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10-12-2009, 10:46 PM
Does anyone know of any baby food diet guides?

Yes, I'm sure many of you think baby food is gross, but I'm looking for folks with actual experience with using baby food in a diet plan. I believe it will be good for me to relearn portion control and cut out excess sugars and salts (and cravings). As background, I am a food addict, but I can't exactly stop eating like an alcoholic could stop drinking - so bland eating is actually appealing to me. I plan to start with only baby food meats, veggies, fruits, and oatmeal (and probably protein shakes and yogurt) and then begin to add back in real food from those food groups one at a time.

I have no idea what amounts of baby food I should consume in a day to meet by needs for fruits, veggies, protein, and calories in general. For example, does 1 small jar of fruit = a serving of fruit?

Please know that I am not looking to this as a long term diet, but rather as a method of starting healthy diet habits one food group at a time.

10-12-2009, 10:49 PM
I knew someone who did this 30 years ago in high school! She is still thin!

results not typical
10-12-2009, 11:57 PM
Ask the person who did this 30 years ago if they have been doing it all that time, or if they have used other methods since then?? It would be interesting knowing that.

10-12-2009, 11:59 PM
oh, no--she stays thin the healthy way--diet and exercise!

10-13-2009, 02:35 PM
Baby food is totally lacking in fiber, you don't get the satisfaction of chewing your food and portion control of real food is simple - use a food scale. Dr. Oz is a proponent of having a limited variety of food so you don't think about it a lot - for example always have a salad for lunch, but vary the protein you put in it. Have a fruit, egg and whole grain toast for breakfast every day, etc.

10-13-2009, 02:59 PM
Are you talking about he jars of baby food you find in the store?

Maybe if you made it from scratch. Steamed your own veggie and such and then pured them, but as for the store bought - wow, I can't imagine. My 9 month old won't even eat them anymore.

Good luck with your journey though...I hope you find something that works for you.

10-14-2009, 05:36 PM
I am on a Baby-Food diet!! :carrot:
I enjoy it a great deal. I did start the diet three days ago, so I am
still testing the grounds. Although exercise is not recommended, I go
three times a week to a fitness center, BUT, limit the routine, why, you
ask, because your caloric intake is lower than normal. There are so many
ways for you to control all of it and create the right diet and exercise
regime for yourself. At first, it is awkward, but it does not take long before
you find yourself planning your mini meals, snacks and form of exercise. I love it, and even if I decide later, to return to a normal meal on a daily basis, I will add to the routine a baby-food meal or snack. Great stuff and great for your budget.