LA Weight Loss - Hi Ladies I am starting Fat Smash on 10/5 but had a questions

10-02-2009, 01:25 PM
Hello All

I am new here and starting the fat smash diet on Monday. I am looking to lose 34lbs total but I was wondering if it is necessary for me to buy the book? I looked online to see what I can eat in Phase 1. Does the book have menus to follow each day? Or does anybody have an example of a typical menu in a day I guess I am worried that I will not eat enough or eat to much in one day. Any suggestions would be great

Also I would love a buddy if anybody has just started or is going to start in the near furture!:hug:

Really look forward to talking to you guys!

10-02-2009, 03:35 PM
The book for me was nothing more than motivation. Its an encouraging easy read, and helped me get psyched about the diet. There are some recipes in there, but they dont seem like something the "typical" person would arugela? i dont even know what arugela is beyond it being a veggie. :) I dont think that the book is necassary, just helpful. But that is just my opinion

10-02-2009, 04:00 PM
Thanks so much for your response. I think I am already psyched about the diet. A friend of mine just fininshed her detox and lost 10lbs. I was doing the low carb and we were seeing which one worked best. I did lose 6 lbs in 4 days but I am so tired of eating meat I gained half of it back. I think the first part of this will be easy for me because I am soooo tired of meat lol

Again thanks for your response!

Also does anybody know if it is oaky if I only do three meals a day? I work full time and have an almost 5 month old at home so I do skip a ton of meals because there just isn't enough time in the day:?:

10-03-2009, 05:14 PM
I want to start on Monday also.
If you did not purchase the book, how do you know what to eat???

10-03-2009, 10:13 PM
Well I have a friend that did the diet and she told me what to eat. I also found some information online. Then if you look at google books it list a few of the pages one being the page that shows the foods allowed for phase one. I was really wondering if I would need to pruchase it for menus because I am worried I will overeat or not eat enough in a day.

Good Luck to you my plan is to still start on monday I have to get to the market tomorrow.

10-04-2009, 10:37 AM
the diet stresses that you have to eat at least 4 times per day...this will rev your metabolism and help your body learn to burn faster. Even a single banana would be considered a small snack between 2 of your daily meals. If that helps

10-05-2009, 02:55 PM
Basically during phase one you can only eat fruits veggis unlimited, oatmeal up to a cup or a cup in a half per day. two six ounce yougurts per day but the have to be fat free or 99percent fat free.
no sugar
no soda
just water and tea is allowed
3 egg whites per day

I forgot a few but this is the bulk of the nine days