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10-01-2009, 06:05 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful deiting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck easues you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before monving on to the next. And you'll learn tehcniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll acheive a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here (

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10-01-2009, 06:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I stood down the VAST quantities of food at the late afternoon work event that I mentioned yesterday and had planned for; CREDIT moi. Once again, planning was the key. There were five tables overflowing: hot foods including skewered beef and fried this and that, desserts including bakery cookies and brownies, cheese cakes on their own table, fruits and candies, beer and wine and sodas. I took not one sip nor one bite. It wasn't time for a meal or a snack on my plan and I knew that if I started I'd have to struggle to limit myself - sitting down wasn't a viable option - and if I stayed the full time I wouldn't want to go to the gym.

So I shook hands with all the senior managers who show up for such events, chatted with some friends, and snuck out before it was over to get home and walk to the gym; CREDIT moi. I did indulge in a bit of self-righteousness as I did my hated lunges realizing that I could, at that very moment, be consuming FREE food instead.

"little thing" (maryblu) - Waving. Still laughing at your tale.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Interesting that you see Beck in Kessler's The End of Overeating. Yep, "makes sense no matter how you say it." Super Kudos for taking out your stress on a treadmill instead of food. Is it a coincidence that the gig that provides the stress provides a free gym?

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for not having a bathroom. (Did I just write that, LOL?) And Double Yay for an appealing quote on skim coating your DR and LR. As the owner of a 130 year old house, I know about horsehair plaster letting go of the lathe.

ChinaMaine - Yay for forcing yourself to take some short breaks. I hope you have a restful five days off with your visitor. Thanks for the reminder that resisting "delicious foods" would be more difficult. That helped me get my head straight before I walked into my event yesterday.

Do you hear the faint sound of the Dave Matthews Band in the background?

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch! Sending supportive thoughts as you recover from a tough evaluation of your work. There couldn't be art unless different people liked different styles, but I can't imagine knowing that would make it any easier. Kudos for leaving some pasta on your plate - that remains a hard one for me as I'm a card carrying member of the starving-children-in-China club.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for being enough ahead on your September exercise plan so that you made your goal even though skipping the last day. And a good thing too, since it might be hard to return your Brazilian DVD reward after it's been used, LOL.

Kim (Kim in NH) - Kudos for continuing your experiment with "alcohol denial" (not the usual way denial is used regarding alcohol). Good Beck stuff that you converted an invitation to chocolate cake into a warning. LOL that buying my corn "took a very short path from denial to indulgence." Good luck with your new exercise schedule - sounds invigorating.

Liz (upallnight116) - Major Kudos for hanging in there despite feeling pushed down and kicked. That's the hardest time to remember that you deserve to take care of yourself even when the Universe is stacked against you.

And Kudos for keeping up with your food journaling as well as recording your thoughts and feelings. Good stuff going on with you.

litalo - Neat that you're already recognizing the Sabotaging Thoughts even before your dieting phase begins. And Kudos for standing down the lure of Wendy's despite 30 minutes of begging.

Yep, this group is ready to be your on-line Diet Coach / Diet Buddy, and, of course, ask that you play the reciprocal role with us. There is one person who posts about success with a real life Diet Coach - a good idea if you can set it up.

Readers - day 1
extra advantages
There are four major benefits to dieting that may not have occurred to you:

1. Your cravings will diminish.
2. You won't struggle over whether or not to eat something you know you shouldn't.
3. You'll feel good when you resist unplanned eating.
4. You won't feel guilty and demoralized because you gave in to cravings.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 56.

10-01-2009, 07:53 AM
Hey! :wave:

I'm reading the first Judith Beck book. I think it's brilliant! I hope to stop in to chat with you folks from time to time.


10-01-2009, 10:08 AM
Happy October. I usually like October.

Headache this morning. Waiting for coffee and Excedrin to kick in.


10-01-2009, 08:21 PM
Hit my first major slip-up this afternoon. Ate off of plan with forethought and intention. I thought about the consequences and promptly decided to ignore them and falsely justify my decision. Now I'm kicking myself, of course. I know everyone slips up every now and then, but I feel like I've ruined the whole thing, even thought I know it's irrational to think that. Ugh.

10-01-2009, 08:33 PM
"Happy October. I usually like October"

Easy for *you to say, wndranne. It is 45 rainy degrees here. And to think less than a week ago I was swimming! %^#%^%@^#$# There is not a 60 degree high reading in the foreseeable future. Weird, because it has been so warm the maples are just now turning.

Welcome, JayEll, I have read many of your wise words on other threads.

To Gardenjoy and all those in zones 5 or above, I have serious Zone Envy. Only ChinaMaine and Kim in NH can feel my pain. Our next killing frost threat is projected for Oct. 10th. I don't have my cold frame assembled yet, so I guess the herb bed will get the sheet treatment. I can't stand the thought of not being able to step outside the kitchen door and snipping whatever I need.

BillBE, thanks for the reminder of how meaningless a certain number of pounds lost is and the potential trap. I am usually the biggest proponent of the scale trap, and we are living proof that age is just a number.:D

Am thinking good thoughts for all my faithful Beckie friends and to the new know who you are:hug:

10-01-2009, 10:05 PM
Evening Beckies! :wave:

Food is weird....unplanned but not so bad choices. Hubs seems to have an aversion to my cooking while the house is in the state its in. So we have been eating supper out alot or bringing in takeout.

The new tub is in!! :cb: :cb: its huge and deep and even has arm rests! Ohhhhhhhh Im looking forward to crawling into that thing with lots of hot bubbley water :lol: As of right now, we are only allowed to have sponge baths. Oh! It wont be long now!

I think I may have a workout partner. She wants to go in the mornings and is just like me. Will find every excuse in the book to NOT go. Im going to set her up with some of my free passes and hopefully we can get a routine going.

Sleep tight everyone!

10-01-2009, 10:43 PM
hey everyone!

4 days in a row, OP. huzzah! all my worry weight gone, back down to 166. will change it officially next monday. i'm still feeling a whole lotta aaargh about my job, thinking that maybe i could play around with getting outside a victim mentality and figure out an escape route. life is too friggin' short - but i'm not going to do anything hasty and cause myself even MORE stress, just about a different thing (e.g. not being able to pay the mortgage.) there's a road out of here, but i haven't thought very clearly about what it might look like. the universe sometimes has a swell idea or two - perhaps i could throw it out there and see what comes back. it's better than wallowing, right? :)

nice to see you here, jayell! and anne, here's to a glorious october. sorry mary - we're in a 5/6 (depending on what side of the street you stand on.) it's rainy but mellow and nicely fall. this weekend we'll take el nino to a pumkpin patch and let him go crazy.

it's late and i'm tired... ready to turn in. night night!

10-01-2009, 11:29 PM
I gave into the sabotaging thought "Take two; they're small." I bake my own bread, so one end is often considerably shorter than the other, making the slices seem small. The tricky thing about both that thought and the one I was working with a few days ago ("Just one won't hurt") is that, on the face of things, they are true. But, they are also the first step on a slippery slope that sends me down to eating whatever I want whenever I want.

Next time I think a slice of bread is too small, I'll either cut a thicker slice or allow myself some fruit with it. Either choice is better than two slices.

WI: no change in kgs , Exercise: +42, 42/1300 minutes for October, Food: op (mostly) , Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

litalo: hope you followed us over to the new thread! This group is my only diet coach and that's why I'm quite deliberate about writing up a post every night. The collective wisdom here is quite astounding! I look forward to you adding to that.

BillBlueEyes: Love "indulging in self-righteousness." I think aiming to do that as often as possible might help me!

JayEll: good to see you here!

wndranne: I like October, too -- hope yours turns out well in spite of the headachey start.

upallnight116: It's way too early for you to ruin the whole thing! You're just getting started. Give Beck time to worm her way into your brain and you'll soon have proper defenses for those sabotaging thoughts.

maryblu: I do love my planting zone! I planted greens just a few weeks ago that I recently thinned for salads and I have high hopes that I'll be eating well into winter. It's my first try at that but I know of other Missouri gardeners who harvest chard from their garden in January. Hope the sheet treatment works well. Have you ever tried potting up and moving some herbs inside? I'm thinking of doing that with mint, rosemary, and parsley. I freeze pesto from the basil so I'm not so worried about that one.

RobinW: yay for the tub and the workout partner!

kuhljeanie: you seem to be in a better place, with perspective about work coming right along with 4 days OP. Way to go!

10-02-2009, 06:21 AM
:welcome: Jay (JayEll) :welcome:

And, LOL, in case you didn't get one of these 5.5 years and 7619 posts ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck Books?


10-02-2009, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Yay for an easy on-plan day where the only food that passed before my eyes was what I'd prepared; CREDIT moi anyway - no points off for easy. Have been carrying the hope that all days would be easy, but that's not realistic since it's not possible to avoid stores and celebrations and restaurants.

Was my first walk of the season wearing a sweatshirt against the chill; CREDIT moi. I entertained the thought of only wearing a T-shirt with the notion to force myself to hustle to keep warm, but I'm glad I didn't. I'm a bit wimpy with the first drop in temperature.

maryblu - Best as I recall, you, yourself, described "Minnesoda" as one month of bliss and 11 months designed to keep the rest of us from moving there, LOL. But Ouch for your dreary, rainy day, anyway and Ouch for the end of a blissful month of swimming outside. Only a small Rosemary bush makes it inside here since every window is taken by one plant or another. Hope your cold frame gets up in time.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on the "worry weight gone." And Kudos for four days OP. You do sound like you've got your attitude back - it's neat to hear that. Hope you can use your attitude to stand down the stress at work. Sometimes a little standing-back can help, even though that might be a bit unintuitive to a can-do person.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for a huge and deep tub even though, at moment, you can only look at it, LOL. And Yay for a brief respite from cooking dinner. Hope your workout partner works out.

Anne (wndranne) - Thanks for the reminder that October is special - it really is. I thought about your comment as I walked past all the fall vegetation yesterday observing its transition toward winter dormant.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Wow, you get Kudos from me for any day you are able to have only one slice of home made bread. But Kudos for recognizing the Sabotaging Thought, ""Take two; they're small." It's just amazing the variety of Sabotaging Thoughts our brains can generate to fight this change of lifestyle.

Liz (upallnight116) - Ouch for the slip-up, but Big Kudos for being aware of the Sabotaging Thought, "I've ruined the whole thing," when of course you haven't. You've eaten off plan and you'll stay in your program and in the future you'll have stellar days and some less so. My personal analogy is football; you can't win a game without some loses and without being knocked down a bunch of times.

litalo - Waving. I join Joy (gardenerjoy) in hoping you figured out the switching of threads for the month of October.

Jay (JayEll) - It's great to have one of the pillars of 3FC join us. We can certainly use the enthusiasm of a person who has shown that long term maintenance is possible and who uses "Brilliant" to describe Beck. Would you care to share some of your Advantage Response Cards with us?

Readers - day 1
extra advantages
There are four major benefits to dieting that may not have occurred to you:
. . .
You might not believe right now that you'll achieve these things. But if you follow this program, you'll get to the point where you find that you just don't argue with yourself over what to eat and what not to eat.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 56.

10-02-2009, 11:35 AM
Hello again everyone! And thanks for the welcome--especially from you, Bill! :hug:

I found out about Judith Beck from BILL, actually--it's just taken me some time to get around to checking it out. :dunno:

Lately I've had too many instances of "Oh, what the heck, I'm just going to eat this 'cause I want to." Needless to add, the results have been what you would expect. I've been trying to get back down to my original lowest weight for almost a year now, and enough is enough.

I'll share with you a couple of my Advantages Response Card entries. One is that I'll be able to wear clothes I like--and the reason this is important to me is that I have some nice clothes that I could wear quite well at my goal weight, but don't fit so well now... :( Another is that I'll be able to move around better. I notice that it's harder to get around with this 10-pound flour sack strapped on... ;)


10-02-2009, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the support everyone, spoken and unspoken. I'm feeling good about getting back on track today. The hardest part of the day for me is the evening (go figure) after I get off of work.

I got an extra boost this morning when I got on the scale and the number was down--I guess one slip-up isn't the end of the world :-P.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

10-02-2009, 11:15 PM
Coaches/Buddies Some days it's easy. I found out today that the day I changed my life is also a significant date in a friend's life. Coincidence aside, it caused me to spend some time thinking about my befores and afters. BIG thoughts. I became a different person on December 20, 2002. I started to live my life instead of killing myself slowly with Doritos and TV. I found the person I thought I'd lost in graduate school, and realized that she/I was spectacular and definitely worth taking care of. I always say I'm never going back, but some days I feel that more strongly than others. I will not be selling this feeling of being truly alive for a bag of chips or a tub of ice cream any time soon. I am a walking ARC today. I am 100+ pounds down, and seven years in and just watch me! I could cry from sheer joy. [I'm putting this on a Memory Card, BTW--feeling it this strongly is so rare.]

And I'm finally almost done with this slow-rolling virus too, which helps. I got in a walk today, the weather is finally breaking to something less than furnace temps, and I'm planning to do a short ride on the bike tomorrow.

upallnight116 Your slip up and reaction to it are totally normal. BTDT. Over and over. Good to recognize when the tough parts of your day are, so you can plan for it, with additional distractions, healthy snacks and whatnot.

maryblu I think this is the time of year where the good weather fairy flies south. We need it!

RobinW The workout partner sounds promising. Hope that flies!

Jeanie Nice work on your 4 days. Sounds like you have a plan to make a plan about work and that's excellent! I got there myself a couple weeks ago.

gardenerjoy Love your bread plan! Hearing about the Missouri gardening makes me a touch homesick. I grew up south of St Louis in rural Missouri.

BillBE Smiling about your sweatshirt, and remembering your nice blue jacket from the spring. When will you break that out?

Jay It is good to see you here. I find the Beck strategies help sort of formalize for me all that good stuff we do as maintainers. I do better when I'm working it.


10-03-2009, 12:25 AM
Today's exercise was a struggle since time kept passing by without it happening, so I ended my day with a long yoga session. Tomorrow's exercise will be easy--already scheduled a hilly walk with a friend.

WI: -0.3kgs , Exercise: +45, 87/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: love that first walk in the fall in a sweatshirt! It makes me feel the new season from the inside out.

JayEll: Those are some good motivating advantages!

upallnight116: glad the scale went down! "one slip-up isn't the end of the world" -- so true!

oh, yay, wndranne! The feeling you described is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it. Tucson is a long way from home in all kinds of ways, but especially the botany.

10-03-2009, 07:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Enjoyed my lunch yesterday cobbled together from three leftover veggies in the fridge; CREDIT moi. It delights me every time I observe myself happy with a vegetarian meal since I started my journey as a guy who only defined his meal by the meat course. And it was even the more enjoyable because the Kale was from our garden and I'd known that sucker since I held the tiny seed in my hand and poked it one-half inch under the soil to sit under our indoor grow lights for a few weeks.

Gym was normal; CREDIT moi.

Anne (wndranne) - Approaching seven years on your journey - just WOW! That's so encouraging to me to see you continuing through whatever ups and downs exist along the road. Just love the thought of discovering the "spectacular" you. Yep, your post doth radiate your joy today. Savor, savor, savor.

And yep, the blue runner's jacket is out for wearing to work, despite that I'm only a walker not a runner, but it reminds me that I'm an active person. One of the books I read about walking stressed the importance of dressing like an athlete to remind ourselves to keep going briskly instead of strolling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for yoga. Yay for a hilly walk. Yay for walking with a friend. I like this discussion of feeling the fall; I'm already looking forward to today's walk.

Liz (upallnight116) - Congrats on the scale reading being down, and Kudos for giving yourself credit for getting back on track.

Evenings can be difficult, especially when they get filled with oughta's and gotta's with few wanta's. It could help to schedule some evening time for something you really want to do. That worked for me when I realized that the amount of cheese and crackers I was eating before dinner was a major source of my excess. So I scheduled my walk or gym for right after work. That killed the cheese and crackers and provided a positive attitude hit before I sat down to dinner and faced the option of seconds.

Jay (JayEll) - Seems like Sabotaging Thought week here on the ol' Beck thread, including your classic, "Oh, what the heck ..." Interesting to be reminded that during my first six months of losing I never said that; I was on a quest. Now it pops up a bit, and then a bit more. My concern is that it's the start of the slippery slope. Thanks for the reminder that's it's a clue to step forward by taking responsibility.

Neat Advantage Response Card, "I'll be able to move around better." Yep, even ten pounds seems able to change the way our heads think of our bodies. I gotta remember that one also.

Readers - day 1
extra advantages
There are four major benefits to dieting that may not have occurred to you:
. . .
It'll be second nature for you to say no to food that's now difficult to resist. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be when this happens?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 56.

10-03-2009, 12:26 PM
Happy Saturday Everyone!

I love coming in here and reading what all of you have to say. It makes such a difference to be able to read how everyone else handles everyday struggles and celebrate everyday successes.

Yesterday was the first day since I started (11 days ago) that I ate completely on plan. Woohoo! There were days when I didn't eat anything unplanned, but also didn't eat what I had planned to eat, but this time I ate everything I set out to, and nothing more. I had moments in my day when I wanted to justify eating off plan, but I refrained. Looking forward to doing it again today!

10-03-2009, 03:09 PM
weekend flyby (since i didn't post yesterday...)

still hanging at 166, which is lovely considering that fridays are "restaurant day" with me (lunch with my mom, dinner with DH and el nino). can feel the sodium/water weight which means i'm closer to 165.5 than i was thursday. yay. five days OP in a row (today will make six!) bless beck, bless kessler, and bless y'all. joy for an easy patch.

working on feeling what i want my new life to feel like...i like the idea of feeling driven and excited and turned on by my work. flow, i guess. i've felt it doing several different types of things, which has held me back in the past (don't want to pick the wrong one, right?) but i'm not worried about that anymore. anything that helps me experience more flow is the right thing RIGHT NOW. can always change later! my next design class assignment is to interview a working interior designer. i'm really looking forward to that - when i'm done posting, i'm going to find a cool one here in dayton and see if he or she will let me buy him or her a coffee/tea or something and pick her/his brain. and maybe even job shadow. friday was absolutely the worst work day i've had in a good long while...brought back memories of being just post-collegiate and temping, mostly data entry, for $7 an hour. thank you, universe, for providing the extra nudge that tells me that yes, i do need to get out, and soon.

go liz! woot woot! feels amazing, doesn't it? when i plan and prep, those days seem to happen almost magically. jayell, thank you for the ARCs - and for reminding me why i need to keep going, even though i'm at my lowest adult weight. i'm still heavy and still can't wear what i want. anne, thank you for your post! you sound much stronger than of late. can you tell me where you were jobwise and where you are? i need transition success stories. :D gardnerjoy, what a great save! i miss yoga, and there's really no need to. i have some great DVDs i never think to do. and bill, much appreciate the reminder to dress like an athlete. much easier to get into character in costume than while wearing street clothes.

10-03-2009, 05:08 PM
Several months ago, while going through my e-mail inbox I came upon one of those e-mails that I normally delete. It was from a classical singing magazine, but one of the article titles caught my eye. It was about an American Opera Singer who had lost over 100 pounds - being a part time opera singer myself who needs to lose over 100 pounds I said what could be the harm in checking out the article. I perused the article and then went to her blog, The Next Hundred Pounds. Reading her blog made a real impact on me, along with the book she continually espoused: The Beck Diet solution. I finally went out and bought the book, but let it sit on the shelf unread for a month or two. Finally, after putting it off I grabbed it off the shelf and started.

All I can say is I'm definitely a convert and can't wait to continue on my weight loss journey.

10-03-2009, 09:27 PM
I heard about the Beck plan through a friend, bought the book, and started reading immediately. I have been amazed that I have stuck with it for four months, and I've lost a pound every week. The really amazing part for me is that this is not a diet but a way of life. I know that this is how I will continue to eat while losing and eventually maintaining. I stumbled across your site and am glad to see so many people here who are succeeding with this very healthy food plan. I have had a few small lapses but nothing like times in the past when I fell off the wagon, ate everything in sight, and decided I was a failure! This time really feels different in a good way.

10-03-2009, 10:54 PM
OH LAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDD.... I am back... again. :) Last time I posted I was up until 4:30 am with an infant. I am not entirely sure what I was thinking. That infant is now 8-months-old (and still gets up 2-4 times a night-- pllltt) but, as there are no more infants in my future, I am back once again! I have been trying in earnest(ish) over the last several months and have lost another 26 pounds or so. I am looking forward to delving back into the Beck book and working my way down in addition to posting here!

10-04-2009, 12:54 AM
Quick visit to report my new low (finally!) and my successful hilly walk today. My friend and I both wore fall walking clothes -- fortunately, layers. Because we stripped off a layer or two after the biggest hill!

WI: -0.5kgs (new low), Exercise: +50, 137/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: yay for homegrown kale! I do think veggies taste better when I grew them myself -- and it's not just the freshness; it's the familiarity!

upallnight116: congratulations for having a plan and following it! Yay!

kuhljeanie: wonderful insights on working. I absolutely love the notion that you don't have to choose the right thing for all times -- just the one that gives you that flow right now. Brilliant!

zansidhe: welcome! We have a couple other musicians here. I'm a recent convert, too, and it's really wonderful!

HannahT: welcome, to you, too! I also love that the Beck way just seems to absorb those little lapses and let me keep moving right along. I've never been this effective on a "diet" for more than five weeks and I'm pushing twice that now and feel, as you do, that this is the way I'll be doing it for the rest of my life. Best of all, that's not even a depressing thought!

KidsLibrarylady: we haven't "met," but glad to see you back! Another 26 pounds is great progress!

10-04-2009, 06:26 AM
:welcome: Zansidhe :welcome:

And, for your first day of posting on 3FC, :wel3fc:

Neat way to stumble upon the Beck Diet Solution via a classical singing magazine, but how did you find this thread on 3FC?


10-04-2009, 06:29 AM
:welcome: HannahT :welcome:

And, for your first post on 3FC, :wel3fc:

Neat that you heard about Beck from a friend. Which Beck book are you reading?

And how did you find this thread on 3FC?


10-04-2009, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It never really stopped raining yesterday, but I took a late afternoon walk anyway; CREDIT moi. Chose a route that took me past our community garden so I could wave at my Kale having discussed it so intimately in my post that morning. It's looking robust and happy in the rain. Picked a few persistent cherry tomatoes which I dropped in my pocket - at least those that I didn't pop in my mouth since I grant myself an exception to eating sitting down when I'm standing in my garden.

Food Op, CREDIT moi, including DW's butternut squash mashed with apples for dinner. Boy is that good, even more so when wearing warm shirts and listening to the rain. Anne (wndranne) has got me on a kick of savoring my October.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for the "worst work day i've had in a good long while." Kudos for responding by working on what you really want your new life to feel like. That's a neat way to approach a stressful situation. Sending supportive thoughts that you find a way to get that feeling at your current gig.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the new low and Kudos for carrying through with your plan for the hilly walk. LOL at "'s not just the freshness; it's the familiarity!"

Liz (upallnight116) - Big Kudos for "...moments in my day when I wanted to justify eating off plan, but I refrained." Good stuff to be aware of that pull. And Kudos for your eleventh day, especially since it's the first one "completely on plan."

Zansidhe - Yay for starting up your Beck journey. Thanks for the pointer to that neat blog. Are you still in the introduction sections or plunging into day 1: Record the advantages of losing weight?

Neat to have an Opera singer on board. You remind me that our Boston Lyric Opera starts out with Carmen in a month then proceeds to The Turn of the Screw, Adrindne aux Naxos, and Idomeneo re di Creta - a lively season. The first opera I ever heard was Marilyn Horne singing Carmen back when the Met toured Boston. I was hooked for life.

HannahT - Kudos for sticking to Beck for four months already. And Congrats on the loss so far.

Seems like a powerful omen that "This time really feels different in a good way." Sounds like you've got yourself a way of life there.

KidsLibraryLady - Welcome back. I do recall that the last time you posted you were up in the middle of the night with an infant. Ouch that waking in the night is still happening to you at eight months on. Congrats on that nifty 26 pound loss; you must be doing something right. Have you resurrected your Advantage Response Cards from before or starting anew?

Readers - day 1

As you start to lose weight,
you'll undoubtedly discover additional
benefits along the way.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 56.

10-04-2009, 01:05 PM
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the new folks! :wave:

I've found that I have a stack of old business cards that are perfect as Response Cards--they fit in my wallet nicely, and I always carry my wallet.

One of my favorite Responses for when I am tempted by a food that I know I shouldn't be eating, or am tempted to overeat, is

"It's Only Food!"

Another one is

"Just because a food is available does not mean I have to eat it."

Hope you are all having a good day!


Beach Patrol
10-04-2009, 06:33 PM
HI EVERYONE!!!! (special hey to JayEll!!!!!!!!!)

I'm not new to 3FC, but I did just start the Beck DS book - even tho I've had it almost 2 years now... :o

Anyway, I've started my cards and got my sticky notes & have chosen a "diet coach" and I hope she says YES! - will let you know soon.

I have to say, I'm glad to have gotten "a push" from some 3FC members to actually READ the book. I'm feeling much more motivated now! :carrot: And as we all know, motivation is a huge part of losing weight!

I've tried so many diets... and succeeded SO MANY TIMES in losing weight.... but (obviously!!) never seemed to get the hang of that maintenance thingymabob! :dizzy: I am hoping that the Beck DS will be the tool I need to learn how to lose, maintain, & be better to my health.

Yesterday & today, I did some good swimming (which is what I love to do all summer, but summer is almost over here) and I got a trampoline!!!! - LOL!!! - I did some research on the net & found out that "bouncing" is a great exercise indeed! - So, despite my "old age" :o I decided to have some REAL FUN with my exercise... not just counting the weight lifted x number of times, or how long I ride the incumbent bike... but this is REAL exercise and REAL fun. And since swimming is over for the season, I will "bounce" as much as possible, and take up walking again.

Anyway, sorry so long... just wanted to say HI Y'ALL!!!!! - Have a good Sunday evening!

10-04-2009, 11:57 PM
Hi All,
A quick check in after a less than stellar eating week. Today, I walked 10,000+ steps, credit, and tracked food, credit. I also declined french fries at lunch, yay! It was very tempting to say "why not?" but that never leads to anything good. . .Still feeling low after having my artwork critiqued , but starting to bounce back a bit--did go into the studio.

Welcome to the influx of new folks!

10-05-2009, 12:31 AM
Tomorrow's a ridiculously busy day. I'm going out of town on Tuesday and, with my new eating style, I'm packing enough food to eat all of my meals in my hotel room. While simultaneously making sure there's enough food at home for DH while I'm gone. That's a lot of food prep! Not to mention packing and errands and making sure paperwork is caught up.

I may not have time to exercise, but I'm hoping to get in a little something. The good news is that I won't have time to eat anything other than what's on my plan!

WI: +0.3kgs, Exercise: +60, 197/1300 minutes for October, Food: op , Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: good job with walking in the rain. I think eating in the garden is a worthy exception to the standing up rule.

JayEll: thanks for sharing those responses -- those will work for me, too!

BeachPatrol: welcome to the thread! Glad you're finding Beck useful on your journey. The trampoline sounds like a blast!

Nuxmaga: good job on the fries and on getting back to the studio!

10-05-2009, 06:26 AM
:welcome: Beach Patrol :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these 3.5 years ago, :wel3fc:

Neat that you learned about Beck from Jay (JayEll)


10-05-2009, 06:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - With the help of DW, I finally consumed the last of the ten ears of corn from last week; CREDIT moi for resolution. This week at the farmers' market I rather stupidly asked one of the farmers if there would be more peaches to which he replied, without skipping a beat, "Yep . . . in July." Oh well. Goodbye local peaches - you'll be missed.

On my walk, CREDIT moi, I stopped in a Goodwill that was having a 50% off sale and got a new sweat shirt without a hood in an appealing deep red for $2.50. It's just what I need to replace the one's I'm wearing that are too big using the excuse that baggy is OK. Well sometimes baggy is Ok, but sometimes wearing clothes that fit is nice also.

Then headed toward a loud umpa, umpa, umpa and found an Octoberfest in full swing. Was pleased that I didn't crave the bratwurst despite the glorious smell - but was curious what the dark bits were in the potato patties being cooked right there on the street. The chef told me with a big grin, "Bacon bits and bacon fat bits ... gives it FLAVOR!!!" There were no size small lederhosen in the band, LOL.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for blocking that "why not?" That seems like such a nonthreatening and welcoming phrase, except, of course, when it's directed at off-plan food. Sending you supportive thoughts as you move on from the eval of your artwork.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sending you good vibes for a "ridiculously busy day" today. Yep, that's an ambitious amount of food prep. Hope your travels aren't stressful and have some spare time for exercise.

Jay (JayEll) - Neat to use old business cards for your Advantages Response Cards. I particularly need the one, "Just because a food is available does not mean I have to eat it." That's one of the changes to my own relationship with food that I'm working on. All the food on the planet is not calling my name, LOL.

Beach Patrol - Yay for accepting the push " actually READ the book." Gotta agree with you that the "maintenance thingymabob" is the understated key to keeping it off. Kudos for so clearly recognizing that.

Looking forward to hearing your trampoline reports. It's good for me to be reminded that I'm more likely to continue with something that's fun.

Readers - day 1
Make your Advantages Response Card

Copy all the advantages you've recognized onto a 3 x 5 index card (or the equivalent) so that you can carry them around in your appointment book, wallet, purse, or pocket. You're going to read them at least twice a day until you no longer struggle with dieting - and then whenever the need arises.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 58.

10-05-2009, 12:43 PM
and i'm down to a comfy 165. not comfy for ever, course, just a LOT comfier than creeping up to 170 (NOT comfy.) happily starting week 2 OP. did a ton of food prep over the weekend, and i'm mostly set for the next 2-3 weeks with just a few things here and there which will require additional cooking, including tomorrow night's anniversary dinner. each year we re-create a dish from our wedding menu - this year it's chicken saltimbocca, which is easy to redo in a healthy way (and leave enough calories for cake.) yay. :)

welcome new people!!! and welcome back kidslibrarylady!!! (thanks for the pumpkin tip!) it's a funny thing...this thread seems to be a magnet for artists, musicians, and philosophical types. :D i loved that comment from gardenerjoy that living this way forever "isn't even a depressing thought." nice! i'm still riding that kessler wave, thinking about the stuff that comes out of most restaurants and grocery store aisles as product rather than food, and pretty much the food equivalent of styrofoam, painted to look, smell and taste like actual food. but it isn't, not by a long shot. and i let myself get angry about the bajillion-dollar food industry working so hard to manipulate me and devastate my health, and then i consider how amazing it is to see the effects of being consistently on plan. with all that stuff in combination i have less and less desire to stray every day. here's to hoping this easy patch lasts a really long time!

not sure how things will turn out, work-wise. had a dream last night that i was on a train that had jumped the tracks and was heading towards catastrophe. not sure exactly what that represents...oh well!

10-05-2009, 02:38 PM
:welcome: Zansidhe :welcome:

And, for your first day of posting on 3FC, :wel3fc:

Neat way to stumble upon the Beck Diet Solution via a classical singing magazine, but how did you find this thread on 3FC?

I've stumbled upon the 3fc site several times over the past couple of years, mainly when starting up a new program, however I never kept up much of an online weight loss presence.

Over the past year, I've been looking at was has and hasn't worked for me in the past. One of my biggest issues has been accountability - to myself and others. I resolved to change that this time and part of that included signing up for the community here.

While browsing the forums I stumbled upon these threads and figured I ought to post and say hi.

10-05-2009, 06:15 PM
:wave: Im in a home and at the shop :lol:

10-05-2009, 06:17 PM
Zansidhe - Yay for starting up your Beck journey. Thanks for the pointer to that neat blog. Are you still in the introduction sections or plunging into day 1: Record the advantages of losing weight?

Neat to have an Opera singer on board. You remind me that our Boston Lyric Opera starts out with Carmen in a month then proceeds to The Turn of the Screw, Adrindne aux Naxos, and Idomeneo re di Creta - a lively season. The first opera I ever heard was Marilyn Horne singing Carmen back when the Met toured Boston. I was hooked for life.

I wanted to say thank you for the welcome words.*

Currently, in the Beck book, I'm at the end of Week One, sitting on Days Six and Seven. I don't actually take the book a day at a time, but let each day or two days settle for a couple of days. At the moment my stalling point is the Diet Coach bit. Have a few ideas, but would prefer to find another person on the same journey as myself. *

Kim in NH
10-05-2009, 08:44 PM
Hi everyone,
I haven’t checked in for a few days. Wow – welcome to all the new and returning folks! I’ll have to skip personals as all my writing time was spent reading all the posts.

Things have been flowing along. Been sticking with my 6 week boot camp exercise plan (starting week 4) and can feel a difference although no change in the scale this week. Fat is leaving and muscle is moving in. Last night I didn’t get to exercise until 8:45pm, was tired and would liked to have skipped it but I felt driven to keep the commitment I made to myself. I’m still spending a lot of time on food planning, but that will get easier, and I know it is what I need to do for now.

I had a battle with Jelly Bellys yesterday. I won. Since I have not eaten candy for quite some time I noticed the cravings have diminished (wow this Beck stuff really works!) I bought a bag of jelly beans for my son’s birthday and forgot all about them. (hopefully a sign of improvement not alzheimers). My husband was putting coffee beans into a jar and the clinking reminded me of the jelly beans. Went to the drawer - looked at what one serving was, cals and fat okay but the carbs were huge. I asked myself would I eat one serving and the answer was no. Was due for a snack so had a yogurt and mixed in some granola and although I thought about it a couple of times more the craving was gone.

I do like these little moments, realizing first that I had forgotten about the jelly beans (not long ago they would have been gone before I pulled in the driveway), stopping myself to see if it was something I really wanted and being honest that I couldn’t open the bag, not today. For today, that is all the success I need.

Well, off to do more food planning. At times I feel my whole day is spent thinking about food in some way or another. :crazy:


10-05-2009, 09:56 PM
Thanks for all of the nice welcoming messages. To answer the questions asked: I'm using the Complete Beck Diet for Life. I found this site awhile back when I was doing low carb. I think I was on when I first saw 3fc. When I started the Beck plan I googled beck diet forums, and it brought me back here. Anyway, I'm glad to be here.

10-05-2009, 10:20 PM
Wow! Kuhljeanie, big kudos on the break through:

"i consider how amazing it is to see the effects of being consistently on plan. with all that stuff in combination i have less and less desire to stray every day. here's to hoping this easy patch lasts a really long time!"

I hope so for you, too.

Welcome, all new and returning. This is a great place to be.

Would say more, but I am in the middle of watching the- old-man-former-Packer-now-our-guy battling away with the accursed GB scurge-of-the-earth-team. (the Vikes are stinking the place up right now..oh, wait, that was one of the dawgs)

Kuhljeanie, I literally glanced over and saw your post in the middle of a Vikings interception, and went *wow.

10-05-2009, 11:44 PM
Going out of town tomorrow for two nights. The plan is to eat all of my own food, brought from home, in my room. I may go out Wednesday night with friends, in which case, I'll aim for lots of vegetables. I'm going to a conference, but not all that interested in conferring right now. I intend to spend more time in the hotel exercise room, pool, and hot tub, than at the conference. Should be good for my exercise minutes!

I'm taking my laptop, so if the network stuff all functions, I'll report tomorrow night as usual, just from a couple of hundred miles from where I'm sitting right now.

WI: -0.55kgs (new low), Exercise: +20, 217/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: cool that you found both a sweatshirt that fits and an Octoberfest on your walk.

kuhljeanie: hope you have a wonderful anniversary supper -- that sounds great! Kessler had the same effect on me and it's lasted a couple of months now -- helped along greatly by this group, of course.

RobinW: hope your messes get straightened out soon!

zansidhe: I use this group as my Diet Coach. It works for me to post every night (for which I receive lots of generous support), ask questions as needed, and be inspired by the others' journeys.

Kim in NH: great job with the jelly beans! And thanks for sharing your story of how that all worked for you.

10-06-2009, 06:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Last night I attended a monthly event that usually has enough snack food to cobble together a dinner. This one didn't, but I didn't overdo the stuff that was available; CREDIT moi. Surfed the fridge when I came home and chose . . . a cup of non-fat yogurt. Felt pretty good about that since I felt entitled to something to complete my dinner. That situation was a set-up for going way off-plan since I was floundering about.

Squeezed in the gym even though I was going out; CREDIT moi. I wore black shorts together with my second purchase from Goodwill, a new red T-shirt made with a modern wicking fabric - a super bargain. Red over black, I was wearing the colors worn by the trainers at Bally's. My dreaded lunges passed rapidly as I pondered whether the victims, themselves, can be aware of their Stockholm Syndrome, LOL.

maryblu - Congrats on the smokin' success of your "gray haired" quarterback during the Vikings victory over the team who shall not be named.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on getting down to a comfortable weight. Kudos for all the food prep this weekend. I'm drooling at the thought of your chicken saltimbocca. Yay verily to "how amazing it is to see the effects of being consistently on plan."

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch and Ouch for "in a home and at the shop" - sending supporting thoughts to the lady who stands and stares longfully at her bathtub. Yay for indoor plumbing - that is for those of us who have it, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on your new low. And Kudos for preparing all your own food for a two day trip, just like a nineteenth century explorer headed into the wilderness with her pemmican. Neat that you've scheduled time to use the exercise amenities of your hotel.

Kim (Kim in NH) - Yay for "Fat is leaving and muscle is moving in." What a great feeling. And Kudos for being so aware of your battle with the Jelly Bellys. Each candy season I have a little twinge of happy as I ignore the isles of packaged corn syrup. I've just recently come to notice that the winter months have one candy season after another. Don't recall seeing Fourth of July candy; wonder if that's coming.

Zansidhe - Kudos for focusing on accountability as a key issue for making this stuff work. Good luck with your search for a real life Diet Coach - that will be a gem. Most of us here have selected the posters on this thread to be Diet Coaches / Diet Buddies for each other. If real life doesn't work out, you're welcome to join us.

Neat that you're taking the time you need with the Beck program days, particularly the first two weeks which Beck suggests are key to making her program work.

