant at her home, where she's having a party and needs 'just an extra pair of hands'. I said, how about me :D So I gave her my number and she will call me soon, it's for Sat. the 7th. How much should I ask for, any ideas?

Haven't worked out yet but will post back when I do.

10-28-2009, 10:36 AM
Holly, you are such a saint when it comes to working with that woman! I don't know that I would hold my tongue well. I am not sure how much you should ask for in the waitressing thing at the party...... but it maybe a great place for you to pick up a few extra gigs...... and "get yourself out there". It sounds like you have excellent people skills..... and if this lady is an entertainer then her friends are likely to be entertainers as well. The holidays are coming.....this may work out well for you! I will say a lil prayer that it does ;)!

Mandy, it is soooo gut wrenching to see that little girl's story. And, it is awesome of you all to step up and do a poker run for her family.

CC, I love the egg idea! That is funny! :D Girl, I hope you have a blast in Vegas.

Thanks for the scales encouragment. I have to weigh in at BC on Friday.... so I am hoping to be down by then. We will see.

I have to get busy....... oh, wait..... this is an amusing story. I just saw it on GMA this AM. Did anyone see the story on the chimps? I did not catch where it was, but a chimp died of heart failure (somewhere in captivity). The humans were going to bury her and they looked up at the fenced area and the other chimps had stopped what they were doing. It was just like a funeral. The humans said that it was obvious they were grieving their lost companion. Isn't that touching? Anyway, i thought it was a neat story.

10-28-2009, 11:26 AM
Took a walk with DH and DE (That's Dear Eddie, lol) I used ankle weights to add oomph because we don't seem to walk that fast (for me) and I wanted it to count. Didn't break a sweat but I thought it was important to participate with DH on his now daily walk (yay!)

Tammy, I hadn't even thought of one gig turning into others - you are a great thinker!

that is sad about the chimps. I'm sure they were grieving.

Gonna get ready to make the trek to Goodwill (it really does seem like a trek, 100 miles round trip :dizzy: ) So going to look for simple tops for work; a pair or two of black slacks to rotate for work instead of jeans; more jeans if possible;& a winter coat (I'd like a classic pea coat, in black; and something like a ski jacket for when it's actively snowing)

I should really do a more intensive workout later today, maybe I will :strong:

changed my ticker because I weighed at 153 this morning. TOM maybe contributing, maybe the bites/licks/nibbles lately.

10-28-2009, 11:36 AM
here is a FUNNY pic from Chillicothe rally, I had bought at a thrift shop a rather large bra, I forget the size, something like a 44 G?? and drew some logos on it, and brought it. You can see the cups were big enough for a head each :D to fit! (I had a white tank top on)

10-28-2009, 11:55 AM
The owner of the boot camp says on average ankle weights add 160 calories burned to every 1/2 hour of moderate use.... maybe that will help with the walk.

Have fun at the Goodwill. Hope you hit a lucky streak there.

Btw, WOW..... you are tiny and look at those arms! Girllllllll you got it going on!

10-28-2009, 08:24 PM
Hey, thanks for the info on the ankle weights, Tammy! ;) so I at least burned 160 calories with that walk. And I did 30 Day Shred this afternoon. and thank you for the comp! I have underarm fat but you can't see it there too much in that pic :devil: but I did love wearing those camo pants.

and I had good luck @ Goodwill! I tried on SO many pair of black slacks, but finally lucked out with a pair of Old Navy 8 long, they look and feel good. And a white button down shirt, and 4 or 5 long sleeved tops (I layer them with t-shirts) pair of black loafer-type shoes, 3 pair trouser socks (they were new in package) and a nice classic grey coat, like a belted pea coat, and a pair of new reading glasses (purple with polka dots, lol) for under $70. Oh and DH picked out a black t shirt for himself.

the black slacks are good to have for anything that's dressier than jeans (and I wanted them for my 'private waitressing' gig, also the shoes and the white blouse) I would have liked to start combing for jeans, but it had already been about 1 1/2 hours and DH was very patient (had been to TWO stores and back)

I felt OK about $pending because I finally got my last paycheck from the summer job (we got paid every 2 weeks) and there was the 10 1/2 hours of overtime, plus the end-of-season bonus which is a week's pay, very nice to have. And DH finally received 3 UI checks all at once. Whew.

And we bought a new vacuum cleaner here in town, oh joy :D truly, I am happy, because the previous one was maybe 8 or so years old, and had sucked billions and trillions of dog hairs :rofl: and was not sucking anymore :devil: This new Eureka is the same model as our old one but much much improved, it moved much easier and is just better. It was so nice to do my floor exercises on a really clean, freshly vacuumed rug.

have a nice night, chicks :D

10-29-2009, 09:38 AM
Holly, You look awesome in the camo pants! And, I am glad you had a good luck spree at GW. I hope you need the black pants a lot for this gig and more to come.
:rofl: with the dog hair. Before we got Jake in December I would not have understood about the billions and trillions of hairs.... now I do! That dog sheds more hair than most people have. But, he is a good dog and he was a good rescue (btw, the animal shelter he was at was shut down last week for many, many counts of animal cruelty). My DH is patient when I shop.... but DS are not!

Well, our CC should be almost ready to head to Vegas. I sure hope she has a safe and fun trip.

Mandy, how are things with your daughter? How are things with that girl-- do they have anyone in custody yet?

I am not going to go into all the details, but I am having teen problems again. Basically, he just does not want to follow the tiny rules I set for him (like come straight home after school, empty the garbage), etc. He picks the worst kids (or they have felons for parents) to hang out with...... I am such a loss. He is truly not a bad kid...... but he is being bullheaded.....
Today is his doctor's appt over his arm. I am hoping that maybe I can talk to him one on one. He is struggling over being the stepson of a cop...... Which does not make my life easy!

10-29-2009, 09:49 AM
good morning, and Tammy I'm sorry to hear of the strife with DS ... good luck with the doctor's appt and I hope he opens up to talk and listens to you.

We had to kill a skunk this morning :( :( :( he was in our garbage and had gotten his head stuck in a peanut butter jar! ( I posted about it in General Chatter with 'Please put lids back on empty jars!') and he was suffering but no way would either of us get close enough to pry the lid off..I am sad because he died because of humans.

I hope CChick has not gotten the snow I saw on the country's weather map! and right, she must be almost all ready. Hope she soaks up lots of sun and warmth! :cool:

Hello Mandy :wave:

Haven't worked out yet, will check back in after I do. Have a nice morning :cool:

10-29-2009, 11:49 AM
I did something new, a Cathe dvd routine I've never done, and with good reason :eek: it was kickboxing cardio, man . I could only do half of it, but that was a good 30 minutes. Then I chose her Abs Only dvd and did a 13 or so minute Abs routine.

10-30-2009, 01:07 AM
Hey girlies sorry I have not check in but been extremely busy with getting all stores good to go before I leave and then tonight we went out for wing and beer ok it is taking me a bit to write because I am having to retype :) to many beers if you get my drift :)

Holly I wish I could get deals like that at our Goodwill but usually not that lucky

Tammy sorry to hear about DS issues same goes here if you need to talk please PM me and I will be more than glad to send you my cell # to talk teenagers not sure where the heck they are coming from these days

Holly no snow yet but it is suppose to be coming but we will be on plane tomorrow and not coming back till Monday so you won't hear from me till probably Monday night- then off on Tuesday as we are opening a new store Nov 5th so we are going to be really busy next week when I get back

As for pets we did have some outside dogs and yes I say dogs because we never really had them long enough to be part of family because I always felt bad that they were outside dogs so ended up giving them to a more loving family that would make them part of their family- not saying we didn't love them and didn't take care of them but we just didn't have alot of time to put out there for them and seen that so found a more fit home - sorry if I am sounding cold here but I think at least we figured that out early on

WOW about the chimp story but you know they were grieving just the same as well do I am sure

Ok well we are taking off tomorrow morning I will try to log in before leaving but not sure I will have time but believe me if I do I sure will-

Have a Great Super Weekend talk to you next week- Again Tammy call anytime if needed :)

10-30-2009, 08:33 AM
SAFE and FUN trip to you, CChick! :hug::carrot:

10-30-2009, 09:56 AM
did 30 Day Shred, level 3. I'm getting tired of all of my vids and dvd's, then thought - which one DON'T I want to do, because it's so hard? that would be 30 Day Shred, a Cathe one, and the Gilad Hips Thighs Buns one. The 30 Day Shred is the quickest, so that's what I did.

10-30-2009, 10:12 AM
CC: I hope you have a blast! Be careful.
I understand and respect what you did for your dogs... most people would be selfish and keep them "outside" and think it is fair..... but you didn't do that. (Not that all outside dogs are bad-- some are meant to be out there). That is awesome.

DS is not going to have surgery for now. But, while I was in the doctor office with him DH got to feeling bad at work, went to the ambulance base and they checked his BP. It was sky high.... so we went to urgent care and they put him on medicine for BP (which he has never had to have before)..... I hope this is his motivator to keep losing weight and exercise. The doctor was a butt....... his message was (not in these words), but you are fat and you have high BP, take this pill-- see your regular doctor. I mean, it is true..... but do you have to be such a butt?

Holly, WTG on all the exercise. I would like to do some cardio kick boxing-- I just haven't yet.

I ate chinese yesterday (before the stuff with DH). I am paying for it today... I am bloated and I struggled through bootcamp this AM.

Mandy, hope you are doing well.

I have to get to work..... We are only here til noon today! Woo Hoo!

10-30-2009, 10:14 AM
Morning ladies. Hubby is off work today and we are going to help some friends move. Things are getting kinda stressful here, my husband just found out he is getting stationed in San Diego, Ca for the next 3yrs. We have decided that the kids I will stay here in Jacksonville Fl. Unless God preforms some miracle, he leaves in March or April. I'm just dealing with a lot of emotions right now.

10-30-2009, 10:45 AM

I am sooo sorry he is being re-stationed. I will keep you in my prayers! Maybe God will perform a miracle.

You will be dealing with the move about the time my son leaves for Kosovo. I guess we will be an emotional mess together.

10-31-2009, 08:42 AM
good morning chicks :)

Mandy, oh gosh...I am sorry to hear about DH being stationed across the country! :hug:

Tammy, good vibes to your DH...I hope he can get on the path you are to control his BP, and yeah that doctor was a butt! too bad someone in that position doesn't have some tact and compassion and a few social skills along with a medical degree.

CChick is probably tearing up Vegas :D have fun, girl!

Happy Halloween :badbat::sklol::haphal::dracula: I have to work, then right after, go to the Town Hall to help with the kids' party. I will just be a regular cowgirl/lady. Then afterwards, if I still have energy (like at 8:00 pm, oh geez I;m getting old :rofl: ) we will dress up to go out on the town.

I had major bad eating yesterday. Just felt like I needed to confess to you girls :devil:

10-31-2009, 10:06 AM
30 Day Shred, level 2.

10-31-2009, 01:52 PM
Holly..... OMG..... I am old too :( My bedtime is before 10 (lol).

I hope you all have a great Halloween!

If it makes you feel any better after your confession Holly, I have been eating horribly since Wednesday. I am just having a hard time staying on track.... but I AM getting back on track tomorrow!

Y'all be safe!

10-31-2009, 07:23 PM
I just got back from the prettiest fall ride ever! It is about 65 here, it has finally stopped raining....... and it was beautiful!:bike:

Hey Holly, you are rubbing off on me. I just got done baking pumpkin spice muffins..... and now the chocolate ones are beeping they are done.

Talk to you later.

11-01-2009, 09:20 AM
good morning, happy November 1st. I sure like it being lighter in the morning but ugh that means it will be full on dark at like 5:00 pm. All I want is warmth and sunlight from 5:00 am to 9 pm, is that so unreasonable :rofl:

Tammy, I am SO glad you had a great ride yesterday!! :carrot:

11-01-2009, 10:30 AM
30 Day Shred level 3.

should I confess about the 8 fun size Snickers I had last night??

11-02-2009, 08:40 AM
good morning, will check back in after I work out :)

11-02-2009, 11:03 AM
Morning Biker Chicks.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was okay....except for the part where I ate WAY too much.... but I am doing damage control now.

Not much to chatter about. I did bootcamp this AM, walked Jake, and I ran 3/4 of a mile and walked another 1/2. I need to stop eating so much on the weekends so I can get out of the 190s......

I have to get back to work..... talk a little more later. Hope everyone is well.

11-02-2009, 10:02 PM
good evening chicks :) congrats on your great exercise this morning Tammy :) today I did Gilad stuff, 3 of his tapes; Hips Thighs and Buns; Shoulders and Arms; and Abs. They're shorties, none over 15 minutes each.No cardio today.

Sunny but cool here today, didn't get much past 50 degrees. I fear my biking days are almost numbered at none left :( Such a narrow window of opportunity, maybe at noon or 1 pm there is sun enough for warmth, but I'm at work.

Work has been okay. as I said before I feel humbled and am glad to just have a job. And it's pretty easy stuff.

Today I told DH that I was resigned to the truck driving gig, and would be supportive and not crabby :D if it comes to that. There just isn't that much around here; he doesn't have a college degree...I don't relish the idea of being alone for days, weeks or longer, but if it is what he/we have to do, then that's it. I still say, keep status quo for now and keep sending out resumes but collect the UI for a while. I hate change :p and avoid it like the plague :devil:

have a good night 8)

11-03-2009, 12:18 AM
Hey there Girls, we made it home :( that means vacation is over darn it
We had a great time will get pictures posted to facebook probably tomorrow night. It is great being out there over Halloween. The weather was great it was 80 + degrees perfect out. We toyed around with renting a motorcycle but it didn't happen we should have decided the night before then maybe we wouldn't have stayed up till wee hours of morning it was like 4-5 am our time before going to bed everynight and then back up we were having breakfast at 9:30 but wouldn't change a darn thing we had so much fun :)

Holly great job on keeping up with the exercise even though you had a few mini snickers :)

Tammy I know about the eating stuff as I just can't get my butt back into the groove either but hopefully after this week I will get back on track because I really need to be losing before Jamaica in less then 3 months

Mandy so sorry to hear that your DH is going to be station in CA that is so far away but totally understand the reasons that you would stay where you are with the kids and all- My dad was in the service when I was growing up
and we would move every 18-24 months and it was the pits as a child growing up......

Holly that is still good news that DH is looking and not 100% sold on the truck driving thing.....

Ok well I really should get some stuff done and get my butt to bed
I will check back tomorrow evening - Have a Great Day

11-03-2009, 08:26 AM
good morning and welcome back CChick! looking forward to seeing your pics :) 80 degrees, oh that must have been nice!!! :carrot:

today is our 30th wedding anniversary :hug: holy cow, yeah 30 years! No big plans, guess we'll go out to dinner at a local bar where they have very good burgers. I wish our kids were more aware of things like this, I know they won't remember :shrug: At least they know our birthdays :devil:

I'll try to check in after I work out.

11-03-2009, 09:53 AM
I did 30 Day Shred level 3, and then some Cathe abs.

11-03-2009, 10:44 AM
Congrats Holly! 30 years (these days) is AMAZING...... and I know what you mean about the kids noticing..... I guess that is a draw back of having boys? I dunno.

Welcome back CC: I cannot wait to see your pic. I am so glad you had fun. It is tough coming back to the real world after having fun in a world that seems surreal, huh?

Mandy, I agree with CC..... I know it will be hard, but I think that giving your children a "hometown" is great.

I did bootcamp this AM but have not done anything else yet. My oldest son went with me to BC and didn't even break a sweat...... which really made me feel old and out of shape! Oh well.... :mad:

I have to get back to work :( will talk more later.

11-03-2009, 10:55 PM
Congratulations Holly and DH :) 30 years is great and a long time, I have 2 boys and ya it would be nice if they would remember stuff like that and they don't until they get a wife and then she will always remember for them :) I know since I married a son

Holly how was your anniversary supper??

I only had like 40 pictures that I could post to facebook but we did have a great time

Well I will be working a crazy schedule this week like 10-7 shifts and I hate those shifts but I guess I can sleep in :) gotta make somthing good out of it

Ok well Sons of Anarchy will be starting so I will check back in tomorrow evening

11-04-2009, 09:19 AM
good morning chicks, I slept late because today is my Saturday :carrot: We just had burgers (um, and fries) and beers at a local little sports bar, it was fine. CChick, haha, you are SO right on about the boys not remembering stuff like that until they marry, then the wife remembers FOR him :D

gotta finish coffee, then shower and go help a friend pack to move out of her apartment. I'll have to work out later, don't let me not do it, I have a little challenge for myself to work out every day of this month.

talk at cha's later :)

11-04-2009, 09:56 AM
Good Morning and gotta run so I will check back in later -

Have a Great Day- wish it was my saturday

11-04-2009, 10:12 AM
Good Morning Ladies.
Holly, hope the move goes well..... if it is labor intense enough.... that can be part of the work out..... Good luck on your challenge, I know you can do it! Are you working out 7 days a week or just your normal days?

CC: I would be loving the sleeping in--- but like you.... hating the "shift work". :smug:

I gotta run and get busy.... talk to you later.

11-04-2009, 10:18 PM
Hey yall, I went to the gym 2 days IN A ROW!!!!!! Hope all is well with everyone

11-05-2009, 09:42 AM
good morning chicks :) congrats Mandy, workin the gym two days in a row! :carrot: Tammy, how can a human body do bootcamp and not even break a sweat :D CChick, sorry that you have to work some 10-7's, its hard to adjust to when you have to change your schedule.

I helped friend pack/move from 10 to 4, I am hoping it did count for a workout because there was a lot of lifting and flight of stairs to navigate each time up and down. My biceps are the only thing that are a little sore today. I could have squeezed in a 30 Day Shred when I got home at around 5, but then we had a motorcycle organization meeting that we had to leave for at 6, yada yada.

My girlfriend, who I was helping, she is in a situation that is sad. She and her (at the time) boyfriend bought a nice mobile home that was 35 miles from where she works; she made the concession because it was close to the boyfriend's college and the boyfriend's son. The BF graduated college; and then 'something' happened ( I never asked for details, but it was the BF ending relationship) and they split up.

So I don't know how the house was split up, but it became GF's responsibility to sell it. She found a cute apartment very close to her work, and the house has been on market for almost a year, and has come close a few times to selling, but not yet. There were some people renting it briefly, who wanted to buy it, but they couldnt' swing it, and they moved out. So GF had been making the mortgage payments plus paying her apartment rent, and she just can't do that anymore, and has to move back into the house. With all the memories of her and BF there, and she has the 70 mile round trip to her work.

So it is very stressful for her, and it was her mother, myself, and another GF helping her yesterday; but her mother was asking a million questions and I could see GF was wearing down, and then the other girlfriend who can be very self-centered, was not tactful and said some untactful things and after she left, GF just broke down and cried her heart out. I held her and hugged her and after a few minutes, she gathered herself and just picked herself up and continued on.

Something very funny happened before that, though. She had checked with the store owner next door and got permission for us to look in his cardboard dumpster for boxes. We lifted the cover from one side, and got some good boxes, then saw others on the bottom, on the other side. GF gave me a boost up, and I rested my waist on the top of the dumpster and bent down and was able to reach the boxes, but 2 quarters fell out.

Now, come on...why did I think it was worth it to get those quarters?? But I did. I got boosted up again, and two GF's held me by my ankles!!! and I reach down and got the quarters :rofl: :rofl: I was able to pull myself back up by using abs (Now I know why I work out! :D) and it was pretty funny.

ok, thanks for listening :) I have a hair appt. today, a trim and freshen up my highlights. Have a great day 8)

11-05-2009, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Girls-

Great Job Mandy 2 days to the gym is great :)

Holly so sorry to hear about your friend but from the sounds of it she is very strong and will make things work out, I am sure the house is in her name and she doesn't want to ruin her credit so that gives her no choice but to move back in instead of having one mortage and rent, anyways my heart goes out to her
But great job on getting those quarters, I can tell in pictures that you do work on those abs because it shows :)

Ok well off to get ready for work- have a great day

11-05-2009, 10:57 AM
Mandy, Woo Hoo! That is great that you got back on the wagon before the holidays... many people would have given up..... but not a biker chick! Good Job.

Same with you Holly...... see, all those mornings when you didn't want to work out paid off big time (well really only .50), but the thought of you hanging by your ankles and getting back up was worth a big laugh :D.... just kidding. You know, when I am in bootcamp and sweatting like a pig and wishing I was in bed something my son told me runs through my head.... he said "mom, I knew you could lose the weight b/c you are stubborn...... and how many other _____ year old mothers can lose 75 pounds without surgery and can keep up with younger girls in bootcamp (except I cannot kick as high as they do--I have the balance of a 90 year old). So, after that little ramble..... fill in the blank..... Holly how many ______ year old ladies can be held by their ankles (which says something in itself that you are not "heavy"), and use their AB MUSCLES to get back up? Not many...... I am 36 and I even though I have been going to BC and doing ab work for 5 months straight, I am not sure I could....... And Holly, I hate it for your friend..... but I know you are a good friend and you will give her all the support she needs..... but here is an extra :hug: for her.

Same with you Reda, with you doing the scuba stuff, I could not do a mile in 12 minutes..... or even close.... You rock!

Man..... we are some tough ole' birds (I use the ole lightly) :rofl:

Well, I am going to get on with my day. Talk to you ladies later.

11-05-2009, 09:09 PM
good evening chicks! thanks for sharing my laugh about the dumpster :rofl: and yeah, Tammy, how cool is it to have your teenage son proud of his mom at Boot Camp! We are all tough chicks, regardless of age right :D

today's exercise was Gilad's Fat Burning Workout, its about 10 minutes of warm up, then 30 minutes of aerobics, then 5 min. cooldown. I do remember when I was at least 15 or 20 pounds heavier, that I would attempt this workout, and just couldn't do the jumpy parts, either because I just didn't have the strength, or that I felt like my female insides were going to fall out :shock: or that I couldn't bear my abdomen shaking so badly. Yay for improvements!

Plus I raked leaves again, the same area I did a couple weeks ago :p I chose to IGNORE THE SNOW FLURRIES that started falling :devil: they fizzled out but bleh!

Got my hair done (trim and highlites) and that always feels good, doesn't it.

Have a great night girls :)

11-06-2009, 07:22 AM
Good morning friends :)

first, prayers for those affected by the Fort Hood shootings :( :( :(

Forgot to mention that a lady called me earlier this week, I had worked for her husband in a bakery about 13 years ago, and she thought of me to call, because her teenaged daughter wants to learn cake decorating. I am feeling good about my flexibility in earning a few extra $ between this, and 'home waitress' thing this Saturday.

DH and I did outside work yesterday, I was very very glad that DH initiated this, so I wouldn't have to nag :D

The garbage can that had the skunk in it is finally airing out.

not much else to say yet. Will tell ya what exercise I do, after I do it.

11-06-2009, 09:16 AM
30 Day Shred Level 3, and then some ab work.

11-06-2009, 09:56 AM
I agree, first of all, prayers to ALL of the families affected by the Fort Hood tragedy. Our soldiers and their families do not need things like this on our own soil.
Holly, Yay on the extra job.... You go girl..... you never know where these opportunities may lead you..... just think, someone like Oprah could eat a cake of yours and you would be set for life!

