100 lb. Club - 100 lb Accountability 26 October - 1 November

10-26-2009, 03:48 AM
Do you need accountability? A place to post your menu or your plan for the day? Please post here. Everyone is welcome.

10-26-2009, 03:49 AM
Hi lovelies,

Yep, that's November in the thead title - is anyone else shocked to see that?

Well, Wellington was awesome. I got quite a lot of walking done and Wellington's a very hilly city - I've heard Americans describe it as very similar to San Francisco, to give you an idea - so that's got to be a plus. And then there was the wine and food. Yeah, not sure I did enough walking to nullify the effects of that! Still, we had an awesome time and it's back to work tomorrow.

I got back last night and it was a public holiday here today, so I've just relaxed and sorted a few things out here. Went to the gym this morning and the cardio workout was challenging! Not sure whether it was due to the weekend, but it really didn't feel like I was working as hard as I usually do. Having said that, every little bit has to be a good thing, right? I was hoping to see yummy trainer to say goodbye since today was his last day officially, but not to be. Well, he's got my email address so hopefully he'll send me an email at some stage. If not - well, that's life.

So tomorrow, it's back to work. I love long weekends, but I hate short weeks - less time to do the same amount of work. Here's hoping it's quiet, but I'm certainly not putting the house on it.

Beverly, I'm pleased everything went well for your mother!

Dgramie, wish I could say the same about eating! One of these days...

MJ, I'm sorry about your knee. At least you know and know that there's a definite end in sight. What sort of wait list are you looking at before you have the operation?

Lottie, good luck with the interview! How did it all go?

Becky, sounds like you're rocking the exercise!

Mary, your menu sounds so yummy! I love broccoli soup!

Diane, I think it does take a bit of time to get yourself back into a routine after a break.

Rae, how lovely to see you here! And yummy trainer worked me hard. Meanie that he is!

Suzeque, I agree that it's easy to make excuses not to exercise. What's worked for me is making it part of my routine. I exercise first thing in the morning - up, get dressed, have breakfast and am out the door. Otherwise I procrastinate and come up with all kinds of excuses not to exercise. 90 miles is a heck of a long way to travel, though. Is there nowhere closer for you? With the time involved in travelling there not to mention the cost of fuel, it could get easy to just not exercise...

Aubrylin, welcome! Great to have you here!

Take care everyone!

10-26-2009, 10:44 AM
nicolen, I posted a OT: I GOT THE JOB thread the other day. so, yeah....I got the job! :)

today: 1500

b: banana bread weight control oatmeal with one medium banana
l: cold noodles with warm seitan and peanut sauce
s: dunno yet
d: garlic pasta with zucchini and onions
s: dunno yet

10-26-2009, 10:53 AM
Hi Friends! No, I didnt drop off the face of the earth. I've been taking a sabbatical from 3FC and dieting to get my head on straight. Things in life seemed to be going down hill.....kids fighting more, mouthing off and being disrespectul, Hubby and I spatting too much, house a mess, finances a mess. I realized that I had been concentrating too much on the physical aspect of my life and totally neglecting the spiritual side. My faith has been the center of my life since I was 10, but I had let it slip away. We finally decided to buckle down and find a church home. We did find an awesome church that the whole family loves. We've been attending for 6 weeks now. Slowly, I'm starting to get my life back together. I'm finding that concentrating on my spiritual life seems to bring everything else back in line, including my food addiction. Now, I'm ready to tackle this again.

Anyways, I do apologize for not being here for everyone. But, I'm here now and will stick around.

10-26-2009, 11:32 AM
Ok, I'm now done with vacations and such. No more excuses, so I hit the gym this morning. It was good to be back. I think hunting and all that walking/hiking helped. I felt pretty strong. I did gain a pound back last week after losing the 5 while hunting. I thought that might happen, but now I want to go back to losing. I made a good, healthy lunch and breakfast was good too. Now, I just need to remain focused. Ha!

Rhonda: Good to see you. Glad you're back and things are going well for you.

Lottie: Congrats on the job.

Nicolen: Hard to believe it is so close to November. Where did the year go?

Have a great day everyone!

10-26-2009, 11:34 AM
Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I did, but it went too fast.

nicolen--sounds like you had a great weekend away! Yes, every bit helps!!! I hope yummy trainer e-mails you!!!!

lottie--AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!! I knew you would get it!!!!

Rhonda--I am so sorry to hear that things were getting rough, but SO happy to hear that you are turning it around. Congratulations. No need to apologize. You have to take care of yourself and your family first. I'm glad you are back!

As for me, I have no idea what kind of timeframe we are looking at for the surgery. I am going to call the drs office and talk to my surgeons secretary. I spent a lot of time looking into the details of the surgery (even found a great support forum...similiar to 3FC, but for knee/hip surgery). Hopefully I will know more after talking with her, or at least who I should direct all of my questions to....

