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10-13-2009, 07:13 AM
Good morning! Tuesday feels like Monday after our long weekend so I'll have to go into overdrive this week! :lol: Our forecast is for the dreaded "mixed precipitation" which doesn't bode well for Wendy who is supposed to start my garden today. The rest of the week looks good but this is way too early for snow in these parts!

I'm slowly moving "stuff" downstairs and into my sewingroom. The plants from the porch are now on the tile in front of the sliding door and it looks very tropical there. My orchids are in shock from the transition but will rally, I'm sure. I remembered to bring in my rosemary plant and must use it up quickly before it starts to drop leaves.

There's pet therapy later this afternoon and then the dreaded Cemetery Board (Bored) meeting tonight. They are going to go into shock when I submit my resignation effective the end of the fiscal. It's very little work for me but a huge irritation with some boring and nasty people. Who needs it!

Have a terrific Tuesday! :cofdate:

10-13-2009, 07:29 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

It's looking to be a beautiful day here. We made our drive back to our favored perch last night and it is much warmer here. I don't think we even had a freeze. I'm in the "learn to knit doggie sweaters" mode, so I went in and cleared off the desk in the office (work) so I might persue my new project "guilt free". Of course, dawn will come then it's walking with the doggies then off to the pool for official exercise. I think I'll just plan this day as I go.

Ruth, enjoy your day. Everything sounds fun except your bored meeting. I'd be asleep for sure.

Kierie, I'm thinking of you and saying prayers. You popped into my mind first thing this morning. I hope your drugs kick in and you are "back on your feet" really soon.

10-13-2009, 07:33 AM
Brrrrrrrr! :coffee: What am I going to do when winter gets here? :brr: We should start thinking about turning on the heat overnight already.

I'm toying with the thought of getting my picture license this morning. I hate the thought of wasting my entire morning down there, as there's always a long wait. :( But I guess putting it off isn't going to make it any better.

Debbie, I'm not a die-hard Phillies fan, but I'm thrilled that they're going to the series again! You can't help getting caught up in the fever around here! :)

10-13-2009, 07:57 AM
Hi Cottage. Our heat is already on here. I'm still in weather denial, though. I'm glad your Phillies are off to the series. My Mom is an avid Rockies fan, and yet we both agreed last night that it's better to end this way. Last years series was such a gut wrencher. Good luck on your license. We're a long block from the DMV which is next to Penneys, so it's not so painful.

10-13-2009, 08:18 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Not as cold here as yesterday morning. It's a good thing because we also have mixed precip in the forecast but the temp should save us. Of course it's there again for Friday night :(

Ruth - Isn't it always too early for the first snow?

Debbie - Sounds like a lovely day :) Can't wait to see the doggie sweaters.

Cottage - VT lets you keep your old license and sometimes I like to take out my old license and put it next to my new license pic. I sure hope the line is short for you. Hey, could you take care of my registration too? It's kind of expired and I keep forgetting it.

Kierie - Hope you're feeling better this morning hon :hug:

I'm making my morning as leisurely as I dare because it will be crazy once I get to work. I'm not likely to even get a break for lunch.

Yesterday I got 12 lbs of local peppers for $5. Those will go in the dehydrator tonight. How could I resist? Especially knowing they will be the last of this season.

Well my muffin is done so I need to get moving. Hope your day has some sunshine and glides by with just the right mix of productivity and smiles

10-13-2009, 08:27 AM
Talk of the DMV so early in the morning! When I lived in Louisiana, I used to CRY every trip to the DMV. Those workers were nasty! It's much better in Alabama. :)

Good Morning everyone!

Ruth, Good for you for retiring from the Boreds. You should only be on Happy Boards -- quilting and pie making. :)

Debbie, How is the new puppy fitting in? Did you figure out a name for him? Pops kept Sparkit while we were at the beach. Pops left buckets of food out all the time. I think Sparkit gained 10 pounds while we were gone!