I just want to say..... it feels sooo much better being a "fit mom" than a "fat mom". I never knew how much it impacted my boys until I lost the weight. I was so selfish all those years stuffing my face--- when I should have been out running and playing with them. BUT, (I hope not anytime in the near future)-- I will be a fit grandma! I will run and play with my gkids.

I hope everyone has a good day! Next Friday (13th) DH and I will hit the six month mark. We may take a trip this weekend on the bikes though b/c it is supposed to rain (shock shock) off and on next week and weekend.

11-06-2009, 11:06 PM
Hi Girlies :)
Yes first off sending thoughts and prayers to those in Texas. It is just so sad

Holly that is great that you are getting some extra side jobs, money is always welcome :)

Tammy you are rockin and rollin you will be there in no time and it is great that the boys do notice

We finally had 70 degree weather today so went and picked up my bike and rode it home- yay tomorrow we will be 61 but I do have to work from 2pm -11pm arrgh and then Sunday well back down to 50 degrees with a chance of rain - darn it

Again great job Holly on your exercise routine :)

Talk to you guys tomorrow have a great night

11-07-2009, 09:04 AM
Yay Chopper Chick! Glad you got to ride 'er home.

We have sun until Monday...... then rain all next week. I am soooo tired of rain. There is still cotton in the fields which is normally gone the first couple weeks of October. Man, it is rough on the farmers this year. If you need cotton..... I would think you need to get it now..... it will go up if they don't get it out of the field.

I have to run...... got things to do today.

Wish me luck... I am on day 6 of a no binge challenge.

11-08-2009, 12:16 AM
good (late) evening chicks! First, CONGRATS Reda on getting your bike back, and riding it back! That must have felt great especially with 70 degrees.

Tammy, keep on rockin with your no - binge challenge!

I did the home waitressing thing tonight - Oh My God. Their house is HUGE. Definitely in the multi million dollar range. I thought it was a hotel as I drove almost by it, trying to find it. But so beautiful inside, not cold and impersonal like some immense houses.

So I helped her put the the appetizers and then the main food; greeted people and took their coats if she (Barb) was occupied; asked people if they wanted ice water with their dinner; cleared dinner dishes and helped Barb get dessert out; I then put dinner dishes and flatware into dishwasher and washed by hand all the serving platters and bowls while they had dessert; then cleared dessert things; washed the dessert things by hand (because dishwasher was still going) washed the stemware by hand; picked up napkins and placemats and put them in the laundry room; pushed chairs back into place.

I told Barb $15 and hour; I was there 3 hours, and she insisted on giving me $60. And she said she was very happy with me, and would I do it again? I said sure :)

Then one of her guests asked for my name and number - you were right, weren't you Tammy! So we'll see. They ARE Montreal jewish ladies, which means they are rather picky and particular, but I guess I can deal with that.

I slept late this morning and didn't work out, so there goes my exercise challenge :p but I'll not beat myself up about it. I do need to work out tomorrow though.

sleep tight :cool:

11-08-2009, 09:33 AM
good morning chicks :) it is 48 and sunny!!! I think I have to ride to work today. It will be great on the way, it will be full-on dark on the way home, but I will be careful.

gotta work out now!!

11-08-2009, 03:31 PM
Yay Holly! $60 free and clear is not too shabby..... and the thought of you getting more work is even better. I knew you sounded like a personable person and you would do great at it..... woo hoo! I am glad you got to ride to work too!

I am on day 7 of being binge free. I have eaten more than I do through the week...... but I have not gone on my eating frenzy. It really does feel good to be in control. I am shooting for another week. My next goal is binge free until the Sunday before Thanksgiving (Wayne's yearly family get together).

We have had TWO beautiful days! The farmers are in the fields and bikes are out everywhere. Rain is on it's way tomorrow :( We have riden both days and it is wonderful!

Mandy, how are things with your daughter? I was thinking of that on my ride yesterday. I hope you are getting to ride occasionally b/c it sure does clear the cob webs out of the mind--- and if even for a few minutes it gives you some stress relief.

Reda, have you caught up at work since you took off yet?

11-08-2009, 07:54 PM
Hello, well Friday and Saturday we had such super great weather and I had to work - darn it- Friday at least I got to pick up my bike but yesterday they all rode to the store to visit me on their bikes just rubbing it in :(
So I told DH that we were riding today and we did it didn't get to 60 today but it was still nice we only rode like 70 miles but hey it is November.....

Holly that is great $60 bucks for a few hours and to also get your name out there, I bet that other lady gives you a call as well, you go girl
Nice to hear that both of you are getting to ride as well our days are really getting limited thats for sure

Well we all did alot of talking the last few days and I think we are going to do a Canada trip next summer instead of the whole week in Sturgis we will end up in Sturgis for one or two nights on our way back home, I will have to ride with DH though because my bike is not practical for a trip like that however another couple will haul it to Sturgis for me so that it is there when we get there- YAY :) So that is the plan as of now I will start hatching out some details for everyone in the next couple of weeks

Well girls I suppose I should think about getting some laundry done I will check back in later - Have a Great Week

11-08-2009, 08:39 PM
good evening chicks! this morning after I posted, I did 30 Day shred level 3.

It was so nice to ride to work!! sooo warm for this time of year. Such a treat! :carrot: and didn't see a single critter on the way home,but I kept my eyes peeled the whole time.

Reda, I would have been so :( at the gang riding to visit at work on a beautiful day, too!

Tammy, woohoo on your continued preserverance! and so glad you got to ride 2 days in a row.

HI Mandy :wave:

I ate bad things today. There, I confessed :devil: I'll try to do better.
have a good night chicks :)

11-09-2009, 12:23 AM
Reda, WOW.....Canada, that is cool! I can't wait to hear the details. I am so glad you got your bike out of the hospital also! It is great you got to ride even if just a little, at least you did not finish out the riding season with her in the hospital. :carrot:

Holly, girl, if I looked like you..... I would have a day I had to confess for once a week. You work around food ALL THE TIME..... but you still look good. That has to be as close as possible to being an :angel:! Most people (myself included) would be...... um......---- this shape-----:sumo:

:bike: Hi Mandy.

Well, I am hoping my little "insomniac" spell is over...... 4 or 4:30 comes early in the AM...... :tired:

11-09-2009, 10:38 AM
good morning! CChick, I was a dope for not reading all of your post completely , the Cananda trip idea sounds awesome! and you can sit back and enjoy the ride behind DH 8)

this morning I tried to do a step tape, but that sciatica pain (more like a very uncomfortable 'cramp' feeling) halted me. BUt I didn't want to do the Shred AGAIN, so I kept on with the tape, but did it on the floor, stepping, and with ankle weights and hand weights to make it more difficult. And did the whole thing, and with her ab work, so it was 35-40 minutes :carrot: I think I was sweating more than when I usually do it with the Step.

Another sunny, relatively warm day here! so I will take the bike again :bike I hope you chicks have nice weather too!!

Tammy, do you have the problem with insomnia often? that must be crummy, to lie there and know you have to sleep but can't.

DH has NOT made any definite truck-driving school plans yet, thank goodness. He's also kicking around the idea of a little sandwich shop, as we wanted to do years ago (did I already speak of this? can't remember) but I don't want to do that, I had the 'drive' years ago but not now.

well need to get ready for work, have a great day :hug:

11-09-2009, 10:50 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Holly, I can see you with a sandwhich shop...... but I can also understand you not wanting to right now either. I swear, if we only lived closer, we could do a biker friendly sandwhich shop..... between the 2 of us, we would be able to run it! It would be awesome!

I have had the insomnia problem the past couple of Sunday and Monday nights. I think yesterday was b/c I had a double shot coffee at noon..... which I normally don't do. So, I am going to give that up and see what gives. I did have insomina problems a lot when I first moved in with Wayne b/c of our sleep patterns and being overweight..... but since MOVING my body a little bit and doing bootcamp..... I have not had a bit of trouble sleeping--- until now. I am hoping nixxing the coffee will solve it.

I made it through the weekend with NO binge! I am shooting for Turkey day...... I have not made my ticker reflect it..... but the scales are showing a loss..... to the tone of 189...... even the work scales that weight a little heavy. So, we will see..... if I go to WW tomorrow and they reflect 189, I will move the ticker.

Reda, Mandy, how are you two?

I have to get busy.....

11-09-2009, 11:40 AM
Good Morning

Holly the sandwich shop sounds like a good idea but with that comes giving up alot of other stuff because you have to be there as with most businesses owners will need to work it until it gets established and makes money - You will have to keep us informed
Hey that is great that you are having such great weather for riding - ours well it is gone but hopefully it will come back around for a day or two in the next week or so :)

Tammy sorry about the insomnia hopefully it is the coffee - Great Job on staying on task with no bingeing- your WW weigh in will reflect it :)

I am off work today since I worked Saturday so I am going to clean house - yippeee but it needs to be done then I will go out and mow over the leaves in the yard instead of raking easy way out but hey it works

Hi Mandy

Ok well gotta get going

11-09-2009, 10:03 PM
good evening chicks! Tammy I would also think and hope that it was the double shot coffee. Because the regular exercise does help us drop off so easily at night, usually. Yay to you on sticking to your resolve! I know you can make it to Turkey Day 8)

Reda, yeah...I don't think DH is thinking that he would need to just about give up motorcycling for fun. I know how many hours I was ready to commit when we were going to do this years ago, it was like all the hours available in a day and some of the night! i DON't want to do that. I am 48, almost 49, and I dont' want to kill myself at this point in life :^:

11-10-2009, 10:32 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I am on day 9 of my binge free thing.... (knock on wood) it is actually pretty easy now..... If I think it will cause a binge, I won't put it in my mouth at all.
I am toying with the idea of switching my WW weigh in day to Saturday. I don't like spending my lunch hour (we only take them on the days we don't have patients) to go to WW. I would rather do it on a Saturday AM (in my jeans so it reflects more of a truer weight) and get it over with then...... Since I am committed to the WW program thanks to DH saying he would do it and then backing out! I have faced the fact he is a man and a bull headed one at that..... so he is going to do what he wants. He is NOT going to bootcamp or WW, however last night while we were in bed he found out the treadmills at bootcamp have a TV in them..... which sparked an interest in him. I am going to let him discover it on his own.... Tammy is done with begging. I am not giving up on his health, I am still the food/grocery gatekeeper.... but I am not going to beg anymore.

Speaking of men, Holly if jobs are scarce where you are...... and you don't want to do the sandwhich shop thing..... maybe truck driving is his best bet-- or maybe he could go to school for something like mcycle mechanics? I hate that you are having to deal with this right now..... but at least your DH is still young enough to do something and this did not happen later in life.

Reda, How are you today? Mandy--- how goes it there?

I am thinking of riding my mcycle to work tomorrow..... if I work. DH is off for Veteran's day (b/c he is a DARE officer he is considered state employee) and he is off..... so I may take off to be with him.... who knows?

I am going to get busy now.

11-10-2009, 10:39 AM
good morning chicks :)

Tammy, lol at the realization that DH 'is a man' and they just do what they want to in the end, don't they :D Frustrating but true. I hope he does decide the treadmill is do-able with the TV bonus.

I hope you do get to take tomorrow off and hopefully ride! :bike:

Yeah, would be nice if you didn't have to take your lunch time to go to WW. lunch time should be totally enjoyable. and congrats!!! on day 8!!!

Hi Reda! :wave: and Hi Mandy! :wave:

I KNOW you girls are here for me. And we're doing okay money wise, as we have that cushion of money we were able to take from the IRA. I don't want DH to rush into anything. Tammy, he did express interest maybe in M/C repair. I think I would even rather have him do the truck driving rather than the very scary (to me) business ownership. But we're good 8)

Just finished doing 30 Day Shred level 1, but I upped the intensity. And then about 12 minutes of Gilad abs.

I will ride again today!! woohooooooo :D

11-10-2009, 08:38 PM
Yay you girls are getting to ride that is awesome :) Tomorrow is suppose to get to 60 so I am hoping to ride for a bit as well, but I do have to work as this is not considered a Holiday at my job or DH's job.

Tammy did you make it to weigh in today? I am sure all went great:)

Men they are of a different breed aren't they :) My DH has decided this week that he is going to eat healthy with me so it is making it much easier but he is not a fruit or vegetable eater so I am making him brown rice (he is not a big fan of rice either but will eat it) oh and he will eat corn. For chips he has switched to Fat Free Pringles, and they are not bad at all.......

Holly I was thinking the same thing about motocycle mechanic but then there ya go starting a business and that is alot of work- so what is DH doing with his free time???

Well have a great night - Biggest Loser and Sons are on tonight so I get to veg in front of the TV

11-10-2009, 09:41 PM
so what is DH doing with his free time???

well he sure as heck isn't vacuuming or picking up :devil: He has done some home improvements which is great. And I guess it takes alot of time to rewrite each resume for each different job he applies for.

11-11-2009, 09:56 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

Mandy.... tell your DH I said Happy Veteran's Day and thanks for his service. Hope all is going well with you.

Reda, I cannot believe they voted off SHAY! I thought it was time for Daniel to go (since it was his 2nd time). I am VERY disappointed in Rudy..... shame on him. I thought he was a stand up guy. As far as SOA, I have kinda lost my drive for it..... there is too much going on (different story lines) and too much to keep up with. I like Jacks and I figure he or Sam will get killed. I figure the show is not going to be up for a 3rd season. So, that is my move critiquing today.

I went to WW last night--- I decided to heck with it.... I weighted after eating and drinking all day..... with my scrubs on..... and my tennis shoes (which weight 1.6 pounds)...... so my ticker is not moving down or UP...... but I am okay with it. I just want to get to 185 and re evaluate after that. I don't want to play the scale game anymore........ stripping off all my stuff, worried about my H20 intake, etc. Just weigh me and I will use it as a ball park figure. I fit into my goal pant size of 12 (from a 20/22) in almost any brand they make---- and to me.... that is what I wanted. I would like them to fit more loosely so that is what I am working for now. They fit me like my wedding jeans did, and I want them to have a better fit, then I am going to maintain. I know 12 is HUGE for most girls, but that is where I want to be..... size 12long. That was my goal to begin with..... sure I would like to see the numbers 170---- but I don't want to live the rest of my life worried about that number. I AM GOING to maintain when I get to where I want to be...... but for me to stay at 170ish forever is going to be too hard to maintain (that is what my WW leader thinks, given my build-- Amazon- and my age).

Holly, gotta love them men!

I thought I was going to be off today..... did not get a clear answer, so here I am :mad:


11-11-2009, 10:22 AM

I have today and tomorrow off, and as usual don't know where to begin. So I am wasting time sitting here with the laptop and coffee :) I will workout soon and then go from there.

I have always wanted to ride to a Veteran's Day Remembrance celebration, to give my respects, but I either would not have the day off or the weather would not be good for motorcycling. The closest ceremonies today are at least an hour away by bike, and we have very weak sunshine, and temps not over 50 I believe. So that does not bode very well, but we'll see.

Tammy, I know you will get to the range you want, and you will maintain that forever! :carrot:

Hi Reda and Mandy :wave:

11-11-2009, 11:28 AM
Happy Veterans Day!!!

Holly after reading your post about DH's resume I just had to laugh :) to funny

Tammy I have to agree if 180's is the weight that you are thinking will work for you then thats what you have to shoot for - this is lifetime and you want to be able to maintain that and feel comfortable about it so wise decision that you have made and you know there is nothing wrong with a size 12......

So Holly since you have 2 days off do you get to clean house with DH?? You know last Saturday I sorted 3 loads of clothes for DH to get done while he was home and I was working, and asked him to get them done so i didn't have to worry about it on Sunday well when I got home on Saturday night he only had 1 yes 1 load done and not even dried just in washer.......I asked what happened he said OH I forgot then went on ride to come see you........

Well off to work for the day - I will check in later, have a great and hope you girls get to ride :)

11-11-2009, 12:08 PM
LOL @ husbands! Mine would have said, 'excuse me for wanting to ride to see you, instead of wanting to do laundry!" instead of the obvious, if you had thought of the laundry earlier, you could have done BOTH :rofl: But DH does all the food shopping AND cooking, he has dinner ready for me as soon as I get home so I am not complaining :)

my workout was Denise Austins' Sizzler, which is silly and cheesy but I do it anyway, it's about 4 minutes of cardio, then about 2 or 3 minutes of strenght with weights, it's about 35 to 40 minutes long.

still haven't decided what to do next. There is leaf raking (or might grind them with lawn mower ) there is laundry, there is living room to be picked up, vacuumed and dusted if industrious, all kinds of things.

11-12-2009, 11:03 PM
Hello Ladies

Well just got home and watching Survivor good thing for DVR

Anyways well I have been 2 days back on my exercise routine - Yay and have lost a few pounds this week but still now where my ticker is.... I will be there soon though- I should change it but keeping my hopes up

Well I was elected tonight to get everything figured out for our Canada trip which I am willing to do because then I know what the heck is going on - almost sounds like a controlling thing but I really don't consider myself a controlling person - I just like planning and organization of some sort......

Well one more till the WEEKEND:)

Our rider group serves Steak Supper tomorrow night I am going to try to beat the tips that I got last month- I am sure I can do it

Hey if you guys are interested and have passports and I get plans done early enough and you want to go on ride with us you sure can- just let me know if interested at all and I will let you know what plans are- We will be leaving SD August 5th and coming home on the 15th will be speding a couple of days like the 12-15th in Sturgis for the rally

Ok well missing some of Survivor so getting off here- Have a Great FRIDAY :)

11-13-2009, 10:38 AM
good morning, and thank you for that invite Reda :) unfortunately August is killer busy for me at the summer job, I can barely take off at the end for Labor Day, but thanks again, LOL now you can know what's going on with the plans because you'll be making them :D

Had a very unproductive day on Wednesday, sometimes the depression rears up and I'm just not myself, spent most of the day in bed which is shameful but I did. Yesterday was better, got to town and got snow tires put on car. Today I have no choice to do nothing, back to work.

I weighed yesterday and am up 2 pound, to 155. Can't....gain....more!

yesterday was 30 Day Shred, today was Karen Voigt step/cardio.

have a great day chicks :hug: :bike:

11-14-2009, 04:14 PM
Hello taking a quick break, volunteering again today serving for the Dart Tournament at our Club, more $'s for the rider funds

Oh ya Holly summer job doesn't it make you smile :)

Well it has turned out to be a nice day here but stuck inside then tonight is our meeting/potluck so probably won't get to be outside at all today :(

Hi Tammy hope your weekend is going good

Talk to you later girlies have a great one

11-14-2009, 08:40 PM
good evening chicks, have you had trouble getting to this site in the past couple days? Lots of times I got server errors, no connection. But okay now.

this morning I did 30 day Shred level 2. And still ate too much, or at least the wrong stuff, at work. I can't get into that bad winter habit!!!

Too bad , Reda, that you were stuck indoors all day and maybe night. But hope your meeting/potluck is good.

Hi Tammy! :wave: Hi Mandy! :wave:

My 30th high school reunion is going on right now, near Princeton, NJ. I had a high school girlfriend who lives outside of Boston, ask me if I wanted to go with her, that she would drive..I still didn't want to. Lots of not-so-good memories of family life back then ('blended' family, alcoholic mother) so it really isn't a time I want to 're-live'. Have you all gone to your respective High school anniversaries?

It is raining like crazy here, I guess the leftovers from the Hurricane. But we haven't had rain in a couple weeks almost, so we can't complain.

have a good night :)

11-14-2009, 10:42 PM
You know Holly I have been having some troubles as well but I just log in again and it goes fine.....

I did go to my 20 year class reunion a couple of years ago and really didn't care much if I went or not because I only went to school here half my junior year and my senior year - dad was in service so never stayed in once place for more than usually 18 months, anyways glad I went just to see how much everyone including myself have changed over the years and my
DH went to school with everyone his whole life even though he is a year ahead of them :) We did have fun though

Rain well we got that yesterday but then today was nice
Meeting went good it was very informal just set up next meeting and to see how many couples would like to adopt a special needs person for xmas instead of doing a toy drive and we have a very good turn out for that- yay

I have stayed on top of my exercise this week as well evern though it has only been 20 minutes a day stilling getting some in

Well hope you are a great night and will check back in tomorrow

11-15-2009, 01:11 AM
Hey ladies,

I have had trouble getting on as well. It was very frustrating! Any hoo.

Holly, sorry the depression monster reared it's ugly head.... I hate that guy..... but I am glad you are feeling better. I think that the weather has a lot to do with mine...... even though I am not an avid outside person.... I hate being cooped up with no CHOICE of going somewhere or not.

I did not graduate, I got my GED right after I quit school. However, I was invited to go to the 10 year reunion. I did not. Holly, like you..... I had an alcoholic mother and things at home were not great so I did not want to go re live it. I see most of the people I went to school with occasionally and that is fine with me. I think things like facebook are great to keep up with the people that you want to (lol). I moved a lot also..... so I don't have a lot of years with one particular group of kids to reunite with.

I had coffee earlier today..... not sleepy again. Oh well, I guess it is a price worth paying on the weekends. Tomorrow I will not be drinking caffeinated coffee..... I don't want another sleepless Sunday night.

I am going to attempt to sleep. I hope you ladies have a good day tomorrow.

11-15-2009, 01:13 AM
Holly, I forgot to address the 2 pounds... I know you will get it off...... and when it starts to bother you-- remember the dumpster fiasco! Who could do that?

CC, you are kicking serious exercise butt! You go girl!

11-15-2009, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Girls

Tammy hopefully you are still sleeping since you were up so late (early) this morning.......

Well cleaning house today and getting my exercise in and that is about it on the agenda today not to much cleaning to do either thank goodness

Have a great day

11-15-2009, 09:57 AM
good morning, yes I also hope Tammy had a nice full night's sleep :)

WTG Reda for getting your exercise in! :carrot:

this morning I did 30 DS Level 3. I am gonna try to do a diff routine every other day, so that I do 30 DS every other day also. There's no doubt that 30DS has really helped pecs and arms! and of course core (for dumpster diving :rofl: )

IF it was sunny here I would ride bike to is relatively mild (mid 40's now) but totally overcast and still a bit drippy.

Tammy, did you know of the Arkansas author who died recently? Donald Harington. One thing I can do on slow afternoons at work is read all the newspapers, and his obituary was in The Boston Globe. Apparently he wrote novels set in a fictional town of Stay More, Arkansas. They sound interesting, I might see if I can find them in the library. Something to read on slow afternoons at the store :D

well enjoy your Sundays, chicks!

11-15-2009, 10:49 AM
Holly, I did not know of that author but I think I will look him up. Of late (about the past 9 months or so) I have become a book worm (or nerd however you look at it). I am not a big fiction reader (unless it is romance), but give me a health/wellness book and I am there. Anyway, I found a book last night at Books A Million and I am thinking about getting it...... it is (of course) about eating....I cannot quote the exact title, but it is about ending overeating. I skimmed through it last night when I was on the net (and at the bookstore). It is pricy at $25 and at first I was in no way going to pay that much, but it has a lot of good points. It is by a doctor, but does not bore you to death. One of the points is about fast food and how stripped it is. It goes into a little detail like a flour tortilla (yummo) how it is stripped of water and everything and the moment it is put into a "vat" at a mexican restarurant how it absorbs the oil b/c it is so dry. That is why they say to bake them if you have to eat them. I just think this stuff is interesting. Am I going to stop eating them all together, absolutely not! But, I think it is nice to be informed. Am I going to turn into someone who is super obsessed, I hope not..... but I would like to know. Will I still stop at a mom and pop place on side of the road when on a bike trip..... you bet your bippy I will...... that is my real life..... but I don't have to eat out every meal of the day. Anywoo..... I am done boring you all on that stuff.

