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07-25-2002, 04:31 PM

Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health,lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #54 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.

07-25-2002, 04:39 PM
Sorry that I will not have time to leave a lot of personal replies now (carry over from the previous thread), but I did want to start a new thread for everyone. This week has been busy- trying to get back to normal (whatever that is) after vacation. And Ds has a basketball clinic all week, so there is a lot of drving back and forth to that. I can't seem to get my eating locked in- I find myself sliding back into all sort of nasty habits that will put weight back on for sure.
I start out each day hoping to stay op.........and seem to fail by mid morning. The only bright spot is that I get my walk in daily. Somebody kick me in the tail please!!!!

I wonder where Jackie is!! We miss you!!
Great to hear from Latisia- who was MIA for a while, but showed up at the end of thread #54. Michele, you still battling chicken pox? I feel for you. Mel had a whopping weight loss to report (24#!!!!)gosh we are proud of you.
Karen, Spryng, Sassy.....gosh I do not mean to forget you, I just had better scoot and finish cleaning this messy family room (took a quick computer break). I hope to get back on later. Forgive me if I missed you!

07-25-2002, 07:08 PM

Been running the roads today, needed an oil change and had to have my tires rotated too! Well, I get to Sears to have my tires done, thinking I'd just get my oil change there too, THEY DON'T DO OIL CHANGES! BLAH!! So I had to got to Wal-mart, not that I mind that but the kids were wanting to come home! Ds isn't bad in stores but nephew is a baby about it! So it wasn't much fun! Then I took them to the music store to look around, they have games and books too! I ended up with a couple new CD's, but I'll tell Dh they're for his Birthday, since I haven't got him anything yet. I don't know why I worry about it, he hasn't gotten me anything either and mine was in May! MEN!!!! Errrrrr.........

Thank you Karen and Ginny for the pat on the back, I can't tell you how wonderful I feel, even though I still have a long way to go!

Sassy, I hope you got in a nap! I could use one too, but I have no time today! You sound like me going rounds with the PC, I lost something on here last night, and still haven't found it!

I guess I'm gonna run get dinner going! Talk to y'all soon!

07-26-2002, 10:04 AM
Good Morning!!!!!
Melissa- sounds as though you had a busy day. Don't you wish that cars could take care of their own ills????? Tough getting stuff like that done with kids. As for me, I could live in Walmart...the kids joke about it (because the local supermarket has such high prices and treat customers rudely that I drive 30 min to get to Walmart). But back on to you.....you are doing great with the weight loss! What an inspiration to us all! It does not matter if you have 20 or 200 pounds to lose, losing 24# is an accomplishment, and a major one at that. Keep looking ahead, and keep smiling! And congrats again!

As for me, I got my walk in this am- and am on my second huge glass of water. I had a diet yogurt for breakfast, and 2 cups of tea (no sugar, skim milk). For those of you who have known me for a while, I do best when I get on and post in the morning and log in what I eat. Keeps me accountable. (so thanks for putting up with the boredom of reading this).

Today I am off to watch Ds's last day of B-ball camp, with a stop enroute at Walmart and Home Depot. Dd wants a ride to today to meet a friend at the mall.....so another busy day. Fortunately, I did not have to rush out of the house this am and can let both Dds sleep.......(my 6 year old was so grumpy yesterday from getting rushed around so much).

Sassy- did you get that nap in?
Michele- I see that you are online (showed up on the previous thread) are you still in the throes of chicken pox? I remember somewhere around days 4-5 as being the worst, and then the pox started to heal, fevers went down and the kids started to feel better.

Well, gotta go!!!! Have a great day!

07-26-2002, 11:09 AM
Good morning all.
Mellisa, congrats on your weight loss!! 24#'s!! That's fabulous. Keep up the good work! Can you tell me again what diet plan you are on?? Obvioulsy it is working :)
Well ladies, things are still stressed out here. My eating is still really bad. But I'm going to hold myself accountable. I'm weighing in a few minutes to see exactly where I stand and then I have a plan of action. I stocked up on fruit and vegetables and that's what I am doing for the next few days. Fruit for breakfast AND lunch and then a healthy dinner with lots of veggies. This should jump start my metabolism again, and I WILL get on my bike today for as long as my poor body can hande. I rented Crossroads with Britney Spears last night and I plan to use that as motivation. She has a great body (not that I want hers) but it should inspire me to do something about mine. Whenever I read fashion magazines or things like that the models in them always inspire me to lose weight and I get a renewed motivation. Not that I ever want to be that skinny but slim would be nice, and toned. :)
Well, I have alot to do today so I need to get off here. Sorry I haven't really wrote any personal replies in a while. I feel so selfish. But I promise that as soon as things settle down around here I will. :)

07-26-2002, 12:02 PM

Well ladies, last night I started writing in a journal to help keep me focused, and I think it's going to be really good for me! Each day I'll write about how I'm feeling, and how my attitude is also, that way when I start getting down again I can just look back at my journal and try to get re-motivated! I'm also going to set daily goals, and that way when I go back to journal I'll have to hold myself accountable if it doesn't get done!

Thanks Ginny and Spryng for making my day! :D I'm on Weight Watchers points program, I started on 6/11/02 and I'm getting close to my 10% goal already! I love the plan, it's so easy because you can have anything as long as it's in your points range! My mom and sister are even OP and Ds has lost 22 lbs. in 3 months and Dm has lost 10 lbs. in 4 weeks! My SIL is also OP and has lost the same as me, but she's been OP longer than me. Her WI was last night, so I need to check in to see how she did!
I really feel, for the first time ever, that this is a plan that I can stick with!

Spryng, I hope that things settle down for you soon! We like to hear you happy, and full of energy! Until then, take care!

Ginny, sounds like we would get along fine, I love to shop! Wal-mart and Home depot are right up my alley! Have fun!

As for me, I just finished a mile on the treadmill, and Later I'm going to do my WATP tape! I don't know what we're doing today, but I can bet it wont be outside in this heat! I keep telling the boys I'm going to take them to a movie, so maybe we'll finally get to that? Right now I need to go get more water down, YUCK!

Y'all have a good day!

07-26-2002, 12:26 PM
Good morning :)

Well I'm gonna keep this short cause I hate to lose another post and then be all frutrated about it, so here it goes....

Ginny - what a busy life you seem to have - always running somewhere, doing something. Do you ever get the chance to take a break from it all? I hope you get some time to yourself soon. :)

Mel - 24# is amazing! I'm so happy for you and you inspire me to work harder on my own plan. Running errands with kids can sometimes be the hardest job a mom has to do but it sounds like you survived it ok. Hope your car's back to running smoothly.

