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10-01-2009, 10:22 AM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.

:) Happy month of October Everyone :)

10-01-2009, 11:06 AM
Good Afternoon

Wow has the month of October come already I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. It is a beautiful sunny autumnal day which is wonderful for those little walk in comfort. Talking of walks I had a really nice walk last night quite late but great all the same. Expected to see one or two foxes but they must have been tucked up in bed ;)

Just at the minute we have the council plumber here as we have a small leak on the hallway radiator. Did not see it till one morning the carpet had a slightly darker patch near it ever so small at the base of the piping. I felt it and it was damp on the floor. Good job our carpet is a plain colour otherwise a patterned one you would have not have spotted it. It has took a little while for the man to fix it but he got there in the end. The radiator was not playing ball as we say and the pressure was high despite no heating or water being on at the time.

ROSEBUD Good news about your health check and most things tested are in a good range. It shows that your healthy eating has had an impact on your health. Keep up the good work I am proud of you and your achievements :carrot:

If you feel surgery is not for you (it would not be for me either as I could not live with the restrictions afterwards) you stick to your guns. It will be a good motivator to keep up with the healthy eating and fine tuning along the way the way you eat. I think we are constantly are on a learning curve and can always learn something new. Recipes on here on the different threads such as weight watcher, south beach can give you inspiration for different recipes. You can tweak them as you have the ability with being a competent cook with ingredients you may or may not have. I do this more with the fact I can't get a named ingredient so get something similar. Any recipes we both enjoy I keep as one of my healthy eating repertoire. So it is expanding gradually with recipes I would have never have thought of.

No further news for today ladies so I hope you are all well and so until next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-01-2009, 04:51 PM
Thanks so much, PURPLE ~ for starting our October thread ... really appreciate that! Forgot we had to go up town again early this AM to pick up the things we couldn't get yesterday, as by the time we got out of the doctors and got my precriptions, we didn't get home til after 6 pm when all the stores were closed ...

I sent a request to RUTHxxx to put this month's thread up as a red sticky at the top of the page for us ... I'm sure she'll do that when she comes by our way again (in this forum).

TIme to go put my feet up for a bit; got lots of walking in today. Will come back after to do a recap of our day. :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-01-2009, 07:18 PM
Happy October, Ladies-:scooter:

We're having a rainy day here in Arkansas. Yesterday was beautiful, so I put the top down on my car and rode around town enjoying the cooler temps. If I can, I'll put a picture up of my little car. It is nothing fancy; it's a PT Cruiser. Lucky for me, all my nerve damage and tissue loss is on the left side so I can still drive. :D

I have read all the shares and I'm happy to know that everyone is doing well. Glad you spotted the wet carpet before it got really bad, Purple. My washer is in the kitchen, and not long ago I went to get the clothes out and discovered my floor had at least an inch or more of water everywhere! I was afraid the washer would need to be replaced, but it was only the hose that drains the machine.

Rosebud- my younger sister had weight loss surgery last year around this time. She has lost at least 100 lbs in the year. She is now off all her medicines. Lucky for her, she had the money to get it done. My insurance will not pay for that kind of surgery. So I'm doing it the old fashioned way. But you know what? My sister will need plastic surgery as she lost the weight so fast she has "elephant skin." And she will probably get that done. As I said, she has money that I don't have.

I'm not sure I'd get it done, even if I had the money. It is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

I have started writing down everything that goes into my mouth! Then I find the calorie count and put that down, too. I started doing that because sometimes I can get into mindless eating and eat more than I should.

Ronnie- I hope you are enjoying the ball games. I always enjoyed a Friday night game when I was teaching! First football, then basketball, then baseball! Lots of good memories!


10-01-2009, 10:39 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I'm back ... we had a fish for dinner; I had mine with a veggies stir-fry with 1/2 cup brown rice mixed in and that was very nice; DH had some baked fries & gravy with his fish. For things like this, I make us what each one likes; but the rest of the time, I make us the same thing. He's good in that he will eat pretty well whatever I put in front of him.

HI SPICEY ~ I'm glad that the WLS went well for your sister; she's braver than me. I ran into a lady yesterday who said that her sister is going to have WLS in October; and I really hope it goes well for her too ... I admit that I am terribly skiddish about the whole idea ... I have issues from childhood and don't really trust surgeons/doctors that much.

As I was telling someone else, I didn't ask for a referral, my doctor did that on his own. I was a bit miffed about it becuz I only agreed to investigate it and think about it; and I really don't want to waste $$$ and other people's precious time when I am not really interested. Like you, I want to try to get things under control on my own; even if it takes me a bit longer.

The doctor also wants me to take cholesterol pills (these ones are by Crestor; something call rosuvastatin calcium pills) as he says my LDL should be 2.0 or under (my tests said they were 2.63 which was under 3.0: the number preferred for healthy persons). My research says that if you have other health risks, the numbers should be 2.0 or under. My doctor said that he was impressed that my numbers were so good without taking meds; and I wasn't following a diet for that either. Tonight, I went to some health sites and got some tips on how to modify our choices, as I would rather do that than take these meds all the time.

PURPLE ~ I am the type that prefers not to take meds unless I really need them; but the water pills are helping my legs quite a bit to keep the swelling down. They are not as painful as before either; so they are helping and I am taking vitamins already as well. The changes in our eating style does seem to be helping us too. I am hoping in time that I will be able to go off all meds as well; so I am trying to see how I can improve my plan as much as possible. Did a lot of reading the last while ...

We have unusually cold weather here right now; hopefully this won't last. We had to put on our heat as the temps fell down to 63 F in here, and with the dampness, it feels even colder than that. We managed to keep it off until September 30 anyways, so that's not bad. I think DH put it on one or twice the last few days in the early hours (6 am) to take the chill out of the air, but that's not too bad really.

You both have had the same mishaps as us -- my washer was leaking, and it turned out to be a hose inside the machine (the water circulating hose); and in our last place we lived, one of the heater valves burst and we ended up with quite a bit of water on our rug (ruining about a dozen boxes we had packed). Thank goodness, we had a rug cleaner that we used to suck up the water quite quickly so it could dry. We don't have those kind of rads or heaters here.

Well, we've had a busy day here; I washed DH's winter jackets for him and one needs some hand mending on the collar. The washer was kinda hard on it ... ;) I will likely do some more mending and laundry tomorrow as well. I picked up a bag of very pretty wildflower bulbs for our gardens to give them a bit more variety; they were on for a clearance price and I got a good deal.

HOpe you all have A FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow; gee, can't believe another week has past so fast. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-02-2009, 04:54 PM
Good Evening Ladies

Today has been a very cold day even to the point we had to put the central heating on for the first time in months. We had a short sharp shower of rain late morning but nothing since but it has remained very overcast. We went out very briefly to pick up my prescription from the doctors and drop it into the pharmacy. This afternoon I spent a good while dispensing into my daily strips which comes in morning , dinner, tea and night. I do this to avoid me double taking my drugs which I use to do in the past as I couldn't recall taking them. Or I would not take them as I wasn't sure whether I had taken them. Not to mention forgetting to take them at all :o Now it is much easier for me now I use this method for taking my medication.

Today we had some loin of pork chops for dinner with some of the rice left over from dinner. For tea I had a chicken sandwich which was rather nice. I have prepared my dinner for tomorrow which is going to be steamed vegetables with a joint of loin of pork. I am using up what I have in the freezer so I am not having the variety of meats and vegetarian meals as normally I would. Not be too long before I start stocking up my freezer again so more variety then.

SPICY It is good that you are still able to drive your car. It is amazing though what adaptions can be made though to vehicles if you have impairments. Someone I know has had their vehicle changed so there is no foot controls.

I can sympathize with you on the washing machine and the water. Many years back DH and I went out and found out on our return the washing machine seal (around the door) had broke. It was like a paddling pool in the kitchen and took for ever to mop up. Good job your repair was not too costly as it is always a worry with big appliances the cost of repairs.

I am not against people having WLS if they feel it is the right path for them then I admire their fortitude to make this life changing decision. I just knew it was not the right path for me. I have lost some considerable amount of weight but did it slowly at 1lb to 2lbs at a time I do have some loose skin as I expected to with my weight loss journey. Though I must admit I thought it would be far worse than I have got. I can live with the loose skin I have as it can be hidden under clothing. Like Rosebud I am wary of surgeons so even if I could afford the surgery for a tummy tuck I am not sure I would take it unless I had medical issues like infection. I know we have a free health system here in the UK but that is for necessary surgery and that is not deemed as that to have a tummy tuck. You would only get a tummy tuck on the health service if you had infection or it was effecting your mental health.

Good idea to document what you eat it sure does flag up and make you aware of everything you eat. At the beginning I did that for months and months until I think I got into a regular routine that became second nature. Keep up the good work :carrot: you are doing well and it showing already with the fact you can't eat the portions you once did. Or foods you would eat now seem to make you ill due to there high sugar content or fat.

ROSEBUD My pleasure to start the thread not that I remember as much as you do. I was amazed that I remembered it was the first of October ;)

It is good that your DH will eat pretty much what you are eating make it easier for you. Not so bad if it is maybe once a week that you make a little bit different for DH with a food he lovely but it more off the menu for us. I know he is slender like my sister and weight has never been an issue.

Like you I know it is going to take longer to get to my weight but I know in my heart of hearts it is the right thing for me. You seem to be making big strides in recent months I hope it will soon pay dividends for you as you deserve it. Reading all the literature is good and helps you make plans on how to move forward if things are not working. I read realms at the begin of my journey and still will read a bit now if I need to tweak something.

I would choose not to take tablets like yourself but sometimes your physical health deems it necessary. It maybe comforting to know that it maybe a possibility in the future that tablets maybe reduced or stopped all together with weight loss. I knew that was never going to happen with mine as they are all pain killers for my trigeminal neuralgia at the beginning of my weight loss journey. Since then I have had to add in an ulcer healing drug and laxative :(

Like you we have managed to keep our heating off until today but I think that is really good as often it comes on earlier. Forgot to put my electric blanket on last night so was chilly to get into bed too. I find it much better at getting me off to sleep quickly when I am warm like that plus helps with pains you get with MS. I response quite well to heat therapy so often use a wheat bag that you pop in the microwave for a short period of time.

No further news today and it is getting rather late evening here now time soon for my night time medication. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-03-2009, 12:34 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a good day today; still cold and dreary here, but a tad bit warmer than the last few days. Paid some bills today, and decided to make a trip up town again today for those things that we couldn't get to yesterday. There were road blocks and detours all over the place, due to badly-needed road repairs, so can't complain really. We did finally manage to find a way around them after a few tries. Things should be back to normal within the next couple of weeks, we think.

HEY PURPLE ~ I think the cold weather has come to us all in many places -- here, the US, and England. Some say that this will pass, and we'll get some lovely :sunny: days again sometimes this month. I sure hope that they are right. I have a few things to use up too; I found a big ham in my freezer that I will likely make on our Thanksgiving which is coming up soon.

Yes, I am trying to make some improvements in my plan to see if they help; I know that I am feeling a bit better the last week or so with less water-weight bothering me. I am trying to get in a bit of walking every day; and I always get some in each day -- just some days are more and some days less. I do my toning and stretchie band work, and chair aerobics every day; and have been doing that for a very long time. I can really tell that I am losing inches off my abdomen as my clothes are looser there too -- that is a NSV that I will gladly take! DH told me yesterday that he has noticed it too; so that was nice.

Kept OP really well today (credit moi) and got some more walking in today (kudos for that) as well! I had leftover rice pilaf (with veggies) and put a sliced omelette on top for my protein for lunch. For dinner, I had a chicken burger (no bun) with a salad and half a cob of corn.

Well, not much else going on here; time to go put my feet up and rest for a while as it's getting late. I have been doing a lot more research (reading) on here tonight, but will rest that for the weekend and enjoy myself for awhile now. Take good care of yourselves, and have a great weekend too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-03-2009, 03:46 PM
Hi Ladies

Today started off sunny but ended up cloudy with rain seeming to be threatening in the horizon. It today though has been so windy with gusts of winds up to 35 ~ 40 miles per hour. It made standing upright difficult at times so I looked like I was drunk again and in charge of a walking stick ;)

Today was farmers market gosh that has come round quickly doesn't seem 4 weeks away since the last visit there. We were at the bread/cake stall paying for our goods when an almighty gust of wind came raising the stall off of the ground with all the produce on. It had also dislodged a small piece of the metal frame work at the top. So we all rallied round to help the two stall holders. Firstly taking the covering off the stall so the wind could not get underneath it to lift it up. My DH tried to put the piece of framed work that had come dislodged but just wasn't quite tall enough. Fortunately a gentleman who was like 6ft 6" came to the rescue easily putting the framework in the stall together again. So that was my bit of excitement for the day :D

ROSEBUD :broc: Firstly let me congratulate you on your NSV :broc: all the little bursts of exercise :dancer: have certainly paid dividends. NSV are just as important as those of the scales it has been clinically proven that muscle is heavier than fat. I love NSV as much as victories on the scales they are another measurement on how we are fairing with our healthier living style.

Today I was up with the larks for some unknown reason I woke up really early and couldn't sleep so have been up since 7am. Wouldn't mind but went to bed late at 1am so tonight I will be :tired: big time and needing matchsticks for my eyes ;) Typical when I have to be up really early I struggle big time and like today I can get up really easy when I have nothing pending as such.

With being up so early I took a shower and washed my hair prior to going to market. Just before departing I put our loin of pork joint in the oven on a low temperature in the oven to cook really slowly. (should have done it in the slow cooker but never think to do that.) I must admit we really enjoyed our dinner and it was beautifully tender the pork it just melted in the mouth.
I have made another identical dinner for another day as there was plenty plus a nice portion for our Rizzie.

:carrot: Well done for keeping on plan with your varied menu :carrot: praise needed for eating well and having a vegetarian meal as well. Eggs are versatile and can be made into various things. Omelettes is a great one as there are many things that you may put into them to jazz them up a bit.

Glad the diuretics (water tablets ) have given you some relief and you are feeling some benefit. If it reduces any pain that is a bonus too that you might experience in your leg/feet. Also another bonus is that you might be able to do a little more walking (not talking great leaps) but if you can get in a little extra per day on your good days they all add up.

I am wondering how your ulcers on your legs are fairing now the more aggressive treatment has been commenced? I hope you can see some slight improvement as I know things take time. I was always pleased to see in the ulcer the slight change in the appearance especially in the centre of the ulceration itself. We liked to see what was known in the trade granulation this is a posh word which means that you can see cells that are starting to heal. I never really knew what I was looking for in the infancy of a wound healing until I had training and also just years of experience tells you.

Nothing else much going on here today just going to sit and watch strictly come dancing ( UK version of dancing with the stars) which I like to watch. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-04-2009, 01:32 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just had a relaxing type day at home, as it was cold and blah out. Did some laundry in the am; and then research on the net in the afternoon, but did get some of my toning and stretchie band work in as well. Had another good OP day, and ate well ... yeah!

DH was watching his movies tonight while I was doing my thing. Looks like we won't be getting any sun until next Wednesday; gee, sure hope they are wrong about that ...

HI PURPLE ~ well, my leg seems to be a bit better; and I do see that granulation that you talk about -- sure hope that's a sign that it is getting better: thanks for the tip. I sure wish it would finally close-up. My legs overall look better since I have been taking Vitamin A and E daily and Fish Oil bi-daily; hope they continue to get better. The tegaderm pads tend to make the skin around the ulcer peal, so today I just used a regular pad and it looks a bit better.

Yes, I said that to DH as well -- that with the swelling down, I can do a bit more walking each day which is another side benefit of taking them for now. Walking is good for the circulation in my legs as well, and that could help them immensely. Just as long as I do not overdo it, that should help, I think.

Well, not much else going on around here; DH has hit the hay early (ya, he says that he's an old goat). He's one of those 'early 2 bed; early 2 rise' kind of people; but I go a bit later and get up a bit later too, but not that much. I like to stay up a bit later on the weekends, but usually fall asleep around 12 or 1 AM most nights.

Well, I hope you all have a SUPERBY BLESSED AND RESTFUL SUNDAY tomorrow -- and take good care of each other ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-04-2009, 05:01 PM
Good Evening Ladies

Been a mixed bag here weather wise but on a positive note the high winds of yesterday have sure died down nicely. Just returned from a lovely evening walk with DH and our beloved Rizzie. It was a beautiful evening but no foxes made an appearance maybe a shade to early for them to be out and about.

Had the last of the pork today and tomorrow will be a vegetarian fayre for dinner I think of pasta in tomato sauce and a vegetarian burger. For tea I think it maybe an omelette for DH and a slice of toast and peanut butter for me. Do need to pop out tomorrow though for some milk , bananas and yoghurt as we are low on all those things.

Up again early this morning so I am really am flagging. Goodness knows why I can't sleep the past two mornings. You can guarantee come Tuesday when I have to be up early I will really struggle big time.

ROSEBUD Ulcerations take a very long time to heal but the positive thing is you are seeing the first stages of the healing process. It will heal up eventually but they can take many many months for the ulceration to be gone. Don't give up heart there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are doing the right things by giving it the best chance of healing with taking extra vitamins, having diuretics (water tablets) , the course of antibiotics to clear any infection lurking about. Unfortunately many of the dressings for ulcerations can have the side effect you talk about of peeling skin. Not sure why this happens though so can't give you a medical reason for this.

My routine tends to be at night of one of an night owl I tend to go to bed reasonably late as I have to wait for my medication to take effect. Not that I take sleeping tablets but ones that take away pain. Once my pain is under better control I sleep very well. I tend to go to bed most nights from midnight to 1am. Though on Monday night I will go as early as 10.30pm to get as much sleep as possible for the early start and busy day a head. DH goes to bed frequently later than me but he is always up before me. He reminds me of how I use to be I functioned well on about 5 or 6 hours sleep at most every night. Though those days are long gone I am afraid you can double the amount of sleep more or less I want now :D

Nothing much going on in my part of the world been having a relaxing weekend. So till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-04-2009, 08:12 PM
Good evening, Chickies!