I did write down my "Plan" and posted it on the refrigerator. I was explaining it to dh last night and he liked the idea. So far, one day OP! YIPPEE!!!

Have a great OP day everyone!

10-27-2009, 04:14 AM
It's just after 8pm here and I'm watching the most brilliant sunset. I really do love this time of the year when the days are getting longer and longer. Kind of makes up for winter when we only get 7 1/2 hours sun a day and that's during the hours I work.

Anyway, quiet sort of day today. I didn't go to the gym because it was absolutely bucketing down first thing - got to the end of the drive and asked myself what I was doing. I missed it too. Not sure whether to go tomorrow morning to make up for things or leave it be. I'll probably leave it be, but I'll see how I feel on the day.

The groceries have arrived and I've accidentally ordered too many tomatoes. So there may have to be tomato soup at some stage in the next few days. Yum!

Lottie, yay for the new job! Have a carrot! :carrot: Have 2 carrots! :carrot::carrot:

Rhonda, it's always fantastic to see you. It sounds like you've had a fairly difficult few weeks, and I'm sorry to hear that. Just check in as it suits you, and if there's ever anything we can do, please do let us know. :hug:

Diane, go you! Awesome stuff!

MJ, here's hoping the surgery happens sooner rather than later.

Have fun everyone!

10-27-2009, 07:13 AM
Hi friends - I am having lower back and right hip pain. It's been hard to sit at my desk. I am suppose to leave tomorrow for storytelling and a visit with my grandson. Please send your healing vibes or prayers.

Have a GREAT op week.

10-27-2009, 09:38 AM
Just popping in to say hello to everyone.

I have been struggling with a lot emotionally and just not managing different aspects as well as I would like. My eating is part of that. I am down another pound which I consider a miracle in itself. It seems to be I yo-yo the same 2 lbs back and forth. A lot of that is water fluctuation I am sure, but I have not been as commited as I should be either to my weight. No binging though so that is good.

Anyway the first aspect of trying to do a better job I think for me is to come back and if not post atleast to read a bit on the forum so it keeps me a bit more focused on what I am eating.

Beverlyjoy ~ I am sending healing vibes and best wishes for your pain and a great visit with your grandson !!!!

Nicolen~ I love tomatoes, soup sounds delish. When I have extra tomatoes from the garden I love to do fresh salsa or tomato pie. I do confess though I did not make pie this year because I didn't want to have the extra calories.

mj5 ~ hope you get some good news soon about the surgery , and the website sounds like a good support group which will be very helpful !!!

lottie ~ congrats on the job!!!! I will have to look for your thread and read about it.

slashnl~ best wishes for getting back on track. hope you had a great vacation!!

GirlyGirlSebas ~ one day at a time and best of luck !!!

10-27-2009, 09:50 AM
Good Morning everyone!!! It's a gorgeous fall day here! I forgot to mention yesterday....I was able to change my ticker...1lb down! YIPPEE!!!

Diane--Good for you for getting focused!

nicolen--That sunset sounds beautiful! Mmm, tomato soup!

Beverlyjoy--Oh no! Feel better!!!! Have a great trip!

jab--There you are! I was wondering what was up w/ you. So sorry to hear that you have been struggling. We are here for you!!!

Two OP days behind me...today WILL be 3! Plan for tonight is arms/shoulders and cardio.

Have a great OP day everyone!

10-27-2009, 11:37 AM
Day 2 of being back on track and focused. I'm happy. I went to spin class, so that was good. I didn't enjoy the routine too much, but it was still a good workout. She did the same thing over and over to different songs. I like a lot more variety than that. If I have time to think too much then either I think about how hard it is or my mind wanders to work/kids/whatever and I don't get the focus I want. But, at least it was a workout. Food was very good for being on plan yesterday. You know, when you force yourself to write it down (or type it in on the computer), you really think about what you're eating.

MJ: Congrats on the pound! Love moving tickers downward!

Jab: I hope things are getting better for you. You have a lot on your plate, emotionally, and I know it must be rough. Hang in there! Keep posting! We love to hear from you.

Beverly: Darn pain! I hope you feel better soon!

Nicolen: We're going the other way... the days are so short now. We have a time change coming up, moving the clocks back an hour, but then it is even worse at night for being so dark so early. Sigh.

Have a great day everyone!

10-27-2009, 12:24 PM
Good-morning everyone!

