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10-15-2009, 11:58 AM
Good morning to you all! Another day of rain, yck! Jack says we won't see the sun again until summer! :lol:

Fortune is driving me crazy. He jumped off the bed at least 4 times last night and I finally got fed up and brought him downstairs. Because I wasn't upstairs to hear the alarm, poor Jack slept through and had to rush to get ready for work and eat breakfast. The dog is now wanting in and out and in and outdoors and I just yelled at him and told him I was not letting him out again already. I am tired and grumpy! :D

Maggie: I am trying to get Jackson's stuff bought because we are taking it at Thanksgiving. His mom gave me some ideas and I found out he loves the movie "Kung Fu Panda" so I found the cutest tshirt that says Kung Fu on top then a picture of Po the panda and below it is Jackson so it says Kung Fu Jackson. I also bought him a little pop up dojo with one of the bobbing things in it. Alicia says he has "moves" he wants to show me so I thought having his own dojo would be perfect.

Jean: I don't want your nasty weather so take it back! :D I would love some sun. I hope all things went well with your travel and such. Unfortunately, it wasn't a happy time for doing it and you have my sympathies.

I have got to get some work done today but I am so tired from last night. I swear I am ready to lock him in Jack's office and let him bark all night. It is already 10 o'clock and I really need to step up and get something done.

Well gals, have a great day. We have a mayoral election today so we will be going and voting after Jack gets home this afternoon. There are a bazillion candidates and Memphis is nonpartisan so unless you know their partie politics, you have to hunt all over to get what their platform is.


10-15-2009, 02:05 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Raining here, too. And supposed to keep up until next Wednesday. I want to see the sun.

Jean, My condolences on your loss. Not a fun way to spend your birthday. I hope the rain stops so you can do the picnic in the park on the weekend.

Faye, I don't know how many times Cupid gets on and off the bed at night, but he doesn't wake me so that's okay. He's really funny, he'll lay there while I read, but as soon as I turn the light off, he gets down; but he's always on the bed when I wake up.

Maggie, I need more cookbooks, too. Maybe I should actually use the ones I have more.

Well, it is now confession time. I've been doing very, very badly. Since last winter, I have gained 20 pounds. I just can't get with the program and stay there by myself so I signed up for the monthly pass for Weight Watchers (promotion for a free month ends on Saturday) and I'll go back to my favorite leader Tanya tomorrow at 11 am. There'll be some Friday's I'll have to miss, but we have tons of meetings so I'll just go to another one. I'm going to do Simply Filling and get back my control. I am just miserable the way I am. I'll update by ticker tomorrow :mad: I need you all to :kickbutt: until I get back in control and on the wagon.

Have a good day!

10-15-2009, 05:17 PM
I could have waited until tomorrow, but I think we all know the feeling of dropping the ball so to speak but then not wanting to admit it to others maybe even ourselves. I have been struggling for about 3 weeks now and having good day and bad days, thank goodness I haven't gained a tremendous amount, but I have gained a couple lbs and that is not the direction I want to go. Believe me, Susan, we all sympathize and are there with you. You do what you have to do to get back on track and we will be your cheering squad right behind you, right gals? We all need the encouragement everyday!

From the desk of my very favorite president:

"It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: "And this, too, shall pass away.""
~ Abraham Lincoln

10-16-2009, 10:33 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy day in my corner of the world. :hyper: The street shows signs of drying but more rain is predicted for this afternoon. Enough is enough! We are going to Sioux Falls tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with the kids and grandkids. It's supposed to be nice for the next 3 days so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I have dog duty later this morning and need to run a couple errands in town. The floor needs to be mopped but the marks don't show w/o sunshine. ;)

"Gma" -- I had one of those nights where I couldn't get back to sleep after getting up. I don't know if I've had enough sleep, like a long nap, or what, but I tossed 'n turned for an hour or so watching the clock. I could easily have slept in this morning! I'm not sure if our icky weather is heading your direction or not. The weatherman has promised 3 "nice" days over the weekend and then more rain. At least it is a bit warmer so that helps; the furnace isn't running as often. It is hard to stay OP day after day. My friend who lost 125 #s on WW is struggling now too. She says the motivation is gone and she is having a terrible time. They live in a small town where everything at church revolves around food, and their daughter, son, and grandchildren all live there too. I wish I had the answer besides just keep plugging away. I get tired of thinking about what I can eat, what I should eat, and what I want to eat! :(

Susan -- You have done so well losing the weight I know that you can attack the 20#s and have them gone once again. :cheer: I hate it when the jeans start to feel tight and I know that I have been overeating again. I know that journaling is a key for me and I do well for a week or so, then let it slip a little each day until I'm not doing it at all. :( We are here to support your efforts!

Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy. It's never easy to lose a loved one, but when you know they won't get any better you have to believe they are in a better place.

I need to get dressed and get a move on. Have a fantastic Friday and a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-16-2009, 12:33 PM
I forgot to come in and post this morning. I took Fortune to the kennel to be groomed, mailed Jackson's Halloween present and some shoes to my niece, went to the grocery store and found my little Michelina Lite snacks at the other Walmart, dropped of Jack's prescription at Walgreens and looked for green bags, which they didn't have.

Susan: Where again do you find your green bags? I really need to get some now that Jack is eating fresh fruit. We have commissary duty tomorrow so I want to have some on hand to bag up my fresh fruits and veggies.

Jean: You know if we didn't have to eat to survive we would be ok. Unlike drugs, alcohol or cigarettes there is always dang food in the house. I think more than anything I am a boredom eater. If I am mad or sad, I clean house but if I am bored where I should clean house, I eat.

We are having dinner with Tom, Kelly and Thomas tonight at Ruby Tuesdays. I am going to have their great salad bar I think. I am going to check out their website for nutritionals just in case though. We are combining all of our fall birthdays.

It is pretty chilly here this morning and gloomy to the max but no rain so far. I have clinic duty so I hope it doesn't rain going in or coming out.

Hope you all have a great day and weekend. Like I said it is grocery weekend and I want Jack to take me on Sunday to see the movie "Couples' Retreat." It looks like it is a hoot.

From the poet of the masses :)

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.
Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"
~ Dr. Seuss

10-16-2009, 02:19 PM
My eyes are watery, itchy and blurry today for I am allergic to something in the air. :p The temps have gone up in the high 60°’s from below 30° last week. I was contacted by Schwans yesterday and they want me to be one of their folks and give them my “opinion” on some of their current products and new ones they introduce. I will get, in turn for my expert advice, some discounts. I think they will be getting a few folks from each area around this country to be their reviewers. Guess they contacted me because we do buy lots of things from them so ~ we must be a happy consumer of their products. I think we will take the kittens to see their former owners this Saturday. When we picked them up a few months ago they asked if we would bring them back so they could see them when they were a bit older. We told them we would be back after we had them “fixed.” Well they are healed up now and full of vinegar. They are a hoot. Ole Ragg Mopp keeps them in line so cute. Won’t let them get on the plants. After all he is the boss. I will be soldering a house together this day. One of the ones that will me mailed to Texas along with a firehouse. OH joy,:carrot: I will be getting my little ¾ inch hour glass charm to put on my bracelet soon. Did I tell you about it? It is glass filled with diamond dust in a little sterling cage. The 1 ⅛ inch long and ¼ inch in diameter kaleidoscope charm is on backorder. The chamber is filled with Swarovski crystals, flame worked diachronic glass, and translucent glass. I will probably be getting it next month. I am jazzed ~ can you tell. My bracelet is absolutely filled up with all meaningful charms. :D The hour glass will denote the time it takes to do the program. I value my time. The kaleidoscope will be the colors of my life as I walk down this road to thin.

SUSAN Girlfriend,:soap: now you are back up on the wagon we as a group will do our best to keep you there.:hug: Get a grip and find your FOCUS once more and do the program like you know how. Your fav leader will be there for you. We will be there for you. I sent you that October calendar with all the nice helps and will send the next one I get also. I read it daily and it does help. I love today’s saying “Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” M. Scott Peck

DONNA FAYE You know girlfriend:soap: we all go through what you are going through. :hug: Our FOCUS wanes and we get in the doldrums. The thrill is gone and wee need to get a grip. This road to thin is filled with these pit falls and we need to climb out before we dig the pit deeper. Stop the insanity as someone once said and get on with it. You know how to do it and think of it as a brand new start. It will be shiny new and bright for you. You can do this thing and we will be right here for you to help you get back on the wagon. You know you can do it.