CC, ahhhh house cleaning day! :( At least you don't have too much to do.

I went to sleep around 1am.... I got up with a HUGE sinus headache. Little better now.... I went grocery shopping at 7am b/c I knew I would not want to deal with it later. And we are taking youngest DS2 out his bday (Tuesday) today b/c of scheduling issues. After I went on my little educational spill on food..... we are going to take him to eat Japanese.

Holly, isn't it awesome to know you have the muscles to go dumpster diving? :rofl:

11-15-2009, 10:00 PM
Tammy - is it "the end of overeating' by David Kessler? I've heard it is a GREAT and fantastic book. He was the former head of the Food and Drug Administration.

And NO, you don't obsess over this stuff, you are informed, and you want to keep informed :wink:

11-15-2009, 10:30 PM
Crave Man
David Kessler Knew That Some Foods Are Hard to Resist; Now He Knows Why

11-16-2009, 10:32 AM
Good morning chicks :) Even though its Monday to everyone else, it's my Thursday :D woohoo for that. I just finished doing Gilad's 45/45 Strength tape, it's all standing or floor strength stuff. There is a butt exercise that I HATE to do, BUT (:D) it is so effective for butt and hips that I'd be crazy not to do it all the time.

Overcast here and just around 40 degrees. If it were sunny, strong sun, I would take the bike. But not the way it is now. OH well.

There was a situation at work yesterday that, if I had ANY respect left at all for boss, it would have been gone....but since I have no respect for him anyway, he's now in the major negative rating of loss of respect :devil: I don't have time now, but I will type it out tonight when I get home. :dizzy:

gotta eat some breakfast, pack a lunch and get ready for work . Hope y'all have a great day! :carrot:

11-16-2009, 10:43 AM

Thanks for posting that link. IT was a good article. I am going to get the book!

I am sorry your boss is a butt! Just think..... it is just seasonal. Maybe one of the weekend gigs will pan out and get you out of his employment "h-e-double hockey sticks.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am still battling the sinus junk. After I ate yesterday I went to bed and stayed there most of the day...... I did go to boot camp this AM and made it through it.

11-16-2009, 08:52 PM
Hello well it was a Monday thats for sure......

Holly that was an interesting article and sorry to hear about the boss you will have to tell ....... Hope all went good today at your job and just think tomorrow is Friday for you :)

Well today I did 30 min of aerobics and walked on treadmil for 30 so did lots today but I had time today of which I usually don't have - I just can't exercise when other people are home so have to get it done before anyone gets home......

Well I suppose I should get going I will check back in later

11-16-2009, 09:55 PM
Tammy, I am sorry you have the sinus hurts!! They are a big pain (literally, huh) and so very uncomfortable. I hope you get relief!!

CChick, woo hoo on your L-O-N-G workout!!

well the situation yesterday was, a young guy came into the store, and it was obvious he was not from around here...just 'urban' I'll say. He said his girl had a terrible toothache and she sent him for Exedrin. I got him the little two-dose packet and rang it up, and while waiting to get the $2.oo from him, he just talked and talked and talked about toothaches, pain, his tolerance to pain, the car accident he was in, his friend's toothache...!!!

A good ten minutes later, he's still talking about nothing, what happened to the girl that was in excrutiating pain waiting for him?! My boss was on the other side of the store but in clear view, he could see what was going on, and SMIRKING at me, he should have come over and at least stood behind the register with me as a show of support, or he could have said something to release me from there...but no, he just stood about 20 feet away watching and doing nothing.

Then the guy finally pays because another customer came up. Then the urban guy is still hanging around, looking around, just talking out loud 'what else do i need' and picks up a pack of Starburst..'How much is this?' I tell him 69 cents and he buys it...almost makes it out the door, then comes bac in and says out loud " maybe should get a paper, how much are they' and then buys a newspaper, and then says "I might be back to get my girl some soup" and then FINALLY drives off.

Well my stupid boss comes over laughing and joking about it, I was sooo pissed that he is so 'situationally UNaware' of stuff. I really got the vibes that the guy was checking out the store, the layout, my reactions, by the way he was just prolonging his stay with the tiny purchases. And then saying he might be back later, when I would be alone.

When my boss was going to leave about an hour later, and I expressed my anxiety about the guy coming back, boss points out to me that there is a club thing, a heavy stick-thing under the register. As if I would use that in the case of a robbery or something. I would just give up the money gladly!! But I was worried enough to call DH and he didn't like the sound of the situation either, and sure enough, he showed up before dark and stayed with me until I closed.

CChick, as a store owner, wouldn't you also think that was a dicey situation? and I can't imagine you would leave an employee alone to deal with it.

11-17-2009, 10:41 AM
CC: Congrats on the exercise! You go girl! :carrot::carrot:

Holly, OMGawsh! It is dicey and your boss is a butt! I am glad DH stayed with you...... but it is horrible to think you work for such a goon who does not care about your safety. I am praying that you get some other kind of winter gig...... maybe something will come from you waitressing or something. This job is NOT worth your safety! No job is...... but especially this one.

Today is my DS 16th bday. I am not sure if we are putting him on the road or not..... there is a new deal with Arkansas DL and teens so we will see. Anyway, I have a back up gift. I think I am going to take off early and take him to lunch. Just me and him (maybe his brother).

A co worker of mine just got a tat.... and I LOVE IT..... so please talk me out of getting one! I have none..... and I love this one (more the color than the flower)..... it is pink--- my fav.

Tonight is a chili supper at the jail (where the deputies have to be there). The sheriff cooks chili once a year to show the community their appreciations for support (a little back wards to me-- but oh well). I am going..... and I have a statement to make...... a girl DH dated works there. I am not worried about her...... never have been b/c his mother told me what went on and when DH is done with someone he is done. They only casually dated. According to him... no hanky panky, nothing more than a peck on the cheek..... which I believe...... but I have a statement. LOOK AT ME! I have dropped the weight! (She is picking up my weight and then some..... probably pushin the 4 number). Anyway..... I know it is mean..... but I have worked hard for this.

11-17-2009, 10:06 PM
No never would I leave an employee alone in the store by themselves- I always have 2 employees from 8pm till close and most stores from 4pm till close, it is way to risky and dangerous in our world even in a small town...

Holly I am so glad that DH showed up and stayed with you during this scary time because it would have been scary, I would have thought the same that the other guys was casing out the place and all, you just pick up on those things sometimes. You boss is very inconsiderate really. And you are so right if something like that would ever happen just give up the money and don't put up a fight your life is worth more than that....

Tammy you go show that body off girl because you look great :carrot:
I won't be talking you out of tat here because I have a few and plan on getting another one well actually probably will get 2 more maybe 3 before I am done. Alot of thought go into mine they are never just on a wim because they are there forever and ever :D

HOw was your Chilli Supper and was the ex girl-friend there as well?

Well so far I have alread exercised 32 minutes and now I am going to get on treadmil while I finish watching Biggest Loser then Sons is on ( starting last week Full Throttle Saloon (on TruTV) from Sturgis is now a reality show on Tuesday as well and if you watch that is all real well you are missing some of the action that I am sure they will not put on TV but it is exciting and packed at night

Well going to get on treadmil so talk to you later

11-18-2009, 10:35 AM
CC: SOA has got me pulled back in! It was really good last night. I did not get to watch all of BL so I don't know what happened between Rudy and Rebecca..... but I saw her get the boot. Not sure what to think of that.

The chili supper was fair. The "ex" served me my chili and raved over me..... and when she was dishing the chili out-- I stopped her at 1/2 a bowl and just a couple of chips (I had japanese earlier for Zeke's Bday lunch)..... and she went on and on about how I had to be starving. She brought an additional piece of cake by after I had a 1 inch square of a piece..... she told everyone I was starving. I said, no.... I just don't eat the whole kitchen anymore! Anyway.......

Holly..... I know that you probably don't have a big job market where you live, but is there anything you can do to get away from this winter job?

I am not rock solid on the tat..... I have to think some more.......

I ran a hole mile today! BootCamp was closed, but I got up walked Jake for a mile and then RAN/Jogged a whole mile!

11-18-2009, 01:20 PM
good afternoon chicks! Tammy , WTG on being so cool about being around the 'ex' and for having such small portions. Oh and belated Happy Birthday to your son :)

I would not talk anyone out of getting a tat - I need to get my first myself! :D if I wanted it a priority I would work on researching a design, and then save the $$ and then plan who to go to.

thanks for the sympathy about the store incident. I told it to someone else, and they had a totally different perspective - that maybe the guy WANTED to stay away as long as possible from his girl, because she was making him miserable. a good point he didn't come back to the store that afternoon...I am feeling ashamed because I think I remember saying that I was going to try so hard NOT to complain all winter to you chicks about it :devil: jeez, it's only been like 5 weeks since I started back there, and here I am already in my bad habits :devil::devil:

and Tammy, WTG on the first AND SECOND mile!!!

yesterday I did 30 Day Shred Level 3; today was a Cathe cardio/strength dvd that is almost an hour long.

It is sunny again today, still kinda cool (it's 12:15 pm but still only 44 degrees) Tomorrow is s'posed to be sunny and up to 50 or 55, so I think we have to try to have a ride then.

today I HAVE to make myself file away stuff that I haven't done in months, it is messy and cluttered and I'm afraid of losing records so I must do it.

Oh I had to refil my depression med yesterday...and with no more health insurance, had to write a check for around $130 for a months' supply, ugh!! oh well. Gotta have it.

well I need to shower and make myself do that filing!!

11-18-2009, 09:40 PM
today I HAVE to make myself file away stuff that I haven't done in months, it is messy and cluttered and I'm afraid of losing records so I must do it.

AND I DID IT!! almost 6 months worth of paid bills and papers that just needed to be put away in the right place...and showed DH how much exactly we owe on credit cards so he can't use the excuse to say 'I didn't know we owed that much' (he tends to want to keep that info away from him, ignorance being bliss ya know :D) and then I cleaned all around the file cabinet and tidied up a bookshelf that was a disaster area..then vacuumed and looks SO much better!

11-18-2009, 10:15 PM
Good Evening Chicks

First Great Job Holly on getting your filing done and all, I have got months to do as well and not just for home but also for work....... I suppose I will get to it someday soon
Holly no insurance that is not good, not good at all- we offer insurance to our part time employees as well as our full time employees. Has DH had any resume bites?

Tammy great job on staying within your portion control even with the EX being around and for not taking the second piece of cake- you go girl ;)
WTG on your first mile then also your 2nd mile of jogging :carrot:
Haven't missed an episode of Sons yet and now they were saying only a couple left wow this season is going very quick.... Same with BL I believe only 2 weeks left before Finale as well

Well I did get 25 min of aerobics today then also walked on treadmil for another 30 min and I am probably going to jinx it but I have been eating OP as well all week so things are going good and I am feeling much better to

I am so ready to get my next tat but my tattoo guy is 400 miles away so it will have to wait till Feb when we go to Deadwood for Mardi Gras:)

Well I suppose I should get off here and make better use of my time- you girls have a great night and talk to you tomorrow

11-20-2009, 12:39 AM
Hello Girls just got home from our Thursday night out- I only had 3 boneless wings tonight but was only going to have 3 Mich Ultras but gave in and had 5 but I did get my exercise in today before going and the calories I burned were equal to 3 of my beers ..... I realize no excuse but boy was I ready for a few beers. We did discuss our Canada trip tonight and also started discussing our next Vegas trip- whooo hooo

So I am feeling good still about getting my exercise in and I have been eating right except for tonight but I didn't eat one fry and only had 3 boneless wings... Well I suppose I should head off to bed so talk to you girls tomorrow and just think it is TGIF yaaaaaay

11-20-2009, 08:29 AM
good morning, BIG woohoo to CChick for not having a single fry!! I know how hard that would be, I couldn't. And getting your exercise in each day is :carrot:

Hi Tammy! :wave: Hi Mandy! :wave:

We got out on the bikes yesterday for over an hour, that was so nice. And for November 19th maybe a record for me. Today it's 44 and steady rain, but I'll take rain over sn*w any day!

need to work out then I'll come back and confirm that I did :D

*okay! I did 30 Day Shred level 3.

11-20-2009, 10:30 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I did a post yesterday and it was long..... but it was "hung up" so it did not post and I was too lazy to type it over.

The scaled moved :carrot: out of the 190s! Woo Hoo...... but of course we have a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at Wayne's family.

Holly, good job on your filing! I have all my stuff in a box..... boy oh boy, I need to be more organized next year. I am bound and determined that WL is not going to be my resolution in 2010.

CC: Girl, don't beat yourself up over the beers..... you rocked on the exercise! And 3 wings shows TOTAL control! Yay!

And, I am on day 20 of my binge free challenge!

I have to get to work. I will gab at ya later!

11-21-2009, 03:00 AM
Yipeee on the 180's Tammy and great job on your 20 days of binge free - you go girl :)

Well again today I got all my exercise in before volunteering to work the poultry party since I knew I would have a couple of beers but tonight I switched to MGD 64 that way the calories I burned exercising made up for the beer tonight but I did also work my butt off at the poultry party so hopefully no weight gain there.

I just hate it when you post a long thread and hit submit and it gets stuck then lost and usually I do not repost either ......

I am hoping to get my bike out tomorrow for a bit but have a jewelry party to go to at 1pm so that might put a damper on things unless I ride to the party which is a very good possibility :) however I wanted to do a little shopping first and with my bike there is not hauling so really can't do much shopping......

Holly I would as well take rain over snow anyday including Christmas, glad to hear that you are getting to ride as well for the middle of Nov - we are doing good weather wise as well on the warm side for this time of year-whoohooo

Well it is now 1am so I better head off to bed so I will check in tomorrow

11-21-2009, 10:35 AM
good morning chicks :) Tammy, CONGRATS on being in the '80's!!!! and on day 20 of your no-binge!!!!:bravo:

CChick, :cheer: to you for your consistent exercise this week! Hope you do get to ride to your jewelry party.

this morning I did Gilad's Step and Tone. I think I did tell you chicks that I wanted to do an every-other-day thing with The Shred. I was getting sick of that woman's commands :D but I also needed to get to some of the good strength moves that Gilad and others do.

A very gray typical NOvember day here, but in the low 40's which isn't bad, and still no sn*w. That's because I got my sn*w tires put on BEFORE I need them, lol. And a friend bought 2 new sn*wmachines for him and his wife...that also guarantees no sn*w :rofl:

well gotta get ready for work, hope everyone has a good day!

11-21-2009, 12:27 PM
CC: hope you have fun at the party. You are doing so great with the exercise! Woo Hoo!

Holly: I am glad for you that you have no snow. For me..... I like snow on Christmas DAY but that is it. Most of the time it does not happen until January. I know the last time we had a "good" snow on Christmas was 20 years ago.... I remember b/c it was when I brought my oldest home from the hosptial from being born.

I went to WW (b/c I still have the coupons) and my official weight (WITH BLUE JEANS ON) was lower than I thought. I am working to maintain that until after Thanksgiving.

Well, I need to get busy and clean the house. DH had to teach a TASER class today so I am here to do housework on a Saturday in peace.... which is rare!

Talk to you later. Have a good day!

11-22-2009, 12:34 AM
Hey girls just got home from volunteering again tonight at Poultry Party - DH had a rough night last night (really to much alcohol) so he was not going to stay very long tonight which was fine with me ....

Well I didn't get to ride today it was 40's and cloudy and my ride would have been about 40 miles and interstate so took the pickup instead

Tammy that is awesome that your WW scale was lower than expected and with Jeans on :)

Holly yes I am as well changing up my routine daily except for the treadmil part otherwise I get real bored and quit and I am staying on task as much as possible like right now I really want to be snacking and just about started but thought nope just go get on computer and stay away from it
Do you know what I am wanting to have mac n cheese or ramen noodles
so weird I know........

I just can't believe Thanksgiving it next week already this year has just flown bye and XMAS just around the corner already

Ok well I better get off here and get some other stuff done so talk to you tomorrow hope you are having a great weekend

11-23-2009, 09:02 AM
good morning chicks! CChick, not weird at all wanting mac n cheese or ramen noodles! :D

hope your house got cleaned in peace on Saturday, Tammy :)

slept late, so I'd better get cracking soon on a workout. Talk atcha's later!

11-23-2009, 09:47 AM
Good Monday Morning...... So far it is good anyways :)

Sunday was pretty uneventful for me did a little grocery shopping then came home took an hour and a half nap (boy was that nice) got up started some supper then got on treadmil while I watched Amazing Race

I did also get my exercise in on Saturday as well only the treadmil again because it is in seperate room so noone can watch

Working late tonight so I will probably only get to do treadmil again unless I can sneak home for a bit before everybody else and then get back on the road this could be doable if I plan it all right

Well girls have a great day only a 3 day work week for me then off for 4

11-23-2009, 10:02 AM
Well...... I guess it is time for me to do a confession. I blew my binge run.... but "such is life". I ate soooo much food yesterday at Wayne's Thanksgiving that I am physically ill. I did not think I was going to make it through boot camp this AM..... but I did. So, I am doing a little damage control now.

How are you ladies?


11-23-2009, 10:10 AM
Yippee for CChick! :carrot::D

just finished doing Keli Roberts Step aerobics tape with ankle weights and hand held weights. Don't applaud me...I've fallen back into the one Big cookie a day habit at work :(

but every day is a new chance to beat that!

11-23-2009, 02:16 PM
At least it is just one cookie!

11-24-2009, 12:11 AM
Well I didn't make it home before everyone else today but I did get on the treadmil at 9pm when I did get home.... However as seems the case with all of us I did eat some pepperoni and cheese today only 4 big slices of pepperoni and one slice of cheese but nothing like a bunch of fat there oh ya and at the stores we make 10 mini cookies and put in a container well DH brought a container home and I hate 3 of them darn it :(

Well next two days staying right on track because I know Thursday well lets say mash potatoes and gravy here I come but I will try to watch my portion control and I am saying try.......

Tammy you have done a wonderful job and well those Turkey Day Dinners well they are way to good to pass up so don't blame you one bit for binging a little.

Holly you will beat it you just have to get it out of you system then you are good to go, at least you are still exercising and that of course helps burn those extra calories off

Ok well getting in shower in heading to bed, Have a Great Tuesday which isn't that your Friday Holly?

11-24-2009, 07:46 AM
Have a Great Tuesday which isn't that your Friday Holly? yes it is :D and woo hoo to that, LOL!

way to go on getting on the treadmill!! and you're right, I just need to get that big cookie daily out of my habit - I actually had something to keep me occupied yesterday for a while (putting away stock) and because I was busy I forgot about having a cookie, so there ya go.

Hi Tammy :wave:

waiting for coffee to finish, then will drink that and then work out. Today is a Shred day, oh joy! :D

*9:00 - did 30 Day Shred level 3

11-24-2009, 10:07 AM
Good Morning ladies!

Woo Hoo it is Holly's Friday..... it is my Thursday this week. Just one more day :D

Okay.... so you all probably know by now that I am competitive.... right? Well..... 3 other people in boot camp are putting $50 in a "pot" to see who loses the most weight by Dec 18.... the winner gets $200. So, you know I am in, right? Gloria (the other girl) said they may as well give their money to me b/c I am going to win...... they have NO clue! I am soooo going to win that $ b/c I need a new wardrobe. I have all black Harley shirts, but I need some day to day clothes. After lunch on Thursday....... Game is on!

CC: Girl, I am with ya with the mashed potatoes and gravy!

11-24-2009, 10:51 PM
Tammy you go girl, I know you can win that money and since it is singles tournament (meaning no partner) you will take it :) Good Luck I am rooting for you :)

Well today went well staying on track food wise and also got on treadmil again tonight actually just got off - worked late again today but that means I get Friday off without using vacation time- whoo hooo

You know that is when I want to snack when I am bored so I have been staying busy and have not snacks in the house however I do mac n cheese and ramen noodles and they call my name nightly but I have been resisting :)

Holly you have a great day off tomorrow my day is going to be pretty slack I am going to get some extra exercise in since I know what Thursday will bring but I am still saying I am going to watch my portion control maybe just one spoon of each......
I will check back in tomorrow hope you are having a super great night

11-25-2009, 10:27 AM
CC: Thanks for being my cheerleader! I am going to give it my best shot.... and if I don't "win".... it will still push me to lose. I need the nudge!

Maybe you should have some mac and cheese and/or ramen noodles at Thanksgiving just to get rid of the craving?

I agree with you.... when I am bored--- that is when I eat and think about cravings. I am going to try my best to keep busy this weekend to not think about food. I don't want to gain weight before the competition....... but I don't want to lose a lot either.

Holly: So, do you get off work until Monday or do you have to go back Friday?

I should be on later tonight or in the early AM. If not, you ladies have a great thanksgiving.

11-25-2009, 10:58 AM
good morning! Oh I wanna be a :cheer: for Tammy too! I know with your *cough* slight competative spirit LOL you will win that money!

Reda, I have today and Thurs. off, but go back on Friday.

I was so bored at work yesterday so I ate crap :p Someone slap me!

need to work out then I'll check back.

11-25-2009, 01:37 PM
Holly, I am with ya.... I have the "munchies" and I know I need to quit but I am just cramming stuff in as fast as I can eat.

I should get off work early today so I am going to go home and clean. Hopefully that will make me quit eating!

I started out the day soooo good. But, now-- not so much.

Reda, did you see SOA last night? It was great wasn't it? And BL. I cannot wait to see the show tonight of "where are they now"?

I am going to get busy again. Talk to you later.

11-25-2009, 06:07 PM
Hey girls off work now and don't go back till Monday - Yay

Hey Holly instead of being bored at work maybe just start cleaning even if it is the corner cracks it will keep you mind off food or should I say cookies :) Oh sorry that would be the boss thing coming out - sorry :(

Tammy SOA -- WOW was that a switch up and Jaxs women who would have thougth she would do that at work.......
Biggest Loser ya that was good as well can't believe they got rid of Alan over Liz - we have the show DVR'd for tonight but we will probably be home so we will just watch it besides nothing else usually on on Wednesday nights but this will give me something to watch while on the treadmil

Today eating has been right on plan and tonight will stay the same all because I know tomorrow will not be that way but hey I have been busting my butt knowing that :)

Ok well off the store so I can get back an cook supper- I will check back in later tonight

11-25-2009, 10:29 PM
Tammy hope you are getting to watch BL "Where they are today" it is good everyone is doing so well, they all lost alot to win the money and then put a little back on after the show but boy they all still look real good :) and
have been maintaining which is great- OK just wanted to see if you were getting to watch?

11-27-2009, 09:35 AM
good morning, happy day after Thanksgiving. I ate too much, had too many sweets, etc. And yesterday was the first day I didn't work out, in weeks. Well that is okay. I am sitting here thinking how ick I feel, and I don't want to feel like that !

Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. Back to work for me, and I do appreciate the suggestion, CChick, that I do anything to keep busy to keep from nibbling, I will just tackle any cleaning chore if that helps.

winter storm on it's way here; and it will be a matter of elevation of how much sn*w we get, either a dusting or up to 7" . :p

ugh, it's gonna be hard to exercise now :devil: but I will try.

