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09-20-2009, 10:11 AM
Good morning to you all! Another icky, sticky, high pollen day with more rain in the forecast. I need some darn sun! It is so depressing to be in this kind of weather for a whole week. I don't know how people that live in Seattle stand it. Jack says it is almost always cloudy there and rains a good portion of the time.

Jean: Ok, this is what I heard works well, you wear plastic throw away type gloves AND you butter the gloves. The glove help protect your hands from the hot mixture and the butter helps keep all the goo from sticking to either your hands or your gloves. I don't remember who told me that but she swears it works.

Maggie: We couldn't find a panasonic here in town and I didn't want to pay the big shipping cost then wait for two weeks so we went with a GE. I found a beautiful 2.0 1200 for $159 at Lowes and it is great.

The commissary was like being in Freddie Krueger's house yesterday. After all that remodeling they did that took severel months, then after that they rearranged the whole store and I just got use to that and made my grocery list according to which aisle had what, we went in yesterday and except for the produce and the glass freezer, milk and meat cases, the shelves aisles were completely redone again. One of the dumb things they did was they now have the snacks like chips on a separate aisle from the soda. The soda now sits across from the depends and baby diapers. Makes sense to me! :mad: On top of that, they were having a case sale and you would have thought we had been warned of an impending 6 foot snow storm. There were no carts, we had to stand an wait until the next person checked out, the people were totally rude, and everyone was miffed because the store was rearranged. We had to stand in line for at least 20 minutes to check out. I just went to the car and let Jack do it. He gets all prissy about how the groceries are put into the basket so he gets all prissy about how to unload them so that job became his a long time ago. Jean, you would love Jack's organization! He has produce in a section, meat in another, boxed food in another, can goods in a another, dairy another section, non foods like cleaning stuff underneath, etc. Boy does he get grumpy if I put something in the basket out of place so I just dump it on the seat on top of my purse and make him put it where he wants it.

I am going to try and get the downstairs cleaned today as I have clinic tomorrow, but we came home from lunch yesterday and all of a sudden I felt like vomiting. Up came my whole lunch and I pulled the muscles around my rib cage and down on lower stomach. I am pretty sore today so I don't know if that is going to get done or not.

You all have a great day today and enjoy sunshine if you have it! :)

09-20-2009, 01:14 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to church and the grocery store w/o my list that was home on the counter. Consequently I forgot a few things and added a few others. What I really needed was Clorox spray and they didn't have any. :( Bob is singing today so won't be home until after the second service. It is another beautiful day in my corner of the world, and just a tad cooler than yesterday.

"Gma" -- Buttering the gloves makes sense to me! :yes: I had to chuckle at your description of the store. I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. I HATE it when stores rearrange merchandise! :tantrum:
If I send Bob after something I like to be able to tell him where to find it. He is getting better with age though; he will ask if he can't find something. I tend to group refrigerated items together in the basket and the canned items. I'm not too fussy though and usually end up regrouping as I take things out of the basket. Some checkers are so good about keeping like items bagged together while others just put things in the sack willy nilly. :dizzy:

I need to change clothes and put in another load of laundry. Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-20-2009, 07:15 PM

Pot-luck was good. We ended up taking chicken and a couple of pies. We had so many leftovers that we will do a repeat after evening services. I got a call to make a house so I will be doing glass work this coming week for sure. The two of you sound like you don't like grocery shopping as much as I don't. I never go in the stores. I make a list and if Will doesn't get something on the list for a dish I plan on making then that dish just doesn't get made unless it is for a "special" occasion thingie then he goes back to the store.;) I never complain about his shopping ~ just so thankful that he will do it. And most always he gets what is on my list.

DONNA FAYE Hope you like your new microwave and it gives you years of good service. I am surprised that even Wall-Mart in your area didn't have the Panasonic. :o That is where we got this one.

