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09-23-2009, 03:29 PM
i'm in phase 1 and i love it! i am losing weight like nobody's business and very happy about it. but i do have some concerns.
first off, right before i started this diet (about a month), i started running. this is a pretty big feat for me as i am completely non-athletic. the running was going great until i started the fat smash. now i just do not have the energy to run. i can walk, but i feel like i will pass out when i run.
also, my hair is falling out like crazy. i am not talking the usual shedding that i do, but HANDFULS come out in the shower.
so i'm thinking that this could have to do with the amount of protein that i am taking in. as far as the fruits and veggies go, i am eating WAY healthier than when i am not on this diet, but protein wise, notsomuch.
does anyone have any tips on how to get extra protein in?

09-23-2009, 07:39 PM
Sounds like you do need to eat much more protein, and maybe take a complex B vitamin as well. The best sources of protein are from LEAN MEATS (fish like tuna, turkey, chicken, beef, or pork), dairy (like cheeses), eggs, nuts, tofu, and beans. I read recently that you should and can have meat or other proteins for all your meals and snacks to make sure that you are getting enuff in each day.

You can have tuna or any other cooked meat on a salad; an egg omelette with cheese for breakfast; and again meat for dinner; and nuts or cheese for snacks. In one article I read yesterday, a doctor even recommended tuna on a salad for breakfast for those who needed more protein.

PS ~ also, becuz you are running, you will need to eat more food in total each day to make up for that high energy loss as well. Have you tried adding any protein shakes or bars to your daily menu? This is why it is better to make changes more slowly, so the body can get used to your new lifestyle ...

If this condition persists, I recommend that you see your doctor ...

09-23-2009, 10:32 PM
congrats on your 70 lb loss! that is great!!!
since i am in phase 1, should i add the items that you mentioned or should i just wait until i am in phase 2 to add it?
i bought a split pea soup mix today. it had 11 grams of protein per serving. and i have been eating ALOT of hummus and some veggie burgers as well, but i can't imagine that i am anywhere close to the amount of protein that i usually take in.

09-24-2009, 12:23 AM
Ray ~ According to the FAQ's at the top of this forum, you can have all the beans and lentils you desire in Phase 1 (so your hummus and soup are OK). You can have SOY NUTS, TOFU, veggie burgers, tofu burgers, protein shakes (they say make your own with whey protein powder & fruit), yogurt (soy yogurt is recommended for more protein), and egg whites in phase 1.

I like the roasted soy nuts as a snack, but be sure to measure them as servings. You could have kidney beans & brown rice as a dish too. How about an egg white omelette for one meal a day? I wonder if egg beaters are OK for this? hmmm ... :chin:

One caviat ~ you can't have soy cheese or other cheeses, like Parmesan or nuts, until phase 2 as per the FAQ's. I read that some found the list of things allowed a bit confusing and inconsistent; guess you just have to do your best, but you really need to get more protein in your plan. Can you eat a bit more often? This phase is only suppose to last 9 days ... then you can add in some fish and lean meats, and nuts, etc.

Now that I see the limitations there are on Phase I of this plan in more detail, I can see why you are having some problems getting in enuff protein; but in Phase II, you add some more back in. Some vegetarians do have the same issue, at times.

Here's the basic plan in a nutshell from another poster ~

Phase I ~ for 9 days, you eat fruits, veggies, brown rice, oatmeal, yogurt, protein in the form of tofu, lots of beans, egg whites, etc -- no meats, white potatoes, white rices, no fish in Phase I. And only water; but Dr. Ian says 2 cups of decaf tea is OK, as is green tea.

After 9 days, in Phase II ~ you reintroduce your body to fish and some of the leaner meats, and nuts. Couple it with 30 mins of excerise in the first phase and bump it up in Phase 2 (to make up for the higher caloric intake). Then you get into Phases 3 and 4 where cheese and some other things are added.

PS ~ Dr. Ian also says you can take a good multi-vitamin as well.

BTW, I am not doing the Fat Smash plan; I can have meat in mine and there are no phases. I just like to read other plans to get ideas and saw your question about protein, and tried to help; so I hope I did a bit ... :^:

09-24-2009, 10:46 AM
YOU ARE THE BEST! thanks so much!

what plan are you doing?

i've done atkins, which i LOVE but find that i eat SO unhealthily that i really don't eat well. but i did lose on it.

i did weight watchers for a bit but was SO turned off by the people on the website (they were like a pack of rabid wolves just waiting to tear into a vulnerable poster) and the staff for not doing anything about it, that i have vowed never EVER to buy anything weight watchers again. i don't care if it pormised i would lose 10 lbs a day... NEVER!!!!