Spryng - good for you on the fruits and veggies! I hear ya about the magazines - why can't those women look more like us rather than the other way around? Sounds like your attitude is positive about them thought and that's what's important. I hope your personal issues are working themselves out - just remember we're all here for you. :)

Misty, Jackie, Karen, Sinnrah, Latisia, and anyone I may have missed - hope you're all doing well and hope to hear from yall soon. :)

As for me, sigh...., well, I've been pretty bad in the eating dept. lately. Actually this whole month has been pretty terrible as far as eating goes. I made choc. chip oatmeal cookies earlier in the month and pretty much ate them all myself (no joke - double batch too :^: ). Then Wed. night made tacos and really overdid it then and last night with the leftovers. I could not stop eating the guacamole dip with chips - I ate them, like, all day long! How bad is that for me anyway? I've always thought avacados were high in something (fat? - I dunno). Anyway, bad eating month for sure!

As far as exercize goes, I'm still doing it 6 days/week and yesterday I finally took my measurements. This way in a month, I can compare what I've lost. I was so tired yesterday, but I forced myself to do my kickboxing workout and I made it through, I just don't think I gave it my best effort. I never did get that nap in - too much other stuff to do.

I do have a completely unrelated question for all you moms out there: How do you get your kids to stop interrupting you/others and each other. It is my biggest pet peeve and I can't seem to break them of it. They don't do it to be disrespectful, they are just so excited to say what's on their mind - before they forget it, they tell me! They are 6 and 4. Any suggestions or tricks would be great.

Have a great day ladies!! Talk to you soon :)

07-26-2002, 12:50 PM
Sassy, when you figure it out, let me know! Cause my Ds can be down right rude when he wants to be! Good job with your exercise tape!
My truck is fine, just maintanence that had to be done! Well we're off to see Austin Powers today, BBL!

07-26-2002, 01:10 PM
Sassy - your kids are the same ages as mine!! DS is 6 (well will be in about a month) and DD is 4! If you find a way, let me know. I am so tired of reminding them that I am on the phone or talking to dad or anything. UGH!

Dont dispair about your month! You are doing one thing right and that is exercise! Take it one day at a time! I have read Oprah's book, making the connection, and Use the 10 steps in there every day. # 10 is daily renewal! Forget what yesterday brought (or even this month) and start fresh today! You can change things one day at a time! :)

Mel - WW is an Awesome Plan isnt it? I lost 56 pounds on it in 1999 and was using the plan up until last year. For my life style counting points for the rest of my life is just not feasible. But making healthy choices is the thing I learned from it! So I still think it is awesome! And you are doing an awesome job!! If I can help, let me know!

Spyrng - I am sorry you are still stressed! I wish I could help take it away, but alass stress is part of life isnt it? I know I have more than my share! LOL:^: Good job on getting stocked up on your fruits and veggies! You can do it! Remember Daily Renewal!

ECmom - I LOVE WAL-MART too! I wish ours had the grocery section though! But It has an extensive yarn section... so I am happy with that! :smug: Good for you getting your exercise in already! I need to start getting myself back into getting up before the kids and on the treadmill then... My day always goes much better with the morning exercise already taken care of!!

I had a pretty good day yesterday! I finallly took the kids to lunch at Taco Time for their free tacos. Do you have them out your way? they are like Taco Bell only FRESHER and Lower in fat and calories! I had the Southwest Chop salad which is Black beans, FF Refried beans, Corn, Choped Grilled Chicken breast, Shredded Monetery Jack Cheese, Letucce and tomato. It comes with dressing and chips but I gave the kids the chips and only had 1 TBSP of the dressing on the salad. It has 28 grams of protein so I did pretty darn good with that one!!

Didnt get on the tread mill. I dont know if I shared this with you all, but I am getting ready to self publish my first Crochet Patern Leaflet! So yesterday was working on my updating my website and getting promotional materials ready. Boy, I am learning a LOT!

Well, I am off to get breakfast ready for the kids! And me! I am hungry for cooked oatmeal this morning! It is really chilly here in Western WA!

Hope all have a great day. I will be back later!

07-26-2002, 02:39 PM
Hi Gals!

I'm sorry I haven't posted too much lately. Between my computer being on the blink with the monitor stuck in the "off" mode & can't seem to get it to turn on & my DH's laptop traveling with him, not much of a chance to view/much less post! I've also been busy traveling with family & friends the last couple of weeks. Over the weekend we went camping with the family & another couple. On Tuesday we went to Six Flags/Great America in Gurnee,IL. I guess I can say that I got my share of exercise in. We were at the park from opening til closing & then some! So...12.5 hours on my feet were enough exercise for me!! I did pretty good with food choices while there. I packed several coolers full of food, drinks & plenty of water. We went out to the car for a late lunch & several times to go retrieve water & drinks. I refuse to pay theme park prices for the majority of the food & beverages. We did splurge & ordered a pizza at Firehouse Pizza, which is located on the grounds. I had one piece & a few bites of my dd's & thats it! An update about me: I went to the doctor this a.m. for my med check & lost a pound since I was there a month ago. Not much of a loss, but better than a gain I guess! Mel: Congrats on the 24# loss! I give you credit to keep on losing during the summer break from school. I've gained back 7 of the 16# that I lost between Easter & Memorial Day. I guess the weigh-in at the Doc's this a.m., has put me back in perspective again. :eek: If I'd only dust off the recumbant bike & hop on it, some of the weight probably would come off. We have company coming tomorrow, so I'll be a sweatin' away cleaning & organizing around the house & that should help some. Ginny: I'm sorry that I was MIA for awhile. I'll try & post more regularly for the next week & after that-it's time for a weeks vacation in the "Northwoods". We are renting a cabin/cottage on a chain of 5 lakes. I can't wait to be there!! Spryng: I'm sorry to hear that things are hectic for you again. Please feel free to contact me if you need a shoulder to lean on, okay? Are you still planning on the family trip the first week in August yet?
Congrats on eating your fruits & veggies, as I know this is a challenge for you! How's the peddlin' coming along? Sassy: Your question referred to kids interupting: It's a hard habit to break & occaisionally...I get over-anxious & do it myself! Not a good example for my kids,huh? Well--I'm not as bad as them & what I do for them is give them warnings & consequences. Once they get 3 strikes, they're out & have to suffer the consequences! :D Some of the consequences are: No friend over for the kid that interupted & if both kids are fighting & interupting me while I'm on the phone... no fun day trips planned 'til the following week! Smaller consequences are: No T.V., computers,gameboys & the like & activity is replaced with extra chores around the house. Karen/Crochet: Good luck with you publishing your crochet pattern & getting your website updated! I'd love to take the time out to learn more about crocheting. I can chain-stitch, but that's about all I took time to learn. Well gals-I'm going to sign-off on this thread & go over & read the old one. Hopefully I'll be able to respond to the rest of you after reading it. Have a great weekend,everyone!TTFN

07-26-2002, 04:11 PM
Boy I keep forgetting to use the old "post reply" button on new threads or I don't recieve any email alerts!!! So I'm basically checking in to do that so that I know when one of you posts.
My day is going ok. My DH brought home fried burritos for lunch from the local gas station (not the healthiest of foods) and I ate two and a half. :( But I did get in my fruit this morning (stomch is kinda upset, guess it's been away from fruit too long, has to re-adjust) so I plan to make it up tonight with fruit for dinner instead of lunch and count the burritos as my main meal today. I still have yet to get on the bike but I am promising myself that I will do it.
Mel you really helped me. I do my best when I write in a diet journal also and I haven't done it in over a week. So starting today I will also keep track of what I eat, my exercise, and my thoughts on the day. That way I can hold myself accountable too. Oh and by the way I weighed in and saw that I had gained two lbs. Not as much as I thought but enough to tell me to stop. I'm going to try really hard to be good the rest of the day ;)
See you ladies later!!