It's been a cool, rainy day here in Arkansas, USA. :rain: Good day to stay in with a book and just take it easy--- which is what I did. I love to read as I think I've said before. :book2: This book is by James Patterson. I have a couple more chapters to read before it's finished. Been very good so far.

Rosebud- I was happy to hear your swelling is down. Walking is so good and most of us take it for granted. I bought this little exercise devise called "Sit and Stroll" and I use it at least twice a day for 15 minutes each time. I also have some 2# weights I try to use to keep my strength in my arms. I am not as faithful with that as I am with the Sit and Stroll. No idea why!

Purple- I have only seen a fox once in the wilds. It was there and gone so quickly I had to ask if I had actually seen it! People around me assured me I had.

I made a big pot of veggie soup Friday evening and have eaten that all weekend. I did add a slice of 7 grain toast and some fresh tomatoes at lunch both yesterday and today. Tonight I had my favorite--- pasta! But in a measured portion. Stayed within my calorie allotment both days, and can even have my late evening "snack" tonight.

I keep Special K meal bars on hand. They are high in protein and have about 170 calories. With a cup of tea or a glass of water, I find they keep me balanced-feeling and full for quite some time.

Hope all of you are having a good evening, and I'll be waiting to read your shares.


10-05-2009, 12:18 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another overcast day here, but I don't think it rained; it was a bit warmer and was very comfortable to go for a nice stroll this evening after dinner. We went a bit further tonight; and I really pushed myself, but by the time we got back, my right knee was just starting to complain.

HI PURPLE ~ I think what the tegaderm pads do is block the air a bit, so the skin starts to peel, but that makes it sting a bit too; and the skin does take on a granulated appearance as well. I soaked it tonight and let it air a bit then put a regular gauze pad on tonight for awhile. Sometimes, it stings a bit and sometimes it doesn't; not sure what causes that really.

I was reading how you like to have veggies burgers; how do you like those? Do you make your own or do you buy them? I have never tried them myself; I guess I am worried that we won't like them, then I will have wasted a lot of money just to try them. We do love the chicken burgers we found though; and they are much lower in calories and fat than the beef ones. I was so pleasantly surprised how good the chicken ones are that maybe I should try the veggie burgers too sometime.

HI SPICY ~ I like to make big pots of soup for lunch myself; sometimes I put some in containers in the freezer too. We have always liked to have soup for lunch; it's light and yummy. I have never tried the Special K protein bars; haven't even seen them here. I should keep an eye open for them. Sometimes, if we are out, I will grab a protein bar to hold me over to my next meal or snack. We found one nice here at a local department store and DH and I split so that it is only about 130 calories each; fitting into my plan perfectly (I can't remember the name of it right now: will have to hunt down the wrapper -- I think there is one in our car yet. :lol:

We are just having a relaxing day today. I had a mushroom omelette for my lunch; and we had a big chicken with lots and lots of veggies for dinner tonight. I sorted out my freezer to see what I have in there, and found one that needed to get into the pot pronto ... :D Our kitchen light doesn't work anymore, so we had our dinner with ambiant lighting! ;)

Well, after our evening walk, my legs are a bit sore; time to rest them a bit and maybe read awhile. Hope you all have a Marvellous Monday tomorrow; and take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-05-2009, 04:04 PM
Hi Ladies and good evening.

It was very cloudy this morning here in my part of the world. Though this afternoon was glorious so made the most of it and washed the laundry. That reminds me must go and fetch it in otherwise it will be dark. Less than 2 hours it is dark here in the UK I suspect it maybe darker earlier for those of you whom live in Canada or USA.

I have just made the sandwiches for tomorrow plus put in a low fat in actual fact I think it is zero fat yoghurt to take with us tomorrow. I make it today as mornings as you know for me are a go slow. So making sandwiches etc then prior to going is not advisable. To be honest I would more than likely miss something out of the lunch box with being a dizzy :dizzy: so and so that early.

On Wednesday of this week we are having repairs made to our kitchen namely the sink unit and worktop. Nothing fancy or anything like but better than I have at present. The worktop is a danger it just sitting on the rest of the kitchen unit. I feel sure that if I do not get it sorted I would lose my balance in the kitchen grab the worktop to try and steady myself then the worktop to come crashing on me. Has we all know worktops are not light even though ours is probably one of the lightest materials being something called MDF which is short for Medium-density fibreboard can see why they shorten the name as it is a mouthful. The council are not responsible for putting in the kitchen that is installed at present it was put in privately prior to us taking the property. To be honest I think it was bodge it and scarper who put it in :lol: as there is so much wrong with it. The only thing I really like is what I refer to as the larder cupboard. It has two vents in there which are on the outside of the house in there. You can have the vents open or shut. In the winter on cold days it is like have an extra fridge so food can sit in there for a short time cooling down. In the summer it is somewhere to put food free from the horrid flies. It is a large cupboard that goes from the ceiling to the floor so that gives you some idea how big it is. One thing I thought today is I must put some water in jugs so that I may make drinks for our workers and ourselves as I know the water is going to be shut off whilst a kitchen sink unit is installed.

I watched a programme last week again one from the BBC so good quality. It was on two nights running and it was a documentary following two soldiers in hospital and a rehabilitation unit whom had multiple amputations. This was due to stepping or picking on a land mind device in Iraq. I mention this programme as these lads are now profoundly disabled at the age of 19 and 23 respectively. It showed them coming to terms with their acquired disability with such fortitude and courage. One lad had a triple amputation of both his legs and arm. The other lad was both legs and impaired vision. It made me stop and think of my own attitude on the days when I feel sorry for myself. Not that I have them very often but I think we all have our down days. Normally I am positive and have a positive outlook on life. I have from very early on in the diagnosis for myself though it was coming to terms more with the fact I could no longer be a nurse far more than the MS. Though these soldiers were much stronger mentally than many people I am not saying they were perfect as that person does not exist. It was a matter of coming to terms with how life was going to be and seeing they did have a future and life was worth living. Though the way these young men dealt with their acquired challenges made me think I have a lot to be thankful for and that in comparison the things that get me down on my bad days are actually nothing compared to them.

SPICY I think the author James Patterson is one my SIL reads as she likes detective books since her daughter introduced her to the world of detective stories. She now has an insatiable appetite for these books and reads very avidly mind you so does her daughter and one of her sons. The other son is more into computers and technical things. He can take a computer to pieces and put it together again. Plus not have any bits left over :lol: when the job is finished. He can do many in-depth things on the computer and trained in IT. Though now works at his Uncle's my DH brother as their web designer and technical advisor. Since working there he seems much happier and settled with life.

:broc: Yeah for staying on plan and in your calorie allotment for the day :carrot: That is great work keep up the good work. Soups are great fillers not to mention a good way to get a good portion of vegetables. There are so many types of soups you can make and I love to make soup as they are easy to do.

Our foxes are what you would deem urban foxes and if you go out at the right time of the evening you can see them crossing the roads. One time when I had my niece staying with us she wanted to see them so we were fox hunting :dizzy: Thankfully on our second night a the foxes were making noises that sound like cats fighting. We headed to the sound to be confronted in front of us 7 or 8 foxes dotted around the patch of grass. I think a female must have been in season and the male foxes where all wanting her attention. Plus the males trying to chase off the other males. It was an amazing sight which I have never seen again in all the nine years i have lived here. We have only seen it that once but I was so glad that my niece who was a young teenager got to see what she desperately wanted to.

ROSEBUD I think your reasoning behind why the tegaderm dressing make the skin peel is a good though and very likely to be right. It is a good idea of yours to let the air get to the area for short periods of time maybe whilst resting so no chance of knocking the ulceration. It maybe what the skin needs in between dressings.

I cheat when it comes to veggie burgers and I buy bought ones. We like the ones particularly by the company grassingtons they do two that I know of one is just a quarter pounder veggie burger and the second is a spicy bean burger. I can understand your reluctance to buying one to find that maybe you do not like them. Have any of your friends tried them so that they may suggest a brand that is good in Canada. Failing that ask on the vegetarian board there maybe even a recipe they could suggest to make it cheaper. I know that you can make a lentil burger not that I have tried it or have the recipe for that one. I am sure that there are many other vegetarian burgers that can be made that are taste which make you feel that you are not missing out on anything.

Talking of vegetarian burgers the same company also do something that is very nice in a burger bap or on without bread with a nice salad is a cauliflower cheese burger. They do a low fat range which pans in around 157 per burger (grill really they are called) if my memory serves me correct. These are lovely and good cos they are low calorie. I also like a product made from quorn and it is a southern style burger which is with a crunchy breadcrumb coating, seasoned with black pepper. These are low calorie at around 120 per burger I like these the best but with the ulcer I have given them a miss for a long time. I think now is the time for me to have one again for a meal sometime very soon :T Quorn do a whole range of vegetarian products not that I like all of them. One I dislike is one of their sausages but that was because it was not seasoned enough for me. I like a sausage seasoned with a herb called sage and that is quite a pungent herb.

Talk of freezers and you sorting yours out I need to defrost one of mine. One is self defrosting the other isn't. I hate defrosting it so leave it till the last minute normally. With me using for the past few months what I have in my freezer I am now starting to see gaps in the draws and shelves. So I will fill these gaps with paper to make the freezer work more efficiently until I stock up again. Not long before I do that again now that I have nearly used all the meat up that I had frozen.

No further news I will try and get on tomorrow some time (and energy the treatment side effect is tiredness on the first day) if I can. So till next time take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-05-2009, 11:54 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, it seems that the cloudy days are still with us; it rained on and off, but held off so that DH and I could go for our stroll after dinner tonight too. We took NIKO with us tonight to see how he would be after dark here; he was pretty good. He still likes to pull on that lead though; but by the time we got home, he had just settled right down. I liked taking him with us, but he seems to think he has to pull us all the way! :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ well, going back to the regular gauze pads seems to be helping my leg ulcer a lot; I'm glad now that I made that decision. I won't be seeing my doctor for about 3 weeks and will tell him then what has been happening. I'm glad for you that you are getting some much-needed repairs done in your kitchen, even if it causes some upset of your daily routine, but it is worth it in the end. The landlord came by early this AM and he & DH put in a newer, even more energy-efficient light in our kitchen: it's nice & bright in here now.

That show about the injured soldiers sounded very gripping and intestesting too. They are indeed very brave and courageous young men; real heroes for sure, I think. What an inspiration they will be to all that see that show and/or get the pleasure of meeting them.

There are so many types of burgers available now, it is amazing; I am going to look for some bison ones too as they are supposed to be very lean. I have seen that they even have salmon and tuna burgers: how amazing. Maybe we'll just get brave and try them all at least once to see if we like them or not. If not, we could just give them to MIKEY ... :lol: that refers to your little brother who will eat anything ... in this case, that would be NIKO, who would love anything like that, no doubt. :lol:

Out where our camper is, we often see foxes running around; and we have seen some bears this year too. Lately, they have disappeared; probably becuz of all the hunters around in the fall. They will likely be very skiddish and go deep into their dens for awhile; don't blame them really ...

We had our leftover roast chicken and roasted veggies for dinner tonight; I even had some leftover veggies and broth to put away for soup too. I kept on plan really well today; and as I mentioned earlier, we went for an evening walk plus I did my usual, stretchie-band and toning work too. Did a few loads of laundry today as I changed the bed linens as well.

Well, it's time to put my legs up to rest for a while; I'm off to get my teethe cleaned at the dentist tomorrow. Take good care ladies, and please do have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-06-2009, 11:02 AM
Hi Ladies

I have a small window of time to come and make an entry on here today which I am really pleased about. Woke up this morning with the aid of the alarm and struggled to get out of bed :tired: . Outside wasn't very inviting either with it absolutely bucketing down even our poor Rizzie was none to keen on poking his nose outside to say the least. Normally he wants to go out in the morning and is as keen as mustard spending ages outside in our garden. Though the days it is raining like this morning he is in at break neck speed. The talk about crafty he as devised his own way of getting wet the least possible amount. How? Well we have large over hang from the eaves of the house so that you can go outside virtually without getting wet providing you stay very close to the bungalow. It did not take him long to discover how to stay dry in wet weather. Animals are very clever at solving problems it fascinates me.

Just returned from my treatment at the ms centre so somewhat worn out though nice to speak to others in the same boat as you. Not that we speak constantly about our problems with MS but it is comforting knowing someone who fully understands what it is like. I do not see a lot of people in the week of my own age group so it is nice to have a chin-wag with someone else of that age. I love the elderly people I meet playing cards they have much wisdom to impart though are not up to date with the technology we are. Not that I am so au fait with a computer as say the younger generations who were given education at school. I on the other hand I did not touch a computer until my early 30''s so am streets behind their knowledge.

I am watching a programme that was made into a book 20 years ago and it was called last chance to see. The two men who went around the world finding different endangered species and showing their plight to the world. Unfortunately since the original programme was made one of the men passed away. So one of his close friends has made the same journey as they made 20 years ago to see how these species are faring now. One of the gentlemen is Stephen Fry who really isn't such a happy bunny camping outdoors or trekking miles on foot to see the animal or bird in question. Though you can clearly see his delight when they find the animal or bird he is so animated and overtly so happy. Guess what it is another BBC programme and so well made.

ROSEBUD If the old gauze pads are improving your wound I can not see your doctor being displeased in anyway. Here in the UK if you were being treated for an ulceration you would go to the nurse in the practice and he/she would dress the wound for you. This would be done until it had healed. I think to my knowledge you are given some extra dressings so that you can have baths or showers then replace the dressing again.

No more ambient dinners now then ;) since you have had your kitchen light replaced. I think now that all but one of my lights in the bungalow has the energy efficient bulbs in. The lamp that hasn't got it in still works but when the bulb goes I will be replacing it with low watt bulbs. Suppose to use less electric so that is a good thing.

Yes we have a Mikey in our house to namely Rizzie for any food disliked on trying it. Or if our eyes bigger than our bellies then he gets the left overs. I love the expression Mikey made me laugh.

I need to strip our bed to do the laundry from that but have done every thing else. So clothes and towelling all washed just a spot of ironing to do.

Right must go and put the hoover around the house now. I have sorted the kitchen out ready for tomorrow. I am happy to put up with the disruption in the kitchen to get the work done. The disruption will be minimal so that is no hardship.

Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-06-2009, 11:35 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We've been having very dull, cloudy weather here a lot lately, but Mr. :sunny: did manage to peak out a few times today just to let us know that he is still there ... ;)

So I went to the dentist this AM and had my teeth xrayed and cleaned; it all went very well. This young lady did a fab job; nothing like the last place; you don't mind going more often when they do a good job. Turns out that I do have a couple of cavities that need filing but the young dentist is concerned that he will have some difficulty being that I have such a small mouth. He says that he will do the root canal for the one that the filling fell out, but he is referring me to the senior dentist for the fillings. So I have appointments for Nov 2nd and 27th respectively. I will be asking my friends for prayers for both those days as they get closer; as I am not a big fan of drilling, as it really bothers me ... :yikes:

HEY PURPLE ~ it was nice that you managed to drop by even on such a tiring and busy day as today. I picked up some WHEY PROTEIN POWDER to put in my oatmeal to give me a bit more protein with my cereals. It cost a bit, but the jar is huge and will last me quite a while, I'm sure. It is vanilla flavored and I think with a bit of cinnamon that it will taste great with oatmeal or natural cream of wheat too.

Yes, that saying about MIKEY came from a commercial many years ago, where two older brothers were afraid to try a new cereal that their parents had boughten them. So they decided to let their little brother MIKEY try it first; they decided that if MIKEY like it, then it must be OK. And ... MIKEY did like it, so they dove right in ... After that, it became a common saying here that if you didn't like something that you could always just give it to MIKEY! :lol:

Your public broastcasting station, the BBC, makes the most wonderful TV shows and documentaries. They are always so very interesting and enjoyable to watch. They sound interesting just listening to the way you describe them too. ;) Our NIKO also stands under the eaves or other places if he doesn't want to get wet. DH and our Landlord made him a great big doghouse that looks like an apartment building to me. :lol: He now uses it but sometimes, we still catch him going under our utility trailer now & then. He really hates getting wet too.

Well, we went to our favorite place to walk tonight; we call it our private track. Actually it has a few of them; rounds that you can walk -- small, large, and very large. We did two rounds today and I had no problems at all. Becuz I have Spina Bifida, I have great difficulty walking up even the slightest hill; so we will be going back to our tracks from now on (as the streets near our home are just too hilly for me). We took NIKO with us and we had a lovely stroll in the crispy fall air; just right really ...

Well, I hope you all have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and please do take good care yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-07-2009, 10:46 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another cool, wet day today; so we changed our plans a bit. Decided to stay home and did light housechores instead; it was clean the washroom day today, plus a few other minor chores. DH touched up the ceiling around the new light today too, so it looks much better now.

Had a good OP day for food (credit moi) and exercise (kudos for that). After the dishes were all cleaned up, we went out for a walk at our new favorite place; it is so much easier for me to walk there than other places. It was quite cold as the temps dropped and I think that put some pep in my step ... :lol:

Not much else going on here though; wrote a letter to family, and mailed it when we went out tonight. Now I am going to put my feet up and rest awhile, and warm up too. They are predicting warmer weather is on the way; oh, I sure hope it comes soon! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow; and take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-09-2009, 12:05 AM
:wave: WELL, HEEELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .... OUT THERE ~ anybody home??? :dunno:

:lol: Seems like everyone is tres, tres busy these days, and it isn't even a holiday yet; well, not yet ... next week, we have the Canadian Thanksgiving, which we are looking forward too. I have a ham in the freezer and we are debating about having it then or at Christmas; we haven't totally decided yet. Should take a look and see if I have a turkey in the freezer; didn't see one, but I may have missed it as I usually put them on the very bottom becuz they are so big. :D

Well, we received a gift of :sunny: a bit early today; well for the AM at least, then it got cloudy and cold, but then the :sunny: came back by dinnertime. We got lots of stuff done around the house today.