Cottage, Get out your warm fuzzy robe, Friend. I thought I was cold yesterday, so I got out the winter robe. I was sweating within a few minutes. It's really not winter here yet. :) But, Saturday's high is 58. Brrr!

Me: I've been out of the office since Thursday. I bet my desk is a mess! I'll plow through it. We had such a great time at the beach, but it sure is good to sleep in my own bed. We stayed in a 5th Wheel Camper at the beach and I slept with Auston. Did you know a 5 year old has as much energy in his sleep as he does during the day? WOW, that boy can wiggle!

I have a dilemma... I started my job in the spring after being a SAHM for 5 years, so I have lots of spring/summer work clothes. Now fall/winter is coming and I have exactly 1 pair of non-jeans pants. I have to go clothes shopping. I need a shopping friend. Who wants to come to Alabama? I'm so bad at shopping!

Hope you all have a great day!

10-13-2009, 08:34 AM
You know what's great on a cold, wet morning? Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon! Not only does it taste great but you can hold the warm bowl in your cold hands. It's almost as good as coffee - almost!

10-13-2009, 10:38 AM
Bing's little sweater is coming along nicely, but I'm on the easy part. The good of knitting is it's hard to eat, the bad is it's hard to type.:rofl:

Cyndi, sounds like a busy one. I hope you glide right through.

Chelby, Bing is the pup, just like cherries. I wish we could shop together-I don't have any winter clothes either. Glad to hear you had a great weekend and the weather was nice.

Ok, time to get ready for my day. I forget during the summer how much I love to knit-and how time consuming it is.

10-13-2009, 11:44 AM
Morning All - sounds like you have your days pretty well planned. Hope you don't get the miserable cold we just had - 15 degrees yesterday morning. I hoping the rain the weatherman in predicting is finally going to get here today - not only do we need the moisture, but it would really give me an excuse to stay inside in my sewing room.

10-13-2009, 12:19 PM
Good morning,

Ruth- good for you, getting back some of your time for yourself.

Debbie- I like to knit just not good at it always ends up bigger on one end ;)
Cottage- We already have the heat on for overnight it was 44 this morning and is only 46 right now- I have a sweater on in the office I am cold. Brrr two more Friday night Footballs games- we froze last Friday me and DD2 went to the car at half time to warm up.

Cyndi sounds like you got a deal with the peppers. Have a good day

Chelby I love to shop wish I was closer, I am a bargain hunter for nice clothes, love to get the best deal possible. We do not really have any nice thrift stores to get great clothes at, I wish. I used to be able to find some great finds at one of the local church rummage sales but the last couple of years have not had any luck.

Waquilter 15 degrees is brrrr cold- I would stay inside sewing as well.

Kierie- Hope you are feeling better.

As for me- Lots of work today, hope to catch BL tonite last week show was much better and get my exercise in while watching.

Have a great day everyone

gothik butterfly
10-13-2009, 12:22 PM
Happy morning, ladies!

Ruth: I LOVE orchids. My favorite flower next to lillys... I hope your orchids make it!

Lexxiss: Looks like it will be beautiful here today as well. After SNOW yesterday. My cat, Isabelle must have been cold. She has never, ever been UNDER the blankets... and I thought she was hiding around the living room until the blanket on the couch moved. Here she was all balled up inside! I thought it was so funny I had to take a photo. Maybe I should knit a kitty sweater? lol

Cottage: The DMV is a pain in the rear. I hope, if you go, that it is quick and painless. Although.. due to Columbus day yesterday, I imagine it will be quite busy. Good Luck!

Cyndi: here's to hoping your day goes smoothly...

Chelby: My best friend is in Dothan, AL... and I could use a shopping partner too... maybe I should get in the car lol I hear ya about having very little to wear. I generally see what I can get at 2nd hand shops .. especially while I'm gaining or losing weight. I hate spending a huge chunk of money on stuff I can't wear long.

Waquilter: What are you working on in your sewing room right now? (i figure its a quilt? but does it have a theme or anything?)