07-26-2002, 05:05 PM
Hello Girls! Ginny, you caught me! I was on earlier reading the posts. Tryng to keep up with everyone. Dd had the puppies in the house so I had to hurry and help her. She's been so sick and hasn't been able to play with them outside so I let her bring them in and snuggle them awhile. Pet therapy! Her spirits are alot better now. Yesterday was her 3rd birthday. Poor kid. She was a real trooper tho. We baked a cake and made paper hats, streamers and all. She was happy but still sick. They are getting a bit better. I'm glad you mentioned the 4-5 days. I was wondering. I'm 27 and never had the chicken pox. I've been exposed many times. The doc said I must be immune. Anyhow, Glad you are getting your walk in and OP for today. WTG. Spryng sorry to hear about the stress. I'm here for you anytime. And good luck with the fruit and vegis. Jackie so good to hear from you. Sounds like you have been really busy. That's great. Sorry to hear about the weight gain tho. But I'd bet you are right as soon as you dust off the bike and get on it will come off. Karen, we don't have that taco place out here. But we are pretty limted. We do have Taco bell, don't eat there much tho. Congrat's on the crochet pattern. That is very impressive! Mel, WTG with the weight loss. That is so fantastic. I have a friend who did the WW and is a member for live now. Keep it up hun! Sassy we all have those moments. Like someone else said, one step at a time. Tomorrow is new. Geesh you'd flip if you knew what I ate yesterday! I've already told on myself. Being Dd's birthday I had cake and ice cream and corn dogs and onion rings... Oh I really over did it! I feel for you hun I really do. Oh and Ginny I'm the same as you I drive totally out of my way also to shop the super walmart. Our market here has the worst produce and the girls that work there have no mannors. You wouldn't believe it. Sometime I wonder who is raising these children? Well, it's time to put more calimine on the girls. Everyone have a great day! And weekend too!

07-27-2002, 07:06 AM
You all are wonderful!! Thanks for the welcomes everyone, I am doing more looking than writing right now, still getting settled in, but im gonna be writing more shortly!! I was kinda stressed coming here myself, had lost a few pounds in route, but im scared to find out how the past week has gone, Im not giving up though, i think getting settled in, was quite an extreme on my schedule! I missed yaal too, and am glad to be back, :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I will be back again soon. take care

07-28-2002, 12:27 AM
Good evening!!!!
This is going to be kind of short and fragmented, I am trying to respond and also watch the news about those miners trapped in Pennsylvania. How awful- my prayers are with them and their families. Dh had it right when I asked him if he thought that they were still alive or not. His response was that this country could use some good news (post 9/11, and all the economic troubles).
So, I watch and type at the same time.

Jackie- gee, I hope that you did not think I was chastising you for not posting! (sorry if I came off that way:( ). I was just concerned, that is all. And glad to hear that you are ok! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Good for you!!! And WTG on losing a pound. Better down than up!

Michele- good to hear from you too!! (sorry, I caught ya the other day!) Sounds like you are surviving the chicken pox- and must be on the downhill side of it. Are you going to get the vaccine for it? It is dangerous for an adult to get chicken pox- I do not mean to second guess your Dr- I am just concerned for your health. And a belated happy bday to your Dd, chicken pox and all!!!!! BTW- if you can't find that Celestial Seasonings tea, they have an 800# and do sell over the phone. Not sure about a web site (in reference to that herbal iced tea).

Spryng- Mel did us all a favor mentioning the journal. That is one of the keys to keeping on WW, and it really does help!!!! Hang in there. You have done great before losing and will do so again! In a way it is good that you gained 2 # (does everyone think I am nuts????) enough to give you a gentle kick in the right direction but not too much to get off!!!

Sassy- what is it, something in the air with problems eating??? (Me too!). Good for you, getting in your workouts! Even if the eating is not "op"- at least getting excercise in is doing some good for you! Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep ( you were hoping for a nap the other day). I know that I stress eat - or just can't resist food as easily when I am tired.
Gotta take care of yourself, ok? Oh, my 6 yr old is a blabber mouth (takes after her momma, I am afraid) and she interrupts.
After many, many tries, I have told her that what she has to say is important to me, but that I will NOT listen until there is a natural break in the conversation. When she barges in, I hold up my index finger (very discreetly so I do not look like a fool)- which tells her that I know she has to tell me something- and that she must wait for her turn. It has taken awhile (and some tears from someone who did not want to wait) but she is learning to hold her thought. Dunno if that helps you!!

Latisia- get settled in soon and stop back and visit again!:) Hope your relocation is going smoothly.

Karen, you busy lady!! I love Walmart's craft/sewing section too.
I just found out that they have crochet cotton too! Although I still will have to go to AC Moore for the burgundy/navy colors I need for my kitchen. I need more to make a potholder from a new pattern that I just got!;) I hear ya too, it is so much easier to get the work out in before the kids get up. I will have to get back into that schedule, another heat wave is coming east, and this beautiful weather we have had- cool, dry and with a light breeze- is going. Glad that you had a good day with your eating!
How is Oprah's book? Are you finding it helpful?

Well, I need some sleep. No walk today, but I did a bit better with my eating. I hope that this week goes a bit more slowly.
Life is just too hectic here........
Have a great nite!! Drink your water!:D
And for someone who said this was going to be short, I can sure blabber on and on.................:o

07-28-2002, 03:21 AM
Hi there!

Yes we're having a late night tonight! Dh is outside trying to get the poison spread out on the yard for the hornets! And I'm doing a little cleaning and a little exercising too! I didn't really meet my daily goal today, but I am trying! Yesterday I actually met my daily goal and exceeded it! I ran and walked 2 miles on my treadmill, before the treadmill started acting up! And I also drank all of my water yesterday too, but today I was a little short.

I have been journaling for the last few days, and I have to admit that I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal, but I love it! I find myself looking forward to getting into bed and grabbing my notebook, it's really been good for my attitude and motivation!