We had to stay home to wait on a delivery that never showed up. Geepers, that's annoying; and boy, was DH peeved, cuz we could have done something else, but I decided that we should just make the best of it and get ready for winter instead!

DH bought me an organ (a real organ) for my birthday which is coming up next week; he paid for it and to have it delivered and the guy said they would deliver it today, but it didn't get here. Soooo ... I called and they said the driver was off for the AM, and they'd call me back, but they didn't, so not sure what is going on now???

ANYWAYS, we'll pray really hard that everything gets cleared up and that it will arrive sometime tomorrow. DH wanted to get me one for a long time, but couldn't find one he liked until now; so maybe I'll learn to play my favorite HYMNS on a real-sounding organ now -- should be fun for the winter, I think!

There were lots of people having problems on this site recently, saw some threads about it today; I had a few freeze-ups, and was knocked off the internet the first time I tried to come into this site today -- just had to keep trying, and finally got in. I think their techies are working on it right now ... so far so good, no problem tonight! :D

We had a very, busy day around here getting things sorted out for winter; putting summer stuff away and pulling out winter coats, and Christmas decorations, and arranging the sheds better. My poor legs were exhausted: I think I walked a marathon just going back and forth -- sure felt like it. No more exercise needed for this day, that's for sure. Ate well today as well; had steak and a mushroom medley for dinner ... yum!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! Take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-09-2009, 11:59 AM
Hello, everyone! We finally have some :sunny: here today! Seems like it's been weeks since we saw the sun. I think we've had rain or overcast skies for at least 2 weeks, possibly more. My mood was starting to show the same gloominess. Also, we should have our first freeze tonight:brr: which should make being at the game interesting. We do have a large fleece blanket that we take along so we can all huddle together. DS2 won't be able to play,but will be there to support the team. He'll get to stand on the sidelines on his crutches and gain the sympathy of the girls;).

Tomorrow, we're going to MN to have a one-day sale to finally get rid of FIL's things. With the breakdown of the family (DH's sister has disowned all of the rest of us, as we wouldn't let her just take the insurance money and run with it leaving the rest of us with the funeral bills), we just decided to take matters in our own hands to dispose of the remaining items, which isn't much, a couch, chair, some household kitchen stuff, table, etc. We're just hoping to get rid of it and not have to haul it anywhere and if we make any money at all, it'll go toward the burial fee for his ashes and the marker.

With all the trouble coming from FIL's illness and death, MIL has started to change her will and stuff, so no one can try to take advantage over the rest. And, my family has their wishes very plainly spelled out, especially my dad, considering his cancer. He doesn't even want us to have a funeral or memorial. He's leaving his body to a medical school, which will cremate for free when they are done and return the ashes to us for burial or spreading as per dad's wishes.

Rosebud-What a nice gift! I hope the organ comes today, then you'll be able to serenade your DH all evening! We also need to winterize-I got the warmer clothing out for everyone else, but had to go shopping for some for me-still need a winter coat,though. Picked the last of the tomatoes and cabbage last night preparing for frost, but need to mow off the garden and mow the yards (we also mow my mom's yard) one last time, but it's still too wet from our 2 weeks of rain!

Purple-hope you're doing well this week and that it's just the site problems that are keeping you from here. How's the kitchen renovation work coming along?

Spicy-sounds like you do well with your exercise! I have some motivational issues with exercising, but am working on that. I also like to read mysteries, etc. Two of my favorites are Beverly Barton and Sharon Sala, who write mystery/romance. They're cheap, quick reads, but usually keep me on the edge of my seat until I get to the end!

Well, must get something accomplished here, as we'll be gone tomorrow, so hope you all have a great weekend! Take care!

10-09-2009, 11:34 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a lovely :sunny: day today ... yeah ... finally ... the sun came back for a whole day!!! We went out side and sat on the porch to enjoy it while we waited for that Organ to arrive, but it didn't ... :?:

I called them this AM about the Organ; the guy was supposed to call us back; but he didn't; so we waited; and waited; I called back after midi; and finally was told the truth; they couldn't lift it, and it has no wheels; and they didn't have enuff help. So, DH went hunting and found some good Christian guys who are going to go and help get it and bring it home next Tuesday as the place is closed until then. So, I will get it, but it will be much closer to my actual birthday (Wed).

HI RONNI ~ I hope your sale goes well and you get enuff to do all you wanted to for your FIL. We have already put our biggest winter comforter on our bed too; and I'm thinking of getting myself an electric blanket or pad to warm up the bed for us as our bedroom can seem cooler than the rest of the place at times.

We had fun PITA PIZZAS tonight; haven't had those in a while -- they were really yummy too! DH and I went out for our walk tonight; it was nice in the cool, crispy air ... puts a bit of pep in your step though; we made it around in record time!

This is a long weekend for us Canadians as Monday is our THANKSGIVING DAY holiday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too; and take good care of yourselves, esp those of you who are travelling this weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-10-2009, 10:23 AM
Hi ladies

Firstly HAPPY THANKS GIVING WEEKEND to my Canadian friends hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Life has just been very busy for me over the past few days so glad to get back to some normality this weekend and a slower pace of life :snail: Weather today is very nice with sunny intervals :sunny: such a contrast from yesterday which was so dreary not to mention the heavy downpour that we experienced.

Today is my mum's birthday but we went over yesterday to see her and my Dad. We had a lovely day with them both. Mum went over today to see my sister and her family. They live in the same town as my parent just the other end of it so about I would say just over a two mile journey. So not too far away from each other where I on the other hand am about 30 miles away. Though again that is not that far away and can be travelled in 40 minutes. My mum and dad are coming over to stay next week for a couple of days as they are going to have their car serviced and MOT. MOT is the certificate that any car over 3 years old must have to prove the car is road worthy and safe to be on the road. They offered them a very nice deal which was very cheap so they have taken up the offer.

ROSEBUD I am sure that the protein powder maybe used in many ways. I am sure with the fact you use a small serving per time it will last a long time so the cost will be worth it. One way I thought would be good is a home made milk shake. I use low fat milk, banana instead of ice cream I use low fat or zero fat yoghurt. I have put unsweetened cocoa powder in to make a chocolate and banana variety. I have put a small hand full of porridge oats and blitzed the ingredients in the food processor very nice. It can be made with other fruits of your choice like strawberries for a different flavour. I know that it is not as thick and creamy as using ice cream but a good alternative. I find them filling and nice for a change. I am not the best at getting milk in to me as I drink black coffee, tea, hardly have any milk in my cereal. My DH says he need a magnifying glass to find the milk in my cereal :mag: So the most I tend to eat with milk is the pot of yoghurt so I have to think of other ways that I will palate it. I do like a milky coffee now and again so will do that when I fancy it to get milk down me.

I see you have been letter writing I really must write one to Auntie in Cyprus as it is my turn to do so. Wow a organ I hope that he masters it to be able to play hymns that you both like. My favourite hymn of all times is Jerusalem not sure if it is one that you are familiar with it. This is a link for you to listen to it it was written by William Blake and it was the words of a poem.

RONNI I don't envy you now that the weather has turn very cold for you in your part of the world. It has started to get colder here too but not the severity that you experienced. Though I have resorted more often than not to putting on my electric blanket as my feet are like blocks of ice. I think I am Eskimo Nell as my feet are always so cold now and my hands are not far behind them. I should in theory be able to make great pastry with cold hands but my pastry is more like leather that you can put at the bottom of your shoes :lol: I can bake most things but pastry eludes me most of the time :D

Unfortunately the death of a loved one can bring out the worse in some people. The way you have described your SIL is exactly what it was like for my father when his mum died in 1986. One of his sister's though she was entitled to everything taking objects that took her fancy rather than sharing out equally. Not that Nanna was wealth far from it so most of her assets would have gone to pay funeral expenses etc. There was no will only a little request for her grand kids to have one or two things. My sister and I got a ring each which I wear all the time. The ring my sister had she gave to her daughter as my sister has an allergic reaction to gold :cry: The behaviour of my Aunty caused such a rift and they have never spoken since :( Why it brings the worse out in people I shall never know :dunno: but I have seen it time and time again. Wills make it clear what the loved ones wishes where I help define what to do a little clearer. I know my parents have a will I think this stemmed from the fiasco of my Auntie.

Well time to get a move on and start preparing the vegetables for dinner. We are having pork steaks, in low fat chicken and mushroom soup. The vegetables today are green beans and carrots. served with rice. Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-10-2009, 10:15 PM
Well I had to rewrite my first post as it disappeared, so I put it in my file and saved it so I wouldn't lose the main part anyways. Should always do that when things are acting up a bit around here. Finally got it done ... :dizzy:

We went up to our lot (camp) today becuz we awoke to nice :sunny: today and we wanted to take advantage of that. We spent the day up there and had a nice picnic lunch and got things ready for the winter. I put up the curtains I made for the washroom and planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs in our garden we made for our sweeties ...

DH put up braces inside the camper to make sure the ***** doesn't cave in the roof if we have lots this year. We found some evidence of rain on the floor in the livingroom so we do have a leak in the seam as we suspected but now we know for sure. We have decided to put a whole new section of roof there to make sure it has a good seal.

PITA PIZZA ~ thought I'd share my quick pita pizza recipe, for anyone who might like to try it ...

4 x 7-8" wg tortilla wraps (2 each; 90-100 cals each)
small can tomato paste
small minced onion
oregano and garlic powder (sprinkle)
shredded mozzarella
chopped pepparoni
chopped mushrooms
sliced green olives
Parmesan Cheese

Spread tomato paste on tortillas to edges; and add the rest of the ingredients in order given. Bake at 400 F for about 15 minutes ... yummy and healthy (you save mega calories on the crust!) This is our favorite Greek Pizza recipe. Sometimes, I make homemade whole grain dough and roll it out really thin.

I got some walking in today with NIKO; did a couple of walks plus everything else and my legs are very sore and tired. I think the cold is getting to us a bit too; we've had very cold temps here lately. The ground is really ruff over there compared to here and boy, is that hard on my legs and body (muscles especially).

PS ~ can't believe it , but I just got up to make some tea and it's blowing ***** outside right now!!! and it's only October ...

HI PURPLE ~ I figured that you were busy; nice of you all to go to celebrate you mom's birthday; as I do recall many in your family have their birthdays in October (you too). I hope we don't have to do that MOT thing here as we have enuff car expenses now; ours just took most of our savings and put a halt to things we had planned to do this month, I'm afraid (and DH was none too happy about it).

Yes, I have already used my Whey Protein Powder in my hot breakfast cereal, and a homemade sugar-free hot chocolate and it tastes really good. This one is vanilla-flavored and that tastes good in many things. I would like to try it in a fruit shake for a snack sometime too. Oh, I love that song as well; I know that song JERUSALEM. I think a favorite US gospel singer (Sandi Patty) did a wonderful rendition of that on one of my tapes.

Your dinner sounds lovely; a favorite of DH and mine also. I found some pork chop steaks in the freezer today when we went hunting and did find that turkey after all, so we are going to have turkey for thanksgiving. It's a small one but that's great for us.

Well, I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A SUPERBLY BLESSED SUNDAY tomorrow ... and get lots of rest too. :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-10-2009, 11:03 PM
Hello, Chickies:carrot:

I've been reading your posts and let me tell you it is getting cold here. No snow of course, but colder than usual for October. It rained on Oct. 1 and my friend Brenda says that means it will rain for at least 50% of the month. I had never heard of that before, but it seems to be coming true! Chilly rain and gray skies. Ugh...

Okay, now let's talk about my food. Well, it has been good some days, not so good others. That other being today. We had a birthday lunch for my friend's dad at his favorite restaurant today. (He is 93!) I made the cake... and of course, I ate cake. I just couldn't resist. It was a lemon cake as it is his favorite.

I also have been somewhat lax on my water consumption. It's easy to drink enough when it's warm out, but this chilly rain has made me feel less thirsty somehow. Guess it's time to get out the tea pot and make hot tea.

Purple-- What time is tea for you? Is that what we would call lunch?? I usually have lunch and then dinner. When I was a kid we called dinner supper.

Rosebud-- glad you got the curtains up in your camp! I have been wanting to get the sewing machine set up. I am making pillows for each of my siblings and nieces and nephews for Christmas. I'm making them with a picture of my parents on them. At least, that is the plan. Hopefully, it will go as planned.
I always try to make gifts for the family as it's so much more economical. Fixed incomes only allow so much.

Well, ladies, I hope the rest of your weekend is great!

10-11-2009, 08:39 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I wanted to share another recipe with you that I shared in another thread.


When I was in my teens, I had some friends that were Italian; and she used to make this awesome Italian Pizza (we just called it that becuz it had no name). Anyways, she passed on from cancer a while later, but before that, she gave me her recipe ...

1 lb+ very lean hamburger
1 medium, chopped onion
8 oz pkg chopped fresh mushrooms (can used canned)
minced garlic to taste (or 1 tsp garlic powder)
1/2 tsp or more oregano and black pepper
28 oz can of tomatoes chopped with juice
shredded mozzarella cheese or a mix of Italian cheeses
Parmesan or Romano Cheese for top
wg pizza crust of choice (I use whole wheat or other very thin)

Brown meat and onions; add mushrooms, seasonings, and tomatoes; and simmer/boil until almost all the juices are gone. While this is cooking, spread out your crust on pan. Spread the meat sauce over crust, and sprinkle with cheeses. Bake at 400 F for 15-20 minutes or until melted and bubbley and crust is to desired crispiness. I like mine crispy but DH needs his softer to chew better. This makes about a 12" or large rectangle pizza on a cookie sheet. Enjoy ...

33431 This picture was taken in a small village just down the road from us ... what do you see?

Be back later; gonna go get some tea! :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-12-2009, 02:50 AM
:wave: HI, I'm back ... for a short post, as it's late! I put my feet up for a while and promptly fell right asleep. :D Oh well, must have needed it, as DH would say ...

We had a bit of :sunny: today but also a lot of winds and some more blowing snow but not too much and it all pretty well melted today as well. We just stayed home today and vegged (rested really well). We both were so tired and sore from yesterday that we didn't want to do much of anything today, and Sunday is a great day for resting.

Splurged and had dinner brought in; I had chicken & salad -- and DH got himself some homemade fries and gravy, so I had a few just to try 'em ;); and they were great ~ BUT, I kept in my daily range for the day no problem, as I had a very light BF and lunch. That's kinda nice to have a take-out meal and you can still stay OP ... :carrot:

So not much else going on here except our young neighbours were practicing their band all weekend and DH was ready to pull his hair out; those drums shake our house! :dizzy: They finally put the volume down a bit and called it a day this evening ... phew! All the vibrations kept setting our CD alarm off, and that can be annoying for sure ... the dang thing goes off at least 1-2 times a day and we can't figure out why. :shrug:

SPICEY ~ that pillow with your parents pic on it sounds like a great idea for Christmas for your siblings; hope it works out for you. Tea is a great way to get in more fluids, esp in the colder months and don't forget about sugar free hot chocolate, or mocha-coffee is nice as well.

Well, it's time to get back to bed or I'll never get back to sleep; take good care and, HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow ... and to all our Canadian friends out there ...


10-12-2009, 06:22 AM
Hi Ladies and good morning

Well I realised this morning a wee bit late I know that I didn't come on here :o I don't even know why to be honest apart from being tired. Yesterday I was found sleeping :faint: at my pc in the afternoon so in the end I went and laid on the sofa and slept of the tiredness there. I am going through a real bout of tiredness at the minute by the afternoon I am wishing it was bedtime so that I could go to bed for 8 hours plus for more sleep. Not that I had done anything energetic yesterday to warrant feeling so shattered.

I am thoroughly enjoying my book at the minute a historic drama starting in the 1920's. It is a the first book by an authoress called Maureen Lee called "stepping Stones" it is part of a trilogy. I have two of the books from this trilogy but I have yet to get hold of the third. Though it takes me much longer to read than it ever use to as I am slower due to concentration being poor.

SPICY I have been watching a "who's done it drama" on television knowing this is right up your street. I have watched two episodes of this drama of a man who dies and it leaves you guessing who the suspect is. Is it the wife, the doctor or even the teenage daughter. It is keeping you on the end of your seat.

Tea here in the UK was traditionally cold normally being sandwiches and cake (oops naughty word around here ladies ;) ) Though with more ladies having to go out to work to keep a roof over your head it is now become a hot meal now for many the main meal of the day. The cost of living here in the UK is very expensive compared with say the USA. I think this is due to the fact we have to import many goods in to the country so they are expensive due to the fuel involved to get them here. I digress :lol: for me though I still normally have a cold tea of sandwiches or a salad followed instead of by the calorie filled cake we now have fruit, yoghurt or something similar.

Now dinner or lunch here in the UK is normally the hot meal of the day being the main meal. Whether you call it dinner or lunch is a matter of where you come from. Those people who live normally in the south of England would normally call it lunch whilst those who live up north would call it dinner. I live neither north or south we live in an area know as the Midlands for obvious reasons as we are slap bang in the middle of our country.

So I will sometime call it dinner or lunch just to be confusing to the rule I have just told you :lol: I tend to speak a little "posher" not sure if you are familiar with this word or it is a English word. I know the word posh came from the upper class who had the money to have the best cabins on ships. So this was Port Out and Starboard Home. Not that I am wealthy or anything like that or come from that type of background. The trouble was when I went into nursing patients had a hard time understanding my thick Lincolnshire accent so I developed a different accent over the years so people in nursing understood me. Now it stays with me most of the time with the odd word coming back. Not that if I stay round that area I find myself slipping so easily into the accent. Lincolnshire by the way is a county in England. All of the UK is broke up into different counties I now live in Nottinghamshire but I am very close to Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

ROSEBUD Firstly thanks for the recipe which sounds rather yummy I must admit. Sometimes I make a mini pizza on a whole meal English muffin I think you know them by. The muffin is a bread bap which is flat on both sides. It can be eaten with sweet or savoury fillings. I put on chopped tomatoes (drain most of juice though), then if I have any chicken, or ham I cut that up in to tiny pieces and sprinkle that one. I then put low fat cheese but only a tiny portion. It is surprising how far 1oz finely grated can go. I have not had this for a long while but it is a nice alternative to a pizza.

