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07-18-2002, 11:41 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It hasn't cooled off and there is no breeze outside tonight -- I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have air conditioning!

Maggie -- thanks for the water tips . . . good ideas! I still haven't heard the details so am hoping maybe the 10:00 news will have something.

Lorraine -- stay cool!

The dishwasher is done so guess I will unload that and wait for the news to come on. Have a fantastic OP Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-19-2002, 12:11 AM
Hi Flowers'
Thanks for the tip about being #14 Jean!! I'll have to watch that!

BRENDA: Welcome! Where on the Canadian Border do you live? We have friends that live in Langley, BC...my husband is from Nova Scotia...me...I'm a CA gal, but I have spent a LOT of time on both coasts of Canada. Gosh...losing 104 pounds is extraordinarly fantastic!! I can relate with the big loss and then the sneaky regain!! I lost 80 pounds before my daughter's wedding...it took about 8 months...after the wedding I maintained for about a year and then slowly 30 crept back on. I've just started this summer to get rid of that 30 plus another 30 I hope!! I eat about 1200 calories a day and swim 1/2 mile most days. We are leaving for a cruise to Alaska at the end of Aug...and I'm not weighing until then!!

MAGGIE: I LOVE those clean teeth!! Hubby and I finally got on the same 6 month track too...we go on his birthday (Mar.) and on mine (sept). That way we don't forget!

JEAN: You are always so busy! But then I remember how I'd try to cram as much into those vacation days as possible. Can you believe that it is almost Aug already!!!

Here's wishing ALL the flowers a great weekend!

07-19-2002, 12:56 AM
Jackie -- My vacation days are dwindling away much too fast! :cry:

I am heading to bed. See you all tomorrow. :yawn:

07-19-2002, 09:23 AM
Good Morning Magnolias

Well, I made it through the whole day yesterday and stayed in my range. One day down and counting. Can't wait until I've got a week under my belt.

We had a huge electrical storm yesterday and a couple inches of rain in about 45 mins. My street was flooded in many places, over the curbs and all. At least I didn't have to do any watering or add any more water to the pond in the back yard.

Only work 1/2 day on Fridays so I'll try to get a few chores done and I'm going out of town to my best friends daughters Country Concert. Should be a nice evening.

Hope everyone stays cool and has a wonderful OP weekend. Till Monday......


07-19-2002, 12:39 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's hot and humid but at least the sun is not out yet. We were supposed to get some rain but I think it passed us and went south. We walked at 5:30 this morning and I was dripping wet when we got back home again.

Brenda -- Congrats on an OP day yesterday. Now on to day #2. You can do it, I know you can! Enjoy the concert -- sounds like a fun evening.

I am off to run a couple of errands and get my nails done. Have a nice day, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-19-2002, 01:58 PM

WOW what happened there:?: I had my post all written and then ***poof*** it was gone. I hate that when it happens.

Well it is another gorgeous day here and it srings them right along one after another. I still love my car and it is 2 weeks old. Already had to have a bath and a good vacuuming out. Guess that is what happens when I drive it. :lol:

JEAN I have been meaning to tell you that I love your avitar. Talk about a cat with a bad hair day! :D Hope you don't have to go through the water rationing deal but if you do - use the bucket.

BRENDA What a neat thing that you did yesterday - now you can do it again and string two days in a row. It will all come together and you will be a loser. I love hanging out with losers. Is that concert one of those neat outdoor ones where you can lounge on a blanket? Have a good time ~ I know you will have fun. WOW what a deluge of water coming down so fast. Good thing you didn't have to go out into it. Once years ago it was raining buckets fast as I was driving home from work. The water was bouncing up off the road a foot or more and I was the only one on it and thought maybe they had closed it and I didn't know about it. Then I had a flat. That is a whole other story there.

COOKIE your cruise is coming up fast and we will be saying bon voyage. You surely have lost some inches with all that good swimming you are doing. Toning up you are. The scale isn't the only measure of how our bodies are changing thank goodness. Move over Mr. Iron Monster for Miss Tape Measure is handy.

Have a great afternoon and weekend everyone. :wave:

07-20-2002, 02:44 AM
Hi flowers,
We went to the Factory Outlets today (2 hours each way!!) AND it was at least 102 over in the Valley!! But Hubby swears that it is the only place he can get the shoes he likes at the price he likes! I got some new sheets and towels (funny how the ones I got for wedding gifts 36 years ago have worn out!!) It was too hot to try on clothes...I usually do better at the sales in the Malls around here than I do at the Outlets anyway!

Just wanted to check in and wish you all a Happy Weekend!