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well, and friends are all making there way back here! You're all such a great bunch and I've enjoyed the time I spend here! This is a really big deal for me, and it's nice to have someone to share the journey, and I want to thank you all again for making me feel so good about what I've done! Thank you !!!

I guess I better get busy again, before Dh finds me playing while he's working! :o


07-28-2002, 05:17 PM
Hi Everyone!

Guess what I'm doing right now? Do you give up? Spryng: I think you can guess right,so give it a try....YEP!! I'm back on my recumbant bike again after being off of it for over a month!! For you newbies here: I used to have an addiction to my bike, which was good for me & I used to stay on for over an hour. Since then-I have put on a good 5+#. I'm bound & determinded to get it off again though. We went to our County Fair last night & I shared a flowering onion w/ranch dressing with my dh. I then had all the intentions in the world to have just fruit in the a.m. today, but...the Dutch Apple pie got the best of me! After about an hour, guilt set in & here I am peddlin' & typing away! It feels good to be sweatn' off the # again. Ginny: You worry too much!! I didn't even have it in the back of my mind to be upset with what you said to me. It actually feels good that someone worries about me besides my DM! Spryng: I thought of you the other day when I was reading my newest issue of Woman's World Magazine. It said that the best weightloss plan to follow is counting calories & exercising. Did you see this article? If not-I'll try & find it again & mail it to you, along with some other things I've been saving up too long for you too! How have your spirits been the past several days? I hope that you, your DH & kids have some good quality time together for the rest of your weekend. Does DH still have off on Mondays yet? I have a little time to myself this aft. my DH & kids went to pick up our boat by my in-laws. DH has to get it all ready for our vacation that is approaching real fast. I can't wait!! How's your peddlin' coming along? Latisia:
I'm so happy that you checked in with us again. How is DS adjusting to his life in Virginia? Is he getting spoiled rotten? ;) Give us more of an update when you get the time, okay? Misty: I was reading Ginny's post about you trying to find Celestial Seasoning's Tea. I get mine at the Wal-Mart Super Center. I think that you did mention that you have one of these stores by you, didn't you? If they don't carry the tea at the store you shop at-A lot of times you can request them to carry it & they will put it on a trial basis for awhile & if it's a success, they will usually keep on stocking it. Oh! And by the way: A Belated Happy Birthday to your dd! :hb: I sure hope that the chicken pox are working their way out of the house. If they're still itching--What worked well for my kids is the Aveeno Oatmeal bath. And about getting chicken pox when you're older: My niece got them when she was 15 & had them so bad that they scarred her face. She ended up having abrasive surgery to get rid of the scarring. It was a horrible procedure, but she is happy with the results. WOW! I can't believe it!! I've been on my bike for over 45 minutes already!! What a weight to be taken off of my shoulders. (Hopefully off the rest of my bod too! ;) ) Well gals, I didn't check my e-mail so far today yet & the last time I checked I had over l,600 of them! I'm probably going to have to open up a new web address & only give it to the people I really want to & don't worry gals, you all will be on my VIP list, okay? C-U all later!

07-28-2002, 05:56 PM
Hello my name is karen And I am a stay at home mom also! I am trying to lose 85 pounds or more depending on how much I need to lose to be a size 4!

07-29-2002, 10:17 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Today is another busy one. We are off to visit my Dm in NJ (about and hour away)- and my kids will get to go in her municipal pool. It is supposed to be awful here today (95 or so with high humidity) so I am glad that the little urchins will get a chance to get the ya-ya's out of their legs outside (instead of beating up the inside of the house!)

Mel- still facing those hornets?? Let us know how it all goes.
Good for you getting your treadmill time and journalling in! You will see the rewards! Sometimes I use this site as my journal (you can tell when I post late at nite) Keep up the good work and good attitude!

Jackie- hey there hot buns!!!!!!!! Good for you getting back on the bike. I did not realize that it had been so long since you had been riding. But this is a good sign for you- you lose when you are in a riding mode. When's the vacation??????

Welcome Karen!!!!!! How are you going about trying to lose? Are you on a plan of sorts- do you get any excercise? A quick intro from me- I have 3 great kids (16 dd, 13 ds and 6 dd) a wonderful hubby of 20 years and cat with an attitude. ( but really a good cat). I am loosly following Weight watchers and walk 5-6 times a week. Glad to see you posting here!!!!!! Feel free to join in on the fun and friendship we have here.

Gotta go to "grandma's". Have a great day!

07-29-2002, 12:01 PM
Good morning ladies!
Let me begin by welcoming Karen!! It's very nice to meet you and I look forward to hearing more about you. My name is Spryng (my real name by the way) and I have two kids (1 and 7 months and 2 and a 1/2) I've been married for over four years now and have tried many many diets but the one I find works out the best long term for me is the old fashioned calorie counting and exercise. Lame huh?? :lol: well, it works for me anyway :) Tell us more about you, we all love new ones here.
Jackie, it's so great that your computer is fixed and you can post more often again. We sure miss you!! And I am so glad that you are on your bike again!! I did get an exercise in the day before last. I missed yesterday because my DH was home and we were runnnig around town all day but I plan on getting one in today and everyday until this coming sunday. I need it. Plus I am starting the fruit in the AM again too. Had pears this morning. Very tasty but I think it's going to tear my stomach up. It's got to get used to it again. But yes, I am in better spirits this week. Life is calmng down around here. SO I'll take advantage of it for as long as it is this way.
Ginny, have fun at Grandma's house! Sounds like fun. Hopefully we get to go to the lake or something this week. I am dying to get some swimming in before summer is over and the kids are great at the lake so that makes it pleasant.
Well we also have a new pet around here. A Ferret!! We got her the day before yesterday. They were having a sale and she was so tiny and cute that I couldn't resist. We named her Molly. The kids adore her. She's very playful and adorable. We set her little cage up in the living room so the kids can watch her and she eats it up. They feed her treats and we atke her out several times a day to play. We put a cat collar on her with a bell so we can find her at all times. She's so little that she can get under and into things very easily. I'm glad we got her though. She's very cute. :)
Well anyway, My goals today is to get two 20 minute sessions in on the bike and to eat lightly. And laundry. I really need to get alot of laundry doner today. SO that is my day ahead. Hope everyone else has a great day and stays OP.

07-29-2002, 01:19 PM
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say hi....hope everyone is well. Hubby is going to be home for a couple of weeks. So I wont have time to read all the post. But will pop in

Sinnrah :wave:

07-29-2002, 01:57 PM
Morning, what's left of it!

Welcome Karen, you couldn't have come to a better place! I'm AKA Melissa, I've been coming here for a while now, but I've had to worry about my weight all of my life. Right now I'm on Weight Watchers and love it! I'm married to Dh for 8 yrs. and have 1 Ds who's 11 going on 21! Anyway, we look forward to getting to know you!