I'm still hanging around here on the fringes. I've been reading everyday, but still not getting myself in gear. I haven't even gotten on the scale yet, too see how bad it is. But I have a doctor appt. tomorrow morning, so I guess that will let me know where I'm starting. I haven't been there in 3 1/2 years, simply because I don't want to get on the scale! Pathetic isn't it? But my weight was good last time I was, and I hate to see the difference. Not to mention its the ob/gyn so not my favorite doctor anyway. I know he is going to send me for a mammogram as I have since hit the dreaded 40!:p

I just wanted to quickly post and say Hi, and hopefully give myself some accountibility. Now have to get ready and run my son to the ped. office, for an appt. Because last night as I was helping the kids make carmel apples, using the fondue pot, and I had the pan lifted up to help my other ds scape it out and finish up. He decided to touch the hot plate part of it!:o I asked him why!! His answer, "I don't know, I just wanted to see what it felt like!":rolleyes: All 5 fingers on his left hand are now blistered. Gotta love that 6 yr. old logic!;)

Have a great day everyone!!

10-28-2009, 09:29 AM
well today is my first day at the new job. I leave here at 1110 to catch the bus for the 45 mins bus ride followed by a 10 min walk to get there. what a hassle. hehe.

oh well, I figure once I get there for today I'll eat a veggie delight, bring a lean cuisine for me for later in the evening and have cold noodles and warm seitan and peanut sauce when I get home for dinner.

no room/time for snacks today really!

10-28-2009, 03:08 PM
Hi everyone! Just popping in quick...I have had several back to back meetings today. We did squeeze in lunch out and I am SO proud of myself! I ordered VERY healthy--grilled chicked w/ lots of lettuce and tomato--no mayo and salad instead of fries w/ light Italian dressing--just a little. My friend was SHOCKED! She still ordered super unhealthy and actually asked me if I was "ever going to eat like a normal person again" Ummm....I am! She laughed and said that it wasn't exactly what she meant....I told her that I wasn't swearing off french fries forever, but I was really making an effort to eat healthier, exercise, etc. She said that she wants to do that too. Who knows, maybe we can support each other. She is going w/ me to the conference at the resort next week and I told that I plan on working out, so she better plan on bringing workout clothes too!

10-28-2009, 11:15 PM
Well, I freaked out a little. I was doing well, I tracked all of my food and attempted my exercise plan and actually gained weight that week... another week or so of discouragement and I gained a little more, a total of 6lbs. It goes on sooo easily. I don't even recall eating anything too alarming, perhaps it was just an anomaly or simply water weight. At any rate, I've started back up again. I'll start over as many times as I have to.

Perhaps I was just eating too many calories. I've tried a few different calculators and they have gone as high as 2,500. I'm going to try 2,000 this week and see what happens. If not, then I may decrease it some more.

My mom bought me Wii Fit Plus, a pedometer, and The Beck Diet Solution book for my birthday, it just arrived in the mail today. I've never used a pedometer before but I've wanted one for awhile now so this is great! :)

I feel like I am never getting past this step. :?: Anyway, thanks for reading. If anyone understands how I feel I know it's you ladies.

10-29-2009, 03:25 AM
Hey ladies,

Well, I met my new trainer today. Her name is Kim and she's very nice. Almost too nice really. We went through the initial paperwork and the things that I can and can't do and what I'd done with yummy trainer. She was asking a lot of "are you sure you're able to do this" type questions, whereas yummy trainer was more "try it and see whether there's any problems and if there are we'll make changes" kind of thing. It's hard to tell from the first session - we're both obviously trying to make a good impression. I don't know how I feel - I don't really feel like I clicked with her, but it was the first session and I really do need to give it more than one session. Weirdly, she lives a couple of streets away and has offered to pick me up on mornings when she's going in to the gym rather than me walking in which is lovely of her. I'm saying it's weird because I don't remember seeing around before and this is the sort of place where you know everyone's face - as an example, it's not uncommon to see the local MPs in the supermarket.

Apart from that, it's all very quiet for me. And it's Friday tomorrow - yay for Friday. Unfortunately I'm on the phones at work and Fridays always bring the more interesting customers out...

Beverly, hope you have a fantastic visit and that your back and hip feel better.

Jab, awesome to see you!

MJ, I'm pleased I'm not the only one with those sorts of friends. Seriously that fried rubbish gives me tummy issues these days - I'd rather eat something that doesn't mean I feel ill for the next several hours.

Diane, yay for spin class! But yeah, doing the same thing for every song, not so good.

Aubrilyn, good luck with the doctors - and your poor son! Bet he won't do that again!

Lottie, how was the job! I'm sure you rocked!

Rakel, this is my opinion, but I think sometimes we just have to ignore the number on the scales - if you're doing things right, it's going to catch up with you.

Have fun everyone!

10-29-2009, 09:44 AM
Good Morning everyone! Just a quickie post from me again....another day of meetings.

Still doing well and on plan! Even went to the gym last night AFTER my hair appt! I only did cardio, BUT I went to keep my routine! Today WILL be day 5 OP!!!

