100 lb. Club - 100 lb Accountability 19 - 25 October

10-19-2009, 03:36 AM
Do you need accountability? A place to post your menu or your plan for the day? Please post here. Everyone is welcome.

10-19-2009, 03:44 AM
Hey lovelies,

Sorry for disappearing on you last week and unfortunately this week will be much the same thing. A friend is getting married in a few weeks and we're heading away for the weekend to Wellington. Lots of awesome food, wine and fun. It's going to be dangerous...

Anyway, it's been fairly quiet with me. Weight is up which isn't good. Nobody to blame but myself and I've improved for the last few days at least. And I had a good workout this morning for the first time in a while. Tomorrow it's the last session with yummy trainer (woe!), so yeah. I'm looking forward to that, but I'm not looking forward to it either.

Anyway, sorry for the drive by posting. I'll hopefully have time tomorrow to do a proper update.

Take care all!

10-19-2009, 07:20 AM
life is crazy at times and it makes dieting hard.
I was stressed yesterday and I caught a little debbie oatmeal pie in my mouth...made myself spit it out!
Food has been pretty good..and scales are inching down. I had a 3lbs weight loss last week. Now if I could just do that again this week.
food will be....breakfast yogurt and blueberries
lunch chicken breast and veggies
dinner-not sure yet but it will be healthy!

Loving Me
10-19-2009, 08:19 AM
I really need to be strong this week....
Last week I had a bad head cold and didn't exercise as much as usual. Food wise I could have been better over the weekend and I'm still not feeling great so today's workout at the gym wasn't great and I'm annoyed with myself because I like to try to up my calorie count each session.
I feel like I'm heading for a fall with my weigh in on Friday and I REALLY need to keep going this week and see a loss on those scales to motivate me to keep going.

10-19-2009, 09:40 AM
Well, back to work for me today. Oh joy. The good part is that hunting was a good boost for me in weight loss, I lost 5 pounds. That is over 2 weeks, so it's a good loss for me. I was going to go to the gym this morning, but we were out hunting yesterday and walked forever. I was just so tired this morning and I needed to get some stuff ready for work. But, back tomorrow at the gym for spin class. Scary. We'll be hunting next weekend and then it is all over. It needs to be over, I'm not getting anything done around the house! Oh well.

So, I'll be checking in this week. Hope everyone has a great week.

10-19-2009, 09:44 AM
Hi chicks - I had another good day - I am so grateful. Today I am going to doctor to have my pieces and parts checked out.

Here's my life plan:

stretches & strengthening
log food
lots of water
mindful eating
sit down while eating anything
fork down between bites -slow down!

B - egg white omlette with ketchup, 1/2 english muffin witn npnb, grapes
l - turkey and lite cheese sandwich (open face) with lite mayo, spaghetti squash
snack - cottage cheese and 1/2 banana
d - 12 grain pancake, boca bacon, sf syrup, applesauce
s - cereal, fruit, milk

I hope everyone has a GREAT day.

10-19-2009, 10:47 AM
slashnl, I thought I'd pig out at my cousins wedding in july but it was easier than i thought it'd be, especially with people complaining that the cookies were dry. ;)


today: 1507

b: scrambled tofu and veggies
l: cold noodles with warm seitan and peanut sauce
s: pear
d: pumpkin manicotti (I Did not eat this the last two days as was planned so tonight we are getting around to it FOR SURE) :)

10-19-2009, 11:57 AM
Hi everyone! Just popping in quick, I'll catch up w/ everyone later.

Back to work for me too....slowly the piles on my desk are getting smaller....

I maintained this week, which I am happy with, considering the choices I made.

I have my healthy lunch waiting for me. I have been drinking water all morning. My gym clothes are in the car--my planned workout is: legs/back and cardio. After the gym (and ONLY if I do my planned workout), I am going to stop at Kohl's....I would really like a bigger black purse, but we'll see--only if there is a super bargain.

Have a great OP day everyone!

10-19-2009, 04:10 PM
Ok here goes

B: 1 slice whole wheat bread w//25 tbsp margarine and raspberry jam
1 yogurt with raspberry jam

L: 1 sausage with potatoes and tomatoes; 1 banana

D: 1 taco salad(lettuce, avocado, chicken, tabasco, a little rance dressing)

S: apple, 1 small salad
Total calories for the day: 1,320
Exercise: 30 min running/jogging

10-19-2009, 04:13 PM
Uh, that is supposed to be .25 tbsp margarine, not 25 tbsp

10-19-2009, 05:13 PM
Uh, that is supposed to be .25 tbsp margarine, not 25 tbsp

That's funny!

