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Happy Canuk
10-20-2009, 11:08 AM
Starting a new thread. Have sent a message to ask to have it stickied. Be back later.

Joanne D
10-20-2009, 12:59 PM
Thanks for the new thread Happy.. I made a mistake it wasn't ativan I was on it was xanax just as bad in my eyes. Not much sleep last night.. The hubby was restless and making noises in his sleep.
It was about 3 am when I dosed off and then I was up every hour..
Got my laundry done and colored my hair , guess I got a good bit done before noon. I'll be glad to see the end of this week.
have a good day Everybody..Joanne

10-21-2009, 09:04 AM
Is your tooth fixed?
I lost another 1.6 but I was probably helped by IBS. I didn't tell that.
Going to Walmart to have the car serviced and get stuff. Getting my hair frosted this pm/
Thanks for the thread Anne. Mima

Joanne D
10-21-2009, 11:26 AM
Mima- Just half way there. I go today for the dentist to put in post and temp. cap. Go back the 4th of Nov. to finish up. Todays visit will be about 2 hours long. Not fun.
Hello Everybody.. Back later..Joanne

Happy Canuk
10-21-2009, 03:02 PM
Joanne, that sure is not a nice expense, but I guess if you want a tooth it's something you have to do. I will be spending over 2200.00 to get my toe fixed, I believe. Can't seem to get into see an orthopedic Dr., so I will probably end up having the foot clinic do it. This is private, so we pay.

Mima - nice loss, even if it was IBS. Hope it's settled down today. Hope the hair turns out nice. I have let mine revert back to gray and am quite happy with it. Doesn't bother me, so what the heck! I've believe I have earned everyone of them :lol:

Here's a little laugh for you today

The next pandemic

I went to a dinner party last night, where I and other guests enjoyed copious amounts of alcohol.

I awoke this morning not feeling well, with what could be described as flu-like symptoms; headache, nausea, chills, sore eyes, etc.

From the results of some initial testing, I have unfortunately tested positive for what experts are now calling Wine Flu.

This debilitating condition is very serious - and it appears this is not an isolated case.

Reports are flooding in from all around the country of others diagnosed with Wine Flu. To anyone that starts to exhibit the aforementioned tell-tale signs, experts are recommending a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down.

However, should your condition worsen, you should immediately hire a DVD and take some Nurofen (Nurofen seems to be the only drug available that has been proven to help combat this unusual type of flu). Others are reporting a McDonald's Happy Meal can also help in some cases.
Wine Flu does not need to be life threatening and, if treated early, can be eradicated within a 24-48 hour period.

If not, then further application of the original liquid, in similar quantities to the original dose, has been shown to do the trick.

PS. . . And if you find you are complaining a lot, it may be that it has mutated in Whine Flu!

This is particularly common in men and can result in bad cases of eye-rolling developing in their

10-21-2009, 10:18 PM
Okay Anne, I almost lost it with your last post!!! Wine flu! You are a hoot! The remedies were way too funny! I especially like the "application of the original liquid in similar quantities" one.....good Lord...been there, done that!!
Joanne, I feel for you on the tooth issue...dentists are more expensive than doctors nowadays and the insurances aren't even worth the premiums! Good luck to you and hopefully this will save your tooth.
Very busy day for me house to the max all day and more PT today and tomorrow...very tired. I will say that the physical therapy exercises have made my FM feel a lot better though!! I guess I just needed to move my ***, huh? What a rude awakening that is!! I do hope everyone is hanging in there and feeling well.....personally...I'm just going with the flow lately!!

10-22-2009, 08:44 AM
Medical!!! So far we are doing well except for drugs. Everything is pd for and our insurance is only 400 a month, Thank you Worcester Scdhool Dept and Medicare.
Now the dentist will be another story-Brad needs his teeth pulled and dentures .
Having a go around with dil about taking then out for pizza so we can see the kids. I can tell she has an agenda because we can't agree on the time or place. We are flexible with the time but want to go near their home because Brad works for the guy and we will get a good deal, There will be 7 of us, It;s never easy with her.
Going out to lunch with auntie, a massage, and meeting Suzanne for dinner, I can see leftovers.
If I had pretty gray hair, I would let it grow out, Anne.
Kate-when I was doing more exercises I felt better,
Bye for now. Mima

Joanne D
10-22-2009, 08:06 PM
Yes dentists are expensive.. This episode cost me almost 2000 dollars.No dental insurance. we always said not worth it.
Dils can be difficult. So far mine has settled down since I was so sick this past winter. The son is acting better too.
It is back in the 80's again.. We went from heat to ac.. No wonder we have such high bills.

10-22-2009, 11:03 PM
Good evening everyone. Joanne, you are so right.... I was sweating so much these past weeks with the record high temps I was considering moving! Then it was so cold for a couple of days I actually got out my tropical weight down comforter for the bed and my chapstick! I am back to sweating and the A/C is back on!! Just can't win here, huh? These surprise expenses like dental work and such sure can take a big bite out of the budget....we do not have dental insurance either.
Very tired from physical therapy this morning and then food shopping. Now that I am using some weights and doing more with my shoulder, it is taking a toll on me. I'm sure I will get used to it but this first week is kicking my butt!!
I never had any children so I don't have to worry about DIL or grandkids or that side of life. I don't think any children I might have had would have lived past puberty anyway! I think I would have been one of those no-nonsense mothers....impatient and stern. I was happy owning and working my business for 25+ years and didn't have time to do the family thing so I guess it has worked out well for me (so far!!)
Off to get some sleep. Hope everyone enjoys their night and I will most likely check back tomorrow.

10-23-2009, 09:08 AM
I have 3 dil's-took a while to settle in with the first one-second one is nice-step dil is attached to her parents because they are always helping them out-I believe you have to take care of yourself and deal with your own money issues-not popular because of that. And then I have a sil. He can be tricky-that's for sure. But I sure have a good relationship with all my kids and Brad has a good one with his son. Trouble is-she is the boss. We met Suzanne last night for dinner and I went to lunch with Auntie. Didn't overeat but probably had too many pts/ I will be good today and I am going for a walk.
2,000 -wow. Thinking that Brad getting new teeth will be up there but he wants his hammer toe fixed and that does not cost any money. Yeah for Medicare-please do not change it.
Gotta clean the refrig.
Wts are tiring -I have 2 lb ones=gonna start using them again after the stitches are out!!!
Bye for now-Mima

10-24-2009, 12:01 AM
Hello! I arrived home Monday night, but the next 2 days I didn't do much of anything but sleep. It's good to be home, but I did have a wonderful time with my friends at Disney. couldn't believe how hot it was all week while we were there, and then it was so cool over the weekend before we left.

Mima, I remember going to Bob's class reunions and not knowing people, but it was still fun. Are the stitches causing you any itching? Glad you'll be getting them out soon. congrats on losing at WW!

Meme, rain can be the pits, can't it? I know what you mean about the older people enjoying the older hymns. Mexican food sounds yummy right now! I haven't been to O'Charlies in a long time.

Joanne, I know those 90 degree days from last week! My friend is from Arizona, and she said the humidity in Florida was really bothering her. It did rain pretty hard a couple of times while we were at Disney, but we were always inside when it did. I need to bath Maurice. You reminded me when you said you bathed Christie. Hope the coumadin level is back to normal, and good luck with all of the tooth problems. I don't have dental insurance either, and it scares me whenever I get even a little ache.

Anne, I am not ready for snow, but I know it will be here before I want it to be. After going to the chiropractor, did your headache go away? I go to mine on Monday and then have a massage on Tuesday. The Wine Flu and the Whine Flu was hilarious!

kate, how is the PT going? Hope you are feeling better! Turkey pot pie sounds good. Good luck on getting going with the SB.

Tim moved into his new place last weekend. He was here for dinner tonight, and then we watched a movie. He is on rescue squad duty so he has to stay in town. We had a nice visit, and I know he and Maurice were glad to see each other.

I hope all of us get to feeling better soon! I did manage to go to one class at the Y this week, but I was hurting so bad afterwards partially because I fell Sunday night when we were leaving the Magic Kingdom. My whole left side is stoved up, not to mention the scaped up knee. My friend said that I fell gracefully though! lol

10-24-2009, 07:41 AM
Sorry about your fall, Tammy but glad to have you back.
We did go out with Brett, Angela etc. She didn't fail to tell me the money her parents spent on them -but we had a good time. And the pizza store owner wouldn't take Brad's money.
And Brad has a sevice call this morning. My chin is itchy-not where the stitches are. i have to cover them with vaseline.
Love Disney.
I have been waking up early-must have some anxiety.
Bye for now-it's raining-Mima

Joanne D
10-24-2009, 11:55 AM
Tammy- It was nice to hear you had a good time in spite of falling and the hot weather.Those places are always hotter than anywhere else.
We didn't go to N/Fl this weekend as the Grandson and his family were going to his wifes family gathering. We are going on the 29th.
The problem with my tooth should all be cleared up by the 4th of Nov. Going to the dentist is my least favorite chore.
This will be a busy week for me. As soon as we get back my brother and his wife will be in town for a month. They have great RV so they will be staying at a nearby RV park. I wouldn't care for them to stay here. They have a large dog and two cats that always travel with them.Christy wouldn't put up with them. My house is not big enough for all those animals.
Mima- Don't you just love it when a dil lets you know how much her family spends on them. Hope they enjoy it ,it may come to a end.
Kate in a couple days the heat may get less. We are supposed to get another cool front. I won't say cold front. It usually get cooler till after the 31st.
Have a good weekend everybody.. Hello Happy, Meme..Joanne

10-25-2009, 07:26 AM
The next time dil says that-I will explain that I have a different philosophy-that we are responsible for our own finances. I used to help everyone out but it sure prevented them from being responsible. Last night, I thought brad said he wanted cheese with his sweet potato so I melted some on it because he has weird tastes. Seems he said peas!!!Brad got a call yesterday and made money on a service call which will help with travel expenses. Bye for now Mima

10-25-2009, 01:12 PM
Mima, why would the dil say that about her family spending $ on them? LOL to the cheese instead of peas!

Joanne, enjoy time with your brother and his wife. Nice that they can leave the pets in the RV. I'm sure that Christie wouldn't enjoy sharing her space.

10-26-2009, 10:48 AM
I would think dil telling us is a bis out-no timet of manipulation. I didn't say anything yet-I just thought it. Running to the bathroom-better today than tomorrow. And sinus trouble-but I started taking and antibiotic I have in the frig. Have to get my stitches out-no time for other doc. The last tenant we had here just died. The one who went in the hospital and we had to come home. he needed a heart transplant.Everyone behave!!!!!!! Mima

10-26-2009, 02:39 PM
Good afternoon everyone. I am having some terrible cravings for sweets lately...think I may be eating too many carbs and it is wrecking havoc with my will power!! Got to get a handle on it right this minute!
Sold my little Mercury Mariner this weekend. It only had 18,000 miles on it because I never go anywhere! Hubby wants a cheap car to run back and forth to work with because he's tired of his new pick-up truck looking so dirty from being parked at the plant. It gets covered with dust and dirt, even inside when the windows are closed! He spends every weekend trying to clean it. We decided my vehicle had the best appeal to sell so I listed it on Craigs was gone in 2 days!! Now I am without a vehicle until hubby picks up a used one for himself and I will take over the truck. We really only need one nice vehicle....I just don't do a lot of traveling so the truck will get detailed, washed and waxed and will be there if I need to go to the store, doctors, etc. We'll save money on insurance, too.
Weather here has been sunny and still very warm. I can't wait for the winter's cool spell to come through and get this A/C off for the rest of the season.
It sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Orlando, Tammy. Remind me when it gets closer that you are coming this way, okay??
We will probably start hearing from our aquaintances from up north now that theyt are having cold weather. I have a funny feeling we are going to end up with a lot of company this year. Hubby and I will have to discuss the "game plan" for when they start calling. I'm going to stick to the one-week rule!
Mima, I think I missed something about the DIL, parents, money issue. Why would she be telling anyone how much her parents spend on her and your son? Is it because she wants to put some sort of a quilt trip on you or is she just being boastful? I must have missed something somewhere? In any case, I would just smile sweetly and say "How nice! And how gracious of your folks!" ;)
Need to take the "big white fuzzy dog" (aka Queenie) for a walk....and try to plan something for dinner. I'm so bored cooking my usual stuff lately. I need something different! I hope everyone enjoys their day and is feeling well. This new PT I am doing is helping my FM a lot....I am feeling so much better physically. Bye for now.

