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10-24-2009, 12:36 AM
My little porker of a baby, one year old English Lop Olivia already has had her costume debut!


I know that her breed is one of the larger, as was my previous larger Satin, but this little baby of mine has mastered the begging from everyone she sees to the point that my parents are insisting that she has at least three meals a day, ASIDE from her free feeding grain. We're talking 6AM-7AM banana, Noon spinach, afternoon strawberry tops and kiwi peels, dinner radish and/or celery greens or romaine, and a carrot with greens at bed time. I know she's overweight and yet they say I'm abusing my baby if she doesn't get fed multiple times per day all sorts of snacks when she has hay and pellets to free much on 24/7. Her listing of "Meals" does not include the other treats she gets from the pet store....yogurt chips, dried fruit, berry/nut sticks, edible toys, bread, animal crackers, graham crackers etc... :carrot::cb::broc::bunny2:

I never really thought of her as needing a diet much until the other night when she was sitting and staring at me in the cute I'm a starving hostage face and it seriously looked like she had the need for a bra under her dewlap! Bunnies do not have boobs!!!

She does get plenty of exercise as she gets free rein over the house while I'm living back home. (It's her house, the rest of us she just allows to live here and serve her!) I just don't know how to get her to lose some of her bunny pudge with my human fat when no one will listen to my requests to not keep feeding her so much human food. She's just so affectionate to everyone and so darned cute when she begs that no one, save myself while feeling EXTREMELY guilty, resists and just gives her more!

Any ideas? I don't have a treadmill and it's a bit cold with her long ears for more outside time, especially as all she does is nibble things out there too!


01-24-2010, 05:40 AM
Awww how cute. Rabbits are so sweet. I've had more then 20, I have a mini rex now, had dutch in the past.

You could do a search in books and internet about the health effects on rabbits who are fat and print it out and show people. Maybe when they realize they are not doing her any good they will resist the urge to give her too many treats. I have a rabbit and she always gains a bit of weight in winter because she can't hop around on the grass when it's wet and cold out, and she doesn't get very many treats during this time because of it. She's fine, she begs but she still loves me. A good cuddle is a good enough apology for her.