JEAN I have tried buttering gloves to make the popcorn balls but prefer to just butter my hands and form the balls that way. To each his own for you may prefer using gloves. I have to use gloves when mixing meat loaf though. Don't like getting that under my fingernails. :p Maybe when I get my new mixer I will let it do the meatloaf mixing like I used to do with my other one I had.

SUSAN & GLORIA Hope you two are having a lovely day.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

09-21-2009, 08:23 AM
Good morning all! It was another icky day yesterday and I wanted to get out so we drove over to Corinth, TN to the battle of Shiloh. We had wanted to check it out since we went to Vicksburg. Well, it rained heavy all the way there until about 10 miles from it then stopped. It started sprinkling just as we finished up. We got some great video of a deer walking around the road and later on we saw two does and a little fawn walking right next to the road in another part. We also saw a wild turkey. I told Jack it was no wonder some of the pilgrims starved, those wild turkeys looked like there was about 3 lbs of meat on them! :) In the park visitor center they had lots of things to look and we found out that Henry Stanley, from the African Stanley and Livingtone fame fought at Shiloh as did Lou Wallace, who would later become governor of New Mexico during the cattle land war there. They had a union and a confederate uniform hanging and you could touch and even put it on. I felt the wool of the union uniform and it was very lightweight, the confederate however was a very heavy wool and lined too. I found it comical that the northerners had the light clothing and the southerners the heavy.

Jean: It was one of the worst trips to the commissary I have ever been on. It was totally nuts there. It didn't help that we did that favor for Jack's boss first so we got to the commissary about 2 hours after it opened and usually are there right after it opens. How the heck is all this rain missing you? It has rained here everyday for a week and a half and it is supposed to rain the remainder of the week. Everything is soaked and flooded and awful.

Maggie: I think the woman that told me about the buttered gloves was burning her hands with the hot candy part of the popcorn mix and found gloves helped it a bit, though not completely. I always hate getting meatloaf mix under my nails also and keep a nail brush at the sink for just that purpose. If we owned a fancy house, I think I would have one of those faucets that came on when you put your hands underneath so you would never get meat goo on the knobs. I end up having to take clorox sheets to it all anyway.

I have clinic today so I guess I better get going on my morning chores. I guess since we were gone all day yesterday the house will have to wait til tomorrow, but with all the rain there isn't much else to do but that and knit so it will still be here for me to do.

Have a great start to your week. Faye

09-21-2009, 10:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to rain this morning, :cp: so far 0.09" but I think we are just getting started. I have the usual Monday chores to do. I really need to clean out the refridgerator; forgotten leftovers get pushed to the back never to be eaten. :o I do like the fridge on top for the reason everything is more visible. I think we will do a switch when one of the guys come over sometime.

The minister cornered Bob yesterday and asked him to chair our pledging campaign. Bob doesn't like to organize a group; he'd rather just do it himself so told the minister that he didn't think this would be his calling. I noticed the "how to do it" book is on the counter. :D Bob did say he agreed to look the material over just to be polite.

Maggie -- Will is a treasure to do the grocery shopping! :love: Bob will pick up an item or two, usually bread and milk, because he knows right where to go in the store. Have fun making your glass house this week.

"Gma" -- We've had so many nice sunny days that having a gloomy day is a shock to the system. :lol: Your trip to Corinth sounds interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. I hope there is no flu at the clinic today. It seems like whatever chores don't get done will still be there later.

I'm dressed and need to get busy! It seems I procrastinated most of the weekend away. :o Have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from :rain: Iowa!

09-21-2009, 12:54 PM
Good morning, ladies! A very nice day in the low 70s.

I had a nice weekend. Saturday Glory and I went to a quilt show in Gloucester, VA. Its and old town and the quilts are hung in historic buildings on the town square. We had lunch at Sweet Madelin's (a very nice tea room). Yesterday I went to church and did some grocery shopping. Tonight is the first night of Bible study. I'm really looking forward to this.

Faye, your shopping didn't sound like fun to me. I hate it when they rearrange stores, even if it is a good marketing tactic. My dad took me to Shiloh when I was 10 years old. Back then, they dyed the creek that flows through it red because they say after the battle it ran red from all the blood.