10-20-2009, 04:01 AM
Lots of talking - that's great to see!

I'm wondering whether it would be considered the height of laziness to ring my neighbour and ask if he minds putting my recycling bin out tonight. It's recycling day tomorrow and I am sore! There are 2 reasons - yummy trainer worked me very hard this morning and my team did a volunteer day at Willowbank (http://www.willowbank.co.nz/) which was an awesome experience. We basically did a lot of gardening and got a free tour at the end - including seeing some areas that aren't open to the public which was brilliant. But think of the calories I burned - it all helps for Wellington, right...

Anyway, I'll be sore tomorrow so it's a good thing I won't be going to the gym. I'm actually not too far from bed - just finish up here and then I'm going to have a shower.

Dgramie, 3 lbs down! Go you!

Loving, if you're not well, don't beat yourself up and push too hard. It'll do you more harm in the long run - trust me, I had a cold turn to bronchitis a few weeks ago because I didn't give my body a chance to get better.

Diane, great to see you back. I'm pleased you had a good holiday, even if you didn't score an elk!

Beverly, hope everything went well at the doctors!

Lottie, your menu looks fantastic as always.

MJ, how was the gym and shopping? Did you get your bag?

Peachy, I did a double take when I read that amount of margarine! Typos are fun things!

Anyway, I'm going to get the recycling out before I do anything else and calling it a night.

Have fun!

10-20-2009, 07:54 AM
Hi chicks...I had another on plan day - I am so grateful. My trip to the doctor went well. She gave me some back and knee exercises. I can take the anti- inflamitory drugs for one more week. Because they gave me an ulcer once - I've got to be careful.

stretches and strengthening
lots of water
log food
put fork down between bites - eat slower

breakfast - turkey sausage,1/2 english muffin, grapes
lunch - soup, carrots, crackers
snack - yogurt and fruit
dinner - ww pasta with a sauce of evoo, broth, onions, peppers, olives, garlic, parm cheese
snack - cottage cheese, 1/2 banana

I'll be back later .
Have a great day!

10-20-2009, 11:12 AM
Good Morning everyone! Not sure if I am starting to get a cold or if it is just allergies, but I am sick of sneezing and sinus pressure!

nicolen--Have fun on your weekend away. How was your last session w/ yummy trainer??? Did you get your recycling out? LOL!!!

dgramie--Good for you for realizing what you were doing and spitting it out!

Loving--How are you feeling?

Diane--Great job!!!

Beverlyjoy--Hope your knee and back improve!

lottie--You are doing awesome!

peachykeen--Great job!

The gym was ok. I was running super late. I had to cover a meeting for someone at work and the meeting ran late. I didn't do my planned workout, but I did do cardio. I did stop at Kohl's and bought a new black purse. I wasn't going to, but I won't have time tonight, so I went. It's really cute. Some of my co-workers were comparing purses today and we all have similiar purses. Kind of funny!

Can't wait to see my ortho on Friday. My knee hurts a lot. Of course, the shoes I wore yesterday didn't help...what was I thinking????

I am having lunch w/ my younger brother today. He eats healthy, so he's a good influence! We have some family drama (well, he does), so it could be interesting lunch conversation.....I'm trying not to get pulled into the middle!

I will do my planned workout from yesterday--legs/back and cardio. Have a great OP day everyone!

10-20-2009, 12:03 PM
Well, I didn't make it to the gym today either. I have to quit being lazy and ignoring my alarm clock. I WILL make it tomorrow. I guess coming off a vacation makes it tough to get going again. No excuses though. I need to get back there.

MJ: Hope you have a good lunch.

Beverly: Good luck with the pills. I hope they don't cause you any other pain!

Nicolen: Sounds like a great workout for you!

Have a great day everyone!

10-20-2009, 07:30 PM
Hi again! We had an awesome training at work today about the psychology of motivation. It was SO good and SO true and can certainly be applied to personal and professional situaions. It came at a great time for me, personally, trying to re-establish my workout routine.

I am happy to report that tonight I did my planned workout at the gym!

10-21-2009, 03:49 AM
Well, the good news is the recycling went out last night. Trust me, that was quite an accomplishment! I'm still a bit sore, but not as sore as I was this time yesterday. Tomorrow I should be back to normal which is good since it's yummy trainer's last group session with us which means that we'll be working really hard! Kill me now...