JEAN I do so hope the weather is nice for your picnic. After all it is "supposed" to be fall and not winter yet. Our temps have gotten up now and it is much better. I don't do well when I get out in it when it is windy when it is cold especially.

Have a great day all y'all :wave: Type at ya later

10-16-2009, 03:57 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Another cold (54 degrees) rainy day. :(

Thank you for your support. It is hard to admit to others that I am having difficulties. I have always been a "closet" eater. Eat well in front of others and have my indulgences in private. Now that I live alone, I let it become a feast much too often.

I went to my WW meeting today. I was still in the computer so that was good. They were having a sale on WW smoothies and 1 pt. bars so I got i box of red velvet 1 point bars and 4 boxes of smoothies - 2 white chocolate peppermint, 1 french vanilla and 1 chocolate. I really like them and they are only 1 point if made with water. I like a spoonfull of pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spice in the french vanilla. A good autumn smoothie. I also got a cookbook. I saw 10 recipes already that I have to try.

There is a Goodwill 2 doors from WW and I had some time before the meeting so I went in. I found a Longaberger purse for $4.00 - brand new with the tag still on it. I don't buy purses very often. I use them until they fall apart for the most part.

Faye, I got the green bags at Walgreens and I also have seen them in Kroger. I think there are some new fruit and veggie bags out now from Glad or Zip-Lock too.

It's 3 so I'm going to Curves, then I have to go do my Kroger shopping. Have a good evening.

10-16-2009, 11:10 PM
Just a quicky post tonight. We went to dinner with Kelly and family and came home about 20 minutes ago to find 5 fire trucks and 2 ambulances and 2 fire division suvs all at the condos. I of course was frightened for Fortune. It WAS in our building down 2 condos to the left. So of course our house stinks of smoke, we had to park way down the street because we have a huge fire truck in front of our garage and 5 inch hoses running down the middle of our street. It may be past midnight before they are gone. It did a huge amount of damage to the condo and I actually know the woman. Do you remember me telling you about the woman a couple years ago laying out on the grass in a see through nighty nuttier than squirrel poo and she had locked herself out? It is her condo. Her son sold drugs out of their garage too so I wonder if either she went round the bend and set the thing on fire or he was smoking crack in there or something. Frightening for us for sure. Susan, you would be in the hospital if you were anywhere around here tonight. It smells like one huge bonfire. Fortchy is fine except a bit nervous as they broke into our gate out back to make sure no one was in here so it scared him a bit. I will talk to you in the morning.

PS: Went out to dinner and had a serving of 3 pt potatoes and one serving of salad with hot tea! Oh and a bite or two of Jack's cheesecake.

10-17-2009, 11:25 AM
Good morning, ladies - still raining.

Faye, what an awful thing to come home to. Maybe the kid was making meth. Poor Fortune - all alone and all that going on! Good for you on dinner!

Nothing going on today but housework and quilting.

Have a good day!

10-17-2009, 01:24 PM
Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here in the heartland. I don't have much on the docket this day. I will start the dish that I have been requested to make for potluck tomorrow. I am making crockpot full of Spanish Rice. I'll make it up and zap it in the mornig and dump it all in a crock pot. Works for me.;) And, of course, I'll do some glass work.

DONNA FAYE What a "happening" to come home to. Poor pouch. Hope by now the smoke has cleared. I think I would have had to have grabbed some clohes, toiletries and animals and gone and spent the night in a motel. I don't do well at all with smoke.:p

SUSAN & JEAN Howdy to you both.

Everone have a lovely weekend. Type at y'all later. :wave:

10-17-2009, 05:07 PM
Afternoon ladies! We had commissary and other errands to run today and started out at 8 am so I haven't had a minute to spare until now.

Susan: Woohoo, found the veggie bags at the commissary in the produce section so I bought a box. We shall see how well this particular brand do. The sales seem to be over for fruits for the year even at the commissary. I did get blueberries, strawberries, a melon, bananas and then some fresh veggies.

Maggie: I was tempted to go the motel route route, but decided I could just put up with it. I put on the fans in the house, ceiling and all the ones we own and got the smell out pretty fast that way. We came home this morning and no trace of smell. I also keep Lysol air freshner in the house and it works well to get rid of smells.

