View Full Version : ITS MY 20th BIRTHDAY QUEST

10-26-2009, 12:47 AM
hey my name is Lacey and this will be my first post lol.. im really excited about losing weight.. im addicted to chocolate.. brownies are my love cookies, cake, god anything with carbs really :P.. and my girlfriend can eat whatever she wants and she doesnt gain an ounce so when we eat the same things i reap all the benefits aka pounds lol anyways im starting weight watchers .. my first meeting will be tuesday :)... im tired of being fat and unhappy.. i need to change because my sex life is suffering my jeans are suffering and im suffering and its not fair... anyways im ready to start shedding weight and getting into my old mini skirts!!!

Current size 16.... old size 12....ultimate goal size 9
also im new to tallahassee so if anyone out there wants to workout with me just message me back!!!