Jean, the clergy sure know how to get people to do stuff.

Maggie, keep Will. I could give my dh a list and he would go to the grocery store and come home with 2 or 3 bags but nothing that was on the list.

Have a great day.

09-21-2009, 03:52 PM

Got a bit of a wind here today but this is the Heartland and it does blow across the prarrie. Went out to eat brunch and I was able to toe the line and count all I ate. I did show a loss of 4 pounds :carrot:this week so I think I just may be on the road to thin once again and stop with all these weeks of maintaining. Got to get my ducks in a row and keep them there.

DONNA FAYE I love to watch those wild turkeys. We see them around here when we take our drives. Have lots of deer here also. Isn't it fun to visit the historical places about that speak volumes about our civil war. The all black group was stationed here at Hays. It is always good to let that popcorn ball mixture cool a bit before forming into balls whether using gloves of not. That is me speaking from experience.:dizzy:

JEAN Rain, it is good for the crops. Mysteries hiding back on the fridge shelves. I have stopped saving bits of leftovers. If it is a do again meal I do save it but not little bits of this and that. I stopped doing that when I had a small fridge and not much room. I will freeze little bits of this and that which will end up in a soup later though. I have made some awesome soups that way. I love soups and stews especially in the colder months and finding those little treasues to use is a treat. Like yesterday I chopped up some left over chicken which will find itself in a soup later along with a few green beans and a few curnels of corn. I have some cubed bacon in the freezer also. Anyway that is just a hint how to use left overs and not have them grow green fuzz.:D

SUSAN I love those tea rooms. We have stayed in bed and breakfast places in the south that had the beautiful tea room atmosphere. All the guests were served at one large table together and it was always lovely time. The rooms were decorated in Victorian mode and OOO so nice and the price didn't break us. I used to have a booklet that told about all the B&B places in this country and typing about it makes me wonder where it might be.

Well Magnolias I need to get some work done. Type at y'all later :wave:

09-22-2009, 09:10 AM
Good morning to you all! Jack came home last night and told me that the receptionist at his job lost her 3 month old grandbaby yesterday. The baby was perfectly healthy and was found dead bleeding from the nose and mouth. I am under the impression it is hinky circumstances and the little thing has been sent for autopsy. She is such a nice woman, always so kind to me when I call to have Jack paged. I bought a sympathy card for Jack to give to her, but sure isn't much when you lose a grandchild. My heart goes out to her.

Maggie: Good for you! Congrats on you loss! :carrot: Since I have started doing the WW religiously, I have adjusted everything not to have one bit of leftovers so I don't have much of the hidden container syndrome any more. I occasionally have a container with left over chopped onion or some mushrooms from a can that I didn't use all of, but that's about all with that.

Jean: It is pouring down rain here again this morning. I am so sick of rain I can't believe it. Everything is muddy and yucky and just depressing. I guess people tend to go to the people that get things done for them and no one wants to head up committees that ask for money that's for sure.

Susan: Sounds like you had a good time this weekend. According to the info at the welcome center, over 23,000 soldiers lost their lives in that two day battle. What we continue to do to each other is amazing.

Well gals, I have to hit the bricks. I have work to do today and it must get done. Have a good one!

09-22-2009, 11:48 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy "cold" day in my neighborhood this morning. I have to run a couple errands and need to hunt up a jacket before I go.

Susan -- I haven't been to a tea room in a very long time, but they are such fun. :D I remember reading about the river running red in the history book. I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it. When Bob has a grocery list the only things he will pick up is on the list. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not.

Maggie -- Congratultions on losing 4#s! :cheer: You have the scale going your way for sure. Thanks for the leftover hint; Bob would usually eat them when I was in school which was nice. I am ready for it to be soup weather again.