Ok, again want your opinion. I talked to my brother last night and my niece is definitely coming, but he is flying her down here a week earlier so she will be here for Christmas. So, I need to get presents for her. I am going to make her a sweater (put my own on hold for now) and a felted handbag. Here is the sweater and handbag pattern and the yarn I chose for the sweater and handbag. The sweater is going to be solid pink and the bag mainly white with the same pink in a stripe. I will get her a cute lacy tank to go under it. I think it is a great look for a teenager.

Well the dryer just shut off so I need to fold clothes and put the last load into the dryer. Have a great afternoon!

10-18-2009, 11:05 AM
Gonna be a beautiful day here in the Heartland. I have a little time before heading to church so I decided to stop in here and say GOOD MORNING to all of you. Have a wonderful day that the Lord hath made.

Type at y'all later :wave: Be safe.

10-18-2009, 12:20 PM
Good morning, ladies! Guess what - it's raining. :(

Church today and now I have a pot of soup on. A variation of the zero point garden vegetable I found on the WW site, it has spinach, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, diced tomatoes and green beans. It's been so cold soup will be good in my lunch this week.

Those White Chocolate Peppermint WW smoothies are to die for. I've been having one in the evening.

I hope I'm not coming down with a cold but my head has been aching for 2 days and nothing helps and I've been sneezing. I took a cold pill this morning to see if that would make me feel better.

Faye, I'm sure your niece will love the gifts. I love that pink! I lament the loss of the berries and summer fruits. I did get strawberries at Kroger this week. Apples and Pears are on sale now. I get frozen berries for my cereal in the winter.

Maggie, I haven't had spanish rice in a long time. Sounds good to me!

I need to do a load of laundry so I can get to some quilting. Have a good day.

10-18-2009, 03:12 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining in my neighborhood! Bob just left for the farm, the washer and dryer are running, and the dishwasher is loaded and waiting to run. We were gone all day yesterday; I do fine on the 2 1/2 hour drive to Jason's but have a hard time staying awake on the drive home. :o I went to bed earlier than usual, and slept all night for a change. I think the grandkids were more excited about it being my birthday than anyone else. They sang a new rendition of Happy Birthday then got the giggles. They have such a good time when they get together. We didn't picnic because it was breezy and cool, but we did go to the park and the kids played on the equipment. Beth and I made a quick stop at the mall -- I think every other mother had a double stroller and they were all trying to get into Bath & Body at the same time! The parking lot was full just like at Christmas time; I'd love to go back during the week when it isn't crowded.

"Gma" -- A fire is such a scary thing to come home to! :fr: I'm glad it wasn't closer to you; the smoke smell is bad enough! I'm sure Fortune was very nervous and scared; I'm glad he is ok. I have seen the green bags at Walgreens, WM, and the grocery stores too. I'm glad you found some. About the only time I don't eat is when I'm upset over someone being terminal. I lost 20#s when my mom was in the last couple months of Hospice; I had an appt. to have my bp checked and the doctor was concerned until I told him the reason. Otherwise I can eat any time and I don't even need a reason. :(

Maggie -- Have the allergies settled down today? I hope so! :yes: I'm sure your charm bracelet looks interesting. Is it yellow or white gold? The latest two charms sound very attractive. Are you writing down what each charm means to you so that others might enjoy the charms some day? Enjoy your potluck today; I can't say that I've had Spanish Rice.

Susan -- You know, I never thought about being a closet eater. However, I definitely qualify! I know that I've never eaten a whole cake or a whole box of donuts when home alone like I've read about people doing. I guess I am a grazer rather than a "sit down and pig out" kind of eater. I try not to eat between meals so that I'm hungry at mealtime, but that doesn't work 100% of the time either. You did get a nice purse at a bargain price! :D Enjoy your afternoon of quilting!

I need to put in another load of laundry, sort through some catalogs, and run a dust rag around! The sun sure makes the dust stand at attention! I hope you all have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-19-2009, 08:39 AM
Good morning to you all! It is chilly today again and I now have the furnace on, bummer! Maybe my electric bill will go down if the ac isn't running all the time though.