i did medifast, which i also really liked. the people on the website were super helpful and active and i actually didn't mind the food. i also loved the structure, but i was only losing a pound a week (following the program to the letter) and it really was too expensive for these kind of results.

then, i think on 3fatchicks, i found fatsmash and, i've gotta tell you, it is really great! i love fruits and veggies, salads and beans, so this diet is right up my ally! the thing i'm having the most trouble eating is the oatmeal, so i make it up with the brown rice, which i love! (i cook it with chicken bouillon and basil and serve it with some lemon juice). i am really losing weight while eating. and i find that i don't want to cheat, which is TOTALLY different than when i was doing the other diets.

as a pastry chef, it makes it SO hard not to cheat. i remember spitting out the stuff i would make after i tasted it so as not to mess up my ketosis. but that is another great thing about fatsmash. if you cheat, like for an event or just a weak moment, you don't have to wait 3 days to get back into the groove (like atkins and ketosis), you just jump back on the wagon. and i feel like i am eating SO much healthier!!! although i sure would love a big juicy ribeye, i don't really feel deprived and haven't really had any cravings.

maybe being an UNEMPLOYED pastry chef is helping, too! (c:

anyways, thanks so much for your research! you are awe-some!!!!

09-24-2009, 05:47 PM
Glad to be of help; I was researching the plan anyways. Like you, I have done many of the most common plans that you find here. Now I am on a combo-plan; really the basic 'portion' plan for Diabetics (becuz I was pre-diabetic but now have it under control pretty well with improved diet and exercise). I have added in the ideas from Volumetrics which allows you to eat more for less calories; and yes, my total days portions to have a calorie cap and I'm cycling 1400-1600 calories a day now (I started at 2000).

I love the philosophy of the BECK plan and use their tips often; and as I mentioned, I research other plans for tips. Like the Fat Smash plan, we are eating 'whole foods' that are healthier for us as that is our main goal to get healthier (and losing weight will also help that too). This plan was written by a doctor to help his patients eat and live healthier too.

I understood your dilemna becuz many years ago I went on a strict low-carb plan and my hair was falling out too; it was just plainly too strict and I had to go back to eating more balanced and with more protein. I also have an inherited vitamin and mineral deficiency so I am always looking for ways to get more nutrients from my foods like leaving the skins on my new potatoes and carrots, etc.

BTW, Dr. Ian says that you can have natural Cream of Wheat (like Red River brand) or Fiber-1 Cereal as a sub for your oatmeal if you don't like that. I love cream of wheat and make a good amount and put the rest in the fridge and just reheat it in the microwave (it should stay good in the fridge up to 5 days, or even longer in the freezer).

Remember that you can add beans to your rice to give you more protein and there are many different kinds out there: kidney, navy, black beans, butter or lima beans, garbonza beans, romano, and lentils (dried peas), etc. In phase 2, you get to have lean chicken, turkey, fish, and even a center pork chop, if you like. Maybe in phase 3 or 4 you might be able to have a lean beef steak like round or sirloin or flank? Not sure on that one though (haven't researched that far yet), but maybe ...

Eeks, a :chef:pastry chef :chef:; oh yah -- that would be a tempting job! Just tell yourself this ... :sklol:POISON, POISON, POISON:sklol: ... for my health! That might help! Or if all else fails, try this ... :tape: ... :lol:

Have a great day! :hug:

09-24-2009, 09:21 PM
man! you ARE a researcher!!!:book2:

and you are proficient. i read just enough to get me by. probably not the best course of action, but that is what i get with my a.d.d.:twirly:

the other day i was reading about a diet called the rice diet. i found it very interesting as there are people who have lost ALOT of weight on it. i started to read up on it but decided that i had better focus on the diet i'm actually doing.

one thing about the fat smash is that the book is very basic. i think that that is why it is not more popular. i have had really good results. i just wish that the book went more in depth and was more accurate. for instance, olive oil is supposed to be a no no for phase 1 but it is in some of the recipes for phase 1. it is very contradictory.

but tonight i made split pea soup, something i have never made before. as a chef, i usually prepare and season everything myself, but i just grabbed a prepack bag (dump into a pot with onion, celery, carrot and water) and i've got to tell you that it was flippin' fantastic!!! i really can't believe it! i have never liked split pea soup, but i've only had it out of a can, so this was quite a surprise! my hubby loved it, which i would have thought, but so did my chickens!!!:chicken::chicken::chicken: i will definitely make this one again.

ok. i'm off to bake. luckily i have my hubbin to try my stuff since i am baking at home these days. if he likes it, the client will like it!!!

but i promise not to lick the bowl!!!!!

09-28-2009, 03:11 AM
Hi, when I first did FS and as I will again, I used tofu for my protein, and black beans, I would make black bean "chili". But all the beans you can handle will definitley help you with protien and give you the energy that you need. Good luck.