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10-12-2009, 03:13 AM
As I am losing the excess weight and starting to feel better about my body, I am becoming more and more conscious of the other areas in my life which I`m unhappy with.

It`s not like these things have not been there before, but my preoccupation about my weight and body was always overwhelming and put everything else in the background. It always was the most important thing for me, and I felt I could not tackle anything else before the weight is sorted. It`s not like I`m one of these people who does not feel that I`d be getting anywhere for as long as I`m fat. It was more like: “Spend your energy on what matters most!” But as the weight remained un-lost the other things remained undone as well.

Now that the weight is taking care of itself and now that I am no longer preoccupied by feeling fat, there is suddenly loads of space in my mind for all the other issues, and I am making plans and undertaking steps to enhance my life in other ways as well.

I`m applying for jobs and am starting to re-think some of my relationships and priorities. I have undertaken steps to improve my finances and I have started charity work. And I am thinking about how to enhance my home.

Can anyone relate?