HannahT - I like the five stages of Beck's the Complete Beck Diet for Life. It also has Beck's new Cheat Sheet (pg 104) that's helpful figuring out why we've drifted off-plan. Do you have a Diet Plan yet?

Readers - day 1
Face Reality!

Did you read on to this point in the chapter without creating your Advantage Response Card? Please don't fool yourself that you can skip this step. If you want to lose weight permanently, you need to change the way you think about eating, dieting, and yourself. If you follow only some of the steps, you'll probably have trouble losing weight or maintaining your weight loss. Then you'll blame yourself: I just can't do this! I can't lose weight!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 60.

10-06-2009, 08:51 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm enjoying reading all your posts and learning more about you.

Beach Patrol! :wave: :hug: Glad to see you over here! How are you doing with your Responses cards? As Bill just posted, it's a step one is tempted to skip. I know I was, anyway. After all, I'm so "smart" I don't need to do that. ;)

I'm collecting my Responses for vacation... 10 days in the SF Bay Area... Land of amazing food... Leaving on Friday. So you can see why I need Responses!!! I just can't afford the "oh, what the heck" mentality.

I have a new Response to share. "Even if I am hungry, I do not have to eat off-plan foods."

I was thinking the other day about how someone who is an observant Jew or Muslim would not choose to eat pork, even if they were hungry. So food availability coupled with feeling hungry isn't a valid excuse.

maryblu, I watched part of that game. The guy is great, what can you say? Aaron Rodgers is excellent as well, but I was happy the way it came out. I am a big football fan, and one of my challenges is how to watch games without mindless munching.

See ya!

10-06-2009, 11:21 AM
Coaches/Buddies Checking in quickly this morning. I'm doing well, but found I was spending way too much time on the internet (not that you'd know it from my posting here lately) and am currently detoxing. I still feel renewed, and it is great to do the work and know that the scale is going to cooperate, modulo its daily variation. I haven't been there in a while.

Welcome to our new friends. I'll check in when I can.


10-06-2009, 03:41 PM
happy anniversary to me! i just want to take a minute and gloat about the fact that i married the sweetest, coolest guy on the planet (except for el nino, of course. and bill - you seem like a nice guy too. :)) some friends of ours struggling w/fertility and had a very recent adoption heartache, birth mother changed her mind suddenly - turns out another birth mom has picked them and is having an induction tonight. they got on a plane two days ago with a brand-new carseat and not a whole lot else - they didn't know what they were going to need. DH told his friend they should buy diapers and wipes, and we'd help them when they got back. last night, he tells me that it seems unfair to him that because of the circumstances of the adoption, they don't get to enjoy the normal stuff like setting up a nursery, having a baby shower, etc. so he wants to throw them a shower when they get back. i love that guy so much it hurts sometimes. how cool is that. let the party planning begin! woot woot! :)

feeling the PMS pull to eat everything in sight and then lay down for a nap. that was quick, huh? :) need an ARC infusion and a plan review. and maybe 20 minutes on the treadmill wouldn't hurt, either.

cheers all!

Beach Patrol
10-06-2009, 05:07 PM
Hi all! -just wanted to say, I'm on "week 2" of the Beck DS book, and altho I'm not full swing into this yet, I did have a major "yay me" moment today & wanted to share!

I ate my breakfast AND lunch SLOWLY today! - I read my response card before I sat down to eat, and what it says is "Hey! I'm NOT in the Food Olympics! This isn't a contest or challenge! SLOW DOWN! Eat your food SLOWLY! Take time to chew thoroughly & enjoy every bite!"

This has been a major problem for me all my life... I've always eaten way too fast... I do everything fast... talk fast, walk fast, drive fast, type fast... So well - one of my goals is to SLOW DOWN when I eat. And lunch wasn't as easy breezy as breakfast because I had lunch with some old friends, so there was lots of gabbing/catching up... but I still ate SLOWLY! So... yay me!

Wow. I feel vindicated or something. :D

10-06-2009, 05:44 PM
I stopped in this am before going to the shop and thought....Oh, I'll post when I get to work. Well I got there and all **** broke loose! I got it all done/finished/completed/and OUT of the shop in time to take some "me" time!! :cb:

The bathroom is coming along...seems we should be able to actually shower by friday morning. Sponge baths for now. Its looking awesome! But Im ready for it all to be done now! There is still a tonne of work that needs to be done after they leave. isnt as bad as I perceive it to be. Last night was a lovely venison roast....I just need to up the veggie intake.

Exercise isnt happening....unless you count shopping at home depot with hubby (did I ever mention I hate shopping there about as much as hubby hates going to target with me?) Another outing to HD again tonight :rolleyes:

On the positive side...I managed to get my potential workout partner a free 2 week trial at my gym. I hope it works out and she joins! It would be awesome to have a partner.

Ok....Im off to get some decluttering done :lol: :rofl: :lol3: If you could see my house you'd laugh too!

Have a great evening everyone!

10-06-2009, 10:59 PM
Hi Alll,
Tracked food, credit. 12,000+ steps, credit. Beyond that, I'm hard pressed to find some credits, since I went into anxious snacking, and am resisting picking up the Beck book, since the stressed sad part of myself is saying "no! that will mean the end of comfort" though of course, it's not really comforting. I eat something, and then I just want to eat something else.

RobinW--congrats on your progress with getting a workout partner, and doing decluttering. I am working on that right now, as a distraction, with the benefit of making a calmer surrounding.

BeachPatrol--Yay for eating slowly! I have always been a speed eater--my sister and I would inhale our food to get away from the table with our parents as quickly as possible.

kuhljeanie--credit for good choice of husband. That makes a lot of things easier.

wndranne--congrats on detoxing from the internet--I could use some of that.

JayEll--credit for realizing the cards are important! I am still battling on that one, and know that the practiced, reflexive way of eating isn't helping me--I need to practice a different way, and the cards help with that.

Bill--Yay for buying clothes that fit! I have a great consignment store in town and I get all my clothes there--great for trying out different looks, and affording different sizes.

gardenerjoy--credit for planning to bring your own food--that could make an immense difference in your feeling of control.

Kim in NH--Yay for forgetting the jelly beans were there! I am always amazed when that happens. If I put something in the cupboard, way in the back I have a much better chance of forgetting, but the sabotaging thoughts tend to say "Oh, that can't really make a difference." Bleah for sabotage.

zansidhe--Kudos for looking at worked and didn't work in the past. That is important knowledge.

10-07-2009, 12:19 AM
My trip is going well. I've discovered that simply being in the car by myself for 30 minutes triggers cravings. Also, that an embarrassing part of my brain is devoted to remembering the exits of fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and other places where I used to buy treats when I was driving. Oh well. Hopefully, that brain space will eventually free up and can be devoted to more important things like which farmer at the market sells the best raspberries and the approximate date of the harvest.

So, I ate my packed snack at a picnic table in a highway rest area. And, you know what? That's a much lovelier experience than stopping at convenience store.

WI: +0.2kgs, Exercise: +50, 267/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: good job on that eating situation -- I struggle when I expect something that doesn't come to pass. And would be very likely to overeat after not getting the expected experience.

JayEll: way to go on pre-thinking your SF trip!

kuhljeanie: wow, you really did marry a great guy! I love that story! Hope the treadmill helped with the PMS -- that works for me!

BeachPatrol: Yay for eating slowly! That deserves dancing carrots! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

RobinW: Good luck with the bathroom and the workout partner!

Nuxmaga: good job on the exercise and food tracking and working out what really is and is not comforting for you.

10-07-2009, 12:45 AM
Hi everyone. I just stumbled on this site and it looks like it will be great support. I recently started the Beck program. My husband heard an interview with her on NPR and thought it would be something I might find helpful--particularly because of the cognitive behavioral approach. I'm not looking to lose a lot of weight, just to get a sense of control over my eating. I seem to move between being overly strict and letting it all go.

Right now I am still in stage 1 and have been doing well. Eating everything slowly while sitting has been particularly helpful. I hope to start stage 2 next week. I also wanted to give myself credit for going for a run today. We had some of those wild wyoming winds, and I didn't feel like going out. But I went out anyway and it felt great. Besides, if I don't tough it out and run in the wind I won't run until May.

Walking Princess
10-07-2009, 01:40 AM

Sorry I had disappeared again. I've been really sick with fever and bad congestion. I'm just starting to feel better today. I still feel weak but it's the first day I see an improvement in over a week. I've been trying to stay on plan. Some days have been good, others have not. I think I will do better when I get all better and back on my normal routine.

I won't be back on the boards until next Monday as I am going out of town on Thursday for the weekend and am flying to Oregon to visit a friend.

I will check back in when I get back and hopefully be back on track with everything. I plan on following my Beck advice and my plan all through the trip.

Miss you all and talk to you when I get back


10-07-2009, 06:51 AM
:welcome: Shepherdess :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3FC, :wel3fc:

Neat that you learned of Beck when your husband heard Dr. Beck on NPR.

But how did you happen to find this thread on 3FC?


10-07-2009, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Observed something neat at dinner last night. First I ate my corn because it was picked that morning - DW went out to a real farm stand. Then I ate my pea tendrils from the same place and I was concentrating on the question of whether they were a poor man's folk salad or a yuppi veggie. Then I ate my Delicata Squash to conclusion savoring every bite. Only then did I get to the grilled Alaskan Wild Salmon, and, noting that I was now satisfied, ate just enough to enjoy my favorite fish taste on planet earth then put the remainder in the fridge for lunches. CREDIT moi. Really like that I went after all my veggies first. What a change for me.

maryblu - Waving. Congrats for your Twins pulling their whole season out of a hat in the bottom of the twelfth!! Good game for the story telling.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Amazing story of your friends learning that they were chosen two days before the kid was born. Big Kudos to your DH for being so empathic, and Kudos to you for choosing the guy. And, of course, thanks and <blush>.

Robin (RobinW) - Wow, progress on all fronts. Congrats for surviving at the shop after "all ****" broke loose. And then progress on the loo and the workout buddy. Where did you get your venison roast?

Sending de-cluttering vibes from a world champion clutterer. The challenge for me is that shuffling isn't enough, you gotta actually toss something.

Anne (wndranne) - You remind me that real contentment is just the knowing that we're on the path. Congratulations.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for posting; that's the hardest thing to do when you feel you don't have many credits to give yourself. And Kudos for thinking about picking up the Beck book and getting back on track. Sending supportive thoughts your way.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Ouch for sick; sending virtual chicken soup which my grandmother believed cured everything. Have a nice weekend in Oregon.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ah, the explorer posts from the untamed wilderness. Lovely scene at a rest stop with your snack instead of a convenience store. Hope the trip continues well.

Jay (JayEll) - Good luck on your ten days in San Francisco - one of the world's best cities. Love your Response, "Even if I am hungry, I do not have to eat off-plan foods." And love the analogy to an observant not eating pork even if hungry.

Beach Patrol - Gotta love the Response, "I'm NOT in the Food Olympics!" Kudos for eating slowly - that's a hard one to master after a lifetime of fast chomping.

Shepherdess - Kudos for going running in the "wild wyoming winds" despite the Sabotaging Thoughts that you shouldn't. And Kudos for eating slowly - apparently today's topic in Beckland.

Readers - day 1
If your doctor gave you an antibiotic
to get rid of a bad infection, would you take only
half the pill? Of course not. Likewise, don't try
to take shortcuts with this program.
The Beck Diet Solution, pg 61.

10-07-2009, 09:56 AM
It sounds as if everyone is rolling along pretty well.

Thanks, BillBE and JayEll, for indulging my Minnesoda sports pride. Since the weather switch turned a week ago from a once-in-life-time-sweet-September-summer-gift to 20 degrees below normal and ceaseless rain, my sense of humor has been sorely stressed and MIA. On the other hand, the sun on the west bank of the lake just now showed an amazing fall blaze. Oops..gone, glad I caught it!

I am taking the declutter pledge with you, BillBE and Robin. Gonna get after it..have steps..a bag of clothes for Goodwill in each trip to town..throwing more junk, etc. It strikes me as interesting it was much easier to break the clean -your -plate habit than it is to break the packrat/clutter habit. The clutter habit is a form of mindless behavior all of its own. It also strikes me how much an organized person has to love a packrat to put up with it.

It *is a leap of faith to give away size 8s!

10-07-2009, 01:19 PM
Good Morning :)

maryblu~ it is a mindless behaviour! Drives me bonkers! Good luck with your decluttering too!

Bill~Ive been good and getting about 3 garbage bags of "stuff" out of the house. Mind you the 2 bags of cloths sat in the trunk of the car for a few weeks until I remembered to stop at goodwill and drop them off :rolleyes: I have one bag being worked on! I even bought more garbage bags :lol:

The venison roast came from our landlord at the shop. He's a great guy! Even stops in when he hasnt heard from us in a while and wants to know whats going on, how everything is going and if we need anything done. We told him we would be happy to help him make room in his freezer before he heads out for hunting season again :lol:

Food again isnt horrible but could be better. (more veggies) Exercise was a trip to home depot, then to lowes, then back to home depot because lowes didnt have what we wanted. Today's exercise......towel rack shopping! :whoo: ;)

Have a great afternoon everyone! :wave:

10-07-2009, 03:53 PM
hi all! welcome another new person! yay!

last night, i had a great plan, and went over my calories anyway. oh well...i had also burned about 200 more on the treadmill than i had planned, so the final deficit was only slightly smaller than on a perfect OP day. credit moi!

otherwise, still just rollin' along. PMS is over - don't want to get too TMI on you but i'm feeling happy and optimistic about my plumbing behaving exactly as i expect it to. which means, we're all go for the next round of TTC, and despite my advanced maternal age (UGH) i see no signs of perimenopause. all points north, as my insane scottish friend used to to say.

am in the process of scheduling an informational interview with an interior designer for a class project. very, very excited by this. i identified an architectural firm which is hot and heavy into PMI (project management institute, where i hold a certification) and they're going to call me back and either grant me the interview or refer me to someone else (with whom i can use their name as referent.) yay. i also got scheduled for a reading with none other than ms. mary occhino, psychic radio hostesss on siriusxm. it's at the beginning of december. call me nutty but the lady works regularly with deepak chopra and is reputed to be the real deal. i only get 30 minutes so have started to write down all my questions. pretty cool, huh? :)

off to buy my 165 lb charm (after MONTHS and MONTHS.) lookout, BMI of 30! you're next!

10-07-2009, 10:32 PM
Hi All,
Did 6,000+ and Zumba, yay! Tracked food, credit. Passed on chips with my lunch, and cheese on my sandwich at dinner, credit. Calories less than yesterday, credit. Working on the sabotaging thought that "Once the calories go up, they'll just keep going up"--through sheer momentum?? Well, I need to get to bed. Good night!

10-07-2009, 10:52 PM
My day went well. I did minimal conference activities, lots of exercise in the hotel pool, and some serious relaxing in the hot tub. I was able to eat all my own food (except popcorn from the lobby -- a snack that I planned). At the moment, I'm thinking "wonder if I can do this again next month?" Back home tomorrow night!

WI: none (feels weird), Exercise: +90, 357/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Shepherdess: Welcome! Way to go in getting your exercise in windy Wyoming!

Walking Princess: glad your on the mend -- that sounds like a nasty bit of illness. Hope your trip is great!

BillBlueEyes: love that you are truly appreciating your vegetables -- thanks for sharing that. I'm going to remember that!

maryblu: Congrats for giving away those size 8s. That's the way to start a decluttering project!

RobinW: Did you finally find a towel rack? That many trips would involve quite a bit of walking since those stores are so large. Especially if you park at the end of the parking lots.

kuhljeanie: Congrats for hitting the next mini-goal! You've got lots of exciting stuff going on!

Nuxmaga: good job on the exercise and the shrinking calories!

10-07-2009, 11:14 PM
we found satisfactory towel racks at target (of all places) But still not exactly what we wanted without having to spend $300 on 4 racks! :dizzy: We bought what we found and thought a google search would find us what we were looking for without having to give up any arms or legs! :lol: So luck!

10-07-2009, 11:47 PM
Hello Coaches. Long time no see. :wave: welcome to all the new folks.

I can't exactly tell you where I am at so I'll just write it out and we'll see.

I am starting to think about a foodplan for myself. I want something that will work (duh) and something stable and ordinary and so I am thinking of creating a series of meals for a two week rotation. I need to make a list of what meals I/we like and want and then figure out how much will satisfy a specific calorie count. At least this is what I think I am going to do. I need to remove the thinking/choosing and the spontaneity out of my food for awhile.

I also stumbled across this site giving you a program of working up to swimming a mile nonstop. It reminds me of the couch-to-2K program but since i have zero interest in running and free access to a smallish pool this may be my motivator. I don't feel very motivated right now but maybe once I get there I will like to have a purpose and a goal to reach. I'm kind of like that so this may be a good exercise strategy.

After an extremely demanding and busy year, my obligations are now on the wane. DH's brother got married this past weekend and now there is some pressure, oddly enough, on us to tie the knot. We are about to hit 18 years together, celebrating our first date anniversary on Halloween, and I have often entertained the idea of inviting our families to a "party" to celebrate 20 years together and surprise! we get marrried. don't know if this will come to pass but it's as close as I've ever got to thinking about getting married. We'll see. Maybe.
But I digress. What I am really trying to say is the focus of my life can now be back on me and while I have some deadlines to meet still, they are manageable and will pass by the end of the month. It's a good time to try to start to lose weight again. Unfortunately I now have an additional 25lbs to get off to be where I was at the beginning of the year but oh well. Maybe next time I won't have the need to stress eat as much.

Better go--I'm tired.
Have a restful night Becksters.

10-08-2009, 06:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dropped by the manager's office at my Bally's gym, as I do from time to time anyway, to show off my red over black "uniform" and threaten to apply for a job as a trainer. He promptly threatened to hire me. Whoa! It's just trash talk, but I was expecting a response like being threatened to be used as a bar bell. The point for me is that I forget that after dropping 80 pounds and four years of regular gym I look more like a trainer than my own body image of the Michelin Man. CREDIT moi for recognizing that I have work to do on body image.

maryblu - Ouch for your Twins finding the Yanques with hot bats last night, but Congrats on holding them to a tie for the first part of the game. The Red Sox Nation hasn't done that well with them of late. And Kudos for making progress on your clutter - I so need to be reminded to actually move some stuff out.

By-the-by, what's the story of the Lake Nymph in Diaphanous Gown in your new avatar?

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on earning your next charm - you really earned that one. Yay for "all points north" - gonna steal it; it sounds so positive. You blow me away hooking up with a "psychic radio hostess;" can't wait to hear the story.

onebyone - Kudos for surviving your BIL's wedding despite collecting some pressure to join the great marital bliss. The surprise wedding idea is a real kick; everyone would think your "costumes" as bride and grown were "so cute" until Wagner's "Here Comes the Bride" burst from the speakers and the minister intoned "Dearly Beloved," LOL.

Good luck with your plan for couch-to-one-mile swimming; thanks for the link. I dream of chasing that idea since my single attempt to use the pool at my gym was disappointing when I fatigued so quickly. I'm a little dubious about the six weeks since, after four years, I'm still waiting for my "Six Weeks to Six Pack Abs," LOL.

Robin (RobinW) - Three Kudos for three bags of "stuff" and one more for Home Depot Hiking - you're on you way with the ol' Towel Rack Diet there, LOL. Neat landlord for supplying venison roast.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for passing on the chips and cheese; I think it's the little victories that reset the brain into thinking like a thin person. Creative Sabotaging Thought that calories will keep going up by "momentum." Anne (wndranne) is the physicist around here, but I reckon that since calories do have mass, they would have momentum, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ah, the wilderness explorer took 90 courageous minutes to swim the raging river before crawling up the bank to nibble her pemmican along with some manna offered by the natives to win her favor. And already planning next month's adventure, presumably to new lands.

Readers - day 2
Pick Two Reasonable Diets

The specific primary diet you choose doesn't matter, as long as it's healthy and well-balanced. You can choose a diet from a book, a Web site, a national health organization (such as one that promotes a diet that is healthy for your heart), a hospital or weight-loss clinic, or a commercial organization.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 63.

10-08-2009, 10:01 AM
Coaches/Buddies May I say once again that I'm glad you are all here. The more days I string together, the easier it gets. Note that easier is not easy. So stringin' 'em I do. And my reward is my first new postpartum low in months. Huzzah. I'm about to flip a moderately major digit, and not in a bad traffic kind of way.

And while my current internet lockdown is not allowing time for full personals, I do feel obligated to give BillBE a major OUCH on the calories have mass statement. I'll be cringing for a week on that one, LOL! I suppose in the end though, it is no worse than the "It is the Earth (and not me) that gained mass through meteor impact, hence the rise in the force (weight) between us as measured by my scale" theory, that from time to time I find myself subscribing to.

Onward, on plan, and on time!


Beach Patrol
10-08-2009, 10:49 AM
I said "NO THANKS" to a chocolate chip cookie this morning! WOOT for me!

I have lost four pounds. I am almost certain it's water weight, but hey, 4 lbs is 4 lbs, right? :carrot:

There is fun to be had this weekend "Pirate Fest" now in its 5th year in Savannah Georgia (Tybee Island - where I live). One of my good friends from jr-hi-school will be visiting me for this "argh, matey" event. I'll sincerely have to watch my food intake, as will she - we're both hefty wenches! (wench, ya know, pirate theming here!) She is doing WW and is down 16 pounds. We'll encourage each other whilst having shiver-me-timbers fun!

Hope you all are doing well... Cheers!

10-08-2009, 10:50 AM
Yeah, but Anne, kilograms come into it somehow! :lol: ;)


10-08-2009, 12:54 PM
I'm reluctant to post this AM, particularly when seeing how well all of you are doing. I had a slip up last night. I was tired and hungry and snacked on some chips. I'm usually a perfectionist, and when these slip-ups happen, I give up entirely. So I'm getting back on track today.

I did yoga this morning. I did a hard run yesterday and am a bit sore.

BTW, BillBE, I found this thread through a google search. I was looking for an online Beck group on another diet website I have used in the past, but couldn't find anyone there who knew much about it.

Send me warm thoughts. It was 22 and looking like snow when I got up this morning. Winter is here!

10-08-2009, 02:29 PM
hi everyone,

feeling a bit down today. i just finished a yummy lunch, and immediately started thinking about how i could fit some sugary chocolate calories into my day. didn't even give my stomach a chance to register fullness from lunch. sigh. the good news is that i immediately thought, whoa girl, what are you DOING? and came here to post. chalking it up to DMS (during, not pre-menstrual.) to paraphrase jay from a little bit ago, just because i want it, doesn't mean i have to eat it. i'm clearly not hungry, just cranky. feeling a little stuck financially and career-wise. (news to everyone here, huh? :^:)
tomorrow is my last day on this assignment. not sure if there's anything lined up for me or not after here. i'm having a tougher and tougher time with the uncertainty of being a consultant (to say nothing of the fact that the work itself stopped being interesting many, many years ago. if i wasn't working to maintain an empty house, things would be VERY different. anyone want to buy a wonderful Victorian in a neat neighborhood in cincinnati? i just dropped the price, again. argh.

all right, enough kvetching. how's everyone?

10-08-2009, 05:17 PM
I've been busy -- for both good and sad reasons. Will post more this weekend I hope. I have been lurking and thinking a lot. One has been about stress and weight - and I found some info on the web. I looked it up after watching a Dr Oz episode, my current not-at-all-guilty pleasure. Since most folks on the list seem to be under a lot of stress I thought you might be interested.

:welcome3: to the huge influx of new folks. I hope to get to know each of you better soon.

:wave: to the rest!

10-08-2009, 10:17 PM
Beach Patrol!! Big Honkin' Kudos for passing up the choco chip cookie!! :cb: :cb:

ChinaMaine, Im almost afraid to click your link. I wont watch Dr. Oz. Why? Because I just dont want to know. Silly I know. But I dont like to be scared into doing what I should be. I'll let you know if I broke down and clicked on it. I hope you doing well and feeling ok.

We stayed away from Home depot today....BUT I found the perfect towel racks at TJ Max Home Goods! We had a little glitch this morning. But if this is all that goes wrong with the bathroom remodel then Im going to count my blessings :)

Food isnt too shabby!! :lol: Kudos for planning my food and getting my protein out of the freezer tonight!

Have a great evening!

10-08-2009, 11:25 PM
I had planned to spend more time in the hotel pool this morning after my one last conference responsibility, but the forecast was for rain all day. I decided I would rather get it over with than fret about having to drive home in the rain, so I left as soon as I was able. All went well.

WI: none, Exercise: +55, 412/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

onebyone: great to "see" you! I'm doing a mix-and-match meal plan. I started with four or five suppers and fewer lunches and breakfasts. I changed the menus a bit on the Fall Equinox to give us some new things. I didn't get too hung up on counting calories, just tried to make them balanced and vegetable-laden. So far, it's working. I figure if I ever hit a plateau that goes on for weeks, that will be a good time to get more serious about calorie counting and measuring. Sounds like you're doing a great job preparing for this new leg of your journey.

BillBlueEyes: congrats on the new awareness of body image! And thanks for the lovely adventurous descriptions of my trip. I think your vision is better than my reality, but that's okay, I'll just borrow it!

Anne: Congrats on the new low!

BeachPatrol: Good job on politely refusing the chocolate chip cookies!

Shepherdess: You don't need to be perfect, just persistent!

kuhljeanie: that is a difficult situation -- good for you for realizing that sugary chocolate wasn't going to fix it for you.

ChinaMaine: great to hear from you and thanks for the link!

RobinW: glad you found the towel racks! Great that you planned your meals and were able to thaw what you needed. That's one of the more mundane advantages I've found with planning my meals -- stuff is actually thawed when I intend to use it!

10-09-2009, 06:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The food pusher at the office has been inactive of late, luring me into a false security. But he burst forth yesterday with a platter of homemade marshmallow squares separated with wrapped peanut butter cups - a Martha Stewart eye appealing sight. The health benefits of rice krispies were touted, but deflected by a pole thin guy who eats consciously; that helped me. I had the Sabotaging Thoughts, "It's been so long since you've had those," and "Those were such an important part of your childhood." I said NO CHOICE and they ceased to be a draw; CREDIT moi.

Had the thought as I walked near Whole Foods that I wasn't thinking about going in for the FREE samples. Then spent the rest of my walk debating whether it was possible to think about NOT thinking about something. Four miles just flew by; CREDIT moi for being so easily amused.

maryblu - Waving. Sending pitching thoughts for your Twins this evening.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for "cranky." Double Ouch for the realities of the uncertainties behind it. Hope you get lined up with a gig where you can feel the impact of your work.

Robin (RobinW) - Big Congrats for finding the perfect towel racks and Congrats for weaning yourself away from Home Depot, LOL. Kudos for keeping your perspective on the "glitch" - now that's a demo in avoiding stress.

Anne (wndranne) - Congrats on your new postpartum low - sounds like you're in a good place. Wasted part of my day wondering which digits are "moderately major" and which aren't and what they were instead. When I was younger I would have classified '0' as the least significant digit until I was taught that representing numbers was stuck until the Arabs invented the '0'. I'm kinda fond of them all. Appreciate that you dropped by to "OUCH" the mass in calories.

ChinaMaine - Ouch for the stress; sending supportive thoughts for the "sad." Thanks for the link to Dr. Oz. Deflecting stress remains a challenge for me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for completing your adventure on-plan. Time to share the bounty you pillaged with the home folk in return for real food.

Jay (JayEll) - Waving back. May your "kilograms" remain constant for your entire visit to San Francisco.

Beach Patrol - Congrats on the four pounds gone - water or whatever. And BIG Kudos for that NO THANKS to a chocolate chip cookie.

Pirate Fest weekend sounds like an active, exciting event. Your home does seems stuck out in the Gulf Stream rather vulnerable to pirates, LOL. There must be local history.

Shepherdess - Kudos for bouncing right back from a slip - the number one strategy for a life of rational eating. It is such a debilitating Sabotaging Thought the ol' "give up entirely." Way to go.

Are those three guys in your avatar friends of yours? They look well prepared for 22 degrees and snow. You're waaaaaaay ahead of us in this winter business.

Readers - day 2
Pick Two Reasonable Diets

Before you pick this primary diet, though, you need to know that there are no miracle diets and that no one diet works equally well for all dieters. Although many diets are marked as a "breakthrough" and "the easy way to lose weight," scientific research has determined that such sweeping claims are simple not true. All diets enable weight loss in the same way - by getting you to eat fewer calories.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 63.

10-09-2009, 06:36 AM
I've been lurking and reading in here and finally got off my butt and ordered the book. I gather it will take a while to read and absorb so see you all when I've done so.

10-09-2009, 10:07 AM
First JayEll, now Ruthxxxx..

We are getting some of the wisest of 3FC in our fold. Thanks to our Cyber Sheppard BillBE, we are gaining (sorry, bad choice of words!) credibility among the wise ones on 3FC.

I don't want to be glib about the wisdom of Beck and the methodology. I love the "just do it-no brainer" approach. There is a method for whatever form of food madness is grabbing at us. I am a broken record on this, but the two biggest traps of dieting, imho, are that perfectionist, all-or-nothing approach, and the trap of the scale; at any given moment, it is just a #. Stick to the method, follow the methods, daily; success will happen automatically.

After being particularly disgusted at food options (especially offended by the plastic tomatoes) at the day and a half conference from which I just returned, I treated myself last night to a Caprese Salad, made from my friend's still abundant hoop house organically grown tomatoes, and yes, you can hate me because they are beautiful, the last of my outdoor Basil, and to almost all of a small Delicata squash. Bliss. Real food.

Came home and got lazy; did not pick raspberries. Big mistake. Woke up to 25 degrees this morning. The 2009 growing season is officially over. Very sad.

Best to all, and BillBE that dia-whatever-you-said dress is the same little white dress I had on in the last Avatar pic..just way cool shot on the lake..on my favorite rock. ..well, one of my favorites, anyway.

10-09-2009, 11:30 AM
ah, the sweet fuzziness of muscle relaxants! more kid, and then i'm strongly considering endometrial ablation. this is LAME. should make for a fun time on the treadmill, though. ;)

mary, i think he said diaphonous. an SAT adjective if i ever heard one. me, i'd say you looked hot. but i'm on painkillers right now. :D hi onebyone! do you need meal ideas? i keep a nifty spreadsheet with four tabs on it (stop laughing, bill) that's got my plan, sample foods, weekly shopping and prep, and specific meals for a week. happy to send it to you if you think you'd find it helpful as a jumping-off point. also happy to provide recipes etc.

welcome ruth! and hiya! nice to have another beckie! i'm going to disagree ever so slightly with mary. for me, the magic keys are giving up the all-or-nothing thinking, and planning, planning, planning. never go in without a plan.

bill, was just talking with my DH about the herculean difficulty of telling yourself NOT to think about something. that only seems to work for me if i actually want to think about it. otherwise, distraction is about the only thing that works. DH is chronically worried and recognizes that it's the worry and not the object of the worry that's the real problem. he's had a bear of a time NOT worrying about things, so he's trying actively engaging his mind on something else as a strategy. not sure how it's going...i should check in, huh?

gardenerjoy, safety first, for sure! glad you made it home in one piece. robin, congrats on your towel rack victory. i'd love to see before and after pictures when you're ready to share! thanks for the link, china. very interesting! (and i do like dr.oz. he's good-looking in a nerdy way.)

warm thoughts, shepherdess! including the ones about not having to be perfect. yoga's kind of awesome for that - glad you're a practitioner!

so tonight is my nephew's consecration, and we're going to a fantastic chinese seafood restaurant to celebrate. they have amazing rock salt squid, so i'm cutting back on my snacks today to make room for the extra calories. will probably also spend an extra 20 minutes running to give myself a little cushion. credit moi in advance.

had an absorbing wonderful time in interior design class last night. man, i'd love to do that all day. think happy thoughts for me. it'd be so amazing to spend my time on something i really care about.

have a great weekend!

10-09-2009, 12:05 PM
I spent some time yesterday objectively (key word) looking over my the last few days to find out what went wrong. I came away with two observations: first, I have not been eating nearly enough protein lately. Lots of veggies, lots of whole grains, but not much protein. So I bumped that up yesterday and it was so much easier to stick to a plan. Second, I realized that the slip-up was really pretty minor. It's not ideal, definitely a pattern that needs to be broken, but not worth getting so worked up about. I realized that the feelings of hopelessness are just my minds sly way of trying to get out of doing any hard work.

Congrats to kuhljeanie and BillBE for staying strong in the face of temptation. You are inspiring. And congrats kuhljeanie for thinking ahead.

Maryblu, I'm with in mourning over the end of the growing season.

Yes, BillBE, those sheep in the avatar are my three first bum lambs. Their mothers either died or couldn't raise them, so I took them in and bottle fed them. Now they think they're people and hang around my house instead of going out with the reast of the heard. And as my father in law always says, the sheep have 10 lbs of wool on them by winter. They are the happiest animals in Wyoming.

10-09-2009, 03:09 PM
jean, here is the bathroom after it was gutted. I didnt think to get one before they did this. Oh well. I'll post an "almost done" after I get home. Today should be their last day :cb:

Everything in this bathroom was pink!! Walls, toilet, tub!! :eek:

:wave: Hiya Ruth! Good to see you over here!

10-09-2009, 09:22 PM
this is the almost done after pic. Seems they arent quite done....but should be on Monday! :carrot:

the tub is on the right, and the loo is behind that wall.

10-09-2009, 11:00 PM
A quick check-in. Tracked calories, credit. 6,000+ steps and Zumba, credit. Passed up the temptation of the vending machine after my workout, credit--I am still irritated that the Y got a vending machine, and fills it with candy bars and crackers. Listened to the lure of the pudding parfaits at the cafeteria, sigh. Free soft pretzel to celebrate "customer service week"--fresh, free carbs are very difficult to decline. . .even though at 8:30 in the morning, I really wouldn't have spontaneously decided to go buy a pretzel.

Welcome to the new folks!

And thanks Bill and wndranne for the physics of calories discussion! My husband is teaching both zoology and physics this semester, and tries to combine lessons once a week, ie. the physics of how a giraffe gets blood up to its head. . .

10-10-2009, 12:08 AM
I made a welcome home and rainy day treat for myself for breakfast. A variation of Top of the Stove Oatmeal Cookies from my childhood that I re-invented years ago to be a little healthier. Except for the sugar, all the ingredients have some redeeming nutritional value. After eating it, I realized it was too much for a food that tastes so rich to me now. Of course, I'd eaten it all by then -- I'm no where near to the point where I'm going to recognize that as it's happening. But, recognizing it after the fact is new to me, so I'm giving myself credit for that. And credit for penciling in a new version of the recipe to make an even smaller portion the next time.

I think this may be my answer to donut cravings -- sweet, chocolatey, rich. The flavors and textures are more complex than donuts, so I actually like it better than donuts. Yay!

WI: -.6kg (new low), Exercise: +35, 447/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: Good job on the rice krispy treats and the amusing non-thought thoughts.

Ruthxxx: good to see you here!

maryblu: yay for being offended at the conference fare and for celebrating with real food!

kuhljeanie: way to go with the advanced preparation while looking forward to a special night! And sending happy home designing thoughts your way!

Shepherdess: good job on figuring out the slippery ways of a sly mind -- my mind works like that, too.

RobinW: thanks for the bathroom pics. Love the wainscoting and what a soothing shade of blue!

Nuxmaga: love the giraffe story. That is annoying about the Y and the vending machine.

10-10-2009, 06:13 AM
:welcome: Ruth (Ruthxxx) :welcome:

And, since you guys certainly hadn't invented these when you and the three sisters started 3FC in August of 1999, :wel3fc:

What drew you to the Beck books?


10-10-2009, 06:22 AM
Bill, I'm 70 and have been trying to lose weight for the past 50 years. I am still searching for the solution and hope this is it.

10-10-2009, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A really nifty product was being demonstrated at my company yesterday by a vendor providing a FREE lunch. I had a plausible reason to learn about the product, but was, of course, drawn to the FREE lunch big time; vendors know that food is the way to get inside the minds of techies. I could just read all that I needed to know in a few minutes without the pain of listening to a salesman but they wouldn't deliver the FREE lunch to my desk. Finally admitted that I wouldn't go if the FREE lunch wasn't involved and that it was sure to contain large meaty sandwiches and tables laden with cookies and sweets. So, I skipped the whole thing; CREDIT moi. It does bug me that I had to spend so much time wrestling with the decision, all because of the FREE food. Sigh ... did I mention that I retain this inordinate draw to FREE food. Dr. Beck needs another chapter in her book, LOL.

maryblu - Drooling over your October Caprese Salad. I do love Basil, tomatoes, Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and Mozzarella (we have it in the summer around here) but I don't use that name. I, too, like that Beck gives us strategies to avoid the "all-or-nothing approach" and stresses planning so that food choosing becomes "just do it-no brainer". Our Rosemary bush has a prominent window for winter picking, but our Basil is done for the year.

Ouch that the Twins and the Red Sox aren't executing their winning plans.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - LOL at " SAT adjective if i ever heard one." Which reminds me, since you know writing, when does one write "an SAT" and when "a SAT"? I change it back and forth each time I edit something. Interesting thought that it's the worrying that's a problem rather than the thing. Although it really bugged me once when I was worrying about a genuine crisis and was told, "Don't worry, everything will turn out all right," when that would be true only after I had re-solved the crisis.

Robin (RobinW) - Congrats for bringing your remodeling to a conclusion. I wish my shower/tub was away from the window like yours. Thanks for the pictures.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for the steps and Zumba; Ouch for the pudding parfait and FREE pretzel. Never heard of a gym giving FREE pretzels before; if my gym started doing that on a regular basis think I'd have to switch gyms, LOL. I read a Scientific American book titled something like Limitations of Size, where I was surprised to learn the obvious - that simple physics can demonstrate why plants and animals don't arbitrarily grow bigger. Wish your DH was teaching back when I was taught each subject in its own little box.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for exploring with your "Top of the Stove Oatmeal Cookies" - would you share the recipe? Sounds like a good breakfast idea as well as a snack in the pocket when out for a walk. And Congrats on the new low.