As for me... I don't know yet. I just got up not long ago. I have job searching to do, taking my roommate to work today... actually, it is shaping up to be a rather lazy day considering. I only have to make breakfast this morning since my HUGE pot of chilli from last night will feed me for days!

I really wish I had the cash to get some candle making stuff... or to start some needlepoint. In the fall and winter I get the creative bug. It would SO be the bomb to have a little art studio. Someday....

10-13-2009, 04:03 PM
I got lucky and was in and out of the DMV in less than 15 minutes! But then I had to rush right over to Cindy's, as Maggie got sick again during the night and is running a slight fever again. So there went my morning. We came over here to my house for the afternoon, and she's happily playing in the playroom and feeling just fine. :dizzy:

Just talking about snow is making me shiver! Everyone is predicting a long, cold, wet winter ahead, just like last year. :( If that's the case, come February I'm going to be looking for some place warm and sunny to escape to. Any of you southern gals want a houseguest for a week or two? ;)

Well, it's time to head back over to Cindy's in time for Audrey's schoolbus. See you all later!

10-13-2009, 06:22 PM
I am absolutely sick of all the rain. I have standing water in my front yard and the ground is absolutely saturated. Apparently we've only had 2 days this month without rain. I can believe it. At least it is back in the 60's today. We were in the 40's over the weekend and that is too cold for Dallas for this time of year. I just got back from taking Rex for a nice walk in between showers.

We're supposed to be celebrating National Night Out tonight at the park so I hope the rain clears. I'm making deviled eggs to bring. Then I'll drop Brian at Faith Formation and head to the gym.

gothik butterfly
10-13-2009, 06:38 PM
zee menu for week 1 phase 1.5 is finished. Thursday morning.. official weigh in and the tally of 2 weeks of phase 1 will be known....

I'm antsy! and I want that honeycrisp! lol

also thinking if things go well thru the end of October with just the apple... I will be adding in a couple of meals including rutabega or butternut squash.

I'd SO rather have that stuff than bread or pasta.

10-13-2009, 07:26 PM
Hi Everyone

Thought I'd check in. I just got up from a 2 hr nap. I never do that but was just exhausted today-too much work and travel the last few days. I did get some paperwork done, but realized a bunch of calls I needed to make were not avaliable for the holiday. Convenient, I knitted and napped. :lol:

Waquilter, cold cold cold....perfect quilting weather!

Pearlrose, :wave: Wish I exercised while watching TV.

Gothik, I hope you don't get tired of chili before it's gone :lol: The girls here told me about a yahoo group called freecycle. You sign up and then can either ask for or get rid of stuff for free. I gave away all kinds of crafts stuff last spring-maybe you could "find" some needlepoint or candle stuff for free. Good job planning for 1.5. I think of you everytime I eat a Honeycrisp!

Barb, that is way too much rain. Hopefully it's warming back up for you. Sounds like a fun evening at the park. Enjoy your workout.

Off to knitting.

10-13-2009, 08:07 PM
Busy day today because we went shopping for our kitchen backsplash. Its coming down to the finishing touches now. I am so excited because you have to realize that it has been a project that has gone on for more years than I can count. With DHs heart surgery, gall bladder, my MIL passing away, some happy news like the birth of my grandson etc, etc.

Debbie - your suggestion to Gothik is great, I was going to suggest thrift stores. I gave away needlepoint kits to Sallyann which belonged to my MIL.
How neat that you are knitting something for your little people. Hope we get to see a picture of one of them wearing it. I finished the hat for my grandson and told my daughter to take a picture but he won't put it on, he is 2 and stubborn and last year would scream if you put a hat or mitts on him.

Kiere - Hope you are feeling better.

Everyone else have a good evening.
take care

10-13-2009, 10:38 PM
My mom crocheted beautiful things when I was a kid. She tried to teach me, but she is left handed and I am right handed. I never could learn! I'm jealous of you crafty folks.