I've seen some of the photos from yesterday and it's actually incredible what we accomplished. We won't talk about the wonderful shot of my bum. Why is it just when you feel like you're making progress, someone takes the most unflattering picture that it's possible to take of you?

Anyway, short and sweet tonight, I'm afraid. I'm going to have another early night and try and start getting organised for going away.

Take care!

10-21-2009, 06:39 AM
Hi chicks - I have to run...I am taking my mom to get two little cancers on her bottom eyelid removed.

Reminder - use sunscreen.

I weighed today - it's still 230. That's what it's been for three weeks. I've been working my plan so well. I am disappointed. I know that it's the process that is as important than the end product. But, I am not feeling it right now.

Have a great day.

10-21-2009, 08:09 AM
bev- hugs and hang in there...you have a whoosh coming it just may take time.
eating for me has been so easy lately...scary actually. I have been getting exercise daily also.
I decided its the only way I can lose the weight is to exercise and keep my body burning calories.
I am a caregiver for kids and hubby..exercise and eating right is the only way to take care of me.
food for today- breakfast - eggs ww toast
lunch stirfry with lots of veggies
dinner - homemade chicken soup

10-21-2009, 10:49 AM
I have a second interview soon....getting a job for the first time in 5 years. *a bit terrified*

today: 1200

b: pb and j on arnolds wheat sandwich thin w/ almond milk
l: veggie pita pizza
s: veggie pita pizza
d: seitan wings in bbq sauce
s: hummus and pita bread (half order)

10-21-2009, 03:11 PM
Hi everyone! I just realized that I hadn't stopped here yet today! I worked out last night and it felt SO good! I am sore today (stupid knee!), but I will keep plugging away. Food choices have been not so good so far today. I WILL have a healthy dinner. It won't reverse what I have had so far, but it won't make it any worse.
nicolen--Congrats on getting the recycling out! Ignore that picture. You HAVE accomplished a lot! Great job!

Beverlyjoy--Keep at it. I feel a whoosh coming! Hope your mom is ok.

dgramie--Good for you! Keep it up!

lottie--Congrats! I had no idea you were looking for a job. What's the job? How did the interview go? How is almond milk? I'v been hearing a lot about it lately and well, I very much dislike cows milk--I've never liked the taste. I get plenty of calcuim in other ways, but I am curious about almond milk.

Plan for tonight is to go to the gym right after my last work meeting. This one will be easier to keep on a time schedule and we'll hopefully end at 4pm. Then I need to make a grocery list and relax w/ the beagles!

Have a great afternoon!

10-22-2009, 07:58 AM
Hi chicks - Mom's surgery went well. It's just amazing to me that they can remove a cancer from her lower eye lid. She stayed with us last night. I told her we were having sleepover.

Today is the dentist and the orthopedist.

foodwise -
breakfast - pnb toast, pear, boca bacon
lunch - cottage cheese, applesauce, grits
snack - baked apple
dinner - not sure
snack - oat meal, milk, 1/2 banana

MJ- Glad you went to the gym - take care of that knee, friend. I KNOW you can get back to your plan. Sometimes, it's just getting back to basics. Bring out your reward jar - didn't you have something like that before.

Lottie - Good luck on the interview!

Dgrammie - it's wonderful to reach an important conclusion about your program. Good thinking.

Nicolen - how was the last class with the yummy trainer? Glad the recycling is done!

Have a GREAT day, folks.

10-22-2009, 12:57 PM
Yesterday -- was not so great lol WAY too much sodium for me!

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin - I through out one of the sides of bread
Lunch - Carrots w/ fat free ranch, healthy choice chicken tort soup
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Tender Grill Chicken w/ fat free ranch and no croutons
Snack - Low Fat Graham Crackers - my weakness
Later Snack - 1/2 3 muskateers bar

I have been SO craving chocolate lol so I did a good taste to curb it I hope.

I did my 30 minutes work out in the am. I walked 1 mile at lunch. Then I did 60+ minutes on my Wii Fit Plus.