"Gma" -- My heart goes out to Jack's receptionist. :cry: What a sad thing to happen! I thought of you when the weather channel was showing the flooding videos. It is depressing that's for sure. I forgot to ask Bob if he decided to chair the campaign or not. The book is gone, but he may have taken it to the office to read in peace and quiet last night.

As soon as I put on my shoes 'n socks I'm off. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-22-2009, 07:49 PM
Good evening, ladies! Another warm day today.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone at Bible study last night and getting an overview of what we will be doing this year. I had a doctor's appointment after work and that was the highlight of my day. :D At least NCIS starts the new season tonight and the new NCIS LA is on afterwards. I can catch up with The Biggest Loser on the Fine Living channel Friday or Saturday night.

Maggie, :bravo: on the weight loss. Perservance pays off. I've been having a terrible time lately and need to get back on track pronto.

Jean, I haven't needed a jacket yet, but it sure is cool at night.

Faye, that is so sad about the baby. I wonder what happened.

Well, that's it for today. Have a good evening.

09-23-2009, 10:21 AM
Good morning to you all! I have had several crappy food days. Not that I have been eating a bunch of junk food, but seem to be hungry all the time. Last night was the last straw though, I sat and ate crap I think it was just a WW dessert or something but I didn't even want it. So, this morning I set out my menu and pts for the day and that is that. It hasn't helped that I have felt unwell, not I think I am going to die sick, just not well and it is tied to my intestinal stuff. So, I gave myself a sharp talking to about needing to eat properly and getting regular exercise and such. I do feel that I heard me too....;)

Susan: I always seem to miss NCIS on Wednesday because I rarely turn on network tv. I love the show and the format and the actors. Did you know that Pauley Perrette who plays Abby really has a masters degree in criminology? I guess her parents shuffled her around a lot when she was a kid and she was one of those bright ones that just loved school. I think Mark Harmon is spot on his portrayal of a Marine. I should know, not only because I came in contact with so many with Jack in the Navy, but my bil, who is Jack's best friend is a an E-8 First Sergeant retired. I also adore David McCallum, partially because I was in love with him when I was in jr high and he was in "The Man From Uncle." Back then, I had a thing for blond men! :lol: Good thing in my later years I became more open minded or Jack wouldn't have had a chance! :D

Jean: Oooh, speaking of soup weather, I think I will make us a nice pot of chili and corn bread for dinner. I was going to do something else, but it is still rainy and ugly here even though the temp is not cold. I love my chili with lots of good fiber beans. Jack is a purist and only eats chili with meat in it, but I only put half lb of gr sirloin in my chili so you get a lot of soup and not tons of meat. He does love onions so I put a lot of onions in it.

Well, though I repeat myself, I have to get work done today. I sat around and felt sorry for myself yesterday. I didn't feel great so gave myself an excuse, but I need to get up and moving today.

Have a great day all!

09-23-2009, 10:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is playing hide 'n seek behind the clouds. It promises to be another cool day in NW Iowa. I have to take our rings in to have the stones checked. I usually do that right before school starts and just didn't do it this time. Other than that I have one more box in the garage and then need to figure out how to pack away the pictures and few glass treasures that belonged to my grandma.

Susan -- I'm glad your Bible study group is off to a good start. :D I watched Dancing with the Starts last night and intended to watch the program that followed. Alas, I missed the whole thing :yawn: ; Bob said it was a good show.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling much better today! They say it's ok to talk to yourself but you are in trouble when you start answering yourself. ;) I find myself thinking "do I REALLY need that?" to myself at the grocery store. Chili sounds good, beans and all!

By the time I put my shoes on and make it downtown the jewelry store should be open. Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember to :D !

Jean -- :wave: and :D from Iowa!

09-24-2009, 09:20 AM
Good morning to you all. It rained again last night but we just might get some sunshine today. I sure do hope so. This constant rain stuff is for the birds.

