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09-29-2009, 07:45 PM
Sweets and candy are one of my big weaknesses. I usually have a load of chocolate to hand out on Halloween. I also usually make gourmet type caramel apples with my sons and their girlfriends on that night.

Anyone interested in sharing how they plan to overcome temptations on Halloween? Let's help each other plan our evening (and maybe the days to come).

I have cancelled the caramel apple party. We can still get together and watch a movie, hand out candy, etc. I will not be buying any chocolate instead I am buying Nerds, Starburst and that type of thing. Should still be popular for the neighborhood kids but this is not tempting to me. I also know that the last kid to hit my house is going to hit the mother-lode. I will not leave any candy in my house that night. My neighborhood is usually done with the trick or treating by 8 pm. Lights off and we're done! I'm fortunate enough that my kids are way past the age of going out so no temptations are coming into my house.

My goal is to eat no candy that night. I really believe I can do this! What are your plans and your goals?

I'd really love to hear what you're doing or be redirected to another thread if there is already something going on that I missed.


09-29-2009, 07:53 PM
Great question!

I also plan to buy the candy that doesn't tempt my (Nerds and Starbursts do nothing for me either) but, I do have five children that will be bringing tons of it back with them!

I think for me, I should be okay if I just don't start AT ALL! If I just tell myself that it is not an option at all...I may get through the holiday alright. If I try to tell myself that one litte chocolate bar is okay...I'll start down the slippery slope and there may be no going back.