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10-12-2009, 03:59 PM
All summer I did amazing. I lost about 25 pounds give or take and I didn't even gain them back while at DisneyWorld. Then, I started back to work and I am so ashamed. Let me tell you about a typical drive home lately.

In the car with the "false pretenses" that I am headed to the gym which I have skipped more than I have went. Then, I convince myself that I just have to do this or that tonight and it will be back to the gym tomorrow no matter what.

While dieting this summer, my husband and I would stop pretty much daily to get ourselves an "unsweet tea" as a treat at McDonalds. It didn't present any issues and was a nice, refreshing and calorie free treat. So, of course that has continued, but along with it now that I am traveling alone might be some cookies, a burger, fries....or whatever else I seem unable to resist.

I eat whatever I have bought happily on my way home and then it sinks in. I now must get dinner ready and I have to EAT or my family will wonder why I don't....so..........sadly, I do!!

This has absolutely got to stop before I gain it all back. I am frustrated, ashamed, but more importantly.........I am now MOTIVATED again! So, wish me luck!:?:

10-12-2009, 04:18 PM
We all slip here and there, fall of the wagon, and sometimes dont return until the weights back on plus some! Congrats on not gaining all your weight back and getting motivated again. I sometimes think getting motivated and determined is the hardest part!

You're going to do great! Good luck! =)

10-12-2009, 04:32 PM
For awhile, I had to keep my wallet in the trunk for the ride home. It made the drive-thru too difficult and there was no way I'd go inside to order.

10-12-2009, 04:49 PM
chew gum in the car or start getting tea powders to dissolve in your water on the way home instead of stopping. Stopping seems to tempt you beyond what you can handle right now and its unfair to put yourself in a situation when you know you haven't been good at resisting lately.

To keep you motivated to make good decisions on the way home, play your cardio workout mix in the car. Its hard to eat a burger when you are listening to something that makes you want to exercise.

I love the idea of putting your wallet or purse in the trunk too. Good call Dalgishake!

10-12-2009, 05:05 PM
Yoovie...great post...

10-12-2009, 05:09 PM
You possess the power to break this cycle. You can make the change!

10-12-2009, 05:18 PM
I have my moments that make sense :P (they are few and far between- just like my dates with the scale)

10-12-2009, 05:58 PM
I know how you feel hun! I have been SO tempted to stop for just a "one time" dinner. I have been SO close to going thru that drive thru, and then I remember and tell myself...if I do it, then it'll happen again...and again...so I have fought my cravings and haven't gone! It's very hard...taco bell and panda express is my favorite!! Maybe you should try stopping the ice tea...so you won't buy the food...I tend to do that to in the past..."oh ill just get a drink"....a couple fries or tacos later....I was so mad at myself! Maybe buy yourself some bottled tea so you don't have an excuse to stop there? My issue right now is eating when i'm bored!! But if we stay strong we WILL make it!!! Good luck :hug:

10-12-2009, 06:14 PM
How about carrying some fruit or a small snack bar for the ride home. It's natural to be hungry after a long day at work and it's best to be prepared with a healthy snack.

Also, try working out in the mornings if you can at all make the time. It's much easier to go consistently. I used to think I was not a morning person but for the past year, I've gotten up at 4:30 am to workout and I've never gone to the gym more consistently.

10-12-2009, 07:46 PM
Meltitiaway, I used to do the same thing! Except for me it wasn't the drive-thru, I'm too cheap for that. But I would come home from work and had a 1/2 hour before DS14 got home from school. I would have a snack--I deserved it! But usually my "snack" was enough calories for another meal. And then I made and ATE dinner too! I now try to have a more substantial lunch with a really small snack, no more than 100 calories, in the afternoon if I feel I need it. I do slip up sometimes, but over time it gets easier.

Yoovie, that is a genius idea of the wallet in the trunk!

10-12-2009, 07:51 PM
For awhile, I had to keep my wallet in the trunk for the ride home. It made the drive-thru too difficult and there was no way I'd go inside to order.

This is the kind of thing I do. I don't try to "willpower" myself out of a habit, I just put something into place before I hit the decision point that I've failed in the past.

10-12-2009, 08:16 PM
Avoidance. I used to be soooooooooo addicted to Popeye's, even earlier when I was on this journey. I finally told myself ENOUGH and now I do not even think about going over there. It just isn't worth it. Try taking something of your own to drink so you don't have to stop at Mickey D's for tea. Because if you don't stop for tea, you aren't going to be tempted to order food.

10-12-2009, 08:23 PM
Yup, I've done the wallet in the trunk too.

And....well one of the things you mentioned is you eat dinner because you are ashamed to tell your family you already ate. Honesty is a big motivator. If you do slip up again, come clean.

If you really dont want to give up tea, make a big batch of tea at home and freeze it in water bottles. Toss one in your car and it should hopefully be thawed by the time you are ready to head home. Or if you live somewhere cold dont freeze it and let the car keep it cold for you.