10-22-2009, 03:17 PM
wanted to check in today...no time for personal.
I have my granddaughter plus the 3 kids age 3 i keep. BUSY day needless to say..and my granddaughter is walking everywhere now.
Food today has been a bit light and i am finding myself hungry.
breakfast- specail K bar( i overslept) 1/2 cup of blueberries
lunch-a few carrot sticks and a laughing cow cheese wedge. an apple
im hungry so will grab a cheese stick and make better plans tommorow.
chicken soup for dinner

10-22-2009, 04:33 PM
Hi everyone! Just a quickie post from me today. Work is super hectic....really getting sick of people not listening/doing their job.

Food hasn't been great today, but I WILL have a healthy dinner.

I see the orthopedist tomorrow. Hopefully that will at least settle things in my mind. I'm thinking that is part of what is going on....not really knowing what is up w/ my knee leads me to "flounder"....

Have a great OP afternoon/evening. I need to go fill up my water bottle!

10-23-2009, 08:38 AM
Hi chicks - TGIF - I am glad it's Friday. I am planning on a healthy day. No more pouting because I didn't show a loss when I thought I deserved one.

I'll be taking mom to the doctor's office to get the bandage changed where she had her surgery. I need to practice my ghost stories for programs next week.

stretches and strengthening
lots of water
fork down between bites
aware eating
log food

breakfast - egg white scramble, 1/2 English muffin with pnb, applesauce
lunch - Veggie soup
snack - frozen cup of yogurt
dinner - not sure
snack - bake apple, sf cocoa

MJ - hoping dinner went well!

Dgrammie - busy busy busy - with all the kids!

Justbeckyv- it's good to take a look at a day and see where we can improve. I think it's part of the process. GREAT workout!

Everyone - have a GREAT OP day.

10-23-2009, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone! Getting ready to head out for my drs appt. Getting nervous, but happy to be able to get a game plan together.

I am also happy to report that dh has decided to really make a committment to eating healthier. I don't cook separate meals or anything, but he really wants to make an effort, too. This will make it easier for me, too.

I am going shopping after my drs appt, so I'll be back later!

10-23-2009, 11:44 AM
I almost made it through the last two days of TOM without giving in to cravings, then they hit me like a ton of bricks. Two days in a row I ate a bunch of doritos and then had bananas foster french toast last night at eat n park.

but now it's over and I"m back on plan. I JUST HATE TOM.

10-23-2009, 01:08 PM
I was right under 1800 yesterday.

2 scrambled eggs
2 slices bacon
2 slices whole wheat toast w/pat of butter
WW Shrimp Marinara
Whole Wheat bagel w/ light cream cheese
Blackberries with cool whip
Slice of cheese
Brocolli Cheese Soup
1 cup long grain white rice
Snickers Dark (my treat for the week)

10-23-2009, 04:17 PM
Well, to be accountable, I haven't had a great on plan week. After coming back to work after a week of hunting vacation, I seem to have lost a little zip. I was really tired after hunting/hiking so much, but I have had lots of time to rest and need to get back on it. We are heading up for one more weekend of hunting, so that will give me some good exercise, but I need to really get back on track next week. Back to the gym and recording calories.

10-23-2009, 07:33 PM
Ok, I am back from my ortho appt and it isn't good news. A total knee replacement is my only option. I have bone on bone under my kneecap (almost a perfect triangle) and there is a weird divot on the lateral side--dr was totally surprised to see that. that's why the other surgery is no longer an option. He said he "could" technically do the other one, but it would only last 3-4 years and then I would need a total replacement. I had an idea this was coming, but I'm trying to wrap my brain around it. Now it's REAL.

10-24-2009, 01:56 AM
New to this thread, but here goes:

MJ5, what a blow. Even though you were expecting it, it's still an ordeal to be got through and a lot to process. On the bright side, everyone I know who's had knee replacements (and I know a few) have no regrets -- it will be so good when it's all over! Be kind to yourself.

Slashnl, I've decided that getting BACK on track is the big secret... we're all going to slip, but it's the ones who manage to come back and keep plugging away who eventually succeed. So good for you for doing it!!

TXMary2, Snickers Dark... mmmm. :)

lottie63... TOM is the worst... fortunately, that's all behind me now. ;)

Beverlyjoy, you're a good daughter. Glad your mom is doing well. Now take good care of YOU!

nicolen, it's great to see you around. :hug: Well done for getting the recycling out... and what of the yummy trainer? How was that last session?

Me: Had a good first week back on plan (South Beach) and stuck with my exercise routine, too -- alternating days of fat chick yoga and interval walking. Been busy with work but managed to eat healthfully today despite the challenges.