Jay (JayEll) - Waving toward San Francisco.

Shepherdess - What a remarkable insight, "I realized that the feelings of hopelessness are just my minds sly way of trying to get out of doing any hard work." Really like that. Gonna make myself an Advantage Response, I'm not hopeless, but I am drawn to being lazy. Neat that you're mom to three bum lambs. Yay for protein; good stuff that.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for ordering the Beck book - which one are you getting?

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

In my experience, many dieters choose eating plans based on how quickly they expect the diet to help them lose weight. But rapid weight-loss diets usually require you to eat fewer than 1200 calories a day, and you'll have to endure more intense hunger than you would if you were following a diet that lets you eat more normally.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 65.

10-10-2009, 06:56 AM
I ordered The Complete Beck Diet for Life: The Five-Stage Program for Permanent Weight Loss plus The End to Overeating. It's too bad they aren't here now as it's Thanksgiving Feast weekend up here.

10-10-2009, 11:46 AM
Winter blew in with a vengence yesterday! I went for a run with my dogs before lunch yesterday, but we had to keep it short because they get ice in their paws. I'm still taking credit for being out in that weather! We went for another short walk this morning. We're having a brief respite from the storm, but it is still cold! It's worth it to be outdoors. There are few things prettier than morning sun on new-fallen snow. Now we're all thawing out indoors, but if the weather holds we'll go for another walk this PM.

My house is in a bit of chaos this weekend. My brother-in-law and his brother came out to wyoming to go deer and antelope hunting. I had a momentary panic this morning because I haven't had a chance yet to make a meal plan, but once I got the boys all out the door this morning I had some quiet time to plan it all out.

gardnerjoy, good for you for making a plan for smaller portions of the oatmeal stovetop cookies for the future. I think it signals a real change that you can feel satisfied with smaller portions.

Good for you BillBE for passing up free food. I don't know what it is about free food. I find myself drawn to food I would never otherwise crave when it's free.

10-10-2009, 12:13 PM
I’m not quite sure where to start since it’s been so long since I posted. I feel like I need an intro to this like ‘previously in China, Maine’. ;) So the day I last posted I was 4 weeks into an insomnia marathon, but had just switched allergy meds and work’s crazed schedule was beginning to recede to merely hectic.

I had a 5 day weekend starting 10/1 because my DHs cousin arrived for a visit. Starting that night I slept like a baby each night. By Wednesday of this week, I was feeling back to normal physically. Work is hectic, but I haven’t woken up to review my to-do list in the middle of the night since I returned to work. :D

The best news is that Beck’s skills really seem to be a habit now. We ate out constantly, and I consciously made positive choices at each restaurant. I don’t think I ate more – or wanted to eat more – than I do at home when op. My eating plan is have 1500-1700 calories / day on weekdays and 1600-2000 on weekends. During DHs cousin’s visit, I averaged 1600 calories a day. This is huge for me, I’ve never been able to do this at any point in my life. I’ve always felt ‘entitled’ to eat whatever looks good when we have company or we’re on vacation. It was calming not to feel the regret afterwards…

I didn’t exercise as much as usual during her visit. Mostly because I was physically exhausted from the insomnia. I had 2 days of rest during the weekend, which really paid off the day after each. So, although I didn’t exercise to my plan, it was clearly the healthier choice. It felt weird, or somehow wrong, on the days I didn't exercise. I don't mean I beat myself up, but I kept feeling the urge to get up and exercise even though I had decided not to. Again, :crossed: maybe Beck's skills really are a habit for me now.

DHs cousin is thin, and only due to diet. She doesn’t like to exercise. It was interesting to watch her food choices. She is thin because she *thinks* thin…

DH is in South Dakota now. His Aunt started to fail quickly while his cousin was here. So, he’s gone off to be with his Mom and facilitate where he can. His Aunt is 93 and lived a full, happy life. She has had a steady stream of visitors and phone calls for the last 5 days. I don’t think she’s been aware of them for the last 2, but it is a testament to the impact she’s had on others. DHs Mom is in hospice, and the hospice nurse told DH that his Mom has said she wants to come to Maine when her sister passes. :yay: We’ve been encouraging her to come stay with us for years, but have understood her desire to be with her sister. Last night on the phone, DH and I were plotting on how to get things set up for her as quickly as possible.

:df: *10 day report* WI-down 2.1 lbs. (hit my mini-goal) I read my cards everyday, but didn’t make a plan when I had company. Food – great, Exercise – pretty good

No personals yet, I’ll start later today or tomorrow. But I’ve missed you guys! :wave:

10-10-2009, 02:13 PM
Hi Coaches

I'm not feeling very ambitious today. In fact, I feel like lying in bed with the covers pulled over my head. I slept lousy last night and I feel completely stressed out today. My weight was up this morning (credit for weighing myself only once) and I find myself wanting, and succeeding, in eating enormous quantities of food once more. Several times over the last few days I have chosen to eat until I hurt.
I hate being back here again.
And I hate never getting it.
I know I have a few things to do today:
1) get on the bus and go feed my friend's cat as they are away for the thanksgiving weekend
2) get a few groceries today
3) clean the kitchen. It dawned on me yesterday that I can't work in there at all. I need to get my environment in order.
4) find my volumetrics book. I can't believe I've lost it :(

bye for now.

10-10-2009, 08:45 PM
Evening :)

Kudos Bill for skipping the free lunch totally!

ChinaMaine~ sounds like you've been busy, and making some decent choices! Kudos! Im always fascinated by "thin" peoples food choices...especially when they don't eat alot of salad, or exercise much.

onebyone~ *hugs*

Has anyone heard from Tera?

Big Honkin Kudos for me....tossed another garbage bag of "stuff" and another 1/2 bag is filled! :cb: It always amazes me how much better I feel when Ive cleaned out and sorted stuff.

My kitchen is still a jumbled mess from all the stuff that is out of its place in the living room and dining room due to skim coating being done on the walls. So Im still in a mess...but its getting better.

Food choices today were not the greatest, but I didnt eat to excess. Big kudos for that one today.

Have food planned for tomorrow and monday. Yah me! :D and decluttering :cb:

Have a great evening everyone!

10-10-2009, 11:03 PM
Top of the Stove Cookies

Caveat: I haven't actually tried this version yet. I'm thinking this would be a serving of one. To fit in my plan, it would either be breakfast or it would take the place of both of my afternoon snacks.

I've put butter back in this because I can use pastured butter from Whole Foods, which has natural omega-3s and CLAs. I have made it before without butter, just increase the peanut butter measurement by a little to compensate. Also, I keep adding oatmeal until it won't get covered anymore.

1 t sugar
1 t butter
2 T skim milk
1 T peanut butter

2 t cocoa
a drop of vanilla
1/4 c oatmeal

Stir the first four ingredients into a small saucepot and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and add the cocoa and vanilla, mixing well. Add the oatmeal and stir until covered.

The original recipe says to drop this by teaspoonfuls on waxed paper and let it dry. My mother always spread it out in a cookie sheet to dry and then cut it like bar cookies. I like it warm and I'm impatient, so I usually dump it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon.

10-11-2009, 12:06 AM
I didn't write down a food plan today, but I had one in my head and followed it, so I'm going to mark myself op. I'm glad to know that I can do that, but I think it's too soon to make that a regular practice. So, I've written my food plan for tomorrow.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +60, 507/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: I think you could write a chapter for us about how to resist FREE food. Great job!

Ruthxxx: I found The End of Overeating very helpful -- hope you like it!

Shepherdess: Yay for you for getting out in the weather -- and for noticing its beauty.

ChinaMaine: so good to see you back and to hear you report that Beck is really working for you.

onebyone: :hugs:

RobinW: yay for 2 days of food plans and for all the decluttering!

10-11-2009, 12:53 AM
Update: walked about an hour. credit. I can't believe how hard it is to start just plain walking. It dawned on me that the less I do, the less I want to do and the more difficult it is to get started but once I do it I want to do more and then I get mad it's so hard and I get mad I feel so bad so I force myself to do more and lko and behod, i do more, hence the report of more than the 20min it took to go feed my friend's cat. I schlepped home some groceries. credit. I cooked from scratch. credit. I got closer to making that list of meals and got closer to getting the living room cleared so I can use the wii fit again but have made no progress with the kitchen cleaning. And I can't find the darn Volumetrics book either.

Maybe tomorrow coaches.

Have a good night.

10-11-2009, 08:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went walking in some woods west of Boston with DW just to see it changing into fall and unexpectedly saw three Blue Birds - a treat. CREDIT moi for out and about even though it wasn't particularly strenuous. With our binoculars we could see that the raspberry bushes were still producing in a field, but the associated farm stand didn't have any - "Not enough to be commercially viable," the farmer told us. Oh Well.

Made a batch of granola that will last me two weeks; CREDIT moi. Told myself that I'd hear the timer bell from the next room while I was on the net because I'm not the kind of guy to get so immersed that I'd miss that. Ooops ... good thing that I like my granola a little bit well done, LOL.

maryblu - Waving. Hope your Twins bounce back tonight. The Red Sox Nation - also down 0-2 - gets its chance to recover about noon Eastern Time.

onebyone - Kudos for the steps to get back in your grove - an hour's walk is a fine whack to the system. Ouch for the eating; Kudos for responding by bringing home real groceries and cooking from scratch. Sending supportive thoughts for making room in your house for yourself from one struggling clutterer to another.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, Honking Big Kudos for progress in clearing the clutter. Think I'll piggy-back on your success by aiming for a half-bag myself today.

ChinaMaine - Sending supportive thoughts as your family deals with your DH's Aunt. I wish our society had a less gloomy way of discussing end of life for those who've completed their cycle. Good news that his mother is coming to Maine.

Congrats on hitting your new mini-goal and for beating that insomnia. Interesting that the thin cousin "Thinks thin." It's one of my favorite points in Beck's book that thin people do think about what they eat.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the Stovetop Oatmeal Cookie recipe; adding peanut butter, vanilla, and cocoa seems like getting it all in one cookie, LOL. Kudos for having a written food plan - there is a strong pull to just skip the obvious steps and the first chapters in Beck's books stress that you don't take half a dose of anti-biotics just because you're feeling better.

Shepherdess - Ouch for October winter - like ice in the dog's paws winter; that's so real. But Big Kudos for going out anyway. And Kudos for staying on plan with house guests - that can be a challenge.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - You're getting the new Beck book with the simplified five stages; neat. Sorry you'll have to face your "Thanksgiving Feast" without it.

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

Your diet should be healthy. You might be able to lose weight on a diet that isn't nutritious, but eventually your body will rebel and you'll start to gain back the excess weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 65.

10-11-2009, 07:45 PM

been cooking and baking all day :)

10-11-2009, 08:13 PM
Hi coaches:turkey:

I'm stuck on the History channel today. It's Thanksgivingus Maximus weekend. woot:thanks2:woot They are showing documentaries about ancient talking about live naval battles in the coliseum. They flooded the coliseum floor and fought it out. Hmmm. In a previous episode I watched Caesar command his army to build a bridge across the rhine river so he could walk over and slaughter the germans to teach them to obey and stop rebelling already. The wooden bridge took 10 days to build and then Caesar burned it when he did what he set out to do. I found myself pondering how our local city council cannot come to any decisions on any kind of city business. Had they been faced with constructing that bridge they'd have failed on all levels. Actually with that lot they would never ever have had the vision to see a bridge over the rhine.

Is this why there are maxims like "it was better in the good old days"?
Doubt it.

so as you can see I am in relax mode.

I made dinner from scratch (credit)
got out and fed my friend's cat and walked (credit)
will use the wii fit this evening goal=5minutes (Big Credit did 20min)
I just out the leftovers away and resisted taking a few spoonfuls telling myself I already knew what it tasted like and it would be in the fridge for me tomorrow (Big Credit)

No coincidence I am trying today as I have been reading the Thin for Life book again and it's just so darn positive and hopeful. I find myself saying to myself "I can do this." and better yet "I want to do this. Right now" Talk about things to be thankful for. I'll take an attitude shift as a great thanksgiving gift.

:thanks1:see ya.:happ3:

PS BillBlueEyes can you share some of your ARC's? :)

10-11-2009, 09:32 PM
weekend flyby while my kid procrastinates bedtime by sitting on the potty, teasing me by saying "i'm going to poop" every so often. i thought it'd be less appealing if i wasn't in there with him, but lo, he's chatting and singing with his pjs at his knees, been sitting there by himself a good 15 minutes. no poop tonight. oh well!

onebyone, i bet that walking and resting are probably the two best things you can do to get yourself back in the groove. me, i've been overeating this entire weekend, and sort of watching myself and wondering why i don't seem to care today if i lose any more weight or not. thought about ARCs, and they're just not inspiring me. huh. once the week starts, i'm back on program, because it's habit. should figure out (e.g. PLAN) better habits for the weekend. it's hard when it's a lot of eating out, and choosing lesser evils.

bill, there's a method to the madness - with letters, if the name of the letter (as you pronounce it out loud) starts with a vowel, then the indefinite article is "an;" because you say the letter "S" as "ess", it starts with a vowel, hence "an S..." you'd use an "a" for the letter "T" but an "an" for "N," etc.

have to cut this short...i have to get my kid off the toilet before he ends up with 'roids. cheers all!

10-11-2009, 10:24 PM
My rate of weight loss has slowed down the last month or more. It’s not a big shift yet, but it has dropped below 1 lb per week. I’ve been considering whether to respond by making big changes to my diet. I’ve decided not to. For one thing, I’m very comfortable that I could eat like I am now for the rest of my life. Secondly, the weight will come off slowly – from 1/2 to 1 lb per week - whether I diet more aggressively or not. So, it’s a question of reaching my goal weight in May, or July or September of 2010. Adjusting to a new diet now is just not something I’m willing to face… (Now if I start losing less than 1/2 lb a week, I'll have to make some big decisions, I fear.)

I hiked a smallish mountain today, and was rewarded by a great view of the ocean. The trees at the coast are about 30% from peak, but they are at peak right here. Too bad we’ve had so many wind and rain storms the last week or so. The leaves fall off the trees as fast as they turn color, so almost half the trees are already leafless. Oh well.

I had my first video call with my MIL today. It was so much fun – much more than I expected! She did confirm to DH that she is 100% sure she’ll come check the house out, and 99% sure she’ll stay. :woohoo:

She does look tired though, but DH told me at dinner time she was doing much better now. I’m a little worried about her – so it’s been weighing on me a bit today. I’m glad I got out of the house…

:df: WI-up 0.9 lbs. I read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise –op (Sat-43m, Sun-115m)

Robin I too am fascinated by thin people’s food choices. The fascination started with reading Beck’s book. So I’m always looking to see if thin people make choices that result in being thin, or just have a magical metabolism that allows them to eat freely. So far, I’ve found thin people really do seem to make wise choices. But, like you say, they don’t eat just salads – they eat real food, just more wisely than I have in the past…

I have a garage full of CRAP and have no will power to face it down. So a huge, envious, credit from me. ;) And I love your bathroom saga, can’t wait to see a picture of the result.

gardenerjoy The recipe looks yummy! Kudos for sticking to you rmental plan. I too can usually stick to my ‘mental plans’, but find I start slipping if I do it for more than a few days. I do a written plan most days…

Bill I’ve never seen Blue Birds outside of my Mom’s back yard. Very jealous… Re thinking thin – I know, it’s the aspect of her book that causes *me* to think about thinking thin. (And I'm thinking it'd be cool if there's anyway to use the work 'think' one more time. I think not...) Humor aside, I’m totally on board with the 'thinking thin' concept now… And, thanks for the supportive thoughts – it does help.

one by one :yay: for the history channel – gotta love it. Sounds like you were having a rough couple of days, so kudos for getting yourself back on track and for getting back to basics. That is tough to do, so give *yourself* a lot of credit too!

Kuhljeanie lol at the singing, and not pooping, boy. I remember the days…

Ouch for ‘ i've been overeating this entire weekend, and sort of watching myself and wondering why i don't seem to care today. Good luck getting back on plan. :hug:

10-11-2009, 11:00 PM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. 10,000+ steps, credit. Coming in under calorie goal, yay! After weight being up 2.5 lbs, I was glad to do better today.

ChinaMaine--Credit for the clear thinking on rate of weight loss--that's very cool to be able eat and lose, no matter what the pace. I too am fascinated when I watch my SIL eat--she's thin, and has a little of this and a little of that, and always wants a smaller piece. It's not "diet food"--just small amounts of regular food.

kuhljeanie--ouch for a weekend of overeating. Weekends are harder for me too. Credit for beginning to think about how to plan for them.

onebyone--Happy Thanksgiving! I grew up in Canada, and US thanksgiving seems bizarrely late. Credit for stopping before painful fullness--that's a big credit!

Bill--credit for making your own granola! That's a great idea.

Shepherdess--credit for getting out and walking in spite of weather! I have that draw to free food too. It's very frustrating. I have to remind myself that I don't even like most of it--wouldn't cook it, or pay for it.

10-11-2009, 11:36 PM
ChinaMaine~ scroll up a few days...I have before and almost done photos posted

10-12-2009, 12:13 AM

Thanks for sharing! His antics + your humor=big *** laughs

(I knew the equation would please you)

P.S. all...Mad Men rocked tonight!

10-12-2009, 12:16 AM
I'm gradually working more things than weight loss back into my life. Fortunately, the new habits for eating and exercise have taken enough of a hold that I seem to be able to focus for awhile on other things -- like writing a novel in a month in November (November is NaNoWriMo (, National Novel Writing Month). In the past, moving on to other things has been a death knell for my diets, but this one is different -- starting with it's not a diet and ending with my now-established habits of planning my food and posting here.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +65, 572/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

onebyone: Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a great day on all kinds of levels. I'm so pleased. Sending warm thoughts.

BillBlueEyes and maryblu: my team's out of the post season. Good thing I wasn't very invested in it this year. I hope your teams fare better.

RobinW: yay for cooking and baking!

kuhljeanie: a funny, clever kid you've got!

ChinaMaine: Yay for the hike! That's good to know that you can stick to a mental plan for a day or two, but it's better not to go too long. I think I'll learn from your experience rather than trying that out on my own!

Nuxmaga: good job on the steps and yay for being under your calorie goal!

10-12-2009, 07:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Today is bump my signature by a month day; CREDIT moi. It seems a bit presumptuous to take credit for the earth orbiting around the sun while all I do is eat gloriously good food - just in moderation.

The good news is that I enjoyed a street fair - another Oktoberfest with music - and didn't take a bottle of the FREE "Energy Drink" being handed out, even though it was mango flavored. The ingredients list started, "Carbonated water, sugar, ..." When I was a kid we called that Kool-aid, LOL. But it's new behavior for me to not take the bottle home at least and then annoy my DW by leaving it in the fridge for weeks until I could foist it on one of the kids.

maryblu - Watching Mad Men was a better choice than Sad Men on the baseball channel - either game. Sending condolences for your Twins who, one more time, locked up a game until the last innings, from a Red Sox fan who was also ingloriously swept out of post season.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for weekend eating and "choosing lesser evils." Yay for el nino for keeping you from becoming complacent, LOL. Thanks for the grammar summary. I think my tension is when an acronym is sometimes spoken as a word and sometimes by the letters and my choice of "a" or "an" tells the reader how they are supposed to read it.

onebyone - LOL at "Thanksgivingus Maximus weekend." Know about bridges; my city took three years to replace a local bridge that was key to all the traffic in the area. Kudos for putting away the leftovers without that insidious extra spoonful tastes - that describes behavior that I'd do.

My top three Advantage Response Card are:
Healthy life style allows "I am engaged"
Healthy life style empowers personal and spiritual growth - "I am being responsible"
Weight distorts all other medical advice (e.g “But you should lose weight first”)

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for "cooking and baking" on the weekend as prep for the week ahead. Seems like a natural part of a Beck strategy of planning.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for the sane response to your rate of weight loss. Makes good sense to stick to the way-of-eating that fits you and let your body choose its response. Good news that your MIL will definitely come check things out - good cautious response for a ninety year old.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for breaking thru the 10,000 steps. Neat thought about being drawn to free food that you 'wouldn't cook it, or pay for."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - kudos for "not a diet and ending with my now-established habits of planning my food and posting here." Yay for the audacity of writing a novel in one month; can't wait to hear how that evolves.

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

Choose a diet that includes food you like and can easily prepare. You'll be much more likely to stick to a diet that allows food you find both tasty and convenient.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 65.

10-12-2009, 12:18 PM
did my first workout with my new gym partner today. She's signed up for a 2 week free trial...hopefully she likes it and joins :crossed:

:wave: Have a great day everyone!

10-12-2009, 12:56 PM
I was able to stick to my plan this weekend, despite a houseful of people. I actually ran into my biggest temptation yesterday late morning after the guests were gone (yes, they were successful mighty hunters!). My husband and I were had just come in from checking on all the critters. I was really cold and somehow that made all of the high energy food (read junk food) the hunters left really appealing. I decided I just needed to warm up, made a hot cup of tea and distracted myself by cooking zuccini pancakes for next weeks lunches. Oddly, I found cooking to be a great distraction to keep me from eating. It kept my mind focused on my food plan and standing over a hot stove felt really nice!

I was going to go for a run this morning, but it's still really cold and the weather report predicts that it will be in the mid 30s by late afternoon and I'll run then instead. I can give a better effort when it's warmer.

Hi ChinaMaine. I'm impressed you were able to stick to a mental plan with company around!

Onebyone, the Rome series sounds great! I'm a huge history buff as well. Congrats on getting your house organized--I have some rooms that need to be cleared, but haven't gotten there yet. Also, good for you for all the exercise!

RobinW, good for you for cooking all day. Yay for workout with gym partner!

Gardnerjoy, I'm impressed that you were able to follow a mental plan! Good for you that the new eating and exercise has become a habit!

BillBE, good job on resisting free drink at oktoberfest! I loved the walk in the woods, even if I'm a bit jealous of your pleasant fall weather. Oh well, it's supposed to warm up into the 50s and possibly even 60s next week. I am looking forward to that!

Kuhljeanie, weekends are always hard for me too. Here's to a good week!

Nuxema, kudos on coming in under calorie goal!

Maryblu, glad to see you're a Mad Men fan as well. I just finished watching the last season. I watch everything when it comes out on DVD since I don't get TV out here in the sticks. I think I could get some channels if I climbed onto the roof and hooked up an antenna, but why bother?

Happy Monday all!

10-12-2009, 01:28 PM
Hello Coaches

I woke up to face the day and all my work ahead of me and I so wanted to avoid it so much that I called my mother, cleared space ina room and I exercised.
So credit moi for 30 min of wii aerobic stuff. I am constantly surpriaed that the wii fit can cause me to sweat but it does. (credit to the designers of the wii fit for making something that makes me sweat without expecting it.)

kuhljeanie What a smart boy you have! He sure knows what to do to keep your attention and avoid bedtime! Sorry for the lax weekend re:food intake. I find weekends way tougher than during the week too. I still have a "reward" mentality about "getting through" the week even though I am certainly not in any kind of job/work schedule to warrant that kind of thinking. Old habitual thought me thinks. I may be consulting with you re: freezing foods soon. I am going to make a foodplan today. I want to take advantage of this forward momentum while I have it. And I am thrilled a bout your interior design class btw. Have you lined up the job shadow yet?

ChinaMaine Hello. I am totally impressed by your calmness at your weight loss slowing down. Your response sounds so very sane. I love that you know you are not willing to do x to get y and are happy with things the way they are going. Why panic? Awesome. As for your MIL I feel a low level of constant worry about my mother. It doesn't seem to leave me and I don't know what to do about that except keep in touch and eventually I'll accept she is okay in her new apartment. I hope all goes well for you and your family.

Nuxmaga Kudos for being under your calorie goal :carrot: and getting a good day in. I hope to read the same thing today...

RobinW Congrats on getting to the gym in the morning with your new gym partner. Sounds great! Do you get to try out your new bathtub soon?

maryblu Mad Men is a visual feast. Love it. And no calories for all that deliciousness ;)

gardenerjoy I too am gearing up for Nanowrimo. There are four of us who do it together. Last year they all made their 50,000 word count I did 5500 but was in school full time. I have a vague plan for my story. I recall you had some artwork juried? judged? I am avoiding getting three submissions ready for the end of the week. My task today is to gather images and to pick and choose to support my artist statements. Seems we have a few things in common... not to mention Beck as well of course. :)

BillBlueEyes Thanks so much for sharing some of your arc's. I love your in sight that engaging in mindless eating distances us from our true selves. It's like living in a fog, or a purple haze to be more colourful here. Thank you for the reminder that this behaviour goes deeper than the size of my clothes. And indeed, the Dr. does always get round to the "lose some weight" statement if you are overweight. yeah, I'd like to get that out of the way too...not to mention avoiding making things worse by being overweight. That'd be a great goal/arc too.

Shepherdess Good job staying on track with your plan. Credit to you for doing so. Hope you get that "warm" 30F temp so you get your run in!

Off to deal with my art submissions now... and to put the turkey on. Bye!

10-12-2009, 04:14 PM
onebyone~ soon....the paint smell is still really strong in there. I need to get myself some bubbles too :D

10-12-2009, 09:43 PM
Food today was good. When DH is away I make a big pot of something and just eat it for dinner until it’s gone. I made a White Chili for Saturday night, and will probably be able to eat it another 3 nights. Well, I will if I can stand eating something 6 nights in a row. :D Exercise was good – core, 30+ mins of walking Moose and kayaking.

I’m sad today. DH’s Aunt died last night. And it was a good thing for her. She’d lived a great, full, productive life. She had left the world a better place. But I’m sad; I’ll miss her. Since DH is in SD I’m alone, well except for Moose, and that doesn’t help much. I’m trying to be productive and to keep happy things on, but still sad. I can’t help the little child-like voice that asks, why does anyone have to die? Why does anything have to change? At 50, you’d think I’d have left such questions behind…

There is a silver lining though. DH and his Mom will arrive within 10 days he thinks. My DS and nephew come on Thursday night for a visit from the Cinci/Columbus area. I plan to put them to work whipping MILs new digs into shape. Furniture to move, boxes to unpack, decisions to be made. Then we’ll head out to hike and kayak our hearts out. ;)

:df: WI-unchanged. I read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise –op(68m)

Margaret Credit for exercise and food under your calorie goal!

gardenerjoy I LOVE your attitude about our new Beck-path ‘ starting with it's not a diet and ending with my now-established habits of planning my food and posting here’ Write a novel in a month?? Wow how cool. Do you stop working while you’re doing it?

Bill :yay: for signature changing day. It was cold here today; I’m sure it was by you. I headed out with just a sweatshirt on at 6 with Moose and the wind just whipped through my sweatshirt. And your words about under-dressing came back to me – that it motivated you to walk more briskly. It spurred me on to finish my planned walk rather than skittering back towards home…

Robin :crossed: for your exercise buddy sticking with it.

shepherdess :welcome2: (belatedly) It was snowing where my DH is yesterday, so I assume you are in western Wyoming? I think Wyoming is just beautiful, so flat and yet undulating.

Kudos for your success when you have junk-food-eating-hunters for company! I too have had my biggest temptations just after letting my guard down. Credit for handling it so well. :)

one by one :yay: for exercising – imagine indeed! :D And :hug: for your Mom-anxiety. Thanks for sharing…

Is there anyone else out ther addicted to Glee?

10-12-2009, 10:39 PM
Made a Plan B for supper -- instead of grilling on a gloomy evening, I went with assorted roasted vegetables and chicken with pasta. Much more appropriate for the day and a reasonable substitute for the original plan.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +39, 611/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: good for you for turning away Kool-aid by another name -- I was really startled when I first read the ingredients list of an energy drink.

RobinW: good job on the workout with a partner!

Shepherdess: Yay for cooking as a distraction from off-plan eating -- it works for me, too!

onebyone: Good job for getting back to the wii fit! It was Nuxmaga with the juried work. But I still think we have lots in common! I'm so thrilled that you're doing NaNo. I just decided on my story and have started to play with characters and outlining. Hope the art submission goes well.

ChinaMaine: so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself; grieving is hard work. Even when it seems like there are good reasons for it to be easier -- it's still hard.
Last year, I managed a part-time gig and NaNoWriMo at the same time. This year, my only November job is leaf control. That's not a small job, but it's a lot better than working full-time while writing a novel. A lot of people manage it, though.

10-13-2009, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I did make progress against the clutter yesterday; CREDIT moi and thanks to you guys fighting the good battle as models. Brought a sofa and chair with good wooden frames and pleasing tartan plaid cushions from the basement to the curb where, much to my delight, they were snarfed up within an hour. May they have a pleasant second life. And removed a pile of "stuff" in addition. And also a ginormous bag of plastic bags, Styrofoam, and bubble wrap is in the trunk of my car to drop off at a city recycle center after work today.

Eating was OP; CREDIT moi. I still haven't mastered this portions business. When DW makes spaghetti for dinner, it's serve yourself the portion you want. I always peek at how much she serves herself to size my plate. It's just not intuitive to me and I haven't broken down into measuring or weighting yet. I think my earlier thoughts of "Oh good, I can take all I want" are diminished but my thoughts of having no idea what a plate of spaghetti should look like remain.

onebyone - Yay for being the good daughter and calling your mother - no doubt she especially needs that in her new environment. Kudos for clearing a space for exercise with your diabolic wii. Neat visual, "It's like living in a fog, or a purple haze."

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for working out with a partner - that's such a good plan for motivation.

ChinaMaine - Continue to send supportive thoughts as you deal with the loss of your DH's aunt. May she rest in peace. Add me to the club of those who still ask, "Why does anything have to change?"

Kudos for walking more briskly rather than "skittering back towards home." Yep, we had sufficient cold down here that I wore warm up pants to walk to the gym - first time for the season.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having a plan B that was more appealing. LOL that "my only November job is leaf control." Yep, facing that here as well. However daunting the job of raking up leaves from the giant elm out front, each elm leaf I rake I'm grateful to have one of the few survivors of Dutch Elm disease around here.

Shepherdess - Emily Post needs an additional rule for house guests: junk food, like dirty underwear, is never to be left behind. Kudos for standing it down with hot tea. Drooling over your zucchini pancakes; never had them but have faced a mound of zucchini wondering what to do, LOL.

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

Choose a diet that's flexible. You'll need to follow your diet in many different situations, such as dining out, vacations, business dinners, travel, and special occasions. Your meal plan must allow for these common life events - otherwise you might find yourself backsliding.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 66.

10-13-2009, 08:45 AM
Ive planned for an unplanned day. Except for supper. That's in the crockpot! :D

Im heading to a symposium this am....lets hope all the Phd'ers know what they are talking about. Im trying very hard to keep an open mind about this!!!!!! If I had known this whole thing was going to be put on by phd ppl instead of real business owners I would not have signed on for it. :rolleyes: Oh well...they are serving breakfast and lunch. I will plan to eat mindfully and only eat until I am no longer hungry.

Exercise....walking all over the flipping campus to get to the different breakout sessions. Fun eh?!

Have a great day everyone!

10-13-2009, 12:04 PM
Hi coaches

I woke up this morning in excruciating pain. Man. My right leg's upper outer thigh was completely on fire. :flame: I couldn't even touch it it hurt so back--like sharp pinpricks all over, and feeling totally inflammed from the inside out. *sigh* my meralgia paresthetica, as diagnosed by my doctor earlier this year. *big f'nsigh* So what made it flare up? well I think it was my sudden 30min wii fit aerobic activity, all leg based, yesterday morning. I am really pissed I cannot do what I want! So, until I relieve the pressure on my nerve by losing some weight (wonder how much?) I can't be gung ho. Gee. I think I may be going swimming tonight, if only to find out if that is an ok activity for me to do or not. The pain is most inte nse overniht when I am lying in bed. ugh. Right now just sitting here my leg muscle feels "tight" and sore, but it's not bad enough to prevent walking or any such nonsense so I am off to the school and the ceramic room.

10-13-2009, 01:45 PM
It never warmed up much yesterday afternoon, but I did my run anyways. Credit for not letting other things get in my way. My legs were really dragging the first mile--note to self, I can't skimp on a warm-up in cold weather! BTW ChinaMaine, I live in central Wyoming. We live about 25 miles SE of Casper and yes, we are having unsually cold weather for this time of year. We have had a few nights down in the single digits, which portends to a long, bitter winter. I think this might be payback for tempting fate. My sisters were were visiting me in WY for the first time a few months ago, and I was telling them that in this area in Wyoming, winters are only mentally difficult, not physically difficult. It can get cold and we have serious wind, but we don't get much snow. I should have knocked on wood.

onebyone, so sorry about the leg pain. That sounds miserable! Good for you for trying to find an alternative exercise.

Robin, good job "planning for an unplanned day!" I tend to panic when I don't have control over the menu; so I'm impressed with your zen approach.

BillBE, kudos on getting rid of clutter. I hope this is contagious because I have some serious clutter that needs some attention. Good job on your progress with mastering portion sizes. I only have a vague idea of portion sizes if I cooked it and know how many it is supposed to serve. Otherwise, I am totally in the dark.

Gardnerjoy, I'm impressed with your ability to be flexible but still stay on track!

Chinamaine, good job sticking to your exercise even in chilly weather. So sorry to hear about your loss. Death is still hard, even when you're prepared for it. It's difficult to see that generation pass on; they still have more stories I haven't heard. My heart goes out to you.

10-13-2009, 02:00 PM
BillBE, if you need another way to get rid of zuccini, this is they zucchini pancake recipe as it appears in the Moosewood cookbook (serves 4).

4 packed cups coarsely grated zucchini
4 eggs separated
1 cup crumbled feta cheese
3/4 tsp dried mint
1/2 cup minced scallions
1/3 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste
butter for frying
sour cream or yogurt for topping
1. Lightly salt zucchini and let it stand in a colandar for 15 minutes, then squeaze out the excess water.
2. Combine zucchini, egg yolks, feta, scallions, flour and spices and mix well.
3. Beat egg whites until they form soft peaks and fold into zucchini mix.
4. Fry in butter until both sides are golden brown

I cut the fat by using reduced fat feta cheese, and 2 tbsp lowfat yogurt per serving. I also find that I only need 1 tbsp of butter for frying and I just carefully portion it out as I fry more batter. Using cooking spray instead would further cut the fat.

The result is (with my alterations): 240 calories, 12.5 g fat (6.5 g sat), 3 g fiber, 16 g carbs, 17 g protein per serving.

10-13-2009, 02:18 PM
hey everyone,

staying home yesterday and today to nurse a minor cold, and use up comp time now that i'm back on the bench. it's WONDERFUL. i really needed a break. eating was still crap yesterday as i played human garbage disposal. it's been a while since i felt that strongly compelled to overeat, to the point of being uncomfortable. today is much better, and i'm wondering, what the heck was THAT all about? did i need a rest that badly? argh. i'm not enjoying my life very much right now, and feel trapped by my finances. yuck, yuck, yuck. need to find another way to think about things. i did get an interview with a designer/architect, and i'm completely excited about that. if i'm being totally honest with myself, i'm also feeling guilty because my job does pay well, and i'm still complaining about it even though i have family members who are struggling to keep the electricity on. and just, yuck. i hate cold and dark and winter's coming.

onebyone, boy do i hope you feel better soon!!!! mary, glad i could entertain. :) el nino cracks himself up sometimes - he'll repeat a word like "pigbutt" and just laugh himself sick. i need to take a page from his book. and robin, FWIW, my mom's got a Ph.D but says that the thing that makes Ph.Ds different from those without, is that the ones who have them wrote a very long paper. according to her, many aren't all that smart - they just wrote a very long paper.

everyone's busting out the crockpots, aren't we? i also made a white chili, but it won't last long. am planning for another dinner party this saturday - french onion soup, potatoes roasted with pancetta, garlic broccolini, surf and turf (sea bass and sirloin) with a tarragon bernaise. and a pear frangipane tart for dessert. man, i love to cook. i wanted to make a pear charlotte but don't have the time to make all the components. have to keep the faith that the universe has enough magic up its cosmic sleeves to find a way to get me doing the things i was meant to do, without my working myself into a lather about it. right?


10-13-2009, 10:27 PM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. Walked at lunch, credit. Didn't have my pedometer, but I probably came close to my goal of 10,000 steps for the day. Stayed under calories, credit. Cooked dinner, credit! Eating at home saves so many calories. I have some sabotaging thinking about how eating out is easier, or we deserve a treat--sometimes it is, and sometimes it really really isn't! I had dinner done in less than 1/2 hr, compared to driving to a restaurant and back.
Well, off to bed.

10-13-2009, 10:45 PM
lol Thanks Jean!!

10-13-2009, 11:12 PM
It was a fine, ho hum day. I did an upper body workout and walked Moose. The UBW was an intense workout of my shoulders – 8 sets each of lateral raises and upright rows, plus misc other exercises. Ouch! Food was good, op, with no real sabotaging thoughts. Ho hum is very relaxing. ;)

My head is humming trying to figure out all the things I want to do before MIL arrives. Of course, we need a stair-lift so she can easily get upstairs to her room. When I designed the house, I created 2nd floor suite area for her – about 375 sq ft. I wanted it to be her area, her ‘space’. But we haven’t really furnished it beyond the bed and end tables. She makes jewelry and gem trees, so I need to get a table & chair that’ll be dedicated to that. We need a nice tv for her room. And I want to get a mini-fridge, coffee maker and microwave so she doesn’t have to tromp downstairs, unless she *wants* to. Oh and she’s a mega-reader, so we need to move a comfie recliner up to her room so she can read in comfort with a view of the lake. Of course, also need to think about support bars for the bathroom. And I’m sure I’m forgetting something. ;)

:df: WI-up .4 lbs. I read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise –op(55m)

Margaret Sounds like a great day – kudos!