Happy Canuk
10-27-2009, 12:41 PM
Good morning.

Mima - you must be getting the car packed! Are you leaving soon? People need to be responsible for their own messes. It's how they learn. If somebody is always standing by to "bail" them out, they will NEVER learn anything. It all depends on circumstances and everybody is different. At some point in time, we all STAND ALONE!

Tammy - glad you had a good trip. Gotta watch that darn falling. I wonder why people with FM and Arthritis fall so much! Glad Tim got moved and is getting settled in. Have you gotten over the fatigue you were having?

Joanne - You will soon be leaving for your getaway. Enjoy yourself.

Kate - glad the PT is helping you to feel better. When my muscles hurt, I do like to stretch them as they feel better after. I don't know how you can be bored with the meals you cook!! They all sound wonderful.

I got the HiN1 shot yesterday. Felt a little sore in the muscles last night, but today, it seems that I just have a headache and a sore arm mucsle ,where they gave me the shot. I have been moving it around, but it doesn't seem to help much. I decided to get one, only because I have a weakness in the lung area and that is where it goes. I went to the hospital yesterday, where they were vaccinating health workers, so no lineup and I was finished in less than 10 minutes. The line up at the regular spot had over 1000 people in in most of the day. Would never have stood waiting for that.

Boss just called and said that the nurse was coming on Wednesday, if I wanted to get the regular flu shot, but I think I might pass on that one.

Everybody have a good day.

10-28-2009, 10:51 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, I have joined the ranks of the "dental issues" group here! Lost a piece of a tooth with a filling yesterday morning! Fortunately, my dentist was able to squeeze me in and put a temporay on it to keep my tongue from getting cut up. He said I was going to be adding to my crown collection!! There goes $1100 bucks! Oh well, need to get it done and keep the teeth. He thinks my night time grinding may have contributed to it because I haven't been wearing my night's too uncomfortable because it is so old so I had him fit me for a new one while I was there. I'll be getting the crown work done on Nov. 4th. Never seems to end, huh?
Trying to get so much done today. Scale is not moving either....need to be more aware of my carbohydrate intake I think. I just feel like I am so "occupied" (aka busy) lately that I'm not taking the time to concentrate on me. I haven't heard of the H1N1 vaccine being available here yet. I should check with my doctor's office to see if and when it will be given to non-risk people.
Hopefully things will calm down after this week and I can relax a bit more. Off to get my to-do list started. Hope everyone enjoys the day.

Joanne D
10-28-2009, 11:39 AM
Kate - Nov.4 is when I get my crown put on. I hope that is the end of dentists for this year. I don't like going to dentists or doctors.. But I keep telling myself I have no choise. My scale is not making me happy either.
Yes Happy ,we are going up to our daughters in N/Fla tomorrow morning if the son in law hasn't come down with a cold. I will be taking the H1N1 when it gets into our hubby and I am are in a high risk group. I will be getting a pneumonia booster shot in a couple weeks.Right now I am a little afraid to go out into the public unless I have to.
Mima- I guess you will be leaving for Fla soon. It would be nice if you were closer so we could get together.
Tammy- Christie is such a bully . She would not tolerate another animal in the house. She gets along with my sons dog for awhile and then she will get in my lap to get away from her.
Hello Meme.. I see you are as busy as ever.. I don't know if I could take on anymore than I already have.
Everybody Have a good weekend...Joanne

10-28-2009, 01:00 PM
Mima, sorry to hear about your former tenant. How old was he? I hate it when my sinuses are acting up. Hope you are feeling better.

Kate, wow to selling your car so fast! That's great! Tim and I leave here the day after Christmas, so we should be to Vero Beach sometime on Dec. 27.
Do you know of an Irish store in VB? A man talked to me about it when I was at Disney. He said he had just been there. I agree that you need to come up with a plan for your friends from the north. Great to hear that the PT is helping! No fun with the dental stuff. My scales are the same as they were last week. I haven't been writing things down on my tracker like I was before the trip. Need to get back to doing that.

Anne, I am feeling much better. I went to the chiropractor on Monday, and she put my back where it should be. I haven't had a headache since I went to her, and I had been having headaches for the past week. Went for a massage yesterday, and it felt good, but it also hurt! I go back to the chiropractor next Monday to make sure I'm doing better. She said if I was still hurting she would get me in yet this week. I know several people who have gotten the H1N1 shot, and they have also had soreness.

Joanne, hope you are able to make the trip to your daughter's. Have a great time! I don't blame you for not wanting to go out in public. When Tim is running rescue squad, they've been wearing masks for many calls. I had to laugh about Christie getting up on your lap to get away from the other dog! My friend stopped the other day with her 1 1/2 year old little girl. Maurice has never been around children that small. It was hilarious! Abby wanted to play, and Maurice did for a while, then he ended up beside me and kept peeking around to see if Abby was still there. He took a nice long nap after they left, and Lisa said that Abby did too!

I should have made plans to come to your area of Florida when I am down there after Christmas. After I leave Vero Beach, I'm heading to Jekyll Island, GA, for a week, and then from there I'm heading to Hilton Head for about a week. Hmmmmm. Maybe next year I'll do more thinking before I schedule things.

10-31-2009, 11:53 AM
Good morning everyone. I am finally taking a bit of quiet time while hubby is out shopping for a used car to drive back and forth to work with. Hopefully he will find something today because I will need his vehicle at least three days next week! Weather here is still hot....with record highs. Sure will be glad to see it cool off soon. So won't Queenie!
A couple that are friends of ours from up north are starting their trip down today. They take their time and camp all the way down. They are towing a "live-aboard" boat down with them and staying in it while they drive down. No thanks....way too "roughing-it" for me! Once they get here, they have a 5-th wheel?? camper they stay in at a camp ground near the Sebastian Inlet. They seem to enjoy that lifestyle....I could probably do it for a few weeks but not for the several months they do. I've gotten too used to luxuries for that!
Tammy, there are two Irish places in Vero beach. Irish Treasures ( on Azalea Lane and an Irish pub called Kelly's Irish Pub on the Miracle Mile (21st St.) I've had sandwiches at the pub before and they are okay...the atmosphere is mostly golfers and V.B. gentry.
My PT isn't going as well as I had hoped this week. I have been so busy, I didn't take the time to do my exercises at home too much. It showed when I went to the facility on Thurs. I will have to be more disciplined about this for sure. It's kind of like dieting....need to stay on track for both in order to get results!!
Need to finish some laundry...and try to get in a calm state before hubby gets home. He's driving me nuts with this car shopping thing....Bye for now.

10-31-2009, 05:52 PM
Kate, was hubby able to find a vehicle? Sure hope so! I'm not much into roughing it either. Went camping when I was in Girl Scouts, and went with Tim and the boys in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. That was more than enough. Irish Treasures has to be the place. I don't think it was a restuarant. I'll have to see if I can find it when I'm there to tell them that Chris said hello! It's tough to get into the routine for PT, isn't it? I've been in that place a couple of times.

Tim came over this afternoon to do laundry. He and Maurice are now in my room sleeping. He worked till after 1:00 this morning, and he heads back to work about 5:30, and he won't be off till after 1:00 again. I think he works tomorrow too, but I'm not sure what time.

I've balanced both checkbooks today, and that made me happy! Sometimes it seems like they never balance, like off a dime or something. I like it when it comes our right.

11-01-2009, 08:29 AM
Balance check books-that;s scary.
Angela's father said that now Suzanne is having a baby. it will cost us a lot of money. Brad said no. Isn't that funny? He thinks that you are supposed to.
We got here yesterday and are so tired but we slept good-least I did. Off to church. Will write more another time. Mima

11-01-2009, 10:45 PM
Mima, that is so odd about Angela's father saying that. My parents bought gifts for the grandchildren for birthdays and Christmas, but they never went overboard on things.

Glad you were able to get some good sleep!!

11-02-2009, 10:19 AM
That's normal. Tammy. I think people taking care of other people's money problems is dysfunctionl. I should know-I did that before I realized I was codependent. But I am going to buy Suzanne a big thing for her shower but I did the same for Angela and brett. They never get self-esteem from handling their own stuff.What a great day we had yesterday-Sunday schhool, church. out to eat, saw my grandchildren at DQ-visited the neighbors which makes up for today when I am cleaning up from the summer. Gotta call rheumo to get my shot-I bought the methotrexate at Walmart yesterday.It's a bit warm here!! No complaining. Bye Mima

11-02-2009, 10:42 AM
Good morning everyone. Mima, when you say "got here", do you mean you have arrived in Florida? If so, I hope the trip was uneventful and I'll say "welcome home"!. I don't know why some kids today think they are going to continuously get help from parents. My sister has two adult children that are always expecting her to come up with money, babysitting, presents, etc. She calls it the "entitlement generation". Makes me glad I do not have to deal with all that! I do realize how hard it is for young adults to get by these days....the economy is much more difficult to manage today than 30 years ago but kids need to realize that it is just as hard financially for their parents today as it is for them. And speaking of finances, I do all my stuff online and have just recently balanced and backed up all my info. I find online banking so much easier...I can download all the info into my Quicken program and balance my checkbook right online. You just have to remember to back everything up every other time.
Okay, enough talk about money and finances!!!.....
Tammy, Miracle Mile is also 21st Street and is easily accessible from your resort area. As a matter of fact, they probably have some information/maps of that area for their guests. Did I give you my phone number yet to call when you can? If not, you might find it on my Facebook profile page or I can send it to you through there. Let me know.
Have a to-do list to finish this morning so I can have some "me" time. Hope everyone enjoys their day.

Joanne D
11-02-2009, 07:47 PM
I had a nice weekend. Say My new G/grandbaby.. He is such a good baby. Only crys or fusses when he needs a diaper chnge ot bottle.I cried when my Grandson put him in my arms . I just lost it..
I ate too much and now am paying the price. Got to get some weight off. Back on my eating plan today.. Trying to keep this weight down is just no fun. Tomorrow I will try to eat less. I did well till dinner. I could /should have eat less. Fish and veggies tomorrow. That is hard too. Can't eat anything green because of the coumadin.
Cool today but it looks like the temps are going to go back up.My ac is still on.
Hello Everybody..Joanne

11-02-2009, 11:48 PM
Mima, glad you got to see the grandchildren. I like to eat at DQ. Good grilled chicken salad.

Kate, what is Miracle Mile? tim still hasn't decided how long he is staying with me. He needs to get back because he can't take too much time off from work. I got your phone number from your note on Facebook, and I sent mine cell number to you.

Joanne, I'm sure that I would have done the same thing! I get so emotional anymore. Good luck with the eating plan!

I've had our heat on, but I don't have it turned up very high. It has been down in the 30's many nights. It's about 40 right now. The sun was out all day today, so I got out and trimmed down some bushes/plants in the yard. Didn't get back out to clean up my mess though, so I hope it's nice tomorrow.

11-03-2009, 09:15 AM
I would ry too. Mabe I will when Suzanne has her baby. She is having another ultrasound and is concerned. She wants an amnio if it shows something so she will know for sure. Please pray for her.
Got a lot done esp the dining room set in . It;s so nice. And the rug. Gotta get chair pads, table cloth, mats and a new entrance rug.
Going to Art class this am. And getting my shot this pm.
Went for a walk last night but I walked too fast and my back hurts. Gotta go slow. Bye now Mima
Yes -it;s the entitlement generation.

Happy Canuk
11-04-2009, 01:28 PM

Mima - glad to hear you made it safely and are now enjoying warmer weather. It is beautiful here, but certainly NOT hot. No snow and none in the long range forcast, so everyday without it shortens the winter. It is 16F right now, but of course, going up to about 42 today and tomorrow, well that will be a little blast of summer - up into the 60's!! Have the windows open and that nice cool, fresh air is making it's way in. I sure hope all goes well for your daughter.

