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10-06-2009, 07:02 AM
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: Good morning!

There was a gorgeous full moon last night. Anybody else see it? I hope that means a clear day today because I'm overdue for some sunshine. I need to go to town to shop though which seems a shame when I could be out in the garden.

Yesterday was a busy blur and the rest of the week is gearing up. It's Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada and there is baking to be done for the Church sale, yard sale stuff to organize, decorating at home and at Church, two "feasts" to attend and cousins expected to drop in to see the new addition. As they say around here "No flies on me!" :)

Wishing you a sunny and productive Tuesday! :cofdate:

10-06-2009, 07:14 AM
Good Morning Everyone:sunny:

Hi there, Ruth. Thanks for getting us started this morning. I missed the moon last night, but it is really beautiful and light this morn. It's shining right over my garden. Sounds like you have another busy day cut out for you-it's a good thing you resigned from those boards!
Enjoy preparing for Thanksgiving. My Sis is in BC and they always have a big feast.

Me, putzing around the house. I cleaned out my clothes closet this morning and have 2 huge piles to take to the consignment or thrift store. DH said it looks like I have some shopping to do. Mom is coming in time to go to the pool, so I'll work on getting the house picked up. Stomper is on hold-apparently he was adopted in Kansas, however may not be working out with the other family dog. I emailed the rescue directly this AM so maybe I'll know more later on. If he doesn't work out we may just take a weekend trip and search the shelters ourselves.

Have a great day everyone! I look forward to hearing what's on your plate today.

10-06-2009, 07:15 AM
:sunny: We've been promised another picture-perfect Fall day here, but by this time tomorrow it will be raining.

It's sounds like another busy week in your parts, Ruth. What's the traditional fare for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner? We're getting ready for our semi-annual neighborhood yardsale on Saturday, although the forecast is for rain right now.

This morning I'm cleaning the oven (which only means pressing a button :D), and stopping at my folks to drop off the packet of travel plans I printed out for them. I did 10 minutes of fast spinning on my bike yesterday, and am going to do at least that long again this morning. I won't have to worry about supper, since Jake has a late meeting after work and they're feeding them. I have a pot of Hobbitshire Soup in the fridge for my supper. :)


Good morning Debbie! Have fun shopping for clothes in a smaller size!

OK, I just had to pop my head out the door to look at the moon, and it's perfectly round and shining brightly! I'll have to check it out this evening. I love seeing the Harvest Moon this time of year.

10-06-2009, 07:24 AM
Just looked up Hobbit Shire Soup ( for future reference. I even have all the ingredients so may make it later this week.

Our Thanksgiving Feast is pretty much the same as the American one - turkey with dressing, pumpkin pie and all the fixings. Some families have the sweet potato and marshmallow dish and even that devastating green bean casserole with the crunchy onion rings! We just don't do Pilgrims. :lol:

Would you believe the dogs just came in wet? It's raining! The weatherperson lied again!

10-06-2009, 07:49 AM
and it's another morning and another pot of coffee :coffee2: (Dr. A did say just one pot per day, right? ;) )

Ruth - Hope you get some sun and some garden time to enjoy it. Sounds like another busy week. That moon was amazing last night. I love fall full moons.

Cottage - I tried 10 minutes of spinning last night. I have a DVD with actual spinning workouts and the easy one was 10 minutes spinning, 5 minutes stretching. That's my way to start a new workout :)

Debbie - I found my parent's dog on Petfinder. Wonder if they have anything in your area? Enjoy the clothes shopping :) I don't know how I would have clothed myself without thrift stores. I really wanted to be in smaller sizes whenever I could but couldn't have afforded them otherwise. It became a rotation for awhile - buy clothes then donate them again a few weeks later. Not a bad problem to have.

It's day 2 of my 3 day week. I'm heading to the parents on Thursday and will spend one day there with DD who is visiting. I hope the weather will be good because my parents want to take me to a waterfall nearby.

I'm really hoping work will be better today. Yesterday was crazy busy as I tried to juggle two jobs into one day. Then there was an incident with the boss that was just so embarrassing to the agency I can't believe it. It's like having a hormonal 14 year old running the organization. In a small town agency public face is pretty darned important. Usually I would just talk to her about something that really bothered me but not sure how to have the conversation that would be required for this. Reminds me of conversations I had with DD when she was 12 and even then it was about her friends not her!

Ah well, moving on and hoping for a better day. Even with everything I stayed on plan yesterday and stuck to P1.5 all day. Will do that again today. The day ends with a massage so it has to be better :)

10-06-2009, 08:09 AM
Cyndi, I hope your boss realizes the bad light she put on the agency yesterday, and learns from it. It sounds like it was a very arkward situation. Enjoy your coffee! :hug:

10-06-2009, 08:30 AM
According to the local weather radar, it is clear outside. But, I just went out to feed the dogs and it's raining. The rain is getting old!

Other than that, Happy Tuesday!

Ruth, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Good food and good family time without the pressure of gifts. :)

Debbie, I hope your dog works out. But if it doens't, I'm sure a shelter dog would appreciate a good home.

Cottage, Pressing that 'clean' button can sure stink up the house! Yuck!

Cyndi, :hug: I hope today is better. We're having a little ugly spat between our law enforcement agent and DHR right now. Our Exec Director is now involved.

Another long day for me. I'm learning how to do monthly and quarterly reports for our grants. In all the busyness yesterday, I didn't go to the post office. I need a secretary! :)

Have a great day, everyone!

gothik butterfly
10-06-2009, 09:38 AM

quite grumbly this morning. stayed up late to watch the Packer vs. Vikings game... slept like crap... am up early for an appointment.

I absolutely LOATHE being out of bed before the sun is up. There's just something not right about getting out of bed while it's still dark lol

will be back when i'm more awake and less grumbly.

10-06-2009, 10:16 AM
Gothik, My hubby was up all night with that game, too. He loves rooting for the 'old guy'. :) I'm a widow during football season. ;)

10-06-2009, 10:45 AM
Hi! Thought I'd drop by before heading to the pool.

Sophie, what a weekend. Hope things are improving!

RDW, your top is really cute! I need to go to Kohls next time I'm in Denver.

Kierie, hoping for a stressless day for you.

Pearlrose, Meremaiden :wave:

Cottage, I'm going to have to try the Hobbitshire Soup. Everyone has sure compiled great recipes for us Beachers!

Cyndi, seriously hoping your day is better. The dogs we're looking at are all on Petfinder, they're just in Kansas. It's such an incredible tool which has really helped getting pets adopted.

Chelby, must be hard to work when you don't have a secretary!

Gothik, have a great OP day. Hope to hear from you later.

:swim: :swim:

10-06-2009, 11:55 AM
Good Morning Chickies!

Ruth- hope you have a little time to relax today! You've been super busy!

Lex- good for you for going through your closet! I soooo need to do that! I keep adding to but never taking away! I hope stomper works out...enjoy your swim!

Cottage- whats hobbitshire soup? nevermind- just read ruth's post :) I may just have to try that tonight for dinner! :) wonder if I can find brown rice orzo... smallest pasta I have is macaroni.

Cyndi- :hug: I sure hope things get better for you at your job!!! I can't stand drama around me at all and at work it just makes me so frustrated, I always want to say We're adults people, can we act like it?!!?!? geez.

Chelby- I hope you have an enjoyable long day anyway! :)

goth- :wave: I will leave it at that for now :)

ME- I am just doing a lot of around the house stuff today and need to run to the vet, and kohls to return my slippers... not much else on the agenda... may put that soup in the crock pot so it can simmer all day. I am LOVING my pumpkin spice coffee- this morning I used rice milk and agave instead of hemp milk, i think maybe my hemp milk was bad- not sure but it didn't smell very good and looked a little curdly.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!

10-06-2009, 12:25 PM
Ruth - saw the moon last night, it was wonderful.

Cottage - your soup sounds great, always looking for new recipes.

Cyndi - Just one more day to go, then a little break and maybe mom will pamper you.

Debbie - Its nice to give those clothes away. Brand new wardrobe for Christmas?

Goth - My daughter had a hard time getting up early but now that she has a wee one she's up at 6. Enjoy while you can

Rikki - Enjoy your pumpkin spice coffee. Unfortunately I like mine with just a dab of milk, no sugar.

Me - The usual house maintenance and planning my menu for Thanksgiving. Have to go and see if Costco is selling those big bags of cranberries, last year I made up a few (like cranberry sauce) and enjoyed it in my yougurt.
take care
having leftover salmon for lunch, yummy

10-06-2009, 03:29 PM
Hello all, just a quick flyby for me again. Sounds like everyone is doing well. It poured buckets this morning on the way into work this morning.

Tonite hope to see BL and work out while it is on. Staying op eating wise, probably need to do phase 1 for a couple of days to see the scale start to move again but I am starting to feel a bit of a cold coming on, so I think I will wait until that passes first.

Have a great day everyone