Kuhljeanie Your party menu sounds so yummy! I’m glad staying home is ‘WONDERFUL’. I am in the same boat when it comes to the golden handcuffs of our kind of work. How do you make the choice to walk away from financial security? That said, one needs to enjoy life, find a balance. I wish you luck in finding it.

shepherdess Kudos for running in this weird weather. I know it will seem the normal temp in a few months, but it is still October… I’ve never been to Casper. I have driven to Devil’s Tower from the Black Hills 4 or 5 times. And have been to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons a couple of times. Is it pretty near where you are?

one by one It’s too bad exercise causes such pain. Is it something you can become adjusted to by starting really slowly and working up to longer periods of time? It seems like swimming is a good idea though. Credit for going to school in spite of the pain…

Robin I hope the symposium was worth the time. :)

Bill Kudos for decluttering. It’s is so easy to let inertia take over. I hope some nice people get to use your old sofa. Like you, portion control is just as much a mystery to me.

gardenerjoy Nice save on dinner! About NaNoWriMo – on their website I saw ‘ It's all about quantity, not quality. The kamikaze approach forces you to lower your expectations, take risks, and write on the fly.. It seems like it’d be really effective way to break through your own sabotaging thoughts abour writing. I don’t write fiction, just really boring technical stuff. But usually I have to start off a big new project by jumping in and writing, writing, writing. (That’s after procrastinating, googling, facebooking, whatever to avoid it for a few hours, of course…) I usually end up going back and tearing apart the work I did in the first few hours, but it’s the only way I know how to actually get into it. Have you written 50K words by 11/30 before?

10-13-2009, 11:12 PM
An exhausting day of cooking and gardening. But I got a lot done! Applesauce, chicken stock, pesto, bread. A lot of time on my feet and I have a sore knee from it, but I'm hoping babying it the rest of the evening will cure it by morning.

WI: -0.5kg (new low), Exercise: +20, 631/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Making a quick read tonight so I can keep my feet up. Onebyone, I hope your pain goes away quick -- that sounds like a bad thing to half to deal with.

10-14-2009, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Obladi Oblada ... quite day here also. Seemed to spend much of the day trying to sort out which Monday things happen on Tuesday-first-day-of-the-workweek.

Talk about lessons not learned. I took off for my walk, CREDIT moi, wearing shorts and a thin sweatshirt - not a stitch of nylon. Ouch. The wind cut thru that easily and by the time I reached the corner I was thinking of ChinaMaine tempted to go "skittering back" but I upped my pace a bit and continued. A touch of denial to be sure. But evening snack was a Honeycrisp Apple that only arrives in October so that's a touch of acceptance.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch and Ouch for the cold and "human garbage disposal." Kudos for making a day off "WONDERFUL." Your party menu is amazing.

onebyone - Ouch for "excruciating pain." Sending supportive thoughts since sending virtual Ben Gay probably won't work. Kudos for your positive attitude to re-direct yourself to the pool.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for flipping about campus all day knowing that supper is quieting crockpot'ing. (I can write that if Facebook can take a respectable noun, 'friend', and make it a transitive verb, LOL.) Hope you're able to get something from the "PhD'ers" - sometimes I've been able to value the bigger view possible from those whose hands have never been dirty. Like you, however, other times I've just been annoyed.

ChinaMaine - That sounds like a royal MIL suite; Kudos for all that effort to make it a desirable place for her. Strenuous UBW workout there.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for 10K steps even if not officially pedometered. I recognize those Sabotaging Thoughts that eating out will be easier or is deserved. Yay for saving those calories and reserving restaurants for food you wouldn't cook for yourself.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's a lot of cooking! DW freezes pesto in cubes so it's a treat all winter. How do you solve the problem of portion control with home made bread?

Shepherdess - Thanks for the recipe - I get it now, it's like zucchini hash browns. The feta cheese and scallions look yummy. And thank you Moosewood, still thriving after all these years.

LOL at "winters are only mentally difficult." There is a penalty for teasing the weather gods.

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

Choose a diet that allows you to budget for indulgences. A diet that puts your favorite foods completely off limits will likely lead you to crave these foods sooner or later. Even with a set eating plan, I've found that most people do better if they formulate a rule about what they can and what they usually can't eat, meaning they can periodically plan - in advance - to have small portions of "can't eat" foods.

The Beck Diet Solution teaches you to eliminate spur-of-the-moment eating. I encourage you, however, to modify your diet by working planned indulgences into your overall plan. This can help you stick to your diet long term.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 66.

10-14-2009, 09:21 AM
Well I am happy to report that I woke up fully functioning this morning. I figured out a sleeping position that didn't aggravate that nerve in my hip. So until I lose enough weight I'll be sleeping on my side. Luckily I am blessed with the ability to fall asleep very easily so a change of position isn't all that hard to get used to. Credit for sleeping well.

And on this note, I have a"credit" of sorts to report. I was standing in the kitchen at about midnight, picking food off of the turkey remains, leisurely stuffing my face when I asked myself why, after such a good food day I was noiw doing this behaviour. I'm not a night eater and I was heading to bed but stopped to fill myself with turkey. So I actually got an answer. Fear. (I then out the turkey away) I was afraid to go to bed to wake up in excruiciating pain so I wa eating to calm myself/forget/detach/feel better. This morning waking up feeling good, it wasn't the turkey that did that, it was the big pillow between my knees as I slept. Hello? so Big Credit to me for wanting to get an answer and for thinking to stop and ask myself the question. I need more of these mental insights everyday!

As for these cats I now house... well the new one, my mother's cat, Caesar, well he has started running at full speed to "play" with my cat who hates everyone but me (Kitty X )and they get into tussles several times everyday. I think Caesar's a teenage cat. He's into everything with abandon; needs a lot of attention and reassurance; and thinks everyone should just play with him.
Kitty X still automatically growls whenever he gets within 6" of her. Really, EVERYTIME, and over the course of a day, that's a lot of times. And sometimes when they've tangled especially loudly with each other, Kitty X will turn her back and settle down (if she doesn't see him she's fine) but Caesar will sit down even closer to her, like 4" or less and just sit there. I always think he's just wearing her down. Yesterday he just wanted to be beside her, not me, not DH, but Kitty X and she was not pleased. Growls all around for her on that one. I don't know if this kind of stuff is stressful to them, or normal, or what. I only find it stressful when I see Caesar's bum wiggling back and forth up in the air, front legs out, crouched, ready to pounce on his Kitty X prey. That makes me nervous! They have yet to have a full on fight but things seem to be escalating over time not de-escalating, as Caesar is getting more and more ccomfortable=bold.

Sorry for the cat talk coaches. I don't mean to bore you.

I worked on my art gallery submission yesterday with my friend at school and so I spent no time in the ceramic room and I anticipate reading a cranky note from the cranky ceramic teacher this morning. I have my *free* ceramic class from 9-12 today and I am working on a topographical map to become a fountain and or a chia pet. Jim, the teacher, wants us to work on chia pets but I thought all those seeds growing would make a nice faux forest/vegetation surface. I am doing a map of the rivers around here, comnpolete wiht sea monsters around parliament hill... and some stagnant water too. Anyway, all my projects start out as a "great idea" and end up some ambitious project. Better go. At this rate I will be very late...

Have a great OP day.

10-14-2009, 09:26 AM
Hang in there, Beckies,

I am skating along..just a word about our sabotaging triggered the thought, onebyone. I am so sorry you are experiencing this pain; I can't imagine that much, and it is a good thing, cuz I am such a wimp..a weany, weany wimp when it comes to pain.

What occurred to me is that "all or nothing, perfectionist mentality" that traps so many of us for so long is not just about eating. We can also have that mindset that we think to be perfect and to have success, we have to do exercise at the same time we diet..X amount of hours a day, a week, whatever, and if we can't do that, then we are not being perfect and we won't have results.

Even Jillian whatever her name is ..the buff one on Loser..will admit that losing weight is about eating fewer calories..90 to 95% of successful weight loss is the result of eating less calories than you burn. Period. We have to mindful of the way we set our selves up for failure with the perfectionist attitude. What is the positive response? If I can't exercise right now, I can concentrate more on planning and eating on plan? I don't know. I am imagining Kuhljeanie and Wndranne creating a spreadsheet for amount of calories consumed v. exercise ...for the exact weight ...;);)

10-14-2009, 11:00 AM
Waiting to run until late afternoon yesterday paid off. The sun was shining and the snow was melting. The dogs and I had a beautiful, albeit muddy, run. I felt so good, I decided to do the hard intervals I usually do on Weds. I knew that today was going to be busy and I'd likely be too tired by the time I ran to put in a good effort. Credit for thinking ahead.

I made cookies yesterday for 10 guys who were out gathering cows. I resisted the urge to eat any straight out of the oven, telling myself I'd have one after dinner and it would be just as good then, and, of course, it was. The guys hoovered the cookies I set out as soon as they got back. I had some healthy choices set out as well, which they nibbled on, but the cookies were a hit. I thought I had made enough so they could have some today and even have a few left to send home to my neices. They have a few for today, but not to many. I'll never understand how those boys stay so skinny. I guess the trick is to spend four hours on the back of a horse.

After resisting eating the cookies in the afternoon, I was feeling like I deserved some kind of treat before dinner for being so good. It was getting pretty overwhelming so I read my response cards. It's the first time I've done that during a craving and it definitely helped. The one about "strengthening your resistance muscle" was particularly helpful. I was wondering if that counted as exercise. I decided that even when I have low level cravings that I can easily ignore I should practice the resistance techniques and do some distraction activities, just to get in the habit. The worst that will happen is that I'll have organized closets, a clean house and I'll call my family more often.

kuhljeanie, glad to hear your back on track. Sorry you are in a funk. My moods are pretty sensitive to weather as well. Hope the time of has helped you mend physically as well as mentally. Your menus sounds fantastic.

Nuxema, kudos for keeping the calories under goal and for logging your steps. I loved the insight about eating out.

ChinaMaine, I'm impressed by the UBW. I need to start doing weights again. My dogs make sure I don't skip too many runs (I still make some excuses), but I need to workout my non-running muscles.

BTW, if you were playing darts on a WY state map, Casper would pretty much be the bullseye. Devils Tower is in the NE corner and is about a 3 1/2 to 4 hr drive. The Tetons and Jackson Hole are in the NW and about a 4 to 4 1/2 hour drive (smaller windier roads). Those are two of the most spectacular WY sites. Love both of those area. Casper is out on the plains, the flat, undulating grasslands, but we have a nice view of the Laramie range to the south of us.

Gardnerjoy, all the cooking sounds fantastic. You are doing the smart thing and getting ready for winter before it hits! I always think that if I don't prepare for it, it won't arrive.

BillBE, kudos for not going home when things got cold. I've been enjoying the Honeycrisp apples as well. I grew up in apple country (E. Washington) and can't imagine a fall without apples, even if I have to get them trucked in from great distances.

onebyone, loved the cat stories! Sounds like my dogs. I think they are checking the pecking order, but I'm not sure if it works the same as in cats. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Kudos for coming to the realization about stress eating. We should stop calling it "comfort food" and call it "false-sense-of-comfort food."

Thanks Maryblu for the insight. Very good point!

Well, I'm off to the corrals to sort some calves then feed some cowboys!

10-14-2009, 11:39 AM
Good Morning :)

I was a very good girl this morning and got to the gym...did my workout, got home showered and into the shop by 10:15am. I only need to shift everything by 15 min. Not too shabby!

Symposium....Well, we had our "girl's night" last night. When a bunch of women business owners get together to brainstorm. Everyone asked me how it was. My answer was "Im trying to be positive...and Im probably not the person to ask" 2 of them said..."why not? Your the only one that's going to tell it like it is." :lol: I did manage to glean a few good nuggets from it. The first keynote speaker was great. The phd'ers managed to bore me to a point I had to fight to keep my eyes focused and alert. (I just dont do well with dry facts) Blah!

Ok...for the food yesterday! I had my protein shake before I left because I figured it was going to be all bready things for breakfast. I was right. Lunch was chicken ceasar salad, with buns and carrot cake for dessert. I skipped the bread and the carrot cake. I'll be honest tho, I would have tried the dessert if it was anything else. Carrot cake is famous for having nuts in I just steered clear.

I did note that everyone at my table only ate 1/2 - 3/4 of the cake. There wasnt one cleaned plate at my table. Interesting.

All in all, it was a very successful day. other note! When I have to workout in the morning, I have noticed I keep the wine intake to a minimum the night before :D

Plugging along! Have a great day everyone! :wave:

10-14-2009, 05:49 PM
Spent the last week down in Southern California celebrating my first anniversary with my wonderful husband and our friend Courtney's birthday. The group of us are fairly fanatic Disney freaks and so we spent five wonderful days in the Happiest Place on Earth.

I worried for the better part of a week wondering what I would do to keep on plan, and the other part of the week lamented the fact that I would likely gain weight because I would be unable to actually stick to a plan. Without actually knowing where and when we would be eating, I resigned myself to the inevitable and threw the towel in. Fortunately, my new eating habits apparently managed to stick, and although we were snacking all day long, I was mostly able to confine my snacks to smaller and healthier foods that would fill me up and keep me going throughout the day, and make better choices when we sat down to eat. I was rewarded this morning when I stepped on the scale to find that although I had lost no weight, I also hadn't gained any weight.

The one thing I'll say about Disney and dieting is that you're bound to do one heck of a lot of walking. Our daily average on walking was likely somewhere around three miles and at the height I'd say it was more along the lines of six miles. Around and around we went, from attraction to attraction.

On the fourth day we visited the parks all that walking, however, brought one of the worst issues I face with my weight problem to light. Three days of walking, waiting, walking, waiting, walking took a major toll on my lower back. Laughing made my back hurt, walking made my back hurt, standing made my back hurt, and with a sad sigh I had to rent a wheelchair in order to enjoy the last days of our trip. I was mortified, and although I joined in the joke that it was the best fastpass one could get in Disneyland, it embarrassed me to no end that my friends and husband had to push me and my rather large butt around.

Overall, I was pleased with myself and my progress, but I know I can do better. There are ways to go on vacation and stick to a plan, I know it. I let the "it's not fair"'s convince me that I could just let go and do whatever. Fortunately, my subconscious wasn't convinced and refused to allow me to overindulge like I thought I desired. So, that’s a success as far as I’m concerned: my mind knows what I really want and can keep me on track for a short while when I’m bound and determined to drive myself to ruin.

Goals for this week:
1. Start back on writing down my food plan.
2. Read my response cards twice a day.
3. Walk a little bit every day.
4. Try to take the stairs at work at least twice a day.

10-14-2009, 10:47 PM
I ate off plan today. Just a bit, not really overeating, but far enough off plan that I had the sabotaging thought "I'm not doing this right; I might as well eat whatever I want." I didn't go there, but I don't really want to be in the situation where the thought is relevant. I'm confident that I'll get back to it tomorrow. Less confident that I know how to prevent it the next time.

I think part of the problem was supper. It's a dish I don't really like, but DH does and it's really healthy so I keep it in the menu rotation. But it's hard not to eat before and after things that I like better. Any suggestions?

WI: +0.7kg, Exercise: +0, 631/1300 minutes for October, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

ChinaMaine: I successfully completed NaNo last year--50,000 words. The manuscript was a mess. My story had a beginning, middle, and end, but not precisely in that order! That was my eighth attempt to write a novel and the most successful to date. Most of the previous ones involved doing a lot of research but never actually getting around to writing anything.

BillBlueEyes: Usually, I manage to time the bread so that it's finished in time for lunch or my afternoon snack. So, it's just in the plan. But, I admit that was part of today's problems and it isn't the first time.

onebyone: so happy that you are doing better! And yay for the insight about the turkey.

maryblu: thanks for the observations about how perfectionism can play such a role in the sabotaging thoughts

Shepherdess: good job with the cookies! and reading the response cards! Oh yeah, false-sense-of-comfort-food -- I'm going to remember that.

RobinW: great job with the seminar day eating and the morning workout.

zansidhe: yay for the no weight gain Disney trip! I've experienced that Disney lower back pain -- I swear it's like no other.

Walking Princess
10-15-2009, 12:58 AM

I'm back from Oregon. I tried to eat on plan there but was only about 1/2 successful. I guess that's better than 0 right? Anyway, I'm really having trouble getting back on track. Any suggestions? I think one of my biggest challenges is the perfectionist mentality. I know Beck tells us not to think that way but I am having trouble consciously changing that.

Today was my first "excellent" day in a long time. I did very well and stayed in my calorie range. I also exercised.

Question - can one eat something that wasn't planned if they have the calories to spare for the day? Not sure how to handle this scenario.

Anyway, glad to be back and hope to be able to regain my focus.


10-15-2009, 07:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Alone for dinner last night, I finally decided on take out from a Middle Eastern place that's a mile walk. Walking after dark in the cool weather is a treat. Got their combo veggie plate, CREDIT moi, that includes a stuffed grape leaf that is so much better than the one's I get at my supermarket salad bar. It came with a loaf of pita bread - I love that stuff - and was half way done when I realized that I really like the whole wheat version so much more. It didn't dawn on my to toss the stuff and take the whole wheat pita from my fridge. Not sure that I could do that - wasting food you know. Another place that needs some working on.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. A guy was coaching a woman on the mats next to me; they appeared to be husband and wife. I wasn't eavesdropping since they were speaking French, and I don't, but the eye-rolling tone of voice convinces me that coaching at the gym is probably not the best shared time for married folk, LOL.

maryblu - Yep, that "all or nothing, perfectionist mentality" does seem to creep in everywhere - thanks for the reminder. My clutter wouldn't build up if I magically developed the ability to sort a little bit every day. I still carry the fear that I could fall off the wagon just like a smoker who takes one cigarette and is immediately back to two packs a day.

onebyone - Kudos for doing a Beck Cheat Sheat on the turkey nibbling. Congrats for finding a sleeping position that works. I'm so glad that the pain is under control. I just read the other day that chia seeds are one of the super foods, so you might buy extra and try them out.

Robin (RobinW) - Really interesting that there wasn't one cleaned plate at you whole table - I'm used to seeing most plates cleaned. Kudos for making good food choices, even if helped by avoiding nuts.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Welcome to the perfectionist Sabotaging Thought thread, LOL. Yep, being half on plan is a good thing; Kudos for that. And Bigger Kudos for recognizing the perfectionist calling. I have a standing plan for the use of unplanned calories, LOL, so I have no problem with a substitution.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for the perfectionist Sabotaging Thought, "I'm not doing this right; I might as well eat whatever I want." Boy, did maryblu peg our group right with her comments yesterday. Kudos for countering them and staying within budget. I allow myself swaps to my plan - that works for me particularly because it helps to prevent the Sabotaging Thought that "This is too hard."

It is interesting that eating a dish you don't particularly like leads to overeating. Reminds me that my weight was added from overeating mundane stuff - I'd like to think it came for glamorous eating, but it was more from supermarket cookies and vending machine candy bars. Is it possible to modify the dish more to your liking? Or to add an ingredient to your serving that spices it up for you?

zansidhe - Happy Anniversary. May you have many, many more. Big Kudos for maintaining during a five day extravaganza at Disneyland - that's a huge success, especially since the "it's not fair" Sabotaging Thought was visiting. Ouch for the lower back pain and the wheelchair. Neat that you were a good sport about it and kept going.

Shepherdess - Kudos for resisting those cookies straight from the oven, especially since you were making a huge batch. That would have been hard for me. LOL at exercising your resistance muscle as exercise - think of the body you could build by taking a walk through a bakery every day. or the rock hard abs from an eight hour shift as a cook.

Readers - day 2
Guidelines for a Doable Diet

Learn from your past. Think about the previous diets you've tried. Did you lose weight? Were the diets healthy, appetizing, relatively convenient to follow? Perhaps there is a healthy diet you liked that worked fairly well. You might consider trying it again.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 66.

10-15-2009, 08:01 AM
I, happily, am in a groove with food. So credit moi for being op enough days in a row to make it happen. Exercise was also good: yoga, lower body workout, and walking Moose. For my mini-goal I ordered a dance-exercise dvd and it arrived yesterday. When younger I loved to dance, and still feel real pleasure when I do so now. With winter coming, my favorite ‘fun’ exercising will be unavailable soon (hiking, kayaking). So, I thought a dance dvd motivate me to do some spontaneous exercise. I didn’t have time last night to crack it open, hopefully today.

I’ve ordered a few things for my MIL from Amazon – microwave and coffe-maker. I stopped at Target last night to pick up a mini-fridge, and a few misc things for her room. While there I picked up a new pair of jeans – size 12. :D

NSV: I’ve been doing yoga since January, and my virtual teacher always says to step forward from down dog to forward fold. With my bulky stomach this has never been possible. I’d have to do some awkward waddling movement to move from one to the other. Yesterday, for the first time, I was actually able to step my feet forward into forward fold. :yay:

:df: WI-down 1.1 lbs. I read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise –op(55m)

My son and nephew are coming for the weekend. Tonight I pick the two of them up at the airport, and they leave on Tuesday. I probably won’t be posting again until Wednesday of next week.

10-15-2009, 12:59 PM
Well, yesterday was not perfect, but it was as good as I could make it. We were busy, but I was able to sneak back to the house for a quick lunch of bean soup I had ready to go. I skipped the salad because it took a few more minutes of prep; so I need to remember to be better prepared. But I avoided the guys were munching on. I thought we would be done in time for me to go for a quick run before dinner, but, as always, more things came up. We didn't get home until 8:00 and it was too dark and I was too hungry to run. I remembered the "5 minutes of exercise is better than no minutes of exercise." I did a quick yoga routine and then made dinner. It wasn't as taxing a workout as I could have used, but it's a whole lot better than sitting on the couch.

RobinW, congrats for getting your workout in! And way to go for eating well in the seminar.

Hi Zansidhe! Glad you had a blast at Disneyland! I'm impressed that you maintained during vacation. It's good to know that habits are sticking even in difficult situations. Hope you have fully recovered from back pain.

Gardnerjoy, kudos for staying on plan when you were ready to throw in the towel. I agree with BillBE that you should think about how you could dress the recipe up with some herbs or spices. I always think cayenne can fix anything, but it's not for everyone.

Hi Walking Princess! Hope you had a good trip to Oregon. It's a beautiful state. And congrats on being half successful! It's all about small steps. Double congrats on "excellent day." You're in good company with other perfectionists, but I think it's important to remember that perfectionism is just another sabataging thought.

BillBE, I love that you think of walking in the dark in cool weather a treat. For most people, its an excuse to stay on the couch! The Middle Eastern dinner sounds absolutely fantastic. Kudos that you have found you prefer the whole wheat pita. Healthy eating is well-established. I am also a member of the waste no food club. Luckily, I have a husband who loves to throw food away. He frequently puts a trash can in front of the fridge and pulls out leftovers and asks, "Are you really going to eat this?"

ChinaMaine, huge congrats on reaching mini-goal. I love that you're thinking ahead to winter! DVD sounds like a blast. And way to go for being "in the groove." Have a wonderful time with son and nephew.

Beach Patrol
10-15-2009, 02:38 PM
I have not started my actual "diet" yet. (I am still reading the book.... got off track w/my reading for a few days, but I'm back now.)

My problem at this precise moment: Finding a "coach". I did ask someone (a lady I work with) and she said she would do it, but she doesn't really have a clue how to do it, and I don't have a clue how to tell her how to do it. :dizzy: (as Frasier would say "oh dear god")

However... I am doing very well with my breakfast & lunch & snackage type foods. But dinner... well, fairly well, except last night... I had a cookie dough craving. "oh dear god". I knew I shouldn't have bought it when I was grocery shopping, and yet, I DID. WHY do I do that kind of stuff? :?: Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

So anyhoo, I still need a coach, I think. Is this a good place to get one? :^:

10-15-2009, 02:45 PM
:wave: just tryin' to keep up today!

10-15-2009, 09:59 PM
Today I made a food plan that consists solely of foods I like -- and I followed it almost perfectly. Just skipped some veggies I planned at dinner because they didn't feel really necessary with our veggie-packed chili. I think I'll do the same for tomorrow. That should help me feel like I'm working the plan, while also quieting the inner rebel that says this isn't fair. She's pretty quiet when I'm eating foods I like.

Good ideas for spicing up the dish that I don't like that well. I'm thinking tabasco sauce....

I'm more than half way to my monthly exercise goal!

WI: -1.3kg (new low -- and I have no explanation for this), Exercise: +52, 683/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Walking Princess: welcome home! A book I read a long time ago, The Incredible Shrinking Critic by Jami Bernard, talked about not being "on" or "off" plan, but some percentage of "on." I'm going to start trying that. 50% on vacation sounds good to me. I'm competitive enough that I would be asking myself, could I do better than 50% next time?

BillBlueEyes: yay for walking to supper. Can you get the restaurant to keep their bread?

ChinaMaine: hope you like your new exercise DVD. Yay for the size 12 jeans! And congrats on the smooth yoga transition! Hope you have a great visit with your son and nephew.

Shepherdess: You did a great job on a challenging day!

BeachPatrol: many of us use this forum as our "coach," serving as coaches for each other. Posting here every night works for me.

10-15-2009, 10:36 PM
for what it is worth, Beach Patrol:

A whole buncha committed Beckies, virtual though we may be, are far, far better as a coaching option than one, real, live, in-the-flesh person who doesn't know how to be a coach..not to say she couldn't learn it, but.... We are willing, able, and you will grow in grace as you coach us.

Hmmm......mebbee a priest? mebbee a priest would be a good coach in *is about accountability........


10-15-2009, 10:56 PM
mary, i resemble that remark. seriously. i have that spreadsheet...want to see it? it tells me many things, like for instance - hmmm - my calculations and forecasts have no predictive effect on my actual body. unfortunately. :) also, i can tell when i'm getting too far off my path because those are the blank days in my food journaling.

went off plan tonight - was in class, and HUNGRY. two days in a row of 1000+ calorie deficits, which apparently is enough to push me from lightly satisfied to edgy and thinking non-stop about food. learning point for me - getting closer to the fine point of enough deficit to lose weight, but not so much the lizard brain kicks in. i can fight desire and cravings but i have a much harder time with chronic low-grade hunger. can't sustain that long term.

have a LOT of cooking to do in the next three days! got a last-minute cupcake order for a baby shower, so i have to figure out what i'm going to do to make peanut butter icing look baby-girly and sweet. it's a funky brown color. might go well with pink polka dots...ideas, artistes?

onebyone, you've got some major credits coming to you!!! and glad to hear the pain has abated. china, you sound genuinely excited to fix up the pad for your MIL - that's very cool! beachpatrol, ditto what mary said. y'all are the best possible coaches. my DH originally volunteered, but he's even quicker to justify my off-plan eating than i am, bless his heart. gardnerjoy, can i get an AMEN to eating food you like!!! i've been making myself low-fat chicken caesar wraps and steam-in-the-bag broccoli packs for lunch, and yummy. oh yeah, pomegranates too. those are the bomb when they're all cleaned and portioned out - nature's nerds (the candy.) shepherdess, i totally hear you on the "5 minutes is better than none"! about a year ago i almost skipped a workout because i couldn't do an entire hour, only half an hour. you wouldn't believe the crazy leap of rational thinking it took me to figure out that 1/2 an hour was, in fact, better than nothing, and just because i couldn't run 4 or 5 miles, it was still a workout. lordy. :wave: robin! back atcha. bill, agreed. an after-dinner walk with DH is lovely. not so sure i'd want to hang in the gym with the boy; i suspect he might be a little bit whiny, and i just don't want to know. kara, good question. personally i can't imagine having extra calories left over for eating - i'm thinking, if you're hungry, it's probably perfectly fine, but if you're not, maybe not? what do YOU think? or more on point, what do we think thin people do with that one? i have no idea...i should ask kim (a lady i work with who i thought was 'naturally' thin, until we started talking about it. she watches what she eats like a hawk.)

10-16-2009, 12:52 AM

I submitted my forms and images and statements to a national organization so they may look at my work against all the other artists submitting their work and maybe, just maybe, they will chose to buy mine. It'd be a Great Success for someone just out of art school. Today I completed my submission to the City for a gallery show in the coming year. I did my solo application and I did a group application yesterday with a friend. We're dropping the forms off tomorrow then going to listen to the visiting artist at my alma mater and then visiting the show around the corner to see the work of the artist who inspired my giant bus strike print. I am looking forward to it very much.

Foodwise I am re-starting the new Beck book and I think I'll follow her plan. why not? Start new. I did print out Dr. Weil's inflammation food pyramid so I may use that as a food guide of sorts. I got some extra walking in today and yesterday so credit for this. My old cat was not as growly today but both cats seemed to be sleeping most of the day as well. Sleep = unconsciousness = no growliness.
All in all an exhausting but productive day.

BillBlueEyes Your wholewheat pita story reminded me that I pushed DH into buying this "smart bread" at the drug store last night. He'll only eat white bread, (he loves wonderbread) and the package promised the smartbread was
brown bread but looks like white bread. I thought it's better than wonderbread. DH had some and told me it "smelled like brown bread" and I countered that the label was "all marketing to please parents" and that the brown bread smell was from the extra thick crusts. I don't think DH will get the bread again cause it smells yukky to him. But he didn't think to throw it away either.;)

ChinaMaine Extra Big Credits to you on all levels! Congrats on the smooth yoga transition. I feel the same about the plough. I used to do it easily now my stomach prevents it completely... you give me hope!

Shepherdess Congrats on doing 5 min of exercise when you could have easily just skipped it. You're definitely breaking that black and white thinking and staying on track. Credit!

Beach Patrol I brought a bag of cookies into the house today and I ate 95% of them. Oh well. We just move on from this kind of thing. As for coaches we coach each other here. Just post and ask questions and jump right in. We are all on the same journey.

RobinW :wave: My BFF was in Niagara on the Lake and saw a real estate thing that showed houses in Buffalo for $19,900.00. We mused about how for the average home price here, $300,000, we could buy 15 houses there and we'd have an instant artist commune/refuge/neighbourhood. Since neither of us have a hope in H-E-doublehockeysticks of buying a home anywhere here in the near future we schemed of taking out student loans and pooling them to buy as many houses as we could. We'd never get a mortgage but a student loan? Uh yeah. Anyway. I spend a lot of time dreaming as you can tell.

gardenerjoy I am so happy to hear you say you are eating what you want and you feel good about it. Awesome. It just seems so obvious a strategy to hold to if you want to stick to a foodplan to life. yay!

maryblu I am taking your words to heart from the other day that we need not kill ourselves with exercise to become a smaller version of ourselves. Thank you for the reminder.

kuhljeanie Re: cupcake decorations ideas
1) bright blue dots with pink dot middles
2) white daisies with yellow middles
3)one big bow with dots on it? Yellow bow + white dots?

whoa time for bed. :wave: to everyone I missed and who lurks.

Walking Princess
10-16-2009, 01:11 AM
Hi everyone,

Today was off plan completely. What the heckle is wrong with me? One day on, one day off? I did fine for most of the day until I was scheduled to go out to lunch with a friend. Ended up eating my whole plate which to date I had only been eating 1/2. I knew I was going to be out for the rest of the afternoon so I couldn't take the other half home and l, like everyone else here, can't seem to waste food and throw it away. So, I ate it. I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree. From there, we went shopping and stopped in and got some chocolates. I got a peanut butter cup that was like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on steroids. The thing was huge! I only at 1/3 though so at least I stopped there. I didn't eat dinner as I was still stuffed from lunch (literally). Hopefully that evens it out a little bit. I did do quite a bit of walking so I kind of count that as my exercise today.

BillBE - I think you did great in walking to go get your food. That is a 2 mile walk! Great exercise. Kudos for recognizing your weakness towards not throwing the food away even though it is mediocre. What I thought was really interesting was that you actually prefer the healthier bread. Isn't that great? I have found I actually prefer healthier versions of some foods more than the original. I guess that's a sign of progress! Great job!

ChinaMaine - you are doing fantastic! Enjoy the time with your son and nephew.

Shepherdess - hi :) Yes, I think perfectionism is another sabatoging though - you are absolutely right. Great job in getting in a short workout even though you didn't have time for a full one. Who cares if it wasn't the most challenging one. The important thing was you did something and you weren't just sitting on the couch. You kept your exercise habit in check. Great job!

Beach Patrol - let us be your coaches! The people on this site are so supportive and knowledgeable. They are the best ones to have as a coach. They are my coaches too and I'm honored! Welcome! :-)

Robin - hope your day gets less busy! :)

GardnerJoy - you are doing so great! Congrats on finding a plan that works well for you. I agree, I think deprivation just leads to failure. I'm in the process of re-working my plan right now to make it a little more practical. Congrats on being 1/2 way to your exercise goal and for reaching a new weight loss low. You are doing great! :carrot:

Maryblu - wise words you have given Beach Patrol. How are you doing? :)

KuhlJeannie - how have you been doing? I hope your heart is healing. Hey let me know what your friend Kim says about using extra calories if you haven't used them by the end of the day. This seems to be rare for me these days :dizzy: but hopefully I am on my way to being back on track.

OnebyOne - kudos to you for re-starting the Beck book. I am in the process of doing the same thing right now. I am going to keep doing it until I've got this down pat. Good luck with your art work. You are very talented so they would be foolish not to choose your work! ;)

Have a good night everyone.

10-16-2009, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took my walk after work, CREDIT moi, wearing a jacket, lined warm up pants, and cotton gloves. So there, I'm admitting that it's cold.

I packed my lunch for work by emptying 5 - yes, count them, FIVE - containers with small fragments of left overs; Big CREDIT moi. There are serious points in this house for clearing out the fridge. It was a wild assortment for an office lunch to be sure, including Broccoli Rabe with a wonderful sharp taste that feels like it's biting back, LOL.

maryblu - LOL, I just love it - a separate confessional for dieters; "Bless me Father for I just ate a whole sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies."

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on the cupcake order; good to hear that the baking remains an active business. Interesting observation that a cumulative low level hunger builds up to lead to off-plan eating. Our fighting back, like a two year old, seizes any opening.

onebyone - Monster Kudos for getting in both your application and your submission since my assumption is that paper work is evil to the creative mind. And Kudos for giving yourself credit for the extra walking. LOL at "smelled like brown bread" - you've got a hard case there.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back at the busy blur.

ChinaMaine - Yay for the extended movement in yoga - a super NSV. Kudos for planning your winter exercise. (Are you a snowshoe person?) Have a good visit with your DS and nephew.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Ouch for that conundrum of being in a restaurant when a doggie bag is not feasible. I was so annoyed with myself the first time on my journey that I ate over sized portions at a mediocre restaurant for that reason. It's still hard for me; I just work harder to avoid the situation.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for getting back on track reading Beck's book. It can be really difficult to avoid stuff like cookie dough once it's in the house - easier to fight it back on the grocery shelf. Did you remember to eat something before going shopping? The easiest way for junk to get into my shopping cart is to shop while hungry.

I'd be pleased to be one of your Diet Coaches and ask that you be one of mine.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - A food plan of foods you like sounds like one stellar idea. Beck should emphasize that more in her Choose a Diet chapter. Drooling at the thought of your "veggie-packed chili." Thanks for the suggestion of leaving the white pita bread at the restaurant; that's an idea that'd work for me - before it got to my house where the "starving children in China" hold court.

Shepherdess - Kudos for bean soup instead of whatever the guys were munching and BIG Kudos for "5 minutes of exercise is better than no minutes of exercise" which is a great stopper to the perfectionism that was spreading around this thread. Do you think your DH would mind dropping by my house once a week to do his fridge cleaning thing?

Readers - day 2
skipping meals

Are you tempted to speed weight loss by eating as little as possible or by skipping meals? Don't do it! Several studies have linked skipping meals, particularly breakfast, with weight gain, rather than weight loss. If you skip a meal, you'll probably compensate for it later on. For example, research has shown that people who habitually skip breakfast tend to seriously overeat at night. You might be better off, in fact, if you plan to eat up to six small meals a day.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 66.

10-16-2009, 10:00 AM
Hi All,
I'm gearing up for an outdoor(!) craft show--set up is today in the rain. Then the forecast is rain, rain, rain and 40 degree temps. My saboteur is chanting "hot chocolate hot chocolate, you deserve it." Tomorrow night after the first day of the show I am going to a charity auction--I mosaiced a chair for it. Of course, there will be food and drink. And dh is off on a retreat. So I really need to make a plan, and I'm resisting it. Sigh.

I've been thinking about the perfectionist thinking we've been discussing. Perfectionism promises me a lot of things it can't deliver, and it's very seductive. "If you do what I say, you will be ok, have value, succeed. If you don't, then you are damned." The perfectionist voice has no flexibility, no understanding of the present moment or real world success.

If I look at the actual results of perfectionism in my life, I see how it impedes me from getting anything done. I become frozen, I do lots of research, I spend all my time in my head--it promises me success, but in fact delivers failure, causing the very things it says it will fix. It's not offering anything real, only an illusion, and uses fear to scare me into listening. Real progress is in fits and starts and imperfect, messy, frustrating, and absolutely acceptable. Sometimes I wish Beck would more emphatically emphasize the destructive nature of perfectionism.

I need to go gather my art up. But I did want to do a shout out to Kara for only eating 1/3 of that peanut butter cup on steroids--my goodness! My brain would've been in total "that's one serving, I must eat it all" mode.

10-16-2009, 02:41 PM
I went for an extra long run yesterday PM. It doesn't totally make up for missing a run the day before, but I figure a little bit helps. I ignored that little voice telling me all the things I needed to get done. I just told myself, it's only 20 minutes extra, and if I can't spare 20 extra minutes I am in serious trouble. Besides, I deserve it.

Yesterday was going well foodwise. . .then I started to make dinner. (Maryblu, this is my confession!) DH left a bag of chips out on the counter and I was distracted. I just grabbed a few and ate them before even thinking about what I was doing. Blurg! The total mindlessness is so frustrating. So, after reminding myself that this is not the end of the world, I had to think about why this happened and how to keep it from happening in the future. I reminded my DH that if he is going to have chips in the house he needs to put them back in the @#$% cupboard when he's done. He may not have a problem with automatic eating, but I do. I also decided that it would probably be a good idea to read the response and advantages cards in the late afternoon. I often have a lot of other things on my mind and my willpower is waning.

For my fellow perfectionsist friends out there, this is something I am finding helpful. That perfectionist, all-or-nothing mindset often doesn't allow for mistakes and so when I make them, the inner perfectionst just wants to ignore it. I was tempted to not fill in my food log. But these mistakes are an important part of learning. So when I did fill in my food plan, I saw a lot of successes and one small mistake. Now I am making a plan to avoid that mistake and that's the real progress.