Maggie: I make spanish rice when I make Mexican food. I watched my mil and made it like she does except Jack doesn't like the green pepper in and and I love the green pepper in it. Hope you had a nice day yesterday

Susan: Those smoothies do sound good sort of like peppermint hot chocolate, which is yummy. I bought stuff for chili again and may make a pot of stew sometime this week too. It is cold enough for that sort of thing and with all the damp weather, it is nice to have in the evening.

Jean: Glad you had a good time with the kids. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and having both the boys together. We are going to take them swimming at the pool at the hotel I think while we are there. I just wished they wouldn't grow up so darn fast.

Thomas sweater is done except I need to press the front hand warmer and sew it one. I have the back of Jackson's done and am rolling along on the front so I should be in good shape to get them done. I have to get them a pair of khakis to go with it then I can wrap them up.

I got a gift card from Joann's from Kelly and family for my birthday and a beautiful jade bead bracelet from China when they were there. I bought yarn for my sweater, but ended up with a green as I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. If I had known about Ruth at the time, I would have bought her yarn with my Joann card and the color I wanted from the place I normally do, but that's ok. This celery color green will do nicely for a summer sweater I think.

I guess I better hit the bricks. I want to clean downstairs today as I cleaned upstairs except to vacuum yesterday. Jack has to replace the metal electrical "box" in the hall as the light just clunked down the other day and Jack says the screw holes in the box broke down. I am not going to vacuum then have him get ceiling gunk all over the floor and have to do it again so I am just going to wait for that.
Have a great start to the week!

10-19-2009, 01:32 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining again today, and it is so nice outside. I'm sure the farmers are going to be happy campers today! Bob will head out to the farm after lunch; they had a truck breakdown last night so imagine the farmer is fixing that this morning. I am in the process of trying to find Ernie a new farm home. He bit me again this morning and drew blood; I can't do this anymore. I feel bad because he is a "good" cat otherwise. I called the vet's office and she has a couple of nice farm places that give their cats shots, neuter them, and feed them, etc.

"Gma" -- It sounds like you have a busy day planned. I need to vacuum, but first need to find the brush attachment that "someone" didn't put back on the vacuum the last time "he" used it. It seems like the dust multiplies overnight around here. :rolleyes:

My dishwasher is giving me fits again and the repairman is going to stop by this afternoon "if" he has time. Otherwise I will see him bright and early in the morning. I need to get a move on . . . have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-19-2009, 02:38 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! The sun is shining! It's in the low 50s but supposed to be in the 70s the rest of the week. The trees are starting to change color.

I have my applique bee tonight and always look forward to it. I'm not to sure what I'm going to have for dinner - they want to go to Italian - but I'll probably have a salad. Thank heavens this group doesn't do the dessert thing.

The man at work who cooks brought me chicken cacciatore last week - enough for 4 servings so some of it now resides in my freezer. Today he brought me a big container of lasagna that has a lot of veggies in it, Italian sausage and his secret ingredient (pumpkin). I'm sure it'll be enough for 6 WW portions. Why is it when you are trying to lose weight, people decide to bring you food? I really appreciate it. The chicken dish was a Bobby Flay recipe and the lasagna was on the Food Network, need I say more?

Faye, don't your hands get tired from the knitting? You will laugh at this, I got a gift card from my friend for my birthday to the Dollar Store. Works for me because I'm always buying cards there and anything else that looks interesting.

Jean, That's too bad about Ernie. Does he just bite you out of the blue for no reason? I hope he gets a good home.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a good day.

10-19-2009, 05:44 PM
WOW it is in the 80's today. I go to weigh in tonight and don't feel like I have lost any thing but I have felt this way before and was surprised. I am having trouble with this site today. It only shows some of the letters I have typed in each word. I guess if ths contnues I will type it in my word program and then paste it from now on or awhile for this is a pain.

I did get my hour glass charm soldered on my bracelet.:D I do have a chart that tells what all the charms stand for. They are mostly silver with a few (4) gold ones which are a whistle that works, lips, star and banner with a small turquoise stone on it and it is engraved with FOCUS. I ordered most of my charms from Broderck on line.

I am leaving now for I am not thrilled to have to go back and add letters to each word I have typed.

Type at y'all later :wave:

10-20-2009, 08:39 AM
Good morning to you all! Little cool this morning but it has been warming up nicely during the day. We actually had sunshine yesterday too.