Joanne - glad you had a good trip. I was the same way when I held my gbabies. It is just overwhelming to see these perfect little ones. I got to get my hands on a 7 week old baby last Monday (my 2nd cousins baby). What a pleasure it is to hold those wonderful little beings.

Tammy - Well, now you get to go visit with Kate. Aren't you just the Florida traveller :lol: It is sooooo nice to be able to meet the people you talk to. Perhaps, one day, you will come visit me during the summer.

Kate - Did hubby find a new car? I hate not having my own car, but one day I guess we will be down to one. I won't like that, as I like to come and go as I please. I guess you reap what you sow, Kate! My kids don't come asking for money, but they do need occassional babysitting and that is fine with me. It might be more if I lived closer, but when I do go babysit it is for a few days usually. I love it though, as I get to spend time with my favorite little people. I would NOT want to do it all the time, however. They have parents and it's there job to raise them. I have already, been there, and done that! It seems that my kids decided everything they hated, when growing up, would be gone for their kids. We will see how that works for them. All these parents want to be "friends" with their kids, instead of parents. Friendship comes later, after they have grown up. Just my thoughts.

Here is a website that has some good daily menu planning sheets if you want to take a look. You can print them off

I am making chicken broth right now and then will make soup later on today. Also, doing up some Cranberry Chicken as I LOVE that.

Everybody have a good day and get out and enjoy it.

Happy Canuk
11-05-2009, 01:56 AM
Here's a funny to start your day. Hope you enjoy it!

Don't send a man to the grocery store

Where are you Meme and Candice. I haven't posted for awhile, but you two are really late. Come say HI!

11-05-2009, 11:05 AM
Mima, keep us posted on Suzanne.

Anne, I love having the windows open too to let in the fresh air. I just may get to visit you sometime! How do you make cranberry chicken? I'll be checking out those sites.

The Emmaus Walk begins tonight, so I won't be on here until Monday probably. Everyone have a great weekend!

11-06-2009, 11:30 AM
Good morning all. I'm doing a quick post and then off to have myself a "me" day!! I'm making some whole grain banana muffins and key lime tarts for some friends today. Got all my housework done yesterday so I can do whatever I like today....(which may end up bathing Queenie)....we'll see.
Thanks for the youtube giggles, Anne. That was a funny clip about the pound cakes! Yes, hubby did find a 4 cylinder Chevy Tracker to run back and forth to work with. He seems very pleased with it so far and I have already detailed the pick up truck so it looks like it came off the showroom floor! I still need to re-clean a couple of tiny areas of the carpet but it looks 100% better without all the dust and dirt and such. The leather seats had a conditioning treatment too. It actually feels good driving a "big" car for a change!
Having a lot of discomfort with the PT on my shoulder past couple of days. It feels like it is giving me a stiff neck....kind of like if I had slept wrong on it but haven't.....know what I mean? At least the dentist didn't have to "build up" the tooth for the new crown so I saved about $300 on that bill. That made my day....
Off to get my cooking done. Anne, I would be interested in that Cranberry Chicken dish as well. Could you post the ingredients for us??? Hope everyone enjoys their day....very windy here in FL past few days and a bit cloudy too. Cooler weather is suppose to be moving in this weekend....can't wait to get my house opened up again!! Bye for now.

Joanne D
11-06-2009, 11:45 AM
Lost my post in the middle of finishing off. Oh well ,I guess it is best to not bother you with my whinning.. Been running to doctors and labs this week. not feeling all that well lately..
I am looking for a me day too. I seem to be busy all the time..
Everybody have a good weekend...Joanne

Happy Canuk
11-06-2009, 04:14 PM
Hi. Candice gave us this recipe a few years ago. I think it was something like 6 points on WW,. It really is good.

CRANBERRY CHICKEN (One of my favorites)

1 1/2 to 2 pounds chicken (boneless and skinless) (I use chicken breasts)
1 can (16 oz) whole berry cranberry sauce
1 bottle (8 oz) of French, Thousand or Catalina salad dressing (I like it best with the Catalina dressing)
1 package of dried onion soup mix.

Mix cranberries,dressing and soup mix in crockpot and then add chicken and make sure it is coated.
Cook on low setting for 8 hours. Mmmmmm!!

Can also use pork chops in place of chicken.

great over rice, noodles or potatoes.

Can also be done in the oven.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Arrange chicken in a 0x13 baking pan. In a medium bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients. Pour mixture over the chicken and bake, 45 minutes for boneless chicken. or 1 hour for bone in chicken.

11-06-2009, 11:35 PM
Hey guys.... I'm back again... I'm doing horrible. My fibromyalgia has just gotten worse. It hurts so bad to move but I need to in order to stay healthy... but my weight keeps rising. I feel so lost. I keep gaining weight and my pain just keeps getting worse.

11-07-2009, 06:02 AM
Hi Migo-sorry about your pain. Do you go to a rheumotologist? You need to keep moving. Do you have access to a pool? And a hot tub>
When I first got fibro , I could hardly walk-it took a long time to feel better.Right now I have hip pain because I have been walking.
Been waking up at 4-do not like that. Probably the time change.
Suzanne has been sick for 2 days.
We went to the beach to look at the hotel Bob and Pam are going to stay at in Feb. Now they are booking it. This is going to be a riot-I can see pam walking to the beach in her wedding dress. She is coming down next week so we will have lunch.
Art meeting this morning-it's been so busy and I am not settled in. But mostly.
Sorry you haven't been well, Joanne. It's always good to hear from you Anne, and Tammy -hope the walk goes well. Mima

11-07-2009, 12:42 PM
Good morning all. Joanne and Migo....right there with ya! I have been having a terrible time with the FM lately. Not quite sure what the next step should be because this time it doesn't seem to be subsiding at all. Maybe it's time for me to see a rheumotologist to see what other treatments are available and do some blood work to see what else might be going on. I can hardly evn get out of bed in the morning. Stretching does help some and I try to keep moving all day because if I stop....I freeze up. I sure do get tired by the end of the day!
Thanks for the recipe Anne. I will have to make my own cranberry sauce with Splenda because of the amount of sugar in regular but I have done it before and it isn't that difficult. Cranberries have a lot of natural pectin so it should be thick enough for your recipe. I'll let you know how it comes out?
Mima, you are on the west coast of FL, right? Sounds like you are closer to Joanne than me? Just wondering....
Hubby has today off so he is running around getting his new (used) car set up for work. He has to cover the seat and steering wheel, put floor mats in....his job sends him home pretty dirty sometimes and he wants to keep the vehicle from getting too crapped up. Always looking at the resale aspect of it!
Finally opened up the house last night....and it is sure windy here! Queenie was good about barking too for a change! Ususally she barks at every little thing when we first open up the house until she gets used to the noises and such. She did much better than I anticipated last night.......hope I haven't spoken too soon!!!
Enjoy the rest of the day, folks! Hope everyone is hanging in there!

11-08-2009, 02:13 PM
Just got home from church-Brad's stomache is upset and I have headache-probly from the chlorine.
I signed up to tutor at the school affiliated with the church.Now I just have to drive there! But I will,
I have had a lot of fm lately-My feet hurt in the am and all I take is Tylenol.
I am on the West coast but not near Joanne but we did meet in Tampa. It was so nice.Maybe we can do it again/Brad was going to a train show.
Nap time. Mima

Joanne D
11-09-2009, 03:11 PM
Must be the weather.. My arthritis has been giving me a fit, lots of pain. I have been on antibiotics for a bladder infection. I see a uroligist next week. One of the things I least like to do..
The storm will miss us. i was hoping for some rain out of it..Joanne

11-10-2009, 07:58 AM
It's so humid. I loved the Waist Watchers group I went to yesterday-really nice ladies.
We went to a health fair yesterday-Brad got his flu shot and I found out I can have my cataracts operated on, I can't read signs and I have night blindness.
Art this morning. Shot this afternoon.
Meeting Bob's gf at the beach tomorrow for lunch. She's flyiing down to check things out. .hi Joanne -hate those Uti's . I take a med each day to prevent them.
I bought a set of Psalgraff sp? dishes at the Salvation Army store-service for 8. 29$
Hi all-Mima
Hope you had a good weekend Tammy. and Kate and Anne

Joanne D
11-11-2009, 07:45 PM
Hello Everybody,, We did not get near enough rain yet.. I an disappointed.
Mima-I plan to rejoin Weight Watchers next week. I just can't seem to do this alone.. I guess I haven't learned as much as I thought.. I know the plan. I guess I just need group support.
I spent some time this afternoon with my brother and his wife. They are here from Az. till the first of December. They have a large R V they travel in.
Tomorrow I go get blood work and pneumonia shot.
This is short.. I am not feeling very well. Indigestion is no fun..

11-12-2009, 09:09 AM
My ibs has been kicking up too.
It's a girl and she is fine. Suzanne's bloodwork was normal. Praise God.
Lillian Elizabetabeth-Sue's mil said that those 2 names didn't go together and Sue got mad and mil wouldn't go on the elevator. Lillian is Sue's grandmother and Elizabeth is Sue's middle name.
I did an exercise dvd/ Ouch.
Meeting Pam -Bob's gf at the beach for lunch.
Hey Kate and Tammy-are you ok? And Anne.
Bye for now-Mima

11-12-2009, 10:33 PM
I have tried to get on here a few times this week, and it wouldn't let me any of those times. I was surprised tonight when it worked! Technology is wonderful.

Kate, I hope your shoulder is feeling better by now. If you want to come and do detail work on my van, I would appreciate it. Glad to hear Queenie did ok with the open windows.

Joanne, are you feeling better? I know running from doctor to doctor can wear a person out. Enjoy your time with your brother and his wife.

Anne, I copied down the recipe, and I plan to try it soon! Sounds delicious.

Migo, hang in there! Keep coming and chatting. Sometimes just venting does a person good.

Mima, I like the name Lillian Elizabeth. Does my vote count?

The Emmaus Walk was amazing. We had a couple of women who I didn't think were getting much out of it. By the end of the weekend, everyone was blessed. The Pilgrims as well as all of us on the Team. My Talk was the last one of the weekend. I felt like it went well. People said it did, but I always wonder if they are just being nice. lol I know it hit home with some people, and I actually stopped reading from my papers and was just talking to them. Had my arms flying around too, but I always talk with my hands!

I have had a terrible time with exhaustion this time. I'm always tired after a Walk weekend, but usually by Tuesday I'm doing ok. Not this time!

Hope I don't have any more problems getting in here!!

Joanne D
11-14-2009, 03:42 PM
I finally got on. I have tried every direction I could for a few days with no luck..
Our son completed the physical exam with flying colors. Out swiming many of the younger guys. It consisted of swiming,jumping up a certain distanceI think 14 inches ,running,pushups etc. Now all he has to do is get through the interview and the academy.. We are praying for him to have no problems. Law enforcement is a long stretch from architect.. He is hoping to get water and wildlife. He sure knows these waters after living on them all his life.This jod has retirement and benefits that architecture didn't have.Maybe he should have done this years ago. What is it they say about hindsight?
The family wants me to cook the turkey again this year. So I got busy and assigned all of them to bring something. Usually I have done it all. I just can't anymore.We will have it at the sons house as there will be 15-18 people and I don't have that much room.
I for one will be glad when the Holidays are over..
Have a good weekend everybody and hope I can get on here again.. Joanne

11-15-2009, 01:19 AM
Congratulations to your son! That is great! Tim graduates in May, and I believe he will start the police academy in July. I'm glad that you assigned things for everyone to bring for Thanksgiving. We have always done that.

I was surprised when I got on here again tonight. I'm like you Joanne, I'm not really looking forward to the holidays. I'm doing better than last year though, so that is an improvement. I even plan to put up a tree this year. Still not sure about sending cards, but I probably will send a few.