I hope you had a lovely thanks giving day with your found turkey :D I wish we had a similar holiday in the UK though we have none. There has been talk of having more bank holidays to put us in line with other countries. We have one of the least at only 8 I think that is. Four of those are taken up with Christmas and Easter bank holidays.

The photograph is wonderful I can't make up my mind if I see a baby or older person. It is like the optical illusion that is shown here. I remember being shown this picture in my nurse training to show you that you can not go by looks alone. We must take peoples personalities rather than looks. Looks aren't everything and beauty is only skin deep. I would meet patients in my career who had self harmed and cause horrific damage to their body. They had such scars which would never go away . You had to see past that and see the person beneath.

It is problematic when you have noisy neighbours I can fully understand where you are coming from. We had a family who across the road visited "grandma". Grandma was lovely but oh boy the family was awful. Shouting , swearing, banging car door, arguing in the early hours of the morning. The crime rate round our area went up and I give you a couple of guesses who it was. Eventually after we as neighbours complained to the council they were evicted.

He in the UK we now have what are called anti social behaviour laws. A whole host of things are covered from noise, to bad behaviour if this threatening behaviour causes alarm and distress for law-abiding citizens, and the Home Office is responsible for drafting laws to ensure that it is prevented and those who do it are punished. This stemmed I think from people who lived in private property and they thought they were above the law. Though it is not just private property it covers it covers all. So you must be respectful of others. If you were in the UK you call call this number and the government official would come to measure the noise level. If this was an unacceptable level they would be told to keep it down nicely by them. If that did not work then it would be done officially.

Time to start dinner rolling otherwise it won't be done today. Glad I have managed to come by today to catch up with everybody. bye bye ladies take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-12-2009, 08:22 PM
I made this pumpkin custard today; and a pumpkin pie for DH. I use the same recipe, only I put brown sugar in his and put the filling in a pie crust. I substitute sweetener for my custard below. I thought you might like to try this sometime; but if you have a sweet tooth, use the higher amount of sweetener and/or sugar ...


1-1/2 cups pumpkin puree* (1/2 a large 28 oz can)
3/4 cup milk (regular or evaporated)*
2 large eggs
9-12 packets of artificial sweetener*
1 tbl molasses (diabetics: sub 1 tsp coffee granules)
1-2 tsp flour (optional: to thicken)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp mace

Spray a 9" glass pie plate or casserole dish with olive oil spray; sprinkle bottom with flax meal, natural bran, or tsp of whole wheat flour. Pour custard into dish and bake at 375 F for 50-60 minutes (or until center is set). Let cool to almost room temp before serving; cover leftovers with plastic wrap and store in fridge: great for breakfast.

*Note: 9 packets = 1/3 cup Splenda; if you like a sweeter custard, use 12 packets or 1/2 cup Splenda. I put 1 tbl molasses in my pie which adds a richer flavor, but you can omit that and just sub with 1 tsp instant coffee granules for the same effect without the sugar. For those that sugar is not an issue, you can use 2/3-3/4 cup brown sugar for the sweetener. Enjoy ...

10-13-2009, 12:36 PM
Hi Ladies

Lovely glorious day here in the UK with brilliant sunshine I would say warmer than it should be for this time of the year not that I am complaining like. Though the signs of winter it just around the corner was evident this morning with our first frost. The lawn was white over on rising this morning but soon disappeared with the lovely sun we have had today.

I have been for my oxygen therapy today so somewhat tired as per normal but nice to drop by here never the less and catch up on the days events. Plus it reminds me to keep on the straight and narrow ;) Nothing fancy for tea today as it is one of my home made meals just one you pop in the microwave to reheat. I have the gravy on the stove reheating at the minute. It is a big pan so it will take some reheating I think.

I meant to tell you of my kitchen fiasco of having my kitchen repaired. It stressed me out no end but now I feel much calmer and happier about the whole thing. I had my kitchen sink replaced and the kitchen unit that it sits in. Well I think it was fitted by bodge it and scarper not to mention the plumber moaned and groaned the whole time. Making me feel uncomfortable in my own home and also making me feel that the job (which wasn't going to plan for him) was my fault that things were not going well. After he left there was a catalogue of things was wrong with his workmanship it wouldn't have been so bad if his work had been up to standard.

So I was really upset nearly in tears that my kitchen now looked worse and was dangerous. Here are the catalogue of things that was wrong the water taps (faucets I think that is the spelling) were not straight. The hot water tap the water comes out so slow you can virtually go and make a cuppa and hoover the whole house before the washing up bowl is full of hot water :rofl: The pressure is not set high enough so it comes out really slowly. The door does not shut properly on the sink unit. I had a leak underneath the sink which I could not figure out where it was coming from either (turns out to be coming from the overflow pipe :dizzy:. Now the kitchen unit is smaller than the previous unit which I understand is how it has to be as they do not make them the size that was already installed. So that left a good gap at the side of the drainer which he had not bothered to put a worktop on. Plus I think finally the only big work top unit that I do just about everything on when I prepare food is now like a see-saw :lol: I can laugh about it now but at first I was so upset that someone could leave it so bad and now my kitchen looked worse than before.

So I contacted the council after I composed myself and told them I was unhappy about the standard of work. The result was I had someone out yesterday who was a work quality standard officer. He was a lovely man who was kind, understanding and has abided by my wishes to have a different workman to put things right. (well :crossed: having the work done this Friday as it was the only convenient day for me and for the officer who has to come out that day to inspect the work) Photographs was taken of the work where ever it could show there was poor workmanship. Otherwise a report was written for all the little faults that was seen by him. If the officer abides by my wishes and has a different workman. I am going to write a letter of praise to the powers that be as I think it would be nice to give a thank you in letter to those who go the extra mile. He is going to get back to me about the worktop sorry see-saw :D This is because it is not such an easy one to resolve with the kitchen being altered at some point in its life not by us I hasten to add. It is just that this poor man has got to try and figure a way round it so that it leaves me with a usable until they are gutted within the next couple of years. I hoped that they may do it now with the trouble that it is posing. Though it is a matter of money and it has not been release from the government to do this upgrades yet on the bungalows. New kitchens do not come cheap I know that even though they will be able to buy in bulk which will make it a wee bit cheaper. The stressing out and being upset my DH was afraid I think that I would make myself ill. He was even offering to put it right bless him which he shouldn't have to do as it comes in as part of the rent we pay on the bungalow. It tells us as tenants what we are responsible for paying and not. This was just general wear and tear not any mistreatment or negligence. I can understand his worries and fears as he knows what can trigger an attack in me.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the pumpkin custard sounds yummy to me :T Though pumpkin purée can't be bought here so I would have to cook and purée my own. Pumpkins here tend to be very expensive until after Halloween when then they come right down in price. This is because most Brits don't eat them they use them as lanterns for Halloween. Though I use them to eat like a squash or make a soup out of them. I like pumpkin soup very hearty and nourishing.

I think I would use coffee instead of molasses as again not an easy ingredient to get hold of here. Hey we live in a back water ;) where many things we can't get whole of that I would love to. Many of the low calorie or zero fat products are not available here in the UK. They are gradually making there way in but the progress is slow like watching paint dry :D

No further news today to tell you so catch you hopefully tomorrow. I am going to be busy for the next few days as I have my parents over to stay. So Friday hopefully after that I will drop by to make a post. Till then bye bye ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-13-2009, 11:05 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we didn't get the good weather they predicted; it was cold and snow fell overnight again. This isn't normal for October here; the weather is sure changing lately. The :sunny: did come out a few times for short periods which was nice.

DH went out first thing to bring home my birthday present which is an ORGAN that he picked up last week for quite a good price. There is a bench that
came with it, but it's kinda tall for my short legs, so I'm using a shorter cushioned chair while I play. I put a picture of it in the CE thread, but here's a link so that you can see it too ...

PURPLE ~ I'm so sorry for you that your kitchen repairs turned out so badly; but I am glad that the council people came out so quickly to inspect the job and right it. I hope it all goes well for you this Friday. I know sometimes when you are a tenant you feel like you are second-class citizen and can't have things as nice as you would like to have them if you had your own home; I know that's how I feel often. You have to wait and hope your landlord feels a repair is needed or it won't get done.

That's too bad that you don't have basic things like molasses and canned pumpkin which is so handy, but I have made many pies and custards with real pumpkin myself. You may want to lessen the milk a bit to 1/2 cup for stiffer custard if you are using what we call fresh pumpkin as it has a lot more water in it than canned pumpkin does.

Hopy you have a lovely few days with your parents over visiting; have a great time to take your mind off things for a while. Time for me to put my legs up as they are a bit sore and stiff from the cold tonight. Take good care ladies and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-14-2009, 04:29 AM
:bday2you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEBUD:bday2you: I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you and you DH decide to do.

I will hopefully drop by later this afternoon when I have more time to type a post. Though I so wanted to drop by this morning to wish Rosebud a Happy Birthday.

Till later ladies take care and look after yourselves

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-14-2009, 07:26 PM

Hope your day is wonderful, Rosebud! I checked out the picture of the organ and it is beautiful! I have no musical talent, but my parents certainly tried to give it to me. They had me have clarinet lessons for several years before they realized I was probably tone deaf! :D

Thanks, ladies, for posting here. I read your messages everyday, athough I don't always respond. Keeps me on the "straight and narrow." :carrot:

Purple, I am going to get out an atlas and see where you live in the middle of England. I finished the Colin Dexter Insp. Morse book. Did I tell you? And then Sunday night I watched Masterpiece Theatre which was Insp. Lewis in Oxford. The buildings I can see on the program are all so old and stately. I wish I could visit in person! But I must stick to my armchair travels... better than none.

Okay, Chickies, keep walking the good path.

10-15-2009, 01:48 AM
THANKS SPICEY ~ for nice birthday wishes and I did have a great day; and I think the best gift was that we went to friends to try and help them get some heat in their home and EUREKA ... they finally have some tonight; and we had a really nice dinner there with them too.

The furnace was working but no heat was going around the place; so we sumised between us (DH and I) that it was the circulating pump as I said to DH that it shouldn't be squeaking like that, so DH checked it out and we finally convinced the owner to call a plumber we know. He agreed to come right away and had it fixed in less than 30 minutes -- and yes, it was the pump. Within minutes of him fixing it, they had heat ... that was the best birthday gift really!

We are wiped out, so we are going to hit the hay now; I have been on my feet so much today -- have done enuff walking for a few days. Take care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-16-2009, 12:09 AM
HI LADIES ~ well, we had a pretty nice day today; it was snowing just a tiny bit this AM. After such a tiring day before, I slept in til 9 AM (well, that is sleeping in for me) ... :lol:

Just before lunch, the sun came out and we had a lovely, long drive thru the country on the way home (we took a detour). I told DH, "Now this is the fall that I recall, and I could just drive for miles and miles when the sun is out and the leaves are changing color, and it all looks so pretty!"

I was way behind on my mail; so I answered them this AM. Around noon, one of our woodpeckers came by looking for some food, but we needed to get some more bells so we went up town to get some to put in the fur tree for her. We also picked up some suets on sale for 1/2 price and a few other things I had wanted to pick up last week.

I got a small mini-heater that we can move here and there for those corners that remain a bit chilly in the winter time. I like to warm up our bathroom a bit before taking a shower and since our heating is a bit central, this small heater will be perfect for that. I also got a heating pad to warm up my side of the bed as sometimes it is cold when I get into it, and then it takes me ages to get to sleep; if it is warm, then I fall asleep much faster.

We can also use the little heater in the bedroom if we need to take the chill out of the air as well. Maybe later, we will get one of those heated blankets for the bed too. My mom used to use a heating pad to warm up their bed, so I hope it works well for me too.

We also picked up some decorations for the fall and All Saints Eve; we got a tall pumpkin man and a pretty nice looking lady scarecrow too. I also saw some jack-o-lanterns that have lights in them, but maybe we can get one of those later on; I want to look around and see what the other stores have too.

I am just taking it easy tonight; resting my legs for a while too. Am gonna put them up again soon and do a bit of reading tonight, and maybe write a letter as well. Hope you all are having nice weather like us and A FANTASTIC FRIDAY tomorrow too! Take good care of yourselves ... :hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

10-16-2009, 01:06 AM
Hello, Chickies-
Just a quick hello before I call it a day. Tomorrow I have a postcard going out to Corbridge, Northumberland, England! Is that near you, Purple?

Good night

10-16-2009, 08:30 AM
Hi Ladies

Just a swift drop by today so show that I have not dropped off the face of the earth. After the visit by my parents I am exhausted. I think I did too much in one day but oh boy it was fun but now I pay the price for it. Never learn do I :rofl: I thought the older you got the wiser you got I think it missed me somewhere :yes:

I have managed to do plenty of exercise these past few days namely walking but today I am having a rest day from exercise to give my body time to recuperate. I made some cabbage soup yesterday which is a simple and easy recipe.

Ingredients for cabbage soup

1/2 head of any variety of cabbage
garlic (I personally use one clove of this but if you like more then use more)
chicken stock (made from either stock cubes or from a chicken carcass)
2 medium sized onions
1 tin of chopped tomatoes (400grams size)
Then add any vegetables of your choice though not potatoes (sweet potatoes work fine though)

Chopped all vegetables finely add to a big pan
add the chicken stock
add the tomatoes
add onion chopped and garlic finely chopped
add chicken stock
now cook all the ingredients together until very soft
When the soup is cooked blitz down so that is is nice a smooth in texture.
Add any seasoning required. (If I have used stock cubes for the chicken stock I do not tend to need any more salt )

This makes a nice hearty soup for winter and plus it gets those vegetables inside us. First time I have made it for my parents and I had no empty bowls ;) so that is a good sign. I made a batch that would make about 6 portions though obviously if would like to make more I double the recipe.

ROSEBUD Glad you had a lovely birthday and finally sorted the issue out with friends regarding the heating. With winter fast approaching that is important that you are nice and warm. I see that you are getting light coverings of snow so just in time then that heating I would say.

I see you are looking after our feathered friends well which is good as it will be so hard for them to get food with your climate. A neighbour of ours puts out a coconut cut in half and drills a hole through the shell. Then suspends it from the fence. It is fun seeing the birds feed from there especially those who are way to big and just don't have the agility of the other birds. They look so ungainly when they are so big not to mention all the energy they expend trying to get this coconut.

SPICY Many cities have old grand looking buildings. Oxford especially has many of these buildings. Nottingham my own city has a mixture of old and new. One of the buildings which is the council house which was build 1920's era so not so old compared so many others is often the meeting place for people. They would say "meet by the lions" why lions well either side of this building are two big stone lions so that is where that term came from. I have found a page on an online encyclopaedia all about my city but most of all it shows some of our lovely old buildings

I see you are sending a postcard to friends in Northumberland. Has the name suggests it is in the North of England. I worked it out it would take 3 1/2 hours to roughly get to where they live as it is some 174 miles away. So not quite on my door step.

Time for me to rest and put my feet up and behave myself today :D Hope you have a grand day this Friday. :carrot: It is the weekend tomorrow for all our working friends. bye bye ladies

10-16-2009, 11:04 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had another lovely day filled with so we just had to take advantage of that and go for a drive in the country again. We picked up a few nice fall and All Saints decos for our lawn
and porch -- pumpkins, and fall leaves, a cute lady scarecrow, and window decos to pretty things up for Thanksgiving month (as we like to call it).

However, one sad note for our neigbours; when we came back to have lunch, the girl from across the street came to tell us that someone had stolen the motor off their boat (she was very upset becuz she had borrowed it from her Dad). This is the second time this has happened on our street (and block) this past month. So DH has put our stuff away and locked it up
better -- seems to be a thief in our neighbourhood, and a sneaky one becuz the night it disappeared was the only night the three closest neighbours were all away at the same time.

HEY PURPLE ~ glad you had so much fun having your parents over for a while; now you can rest up for a few days. When I am feeling well or with good company, I tend to overdo it too and have to rest for a couple days afterwards. I took a look at that site for your city, NOTTINGHAM. I didn't realize you lived in the city of NOTTINGHAM, I thought you meant the county, but I learned a lot about the area today.

You do indeed have some awesome architecture over there; love those stately buildings indeed. I have always thought the buildings there (in European countries) are so beautiful ... Quebec buildings remind me of that too and we do have some nice ones in Ottawa (our Capital) too; as well as a few other larger cities in our country.

Thanks for the recipe to your cabbage soup; I will definintely try that one as I just love soup. I love to make a veggie soup base that I add other things to and I'll share the basic recipe with you, but I bet you already make something like it yourself.


2 cups chopped onions
1 cup carrots, chopped or sliced
1 cup celery, chopped or sliced
a bunch of celery leaves (or a celery heart/centers)
garlic (1-2 cloves or 1 tsp garlic powder)
1 tsp each salt & black pepper & thyme
2 tbl parsley (chopped or flaked)
1-2 bay leaves
1 cup green and/or yellow beans
2 cups mixed veggies (ie broccoli, corn, zucchini, cabbage, peas)
1 cup chopped tomatoes
6-8 cups broth of choice

Put all in large pot and bring to boil; simmer, covered, until all veggies are soft (2-3 hours). You can mash some of them or whiz 1/2 if you desire. I often add other things like maybe a bit of barley (1/3 cup) or brown rice or white navy beans (cooked) or pea lentils; whatever I like really. I freeze the leftovers in 1-2 cups containers, and add other stuff when I make it for our lunch or dinner.