Beach Patrol, first big old kudos for staying on track with breakfast, lunch and snackage! Dinner is frustrating, but a learning experience. I diddo BillBE about shopping when hungry. Always a sign of trouble. I was also thinking maybe I need to make a card to read while I'm grocery shopping; something like "If am more likely to stick to my plan if I shop on plan." I think it's important to remember that we're not only learning to eat differently, we're also learning to shop differently, manage our emotions differently, socialize differently, etc. Food intersects all aspects of our lives.

Gardnerjoy, sounds like a great idea to plan a menu filled with things you like. Congrats on progress towards exercise goal!

Kuhljeanie, good luck on all the cooking. I love onebyone's ideas, particularly the daisies. Good insight that eating too little. There is a reason Beck says not to cut your calories below 1600. I have spent most of my life trying to cut as many calories as possible and it only sets you up for failure! That's why I am here. There are many studies linking calorie restriction and eating disorders, food obsessions (usually part of eating disorders).

onebyone, great job on all the art submissions! Kudos for walking. Huge credit for re-starting the Beck book! Sounds like you have a good plan.

Walking Princess, restaraunts are a huge minefield! It just takes lots and lots of practice! Good job for not eating all the peanut butter cup!

BillBE, love how you cleaned out the fridge, didn't waste food and still stayed on plan! I just hope the Broccoli Rabe was biting back in a good way--I've never cooked with it, but am totally curious.

Nuxmaga, hope there is at least a little sun during your craft show. Good luck with the weather, the show, and the charity auction. the chair sounds so cool! You are spot on about that perfectionist mindset.

10-16-2009, 02:54 PM

worked out this am :D Yeah me!
Food is planned until supper :rolleyes:

Beach Patrol
10-16-2009, 04:09 PM
Well ok then! - looks like you are ALL my coaches! (and I will be yours, altho I don't think I'm quite qualified just yet!)

My chosen diet is Nature/Man (also known as God Made/Man Made). This diet makes no food evil - there are no "bad" foods, but there are PLENTY of really REALLY "good" foods. The trick is to eat nature (or god made) foods two days and then you can have man made foods on the 3rd day. And to avoid counting calories (which I hate doing) you just keep portion sizes to their original serving size. So it might go something like this:

Day 1 and 2 ....
Breakfast - 2 Eggs, 1/2 grapefruit & cup of skim milk
a.m. snack - banana
Lunch - Frozen veggies, fresh tomato & cucumber slices, fresh strawberries
p.m. snack - handful of raw almonds or an orange
Dinner - baked chicken, baked sweet potato and green beans

Day 3...
Breakfast - Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Cereal w/skim milk
a.m. snack - Skippy Natural peanut butter spread on one slice bread
Lunch - Healthy Choice frozen meal, glass of ice tea
p.m. snack - one Reese's peanut butter cup
Dinner - Chili w/ground turkey and saltine crackers

Also - on the "man-made" days, I could eat a hot dog, or a piece of pie, or have a frozen margarita, just whatever, but do it in MODERATION (as we know all food should be!) and then back to the 2 consecutive days of very natural foods.

Since "swim season" is over here, I'll be doing more biking & trampoline jumping for exercise. (Y'all would be surprised at how much energy you can burn just jumping up & down on a trampoline! - and it's FUN!!!!!)

I will try to get here more often as well so I can coach & be coached.

:hug: to all!

10-16-2009, 08:14 PM
Hi folks - I am very happy to see a Beck spot here at 3fc!

I've been reading this book for about ten days. Here are my advantages for losing weight: :)

- I will feel better physically.
- I'll be able to get up and down off the floor more easily.
- I will be able to wear a smaller size.
- I will be much happier when I look in the mirror.
- I will be in better health.
- My pieces & parts (back, knee, foot, shoulder, etc) & those pains will improve.
- I won't be embarrassed to eat around other people.
- I will feel that I have really accomplished something important.
- My family will be proud of me.
- I will feel less self conscious when I perform.
- I will do more things.
- I will feel more in control of this aspect of my life.
- My lab numbers will be in a normal range.
- I can avoid becoming a diabetic.
- I will live with food sanity - which I have wanted for a long time.
- I will be able to look at myself in a photograph and smile.
- I will be more active with my grandson.

I am sure there are more.

My food plan is calorie counting with a backup of food exchanges.

I am wearing my rubber band, have a journal, made my response cards and have my post it notes around the house.

This book is very intriguing , straightforward and very thorough in it's approach to losing weight. I think it will be so helpful! I have worked through to day four. I am actually spending a couple days on things at this point.

I was beginning to think there was not a way for me to try again. I am very grateful for this Beck book. I think it can help me to live with food sanity. It is giving me hope again.

10-16-2009, 10:37 PM
And congrats on 41#s already lost! Gone...gone forever! Yay! 40 is a great #; it is a bag of water softener salt. Pick one up and just feel it.

I think you have latched onto the lifeline of Beck; it is about thinking, behaving, being rational about food. It so true that the more you "just do it" the easier, the more natural it becomes. And don't model my behavior, model Bill's.

It sounds as if we are about to get out of this dismal, wild snowy cold weather is headed east. Sorry, Bill, China, and all to the east, but we have had more than 2 weeks of weird...still peak Maple color and snow on the ground..gone now, but not forgotten. Am looking forward to 60 degrees and sunny for a glorious fall weekend..

Kind regards to all.

10-17-2009, 12:14 AM
onebyone~ did the ad give an address. Ok...Im trying to be nice about the fine city I live in, wouldnt want to live where the houses are only $19,900! I wont even drive around those areas. Those areas are the "only" reason I have a phone with gps. Because I am very good at getting lost!

The market in buffalo has steadily increased over the last 3 yrs. We were not effected by the economic downturn. Our street alone ....housing prices have gone up $30,000 in 2 yrs.

Im thinking the $19,900 houses are one of the burned out or boarded up homes. Even an abandoned home....over on the other side kwim?

10-17-2009, 12:50 AM
Quick pass tonight--I should be in bed. It was a good day with food I like!

WI: +0.65kg, Exercise: +45, 728/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

kuhljeanie: oh yeah, it's pomegranate season -- I love those. Thanks!

BeachPatrol: congrats on choosing a food plan -- sounds like a fun one!

Beverlyjoy: welcome!

Hi to everyone else!

10-17-2009, 07:47 AM
:welcome: Beverlyjoy :welcome:

And in honor of your second anniversary on 3FC, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck Books?


10-17-2009, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Worked on a volunteer committee at work during my lunch hour yesterday, and lunch was provided. It was a major concession to my request that veggie wraps were included in the platter of humongous meaty sandwiches. I ate the veggies out of the wraps which tasted like giant sheets of white bread; CREDIT moi. And ate half the bowl of salad without dressing, since everyone else was happy chomping on the FREE chips and fresh baked cookies and full sugar Pepsi's. Sigh ... I've grown accustomed to the lunch I pack for myself which contains food, LOL.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Saw two guys doing serious workout on the mats which is unusual at my gym where the guys tend to do serious work with weights and gals tend to be more serious on the mats. It was encouraging and a reminder of how well bodies can perform. I was impressed.

maryblu - Kindly keep your snow and cold, LOL. You invaded my evening! The concert we attended had rented a large Catholic Church with vaulted ceilings, Gothic grandeur, and very good acoustics. And, of course, with confessionals around. So, as I sat listening to magnificent music, I kept chuckling to myself of sneaking in to confess my food sins.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for a morning workout by a not-a-morning-person. LOL at Food is planned until supper ... " just imagining all the possible endings to that story.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Thanks for the thoughts on the "destructive nature of perfectionism." Interesting to think about how major a block it is in many parts of life. Yep, it carries its own void promises of happiness. Sooooo seductive and not easy for me to spot when I've fallen under its spell.

Good luck at your show today; may the weather hold and may you sell a bunch.

Beach Patrol - Welcome to the job of being our Diet Coach. Re, "I don't think I'm quite qualified just yet." You're right, you're not . . . and neither are any of us, Beck didn't publish the rules for being on-line Diet Coaches to each other so we all just wing it. So, make it up and jump in.

Your Nature/Man Diet is new to me - looks sound with its emphasis on "MODERATION." Useful to be reminded how much of our food is man made.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "...a good day with food I like!" Glad you're emphasizing the importance of liking our food.

Shepherdess - Yay for taking care of yourself with, "Besides, I deserve it." Kudos for fighting back on the perfectionism. It's so universal to just grab a few chips and eat without thinking.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for charging ahead already up to day 4: Give Yourself Credit. You seem to be working this stuff well. Appreciate your Advantage Response Cards, particularly noting,
"- I will live with food sanity - which I have wanted for a long time."Yep, the feeling of sanity seems to summarize the benefits of working the Beck program.

So interesting that you note that the Beck book offers "hope." I really like that.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

If you already eat sitting down, you've already mastered this important step. However, if you've struggled with your weight and dieted on and off for many years, my guess is that you probably do some eating while standing. You probably have a tendency to rationalize or perhaps not even notice how much you've eaten. Opportunities to eat while standing up abound.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-17-2009, 01:12 PM
I was inspired by you gym goers and strength trainers, so I dusted off my free weights and exercise ball and did a strength workout yesterday. Need to make that regular. My arms, shoulders, back, chest, you know, all those non-running muscles, are the perfect amount of sore. Just enough so I know I did something, but not so much so that I won't want to do it again.

Eating was on-track yesterday. I just had to make one minor adjustment. I was getting everything out for dinner and realized that I had apparently been asleep at the wheel when I went shopping and forgot two key ingredients. I had everything on hand for my planned dinner for the following night, so we had that instead. Crisis averted.

RobinW, kudos on getting a workout in with a busy schedule.

Beach Patrol, the god made/man made plan sounds pretty interesting. I like that "there are no bad foods, just lots of really, really good foods." The trampoline sounds like a blast. Finding exercise you enjoy is key.

Welcome Beverlyjoy, and congrats on 40 lbs gone! Sounds like you are off to a good start with Beck. What is the rubber band thing--is it like a constant reminder?

Sorry, Maryblu, about the weather. I think we passed it on to you, but the good news is that we'll likely pass these beautiful days we've been having onto you as well. I was in my garden yesterday making sure I pulled out all those little plastic plant markers and I saw some spinach and some lettuce poking out of the ground. They managed to survive the nasty weather in the protection from the house. I'm going to see if I can coax them into one last salad.

Gardnerjoy, glad to hear you had another good day with foods you like.

BillBE, kudos on fitting in a workout and great job avoiding FREE lunch pitfalls. I just came across the following Beck response card: "'Free' food is only free in terms of money. Eating unplanned free food brings a heavy cost in terms of reinforcing my giving-in muscle and increasing my weight."

10-17-2009, 11:59 PM
Hi All,
A quick note before going to bed. Tracked food, credit. 7,000+ steps, credit. Only one cup of hot chocolate in the pouring rain, credit. Our booth is in a swamp. We put straw down to soak up some of the water. A few hardy souls ventured our way, but mostly stuck with the indoor booths. It's still raining, so I hope the booth hasn't floated away when I get back tomorrow morning. Went to a reception tonight for a charity auction, which I had donated a mosaic for. Way too much free food and drink. Sigh. I did stop sooner than I usually would. I was also acutely aware I'd need to record it in my calories, and like Beck says, it's only free in terms of money, not in terms of my weight and health, so I think that is starting to sink in. I did also avoid the basket of halloween candy someone set out on the dessert table, yay!
Good night!

10-18-2009, 07:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Passed on a blueberry muffin yesterday morning - CREDIT moi - of interest because the Desire was so strong, and that being of note because the muffin wasn't offered to me. I had this strong draw to steal a muffin from a platter as I walked past a table where I wasn't a participant!!! What a strong reminder that my FREE food sensors need to be whacked with Not About Me to stay the path; it's not automatic.

Exercise was unusual; we walked up and down stairs and in and out of rooms on three floors in a semi-dark building for three hours; CREDIT moi. It was an experimental theater where the audience moved, as did the actors and the action. Performed by the British troupe Punchdrunk "to explode theatergoers' expectations." We had to figure out what was happening; no attempt to guide us along. Kinda fun; good exercise to be sure. Their goal is no less than to change American theatre. Certainly was a different evening, but not sure that the next time I see Hamlet I'll be standing in the grave eyeball to eyeball with the skull, LOL.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for having to confront "Way too much free food and drink" on a old rainy day. Kudos for standing your ground, particularly for remembering that "it's only FREE in terms of money." Kudos for only having one cup of hot chocolate and for getting in your steps. I just bought a box of Bigelow Vanilla caramel tea because it was recommended on another thread as a substitute when hot chocolate is calling.

Shepherdess - Kudos for starting the exercise with free weights. There are some strong believers in New Rules of Lifting for Women around 3FC. Good luck with that. LOL at your menu change due to missing ingredients; good recovery.

Thanks for the reminder of Beck's Advantage Response, "FREE food ... reinforces my giving-in muscle." Perhaps remembering that will help me to keep in mind that it's not a victimless crime.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

Take free samples of food at the grocery store.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-18-2009, 08:01 AM
Good morning. Finally got the book and am planning to schedule time this week to "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" it. (Can't remember where I got that quote. Maybe the Book of Common Prayer?)

10-18-2009, 11:53 AM
I went for my long run yesterday AM. It was a nice day for it, though a little windy. I just about came out of my skin when I nearly stepped on a rattle snake. I had a very funny school-girl scream and learned that I am quite the jumper when I have the right motivation. I guess all the critters were taking advantage of the nice weather.

Nothing new and exciting to report about food intake. I stayed on track yesterday and didn't have any cravings. I guess that's exciting in and of itself.

Nuxema, kudos on taking your steps and sticking to one cup of hot chocolate in wet, soggy weather. I hope the rain lifts. Congrats on dealing with the free food. It's the progress towards the goal that counts.

BillBE, good job on avoiding the muffin. I think it is a good reminder that we can't always control our desires, but we can control how we deal with them. Hopefully the desires will eventually be more cooperative. The theater sounds like a lot of fun. A workout and a show. How efficient!

Ruthxxx, kudos on scheduling time for Beck. Making the time is half the battle. Hope the "read, mark, learn and inwardly digest" goes well. The religious metaphors abound.

Beach Patrol
10-18-2009, 02:27 PM
Bill - great job on NOT stealing the muffin! - not only did you not eat when it mattered, but you also didn't commit a "food crime"! Yay you!

Shepherdess- good for you on your run! - and supergood that you didn't get bit by a rattler! Eek! :D

Ruth - keep up the reading... that's my dig right now, too. Read this morning about the difference between a real hunger vibe and a crazy craving. Makes perfect sense!

I had a very healthy breakfast this morning - and even convinced my husband to do the same. Yay me (and him!) Having soup for lunch, since it's quite chilly (for the south!) this weekend. Pretty day, tho! - I'll be jumping on the trampoline before lunch! - so, gotta run now! Or rather... "jump" ;)

10-19-2009, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had to attend a "mid-morning" breakfast - too late to wait and too early for lunch. So I left the dried fruit out of my granola which I consumed at a normal six am and then had a bagel with cream cheese later. Kudos for attempting a rational plan. Oh Well for rationalizing like a sleezebag for a lopsided swap, LOL. Real Life doesn't always cooperate with my schedule for planned meals and my job is to adjust my plan. Another place where some work is required.

Little exercise as we experienced our first snow. Slushy slush it was in 39 degree temperature. I slipped and nearly fell as I darted out the back door to dump some corn husks in the compost bin. You'd think I'd never experienced snow before. Apparently one more attempt to deny that winter might be coming was to "dart" in slush - geeeze!!!

maryblu - Waving. Congrats to you and Brett for remaining undefeated.

Beach Patrol - There's nothing like hot soup on a chilly day. Kudos for spreading the healthy breakfast to your DH.

Shepherdess - Yay for "Nothing new and exciting to report about food intake." My dream is for that to be my report for some wonderful week in the future. Then for a month, etc. Kudos for continuing your run after meeting a rattle snake; that's dedication.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Good grief! I ponder the thought of retiring but then read that you have to schedule time to read a new book. There oughta be a law or something.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

. . .
Taste food as you prepare meals.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-19-2009, 10:43 AM
I got my exercise yesterday by shoveling cow manure into a wheelbarrow and then pushing the wheelbarrow from the corrals to my compost pile 1/4 mile away. Not the most glamorous workout, but effective. I hauled 5 loads and my shoulders and back are sore this AM. As a gardener, I hate to see good manure go to waste in the corrals.

After a long, hot shower I did my prep for the week. Veggis are chopped and ready to go and snack bags are all packed.

Beach patrol, kudos on the healthy breakfast, and congrats on getting your DH to join you. I am also enjoying soup weather.

BillBE, good job thinking ahead even if the swap wound up lopsided. It's pretty tough when life throws a curve ball. Wish the rest of the world would cooperate with the meal plan. Gotta love that first snow of the year. Its funny how those nice summer months give us winter amnesia. Stay safe and dry!

Beach Patrol
10-19-2009, 01:36 PM
As a gardener, I hate to see good manure go to waste in the corrals.

ROTFLMAO!!!! - thanks for the giggle, Shep! :D :D :D

10-19-2009, 10:56 PM
Hi All,
I got through 2nd day of the craft show--yay! I didn't lose money, but made much less than the last couple years. By the time people got out to our chilly waterlogged tent, they didn't necessarily want to stand around in the puddles!

Today, tracked food, and calories under goal, credit. Zumba, credit.

Shepherdess--credit for prepping veggie snacks for the week! That's a great idea.

Bill--sorry to hear about the enforced breakfast. Credit for doing some planning, even if a bit lopsided. I have a meeting on Friday, with continental breakfast and lunch served. EEK!

Beach Patrol--Yay for a healthy breakfast!

Ruthxxx & Beverly Joy--Welcome!

10-19-2009, 11:17 PM
Ive been painting! :cb: Im sooooooooo sore too!

Made it to the gym this morning with my partner and she is talking about joining. That is just awesome. The coolest thing about this morning, we walked 2 miles...talked the whole way and the 2 miles was done in no time!

Food stinks! Ok, but remember the personal chef idea I came up with?

I gave the guy the idea and he is all over it! Even coming to the "girl night" meetings :lol: He should be ready to test run himself next month! We need a smiley with their hands rubbing together!! :lol: I cant wait!

Im legs and feet are very very tired!

Have a nice evening everyone!

Walking Princess
10-20-2009, 12:55 AM
Hello all,

It was quite a busy weekend, phew! Kind of glad to be back in my normal weekday routine.

I switched diets today. I was following the Biggest Loser Plan for the last year. I learned alot about how to eat right and portion size but now don't like the restrictiveness of it (following their meal plan with limited choices). I want to be able to eat what my family eats so I'm not cooking so many different meals. I just need to watch the portions. I think I have a plan worked out so I don't get the deprivation but yet not going overboard. I signed up for Weight Watchers online. I hope it will work ok. If not, I will have to go back to Biggest Loser. Does anyone else follow Weight Watchers online? The one thing I'm not sure what to do is Weight Watchers says you can eat what you want as long as you stay within your points although they encourage you to eat "filling foods". I already eat that type of food anyway but am not sure how to handle a situation of eating an unplanned snack even if it's within my point range? Beck says no unplanned eating, Weight Watchers says stay within my points. What do I do?

Anyway, off to log my meals for the day. I think I did pretty good today although I didn't get my exercise in because I didn't get home until 7:30pm and I had a raging headache. I know, No Excuses. lol. I'll work on that tomorrow.

Have a good Beck day tomorrow everyone. :)


10-20-2009, 05:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had pumpkin soup for dinner - now that's accepting that fall is here. DW has a simple recipe using canned pumpkin and chicken broth that is thick and delicious. Soup and a salad was dinner. CREDIT moi for thoroughly enjoying a meatless fall meal.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Found myself discussing then demonstrating how low I go for my squats to DW in our bedroom - a rather Shaker type of marital bedroom gymnastics, LOL. Don't tell our kids.

Robin (RobinW) - Dynamite that your personal chef is running with the idea; can't wait to hear how that fits into your life. Ouch for being tired from hard work, gym, and walking. Hope that translates into sleeping well.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for persisting with your craft show in the rain. Good luck with your enforced continental breakfast on Friday. I hate food served at work - so presumptuous.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Yay for busy, Ouch for the "raging headache" that came with it. I solve the problem of an unplanned snack by planning for three meals and three snacks. When an unplanned opportunity arises, I can usually substitute it for one of the planned events. I'd think the important issue is whether you're hungry because it's been a while since you last ate or whether you're responding to a Desire triggered by a food stimulus. That's a difficult one to be sure about.

Good luck with your on-line Weight Watchers.

Beach Patrol - Waving back. Are you also a gardener?

Shepherdess - Kudos for exercising with cow manure. For her birthday, I gave DW a book she wanted but was upstaged by her good buddy who gave her three bags of horse manure. Sheer delight in her eyes when she saw it. Yep, "winter amnesia" is what I got.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

. . .
Sneak bits of food from someone's plate as you clear the table.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

Beach Patrol
10-20-2009, 11:20 AM
LOL Bill... me, a gardener? I kill everything with my very brown thumb! LOL... so, nope, I'm not a gardener at all, but that "manure" quip just got me to giggling. I am easily amused :D

Last night we had very JUICY pork chops and broccoli for dinner. It was good. I kept reminding myself to eat slowly, and after the meal was over, I didn't feel stuffed or over-full... I just felt satisfied, and that was very good.

I was going to exercise when I got home from work yesterday but got side tracked lending an ear to a friend who is going thru a divorce. I left work an hour late because of that, but being there for a friend is worth it to me. So I didn't exercise last night, but do plan to tonight.

Wish me BECK-luck. :D

10-20-2009, 11:39 AM
I started stage 2 of the Beck plan yesterday. It means that I am dutifully measuring and weighing everything to teach myself portion sizes. When I first started the Beck, I looked over her schedule and figured I would be ready for stage 2 last week. But when I took a look over my progress, I thought it would be better to spend some extra time in stage 1 so I would have a better foundation. I was losing weight in stage 1. Just planning all of my meals and snacks has made a big difference. But now I'm moving on and using her "Think Thin Eating Plan." The calorie count seemed a bit high to me, but I'm going to give it a try for two weeks and if I don't lose weight I'll move down to the next calorie level.

I was having those "I don't wanna" thoughts all day yesterday. I think it's just that I've added a new element of discipline and my mind is rebelling. I spent most of yesterday in the car. I had a long drive to pick up some wool (my pet project). I packed my advantages and response cards along with my lunch and snacks and managed to stay on track even though I really didn't want to.

I thought I'd get a run in when I got back home, but the sheep had other ideas. The whole herd was in the wrong pasture. DH and I had to spend several hours moving them into the right pasture. The sun was setting by the time we finished so I got dinner ready and did a half hour of yoga while it was in the oven.

Nuxmaga, glad you made it through the craft show. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate better. Kudos on tracking food.

RobinW, good job on getting to the gym. Glad to hear your gym buddy will likely be permanent. Sorry that food sinks, but glad to hear you'll have a personal chef. How cool is that!

Walking Princess, I think it's good you're finding a plan that lets you eat with your family. Food should be something you share. I am far from an expert on either Beck or Weight Watchers, but I'll give you my 2 cents and you can take it for what its worth. I think it's a good idea to only eat food you plan. I think the point of Beck's plan is that we need to teach ourselves self-discipline around food. I think eventually you can have a bit more flexibility, but in the beginning you should stick to plans. That being said, if you reach the end of the day and you have points left, maybe you are not planning enough food earlier in the day. Maybe take that into account as you plan for the next day. Does anyone else with more Beck experience have any thoughts?

BillBE, pumkin soup sounds wonderful! I love fall meals. Kudos on going to the gym. LOL on squats in the bedroom! I love the idea of manure as a birthday present. I have plenty of it around. Maybe I should start gift wrapping!

10-20-2009, 02:45 PM
Hi, Everyone.

I popped in for a few days here in the middle of summer, intending to to start with Beck. But, a few days in I realized I needed to address some issues I was having with depression before I started trying to modify my coping mechanism. So, now I think it is the time to begin and introduce myself.

I am a graduate student and have been married for 7 years. My husband is wonderful. He has not struggled with weight, so he can't really comprehend what this is all about but tries his best to support me. We have a house full of wonderful pets - an aging Alaskan Malamute, a Saint Bernard, 3 snugly cats, and a couple of fish tanks. Keeping up with school, my health, our home, and all of the critters fills my time up. I am also trying to garden (permaculture) when I can, without investing too much of what little money I make as a graduate student into it!

I have been overweight as long as I can remember, with the exception of a few episodes where my body lost weight without me trying. I am really struggling with sweets right now, which is not usually my food overeating modality (usually I am not paying attention to hunger/fullness). I have been doing weird things like considering buying full-fat milk products, which I have never, ever done before. Why start now, when I am mentally trying to prepare for permanent weight loss? Strike that - when I am beginning a lifelong process of healthy eating and respect for my body. I guess, credit to me for recognizing this weirdness.

Day 1: Here are my advantage cards (I use a virtual list). (I editted out a few that were a little too personal to share.) I am getting better at reading them twice a day, but I keep trying to put it off until later and not getting around to it. Credit to me for making them, I guess, and recognizing that I need to appreciate their importance every day (else when would Beck make them Day 1!).
1) *I'll increase my self esteem.
2) *I'll feel more in control.
3) *I'll be able to exercise without discomfort or embarrassment and be active with my husband in the things he wants to do.
4) *I'll have more energy.
6) *I'll be able to wear more stylish clothes.
7) *I'll look better.
8) *I won't feel so self conscious.
9) *I'll feel like myself more.
10) *I'll feel more outgoing.
11) *I'll be less self-critical.
12) *I'll be more assertive.
13) *I'll do more things (like go to the beach & rock climb).
14) *I'll feel better physically.
15) *I'll live longer.
16) *I'll be in better health, with fewer aches and pains, less headaches, and decreased inflammation.
17) *I won't mind eating in front of others.
18) *I'll be able to cross my legs more femininely.
19) *I won't have chub rub!
20) *I'll be more physically fit.
21) *I'll be able to wear a smaller size.
22) *I'll be happier when I look in the mirror.
23) *I'll feel as though I escaped my parents' demons.

Day 2: I have selected the SuperFoods Rx Diet with Weight Watchers as a back-up plan. I have read the introductory chapters of SuperFoods Rx and am cleaning out my cupboards this week. It is really hard to throw away food, financially. I really want to think - well my husband could eat it. But, he has a tendency to hoard the very last bit of an item so that it will always be available to him, but never finish it and never get rid of it. So, I know in reality, I should just get rid of the junk, but I keep hearing the dollar signs when I mentally open the trash can.

Day 3: Eating while sitting down is going OK, not great. I am trying to extend that to include not while in the car, but some mornings it is all I can do to get out the door to make it to work on time. (To say that I am not a morning person would be a major understatement. I so wish I were though!)

Day 4: Paying attention to eating is really difficult for me. Credit to me for recognizing this so that I can address it better in future meals.

Day 6: My plan, if you are willing, is to utilize you, my husband, and a successful weight losing friend as my coaches.

Thanks for reading. I guess I should have started posting a few days ago to make this all easier on your eyes.

Thanks and have a wonderful afternoon.

Future Fit Chick

10-20-2009, 09:39 PM
Hello, all dear Beckies,

And welcome, FutureFitChick; you are well-on-your-way.........good job on your advantage cards; you will find that most of us keep adding and sharing with our fellow Beckies/coaches. For the longest time, mine were about movement, just feeling light and young and happy to move. Now, they are about feeling small, as if I fit in something small..about feeling little..and young..and at my *ahem age, that is a good thing..Thanks for making me google "permaculture". More than a Beckie, more than anything else in the world besides *mom, I *am a gardener; I walk that fine line between passion and obsession. :-) Enough about me--you are well, well, well on your way. I am happy to see how fully you have embraced the Beck Diet Solution..never mind which book you are reading; either her first or second just lays out a fool proof blue print; just do it..just follow it..and success will follow. My 2 cents of advice is just follow it, just do it; don't worry about anything else, like the scale, just do it and success will follow. You know better than anyone that Aaron Beck developed CBT for treatment of depression, so you know that if you have dealt with that, CBT works, and will work for you with permanently achieving success with your weight control. You go girl.

Sheppardess, I am sooooo happy to have a fellow country girl on board as a Beckie. I have often talked about the joy of gardening/ pushing a wheelbarrow..did my share of cow s*** as a girl growing up on a dairy farm, now greatly prefer the characteristics of horse poop..but it is all good!

BillBE,thanks for sharing the pleasure of having such a classy guy at Brett Favre. How cool is it to see an old guy act like a kid with each successful play? Not sure we deserved the win, but W is a W, and we will take it. So, without the Sox or the Twinkies, just do we root for anyone but the Yankies? (no offense, Robin)

Greetings to all.

10-20-2009, 11:46 PM
Sorry for the unannounced disappearance -- it was a planned internet break but started a night earlier than I expected.

Had a reasonably good couple of days. I need to read my response cards more often (Hunger is never an emergency...).

WI: +0.75kg, Exercise: +45, 878/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

RobinW: yay on the gym workouts and encouraging the personal chef

Walking Princess: Good luck with WW, that seems like a workable plan. I think if I were to go with WW (which is my Plan B if I stall), I probably would work pretty hard to make sure my plan used up all of my points. I would also expect that to take a few weeks for me to work out and I would be pretty easy on myself -- even allowing an occasional unplanned snack if I was both within my points and hungry.

BillBlueEyes: LOL at your bedroom antics

Beach Patrol: credit for being there for a friend -- life isn't all about eating well and exercise after all

Shepherdess: good job on dealing with the "I don't wanna" thoughts.

FutureFitChick: welcome! Love number 23 of your advantages list. Much better phrased than my version of essentially the same thing.

10-21-2009, 01:01 AM
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I have just started stage 2 of the Beck Diet For Life, and I have to say that I am almost too full with all of the food I can have. I am following the 2,000 calorie plan and I don't feel like I can eat everything. I know alot of it is because it is high fiber food. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Walking Princess
10-21-2009, 01:17 AM

I got home late again tonight because we had Family Portrait Night at the school. I ate on plan all day today and then researched what I had enough points for since we had to go out to eat tonight. DH wanted Chinese food. I'm not a big fish or veggie eater so I chose Sweet & Sour Chicken which I split with my DS. I skipped the white rice too so all I had was 1 c of the chicken. I went over by 4 points for the day which wasn't bad since I had to eat out. I was happy with myself but then mad at myself if that makes any sense. I went home and at 1 big piece of leftover Halloween cake we had laying around and about 3 handfullls of goldfish crackers. All eaten standing up. :o What the heck happened? I was doing so well! I'm having a bit of trouble trying to figure out my new eating plan I guess. Grrr. I will try again tomorrow but now I just feel worse than I did before.

BillBE - that pumpkin soup sounds so wonderful. Can you post the recipe? Love the story about the bedroom antics. Also, who would have thought manure was more appealing than a book? Gave me a giggle :lol:

Beach Patrol - kudos to you for making good choices yesterday. Being there for a friend in need is more important sometimes. Your dinner sounds nice and healthy. Great job!

Sheperdess - great job in moving to Beck's Stage 2. Great job! Thanks also for the snack advice. I appreciate your input :)

Future Fit Chick - welcome to our group! Kudos to you for making all your cards and being able to identify all your goals so well! It sounds like you are really in touch with where you are at with your eating habits.

Mary Blu - thanks for sharing your wisdom with Future Fit Chick. I feel like we can all learn so much from you in your posts.

Gardner Joy - thanks so much for your advice, I really appreciate it :) I'm glad to see you are back on line. ((hugs))

Talk to you all tomorrow

10-21-2009, 06:21 AM
:welcome: tikinettie :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3FC, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck's book?

And how did you find this thread on the 3FatChicks board?


10-21-2009, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Unexpectedly went out to dinner with an out of town guest. Unexpectedly cleared my plate; Oh Well. At least it was mostly vegetables with a smallish portion of goat. I did leave three quarters of the naan, CREDIT moi, which I took home and will use for snacks for a few days. Naan - the traditional Indian flat bread - has all the nutritional benefits of Wonder Bread yet, when hot from the oven glistening with butter (maybe ghee - the Indian clarified butter) is killer good.

Took my standard four mile brisk walk, CREDIT moi, wearing only a light sweatshirt and no gloves. It only takes one slushy day to make me appreciate a fine New England fall day. Passed a sign in front of a house offering a snow blower for sale for $300 - an unwelcome reminder of looming reality.

maryblu - Sigh ... I am married to a woman who can tell me the advantages of horse poop. And do it with an absolute straight face in a dinner table conversation, LOL. There is no need to cheer for anyone in baseball after the home team gets eliminated. I could get excited about a World Series with Joe Torre's Dodgers defeating his old NY Yanquees. But I wouldn't enjoy the match if he lost, so I think I'd get heart burn if I watched.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for a roaring start into your Beck program. Yep, people who have never struggled with weight don't seem to "get it" - glad you're here. Neato on the permaculture - I'd love to see that working.

Thanks for sharing your Advantage Response Card. I particularly like, "16) *I'll be in better health, with fewer aches and pains, less headaches, and decreased inflammation." It works for me to concentrate my energy into eating for good health. I loved reading Super Foods just for the reinforcement that I can select more nutritious foods.

Yep, I'd be happy to be one of your Diet Buddies, and ask that you play that role for me.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Kudos for a stellar day and Ouch for the standup munchies at the end. You might try the Cheat Sheet exercise on page 104 of Beck Diet for Life if you have that book, of the Seven Questions of day 27 in Beck Diet Solution. When I've done that, I inevitably find that I had a strong feeling that I wasn't consciously aware of. It's been useful for me to spot that because it gives me a chance to head it off before it happens.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - "Hunger is not an emergency" is one of the most striking ideas to whack me upside the head in Beck's books. Even though I haven't skipped a meal since doing the exercise, it's empowering to know that I can if I need to.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for eating slowly and only until satisfied - not stuffed. Isn't that a great feeling? Wishing you "BECK-luck" to get to your exercise today. When real life intervenes, like your friend looking for a listener to discus her divorce, it can be useful to squeeze in a five minute walk just to remind the muscles that you know they're there.

Shepherdess - Yay for moving on to Stage 2 of the Beck Plan with Kudos for answering to your own pace. And Kudos for sneaking in your yoga while dinner was cooking. Yep, you should start gift wrapping your sheep manure. If we could only solve the transportation problem, I could sell it for a good price in the Christmas Stores that open up around here for a month with hand crafted and unusual items.

What's up with leaving a flock of sheep to drive to get more wool, LOL? Do you spin yarn and weave?

tikinettie - Kudos for roaring into Stage 2 of the Beck Plan. My take is that there's a tuning process to get the right food volume and calories for a lifetime plan. If you feel you're eating too much, you might cut back slowly to get your right level, being mindful that you don't want to create the feeling of being deprived. Feeling deprived can lead to the feeling of the right to eat off-plan. Good luck with finding your balance.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

. . .
Scoop ice cream out of the container or reach into a bag of chips while you're walking around talking on the phone.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-21-2009, 09:11 AM
Hey! :wave: I'm back from a vacation to the SF Bay Area, and I did not gain any weight! :cb: :broc: :cb: :broc:

I remained mindful the whole time, while also eating really great food! As BillBE would say, CREDIT moi!

Another credit: I went to the gym yesterday, my first day back. It would have been easy to tell myself that I could skip it, but instead I told myself that I didn't have to do a long or strenuous workout as long as I showed up. And really, that term, "showing up," is a good one for weight loss and maintenance.

I listed these on another forum as my vacation accomplishments:

Did I gorge on stupid candy (or other crappy foods)? No.
Did I eat until I couldn't move? No.
Did I allow myself to get overly hungry and then use it as an excuse? No.
Did I tell myself it was OK to eat mindlessly? No.
Did I listen to that "Oh, what the heck" voice? No.
Did I feel guilty because of what I ate? No.

Did I enjoy everything I ate? YES.
Did I savor every bite? YES.
Did I keep in mind that some foods are better for me to eat than others? YES.
Did I remain aware of my choices at all times? YES.

Thanks for the reminder about eating sitting down, Bill. That one has really helped me, and it was useful on the trip as well.

Today there is still unpacking to do, and some refrigerator clean-out. Also I need to remember what I actually do at work... :lol:

Hang in there, Beckies!


10-21-2009, 11:36 AM
DH was gone last night, he's helping out on another ranch. I never sleep well when he's gone, but I'm not going to get any sympathy from him. He'll just counter that he slept on a flimsy mattress in a stuffy bunkhouse with a bunch of snoring cowboys.

I went out for my run yesterday, but I had to head back home early when the wet slushy snow started coming down. The dogs and I were getting very soggy. I put a DVD in and did some jump roping. I tried to keep the intensity and duration similar to what my run would have been. Blech! I hate working out indoors, but I've better make friends with my jump rope since winter weather isn't always conducive to working outdoors.

Beach Patrol, glad I can amuse! Kudos on eating slowly at dinner and for eating mindfully. Sometimes life gets in the way of exercise, but it's good of you to be a good friend.

Hi FutureFitChick, congrats on getting started with Beck. I wonder if your unusual cravings are due to beginning a new program. Maybe just a mental rebellion. But it looks like you're off to a good start. I like the "lifelong proccess of healthy eating and respect for my body." That's a great attitude!

Maryblu, "Just do it" is great advice! It seems simple, but for those like me, we've become adept at finding excuses to not do it. Love that we're having a discussion about the merits of manure! Is your opinion from a gardner's point of view, or the point of view of one who shovels and hauls the manure?

Welcome Tikinettie! I just began stage 2, and I often feel full on this meal plan. I diddo BillBE about fine tuning your diet. Beck says, "It's okay to leave food on your plate if you are full, but not if you are just trying to lose weight faster. If you routinely skip some food and find yourself getting hungry an hour later, this means you're not eating enough at meals." So maybe just note what you did not eat at a meal and when you were getting hungry again.

