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10-15-2009, 05:46 AM
Okay, so like everyone else here, I HATE working out.. I go alone, so it's VERY boring. I see all these slim girls with great bodies working out, and got all these fabulous muscles... then there's me. A girl with no muscle, and a few extra pounds! But the good news is, I go to the gym for the same reason as those slim girls go! But I need to keep at it, however.... I NEED some motivation! How do I get motivated to go to the gym, ALONE? :( I want to lose weight for me, and before I go on my trip.... It's something, I've worked so hard for.. I just can't bring myself to go everyday, **** I can't bring myself to go every other day... I'm losing patience, and I'm seriously lacking motivation...

Anyone else in my position? Anyone got any GOOD pointers?!

10-15-2009, 06:55 AM
How about finding some type of activity / exercise that you enjoy doing rather than forcing yourself to do something you hate? Maybe switch things up -- try some classes (where you're alone, but in a group), or some exercise videos, or walking/jogging outside instead of at the gym, or swimming?

10-15-2009, 07:55 AM
It's a good start, at least. No magic pill here, u just have to want it bad enough. I was a fitbody till I got married and subsequently gave birth. I was oh, 40+pounds overweight. This year, I decided to do something abt it. Now, I don't believe in paying crazy money to join a crowded gym. One day, I took a 2-week free trial card at a hotel gym, and I went everyday. I figured if I could just drag myself there everyday for 2 weeks, I'm saving a ton of moolah and I'm getting a headstart. I worked my *** off, and I was rewarded. Now I settle into a 3X a week routine. The trick is, don't even give yourself an option! Don't stop to think! I would go to work in my gym gear just to programme it in my head that I'm goin to gym, no matter what.

10-15-2009, 08:04 AM
I agree with taking gym clothes to work. I've recently realized that I HAVE to do that. If I come home between work and the gym, it's over, I'm so not going. But if I stop on my way home, I have no problem working out. For me the hardest part is getting myself TO the gym. Once I'm there, I enjoy my workout, and I'm glad I went.

10-15-2009, 08:24 AM
Wow, that's an awesome idea... taking my gym gear to work, since I'd be going after work anyways! I work at 7 am, everyday... There ain't no way I'm going first thing in the morning, lol.. Even though it is better, apparently.

10-15-2009, 10:36 AM
I agree with taking gym clothes to work. You have to tell yourself when you're driving that there is no way you're going home first. Once you go home, there's a very slim chance you'll get up and go to the gym!

Also, try to find a gym buddy! I go with my boyfriend and it's helpful to have someone there. You can motivate each other!

Watching tv while doing cardio helps me a ton too. There is a machine called an arctrainer at my gym and at first it was hard to do just for a few minutes. Then I got headphones and started watching tv and the next thing I know I had been on there for 20 minutes!

10-15-2009, 12:05 PM
Yeap! Get some cool-looking gear too, I find that when I ditched my raggedy old t-shirt and shorts for the good stuff, I'm feeling a little more confident. You can do it, I've been there. I've felt like an alien in a gym, and so alone. But I learnt to love my time there. As for motivation, I talk to myself (in my head) taking on a Jillian Micheals alter ego, yelling at myself to get busting. My sessions never felt dull again. Yea I know, a little kuku, but that's how badly I wanted it. I get into this warrior mode when I'm in the gym, know what I mean? acanadianthing, you can do it. go out there and kick ***.

Fat Pants
10-15-2009, 01:13 PM
How about finding some type of activity / exercise that you enjoy doing rather than forcing yourself to do something you hate? Maybe switch things up -- try some classes (where you're alone, but in a group), or some exercise videos, or walking/jogging outside instead of at the gym, or swimming?

This!! I felt the same way you did... hated going to the gym! It was so boring to sit on the elliptical for 30 minutes even with TV or magazines. Ugh, I loathed it. I hired a personal trainer to at least keep me accountable and going for six weeks... but in that time frame I found out that I loved running and set my sights on that. Now I have a hard time NOT exercising!