Sometimes I add this to 1 tin of soup if we want something different (ie mushroom + water or any kind we have on hand). If I have any leftover meat or veggies from a meal, I will add that to a container of the soup base to make it different too.

:wave: SPICEY ~ hope you have a nice weekend too ...

Hope you all are having a lovely fall and enjoying this pretty time of year, like we are. Take good care of yourselves ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-18-2009, 05:54 AM
Hi Ladies

Was really busy fitting in chores that maybe I would have done in the week but with my parents here they got put off a little. So after yesterday I think I am about squared up just got my last load of washing drying on the line outside. It seems a nice sunny day on the horizon so fingers crossed it stays like that for a for hours more. Washed all the dogs bedding yesterday from the car and house. Plus then washed Rizzie not in the washing machine I hasten to say :lol: So this morning he feels ultra soft and fluffy not to mention a lot sweeter smelling.

Kitchen fiasco still goes on I am afraid and the inspector of course did not pass it. So now the work is going to be done under a managers supervision on Thursday. All that got sorted on Friday was the leak. So I still have doors that do not shut, taps that aren't straight, wobbly worktop and worktop missing. Not to allow the workmen in without a manager because the inspector told me that's the way to do it. The manager will be dressed differently in a shirt rather than the works uniform for the council. So watch this space. They have one more chance to rectify this then I have to start rattling a few cages :D

ROSEBUD I live in a outskirts of Nottingham not in the city centre itself. Nottingham city centre is about 3 miles from me. So a fit person could walk it easily unfortunately we go in by car though there is a good bus service which runs very regularly about 8 to 10 minutes. So 6 buses in a hour I think is excellent though Sunday service it is two buses an hour. We have two places situated in the two shopping centres we have in our town (malls I think they are know overseas) that will allow you use of a wheelchair, manual or electric for a small deposit. It will not be long I think before I will use this service when I want to do a big shopping trip so that I can get about more. Though whilst I can still do it I will so I will not go without a fight ;)

In Nottingham we have something called the galleries of justice my favourite museum in Nottingham. I think it is as the tour is excellent and it is the fasts two hours of your life as you are taken round what was the old crown court and prison of Nottingham. With the tour guides staying in character (they where brilliant made you think what it must have been like) your entry ticket has a number on and a little later in the tour it pertains to a board and it shows you want "crime" you committed. Wow some of the crimes where so so small and the punishments so harsh. You had prison for stealing a loaf of bread so you must have been so hungry to even attempt to try to steal it.

Thanks for the recipe for another type of vegetable soup that is always nice to have soup recipes as they are filling and not many calories.

Sorry to hear that your neighbourhood has a thief in it. It is a horrid though that someone is being light fingered around you. We had a spate of that around here but when a family got evict across the road from me it all stopped. Our neighbourhood is much nicer since they went away from here. We had a break in to our shed and our house. This is when my charm bracelet was stolen this was so much sentimental value to me as many charms had been bought by my Nanna who is no longer with us. I have started another charm bracelet but it is not the same.

Right must go and get dressed still sitting in my nightwear here :o Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-19-2009, 01:14 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a nice day today; lots of :sunny: for most of the day ... it clouded over in the evening a bit though. Just spent the day at home taking it easy and did some hunting on the net for new healthy recipes for variety. Looking for some on low-sugar and lower cholesterol too; might as well do them both at the same time ... :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ Oh ... now I see why I thought you were not in the city proper; you are on the outskirts. We have lots of metropolitan cities like that here. Toronto (our provincial capital) is like that; it stretches out for miles and runs into other burroughs and cites too. That tour of your justice building sounds interesting and fun too.

Yah, will be praying that those who nab things will find a job real soon; they don't realize the trouble and upset that they cause their victims. All the neighbours in our area are taking some measures that we hope will make a difference ... and I will pray for Guardian Angels too!!! :D

HIYA VAL ~ hope everything is going well up there in Thompson these days! When are you planning on going back to school? Next fall?

HEY SPICY ~ hope you had a good weekend ...

Take good care ladies and have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-19-2009, 10:50 PM
Hello, Chickies-
Thanks for the shares-- I enjoy reading about your daily lives and how you stay on the plan. Motivates me.

I've been somewhat out of sorts lately. Happens from time to time. This is just one of those times, I suppose. Achy, mostly unable to do much of anything except rest. So that's what I'm doing. I do manage to go outdoors on my scooter and walk my dog. She's a god-send because I don't think I'd make the effort to even go out if she didn't need to go. I do have a fenced yard for her, but she loves to go with me walking. She is trained to walk along close to my scooter unless I let up on the leash. When I do that, she knows I am going to stay put and she can walk and do her chores. LOL She is somewhat lazy. When she has had enough, she climbs onto the floor of the scooter and rides with me.

Tomorrow, however, is a new day and I might just be feeling 100%. God never gives me more than I can handle.

Purple- I watched Masterpiece Mystery Sunday night and got my fix of Insp. Lewis! I am amazed at the scenery. I checked out the web pages you sent. Do you think Oxford is handicapp accessible? The show had a girl in a wheelchair, but everywhere I looked, I saw steps and stairs.

Rosie- Be careful with burglers in your neighborhood. We went through a spell of that a while back, but it seems to have stopped. About the same time as the family down the street moved away! I think their kids enjoyed "borrowing" things.

Good night, all

10-19-2009, 11:59 PM
HI LADIES ~ we woke up to cloudy skies today, but the sun did try to come out here and there and that was nice. It was a bit warmer here too; well, in the 50's F but that is warm compared to the lower temps we have been having here lately; and it actually felt mild ... :lol:

We had a busy day; went up town to find a few things we needed and got lots of exercise in today -- my feet are a bit sore for it though, but I will rest tomorrow. I spent some time making pumpkin decos today; and I bought myself a huge pumpkin jack-0-lantern today for the front window. I told DH that I want to make the place look festively fallish; as the weather has been so odd.

Everything we picked up has a positive look to it; all with happy smiles and a fun aura about them, like I remember from our childhood days. I don't like all those goulish things some people put out today ... yuck. Recently, I read somewhere that November 1 st was All Saints Day and October 31st was originally Hallowed Saints Eve in preparation for that (like at Christmas); and was shortened down to Hallowed Eve, then Halloween later on.

My DH says that his church taught him that same thing. I wondered how the heck we went from celebrating Christian Saints to the strange things we see today. When we were kids, we always dressed up as fun things and it was a real fun day for the kids; almost like a celebration of childhood really. Too bad some folks had to ruin that for children (and some of us adults who are still young at heart). OK ... time to get off my soap box ... ;)

This afternoon, we brought in the rest of our Christmas stuff as some were in danger of getting wet. I am going to go thru all the boxes and downsize, keeping only the stuff we really use each year; the rest will be donated to Goodwill. I wanted to start at this before all the snow piles up outdoors.

HI SPICY ~ sorry to hear that you've been under the weather (so2speak); but glad that you got out for a while with your furry friend on your scooter. I love the fall here (even if it is cooler this year) as there are no buggies and not too hot or wet right now; this is how fall is supposed to be, and we only have 13 or so days of this before the white stuff flies our way again.

We have noticed that in the fall, our bodies need to gradually get used to the cold -- that causes achey muscles for DH and I too. Once the dry cold comes, it doesn't feel so bad; and we have been putting on the heat and that helps a bit. I ordered a special heater for our bathroom today; it will be here in about a week. We don't have a window in our bathroom so it can be a bit cold and damp in there at times. This small heater can stay in there all the time and we can put it on to warm and dry it up before and after showers.

Anyways, ate well today (credit moi); got lots of walking in (kudos for that); and got lots of stuff to do this week to keep us busy. I just took a shower and came in to say HI before relaxing for the rest of the evening -- boy, I can sure ramble on sometimes! :D Take good care ladies, and I hope you have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY TOMORROW ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-20-2009, 12:36 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Was a little drained yesterday after I think I over did it at the weekend but back to my normal self today. Did I say normal ;) well as normal as I am every going to be with my warped sense of humour :dizzy:.

Today is a miserable day with outbursts of rain :rain:. Lights needed in the house as it is that dark when normally at this time I would be using daylight to see indoors.

Well plans have changed this morning after the customer cancelled our pick up of a spiral staircase from Kent (south of where I live and many miles away I hastened to add so a long day ahead of me.) So now rescheduled for Friday so I have had to change my plans around for doing things. They say the customer is always right :D

I have returned from treatment at the centre today which went quickly as I was chatting an awful lot to different people. Though it did me the power of good I am sure as I feel good now but tired as normal after the oxygen.

I am making for tea chips (french fries I think you may know them as) but not so bad the version I make. I spray a baking tray with spray oil then line the chips up on the tray. Give them a little spray with oil season them with black pepper and a smidge of sea salt. I would use butternut squash instead of potatoes or sweet potatoes but my cupboard resembles old mother Hubbard's cupboard at the minute need to go shopping tomorrow :) They are nice alternatives to potatoes for making chips. You then bake them in the oven I use the idea from this site Although I miss out on the curry power for me as I have to be a little cautious with my tummy ulcer. I am serving these with a shop bought low fat cheese and potato burger. For my vegetables I am using broccoli. I have a jelly (jello) in the fridge with my name on ;) a raspberry flavour with raspberries and bananas in. For DH I am putting some yoghurt on top he will think he has a dessert then rather than one of his daily portions of fruit :lol: you know I have to be inventive to get fruit into him. Anyone think it poisonous fruit in our house by the ways he avoids eating it like the plague :lol3:

SPICY Dogs are a godsend to us I must admit. They give you a reason to go out when otherwise you wouldn't go. You make the effort as it for them. You made me smile when you said how your dog hops on the platform to hitch a ride. I have seen that happen around here where I live.

Where I live there are a very high percentage of elderly or disabled just the sort of people who use scooters to get about over longer distances. I think it looks so cute when they are riding on board as proud as punch with their owners.

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling out of sorts the last few days. Like you say god does not give you more than you can deal with. It is harder to do things some days more than others I find. I am grateful for the good days and take the bad days as my rest days so to speak.

I have been to Oxford a long while back when I was more able bodied so to speak. I did not unfortunately pay much attention to accessibility to places when I was there as I didn't have a need to. I have done a little research and I have found this page I don't know if this is of any use to you about getting out and about in Oxford.

I know that many places have steps although there is normally a ramped access to the building somewhere. Not all places have disabled toilets in though I hasten to add. We have something called the tourist information centre in most major places. They offer a whole host of information if you are thinking of visiting you could write maybe an email asking about access to things around there.

Funnily enough I was in a tourist information board when I was on holiday as I wanted to know where I could park with my disabled blue badge. We have a system if you are disabled then you can apply for one of these which allows free parking (this web site tells you much better what one is This is because in this town I had visited they had what was called "disc parking only" What an earth that was I hadn't a clue. So I dropped into the tourist board and they explained as I could park any where with my blue badge and not to worry. The disc parking meant you had to get a "disc" from the tourist information board for free and put on the disc as it was a time dial what time you had left the car. You then had two hours from the time you left your car then you must move your car. You can move it before just you can be liable to a parking ticket if you go over your allotted time.

In the town we parked there are traffic wardens they keep a check on cars to see that they are not going over their allotted time. The town was busy so it gave a fair way of giving others a chance to see the town. It was a small town and for us two hours was more than enough but we had three hours as a disabled badge gives you three hours unless otherwise stated.

ROSEBUD I am sure your home will look nice with the decorations plus pumpkin lanterns. Until reason years lanterns were not made here from them. Even now many homes including mind do not have them. I suppose I am from a generation that did not have any growing up as no one did. You tend to follow the trends and traditions that you grew up with so I suppose that is why I don't do it now.

I was watching a news article on television last week and there was an article written in the parish magazine. When I say parish magazine it is not a religious magazine it is the name often given to news letters about the village. It may tell of upcoming events and people can submit articles on local matters. This was of the "trick or treat" where some youngsters had vandalise property of those who hadn't given a treat to those trick or treating. It was saying that "trick and treating" should be stopped.

Trick or treating has only come in to our country in recent years and I as a child never did it nor did any of my friends. Unfortunately some local terrors spoil it for the millions of children who do it innocently law abiding not to mention supervised by an adult. I do understand how the older generation are fearful of things being done to their homes or cars etc. But parents need to know what their children are doing and supervise such activities.

I am just in the middle of watch a programme on "Sunday schools" and there importance in society. Although now there is only a tiny fraction of them running now as religion is on the decline in the UK. I did not go to Sunday School but my parents did. For many children it was the place to be on a Sunday not only did you get good stories from the bible, you could sing, play football or other games. The really big draw for many was the special activities such as going to the seaside. Although to go to the seaside or walk in the Sunday school parade you must attend on a very regular basis. Families were poor so they never went to the sea or countryside for example. So these were only time in many peoples life they would go to the sea so the memories where special and lasted a life time.

The strange reason they were established in the first place as children were being little hooligans on the Sunday as it was there only free day. In the rest of the week they went to work as child labour was common place amongst the working classes. So Sunday was the only day they could be "children" but they ran wild and amok at times. So a Sunday school got them off the streets still doing fun things. They even leant them to read and write in the infancy of the "Sunday school" although as schooling became compulsory for all this role of making children literate ceased. I am enjoying it listening to people memories as some of the people interviewed must be in their 80's if not 90's.

well I better start making tracks into the kitchen now I have been rambling on forever ;) else we will never eat today a hot meal. Nice to have dropped by and caught up with you ladies. Take care till next time bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-20-2009, 11:31 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had a mixed bag of weather today but it was nice, some :sunny: and some :cloud9: and a tiny bit of :rain: or something like it for only a few minutes. We had to go up town again for some things we forgot: DH's mustard ... oh dear, we can't go without that becuz he puts it on EVERYTHING: sandwiches, hamburgers, and hotdogs, etc. :lol: So I also picked up a few other things and took advantage of the opportunity to get in some more walking.

In the afternoon, the :sunny: was out more, so I was able to plant some more flower bulbs: put in three rows of varying sizes and kinds of crocuses and other wildcover flowers plus some more tulips and daffodils, and some other ones I can't remember all the names of. It should look pretty come next spring. I filled up one garden section; that leaves one more for veggies next year; and the last section will have taller perennial bushes and plants, which I have seeded, so we'll see if they come up or not. I still have some bulbs left, so I may plant some along the front of the house too.

PURPLE ~ glad you were able to get in your therapy today and still visit with us too. I think that's nice that you can meet and discuss MS with others who know what you are going thru and you can be such a help to them too. Hope your trip on Friday turns out well for you. Sounds like you are diversifying by delivering stairs now too.

So funny you making sweet potato fries, and I picked some up today as well for a dinner this week. I wanted to try them to see if I might like them; I probably will. Plan to have them with fish on Thursday. That cheese and potato burger sounds interesting too. I found some more chicken burgers at another store this week; they have 20 more calories in them but at 190 each that is still better than the beef ones that have 300 or more.

An ambulance just went by flashing its lights and going at a good speed so sent up a prayer for the patient and his/her family, and for the doctors to give them wisdom how to help them. They have been using our road a lot since some work is being done on some of the other roads, so I have been seeing them more lately.

This evening, I have just been taking it easy; seems walking and gardening wipe me out. DH was watching movies and I was searching for more recipes and found a couple worth trying. I like that site too. Well, had my snack and tea, so will go put my sore legs up again for a bit to read and relax before going to bed.

Hope you ladies have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and take good care of yourselves ... and that's an order ... :lol: ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-21-2009, 06:42 PM
Hi chicks

Been a warm day for the time of the year though no sun to speak of. Did the grocery shopping today at the supermarket. Make a combination of fresh and tinned fruit salad on my return which we had for tea very nice.

Once a week we buy french stick the smallest they do. once upon a time we would have ate the lot but now we leave some (feed it too our feathered friends) it is our treat to ourselves. Just opened a jar of pickled onions my mum did for tea to go with the bread. I must admit the pickled onions have been very moreish but I only have one. I know there wouldn't be a huge amount of calories it is not that it is to eke it out as far as possible as it is only a small jar :D.

Tomorrow we have the council men coming in the afternoon to sort out the kitchen. Finger :crossed: third time lucky that we get things sorted out. Part of me is looking forward to it so that I have more of a usable kitchen but the other part is dreading it in case we still have big issues with it. It is the disappointment and stress that goes with it. Oh well let the battle commence I suppose ;) I have made our sandwiches for tomorrow and for the trip on Friday today. This is with my kitchen going to be out of order for the best part of the afternoon. I thought it was wise to preprepared ahead of time. I didn't fancy cooking tea tomorrow night and then cracking on packing sandwiches up. As the day gets on I get tired so better doing things earlier. So glad I got that out of the way but oh boy could I do with an American style fridge right at the minute my fridge is a fridge/freezer model. So the fridge part is small in comparison with an American style fridge. I have my flax seed in there, box of fresh fruit salad, yoghurts, cheese, margarine, pan of soup to name a few items , Not to mention all my vegetables and fruit in there.

Today I had a trigeminal neuralgia attack this afternoon which reacted well to medication discovered at tea time I hadn't taken my dinner time medication :dizzy: so mystery solved to why I had an attack. There me at the time thinking the chiller section at the supermarket had been the trigger factor instead it is my own absent mindedness :o

ROSEBUD We bought some more vegetarian burgers today at the supermarket. These are cheese/onion/potato in a light bread crumb they are low fat and pan out at 177 calories per burger. Tomorrow another veggie day we are have spicy bean burger well DH is and I am just having a plain veggie one. The spicy ones are a little to spicy for me with my ulcer I like them but not wise for me to have them.