11-27-2009, 10:19 AM
OMG. I just did 30 DS level ONE and I just about barfed :devil:

11-27-2009, 10:28 AM
Good morning ladies.

I was not able to get on here all day yesterday. I walked a mile and jogged 2.... but I ate like a mad woman. The scales were the same though.... thank goodness.

Holly, I know it is hard when you are bored at work. My thing is...... I cannot take the first bite.... not even one. If I do that, it is OVER!

Sorry you have a storm on the way...... I guess you all are used to that much.... if it were in our forecast they would shut everything down but hospitals and police stations. Lucky DH>

CC: I did watch SOA and I can't believe Jaxs girl beat that girl up like that. And, I did watch BL, I guess Amanda was thinking that Alan was a bigger threat than Liz, but did she forget about Danny and Rudy? Idk?
I did watch the where are they now. There were some on there that are such an inspiration. Can you believe that Carla ran a 1/2 marathon? That says a lot.

I only walked this AM.... my ankle is a little tender. I will try to jog this afternoon.
Hope y'all have a good "black friday".

11-27-2009, 05:58 PM
I couldn't get on here yesterday for nothing either -
Good Morning Girls - oh wait it is afternoon but I am just waking up so it is my morning :) Yes me and my sister do the dreaded Black Friday shopping and this year it started at 8:30 pm Thursday night and we got home about 10 am today went right to bed then got up about for a bit and back to bed
But I did get everything I wanted including the laptops that we had to sit at Walmart from 8:30 Thursday night till 5am this morning :) We had a blast
and do every year just watching some of those people go crazy over stuff and get upset and fight it is pure crazzzzy :)

Well I can report that yesterday knowing it was Turkey Day I did walk yesterday morning then again before we left for Walmart and just got on scale and only gained .2 that is to me is a Victory but like I said I did really watch my portions yesterday and only had one plate, however I did have about 10 dorritos last night (well early this morning) shoot everyone else was eating them so I just had to have a few :)

Holly Snow in the forecast hope you only get the dusting instead of the inches.....
I know it is hard to clean for such an ungrateful boss but if it helps keep you busy and mind off the snacks it will be worth it

Tammy yep can't wait for next week season finale but then it will be over and I will have to find something else to watch, but that is when Full Throttle is on so we will have a couple more weeks of that before ending

Great job to both of you for getting your exercise in - I really think that is the key to losing and maintaining the weight :)
Have a Great Day

11-28-2009, 09:48 AM
Good Morning girls - well not much going on besides the fact that it is 745 and I am up already :(

Well we have to bowl tonight about 35 miles away so everyone has decided they want to eat HuHot one of those dishes you can't just eat one- so yummy but again I will watch portion control and be so lucky if to gain anything only a pound or less.....Oh ya a new motel got built and I got a free room so we will be using that tonight as well same place as we bowl so probably won't be checking back in till tomorrow afternoon sometime :)

Hope you have a Great Weekend!!!! I know Holly it really is not your weekend but hopefully you will be busy since the shopping already started

11-28-2009, 10:06 AM
good morning! CChick, that sounds like so much fun that you have with your sister doing the Black Friday thing :D

you're right about the exercise being our saving grace, I would be e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g so much if not for that :devil:

Hi Tammy! :wave:

well we did NOT get snowed on last night :carrot: even though I see it on the mountain, it's not down here. at this point I guess I am supposed to be rooting for snow, our local economy depends on it big time. With it being almost December, I guess I have no right to be thinking that we should be exempt :^: So if my last ride was around the 16th or 17th of November, that's pretty good for up here.

have to make an appt. on my way to work, for a lube job and oil change for my car for the near future; so many things are just easier to do before the snow flies.

Oh, I did 30 Day Shred level 3 today. I know I wanted to alternate days of it, but heck, between the choice of repeating it or doing nothing, I thought doing anything was good :p

have a nice Saturday chicks!!

11-28-2009, 07:26 PM
CC: That sounds like a cool night out and it doesn't get any better if it is free to stay the night!

Holly: I would be in your shoes too (wishing for the snow to wait), but if your economy depends on it..... I guess it needs to do its "thang" already.

I feel guilty b/c I know you have not gotten to in a little while, but me and DH took a pretty good ride today. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new leather riding pants so much better than chaps. I am toasty warm in them.
I did have a kinda NSV. After all I have eaten this week, I noticed that I did not have a "muffin top" over my leather pants. I noticed it right after I went to the bathroom and got a whistle from a guy.... Men just love the biker chicks :D

I agree 100+% that exercise is my saving grace. These weekend eating sprees would have made me back well into the 200s, but I manage to hold steady most of the time, and I know it is b/c of exercise.

That is the biggest part of my plan to win this money at BC. I have "older" kids so I can do 2 bootcamps a day-- (whereas my biggest competetor has younger kids), while the others won't be able to do as many, I will be like on BL and living in the "gym" :devil: That coupled with the BC "eating plan", which is a lot of protein drinks will help me through the rest of the holidays. Even if I don't win..... I won't gain the average 12 pounds everyone else gains during the holidays. I sure am keeping my eye on the prize though...... I NEED that money to go shopping after Christmas for a new wardrobe.

I am going to browse the site a little. Y'all have a good night.

11-28-2009, 08:22 PM
good evening chicks! Oh what fun Reda to have a night out, and then spend the night FREE at a motel instead of driving home! :carrot: hope you have a great time .

Tammy, oh you never have to apologize for getting a ride, i'm happy for you :) tell us about your leather riding pants! And I can imagine you getting a wolf whistle wearing them :D It's funny, some men flip for the chaps over a denim-clad butt - and those who die for a woman in leather pants :devil: I'm glad they keep you warm as well as making you HAWT :cool:

Work went pretty quick today, as we had a more steady stream of customers. We had no snow 'down here' but up on Mount Mansfield 18 inches fell last night! and it's cold enough that they are making snow 24 hours a day.

And so kewl that Tammy is gonna win that money! :carrot:

11-29-2009, 04:25 PM
Well girls made it home - we had a good time the Motel (Stoney Creek Inn) it was awesome very nice and would def stay there again- I didn't bowl to bad either nothing great but good for me

Well scale was up a little more than I wanted it to be but I am not changing my ticker because it wil hopefully be gone tomorrow because I am staying OP today and HuHot well th sauces I am sure contain alot of salt so hopefully most of it is water retention

Yes Tammy you should tell us about your leather pants and that they keep you warm..... Oh and so awesome on the whistle, I know you will win the money and new wardrobe here I come:)

Holly do you have skiing or something in the area that your town would like to see snow? We love to ski and usually have to share our winter time between skiing and snowmobiling when we go out to the hills :)

Well girls got alittle more stuff to do so talk to you later have a great day

11-29-2009, 09:31 PM
first, I don't remember posting it, but today I did Keli Roberts step aerobics tape, and my sciatica didn't bother me!

glad you had a great time Reda! Yes the town of Stowe is a resort ski town (well it's a tourist destination in summer and fall also) but the main attraction is Mount Mansfield and either the Stowe Mountain Resort ski area or Smuggler's Notch ski area which is on the other side of the mountain (over 4000 feet high, 4292 to be exact I think :D)

So yes, consistant snow during the winter makes all the difference. In this day and age of instant information, the people in NYC or Boston can access the web and find instantly the weather conditions, and decide whether to make the drive for a weekend of skiing or not. Or go elsewhere.

As a 'for example' there was 18 inches of natural snow that fell on Mansfield the other day, and if the temps are hovering around freezing, the crews can make snow. So the store had an increase of about ( I realize I shouldn't post actual dollar amounts) 50%. That is great. I have been SO bored lately, but for the past two days the time went quickly because there was always someone in the store.

So actually have a few things going on this upcoming week. On Tuesday night I'm going to someone's house to show her teenage girls basic cake decorating :D On Wednesday, we have our Motorcycle Rights Organization meetng and it's my birthday :D On Saturday, going to a friends' house for a holiday party. It never rains but pours, I say!

I realize my motorcycle mileage this year is WAY down!! because we didn't go to Myrtle Beach, nor ride to Chillicothe, Ohio. SOOO instead of being around the 12000 to 15000 range, I'm at a measly 8000!! (hanging my head, lol) Hey, it isn't the miles, but the smiles, right.

I drank 2 beers as soon as I got home, so that's why I'm rambling :dizzy: have a good night!

11-29-2009, 11:21 PM
Holly it is amazing what a couple of beers can do :) You do have a very busy week coming up and with a Birthday just a few days away- any plans on what you are going to do? That is your day off isn't it?We love to ski but I only do greens- I am whimpy I just don't want to fall and have to get up :) Glad that you get to stay busy when snow is aroundI have been able to put more miles on this year than we have in the past and that is because of our Rider Group we have done alot of extra riding during the week adn then our once a month weekend ride so that is great. Still planning our Canada ride and it is shaping up but now the guys are like maybe we should look at going south and around and then coming back up to Sturgis so here we are maybe back to the drawing board but going to have to get decided by the end of January, I really don't care but would like to go into Canada just because I have never been......Tammy hope you day has been going good :) Have you been busy exercing??Well tomorrow is Monday and I don't want to go back to work but since I want to do all the fun stuff that we do I will go to work :)

11-30-2009, 11:10 AM
Good Morning ladies!

Holly, your week has made me tired! Ha ha. And, I would be in BIG trouble if our economy depended on that much snow! We shut everything down at 2 inches :D. Go ahead and ramble on girl..... for the record, if I had 2 beers I would be asleep... and not able to type. I just don't handle alcohol well.

Reda, I am with ya girl, I did NOT want to come into work today! I bet no matter where you all plan to go it will be a blast!

I did boot camp this AM..... it was tough! The weigh in was worse though... I gained TEN (yes, TEN) pounds. I will get it off though.

11-30-2009, 12:09 PM
Oh back to work and let me tell you it sucks today I so wanted to stay home and should have but whatever-

My weigh in this morning was not good either I gained 3.6 pounds but hey we did eat HuHot and also had Mexican so I guess 3.6 is not bad hopefully it will all be gone today with being back on plan- oh and almost forgot about the spaghetti last night.....
Tammy you will be able to drop it quickly as well it is most water weight and all so here we go back to the grind stone :) You competition is all month long right?
Well better get off here and get moving just wanted to check in

11-30-2009, 02:56 PM
The competition for the $ is only until 12/18; but I found out this AM that BC is having another competition--- 3 free months if you are one of the top losers. I may do that.... no money to enter. It helps keep me on top of things.

And hopefully the 3.6 (and my 10) are mostly water. I heard there is such a thing as carb bloat? Maybe that's it... yeah, that's it!

11-30-2009, 07:07 PM
Well just got home from work and my eating well it wasn't so good today- I need to get off this and now.......

Good luck Tammy even if it is for the free 3 months that is worth dollars as well- How was y our eating today? Hopefully better than mine :)

11-30-2009, 10:18 PM
good evening! Tammy I am sure that is NOT 10 pounds of actual is water and it will go soon I know! and how kewl that would be to win 3 free months of boot camp :carrot:

Reda what is HuHot? probably some yummy chain I have not heard of, me being in the sticks here :D

OH!! Husband landed a job. It wasn't the one he really wanted, but it is a job and he starts tomorrow, they really need someone. He will be in the IT dept. of a ....yarn company :D Really nice 'hand painted' yarn apparently, and i think its more of a supply place, I dont think the yarn is made there, he didn't see any sheep there :D or alpacas or llamas, I think they deal in exotic yarns too.

So it pays alot less than what he was making before...:shrug: such is life.

HEY!! for the month of November, I worked out for 27 out of 30 days :carrot: and I probably had 27 or MORE freakin cookies but that's another battle :p

11-30-2009, 11:03 PM
Holly tell DH way to go!!!! :) A yarn company though but hey IT is right up his alley so it should be good to go, is he still taking bartending classes? WOW 27 out of 30 days that is awesome, well I didn't get to exercise again today but I did something to my back well not really my back it is like my tailbone it really hurts to stand up and put pressure on it and then to sit in a hard chair also makes it hurt as well, i will see how it is in the morning?

As for cookies well I am feeling your pain today as well but I am thinking tomorrow I have to get back on track less than 50 days before we leave so not a whole lot of time to get my butt in shape :)

Have a great night

12-01-2009, 09:18 AM
Good morning biker chicks :cool: I actually got up on time, which for me is around 5:30, 5:45 a.m. Thats when I used to get up in the summer, or even earlier. It's been SO hard to because of the time change and season. But now DH has to get up early, to be ready to leave at 7:00 a.m. so that is good for me. Can get a few things done before work, or on the way (bank, etc.)

Today is my Friday, woohoo :D :carrot: and tonight is when I go to the lady's house to show her girls some cake decorating stuff. Hope it goes well.

Did I tell ya's tomorrow is my birthday :p At this age I don't need to add any years but I like to remember the excitement about it when I was a kid...waiting for the mailman to bring cards, choosing my cake. Even though my mom was a single mom and worked, I remember always having a birthday party.

Frozen precipitation on the ground today, and it's cold, like 28. Not like all the other mornings when it was 40! DH hasn't put our bikes in the garage yet, so when I came home last night I saw my baby getting pelted with frozen pellets!! so I hurried and got our my bike cover and covered her up.

This morning I did Denise Austin's Sizzler, it's cardio and hand held weights for strength.

have a great day!! lets think of each other when we're about to bite something we're not supposed to :devil:

12-01-2009, 09:57 AM
Holly good luck tonight on the cake decorating :) Will DH be working an 8-5 shift now?

You know I will think of you ladies everytime I want to take a bite of something however I will be doing alot of driving today so I should be good to go on the NO snacking today...... I have to gained another 3 pounds and now that is total of 5 since last Saturday. My tailbone feels much better today not sure what the heck was going on yesterday

Well today is our last day of nice weather then tomorrow comes the 20's mid to low 20's I guess can't complain because we have been above average the month of November so I guess winter has to come sometime

Off to work I will check back in later - have a Great Day :)

Good Morning Tammy

12-01-2009, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Holly, I am glad DH got a job.... even if the $ is not right, it will get him out of the house..... and a man in the house all the time is not a good combo.
You did awesome on the exercise for November! I hope you have a good time tonight teaching. I bet it will be fun.

Reda, I am sure the 5 pounds is water.... like Holly told me. It will come off. Just hang in there.

I decided not to do that boot camp sponsored competition. It costs $10 to enter.... so I did not want to spend $10 and then another $50.

I will think of you both when I am not supposed to eat something..... well, I am only doing boot camp stuff..... but I will think if you if I think of going off the boot camp stuff.

I hope you all have a good day.

12-01-2009, 08:18 PM
Well food eating was better today but not totally on track.....
Tammy you will do just fine whether you are in competition or not, and ya so close to christmas to spend extra $'s.

Tonight is Finale of SOA at 9 - BL is from 8-10 and then Full Throttle is from 9-10 so all three will be going on at 9 and fornately you can only record 2 and you have to have TV on one of those 2 channels but Full Throttle is on at a later time so we will just DVR it then because I am not missing BL or SOA

Well better get going need to get things cleaned up before I go get on treadmil :)

Cold weather is on its way along with this nasty wind and boy does the wind make it cold

12-01-2009, 10:58 PM
good evening chicks! Hey I am sorry I forgot to ask you Reda, how your tailbone is feeling.

And I am a dummy because I had a big stupid muffin at work, and it wasn't even that good :devil:

The cake decorating went pretty good, the girls are young, like 13 and 16, and kinda shy, so I had to sort of coax them to pick up the pastry bags and try things for themselves; and when I was starting to feel a little desperate because I ran out of instruction :rofl: I saw an hour was up and that was my cue to wrap it up :D

thanks for the congrats on hubster's job, yes his hours are 8 to 4:30, and there is overtime to be had, so he feels a little better about the money aspect. He says his first day was fine. He did do the bartending already, it was maybe a week ago? It was a Friday and Saturday thing.

I haven't asked him yet about benefits. I don't have any idea about health insurance, or time off for rallies in summer...I'm gonna wait until he's a little more settled there before I ask.

DH told me something just as I came in the door...that our older son, who finally moved out in early summer?? he was just told that the building his apartment is in, has been sold, and he has 2 weeks to move out. WHAT?? Poor kid. I know, there are laws to prevent being put out when it's winter, but he never signed a lease. So I don't think he's got that to protect him. Of course he can move back here, but I think he will be so devastated! :(

Well I am tired, talk at cha's tomorrow morning :)

12-02-2009, 12:12 AM
OH Holly so sorry to hear about DS and ya without a lease he may just be stuck and why wouldn't the new owners want to keep the same tenants that have been paying on time in there???

He isn't going to want to move back in but sometimes they just don't have a choice - our oldest didn't want to move back home when they were taking a month to remodel but once he moved home he was here for a year then he just moved back out moved in with a few friends. Well the youngest just came home and finally has his fines all of them paid off that was $700 dollars since mid Oct so not bad at plus $160 to the state of IA for seatbelt violation- But now he is talking about moving out west about 450 miles away wanting to do some logging I just told him that he still needs to finish paying off his car which is now blown up but next check that should be paid for :) I think he is coming around finally

Holly tailbone is feeling good today and thanks for asking
HuHot well it is a mongolian grill you fill your bowl with your choice of meat ( chicken, beef, pork, fish, sausage, shrimp) then your choice of noodles ( 3 different types) then your vegtables tons of veggies then you pick your choice of sauces as mild or hot as you want them- it is great :)

Oh ya one other thing Holly make sure he checks into the insurance stuff because most companies you only have 90 days to get packet and get turned in and you don't want to miss that opportunity - waiting may not be a bad idea on asking for time off but at least that is quite a few months away so I bet they will be fine with it :)

Ok well just now watching SOA finale and boy what another twist- this is crazy.....

Ok I yapped long enough have great night

12-02-2009, 12:15 AM


Hope you have a great Day!!!!

12-02-2009, 10:14 AM
Happy Birthday Holly! I hope you have a great one! :bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::celebrate::bday2:

I am glad you had your cake decorating last night... sorry it was a drag.

Reda, SOA was too many twists for me! I did not see the end of BL though.... I will have to research on the internet.

I have to make this one quick ladies. I hope you both have a good day..... but especially you Holly!

12-02-2009, 10:37 AM
:D thanks you friends :hug: for the b-day wishes :)

just finished doing 30 Day Shred level 3, was interrupted at the last cardio by my mom phoning me, and I 'cooled off' while we were talking so I did NOT want to finish the workout :devil: but I did. Kind of a point that I wanted to make to myself, to do a strenuous workout on my 49th (eeek!) b-day.

Am going to shower now, then going to a friend's house and we're going to our fave place for lunch, they make such delicious sandwiches on all kinds of homemade bread, the sandwich plates come with chips or pretzels and also a little cookie bar for dessert; but we always have to go back to the bakery counter because they make everything from scratch and it is all real whipped cream, real chocolate ganache, in other words THE GOOD STUFF :devil: Diet, what diet :p

thanks again chicks!! :D

12-02-2009, 11:42 AM
Holly, I think if you research it...... there is a rule that you cannot diet on your bday! Enjoy it!

12-02-2009, 07:09 PM
Tammy BL well if you haven't got to research it yet the girls were below the yellow line and it goes up to a vote so it will be Danny, Rudy and either Amanda or Liz depending on how the vote goes at the Finale.... Boy Danny lost like 60 pounds at home in 60 days and Rudy lost I believe 24 or 34 pounds and both girls lost 16 pounds each so Danny really pulled it off losing 60 pounds in 2 months at home...Ok anyways I should go get supper started Holly hope lunch was good no make that Great and yes no dieting on Birthdays :)

12-03-2009, 09:19 AM
good morning chicks :) It was a real nice birthday, as a total surprise I got a fleece jacket that looks just like a motorcycle jacket , it an American Eagle size medium, but I can NOT gain any weight because it is snug as is.

I have today off also and it is pouring rain. I have alot of inside stuff to do, but first I need to work out to get that out of the way.

12-03-2009, 11:33 AM
That is a kewl jacket! That gives you incentive to lose weight.

I have good news..... one of my competitors ate TWO pieces of pecan pie yesterday! Woo Hoo! I am hoping he eats all weekend! (isn't that mean of me)..... well, I have just a smidge to go before I have lost all of my thanksgiving weight---so that will put me back in the 180s. I really want to be 185 by Christmas. From there, I will re evalute. I am tall and I am told that I carry it well....... so I may just see how hard 185 is to maintain or I may go for 179. I want to be healthy and feel good...... but I don't want to have to struggle with a number that is hard for me to maintain for the rest of my life. I am pretty comfortable now..... so we will just see.

Reda, I figured it would go like it did with the girls not losing as much...... but, I thought Rudy would have lost more. I did not expect him to struggle as much as he did. I hope he can keep it off! On the BL thread on here a few people say Danny looks sick. He sure has slimmed up a lot. I hope he keeps it off! Can you believe SOA? OMG!

It is COLD here (well, for here)....... if it was 40ish there you would both think it was a heat wave-- but I am not used to it and my insulation is not like it used to be (on me).

12-03-2009, 06:23 PM
Good think for less insulation, Tammy :)
but I would take that 40 degrees any day - we are in the 20's with snow and ice - yipeeeee not really

Holly I love that jacket it is so kewl - great job being in Med - shoot even when I am at my smallest weight I have always had to wear at least a XL shoot even when I was in school and weighing 115 pounds - it is the chest friends that get in the way :)

Well going to walk on treadmil before we head out for wings and things (ice cold refreshment) oh ya I tried a Bud Select 55 (only has 55 calories) it is great we will get it in SD after the first of the year and that will be my new beer of choice and only 55 calories that is the best part

Well ladies I will check back in later :)

12-03-2009, 10:16 PM
good evening chicks! and before I forget, I did work out this morning, and again I did 30DS level 3.

Tammy, OM gosh that is good news that your competitor ate TWO pieces of pecan pie!! think of the calories :D :devil:

You'll just have to get used to being a little colder, without the insulation :D :carrot:

Reda, I wish I had the chest fillers, lol!!

Chicks, I GOT TO RIDE TODAY!!! December 3rd, in Vermont, it is just freakin amazing. I was out for about an hour, that was just a wonderful "fix"! It had poured this morning but stopped around 11, then was just cloudy and a wonderful 53 degrees. Didn't see any other bikes out, but heard some encouraging 'woo hoo's' from street workers :D and I gave back some revs for them.

12-04-2009, 09:54 AM
Holly, that is GREAT that you got to ride in December in Vermont. Merry Christmas to you (early). Isn't is such a stress reliever? And, I am sure the street workers (that sounded bad once I typed it) liked the rev of the motorcycle you gave them.

I am going to have to start my son's (that I just took over payments on) motorcycle..... and either take the battery off or put a tender on it. :( I really did not need this at this time.

Reda, I am with Holly on the "chest friends".... I missed that train..... :mad:

12-04-2009, 10:46 AM
good morning! nice and sunny here, but holding at about 40 degrees and is not supposed to warm up any.

did the Cathe dvd this morning, that is an hour long :faint: I am a limp and sweaty noodle after doing it. Oh jeez, I almost had a bad spill, I was doing it without my glasses on (usually wear contacts but not this early, and took eyeglasses off because so sweaty) and I missed the Step and came almost crashing down, lol, Saved by being slightly agile and managed to control the almost crash. And finished the workout :D I guess I can count that as a non-scale victory, to not totally crash and burn when falling, lol!