10-15-2009, 01:57 PM
I have to disagree with the part of the original post that states everyone here hates exercising..I like it, it makes me feel more energized and proud of myself ;)

Now to carry on from that, I agree that you should find something that you can enjoy. Exercise doesn't have to be a punishment :). Good luck and keep us updated :hug:

10-17-2009, 11:45 AM
Ha -- I do the Jillian thing in my head too! Glad I am not the only one!! For me -- I havent been able to bring myself to go to a gym yet. I do all my work outs at home adn I walk outside and my parents have a treadmill. I am incredibly shy and just not sure I could do it. So I applaud you for getting in there!

Thighs Be Gone
10-17-2009, 11:59 AM
I have to disagree with the part of the original post that states everyone here hates exercising..I like it, it makes me feel more energized and proud of myself ;)Now to carry on from that, I agree that you should find something that you can enjoy. Exercise doesn't have to be a punishment :). Good luck and keep us updated :hug:

Absolutely Onderchic!

I do what strikes me and rule out NOTHING nutrition wise or activity wise. My most recent acquisitions on the activity front are Tennis lessons and Indoor Rock Climbing. I really like them both! I also LOVE running and do it almost daily in addition to my other activities. Working out makes me feel powerful, strong, fit and able to handle what comes.

OP, you CAN be one of those "bodies" you post about. Just keep going--moving to your goal. Your goal is there, the possibility is there. It is just waiting for you to do your part! So exciting! Find what you like.

Also, remember that working out is important for overall health and well being. However, weightloss IS possible without it. I lost about 20 pounds without working out in the beginning. However, when I decided to get serious I started exercising. It was difficult, I was hot and out of shape. Please believe though when I tell you I now CRAVE it. I could run 1/10 of a mile when I first started. Yep, 1/10th! I was pitiful. Now, I run 3-6 miles on any given day--no problem.

I also wanted to tell you that good music seriously helps me. Since the beginning, I have had great toons loaded on my IPOD. --Songs that were motivating. Most of my stuff is hip-hop and Top 40 stuff. As I would work out I would imagine myself shaking my booty on the dance floor somewhere. Well, I dance very infrequently in public places but that isn't the point. In my vision, I was fit and wearing cute clothes and heels and the works. I loved that vision and the music helped me to see that vision. The music still helps me focus today. When a new song comes out that I love, I spend the $1.00 and download it. It's my little treat. It is my own personal DOLLAR MENU! :)

Thighs Be Gone
10-17-2009, 12:07 PM
Oh, for the record I don't do gyms. They don't appeal to me. I had a membership a long time ago. I wish I could go to ONLY Spin class there--that I did like and I could probably get through it now.

10-18-2009, 02:09 AM
If you can afford it, just pay someone else to make you work out. That's what I did and really worked for me. I hired a personal trainer; having that appointment and knowing I would lose $$ if I didn't show up for it was great motivation to get to the gym. Also, I didn't feel so self-conscious when my trainer was with me. And it made it easy. The hard part was just getting to the gym, then all I had to do was follow instructions--no thinking required. And it was a lot more fun than working out alone--I like my trainer, I enjoy talking with him while I'm working out. And although I hated, dreaded, loathed exercise when I first started, I looked forward to my sessions with my trainer (still do).

I've also come to think of exercise as "me" time. Between work and home, there are a lot of demands on me. Somedays it seems like everyone wants a piece of me. But not when I'm at the gym. I don't even take my cell phone. I turn on my iPod and I tune out everyone else. And what I'm doing is all for me, no one else benefits from it. It's one of the most selfish things I do all day.

Also, buying an iPod was a huge help in motivating me to work out. I have a special playlist of favorite songs and the ONLY time I'm allowed to listen to those songs is when I work out. It's something to look forward about my workouts. I might be miserable but at least I'm listening to my favorite songs.

10-22-2009, 11:00 PM
I agree with the comments about the iPod. I have "gym" music that helps motivate my activity. I also have podcasts that I enjoy listening to. The TVs in the gym don't hold my attention enough. And I do pleasure reading when I'm on the bike.
I also vary my exercise, so it's not the same exact thing every day. One day may be a class, another day might just be cardio.