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with peppers, onions and 2 slices turkey bacon
Lunch: 1 cup of white chili chicken soup with 1 TB sour cream
Dinner: spinach salad with tomatoes, hard boiled egg, oil and vinegar and 1 fillet of Barramundi roasted with sliced onions
Snacks: 1 cup LF yogurt, 1 cup SF cocoa

Best to all! - Rae

10-24-2009, 02:52 AM
Boy, fat people have a whole repetroire of reasons why they can eat, not exercise, ad naseum. Today was my regular swimming day but I told myself it wouldn't hurt to miss a day (I missed weds last week) to go to Canada to the grocery because it was so far to drive if I went swimming first. (90 miles vs. 130 miles); yes I have to drive 90 miles RT to swim. I live in the boonies. Anyway, I was trying to make up my mind and sat in my chair zoning out and kind of stepped outside myself and took a look and realized that the miles were just my convenient excuse to not only miss my exercise, but to go to Canada shopping to get FOOD. The whole bottom line thing was to go get food, even if it was on my food plan. So, I went swimming. God. Have to watch myself 24/7.

Today I ate my usual swimming day fare:

1 17 gr protein drink (EAS)
6 chicken nuggets w/ a little mustard
1 side salad with 1/2 dressing
1 vanilla cone
1 bowl tomato soup
1 deli sandwich bread
2 slices of cheese
1/4 cup mixed low-salt nuts
Total calories 1400

Now that the lovely summer fruit is gone I have to rework my nightime food to include at least one. I or course eat many veggies, and seasonal fruit on my non-swim days.

10-24-2009, 10:47 AM
Good-morning all!

This is my first time posting here, thought I'd give it a try. Please bear with me as I try to learn who everyone is.

Suezeeque-Excuse is my middle name.:D I'm a pro at justifying why I did something unhealthy!

raebeaR- You can do it!

mj5- Sorry about the knee. But think how much better it will feel when its done. My dh is going to need one eventually, I dread it. Not the surgery, its just that my dh is the worlds biggest baby when he doesn't feel well. I would rather have all 3 kids sick at once, then deal with 1 sick husband!:p

lottie63- You made me homesick! Eat n Park! I grew up in Pittsburgh area. My mom worked there for several years when I was kid. It was the place my friends and I always went for dinner and late night snacks!

Beverlyjoy- Hope your mom is doing well.

JustBeckyV- Do you like the Wii fit plus? I've been trying to decide weather to get that or the resort one. I like the price much better on the fit plus! LOL

Hope everyone has a great day!:wave:

10-24-2009, 11:24 AM
aubrylin, hey I live in south oakland, I go to teh squirrel hill eat n park and the one out at the waterfront. :)

10-25-2009, 10:20 AM
Good Morning everyone! It's great to see some new faces around!

I am still kinda in shock from my appt...I know I need to do this, but now I really wish I had pushed myself and was closer to my goal weight. Can't beat myself up over it, but it would make recovery easier not having all the extra weight.

I have been thinking a lot about the training we just had at work too, Psychology of Motivation. We talked about writing down a plan and making it known. That's what I am going to do this morning. I am going to print it off and post it on the refrig. I'll probably put it other places too as a reminder. I am going to stop using a separate calendar as my "reward" calendar--I am going to use the calendar in the kitchen where we write appts, bdays, and other important events. I think by using a separate calendar it was like "keeping a secret"--so if I wasn't being on plan, then no one knew, but me.

If nothing else, this surgery has given me a "real" goal. Not that I didn't always want to lose weight to be healthier, but this just makes it more real. Guess it does take a medical issue for some people to really "get it".

Phew....that's a lot for an early Sunday morning!!!

Rae--Welcome! Thanks. It will be good when it's all over. COngrats on a good 1st week back on plan!

Sue--Good for you for going swimming! For me, I plan to go to the gym all day...then about 3:00, I start thinking of "reasons" why it's ok not to go...

aubrylin--Welcome!!! Thanks. My dh is too, thank goodness its not him. I have a really high tolerance for pain BUT I am fiercly independent, to a fault sometimes...yea, gonna have to work on that! LOL!

Beverlyjoy--How's your mom?

Diane--How was hunting? Hope you had nice weather to be outside.

lottie--Hope you had a nice weekend!!!

Rhonda--Hello! Pop in and let us know how you are doing when you get a chance.

Ok, I need to go make my list. I'll share what I come up with. That's all part of "saying it out loud"....and being accountable.

Have a great OP day!