Walking Princess, good job on eating mindfully while eating out. Ouch on eating when you got home. Sometimes I have a tendency to overeat when I have that "But I've been so good" feeling. I don't know if that was the case, but I agree with Bill to think carefully about emotions. Just remember, these aren't disasters, they're learning experiences.

BillBE, kudos on leaving some naan. I agree that it's "killer good!" Good job on getting your walk in. Love those nice fall days!

BTW, DH would leave me if I brought more wool into our home!I was picking up my own wool that I had gotten cleaned at a wool mill a few hours north of here. I don't spin, but I'm trying to market some of our wool to crafters.

Hi JayEll. Congrats on going on vacation and maintaining weight. That is an impressive list of accomplishments. Kudos on getting to the gym and ignoring the excuses.

10-21-2009, 01:37 PM
My son and I had a great time. My nephew didn’t show up – a friend was in the hospital. Until he was a teenager (and no longer had time for such things), my DS and I walked together almost every day and took weekend hikes. And when he was a teenager, we started visiting national parks every summer. DS was always extremely active and had tremendous confidence in his ability to climb anything, anywhere. Since he never failed or fell down, he didn’t learn any caution I could discern. So we also had him start guided rock climbs where the guide could teach him safety techniques.

So both of us were excited to have an opportunity to do some hiking. We deliberately chose hikes that were rated moderate, one pretty long (5 hours) and one short (1 ½ hours). Both hikes were in fact quite strenuous, and the shorter of the two was also technically difficult. DS said it was like climbing a cliff, and then climbing back down a different cliff. The longer hike was actually 5 hours, but the shorter one took 2 ½ hours to complete. DS exclaimed several times that most 50-year-old women couldn’t do the latter hike, and that I was in better shape than he had ever seen. Credit moi for the hard work over the last 9 months to get me here. :D

We took a rest day after each day of hiking, so we wouldn’t get too burned out. I’m still tired today after my rest day yesterday, so I’ll take a rest day tomorrow if I wake up tired again…

Food was okay. A couple of time, I ate more than I’d like when snacking. But we burned so many calories when hiking, the net calories for the long weekend was an average of 1200 calories a day. So, I’m happy with that -- credit!

:df: *6 day report* WI-up 0.4 lbs. I didn’t read my cards, or make a plan every day. Food – gross calories about 300-400 calories a day higher than normal, but my net calories were about on-target for the long weekend. Exercise – did 2 major hikes, plus kayaking and some spontaneous walking.

I’ll try to post personals tonight, but :wave: to everyone.

10-21-2009, 05:40 PM
Hi Coaches:

This is what my inner critic is telling me right now:
:coach: You should have started (your diet) by now. You're just stalling. You're never going to do this. You're always going to give in like you did today.

I am discovering that feeling poor and not having enough money to go to the grocery store and buy what I need to "start my foodplan" is a major self-sabotager. I think I am stuck in perfectionism here. So from this minute, 3:56 pm EDT October 21, 2009 I am going to do two things only 1) not eat processed foods and white flour and 2) no second helpings. I will also continue to weigh everyday and record it (credit) and to not knowingly ingest fake sugar (credit) and that's my plan. I will write my food down and make a plan day by day for myself.
I just watched Dr. Oz and he said #1 was what to do so I'll do that and the second point is what my gut is telling me.

Does it really matter where I begin? At this point it's more important that I start. I'm going back to the original Beck workbook and re-working it.

ChinaMaine I cannot thank you enough for posting what you did today. It was reading your post that's the catalyst for my re-committment specifically this
The longer hike was actually 5 hours, but the shorter one took 2 ½ hours to complete. DS exclaimed several times that most 50-year-old women couldn’t do the latter hike, and that I was in better shape than he had ever seen. Credit moi for the hard work over the last 9 months to get me here These days I have to struggle to cover up the fact I just can't keep up with those around me. The last episode was last week when a friend and I drove to the art school to see the new artwork and listen to the artist talk. She didn't want to pay for parking so we parked on the edge of the downtown area where there was 3hr parking and then we had 7min to get to the school before the talk started. My friend said "Oh that's plenty of time" and my brain was calculating the blocks and the speed I can go which is pretty fast but not pretty long. My endurance is where I fail. Anyway I was at her heels the whole way, not at her side, and I was almost completely breathless within a block of the school praying to just make it and not collapse. We made it, in time too, but I was embarrassed at it being so hard. My friend is "age unknown" I have no clue how old but she assures me she is indeed old-I think in her fifties maybe? Anyway I'd love to keep up with her and to keep up with those younger. Nevermind the word "love" it's more like it's essential for my life and for how I want to live it.
THANK YOU for your post.

Shepherdess Sorry to hear about the snow. We haven't had a real snowfall yet just saw some flakes a week ago. It always comes too soon and stays too long it seems. I really like reading about your ranch and your sheep and your life. Thanks for posting.

JayEll Welcome back and :congrat: on your success at staying on your foodplan while away. Yours was another post that I found very inspiring today. Thanks!

BillBlueEyesKudos for your brisk walk in the brisk air. I did chuckle at the comparison of Nan bread and Wonderbread... reminded me of DH and his loathing of all bread BUT Wonderbread. It's back in the house btw, but for him only not me. ;) Maybe one day I'll be his inspiration to PUT THAT BREAD DOWN!

I'll leave this post here and send a big :wave: out to everyone I didn't directly address and big :welcome3:to tikinettie!

Beach Patrol
10-21-2009, 05:42 PM
ARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!! Someone gave me a "present" today - to say "THANKS!" for helping... the present? A box of MY favorite candy... "turtles"... you know the ones, chocolate covered carmel & nuts.... OMG I love them! - I thanked the person politely, then called a VERY SKINNY friend of mine & said - "Hey, want some candy little girl?" :D CREDIT, WOO HOO!

I felt like telling the do-gooder "Next time ya wanna thank me? Just pay my mortgage, okey dokey?" I swear, it gets REALLY HARD when people try to be NICE to you, LOL. Course, I didn't tell him that I gave the candy away.

Today was my 1st day of writing down everything. I noted that about an hour after lunch, I got a hunger pang. But I kept working, as I was kinda busy, and another 2 hours, the hunger had gone away on its own. NICE!

Oh, and last night, I biked for 15 minutes. YAY ME! :D

I hope you're all having a fabulous day! - Cheers!

10-21-2009, 11:49 PM
I'm going internet-free for a whole week. To keep myself on track, I'm going to do my little two-line report every day and report it to the group when I get back on-line. Hope everyone has a great week!

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +35, 913/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

tikinettie: welcome!

Walking Princess: sorry you're struggling. Give yourself some time -- it sounds like you're figuring out what works and what doesn't.

BillBlueEyes: I read somewhere recently that ghee is as healthy as pastured butter. It's butter, of course, and since it comes from India where they believe cows are sacred, the cows eat what they are meant to eat -- i.e. grass. Therefore, the butter has all the good Omega-3s that it's supposed to have. Unlike our common butter that comes from grain-fed cows and doesn't have the nutritional benefit. Just thought that bit of nutritional info would make you feel better about the naan.

JayEll: good job on maintaining while on vacaton!

Shepherdess: way to go with the indoor exercise -- for me, increasing variety helps when I'm indoors. I don't mind walking the same route every day when I'm outdoors, but indoors I need to change things up frequently.

ChinaMaine: oh yay on the compliments from your son -- there's an NSV if I ever heard one!

onebyone: good for you -- a combination of advice from Dr. Oz and your own gut feeling sounds like the perfect starting point.

Beach Patrol: good job on getting rid of the candy -- you are definitely getting the Beck way of life!

10-22-2009, 12:39 AM
Thank you so much for that warm and visually very colorful greeting :)! Well, I discovered the Beck Diet Solution while internet browsing one day, and now I can't honestly say through which site I found it. Anyway, I read a little bit about it and what struck me was the emphasis on the emotional aspect of eating because I have always said that through years and years of dieting, I know how to eat, it's more a matter of behavior, thoughts, emotions, etc. So I checked out the Beck Diet Solution For Life from the library and felt like I not only found my path but was ready to take it. My friend who I have chosen as my Diet Buddy/Coach is also losing weight and she bought herself and me the book and she also bought me the workbook! I found 3 Fat Chicks through Googling "The Beck Diet" and here I am!

So, today, my second day of stage 2, I didn't feel quite as full. I was really proud of myself because I managed to get to the gym, and even though it was only for 20 minutes, I made it there between going to school and going to work. I'm juggling alot right now, so every success is even more sweet.

Thanks again for my very warm welcome and I look very forward to being a part of this group!

10-22-2009, 12:42 AM
Hi Beach Patrol. I was just giggling at your vital stats because I too am 5'3-1/2 and I always tell people DON'T forget that half because it's important!! I usually list myself as 5'4" but that gives me an extra half-inch that I don't really have :).

Walking Princess
10-22-2009, 01:41 AM
Hi all,

That Halloween cake that belongs to my son (he made it himself for a Cub Scout event) is freakin' killing me! I ate another slice when I got home today and savored each and every bite. Unfortunately, that was not part of my eating plan today and it cost me quite a bit in points. I ended up having to skip dinner which was not the healthiest thing to do but I had to balance it out. I wasn't hungry after the cake incident so I think it was ok. I just had a piece of fruit so my body had something good in it. I passed out the last of the cake tonight to my hubby and told him to eat the last piece because I can't be around it anymore. It is triggering me to overeat when the rest of the day I did so well. He promptly wolfed it down happy to take it off my hands lol. It's gone now and I feel relieved. I am giving myself credit for behaving the rest of the day. All my other meals/snacks were very healthy and exactly on my eating plan. I turned down several temptations today so I was proud of that too. There were so many things I wanted to eat but didn't. It's a shame I gave in to the cake but on the plus side, at least I didn't give in to ALL of them.

Bill - thanks for the tip about the Beck Diet For Life book. I don't have that one yet and actually was holding off on buying it because I didn't know if I needed to solidify the first book that I am in the process of re-reading a second time first? Basically, I'm not sure when to read the second book. As far as eating out unexpectedly, I totally understand where you are coming from. I think you did very well though. Even though you ate the whole plate, you 1) said "oh well" just as Beck would advise and 2)you said you had small portions. So the likelihood that you ate an exhorbant amount of food is unlikely. It was probably more than you were used to but nothing horrifying.

Jay - congratulations on maintaining your weight during your trip. That is quite an accomplishment! :)

Sheperdhess - thank you for the reminder about not thinking of my eating last night as a disaster but as a learning experience. I tend to react instead of be proactive about the experience. I hope you get better sleep tonight. I can relate to how you feel though. I never sleep well when my hubby is not home either. I toss and turn and it usually takes me 2-3 hours to get to sleep. It's very frustrating and a relief when he gets home so I can actually get some sleep!

ChinaMaine - kudos to you for going on the hike. How far you have come! It's nice that you were able to spend some time with your son. Those are precious times. Way to go!

OnebyOne - great job for trying to get back on track. You are right, it is so hard. I am really struggling too. I am trying to take it one meal at a time or if I do one thing right that day, I give myself credit. Produce can be expensive so I can understand how it's hard financially to eat healthier. Just do the best you can and be kind to yourself.

Beach Patrol - don't you just hate that when people give you food as gifts? I try to never do that because you never know if the person is on a diet. It's so frustrating because you don't want to hurt their feelings but you don't want to sabatoge yourself either. Try giving it away to someone who would enjoy it that you know is not on a diet. That's what I usually do. You did great with your exercise though. Keep up the good work

GardnerJoy - thanks for the encouragement. Enjoy your Internet-free week. Read lots of good books and enjoy lots of family time :)

Tikinettie - that's so funny. I'm also 5'3 1/2" and I always round up that 1/2" too. It counts!! :) Welcome to our group. I look forward to getting to know you

Well off to bed. Goodnight all

10-22-2009, 07:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I didn't make my pot of lentils and kale this past weekend which has left me grubbing through some leftover spaghetti with basil pesto for work lunches. Now I love pesto, but do better with less carbs and more protein. Good reminder to myself that I can't goof off and keep on plan.

After gym, CREDIT moi, I walked to a farmer's market to get a few ears of corn. "All the remainder froze in the field." We can't buy local corn after a local freeze, duh!!! I'll buy some supermarket ears this weekend which is grown in some never-never-land that never-never freezes.

onebyone - Ouch for the inner critic as the generator of Sabotaging Thoughts. Kudos for standing her down and getting started. Good reminder that "2) no second helpings" is possible during times of plenty and tight times both. Hope you can make time to get to your pool.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for raising your DS so sensitive to notice that his mom is doing strenuous climbing, and so open as to tell you. Neat kid there.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Ouch for the Halloween cake, but Kudos for stuffing the remainder into your DH, LOL. And Kudos for turning down several temptations - strengthening that resistance muscle as Beck would say. I'm not convinced that reading the second Beck book is necessary at all. It's a different packaging of the material in the first book (and its workbook) along with recipes for a diet plan. The diet plan is good, but not unique - there are lots of good diet plans around.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Have a good week off-net, looking forward to your return. Glad to know that ghee has Omega-3's since I had a piece of the leftover for my afternoon snack. It remains killer-good a day old when toasted.

Jay (JayEll) - Kudos for remaining mindful during your entire San Francisco vacation - what a great demo that maintenance is for all the times of our life. I thought about you and sitting down on the San Francisco wharf with the notorious walk-about shrimp cocktails. Hope you had one anyway.

Beach Patrol - LOL at "Hey, want some candy little girl?" Somehow we gotta counter the notion that candy is a good reward to give in return for a favor. Kudos for making note of your feeling of hunger, for not acting on it, and for again noting that after two hour it was gone.

Shepherdess - Ouch for slushy snow forcing you indoors; Kudos for continuing your exercise there. I was an adult before I "got it" how spinning turned wool into yarn. I remain in awe that so many different cultures figured that out a zillion years ago. Yay for smart ancestors so that I can wear a Pendleton wool shirt. Speaking of which, it says it's made of virgin wool. What does that mean?

tikinettie - Kudos for making it to the gym even when very busy. Yep, 5 minutes is better than none and your twenty minutes is a good workout, certainly worth "so every success is even more sweet."

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

. . .
Take a piece of candy or a pretzel as you walk past the snack jar sitting on a coworker's desk.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-22-2009, 07:31 AM
I've not had time to get into the book yet but do get a bit of something from reading here every day. Nice to know the second Beck book is not really necessary. I promise to read at least one chapter of my book this afternoon i my scheduled "me" time.

10-22-2009, 08:40 AM
Hey Ruth! :wave:

Did you folks know you can make your own ghee (clarified butter) at home? It's a bit of a bother, but if you like ghee, it's worthwhile. You have to start with UNSALTED butter, however, and organic butter is best. Google "making ghee" to find out about it. One advantage of ghee is that it can be stored at normal room temperature for up to six months without spoiling. Vegetable-based ghee ends up with trans fats and is therefore not as good as butter ghee.

BillBE, I'm afraid I missed the shrimp cocktail experience at the wharf. The day we went there was, alas, Fleet Week, and it was mobbed. It was also Columbus Day weekend. :yikes: We were lucky to get out alive! :lol:

My Response for bowls of candy on a desk, counter, or table in an office space, is: This is not my food. It helps!


10-22-2009, 10:00 AM
Good Morning coaches here's today's plan

Official Thursday weekly weigh-in: 276.4 (credit for weighing myself once)
Today: eat unprocessed food & no white stuff
no second helpings

I've just had a satisfying breakfast, 1/2 of what I would normally eat, (I figure if I eat half what I would normally eat I'll be 1/2 my size right?) and I am going to follow another Dr. Oz rule (you on a diet) plus some other foodplans concur and they tell the eater to automate their meals. Variety stimulates appetite and that for me is true. So I think what I ate this morning will be my breakfast most days. I'll come up with three breakfasts to choose from for every day but the unusual.

credit: planning breakfast for the week and eating it sitting down today.
credit: recording calories on fitday

Today I am back in at the school. I'd like to do 6hrs in the ceramic room today: 10-4 and get most of the glazes sifted so they are smooth. It takes a long time to do such a simple job. And I think I actually have a volunteer to help me! That deserves an official :dancer: happy dance. I may have one other person who will know how to set the kilns and load and unload them. OMG. Amazing.

So this morning this is how things are. I'm bringing a sandwich for lunch and will buy some fruit in the market when I get there. I can make tea in the staff room so I am all set. I may be having coffee with a friend so much abstain from the treat she may want us to have. Tonight I will plan to go swimming for FREE at my housing complex's rec centre - 8 to 8:45pm.

Have a great day coaches.

Beach Patrol
10-22-2009, 11:24 AM
Hi Beach Patrol. I was just giggling at your vital stats because I too am 5'3-1/2 and I always tell people DON'T forget that half because it's important!! I usually list myself as 5'4" but that gives me an extra half-inch that I don't really have :).

Big welcome tikinettie! And yeah, I gotta throw that 1/2 in there... cause I feel like I'm WAY exaggerating if I say 5'4" and not giving myself enough "credit" if I just say 5'3" :dizzy:

10-22-2009, 01:10 PM
The weather was nice yesterday and I was able to make my run extra long. I love running outdoors! Somedays its hard to get outdoors, but once I'm out it's so worth it. It's just me, my two dogs and the wildlife. This time of year the antelope are starting to form big herds and there's just something about seeing 100 antelope running over the next hill that inspires me to kick it up a notch.

My eating has been on track. I am going into a bit of a panic about the weekend. We got a call last night from DH's cousins who said they were coming up to see us this weekend and bringing several college friends. Gotta love college kids! We knew they wanted to bring some friends to the ranch sometime soon they were just going to give us some notice. So I just have to figure out how to stay on track with a houseful of college kids.

ChinaMaine, it sounds like you had a great weekend and your son sounds wonderful. Big huge kudos on being in shape to keep up with him! What great payoff for all your hard work.

Onebyone, sounds like you are off to a great start. Good for you for starting where you can. You don't need the "perfect" starting point; you can make good, healthy changes right now. Glad you've got some help with your ceramics.

Beach Patrol, nice job on getting rid of that candy! Kudos on recognizing your hunger, but not letting it control you. Beck's "Hunger is not an emergency" has been a huge eye-opener for me.

Gardnerjoy, enjoy your week off-line. I could use something like that!

tikinettie, good job getting to the gym. 20 minutes can be a great workout! I find that sometimes when I have limited time I put a lot more into the workout.

Walking Princess, hate that cake temptation! Glad you were able to get rid of it and kudos for putting everything into perspective. Yes you ate unplanned cake, but you found a very sane way to deal with it.

BillBE, nice insight on the "less carbs, more protein." Beck's eating plan has huge amounts of protein and I'm not used to eating that much. But it is keeping me full! Kudos on getting to the gym. Sorry that corn season is over. I love eating locally, but I have to admit that globalization is pretty great when you live in a land with a very short growing season. When DH was a kid, the only veggies they ate in the winter were frozen peas and corn. Fresh fruits and veggis were a huge luxery. I feel pretty lucky to eat salad all year round.

Virgin wool is wool that has been spun for the first time. Some manufacturers recycle wool by shredding already spun yarn and then re-spinning it. Second spun yarn is more coarse. Pendleton is a great company and the ranch used to sell wool to them, but wool buying has changed. I could talk forever about the wool industry.

Ruthxxx, hate those busy schedules! You deserve some "me" time!

JayEll, love the "That's not my food!" response. Thanks for that.

10-22-2009, 11:13 PM
My MIL arrives Saturday night, escorted by DH, to stay with us. I’ve started getting a bit nervous. I want to be sure to have everything as nice for her as possible, but also make sure to maintain her feeling of independence. And, of course, it’ll be a big change in our lives. I suppose there’s a bit of general anxiety as well…

I’ve noticed that when I’m under elevated stress, I have more feelings of hunger. Generally it seems to translate to eating an extra 100-200 calories a day. I’m very hungry today, but am trying to resist making bad choices as the evening wanes.

:df: WI-down .5 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op (48m).

one by one I watch Dr Oz every day, and love his show! He does a nice mixture of talking about the down-side of obesity and showing a wide range of potential paths to success. Minimizing variety in your diet seems a very reasonable plan… I’m glad my hiking story helped you. I too was unable to keep up with others, so it makes my recent good health that much sweeter. You’ll feel the same way when you are feeling healthier. Kudos for ‘ it's essential for my life and for how I want to live it.’!

Beach Patrol :welcome3: (belatedly) – I love your cheery attitude and am awed that you are an opera singer. (I hope I’ve remembered that correctly…) Ouch for the ‘gift’ of tempting, off-plan food. You handled it gracefully though. ;) Kudos for pushing past your hunger pang and for biking.

gardenerjoy Have fun while internet-free, and kudos for a great way to virtually stay in touch while away.

tikinettie :welcome2: Credit for doing 20 mins of exercise on a busy day!

Kara (Walking Princess) Great job handling the halloween cake! Kudos for giving yourself credit for the majority of the day you stayed on plan.

Bill Ouch for not prepping your lunches for the week. It’s true that spontaneous decision making is more likely to lead you astray than ones you’ve carefully plannned… Yes, DS is a neat ‘kid’ (my chest is puffed out with pride…)

Ruthxxx :welcome3: (belatedly) Good luck reading some of Beck today!

JayEll :welcome2: (belatedly) Love your response for bowls of candy!

shepherdess It’s neat how running outdoors makes you so happy! So you call them antelope and not Pronghorn? I’ve been diligently trying to learn to say Pronghorn for the last year or so… Good luck with the college age visitors this weekend!

10-23-2009, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - By a series of non-decisions, my evening snack of a piece of fruit consisted of an apple, a bunch of red seedless grapes, and a pear. I buy the grapes when they're on sale to add "a few" to my evening snack just because I like the uber sweet taste. But a few becomes a bunch pretty quickly - just like before my journey when my small bowl of ice cream before bed became a substantially large bowl. It seems that I retain an instinct to increase portion size when I don't have a portion in mind. OK, Ouch; gotta get a bit more mindful around here.

Took a lovely walk, CREDIT moi, noting that about half the trees in one park were bare and the others still hanging on to their brilliant fall colors. The playing fields had soccer teams of all ages. In a city section of my walk, I watched a police van pull up and a couple of cops escort two women into the van with their hands cuffed behind their backs. An unusual sight - don't know when I've ever seen that kind of cuffing before. Never figured out what was happening. Humans and nature both are sometimes a mystery.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Waving. If you had edited Dr. Beck's book, in the sentence quoted below would you have taken 'out' out? In the sentence I just wrote, would you change it to "left 'out' in?" Does El Nino like reading Inside, Outside, Upside Down as much as my kids did?

onebyone - Kudos for setting the portion size of your breakfast. Interesting Dr. Oz rule, "to automate their meals." Sounds like an easy version of Beck's "Plan your meals." Hope you make it to your "FREE" swim.

ChinaMaine - Sending supportive thoughts for the arrival of your MIL - such a big change in the lives of all concerned. It's so neat that she will have a view of the lake from her room. Glad you'll get to see your own DH after his long absence.

Jay (JayEll) - I like your direct Helpful Response, "This is not my food." I do a similar thing, using "That's not about me." Helps me through a bunch of little places where some old neurons try to steer me toward bowls of useless temptations. Thanks for the tip about making ghee - I'd have never thought of that.

Beach Patrol - LOL at "not giving myself enough "credit" if I just say 5'3" ." Glad to hear that it's not just men who are sensitive to being tall enough.

Shepherdess - Trying not to be jealous reading, "seeing 100 antelope running over the next hill." Gotta remember that you live in a BIG state. Thanks for the bit about wool; I hope that Pendleton is still buying American wool. Good luck staying on track with a house full of heavy eaters this weekend.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for scheduling "me time." Ya gotta actively fight volunteerism burnout.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Opportunities to eat while standing up abound. Do you do any of the following?

. . .
Nibble on something you see when opening the refrigerator to get something else out.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-23-2009, 10:55 AM
Coaches/Buddies I continue to slack. I've now been sick, first flu, then cold, and finally sinus infection for about a month now. I attempted my triathlon last weekend, and did in fact finish.

I have no deep insights or news to report. But I continue to hang in as best I can, so when better times come, as they must (mustn't they??) I will be prepared for them.

Beach Patrol: love the idea of paying the mortgage as a thank you gift instead of candy!! I think it should be universally adopted.


10-23-2009, 11:40 AM
Thanks, Everyone, for all of the welcomes and best wishes on getting started with Beck. This is a great forum and I feel lucky to have come across you (via a post of BillBlueEyes in another forum).

I have had a very busy, but good couple of days. As a result, I only had time to eat lunch and dinner while driving. I need to work on that. CREDIT for NSV: I needed a belt for my fat jeans today! I need to find a better way to remember to examine my response cards first thing in the morning. I am not super regular with my going to bed/getting up time, so setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to read them hasn't helped yet. I'll keep thinking on that. I've not yet progressed in the book to day 7, but I am more concerned with integrating these habits rather than integrating them rapidly.

BeachPatrol, every little bit of height decreases my BMI! I hear you on that!

BillBlueEyes, great insight into the grapes becoming a lesson about portion size. I've never considered before that to succeed I need to have a portion size in mind before I'm standing at the counter or at the dinner table serving food. Brilliant! Thanks!

ChinaMaine, your excitement about your mother-in-law coming is wonderful. I am so happy that you are finding the joy in this opportunity. You can stick to your food plan, I'm sure of that.

JayEl, are you interested in making a variety of Indian foods, or just use the ghee at home?

Maryblu, glad you looked up permaculture. I took a course in it over the summer, and it is definitely a life-long goal to achieve. I am really trying hard to develop my green thumb. Right now it periodically turns yellow, or worse brown and crumbles off!

onebyone, I'm glad you've got some helpers. That sounds terrific.

Shepherdess, your runs sound incredible. I could almost see the antelope. When I want my dogs, we see one cookie-cutter house after another in our little subdivision. You give me hope for the long-term (after grad school) of seeing real nature every day!

WalkingPrincess, I found cutting cake into individual (i.e. 1" x 1" x 1") slices and freezing them helped me out with having a cake in the house once. Then, I just planned on incorporating into my daily plan. But, to be honest it is rarely in our house for the same reason you mentioned. CREDIT to you for getting through that!

Happy Friday everyone!

Beach Patrol
10-23-2009, 12:02 PM
Beach Patrol :welcome3: (belatedly) – I love your cheery attitude and am awed that you are an opera singer. (I hope I’ve remembered that correctly…) Ouch for the ‘gift’ of tempting, off-plan food. You handled it gracefully though. ;) Kudos for pushing past your hunger pang and for biking.

Hello ChinaMaine! - and thanks for the welcome! - but uh, er, no... I'm not an opera singer. Unless you count my "shower concerts" ... heh. :D

Bill ~ don't sweat the portion size of the fruit... I think you should give yourself credit for over-doing it on "fruit" instead of anything else. It's a very natural food source, & you'd have to eat a whole-whole-whole-whole-whole-whole bunch in order to seriously "over do" it. So - yay, you!

Ruth ~ that's how I'm reading the Beck book... one chapter a day (at least) & sometimes more if I have the time or get really caught up in the "beck" adventure. ;)

Shepherdess ~ Super congrats on an extra long run! While I don't run, I do love the outdoors, too! - and I always feel like doing more of whatever I'm doing (walking, biking, swimming, etc) if I'm outdoors as opposed to indoors. And, like you, the dogs & wildlife just make it that much more enjoyable.

Now as for myself... “don't eat while standing up” - Ack! – yeah, did it this morning (because I was in SUCH a hurry, got up late, etc.) But usually, I don’t have an issue with eating/standing. (much too lazy to stand, would rather sit, LOL) But I kept thinking thru my entire breakfast "sit down you goofy girl!" & yet... I just stood there, chewing, quick bites, etc. Blah. At least my brekkie was a healthy one! - So credit! Yay!

Last night I ate an unplanned meal, because what I had planned to eat, my meanie-butt husband ate it for lunch! - that scoundrel!!! LOL... so I had to make do with other food. Chicken soup with saltines. Ack. Not totally healthy, but too much sodium for me, so while I can't credit myself for the actual meal, I give myself CREDIT for not hitting my husband with the frying pan for eating the last piece of baked chicken! (is that fair?) :D :D :D

10-23-2009, 01:15 PM
Public Service Announcement: wash, wash, wash your hands. Swine flu has arrived. My sister-in-law called me yesterday to see if I could pick up her two girls from school because she thought she might have to take her 3 year old to the hospital. The two girls were out all last week with swine flu--it has been going around their elemtary school. The girls are well, but now her husband and 3 year old are sick. It hit her 3 year old the hardest, but he's going to be OK. No hospitalization needed. I'm making her a casserole this morning so at least dinner will be taken care of. DH says I should put it on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away.

So I have been following the Beck eating plan very carefully for several days now and there is way more protein than I am used to. I'm a vegetarian and so there are some times when I eat a meal and realize I ate lots of veggies and whole grains but no protein. So more protein is good, but I decided that this diet has way too much protein for me! I was following her advice to choose from a wide variety of options on the menu (without meat, mine are of course more limited). I had 3 eggs and a piece of whole grain bread for breakfast and didn't want to eat for the rest of the day. I like eggs, but I was choking down 3. I was trying to eat my planned food, but I finally had to skip my afternoon snack because I couldn't think about food. I reluctantly downed my huge pile of tofu for dinner (9 oz tofu with 1/2 cup edamame and stir fried veggies) and felt horribly ill for the rest of the evening. I skipped the after dinner snack as well. DH was wondering what was wrong, and when I said the 3 eggs thing he looked at me like I was the biggest idiot.

We'll just call this a learning experience. Here are some lessons I've taken away from all this. I put way too much trust into a generic plan from a book instead of listening to that voice that says, "3 eggs, are you crazy!" I've decided to stick to the general calorie outline from the plan, but replace some of those enormous protein servings with whole grains. I do need to be conscious to get plenty of protein, but this plan has way too much for me. It's all about balance.

ChinaMaine, you've put a lot of thought and care into making a nice place for your MIL. It is a huge change, but it sounds like you are being very mindful of everything that is going on. You have a great attitude!

BillBE, interesting to see how a "series of non-decisions" leads to eating more than planned. It's one of those things I know intellectually but still haven't internalized. At least your unplanned eating was something healthy. Loving the descriptions from your walks. I am visualizing the east coast autumn.

Hi wndranne, I am so impressed that you did a triathalon in spite of a month of flu and cold. Finishing a triathalon is so cool!

FutureFitChick, it's difficult to fit all of this into a busy schedule, but a little bit at a time and eventually you'll have it all down. I was having trouble remembering to read my cards in the AM. Now I put them on the coffee maker and read them while the coffee is brewing. Making coffee is my AM ritual weekend or weekday. Hope that helps. Grad school is a hectic time and it's difficult to establish daily routines.

Beach Patrol, kudos on the healthy breakfast. That's one battle won, and eating while sitting is just something else to work on. Good job on salvaging dinner. Sounds like you need to institute the old roomate rules and put your name on the food in the fridge, lol.

10-23-2009, 05:39 PM
TGIF Coaches

Okay an update

Yesterday did not go as planned. I had my OP breakfast and packed my planned lunch. I went to work at the school and at lunch time a friend came to take me to coffee and then there were 4 of us going to coffee and we talked and I ran into another friend and we talked and then I had to rush back to meet up with my new ceramic room helper. By then it was 2pm and I lunged into showing the helper some more stuff in the ceramic room. i completely forgot to eat my sandwich until I was leaving the school and felt light-headed. So before I got to my bus I stopped in the mall, sat down, and ate my sandwich plus some unplanned food bought to bring home to DH as a surprise and also something I bought for myself, on impulse, as a treat+rebellion+wanting to spend money since I got paid when I haven't had money in a while (often a trigger for me to buy food I've been denied due to no money) SO... EVEN THOUGH I REALIZED IT WAS WHITE BREAD(it was a Zataar bread=white pita with amazing spices on it plus oil too) and I had only hours before written here that I am now avoiding white bread, there I was buying it and planning to eat it and then as soon as I got home and in the door I ate it. felt bad. DH came up from downstairs and handed me a single Halloween treat and I took it instead of saying thanks but no thanks and then he sat down beside me and opened up a bag of cheesepuffs in such a way that we could both put out big mitts into the bag and I avoided doing that for a few minutes and gave in and we ate from the bag until it was empty. That was the worst of it. He did make chicken wings and I didn't have any. credit for that. I didn't get to swimming as I was completely exhausted. Having a helper in the ceramic room made me do way more than I usually do! I was completely worn out. Maybe tonight I'll get there.

And so today I went off track at lunch again, (was OP for breakfast) but am back on-track for dinner. I've roasted my butternut squash and am getting ready to make my roasted butternut soup. Both days I have not had second helpings so credit for that.

7:40pm update: I got de-railed again. The ceiling in our entry way was leaking water so I called the management and they sent the repair super over and after much fussing we now have an 3' wide opening in the ceiling exposing a large copper pipe with three cracks in it. It goes through the entry way door, through the downstairs bathroom, and continues to places unknown but my guess is it is near enough to the upstairs wall that mysteriously started to open up and crack badly. He said someone will be by Monday to fix it by removing the section of pipe with the leak, but I said what if there are more leaks further along the length of the pipe we can't see? Will they take the walls down? I have no idea how you fix something like this without major renovations. This all happened after I removed the cooked butternut squash from the oven and I was starting to take the skin off and then DH asked me what was for dinner and he was not going to eat butternut squash soup and I wanted to feel better so he took some frozen chicken fingers from the freezer and cooked them and we ate together. My squash is waiting for me in the fridge.

I feel like a fraud here. Like I say I want to do this and then I just... don't do it. But let's stick with the positive and give myself a credit for no second helpings and I did stop before I was painfully full. I think I need to do some major pre-planning coaches. these last minute decisions are killing me.

Oh and I was at the Dr. today to get my BP prescription renewed and he handed me a blood test requistion for potassium levels (to do with the BP meds) and a ..... cholesterol test. *sigh* I gotta get myself under control coaches. I DO NOT want to have another prescription handed to me the next time I see the good doctor.

All the best coaches. Once again, thank you for your patience in reading my post

10-23-2009, 10:06 PM
Shepherdess I go back and forth between wanting a plan to tell me exactly what to do and putting in the trial and error work to find the plan that is true to me. Kudos for listening to your gut and reducing the extra protein but not falling into black and white thinking and tossing out all the extra protein. Good!

Beach Patrol I keep sneaking bites in the kitchen while standing up. I actually am pretty good with this one too but boy can I snarf something down fast! And when read this:
I give myself CREDIT for not hitting my husband with the frying pan for eating the last piece of baked chicken! I was reminded of this little icon we have here :frypan: I don't get to use it very often so thanks for the opportunity.

FutureFitChick I think you're doing great taking the time to digest the Beck book and not rush through. She always emphasizes really getting the first 14 days. Your intuition to work them for as long as you need to is right on the money. Credit.

wndranne:hug: to you. It seems you've had your share of pesky bugs these past few months. No wonder you're feeling like you're just getting by. I'm glad you're still trying. I am too. We'll both "get it". promise. :hug: Giant congrats on your triathalon finish!

BillBlueEyes Your recounting of the "Snack That Grew" reminds me of the many times I have overeaten with food that is either "calorie-free", fat-free, "good for me", or any other justification when in my gut I always know the food stuff itself isn't the problem. It's the act of over-doing it that hurts. Kudos for seeing the slippery slope before you took the ride down. ;)

ChinaMaine I can certainly understand your anxiety at your MIL's arrival. I still feel uneasy at times over my mother's recent move even though she's in a place where she's really looked after. I just am not sure how she's really feeling. So many changes for her. And I get anxious wondering what I can do or her. It's odd for me as we weren't particularly close and I feel this is an opportunity to change all that. It's way more good than bad. Just be mindful of your food. How will eating an extra 200 calories really change anything for the better?? :hug: You're doing an awesome thing for your MIL as is her son. Kudos to you both and to her for making the change!

Hello to JayEll, Ruthxxx, Kuhljeanie, Maryblu, WalkingPrincess, RobinW... and those who read and lurk :wave:

10-24-2009, 08:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had exactly six grapes for my after dinner snack; CREDIT moi. However, that was after a BIG family get together dinner with stuffed Delicata Squash, duck l'orange, roasted beets in the salad, and two desserts. I didn't overeat by my celebration plan - i.e. no seconds and reasonable portions - but consumed more than my average dinner. As long as I keep "celebrations" to a few a year, my plan will work.

At the gym, CREDIT moi, I worked on the bench next to a guy on the floor who put a hundred pound dumbbell (yes, 100) on his chest, held it with both hands and did crunches. Yikes!!! At least I didn't wish that I could do that - just felt Out of my league.

onebyone - Kudos for sticking to your rule of no second helpings. Drooling here over your "roasted butternut squash and roasted butternut soup." Ouch for the obstacles in your real life; I do hope you're giving yourself credit for continuing the battle. Sending supportive thoughts for a positive outcome from your blood tests.

Thanks for the reminder that my brain is able to grab even the tiniest bit of good-for-me in a food to justify over eating it. I've definitely allowed grapes to to take me there. Yeah they're good for me, but they're also hunking big bags of sugar water.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for such a long spell of body stuff; Honking Big Kudos for the triathlon while under the weather. Like being reminded that we gotta be prepared for when the good times come. Sending virtual chicken soup.

FutureFitChick - Congrats on needing a belt. Your body knows what it's doing; it's such fun to discover what it's up to, LOL.

Methinks you're right on track with, "I am more concerned with integrating these habits rather than integrating them rapidly." There are a lot of days in a lifetime; solid habits will serve you well.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for a healthy "brekkie;" Ouch for standing; but Kudos again for being aware. LOL at "meanie-butt husband" - every time I see the thread Dieting with Obstacles (meaning disabilities) I think that living with an SO should count.

Shepherdess - Ouch for all the swine flu with your two nieces and the 3 year old (nephew?) - glad that hospitalization wasn't required. We've got several relatives who've been hit. Thanks for the reminder that washing our hands is the number one deterrent. Kudos for working on tuning your food plan; Yep, it's yours - gotta fit. (I don't think I ever had three eggs even when I was at high weight.)