07-20-2002, 10:10 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's going to be another 90+ day here. HOT! We walked early again and there was a teeny breeze but it's still so humid. DH just left with an air conditioner for his mom. I've never known it not to cool off at night, where she is. She said the lake is just like warm bath water so that isn't any relief from the heat either.

The packing plants are still closed while the powers to be are trying to get some temporary filters from somewhere. What really makes me angry is that the packing plants get a % off their water rates but yet when anything needs to be fixed or replaced, we taxpayers are the ones paying for it. We just had an increase and for two of us, the bill is running about $42 - $45 a month for water alone. Other places get their garbage pickup included -- we have to pay $16.50 extra a month for that. I keep trying to talk Bob into using the business dumpsters like others in town do. Like he says, he'd be the one to get caught doing it. :o:

Maggie -- I have a big poster just like the avitar. In fact, I have several cat posters and the kids are always curious as to which one will be up when school starts. That's the one thing I do miss about elementary kids . . . they get so tickled over bulletin board stuff while the HS is "ho hum". :p

Jackie -- We have an outlet mall on the other side of the state and one summer DH and I took a trip over there to check it out. I didn't think the prices were any cheaper for clothes, at least. I did buy some crystal wedding gifts in the MN one a year ago and that was definitely cheaper. Go figure. I just hate to fight crowds any more and I reallly HATE to try on clothes! Guess I am getting crotchety in my old age. :rolleyes:

Not much going until tonight when we do weddings. I think tomorrow we will go to MIL's since we missed last weekend.

Have a nice weekend, Flowers! Stay cool!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-20-2002, 02:37 PM

Same-0-Same-0 day in the neighborhood. Nice and with a breeze ~ will get up in the high 80's with realtively no humidity. AH Life is good! I have my mix in the yogurt maker to mature for 10 hours this morning. I like to do it at night and it can spend all night brewing but I forgot to get it started before I hit the hay last night so here I am this morning remembering. If I get it started early enough in the day it isn't so bad. This batch will be ready to go into the fridge way before bed time this day - it takes actually more than 10 hours because I have to heat the milk then let it cool for about 45 minutes to the right temp. It isn't all that complicated - just takes time. And is it ever better than the store bought kind for making smoothies. :p

JEAN the thing to remember about those HS students is that they really do notice and like things like the bulletin borads but they can't show it because that isn't KEWL to let folks know their true feelings about such things. They wil gorw out of it. :D That is good that you are getting out early and taking your walks. I am thinking about following your good example.

COOKIE that is the worst time ever to try on clothes when you are moist. Not a fun experience for sure. Well Turn just showe me! I am ignoring him while I am posting and he got on top of the TV - Stereo area and dislodged a pile of CD's that were neatly stacked there and dumped the whole batch on the floor and then looked at me when I turned to see what he had done and then he turned and slowly made his way into the bedroom. Well I need to go pick them all up because I haven't gotten him trained to do that yet.

Have a great weekend everyone - and stay OP and drink that water. :wave:

07-20-2002, 11:59 PM
Hi Flowers,
Had a lazy day today...went swimming EARLY to beat the heat...came home read a little, napped a LOT!! LOL!! I think I'm recouping from yesterday! It is beautiful outside right now at 8:00 PM. I love it when we can open up the house after having the A/C on. Well, I think I'll go take a stroll over to the new development and see whats going on.

Happy Weekend!

07-21-2002, 12:44 AM

COOKIE sounds like you had a wonderful day. It is 8:30 here right now and I am just out of the shower and we have the air turned off and the windows open also. What a lovely evening. We had a fun time earlier going to the market for the temp was in the 70's :cp:so it was top down all the way. Cruized around a bit and then home again, home again gig-a-dee gig. My yogurt was getting finished and I had to get it into the fridge.:p

Smoothies are in order for the morning before we head out to church. It takes us about 45 minutes to get to the place where Will is preaching again and services start at 9 am so we have to get out of here early ~ can't be late ever.

Have a lovely night's sleep my friendly FLOWERS:cb:

07-21-2002, 09:33 AM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It's going to be another hot and humid day here . . . I can't remember how long it's been since we were able to open windows. There was a breeze when we walked so it didn't seem quite as stifling as yesterday.

Jackie -- I sure envy you your swimming pool. :cb: We have the lake but it is small and dirty even on a good day. With the dredging, they say it's down about 18 -24", depending on how fast the water drains back in.

Maggie -- I had to chuckle at Turn's antics. And people say that animals are dumb. :rolleyes: Momma Cat brought her kittens back again -- two are identical so I never know if I've seen all 4 or not. There's always been 3 with her but then we see her with just one. They are so wild, I don't know how I will ever catch them.

We are heading up to MIL's as soon as DH has his shower and Amanda is up and at 'em. Have a relaxing Sunday!

Jean -- :sp: in Iowa!