11-15-2009, 05:06 PM
I also couldn't get on. My computer has been crazy-found out my virus scan was going on 3 times a day instead of once a week.I shut it off. I will have to start it manually.
Future dil was down here and we met at the beach and looked for a good spot for the wedding. We did find one.
That's good about your son, Joanne, That's quite a different job than before. My son will be starting a new job in January where he has to do some travelling. He will be the only person doing controls for big systems.That's the boy that quit high school. I guess we can all be proud of our sons-daughters too.
I have really been doing well walking.
I have an appt Tues with an eye doc and hope to have my cataracts removed so I can read signs and see at night to drive,
Tammy-that's so nice that you do that Emmaus walk. You never know about what the results are.
Bye for now. Mima

Joanne D
11-17-2009, 11:04 AM
Hello Everybody.. Everyone is quiet here.. I guess we are all getting ready for the Holidays..
I am sending out another request for prayers for Gregory ,my son. that he gets into the academy and has a good interview in a couple weeks..
Also please pray for my sister Eleni that is not feeling well right now. She has severe heart problems.
The weather here is nice but as I am always saying we need rain..
I walked 3 miles+ yesterday and hope to keep up to that level. WW says I should lose 18 lbs. I may not get that low. It depends on how I feel and look.
Back later.. Joanne

11-18-2009, 01:39 AM
Mima, nice that you found a good spot at the beach. Hope you'll post pictures when you have them. The Emmaus Walk is a very special time. I have made so many good friends over the years.

Joanne, praying for Gregory! I knew on Facebook one day Eleni said she wasn't feeling the best. I'm keeping her in the prayers also. I haven't seen you for a couple of years, but I don't think you need to lose 18 pounds. So there!

11-18-2009, 08:29 AM
Finally got on again. Joanne, did you go to WW? They set my goal toolow but since I am still a little fat, I may go to it, Nice to have Waist Watchers in the park. Nice ladies and only a dollar a week.
Suzanne was very upset because she thought I was flying up for her shower and I didn't plan on that. She cn't take her meds and she is off the wall sometimes.So know I am flyng up-I really want to be there.
I may go to Joannes for material today and a dress for the wedding.
Went for my eye appt-have to go back for more tests-he's more concerned for my droopy eye and a red spot on my lid. He said my cataracts were small and we would deal with them later,My eye doc back home does not worry about anything. Not even the fact that I cannot see signs. I had to give 4 vials of blood.
My Norton virus protection has been running in the background constantly-I will call them if it still does it.
Bye for now Mima

Joanne D
11-18-2009, 10:40 AM
Mima- Yes got on but now not recieving email from 3 FC. I have to find it again.1$ a meeting! The best they would do for me is a senior price of 10$
I think they(WW) set my goal too low too. Only a Dr. order will change that. Flying has got realy expensive.
Tammy- Eleni won't tell me anything unless I put it to her . I guess she thinks I worry too much. I am very concerned about her.. I know her health is getting worse. But I give her credit to keeping on doing things that she can. I think 18 # is a lot too. But you know they want to keep you coming as long as they can. It is called money..
Kate,Happy,Mima- We haven't heard from you in a while.. Hope all is well with you.

Joanne D
11-19-2009, 07:55 PM
If anyone knowshow to send a message to 3 Fat Chicks that I am not getting email from them ,Please let me know . I have tried to find a way. Can't.

11-20-2009, 08:40 AM
Hi-I have been having a lot of trouble with my computer-I deleted Norton 2x but not sure if it's ok. Live update keeps running and I did a big virus scan yesterday and nothing was wrong. It seems a bit better .
My daughter is suffering from tremendous fear and anxiety and she 's dealing with it by being angry. She's not happy I am down here . And won't come home right away after the baby is born. I am planning on flying up for the shower and the birth and staying to help her out. But she lives far from me and I wouldn't be driving there all the time anyways. I am worn out from her outbursts -it reminds me of my mother -she also had that same fear and anxiety. I won't be the scapegoat. It's taken away from my joy about the shower and making and buying things, It would be better if she could take her meds. Thank God for my friend Sandy-I heir new goal. ave had to call her 3 times this week. And she had to call me once about her daughter. We both went to Al-anon together for years.
I didn't know you could get WW for $10 if you were a senior. It does work but a person told me she just didn't accept their new goal. Mima

11-20-2009, 08:41 AM
skip the 4 words after Sandy

11-20-2009, 01:45 PM
Good afternoon everyone! I know it has been awhile since I've posted and thanks for asking for me....makes me feel loved!! :) Have been very busy and like Joanne, it's been doctors appointments, physical therapy sessions, more dentist appointments and on and on. It never seems to end! My final crown will be put on Monday morning, I had a fitting for a new night guard for my bruxism and my doctor "froze" off a few skin tags at my visit on Wed. I haven't lost any weight in 2 months, my BP was a bit high....140/88, and I don't think he "got" my skin tags because they are not turning color and falling off! I'm just not getting it together lately!! I have to get motivated and get back to phase 1 of more excuses!!
Last time I e-mailed on of the administrators regarding a moderator for this forum, I never received a reply so now I am thinking my e-mail didn't get through either. I only had trouble once when I tried to get on this website.....(I have it bookmarked on my "favorites bar") and the page came up as an error. Every other time has been okay.
My virus/spyware protection runs in the background all the time....Windows Live Onecare....but they just sent me a notice that they are phasing out the program within the next 6 months. They gave me 6 more months of my yearly subscription for free so I could have time to find a new program. I work with a great computer company here called Computer Healthcare and they have suggested a program called Trend Micro Internet Security......I've checked it out online and decided it was just what I needed and will have it downloaded in a couple of months.
Mima, I think Lillian Elizabeth is a very pretty name.....why would her MIL think those two names didn't go together??? Maybe because Suzanne didn't use hers? MIL needs to get over it!
Joanne, great to hear your WW and walking program are going well for you! I need some of your motivation!!! I have been trying to walk further with Queenie but she is so darn takes about an hour to walk 1 1/2 miles! My last PT appointment is Tuesday and I will be shoulder is doing really well but I still need to keep up with strength training. For $40 dollars a month, I can have access to the rehab center's equipment and go as often as I like. I just may add a month of this to my routine....the therapists will be there to make sure I do the exercises correctly. Then I can move on to the local gym if I want which is $30 a month. We'll see.....hopefully I won't have anymore "expenses" with Drs and dentists so I can do it! I can also start using my elliptical again. I just wish I had the motivation!!!!
One of our neighbor's...a couple that hubby and I get together with once in awhile and that I walk dogs with.....has planned a big neighborhood gathering for tomorrow night. I've been helping her get everything together, shopping, printing out flyers for the guests, cooking, I finally have finished up today after making 8 quarts of potato salad and 2 dozen deviled eggs. I'm not much for hanging out with a bunch of people and partying anymore but hubby and I will go tomorrow night for a few hours. Most of the neighbors I see everyday while walking will be there so I guess it's good to catch up on everything that is going on. Hubby works so much that he hardly knows any of the other neighbors so this might be good for him to get to know some of them better!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day......I'm going to try and get a nap in this afternoon. I haven't been sleeping well at all for the past couple of weeks. I need to get going on my diet and exercise program and stop dilly-dallying around! Bye for now.

11-21-2009, 03:18 PM
Just lost my post-bottom line is that I have been trying to fix my computer for the last 2 days-Maybe????
Hi Kate-you sure have been busy.Glad things are ok.Hi everyone else. Mima

11-22-2009, 01:18 PM
Good morning all. The get together last night was awful!!! The couple that had the party have a dog that we walk with....Brandy....and she went into the cooler and ate the deviled eggs off the potato salad!! Stuck her head in there, pushed the saran wrap aside and ate the darn eggs!! I was so p.o.'d I could have killed her. She was such a pain in the a** that they had to shut her up in the back bedroom. Then another couple (who are our next door neighbors) showed up with their grand children whose parents came about an hour later. "Gramps" was 3 sheets to the wind (which isn't unusal for him on the weekends) and "Grams" (who is always babysitting) was trying to help us out in the kitchen. She was walking out to the grill area with some cheese for the burgers (which my hubby and another neighbor ended up cooking because the host was busy with his friends) and she took a terrible fall in the doorway of the patio hitting her face on the door jamb and wrenching her knee pretty bad. Thank God one of our new neighbors is a nurse (formerly a trauma one) at the local hospital. "Grams" decided she was okay and didn't need to go to the emergency room but had a terrible cut over her eye, one on her finger, and couldn't walk because her knee was banged up. She iced everything and appears to be okay this morning.....we all checked on her. Our hostess now realizes what is involved when inviting 30+ people to your home!! She kept complaining all night she didn't have time to have fun and chat with everybody. Hey, I tried to tell her when she started planning all this what to expect and I helped as much as possible but I think she thought it would be easier than it was. Don't think she will be doing that again anytime soon!
So, now on to more festive things like cooking a T-Giving dinner for just me and hubby!! Tradition and we do love our turkey! I'm making a whole wheat stuffing with dried cranberries for the bird, my hubby's father's Polish stuffing, sweet potato casserole with Splenda, brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes with fat free milk and "fake" butter.....and yes, we will have some gravy. I'm going to attempt a pumpkin pie made with the brown sugar Splenda but am not too hopeful it will taste good. We'll see. Hope everyone has a great day. It's cloudy and humid here in Florida (80 degrees) and we still have our A/C on for the time being. We only got to turn it off for a couple of days before it got hot again. And......we sure do need some rain!!! Bye for now.

Joanne D
11-22-2009, 07:49 PM
Hello Everybody-
Kate - That was a disaster of a party.. I would have to give it a lot of thought to go to another one..
We went to the church Thanksgiving dinner last night. So much food and so many choises. I had a difficult time not over eating. I think I did ok.
We are having our Thanksgiving at my son's house. Ofcourse Mama has to cook the turkey. I will have a lot of help this year for the first time. my brother and his wife will help me on wednesday with the dressing and pies and our daughter will be here wednesday night and help me thursday. There will be 16-18 family and a neighbor and her daughter there. She is 94 and is as alert as a fifty year old. Her only problem seems to be walking.She has a fancy walker for that. She drives her car and takes care of herself. The daughter lives in Tampa.
Weight Watchers in the morning..
I will be glad when the Holidays are over. Our son is waiting to hear about his interview. Pray for him that he gets into the academy.. It is really hard for him to be starting over at 51 years old.
Have a Good week. Joanne

11-22-2009, 11:32 PM
Mima, flying isn't cheap. Hope you will be able to get a good price on a flight. We have flown Airtran, and it has some pretty good prices at times.

Joanne, have you talked to Eleni to see how she is doing? When will he hear about the interview? Hope soon and hope it's good news!!!

Kate, I need to ask my doctor about my skin tags when I go. Hope you are feeling better each day. I still have trouble doing the elliptical. Your neighbor's get-together sounds like a total disaster! All that work and the dog gets into stuff! I wouldn't have been a happy camper. I have used the brown sugar splenda for several things, and they always turn out pretty yummy. Hope your pie turns out ok.

Before I went to Disney, I had been to my doctor and talked to him about going off of the Prozac. My main reason was because I think it has hampered my weight loss. He agreed to wean me off of it, and I've been totally off of it for about 2 weeks. About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I started hurting, and it hasn't gotten any better. Sometimes I can barely move. Tim told me that this is exactly how I was before I was diagnosed with fibro. I talked to my cousin, a nurse, who also has problems with pain, and she told me that she figures the Prozac was helping with the fibro pain as well as my other meds. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning, and hopefully get in to see him tomorrow. I can't get in to see the rheumatologist until Jan. 19! I can't keep going like this. I have still tried to go to my one class in the morning, but I sit for part of it, and I am using very light weights. I'm afraid that if I don't keep going, I'll just end up crawling into bed and staying there. I did that for a while after Bob died, and I don't want that again.

Hope to hear from everyone else! Have a great week!

Joanne D
11-23-2009, 03:08 PM
Tammy- Eleni says she was having vertigo and still has some.. She seems better.. She says she has her good/bad days.
Hello Everybody.. got lots to do so this is short..I lost 5 pounds this week,lets hope I don't put it back on this week ...Joanne

11-23-2009, 05:48 PM
Joanne, 5 pounds is great!