10-12-2009, 08:46 PM
I have to avoid my trigger spots also. I don't take money with me to work, I leave credit cards and cash at home. I don't need them, I have my pre-packed foods I brought from home.
If its the tea that you must have on the way home, why? just habit? how long is that drive that you need tea? Try taking water in the car with you that way you don't stop. And as avoiding the gym, how about getting something special for that work out, like a new pair of running shoes, or an mp3 player or download a really good book that you can only listen to while working out (thats my trick, I'm listening to the new Dan Brown book right now during my workouts and I tell you, they end too soon!).

10-12-2009, 10:43 PM
Take a different route home that does not go by the dreaded fast food joints. Yeah, it may be a few more miles, but a few miles is less in $'s in gas than the money you're spending on junk that will soon be hanging off yer behind. You're not going to be able to hide it forever.

And I know how you feel. For me it's not fast food, it's stopping at the quick trip for a 6 pack. I'm working very hard on not doing that. Going a different way home, telling myself it's to cold now to drink beer, I want a cup of hot tea when I get home.

It's tough, make you a deal, I'll leave those 6 bottles all lonely and cold at the quick trip, if you'll leave the Big Mac wallering in it's grease under a heat lamp.

10-12-2009, 10:57 PM
Lots of good advice already listed. One of the BEST gifts I gave myself was to skip dinner with the family. I still sit with them and sip a cup of warm tea. Often I am hungry after work, and I eat when I get home, before I work out. Sometimes I eat a substantial "meal". Consequently, learning to say - hey - I ate already - I'm not hungry - was a HUGE - yes HUGE part of my success.

Break that drive-thru habit - substiute healthy snacks instead - and don't be afraid to skip a meal when you don't need to eat. Your family will not make a big deal of it - really!

10-12-2009, 11:45 PM
Yup, been there, done that, and bought the plus size tee shirt....:D

And for me, the icing on the shameful cake was tossing the empty bags out the car window (yup, a good citizen-not. A litterer.) Then, I'd procrastinate about making dinner because I wasn't hungry... then, yup, eat again.

But I promise you that you CAN break the habit, and quicker than you think.

For almost two years I NEVER went to work without stopping at the same gas station for coffee and 3 danishes.... I used to stop even it it risked making me late for work.... I thought that place had a tractor beam that pulled me in from the highway.

But, when I decided to firmly break the habit the craving went away really fast-- probably two weeks tops. The hardest thing about cravings is that it seems like we'll have to battle them forever so it hardly seems worth it-- but in reality, they fade surprisingly fast.

Sounds like you have happy memories associated with stopping there-- you stopped there with your husband. Now, you're trying to recreate that happiness by stopping-- so maybe if you remind yourself that you will be happiest after you get home and relax with your family and so you don't want to spare the time stopping, you might find that it helps.

I learned that trick from the book Overcoming Overeating, and it does help me when I realize that what I'm really looking for is a bit of happiness-- something I'm not at all likely to find at a fast food place.

10-13-2009, 12:04 AM
hahaha...its like i am reading about myself...i start off great I lost 15-20lbs and gain 20-25lbs back all because i get a little lazy the kids decide they can go for a 5 dollar pizza from little caesar and you know 1 slice turns into 2 and then 3 and a cup of cherry coke...so i am so full that i cant move so I wont do my exercises that day...but now that i got on the scale again OH NO!!!! here a GO!!!! I am putting on my gym clothes and getting on my treadmill and eating healthy well at least trying...wish me luck...keep you posted and hey WISH YOU LUCK TELL ME HOW IT GOES.....PLEASE MOTIVATE ME so I will keep going toooooooo.... :)

10-13-2009, 12:43 AM
This is the kind of thing I do. I don't try to "willpower" myself out of a habit, I just put something into place before I hit the decision point that I've failed in the past.

same, i dont rely on willpower because the 60 lbs i gained proves i have none! my husband hides all the cookies for my sons lunch, seriously. sweets are my biggest struggle and if theyre here, ill eat them. i have just enough willpower not to tear my house apart looking for them, lol.

i also make my husband "take this away from me", even if its not junk food, but im mindlessly snacking.

if someone brings over goodies and leaves them i squirt dish soap in them and throw them away. i seriously doubt id pick them out of the trash, but hey, ya never know.

10-14-2009, 10:25 PM
I have the same exact problem.. all summer I did fantastic, and once school started I stopped completely. What I'd do is not go through the drive thru after work until you get yourself back on track and can resist the greasy foods.. or just don't go alone, ya know?

And I, too, make up excuse after excuse to not work out. They usually work :/. I think we just need to DO IT, even if we're kicking and screaming the whole way there. Don't worry, you'll get through this rough patch. Keep your head up girl!!! :hug:


10-15-2009, 05:49 AM
I accept:If you really dont want to give up coffee, make a big batch of tea at home and freeze it in water bottles. Toss one in your car and it should hopefully be thawed by the time you are ready to head home.