South Beach Diet - Thankful and Tranquil Tuesday Beach Chat

09-29-2009, 06:51 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I woke up extra early this morning and decided to put the coffee on anyway. As I walked through the kitchen I picked up a dried plum and had a bite. It was so tasty and I reflected on just how much healthier I am these days. Although I'm only 10# lighter than I was a year ago, I look much better and feel much better...content.

I look forward to stopping by every morning. It helps me stay on track and I really enjoy hearing what everyone else is up to. My life is far from tranquil but to have the opportunity to live in a healthier body is its own reward.

I have the usual list, walk the dog, swim, recycle, work the compost pile and whatever else comes in my path. What's happening in your world today? Stop by and say Hi! :cofdate:

09-29-2009, 07:09 AM
Good morning Debbie :coffee2: I love that perky little sunshine icon - it's so you. I am not a cheerful morning person but your posts always make me smile.

Today I'm off to the one meeting I actually enjoy. It's a quarterly meeting with my fellow RDs - the other 11 people who do the same basic job I do in the state. They are a great group and I love spending the day with them. They are also the people who really understand what I do, not just the lovely little paper description. Apparently today we are getting lunch courtesy of a state group attending part of the meeting. We will be in Hanover, near Dartmouth College so actual good vegetarian Chinese food is on the menu. To top it off I should be home early enough for a walk outside. I could definitely use both the exercise and the fresh air.

Thanks for getting us started Debbie :) Hope your day is busy, satisfying and sunny.

09-29-2009, 07:52 AM
Good morning, girls. :coffee:

Debbie, I always enjoy reading your cheery posts in the morning, too. Your bright outlook encourages me to stay on track. :)

Cyndi, it sounds like you have a great day ahead of you. Great co-workers and a yummy, healthy lunch to boot! Enjoy!

It's looking and feeling like Fall outside this morning. Brrrrr! Definitely a long-sleeve kind of day. I have the morning off, but I have a long list of chores I want to accomplish. The washer is already chugging away and Jake's supper is cooking in the oven. I think I'll roast up some delicata squash and chickpeas and mix it with spinach and mushrooms for my supper.

Washer just stopped, I'll be right back!

09-29-2009, 07:55 AM
Good morning, Beachies! No sun here - just drizzle. It seems the weather is stuck in a groove. The farmers will be glad though as they hate to go into a winter with dry ground.

My house is getting back in order - slowly. Paul and the electrician will be here on Thursday for some finishing touches and that will be "it" for chaos for a while. I have a list for Paul - at his request. What a nice guy! He is even going to hang the window shade and pictures for me and move my sewing table downstairs.

There's Pet Therapy this afternoon (Jazz) and I have a meeting tonight where I will divest myself of Country Christmas responsibilities. That will cause a kerfuffle but it's time somebody else stepped up. I am going to celebrate American Thanksgiving with Cottage.

Thankful and tranquil! I like that.

09-29-2009, 08:17 AM
Good Morning, Chickies,

It's cool in Beautiful Remlap -- around 55 degrees. I start complaining at 40, so I'm still good. :D

Debbie, Dried plums/prunes are one of my favorite things. As good as candy, really! I found a recipe for a smoothie using peanut butter and prunes. It sounds really yummy.

Cyndi, I hope you enjoy your meeting today. Mine was good yesterday. I learned a lot about why we do what we do. It's always good to know why. ;)

Cottage, Chickpeas, spinach and mushrooms is one of my favorite dishes. What do you season yours with?

Ruth, I know you're glad to have your house back in order! BTW, your ticker looks great!

Debbie, I'm watching your ticker, too, and cheering for you! :)

Me: My day should be busy. I was in training yesterday, and tomorrow and Thursday, I'm in an Excel class in Birmingham. Only today and Friday to get the stuff on my desk done. And, really, what do we get done on Friday? :lol:

Yesterday at training, the instructor kept looking at me funny. After class she said, "I know you." I informed her that I just have one-of-those-faces, because I didn't recognize her at all. Finally, we figured out that we were in the same Jazzercise class about 8 years ago when I was a student. It's a small world!

I hope you all have a great day today.

09-29-2009, 09:09 AM
Chelby, my go-to favorite seasoning is Spike's. I put it on almost everything. :)

09-29-2009, 10:07 AM
Thought I'd drop in and say hello. I don't know how you are all so cheery in the morning - I'm like a zombie :dizzy:

Lexxiss - I too enjoy your sunny outlook so early in the morning! What an inspiration!

Cyndi - Some good Chinese food sounds amazing, enjoy!

Cottage - I wish we had some long-sleeve weather here! We get a "cold-front" tomorrow, so the high will only be 89!!

Ruthxxx - Pet Therapy sounds so rewarding! Animals are amazing!