Happy Canuk
11-24-2009, 12:41 PM

Joanne - GREAT weightloss! Hope your son succeeds in getting the career he wants. It is a challenge for him.

Tammy - Have you already been to Disney? For some reason I thought you were going in December. The anti-depressants are sometimes used to break the cycle of pain - depression-pain etc. Amitriptyline is the one most often used for FM. Took it for a bit, but I never felt it did much for OA. It is a very low dose, l believe it was 25mg only - once a day. Darn near knocked me off my feet though, so I quit taking it.

Kate - That party sounded like the party from ****! What did she think was going to happen? Hopefully, you will find the motivation you are looking for. Always something to come along, whether it is illness, or fun, and ruin it. Just takes a couple of days OFF the program and you are sabataged once again lol

Mima - Hope all is well with you. I am sure you are keeping yourself busy.

Meme and Candice - Hi to you two gals.

Not so much new here. No winter yet. Has been fantastic weather for November. No snow, no rain but lots of sunshine. Have been having a time of it with this darn fibro. Been so fatigued. Was working on Friday and I don't think I have EVER been so tired. Couldn't wait to get home. Spent the weekend doing NOTHING. Hubby went to Edmonton to help son with some stuff on the house he is building. I opted to stay home. On Sunday, I had a great visit with a friend I haven't seen in more than 30 yrs. We met for lunch and left 4 HOURS later. Sort of lost the connection when I moved away from Edmonton. That happens, but the reconnection was great.

Well everybody have a great day!

11-24-2009, 03:10 PM
have still been working on my computer-finally took everything back to the day I bought it and have been busy adding the programs back in. It seems like it is working much better but there still is an m in my address bar for yahoo.
Wow for your weight loss Joanne. And have fun.
Only 8 of us at Michael.s on Thursday.
Tammy-I sure wish Suzanne could go back on Prozac-she goes off the wall. She did say she was getting her shot today for H1N1.
We seem to only go to Sunday school or church parties-no dogs there. Tonight is the Thanksgiving dinner with awesome entertainment.
Gott go for a walk before. I lost .8 this week. Slower than before but still in the right direction.
Bye for now MimA

11-24-2009, 11:15 PM
Anne, I was at Disney World in October. In December I am heading to Vero Beach, FL, to stay at a Disney Resort there. There won't be time to go to Disney World (maybe!). I had been on Prozac for depression, and apparently the Prozac along with the Relafen worked for my fibro pain because I sure have been hurting since going off of it. I took the first Cymbalta yesterday morning. The doctor told me it would work fast. I asked if I would feel better by Thanksgiving, and he told me I'd feel better by last night. I think I did, and today I feel much better. Not 100% yet though.
So glad that you had a nice visit with your friend! Isn't it funny how sometimes you just can pick up where you left off?

Mima, is there anything Suzanne can take while pregnant to help the moods?

11-25-2009, 07:50 AM
Not sure but websites made dire predictions about the Prozac. for pregnancy that is.

The music was great last night-This Hope. Bought a cd.
Wow-my computer is wicked fast now. And Norton is quiet. Just gotta add in a couple more things.
Making a sweet potato casserole today. And a chocolate cream pie.
Wow-it just rained!!! Mima

Joanne D
11-25-2009, 12:15 PM
Hello Everybody.. I am afraid some of that 5 lbs will come back this week..
I sent a private message to 3FC to see if they could help me get email from them . I have to take the long way around to get here..I tried to fix it but can't..
I hope Everybody has a nice Thanksgiving..

11-26-2009, 07:43 AM
Good morning everyone. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!! We had some serious rain yesterday and the temps have dropped down to the 60's this morning. Feels great! I finally have the house open again. Of course the Queen is barking at every little sound for now.....
I took Prozac for about 2 years when I was first diagnosed with FM back in the 80's. The doctor also gave me Ambien to help with my sleep. It seemed to work for a period of time but I went off all medication after a couple of years. My FM actually wasn't as bad when I lived up north. It got worse when I moved here to Florida! That is strange to me but just what happened.
My GF takes Cymbalta and has good results with it. Personally, I have a hard time taking any of the SNRIs....they make me VERY moody and MEAN. I stay away from any of those meds.
Joanne....5 pounds is great!!! I am feeling so "bulky" lately and need to get back on track. As you said....hard to do during the holidays with all this good food around. I'm doing a turkey and whole wheat stuffing with dried cranberries, my hubby's Polish stuffing for him, sweet potato casserole which I made with brown sugar Splenda, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and of course....gravy. I made a pumpkin pie with the Splenda mix yesterday and a not-so-healthy sweet potato spice cake with an orange glaze. We each had a piece of that last night and was so good! Deadly though....with real butter and sugar. Oh well, got to live a little, right?? I'll give most of it away to my neighbors!
Well, off to walk her royal highness and then to get the bird in the oven. Hope everyone enjoys their turkey day!!!

11-27-2009, 08:28 AM
Yummy-Kate. we had such a great dinner andd my sweet potato casserole came out well-loaded with sugar and butter. Evan is here and with a cough. Uk!! We are going to make gingerbread houses with a kit.
I overate yesterday but did walk last night. Left the pies at Mike's.
We all talked on Skype-that was so much fun. I need a webcam to do that but I am getting one-or a new computer. The new ones have that built in.
Yikes-it;s cool here. But it has been too warm.
Bye for now-Mima

11-27-2009, 09:17 AM
Mima, glad your computer is working better now! Woo hoo!!

Joanne, I've never gotten emails from 3fc. I have the forum site bookmarked in my favorites, and I just click on that. Hope your 5 pounds don't come back over this weekend!

Kate, I hope I don't get mean with the cymbalta. I know Tim will let me know. lol My fibro is better when I'm in Florida.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice at my aunt's house. I made an extra tray of deviled eggs this year, so everyone was happy. We always run out with 2 trays, so I made 3. I'll be making them again to take to my brother's house on Sunday. Not sure if I'm making 2 or 3 to take there. Taking an apple pie, and Tim's fiance is making brownies to take. It's always nice that everyone takes something.

I need to go get ready for the Y. Aerobics this morning. I'll do what I can. The instructor knows that I've been having problems, so she encourages me to do what I'm able to do.

Have a great day ladies!

Joanne D
11-27-2009, 11:21 AM
I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.
Yes,I did get back some of the lost pounds.. maybe they will go away before monday.. but I am back on the eating plan. We had a lot of the family there. I cooked the turkey,dressing and some pies. I gave most of it away to family.. There was a lot of the pies left over. I told my son to take them to the youth group at church. I gave ham away and still brought a big portion home. my hubby likes that. I do too but have to watch that because of the salt. I think that is part of the weight gain . I didn't eat that much.
Now I have a month before Christmas to lose more.. Lordy, Christmas! Now I have to get the shopping done.
Tammy ,I always got emails from 3 FC.. I have the site marked on my computer so I can go right there. It was much easier with the email.
Our daughter brought us a beautiful tree and she and the G/daughter put it up. I will try to put some light on the front window outside and that will be the all of my doing.
Christie gets a bath this morning so I better get busy..

11-27-2009, 02:49 PM
Good afternoon all. I am feeling just like my turkey....stuffed!! I had some leftovers for breakfast too. Gave away most of the spice cake and hubby has been picking away at the pumpkin pie. I cooked the bones last night and picked the meat off. I got a ton of turkey stock so I will make a soup tomorrow after I skim the fat off the stock in the fridge. (My downfall is the stuffing and potatoes). I also need to get back to my eating plan....desperately I think too before I start gaining back any weight! I have that darn "portion distortion" going right now so I need to "nip it in the butt"!
Went into the attic area and passed all my Christmas stuff down to hubby. I've started decorating but taking my time. I was suppose to have today for myself but ended up ironing the tablecloth and runners for decorating. Maybe I will get tomorrow instead??? Hair cut tomorrow and hubby goes for his eye exam for glasses. Very chilly here today...especially this morning on my walk with Queenie. I was definitely under dressed. I will be more aware of the temps for tonight, that's for sure! Off to take Queenie for a shorty and then have my meeting with a new financial guy at 4. Will check back tomorrow....enjoy the day ladies!!

11-28-2009, 09:46 AM
Well-we all sure ate well. I had some more last night but I put it on a small plate. We are going to the train show this morning,
We did run up to target yesterday and get a gps for $97. Not at 5 am though. I checked online and they said they had them at 1. And I got a half slip-forgot them in MA.
I am not putting up a tree but I have lots of decorations and lights and a manger scene for outside.
The gingerbread houses came out cute but that kit was weird-The frosting tube wouldn't work- but the first one did and a roof was missing unless I pot it together wrong.
Well there are going to be 2 baby showers which is good. The other one is 2 weeks earlier. I will get my gift in January.
Bye for now-Mima

11-30-2009, 10:26 PM
Joanne, I like ham too, but I don't eat it often. Sounds good right now! lol

Kate, how did the meeting with the new financial guy go? Hope all went well.

Mima, I'm sure you had fun doing the gingerbread house even if parts were missing.

Tim and Lauren put my tree up the other night, and I've been slowly putting the ornaments on it. It's in Tim's old room because it faces the street, and I wanted it to show outside. Well, now I'm having 2nd thoughts about that. I started looking around that room. OH MY! There is still lots of stuff in there. I thought if someone comes in and wants to look at the tree, they'll have to go into the room to see it. I went to the garage and got a box, and I've been putting things in it for Tim to take to the apartment. He has been busy with school, work, and rescue squad, so I know he hasn't had lots of time. While Lauren was here over the weekend, it was good for them to just spend time together when he wasn't working since they don't see each other very often.

I finished 1 week of the 30 mg cymbalta, and today I started on 60 mg. During aerobics this morning I didn't know if I was going to pass out or get sick, so I took it easy. By Wednesday I should be more used to the higher dose. I'm still feeling pretty good. Hope it continues!

Joanne D
12-01-2009, 11:00 AM
Hello Everybody..The weather is nice but is supposed to get rain and cooler weather tomorrow. That is the way it is here in Florida. It usually changes from warm to cool weekly.
My inside Christmas things are up and now I need to do a little outside.. I doubt that many will be here until the 18th of December. Them our daughter wants us to go to her home until the 24th and then come back for Christmas here. I am not so sure about that.We have to take Christie's crate. It will be a problem to go and then come home in one car as they will have luggage for their cruise after Christmas.We'll see.
I only gained .8 of a pound this week. I was worried because my scale showed a large gain after Thanksgiving. It must have been fluid..
For the time being most of the Dr. visits are done for this year. I couldn't be happier about that..
Now I have to get the Christmas shopping done. Where I used to buy 2-3 gifts per family member,this year it will be one. I am just not up to doing anymore than that..

12-01-2009, 08:04 PM
Good for you Joanne. I actully lost a pound but I was sick Sunday and weighed in Mon. But I have been walking.
That's a good thing-packing Tim;s things. I always feel good organizing.'
We aren't putting up a tree-turns out we brought it to the dump last year.
We spent all day putting up lights outside. Still have to fix them a bit.
Suzanne had to go to the er because she was dehydrated-she had been sick since Fri=they gave her 2 bags of fluid, She was good for a while. I feel so bad,.
I did much shopping online-$8 for shipping from Walmart and $8 for a small pkg of Webkinz . The walmart order had toys and clothes.
I waited too long to order Mike's gift and now they are out.
I am beeat so bye for now-Mima

Happy Canuk
12-02-2009, 12:22 PM
Hi. Been busy working and trying to get other stuff done. Was without my washing machine for over 3 weeks, but all is well again. Now it's my vacuum cleaner. Should be fixed by next week (early).

Mima - Hope your daughter is going to be ok. She isn't having the best pregnancy ever, is she! I LOVE shopping on line. Congrats on the weight loss.

Joanne - good for you only gaining such a little with all that food around. Christmas is such a busy time. I guess you will decide what you will be doing.

Tammy - after my son left home, I packed up stuff I thought he would want, and gave it to him, when he was settled in his own house. He is a fine youngman and I am very proud of him. He is a good provider for his family. At times, I can still see the "little" boy. He is now in the process of builiding a house. He takes after his Dad. It's the challenge. He is the general contractor. It is in "lock up" now, and it is framed inside. The plumbing is done. Now through the winter it will get finished and they can move into it in March or April.