07-21-2002, 01:49 PM

It is a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Windows open and curtains blowing in the breeze. Yesterday was actually cool! Last night we had a graduation party to attend. A neighbor, around the corner, was celebrating her daughter's graduation from college. They set a tent up in the driveway and it was a catered affair. These are the same people who invited us to a semi-formal catered Valentine's Day party a couple of years ago. Needless to say they have money!
They had an old fashioned hot dog cart and a bar set up and the caterer put out nibbles and then later a spread of chicken, ribs, salads, etc. The tent was where they had the Karaoke set up.:cp: The girl's college friends were having a ball and we sat out their and watched them. It was a riot and it kept us away from the food for a while.

DS is coming up to MA for a job interview on Wed. and will stay here til he leaves on Sat. I hope he is successful in his efforts. He lost his job in April but doesn't seem to be too down about it. This job will have him traveling over the Southeast states.

MAGGIE I can just picture you breezing about in your car with the top down. Glad your having fun with it.

JEAN Wow! you certainly have the magnetic attraction for kittens. Hope you will be able to round this group up and find a lovely home for them as you did the last group. Discount stores are never discount enough for me! :D I do just as well at the regular stores in our Mall using their coupons and waiting for a sale day.

JACKIE Sure do envy you your swimming pool. Our yard is full of rocks and boulders just under the surface so that means no pool for us! Ok, so we could put in an above ground one but the season is so short I don't think it would be wise!:lol:

BRENDA Keep up the good work. One day staying OP is the first step in being OP for a week!!

Gloria in MA.....keeping cool! Have a great Sunday everone.

07-21-2002, 02:13 PM
Hi Flowers,
I've missed checking in with youall.
Your son could do worse than having to travel the Southeastern states:) Just think, no more snow tires. What do you mean your pool season is short? If you can swim at the Cape in June, you should be able to swim in a pool until at least November:lol: I thought the water at the shore in NJ was cold...........not!
I've been out for dinner three times this week............I"ve stain OP or under, but haven't had the amount of fruit and veggies I should have. It's been so sticky here, I haven't done much in the way of exercising since Thurs., but we're back to the pool tomorrow. Thurs. I'm going to the Outer Banks of NC to visit a friend. I've never been there, so feel like a deprived child. Not really, and I'm sure all the touristy stuff will drive me nuts. Having lived in FL for almost 30 years, my tolerance for that is not very high. However, we're going to visit a dear friend whose daughter died of cancer last November. She was diagnosed in August, so it was an aggressive disease. She's not ready to come up to camp to see everyone at once, but loves seeing people in small doses, so we're going down. It will be such fun, and she does WW too, so we'll be eating healthy..........except maybe for the occasional fried oyster;) Have to be back by Tues. at 4:30 to do the WW meeting, or we might stay longer.
I'm with youall with the shopping routine........I'd rather take a beating! As for the bed linens............I know what you mean! I'm having to replace some of mine, although the sheets that were in my Aunt's trousseau in 1939 are still going strong except for an occasional patch.
My son has invited a friend to spend the night, so I need to rearrange some of the dirt:(
Have a great rest of the day, and happy Monday..........I'm sorry I said that to those of you have to hit the office tomorrow.

07-22-2002, 03:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
We finally got some rain last night; the heat - humidity siege has broken! :cp: It's nice outside if you're in the shade. I still have the air on because it's supposed to be back in the 90s by Thursday. Walking this morning was heavenly! We went to MIL's yesterday and she had her new ac set on "fan" HI rather than "cool" HI so was sucking in all the hot air from outside. It was miserable to say the least! I am carless for a couple of days and can think of lots of places to go and things to do away from home! :^:

Gloria -- The graduation party sounds like fun! Our previous neighborhood used to get together and celebrate events (not quite as fancy though!). We'd get together just because we hadn't seen each other for awhile. This year's kittens are the 3rd batch that we've had from the same mother cat hanging around for 3 years now. I have a farm home for them except they are just so spooky I don't know if we will ever be able to catch them. Last year's batch would come and beg for food -- this batch hunts their own and drags it under the deck to eat. :nono: I just hope the "remains" don't start to smell! The mother cat is much, much "tamer" than at first, but she still won't let us get close to her. I can pet her sometimes, when she is eating, and other times she will wait until I close the door. I hope the job pans out for your son.

Bubbles -- The trip to NC sounds like a winner! It's nice of you to travel and visit your friend; it's so sad to lose a child like that. I liked your "rearrange the dirt" comment! I feel like that is what I am doing with my piles although magazines and a Good Will bag left over the weekend! Guess I am making some progress!

I need to get busy and get some more laundry going! I think this is post #14 so next one start a new thread! ;)

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!