Chelby - I don't get too much done of Fridays either :D

As for me this morning... I am trying to find some motivation! I had a hard-boiled egg and a bit of tomato this morning, but I'm still hungry. I'm trying to find my attitude from about a month ago when this didn't seem so hard! One day at a time though... I'm going grocery shopping at lunch. I'm hoping this "funk" of only wanting taco bell and french fries will soon pass!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!

09-29-2009, 10:29 AM
Tryin', My funk with this diet usually comes when I am just SICK of cooking. I don't really miss fast food; I just miss the convenience of it. When I'm hungry and I shouldn't be, a big spoon of peanut butter usually makes it better. Hang in there, Friend! :)

09-29-2009, 11:06 AM
Hey Ladies:
Debbie I can feel your sunshine in NJ!! Its a chilly day here so I'm swathed in wool and corderoy! almost through with the organization I'm leaving. . .I feel so liberated!
Cyn Have a good time! I'd kill for some good chinese
Linda/Cottage your dinners always sound so good
Tryin I get that when I'm too tired to cook!

Last night I work till 11 pm ZZZZzzzZZ took a brief break to make sausage and peppers with Parm Quinoa which was really good and I need to get used to the weather change so I can get my sweat on and stop aching. Soon enough
Tonight I'm going to finagle a little Quinoa pudding Just add a little milk splenda and vanilla so we'll see!
ok back to the mines!
Ruth! Good on ya! You are a renaissance woman but ITA other ppl need to step up!
Chelb :coffee: here's to busy days!

09-29-2009, 01:49 PM
Good morning,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but it was a very stressful day. DS and 12 other kids from Homecoming court decided to TP and trash the "Kings" house late Sunday night and his parents didn't take to kindly to it and reported it to school. All the kids were janked from school and all available parents (DH) had to go watch them clean up the yard. They put broke piano, toilets, appliances, etc on the lawn. They picked it up and it was spik and span luckily no damage was done to lawn or house. The "kings" girlfriend was one of the kids who did so no criminal charges were pressed. We had to wait until today to see if DS was going to be suspended from school for 10 days. They did not, he is not allowed to play at Friday nights Football game and they have to all clean up after the next few home football games. Needless to say he got a *utt chewing at home and got grounded. But why do kids have to do these stupid things that could end up hurting them college wise???? Those worse part is the kid who they did this to has done this to them as well, my DS car has been shrinkwrapped and stuffed with confetti and they TP each others houses all the time. Okay venting done for now.

Debbie- Love the great attitude in the mornings okay all day :)

Cyndi- Have fun and enjoy your op chinese food.

Cottage- You are getting a lot accomplished in the am

Ruth- You are going to hit the 180s soon going to the gym is working for you.

Chelby- Have fun at your classes.

Trying- I agree with everyone, for me it is the same as Chelby when I am sick of cooking is when I have problems.

Kierie- You will have to let us know how the pudding came out- sounds interesting.

As for tonight- I am hoping to watch BL and that is about it maybe get some laundry done as well.

Have a great day everyone

gothik butterfly
09-29-2009, 02:35 PM
Good afternoon, everybody!

Kinda crabby today... still gettin over bronchitis and the cold that came after.

I'm trying to decide if I should start SB on Thursday or wait til Monday. I kinda just wanna get started asap. I have the cash flow comin in tomorrow so technically I could start tomorrow or Thursday. I'm still kicking myself for spending too much money at Oktoberfest so I couldn't afford to buy the groceries to start yesterday.

Nothing really on the agenda today... maybe a nap and picking up the roommates kids at school. Just need to relax and get over this cold. :(

Hope everyone else is doing better than me right now lol

09-29-2009, 02:45 PM
Gothik IMHO Either day works fine Even saturday if you're so inclined. . .I'm getting paid tomorrow but dh doesn't get paid till Friday so I have to assess when I can start ph 1 and have Groceries! I'm focusing on making healthy choices at tho Moment b/c Having 10/11 hour days is killing my food prep time!

Hoping to get done with the extra work early tonight and curl up with SB Super post NCIS!or club meeting whichevere make it too!

09-29-2009, 03:36 PM
I'm off to the dentist in an hour for a checkup and then Brian I will be heading over to help box up the remaining 500 box lunches tonight. Registrations are still pouring in with only tomorrow left to register prior to the event. I'm having to keep close tabs on who registers since we are almost our of certain shirt sizes and we want the ones who register late to be the ones who don't get a shirt. At least I know what I'll be busy with this weekend.

09-29-2009, 04:12 PM

Checking in-we had a nice walk and swim, then I even rode my bike a bit. It's 70+ degrees here...just perfect. Home for the afternoon, then farmers market and who knows what. Everybody is napping but I'm going to watch Law & Order.

Cyndi, hope your meeting went well. I'm very curious-what makes THIS Chinese food good? I want the scoop-I'm pretty up and interested in GCF.

Cottage, hope your chores are all done and you're doing something fun. I did 5 procrastination projects this morning. I, too, am Spiking everything. I have quite a supply.

Ruth, hi, glad you have a nice guy for moving things! I wish I could be the mouse in the house when you divest yourself. We're thinking it's time for someone else to step up for our pooch parade. We'll see. Hope you had a relaxing first morning home.

Chelby, it was 46 here this morning. I think you'd better visit me in the summer. The smoothie sounds really good. I almost tried it this morn, but I'm such a creature of habit. Talk to you later.

Tryin', thanks for dropping by. I drove around for an hour trying not to go to Chilis for ribs last week when I was mad at the world. Finally ended up at the store, bought something healthy, and was greatful to have made a better choice. Saw your other post-go figure-why do all these "healthy" companies have to use white flour? It's so dumb!

Kierie, I hope your load lightens!

Pearlrose, :rollpin: What can I say?? Nothing like a little stress after all you did to make things nice for the kids. Sorry...amidst your fury must be a little hurt. Hope it gets better.

Gothik, get well soon! Take care of yourself!

Barb, wish I were there to help pack lunches. I enjoy that kind of thing. Hope your dentist is good to you.

09-29-2009, 04:16 PM
Hello chicks, first chance I've had to pop in today. I was on the road this morning for the dreaded face-to-face meetings, and stopped on the way home to pick up new pants for DS, as he only has two pairs of jeans right now, and I am not into doing laundry THAT often. Work is hopping, and it's kinda stressful, but I call it Job Security! I think I'll put a turkey breast in the oven for dinner, easy, and DH is away and he hates turkey so I won't annoy him. DD is scheduled to work at the horse barn after school, and I need to spend a good bit of time with DS on homework, particularly French, in which he's struggling. DH and I being away for 10 days put him behind - he really needs someone right over his shoulder making sure he gets everything done. Hoping for early bed for everyone tonight - we ALL really need it.

I'm having no trouble staying on plan, since my stomach is off and I really don't want to eat anything at all. Everytime I eat I get the feeling you have right before you hiccup, kind of a pressure, but I never do hiccup. Different, never felt like that before. But I can't eat more than a little at a time - maybe I am having sympathy pains for our Nessa.

The rest of the week I am WFH and working on getting back into our regular routine. If I'm caught up on household chores, I want to get the Halloween decor up this weekend. Hoping for a beautiful fall weekend so we can also get in a hike. DH leaves in about a month, so I want to maximize family activities while I can. And also make him finish up some projects before he goes.

Oh, and I scheduled the architect next Tuesday to come see the house and give me an estimate for plans for the addition/renovation - can't wait to hear his ideas! I'd love for it to be done by spring. I am very jealous of Ruth's new room.

Lexxis, your day sounds lovely, I hope you have enjoyed it. I too appreciate feeling so much healthier than I used to. When I get frustrated about not having lost all I planned to, I reflect on the fact that I could have spent the last two years gaining. Heck, I could be 300# by now.
:wave: Barb, always good to hear how things are going for you and Brian.
Kierie, I hope things ease up for you soon. It is so hard to stay on plan when life gets crazy.
Feel better soon, Gothik.
Pearly, Holy cow, they play rough. Shrinkwrapping a car IS kinda funny though.
Chelby, I hear you, I love to cook, but sometimes I just need a break. And if there isn't something ready to go in my mouth when I get hungry, that spells trouble.
Tryin, an egg and tomato isn't much, maybe you need to eat more. Make yourself a nice taco bake to combat the TB cravings. This too shall pass.
Ruth, does that mean you are ready to decorate and move in to your new room? Where are the pix? Are you traveling to PA for Thanksgiving?
Cyndi, enjoy your Chinese. A walk is a great idea, after hours in the car, I could use one too. Maybe before dinner.

Well, kids will be coming in any minute, and I've got a couple of docs to review before I'm done for the day, so check you ladeez tomorrow.

09-29-2009, 05:19 PM
Schmoodle 3 words dark Chocolate snickers UGH!
I need a drill seargent to come to my house for a sugar intervention!!!!!!
soo tired of being TIRED!

09-29-2009, 05:54 PM
just want to drop in and say hi|
Sorry, no long posts today. I have been getting a package together for my grandson and finishing off a few things that I wanted to put in.
Still busy with the apples. Today I put on a crockpot full of apples with some spices, although it has turned to applesauce I will keep it going to see if I can make apple butter. Also, the carpel tunnel is acting up so I have to ease up on the knitting. I am timing myself and no more knitting than 20 minutes at a time.
It cold and windy here, wish we were in the 70s, Debbie.
take care

09-29-2009, 07:07 PM
Hi Schmoodle and Sophie :wave:

I'm off to the farmers market.