Food Talk And Fabulous Finds - What did you have for dinner? 9/29

09-29-2009, 07:22 PM
Tonight I am making Chicken Fajitas. Grilled chicken, peppers, some seasoning, flour tortilla (just 1, ugh.), and light sour cream. I will also have cantelope as dessert.

What about you?

09-29-2009, 07:43 PM
It's going to be trout fillets, baked in foil with a tiny bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon slices, served with lightly steamed sugar snap peas and little potatoes for DH and DS, brown rice for me.

09-29-2009, 07:54 PM

I'm making blackened pork chops and for the sides I'm not sure yet, probably mashed potatos for the family and then also grilled veggies for them and me :) I'm thinking squash :D

09-29-2009, 07:58 PM
Yum, they both sound good. I do wish I could have mashed potatoes right now, lol. How is trout? I have never had it.

09-29-2009, 09:15 PM
2 TINY baby potatoes (cut up very small so I feel like I'm eating more!!!) w/ snow peas, red peppers, squash, and onion w/ lots of yummy seasonings. I didn't have enough food in the house for a well thought out meal so I just threw everything I had left into a pan!!! :)

09-29-2009, 09:33 PM
1C whole wheat spaghetti and 1/2C Prego Chunky Garden. Can you tell my husband made dinner? :-)

09-29-2009, 10:03 PM
A homemade asian turkey burger on a whole-grain bun, with cilantro-chili mayo. Alongside it I'm having a big salad with spinach, romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and a homemade vinaigrette. I haven't decided on dessert yet, but I have both watermelon and red grapefruit in the fridge that need to be finished, so probably one of the two!

09-30-2009, 01:10 AM
I am a big fan of lettuce wraps. I cooked lean pork with non-stick spray, fresh garlic, tons of green onion, soy, and Asian hot sauce. I had a measured portion of rice (75 calories). Divided it all on top of red leaf lettuce with cucumber slices. Less than a tablespoon total of crushed peanuts and 1/8 of an avocado added richness and good fats. Very filling and I really liked it.

09-30-2009, 07:54 AM
I had a few slices of roasted chicken breast, a cup of roasted vegetables (butternut squash, red peppers, onion, zucchini, broccoli), and 1/2 cup brown rice. Strawberries and melon for dessert.

09-30-2009, 10:34 AM
How is trout? I have never had it.

Trout is a mild-tasting, pink-fleshed oily fish, freshwater I think. It's quick and easy to prepare, just wrap in foil and bake or grill it for 15 minutes or so. I like my fish to be not-too-fishy-tasting :D, and trout fits the bill.