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10-24-2009, 12:49 AM
I need to add some weight to my strength training. Right now, all I have it two 5lb weights. Unfortunately, I am on a very tight budget so really can't buy much. I found some inexpensive weights, 20lbs, but while not expensive, I still can only really buy one at a time. Would it hurt anything to just get one for now and just work one arm/shoulder, etc. at a time, or should I wait to use it when I have two? I know a lot about cardio exercise, but strength training is still very new for me, so any info would be much appreciated.

10-24-2009, 01:53 AM
Honestly, I'd recommend looking into resistance bands. You can buy a few for about the same price as a 20 lb weight and it'd be more versatile.

10-24-2009, 06:35 AM
From what I've read using one weight at a time will not hurt you, and can add benefits because by using only one weight you are forced to use your core muscles for balance.

10-24-2009, 03:29 PM
I didn't know if the resistance bands would provide enough resistance to build some muscle. I will admit I really don't know much about strength training, I am slowly learning. I will have to check out resistance bands when I go shopping today.

10-24-2009, 03:51 PM
I use resistance bands when I do Power 90. I've also used 10 pound weights doing the same routine. The resistance bands give me more weight choices and seem to give me a harder workout because I can vary the band length to what I need. Can't do that with my 10 pound weights...

And yes, I have been building muscle with the resistance bands.

Shannon in ATL
10-24-2009, 03:55 PM
I've never used the resistance bands, but I know that they can give you a great workout for a lot cheaper than buying the dumbbells. I know people who have built muscle with them, absolutely!

10-25-2009, 12:42 PM
A lot of body builders use resistance bands, although granted they aren't the ones you find at Target but still. You can get a good workout with resistance bands and although there is nothing wrong with a 20 lb weight, I think it is too limiting for probably what would be the same cost as 3 resistance bands where you can vary the intensity by the tension on the band and the band itself.