Ginny, have a good day with your Dk at your moms. I'll keep y'all post on the hornet battle, so far it's a lost battle! I have been journaling everyday, and I really enjoy the time I spend doing it! I don't think I realized that you are doing WW too! How long you been OP with WW?

Jackie, WTG on your bike again! Thats wonderful, and you can inspire us to get moving too!

Spryng, I'm happy that your life is calming down so you can enjoy it! And your new baby sounds like a doll, my Ds has wanted a ferret for so long but we don't need any more animals around here! Have fun !

Not much going on here, but we are finally moving our camper down to the lake today!!!! I know we were suppose to do that weeks ago, but y'all know how things always come up! It's been one thing after another, but finally things ar getting better! (except with the hornets) I'm about to go do my WATP tape, so I can be done with my exercise today and I wont have to worry with it when we get home from the lake tonight!

Have a healthy OP day!

07-29-2002, 03:07 PM
Hi Ladies :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend - ours was nice and calm for a change! The weather forcast was to be soooo hot and humid that we all decided to stay in and rent movies, play games and eat pizza all weekend (not the best food choice, I know, but the only option in our tiny little town :o ). It was nice to not *have* to go anywhere or do anything!

Ginny - I like you advice on raising a finger when the dd's interrupt. I'm gonna try it and let you know how it goes. How was the trip to Grandma's? I bet the kids loved it!

Mel - Glad to hear that you're gonna take some time off and head up to the lake - it sounds so relaxing and fun! Did dh ever find out you had snuck onto the pc? :o I hope not! :lol:

Spryng - your ferret sounds like it'll be a handful! It's a good thing you put that bell collar on it or you'd probably have a real hard time finding it! I'm sure the kids will get a kick out of it too - they can be very entertaining!

Jackie - good for you getting back on your bike!! Now that you've taken that first step, you'll lose that weight in no time! Sometimes just motivating yourself to go over that hill is all it takes! Personally, I struggle everyday to make myself workout; but once I've done it, I'm glad. I even force myself *during* the workout to get more into it - otherwise, it's not really worth doing ;) . Keep it up!

Karen - (uh oh, there's 2 now). New Karen - welcome to our thread! I'll introduce myself: my name's Jen, I'm married for 8 years with 2 hilarious girls (6 and 4) and have a puppy who'll be a year next month. I've struggled with my weight ever since having my first baby and am now using exersize as my primary tool for losing weight. It's nice to meet you -please post more about yourself as you become more comfortable here. :)

Old Karen (ouch! :^: How 'bout CLKaren :smug: . Glad to hear things are good with you. Best of luck to you on publishing your pattern book - what a huge accomplishment - you should be so proud of yourself!

Well, I'm off to make lots o' phone calls this afternoon. Have many appts to make and then have housework to do :( . We're having dh's Aunt and Uncle from So. IL come to visit in the next couple of days and they've never seen our house. I always feel like everything has to be spotless or they'll notice what a bad housekeeper I am :rolleyes: . In truth, they probably won't even care! All that extra work just for my insecurity.....sigh! oh well, catch y'all later!

07-29-2002, 03:30 PM

First of all-I'd like to welcome Karen to our thread! Hmmn...you'd like to be a size 4, huh? Just how tall are you anyways, if I may ask? I'm 5'5" & would like to be a size 8 or 10 someday. My "baby girl" turns 9 on August 7th & I thought weeks after she was born I'd be back down to my original size of an 8 or 10. Well, 9 years have passsed & the closest I have came is a size 12! I'm mostly in 14's right now, but have one pair of size 12 Bill Blass shorts that fit me perfectly! I'm back to following the Fit For Life Plan, which seems to work out best for me. My pedalling also helps me to shed the #'s too. I'm on day 2 on the bike & just right now I'm peddlin'!
I've been on for the last 30 min. & have 30 min. to go. Now: A little bit more about myself--I've been married for 18 yrs. now & have 2 children: A DS who will be 14 in October & a DD that I've mentioned already that is turning 9 on 8/7. We have 2 female cats-one is 8 y/o & the other is just about 3 mos. We also have a 3 y/o goldfish & a couple of tadpoles/
frogs. Ginny: I hope you have/had a nice visit with your DM in NJ. Hopefully you didn't get the rain that we are getting right now in WI. We're leaving for vacation on 8/3 & the weather better be nice while we're in the "northwoods"! :s: My TOM better stay away 'til we return too, as I'd love to have a very relaxing vacation!! I know-how can I relax with 2 kids & a DH along! I guess I need to bring a "WARNING" sign along with me & attach it to my back, huh! Spryng: I'm glad to hear that things are calming down a bit for you!
You're such a great person & only the best should be coming your way! It looks as though we both started back on the a.m. fruit thingy at the same time. I'm out of banana's & I really miss them, as they have a way of tying me over 'til noon. I had a Morning Star Griller sandwich for lunch today & a Chocolate Tofu-Moc Ice Cream sandwich for desert. I just heard this a.m. that the bridge is opening up again by you. Did it affect you any while it was closed? Congrats on your new addition to your family! My dd & I would love to have a ferret, but dh & ds comprimised with us & have a kitten instead of a ferret or a puppy. Our kitty is a blast though! Aren't you afraid that the ferret will run away from you all when you let it run loose in the yard? Sinnrah: Enjoy the time with your DH for the next several weeks. Anything fun planned? Maybe a few house projects? See you back here in a few weeks,okay?
Mel: It sounds like you have a master plan for the hornets during the day at least! Enjoy your time away from home by the lake! Every time I see a Terry camper, I think of you! Hopefully you have your camper stocked well with healthy treats & water! Well, my hour is just about up on the bike, so I have to close for now. I'll try & check in tomorrow. Until then, take care!

07-29-2002, 03:45 PM
Hi Sassy!!

I guess we were posting at the same time, huh? It takes me longer to type while on my bike,so this is why I missed you!
Besides going to our County Fair on Sat. night, I did the same as you & staying in the air conditioned house! I was supposed to get tons of cleaning done, but only managed to get the main level of the house & the laundry done. I'm procrastinating with the upper-half though! I'm going to try & tackle it after I'm done here. Well, I'd better scoot! C-U tomorrow!!

07-29-2002, 03:52 PM
Good afternoon again ladies!
Just thought I would pop back in now that the kiddies are in bed.