Have a great day everyone!

10-29-2009, 10:05 AM
so the job is great and low stress which is what I need.

My mood has been fluctuating lately, feeling a bit manic for about two weeks....it made me care more about socializing and going out than my diet for one....but I made a med adjustment a few days ago and things seem to be calming down. I probably gained a few lbs but I'm back on track as of today.

b: banana bread oatmeal with a banana
l: pb and j sammich
s: popcorn (light)
d: cold noodles with warm seitan and peanut sauce

bf got home before me last night. He had the house clean and dinner ready. it was so nice! :)

10-29-2009, 11:00 AM
Nicolen: you're right, and I know that too, but it's difficult not to feel discouraged when you see a gain instead of a loss. The last time I went around this I weighed myself every day, but this time I will only do it once a week. No need to obsess over it on a daily basis.

I feel oddly encouraged about my weight loss today. For the first time in awhile I actually feel like I can do this.

10-29-2009, 09:27 PM
Rhonda: I know what you mean about putting your life together. I tend to get overwhelmed with things like that, and every now and then I come to a realization that things are not the way I would like for them to be... it's a constant struggle: physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Hang in there!

10-30-2009, 10:01 AM
Just a quick check in with everyone. Busy at work, so not much time. Hope everyone is doing well!!!

10-30-2009, 10:38 AM
Good Morning everyone! Today will be day 6 OP!!! I can't believe it! What's different? My dh is REALLY on board this time. We actually have conversations about food and snacks. We are planning our meals much more carefully. We have even found some healthier alternatives for those nights when we are both running late and need to pick up something on the way home. I will not get over-confident--that's my danger zone, but it is so much better doing this together!

nicolen--How are you doing? How's the new trainer? It must be hard to change, again.

lottie--I am glad to hear your job is low stress! That's awesome! Good for you for getting back on track. What an awesome bf!!!

rakel--You CAN do this. One day at a time. We are here for you!

Diane--Good to hear from you!

Rhonda--How are you?

Beverlyjoy--Hope you are having fun during your visit and not in too much pain!

My knee has felt pretty good for the past week, so now I am more confused than ever. It is really hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of having a total knee replacement when my knee feels pretty good. I know that can change in an instant, however. I have scheduled an appt w/ my orthopedist to talk to him about it. I have decided to put all decisions off until then.

Have a great OP day everyone!

10-30-2009, 10:43 AM
work today! :D

b: pb and j
l: lean gourmet lasagna
s: pringles
d: dunno yet

10-31-2009, 08:41 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Happy Halloween! Anyone have any fun plans? I'm just handing out candy to the kiddies and hanging out w/ hubby who actually has a weekend off!!! I bought candy that I don't like, so no worries there!

I am starting to think about my conference next week. I know there is an awesome workout room, but like most conferences every time you turn around they are trying to feed you. I have done well this week and don't want to blow it just because I'm away.

11-01-2009, 09:41 AM
Happy November everyone! So glad we get that extra hour of sleep and I still wake up insanely early. I'm turning into my parents....
Hope everyone survived the Halloween holiday.

I went shopping for some new jeans yesterday (how scary is that?). I haven't bought any since I restarted last March. But the old ones were big and ugly, so I knew I needed to go try some on. Let me tell you, that was anxiety! It turned out really good though. I've lost 2 sizes and actually slipped over to Misses (although they are stretch jeans). I was pretty happy. So, from 22W to 18. They are a little tight yet, so I have to really stay committed. I'll be ON PLAN!!! Thanks for keeping me accountable over all of these months. It really helps.

I owe it all to spin class!! ha!

11-01-2009, 11:01 AM
I have only had breakfast so far lol

b - cheerios w/ 1% milk and a cup of coffee with creamer.

I have a pork tenderloin cooking in the crockpot. Another first for me. I will have a salad as well and some kind of veggies. That will be dinner.

I have done my 45 minute worth of wii my fitness coach - 15 minutes cardio and 30 minutes upper body. Planning on heading out for my 45 minute walk/jog in a few hours as well.

11-01-2009, 11:37 AM
Good Morning!

I did well w/ Halloween candy last night...only ate my two planned pieces!

Diane--YAHOO on the jeans shopping! That's always stress provoking for me!

JustBeckyV--Mmm, your dinner sounds yummy!

I have 6 days OP so far....yesterday didn't count b/c I didn't get a workout in. Dh and I wanted to go for a walk but it was pouring. The gym was closed by the time I had time to go. I did a lot of cleaning, so I guess there was teeny bit of cardio involved, but not really enough to count. I did well w/ food, though.

Today dh is making dinner--he is making a lean meatloaf w/ lots of fresh veggies. Can't wait!!! I am making the roasted veggies.