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

Today you'll make a commitment to sit down every single time you eat something - even if it's just a bite. Are you thinking, Why do I have to do this? What's the big deal about eating while I'm standing up? Well, here's why you have to adopt a strict rule about sitting down to eat.

You absolutely have to become more conscious of everything you put in your mouth. You need to pay full attention to what you're eating so you don't say to yourself, I'm still hungry ... I want more, when you're finished your allowed food.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 70.

10-24-2009, 11:25 AM
Hi All,
Surfacing here for a check in. Yesterday, tracked food, credit. Zumba, credit. Ate less at my conference than I usually do, credit, though more than I had planned. Oh, well. This morning, I had one pancake instead of two, so that was cool. But the big challenge is strudelfest--my husband makes strudel every October for his family. His Austrian grandmother taught him how to make it, and he's the only person left who does it. So he's starting now on 4 kinds of strudel, and will make about 10 pans. Then the family arrives and they inhale strudel. Thankfully, his Dad didn't think we needed the usual dessert of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing that follows. Sigh. Pennsylvania Dutch food is a carb fiesta.

I need to watch my sisterinlaw--she always eats way less than I do, and seems to enjoy what she eats. At least I don't like the one kind--with white potatoes and sugar. It's their favorite, and I think it's vile. But the apple, grape and savory cabbage ones do call my name. I'm having trouble thinking clearly on planning for this.

Well, off to the studio. Personals soon!

Beach Patrol
10-24-2009, 12:52 PM
BILL~ YAY for your grape after-dinner snack! and YAY for no seconds and reasonable portions - and YAY for gym time too! Dude, you SO deserve the dancing carrot!!! :carrot:

ONEBYONE~ another YAY for no second helpings!!!! - that is one of the things I am working on the most!

WNDRANNE~ sorry you're feeling icky! - get better SOON!

FFChick~ A BELT! - I'm awed, inspired, & a little jealous too! WAY TO GO!!!

SHEPHERDESS~ I always wash/wash/wash my hands - learned that trick a long time ago, and I truly believe I rarely get viruses as a result - but thanks for the reminder, anyway!

And hello to all you other BECKies out there!!! :wave:

As for me - I had a MAJOR COUP last night!!!!! - I'm STILL so excited today & it's almost lunchtime! - woo hoo!!!!!! - :cb:

Hubby & I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant... not planned, but I have a serious thing about dating my husband from time to time! - so anyway, I got my favorite meal, the "crab-stuffed flounder" w/baked potato, including salad and a slice of their FAMOUSLY BIG RICH cheesecake... :cloud9:

BUT (here's the "yay me!" part!!!!!) first of all, I ate SLOWLY. I put my fork down between bites and listened to my husband talk. And secondly, I ate only HALF of everything, and left the restaurant not feeling stuffed but pleasantly satisfied!!! (and a nice lunch for today!!!!) So :bravo: to me! It felt SOOOOO good not to be stuffed & nauseous!!! I want that feeling ALL THE TIME! I know I'm still new at this Beck lifestyle, but I'm getting some uber exciting bonus points with this positive thinking stuff! :woohoo:

So I had my healthy brekkie sitting down this morning, wrote in my food diary and then went shopping for tonight's dinner. I AM FEELING ON TOP OF THE WORLD TODAY! WOO HOO!!!! :yay:

10-24-2009, 02:19 PM
Six college boys descended on DH and I last night. If you are going to host college kids, this is the group to host. They made a nice, healthy dinner last night and even did the dishes afterwards. Of course I stayed up way past my bedtime. We were having a lot of fun playing a board game, but I got to sleep in a bit this AM.

I did my free weights workout again yesterday. I'm trying to make this more regular. It's not my favorite activity, but I'm trying to picture myself very strong. That's motivating.

Onebyone, ouch on the unplanned eating, but don't forget all your successes! Kudos for avoiding second helpings and for skipping the chicken wings. It's tough when life gets in the way, and it gets in the way with both good things, like running into friends, and bad things, like leaking water. Sounds tough, but hang in there.

BillBE, great job enjoying the big family dinner while still eating mindfully. It's great to be able to work these celebrations into your life without derailing your hard work. Kudos for doing your workout even though he-man was working out next to you!

Nuxmaga, kudos on eating less at the conference. Strudelfest sounds like a huge challenge, but it's good that you're thinking ahead. Using your SIL as a role model sounds like a good plan.

Beach Patrol, yay you for enjoying date night while still eating carefully! Sounds like the perfect evening. And kudos for sitting down to a healthy breakfast, tracking your food and planning ahead. That Top of the World feeling is well-deserved!

10-24-2009, 09:46 PM
Hello coaches

I stuck to my plan today. credit. I made my soups but haven't portioned them out yet for the freezer but I now am the proud owner of a pot of potato leek and a pot of roasted butternut squash soup plus a 2cup portion of turkey stock that did make it into the freezer. Boy it feels good to use up my veggies insteed of seeing them go bad.

I did a lot of talking on the phone today. I vented to friends instead of eating my feelings. credit. I didn't have second helpings. credit. and ate sitting down. credit. All in all a good day. Oh and I have leftovers from dinner, also made from scratch, that I have tossed into a paper bag for tomorrow at the market. the farmers market is such a food fest and it's the last regular market day for the season so that can be a trigger to "get it while you can". We have three weekends in November to sell at and I think I am going to do it so long as I do okay tomorrow.

After the farmers market I am off to my mother's place to get her and bring her to the Shenkman Arts Center, very close to where she lives, where I have an art show opening. The vernissage is from 2-5 and it's all an experiment in seeing if I can get us there and back without a car. I'm nervous as to how it will go. But loking after my mother at the art show will at least take my focus off myself and my art work on display. I am curious to see what my friends made. Exciting.

Well 6am comes fast so I'd better get to bed.

Shepherdess Good going on the weights-especially since they're not your favourite thing to do... extra satisfying credit that!

Beach Patrol That was great success at the restaurant for sure. I haven't managed to bring anything home from a meal out so that makes me doubly impressed! Kudos. Hope you're still feeling good...

Nuxmaga I hope you safely navigated strudelfest and that you SIL helped give you some handy tips and tricks for doing so. I wanted to ask, do you have many xmas craft shows lined up? And do you do your art full time or do you have a day job too? I find it tough to do both...

BillBlueEyesOh the 100lb cruncher made me want to do that. I suppose if I saw it I may think twice but in my mind, I really do wish I could be that strong. Huh.
Congrats on the grape success!

Have a good night everyone.

Walking Princess
10-25-2009, 02:57 AM
Hello all,

It's been a busy couple of days. I went out to lunch with my mom today but stuck to my new habit of eating only half the meal. I was pretty happy with myself - credit me! I stayed on track the rest of the day and now am getting ready for bed feeling pretty good! :carrot: Let's hope tomorrow is another good day.

Thanks FutureFitChick for the tip on eating cake by the way. I had not thought to do that and that would have definitely helped me this last week. I made a note of it and will use that tip the next time I'm in that situation.


P.S. I got rid of all the tempting food that dh and ds had accumulated the last week or two so it doesn't torture me and cause me to fall off course anymore. Yea it's all gone!!

10-25-2009, 06:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise for the day was at our community garden; CREDIT moi. We pulled out the tomato plants and other remnants; pulled last weeds; spread the five buckets of horse manure and dug it in. Cut back the sage that wants to take over from one side and the strawberry vines from the other. Found one lone strawberry that I ate standing up, unwashed, with relish - still good and so much better than the California shipping berries that we buy. Hauled home all the stakes and fencing for the beans. Good winter to you sweet garden; thanks for the summer gifts.

A full day of eating left overs from the prior night's family celebration; CREDIT moi. Only a small cup of the leek soup because it was make French style with real cream. Good food for a drizzly winterish day.

onebyone - Good luck with your journey to take your mother to your vernissage today. That's a super treat for her. Kudos for preparing all that soup, including the turkey stock like a real chef.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Wowzee on ten pans of "strudelfest" challenge. Your DH is a family treasure to pull that off. Kudos for having a plan to watch your SIL. Neat that you've already observed that "she always eats way less than I do, and seems to enjoy what she eats." I like Beck's statement that thin people do watch what they eat.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Eating only half your meal is a great strategy; Kudos for pulling that off. And Yea, indeed, for getting rid of the tempting food accumulated by your DS and DH. You're rolling.

Beach Patrol - That's a "MAJOR COUP" all right to stick to all your Beck strategies and thoroughly enjoy your restaurant "date." You're contagious with "I AM FEELING ON TOP OF THE WORLD TODAY! WOO HOO!!!!"

Shepherdess - Yay for surviving the arrival of six college guys yet staying on your plan. Neat strategy, "I'm trying to picture myself very strong." Free weights can do that for you, even if you don't include 100 pound dumbbells, LOL.

Readers - day 3
Eat Sitting Down

You'll feel more satisfied. Since you'll be eating less food, it's important to see all of it spread out in front of you at meal or snack time so you can be more visually satisfied. The less food you see, the more deprived you'll feel.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 71.

10-25-2009, 06:40 AM
Good morning from Colorado.
I have ordered the book and the workbook and can't wait for them to come.
I am looking for a place to call home away from home where I can learn, grow and offer my help when needed.

I am hoping that I can start a new way of eating and change my lifestyle.

In the meantime, what can I be doing?

Until later,

10-25-2009, 02:47 PM
Hello, Everyone!

I had a very family focused day yesterday. My brother's family came into town for the football game. (We won! Yea!) I babysat my 10 month old nephew while they were at the game (with some help from my husband). I picked him up at breakfast, which was a wreck. We ate in one of the school's large cafeterias. I am not sure why, but I wasn't even prepared at all for the buffet style eating. I filled my plate with fruit, which was good. But I also had French toast sticks (a really poor choice), and part of my brother's Belgian waffle. Oh well, next time... I skipped lunch since breakfast was so big and late. At dinner, I didn't make great choices either. I selected food that really sounded good to me, but ate way past the point of comfortably full. CREDIT though for being honest in tracking my food. On the upside, I really enjoyed spending the day with a baby and seeing my family. I really needed that.

Today is focusing on housework and graduate school work. So, I am going to focus on not eating when I'm tired for the sake of having something to eat to wake me up. If I'm tired, I should fix tired, not fix hungry! I added reading my response cards to my morning task list and my afternoon task lists, so I will be reminded in another place to do it. My husband cooked a nice pancake breakfast that we ate in the dining room. So, CREDIT for sitting while eating, and getting 1/2 a grapefruit instead of a pancake when I wasn't full.

Lastly, I moved on today to day 7: "Prepared your home and work environments by putting tempting foods where you won't easily see them - and by putting wholesome foods allowed by your diet in plain view." CREDIT to me for reading (and I've already done this because my selected diet, SuperFoods Rx has readers do this in preparation for starting the SuperFood eating plan. I did really like the suggestion of rearranging my dishes and am mentally thinking about where I can put our large dinner plates to not be at eye level in the cabinet. I do, however, keep in my desk drawer at work a small container of Cocoa nibs. I find a few of these satisfies a chocolate craving and ends any desire to hit the vending machine for a candy bar.

BeachPatrol, CREDIT to you for your dinner out last night. Great job!

BillBlueEyes, the gardening sounds lovely. I usually enjoy it once I get out there, but it usually takes some convincing to get me out there to begin with. Someday I want to try either a greenhouse or coldframes to extend the growing season. But, first I need to master not killing my house plants before I invest more $ into gardening and landscaping. I really wish I understood what I keep getting wrong with them!

Lady Windsong, welcome! This forum is really a great community of very supportive people. I am fairly new myself, but I think they are really great! I am working in the The Beck Diet Solution book. One thing that took me a few days to figure out is what diet plan I'd like to follow. Although, from other posts in this forum, I think one of Beck's other books is an eating plan. In the book I have, Beck recommends selecting a diet that you think you can follow for the rest of your life and is overall healthy. Then you are also to select a back-up diet, so that you have a Plan B in mind if your original plan doesn't work out. Good luck to you!

Nuxmaga, CREDIT to you for dealing with Strudelfest head-on. Good luck and keep us posted!

onebyone, keep posting, even if the start is not a smooth one! You will do it when you are in the right place mentally. Think positively and don't give up on yourself. Instead of "Why can't I do this?!" try taking a deep breath and put one foot in front of the next one. One step at a time. You can do it! :hug: Great job for sticking to your plan yesterday and making soup ahead of time. Sounds delicious.

Shepherdess, thanks for the suggestion about posting the cards on the coffeemaker. Maybe I'll try the mirror next to the toothbrush. Sounds like a great group of kids you had over! It's always a treat when people you don't know very well behave in such a way that you are taken back by their goodness.

Walking Princess, CREDIT to you for dealing with the temptations! It's so hard when one of you is trying to eat by a plan and the other isn't focused on that. :dizzy:

Beach Patrol
10-25-2009, 04:08 PM
FFChick - first of all, I have to say, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR! - that little elephant is too darn cute!

Secondly, I want to say SUPER KUDOS for not eating when you were tired for the sake of having something to eat to wake up. Your "If I'm tired, I should fix tired, not fix hungry!" is a good advantage point!! Congrats for noticing that!

BILL~ oh, how I wish I could garden! But alas, I have the brownest thumb god ever gave a woman... in fact, when I start looking at flowers or plants or palms or whatever, my husband jests "Run for your lives!!!" But I have managed to not kill a few houseplants. (progress!)

LADY WINDSONG ~ nice to see you here! Sending good weight loss vibes to you!!!

NUXMAGA ~ excellent way to deal with those Strudel thingies! You're gett'n it!!!

ONEBYONE ~It's GREAT that you used up veggies instead of letting them go bad! YAY YOU! Just keep in mind that we're all struggling here - that's the point of being here; to help each other. So just keep on going - we'll help you over the bumps and cheer you on when it's smooth sailing! NEVER GIVE UP!

SHEPHERDESS ~ You inspire me - you really do! You might not know/realize it... but keep going! I think you're doing very well!!

WALKING PRINCESS ~oh, temptations! they're always hard, but you're facing it head on! Just keep your cards close by & read them whenever you feel like giving in.

A big :woohoo: to everyone!!!!!

As for me... the hubster & I went out to breakfast this morning (fall/winter we like to do a special Sunday-morning breakfast date) and I was very good with eating slowly & healthy. Did NOT stuff myself (again! credit!!!!) and I'm really liking that "not stuffed" feeling more & more! It's really pushing me to not ever stuff myself again. Because I really hate that "ugh" feeling of pushing away from the table & waddling out of a restaurant!

We've spent most of the afternoon cleaning out our outside storage sheds & clearing the deck & wintering the pool, etc. Lots of scrubbing, up & down steps, a little sweating... that can count as some exercise... right? :^:

Tomorrow I start a lunch-time walking exercise with a work-buddy. Wish me (us) luck!!!

Y'all all have a great BECKie day!!! :carrot:

10-25-2009, 09:01 PM
Hi All,
Strudelfest is over, yay! And tomorrow dh is taking the rest of it to work with him, thank goodness. My SIL ate one piece of each kind of the 4 kinds of strudel. She ate them really slowly, and refused to take any leftover strudel with her, not even for her young adult son--she said if he wanted some he could go to his grandparent's house and eat what they brought home! I had 5 pieces, so I was proud of myself that I kept within sight of SIL's portion. I came in under calories, credit. At lunch dh and his parents sent me for takeout(I don't actually participate in the making of the strudel)--credit for the tuna sandwich I got and enjoyed, as opposed to the cheesesteaks they all requested. I also got in 9400+ steps, credit.

Today was almost worse to deal with, because we had a fridge full of strudel, but I skipped bread with my dinner so I could have strudel after, credit. Had a run-in with a muffin this morning, sigh, but overall was pleased with my calories average for the week, lowest this month.

Beach Patrol--Kudos for the savoring of the not-stuffed feeling! Isn't it amazing how good that feels?? I stopped with the strudel just in time, and felt much better.

Futurefitchick--Yay for distinguishing between hungry and tired! Willingness to let yourself rest will be much healthier than eating to keep yourself awake.

Ladywindsong--Welcome! While you are waiting for your book you could start making a list of the advantages of eating healthier and losing weight.

Bill--Congrats on just a cup of the leek soup with cream! Yes, dh is a gem for his strudel making tradition--his parents are so happy he carries it on. And though he is thin through some whacky metabolism(definitely an obstacle to my diet), his sister appears to indeed be thin through watching what she eats.

WalkingPrincess--Yay for only eating half of your lunch with your mom! And big credit for getting rid of the tempting food. I will be so glad when dh takes the strudel away tomorrow!

onebyone--Credit for making soup, and big credit for talking about feelings rather than eating them. And for the art show--what is a vernissage? I have two holiday gallery shows with drop offs this coming weekend, then shows 4 weekends in a row. It will be all over by December 6th, at which point I will take a long nap. I work part time at a day job, which allows me time to do my art, though the holiday show season is going to be a challenge.

Shepherdess--Credit for doing free weights. I keep thinking it would be good for me to start those, and then putting it off.

10-26-2009, 04:42 AM
FutureFitChick , Loved your attitude. I will think about this today as I make my way through my day.

Nuxmaga, keep saying NO to your temptations. I am glad that you plan for them.

Beach Patrol, kudos for not overeating. Good luck on the walk and have fun.

Thank you all for the warm welcomes.

So, 2 diets....have NO idea which to pick. Any help?

It seems like this is going to be a wonderful book and it is already a great group.

Have you all been doing this for a long time?

We have had a new addition to our family, Charley Cooper, and he will be a big help with my exercise.

My books are on their way and I am excited to start this journey.

May today bring a smile to your heart.


10-26-2009, 07:11 AM
:welcome: LADY WINDSONG :welcome:

(and :welcome: to Charley Cooper, your walking coach)

And, if you didn't get one of these when you joined 8+ years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck?

And how did you find this forum on 3FC?


10-26-2009, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had both a potluck lunch and a Korean Restaurant dinner in one day and I survived; CREDIT moi. The potluck was unusually easy for me. I served myself without thinking about how to get the most I could and how to get some of everything as I frequently do when faced with a full table of food. Except for some homemade apple chutney that tasted like mince meat pie. I gobbled a goodly amount of that on apple slices. Might have had a touch of that it's-good-for-me permission to eat more than I would have if I'd thought more clearly. The Kimchi stew for dinner was a modest portion and spicy-hot enough to keep me focused on not burning my mouth so that I ate very slowly. I dawdled long enough to feel full from hot broth and cabbage. Clever guys those Koreans.

I snuck in a quick walk, CREDIT moi, trying to find strawberries. Had to choose walking east or west and my choice found none. So, of course, I feel the regrets of wishing I had walked the other direction as I face breakfast without strawberries. <sigh> . . .

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Surviving Strudelfest and staying within sight of your SIL is great; Kudos. Interesting that strudel in the fridge is a greater threat than the real stuff hot on the table in front of you. I can see how that would be; it's telling how how our minds wrestle with food. I'm awed that your SIL didn't even bring strudel home for her adult DS - that's an admirable attitude there. Wonder what she's thinking and how she does it. It's like she's got the Beck strategies going in her head. Good for her.

FutureFitChick - Yep, Kudos for keeping track of your food even when you feel like you've overeaten. I'm moved by the Beck quote today - so many of us beat up on ourselves after overeating.

Wish I could always remember your thought, "If I'm tired, I should fix tired, not fix hungry!" Eating seems like it's going to be such an instant gratification and, when it isn't, eating more seems like the fix for that. What a lousy thinking black hole that is.

Beach Patrol - Neat that you have a buddy for lunch-time walking. A little exercise during the day seems to remind my brain that I'm an active person. Kudos for another restaurant trip with sane eating. LOL at "waddling out of a restaurant!"

LADY WINDSONG - Sounds like you've ordered The Beck Diet Solution and its workbook - that's the book I used for the 42 day program. When I ordered mine I was so impatient that I checked it out from the library while waiting, then kept one of them at the office for a couple of weeks so that I could read at lunch.

While waiting for your books, I second the suggestion that you can start listing your Advantage Responses - the list of reasons you want to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. If you want to read back a few days on this thread you'll find a few lists that others have published.

Look forward to having you around.

Readers - day 4
Give Yourself Credit

I've noticed that people who struggle with their weight tend to be hard on themselves. The moment they stray, they become self-critical. Instead of viewing slips as mistakes and thinking how they can solve the problem the next time it arises, they tell themselves that they're weak, hopeless, or even bad.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 74.

10-26-2009, 08:47 AM
Good Morning :)

Time to resurface....

Food has been a major issue the last little while. Ive been working out however with my gym partner. I'll be there again this morning.

We've been busy with the shop, and some new workshops I have put together starting next monday evening.

Bathroom still isnt finished :rolleyes: We are still waiting for the cabinets to arrive and get installed. Hopefully this week, because I have the carpet cleaners coming wednesday. Silly me, I assumed they would be done by now.

All in all I need to refocus and reread my Beck books. I also need to stop punishing myself with food. I need to stop the negative feelings about myself. Turning these feelings into a positive spin is very difficult.

Ok......Have a great day everyone! :wave:

Beach Patrol
10-26-2009, 10:58 AM
Oh - Lady Windsong! - Charley is way way way WAY too cute!!!!! He will help you get some good walking exercise, I'm sure! I'm a huge animal lover & have 2 dogs & 2 cats. One of our dogs is 13 & gets tired easily, so we don't walk too much... the other is just 1 year old, & a ball of energy!!! Can't walk him enough! And the cats... well, neither takes well to a leash ;)

Congrats on the new addition to your family!

10-26-2009, 11:09 AM
Wow, my name in lights. Thank you.

Years ago I found this site when doing an engine search.
It was active but not in the areas that I was interested in.

I am a co-leader of a group on another diet site when I read about someone doing the Beck Diet. I was courious and did a search and found that 3fatchicks had this forum and wallah! here I am.

After doing some research on the book I ordered it and the workbook.
It should be here this week along with my Shih Tzu training book.

I am not too sure which diets to list.I am going to read some posts and maybe a light bulb will go on.

I have had success with some but I am burned out and need something that I know that I can and will do.

BillBlueEyes what an exciting day. I have tasted kimchi. I LOVE to cook and just made some pumpkin pancakes and bread and have been asked to make the bread again!

RobinW, think positive today. NO negative thoughts. Write down at least one positive thing about you, carry it with you and read it at least 3 times.

Beach Patrol, oh thank you. He is my first puppy!
Wishing you a day filled with sunshine.

10-26-2009, 01:15 PM
All in all, the weekend with a house full of college students went well. I got in my long run on Saturday even though I didn't feel like it. I kept putting it off because it was cloudy and looked like rain and I was tired and my mileage goal seemed overwhelming. Finally, I told myself that I just need to get out and run, even if I didn't do all my miles. I gave myself permission to come back home if I was tired or if it started raining. I let myself take more walk breaks than usual, but once I got out it felt good to be moving and I did all my miles. It didn't start raining hard until I was almost home. I also did freeweights yesterday, yay!

I wasn't measuring and weighing food while everyone was here. Call it foolish pride, but it just seemed too embarassing to weigh and measure every portion in front of 6 skinny 21-25 year old guys. I tried to be mindful of portion sizes, but I'm sure that my mental measurements are bigger than objective measurements. Now, of course, it's difficult getting back into it. They boys were also constantly snacking. I caught myself a couple of times, mindlessly grabbing a handful of goldfish or trail mix. So shame on me for mindlessly snacking, but credit for catching myself early and stopping. I have my meals planned now and I'm back on the wagon!

Onebyone, big kudos for what sounds like a great day. The butternut squash soup and the leek soup sounds delicious! Congrats on the artshow. I love all the artists in the group. What I lack in artistic skill I make up for in art appreciation.

Walking Princess, yay for eating 1/2 the portion when eating out and kudos for getting rid of tempting food!

BillBE, kudos on gardening for exercise! Others may disagree with me, but I think eating a strawberry straight out of the garden is a perfectly acceptable exception to eating while sitting down. I think there is sometimes no better way to enjoy your garden bounty. I also think eating corn and snowpeas while standing in the garden is acceptable. I have 2 nephews ages 2 and 4 who would never eat their vegetables. Their parents planted a garden and the two boys discovered a love for veggies. The boys loved getting the veggis for dinner and the snowpeas never made it in the house. And kudos on staying on plan with a potluck lunch and a Korean dinner.

Welcome Lady Windsong, from your neighbor to the north! It's great to see some representation from the Rockies. Charley Cooper is adorable! Dogs are such a great motivation. I credit my first dog, my husband's hunting dog, for helping me discover my inner runner. When she was a puppy, she would chew through a pair of shoes if she didn't get any exercise. We started by going by walking up the hills around the house and running down them. Pretty soon, we were both getting stronger and were running the whole way, then adding miles. On mornings when I was slow to get out the door, she would drag my running shoes into the room and lie next to them and just look at me. I occassionally still find excuses to stay home, but my dogs don't let me skip too many runs!

FutureFitChick, the family day sounds really nice! I know breakfast was frustrating, but it was a very difficult situation. You said breakfast was late and you skipped lunch to make up for a big breakfast and so I was wondering if you were having a difficult time making good choices at breakfast and at dinner because you were overly hungry. It's just a thought, but I know I tend to overeat when I let myself get too hungry. Kudos on eating carefully when your dh made breakfast and kudos on preparing your environment!

Beach Patrol, kudos on another successful meal out. You are really creating some good patterns. I think a cleaning marathon definitely counts as exercise, and it's great that you have a walking buddy! It's so sweet of you to say that I inspire you. You made my day! I am always admire your positive outlook!

Nuxmaga, great job with strudelfest! Sounds like watching your SIL worked really well. Kudos on getting a healthy lunch while everyone esle was indulging! And way to go for a good calorie average for the week. It's doubly impressive since you had some major obstacles.

RobinW, kudos on getting in your workouts. Your workout buddy seems to be a great strategy. Those negative feelings are tough! I wish I had some sage advice, but it's something I struggle with as well. Just try to remember that those negative thoughts are sabatoging. I like Lady Windsong's advice. You have a lot to give yourself credit for. The other things are just opportunities for improvement. I'm sending you positive thoughts.

Here's to a great week everyone!

10-26-2009, 01:39 PM
Shepherdess, good for you on the run and stopping.
Loved hearing about your dog. Brought a smile to my face.

May this day be filled with goodness for you.

Beach Patrol
10-26-2009, 02:44 PM
RobinW ~ kudos for working out! – and keep reading the Beck – afterall, it’s that negative thinking that we’re trying to learn to not do!

Shepherdess ~6 college men, aged 21-25 in your house… for the weekend…I wouldn’t have been able to eat for drooling so much, LOL! I understand why you didn’t want to measure/weigh foods while they were around… sometimes the fit/youthful folks make us look too unfavorably on ourselves. CONGRATS for your run & the freeweights, and for getting right back on that wagon!

Bill ~ kudos for eating slowly & sneaking in a quick walk! Yay!

Nuxmaga ~fridge full of strudel… ugh. Congrats for being able to bend & not break on that! And YAY WOOHOO for your 9400+ steps!!!!

As for me....
I had good healthy brekkie this morning, and a banana at 10:30 snacktime. But somehow, that banana just didn't do it for me. It usually does... tides me over nice & good til lunchtime. But not today. :?: So after a 1/2 hour passed, & I was STILL feeling that gnawing feeling, I had ANOTHER snack...:o a protein snack bar. THAT did the trick.

Then of course I wasn't hungry at (my normal) lunchtime, so I did my walk today (work buddy didn't join me tho! - but that's OK, I work on an awesome campus by the river, so I walked the nature trail - so pretty!) and by the time I got back ...THEN I was hungry for lunch. I am still in the middle of eating it. SLOWLY. And it's healthy! - but somehow, I feel like I did something "bad"... and I don't know why. :shrug: (unless it was that 2nd snack)

Today was my weigh in day. Not a single ounce lost. :( BUT! ... I didn't really expect there to be... I had decided that I'd be happy if there was some negative on the scale, but if there wasn't, I'd remind myself that I am doing this SLOW & SIMPLE, no "quickie results"... because I want to be HEALTHY & keep this fat off FOREVER.

Everyday's a new day! :sunny:

10-26-2009, 02:56 PM
Beach Patrol, the tortoise won the race!:mouse:

10-26-2009, 10:36 PM

The computer :comp: ate :club: my post :fr: so I'll just stick to the highlights with this one.

SUNDAY: the farmers' market was freezing and windy. Spent most of the 7 hours chasing my stuff in the wind and holding down our tent and moving about to stay warm. In the end I was $10 short of being even for the day.:shrug: O well. No more market days for me. Foodwise I only succumbed to two treats due to packing my lunch and the cold and the lack of funds. Silver lining? Perhaps. Didn't make it to the vernissage for the show opening on Sunday therefore also did not make it see my mom either.

MONDAY: figured out my plan for the art pieces for my solo show to be hung a week from Wed, coincidentally my birthday. I have no expectations of anything for my birthday. I will be happy just to see a show go up that day. I now have much to do to get ready for the show. I had three meals and 2 meal-sized snacks today. I also found DH's candy stash and stole and ate 5 small candybars but stopped there and didn't buy any seasonal candy when in the store this afternoon. My theft of the candy this morning was directly related to the strain of waiting for the repair man to come and fix the broken pipe preventing us from using the upstairs bathroom all weekend. He finally showed and the repair was far from the disaster I envisioned. Inspite of my behaviour I feel successful. It could have been way worse and I identified the why behind it. Maybe next time I won't give in. I also managed a walk to the mall and back so more credit than discredit for today. Credit for that.

LADY WINDSONG: Welcome! The energy of a puppy will get you out walking for sure but I doubt you'll get far when everyone stops you to pat the adorable little guy!

Beach Patrol Your response to your weigh in reminded me that I too have to accept I am in this for the long haul but the thoughts to just do something radical already and be done with it (as if I know how to do this hello?!) still kick in regularly. Credit for your response.

Shepherdess I never do obvious diet behaviours in front of anyone but DH ever. I'm not ashamed I just don't want to talk about it. It's personal and private. I understand not weighing and measuring in front of college boys!

RobinW Credit getting to the gym and I am happy to hear you and your gym partner are working out. Your food will fall into place again. Glad your bathroom is still moving forward ... hopefully you will be in that tub before Santa comes down the chimney.

BillBlueEyes It never ceases to amaze me how many times you have eating out (and eating in) challenges in a week. And here two in one day. I can see why you stay sharp with your Beck wits about you daily. General-Overall-Credit for your day to day to day persistence. Sad you didn't find the secret realm of the strawberry today. I am now buying grapefruit and apples. Late fall is truly here.

Nuxmaga Your xmas craft show schedule is a gruelling one. I've done that and more many times and am glad to not have that ahead of me this year. I wish you all the best and many sales and enough rest and decent food to get you through. It's very stressful to do that and work part time. Vernissage is the french word for an opening, used to describe the official art show opening where the artists are in attendance and there is food and drink.

FutureFitChick Credit on recognizing food won't fix tired. I sure can't choose the right food when I am tired anyway; it's always the easy lazy calorific food, often in a bag, kind of "food".

Walking Princess
10-27-2009, 01:34 AM
My little guy had a tummy ache tonight so I just literally sat down for the first time since 5am this morning. I'm exhausted :dizzy:

I ate...mmmm....ok today. Not great. I was off plan a couple of times but managed to not throw the whole day away like I usually do. I was a little over in my points but I tried to compensate by eating lighter the rest of the day. Oh well :(

I'll come back and write personals tomorrow when I am less tired and can think straight.


10-27-2009, 04:58 AM
My MIL did arrive Saturday. She looked great, and was just a bit tired on Sunday. We just lolled around, chatted and laughed all day. She resisted using the chair lift at first, but is now happily zooming up and down the stairs in her chair. Today DH took her for a drive to Camden, along with a lobster roll lunch. The leaves are at peak here now, so they had a fun day.

The hospice nurse came for the first time today, and will come again tomorrow. Then she’ll be coming once a week until DMIL needs her to come more often. There will a social worker coming some day this week as well.

:df: *4 day report* WI-down .7 lbs. (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op every day but Saturday (54m/18m/60m/60m).

10-27-2009, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Life is good; after gym (CREDIT moi) I found strawberries at the local supermarket. Baking a fresh batch of granola even as I type so breakfast of the gods coming up.

Was offered a homemade oatmeal date cookie which I declined, CREDIT moi. Walked through the Halloween candy section since I still have to buy something. I hate buying Halloween candy. It's yucky stuff and I then have to get rid of the remainder by bringing it to work to put out with all the other mounds brought in by like minded people. You have to find where the young single guys congregate since they can consume it without apparent affect. Still think it's a crime that all this stuff is manufactured. When I talk about buying raisins my two adult kids ridicule me saying that the youngsters won't eat them. I don't know, maybe.

onebyone - Yay for "buying grapefruit and apples." We've got mounds of good apples these days also - just loving it. DW bought one grapefruit - perhaps it was a little early, but good enough to remind us how much we love the winter citrus fruit. Ouch for Sunday's hard day at the market. Kudos for seeing the silver lining that you held down the snacking. And Kudos for giving yourself credit for stopping after a dip into your DH's stash. Methinks success is getting past the bumps without a lot of negative stuff.

Here's hoping your Birthday solo show will be a joy.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at "I assumed they would be done by now." The problem with giving such conscientious service in your business is that you expect it from everyone. Here's hoping the cabinets get installed and the bathroom gets finished soon.

Kudos for continuing the gym; hope you're giving yourself big credit for doing the gym, for finding a partner, and for going it in the morning since you've declared yourself not to be a morning person. And I hope you give yourself credit for the business you run and the activities you lead. A little concentrated credit giving can go a long way toward fending off the negative thinking.

ChinaMaine - Welcome MIL to the East Coast! Neat that she's adjusting right away and that you have support troops coming in. Congrats on the new low; Kudos for continuing to be mindful amidst the traumatic changes going on.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Nice demo of being a little out of whack and responding with slight adjustments rather than negative thoughts. Ouch for your little guy; hope you both recover quickly.

Beach Patrol - Yay for "SLOW & SIMPLE" - sounds like a winning plan to me. Jealous here of your nature walk at lunch; now that's one grand job perk. Is that possible all year round? Kudos for allowing yourself to sort out your eating/snacking schedule until you find what fits you.

Shepherdess - Surviving a house full of guests is an accomplishment worthy of Kudos in itself; running and weights makes it a Double. Count me in the group who doesn't advertise "dieting." My experience is that people jumped in with invasive opinions. It worked for me to vaguely refer to eating healthy per the trainer at my gym; no one seemed to want to take that on and didn't respond with their own saga of why they couldn't diet themselves or thought those who did were too coimpulsive. If asked if I was losing weight, I'd say I was going to the gym and it seemed to make me eat less. Again, that didn't draw the negative responses that I had come to dislike.

Neat story about getting your nephews to eat veggies.

LADY WINDSONG - Drooling over pumpkin pancakes; don't do pancakes often, but the thought of those appeals to me. Good luck entering into training with you Shih Tzu puppy; one of you is likely to learn how to make the other behave to meet expectations, LOL.

Readers - day 4
Give Yourself Credit

Do you have a tendency to focus on the negative, berating yourself for everything you do wrong? To counteract this tendency it's important for you to learn to give yourself credit for everything you do right.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 74.

10-27-2009, 12:18 PM
I got back on my plan, measuring and weighing and everything. After two days of not measuring, I was having more of those "I don't wanna" feelings. But once I started, I fell back into the routine pretty easily.

We were having some serious winds yesterday (20-30 mph winds). I headed out on a run anyways. It was pretty tough and slow going heading into the wind, but it's always good to turn around and head home with the wind behind you. DH and one of the ranch hands drove past me on the road. I later asked DH if he was impressed to see me out there. He said the ranch hand was pretty impressed, but he wasn't surprised to see me out there. He likes to tell people that I run in all kinds of weather. I have to admit it's pretty tough to head out the door in bad weather, but I do like the bragging rights.

Beach Patrol, I think you have a great mindset. You're building good habits and the weight loss will follow! The walk sounds wonderful!

Walking Princess, good job not letting some unplanned eating derail your whole day! I think that's the best way to beat that perfectionist attitude that can get in the way.

Onebyone, sorry to hear Sunday's farmers market was hard, but good for you that you managed the snacking. Kudos for stopping yourself while eating your DH's candy and kudos for examining the behavior. Identifying those triggers is the first step!

ChinaMaine, glad to hear your MIL and DH made it safely, and glad to hear she is settling in. Love hearing about leaves at their peak. It froze too early hear for us to have much of a fall. Good job sticking to your plan with this big change in your life and huge congrats on your new low!

BillBE, your homemade granola sounds amazing. Truly the breakfast of the gods. I only made granola once, and it didn't turn out great. Not bad, just not great. I'll have to try it again because there's nothing better in the AM than really good granola. (Except maybe really good coffee). Halloween candy is always a problem. My mom gave away raisins one year, and we've teased her for it ever since. But seriously, when I was a kid I would get raisins, fresh fruit, juice boxes. And one dentist always handed out toothbrushes. There's something to be said for taking a stand.

Beach Patrol
10-27-2009, 12:55 PM
1x1 ~ Congrats for stopping at 5 small candybars AND for not buying any Halloweenie candies at the store! I told my husband we are NOT giving out candy this year, because I simply don’t want it in my house to tempt me! And keep that “successful feeling” … I’m seeing more & more how the positive outlook REALLY makes a difference, even when I do something “bad”. And KUDOS for your mall walk!!!

W-Princess ~ Sorry your little guy was feeling puny & exhausted you! Hopefully he’s feeling better today! And CREDIT! –for trying to compensate by eating lighter the rest of the day. Yes, that counts!

China ~ YAY! For the .7 lbs down!!!! Every little bit counts! And goody for you MIL “happily zooming up and down the stairs in her chair.” It sounds like theme park fun!

Bill ~ YAY for the gym! And YAY for strawberries! You keep talk’n bout these strawberries!.... makes me wanna hit up the farmer’s market today!!! Big CREDIT for declining homemade oatmeal date cookie! -0H- and yes, I can pretty much get my walking in all year round. I live on the coast, 10 minutes to the beach, and work right by the river – it IS a nice area, and tho we don’t get snow or anything, it can get down right chilly with those winds coming off the shore!