Tammy, I am a dummy and dont even know how to take my battery off...I always play dumb and leave that for DH :devil: I worship any female who knows how to do mechanical maintenance!

so Reda you have snow and ice now? I know one of our m/c members in SD spoke of getting a foot of snow, ack!

have a great day chicks :cool:

12-04-2009, 11:00 AM
Glad you are okay and you did not fall completely! (Holly).

I only know basic stuff...... from what men show me. That is a bonus to having boys that like to tinker with mechanics..... the down side, is they are boys and they like to tinker mechanically too much sometimes!

12-04-2009, 07:44 PM
Yay Holly riding in December who would have thought :)
Great Job on not completely crashing :)

Well the Harley Dealer is very interested in DH's Boss Hoss as he is already looking for a different bike - he likes the Boss Hoss and has always wanted one but now that he has it he doesn't want it- go figure I just told him we will get what we paid or maybe a $1,000 less but that would be it or he is keeping it- He says it is to big to be riding around here with all the curves and hills.

We didn't get much snow an inch but the ice is what I don't like...

Tammy sorry to hear that you are having to take over your sons bike along with payments, is he currently not working that you are having to do that?
Glad to hear your competitor had 2 pieces of pie- yipeee

Well girls I hope you have a great weekend and are getting nice weather :)

12-05-2009, 10:25 AM
Good morning chicks :)

Tammy that does suck that you have to take on son's m/c payments :(

Reda, that is funny that DH doesn't want his Boss Hoss now, well not really funny but you know :D

The holiday season is already getting me with extra calories everywhere. Starts with T-giving, then my birthday cake, now til Christmas. Why do I love sweets so much :devil:

after work tonight going to a friend's house for a Holiday Bash as she calls it :D She is making pasta dishes, and everyone is bringing something else. And a funny-sounding gift exchange - you're supposed to bring something from your house that 'you no longer need, use or want'. Well that describes like all my junk :devil: but I was able to find 2 good things - one is one of those crazy oversized remotes for the tv/dvd, it's about 4 inches by 8 inches and we have NEVER used it...the other thing is a crocheted Christmas doll that DH's mother made for me years ago, and I have never displayed it (it just isn't my style)

It is a funny idea for a gift exchange but honestly, it just means that each person is getting rid of one piece of crap but will be going home with another :rofl:

this morning I did Gilad's Hips Thighs Buns tape and his Abs tape.

gotta get ready for work, have a great day :)

Oh! the mom of the girls who I did the cake decor class called, she said the girls were sooo happy with my class :) and want me to come again! and $25 an hour was fine she said. So different from the cheap lady who wanted me to waitress at her house and said I charged too much at $20/hr!

12-05-2009, 01:13 PM
Holly the get together tonight sounds like so much fun and what a neat way to get rid of something even though you may be bringing something back :) Have Fun

$25 an hour and probably cash money that is great so when is your next decorating class? Extra spending money right now is good :)

I hear ya about extra calories but I have still watching - I haven't gained any more than the last 3 pounds from over thanksgiving weekend but I also haven't really lost much either only like .2-.4 pounds this week and I really don't see that getting any better this weekend as we do have to bowl tonight so at least I will be getting some exercise in there to besides the treadmil

Well girls I will check back in later

12-05-2009, 05:21 PM
Holly, that sounds like a fun party...... and if you don't want the junk you get at the party...... just stop by dumpster on the way home. Lol.
I am glad that they liked your decorating class....and the cash sure would come in handy this time of year!

Reda, I am sorry your DH wants to sell his bike. But maybe since the Harley dealer wants it...... he will give what you gave or possibly more? Maybe it will sell better in the Spring? You are doing soooooo good with your exercise. Keep it up! I think if all of us were not exercising during the holidays we would be 10+ heavier by the end of the season. :carrot::carrot: Double dancing carrot for us! (I did 2 bootcamps plus a mile yesterday--not as much as I had been doing, but I moved around that is what counts).

We went to my Christmas party last night..... and trust me the calories are everywhere! It was sooooo hard not to dive in. That was the point of this competition though so we would not gain the extra holiday pounds. It is funny b/c the husband of one of my co workers was going out with one of the guys I am in competition with. I did not know this until we got at the party. I told him to take him out and get him smashed, then take him to waffle house...... well, he did better. He took a staged picture of me eating a chocolate browine whip cream dessert and told him I ate almost the whole container of it. He was going to show it to the other guy to make him think ate a lot so he would eat. Lol. Oh, he also got me holding about 10 M&Ms in my hand (which then went in my mouth). We played dirty santa, it was fun, it took the focus off food. We got a small "b" word..... which I am so apprecaiative of. They don't have to give us gifts and the "b" word, but they do. It was unexpected and will be put to good use!

Well, I am going to get ready to go to our first of 6 parades. We have to go get candy (of course getting the bad kind so I don't eat) lol. Talk to you later.

12-06-2009, 09:45 AM
Good morning chicks, I need you to talk me out of a bad mood...first, Tammy woohoo on 2 bootcamps and a mile!!! and that is so funny about the staged pics of the food...and telling the guy to get your competitior smashed and to Waffle house :devil:

Reda, my next class will be not this Tuesday, but next Tuesday. Also my friend Nicole is getting some of her friends interested in a cupcake decorating class at her house :)

okay - my bad mood - our older son has to move back home, at least briefly. The building where he rents was sold. His room we just filled up wth assorted crap. We live in such a small house, with no closets (well one, my clothes closet) AND my DH is a clutterer/ it is so hard for me to have even one space that is not cluttered or ugly. It was nice that we were using his room for all the 'stuff'. Now he has to clean it out (and he (dear son) is doing it himself, he doesn't expect us to) and I come home last night and our tiny postage-stamp sized living room is just filled with boxes, clothes, fans, sleeping bags, just assorted crap. I had just put so much effort and time into making ONE spot here for me, where i sit and where I looked I didn't see anything that make me cringe. NOw it all crapped up again.

I usually don't want to decorate for Christmas and now I will NOT put one piece of christmas decor in a place that is so cluttered and crappy. :( :mad: I guess I need to look over my priorities and be thankful still FOR a house that is fill-able with crap, that our son can move back (I don't mind him being here but feel bad that a 26 year old needs his own place!!!) and good health and all that sh*t. I guess I feel like if I lost a leg, I should be thankful for having one left?? But I want two legs :rofl:

okay <rant over<

12-06-2009, 10:39 AM
Well, I know you want us to talk you out of a bad mood..... but I would be in the same boat as you. I HATE CLUTTER and if my house is not clean--- I am in a funk. I used to keep a spotless house and now-- not so much.
So, in this case, I think the only thing you can do is focus on your health, house, job, and you have a BIKE! From what I gather from "us" that talk on this thread, we are not rich by any means, but we do not live in poverty either. There is a reason for this...... We were given the grace to work hard and that enables us to play. That is what I would focus on...... and keep mumbling to yourself that this too will pass. I have to do that a lot with my son. We are going through a hard time with him as well. Btw, I have not put up a Christmas decoration in 2 years.,...... this one is still on the fence. I know I should....... but ya know, I am not in the mood.

I am glad you maybe getting more decorating jobs, that is great. Maybe it will help with the "sad monster". I know you have said before that he creeps in during the winter time..... but maybe if you have something to look forward to it will help.

I also want 2 legs, my health, and all that sh*t..... how about you CC?

:D Tammy

12-06-2009, 12:32 PM
Oh yes I would to be in a crappy a*s mood as well - You know I feel your pain we were in that boat do you remember about May this year my son was living in a house that the owners decided to remodel and he had to be out for about 30-45 days well then he realized how much he was saving at home and didn't move back in to the house when it got done. You love your kids but boy when they do that it does put a whole big damper on everything- Even though they are my boys I still would always have to put sweatpants or robe on before going to kitchen or bathroom but when they are gone shoot I would just go in my underwear, and you know he would just love to be out on his own as well so are you helping him find a new place?
Christmas decorations well I use to put up tons and a big huge tree but a few years ago I quit doing the decorations and bought a 6ft tree to start putting up - I do like Christmas time but we do as well live in a small house and I just am done with all the clutter even at Christmas time :)
Tammy that is so awesome that you staged eating all the chocolate brownie desert and then only ate 10 M&M's :)
Well girls it is Sunday and I do have some cleaning to get down - Yipeee NOT I will check back in later hope your day gets alot better Holly

12-06-2009, 08:46 PM
THANK YOU friends :hug: I am better. Even before I left for work this morning, I was heartened that DH started to clean some stuff out from the living room (he 'got the hint' when, I was putting on coat to take Eddie the dog out, and DH said, oh, I was about to do that, and I said, It's Okay, it keeps me from looking at the crap in here for 5 minutes :devil: )

And I see that he took care of more stuff while I was at work, and he also put our bikes in the garage for the winter, and took care of the bike trailer and canopy, so that was very good to see. Because we know we 'work' on our days off, doing household stuff, so it's always good to see that the husbands do stuff on their day off too.

Reda, we are searching the newspapers and doing 'word of mouth' to try to find dear son another apartment.

Tammy, I love your straight-forward assesment of us...not rich...not poverty stricken either....working for what we want and deserve to play..and I should have realized 'this bad mood will pass' but it is so nice to VENT to non-judgemental people like you guys :hug:

Hey today I had an older man (probably early 70's) think that a pretty 26-yr.old young lady and I were sisters :D the 26 yr.old got PISSED at the thought :rofl: I wasn't mad :devil: The man (a customer) acted baffled like he had done something terribly wrong. Well mister, you should know by now that you should never assume a woman's age or if she's pregnant :devil:

so thanks again for the support :) :) :) Oh and despite my pukey mood this morning I did work out, 30 DS level 3.

12-07-2009, 01:11 AM
Glad your day went so much better today than it started out :) That is awesome that the gentleman thought you were sister with a 26 year old even if she didn't like it :)

Glad to hear that you still have room to exercise that is very important as well

Well it has been snowing all and day if you have watched weather I am located in the very southeast corner of SD and we are looking at right now 10 inches of snow coming Tuesday on top of what we are getting today and tomorrow, well guess we will get snowmobiles out and ready to ride- have to enjoy life even with snow I guess. I am looking forward to maybe having a snow day coming up - yipeee :) However I got lots of work today and lots of filing- wow alot of filing don't even want to think about that

Well hope everyone has a great Monday :)

12-07-2009, 09:57 AM
good morning, whoa Reda, that's alot of snow!!! But good attitude about playing in it, can't do anything else about it right :) Hope you get your filing done today.

Hi Tammy! :wave:

I just weighed myself. :eek::eek::eek: it showed 160. Notice I say 'it showed 160', not "I weigh 160" :rolleyes: I guess that means that I am not accepting that and have to kick myself in the butt about all the sweets I've been having at work! The truth hurts and it is gonna motivate me.

12-07-2009, 10:42 AM
Wow Reda, that is a lot of snow.....have fun playing in it. I don't mind one good snow a year... but not much more than that. I guess that is why I will continue to hold down my corner in the south :D

Holly, Yay for you and your 26 year old sister! :D All kidding aside, I would not have guessed you being over 40 when I first "met" you.
I am glad your DH got the hint and helped out. You know we have to give them little reminders. My DH calls it "my stinger coming out" a little when I make snide remarks about me doing all the work around the house. I don't care what he calls it..... as long as he gets the hint!
AND..... I know you are going to get that 160 off the scales! I do have to tell you..... last week when I stepped on the scales and I was 10 pounds heavier, most of it was retained water and "carb bloat". I got it out of my system and I feel much better. It is just so hard this time of year!

I went to boot camp this AM but I sure did not want to. I was soooo tired. I have been very tired all weekend. I figure it is the low calorie diet and the 2 boot camps plus multiple miles?

I am going to get off here. I hope you all have a good day.
:wave: Mandy.

12-07-2009, 07:04 PM
Hello girls well it is Monday and it is starting to snow again but only suppose to get like 2 inches tonight the big snow comes tomorrow night so that Wednesday I can take a snow day and probably file like all day but hey I will be home and get that clutter out of the way. I did get tree up with lights and thats about it so tonight I guess I will have to put some decorations on it and then I should probably starting wrapping some gifts so it doesn't look so pitiful

Holly after reading your "it showed 160. Notice I say 'it showed 160', not "I weigh 160" :rolleyes:" I was laughing - I know it is not funny but they way you put it I sure did read it that way :) Well it is that time of year for all of us - but then most of us have January to take it back off and get things back under control again......

Ok well now it is time to figure out supper - geez not sure what to cook so tired of cooking but don't really want to go out either????

Have a great night

12-07-2009, 10:23 PM
Hey chicks :)

Tammy I am in awe of you doing 2 bootcamps plus miles plus low calories, YES I expect you to be tired, you are a calorie burning machine mama! :carrot: Is it possible that you can allow yourself a little more sleep during this time? LOL at "the stinger coming out" :rofl: that is cute but accurate.

Reda, sorry about the snow!! but yay to you for getting a tree up and lights. And hope you can enjoy your snow day. And yes it's okay to laugh at how I am thinking of the weight scales :devil:

Yes it sure is 'that time of year' regarding the weight gain!! I really didn't think I could gain that much as I consistantly exercise and it 'seems' that I control myself food wise most of the time, I would be very happy if it were just fluid and carb bloat...I do have better luck once the darn holidays are over and all the treats are a thing of the past.

Had our Fire Dept. Auxiliary meeting tonight; we heard of a single mom (her husband walked out) with 2 young boys who is in our town, and we wanted to make Christmas a little nicer for them, so 8 of us bought gifts for the mom and the boys, and wrapped, and they will be dropped off at her house. Toys and sleds and games and books and just a few clothes and socks for the boys; nice socks, and a basket of nice lotions and such and a handmade quilt for the mom, and a $50 gas card. It is nice to get together like this and try to make someone's Christmas a bit nicer :tree::clause:

we also brought snacky type things for our meeting, and I brought the chocolate dipped Oreos that are so easy for me to make (and to eat :rolleyes: ) and told them all how to make them, they are so easy but look so impressive and are usually the first thing people reach for on a cookie plate. Oh god, I can't stop talking about cookies can I :devil:

12-08-2009, 12:23 AM
OH Geez Holly those cookies sound soooo goood :) I think I may have to make some- ok it was a good thought for a moment but since I am not the happy homebaker I probably won't make any I would just rather buy them- Baking well it just isn't my thing ......

Tammy you are probably super tired with all that exercise and then watching calories as well your body is probably lacking and needs some rest :) hopefully you will get it

That was super nice of your auxiliary group to take the time and money and such rough times to help a family in need - and some men can be such jerks hopefully she will realize that she will be better off without him

Our Rider group will also be having our meeting/potluck this Saturday and will be giving our gifts to those in need as well- however we are giving this year to 12 Adults that have some type of a handicap or had something happen in life that have left them not to be able to care for themselves, these particular 12 well they don't have any family that comes to visit and they don't have any money because they can not work because of their condition so therefore after paying their bills with the state money they get they don't have any money left for anything else and if they have befriended someone else in their group home that may have family or money they can not buy anything for those in need just themselves so SAD so we took on the 12 that are in this situation so that they can have a Christmas this year with presents under the tree :) They are so appreciative - it is just so heartbreaking that some have to go without or not have family to spend the holidays with - However there are sometimes I wish we would go away just to get away from the hustle and bustle one year :)

Ok well I suppose I should get ready for bed so that I can see if I have a snow day tomorrow or if it is going to have to wait till Wednesday :)

You ladies have a great Tuesday

Oh shoot I did not exercise today - just to lazy wanted to take a day off - well actually finished up the Christmas Tree and then downloaded some pictures and went hunting for pictures - Decided last night that the boys can get grandma a Fleece Blanket that we can have our own pictures (up to 30) put on it- Check it out then go to Photo they are Collage Blankets and so cool - I told DH that I want one for my BDay but thats not till February - Oh and the cost $39 which I don't think is bad at all for a fleece blanket 50X60 that is personalized
So we are putting grandma/grandpa wedding picture- our wedding picture then a couple of our family pictures and the rest will be pictures of the boys growing up - I think I am only going with like 12 pictures to keep quality good and the pictures good sized- so glad I found it this weekend :) So excited to get it here

Ok now I better get going and head to bed- Good Night

12-08-2009, 12:28 AM
Wow sorry about the long post - but I got so excited about the blanket... just had to tell you about it :)

12-08-2009, 10:29 AM
Wow, that blanket does sound good, you may have just given me an idea on MIL.

Holly, I think those cookies sound great.... .I may have to try one when I get this whole thing done...... I am hoping to be close to my final goal so I can maintain.

It is good of you all to do so much for the needy and such. Most of our stuff goes through the sheriffs office so we don't know who is getting it..... and I don't mind as long as someone is being blessed by it.

I am trying to get extra rest during this time. I would not want to do this permanently, but I am okay with it until NEXT Friday. I am 1.4 pounds away from my Christmas goal. And lighter than I have been in 15+ years. I am trying to be level headed about it.....

We may get snow on Friday-- probably not much.

I don't have my tree up yet.... but I may put it up this weekend....... not sure yet.

I am going to get busy now. Talk to you ladies later.

12-08-2009, 04:58 PM
Reda, tonight is the BL finale.... I am excited. I will miss the first 30 minutes b/c I will be in BC...... but I can't wait to see what people look like now. I guess of the ones left I would want Danny or Amanda to win. I am not fond of what Rudy did..... and I really think he will be like Erik and gain it back b/c he was saying how hard it was.......

No SOA tonight, bummer..... oh well, I guess I could do house work :( I need to. I got behind somehow. I think it is the 2 bootcamps a day. Well, tomorrow is "abs" day and I won't go to BC b/c it is only 30 minutes and not worth me driving an extra 30 miles for at this point. I do need to do abs, but b/c I am so tired, I am going to listen to my body and sleep in and do some cardio before I go to work.

I hope you all have had a great day! (Snow day for Reda?).


12-08-2009, 10:47 PM
Tammy - 1.4 pounds from your Christmas goal!!!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

Reda - that is a wonderful idea for charitable participants! and never apologize for long posts, I love to read what you ladies write :)

I was gonna say 'booo' to your snow but I want you to have fun with your snowmachines :) but brrr!! We got just about 2 inches of very fluffy light snow today, and it is COLD now, about 17 degrees...winter storm coming tomorrow, betwee 5 to 7 inches of snow, maybe sleet later...I am GLAD i have off !

I was thinking of the scale and '160' today and did NOT have a big cookie for once at work!!!! Yay!!!

this morning for exercise I did the Cathe dvd, an hour of cardio, step and hand held weights for strength.

Reda - that is such a kewl idea about the lanket!

12-09-2009, 01:27 AM
Oh the blanket it will be here between Tuesday and Friday next week :) Can't wait it is so COOL :) Went to MIL's and found pic of her parents of which her mom had already passes before I came into the family and her father well he was around for a couple of years before passing so it was nice to find the pic- also found a wedding pic of FIL/MIL I am sure that will bring tears because it has been 10 years since he passed at the super young age of 54 (went to bed and didn't wake up in the morning) :(
then put pics of boys from and a family pic of ours- oh and can forget we had a picture of MIL on her pink trike so of course had to add that as well- I will try to get a picture downloaded

Just now getting to watch BL finale and all I can say is WOW for Tracy and Rebecca what tranformations they have made, shoot I didn't hardly recognize either one of them
No SOA but I will get to watch Full Throttle once I am done watching BL

Tammy way to go girl only 1.4 pounds to goal you will def make it before Christmas :) Way to go

Shoot didn't get to exercise tonight because we got home from work, ate supper then off to get family pictures tonight since both boys were home

Oh wow Subway is really put Shay to the test aren't they and she gets to come back to BL next season- again WOW

Ok I do believe we have gotten well over 10 inches of snow so I will have a snow day tomorrow so hopefully get through all the work that I need to get done- so no laziness can be done around here

Ok I am going to figure out how to get a picture of the blanket to post- ttyl

12-09-2009, 01:35 AM
Ok well lets see if this works - it is sideways but that is how I could take it with my phone and send- ok well here is the link but I think I got it figured out with the picture as well......

12-09-2009, 01:43 AM
Ok now I can say WOW look at Rudy and Danny- Holy Cow :)

12-09-2009, 10:09 AM
I am glad Danny won.... but my gosh they both look totally different. I was not so crazy about Rebecca's hair..... but she looked great. So did Tracey. I did not see the others b/c I was at boot camp. I did see the proposal and the Subway deal. I wonder if anyone was jealous b/c they only offered it to Shay? I hope she pulls it off. The amount of weight that Danny and Rudy lost seems unimaginable. Just think..... last January they were "fat" and now they have lost 200+ pounds. That is just unreal!

I am sooooo glad you told me about the blanket. I tossed the idea to DH and he loved it. So, I am gathering pictures now. It is something that anyone who is older and has everything (and younger people too) would love...... my MIL does not go many places, does not work anymore, she has everything she needs/wants..... so it is going to be the perfect gift. Thanks for the stress buster! I could not open it on my computer.

Thank you ladies for the "way to go" on the Christmas goal. When I meet it.... I am just a few pounds away from my final goal. AND, this AM I fit into my goal jeans.... and they are public ready! I will be sporting them at DH Christmas party!

I am a little jealous over the snow you ladies are getting, but I only want it on Christmas Eve and Christmas..... do you get to choose? Lol.

Holly, good job on the cookie resistance. I really think as hard and as much as you work out--- it is going to be okay. I think if you maintain during the holidays you will get anything that is really true "poundage" off by the end of January. You have to remember you cook/bake a lot..... and it is HARD to resist it.

Well, I have to get busy. Talk to you ladies later.

12-09-2009, 10:29 AM
Way to go on getting in your goal jeans - You are rocking it girl and you will be so HOT at DH Christmas Party :)

Oh ya Tammy I just posted another picture you should be able to just see it
And when you go online to walmart.c*m if you have it shipped to your closest store you will get it faster than having it delivered to your home
I believe home delivery was going to be the 18-22nd and store delivery was 15-18th so of course I went with store delivery :) HOpefully you can see picture now

Yes and you know most of them keep the weight off with only a few gaining it back- I would just like to know how the heck they can loose that much weight and keep it off???? And yes that was a great gift from Subway but Shay does still have at least about 100 pounds to loose and to boot a $1000 for each pound and all the free subs. That is great

Ok better get some stuff done today

OH Ya I did get snow day today - Yippee gonna get some crap done at home that I keep putting off

have a great Day

12-09-2009, 06:10 PM
good afternoon chicks!

that blanket, what an awesome idea..and like you said Tammy, PERFECT for the older people who already have everything, it would still be awesomely welcomed!!

Tammy - WOO HOO on public-ready goal jeans!! :bravo::dancer::flow1::dance:<---what is that thing! :rofl:

Reda, I think we got about 8"...and so far (crossed fingers) it has not turned to some sloppy rain/sleet that was predicted..just snow.

