Support Groups - Help..Injured..Heartbroken..and lost

10-25-2009, 02:04 AM
In March 09 I hurt my hip playing on the super-hula on the Wii. At first I thought maybe I was just out of shape (which I was) and that the pain would go away. Come the start of May, when the pain was so bad it took my breath away, I went to see a Dr. Turns out I have a lebral tear in my hip and need surgery. June 1st I decided to combine PT with my own weightloss plan, and I have minded my Ps and Qs until 10 days ago. I was supposed to have surgery on the 21st, but things didnt work out. I think in the back of my mind 5 days before surgery was supposed to happen, I just told myself 5 days in the gym wouldnt matter, because I wasnt going to walk well or workout for almost a year, and in turn the chocolate craving came smothered in ice cream, (even with my reaction to dairy.) I havent used the gym in ten days, and I havent been watching my cal intake. I am feeling a little down from this surgery process, and I cant drag myself out of it. I dont need motivation, I need some emotional support, and I just dont know where to get it. Any ideas? Books maybe?

10-25-2009, 07:16 AM
First of all... :hug: please don't be down on yourself!

We are all human and most of us have slipped our tracks, often turning into major derailments. I sure have (even without pending surgery stressing me out)! I have been thrown off track for weeks at a time. I have learned from those experiences and it doesn't happen very often any more, but the last time was just a few weeks ago and I was happy that I was back on plan within a couple of days.

I do think there is a physical/physiological component to the restriction/craving thing, and a small misstep tends to snowball. But you can overcome it and get back on plan. Learn from what happened (maybe you learned not to over push yourself, or to avoid certain trigger foods entirely), and move forward from here. The last ten days don't erase all the progress you've made. And even if it did (in terms of weight), as long as you learn something and can build on that in the future, you have made progress towards eventual success.

Maybe some other folks can recommend useful books, but I think there is plenty of support to be found on this site.

10-25-2009, 08:42 AM
Don't beat yourself up over this and know that all of us here feel for you. I guess I am the eternal optimist because everytime some tragedy befalls our family or we have some crisis, I always tell myself that someone else out in the world is worse off than I. I am not discounting what happened to you or how you handled it, I am just saying that to realize that you are blessed in other ways always helps me. Think about what is good in your life and there is good in your life, there always is. Don't focus on the accident, the consequences or how you handled it, think about the fact that they were able to find out what happened and it can be fixed, that you might hobble a bit for awhile, but you have legs that eventually will be ok again. I stress that you should lean on family and or friends and not take on this burden by yourself. Take up a hobby that will allow you do to it sitting down, knitting is my favorite, crocheting, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, reading whatever. For one thing, if you have a hobby that uses your hands, you can't eat and do it at the same time. Above all remember, that you are alive and maybe not whole at the moment, but you have much more vibrant life to live and to give to others so give it! No better thing in life than to give to others when you feel down about yourself. You will see yourself through this and be a better person for it.

10-27-2009, 12:27 PM
Thank you both for your post. Today is day 2 of being back on track, and it feels good. Im going to take it one day at a time! :-) thanks for your help!

11-01-2009, 12:01 AM
WOW....I'm really sorry to hear about what your going through!

I think you needed a little splurge on that ice cream...LOL! Splurging every once in a while isn't bad! You just have to realise its an every now and then type of thing.

First of all - your gonna have to just realize you aren't going to be able to do what you want to in the gym for a very long time. Its okay. The better care you take of yourself over the next year after your surgery.....the better quality of life you will have in your future. Trust dad had surgery on his foot and didn't listen and it didn't heal properly....he suffers extreme pain every day of his life now.

Second of all -just realise that a calorie deficiet = weight loss. You can obtain that calorie deficet by cutting calories....but maybe you can do some upper body workouts like arms/shoulders/back that will not reqire any movement of your hip and/or lower body. Also can you do any swimming....its great exercise and very low impact.

Just think...if you have to take it easy a whole year then that is what you have to do. You can make the best of your situation and do what you can do and take whatever weight loss you can get and perhaps lose 2 - 5 pounds a month and end up 24 - 60 pounds lighter at the end of the year.......OR you can let this beat you and get the better of you and not only NOT lose weight but GAIN weight and unhealthy habits!

Don't do that...don't let this thing beat you!