10-22-2009, 11:48 PM
I don't do gyms either but with 3 dogs I get my exercise walking them. It's a great start, I get fresh air and the dogs are happy too.

Check out the Wii fit too. Good luck with it :)

Fat in Hong Kong
10-26-2009, 03:54 AM
Well, after something like a 20 year hiatus, I've finally got myself back into exercise. It's always been something that I've tried to avoid because, like you, I've always found it boring, I've never had the motivation to do it ... oh, and I'm very lazy!:o However, the thing that has helped me most of all was finding a friend who felt the same ... She also wants to lose weight, but we both realised that we weren't going to be successful with just diet alone, and we knew we needed to exercise in order to be fit and healthy. We're both in our 40's, so we're no spring chickens, and we realised that it was now or never. The great thing is that even if one of us doesn't feel like exercising, neither one of us wants to let the other down, so we end up doing it anyway ... if we were going it alone we simply wouldn't bother. And the even better thing is that we have both started to actually enjoy it! We've been hiking in the local country park, and although we've found it pretty difficult (especially the uphill bits!), we're are both enjoying it and it feels like we have actually accomplished something ... we feel proud of ourselves. We have also just decided to start playing Racketball (UK version of Raquetball), and we're both really looking forward to the prospect of playing a sport after all these years. If you are really not enjoying going to the gym alone then perhaps you should look at another form of exercise ... something you might actually enjoy ... or grow to enjoy. And if you can find a friend who really wants to do it, I can tell you, it will certainly help with the motivation. Good luck!

10-27-2009, 08:04 PM
Agree wit BluetoBlue, get a trainer! They are fantastic! Especially if you feel lost/ unmotivated and don't have a gym buddy. I had training today and it lasted 1.5 hours. First we did warm up movements, then alternate between 10 crunches on a medicine ball and 10 woodchop swings with a 12lb ball each side, 5 times (with rest in between). Then 5, 20 second planks with my elbows on a stability mat thing? lol And then 5 sets of 10 back flexor things? Then stretching... I wouldn't have been able to do that workout on my own before, but now that I've learned it I feel confident enough to know what I'm doing when I'm going!

TRAINERS! I love them!

10-27-2009, 08:06 PM
Also, if you pick a really hot guy they are not bad to look at! I know some girls are self conscious and are more comfortable with a girl, but somehow I feel that guy trainers work you more
.... or maybe I just want to work harder for them? Who knows haha! Good luck girl!!

10-28-2009, 12:37 AM
I think it was mandalin who gave this advice, but it has worked for me when I don't feel like exercising: work out for 15 minutes. I can do anything for 15 minutes, so I make a deal with myself. If I work out for 15 minutes, then I can stop. Every know and then I do stop at 15 minutes, but I've still worked out. More often I keep going because I feel better while I exercise.

Every little bit helps. Keep moving!!!

10-28-2009, 01:31 AM
I used to be really into weights, had books on the subject, magazines, etc. Then did yoga for a while and long (and I do mean LONG) walks...

Anyway, dusted off my unused dormant but fully paid up gym membership again...there's a 24 hour fitness just 1 mile from my house. No excuse not to go particularly now that I'm really concentrating on dieting and haven't been cheating, foodwise. It was time to add the exercise back in!

So I started yesterday and went today, too. Boy, what a pathetic showing. Didn't take much to make me all noodly and tired. But I'm determined. I want to start light and keep adding minutes on the treadmill and adding exercises and sets to the weight training portion. I'm giving myself about a month maybe to work up to a full workout. Then I'm giving myself more time before I start also adding in yoga, additionally.

My bff asked me, "remember when you used to walk every night? Why don't you go back to that?" Well, I have a job where I work more hours. And it's cold and yucky out. I don't WANT to spend 1.5 hours just walking like I used to- each night. For less than that, I can get a very good workout in a nice gym. And the treadmill takes care of the aerobic type stuff...

So I'm stoked! But noodly!