BIL has not diversified into spiral staircase he had won these apparently whether in a competition or a online auction not sure yet but hopefully will find out on Monday as we are having lunch with him on this day. It is simply ages since we had lunch together so will be nice to catch up. Don't even know where the staircase is going to when it gets installed :?:

Yes I love the green bites site as she has been where we are going so many recipes to choose from. So a good range to try. Good thing is they don't look like "diet" foods as I put it. Good hearty food , even some desserts to dabble in as well. I want to make the recipe very soon the one called french toast. So a version of what I call eggy bread here in the UK. Though eggy bread is made use using a whisked egg and dipping your bread in a frying it in a frying pan (skillet I think you may know it as). Though this recipe has milk with the egg, cinnamon, and nutmeg :T

You spoke of the prayer you gave the ambulance passing your home. I live about 1 mile away if not less from our home so we frequently see them sometimes they venture pass our home. Though it is nothing unusual to see one when we go to the shops locally.

Also we see hundreds of learner drivers on our street as it is one of the test routes used by the test centre for the practical side of driving and getting your licence. You also must do a written part to your test so a two part thing. We get learner drivers with there instructors learning manoeuvres the examiner might want or we get the learner driver with the examiner. Either way some days it seems learner drivers and the cars they are in are like ants as there are so many of them. Oh for the day this route is not used as a test route but it is not happening anytime soon I don't think. I think for our test centre for Nottingham there are at least 7 routes the examiner may take you on for your test.

Time for me to make some drinking chocolate and think about going to bed so good night ladies and catch you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-21-2009, 10:05 PM
HI LADIES ~ just a quiet day at home today; weather was very dull ... gray and cloudy all day ... yuck. I practiced playing my organ for over an hour this AM as I missed yesterday from being so busy. My childhood teacher said to practice for 15 minutes a day or double that if you want to learn faster. I managed to figure out some nice instruments with some of my favorite songs today as well.

PURPLE ~ good idea to make up some food ahead of time; don't blame you there. I made whole wheat pasta and a veggie sauce with about 4 oz of sausage cut up into small pieces; very tastey indeed and DH loved it. It made 5 servings; 2 for another day as well or for some lunches; and one for NIKO. I like the whole wheat pasta: I find it is very filling, and DH commented the same.

Very likely your BIL is going to have those spiral stairs installed in a home somewhere. Yes, I could see that he may have bought them somewhere like ebay or another similar site or company. I like baby dills and picked up some sauerkraut this week to have with my franks. I like pickles too but have to watch the sweet ones, but the dills and other sour ones are very low calories and have little sugar if any.

Glad you figured out what triggered your face pain today. Sometimes, I have to take a tylenol or something when my legs are bothering me, but putting them up seems to help the most. I notice the cold bothers them now too. Am having my tea now and so I will go and put my legs up soon.

We moved the Christmas boxes into the spare room and I am working on getting rid of some more stuff; eventually, we'll get it all done. We have a lot more room in there and our shed and porch now, which is the way I want it to stay.

Take good care ladies and hope you have a great day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-22-2009, 09:11 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ woke up to a bunch of *****today; quite a bit, but then the :sunny: came out and melted a lot of it but I see tonight that there is still some left. With the sun shining, it kinda looked pretty on the trees ...

A bunch of our winter birds showed up today looking for food: chickadees, junkos, and sparrows (we get Song sparrows, House sparrows, American sparrows, Field sparrows, but some larger ones came today that looked like Chipping sparrows: a bit bigger but very pretty).

Went shopping to pick up some meat for the freezer today; and got some good deals! Then did some laundry in the afternoon. So I got some walking in but my eating was so-so; munched out on some popcorn this afternoon, but not really big damage done I don't think; as the rest of the day was very good.

Anyways, time to put my feet up and rest a bit with a nice cuppa tea; take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-23-2009, 08:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you are all having a FABULOUS FRIDAY NIGHT ... just takin' it ez at home tonight. We had Pita Pizzas for dinner and homemade Veggie & dumpling soup for lunch. Still cold here but the :sunny: did shine for us today!

We had many new fine feathered friends come by again today -- junkos, chickadees, and sparrows. Had a good day overall. Hope you all have too!

Take good care of yourselves and hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-23-2009, 10:48 PM
:wave: Thompson received five cm of snow today.

And this morning I realized that my seasonal depression was back. I've been sleeping 3 hours more each night then usual and completly lost interest/stamina in running (I was 3 runs away from completing my 5km program) I started having a really bad attitude and being far too curt and indifferent at work. My appetitie is gone.

So instead of waiting for it to turn into an MS flare up, I booked myself a doctor's apt the same day. And am doing a whole new round of blood work. and have given a prescription for celexa.

And it's depressing!! Back into a long winter we go.... not sure how much more of this I can take!

10-24-2009, 01:19 AM
:hug:HIYA VAL ~ I know what you mean -- we have a white-out snowstorm going on outside as we speak/write ... ;) I could tell it felt cold in here and DH came out from his haven from watching a movie, and put the heat up. He went to take NIKO outside to do his duty for the last time tonight, and I could hear him shovelling ... now, there's a hint! :lol:

So we have lots of the white stuff ****** out there too, and it's only the 23rd. Last year we didn't get snow like this until the second week of November; guess we got spoiled. Usually we just have a couple of light snows which melt right away; and have a clear Halloween and then snow again the first or second week of November.

The weather people say that we will have rain and sun for the next few days so it may get rid of most of it (if not all of it). I'm sorry that you have been feeling down in the dumps and tired at/of work. I was wondering when you were thinking of going back to school; I thought maybe next September.

I hope your new meds help you a bit. Also, I will send up some ^prayers^ for you for the next while that your spirits may be lifted somewhat. That was wise of you to go to the docs right away to get some intervention as soon as possible. Be sure to put lots of lights on indoors, if needs be; and did you get one of those special SAD lamps that you were talking about before?

I was doing extra walking myself and with all this snow, that won't happen as often either. We'll just have to wait for the nice days and go then. I have been trying to do walks 3-4 days a week plus xtra in the evenings a few times as well. We are gonna go look at our local community center and see if we can walk around in there.

We have been using our local department stores to do some 'mall-walking' this year; lots of people do that here. I told DH I don't care if it costs us a bit more in gas; it is worth it to get some walking in, and I can really feel the difference it makes when I go. I feel so good about it afterwards -- mentally and physically.

Anyways, it was so nice that you dropped by to see us; I sure hope that you can drop by more often during the winter season. Let us try to help cheer you up; that's what we are here for. Hey, even if we all just try to maintain over the winter; that isn't so bad -- and you can still go out for walks on the good days. I've got my ski poles already hanging by my back door ... :lol:

Have yourself a restful weekend; get in all the sleep you need. My DH always says, "You must have needed it". Sleep is a great healer of the body, mind, and spirit. Take good care my friend; and come back to see us real soon ... :hug:

10-24-2009, 06:27 AM
Hi Fellow chicks

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and rather hot at times dare I say. Good weather for doing our journey which took nigh on 10 hours in total. I must admit it went a whole lot smoother than I ever hoped for so pleased about that.

The worse part of the journey was the queuing up to pay the toll for travelling on the Dartford Bridge or the Dartford tunnel. Going south you go over the bridge but going north it is the tunnel. once upon a time not that long ago it was just the tunnel that took both north and south traffic so a nightmare at the best of times around there. Even though there were many booths to pay your money it still was bottling up the traffic. So today is just recovering from that journey I had. The customer was lovely I must admit well not customer as DH BIL had bought the staircase though I am sure you know what I mean. We were offered a drink wow and it even came with biscuit. Such a kind thought the coffee was so welcomed I must admit so still some :angel: out there in disguise.

VAL Nice to hear from you but sorry to hear that you are going through the mill with S.A.D. Not heard of the medication that the doctor has prescribed but it maybe under a different name here in the UK which is frequently the case. I hope the medication provides some relief for you as it is a horrid condition to have to deal with without having additional issues as the MS to worry about. You have done the right thing by trying to nip the problem in the bud by going to the doctors. All the advice I can offer is with your appetite being poor try and make sure that you eat nutritious food. So what food you do eat is good for you. I know it is not easy when the appetite is awful.

Snow yikes all this talk of snow makes me feel cold :brr: Here,s me having beautiful sunshine and having glorious days for October. I do not know how lucky I am where I live sometimes. I know if there was snow on the ground it would make me less independent than I am. The thought of me and ice conjures up pictures of Bambi on ice :D not a good mixture I thinks. It would give me a one way trip to hospital I think, I have broke a couple of bones in the past as a child/teen that was enough thank you.

ROSEBUD The spiral stair case it transpires are going in the unit (BIL work place) they had another level built and it only has one set of stairs thus only one exit point. So this will provide in an emergency a second route of exit should it be needed on this floor.

Excellent idea to go to the shopping centre (mall) for extra exercise in the winter months. I know the cost of fuel has to be added in but a small price to pay to ensure you are in the best possible health and fitness you can be. This way you will keep up your stamina in the winter that you have built up in the summer and I am sure that will be a help when the better weather comes around and you can do things outdoors again. Exercise helps with the mood and it is a natural pain killer as well so added bonus. Not to mention the burning off of calories that it does.

Sounds like you are getting a different variety of birds visiting your area. Swallows and swifts (not that I see any where I live but I do see them on my travels) have departed our shores (well nearly all of them) to warmer climate of South Africa so a long journey of about 6000 miles.

The school at the back of our bungalow is now nearing its completion. It is suppose to be completed in November not sure when the children start school there though. Have seen pictures that the company send out to all the local neighbours to let us know what has been happening every step of the way. The pictures depict the swimming pool and the court yard. This is a special need school hence the swimming pool as most schools do not have a swimming pool unless it is of this nature. Though as a young child 5-11 years old my school did have a small 10 metre by 10 metre pool which was outdoors I hasten to add. The changing rooms were crude by today's standard just build out of breeze (:?: spelling) blocks. Looking back it was freezing really but I learnt to swim at a very early age in this pool.

Mind you looking back my school was very out of date the toilets were out side as well so freezing come winter. Though you thought nothing of it has children as things were just like that. My nanna and granddad did not have an inside toilet either. It was in the yard in made out of corrugated iron sheets now that was horrid to say the least. You had to take a stick in to bang on the iron sheets to scare the resident grass snake that seemed to like it in there :lol: Homes during the 1970's here were still very dated but by the late 1970's people started to modernise no longer toilets outside and no bathrooms. So gone were the tin bath in front of the fire and the hard work in filling it. Not to mention the back breaking work of emptying it either.

Time to get my morning cuppa :coffee: and go and do my bird's nest of hair :D. Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-24-2009, 03:03 PM
Happy Saturday, Chickies-
Hello, Val- I tend to get depressed when the days get shorter and there's days and days of rain or gloomy grey skies. I am on a "cocktail" of antidepressents for that. Like you, the sadness tends to trigger my physical problems. Sometimes it is like an endless cycle. But! Today the sun is shining here and I know that in about 5 or 6 weeks I will go to New Orleans for the month of December. It will be warm there, and I will be surrounded by my family. I try to focus on that as a beacon of hope. I wish you well.

Rosebud- I often see people walking in the local mall here. It seems like a much safer place to walk, especially when the weather isn't good. Less chance of slipping! Especially in that snow you guys have. It does snow in our part of Arkansas, but not regularly. Maybe two or three times a winter. The most we have had at one time is about 12 inches.

Purple- I think it was you who wrote about the sweet potatoes in the oven. I did that today. Cut them like french fries, sprayed them with cooking spray, and baked in the oven. Very good! It is sweet potato season here so there's an abundance of them at the farmers' market.

I have been feeling better in the last day or two. Thankfully.

Here's hoping you all have a good weekend. Thanks for sharing your life with me.


10-25-2009, 01:06 PM
Hi Ladies

The weather does not know what it wants to do today one minute sun shine the next pouring down with rain. Good old British weather getting all seasons in one day I think :lol:

Saw an advertisement on a bus yesterday that said one in four people will need mental health intervention. This claim then was backed up by a programme I watched about young people who had come in contact with the psychiatric services in some way. Again they said one in four people will need at some point in their life some mental health intervention. Gosh when I was nursing the figure was one in eight so it shows how this has gone up over the years. I have been wondering why this is. Is this to do with the pressures of life with the worries of work, finance and media. I have put media in there as the fact now they use air brushing so the models look "perfect" so we have a distorted idea what our bodies should look like. When in actual fact we come in all different sizes and yet can be a healthy body weight for our height. They use models that are a size 8 when a lady whom is 5ft 11" would struggle to be that size. This then may lead her or him for that matter in to the psychiatric services with eating disorders.

I during my training I did the specialist ward on forensic psychiatry. ( this means mentally ill and committed a crime at the same time). I did a few shifts to help out on drug and alcohol ward and during my time in the community working with a nurse there I had contact with eating disorders. This was as where my community nurse was based this was the referral area for treating eating disorders in the community. It shows that psychiatric or mental health covers a wide area and often peoples idea what to be mentally ill is are not correct. At the severe end of things the person would not be able to work but most can continue to work, raise a family and generally participate in life. This shows that often the reality and the misconception of mental illness are miles apart.

A friend of mine was so horrified when he was asked to go and see a psychiatrist by his solicitor. He had been involved in an accident which I hasten to add was not his fault and there had been 3 fatalities. Though some years earlier he had again been involved in an accident with one fatality again nothing to do with him. In fact he was horrified at being asked to see a psychiatrist as he was afraid of being labelled "mad". He was eventually persuaded to go and it was shown that he was suffering from post traumatic stress which is to be expected when he had been in horrendous accidents. Just recently he asked me about this and I said that just because you were ill you it does not mean you can not go about your daily tasks as a farmer. I think he thought if you were ill it would not be the case. I said to him that most can work and for some it provides comfort as it is routine and something they are familiar with. It maybe somewhere they do not have time to think about their own problems. Right time to come off my soap box :D

SPICY Nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you also have S.A.D it is surprising how many people do have this condition. Good to see that you have a positive attitude and use your family as your beacon of hope and light.

Years ago well 25 to be precise I had a spell on antidepressants myself after hitting a very low patch in my life. I think really it had more to do with it was my longest placement during my training on a ward and I hated that ward. Not the people or the nurses don't get me wrong it was the fact it was a mother and baby psychiatry unit. I was often expected to look after the babies as I was a woman. (it was still back then thought very strange that a woman should want a career) I am not in the least maternal in any shape way or form. So for me it was my worse nightmare the ward was in it's infancy so psychiatric nurses looked after the babies as well as mum. Now many of the babies were very young only a few days/weeks old. So many feeds and nappy (diaper) changes. Now I know there are nursery nurses or paediatric nurses to care for the babies. The spell on antidepressants helped me through a rough time in my life and the next ward it was lovely I had a great time it aided my recovery.

I am on antidepressants again but not high enough doses for this but small doses for pain relief for nerve pain. I take one at night and it helps greatly to give me a good night sleep. My sister is also now taking this at night but until the surgery is done she will be in a huge amount of pain. I know the operation will not get rid of it all but if it decrease the amount of pain then that can only be a good thing.

Glad you liked the recipe for the sweet potato fries which you liked. It is nice to have recipes that give you some variation to your "diet". I have tried the same recipe with butternut squash and made fries from that. They are softer than conventional potatoes but nice all the same. Since embarking on this journey I have kept such recipes and popped them in a folder on my computer so I have now quite a repertoire building up. I have a mixture of savoury dishes and sweet ones.

Well must run and put the kettle on and have a cuppa :coffee: Take care till next time bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-25-2009, 09:20 PM
:wave: Well, I did get in here to read yesterday, but then got busy and forgot to get back in to put in a post; and I couldn't remember if I had or not but was very tired, so I went to bed a bit earlier last night. We have been getting lots of **** on and off for the last few days; much has melted but the big flakes are coming in from the north again tonight.

We had a nice mix of :sunny: and *****today and we decided to go for a drive this afternoon just to get out and enjoy that lovely sunshine. We picked up some premade homestyle dinners that were on sale on the way home; so I cheated in that I didn't have to make it. Just popped it in the oven and let the oven do the work.

I had cabbage rolls and DH had his favorite Fireside Pie which is just another version of Shepherd's pie (it has carrots for the veggie instead of corn -- that's all). He loved it so much he ate almost the whole thing all by himself; I managed to get a small piece just to try it. I had 2.5 cabbage rolls and have the same amount leftover that I can now have for my lunch tomorrow. I told DH now that he ate the rest that he won't have any for lunch and he said that he didn't care becuz he enjoyed it so much for dinner tonight. :cool:

The next time I make a homemade one, I think I'll make an extra one to throw in the freezer since he loves them so much, but they were on sale today and the ingredients would have cost the same, but I just didn't have to do the work and that was the best part for me. :D

So I managed to get in some walking today and ate well today too (kudos for that); it was a good day overall. I had caught a cold from DH and I felt a bit sickly for a few brief moments today, but they didn't last long, so I'm so very glad about that. Sure hope it goes away; it's not a really bad one, just makes you feel a bit sickly at times. I thought it may be my meds as I do find the Metformin can make me feel a bit queezy at times too.

Hope all you ladies had a great weekend and a peaceful and restful Sunday -- take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-26-2009, 01:23 PM
Good afternoon fellow chicks

It is a grey over cast day today but no rain thus far. It is exceptionally warm outside for this time of year. I went out this lunch time to have lunch with BIL and I just went with a long thick cardigan on my arms. No coat needed though I did take one but ended up carting it about as it was too warm to wear. Though you could guarantee if I hadn't taken it the heavens would have opened or it would be to chilly for me.

There has been a programme on I watched as I saw it was going to be situated in Canada. The man presenting it is one for the great outdoors showing the wonders of it and how to live off the land. Often using old techniques that native people would have done or they show him how to do it. Today it was first native people of Canada whom showed him some decorative work made out of bark of a tree and the pattern made by the teeth alone. Last night programme was in Prince Albert National park it showed the contrast as well between Autumn (fall) and winter. This was has he went back to the same area to show the comparison. The area looked so beautiful such a sea of trees nesting besides the river. I don't know if any of you have been to the Prince Albert National park that the programme was based in last night.