Jackie you always have the nicest things to say. You are so encouraging to me! Already today I've gotten in 30 minutes of peddlin' so I feel good about that. I'm going to get at least 10 minutes more in because that is my goal for today. 40 minutes. But if I get more that's great and if not that's great too. I'm just happy to be getting back on again. I don't see how you can type and peddle. Doesn't yourlegs make the keyboard jump around?? I'm enjoying the fruit in the am again too. I know it really helps my body finish digesting from the night before and is much easier on my stomach. So I will stick with it for a while and se if it helps. And no I'm not afraid the ferret will run away if it gets in the yard for two reasons 1- I'm not taking it out for a very long time and 2- when I do eventually take it out I have a harness and leash for it so it can't get away. I only let it run in the house right now. But mostly its in it's cage. I still don't know how you can get in 60 minutes of exercise in on the bike. Are you using your arms too? I feel so worn out and ready to drop after 20 minutes. I guess you've been doing it longer than I have and are in better shape. :)
Sassy- I'm glad your weekend was enjoyable even if you had lots of pizza (that's my biggest downfall) but spending time with your family must have been great! How long is this family from IL planning on staying with you? I hope that turns out well too.
Mel- you are doing so great with your exercise!! I agree with you about getting it done early in the day. I know if I put it off until the afternoon I probably won't finish it. I'm just more tired then. Plus exercising in the AM is suppose to help you burn the cals you consume during the day more effectively. So it makes me feel good.
Well, my eating has been very good so far today. My DH and I talked it over and we decided that we eat out WAY too much lately. SO we are cutting back to once a week at most. Not that it's so expensive (but it does add up) but that we never eat well that way. So I made a chicken casserole for lunch and it was very good and I plan something really good for dinner (haven't decided yet on what it will be) but it will be good.
Oh and Jackie yes they have opened the bridge again. In fact my DH just drove over it for the first time since it went down today. He said it was very scary and sad. He couldn't help but to think of all the people that went in to the water that morning and how scared they would have been. It's still sad when I talk about it. Those poor unsuspecting families. :cry: But he says it looks great and traffic has picked back up on I-40 again. I think I will still take the detour though. That bridge has always scared me. It's so long and the water is so far down that I use to always be on the edge of my seat when we crossed it and now I will be more so. But I shouldn't be going that way for a while yet.
Well anyway, I guess I'll get off here. I think may take a nap. Talk to you all later!!

07-29-2002, 05:15 PM
Hi ladies! My name is Tami, I'm 28, and I'm a sahm of two great kids. Ty is 3 and Emma will be one in a month. I have struggled with my weight for nearly my whole adult life and I have finally come to realize that I really have to do something about it. I've always tried whatever quick fixes I could (that didn't work) and never had the will power to actually change my ways. For the last two weeks I have REALLY tried my best and have lost 9 lbs so far. I've been cutting down on what I eat and have been riding my exercise bike almost everyday. I can already tell that I feel great and can only imagine how I'm going to feel when I actually lose all of the weight (which is quite a bit). I'm trying not to focus on how much I have to lose and just think about how my clothes are fitting and how I'm feeling. It'll be great to be able to come here and get to know all of you!

Thanks for listening!


07-29-2002, 05:38 PM
Hi, and welcome Tami! Sounds like you're already off to a great start! I look forward to getting to know you, and we're always here if you need any thing.
I too have quite a bit to lose, but I realize I didn't gain it over night, and it's going to take time to get it off! Coming here has been a great help to me, this is a great bunch of ladies and they know what to say to help you get through those days when you just feel like quiting! Keep up the good fight and again, we're glad to have you here!

Spryng, You're right about that, It sure makes you feel better to get in your exercise early. It gives me energy to make it through the day, but today it's not working out that way, I got in 20 minutes already, but now I'm getting one of those awful headaches again. Seems like I'm having them a lot lately and I can't figure out why, except for the added stess of life and our nephew thats been here visiting is going to stay and go to school with my Ds. He belongs to Dh brother and they're having family problem that have made it necessary to get the kids out, so we invited him to stay here. I guess I've been a little stressed about the situation, but I'm happy he's here! Things will work out in the wash my mom always says, so I'll try not to worry and then maybe I can get rid of this awful Migraine! I'm going for now, but I'll check back later. Have a good evening!

07-29-2002, 05:58 PM
Welcome Tami!! I'm so excited to have two new ones join within one day!! I'm Spryng. Have two kids (2 1/2 and 1 and 7 mos) I'm getting close to my goal but these last 15 lbs are difficult to budge. I do low calorie eating mostly for weightloss. I've tried other diets but found this one to be the best for me so far. I too have a recumbant bike that I ride and so does a couple others who post here so you can get lots of encouragement to exercise here. I just got mine about two weeks ago and can already see results. but it's a matter of discipline to get and stay on everyday :) But we all look forward to getting to know you better and watch you progress down your weightloss journey.
I know what you mean Mel about the energy. I usually get a kick to be active all day after I exercise but this is how bad it ws today. I drank a can of diet coke, full of caffiene, and then went straight to bed and fell asleep. There's two problems with that, 1- caffiene always works for me to stay awke or an extra boost and 2- exercise definitely helps me make it through my day, but not today. I'm dragging. You should be awarded an award for helping out your nefew like that and I understand only too well about family problems right now. I have a ton of my own to sift through and it's a challenge on themind and body. I know that's why I'm so worn out. Suprisingly though I haven't delt with much depression over this. The normal/avergae person would probably have crashed under the pressure but not me, I'm not so lucky :) I get to deal with it without the added help of a doctor or prescriptions. I wonder how much longer that will last.
Well anyway, just remember that you are helping out for a good reason and I'm sure it will all work itself out in the end. I'm here if you need to talk.
Well ladies, I'll catch you all later.

07-29-2002, 08:20 PM

I'm still here reading all your posts.

WB Jackie... mised you bunches.
I'm using the oatmeal and goats milk soap on the girls. Seems to be helping. TY.
Ginny hope you had a great time with the kids at Grandma's.
I did find the tea! YaY! Thanks for the birthday wishes too!
Spryng glad you are back at it and feeling in better spirits.
Mel how's the master plan with the hornets going?
Sinnrah hope you enjoy some time with your Dh.
Latisia. Good to see you around. Hope you are gettng settled.

I'm doing good girls. Kids are slowly getting better. No signs of me getting the pox yet. I'm not taking the shot. I'm praying I'm being sterile enough and safe... Well I gotta get.

07-30-2002, 10:04 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!
I thought I would get away with a quick post before the tribe woke up and by the time I got done reading the posts- 2 of them are up!!!!!:o So- off to feed the hungry masses!!!!

But, Welcome Tami!!!!! You have come to the right place here.
All the ladies I have met here are really kind, supportive and special, as I am sure that you will see also. Feel free to post as much or as little as you like. I look foward to getting to know you better.