Kate - hope all is well with you. Don't you wish you could live here, with snow. It finally arrived on Monday, along with cool temps. No more warm air for a few days. Here, I am sending you a

Hope you all have a great day.

12-02-2009, 08:33 PM
That's great Anne. He will have so much satisfaction. I sent Suzanne a Christmas flowers arrangement today to cheer her up. She is feling a bit better. She goes to the doctor on Friday.
Out to lunch and swimming today. I don't miss the snow but I will probably sww some in Feb, Bye for now. Mima

12-05-2009, 10:16 AM
Good morning everyone. We are almost needing a canoe to get the mail....have had so much rain last night and this morning. It is raining steadily as I type this. I have been busy decorating, cleaning, cooking...the usual! Hubby has two weeks off starting the 19th...his plant closes down and they give everyone unpaid vacations.....thank goodness he has saved one of his vacation weeks so he will only be out 1 weeks paycheck instead of two. Crazy employers here in FL! He isn't happy about losing the paycheck but he definitely is going to enjoy having some time off....he's stressed out from driving a big truck in terrible traffic all day long!
Got all my Christmas cards out and started making some fudge. I have a woman I cook for occasionally ask for a few dinner items for next week. That will keep me busy. I still haven't lost anymore weight but I haven't been too careful about what I've been eating lately either. I need to watch my portions again too. Feeling okay though...still more aches and pains than I would like but I switched to 1 Aleve two times a day now instead of the 6 or 8 Advil and it seems to be helping. I just have to make sure I eat something with the Aleve.
Sorry to hear Suzanne is having such a difficult time with the pregnancy. Women are supposed to be enjoying this part of life, not feeling sick and crappy during it. KInd of takes the joy out having a baby, huh? I hope she gets to a healthier stage soon.
Thanks for that snowball, Anne! I do like a cooler temperature but definitely not snow!! My days of shoveling that "stuff" are over.....;) I couldn't live without my vacuumn and washing machine either! Can you imaging what my house would look like with Queenie's coat and no vacuumn? Don't even want to think about that one!
Tammy, we really like this financial guy...he was with know, the one with "Snoopey" from Peanuts? But he only seemed to have a mindset for one type of investment for our IRAs and we're still not sure it's what we want. Hubby and I need to sit down and discuss other options and make a decision before the end of Dec. I still think we are moving away from my GF up north....she still hasn't called me with a review of our stuff and I've told her 2 or 3 times we wanted to make some changes. That is annoying me big time so I am going to try to find a gracious way of saying goodbye.
Hubby is working most of the day today so I am going to try and get a pizza crust made for tonight. I definitely need an easy day for myself and poor Queenie can't get out for her usual long walks because of the weather. Good day for napping.....too bad I'm not that tired! Hope everyone enjoys their day. Bye for now.

Joanne D
12-05-2009, 11:06 AM
I finally got a email from 3FC. I have been going the long way around to get here.
I am glad for the rain although it is hard taking Christie out. She is not a happy camper. She usually does her business quickly in the morning. Today she was hard to deal with. So far this morning she won't eat.. I guess when she gets hungrey enough she will.But aside from that we really needed the rain.
I have been watching my weight pretty closely. I have managed to get off 8 lbs and am trying for 9 more.. WW set my goal pretty low.. I will play it their way. If I am not happy about it I will have my Dr. write a scrip to change it..
Christmas is still up in the air.. I haven't bought a card yet.. My hubby is not too cooperative this time of the year. Not a happy time for me..
Have a Great Day...Joanne

12-06-2009, 06:49 AM
They did that to me too-dropped my goal by 4, But I am going to get there cuz I still have a belly. I tried my fibro dvd a couple of times and wow did my legs feel good after. Not supposed to do back bends with the spinal stenosis though.
We have an annuity that didn't lose ANY money last year, It doesn't make as much as others but it is safe in this crazy market.
We went tp the pageant yesterday-met our friends from back home . And has the kids and 2 others. It was awesome.And our friends loved it.
I have a little cold and I think it stayed little because I took Coldeze. I swear by it.
I will vouch for that rain-but it snowed back home.
Bye for now-we are going to the 8 am service. Mima

Happy Canuk
12-09-2009, 01:47 PM
Where did you all go??? I hope you didn't just leave.

Sorry to not be here, but I have been working quite a bit, and just have no energy at the end of the day to get on the computer. Today is my only day off THIS week.

Mima - I hope your cold is better and that it didn't develop into something that mad eyou feel dreadful. Good for you trying a new exercise. What was it, please???

Joanne and Kate - you FINALLY got rain! Woohoo. We have had such terrible weather the past week. A blizzard started last Friday, making the highways a mess, so stayed home on the weekend. Then the wind came along, and drifted all the snow, and after that, starting Monday, we had -35 which is about the same in both F and C. Today is warmer, as it is only -16. Now you can try to imagine that it has warmed up 35 degrees and it feels like a heatwave. The sun is shining and the sky is pretty clear. That's winter in Alberta.

Tammy where have you gotten to. I hope the new meds are helping you out.

Well, better go do something - can't waste the only day off I have, although I sure feel like doing NOTHING! Baking it is!

Joanne D
12-09-2009, 02:25 PM
I'm here .I guess everybody is busy as I am.. They are predicting showers tonight. That usually means no rain.. We will see.. I got a little shopping done and hope to finish this week. I do not enjoy the holidays till that is done..
Today I finally found time to do a little house cleaning. Not my favorite thing to do..
Christie and I walk 5 miles in two sessions every day. I dread it till I get out the door..
Everybody have a good day...Joanne

12-10-2009, 10:24 AM
I didn't post because there was nothing to post to. I do the fibro DVD by The Grove Appoach. Makes my legs feel great.
Got a good haircut by Connie at Walmart!!!
Did alot of my shopping online -Amazon has free shipping after $25 and good prices.
I gaine .4-haven't been faithful. After the holidays as long as I don't gain.
I took the Coldeze lozenges and didn't get real sick-still congested but it's so hot and humid,
My brother called-his FIL is dying and it's a blessing. Now they can come down here-they have a place an hour and a half away.
Going to the movies today to see the Blind Side. Heard it was good.
They had snow back home yesterday. Didn't miss it-sorry Anne,
Hi all-Bye for now. Mima

12-10-2009, 12:31 PM
Good morning everyone. Yes, Anne....I'm still here too but busy too. It is that time of year I guess. I've been cooking and cleaning, cleaning and cooking... in that order! I finished up the meat pie filling for my tourtieres yesterday and will be making the pies up today for the freezer. My neighbor is from New Brunswick and her mom gave me their recipe.....delicious! I need to find a good tomato chutney to serve with them though. I finished packing small tins of fudge yesterday for a few impromtu gifts.
I ordered the trike for Queenie and I. Hopefully it will be here while hubby has his two weeks off so he can get it put together for me. This ought to be quite the chaotic adventure for both of us!! I'll try to get some pics to post....but laughing!!:lol:
We're having a quiet Christmas this company so far. One friend and his wife will be here for a few days the end of January but so far no other "reservations". I don't think my sister is planning to come this year....she isn't doing all that well with her sciatica and refuses to move without a walker. She's afraid of falling again I think and it is very difficult for her to get up. I feel bad about her being so isolated back home but her daughter does get in there and help out some. It's more of an incentive for me to stay active and healthy seeing what she is dealing with. She has been a heavy woman all her life and hasn't taken the best of care...unfortunately, it's coming back to her now.
Shoulder is feeling almost like new. I get a little twinge once in a while and I still need a bit more mobility reaching behind my back but other than that I'm off and running again. I just hope this flu season bypasses both of us this year.....:crossed:
Tammy, I believe you will be heading down this way soon, right? The weather here has been record high temps and we have had some serious rain. Today is very cloudy and very's in the 80's. had to turn the A/C back on....doesn't seem to be a break in this either. They had some terrible weather up in the northeast yesterday....probably send everyone down here now!! We could sure use some of that cool air right now!!
Hope everyone is doing well.....I'm off to make up those pies. I'll try to check back later!:hohoho::tree:

12-10-2009, 03:25 PM
SURPRISE ... I'm not dead. Just feel like it sometimes. I read a little but do not have time to try and play catch-up. Hope you have all been well. There has been so much going on here and not enough time to tell 'all' of that either. Long story 'short' ... we took a trip to NC and visited my folks, long over-due. Made me very tired but I really enjoyed seeing everyone. We had a family reunion Thanksgiving weekend, wound up being 40 of us there.

Daughter pulled the kids out of school. Neither were liking the new school and Jenna really hated it. She is homeschooling and I'm helping (just a little now and then) with that. She is still working 2 jobs so she needs a little help in the afternoons sometimes. Glad to do what I can. They came over and decorated my house for me for Christmas ... because ...

the Rheumatologist thinks I may have a torn rotator cuff now so I'm not supposed to use my right arm any more than I have to, so I'm trying to stay away from the computer as much as I can. BUT - I haven't forgotten you all. How could I, I've been talking with some of you for nearly 10 years now. :eek: YIKES ... I just can't believe it has been that long! We're growing old together! I told hubby last night that I had to get back on here and he said, "why". I said because some of those ladies know me better than a lot of my 'real world' friends do! And I don't want to lose touch with them. He doesn't seem to understand the bond we have. I'll try to check in more often. LOVE YOU GUYS!

12-11-2009, 09:43 AM
Oh Meme! Good luck with that rotator cuff! If there is anything you want to ask me about, no matter how "personal" I will try to answer best I can. I have been through the surgery twice....thank God we only have two shoulders!!
On another note here, I am going to take a quiet day for myself today! Hubby has his company gathering for the holiday at noon and will be home early this afternoon. He never stays long at those things. My tourtieres came out excellent....we had one last night with some tomato chutney I made. I gave my neighbors each one and they really enjoyed them as well. I need a break today so I am going to take it easy. Hope everyone is feeling healthy and happy! Enjoy the rest of the day ladies!!

12-11-2009, 08:40 PM
Here I am playing catch up again. I've been having some sinus aches and pains, so I haven't wanted to do much of anything. The Cymbalta has really helped with the pain though, so that is a good thing!

Anne, I dread thinking of my washer or dryer going out. Wow to your son building the house! That is great!

Mima, nice to send Suzanne the flowers. I'm sure that cheered her up a bit.

Kate, good for you for getting your cards finished. I keep thinking about it, and that's all the further I get. I didn't do any last year, and Bob had always helped me before. Just can't get in the mood. I agree with you about saying goodbye if she isn't going to work with you on the financial stuff. Tim and I leave 2 weeks from tomorrow! We will stay in southern Georgia on Sat. night, then we'll be at Vero Beach on Sunday. He flies home the 30th. He is hoping we can go to Cape Canaveral (is that what it is called now?) while he is there.

Joanne, hope it's easier for you to get to 3fc now. Wish I was coming over your way when I'm in Florida. If I come next year, I'll have to arrange it so I can hit Tarpon Springs. good for you for getting 8 pounds off! I'm still stuck where I was, but at least I'm not gaining anymore.

Meme, glad you were able to see some family! Sounds good! Ouch to the torn rotator cuff!!! Bob had that and had surgery. His doctor was very good looking and I mean GOOD LOOKING if you want to come to Ohio and have surgery!! I know what you mean about having a bond with the people on here. I totally agree. We understand what each other is going through on the fibro stuff, and so many people don't have a clue.

I went to the consignment shop today and took another bag of clothes. She asked if I have anything left in the closet since I've been taking in so much. lol "bought" a pair of navy corduroy pants, a maroon Christmasy vest, and a nylon type sweat suit. I had $12.00 on the books, so I didn't have to pay much for my purchases. I forgot a couple of things here at the house, so I think I'll take those in tomorrow.