Jean: We watched some of the Cubs game then I went upstairs and put xm radio on the tv and went to sleep. I am waiting for the fall season programming to start. I love "Burn Notice" but it doesn't come back on until winter. It used to be you could look forward to the new season the middle of Sept, right after school started. Slowly but surely the number of episodes got shorter and they waited longer to air them. Now, they film like 6-8 episodes then they all go on hiatus for 3-4 months then they film again. I end up watching reruns and hopefully catch what I didn't get to see the first time around. I noticed you always talking about putting on your shoes when you go out. I don't ever wear shoes in the house, though I wear socks or slipper socks as my feet get cold otherwise. When I was a kid, we always wore shoes in the house all the time. I don't remember walking around without shoes on. Funny how time changes things.

Gonna get the upstairs bathroom and dusting done today then drag the vacuum upstairs tomorrow and finish up for the week. At least I was able to get the downstairs cleaned yesterday.

I guess I better go and get me a bowl of cereal for breakfast. It is time to eat! Have a great day all!

09-24-2009, 12:19 PM
Good morning, ladies - another day in the high 80s.

Did any of you watch "Mercy" last night? It's a new show about 3 nurses. At least it's something to watch on Wednesday night. I really enjoyed both NCIS on Tuesday night. And tonight is Grey's Anatomy. Looks like Izzy survived but George died.

Tomorrow I'm taking my car in for State Inspection, oil change, new battery, detailing and what ever else it needs. I hope it doesn't take all day.

Faye, I seldom wear shoes in the house - only if I come in from one errand and have to go on another one in a short time. I'm barefooted in the summer and slippered in the winter.

Jean, I've never had my rings checked - but then I've never had them off since the day I got married.

Have a great day!

09-24-2009, 02:03 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a warmer day, but cloudy so doesn't look very warm outside. The guys are hoping to get in the fields this afternoon, and then the fun begins! I won't see much of Bob except at breakfast and around 9 - 10:00 at night. I need to run to WM :( again this afternoon so remembered to put my list in my purse for once.

"Gma" -- I'm trying really hard not to wear shoes in the house because I want to tear out the laminate floor and put carpet back in. I would leave the laminate in the hall where we come in from the garage just because it would be easy to keep up that little bit. Bob wants to keep the laminate because he thinks we make a "trail" going through the livingroom. We'll see. I'm having a hard time getting used to shoes with heels after a summer of sandals. :rolleyes:

Susan -- We watched a weird program last night called Eastwick. I didn't really follow the whole program because I got a phone call and missed the last half. I do like Dancing with the Stars, and managed to stay awake for the whole show! :cb: I wear my mom's wide wedding band along with my own engagement ring and take them off every night. My fingers swell and it bothers me when they feel tight in the mornings. I never took my first set off until one of the prongs got bent and I had to have it fixed. Good luck with your car inspection -- that's a good deed to have done.

Bob should be home for lunch soon. My stomach was flip-floppy last night and still doesn't feel quite right. I never got sick, but just have "that" feeling. Hate it!

Have a terrific Thursday today!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-25-2009, 08:54 AM
Good morning to you all! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't going to rain today and we will have sunny weather for once.

CAO: Welcome, but can you explain what your posting line is about? We old ladies get confused easily! :)

Jean: I don't wear my rings unless I am going out somewhere. When I was young I thought it was some sort of premonition to doomed marriage to take them off, but then I took them off because the prong on the wedding band broke, we had to travel to my mil's funeral and our car caught fire and burned everything to bits, one of which was my wedding set. Here I am almost 37 years later and we are happier than ever so I think we survived the rings being off my finger! :D My fingers seem to swell now too off and on and I find that my current ring can scratch me while sleeping so I quit wearing them all the time. Unfortunately, my current ring just lost a stone, a large sapphire so I can't wear it until I get it replaced. Bummer! :(

Susan: Va turns your car inside out for inspection. Our inspection here is emissions, brakes, parking brake, lights, horn and windshield wipers. I was looking yesterday at knitting tshirts sayings and saw some cute quilting ones.
I want to buy a funny tshirt to wear with jeans.

