Metabolic Research Center - QUESTION-i reached goal, and then quit smoking, and NOW im back on MetaBALANCE

10-24-2009, 09:42 AM
Hey all,
since i quit smoking my weight has BARELY started creeping up...approx 5 pounds so far, so the center has given me the metabalance menu. The reason is because when you quit smoking it messes with your insulin levels, so basically ANYTHING i eat causes my blood sugar to spike (and therefore insulin to be deployed, carbs stored as fat, etc etc) By the way, THIS is why people who DONT just mindlessly snack when they quit smoking, gain weight...GGRRRRRrrrr..
Ok, anyway, since i WAS at goal already, and im VERY ACTIVE, do you guys think i should go FULLY onto metabalance, or just eat the metabalance structured way. For example, I still eat my 3 eggs with breakfast, and my dairy, and starch, and then for lunch and dinner i eat the 4 ozs protein. on metabalance you are supposed to eat ONE egg with breakfast, and the dairy/startch, and then only 3 ozs protein at lunch and dinner. My question is, since im not trying to LOSE weight right now, just to keep from GAINING as i quit smoking and go off the patch, do you think i need to follow it exactly?? or can I still have my TWO eggs at breakfast, and 4ozs meat...etc etc...... SIGH, i dont know..

but i REALLY DO LOVE my center...they have been so helpful and supportive and willing to help me in anyway as i quit smoking, even though im in maintenance now...

10-24-2009, 12:02 PM
Not sure what exactly you should do. Does your center know you quit smoking and put you on Meta Balance? If so, I suppose I would go with it 100% for now and then start added in more food. Not sure though ???

BTW ~ Good decision to quit smoking!!! Another healthy choice. :)