Tammy - LOL , I WISH Reda and I could selectively choose how much snow to get each day :rofl: I must admit, it does look pretty now. DH set up an artificial tree on the deck and I can see it right where I sit, with the coating of snow and the lights it is so pretty. And yes, we must have snow for Christmas :wreath:

Reda - did you get your 'crap' done for today? :D

Chicks - I can't believe myself, how motivated I was today. But I have had SO many days of inactivity, it kinda balances out. But I was finished with coffee by 7:00 am and immediately set to work on this living room mess. I first tackled the video/cd holder, which was dusty and messy and older son stacked about 100 (maybe exaggerating :D) of his dvd's that I guess he is 'recycling' to I got that all tidied up. Then just started getting the piles of stuff. DH had ordered gifts for our boys, so I opened up the Amazon boxes, hid the gifts, and broke down the boxes for recycling..I vacuumed lamp shades, walls, corners, the stairs, under things, over things :D dusted; then did regular vacuuming (floor and carpet)

THEN I worked out (30 Day Shred Level 3)

THEN I went outside and hand shoveled the whole driveway :eek: This is the first winter that older son is not here to use the snowblower for me....and I haven;t learned yet to operate it...hence the hand shoveling. I paced it off to tell you how long it is, it is 65 paces. And not hugely wide, but wide enough for our two vehicles to do a K-turn type turnaround.

During this time, when I was almost done, a truck came down the drive, it was the electric meter reader. He was a very jovial man, and as he got out, he said, 'this is the best looking drive I've been in all day" and I HAD to say, "and I did it by hand!" He was shocked..and gravely said "Ma'am I am impressed!" :rofl:

then I got the garbage and recycling to the top of the drive for tomorrow's early pickup...

THEN I came inside and started baking cookies! :faint: but I"m not really that tired out :D It is just crazy how some days I can go and go...and other days, no go :devil:

So I'm about to start dinner (pork chops) and DH just called, he was just leaving for work so with the slow cautious winter drivers, he'll be home in about an hour.

It feels SO good to just sit here in a clean living room, and I put some white lights around the winter and next to the poinsettia, it looks so pretty, and I have Ozark (Tammy!) Christmas carols on...and the smell of the mocha cookies in the oven...let's see how long this paradise lasts :rofl:

well I sound as if I am on drugs or in a manic state...but let it stay, I need to tackle every other room in the house!!

12-09-2009, 09:17 PM
Holly wow you did get a bunch of stuff done today with your day off :)
that would be awesome to get a comment about the drive that you just did all by hand :)

I did as well get some stuff done but then I decided to change a couple of rooms around and boy I really shouldn't have started that challenge because of course I can't get it all finished in one day.......

Well we got must have been about 10-11 inches of snow and way to cold to go snowmobiling with our wind chill we are again below zero :(

I did get some presents wrapped while I was cooking supper, now I have to get more pictures out as we got my dad a digital photo frame so I need to get all the pictures found and on computer and downloaded to frame and sent off in the mail - wow I better get my butt in gear otherwise he won't get it by Christmas...

Have a great night

Tammy have you gotten your pictures all together for your blanket?

12-10-2009, 10:19 AM
Wow, you two have been super busy! Holly that made me tired reading it. Wasn't it awesome to sit in a clean living room and just look outside? I love it when my house is clean and I get to sit in peace and admire ALONE for just a few minutes....... Then the peaceful sleep you get after cleaning (and it remaining clean). I love that!

Thanks for all the info on the blanket.... I have to get DH in gear to get pictures to get it done!

Thanks for all of the jeans comments....... I am excited. I am in my goal jeans.... woo hoo. From 20/22 to a good fitting 12! Now if I could just get this bet over with it would be great.

Jake (the lab) did not and probably will not get a walk until it warms up a bit.... it was 20 this AM when I got up. I went to bootcamp and walked/ran on the treadmill until class started. I can't slow down on exercise now. Just a week and a day to go (thank goodness). Originally I wanted to go until Monday 12/21 but I am soooo glad we didn't. I have a parade (that I forgot about) tonight, so I won't be able to do boot camp tonight. Dang..... but I will tomorrow.

I hope you ladies have a good day. I need to get busy.

12-11-2009, 10:43 AM
I did it! I made 185! Merry Christmas to Tammy--- from Tammy! :cb::dance::dance::dancer::cloud9: (Holly, I don't know what the fluffy thing is either-- but I'll let him dance).

Last night, I could not go to bootcamp the 2nd time. So, I had Wayne let me out of the police car so I could run home (a mile). While I was running (after another officer stopped to ask me if me and Wayne had gotten in a fight and he kicked me out)...... I had a thought. You know...... I am really close to not being overweight by the "medical charts". I can run a mile without stopping. I am healthier than I was at my lowest adult weight...... so I made a deal with Tammy....... I am going to finish out this competition (ends next Friday). I am going to maintain 185 through the rest of the year...... and then I am going to focus on helping DH (he asked me to) get healthier and lose weight. If I go into the 170s..... that would be great. But, if I don't, I am fine b/c I am in my goal jeans and I am healthy. So....... I am going to stop doing these crazy bets, help my husband, and maintain my weight. This is the first time in MANY years (at least 15 that I know of) that I have not went into the new year at over 200 pounds..... usually I am way over that mark...... but this time is different!

I hope you all have a great day! It is going to be great for me!

12-12-2009, 12:59 AM
Tammy sounds like you have a great plan - and so happy DH decided to let you help him get healthy :)

Well went on to order another blanket tonight and see they are out of stock - were you able to get yours ordered? Darn it we wanted to order one more .....

Tammy I looked back but didn't see it, when is DH's Christmas Party again?
You have got to be so excited about being able to show off those jeans you have :)

Holly you must still be really busy? I have been extremely busy as well
had a sting in one of the stores tonight and the clerk sold beer to a minor, darn it he was a great worker but it is policy to let the employee go when they sell to a minor.... :( He does graduate from college next week then he was off to Florida in January to start his Career Job just sad we had to end it this way - he is upset as well

Great Job Tammy on getting out to jog the last mile of your ride since you weren't able to make it to bootcamp- You will be able to maintain :)

Well girls I have a long day tomorrow as well so I am off to bed - hope you have a great weekend

12-12-2009, 08:51 AM
good morning! first I apologize for not being on here yesterday..I tried to log in, and got a notice that "you have used wrong password, incorrect log in tried for more than 5 times, wait 15 minutes" ...? so I waited 15 minutes and tried again, got the same forgot about it.

I got an email from this site, saying my account was locked because someone tried to log in my account with incorrect password more than 5 times, and they gave the IP address. I gave it to DH and he said it came from within this network. ??


Tammy, WOOHOO!!! YOu are at goal weight, you are in goal jeans, you can run a mile, you can do 2 bootcamps. you are going into the new year at a weight you are happy with.....AWESOME! :carrot: That is so great that your DH wants you to help him.

lol @ the other cop asking if you were kicked out of the car :D

Reda, so sorry about having to let the employee go, but if that is your company policy, then that is the way it is. :( I am always asking customers if they are over 18 or 21, they are either complimented and happy or slightly indignant (the younger ones)

well it has finally picked up at work to be steadily busy, that almost until closing there is almost always at least one customer in the store and sometimes many..big difference from just Tuesday. Having the mountain open for skiing makes all the difference.

Oh, I've been bad with food...can't seem to exert self control, and I'm pretty sure I can do damage control after the new year, but just feel I need to confess to you girls :devil:

well need to work out and pack a lunch for work :)

12-12-2009, 10:42 AM
okay, I did Keli Roberts step aerobics, with hand held weights and her ab work.

12-12-2009, 10:57 AM
Good Morning girls

I have another busy day today but first wanted to get my exercise out of the way as well- so got on treadmil first thing this morning, now off to Wally World- yipeee NOT can't ever get out of there without spending a hundred or two

Tonight is our Eagle Rider Meeting/Potluck so it will probably be a late night but hopefully not to late still have a bunch of cleaning and and straightening to do as well.

Holly that is weird and that it was coming from 3FC network, but you did say that you tried to log on at least 5 times so maybe it was just you :) hmmmm who knows - I have been having a few issues not frequent with logging on but usually after the first time it lets me in

Well better get going so I can get my stuff done

12-12-2009, 08:28 PM
Reda, I am sorry you lost an employee for that reason. But that policy was put in place for a reason. No telling how many teen lives it saves. It is good that he is not a family man that depends on the $.

Holly, I am glad it is picking up at work for you. I know how painful it is to stay at work when it is slow.... when you count the hours. I know you will get back on track after the first of the year.

My DH party is tuesday. That will be the end of the parties and parades (just got done with our last one). It is so funny to watch all the people----especially ones that have taken a ride in the DARE car dance to the theme of "Bad Boys". B/c he has a DARE car and it is used for children's education he has a big sound system in it. You can see people dancing way before the car gets to them in the parade. I think our weekend is free next weekend and we are going to put down a new laminate floor in the kitchen. I am soooo excited to be getting a new floor (don't take much to excite me- huh?).

I am going to get busy so I can get to bed early. I am meeting my friend I have not seen in 20 years tomorrow! It is kinda funny, when she was young her last name was what mine is now..... and she had named her baby sister after me...... so me and her baby sister still have the same exact name.

12-13-2009, 09:35 AM
good morning chicks! it is cold here, but sunny. Was very sunny yesterday too, one nice thing about work is that when I am in the deli (more than half the time) I am right by a window and if it's sunny, it pours in..very nice.

Reda, did you get good stuff at Wally's World? and hopefully alot for your $$$.

Tammy, that is funny to imagine the people starting to dance at the DARE car comes into hearing distance :carrot: and heck yeah, I'd be excited about a new floor too!

No problem getting logged on today - and the weird thing yesterday (or the day before :dizzy:) was that I hadn't logged on 5 times...just once, and got that message. But anyhoo it seems fine now, and even if someone got in my account and read my personal messages, there ain't nothing there to hide.

Should I continue to confess to you girls the DAILY transgressions on my eating :devil:

Oh I didn't tell ya's, that on my second day off (Thursday) I made a trip to our local mall (30 miles away, and only about 18 stores, really) but it has Wally World :D and more importantly, in the 'hall' there is a Waldenbooks that has the Calendar kiosk. I depend on them yearly for those 'page a day' calendars for DH, and the two sons. For husband, I got the Urban Dictionary page a day; for sons, one Simpsons and one South Park. And for a girlfriend, one that is something like "Releasing Your Inner B*tch" :devil:

and combined the trip to go to our local HD dealer, it is a few miles further than the mall, and got DH a pair of rain gators that he admired when we were there for their Biketoberfest gathering a few months ago. Pretty reasonable price I thought, about $35 or so, and they did have Xtra large. Oh and also picked up a gremlin bell for his bike :)

We don't go too crazy on Christmas gifts for each other, just a couple things is fine.

so I have to do a quick workout, probably the shred, then get ready for work. Again, it is so good that we have snow, the tourists and locals that ski are sooo happy, and it just increases business so much. And yesterday there were NO jerky people! :carrot: :D

12-13-2009, 09:54 AM
Yay..... on your no jerk customers yesterday.

We are not going crazy on Christmas this year either (well except using the "b" word $ for a floor). I guess I am getting older b/c Christmas is getting kinda pointless.... not the TRUE meaning, but what "we" do today. (Here I go on a ramble), "WE" max out our CC to buy that special gift.... that 50% of the time the person does not want or will not appreciate. When we could just have a dinner, give something small, and enjoy each other for a day...... So, I have been cutting back for the past few years on gift giving. We started going to the movies or bowling that day...... just to spend time together. Some may not agree with it..... but you know.... that is how we are doing it. It saves $, frustration, and hurt feelings. So, just a few gifts under the tree at our house! Btw, I need the title of that book..... I may need the reverse copy of it.... I think my inner "B" is coming out more than it should.

Holly, if it makes you feel better..... confess away. I am sure I will have some after this Friday's weigh in!

Reda, how was your shopping trip? I did not get the blanket. Maybe for Mother's Day...... (DH did not get the pictures together:() So, back to the drawing board for me.

It is rainy here.... so I guess after meeting my friend, my exercise will be cleaning and getting ready for my new floor! Yay!

12-13-2009, 03:28 PM
Ya Holly that is awesome that work is going better for you - mine well things are going down the tubes and how come always right before the Holidays.....

That is great that you found what you were looking for yesterday - we don't go all out anymore either now that the kids are getting older- We do still buy for nieces and nephews and parents but I do only have have 4 nieces on my side and 2 on DH side and 1 nephew but once they get out of school then we will quit buying for them as well. We usually just have dinner or supper then play cards or something with little gifts like this year we had to get something "As seen on TV" boy a guy gift is hard - going to Walgreens today to see what they have

I use to always spend lots of money on the boys but it is getting less as they get older as well- usually I buy the gifts from the boys to us but this year the oldest wanted a list from us- we gave him silly little things so we will see what comes home with him Christmas morning :)

Well not much else going on - our meeting/potluck went well last night but we didn't get home till 1 this morning, we all just sat around and talked and reminenced about summer riding in the past and to come next summer :)

Tammy last week before weigh in and you are rocking it girl
Any home improvements get me excited when we were doing our floors last year at this time even it was alot of work but it was worth and it looks great you will love your New Floor :)

Well gotta get going - me and my sister are going about 30 miles away to visit our uncle and get some old pictures of my dad to put in his digital photo frame so that will probably take a few hours then I have to be up and on the road by 3am tomorrow - have a manager that is sick and of course it would be the store that is over an hour away and she doesn't currently have an assitant to take over so it leaves me - yipeee NOT!!!! Make for a super long day

Well I am sure I will check back in later - hope you are enjoying your Sunday

12-14-2009, 11:02 AM

Sorry you had to go to work so early this AM. Maybe you will get off earlier. It is good that your oldest asked you what you wanted for Christmas. Why is it that "we" feel guilty for asking them for something big and they do not us (lol). The digital picture frame gave me another idea for my MIL. Just keep the ideas coming to me.... lol.

I WANT YOU LADIES THAT WORK IN STORES TO BE CAREFUL DURING THE HOLIDAYS. You know, being married to someone in law enforcement, I know that people get desperate for $ during the holidays. Just be careful!

Holly, just keep the confessions coming. I know you will be back at the first of the year.

My competitor is giving me a run for my $ now. I gained 2 pounds, which makes us 5 pounds apart..... so I have to get back with the program now. I won't be eating at DH Christmas party tomorrow night....... b/c I cannot go to bootcamp.... so I will have to work it that way. Even "if" I don't win the $, it has done what it was supposed to do.... which is keep us from gaining weight during the holidays.

12-14-2009, 06:38 PM
Well Tammy no luck with getting off early as I am just getting home acutally it ended up being longer day than even expected. I suspect the next 2 weeks will be that way if I am going to be off from Dec 24th thru Jan 4th????

Well we have 2 more couples going on our Canada ride this next summer so now we are up to 7 couples going, geez just so excited it is keeping me going through these below zero night and days :)

Oh ya the digital picture frames are so neat and the one we got hold over 3000 pictures of course we are not puting that many on but we do have a couple hundred together right now.

Well going to get supper started so I will try to check back in later if I am not sleeping, it will be another early day tomorrow as well

12-15-2009, 09:45 AM
good morning Tammy and Reda :) gosh Reda you had a long day...and to be on the road by 3:00 am, ugh!! sure hope you don't have to do that again soon. That digital pic frame is a wonderful idea also. And YAY to having 2 more couples to go on your Canada trip! LIke you said, it's reminiscing and planning about trips that keep us going until the warmth comes back!

Tammy you have done SO d*mn well :) To not gain anything during the holidays, well for those of us who battle weight, that is such a big accomplishment :carrot:

You know, my employer has never said anything about protocol 'if" there was a robbery situation. Acutally, he kinda did...he pointed out to me that there is a club under the register shelf. As if I'd try to attack someone who was holding up the store! I'd back away and say, 'brother, help yourself!!' Reda, as a store owner I hope you don't think I'm a terrible employee for thinking that :D But I will ask, wouldn't one's insurance cover a theft? I really don't know. Does your DH have any specific tips, Tammy?

Today I did 30 Day shred level 3, and to try to offset some of the cookies I had yesterday, I added ankle weights also, which I never tried before with 30 DS. It was interesting, I didn't feel that much more effort with my legs, but I did feel more effort in my abs/core. Also breathing harder. So as long as that workout makes me sweat and breathe hard and WISH IT WOULD END, then it's still kicking me :devil:

well I have the second demo with the teenage girls tonight and the decorating, so I had better make some frosting now and make up some pastry bags now, or be all in a hurry when I get home tonight and try to do it before I leave :D

have a great day chicks :cool:

12-15-2009, 10:23 AM
Reda, I am sorry you are having to work such long hours...... but just think of the time off! And, it would be kewl to watch all y'all ride into Canada across the border...... I guess I am just weird, I like to see a group of bikes like that...... especially with a couple women riders in the mix! :bike:

Holly, I was just telling the guy I am competing with that I am going to add weights to my ankles on my step days on January 1. Thanks for the compliment...... but you two ladies remember that you rock it out too!.... I work in the same "complex" as food...... but you two WORK WITH IT! :fr:

As far as the advise...... GIVE THEM THE MONEY! I am a conscious employee like you are..... but even if their insurance does not cover it (which it should), it is not worth $X.XX an hour to risk your life for their register $. I would go further than your "brother take the money..... I would be like..... you need help loading it up"? Just to get them the "f" word out of there and away from me. NEVER HESITATE....... just give whatever they want. As far as your manager/owner, if he wants to use the club...... I say let him swing it like a baseball player----- but even as big as I am..... I am NOT taking a chance. Most of the time the robbers are hyped up on something.

Tonight is the DH Christmas party. I think I am going with a red button up shirt or turtleneck with my leather coat/blazer, my goal jeans (of course), my..... and my boots that go up my calf. They are classy...... but since I have never worn boots (b/c I was too fat) in front of my husband before, he calls them my hooker boots..... and he LOVES it when I wear them. I am going to try to be smoking...... cause I know the girl he dated is still a :moo:; and she is jealous..... (heard it through the grapevine)..... both b/c I got the man and the WL! :devil:

I think I have asked you guys before..... but it has been a loooonnnnng time (I think)...... does your DH have a problem keeping his hands and comments to himself after WL? Mine does. It kinda feels good...... but then it makes me feel sad that I was so big and he was "stuck" with me before......even though he is a big guy....... it is different when you have a dumpy wife..... and I was dumpy (well I was the g/f then).

12-15-2009, 06:24 PM
Hey girls - Holly I tell all employees to give them what they want and never fight it because your life is worth so much more :) Then I tell them when they leave to lock the doors and call the police then me - the police would probably call me as well. I do have a policy though we are to never have more than a couple hundred bucks in the register and at most $300. The rest is locked up in a safe that managment is the only one that has a key and actually in the new stores we have a time safe so the most anyone gets away with should be no more than $300 and I do night checks in my stores to make sure that employees are following the guidelines- they don't mind when I tell them that this is for their safety and explain it to them

Tammy you know one thing with my DH no matter if I am 130 or 190 pounds he has never kept his hands off me -he is one of those that every time I walk by whether at home or out he will grab or pat my butt and at home he will always grab or pat my boobs as well when he walks by me or I walk by him. That is great that he is finding you so attractive but he must has found you attractive when you met because here you are together and Newlyweds :)

Tammy you will be looking so HOT tonight please make sure you log back on and tell us how it went tonight-

It is funny because my DH also calls my black books "hooker boots" but then again so do I :)

Ok well 2 more days of this early stuff then hopefully back to normal hours

Holly have fun with the girls tonight and your decorating class :)

12-16-2009, 10:50 AM
The party was great! I ate a very small amount....... but everyone commented on my WL. Most of the men got onto DH telling him he better step his game up. It went good. I did not get any pictures, except what i got on my phone of us sitting down. My camera was on the blink..... but I will wear the outfit again before Christmas and take pictures. It was well worth seeing that "girl" there and letting her know I am a force she does not want to have to reckon with! There were sooo many comments about me. You know my DS works at the jail too and people were commenting to him about me too! It felt pretty good.

Reda, sorry you are still having to get up early.

Holly, how was your decorating class?

I don't have much else to say at this very moment. Except, I will be glad when this competition is over. It is just me and the guy now...... and he is giving me a run for my money.... but he is going to a concert tonight.... I hope he eats a lot! :devil:


12-17-2009, 10:59 AM
Good Morning Ladies. How are you both?

Tomorrow is when we see who wins (Tammy waving her arm-- as to say "I know, I know", pick me for the answer". My biggest competitor has to lost 9 pounds over night..... I will keep you informed.

Nothing much going on..... just trying to coast.

I went to give blood and I do not "weigh enough" to give 2 pints at a time...... I asked her to repeat that..... I don't weigh enough?


12-17-2009, 05:22 PM
Did y'all desert me?

12-17-2009, 08:46 PM
I'm here , I'm here! :D sorry I haven't checked in since like Monday or Tuesday morning. The class went well except I felt like I was just over-repeating stuff..but the girls were watching everything I did..and I got my $50 for 2 hours instruction :D that felt great, but what was also great was that I helped that young girl :)

Tammy , WOO HOO YOU HOT THANG YOU!! You must have been feeling soooo great to receive all those well-earned compliments!! :carrot: (I Love being able to finally, finally wear boots, all my life I couldn't). And to be told you don't weigh enough, sweet sweet words!!

Oh and about your question about 'hands'..I am thankful that DH has always tried to make me feel pretty and wanted...but it is true that he is much more appreciative of my losing and toning up.

oops brb mom calling.

12-17-2009, 09:42 PM
okay, back, had a family crisis with my sister and it is temporarily resolved I guess.

Hi Reda! :wave: thank you for your input on the store security issues also.

Today I got laundry done early, then assembled alot of cookie bags and did Cookie Delivery :) which I like to make sure that I try to look kinda okay, took special pains with hair (got a big new bottle of Paul Mitchell mousse, and a new blow-dry brush that is BIG and round and makes nice hair) makeup, cute warm coat and scarf, nice jeans and chunky big heel booties...took cookies to my hairstylist (who complimented my hair!:D) to the 2 bank branches we use; left a big bundle with my summer job boss; a big bag to the people that deliver our fresh fish in the summer. Some other people I'll do on my way to work tomorrow. Gave cookies and a $20 bill to our garbage recycling guy last week.

I meant to start wrapping today but did not get to it.

we are having a cold snap, it did not get much above 5 today and it is 0 now, brrrr. The heat is running nonstop!

Did not exercise today but that is okay.

Well DH got a promotion already...the guy who was the web master at the business quit DH gets moved up. That was quick :)

So older son is all moved back in, and younger son arrived from college today, so the house is stuffed with males again :rofl: and stuffed with duffel bags and backpacks...goodbye nice tidy living room, sigh! :D but I am being full of Christmas good will or something and am thankful that we have two healthy handsome boys here who like us :)

so I've blabbed enough for 2 days worth :) talk at cha's tomorrow! :hug:

12-18-2009, 10:38 AM

I am glad you are back! You sure have been busy! You are so thoughtful to bake cookies for everyone.

Okay.... Drum roll.....

I WON! He tried to take a shortcut last night and not eat-- but he still lost! Woo Hoo! So, I went out and ate this AM.... I had 1 egg, 1 piece of turkey sausage, and 2 pcs of toast.... I was stuffed. I lost 18.5 pounds in 18 days. I know it is not real weight. I am going to try to maintain at 185 through the holidays. So, I got 2/3 of my money and I am going shopping after the 1st of the year (more bang for my buck). The girl that was in the bet has not been to BC all week-- that is why I only got 2/3.

I am eating out 2 more times today. I am trying to keep in sensible.