Stopped at Kmart when I left there. I had a few things that I wanted for gifts. Once I got in there, I saw lots of things that just seemed perfect for the other gifts I needed, so I had a pretty full cart. Now to wrap. Bob's son and his wife were here last weekend and dropped things off for Tim, Lauren, and me. We weren't home. It's a good thing because I wasn't finished with what I was getting them and their boys. Still not finished!!
For Tim and Lauren, I am getting them things off of their gift registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just makes sense to get them stuff they want for the apartment.

I'm doing a Jingle Bell 5k Run (I am walking) tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be mid-30's. Very thankful since it has been so cold and windy the past few days. I can do this! There are several of us doing it together, and we are all wearing antlers. I will probably be the only one walking, but that's ok. I walked the Breast Cancer 5k in July when the rest of them ran.

12-12-2009, 06:39 PM
It took me 5 minutes longer to do the Jingle Bell Run this morning than the 5k that I did in July. It was only 18 degrees when we started. I learned that I am not coordinated enough when I am freezing to blow my nose and walk at the same time! By the end of it, I was also having trouble talking since I was so cold. It was fun though.

Wrapped a few presents earlier. Tim was leaving to go to Lauren's, so I sent a small gift with him. Now I'll go shop the gift regisitry!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

12-12-2009, 06:41 PM
Well-hi y'all. Sorry about the shoulder, meme. Can they do therapy??
If you come this way, Tammy, I will have Brad drive me up.
Almost finished shopping. Brad took me to the shopping plaza and I got a new suitcase, a pocket book and 2 sweaters. Ross!! That's quite a store.
Suzanne and her husband are not having an easy ime. He won't go to marriage counseling and that's their only hope.Please pray for them.
Kate, you always make me hungry-what a cook.
We went to see the Blind Side and it was awesome.
Bye for now. Mima

Joanne D
12-13-2009, 07:48 PM
**** Everybody ,I am back to getting to 3FC the long way around.. I went to the Methodist church last evening for their Christmas program . It was great..
I have been going to WW for a few weeks. Right now ,I am not sure that is what I want to do at this time. I am going to take the time till the first of the year to think about it. I really am not a meeting type of person. And ,I don't think I am learning anything there I don't already know.. I just need to apply it..
I will be looking forward to the end of this year..
Not the best mood for a holiday season.. Joanne

12-14-2009, 09:04 AM
Mima, I love shopping at Ross. We don't have them here, so I always go to them when we are traveling. I've heard from many people that Blind Side is good. May have to go see it.

Joanne, I know what you mean about attending the meetings. I got to be the same way when I was going. I enjoyed the Bible based classes that I was going to on Wed. nights, but the drive was getting to be a pain, and I just wasn't happy there anymore. We know what we need to do, like you said, we just need to apply it.

I am cutting back on my activities. Just too much. I'll only be doing the aerobics class in the mornings at the Y on M-W-F after the first of the year. Maybe I'll have time to get things done around the house then. Seems like I'm always on the go. My friend teaches Zumba at a Zumba Studio about 30 minutes from here, and she said whenever I want to go, I can ride along. I can pay as I go there instead of signing up for a session like i have to do at the Y. She teaches on some Sat. mornings and some Sun. afternoons.

Meeting the retired crew for lunch today. One of our retired friends passed away on Saturday. She has been quite ill, and she needed a lung transplant. She didn't want one. Her sister had a transplant and it didn't work, and she died 10 years ago.

I'm finished rambling for now. Have a great day!

12-14-2009, 12:06 PM
Sorry about your friend Tammy. Right now my sil is at her dad's funeral-he has been sick for so long that it was a blessing. And it's her bd-I sent her 2 nice christmas cd's. I don't normally give her a gift but I couldn't send her flowers cuz my bro did.
I am bummed out about my daughter. I am trying to detach because she makes her own choices. I can think of so many things she could do-that's why I have to detach. She wanted to go stay at our house but it is all closed down so she was upset about that. I am asking God to heal it and me.
Bye for now Mima

12-15-2009, 11:38 AM
Good morning ladies. Well, today I am back on phase 1 and hopefully I will be able to stick to it for at least a week. I need to jump start this diet again and get the rest of this weight off. No more fooling around!
Mima, I am sorry to hear there are problems with your family. Instead of a joyful atmosphere, the holidays can bring out the worst in situations some times. I hope things work out for the best with Suzanne and her hubby. And there is a baby on the way, isn't there? I'll hope for the best.
Like Joanne and Tammy, I am not one for these "group meetings" type of things. My gf (neighbor) took me to WW for about a month and I just didn't get enough out of it to pay for those weekly meetings. With all the knowledge I have about nutrition, I should be able to figure it out, right? So like you both, I need to APPLY IT!
Haven't received my recumbant trike yet. It has been shipped but has not arrived. Hubby has two weeks off over Christmas so we should be able to get it assembled. Wait till Queenie gets an idea of what's in store for her! She'll either love it and bug me to do it or she'll run and hide when I say let's go!
Going to clean out my fridge drawers and go to the local veggie stand. I need some fresh vegetables to get my system into a fat burning mode! Not sure what I will be cooking up this week but I am trying very hard to plan everything without carbohydrates. Wish me luck! Enjoy the day!

Joanne D
12-15-2009, 07:58 PM
Hello Everybody.. I agree with Kate.. I am just not getting enough out of this weight watchers group to justify my spending 10.00 a week. I could lead a class better than the leader they have. In other words I was bored to death for the hour. I will just have to be careful and apply myself. After the holidays there will not be so many things around to tempt me.. That I will make sure of. The hubby needs to lose about 20+ lbs himself.
Mima- I know well the pain of worrying about our grown kids. My son has been out of work for nearly a year. There is no work for architects here. he has been doing odd jobs and we have been helping. Thank God his wife still has a good job. He said if worse came to worse they would sell their home and move in with us. Lets pray that doesn't happen.. I don't think I would be up to that..I hope things work out for your daughter and you.
Today I gave Christie a bath .I used the blow dryer on her to dry her a little.I think she liked it.. She sat there and let me do it!Now cutting her nails is a different story. She will try to bite me if I bother her paws.. washed her bedding.. I don't want my son-in- law to say she smells. We are going to there place in North Florida from the 20th to the 24th.. Then we all will be back here for Christmas with our son. All I am making will be a salad. Yippee! someone else can do the cooking. My sister Mary is doing a Turkey and dressing.. She isn't the best cook ,all very fattening. But, I will survive..

12-16-2009, 04:07 AM
Congratulations to anyone who can lose weight at this time of year. I've been eating way too much. STRESS! Tammy, as soon as Christmas is over I have to slow things down, too!

I so agree about groups. I don't do well with those programs and going to meetings. I'm ok for a few weeks but then I get tired of hearing the same stuff over and over. The last one I went to the woman was reading the material to us and having to ask how to pronounce some of the words for goodness sake.

Kid's program is over. Now I only have the Adult Cantata Sunday and the Caroling at Kroger on Saturday morning, a Christmas party at hubby's niece's with all his family Saturday night and our Christmas here Christmas Day, of course. I got my cards all done but still don't have all my presents and haven't started baking. I usually have several cakes in the freezer by now. I've been in bed the last coupe of days. Had to work on music for Sat. and Sun. tonight. We're also having a candle-light communion service Sun. night and pastor said to have 5 'soft' Christmas songs ready for that. I'm tired.

Joanne ... I can't cut Gingers nails. They bleed. I took her to the vets last month and he cut them for me & 2 of them bled on him. I bought one of those Pedipaw things but I don't like to use it. When I use it it splits the nails ...

Mima, don't know about therapy, been trying to rest my arm and shoulder, that's what the rheumatologist said to do - keep my elbow close to my side and not use it any more than I had to and take Aleve. It's a little better but my legs have been cramping really bad and can't hardly walk. Oh well, if it isn't one thing ...

Happy Canuk
12-16-2009, 10:15 AM
Hi everybody.

Meme - good to see you here. You are busy as usual. Glad you got away to visit your relatives. I hope you are feeling more rested after being in bedf for a couple of days. Sometimes it doesnt' work that way. I have been so busy working ( a waaaaay more than I want to) that I hardly have time for anything. Hopefully, the New Year will be kinder to you, and you will have more Meme time. There is a chiro called ART, and all he does is work on the tiny muscles. He is supposed to do amazing things for shoulders etc. Just thought I would mention it to you. Have never been to one. You can google him.

Mime - so sorry that the kids are in trouble. It happens I guess, with one being gone a lot, before they really had time to solidify their marriage. Too bad. I hope she is not too stressed for the sake of the baby. Hope you are feeling well.

Kate - Those bikes are supposed to be good. Hope you get it soon. It seems you have been a busy baker. Good luck on getting started again. It's a BAD time of year for that. Too much visiting.

Tammy - I think it's a good idea for you to slow down some. You have been running for too long. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I guess we are getting to that age now.

Joanne - have a safe trip and enjoy your time away. You son didn't get the job he had applied for with the police?? Or he hasn't heard yet! Something will pop up.

Like I said, I have been so busy at work, that on my days off, all I can do is sit like a zombie. Then, on the weekends, we have had to go to Edmonton, for various functions. Thankfully, a blizzard arrived in time for the first weekend, and I wouldn't go out on the highway, so it was like a gift of time. However, last weekend we did go, and this weekend we go, and then on the 24 we go. Inbetween, I am working and trying to get some baking done, but that's hard when you only have so much energy, as you all well no,

Yesterday was a baking day,. and I got lots done. I will finish up tomorrow and then it will be time to wrap gifts and pick up a few things I need. Soon we will be into a New Year. Lot's of people find a HUGE let down in January, after all the hubbub of Christmas, but for me, it is a time of solitude. The days are long, and sometimes cold, but other times, the January thaw arrives and it can be nice. I don't imiagine I will have much work during that month, as it sooms nobody takes holidays.

It has been so cold here. We have broken records. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, we were in Edmonton, and at the Edmonton Internation Airport it was -46.5 and the weatherman said it was the second coldest place on earth - only someplace in Siberia was colder. On Monday morning, here in Red Deer, it was -41.5. I don't know if any of you have ever lived in a "deep-freeze" before, but it sure does take your breath away. A lot of the homeless refuse to go indoors and have made makeshift tents out of blankets. One man had a battery run hairblower to keep his surroundings tolerable. He won't go to a shelter, as he likes to dring beer, and you cannot drink or do drugs in these places, so many stay on the streets. SAD!!! Today, is is 16F out there, and heading for 24F today, so we are having tropical weather! It will feel like Spring after over a week of the frigid weather.

Well, I really need to come here more often, because now I have written a novel lol Have a great day.

Joanne D
12-16-2009, 11:41 AM
Happy- My son did not get into the academy because they said they would take only so many. They told him he passed all their requirements and would get in in April. We will see. People tell you one thing and do another sometimes. I hope everyone will pray for him. He is in a rough spot right now.
Meme- Christie's nails do not bleed ,she just doesn't want anyone to touch her paws. Now at the vets they have no problem. I just don't want to pay 10.00 for them to cut 2 nails. The rest get ground down on the sidewalk.
Mima- I hope things are getting better for your daughter.
Kate - I don't dare bake too much. I told the hubby I wasn't making any pies at Christmas time. Maybe one for the New Year..
I doubt I will ever go to a WW meeting again.. I really hate it to spend and get nothing out of it that I already know.It appears sometimes that I know more than the leader who is giving the talks.
Tammy- I have never heard of a bible based weight loss group down here.I am just going to stick as much as possible to what I can do through the holidays and then buckle down.
Everybody have a GREAT DAY...Joanne

12-16-2009, 01:03 PM
Good morning everyone. I'm waiting for our purified water company to show up and retest the system we had installed 5 months ago. They are supposed to come back after installation to make sure everything is working properly and that the water is what it is suppose to be. The FedEx guy just delivered the trike!! Doesn't look like much broken down into that box but I imagine once it is assembled it will be larger. I just hope my fat a** will fit on the seat! This is definitely going to be an interesting adventure!
Had my teeth cleaned this morning and all looks good. I do have to have 10 of those composite fillings done on my front teeth where the gum line has gone down. They call them "ab factures" from grinding my teeth. The old ones are worn so I will replace 5 at a time. Shouldn't be too bad....I've already done 5 and it went quickly. They just sand blast the area and put this resin stuff in that matches the color of your teeth. The worst part is spitting out the sand for a few hours after!
I can't wait for "boxing day" in January! Clean everything up and pack it all away...get back to normal around here! (not sure what's normal in my household!) My neighbor who walks with me is going up to Pensacola for Christmas to stay at some condo/timeshare on the beach there with her son and his new wife. They are driving about 6 hours to get there for 4 days.....and their son is driving down from Nashville to meet them there. Sounds like a great time....I've never been to the north gulf area of Florida.
Need to get the vacuuming done . Making a beef burgundy for dinner tonight with mashed cauliflower and veggies. I'm trying to be so good about this no-carb thing but it is harder than I remember!! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day!!