ROSEBUD Often those simple meals like fireside pie are the best. I too love shepherds pie so I am sure I would like this version of it. As long as my arch enemy the humble pea was not lurking in there to get me ;) Anyone who knows me knows I hate peas with a passion. I avoid them at all costs, I do not like them in any shape way or form and haven't since I was a little child. Mushy peas are the worse in my opinion even the smell is horrendous and it is enough to make me go green a the gills :barf:

Those home made ready meals sure do come in handy. I have a whole section in my freezer dedicated to just that. So I know at any one time what I have in stock. I like to make an extra portion when ever I can so that it makes another meal to go in store for those days you just can't be bothered or not so well. They are also great when you have been busy and don't have time to make a meal from scratch.

To pick up home style meal are handy way when you are short for time. Glad you have somewhere like that close to home to "cheat" when time is pressing for you. ~Sometimes when you have been out all your energy has gone into that and now you just want something quick. That meal just fit the bill.

Horrible side effect the metformin has with the nausea. It is not nice when we experience the negative side of the drugs which aid us in so many ways. Your drug is very important to you as it helps regulate your diabetes. I have side effects but nothing so horrid as nausea. Mine is mainly the constipation and dry mouth. So on the big scheme of things it is not that bad really.

Well must go and drink my tea before it goes stone cold. So before I go I will say :wave: to RONNIE , VAL & SPICY. I know for both Ronnie and Val their lives are very busy at the moment with one thing or another. We caught up with Spicy at the weekend which was lovely. Bye bye and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-26-2009, 04:14 PM
I made a yummy smoothie for my afternoon snack -- as I am always getting hungry before dinner, so I am hoping this will help tide me over. I have been experimenting and this is the one I made today; it was very filling, and it is surprisingly thick just like a milkshake but without the ice cream though ~

1/2 cup milk
1 small fresh banana
3 inch piece of cucumber, optional
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries (about 1/2 cup)
1 tbl Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1 tsp sugar-free berry Metamucil
1 tbl cocoa powder
1/2 a sweetener
1 tsp flax meal

I whipped this in my $5.00 blender and it made a generous 2 cups. Last time, I didn't put the cuke in. I read somewhere that it is good for lowering blood sugar and great in smoothies (you don't even notice that it is in there), and it is a great way to use them up. This is nice with the cocoa powder or without. It actually tastes very sweet and probably doesn't even need the artificial sweetener at all.

You can get many kinds of thickener like Metamucil or plain Fibersure; I just like the sugar-free berry one; but you could probably make this without it and it would still be good too. I put the Vanilla Whey Protein Powder in for flavor and to get protein in it. This makes a great breakfast substitute too -- thought you might like to try it.

10-26-2009, 11:13 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just got back from a quick evening walk; boy, it is raining/sleeting out there and it is sooo cold on the face. I even had on a hat, scarf, and mittens. I was concerned it may be icy so I took my poles, but it is just mild enuff that it felt like cold rain. It seems to be crossing back and forth between mini-snow pellets and rain.

Anyways, I made it up to the end of the block and back much faster with the poles as they really help give me better balance, but it's UPHILL all the way, so it is a good workout nevertheless. I am trying to take advantage of the clear sidewalks for as long as I can; I will still try to go out, but will use my poles more often then ...

Just wanted to drop by again and say HI; we had a good day. Just did stuff like light housekeeping today at home as the weather isn't that nice here right now, but it is supposed to be sunnier mid-week so we'll take advantage of that too. DH pulled out the big bird feeder so it is handy for when we want to put it up; which will probably be in November sometime.

PURPLE ~ you reminded me that I still had a casserole in my freezer, so I decided we would have that for dinner tonight. I also roasted some veggies in a glass casserole at the same time: a mixture of green & yellow beans, baby carrots, and cauliflower on top. It was very nice: a meatless casserole with cheese for the protein tonight.

You are having exceptionally warm weather; and we are having the opposite. :lol: Oh well, must go with the flow: I'm telling myself how beautiful it is outside and gee, it actually helps you feel OK about it. Could be worse, as they say ... ;)

No, I don't think I have been to that park but my DH may have, as he has been out west and even further north than me; oh yes, we have some grand forests, especially in the northern areas. Yes, I have also seen that bark demonstration before where they use their teeth to put designs in the bark (I think it was birch tree bark); actually I saw it on a program here as well, and it was very interesting. We have a lot of native and Metis people in our town, plus a lot of natives from the far north come here regularly as well; and I supposed some of them would know this technique as well.

HEY VAL ~ I just wanted to tell you that I was reading on a site somewhere, and this doctor said that going for a walk was just as good as jogging or running. You can just pick up the pace a bit and swing those arms to get almost the same aerobic effect. I am still gonna go out even when the snow comes; I'm gonna use my ski poles like I did tonight as they really help me pick up the pace. Had my heart pumping good tonight ... :D

HI to SPICEY, and RONNIE ~ hope you ladies are having a wonderful week!

Well, I had a good day: ate very well and got my exercises in too -- so I am glad for that. Hope all of you ladies had a good day too, and hope that you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow as well! Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-27-2009, 10:20 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ boy, people are scarce on the threads lately, and not just in this one either. Seems people are really busy or life is sending them lots of challenges to handle at this time. We had foggy, rainy weather all day today. It cleared up a bit and now the fog is back, but at least it's not raining or sleeting.

Last night, after I was in posting, I went for a walk and for the second night in a row, it started snow-raining and my face was almost frozen by the time I got back home. Today, I stayed home for the day just doing stuff around here. I am still debating whether to go out as the temps are dropping quite fast out there; and it's really chilly.

Made a very healthy chicken stew for dinner and it was really nice; we had a good day though. I have just been doing stuff around the house; did some indoor exercises and walking so far today. DH just put NIKO out for the last time; if I feel up to it, I may go for a short jaunt outdoors just to see how the winds are ... DH just went out and checked the weather for me and he says that it isn't too bad, so I think I will venture out for a few minutes at least.

I'm going to have a tea and a small snack as I feel a bit hungry tonight, but we had a very light dinner as the stew was really just a thick soup with lots of veggies in it. Hope you all had a good day, and that you have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow too!

Take good care of yourselves; and don't be shy about dropping by for a few minutes sometime this week ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-27-2009, 11:06 PM
Well, I decided to go for a walk before having my tea and snack as the weather was not too bad out there. I took my trekking poles again tonight becuz they really help me getting up that hill, and I am getting faster each time so I went a bit further tonight. It took me about 25 minutes (5 more than last night becuz I went further to extend the time).

So tomorrow, I will have to go a bit further again to get back to my 30 minutes. The poles really help my back from hurting while going up the hills and makes it easier for me overall. DH says that he will go with me tomorrow and we will go out a bit earlier too.

We haven't turned our clocks back yet; our gov has decided to extend our daylight savings time by 3 weeks: 2 in the spring and 1 week in the fall, so we won't turn them back until next week. We almost turned them back last night, but then I found an article on our weather site that reminded us not to turn them back until next Sunday night. I can see that this site has already turned theirs back becuz the time on here and my pc is one hour earlier than here.

Well, now I am going to have my tea and a light snack; I am having a small apple, and some carrot sticks with 1 tbl peanut butter ... this is one of my new favorite ways to eat PB: no bread this way and the carrots taste really good with it plus it adds a raw veggie with a protein for a healthy snack.

Salut -- have a great night ... :hug:

10-28-2009, 11:15 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Gosh where did yesterday go it went in the blink of an eye. It was the day of my treatment then I came home to start preparing a meal. Yesterday I did a yummy :T meal a fresh beef burger in a plain bread bun with a small side dish of sweet potato chips (fries) seasoned with a little curry powder. It was very filling and no ill effect from the tummy with the touch of curry. I didn't go to heavy handed with the curry just did a light dusting of it. DH said it really enjoyed it did not know how the sweet potato would go with him rather than the ordinary potato I need not have worried I don't think it touched the sides he enjoyed them so much.

Good to drop by today I was so determined to do so. A big thank you :thanks: to Rosebud for holding the fort. Today is trying to make it's mind up weather wise what it wants to do. It is looking like rain one minute then brilliant sunshine the next. Nothing new here just typical British weather having all types of weather in one day :D

Today we are going out for a special meal as DH is taking me out to a pub in the countryside for a meal. Really looking forward to it. You see it was my birthday on Saturday and I was so shattered after our journey to Kent the day before. It was a 10 hour round trip well it took it's toll. We decided it was best that I didn't go to far a field but to enjoy a more simple day. I had a nice day anyway as I was given some perfume by my DH, money and necklace from my sister and nieces. Money from my parents which I think is going towards another perfume I have my eye on ;) I love perfume and jewellery. Not that I wear a huge amount of jewellery I have a few rings, I wear a necklace, sometimes a bracelet or brooch. I don't like to wear too much at once. I tend to go for costume jewellery rather than the more expensive silver/gold/platinum type. I was a lucky bunny and was taken out for a meal on Monday by BIL.

I have done the shopping today but again I did not need a great deal mainly the fresh produces and tinned fruit of course at this time of year when fresh fruit is more expensive. It is so amazing what I had ferreted away in our freezers and it has feed us well for weeks. Though big gaps are starting to appear. There will be enough room soon to allow me to defrost the smaller freezer which is not self defrosting. I will move food items from the small freezer to the larger one then commence doing the job in hand. Not that it will take that long when I set my mind to it. It is just getting myself into gear to sort it out.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the the smoothie. I never think of putting cucumber in but seeing that they do not taste of a great deal I can see how they would lend themselves to going into a smoothie and be unnoticed. It would be a great way for parents to sneak them in there for their children who were fussy about foods. I see you have put in flax meal which I sometimes do. I have also put it in or sometimes porridge oats just a small portion. It is gives it a nutty flavour to it and a texture to the smoothie. Porridge oats have properties known to lower the cholesterol for anyone with troubles in that area. It is always useful to use foods that have a positive effect on our bodies like cucumber and oats.

The weather still remains mild and again went out with just a cardigan. I am sure we will pay for our mild spell we are having but I am enjoying it while it lasts. sorry to hear your having the other flip of the coin as yours it worse than mine have colder weather and more snow to boot no doubt.

Yes you were right the patterns were made my first nations people on birch bark. One of his previous series he followed the native people of Australia (Aboriginals) and learnt the skills they had used for hundreds of years. The Aboriginal people had such a wealth of skills than we have lost over the years as we have moved away from the land.

:carrot: Well done on your improvement in your length of time walking that is great news and shows a development in your walking. It is great to have mini goals to head towards and try and better. Like me they are small ones but they feel big ones with our challenges that life has to throw at us. To achieve another goal or beat a time etc gives me a buzz. I am a person who likes to better something I have done bit of perfectionist that is me. I am very critical of things that I do but not of others weird I know in my life.

I am going to have my cuppa now that I made earlier before it goes stone cold on me which I hate :barf: Take care and catch you later.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-29-2009, 01:06 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I had a heck of a time getting in here tonight; this is my third time trying, as I just gave up after the second time. There is a huge new AD on the top of the site as we come in that was just freezing up my computer tonight. The first time, my internet page collapsed on me; then I started all over and it froze up my PC again, so I just gave up and left; went and put my feet up and read for awhile.

I see from another post that I am not the only one having that problem; it is odd that one advertisement is using such a powerful means to advertise that it is freezing up our PC's. They may get us to look at their ad by freezing up our screens, but I won't buy their product if they ruin my experience on the net or stop me from coming into this or any other site. I understand that the ads are needed to pay for the site, but that's more than advertising and needs to be addressed.

Anyways, better get this post in whilst I can as it's getting late now. Had a busy day as we started to work on putting up our Christmas lights; we actually wanted to put them up for Hallowed Eve. Couldn't find enuff orange bulbs, so we used yellow instead and that really brightened things up on our front porch. We will finish up tomorrow by putting up the glowing pumpkin men I made today. That took us all afternoon by itself.

We didn't get the sun they promised but at least it didn't rain or snow today; just a dull, gray overcast but it could have been much worse. It actually got up to 5C today ... woo-hoo ... spent a lot of time on my feet walking around here so I didn't bother going out tonight as my feet were already hurting by dinner time.

Made boneless center pork chops and a nice mix of steamed veggies and rice for dinner tonight; it turned out really good. I must have been tired too becuz after I put my legs up at only 8:30 pm, I nodded off after reading a bit until about 11:15. Our NIKO came out to check on me and was laying near the sofa, then started playing games with my feet and that woke me up ... :lol:

Tomorrow, we hope to get the rest of the decos done out front, so that will keep us busy again. Hope you all have a nice day tomorrow too; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-29-2009, 01:25 AM


P U R P L E !!!

So sorry I missed your birthday on Saturday; but I am glad that you got to celebrate it even if it was a tad bit later. So nice that you got some lovely gifts from family and friends. This year, I spent my birthday at a friend's place and he made us a nice rib dinner. Usually, we go out for dinner to a restaurant on my birthday, but that was even nicer to me ... to spend it with friends, and I didn't have to cook!!! ;)

Sorry that long trip tired you out so much, but you were able to make up for it on another day; that's what I do too. Tonight, my feet were very sore; so I just took it easy. I went out for walk almost every night this week and did lots around here too, so I accomplished a lot more than I could have hoped for. I am trying for a minimum of 10 minutes each day and am aiming for 30 minutes daily, but I think that I am surpassing that by far ...

Yes, I also put some flax meal into my porridge and cream of wheat as well; that makes for a very filling breakfast too. I like to have a smoothie for a snack sometimes just becuz it really fills me up and gives me a change from the norm as well. I had sweet potato fries for the first time this past week as well, and liked them; they are a bit softer in the center but I liked them a bit crispy on the outside. They were nice for a change and are very healthy for us too.

Hope you have a nice restful day tomorrow ... take good care! :hug:

10-29-2009, 05:53 PM
Hi Ladies

I am late coming on here today been playing nurse maid to DH we all know what men are like when they are ill ;) No joking apart I know that he is unwell as he is not one to complain he is very stoic. DH suffers from IBS which started up in earnest yesterday so in the end did not go out for celebratory meal. We will reschedule when he is better again. He has been having his medication and hot wheat packs on his tummy to relief the pain that you experience with this condition. All of the family on his side have this condition and his youngest brother has it worse I think. Though it has improved vastly since the change of his diet and cutting out coffee.

Weather still remains mild for this time of year but I am not complaining. It has been a sunny afternoon though cloudy this morning.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the birthday wishes. Glad to see that you can see progress in the walking it gives you light at the end of the tunnel. I am struggling at walking at the minute but on my good days I try and get a good walk in. I sure do miss my days of really long walks. When the weather was good I use to walk home from work. Only in the day time I hasten to add it is to risky to do so at night. It was some 3 miles from my home but it helped me unwind after a day at work which as you could imagine could be stressful.

Glad you liked the sweet potato chips (fries), I like the butternut squash ones as well though they do have a soft texture as well. I wonder if pumpkin would work well in producing fries baked in the oven. Either seasoned with just salt and pepper, may curry powder or for the spicier palate chilli powder. I like to experiment not that all my creations come out a success I must add.

I have already prepared our dinner for tomorrow which is to be roast chicken dinner. I am just defrosting our chicken at the minute as it recommends strongly that we defrost poultry thoroughly before cooking in the UK. We are having a selection of vegetables to go with this. I am having a short period alone tomorrow which is very unusual so that is why I remark on it. This is because my DH is going on MS centre training day for staff paid or voluntary. Not sure what the training is to entail but he will be away for about 3 hours. So tomorrow I will be wearing my emergency pendant in case I decide to do a rendition of swan lake or the nutcracker suite :rofl: It gives both me and DH the peace of mind that I will be safe. I have to be aware there are things I can't do like sit on sofa's or armchairs as I can't always get up from those so it will be my computer chair which comfortable anyway but higher. I have to be sensible when I am on my own else I will be putting myself in unnecessary danger.

Time to start thinking about taking my night medication so I need to go and make a drink :coffee:. Take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-29-2009, 11:30 PM
HI LADIES ~ we had another cloudy overcast day but it didn't rain, so we were lucky there; actually, it is clearing up out there right now and I can see the moon up there (about 2/3 full), although it is a bit misty yet. Maybe we'll get some sun for the next couple of days -- would be nice if the weather was decent for the kids on Halloween for a change (meaning ~ no rain) ...

We had a very busy day -- worked on those decos on the front porch all day and did get them all done, and they do look pretty nice with the lights in there too. Just came back from a short walk up and down to see how they look at night and to turn the lights out for the night. Will leave them on longer tomorrow night and on Hallowed Eve as well. I got so much walking in today that there's no need for anymore really.

HEY PURPLE ~ yes, do take it easy whilst your DH is away tomorrow; can always come in here or do some chatting to friends on your PC while he is away too. When I overdo it, I start losing my balance and falling all over the place too, but I don't have MS: my body just gets way too tired -- that's all! All this fresh fall air is making DH tired too; he tried to watch a movie tonight and kept falling asleep. Actually, this cool air is kinda good for you in some ways; it's good for your lungs; it burns extra calories; and it helps you sleep much better too!

I hope your DH's IBS gets better soon; since I have changed my eating patterns, mine has gotten so much better that it goes the other way now. Like you, I am eating "natural" whole foods and grains (whole grain breads, brown rice mix, whole grain pasta, beans, etc); more raw fruits and veggies (lots of salads and finger veggies); eating my veggies and fruits with their skins on as much as possible; plus have added more fiber and water daily; make sure to eat lean protein of some kind with each meal and/or snack; and have added in some vital nutrients to help with my deficiences (ie flax meal, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, Whey Protein Powder, fish oil, a good Multi-Vitamin, and so on).