Monday is my birthday and I got some great cologne and hand cream called Endless. It is soooo yummy smelling and I just love it. Jack likes it too, which is a bonus ;)

I guess I better get my day going. I hear that the washer is finished so everything needs transferred to the dryer. Have a grand weekend everyone.

09-25-2009, 11:01 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to rain this morning, but it looks like the street is drying. It is Homecoming tonight so I hope it doesn't rain. We made the front page of the Sioux City paper today -- not once but twice. The fine arts teachers are trying to raise money to build a new auditorium and one eccentric local is donating over 1000 Spam items to auction off on Sunday. That was the good news; the other news was a 7 month drug investigation netted 20 arrests with more to come.

"Gma" -- May the sunshine find you today! :flow2: I remember the same superstition about taking your rings off when we got engaged. I hope you can have your missing stone replaced. I do feel "naked" if I go somewhere w/o my watch, rings, and earrings. I have several chains with one pendant but none of the bigger ones that are popular right now. Are you and Jack doing anything special to celebrate your birthday? I have trouble finding a fragrance that stays with me more than a couple hours. :(

I have to vacuum and dust -- the spiders are making webs faster than I can take them down. At least if the sun isn't shining they don't show as easily. ;) Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-25-2009, 04:01 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Rain since last night but we need it.

Passed the state inspection, got my oil changed, a new battery and windshield wipers. Didn't do the detailing because it is raining but I hope to do it next week.

I stopped at Rose's to see if they had any real bargains. Got 4 pair of Lee Rider Jeans with the tummy panel for $6 (regularly $22 at Walmart), 5 shirts for $4 each. I was really happy to find the Lee Jeans because they fit me perfectly every time.

I never heard the superstition about not taking your rings off, or if I did, I'd forgotten it.

Faye, I hope you have a very happy birthday. I have to be very careful of fragrances because they set off my asthma. I have several cute quilting t- and sweat shirts. I'm always on the lookout for more.

Jean, I hope it doesn't rain for homecoming. I seem to be having more spiders than usual. I chase them down!

My blood pressure must be dropping again. For some reason, I'm feeling really dizzy. Guess I better lay down for a bit.

Hi, Maggie!

Have a good evening!

09-25-2009, 06:12 PM
Susan -- I'm glad your car passed inspection w/o any problems. I like LEE jeans too. Somewhere I found some that has a little stretch to them; haven't been able to find any since. So far no rain in sight, but the clouds are hanging around. I hope laying down helps the dizziness. That's not good! :no:

09-26-2009, 05:54 PM
My goodness, no one has posted today? I looked to a new thread but didn't see one.

Did laundry, grocery shopping and housework today. I've a big pot of chili on for supper. Made it with ground turkey breast so that lowered the points to 5 if I divide it into 5 servings or 4 if I go for 6.

Jean, I think the Lee jeans you want are what is called relaxed fit. They have just a little stretch, 5% I think. The one's I bought yesterday have 5% stretch.

Faye, hope everything is good with you.

Hi, Maggie!

09-26-2009, 06:27 PM
Hi Susan! I goofed and posted on #46 -- not sure how I did that! :shrug: The China luncheon was fun -- lots of different table settings which reminded me of Sandra Lee on the Food Channel. The salads were delicious and the program was on decorating put on by the same gal I heard right after school got out at another shindig. She has added clothes and jewelry to her store which is in a remodeled barn on the edge of town. I've never been in there and should go have a look. Bob just left for the farm and they hope to get a good start before the beans get too tough after dark. We are in a wind advisory for tomorrow so that should prove interesting for them. Chili sounds good :T except it is almost 80 degrees outside right now. It cools down fast after the sun goes down. I have tried the relaxed fit jeans and they are too big in the butt and legs for me. Mine are straight leg and low waist, with a little stretch but not much; because I'm short waisted they fit just right. I've tried on so many jeans over the years that if I ever find another pair that fits like I like them to, I will buy all the store has! :lol:

The mail just came so guess I will go and see what there is besides ads and the local newspapers. Have a nice evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!