Shepherdess ~ Yippee Yi-Yay for being back on plan w/the measuring & weighing! I have great admiration for that, because I hate it so much! You rock! And kudos for doing your run… I don’t blame you for the bragging rights! – You run – you deserve to brag about it! Way to go!!!

Yesterday afternoon about 4pm (1 hour til quit'n time, dagnabit!!!!) I got a CRAZY chocolate craving, and I gave in. Got a Nestle Crunch Bar. I didn't even bother to read my response cards... :( ... BUT... credit to me for recognizing it AS A CRAVING and for only eating HALF of it. :D

Nice healthy breakfast this a.m. and nice banana snack at 10:30... and just now about to have my healthy lunch.

It's crappy weather today...rainy & a bit chilly... so I might not get my walk in, but I already have a back-up plan for that for this evening when I get home... so YAY :D :D :D

Everyday's a New Day! :sunny:

10-27-2009, 02:33 PM
Brrr it is 30 out and looks like snow.

I am so excited about getting my book.

You are all so honest it is refreshing to read.

You are inspiring me.

onebyone Your farmer's market was disappointing for you but you came away with a great attitude.
Oh, do you paint or what? You will get a lot for your birthday, maybe not in gifts but in love, I am sure.

ChinaMaine I am glad that you will have support and please make some wonderful memories daily.

Bill, you are amazing!

Shepherdess wow! you are impressive running like that. GG

W-Princess hope your little guy is feeling better.

Beach Patrol half is good maybe next time it will only be a bite.

Off to play with Charley Cooper. He and I need our exercise toime.

Have a nice evening everyone.

10-27-2009, 11:04 PM
Hello All,
Tracked food, credit. Stopped before I devoured a whole box of cookies given to me by a client at work as a thank you gift--I was pleased he showed his appreciation for my help, but I wish it hadn't been belgian chocolate cookies. But credit that I stopped, took the rest home to dh, and plan to shoo them out of the house with him tomorrow. And the strudel is gone, yay!!

Ladywindsong--Kudos for playing with your puppy and getting your exercise.

Beach Patrol--Yay for stopping mid candy bar, and for having a back up plan for your walk!

Shepherdess--Credit for running in tough weather and for going back to measuring. I grew up in Edmonton, AB, so I know about weather! We used to drive down to El Paso, TX every summer to visit my grandparents, and we'd stay one night in Casper.

Bill--Congrats on finding the elusive strawberries, and declining the homeade cookie--it would have been easy to sabotage with thinking oatmeal and dates are "healthy." I will second that pumpkin pancakes are very good.

ChinaMaine--Yay for getting your mil settled and having a good time together!

WalkingPrincess--Credit for getting back on track--that's big!

Onebyone--Credit for stopping eating the candy, and walking to the mall! Thank you for explaining what a vernissage is. I'd never heard that term before.

RobinW--Yay for working out at the gym with your new partner! I've found that writing down the negative thoughts about myself helps me get some distance from them--I put quotes around them, and label them "thoughts" in big letters, and get a little breathing room to say "this sounds familiar, and I can just let it be, and move on."

10-28-2009, 04:59 AM
In the open space at the head of the stairs by MILs room we have a couple of built-in day-beds and a tiny kitchen area. (It’s really a single small cabinet, with a fridge and microwave adjacent to it, plus shelves in a closet for dishes and food.) MIL ‘entertained’ the hospice nurse and after lunch laid in the sun to read her book. She ended up dozing, so all the better. :) I didn’t want to overwhelm her with too many new things, so hadn’t really shown her the kitchen area yet. But yesterday, I showed her how to use the coffee maker, what we had in the fridge, asked what other foods she’d like on hand, etc. She is so thrilled to have her own space, and be independent. (sigh of happiness…)

Her oxygen came today too. She doesn’t use it often, but needs to have it on hand. DH was at the store, so MIL and I tried to process all the info on how to set up the machine and tanks. Neither of us is really good at gizmos, so we were pretty wide-eyed and overwhelmed. I went over it with DH when he got back, and he’ll read the manuals to make sure he understands too…

As things settle in so well, my anxiety level is dropping, but the insomnia has been pretty bad the last 2 weeks. Plus with the visitors to the house, I haven’t been able to work a full day yet this week. Tomorrow looks more promising to actually work 8+ hours. I called my doctor about the continued insomnia when anxious, and she suggested I come in for a visit. I’ll see her on Monday of next week.

I’ve committed to eating op and exercising everyday, and am happy I’ve been able to stick with it. I know there will be days and weeks when it won’t be possible to keep all the balls in the air, but credit moi for doing it now.

:df: WI-down 1.5 lbs. (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op (48m).

Margaret Ouch for the ‘gift’ of cookies. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could walk around with floating signs above our heads saying ‘Please don’t offer me food – I’ve got plenty. Thanks!’ Kudos for not eating the whole box! Nice hubbie for whisking them away tomorrow.

I have to admit your strudel fest had me drooling. My Mom made strudel when I was a kid and I LOVED it. So glad we don’t have strudelfest in my DHs family… ;)

Lady Windsong :welcome3: and please make some wonderful memories daily That’s a nice thought and I’m going to try and do it!

Beach Patrol Ouch for the chocolate craving and congrats for eating only half. Stopping in the middle of a candy bar is really hard! Credit for the healthy start to your day yesterday.

shepherdess Kudos for getting back on track with good habits in the kitchen. It’s always a challenge the first couple of days after being off-track… Bravo for earning your bragging rights!

Bill lol at the thought of a MA farmer with local strawberries… But enjoy them, wherever they’re *really* from. ;) and lol again at your halloween candy dilemma.

10-28-2009, 06:41 AM
Nuxmaga I am so glad you stopped and great news about doing your tracking. Keep it up.

ChinaMaine You are an angel.
GG on the weight loss. I do hope that the doctor will help you.
Here is a {hug} for the rest of the day going so well.

When we wake up our day has started. We have decisions to be made.
My wish for you today is to give yourself a positive affirmation to carry you through the day.

Store day for me (Charley will go "bye-bye" too...dh drives) so I am going to look for some fruit. I am NOT a fruit eater. Fresh is best but I am going to get canned peaches in their own juice and some Johnathan apples. An apple a day as they say.

Until later SMILE

10-28-2009, 07:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a short walk during lunch and then a longer walk after work; CREDIT moi. It was raining lightly after work so I had to do my "I won't melt" shtick before I just put on a Gore-Tex jacket and went. Reminded myself that the justification for spending big bucks on Gore-Tex stuff is that I'll use it.

DW roasted winter veggies for dinner. Spent dinner talking about the challenge of putting up enough squash in the cellar to last the winter back when there wasn't a corner store. Felt like an early settler, albeit one who happened to have a Hawaiian pineapple for an evening snack, LOL.

onebyone - Waving. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your solo show today.

ChinaMaine - Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful that your MIL is so graciously settling in. Kudos to you and your DH for taking her in and for doing it with style. I can only imagine the joy of having some small space to call my own when my agility begins to decline.

Congrats on the new low scale reading. Hope you're able to get your work schedule on track with your new arrangement. LOL at your strawberries comment; my DW refuses to touch them because of their carbon footprint.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Gifts of cookies should be outlawed. I like ChinaMaine's idea of the sign, perhaps like the zoo, "Don't Feed the Animals," LOL. Kudos for tracking your food and giving yourself credit.

Beach Patrol - Stopping half way through a vending machine bar is a big deal. Kudos both for stopping and for giving yourself credit. I'll think of you during our next blizzard down there suffering the chilly weather, LOL.

Shepherdess - Neat to identify those "I don't wanna" feelings; Kudos. Pretty quickly right back on path you are. LOL at the dentist giving out toothbrushes. My kids would tease me mercilessly for that. Count me among those impressed with your running in the strong winds.

LADY WINDSONG - Yay for Charley Cooper requiring exercise. Hope he's a distance walker.

Readers - day 4
Give Yourself Credit

Start now by telling yourself, Good Job, or the equivalent every time you sit down to eat, read a Response Card, and complete every other weight-loss task in this program. By consciously giving yourself credit, you'll reinforce your self-confidence and build an awareness that you're strong and in control. When you overeat or eat in an unplanned way, you might begin to feel helpless, thinking, I just can't make myself do what I need to do. When you give yourself credit every time you do something right, though, you can more easily see such slips as momentary mistakes, not earthshaking events, and head off a sense of helplessness.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 74.

10-28-2009, 07:32 AM
Bill, don't you just love the rain and to go for a walk in it how refreshing.

10-28-2009, 10:00 AM
Fall has come here finally. I've finally kicked this stupid series of flu/cold/sinus infection. I ran yesterday finally. Am I finally back?

I am avoiding any and all Halloween candy. It just isn't worth it. Vigilance for the next week. It isn't about me.


10-28-2009, 11:50 AM
Got run in yesterday. The weather was much nicer with (relatively) gentle breezes. I also did my intervals on this run. I usually do them Wednesdays, but there was a winter storm worning for today. Sure enough, I woke up and the wind is blowing the snow is coming down. If it calms down this PM, the dogs and I will tromp around in the snow. If not, its exercise indoors. I'm worried about DH. He was helping out on another ranch yesterday and today. It's on the mountain and they always get more snow than we do. He may not make it down this evening.

Beach Patrol, cravings are a bummer, but great job stopping at half. That's not easy to do. Kudos on having a backup plan for exercise.

Lady Windsong, what a lovely wish for the day. Kudos on getting exercise with the puppy. I love your positive attitude about starting with Beck.

Nuxmaga, hate those cookies as gifts, although I admit that I am cookie gifter (and homemade fudge and caramels at Christmas). I've just always gotten so many compliments on my cookies and candies, but I'll have to figure something else out. Kudos for stopping yourself.

ChinaMaine, sounds like you have created such a wonderful space for your MIL. It has the perfect balance of the help she needs and the independance she needs. Good job keeping food and exercise on plan during this transition. I am very impressed.

BillBE, great job getting two walks in. The mighty Gore never fails. MMM, thinking about those roasted veggies. This is the season. I love the seasonal ways of enjoying veggies: fresh and raw in spring, out doors on the grill in summer, sweet and slow roasted in fall and winter. Never a reason to skip your veggies!

wndranne, yay for kicking flu/cold/sinus infection! Kudos on running again, and glad you're feeling good about it. Kudos on avoiding Halloween candy, and good luck on remaining vigilant.

10-28-2009, 01:09 PM
Anne, I am glad that you are well and hip hip hooray for NO Halloween candy.

Shepherdess Fingers crossed for dh.
Glad you enjoyed the run.

COLD and VERY windy here. Up north lots of snow. Hoping it will stay away.

Beach Patrol
10-28-2009, 02:10 PM
CREDITS, CREDITS CREDITS! - I love me some CREDITS!!!! Giving, receiving, WOO HOO for credits!!!!

Nuxmaga ~ for tracking your food! & for stopping before the “thank you gift” got out of hand! Somehow we have got to get that “pay my mortgage” as an acceptable thank you gift from those who want to thank us! :D

China ~ for committing to food plan & daily exercise! Yes, sure, there will be days when it won’t be possible, but those days will be few & far between!!

Bill ~ for not one but TWO walks! And I’m really glad you didn’t melt! LOL!!

Anne ~ Glad you’re feeling better! And GREAT for running! Kudos!!! And you’re SO right… Halloween candy? NOT EVEN WORTH IT!

Shepherdess ~ WTG on the run! I love those little gentle breezes when I’m exercising outside! It’s like nature’s way of saying “you’re doing great! Here’s a little something to cool you down!” :carrot:

As for my own credit... I had another "major coup" last night! (I'm certainly digging on these coups!) I sat down with my hubby, told him my weight loss plan, goals, etc. Expressed my desire that he, too, try a little harder and suggested he might want to follow my lead. So for dinner last night, we had pork chops & mixed veggies. Now usually, we have 4 pork chops & both of us eat two. And usually hubby will not touch veggies.... he'd rather have the staples of potatoes or mac & cheese, etc. But last night! WOO HOO!!!! - he did eat the mixed veggies (altho he did top it with shredded cheese... "the power of cheese"... LOL) but we BOTH ate ONE pork chop. And I helped him to slow down while eating, instead of just shoveling it in. So about 15 minutes after dinner, I asked him how he felt & did he feel like he needed another pork chop?.... he said "No, actually, I feel satisfied." YAY!!!!!!!!!! :cp:

I am on track with my food plan, and exercise is coming a little more slowly than I'd like (5 minutes on the trampoline leaves me completely breathless!) but it IS coming, and that's good.

Everyday's a New Day! :sunny:

10-28-2009, 10:44 PM
Hello everyone:

I am hoping it is OK for me to join in this thread. I have recently read Judith Beck's book and found it to be the most helpful weight loss book I have read. Unfortunately, I have read many. :rolleyes:

I am 47 years old and have been overweight since age 19 or so. I have tried many, many times over the past 10 years to lose weight. I hope this time is different.

One thing I have not had is a support system during my previous attempts and after lurking here for a bit, I think this may be the place for me. You all seem so kind and I am thinking after years of beating myself up about my weight, the kind approach might be better. :). I have been working very hard at giving myself credit for every good choice. I need somewhere to be accountable.

Thanks for listening

Walking Princess
10-29-2009, 01:33 AM
Hi there,

I am happy to report many credits for myself today. Exercise - credit, exercise an extra 15 minutes that wasn't planned - credit, ate on plan - credit, resisted Halloween candy - credit.

The last one I was really happy about. I was standing in my co-worker's cubicle that's on the other side of the building (thank goodness!) and noticed a huge pumpkin full of candy and it looked good. I took a good look inside, paused for a moment and told myself no choice and then walked away. Yea me! I would never have done that before.

I am very pleased with how I did today. :carrot: Finally a day to be totally proud of!

Bill - your granola sounds delicious! You actually have 2 grown kids? You sound too young! ;) I agree about the Halloween candy. I hate buying it too. That's a tough one. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a more nutritious (but still good) yet economical and safe thing we could give instead of candy?

Shepherdess - great job for seeing the need to get back on track with weighing and measuring. Better to do that now before the portions spike up by accident. Good job!

Beach Patrol - I think that is awesome that you were able to stop yourself from eating the whole candy bar and only ate half. Bravo! You did great!

Lady Windsong - hope you had a nice playtime with Charlie Cooper :) Hope you got all your shopping done too

Nuxmaga - great job not devouring the whole box. It is so hard to resist cookies let alone CHOCOLATE cookies. Good job for stopping yourself before it was too late.

China Maine - glad to hear your MIL got there safely and she is getting settled

Ann - sounds like you are back on track. Great job! Glad to hear you are feeling better

Ceejay - welcome to our group! :welcome2: We are happy to have you join our group.

Talk to you all tomorrow. I am praying for another day on plan!


10-29-2009, 04:28 AM
I don’t have much to report, other than I’m very tired and busy at work. I’m just keepin’ on in terms of diet and exercise, so credit moi.

:df: WI-up 1.3 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op (77m).

Lady Windsong Happy store day!

Bill Kudos for walking in the rain!

Anne Nice to see you again – and glad you are feeling well enough to run.

shepherdess Credit for planning ahead for your ‘big’ run. It sounds like you guys got a ton of snow yesterday. I just am not ready for snow yet. ;)

Beach Patrol Credit for exercising – even if only for 5 mins. I think getting into the habit of exercising every day is the key at first. And 5 minutes is better than 0 minutes. ;) You’ll be able to do exercise longer very soon!

CeeJay :welcome3: You’ll find this is a great place to get and provide support from/to others. You get out of it, what you put in. :)

Kara (Walking Princess) Kudos for the No Choice – the most powerful 2 words! And credit for spontaneous exercise.

10-29-2009, 05:45 AM
:welcome: CeeJay :welcome:

And, for recently joining, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

How did you find out about the 3FatChicks site and this thread?

10-29-2009, 05:46 AM
Boo Hoo...had post all written and POOF! gone!

CeeJay, :welcome2:. I am brand new here as well. The people here are so nice and supportive. It is nice not being the only nubie.
Together we can make mohills out of mountains.

Kara, get some rest and may your dreams be filled with happiness.
Your WI will get better.

Walking Princess, I can imagine you were on top of the world. Here's to many more NO days.

We had snowflakes and cold wind but no accumulation. Yay!

Store was fun. I like shopping and I also shop for our neighbor. I did buy some bananas, honeycrisp apples and some cinnamon applesauce. This is a start for me.

Hurry up book, I want to learn, do and grow. I think the one thing that may be important is CREDIT.

May this day bring you all a few moments of quiet reflection.


10-29-2009, 05:51 AM
Morning Bill.
Hope your snuggly warm.

10-29-2009, 05:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Turned down an invitation to attend an event whose main attraction was bountiful FREE food; CREDIT moi. I thought and thought about it. It was the FREE food that was attracting me. As I contemplated how I would maneuver and not eat too much, I finally realized that I would prefer eating at home and using my time as I wanted. I don't want to become a recluse, but I can choose to avoid events where the only attraction is food.

Walked (CREDIT moi) to the gym (CREDIT moi) in pouring rain; didn't hesitate, just went. Again, worked out on the bench next to the guy holding a 100 pound dumbbell on his chest while he did crunches. Just WOW. He doesn't have the built up upper body that some of the heavy lifters do, but that maneuver impresses me.

Anne (wndranne) - Kudos for deploying "It isn't about me" at Halloween candy. Good luck finding a path for your kids around that stuff. Glad you've shaken the colds - an unwelcome visitor who stayed too long, LOL.

ChinaMaine - Happy early morning all ready to watch the sun rise. Yea for continuing to be busy at work. Kudos for getting in your exercise with your new living arrangement; good sign that you're adjusting also. Sweet music to hear, "just keepin’ on in terms of diet and exercise." That's my goal - just keeping on.

Kara (Walking Princess) - Huge Kudos for stiffing the Huge pumpkin full of candy. Interesting that you thoroughly examined the contents; I do that. I dream of the day that I not only avoid eating the stuff, but when I'm not even drawn to the drooling. You hit the key point for me, "economical' Halloween treats. Because I feel forced to provide handouts for so many ungrateful kids who I don't know I want to spend the minimum I can get away with. If I changed my attitude, I wouldn't object to paying more and giving out something better than the HFCS garbage sold in the big bags. Think I'll try working on that. And thanks for the kind words.

Beach Patrol - Gotta love that first meal when the light bulb goes on that one pork chop is enough; Kudos. And, Kudos for pulling your DH along. Now that's a neat way to get support.

Shepherdess - Wyoming sure does serious weather; hope your DH isn't stuck for another night in the bunkhouse due to snow. Kudos for beating the snow to get in your intervals early. Enjoying your thought about the seasonal ways to approach veggies.

LADY WINDSONG - Well, walking in a light snow is a treat, but agree, walking in a blizzard isn't for the sane.

CeeJay - Yep, the Beck strategies have worked for folks who have tried and failed at dieting without that kind of help. Neat that you already see the power of Beck's work.

Kudos for giving yourself credit right away. That was one of the hardest steps for me; I continue to use this group to force myself to give myself credit at least once per day here. Hope to someday remember to give myself credit each bowl of candy I pass and each set of stairs I walk.

Readers - day 5
Eat Slowly and Mindfully

There are two very beneficial reasons that it's important to always eat slowly and to pay particular attention to what you're eating:
When you eat slowly, your brain has time to register that you're full.

When you notice and enjoy every mouthful, you feel more satisfied when the food is gone.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 79.

10-29-2009, 08:05 AM
I am new to this site and am searching for a diet coach. I have all of the Beck books and have started them on many occasion, but I have not been successful in maintaining my new behaviors. How do I go about finding a coach? Do I try to hook up with one person or do I just post to this forum? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

10-29-2009, 08:40 AM
Buffdana76 :welcome3: We can all be your diet buddies. We help and support each other.

10-29-2009, 12:09 PM
DH did make it home last night. The roads were pretty hairy in a couple of spots, but don't underestimate the draw of getting home to a loving wife, a good meal and a comfortable bed.

I didn't get outdoors much yesterday. I did yoga for exercise and also some jump rope to get some heart pounding. It's still snowing a bit today, but it's not as windy so I think I can get some outdoor exercise today. I'm looking out at this winter wonderland and thinking that DH and I were supposed to be in Hawaii today. We were planning to take a trip with my parents, but plans changed a few months ago when DH was training a young horse and was bucked off. He tore his ACL and MCL and suddenly a long plane flight just didn't sound worth it. Oh well, we'll get DH healed up and go another year.

Welcome Ceejay and Buffdana76. I am also fairly new to this forum, but have found everyone on here very helpful. I'll do my best to give both of you my support and hope you will do the same for me.

Beach Patrol, Great job bringing hubby along on your healthy eating journey! Good job on stopping after one porkchop and recognizing that you were satisfied. Kudos on doing 5 minutes on the trampoline. 5 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise, and you'll be surprised how quickly your fitness progresses.

Walking Princess, great job on getting exercise (and bonus credit for extra exercise), staying on plan, and huge kudos for resisting candy. It's great that you were able to pause before going for the candy. Stopping to think is key!

ChinaMaine, great job keepin on with eating and exercise, especially when you are tired. Hope everything is going well with your MIL.

Lady Windsong, good job on doing shopping and buying fruit! I agree that credit is so important. I think it's helpful to find your strengths and then build on them.

BillBE, good job avoiding free food. That's a good insight that the only attraction was the food. There's a big difference between attending a social event that you enjoy that also happens to have food and and attending a free food event that also happens to be social. Great job walking to the gym in the pouring rain with no hesitation!

10-29-2009, 02:47 PM
Hi All,

A quick check in--yesterday, walked 12,000+ steps and did Zumba, credit. Tracked food, credit, and ordered soup for dinner rather than something fried, credit. Today is shaping up more of a challenge. Gave in to the pudding parfait at the cafeteria, and I have a dinner with friends tonight at a tapas restaurant, most likely with pitchers of Sangria, and lots of little plates hard to keep track of. I've already decided no dessert, and I have looked at the menu, so credit for that. I've read that variety increases the amount we eat, as we want to try everything, so I need to be mindful of this tonight!

Welcome to CeeJay and Buffdana!

10-29-2009, 05:02 PM
Hi all! I'm a newbie. I've read the Beck book. and I'm looking for support, coaching, advice, tips...and hopefully I can give to all of the above to you too. I'm changing my mentality and the book has been a big help on my journey.:carrot:

10-29-2009, 10:20 PM
Good evening everyone:

OK, am going to try my hand at being a buddy.

Walking Princess- good for you for the extra exercise, eating on plan and especially saying no way to Halloween candy. Thank you for the welcome.

ChinaMaine- Good going on staying on plan despite the busy day. I liked your comment that I will get out of the forum what I put in. I am committed!

BillBlueEyes- thanks for the very colourful welcome. I found out about the Beck books on this forum, in this thread. I liked what I saw and thought that the approach made sense. Even though I had pretty much sworn off spending one more cent on any diet related book, I decided to give it a try. I can't tell you how much I could relate to what she wrote. It helped me realize that since she had my behaviour and thoughts about food so accurately pinpointed, that what I am doing/going through is what a lot of other people are going through. So there you go- I am grateful I landed in this forum. I read the book once, and while reading made all the response cards she suggested. I have yet to seriously tackle the Advantages cards, although I have started a list. I plan to read the book again, more slowly this time. I found out about this site when checking out weight loss sites.

BTW Bill I am in awe of your maintenance of 2 years and 7 months. That is so inspiring to me.

Lady Windsong- Thanks to you too for the welcome. We can be newbies together. Credit yourself for ordering the book.

Buffdana76- Hi there. I am a newbie to posting. I think the thing is to jump right in. Welcome from me, who has been here a lot but only posted here twice now.

Shepherdess- Thanks for the welcome. I will also try to support you the best I can.

Nuxmag- 12,000 steps!! Wow. Wondering what Zumba is? Credit to you for planning your dinner out.

Zanjabil- another Newbie, we are quite a bunch now. I am also really trying to change my outlook on things. We can journey together.

Well, that's all for now, except I am giving myself credit for- eating on plan today, resisting chocolate cookies in the lunch room, going for a walk before work and at lunch, and making a healthy lunch and snacks for tomorrow.

Take care everyone!

10-30-2009, 12:03 AM
I'm back from my internet-free week and was able to stay mostly on plan with food, while meeting my exercise goal for the month. I'll read what I missed and respond tomorrow!

Thu/ WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +0, 913/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Fri/ WI: +0.05kg, Exercise: +30, 943/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Sat/ WI: -0.9kg, Exercise: +265, 1208/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Sun/ WI: +0.6kg, Exercise: +65, 1273/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Mon/ WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +20, 1293/1300 minutes for October, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Tue/ WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +40, 1333/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Wed/ WI: -0.55kg (new low), Exercise: +20, 1353/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Today/ WI: +0.65kg, Exercise: 0, 1353/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-30-2009, 05:05 AM
Yesterday, my lower body workout was pretty tough, so I had DOMS today. My stress level dropped a lot today though. My MIL is settling into her routine. She spends most of the day up in her suite, and makes her own breakfast and lunch. She really seems to love it. DH is still running most of the day getting stuff done to make her life better/easier, but my role has receded to just visiting and chatting with her during the day. In the evening she comes downstairs to join us for wine, dinner, and tv. In addition the stress level at work has dropped a bit too.

. I’ve noticed my feelings of hunger between meals are much weaker when my stress level drops. When that happens, snack-time often passes without my realizing it so I take in about 100 calories less on average when not stressed. Today was a good example. I had a fleeting thought at 3:50 that I should make my planned snack. But I had a meeting start at 4. The hospice nurse arrived for a meeting at 5 PM. And then it was suddenly 6 PM. I don’t eat a snack that close to dinner, so calories saved. ;)

:df: WI-up .5 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op, Exercise – op (60m).

Bill Your anecdote about the guy doing crunches holding a 100 lb dumbbell was amazing. I can’t even imagine doing that. Kudos for a good walk in the rain!

shepherdess So glad your DH got home safely to his loving wife and warm bed. Kudos for doing exercise indoors when it’s inclement outside.

Margaret Hope tapas went well tonight. Bravo for 12K steps!

zanjabil :welcome3:

CeeJay credit for the good food choices (no choice to choc cookies!), and for taking 2 walks.

gardenerjoy Great job for being op with food so often when away from home. It can be so tough to do that, but you did it! Kudos for a new low when away from home too.

Lady Windsong Great food choices at the store. Stay warm!

10-30-2009, 06:02 AM
Welcome Buffdana and zanjabil. This will be a wonderful journey.

Shepherdess yoga is so good for the soul. Glad dh made it home safe.

Nuxmaga 12,000 gj.

CeeJay What a good day you had yesterday. Here's to a great one today as well.

gardenerjoy nice job on the exercise and food planning.

ChinaMaine so glad your stress is lessening. YAY!

10-30-2009, 06:18 AM
:welcome: Buffdana76 :welcome:

And, in honor of joining 3FatChicks this month, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the Beck books?

And how did you learn about this thread on 3FC?


10-30-2009, 06:20 AM
:welcome: zanjabil :welcome:

And, in honor of joining 3FatChicks this month, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the Beck books?

And how did you learn about this thread on 3FC?


10-30-2009, 06:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I found my compulsion toward food demonstrated in the smallest place. I eat a morning snack of a quarter cup of roasted soy nuts - just love them - measured by a scoop kept in the container on my bookshelf at work. When I fill the scoop just before eating, I can feel this urge to get a heaping scoop; I concentrate on getting as much as I can. When I fill the scoop after I've eaten to leave it filled in the container for the next day, I feel nothing - it's just a minor mechanical task. Amazing to me that my 80 pounds of over eating is replicated in about 5 calories of soy nuts. But it's definitely the same feeling that I experience when facing a bountiful buffet with the desire to get as much as I can. It's a demonstration to me every day of the power of planning meals to remove me from that feeling.

Eating and walking OP; CREDIT moi. No snow or rain, but walking was comfortable with a jacket and gloves.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for planning ahead for your Tapas Restaurant. Yep, that stream of little plates negates the strategy to design and serve yourself one plate. Hope it worked out.

ChinaMaine - Great news that your MIL is settling in with her own schedule, getting her own breakfast and lunch. Interesting correlation between your stress level and hunger, but glad your stress is reducing in any case.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Welcome back from a week off-web. Congrats that your week included a new low scale reading. And Kudos for accumulating your October exercise goal already.

Shepherdess - Ouch for DH's tears and the missed Hawaii. Perhaps you can have a pineapple with dinner and let your minds wander.

LADY WINDSONG - Welcome to the early morning crowd - your post slipped in just before mine yesterday. Big Honeycrisp apple fan here. Yep, Kudos for grabbing the notion that giving yourself credit is a key part of the Beck plan even without having the book. Ouch for the POOF'd post; BTDT. A bunch of us have resorted to moving a copy onto the clipboard before a post after a few of those.

CeeJay - Yep, I also experienced, "she had my behaviour and thoughts about food so accurately pinpointed." And I feel that each time I reread a section to select the quote of the day. Kudos for giving yourself credit; it's a neat list of stuff, particularly the prepared lunch and snacks for tomorrow.

Buffdana76 - I'm one of those who have found the Beck strategies key to maintaining the food plan and exercise plan that I've been on for four years now. They help me recognize the Urge and Desire to eat when I'm not really hungry. I second ChinaMaine's statement; we serve as Diet Coach / Diet Buddy to each other here. I'll be happy to serve as one of yours, and ask you to be one of mine.

zanjabil - Seems like you're on your way with, "I'm changing my mentality." My take is that's the goal of Beck's strategies. Kudos for getting on board so quickly. I'll gladly be one of your Diet Coaches / Diet Buddies, and ask you to serve as one of mine.

Readers - day 5
Eat Slowly and Mindfully

From talking to dieters, there's no question in my mind that eating too quickly and mindlessly is common among people who have a weight problem. How quickly do you eat? Do you sometime feel deprived when you've finished eating? Have you had the experience of eating a reasonably sized meal and then saying to yourself, That wasn't much food at all ... I'm still hungry, because you hadn't paid enough attention to the food you ate?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 79.

10-30-2009, 11:11 AM

I can't WAIT to get started. I am like a kid in a candy shop.

I know you are to chose 2 diets but I would appreciate you telling me which you are following.
I have had success with some but I am burnt out!

Excitement abounds. :carrot::carrot::carrot:

The Key to Success...

10-30-2009, 11:34 AM
Bill, I love nuts but am not allowed them. Appendix problems when I do.

This is what I do for Charley too (not that I am comparing him to you! lol)
Kudos for all your efforts at walking.

I was 190 at my heaviest and loved food but now the love has come back. I have managed to keep 45 pounds off though.

I know I can do it but I do NOT want to be a yo yo gainer/loser.

Can't wait to hear about your diet programs.

Beach Patrol
10-30-2009, 11:57 AM
Welcome newbies! -Buffdana, zanjabil and hope I didn't miss anyone!

I've got a question that I hope someone here can answer.

Weekdays are fairly easy for me. My schedule/routine makes it so. But weekends, holidays, etc... it's different. For instance, right now, it's Friday, and not a workday for me. (furlough... ugh!) I got up at 7:30 (usually up by 6am) and had my coffee & vitamins. Fed the dogs, did the "usual" stuff... EXCEPT BREAKFAST. It's 10:55 now... nearly 11:00... and I'm STILL not hungry. Often on these days, I'll not eat until noon or later, & then have a small snack around 3 or 4, then dinner at normal time (6-7:00).

Now, I'm not a meal skipper. But... SHOULD I EAT when I'm NOT hungry...? How do I rate it? A "zero" to start, mid-meal "zero" and end at a "zero"?? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

I'll check back in later for answers.

EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY!!!! :sunny:

10-30-2009, 12:58 PM
I was helping DH set up panels in the corrals for a few hours yesterday and decided that was enough outdoor exercise. It was cold and the wind was coming up, but mostly I was just being a wimp. I did some jump roping inside, but it wasn’t quite as long as a run would have been.

Tonight I’m going to a friend’s Halloween party. It’ll be difficult to stay on plan, but I’m bringing roasted veggies and she’ll have baked potatoes with all the fixings. She makes these wonderful chokecherry daiquiris. She has a chokecherry tree in her yard and makes the syrup herself. So I just have to keep it in moderation and avoid any other sweets. Wish me luck!

Nuxmaga, kudos on your exercise and for ordering soup instead of something less healthy. Dinner at the tapas restaraunt will be difficult, but you're off to a good start with planning ahead.

Welcome Zanjabil. I am fairly new to this, but would be happy to offer you whatever support/advice I can and please do the same for me.

Ceejay, good job staying on plan, even with cookies around. Kudos for walking and for preparing for a healthy day tomorrow. Planning ahead has been so helpful to me.

Gardnerjoy, hope you had a good week away from the internet. Congrats for meeting your month's exercise goals and for staying (mostly) OP!

ChinaMaine, I'm totally impressed by the tough lower body workout. I'm glad to hear that you MIL is settling in well and that your stress level is diminishing. You did great staying OP with all the stress, but you deserve a break!

BillBE, nice insight that when you measure your food right before you eat you tend to increase your portions, but if you measure your portion ahead of time, you have a normal size portion. This is something I should keep in mind, and a good reason to prepare snacks ahead of time. Kudos for going for your walk.

Lady Windsong, yay for your books arriving. There are a lot of good, healthy diets out there. I like using the good old food pyramid. You can track your food and exercise at (sorry, I don't can't post the link). I think your diet plan depends on your personality, but I like this one because there are no bells and whistles, no tricks, just good sensible eating. We all know that fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins are the right way to eat and this just helps you track them. You can also track your exercise.

Beach Patrol, I agree that staying on plan is easier with a regular schedule. My opinion is that breakfast is one of those exceptions to not eating when you’re hungry. A good breakfast helps get the metabolism going. That doesn’t mean you have to serve a huge brekkie. DH can’t stand the thought of food in the AM, but fruit is nice, light and easy to digest. Once I get some fruit into him, then he’s ready for some yogurt or some cereal. You could try something like that. I think if you don’t get something first thing, you’ll feel low energy, and when you finally do feel hungry, you’re more likely to make poor choices. That’s just my 2 cents. Maybe those with more experience can offer more advice.

10-30-2009, 04:53 PM
:wave: Keeping my head above water! Have a twitter/facebook workshop I am putting on next week, hordes of hoodies to print, and a new business added to mess!

Food isnt too shabby, exercise is a bit erratic due to workout partner's flu and a few meetings set too early this past week....but Im getting there.

Bathroom still isnt finished, but painting on the main floor is done, and carpet cleaned! (lets not talk about the lasagna blobs I dumped on the newly cleaned rug last night) :rolleyes:

Oh!! Ive managed to stay out of the halloween candy :cb:

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

10-30-2009, 10:47 PM
Hi All,
Well, I survived tapas, though a bit worse for the wear. . .it definitely does negate the whole Beck "serve yourself one plate full"! We ordered at least 15 different small plates. Talk about variety! Plus the magic self-filling sangria glasses. . .We didn't order dessert but they brought a complimentary cookie. Meh. But I truly do think it would've been worse before I started Beck--a truly astronomical amount of calories. And it was good, and I enjoyed seeing our friends from out of town.

Today's calories were under budget, credit. Resisted pudding parfait at cafeteria, credit. Didn't finish the huge portion of mac and cheese at the diner tonight, credit. 8700+ steps, credit. No Zumba--I was helping two friends who are publishing a book on art and prayer get all their social media set-up--I didn't realize I knew so much about it!

RobinW--Yay for staying out of the Halloween candy!! I am glad it is almost here, and soon to be over.

Shepherdess--Kudos for jumping rope inside. Physical labor in the cold is definitely exercise too!

Beach Patrol--Hmmm. That's a good question. Sometimes I'm not hungry when I get a late start, but if I have a little something I realize I really was hungry. You could experiment with having the noon meal, late snack and dinner and see if you become ravenous--if you don't, maybe that can be your day-off routine. I remember something in Beck about eating brunch as a strategy on vacation maybe?

Lady Windsong--Yay for your books coming in! And credit for keeping 45 pounds off--that's great! I started with the food pyramid, and had Volumetrics as my back-up. Right now I am just aiming for 2100 calories a day, which isn't really a diet, but following a formula is hard for me.

Bill--Credit for self analysis and introspection about the soynuts! How about using a smaller measuring cup and filling it heaping(taking care to do a trial run to make sure it comes out to your normal amount), to give that craving-filled part of you a bit of a thrill?

ChinaMaine--Credit for your delightful welcoming of your MIL--I sense your true generosity of spirit and hospitality.

CeeJay--yay for resisting chocolate cookies in the lunchroom! Zumba is aerobics set to latin music, and using dance steps like cha cha and mambo. It's fun!


Gardenerjoy--welcome back!

10-31-2009, 12:19 AM
A lot of sitting today -- the problem with staying off the web for a week is that there's a lot of things that I then want to catch up! But we went for a walk when the rain finally stopped. Credit for skipping a planned dessert when I belatedly realized that a planned snack had gone overboard on the serving size.

WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +35, 1388/1300 minutes for October, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome to Lady Windsong and CeeJay and Buffdana76 and zanjabil (and I hope I didn't miss anyone else while I was gone for a week). Buffdana76, I find that posting here every night is invaluable for keeping myself on track. And the camaraderie here makes it so much fun that I look forward to reading and posting. This group is what I missed most of the entire Web during my internet-free week!

ChinaMaine: I'm glad that your MIL is settling in so nicely and that the stress in your life, in general, is lessening.

BillBlueEyes: nice strategy with the soynuts. I think I can use that.

Lady Windsong: I made up my own diet -- a mix and match plan of meals. It's pretty ad hoc, but it's working for me so far. For me, the Beck trick of planning the night before is the ticket. Like you, I have lots of experience with food. I know how to plan healthful meals so, for me, actually doing it has made all of the difference.

Shepherdess: I hope you are happy with how the Halloween party went and that you had a good time!

RobinW: good job on everything -- including staying out of the Halloween candy!

Nuxmaga: I'm glad that tapas went better than they would have pre-Beck and that you enjoyed your evening!