I have also cut down sugary and refined foods drastically. Besides all that and prayer, my IBS has all but gone away. I only have a few episodes here and there. I do have some treats now and then, but I am choosey what they are and carefully watch HOW MUCH I have at one time (ie 1/2 cup low-fat yogurt ice cream -- but only occasionally), measuring quite meticulously. I think it has all helped a lot ...

I suppose your health officials want you to defrost your chicken(s) before cooking to make sure that they cook all the way to the center??? Am I guessing about that correctly? I know there are issues around salmonella; and that could be their concern. If I cook frozen or semi-frozen meat of any kind, I make sure to add extra time ie for a whole chicken, I would add another whole hour of cooking time. So if I expected it to cook in 2 hours, I would leave it in at least 2.75 to 3 hours instead; and that's for a small to medium-sized chicken. I also put the temperature up a bit higher, say another 25-50 degrees, depending on what I am roasting and how long I have.

I do try to defrost them first but that does take up to a day in the fridge; or in your sink (covered); or in a cold oven in a covered pan (the metal acts like a fridge and keeps the meat cold for a longer time). Ideally, experts do recommend that you thaw meat in the fridge from the day before, but you have to make room for it. This is sometimes hard for large turkeys, so I always remind my friends and family about the sink or oven methods for safety reasons ...

We will likely do a tiny bit of shopping tomorrow; we don't have much to get -- just the basics like eggs, cheese, bread, etc. So another busy day for us tomorrow too; but I don't mind that so much really. Hope you all have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow! Take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-30-2009, 12:07 PM
Hi, Ladies! I'm so sorry, but it seems that busy-ness has gotten hold of me and I haven't had much time to be here lately! I miss you all:hug: DH's mom had a knee replacement Tuesday and may be getting out of the hospital today or tomorrow, so DH may be gone to help her out a day or two. My dad's radiation is going well now. He's found that if he drinks a malt (like a milkshake) after his treatment, he's able to eat the rest of the day. He lost 20 pounds right away when he couldn't even eat soup, but the malt's seem to help somehow (thanking God for that!).

Purple-Happybelated Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a nice day! Sorry your DH isn't feeling well. My DH and his family suffer from IBS also, so we know how it can affect everything you try to do. Hoping he's well quickly and you can go for your meal and enjoy the weekend.

Rosebud-sounds like you're doing well with walking, even in the foul weather:carrot:! I've been being lazy and not getting out to walk and I can tell, as the weight's just not moving lately. Also, similar to what Val mentioned, my SAD is coming on full steam this fall with the weather here so gloomy and miserable and I just don't feel like doing anything except eat and hibernate. Trying not to do the eating out of control part, though. I have learned that that won't help in the long run, as I just feel worse for being fat:dizzy:.

Val-hope your SAD gets controlled and you can feel more normal. Do your MS symptoms get worse from the SAD or so you think the SAD comes from the MS symptoms? I hadn't had an SAD episode for a couple years now, but this year, my MS got worse with some new symptoms and now the SAD is back (of course, this has been the worst year emotionally and the worst autumn weather-wise I can ever remember for us).

Spicy-ditto what I said to Val in hoping you are feeling better. I'd love to be down in your area for a longer autumn. Seems that we have just gone from summer to winter here temperature-wise. New Orleans would definitely be something nice to look forward to!

:grouphug: for all! No football tonight as it's playoff time, so next game's on Monday night. Getting ready for the kids' party at church Saturday evening (we do this instead of traditional Halloween activities). Lots of games, free food and candy for all, and prizes. It's always a great time! Have a great day and weekend, everyone!!

10-30-2009, 05:07 PM
Hi fellow chickies

Today has been grey and overcast but despite that I did get some washing dried outside on the line as there was a nice breeze. Managed to behave myself whilst dh was away on his training session ;) I did about a hour of house work and called it a day on that before I did myself a mischief with over doing it. Surprising though how much you can do in a hour if you put your mind to it.

I changed round our meals today with the training session going on and I did not know what time to cook a hot meal for so plumbed for doing sandwiches for dinner time then roast chicken for tea. Had a surprise visit today from the council inspector he was coming to look at the workmanship. Needless to say he is recalling them back as the plumbing is still not right. It is still leaking a little under the sink which I mop up every few days so damaged is not cause. This is still an on going issue which is slowly getting resolved but even the inspector is pulling his hair out that things are not being done correctly. I feel sorry for him as he is bending over backwards to help me but the others are not doing there work properly.

RONNI Nice to hear from you as I know you have your hands full with health issues in the family.

Best wishes for your mum's knee replacement surgery this coming week. Radiation can be tough going and most lose weight due to the side effects. Glad that your Dad has over come that by drinking malt drink. Who would think something so simple as that would provide a solution to the horrid side effect.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Saturday. Sorry to hear that you suffer from SAD also like spicy and Val. It seems more common than you would think. I hope you find a solution to assist you through the winter. I know some find relief from artificial light.

ROSEBUD Gosh it is surprising how many people have IBS. I also have it very mildly but mine can be triggered from too much dairy especially milk. I know my dh tends to get triggered by stress. He is prone to it after a long drive especially if it is a particular long day. It is a balancing act finding your triggers but it sure does help having a healthier life style with less processed food and sugars which are refined.

Yes you have hit the nail on the head about the health officials and the worries with salmonella. I have cooked other meats from frozen and like you cook for longer and have the oven up higher to combat the frozen state. I have yet to tackle a chicken from that state. It has been so ingrained in me from a child not to cook frozen chicken I still find it hard to break that.

When I defrost I always put my food in to a metal tray so water does not run every where or any blood etc from the meat. The metal tray has a good deep rim around it so no chance of contamination of work tops or in the fridge. Yes it is hard having the space to fit in a joint such as a turkey in there to defrost so I like you pop it on the sink drainer. With our fridges being small in the UK space is at a premium. Though in later years we are seeing for sale the bigger American style fridges but they are very expensive in comparison.

Glad you have decorated your porch ready for Halloween you will have to take a photograph for me to see as it is something we tend not to do here so I would love to see how it done. After Halloween as gone I should be able to pick up some pumpkins at a reasonable price to make pumpkin soup :T. Before then the pumpkins nigh on need a mortgage to pay for them :D. The cheapest you see pumpkins is $4.00 and they are the really small ones. For a larger one you are looking at $10.00.

Now the evening is upon us I am feeling very tired now :yawn: as I was up early again this morning as I could not sleep. I am glad though I managed to get some extra walking done today by putting out the washing on the line but doing it by making myself walk to and fro from the house with only a few garments to put on the line. I thought this type of exercise would be achievable.

Time to go ladies before I fall asleep :faint: till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-31-2009, 12:53 AM
PURPLE ~ here's some pictures of our Halloween Decos; they are pretty tame and that's the way we like it. Some people put out more goulish looking things, but we like the simple, fun stuff from the past ...

We also have a lighted pumpkin in the center window; but we have to keep it indoors as it wasn't made for outdoors. Boy, the wind is howling out there; sure hope our decos don't get ruined. Note: I decided to bring the bonhomme inside for the night and I tied the other ones up to the deck so they'll be safe for the night too.

The first pic is the front view; then our pumpkin man, our lady scarecrow, our friendly bonhomme, and some of our mini-pumpkin bumpkins; we have yellow lights mingled in there too and it really brightens things up ...


10-31-2009, 12:54 AM
Hello, Chickies-

Sorry I've been AWOL lately. Time has just gotten away! I'm a baseball fan, so first were the playoffs in both divisions, and now the World Series has staerted. I don't know who I'm pulling for as both of my favorite teams are in the WS!! So whoever wins, I'll be happy.

Happy belated birthday, Purple! My friend Bessie had her birthday today and I baked her a cake. She was surprised and I think pleased. I didn't really have money for a gift, but I had the ingredients for a chocolate cake. It was difficult to bake it and then give it away!!! I wanted a big slice of it, but I didn't. LOL I couldn't give her a cake with a slice missing!!

I have been doing okay with my food, although some days I sneak in a piece of bread. I stay in the overall calorie count for the day, but my weakness is bread...

We usually have many kids trick or treating here. I put together 50 little treat bags with candy I don't like! that way if it isn't all given away, well, I won't be tempted to eat it up. Tomorrow is the big night. I love seeing all the kids dressed in their costumes.

I will try not to stay away so long next time, Ladies. Thanks for being here for me.

10-31-2009, 01:50 AM
HI LADIES ~ we didn't get any sunshine today; woke up to rain & drizzle so we decided to wait awhile before going out to do some shopping. Ended up having lunch then went; and we were blessed as the rain stopped just as we left and didn't start again until after we got home (thank you GOD) ...

Got some really great deals today; even picked up a nice roast for Christmas as the grocer had center rib pork roasts on for $1.00 a lb -- yes, that's not a typo; haven't seen those prices since I was young I think. So, we decided that's what we are having this year; each year we change what we have at Christmas to vary it instead of turkey all the time. Also, one of our friends has an allergy to turkey so we try to find alternates and then we have a turkey at either New Years, Easter, or Thanksgiving instead.

Got lots of walking in today, but munched a bit too much on some cashews; the rest of my day was so on plan, so hopefully things will be OK over the week. Gee, I can count walnuts or almonds, but now I know that cashews are a problem for me, so I just won't have them here from now on -- I am learning which foods cause a problem for me. Once I make my mind up, I won't miss them after awhile.

PURPLE ~ yes, lots of people have IBS and I also think that milk products and stress contributed to mine too; I have cut back on how much dairy I consume at a time and am trying to destress my life as much as possible -- have to work on that all the time, becuz new and unexpected stressors can come up on us all the time.

We ordered a special wall heater for our bathroom as we have a central furnace here and that room needed something to take the edge off in the winter when we have our bath/showers. It looks great and we can mount it on the wall too.

Hope you all have a great weekend; and take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

10-31-2009, 02:01 AM
HI RONNIE ~ lots of churches are now having alternative parties now; I think that's great and I think it's nice that some of the grownups go too. We have never seen DH's church have anything like this, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do in the future as it seems to becoming very popular. Our community has more than one party for the kids too with games and prizes and such too. DH and I don't have children so we stay home and give out to those who still roam the neigbourhood like we did when we were kids ... ;)

We have been having overcast weather too; everyone is finding these days of cloudy skies quite gloomy. I bet I could count on my hand the number of sunny days we've had this fall; way too few. Gee, I sure hope that changes very soon! I'm trying to walk as much as I can each day; I feel much better when I do, but I am happy even if I only go for 10-15 minutes as with all the other walking and stuff I do each day, that can add up over the week. Every bit helps, I think! :hug:

10-31-2009, 02:13 AM
HI SPICY ~ we posted at the same time earlier; I think a lot of people have been busy lately, esp with so much sports going on right now. Boy, you were brave making a chocolate cake to give away and not eat any ... wow! I like bread too, but have switched to WW whole grain which is only 100 calories for 2 slices.

We have a big rain storm that just rolled in; that is why there were such high winds -- it is absolutely pouring out there. I am gonna have to shut'er down for the night very soon; I thought that I saw the lights dim a bit a few minutes ago, and I was right ...

We will likely only get about 25 kids tomorrow; our neighbour told us that is usually how many we get in this area now. I remember at one time getting almost 75-100 but that was over 20 years ago; with all the parties out there now, the numbers are smaller now. We are handing out small bags of chips this year; it's easy and if there are any left, DH gets to have them.

Hope you have a great time tomorrow; and enjoy the games ... :hug:

10-31-2009, 08:50 AM
Hi Ladies

Managed to come on early today for once. First of all though I must wish you all a :witch: HAPPY HALLOWEEN :witch:. I hope you have a lovely day whatever you decide to do for this festival. My goodness though I can't believe that is the end of October already it comes so fast. The next festival for us is bonfire night which is 5th November. This celebrates the foiled plot of Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of parliament. Thus on this day we have lots of fireworks displays both personal ones at home or at a public display. For those who have not been here in the the UK at this time it is a wonderful thing to see with many fireworks for many hours. I dread to think how much people spend on fireworks as they are not cheap to buy especially some of the very big type which are more spectacular.

Our dinner yesterday was lovely with the roast chicken. It was big enough for another meal. Our Rizzie had the leg meat with some mashed steamed vegetables. He loved it as well by the rate of knots he was eating it. Anyone would think I didn't feed him by the way he tucked into that. He can be fickle for days he won't eat his food then all of a sudden then the next few days he is a bottomless pit and you can't seem to give enough food too.When we first had him I was worried something was wrong with him and was just about to take him off to the vet for a check up to see what was the matter when he started eating us out of house and home ;) So this is his eating pattern a strange one but we are all unique.

SPICY Thanks for the birthday wishes. I personally have never watched a baseball game as this game is not really played much in this country. I would love to go to a game as it all seems rather exciting the small exposer I have seen from films etc. I think the nearest I can see to this game is rounders I played in school.

I am sure Bessie your friend would have appreciated the present of a birthday cake far more than an expensive gift. A handmade gift is so much nicer as you know they have spend quite a lot of time and love in making it. When I was a child again we did not have lots of money for things so we made gifts instead. Our grandmother one year we made a simple dressing table set which consists of a rectangular (largest of the pieces) and 2 squares. These shapes were in a material which was woven and had easy holes for us children to put the needle through. Here we would make cross stitch patterns in different threads. Mum use to embroidery loads so had plenty of threads. My next door neighbours we would bake a cake for at Christmas as it happens it was also a chocolate cake. we would make this Christmas eve. Then put the chocolate filling on the top and middle later in the day when the sponge had cooled down. I know that uncle and auntie (we called our next-door neighbour auntie and uncle but they were no relation really but to be polite. I always called them this even as an adult it just didn't seem right to do otherwise) loved this present from us as did our grandmothers.

If bread is your weakness try looking for the lowest calorie wholemeal one that you can find You will be surprised by the calorie difference of the different brands. Some breads are like 120+ per slice yet you might find one nearly half of that calories. So then if you do go over by one slice of bread you have lessened the damage.

ROSEBUD Thanks so much for taking the time to take photographs of your decorations on your porch. Wow they are stunning I have never seen anything like that I love what You have done to your porch. Though I do not know what bonhomme is though. It must be a figure in Canadian culture that has not made it's way to the UK yet. I especially love the figure that is dressed in white with a red bow tie on so cute. Like you I would not go for the more ghoulish type of characters but the cute ones but that is more my nature. It must have taken hours of work to make all those decorations and I do hope they with stand what the weather has to throw at them.

You know that I said that the weather is exceptionally mild here in the UK well there was an article on the msn or BBC site can't remember which saying it was the hottest October on record since records began. We have been having temperatures of 19c. This week it is half term holiday's for the school children which is nice with the weather being so good. Many families this week have headed to the coast to make the most of the mild weather. It showed children on the sea front enjoying a 99 ice cream. This is a ice cream in a cone with a small chocolate flake in is a picture to show you what I mean. I am sure parents have been glad that the weather has been so nice in the holidays as it allows them to play outside more.

Yes if you have IBS it is like walking on a tight rope it is a constant balancing act of getting your diet right and keeping stress to a minimum. I tend to be a worrier and it drives my DH to distraction some times the things that worry me. I have got better over the years with my DH help and that has help so much on the IBS. Though I know that some people are so debilitated by it. So I am blessed that I do not have it that severe.

I hope the wall heater for the bathroom proves successful at keeping off the chills especially now as winter is upon you.

Well time to crack on and get sorted and go to do some housework. Hope to do about an hour again today. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

10-31-2009, 10:26 PM
:haphal: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! :haphal:

Well, we did manage to get 26 kiddies tonight even though we live on the far end of the street; and two more just came now. However, we did see about another dozen that missed us -- as they turned around and went back in the other direction. :?:

Then some of the teens explained to us that it appeared very dark down this way, and that many kids would likely be too tired to come all the way out to this end of the town. I think we mostly got those that already lived in this area, or that had relatives that lived over here, or the ones the parents are driving around (as most were this year); but still, we were very happy to get as many as we did really.

We decided to give out a chocolate bar and chips as the chips were very small; DH opened one and felt that wasn't enuff, so he went and picked some Snickers Bars today which the kids really seemed to like, so we know what to get them next year for sure.

At the end of the evening, we decided to give all our leftover chocolate bars (plus some chippies) to a neighbour down the street who's kids were so sick they couldn't go out trick or treating; actually the whole family is sick with even mom in bed. The Dad said he really appreciated the bag of goodies. I did splurge and had one treat, and DH gets to keep any chippies that are left over by end of the night ...

Well, I had prayed that GOD would stall that rain and wind just for tonight; and sure enuff, it stopped just in time for the kiddies to come out. We had 5 kids show up before 5 o'clock even, but that used to happen a lot out in the country too as some parents bring the young ones out early. So, it turned out to be a productive night and it was fun seeing the kids and their costumes and to talk to them too. It 's almost 9:30 pm here now, so I imagine we won't have any more kids at this time of night.

PURPLE ~ a bonhomme is just a French name for any kind of friendly mascot; often they look like giant snowmen with a face similar to ours. I also think he looks a lot like a sweet character that was popular in kids movies years ago called 'CASPER -- the friendly ghost' although here, they call them bonhommes. They are very popular in Quebec and you see them in their Carnivals a lot.

Those cones you showed us look very similar to ones you can get here from a franchise called 'DAIRY QUEEN' which became popular in the 50's or 60's. We don't have them up here but they were popular down south -- my favorite version was like yours, only dipped in melted chocolate that would harden from the cold of the ice cream.

We are supposed to put our clocks back tomorrow night; we used to do that on the last Sunday of October but Canada changed that to the first Sunday of November now. We were so used to changing before that twice now DH put the clocks back and I had to tell him not yet, not until Sunday night! :lol:

Hope you all had a good day today; do take good care and, we hope that you all have a superbly serene and restful Sunday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

11-01-2009, 01:17 PM

HI LADIES ~ I have started the new NOVEMBER thread ... so you can post in there now! I have also sent a request to RUTH to red sticky it at the top of the page for us; and I'm sure she'll do that as soon as she comes by ... see you over there! :hug: