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07-19-2002, 12:05 AM

Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health,lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #53 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.

07-19-2002, 12:22 AM
Hello again!
Guess I had better catch up on some old business!
Jackie!! Happy belated birthday!!!!! Hope that it was happy- and I wish for you a healthy and joy filled year. You deserve the best!

Misti (aka Michele)- I did go back and read most of thread # 52 that I missed. I was so saddened to learn of your Du's death. How are you coping now? How is your aunt doing now?
You seem to be such a caring person- and I am sure will be a real blessing to her during this difficult time. The first set of holidays without a loved one can be so hard. And these first few weeks (after the initial shock wears off) are so hard. You and your aunt are in my prayers.

Welcome Sinnrah!!!!! I am sorry that I missed meeting you last week~ but I am glad that you are here to join us.

Spryng- how is life going with you????? My heart broke with your post of some devastating news- and I do hope that things have straightened out for you.

Mel- you sound busy. I hope that you have a good nights sleep to recharge those batteries!

So, lets see.....I left the trip in Kissimmee at the end of the last thread. We spent 5 nights in Kissimmee and saw Universal Studios and some of Walt Disney world. The weather was good- some rain each day but short in duration.
I would have loved just one more day in Epcot (Disney world)- been there several times and love it more each time I go, but we sort of rushed thru it. (I was really looking foward to a slow day there to savor it, Oh, well). Then we began the journey home- some 1150 miles of driving. Spur of the moment, we stopped in Myrtle Beach on the way home (needed a place for a stop over) and stayed there for 2 days. Myrtle Beach was hot- really hot. I could not wait to get home and almost jumped out the window of the van when we got into NJ enroute home and I opened the window and it was 60 degrees!!!!!! What a great welcome home, nice cool weather. (although it is hot now).

Well, I fear that I am suffering from babbling of the keyboard now and that this post is becomming too long or hard to understand as I ramble on and on. So- have a great nite and hopefully I will be able to get back on tomorrow!
Once again - it is great to be back here.

07-19-2002, 11:49 AM
Ginny Your trip to FL sounds wonderful! DH and I went to Disney world oh... about 11 years ago.. pre kids! We have one of those passes for 5 days and still have 1 day left on them. We will get back out there one of these days! You crochet too? COOL! I have a ton of free patterns on my site Crochet Legacy (http://www.crochetlegacy.com) What did you make on your trip? I will be releasing my first self published Baby afghan leaflet in late september/Early October!

Oh About the treadmill, I have a Proform 745CS. I love it. We got it at Sears about a year and a half ago. I am not a serious runner so it has all the features I need, heart rate, calories burned, distance in miles and laps, and the auto incline. It also has the ifit.com feature but I havent used that yet as the treadmill is in my master bedroom and the computer and tv are downstairs! :)

Mel - I'm Jealous! I want a puppy! :o Problem is I am allergic! :(:( But you enjoy yours and keep us up to date on her! She sounds like a doll! :)

As for me, the treadmill never happend yesterday.. but I am not upset. PMS any my endo is giving me fits... I know I would feel better if I would just start! UGH!

Today is a stay at home day! I will be doing laundry and the kids an I have a stained glass craft to do..just one of those kits that you put the stain on the plastic suncatcher then let dry. But they are very into crafts these days so we will have fun!

Treadmill this afternoon! I will log in later to check in!

Have a great day everyone!

07-19-2002, 12:48 PM
Good morning all!
Your trip sounds wonderful Ginny! We are hoping to take one next month to california. It's 1500 miles one way and I don't really know how the kids will handle it but I'm prepared to stop when I have to :) Any tips on how to entertain toddlers on a long road trip is more than welcome!! And thank you too about being concerned about my news I posted awhile back. I am still going through a rough time but hopefully it will all calm down soon. That's why we are going on vacation too, to get away and think without family intruding. I need some space from my family right now or they are going to have to admit me to the looney ward :lol:
Misty about my dd hernia. We are waiting for it to stay visible. It goes in and out all the time and the doctor wants it to stay visible for a period of days before he'll operate. So we are playing the waiting game and hoping nothing bad happens in the mean time.
Well my eating wasn't too great yesterday. We had olive garden again for lunch which I didn't do too bad at but then went out again for dinner at a deli and even though I got a light smoked turkey sandwich I ended up eating part of my Dh's and some chips that were anything but light and I didn't get any exercise in yesterday. So I'm feeling guilty about it. I need to get on today two-fold. And watch what I eat. I'm going to try hard.
Well, I'm off to walmart to buy some groceries and my DD a present for being so good with her potty training this week. She still hasn't went #2 in the potty but she's getting closer I can tell.
I'll catch you all later!!

07-19-2002, 01:31 PM
Oh man!!!!

I was just typing a post and went to check back on a few others to get my facts straight and I lost what I was typing! Jeez - that stinks! Anyway, in a nutshell here's what I was saying...

Spryng - thanks for the great advice re. the animals. Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 birds didn't make it :( I can only hope the 3rd flew away and is safe and sound :?: .

Re. long trip *toddler entertainment*, try some interactive toys/books - my kids played with them forever. Also, there's a mini boom box (fisher price?) that actually plays tapes and has 2 microphones so they can both sing along to the music - they can share and have fun all at the same time. Video tape them if you can - it'll be a hoot later!

Karen - sorry to hear about your PMS. My sister also suffers from endo. and I can understand what you must be going through. Even when it seems to be under control, it'll rear it's ugly little head at the worst times. My heart goes out to you and I hope you'll be feeling better soon. :)

Ginny - sounds like you had a wonderful family vacation! I can't wait to take my girls there when they're old enough to really enjoy it! A few more years maybe - I should probably start saving now! :dizzy:

Hope all the rest are good and I've gotta go for now. Having to re-type this post has really put me behind for the day. Talk to you all soon. Have a great day!

07-19-2002, 03:09 PM
ok ladies, I'm trying the advice on potty training you all gave me but she still won't go #2 in her potty. I bought her a really neat activity book and am with holding it until she goes but no metter how bad she wants it she just won't go. Of course she hasn't gone at all today yet. So there may still be hope. Any more suggestions?? She has the pee down to an art now, now if we can only get her to go #2 in there she will be officially potty trained!!! But I'm running out of ideas.
Well I bought me another box of slimfast bars. I really love their taste. I had one for lunch and then did 10 minutes on my bike. Not great but hopefully I get on again today. My DH wants us to meet him for dinner again and I have no idea what we will eat , but I really need to keep it light.
Well, I'll catch you all later.

07-19-2002, 04:03 PM
Ahhhhhh I posted on #53!
nothing v. imortant tho.

Ginny ty for asking about my auntie. She is such an inspiration. She has already moved out of the house. She has a job and is working and doing well. Her feelings are still hurting. She said meals and going to bed are lonely but she is running the roads and visiting alot of friends and family.
I'm doing well dealing. It still sends me into shock once in awhile. Mostly because I lost my biological father in September of 2000 and am still greiving him, he and my uncle were close so things are really weird for me. Sorry for going on and on.
Well, I'll check back later with the rest of you.

07-19-2002, 07:21 PM
Hi Gang!

Checking in to let you all know that I made it on the treadmill today! Now my back feels much better! I was reading an old issue of Shape Magazine and got some good summer recipes while I was at it! :smug:

Spyrng - Patience is the key with #2 training. That is the hardest one. Go a week and see if that works with the book before you try something new. If you keep changing the incentive, she will get confused and nothing will happen. I dont envy you at all!

Sassypie - Ugh! dont you hate that when you lose everything you just typed! That happens to me ALL the time! I am sorry to hear about the 2 birds not making it! :( Poor things! Endo is no fun, but exercise seems to help most of the time. When It is really bad and my leg is numb, I cant do anything.. but when it is just my lower back.. walking is the best thing for me.

MistyMichele -Dont feel bad about going on! When you lose someone, sometimes talking makes it a little better. I am truely sorry to hear about your loss.

Well, I am out of here. I am working on the kids school website. (I am the webmaster.. and revamping the whole thing over the summer for next year! Scanning pictures as we speak! )

Have a great evening!!

07-19-2002, 10:41 PM
Hi ladies,

I sure have been busy, but I wanted to stop in and see how everyone is doing? I'm doing fine with both eating and exercise, and my mood has really improved too! Guess it was a little attitude plateau? I'm not going to give up though!!! :^:

Karen, sounds like you have your hands full too! I run a web site for our kennel, so I know how much work it is, but it's fun too, isn't it!

Spryng, I wish I could give you more tips on potty training, but your doing every thing right, it just takes time. Hang in there, oh , and enjoy your dinner out! I hope you're taking care, we don't want you getting down, from pushing yourself too hard!

Misty, I'm sending you a hug, cause I know that's the only thing that helps in times like this. It still hurts to think about my DFIL, it just doesn't seem real. Take care, and if I can help in any way, just let me know!

Sassy, don't you just get disgusted when that happens, I've done it all too many times :dizzy: ! Darn PC just gets me crazy at times!

Ginny, sounds like y'all stay pretty busy, the fun kind of busy though! :D I'd love to have time for a vacation, but we always have too... much going on!

Well ladies, Dh is feeding the dogs and I need to help, I'll TTYS!

Good night!

07-20-2002, 12:25 PM
Just a quick hello- and to say that I really enjoyed reading your posts. We are still trying to adjust to being at home again, Dh still wants to run around looking for things to do to keep busy (entertainment stuff)- makes it tough to get back to normal and still be so busy. I have resumed walking- (we had access to some great excercise rooms while gone!)- but eating has been tough, too much junk around.
Gotta go check out a minor league baseball team on line (and how to get tickets for tonite).
See ya later!!!!
Ginny (I am sorry that there are no personal replies this time)

07-20-2002, 01:31 PM
Good morning :)

Hope everyone's doing well today. I am feeling pretty good with the exception that my left foot gets a twinge of pain every couple of steps or so. I must have slept funny on it I guess. Anyway, I'm gonna try to do my aerobics today if my foot lets me and then I have some light touch up around the house to do and then it's outside! The humidity here has been aweful - you almost feel like you can't catch your breath when you go out; but the weatherman said last night that it had broke so we're gonna chance it and try to have fun without feeling all nasty afterward.

My dh is having a fantasy baseball party here tonight, so there will probably be around 11 loud, drinking, competitive, party guys here makin a mess out of my beautiful home :( . Hey... my sister's coming tonight too and she's single - maybe I can set her up with one of these great guys! Ha - just kidding (she's not that gullable, and I'd never do that to her anyway :lol: ). Actually most of the guys are cool and after the girls go to bed we'll most likely join them. I always think it's interesting to watch how my hubby acts around his friends. Ha ha, that sounds bad! What I mean is there's family mode and then there's sports/party mode and he'll be in party mode tonight - Mr. Macho for sure!

The only bad thing about the party being tonight is that our next door neighbors are finally moving in. We've met them already and get along well so far - I just don't want to give off the wrong impression. We are DEFINITELY not partiers! Coincidentally, our other neighbors (who have parties every weekend, practically) just had one last weekend. Our new neighbor was checking on the house and thought they were really loud. I just hope these guys don't get too roudy :^: .

Have a great day ladies! Stay healthy :).

07-20-2002, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon ladies!!
I am in high spirits today!! We should be leaving Aug 5 for california for sure!! Well we find out monday or tuesday if it will be for sure. But I think it is really going to happen!! I'm getting excited. Something to look forward to. I just hope my dd has potty training down pretty well by then, that includes #2. :) But we'll take along her potty chair and I think she will be fine. We are driving out there and that will be interesting. 1500 miles one way with two toddlers. Could be the best or worse experiance ever. But I'm prepared for it all so now I'm just planning. What to take, what to pack, how to entertain the kids on the ride. Stuff like that. But mostly I'm just happy that we are going to get away and see family and do fun things. I really need it right now.
Anyway, my eating was ok yesterday. Not great but ok. I had a slimfast bar for lunch and then had golden corral for dinner. I only had one plate and a few bites of dessert so I think I did ok. I only got in the 10 minutes on the bike yesterday which I'm not proud of. I was just too tired to do more. My Dh didn't have to be at work until 12:00 pm today so he let me sleep in which I desperately needed. I feel like a new person. So tonight I will try and get 30 minutes of exercise in if not more. I'm really going to buckle down and get some more weight off because I want to look and feel my best for the trip!! The last time my family saw me I was 4 months pregnant with my ds and my dd was 6 months old. So now I'll look like a whole new person, I hope :)
Today I had a few bites of left over chinese and some water. I plan on a light dinner and lots of exercise. Tom is a few days away so I feel the bloating coming on so my scale is not going to be accurate right now so I won't weigh again until after it's over. Then hopefully I see some results.
I'll catch everyone later, I have lots to plan!!

07-20-2002, 08:51 PM
Spryng I travel all the time, 5-7x a year with kids... fly and drive usually alone. Be prepared for anything and everything. First (my biggest problem ever) motion sickness! Oh man it is the worst and can ruin an entire trip! Oldest Dh gets it. There is a drug out for lil' ones who get this but I have never used it. Call your Ped. about it. This is what I do, pack a cooler full of fruit and things that are lite to eat. No dairy products untill you arrive at your destination (v. important). No big meals that set heavy on the tummy. And sorda gross but if one gets sick watch what she is eating close and don't feed her something that comes up hard like doritos or chips. Last pack lots of fluids. My cooler is always full of fruit snacks and bottled water and juice boxes. And to keep them occupied mine like the etech-a-sketch, magnadoodle, they have favorte cd's (sound track to hunchback from notredame) and if you are gonna travel at night while they sleep remember to take their fav. blanket, pillow, or teddy bear. Just really watch out for the sickness. Good luck and if you have anymore questions you can email me. I really hope this all comes together so you can do this. You really deserve a break.

Sassy sounds like alot of testosterone (sp?:lol:) will be in your home tonight. I have nights like that too. And my husband also has a other personality too. It is funny to sit back and watch. Have a good time and hope your foot isn't still giving you fits.

Ginny how much longer are you gonna be vacationing? Sometimes you are just ready to return to normal, huh? Hope you have a great time at the ball game!

Karen, your website sounds interesting. Hope it is going well for you.

Mel, glad to hear you are in better spirits and feeling better:)

As for me... well this qualifies right up there with one of the worst days of my life. One I wil def. document in both Dd's baby books. Well let me start but saying this, Thursday is the oldest's birthday. We planned a beach birthday party with all her lil' friends, finishing touches were made last night. We were all set to go. This morning we got up and the baby was warm and cranky. I figured she's still cutting teeth she will be fine. Later thru the day the temp. goes up after a dose of motrin. So I tell Dh the oldest Dd needs to hangout with him for awhile while I run the other to the doc. So we go out ways and it turns out she has strep. I come home and guess what meets me at the door? My oldest broke out from head to toe with something that looks like chicken pox. YAY! So Dh and I exchange kids I give him instructions for the baby and it's back to the doc with the oldest:( She has strep too and it has came out in a rash on her. So I just spent 2 hrs calling everyone to reschedule her party. She is so sad:( Me too. I'm exausted too.

Night Nite!

07-20-2002, 10:09 PM
I feel so bad for you Misty!! Both kids sick!! I hope they get better fast. You are going to have your hands full though until they do. I'm sending you a ((((HUG)))) and I hope they get well soon. And thanks so much for the traveling advice! I'm definitely packing a cooler with munchies in it and we are all going to try and eat lite. It will save on $$ too. :) I have a few ideas for the kids to keep them busy. Coloring books, a wipe off activity book, regular books, and a few small toys they like to play with. I think that should do it. But if not we can always stop somewhere on the way and get them some little trinket to entertain them. I'm just psyked that we are going to get to go. Oh and good news!! My daughter went #2 in her potty today!!! She suprised me with it, but sad to say I was excited about that too!! :lol: I think she may get this down after all!! I made a really big deal out of it and now she's going around calling herself a "big girl" now. She's proud of herself too. :)
Well, I got in 20 minutes on my bike so far today. My eating has been ok. But I really want to lose at least 5 lbs before our trip so I'm thinking about trying atkins one more time before we go. Actually it will be more like the scarsdale diet. Just something to give me a boost and will take off a few lbs during. But I haven't decided yet.
Well, guess I'll get off here. Everyone have a great evening and I'll check with ya'll tomorrow.

07-20-2002, 10:19 PM
Congratulations to "the big girl" lol too cute. I'm really happy to hear you so happy Spryng:). Oh I was gonna mention too, those books that talk and teach them colors numbers, farm animals and such are great too. My oldest learned her colors on a trip to Ohio last time. They are annoying but it is worth it. Thanks for the hug too. It's going okay tho. They haven't been to bad yet.
Well once again, Nighty Nite!

07-20-2002, 10:52 PM
OH! MistyMichele - Both kids sick! You arent kidding about the day going down in their books! I dont think both mine have ever done that!

Spyrng - Good job to your DD! How wonderful! And a great surprise too! :)

I am having a good day! Got on the treadmill and still doing well with the food intake! I just wish TOM would get here so all the bloat will go away!!! :(

Hope all are having a great weekend!

07-21-2002, 03:15 PM
Gee..........I was going to post and the kids shifted into self destruct...lets see how long I can get away with this.

Michele- gosh, both kids sick. Have the chicken pox indeed taken up residence at your house???? When my two oldest had it we used to play "connect the pox" (sort of like connect the dots!) with caladryl lotion (the pink stuff) and a Q tip. Made for some interesting and itch relieving entertainment. Hope that everyone is feeling better soon. And a big hug to you!!!!!!!!!

Karen- glad that you are having a good day with eating and the treadmill. Thanks for the advice about the treadmill (I hope that we can afford one for Dh's bday) and your crochet site. I will crochet just about anything- for this trip I stuck with cotton dish cloths- small, easy and a chance to learn many different stitches without committing to something as large as an afghan (and find out that you really hate the stitch). When I get a chance to do so I will check out your patterns online. Thanks!

Spryng- your trip sounds like fun!!!! Two things I did on trios were lots of books on tape and making a huge paper chain. If you are travelling 1500 miles- try making 15 (one for each 100 miles) links in a special color and a special treat is given for each of the 15 links. My kids used to love to cut off the links- we would make them out of construction paper (your oldest will at least be able to help tape the links into shape)- as they passed each distance milestone.

Mel- how many dogs are in your kennel???????

Gotta scoot- kids in self destruct.................
Sorry if I missed you !!!!!!!

(opps, Sassy, how is your foot?)

07-21-2002, 06:09 PM
Hi ladies,

How's everyone doing this weekend? Not much going on here now, just cleaning house. Dh left on his business trip, but it's going to be a quick one, he'll be back tomorrow night! I'm doing fine OP, except I'm having trouble getting in all of my water! But I'll keep trying anyway!!

Ginny, I hope you got the kids settled in so you could get a little rest, sounds like you need it! I think we all do! To answer your question, we have about 30 dogs on the yard , and 2 litters of puppies too! I sometimes think we'd be better off if we got out of it, I know we'd have a lot more money, but we love them so much! The dogs show are a great way to spend time with the family, and we all love winning too, even though it is very hard work!

Spryng, have fun on your trip, and I hope that you can keep your sanity on the drive! I know I get crazy with mine with only a 7 hour drive to visit our family! But it sounds like you've got everything under control! Congrats on getting Dd to go #2, that's great, she really is getting to be a BIG GIRL! :)

Karen, keep up the good work staying OP, and good for you getting on the TM. I know what you mean about TOM, good luck, and hopefully it'll be gone quick!

Well, I better get back to my cleaning, it's easier to do while Dh is gone! Have a good day!

07-21-2002, 10:53 PM
Good evening all!
Well today has gone by well. I haven't got any exercise in but I think my DH's days off will be my exercise days off. Plus TOM is only a couple of days away and I feel horrible. I'm already retaining water. But as always it will pass :) But I think I have decided to do a high protein diet come tuesday and really try to exercise alot and work off about 5-10 lbs before our trip. But I'll play it by ear. Sometimes my body is ok with it and sometimes it makes me sick so I'll be careful and listen to my body. But regardless I'm planning on increasing my exercise this next two weeks. I really want to tone and trim. And I know it is working.
We went to ToysRUs today to get some ideas on things for the kids to entertain them on the long ride ahead. There are great things there! I think they will have lots of fun. We got them both one of those sucker toys today. The ones that have a cartoon character they love and you push a button and the sucker spins around on top, so you can just put it in your mouth and let the little thing do all the work. They loved it. Kept them busy most of the day. So I'm not too worried about them being happy in the back seat. They are good kids for being so young. They will be fine. And my daughter had another great day with potty training, that includes the #2 (it's funny mentioning that, I could only get away with it among other mothers :) ) I think I may be able to say she is officially potty trained!! I am so proud. Took only two weeks. Well it will be two weeks tuesday. So I truly believe it when they say not even to try until they are definitely ready because then they practically train themselves. I'm so glad that I have all of you who can give me advice. You have been great friends to me...
Well, gotta jet. Just put the kids to bed and my DH and I rented us some good movies to watch together. I'll see you all tomorrow!!

07-22-2002, 04:58 PM
hi Everyone!!

I just thought I would drop in for a moment.. I cant stay long!

Had a really great weekend! Got my son'
s stuff for soccer camp next week, did some gardening and got on the readmill both days! My eating is doing good too!

TOM is finally here so I am a bit out of sorts today. But I never want to eat the first day.. so I am forcing myself to get some good nutrition in.

I will check in later when the kids are napping to see what everyone is up to! :)

07-22-2002, 09:13 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am back....My grandmother is doing really well. And I am getting concerned about myself now....it seems to me that now I can not stop losing weight. I have lost 5 more pounds. I weighed 109 when I left for my parents house and now I am down to 102. This has only been three days ago.

Any advice?

Other than that...hope everyone is doing well. And I do have some wonderful news. Me and my husband are trying to conceive. I am so excited. At first we did not want any right now...but we have decided to start a family. Hope it happens soon.

Love Sinnrah :)

07-22-2002, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone,

Things are fine here, nothing much to speak of! Just trying to prepare myself for my weigh in tomorrow, and I'm pretty worried, cause I don't think I've lost and I'm praying that I haven't gained! I'm doing pretty good OP, just still having trouble getting in all of my water! I've also started retaining water, and I can't figure out the reason for that?

Sinnrah, goodness girl, please be careful losing weight like that, especially if you're going to try to have a baby! Good luck, and have fun! My Dh and I tried for 2 years a while back, but it got to be to stressful and I had to stop. It really takes a toll on you, and we want you to be healthy! :)

I guess I'm going to go finish dinner! Good night!

07-23-2002, 01:34 AM
Glad to hear all is well. Ginny thanks for the connect the pox...lol you are such a fantastic mom. My girls giggled and loved it. Spryng I'm glad to hear you are sticking to a good exercise program. Check out designer protein I think it is a .com. Look it up. I used it for awhile and it really helped me get toned before yoga camp. I'm really happy for you. Big (((hugs))) you have come along way since last week darlin'. Sinnrah, you sound alot like me a few months ago. I was going thru some really difficult personal problems and dropped to 98# and even lower. But then the doctor put me on paxil and I packed on some 30#. Be careful hun. Try and get into a nutritional habit of eating good food. Carry fruit in your bag and keep a nutrabar handy. Also make sure you are taking a WOMENS sup with iron and folic acid. V. imporant. Ummm also ensure shakes are good if you are having trouble just finding time to sit down for a meal. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Mel good luck with your weigh in. Mine was bad this week. I was exactly the same:( I'm working harder this week tho. Keep up the op and try really hard to get that water in. Are you drinking tap or bottled? Just wondering because I use tap and I found if I refrigerate it in a glass pitcher it is much more appealing, nice and cool. I'm drinking alot more this way. Jackie my dear where are you? Are you doing okay? Karen sounds like you are really on top of things keep it up! You are an inspiration.
As for me I'm doing ok I went alittle over my cals today and didn't make it on the bike. But I have 2 sick babies that want held and hugged and loved 24hrs so I was plenty busy. Poor darlings. They are broke out from head to toe. We did get the central air on today tho. So that was a big +. It was a heat index of 109 here today. Needless to say not much got done outdoors. So I'm going to bed. Nighty Nite!

07-23-2002, 11:21 AM
Good Morning!

I never did make it back yesterday! I ended up taking a nap when my kids did! I was so sore! Kind of like back labor! :o But today I am feeling better! DIdnt get on the treaddmill yesterday, but I think my body needed a break!

The food did OK yesterday. I was just under 1700 calories and that is too little for me. But I did awesome of Having my Carbs ar 55% Fat at 25% I have a problem with protien though! I need to be at 30% but can only get as high as 19%. I am going to have to work on it!!

MistyMichelle - Water is the hard part for me too! I just want flavor! I have tried Adding Lemon to it and that didnt help me. I will have to try the pitcher Idea.. Never thought of that one!

Mel - Good luck with weigh in! If you are doing well OP then I would bet you would be OK! As to the retaining water... I am doing that too. TOM is my problem. Try to get more water in. An extra 10-16 oz a day will help flush that water retention! And watch your sodium intake. My OB/GYN told me because I retain so much water already (I gain up to 12 pounds some months .. I know that is really a lot but We have it under control now too) I need to watch that I dont intake more than 2000 to 2500 mg of sodium a day.

Sinrah - Welcome Back! I am glad to hear your Grandmother is better! But you girl! Make sure you are getting your folic acid in ! A multi vitamin should do it! And make sure you are eating good healthy meals! At least 3 a day! Losing weight that quickly while trying to conceive isnt a good thing!! I am praying for you though that it happens quickly! :) Sigh.. I would love to be pregnant again, but we are done...

Spyrng - Tell me something, with a high protien diet, what besides the usual eggs, meat poultry etc, do you eat to get the protien in? I am curious as I need more protien in my diet!

ECmom - Dishcloths are my item of choice on car trips too! Either that or baby booties! Anything small that will fit on my lap! My SIL is moving to WA from Maryland next month, albit 4 hours from where we are, so I am seeing a good car trip with crochet in my future too!

Hope all have a great day! :)

07-23-2002, 12:01 PM
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the concern. But I do eat a lot. I was just stressed. But I feel much better now that everything is taken care of. I woke up and weighed a couple of pounds heavier. So I was happy. I will find out in a few days if we succeeded this month. :) Glad to see everyone. Oh, I have been taking multi vitamins for a while. Well, they are pre natal.

Talk to you all soon.


07-23-2002, 01:00 PM
Good Morning All :)

Ok, lots of posts since I was last here (and I think that was only 2 days ago - you girls have been chatty!), so I'll try to remember everything I just read. Here goes...

Misty - 2 sick babies - you poor thing! The only consolation that I have is that although it's a double dose of yuk, at least it'll be done relatively quickly, rather than one getting sick after the other and then constantly passing it back and forth. I'm saying a prayer that they're strong and get over it quickly. :)

Also, great tips on toddler car trips! It's easy to see you're quite the pro!

Spryng - it's wonderful to hear about dd on the potty! There's always such a relief when those hard-to-hurdle milestones are reached. It's great that she's so proud of herself too - what a confidence builder!

Mel - 30 dogs and puppies too?! That is sooooo many animals - how do you do it? Do you have a staff that helps or it is just you and dh? My hat comes off to you - your patience must be overwhelming - especially if you're showing them as well. I've only watched the dog shows on tv and it seems like a great deal of work goes into the training/grooming/care of the dogs. Again - how do you do it? I'm seriously flabbergasted because we have had a puppy since Dec 01, and we still are having such a hard time with her! She is still not potty trained and it seems it's the only thing that she can't do. She picks up tricks very quickly and remembers them later even if it's been a while; but the potty thing she just will not do. I'm really getting to my wits end and don't know what to do. We've talked to every trainer in our area and had some come and work with her, as well. We've checked web sites, talked to vets, etc. I'm wondering if we'll be able to keep her much longer if something doesn't change soon. :(

Sinnrah - the best advice I can give you re: conception is to have fun with it (literally -lol!) and don't feel too pressured. The more emphasis you put on having success, the less success you will have. My in-laws tried for years to have children and finally gave up and started the adoption process. Wouldn't you know, as soon as they stopped trying so hard, they finally got pregnant with my dh! Stress can make it very challenging and very disappointing if there is no "+ sign" on the wand. Good luck to you though and definitely watch what you eat - no more rapid weight loss!

So sorry, but I have to go. A playmate is here to play with the girls and I need to supervise outside. If I missed you, I'll get to you next time. Have a great day!

07-23-2002, 03:23 PM

WEll, what a day I'm having! Just awful, and I hope that isn't a sign of whats yet to come today! We have a very serious ground hornet infestation, and we've been fighting it in every way possible but still haven't come close to containing them! My fridge and freezer seem to be going out at the same time, and the heat is so bad here in north Texas that my new A/C doesn't seem to be able to keep up! Somebody HELP ME!!!!! On top of all that, I'm feeling discouraged about my weigh in tonight, not about being OP, just the WI part! Boo Hoo!! Wah!!!

Ok, I feel better now! (not really)
Karen, I hope you''re feeling better, I know I get really down at TOM too! I found something that really helps though, Anti-inflamatory meds. really take care of the cramps and pain that I have, but you'd probably have to go to the Dr. to get something unless you already have some on hand. I used Mobic, once a day for 3 days, and it made a world of difference! As for me and sodium, I try to stay away from it, because I already have kidney problems. But I must be getting it from some hidden source, because I've been trying to really watch it! I cut out the few pickles I was having on my sandwich, and I cut out the popcorn that I was having on occasion, so I don't know what else it could be? Any Ideas?

Sassy, My Dh and I care for the dogs as well as our Ds. I wish we could hire someone to come in and help, but I'm very protective of them and don't trust anyone to care for them the way I do! It is hard on us, especially during these hot Texas summers, but we love them so we deal with it! As for your problem with your pup, I wish I could help, all I can say is patience is the key! When she has an accident scold her with words, and tell her what she did. Teach her a word for it, like potty, that way she will know what you're talking about, and only use that word. Also, take her outside to the same spot everytime, that way she'll learn what it is you want her to do there. And reward her with treats when she does go, then you'll just have to load up on treats to keep her motivated to go outside! In my personal experience the males have been easier to train, my female took about 6 months to train, and my males learned in less than a month! Also, when she has an accident, clean it up with napkins and take it outside to the spot where she was suppose to go, and let her see it. ( after she sees it, then you can throw it away) Good luck, and I hope this helps! I know it can be very frustrating sometimes!!

Sinnrah, I'm glad to hear that a couple of pounds are back today, and I'm also glad to hear that you're already on Prenatal vitamins. I wish you much luck, and remember to have fun! Dh and I are also starting to talk about trying again, but I don't think I want to go as far as fertility drugs again, so I don't know what will happen? Good luck!!

Well I better get off of here and take care of some of the things that are going wrong before it gets worse!

Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations, and y'all have a good day OP!

07-23-2002, 03:57 PM
Good afternoon!!!!!!

Mel!!!!!!! Hang in there! What do you do about a ground hornet infestation??? Sounds just awful- and the heat too. Take a deep breath......drink lots of water and go one step at a time. And realize that somehow, this will all be over in a week or so. As far as the WI goes- try to take one day at a time......and so what if the scale does not say what you want it to. Tomorrow is another day- regroup- and do what you need to do for success (and that varies with each of us). I am pulling for you!!!!:)

Sassy- well, how did your girls play date end up?? Hopefully for you it was a stress free one (don't you love it when they play beautifully- not needing constant direction?)

Sinnrah- well, congrats on your decision. Glad to hear that you are taking your vitamins. Now - relax, relax, relax. Conception is one of those things where you have little to say- you can try as much as you like and if God does not want you pregnant at that time - it will not happen. (I can bore you to tears with stories to that effect).

Karen- take a nap for me too, eh???? Glad that you got one in! I still have not had the time to check out your crochet patterns (maybe tonite). I agree dishtowels are great.....I have been cranking out lots of them for Ds's school's Christmas fair. Bet you are like me- I look foward to those long car trips- so I can crochet to my hearts content!;)

Spryng- good job there planning so well for your trip! Are you looking foward to it! And congrats on potty training!!!!!! (is it a bigger accomplishment for the child or the mom???? Surely a test of your patience!) Did you watch any good movies the other day? (I never know what to rent).

Michele- hang in there with those chicken pox!!! As far as the drinking goes, Celestial Seasonings used to make some herbal refrigerated teas (you buy the tea bags and make a sort of sun tea in the fridge). They tasted pretty good- and no calories. Maybe you can find some of them. I also make a lot of just plain sun tea- and will use an herbal tea bag in with the regular (like lemon, or orange) to give it some taste. I can dring tons and tons of that. It is tough to get all that water in, I know.

Jackie- WHERE ARE YOU???? We miss you!:(

Well, gotta go. I promised Dd that we would make a craft and I have to drive into town to pick up something for MIL.
See ya later!!!

07-24-2002, 12:49 PM
Good morning all.
Well first of all let me get to everyone...
Sinnrah, congrats on deciding to start a family. The only advice I can give is to make sure this is what you really want. I got pregnant with my firstborn at 19 and I thought I was really ready and I had so much to learn. It has been an experiance let me tell you. Second, take care of yourself and don't expect it to happen the first month of trying. If you were on the pill and just went off this month then it will take a few months. It took me three months to get pregnant after getting off the pill. But it can take some up to a year so just be patient. You could always buy one of those over the counter ovulation monitors, they give you an edge. But they are pricey. Anyway, I hope it happens for you and I hope you are both happy with it. :)
Misty, how are the girls?? Better? I hope so.
Well the kids are getting fiesty here so I need to hurry this up...
The last two days here have been horrible. We got some very bad news on monday and now are dealing with a family mess that is never going to be resolved. I don't know if we are going to be forced to move over this so I am stressed. Plus we may not get ot go on our trip afterall. Life really sucks for me right now. The only thing that makes me smile is my beautiful innocent children and you all, my friends. My eating hasn't been too great and I haven't got on my bike since sunday. So I feel bad, plus TOM is here and I feel a thousand lbs heavier than I am..... ugh. I'm sorry I'm such a downer today, I'm just really stressed. It's horrible how life can be so perfect and everything makes sense and then a second later your world is torn in two and everything you thought was real and true .... isn't..... that's where I am at right now...
I'll check back in later.

07-24-2002, 01:21 PM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Mel - thanks for the doggie advice. Unfortunately, it isn't anything new that we're not already doing. Ugh! I get depressed just thinking about it, so I'm gonna push it aside. Thanks though for your help.

Yeah, what do you do for your infestation? I can't even picture what it looks like. We have hornets around our house alot and we think there's a nest in the loft of our garage. Problem is that no one is brave enough to go up there - including the exterminator! He just throws bombs up there and we all cross our fingers that it'll take care of 'em. I went to the home improvement store and bought one of those bee catchers - have you seen them? You put fruit juice and a piece of meat inside and that attracts the bees. They can get in but can't get back out. Once the juice is dried up, you can empty the contents and start over. I just got it so not sure yet if it actually works - I'll let you know and maybe? this will help you as well. I'll be thinking of you and just know that this too will pass. :)

Misty - how are those babies? I'm thinking of you and wishing them fast recoveries. Give them lots of hugs and lots and lots of ice cream ;)

Karen - sorry to hear about TOM, but didn't you say your endo gets better once it comes? That's at least one reason to look forward to it. The others escape me at the moment ;)

This crocheting sounds very therapudic. My dgm used to do it a long time a go, when I was just a child. I haven't seen her do it since then and I assume it's because it got too challenging for her. I've crossed stitched in the past but that's as far as I've gone. I never did learn the hard stitches either - just the "x". During oldest dd's pregnancy I got carpel tunnel and had to stop. Then the baby came and the CT left and I just never got back into it. Maybe it's just the escape I need... I'll have to give that some serious thought.

As for me, dh's party went well. They weren't too roudy and didn't cause any trouble with the neighbors. The last people to leave went around 4am and boy was dh tired the next am :s: . I had a great night as far as winning's concerned - I won several hands in poker and a game of darts - I was HOT! :lol: I find this funny cause I never even win the free ticket on a scratch off! It was fun, but I'm glad it's finally over!

The playmate that came over yest. is our new next door neighbor. She and the girls got along so well and she even stayed for lunch. It's nice to have a girl their age living so close. The only thing I found interesting is that she was saying she couldn't have certain foods. I had spoken to her mother earlier and she only mentioned a milk allergy. I just wonder if she didn't want/like the foods I was offering or if she's not allowed to eat them for allergy/other reasons. Let me tell you the menu was pretty limited - she ended up eating pb&j and apple slices. Almost everything else was shot down! So pb&j it is from now on :lol: .

I have to say I'm getting a bit frustrated with my slow weight loss. I haven't lost much since I started - only about 3#. I have been working my tail off with exercize - I mean really getting into it - and only 3#. Now, to be fair, I have noticed a slimmer, leaner me. I can't remember what my measurements were before (I'm a dummy and didn't write them down); but I just took them the other day and I know they were less than before. So here's my question: if you lose inches, how can you not lose a more significant amount of weight as well? I have to keep my chin up, cause there's really no other option but come on, 3#?

Ok, time for me to go. Have a great day op and sorry if I missed anyone. Bye! :)

07-24-2002, 03:26 PM
Hi everyone, I have recently received and set up my computer. Still getting my boxes unloaded and organized, but feel more on track. It was quite a move , we drove here in 2 days from ol texas! I am glad to be back.

Working on getting my Mom on the low fat plan, Will come back on tonight and try to catch up with you all. I took a minor detour while moving, but I know , that it is the plan for me , and I have a goal for Christmas to work towards.

Hope all is well, and TTFN, take care everyone.

07-24-2002, 03:28 PM
Welcome back Latisia!! We have missed you! Can't wait to hear from you later today. :)

07-24-2002, 04:30 PM
Hi Gang!

Spyrng - My heart is going out to you! I will keep you in my prayers that all will turn out fine in the end! Get back on that bike! It will help with the stress! (((SPYRNG)))

ECmom - I took one for you yesterday! LOL! Some Days you just need those naps!!

Sassypie - Crochet is very theraputic for me! It is how I destress. I have to concentrate on what I am doing if I am designing, or sometimes I pick up a no-brainer pattern( Like dishcloths) and do them just so I can sit! :)

t-girl - Welcome back! I'm a newbie here since you have been gone. I am looking forward to meeting you!

As for me, no treadmill again yesterday. I was just feeling so crummy! But today I feel much better... although the scale shows a 1/2 gain! :(:(:( I am not sure what I am doing wrong or if it is still the effects of TOM. (I'm hoping that it is the latter!:o ) Oh well, lets see what the scale says next week!

I am going to get on the tread mill again this afternoon. The kids will be having an early quiet time since I need to teach crochet classes tonight. That way I can get my treadmill in and get everything prepared for class while they are sleeping!

I'll check in later!

07-24-2002, 04:40 PM
Good afternoon! How is everyone today?!

Spryng, I'm here for you. Much love and GET ON THAT BIKE!!! You will feel beter. They say exercise is good for TOM on cramps and mental stability. I'm praying for you. It's all a test of life. You will pass. Be strong and if you have to pull your trailer out so be it. New beginings can be the most wonderful experience.

Sinnrah I'm glad to hear you are geting it all under control. It will be exciting to hear how you do at the end of the month. Good luck!

Mel I'm curious about the hornets too. Hope you are feeling beter.

Karen hate to hear you are feeling bad. Hope it eases up soon. About your protein question... do you eat beans? All beans are a good source of protein. I'm not a big bean fan and as far as eating soup goes with theis heat forget it. But there are some good bean salad recipes and I like a refried bean burrito. Hope I helped some.

Ginny thanks for the tea ideal! Did you remember me as a tea drinker too? We talked about it before...earl grey tea. I'm def. going to try it. TY.

Sassy WTG at the poker game! And about your question, muscle weighs more than fat so you will see a sign. amt of inch loss yet not #'s. Try not to get frustrated. In the long run it will all even out. Maybe think of this too. What size do you want to be? Measure that way and throw out the scale. Just a thought... Good luck.

Well my girls are still sick. Getting better tho. The lil one is still abit cranky but it's okay. I'm doing great. I've lost down to 127# and I went 10 miles on my bike yesterday. I was also OP! YaY first time in awhile. I hope I am gaining some control again. Today has been good too as far as OP goes. I've yet to get on the bike.... I will tho. I'm shooting for 15 miles today.
Have a great day!

07-24-2002, 04:42 PM
Wow you all snuck on while I was posting!!! Welcome back Latisia. I really missed you. Let me know how things are going ok. Once you get settled.

07-25-2002, 12:53 AM
Hello there!

Not much going on here, but I guess that's a good thing considering all of the excitement we've had lately. I did alright with my eating, even though we went out to eat! I'm really beginning to think my excess fluid is from the heat because today was pretty cool and it was better! That's a good thing anyway!

Sassy, sorry I couldn't help you out with your puppy problem, I know they can really bring you down at times, but most of the time mine are so sweet and lovable that you just can't resist spoiling them a little more. My sweet female that stays inside was sick yesterday with a stomach virus, and let me tell you, IT WAS AWFUL. But with some meds. and a little tender love and care, she's better today! The Hornet on the other hand, are about to drive us MAD! We've talked to lots of poeple and used lots of poison, and nothing has even come close to controling them, much less killing them!! I finally got in touch with an exterminator that has more experience with them and he sold us some granules to spread out on our property. But the hornets have spread so much that it's going to take alot to treat the whole yard, which is 6 1/4 acres. So I bought 100lbs to start with, and this stuff ain't cheap, so it better work or I'm going to freak!!!

Misty, hang in there, I hope your girl recover quickly! And WTG for riding that bike yesterday! Keep it up!

Spryng, Sorry to hear that things aren't going well, wish there was something I could do to help. Hang in there, and remember that we're here for you!

Karen, don't feel like the Lone Ranger, I didn't get to my workout again either! I think I'm going to do it now though, I don't care what time it is! Might help me sleep better huh!?

Welcome back Latisia!

I better go, I really wanted to do my workout! TTFN

BTW my loss for this week was 1.8 lbs. for a 6 week total
of 24 lbs.!!! Can you believe it, because I can't. I'm so happy, and I owe so much credit to you ladies for helping me to stay OP! THANK YOU!!!


nite nite

07-25-2002, 12:46 PM
Melissa - WTG on that weight loss!! You are AWESOME!! :) I hope that stuff works on the hornets too! We had yellow jackets just recently build a hive in our heat out-take on the gass fireplace.. some how they got in there and built a hive the size of 4 or 5 stacked salad plates! ! UGH! DH killed it with spray then removed it.. but still!!! My kids play there!! :)

As for me, I got on the treadmill yesterday! :) But I can still feel the bloat! It was aweful! Even with premedicating I had a small asthma attack.. nothing serious.. just a little constricting. but I finished my work out!

the food went well yesterday! I am still bummed with the weight gain but I know it will be off next week! :)

I will check in again later!

07-25-2002, 01:24 PM
WAHHHHHHHH!!!!! :( :( :(

I just lost everything again!

Forgive me, but I'm tired today and all I wanted to do was make a quick post to say hi and address everyone and then somehow I managed to lose what I had already typed. So, instead of trying to remember what I said, I'm just gonna say "Hey!" to everyone and I'll get back on later and do it then. I think I'm gonna have to take a nap - I'm just feeling sooooo sleepy today. Maybe I'll catch one after lunch. Have a good day and I hope to address you all soon. :)

07-25-2002, 04:26 PM
Good afternoon!!!!!!!!
Well, for those of you who know me and my limited mental capacity.......this thread is getting long. Time for a new one(which I will start now). Look foward to seeing you there!!!!!!!:)