Gotta scoot! See you later (and forgive me for not leaving personal replies)

07-30-2002, 11:45 AM
Good morning everyone!
Well according to the scale the a.m. I'm down one lb. 138. I so hate gaining and re-losing a million times. I don't know if anyone remembers but today was the end of my 5 lb challenge. Does anyone remember?? Well needless to say I didn't make it. But I would really like another challenge to work for. Anyone want to join me? How about 5 lbs off by Aug 15. That's alittle over 3 weeks away. Any takers?? My eating turned out to be good yesterday. I ended at just a little over 1300 cals and got in 30 minutes of exercise. My brother and his girlfriend are coming over to spend the day and night today so I have to get in my exercise this morning or I won't get it in at all today. So my exercise goal today is 20 minutes.
I'm glad your girls are feeling better Misty. I remember when I had the chicken pox so many years ago. They were so bad. I hope my kids never get it but they probably will someday. How's the fruit diet going?
Speaking of fruit I guess I need to eat mine and then hop on the bike. I have lots to do before my db gets here. Talk to you all later!!

07-30-2002, 01:18 PM
Good Morning -

Hope everyone's doing well. I am feeling a bit lost right now and maybe some of you can help...

Perhaps you will remember me mentioning that I have a puppy (Ruby) who will be a year next month. We have had her since December and have worked extensively with her on potty training. We have been consistent with a capital "C", have talked to several vets and trainers, had a few trainers come and work with her to break her of her "problem" and all to absolutely no avail.

She does not signal in any way that she needs to go out, so we will take her out every few hours routinely. The majority of the time, she will not go. She just stands there and looks at us and will pace back and forth like she's looking for a spot, but never actually goes. So, we bring her in and place her in the kennel and then take her out again later. (If she goes, then she doesn't get placed in the kennel unless we're not able to watch her.) The trainers told us that putting her in her kennel after *not going* will reinforce rewards if the deed is done, no reward if it's not. It's just not working. She has not done anything since about 10:30 last night. My dh is getting so frustrated with her and she's *his* baby!

Pretty soon, both dds will be in school and I will be looking for a part-time job. No one will be home to let her out during the day unless I can work something out with a neighbor. If she refuses to go in the am like she's been doing, there's sure to be a mess when we return and neither dh nor myself want to deal with that.

2 days ago my dh took her out several times and she did absolutely nothing - even after dinner (which she almost always does). Before bed her took her out and was outside for at least 20 minutes and still nothing. Next morning, he took her out - nothing. Brought her in and for some reason decided to not put her back in kennel (morning coma, I guess) and she went #2 in our laundry room. I am so frustrated I want to CRY! What can we do ladies? The kids love her so much and we don't want to get rid of her but we really don't know what to do anymore. Nothing has worked. It's like she doesn't want to improve.

Oh, I'm sorry for rambling on about this - I know it's detailed and gross. I just really don't know what to do. There are so many websites out there for dogs, that trying to find one that's truly infomative can take all day! Do any of you know of a good chatroom or message board for dogs that I could check out? Thanks for listening to my problem. Sorry I didn't address you all individually - I'm just in too much of a funk right now. Talk to you all soon.

07-30-2002, 02:14 PM
Hi Ladies,

Jackie....we really do not have too many fun things planned. His father will be here in a week so we will be spending time with him. But we went and racked our credit card up. :lol: Thanks for asking. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else wanted to chat. :lol:

We have just really been enjoying our time together. The Navy life is really hard on us. We dont have children and I dont have a lot of friends here. I am involved in Church and vey much into my family. Which this is the closest I have been to them in two years. The Navy has had us move around a lot in the last two years. We were both in dire need of a vacation from the Navy. :)

Hope all is well with everyone. Sprying, glad to hear you are doing better. How is the weight loss going for ya girlie?

Okay gotta run chickies.

Sinnrah :wave:

07-30-2002, 02:48 PM
Sassy, I wish that I could help, but I've really told you everything that I can think of ! Some dogs are just dead set against going on demand? You seem to be doing everything that I've done in the past to train mine, so just keep it up if you can bare it! I always talk to mine, so that they will learn what I want them to do, and praise them for doing good! Really make a big deal out if it! That's about all I can tell you, if I can find a web site with some info, I'll let you know! Good luck!!!

Spryng, I'll join you in your challenge! Maybe we can motivate each other to do a good job! I've already done my 30 minute-2 mile walk this morning, so that I could get on with other things! My 7th weigh in is tonight, and I'm ready! (I think?) :)

Sinnrah, I know what you mean about military life! My Ex. is in the Airforce and wasn't around much when our Ds was small, we had problems so I stayed in the US and they sent him to Japan for a few years. Now he's barely even a part time dad, but Ds loves his step dad and has his love so we're happy. My Dh has been in our life since my Ds was 3 yrs. so he grew up thinking of him as daddy! Let me explain, :D so nobody thinks badly of me. Ds father left us when Ds was 1 month old, then we tried again but he wasn't ready to grow up and be a dad, so it didn't work? After that he joined the USAF and then we divorced when Ds was about a year old. OK enough of that mess, I hope everyone has a good day, and I'll BBL after my WI !!!

07-30-2002, 10:03 PM
Well, I'm back and I bring good news! I lost 2.4 lbs. this week, for a total of 26.4 lbs lost!!!! And I'm only .6 lb. away from my 10% goal !!! I'm so excited, and so motivated right now! But I've gotta go cook dinner, before Dh gets fussy! TTFN

07-31-2002, 12:38 PM
Good Morning :)

Mel - what can I say but WOW - congrats! Obviously WW is working wonderfully for you and that 's great! Keep up the good work ;) . How's everything going with the hornets? I appreciate your efforts to help with my puppy. Please don't feel bad, for no on has yet to come up with a lasting solution...sigh......:(

Sinnrah - glad that you'll be able to spend time with the dh - I could see you really missed him! My dh almost went into the Marines right after highschool, but then luckily (for me, that is :s: ) changed his mind and went to college. I'm sure it must be hard not knowing many people where you're at - but at least there's always we trusty SAHMs!!

Spryng - that fruit diet sounds sooooo good - can you explain a little bit more what you do with it? Do you eat them raw or do you prepare them in some way? Is 1300 calories enough for you per day? It sounds like such a low number - but then again, I'm not real into figuring out all that stuff. :) Just make sure you're not starving yourself ;) .

Misty - how are the babies? Sounds like the birthday party was a success under the circumstances - what more does she need other than Mommy's arms anyway, right! The good thing is that they got CP now and not later when they're older and will really remember it. My oldest dd was 2 1/2 when she got them from her daycare and I was really upset at first; but then realized that if I could just keep her comfortable, she'd be "ok" and not too itchy. She only had them a bit over a week and didn't seem too bothered by them at all - thank goodness! you keep doing whatever you're doing and one of these days - really soon, I promise - you'll notice that there's no more spots!

As for me, the dog is still an issue - she will be everyday I think. But I can't let her get me so depressed and irritated that I lose sight of everything else I need to do. I might sound crazy, but I'm beginning to wonder if one of those pet psychics could help. Wow! That's how desperate the situation is becoming - I'm looking at sending my dog to a therapist. Stop the insanity! Ok, moving on...