Jackson called last night to thank us for his Halloween stuff he got yesterday. It was hilarious because he had his mouth full of candy and was trying to talk at the same time. Jack talked to him first and then handed me the phone and said he couldn't understand him. I figured out right away why. Jay said he had a mouthful of the little pumpkins that were in his felt frankenstein bucket. I guess he was pretty jazzed at all the stuff he got. I told Jay I bought exactly the same thing for Thomas and I did except for the differences in shirts.

I worked on Jackson's sweater all day yesterday inbetween cleaning house and I only have about 20 rows and the front will be done. I figure I can have it done by the end of the week no problem and have it all sewn up and done. I do have to press Thomas's pocket thingy and sew it back on. I took it off because I didn't like how it laid on the sweater so I am going to try pressing it and see how it does. Ruthie's sweater yarn should be here the end of the week so I can get started on it. I am still waiting for Joann to ship my yarn. That's why I quit using them. They take days to ship and then when you return stuff it takes weeks to get credit back. I didn't feel like going over to the store so I just ordered stuff online, which I probably shouldn't do. It isn't the products they sell more the fact their shipping stinks.

I'll tell you if it isn't one thing, it is another. I think I told you that about a week ago the light at the top of the stairs just fell down and was hanging by the wiring. Jack climbed up and found out that the area on the electrical box where the light screwed in had deteriorated so he got another box, brought it home and was going to replace it last night and discovered that instead of doing it properly by using what Jack calls a hanger that goes over the beam then the electrical box connects to it, they nailed the electrical box straight to the beam so he has to talk to one of the electricians about how to go about putting up a new box. He yelled down that we had a problem and I asked him what was it and he said the tray underneath the water heater was full of water and not draining out so I guess I am going to have to get a plumber in here and see what that is all about. We syphoned off as much water as we could out of the tray. I just wonder where it is plugging up at. This place needs to be imploded and started over! :D The joy of home ownership I guess.

Maggie: I have a charm bracelet and I need to get more charms for it. I also have a darling bracelet Kelly got me for Christmas one year that is sort of like the old baby bracelets from when we were born. This is silver and has two lines, one with Jackson's name and the other with Thomas's.

Susan: There are some days I can't do more than a couple rows and other days I can knit forever. I have found though that I am not sure I will ever be able to knit socks. The tiny needles really make my hands hurt. I have some sock yarn, but can't seem to get my hands to work well with the small needles. I would love to knit socks and buy some of the cool yarn you can make, but there is no sense in wasting more money if my hands can't handle doing socks. A gift card is a gift card is a gift card isn't it? Do you have a good dollar store where you live? Ours aren't all that great for the most part. They had one that was terrific, but it closed.

Jean: I noticed when we went shopping on Saturday that the cotton has yet to be picked as well as the beans. It is cool when the cotton is picked because it is like driving down the road with snow. The cotton comes out of the cages and lines up on the side of the road and looks like we have gotten snow. The beans are looking a little poor so I imagine they will be out of the field soon. I saw that they grew a field of corn for the maze this year. They have one right outside the back gate of the base. They added some of those moonwalk things and other stuff to it this year.

Well girls, I want to get back to knitting. I have to get on the treadmill this morning and get myself some breakfast too. Have a wonderful day today and remember to :D Oh, ps, a friend's facebook posted this article and I think this looks kind of fun.


10-20-2009, 12:11 PM
Good morning ladies. The sun is out but it's only 52 degrees so I don't think its getting in the 70s today. Dumb weather man.

We went to our favorite Pizzaria last night and it was a noisy nightmare. There was a baby shower, a church group, and a socker team and their parents. I must say the restaurant handled it very well as far as getting the food out with so many at once. Only the shower had made a reservation! Anyway I had a small house salad with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 slice of thin crust pizza with mushrooms and anchovies. So I think I did pretty well. The bee was a lot of fun and we talked about our Christmas party.

Faye, it seems like to you need to redo the plumbing in your house. You're right, the joys of owning a home. I saw in the paper today that they are building a retirement/assisted living community for 300 where I live. Depending on what the cost is, I might take a look and sell my house. The one next door sold for $197,200 and had to have a ton of repairs. Mine will be all done up so I might be able to get more. I just really love my house but I know at some point I'm going to need assistance and no stairs - if I live long enough that is. Considering we paid $73,500 in 1989 that's a good return! I know what you mean about the cotton. They grow it in NC, about 90 minutes from here, and it does look like snow.