12-16-2009, 08:19 PM
Mima, hope things go ok for your daughter. I know it is hard to detach yourself.

Kate, you will definitely have to let us know what Queenie's reaction is to the trike! Glad to hear that it came!! My goal for the holidays is to not have a gain. I'm not going to think about trying to lose right now. If I do, it will be a bonus. We arrive on the 27th, and I'll be leaving on the 31st. I take Tim to the airport in Orlando the afternoon of the 30th. Do you think we could meet up sometime? If you are busy, we'll just have to do it some other time!

By the way, when I did devotions at one of our Emmaus Team meetings, I talked about attitude. Your quote on your post is one thing that I said during the devotions!!

Joanne, that's funny about you saying that you could lead a class better! I thought the same thing at the class I was attending on Wed. nights. It is called First Place 4 Health. The Bible part, they were good at, but the nutrition stuff, I know that I knew more. Several times they said things, and I would write it down and double check when I got home. I would then email them and tell them what I had found. I don't know if they appreciated it or not, but what they were telling the group should have been correct.

When I have tried to use the hairdryer on Maurice, he freaks out! Good for Christie! Hope your son doesn't give up on the academy. Tim is hoping to go in July. Let's keep both of them in prayers.

Meme, you and I will have to remind each other that we aren't going to do as much!!!

Anne, I had to chuckle when you said that about sitting like a zombie! I remember feeling like that so many days my last few years of teaching. Heck, sometimes I do it now! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to your cold weather! It was 18 F when I walked in the Jingle Bell Run, and today it has been about 20. I have some baking to do, can't decide if I want to get started tonight or wait till tomorrow.

This is exam week for Tim. He called after his first one yesterday, and I knew he was upset. He said he was a complete blank, couldn't remember anything. Well, the more we talked, I don't think it was as bad as he thought (I hope!). He had to choose 5 people from a list of 16 to write about. He wrote about 4, and then just drew a blank on any of the rest of them. There was also another section, and he thought he did ok on it. He has the same person for the 2nd exam he had yesterday, and he felt really good about that one. He told her how he was drawing a blank on the first one. She told him that happens sometimes, and she knows that he knows the stuff. Hope she grades with that in mind! 2 exams they did during their last week of classes, so he only has one left. Friday morning at 7:45.

This weekend my 2 friends and I are going on our annual trip to a bed and breakfast in Indiana. I think this might be our 10th year. I need to start getting things thrown in a suitcase for that, and then when I get home on Sunday night, I'll need to really start getting ready for the trip south. Hey you Florida people, what's the temperature down there??

Happy Canuk
12-16-2009, 10:53 PM
If you have time, take a couple of minutes to listen to this. It is fantastic.

Andrea Bocelli sings The Lord's Prayer - it is powerful and beautiful and did I say FANTASTIC!!!

View My Video (

12-17-2009, 02:19 AM
Wow, and I thought it was cold here. It is 29 and supposed to get down to about 24, I think. We went to Huddle House with friends for late night breakfast tonight and it was so warm and cozy in there over our coffee and conversation ... the when we left the cold air hit - Burrrrr

The Choir had their last practice tonight. I was worried until they got on the stage and went through the whole thing ... they surprised me ... they're really good! The 'tech' guys set up the mics and sound stuff and they filled the whole church with beautiful music. There are only 17 in the choir but they sounded more like 27. We have 14 kids joining them for one song and you should hear that one! I couldn't believe the sound.

There is a wonderful Southern Gospel Quartet who all the men (& musicians)but one are members of our church, so I (being the wise person that I am :p ) asked them to take the whole service the Sunday after Christmas. What this means is, I won't be responsible for any of the church music the week of Christmas! I'm getting one of our youth who is going to college to become a teacher to teach my SS class that Sunday, too. So, now if I can find someone to teach my Wed. night class, I will have the whole week of Christmas off from church duties! Yea! A whole week to sit and think about how I got myself into doing all this stuff! ha

Tammy, have fun this weekend
I don't know what my 'goals' are. I really haven't set any. I've gained a few pounds and need to get them off - AND not gain any more! This is a bad time of year to think about a weight loss program. But, too, I don't like to get the thought in my head 'I'll start a diet Jan. 1st' because then I'm afraid I'll start eating anything I want from now until then because a DIET is coming up. It's a conundrum!

12-17-2009, 08:28 AM
Well, I do like groups-one thing is that you are accountable but we have a small group. I do not learn anything though.
Suzanne and Jim are better for now. It would be a miracle if he went to counseling.
Going to have a field of vision test this morning, Maybe need eyelid surgery.
Gotta go. Everyone is busy . Be dood. Mima

12-17-2009, 11:10 AM
Good morning all. Anne, I love Andrea Bocelli....I've been trying to find his new Christmas disc but haven't come across it yet anywhere.
Tammy, I believe I gave you my home phone number already? Just give me a call when you get here and maybe we can coordinate a visit? You can always come to my's about 10 min. away from the U.S.1. Just give me a call, okay? We can at least say hi and have coffee?
I love the new trike!~ Queenie walked with it yesterday afternoon but her first reaction to it was "What the..? Now what, mom?" I spent 3 hours assembling it....yes, I assembled it all by myself! Even used hubby's air compressor to fill the tires with air! If it wasn't raining right now, I'd have her furry white butt out there again too! The neighbors kid (he's 9) had a blast with it when I let him try it out. He's bugging his mom and dad (the A/C guy who hates to work, remember him?) to let him have one. I'll bet his folks just love me right about now!
Tammy, the weather here had been record highs right up until yesterday. Temps now in the mid 70's It started raining last night and has been raining off and on since then. Very wet and humid right now with 80% chance of more rain tomorrow. We are suppose to get a cold front moving in by this weekend. That's as far as I've gotten with the weather reports. Don't know when or if it will warm up to 70's + again after the cold front. Hopefully it will be beautiful the week you are here!
Mima, I think if Suzanne approached Tim while he was calm and pensive, she might get him to try counseling. Maybe if she picked a male counselor it might help? Just a thought.....with the baby coming I sure hope they can work things out.
Need to run some errands today. Going to try and work in between down-pours! At least it is not a cold rain.(or snow!!)Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.....

12-17-2009, 05:39 PM
Kate, I can't find the number! I know I wrote it down and planned to put it in my phone, but I never did. I probably wrote it where I wouldn't lose it. Ha! Would you be so kind as to send it again either pm on here or at facebook? Getting together just to say hello is fine with me!! How about if I have a diet pepsi or water instead of coffee? lol Even 60's will feel great to me after the cold days we've had here.

Joanne D
12-17-2009, 08:00 PM
Kate - We have not had any rain as yet on this side of Florida..
Tammy have a great trip..
Our daughter coming in tomorrow. Should be here at dinner time. She told me to order pizza. Heaven get me through the holidays.. Going shopping Sat. and then we are going home with her till the 24th. Back here for Christmas..I probably won't be here to post so

12-17-2009, 11:26 PM
Anne, thanks for that link! Beautiful!!

Kate, I found the number, and it is now in my phone. It was on a paper on the computer desk. Makes sense, right?

Joanne, have a wonderful time at your daughter's home! Be careful.

12-18-2009, 07:19 AM
Kate-you are right abpout the approach. I even told her that.
Wow for the bike!!!
Well, the eye doc is sending me to a neurologist opthamologist-a specialist specialist. To see of I have Horner's syndrome-droopy eyelid-smaller pupiletc. Of course I googled it and I do think it's related to fibro.Why can't I just have a droopy eyelid and get it fixed. Uggg!!!
Well, Brad was waiting for me and the lights were on in the Toyota-dead battery. And yeah for AAA and then a new battery at Walmart. But I didn't get to finish my shopping.
So cool that Tammy and Kate can meet.
Gotta bake and get one last gift, Mima

Joanne D
12-19-2009, 08:44 AM
Hubby in hospital. Need prayers.. I hope not too bad. Back later Joanne

12-19-2009, 11:09 AM
Joanne, I hope it is not serious....please update us as soon as you can. I'll be sending out good thoughts to you!:hug:
Very chilly and windy here.....needed layers on to walk Queenie this morning! Brrrrrr! It's suppose to get down to the 40's tonight! Hubby is home for two weeks now....not sure if I am happy about that yet or not....(Sorry Joanne:sorry:) but men can be so needy sometimes.
Making a whole wheat pasta lasagna for tomorrow. Got most of the housework done yesterday so I am going to take it easy this weekend...I hope! Enjoy this chilly day ladies and Joanne, I do hope all is okay.

Happy Canuk
12-19-2009, 12:33 PM
Hi. Tammy and Kate, it is great that you two can get together.

Joanne - Keeping you and hubby in my prayers. Hope all goes well and he is home again, soon.

Kate - have fun riding on that bike. I'll bet Queenie would pull you along if you let her lol

Not much new here. Just rolling along, trying to get everything done in time for Christmas. Just have sugar cookies left to make and that will be Monday and decorated onTuesday and eaten on Thursday and Friday lol Still have to work, Mon and Wed, then leaving Thurs for my daughters and Christmas. Have to wrap presents yet, but that will be Tuesday. Finished my run through the stores, thank goodness.

Leaving for Edmonton in just a while. My youngest gdaughter (3) had a dance recital. Love to watch them, as they are just so cute. Wearing ballet slippers and tutu's and doing exactly what they want to. My niece is having a family get together tomorrow, so will be there as well. Busy times. Last night we went to my cousins for a Christmas get together. Great dinner and visit.

Kate - enjoy hubby's company. I know I gripe about my routine getting disrupted when hubby is around a lot, but I would still rather have him than a routine.

Have a good day.

Joanne D
12-20-2009, 08:14 PM
Hello Everybody.. Hubby has a serious case of colitis.. Dr's say if it doesn't clear up with antibiotics there may be surgery.. I hope not . He seemed better today. Hopefully he will get home in a couple days. We were looking forward to going to North Florida for a few days. Good thing this happened here instead of up there. Really not good it happened anywhere.
Trying to do catch up here at home.. Joanne

12-20-2009, 11:23 PM
Joanne, will keep him in prayers that he continues to improve! Keep us posted.

Kate, I don't want windy and chilly when I get there. Of course, it's in the 20's right now and we have snow, so I don't think I'll have that down there.

Anne, good for you for getting things done! Enjoy all of the activities!!

My friends and I had a nice time on our mini-trip. Bought several things, and I am very pleased with my purchases. Need to get a couple more gifts for Tim and something else for a niece and nephew, then I am finished with shopping. Sometime I need to start organizing things for the big trip.

12-21-2009, 09:12 AM
Well, I sure hope your hubby is ok. Joanne. Prayers for both of you.
It's so good that you can see all your family Anne-I miss that.
But there's that cold and snow.
I will see them in another month when Bob gets married.
I lost another pound-WW this morning. Hope it shows up on their scale.
It's going to warm up again, Tammy.
Got all my wrapping and baking done-now to bake for Christmas-I am in charge of desserts. That I am not supposed to eat!!
I mean because of the wheat. I don't diet on holidays.
Bye Mima

Joanne D
12-21-2009, 07:46 PM
Hubby coming home tomorrow.. 4 days in the hospital and antibiotics helped.
I hope this is the end of this problem. He will have colonoscopy probably after Christmas . He won't like that!
Cold down here. At least in the 40's is cold to me.. Thanks for the prayers.

Happy Canuk
12-22-2009, 11:35 AM
Don't post here please. Starting NEW thread.