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10-23-2009, 01:06 PM

I have been searching around the web for a site to use for support. I remember finding this site originally, goodness it has to be close to 10 yr. ago now. I think I even joined at some point! LOL But, I really need to get my weight back under control.
I have been over weight since middle school. Clinical depression and family genetics and dynamics have not worked in my favor! LOL
I did manage to lose 100 lb. 5 yr. ago, but have since manged to regain almost 120 lb.:cry: I'll spare you the worst of the boring details. But life, stress, financial issues, major depressive episode all have played a part. I think one of the biggest issues, was having my dd diagnosed with major food issues, including Celiac disease. Things I probably should have recognized much earlier than I did. But, I was trying so hard to not to have her deal with the food issues I was raised with, that I missed what was right in front of my face. Thankfully she is doing great, now if only I was.
When I lost the weight, people were constantly telling me how great I looked. There was a few people who didn't even recognize me. I have been so embarrassed over my regain. I am terrified of failing again and it is such a public failure. I don't know if I could handle that again. I have lost all confidence in myself.
When I did lose weight, even though everybody commented on what I looked like and I knew what size clothes I was wearing. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see the difference, I still saw the same fat body I always had. Unfortunately I think the same problem has kept me from recognizing how much wight I have regained. I do avoid mirrors when ever possible though! lOL
I don't even know what plan I want to use or how I am going to attack this weight. I just know I need to do something and do it now!
If you have made it through my rambling, Thank you! :D

10-23-2009, 01:09 PM
Hey :) Welcome. Be sure to come visit us in the maintainer's forum. Looking in the mirror and seeing our heavier selves - it happens to a lot of us. Maybe hearing our shared experiences might help.

Good luck!

10-23-2009, 01:40 PM
:wel3fc: aubrylin you are not alone in this issue when I started this almost two months ago I weighed in at 315.5 and I am now 294 and still loosing. for me what works for me is that I count calories and Log them in on sparkpeople and I do any where from 30 to 60 minutes workouts daily. You will jest have to find something that works for you.
Even though I have lost 21 pounds I dont realy feel like I have lost even though I see signs that I have . Keep comming back their are alot of Ladies and Gents here who will always be here to help you out. I dont think I would of made it past the first month with out them.

10-23-2009, 01:49 PM
Welcome back. You can do this! We're here to cheer you on :)

10-23-2009, 01:57 PM
Congrats on making the first important step of deciding to do something about it and looking for support. If it's support you want, this is definitely the place. Welcome and I hope to see lots more posts from you.

10-23-2009, 02:13 PM
Congratulations on making that all important first step.



10-23-2009, 02:15 PM
Welcome to you! Oh my goodness, I can identify with the regain. I lost over 100 pounds about 10 years ago too and managed to gain back what I had lost plus a whopping 40 more. Horrifying. But the positive side is that you've done it once and you can do it again. This time with the knowledge of how very very easy it is to gain it back. So you'll come up with new strategies to keep history from repeating itself. Good luck to you and I hope you post often so we can get to know you!!

10-23-2009, 02:53 PM
Welcome (back) to 3FC!

I too have lost the weight, and gained it back. What keeps me motivated is knowing that I've done it before, so I KNOW I can do it again. Plus, looking back, I don't remember it being THAT hard... So I have no excuses this time!
good luck, you have/can do it!

10-23-2009, 04:26 PM
You've come to the right place, just keep coming back no matter if you have good, bad, or ugly news. If you don't post, read other people's comments - that has given me a lot of encouragement, even on days when I didn't do so well myself. I haven't had a lot of weight loss since I joined 3FC (because I haven't really made any changes), but I can see a difference in my attitude, & that really is a big help. The weight loss will follow!

10-24-2009, 01:05 AM
Hi, aubrylin,

Good for you for climbing back on the horse. The emotions really get in the way sometimes, don't they? But the important thing is, you're still trying! And that's what really matters. :carrot:

Like you, I've lost large amounts of weight in the past, only to regain it and more. You can see from my join date that I'm still struggling... I love this place, though, because even if I'm not meeting my goals, I get so much inspiration from watching those here who do.

I've only just started back on my own weight loss efforts a week ago... finally plucked up the courage to post on the South Beach sub-forum and no one even replied. My feelings were a little hurt, but I won't let it derail my efforts. I'm doing this for my own reasons, so whatever anyone else thinks/says/does can't really matter in the end. But this sub-forum is awesome -- everyone here really understands the pain of being heavy, and all that that implies. I'll stick with the South Beach diet, but I prefer this crew. :cool:

If you ever need an 'attaboy,' just sing out. :hug:


10-24-2009, 10:19 AM
Thanks for the replies! Right now I'm just going to try and take it one day at a time. I say this as I sit and watching the Food Network! LOL :dizzy:

Right now I need to try and figure out food for the week, especially snacks. I homeschool my kids and work from home. So since I'm home alot, I am a horrible snacker. Grab something every time I walk thru the kitchen.

raebeaR-I really love the South Beach, that's how I lost the weight last time. For me though, it just got to expensive. I still try to follow alot of the principals of it.

Thanks for the welcome! :)