Maggie, your bracelet must be very lovely. Sorry about your problems yesterday.

Good morning, Jean!

Have a great day.

10-20-2009, 12:18 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy day in my neighborhood but so far no rain. I'm waiting for the dishwasher guy to get here. Usually he comes first thing at 8 so I made sure I was up, dressed, and had my face on. Also am waiting for the vets office to call. I need to go to the grocery store -- hate waiting for things to happen! :hyper:

Susan -- What a nice coworker to share food with you! Perhaps he thinks that living alone you don't cook meals for yourself. Ernie has never bitten anyone else but me. He does a sneak attack, bite, and then runs under the couch. When I get close to the couch he takes off for the basement. He knows he's been naughty. :( To get rid of him makes me sad because otherwise he is a good cat.

Maggie -- I wonder why you are having trouble typing here. :shrug: It's working fine for me right now -- can't say that I've ever had a problem unless the site is down. Are you able to solder your own charms? I should get my charm bracelet out and see what I have. Bob started it for me before we were married and I haven't worn it for years.

"Gma" -- I hope you don't need a new water heater. Thank you for sharing the article as I've never heard of bento boxes. That mom must have a lot of time and creative talents. I wonder if her daughter will ever outgrow needing to eat something she recognizes. :lol:

I need to make my grocery list so I can be ready to leave whenever. Have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-20-2009, 03:10 PM
It is going to be another warm day here in the heartland. Supposed to be up in the high 70’s. Life is good. A friend of ours has a little girl that just turned 5 today. I made her a little yellow box with a beveled clear glass lid. Her mother said that is her very most favorite BD present. Well she has a little sister who is just two and asked me to make her one. I told her I would when she turned 5. She is so excited that I will make her one when she is 5, not realizing how long away that is. She is such a “bash on regardless” kinda kid right now that If I gave her one now someone would surely get hurt. I will not forget to make that child a box. I may just make it now and save it for her. The little boxes are just 2 inch cubes. I ate a small piece of pizza at the pot luck last Sunday and it was the very best pizza I had ever eaten and asked the “bringer of it” where she got it. Jill said “I made it!” Well was I astounded. She makes them and sells them at the bowling alley that she and her husband own here in town. Now when we have pizza for sure we will get one there from her. OH, BTW I showed a gain at WW last evening after all and am not even going to try to figure it out. I had a good week and It will show eventually.

DONNA FAYE Electrical and water woes. Not a good combo. Hope you get it all figured out and fixed soon. Bracelets, I now have 33 charms on mine and will add 1 more when it comes. All my charms have a weight loss meaning to them. You knit away girlfriend…I find it so neat that you do that for those younguns. What a neat web page. She is so creative and what fun food she makes. Thanks for sharing.

SUSAN An uproar of children voices at the pizza place. What fun they have. You did so good with your food choices for sure. You are back on for the ride. So you are thinking about assisted living. It really does sound like a good plan for you to consider.

JEAN I know you will miss your cat but I don’t blame you one bit for finding him another home. I can’t abide a biting animal. Are you going to get a little kitten to train now that you are retired. They are so fun to see grow up. Our little guys are growing gangbusters. I do solder my charms onto my bracelet for I have some silver solder especially just for that. I imagine your bracelet is gold isn’t it?. Back when it was purchased gold wasn’t so stinking high in price. Gold charms now are very expensive where the nice silver ones are within reason. I purchased the little gold whistle I have on my bracelet years ago when I used my overtime money to go to the Gold Market on 7th and Hill in LA CA to buy charms and chains. That whistle (which works) cost me $40 back then and now it sells for $900. I paid a dollar an inch for chains and now the price has skyrocketed. I could get a nice 30 inch box chain for 30 bucks and now you can’t touch one for anywhere near that. Upstairs in the cage they also sold precious gems like diamonds, lots of loose diamonds. I wonder if the Gold Market is even still there. A lot of what I had purchased there, I no longer have, for I had some melted down into other things and some have been stolen from me. :o

Everyone have a wonderful day. Type at y’all later. :wave: