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10-05-2009, 03:29 PM
Hi, everyone!

I've been poking around the forum this morning for the first time in almost two years.

I joined LAWL back in 2002 and lost over 50 lbs. I only had another 10-15 pounds to lose to reach "goal" but I should have just stayed where I was and went on maintenance. Instead, I got cranky and gave up entirely. I'm good at self-sabotage.

In any case I gained it all back after getting sick and going back to being an emotional eater. I was ready to go back on plan but then my COD (which had become PWL) closed down in Jan. 2008. I couldn't face going back on plan without my favorite Lites, so I gave up again and gained a few more pounds. I'm now 100 lbs. from where I'd like to be (and weigh about 50 lbs. more than when I started with LAWL back in 2002).

Like many of you - I was burned in that I still had a lot of product owed to me when the COD shut down and so I was out a lot of hard-earned cash. The only other diet program I've ever done is Weight Watchers, which is too easy for me to "cheat" on - I end up spending all my points on crazy snack foods and don't eat properly, and therefore never lose weight. LAWL worked so well for me and I felt like I was eating really good food all the time. It actually felt easy and like I was making a change in lifestyle and choices. The lites kept me going because I love having sweets and the lites took care of that worry that I would be giving up everything I loved just to be thinner.

I see from my forum research today that LA To Your Door is a possible avenue for new lites. I find that exciting. But I'm also torn. Do I really want to send them more of my money? But will I also give up on something that I know worked so well for me in the past?

I have never in my adult life been happy with my weight. I just turned 43 a couple days ago. That's a very long time to be unhappy and I just want to be in one place weight-wise that is not on the "overweight" end of things.

So I don't know what I'm looking for by posting this. Whether its encouragement or what. I just felt that I had to share my feelings - how I'm torn about coming back to LAWL using LA To Your Door vs. what....gaining more weight??? I don't know what the alternative is.

Thanks for listening, everyone.

10-05-2009, 03:44 PM
Hi NeelyO
Welcome to the forum.Don't let La-lites stop you from doing something that you know is going to work.
Have you heard of Luna-Bars?You can buy them from any grocery store or drug store. They are 1/2 the price of LA-lites and you do not have to pay anyone in advance.
They are pretty much similar to you can have 2 per day.
You can look at the nutrition information from the website

Good luck

10-05-2009, 06:58 PM
I just came back here not too long ago as well. Although I am not necessarily doing the plan to the letter this time I came back because this is a great place to get support, vent, share your successes or even just say hi for the day. I know that if needed these ladies (and Dan) are here for me. You and I are about the same in weight and height so I know exactly how you feel about your weight. If you want a friend to talk with etc - let me know. Join in on the friends and Losers thread. Thats where we all go on a day to day basis!


10-12-2009, 07:25 PM
Hi I have been doing a lot of looking around the forum. I use to do this plan a while ago and I was a red. I see Plan 4 and Plan 5 also listed. can any one explain the weight difference between these two plans. I am 5'7 235 and in good health. I walk everyday for about an hr, and try to get some cardio in 3 times a week. I just need to find out which plan I should be using. Thanks for all of your help and posts around the thread

10-12-2009, 10:39 PM
I have had some luck on Ebay buying bars and other LA products. I am a member, but I am still saving some money by checking out Ebay.