So, what is going on with you all?

12-18-2009, 09:09 PM

and looks at your ticker...'you have met your goal...congratulations!'

12-19-2009, 09:41 AM
Good morning ladies,

Thank You!

Holly, I hope your family crisis is better from the other day.

CC, Hope you are getting a little rest after those early days.

I came home from working yesterday and DH had started on my floor! I LOVE IT! It is the best Christmas present-- I could not ask for more. (sad to get so excited over a floor hug?). What he does not know is it looks so good..... we may have to do the LR (ha ha).

I ate 3 meals yesterday, I have not done that in a long time. I did exercise control. I did gain some of the 18 pounds back, but I knew it was not a true weight. I am trying to just hold steady.

Thank you girls for all of your support!

12-20-2009, 12:43 AM
Congratulations Tammy :) I knew you would pull it off and win

Ok well sorry I haven't been on myself but with the crazy schedule getting on the road so early in the morning then on Thursday after getting home from work we went for wings and a cold refreshment
Friday well it was Riders night to volunteer for Steak Night so got home from work and went straight to club
Today well had to be on road at 545am to go 60 miles to pick up Santa Suit as Santa was visiting one of my stores today so didn't get home today till 2 in the afternoon I really took a nap from 230-400 got up showered went back to Eagles for Christmas Party :) Came home around 830 and started downloading more pictures ..... Just got done and thought I should jump online real quick tonight and say HI- I did miss getting online this week
but just didn't really have time or should I say take the time to log on

Wow Holly you are a baking QUEEN :) I would def gain probably 20 pounds if you were living close by me because I wouldn't be able to quit eating
after just one :) I know that they are that irrestible (sp?)

Tammy are you just loving your new floor? and Yep get one room done then you will love it so much you will want to continue on to the next rooms :)

Holly hope all is well with your Sis and yep it sounds like you have a full house again but hey thats what it is about during the HOliday Season

Good thing I don't have any junk in the house because I am really wanting to snack on junk food right now but instead I think I will log off and go to bed, I have to take the Santa suit back tomorrow and may do a little shopping since I am already there :)

Have a Great Sunday

12-20-2009, 10:39 AM
good morning ladies! and so glad Tammy is enjoying her new floor, what a nice gift to both of you :) :)

Hi Reda, you have been on-the-go, haven't you! good on your for not having any snacky food in the house.

yeah I can't seem to stay away from the cookies but I will gain control some day soon :D

My sister was released and is back home, i still haven't called her because I just am sooo uncomfortable about it. Did just send a CHristmas card saying 'know you're having a tough time, hope you feel better soon'.

Finally busy enough at work that the time flies by! that is so great. About 3X's the gross sales, that is alot for the store.

I still haven't started wrapping yet , but I will find time.

yeah, full house of boys, even the dog is a boy now :rofl: but it IS nice to have everyone here for Christmas and we are all healthy.

time to shower and get ready for work :) hope you both have a nice Sunday, whatever you end up doing 8)

12-20-2009, 11:54 AM
Reda, reading how busy you are made me sooooo tired. Lol. Girl, I hope you get to rest some when Christmas is over.

Holly, ditto on what Reda said, it is a good thing you live so far away..... I would not have won the bet...... you are the baking Queen.
AND, I am like you in the house...... I am WAY out numbered! But, my guys make sure I am taken care of (most of the time)...... so it is worth it.

Well, we went by the "stores" estimation on the flooring and we have a little over half of what we need to do the living room. :D I am sooooo loving it. It is entertaining too...... watching the dogs skate across the floor b/c they are not used to the laminate. I have always loved the "charm" of this older house (small, old)...... just not the decor. Especially the floor that was down before. But, I am so loving it now! And the fact that there is no mortgage is even better! Lol. I would love a tad bit bigger..... but really this is all we need.

Holly, I hope your sis gets better. I get from the conversation it is depression or something like that (I hope I am not way off base)? My sister is/was going through the same thing. She tried to kill herself back in the summer. I am still not sure she won't try it again...... but as sad as it is to say, I can talk to her..... but I cannot stop her. I love her, but I cannot live for her. I think b/c of our past we all have depression...... but I have found for me that the longer I dwell on what could have been or what "he or she" did..... the deeper it throws me..... so "I" just have to plod along and do the best I can. I cannot change the past..... but I can control some of my future. It is not easy..... but it is do-able.

DH keeps asking what I want for Christmas. THIS FLOOR was my Christmas! I love it. I know you girls know what I am talking about. When your house is clean and has something new..... it is an awesome feeling!

Are both of you getting hammered with the snow? They are calling for a 40-60% chance of flurries on Christmas Eve here and some on Christmas Day..... I love it! Those are really the only two days I want snow......

I did get my tree up. I have a few presents under it. Yay!

CC: I am with you..... I want some junk food now...... but I think I am just going to settle for coffee! :coffee2:

I think we are fixing to go to Memphis. I need to get DH something good.... (I owe him after the floor-- and I did not have to do one bit of it)! Hope you all have a good day!

12-20-2009, 09:35 PM
good evening chicks! That is funny, Tammy, imagining the dogs skating across the new floor :D I am so glad you are enjoying it so much.

Yes, my sister has been diagnosed with depression but even worse is her alcoholism...she has been in and out of two major rehab areas FOUR times. She comes home from AA meetings with a bottle of wine. She has lost her license in the past, she has driven her poor fiance away, her electric is about to be shut off, etc.

Very unusual but we up here in VT did not get one flake from that huge storm!! So ironic because no one in Washington DC nor Southern Jersey want 2 feet of snow and they can't manage it...we up here actually want it for the ski industry and can bounce back from a storm like that in almost one day, two days usually.

12-21-2009, 10:17 AM
good morning ladies! I just finished doing Keli Roberts step aerobics tape, with ankle weights and 3.3 pound hand weights. I am a drippy sweaty mess :D :carrot:

DH did aLOT of cleaning up around here yesterday, bless him. And put weather stripping around the front door where cold air was seeping in, made a pot of ham and bean soup, I am a lucky chick!

There is a little weak sunshine now but I think it's supposed to cloud over and we might get occasional snow showers today.

hope you chicks have a nice day :cool:

12-21-2009, 01:15 PM
Holly, Yay for the DH cleaning up! That is awesome! And good job on keeping up with the exercise. Most people "stop" with the intention of resuming after the first of the year...... but not you..... you just keep going on. Especially wiht family issues. I will say a prayer for your sister. That is about all anyone can do. :hug:

Same for you CC: You are doing awesome making time for the treadmill and work outs. Although you get somewhat of a workout from running around from store to store and party to party so much, whew you make me tired!

Today is my oldest son's 20th bday..... boy I feel old!

12-21-2009, 08:35 PM
Tammy tell your DS Happy Birthday :)

Well today again was on the road at 3am and didn't get home till around 4pm- however tomorrow should be a very mellow day hopefully :)

That is great that your DH did some cleaning up and cooking as well- I do have to say that yesterday my DH also did a load of clothes and washed the dishes :) not usual for him

Well shoot I suppose I should get off here and get some stuff done before I fall asleep- I will check back in later - have a great day

12-22-2009, 10:04 AM
good morning, omg Reda sorry you've had such early days!! but hope you have that mellow day tomorrow 8)

Tammy, belated Happy Birthday to your 20-yr-old! and you know, you really shouldn't have had a child at age 10! :D

I changed my ticker and sig weight to show the inevitable gain! :( i will TRY TRY TRY to keep in perspective that 7 pounds from goal is not that bad. And I'm glad I've been exercising faithfully. But shoot, it's like sandbagging against the tide of Christmas goodies :devil: goodness knows what I'd look like without the exercise.

gotta start getting ready for work, hope everyone has a great day!

oh, what are everyone's days off for the holiday? I am very lucky that I still get to keep my usual Wednesday and Thursday off, and then we're closed Christmas day, so 3 days off in a row, woo hoo (not paid for christmas though, little boo there) But I'm happy nevertheless :p

12-22-2009, 10:32 AM
Wow Reda, I am glad you get to rest a little today. I hope your stores are closed on Christmas.

Holly, don't sweat the ticker...... you may be gaining pounds, but not inches since you are keeping up with your exercise.

I get off Thursday-Sunday.... 4 days off woo hoo! And, I may have a new LR floor by new year. DH was doing the measurements yesterday and it will only be abour $150 max to do the LR b/c we have so much left over! Yay!

Thanks for the happy bdays for my DS. He is growing up...... I did not even see him yesterday :( He spend the day with his g/f and then went to bed before I got home b/c he had worked 3rd shift the night before. I guess mom is not important anymore...... but I can live with it..... as long as he had a good day. Yeah Holly, I don't recommend having a kid at 10. Lol.

Today is our last day of boot camp until Monday. I did this AM and am going back this afternoon so I can try to maintain during the holidays. All of the people I was in the bet with did not come today..... the leader (who is a hoot), yelled at me saying "you take their money and now they desert you". Lol. I sure am going to have a good time spending it after Christmas!

I hope you all have a good day.

12-22-2009, 09:46 PM
Hey girlies well today wasn't to slack after all but we are suppose to be getting some really bad weather - I guess they are looking at 18-24 inches of snow by Christmas - WHoo HOoo

Well I am off work from the 24th thru Jan 4th however I will probably end up working a couple of days next week. Fortunately our stores are open on Christmas day but we do not open till 10am so everyone can be home with the kiddies to open gifts and all- usually we try to only schedule those that
don't have kiddies or the college kids that aren't going home for the Holidays :(

Tammy and Holly that is great that both of you are also keeping up with your exercise - I didn't do any exercise yesterday and quite honestly I haven't done a single bit today either - I think I am just coming down from all the hours over the last 8-9 days. However the day is not over yet so who knows I may quilt myself into it yet :)

Holly a few of us have been talking about driving to Chili next year- it would be alittle far to ride with leaving on Thursday and coming home Sunday but we are throwing around driving even maybe hauling our bikes out - but of course we won't make up our minds till probably mid summer but they all seem excited right now :) :) I am doing alot of talking so who knows

YOu know I love Christmas time but boy does it bring out Family Drama, thanks goodness I do not get involved and then some ask oh you only see your mom, brother, sister a couple times a month and I am "yep" this way it keeps me out of the drama because it is all real petty and stupid most of the time....... Ok enough about that

Tammy glad to hear DS had a good day but he could have made just a little time for you but then again I know how boys can be ........
Hope you do get to do your LR floor as well it is great however I feel like I am constantly dusting everything including the floor you know carpet hides it alot better than hardwood floor.......

so Tammy do you have something in mind on your winnings?

Have a great evening and I will talk to you later

12-23-2009, 09:16 AM
Good morning chicks :)

Yeah, it hurts the feelings a little when the boys dont want to do stuff with their mom on their b-day's .... or when they forget their mom's b-day, but he had a good time, right.

thanks for the kudos on the x-ercising but I know I've been eating too much, one pair of jeans feel a little tight and I tried on my cute camo pants? they are DEFINITELY a pair of pants that need 'the summer body' not the winter one :devil: but I will not stress too much until the new year and all the holiday temptations are over with!

Reda, you know if you need any more info about Chillicothe, ask away :cool: it would be VERY awesome to meet you!!!

so today is my first day off of three, I need to first get off the computer :) then work out; then do some cleaning, laundry, and a little food shopping, call my mom to see what to bring on Christmas day for food, and start wrapping!! and hopefully FINDING everything I've squirrelled away :)

I will check back after I work out .

12-23-2009, 09:43 AM
Good Morning ladies!

Well, there was no boot camp this AM so I walked the dog, then ran a mile; I need to do more b/c I brought donuts (cop's wife-lol) to work. Everyone about fell out b/c "Tammy" brought in fattening food. I ate one..... now I am going to drink a protein shake to keep from eating another.

Reda, I am with you on the family drama. I have a lot of half siblings that live up north (and really scattered in the US), but I am by myself in Arkansas (my choice) b/c of all the drama. I don't want wrapped in it.... so I am just happy being a lonely Arkansas Hillbilly.

I am holding onto my $ until after Christmas to hit the sales with my bet money! I need a new wardrobe and I am going to hit the sales and consignment shops.

I watched Full Throttle Saloon last night. It was pretty good.

I am working a half day today and then off til Monday (woo hoo)!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if we don't get to talk to each other again (remember the Tgiving thing where we could not get on 3fc). I hope Santa is nice to both of you!

12-23-2009, 01:04 PM
Good Morning well not really ended up with the flu last night even with having the shot....... Not today my body is aching real bad so turned the bed back on and getting riding to climb back in the warmth- stomach still feeeling queezy to so of course no exercise today unless tonight I feel better

Oh ya Holly I know right where to go when we get decided if we think we can do it or not - I know everyone is thinking it sounds like a great time and all and of course I know it is :) That would be great if we could meet up :)

Oh yes Family drama wish mine were all spread apart because then I would have an excuse right now only talking to them a couple times of month when we live in the same town does sound horrible but geez I just don't want all the drama at all

Holly you know I have put stuff all over the house then when I start wrapping its like wait I know I got this and that but where did I put it??
I have before put something in a good place and didn't find it till after the whole next Christmas man it was a good spot

Both of you enjoy your days off I am hoping to enjoy mine :)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just in case like you said Tammy remembering what happened on Turkey Day

12-23-2009, 05:53 PM
HI again :) Oh Reda, so sorry to hear you aching and hurting and stomach queasy, even after getting a flu shot! :( I sure hope you feel better tonight. Oh and I don't think it's horrible not talking to family members even when you live close by! We all need to choose what we need to do to get by, and sometimes that means having a little or big wall between family members :D

lol @ the cop's wife bringing in donuts! :)

oh and great idea about us wishing each other a very nice Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas Day, in case there is forum trouble. Yes I hope Santa is good to all us biker chicks :cool:

12-23-2009, 06:49 PM
Reda, I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you get better.

Guess what..... we are fixing to get the rest of the floor for the LR....... :clause: Santa is good.

Holly, I agree about the wall put up with the family. It seems that you understand, whereas most people around her do not....... :hug:

Well, I have to run..... we are leaving now to get the floor :D

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you in the Merry Christmas part, you two (and Mandy) are really good friends, even though I have not met you. I feel blessed that we have met (well, informally). Thanks for being there!

12-24-2009, 10:44 AM
Good Morning feeling way better today, couldn't break that fever yesterday went to bed with it but woke up feeling great ;)

Watching the news and now we got an additional 4 inches of snow last night but the worst is coming today and tomorrow another foot or more is suppose to be coming with the winds so blizzard conditions in forecast till Saturday noon now. The town is getting prepared our local fire department/Emergency center asked to borrow our snowmobiles until the storm is over just in case they can't get the emergency vehicles out they can take the snowmobile;) Anything to help our community

Whoo Hooo Tammy on getting the stuff to get your LR finished as well- are you painting before putting the new floor down? Last year when we did ours it started out just putting new floor down but then I was like wait since everything is out of room lets paint before putting floor down - DH was not excited but it looked like brand new rooms when we were done:carrot:

Yes Tammy I have to say that it has been great finding this site and meeting all of you - and having that friendship even though we have not met in person but maybe someday who knows:hug: Which brings me to how far away are you from Branson, MO? We decided next year over Thanksgiving that we are going to Branson to visit dad unless we make it before then.

Holly have you been enjoying your days off?

I am back to exercising today

Well it is almost here then I get everything in the house back to normal
so with that
Merry Christmas

12-24-2009, 02:34 PM
Reda, I am about a little over 4 hours to Branson. Not too far of a drive. I am glad you are feeling better today.
We would be in serious trouble (and still maybe) if we had gotten as much snow as you had..... but it has been raining here for 24+ hours. It is flooding everywhere. Our yard is under water (the back part), there are roads under water,etc. We thought we were going to get some snow and they are calling for a few flurries tomorrow...... I just wish the rain would quit!

I have not exercised persay today. I have walked a little around stores (I got up at 4am to go to WM b/c I cannot stand the huge crowds. I went to the mall a bit ago (not planned), but DH wanted to go get a coffee from a specific store.

The boys are asleep. Oldest is stuck working 3rd shift through Christmas (they give him the crappy hours), youngest is on his "winter" sleeping hours (up all night-sleep all day). I am giving the house a lick and a promise.

Holly, I hope you are enjoying your time. off.

I am going to get off here.

I sure will be glad when tomorrow is over...... so life will have some sense of normalcy.


12-25-2009, 12:42 PM
Merry Christmas - finally

Shoot been on the phone since 6am this morning- 5 of my 9 stores are closed today but we did get another 7 inches of snow last night and they are still forcasting another 10 today and tonight - Needless to say we are snowed in -

Oh ya I see on the news that you guys are still getting rain as well it is so weird how when watching that you see the line where it is rain then switches to snow...... I don't really mind the snow its just a nuisance to drive in

Well hope you guys are enjoying your holiday and I will check back in later

12-25-2009, 01:26 PM
Merry Christmas to you all too!

Yeah, the weather is giving us a fit. It (knock on wood) has stopped raining. We have a chance of flurries today, but as long as it is not raining I am happy.

I hope you all are having a great Christmas and that Santa is good to you.


12-26-2009, 01:14 AM
Well finally got home and yes it is still snowing and blowing in my neck of the woods...... Christmas got postponed at MIL until my SIL and her family can make it Sunday we still did lunch so that MIL was not home alone today. We did also make it up to my sisters for supper and cards tonight but then again we have snowmobiles so we can usually make it anywhere :)

Did you guys have a good Christmas today?

I did get my Biggest Loser for Wii so hopefully tomorrow the guys will go out and play alittle so I can put it in - It has a 4,8 or 12 week challenge- It also has 3 intensity levels as and it has mini challenges. It also has you check in daily with your eating habits to keep track of your calories each day as well so what the heck I am going to give it a try with my daily walking on the treadmil- They boys were very excited about getting their own laptops and the funniest is the oldest was excited about getting socks tooo :) Every year I have always gotten them a few outfits with boxers and socks included but he did move out and you know how the socks always get eaten up in the washer/dryer he said his just keep disappearing so he needed them and now he won't have to go buy any :) It was just classic when he opened up the box with socks and he like OH YA i needed those :)

Hey found a new website if you guys like to mess around with pictures that you take yourself and do special effects or add saying and all -so today I did one of our family pictures in Black/White then made all of our jeans blue
it is so neat so I sent it to Walmart.c** to have an 8X10 to see how it looks in person- so excited and it is a free website or you can upgrade for additional stuff but right now I am happy with free --it is picnik.c*m

OK rattle enough again so I will check back in later because we will probably be more or less home bound tomorrow to

12-27-2009, 09:01 AM
Hello chicks! sorry I didn't post for a couple days, I totally SO enjoyed my three days off in a row, and enjoyed Christmas with the boys here :) Reda that is so very funny about your son being psyched about the socks :rofl: same here!! I gave athletic socks to older son, who specifically said he was very glad for those to wear at gym; and younger son who is in college dorm, was glad to get socks. Also you know you always give the boys gloves and skully type hats; but when they live at home they just lose them; but when on their own they are HAPPY and appreciative of those things :rofl:

Yesterday was still not busy at work :?: I guess with Christmas being on a Friday, that made Saturday the traveling day..but i have a feeling that today will be 'gangbusters' at the store, with people here now in their rentals and condos and needing to stock up (I guess I"m glad they come to the store to get their groceries but OMG, they spend like $100 for 2 bags here :eek: instead of going to a regular grocery store)

Reda, you guys got so much snow!! that is kewl that you would donate the use of your sleds for your community if needed. And all those stores of yours closed, I am sorry for the loss of revenue there. Congrats on getting TBL for wii!

Hi Tammy, lol @ wanting a 'sense of normalcy' when the holidays are over :D get these holidays goodies out of here, and get our living spaces back! Santa was economically prudent but good :D I got some motorcycling books, and an S100 detailing kit (S100 is Honda's brand of moto cleaning items) It came in a plastic carrying case to keep it all together, I like it and can't wait til I can wash and shine up my bike again :cool:

Oh my socially inept boss :devil: said to me yesterday "thank you for not giving us cookies this year". He means that he is glad to not have the temptation, but he just doesn't know how to say things with tact.

well need to wake up more, work out ( i did not exercise on Christmas Day but have on the other days) and get ready for work. Have a nice Sunday chicks :)

12-27-2009, 11:24 AM
Wow already Sunday well thought I should log on and say HI before getting ready to go to MIL's for Christmas with all the snow DH sister couldn't make it till today which is fine because we did get some snow- Still can't wait for MIL to open her fleece blanket we had done :)

Well I guess we ended up with 20.7 inches of snow but the drifting and all makes it look like so much more and now that they are plowing and piling it really looks like lots of snow :)

Holly glad you enjoyed your days off with the family.....

It is funny how people will do their grocery shopping at a convience store instead of driving across town to grocery store
I have a store that does alot in groceries but the part of town it is in is a part of town that most of them are on welfare per say and do not have cars and you have to have the store so stocked on the 10th because that is when foodstamp money goes on their cards and then they come shopping it is like clockwork every month........

Holly sounds like your boss is maybe trying to get his attitude in check this year do you think??

Hi Tammy hope all is well with you :)

I suppose I should get my butt off computer and get ready - Have a Great Day

12-27-2009, 04:51 PM
Reda, I am so envious of your BL Wii game..... it sounds fun.... well, as fun as exercise can be. I can't wait to hear what your MIL thinks of the blanket.

Holly, I don't understand how people can afford to buy groceries in a conveinence store, but at least it is job security for you. And, although puny.... your boss is trying to make an attempt at being human. Lol.

We just got back from taking the bikes out for a SHORT ride...... I was froze by the time we got downtown and rode the "strip", but evidentally DH was not as cold as me b/c we went an additional piece. I swear I thought I was going to lose digits--even with gloves on! My nose was running (even though I had a neopreme mask on) and freezing to my face.... :barf: I love to ride, but I was never so glad to get that dang thing in the shed in all my life! I don't know how you ladies take it with much colder temps than me. It was 40...... but felt like -40.

Well, I have to get off here and go to WM, since my fingers have thawed. I hate buying groceries.... regardless of the place.
I have not exercised other than walking..... I am sure bootcamp tomorrow is going to be a doozy!

12-27-2009, 07:17 PM
First off I am way to jealous that you got to get your bike out today - there is no way we wil be doing that anytime soon :(

MIL loved the blanket she thought it was the best present ever :)

I do have to say that her boyfriend is always way to generous- he gave us $200 bucks and of course I told him we couldn't accept it he insisted.....
I also got my moonlight path body spray and lotion from Bath and Body Works love that stuff :)

Love ham and mash potatoes with gravy to .....

Oh ya got my Miche Purse to - they are so cool the shell is interchangeable so you can change the color of your purse with out changing the contents in your purse to another one- I have a purse fettish

Yep I haven't exercised today and probably won't but tomorrow full force only 3 weeks away before we leave for Jamaica :)

I really hate buying groceries as well it just seems like such a waste of money for something that you eat and discard later.... I know probaby to much info there :) :)

Well girls I do think I am taking off a couple more days of work to get some stuff done around the house then back to work I will go on Wednesday :)

Well have a great Work Week even though I know for Holly she only has a couple more days of work before it is her weekend - yipeee

12-27-2009, 10:42 PM
good evening chicks!