Last night, we went to my in-laws for dinner with my dh's aunt and uncle. It was nice cause we haven't seen them since 95; but they are so soft spoken that I found myself constantly leaning forward to hear them. They probably thought I was wacko! Tonight, they're going out to dinner with my in-laws and then coming here for dessert. Needless to say, I have not a lot, but enough housework to keep me busy for a few hours. The girls want to go swimming and I still need to get my hour of w/o in, soooooooo......I'm gonna scoot. I hope you all have a great day and I'll talk to ya later :)

07-31-2002, 12:47 PM
Good Morning,Everyone!

Well, I missed pedalling yesterday due to being gone all day @ my friends house. She has a 32' x 16' oval pool, so I spent a lot of the day swimming with her & the kids. Aqua-exercise is supposed to be one of the best exercises for the legs, so hopefully this will make up for my pedalling & then some! Spryng:Count me in on the 5# challenge. I'm not sure if I'm going to reach the 5# mark in three wks., but it sure will give me some incentive during our vacation. Once we get to the "Northwoods", I plan on going grocery shopping & plan on purchasing good food choices, for all members of my family!
FYI about my bike: I don't have the option to work my arms while pedalling, unless I lift the weights that came along with the bike. Most of the time, the weights are left hanging in their racks under the area where I sit. :o So...
my hands are free to type & I rest the keyboard on the tray that came with the bike. It works out perfectly, as long as I keep a good coordination going. :lol: As for me tiring: I have rather muscular legs, so I don't tire quite that fast while working this area of my bod. Now...leg raises & back/ab exercises is totally another subject in it's self! I won't even go there! Tami: Please excuse me for not welcoming you in the first part of my salutation!
I didn't notice your post 'til I scrolled past Spryng's post. Congratulations on losing 9#, how awesome!! I like the approach you're taking by not looking at the "big picture" & focusing instead on how your clothes fit. Once I get to the l0# loss mark, is usually when I start having fashion shows in my bedroom/closet area,if you know what I mean! :D As far as my weight battle goes-I've been dealing with this my entire adult life too & it actually goes way back to my pre-teen years too! I started my first diet when I was in the 7th grade. As for your pedalling: It's good to see another biker here! Hmmn...maybe we should get a miles pedalled challenge going, huh? Please feel free to post whenever you find the time. I look forward to getting to know you better. Mel: Congratulations on the 26.4# loss!! You sure are an inspiration to us! I really have to give my weighloss thingy some serious thougt!
All I have to do is put my swimsuit on & I start feeling really guilty! Well, next week I'll be living in it if the weather cooperates. This s/b some incentive for me. So...you have your nephew living with you now too! He is so lucky to have an Aunt like you to help raise him! And to be able to enjoy your camper & lake with you, oh...the memories he will cherish with the time spent with your family! As for your headaches: Are you sure your drinking enough water? With the added benefit of exercise to your lifestyle, you definitely need more than 6-8 glasses of water to your diet.
Also, just being out in the hot summer weather is another dehydration factor. I read somewhere that for every 20 min. of exercise, you need an additional glass or 2 of water. And for being out in the sun: Add several more glasses of water p/hr. to your day! So...if I were you, I'd try to at least get in a gallon of water p/day. Stay away from the coke/coffee & other caffeine related products, as these tend to dehydrate you too! Hopefully this will help ease your headaches somewhat. Misty: Thanks for the WB & for missing me. It feels so "special" to be missed! Glad to hear that you found the tea. Did you find it at the Wal-Mart Super Center? I just love that store! As far as the pox go: If you don't come down with them in the next week or so, you s/b safe. I sure hope that you don't have to deal with them at your age! Ginny: Thanks for popping in for a visit & your apologies are accepted with not addressing us all personally. I know how time-consuming this c/b. Oh!, by the way...you haven't mentioned your 16 y/o moodiness lately. How's it going? Hopefully you are enjoying part of the summer with her. Sassy: About your puppy: It's been a long time since I had a dog in the house, but do you take her anywhere near where she can pick up another dogs scent? I remember oh so well, how often my dogs would "tinkle" just as soon as they picked up another dogs scent! I used to laugh when one of my dogs would try so hard to squeeze out another drop,just to mark it's territory! I hope this info could help you out a bit.Sinnrah: I hope you're enjoying the time off with your DH. Hopefully your FIL's visit will be a pleasant one for you & your DH. So...how long has your DH been in the Navy? How long 'til retirement? ;) It's great to have church friends to fill in the void when your DH is gone, just as long as the church members don't over-burden you with too much volunteering! I used to be at the "overwhelmed" state with volunteering between the church & school functions & just last year I promised DH not to help out on a regular basis anymore. It was hard to say no at first-but they got the picture & pretty much have left me alone now. I still help out occaisionally. Well ladies, my kiddies are all awake now & want breakfast,so I'd better sign off for now. TTFN!!

07-31-2002, 01:06 PM
I just stopped in to say hello. Dd is here with her Bf and I had better get upstairs to see what they are up to. I will print out the posts and read them later. Hopefully get back on later too.
No walk today yet- but my eating has been really good. See ya later!!!!!! Oh, and I will go ahead and start a new thread. See ya there!

07-31-2002, 03:50 PM
Hi ladies!

Really moving this morning, and feel so great for doing it! I guess knowing that I'm almost at my 10% has really put me in high gear, cause I've already walked 1 1/2 miles on my treadmill, and I did my 2 mile WATP tape. Wow, can you believe I did 3 1/2 miles already, and in one day! I'm stunned at what energy I have, I feel like I could do it all over again! :D

Sassy, Thank you, and I'd have to agree, I love the whole WW plan! As for the hornets, Dh stayed out for a while last night spraying more poison, and when they would fly out of the holes he was just stomping on them! :lol: He's determined to get them, one way or another!

Jackie, Thank you, and you are so sweet to say that about DN. He's enjoying his visit so far, and I just informed him that he's getting his own hamster. A friend is giving us thiers cause it's neglected. He's so excited, the only pet he's had is a family dog, so he's really looking forward to it! I'm lucky too, because Ds and Dn get along really well together, so I don't have to worry much about fussy boys. ;) I'm concerned about how they'll be in school though, because they do get a little hyper every now and then? Funny thing is , a few people have mistaken them for twins because they really do look alot alike! Only 4 months age difference between them, and they are close too, like brothers! It's going to be good for Ds, cause he gets tired of being alone at home, with nobody to play with(built in play mate!).
I have been drinking my water, but I'm still trying to gradually increase it everyday! I'm suppose to drink 100 oz. per day anyway, because of my bad kidneys. I've been getting between 60 - 80 oz. which isn't bad, but I know it's still not enough. I'll keep working on getting more water, but I don't really drink soda or coffee, maybe once or twice a month!

Well, I've got a couple of chores to do, so I'll catch y'all later!

Have a good day!