Oh Reda I'm so glad you got the purse you wanted, that sounds great :cool:

Tammy, I am envious of your ride but so sorry you froze! But what big bragging rights you have, riding on December 27th!!! woohoo to you :)

and yes ladies I do believe that Winter Boss is trying to be human to me :rofl:

I did the Karen Voigt workout this morning but still have too many calories, sigh.

Reda,over 20 inches of snow, whoa!! and our community is DYING for some fresh snow dumps and we got rain today. Oh and its so great that your MIL loved her blanket :)

well time to get to bed, talk to you tomorrow!

12-28-2009, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Girls

It is Monday been on the phone again today since 6am but it is slowing down now so with everyone out of house already I am going to exercise and get my BL Wii out and start it up - I will let you know how it is when done

Ok off to get it done before I decide to get lazy

12-28-2009, 10:31 AM
Good Morning ladies,

I did boot camp today for the first time in 5 days...... it was brutal! :drill:
I am glad there are not any 5 days off from boot camp until next year. Whew, it was tough.

Reda, that sounds like a really cool purse. I am glad Santa was good to you.

Holly, I am sorry you are not getting much snow. They are calling for a "dusting" here on New Year's Eve. I think mother nature got my wish for snow on Christmas Eve mixed up with New Year's. DH has to work until past midnight on New Year's Eve doing road blocks. It is bad enough he has to work on New Year's Eve (EVERY one), but put snow with drunks..... not a good combo.

I managed to lose 1/2 pound over the holidays. I did not exercise much, except taking Jake for a walk..... but I did stay on the go..... so I wasn't in the house eating the walls.

My son's have not reached the point of thankfulness for socks yet. Lol. Maybe one day.

Holly, where did you get your step aerobic tapes? I want some for home..... but I am too cheap to buy the newer ones. I thought if I could look online I could find some at a lower price.

Gosh, Reda..... your Jamaica trip is not too far away. When you posted it..... it seem so far.

Well, we talked about Vegas again. Not sure if we are really going to go or not. I sure would like to pay my car down and get rid of the little credit cards we have. We may just take little trips through the year and pay the debt down. It would be nice to be debt free. We will see......

I have to get busy. Y'all have a good day.

12-29-2009, 08:30 AM
good morning chicks :) well we got about 3 or so inches of fresh snow yesterday, made the skiers and business owners happy for the afternoon. Now it is 9 degrees and the wind is howling, ugh. Brutal!

Tammy you managed to LOSE over Christmas, OMG! :carrot: and oh yeah, working out after a few days' break is hard isn't it. That is a kinda scary thought of having drunks on the road combined with snow on NY eve :(
lol @ your sons not ready yet to be thankful for socks :rofl:

getting credit debt is a big goal for me too. Each time I pay off a little more than the month before, i'm all :carrot:

Hi Reda, are you guys all dug out from your tons of snow?

Tammy, I got most of my exercise tapes from . I have been so fortunate that I have NOT had any of what I think was sciatica pain lately, so I have been able to do the step tapes. I like them, I know they are good for a steady calorie burn while you do upper body toning or just stepping. The step tapes I have are: Gilad's Step and Tone; Karen Voigt Cardio Strength; and Keli Roberts The Ultimate Step Workout.

Well usually I am dancing with joy on Tuesdays because usually it's my "Friday" but I have to work tomorrow (to 'make up for having Christmas off' - boss's words - maybe he's still not human yet :rolleyes: :rofl: )

have a great day!

12-29-2009, 10:00 AM
Holly, thanks for the step tape tips. I am going to look into it.
Ya know, your boss may never step into the human feeling threshold. Lol. At least he is just the winter boss and you can look forward to the summer job. Too bad Reda doesn't have a store up your way. I am glad you got the snow and are getting the business. I would much rather be busy than to sit around or have to dust the same area over and over.

Thanks for the compliment on losing weight over Christmas.... but I ate Chinese yesterday at lunch :( Water weight gain stinks!

Reda, I hope you are enjoying your time off. I hope you are relaxing some...... not just doing housework and such.

They are calling for snow/sleet here today.... like a 40% chance. So you know you cannot get within a mile of a grocery store b/c people think it is the end of the world. Lol. Now, last January when we had that ice storm it seemed like it, but running to the store did not do any good b/c the food would just ruin-- unless you put in outside in the ice that damaged your house. :rofl:

I am going to get busy now. I hope you both have a great day.

12-29-2009, 10:16 AM
LOL @ putting the food outside your house in the ice that would ruin it! :rofl:

a last minute check in, that I did 30 Day Shred level 2. Those squats with the hand held weights doing the V shape up...killer!!

12-29-2009, 11:11 AM
Good Morning girls

Yep out and about now - snow all plowed but boy it is suppose to be high of single digits and at night below 0 for the next week so the snow isn't going anywhere and there is alot of it.

Great job losing over the holidays Tammy that is great- I have maintained thank goodness

Well I got to do BL Wii yesterday and I think it is going to be good- boy it does work your legs and core they both are sore today - doing alot of squats and lunges however I am really watching my food intake now as well - I always do to some extent but now I really have to stay on top of it :)

Holly how is your DH liking his new job?

Tammy sorry to hear that your DH has to work every New Years Eve and why can't all people be responsible and just not drive when they have had a few drinks - sorry but I am really against the driving after drinking and for me that means only 1 beer and we don't drive - have always been that way and always will be.....

Well yesterday I did go to the store with my sister and shopped for a few hours so took a break from cleaning but now today I have to get all this finished so back to work I go as well - Oh good note my phone finally not ringing off the hook this morning at 6am everyone was nice enough to wait till about 8

Have a Great Day

12-30-2009, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

How are you doing? I am fair. I have to take DS#2 to the ortho doctor today to see if he is going to need surgery (gosh I hope not--he has no ins). DS#1 hit me up for the money that I won in my bet b/c he needed a truck part. I don't understand why he does not budget his $ better...... but one of my goals for 2011 is to MAKE him stand on his own...... It broke my heart to give him my bet $. So, I threw myself a pity party and went to bed early. Oh well, I am somewhat better today.

There is not much else going on down here... it was sleeting a little when I left WM a little bit ago, but other than that, no bad weather (knock on wood). I am just coasting until the New Year.

I hope you both have a good day.

12-30-2009, 11:07 AM
good morning - Tammy, I hope DS #2 does not need surgery! (is this for the broken arm?) and about DS#1, well you do what you feel you need to, I am sorry you don't have the bet $ to play with but you don't want him to be transportation-less either...

Hi Reda, I hope you got some "Reda Time" yesterday :)

Yesterday at work there was a very uncomfortable situation, the deli cook guy asked for more money for working 8 hours on 'his days off' on these holiday weeks (he gets salarly) and the boss exploded, rightfully so. But they argued where EVERYONE could hear them, and the f-bomb was dropped many times, it was quite embarassing! don't know how it will be resolved, guess I'll find out when I go in today.

This morning I did Keli Roberts step aerobics tape. Yesterday I didn't have a cookie at work, but I did have seconds at dinnertime.

well the sun is shining so that is a nice plus, even though it is still below 5 degrees out there now, at 10 am! the poor dog got too cold halfway through doing his outdoor duty and just stood there, first lifting up a front paw and a rear leg at the same time..but he won't let us put socks on him either.

have a great day chicks :)

12-30-2009, 11:13 AM
Holly, good job on your exercise and no cookie. Wow, that would be uncomfortable at work, especially with 2 men dropping the "f-bomb". Ya know, that is the whole point of salary...... sometimes it works out for you and sometimes it doesn't. I know the boss is "sub human" but this time he is (like you said) kinda in the right. No one wants to work for "free" on their days off..... but salary is salary, and it is supposed to be calculated in for that..... IMO. Poor Eddie (isn't that his name), I don't think I would want to do my business outside at 5 below either. Lol.

Reda, I hope you are still enjoying your time off. I am ready for tomorrow afternoon so I will be off for another few days (it will be my last few days off in a row for awhile :().

I am going to get busy (again). I will check in later.

12-31-2009, 10:40 AM
Hello Girls

Well I went back to work yesterday but ended up being taken off work - the ball of my foot has been swollen and really sore the last week or so .... Really sore just to walk on it but I am stubborn and keep going anyways yesterday got up and around and went to work but it hurt so bad I figured I better make a DR appt (well really want it better before trip gets here) anyways they took xrays and didn't see anything so took blood work because they are thinking gout...... Anyways told me to go home elevate and stay off it till Monday ???? So back off work today and of course everyone is like you need to stay off it because they know how stubborn I am.....So I did promise to stay off my foot last night and today so that I can go out tonight for New Years, then tomorrow I will elevate and keep off it again.

Holly great job on exercise and not having cookie :)
Sad to say your boss is in the right not wanting to give extra money that
is the whole reason you are on Salary you may have to work extra hours to do what it takes to keep the store running smoothly.....However the conversation should not have been out in public it should have been in the back room or something
We are getting all that cold weather as well last night with wind chill was suppose to be 21 below 0 and the same during the day so way to cold for me glad I am stuck at home :)

Tammy so sorry to hear about DS - I hope he does not have to have surgery either especially with no insurance and as for DS1 so sorry you had to give him your bet $ but then again that is probably better than him not getting his truck fixed and then he is calling you for rides all the time????
Will he pay you back when he gets paid from his job? I will and do borrow my boys money because quite frankly at their age they have not learned how important it is to manage their money however I do have them pay me back because that is one thing that I want them to understand is that people including us will not be expected to just hand it to them.... You
know they are usually very good about paying me back to - if it is like a 100 bucks I will tell them that they only have to give me 50 this check and 50 next check but I do stand by paying me back

So today while I am stuck at home on the chair with foot elevated I am going to work on my new purse covers - I did get 2 done last night - posted them on my facebook wall- you will have to look
I told DH I am going to make one for each day of the year that way I will have a different purse every day :) :) I made one especially for tonight and the other one well it was my first one made so it was my practice one - the material was a yard and cost .50 cents so I was out nothing if I couldn't get it figured out... However I did get it figured out and now I am on a roll - yippeee

Ok well I suppose this is a long post and I hope you guys have a GREAT NEW YEARS !!!!!

12-31-2009, 11:57 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Good News..... NO SURGERY! He did an x-ray and said he is nice and young and the bone is growing new bone around the broken one. He said eventually it will not be crooked anymore either. Yay! That was a huge relief! I wish I would have known that before I ate everything I could get my hands on.... causing me to have a massive tummy ache! Oh well..... I consider myself very fortunate in the regard I don't have to pay for surgery.

As far as my DS paying the $ back, at first he did not want to borrow it-- he wanted to know if there was something he could do to "earn" it. But, I told him it was my bet money and I needed it back. So, he is going to pay me back. I guess I get so upset b/c I see his potential and know he is wasting it not being financially responsible. I have to remind myself that his situation was different than mine (I had 2 kids by his age).

Reda, girl you need to quit being stubborn and stay off that foot. You don't want to end up having to have surgery or something like that. You said they did lab work.... did it come back as gout? They say that is very painful! And sometimes it comes from eating too much of a certain thing (like cherries and I think some fish). It is odd how our bodies work..... Just be careful. I don't want you to end up in the hospital or having to cancel a vacation.

Holly, how are you today? Are you off on New Year's Day or do you have to work?

I did boot camp this AM but my heart was not in it. I am getting off early so I am going home and doing some cleaning and making a big thing of stew or something b/c DH will be chilled to the bone when he gets home after midnight. He hates the New Year's Eve deal b/c it is always sooooo cold on them.

I have rambled enough. I hope you girls have a good, safe night. Talk to you tomorrow (hopefully).


12-31-2009, 04:14 PM
That is Great that DS2 does not have to have surgery and that it is healing so good :) and that DS1 is going to pay you back your bet $ - You know
our youngest will do stuff around the house to earn extra $'s instead of borrowing sometimes to and believe me there is always something to do and I don't mind finding him something to do most of the time. Well you would have to get him home long enough to even do anything lately

Tammy the blood work is not back yet so not for sure that it is Gout yet.
I have stayed off it so far all day today just been sitting in recliner with foot up and working on cutting and pinning my purse covers. The doctor said that Gout has something to do with protein and acid and that it goes to your coldest part of the body which is usually foot and then crystalizes which causes the pain and then that causes the swelling adn redness.....
Not sure about Cherries or fish because I do not eat either one of those ever.....

Well I suppose I should get off here as well and take a nap :) can't do much of anything else

01-01-2010, 03:10 PM
Happy New Year!!!!

01-01-2010, 04:38 PM
Happy New Year all of you HAWT biker chicks. I hope we get a lot of ride time and acheive what we want for our WL goals.


01-01-2010, 09:59 PM
QUOTE=ladyrider72472;3068103]Happy New Year all of you HAWT biker chicks. I hope we get a lot of ride time and acheive what we want for our WL goals.

That is a very nice wish for us! Happy New Year chicks :carrot: I spent last evening with my riding girlfriend Pickles, we had calzones for dinner, then went ot her house and played Scrabble til midnight. We are wild and crazy chick, I know :rofl:

Reda, oooo very sorry to learn that you are uncomfortable and have to stay off your foot...I had heard that gout had something to do with iodine...shows what I know :?: I sure hope it can be resolved soon! Glad you're having fun with your Christmas purse :)

Tammy - YAY to no surgery!! woohoo!! great news. Sorry it made you so worried that you ended up grazing and had a tummy ache though.

well..i looked on my journal and on Dec. 29 of last year, I weighed the same that I do now!! :mad: then I looked through my journal and my lowest was 149, in June. Then I think I stayed right around 150, 151 all summer. Then the inevitable dark months gain. Ugh. Well as long as I get back to my summer weight, when I'm wearing little t shirts and jeans or shorts everyday.

I am glad I had off from work yesterday, they had a record breaking day of sales so it was nonstop busy.

since i got to bed late, I slept late...then saw I had to shovel before leaving for work, so I did a much abbreviated workout today. It was only about 15 minutes of a step routine but I'm glad I did that at least.

Have a great night chicks :)


01-01-2010, 10:12 PM
Tammy thanks for the New Years Wish - I am hoping to get my crud in gear and hopefully make my goal weight this year as well

Holly sounds like you had a good time last night with Pickles- We went out and had a blast got home around 145 am and went to bed then woke up at 830 but of course as promised I have stayed in recliner with foot up

Oh ya by the way my foot it is not Gout thank goodness but now we don't know what the problem is???? They sent x-rays off to be read by an expert so maybe they will find something - it is still swollen today but not quite as bad but it does still hurt when I do get up and walk on it

You know Holly that is awesome that you have basically maintained your weight even though it is a different one during summer and winter as most say that happens quite often-
Well of course I am not able to exercise these few days but hopefully monday I will be able to get back on treadmil at least - i was suppose to bowl tomorrow night but told them I can't as it is my left foot which is my slide foot - darn it I look forward to that exercise as well

Well girls have a great weekend :)

01-02-2010, 10:05 AM
good morning :) it is gently snowing here, we're supposed to get 'from 2 inches to 18 inches' through Monday - how's that for a vague forecast, LOL!

Reda I am glad it is not gout but I hope they find out WHAT the problem is! sorry that you will miss bowling :( and I hope you're not in too much pain.

Hi Tammy :wave:

I just finished doing 30 day shred level 3, sweat was dripping from my nose by the time I was in circuit 3 and doing those traveling pushups. And I noticed I need to vacuum :devil:

well it was another busy day at the store yesterday but it sure made time go by quickly, and something I noticed, there have been less jerks this year :)

gotta shower and get ready for work, hope you have a good day :cool:

01-02-2010, 12:59 PM
Good Morning all - Just want to say still no exercise dang it

Have a Great Day at work Holly

01-02-2010, 04:43 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Reda, glad your foot is not gout.... sorry they don't know what it is. Maybe the rest is helping it some. And, if nothing else comes from the rest you will have some awesome looking purse coverings ;)

Gosh, Holly that sounds like a Northeast Arkansas forecast. :D But, at least you are getting snow for the skiiers, and that is good for business. I am glad you are busy, that makes time go by faster.
:rofl: about discovering the need to vacuum with the traveling push ups. I hate it when I find a chore like that. Lol.
I went to a thrift store today and got an urban rebounder trampoline (without the videos). I had bought another Leslie Sansone "fast 5 mile walk" but decided to take it and the thermal walking shirt I got back to WM and get the trampoline. I would much rather be inside when it is 10 degrees outside than to be out in the cold trying to exercise. I don't see how people ski..... I am too worried about being cold, I would probably break something b/c I would not be paying attention to what I should be. But, that could be why I live down here. Some people would not like the 105 degrees days (which I am not too crazy about either).

Now, about your weight being the same as it was last year. I can see where you would be frustrated, but like CC pointed out, you are basically maintaining- and that is much better than a HUGE gain. I mean you could be back where you started, right? Just remember that you can dumpster dive like nobody's business. Seriously, who can use their abs to pull themselves up..... especially those of us who are, eh-hem over 25 :o ; I think all of us have come a long way...... and besides the dumpster diving, who can rock the leather gear like us? Not many.......

Well, I have to go. DH wants to go to Jboro, he gets restless easy.

I will gab at you two later.

CC- take care of that foot.

01-03-2010, 07:05 PM
I know I will get little sympathy from you ladies, considering you have to maneuver through snow..... but here goes anyway...... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :brr: It is so freaking cold here. I have not done much all day (outside) b/c it is so cold. And we don't even have snow to show for it. We got up and it was 19 degrees..... way too cold for a southerner.

I jumped a little on my trampoline, caught laundry back up, did some odd and end stuff in the house..... but nothing outside!

I feel like I have a decent start on the week. I have most of my suppers cooked or ready to cook. That is half the battle.
I am ready to get back to boot camp this week. I know it is going to be crowded..... but I ready to work at these last 10!

I hope you have had a good Sunday.

Reda, how is your foot today? When do you go back to the doctor?

01-03-2010, 11:45 PM
Well wanted to check in before heading to bed as I am back on early shifts this week so I haven't been able to go to bed early but will still have to get up and be on the road at 3am :(

Well my foot it is still alittle swollen but not as bad but it does still hurt to put any pressure on that spot so going back to DR tomorrow even though I know that there really probably isn't anything then do

I wish it was 19 degrees here - shoot we are not even hitting 0 degrees as we are mostly below 0 since last week :( very cold
We love skiing - I am not a speed skier and I only go on green and very few blue - you would be surprised how you don't really notice the cold but then again you are dressed for it just like when we get the snowmobiles out we dress for teh weather :)

I am hoping to start walking on treadmil tomorrow because we only have 2 weeks before winter vacation gets here- yippeeee :)

Oh ya I have gotten a few more purse coverings done - it is so neat to have all these different ones ..... I am going to try to find some mardi gras material so that I can make one for when we go there in February

Well my youngest brought home friend last week and yes he is still here because he lives 180 miles away and just found out today that they are both out of money and he has no way home and now this afternoon he comes down with the flu, poor kid I wouldn't want to be in someone elses home with the flu..... Tomorrow I will probably give DS some money to take him home if he is feeling better to travel- I don't mind a friend staying for a few days but it has almost been a week and I am ready to have the house back and not worry about being in underwear and tshirt when I get up in the morning or middle of the night.....

Well I am off to bed talk to you girls tomorrow

01-04-2010, 10:23 AM
Hi chicks :)

Reda I am glad toe is a little do you manage to wear a shoe on it? Sorry that you are on the too-early-for-anyone 3 am thing again :( and that is a shame about your DS's friend being sick. and sorry that you don't have your house to yourself, oh for the freedom of walking around in tshirt and whatever or nothing else.

Tammy, YES you have sympathy!! I read of Southerners getting hit by cold..yes that is cold and it is freezing for you guys. Congrats on the rebounder (is that a mini tramp?) and I'm sure Boot Camp will be full of New Year's Resolutionsers...but usually many of them drop out and you'll have the place to yourself.

thank you for the positive spin on my weight. I guess that is true!! and I am somewhat proud of the muscles that are under the padding :devil: it is surely not an impossible goal to lose 9-ish pounds in a few months... I applaud you Tammy for planning and having those meals cooked ahead of time. What have you prepared?

I need to do that too, plan and prepare!!! or I am setting up to fail.

whoa only 2 weeks till Reda's winter vacation in warmth, ahhhh!!

yesterdays exercise was Keli Roberts step tape; today was Gilad's strength (no cardio)

have to get my butt in gear, have a great day chicks :)

01-04-2010, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Okay, I feel bad for whining about the weather now. We got some flurries yesterday. I had a patient call in b/c he is snowed in today (up in the hills) and now they are calling for a big snow on Thursday..... (big to us is over an inch). As long as it is not an ice storm I can live with it.

Reda, I know you want to lose some weight before your vacation, but I would ask before I got on the treadmill. The impact may hurt your foot even more.... I know it is hard to walk on a treadmill when my ankle is tender.

I don't blame you for giving your DS the $ to take his friend home. I would not like someone being in my home for an extended stay.... especially with the flu! Yuck! Bless his heart. I hope he is able to travel.

I cannot wait to see your Mardi Gras purse. I bet you can find some material---somewhere. If not..... maybe some shiny wrapping paper with some kind of picture of beads? Holly maybe able to give you a better idea, I don't have a creative bone in my body..... well maybe, I can create a BIG MESS!

Boy oh boy, I am glad the holidays are over..... I did not think I was going to make it through boot camp this AM. It was sooo crowded in the first class it was unbelievable!

:wave: Hi Holly, I hope all is well with you.

I am going to get off here. I will gab at you two later.

I was hoping Mandy would come back since it is the first of the year.....

01-04-2010, 08:34 PM
Holly, the menu for the week is:

Sunday was applewood bacon and seasoning pork tenderloin I bought at Sam's. If you have not tried it, it is very reasonably priced and it is AWESOME- and extremely lean (except the bacon). We had creamed potatoes, and cauliflower and onion. The whole meal was about 11 points each (I get 24 a day, DH gets 43 :mad:)

Today was 15 bean soup. I picked up the mix at WM. It cooked all night. It was fair..... (very low in calories). It felt like something was missing though.... not sure what it was. The soup was 2points a cup, the crackers are 1 point for 5.

Tomorrow is turkey burgers on orowheat thins (they are one point if you are counting points), and baked seasoned fries or baked onion rings. 10 points for 10 potatoe wedges and a turkey burger (no cheese).

Wednesday is chicken fajitas (from our local mexican restaurant). DH and I split a platter. With 24 chips and splitting a platter it is about 600 calories or 12-14 points.

Thursday- is weenie bagels (I named them-- :rofl:)(breakfast). It is a turkey sausage on a bagel (the Lenders refrigerated one is 3points as opposed to a normal 6+ point bagel) and egg. Cheese if you have enough points. It is twice as big as a McDonalds Egg McMuffin and more filling. Each bagel is 7 points.

Friday- I will go back to the store and re evalute to get us through Sunday. Worst case scenerio we have left over soup.......

So, that is as far as I got. I am trying a recommended grocery tip. It said if you bought your weekly groceries on a Sunday but your weekend groceries on a Friday it would not be such a huge task. We will see. I am looking over recipie books for next weeks food.

01-04-2010, 10:09 PM
Wow Tammy that is awesome meal planning- you have it under control
I was wondering if DH was still working at getting healthy - I couldn't imagine 43 points that is alot of food and then when you compare to your 24 points

Well I am going to get off the computer and get some dishes done then head off to bed :) Have a great day tomorrow and I will try to catch up on what I have missed then