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07-18-2002, 11:03 AM
Insulin Resistance:
The Hidden Disease You May Already Have

You may already be suffering from one of the most common - and often overlooked - diseases to strike

It's not a deadly new virus. Not cancer. Nor heart disease.

It's a disease, surprisingly enough, caused by your body's inability to make the most of the food you eat. And as many as one in three people suffer from it.

Doctors call this peculiar condition insulin resistance or, with a bit more mystique, Syndrome X.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, the symptoms might: Feeling tired after you eat, and at other times when you shouldn't. Gaining a pound here and a pound there - and having difficulty losing them. Seeing your blood pressure creep up year and after year. And finding that your cholesterol does the same.

Insulin resistance is the chief characteristic of adult-onset diabetes, which affects an estimated 15 million Americans. It also sets the stage for obesity and coronary heart disease - even if you're not diabetic.

What can you do about it? The simple prescription is to eat right, take your vitamins and minerals, and exercise, because each reduces insulin resistance.

But as you might imagine, there's more to the story.

Sugar and Insulin: A Double Whammy

Doctors have known about insulin resistance for decades, but only in the 10 years have they gained a clearer idea of exactly how it derails your health.

Insulin resistance is caused in large part by the over-consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as
breads, pastas, and sugary foods. Eating too much saturated fat (found in beef) and omega-6 fatty acids (found in vegetable oils) also seems to increase the risk of insulin resistance.

Normally, after you eat a meal, your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, or blood sugar. The presence of glucose prompts the release of insulin, a hormone produced in your pancreas. Insulin helps transport glucose from the blood to cells, where's it's burned for energy or stored.

When a person eats a lot of refined carbohydrates year after year, a dangerous cascade occurs. Insulin levels remain chronically high, and cells become less responsive - and resistant - to insulin. As a consequence, relatively little glucose gets burned and levels remain high. With chronically elevated glucose levels, insulin resistance evolves into diabetes.

Jennifer 3FC
07-20-2002, 01:08 AM
Nice post!

If anybody wants to read more on insulin resistance and the Glycemic Index for eating plans, a good book to read is The Glucose Revolution. It talks about the proper way to eat to combat this.

08-21-2002, 12:48 PM
hey! this post is definitely informative for people suffering from PCOS and we need to have as much info as possible to be informed!! my doctor also told me about another good book, "The Zone." This is supposed to be a good book on what to eat for people suffering from this. Thanks for the post!

08-28-2002, 12:40 AM
Hi, I'm France, 44-year-old woman from Ottawa, Canada. I've just been diagnosed with insulin resistance and impaired fasting glucose, but NOT diabetic. By the way, an ultrasound last year said my ovaries were fine, although I have a fibroid tumour, so I guess I don't have PCOS. My doctor immediately put me on Metformin, but a small dose to start -- I take 1/2 a 500 mg pill twice a day. I'm attending diabetes education in September and seeing my doctor again on Sept 20. I started Metformin on Aug 1 and without having really changed much about my eating, have lost 6 lbs since then. I've noticed that my appetite is smaller but no other side effects. My doctor had me get a glucometer to be sure I don't do hypoglycemia but I've been having fun taking my sugar at different times to see how it reacts. I've actually seriously journalled my food for 3 weeks now; I've never managed that before!

Another good book mentioned elsewhere is The Insulin Resistance Diet. Their website is: www.theinsulinresistancediet.com. A good webpage describing insulin resistance is at:


08-28-2002, 12:41 AM
Strange what it did to the URL for insulin resistance. Here goes again:


08-28-2002, 12:43 AM
I'll try splitting it on 2 lines:


09-03-2002, 09:56 AM
Welcome to both of you!!! Thanks for the additional info. I am sure everyone appreciates it!

10-04-2002, 08:50 AM
Frapilu: PCO does not diagnose PCOS. So that does not rule PCOS out. 30% of all PCOSers do not have cysts. I was one of them for 21 years!

10-04-2002, 12:57 PM
Hi all

Thanks for the great info!! I will be checking this out. I just read about this on the thyroid thread and hope I'm on to something to help me. My thyroid is under control but I'm still gaining weight the Dr is no help! I'll let you know.......


10-05-2002, 05:01 PM

The information you post on insulin resistance is very interesting. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 9 years ago and told there was nothing I could do about it. Luckily, I was able to conceive but had about given up on losing weight. I started working with a local doctor in June and have lost over 30 lbs since then. The diet focuses on lots of fruit and veggies, less protien and virtually no oils, no white flour or added sugar. It's still a struggle but it seems to help.

His take is once the weight is gone, the PCOS symptoms fade significantly. He maintains they don't see PCOS symptoms in women who aren't overweight.

His website is www.drfuhrman.com perhaps it will help someone like me.

Jennifer 3FC
10-06-2002, 11:40 AM
Hi Wingnut, do you also have insulin resistance? I am interested in your weight loss program, but it doesnt' appear low carb at all.
It would be good to know if an insulin resistant person was able to lose weight on it. That's great that you've lost the weight! How many more do you have to lose?

10-06-2002, 09:47 PM
Hi Jennifer,
I haven't been tested for insulin resistance but as you describe it I have the symptoms. The majority of carbs I have are in fruit with the addition, after the first month, of oatmeal and a couple starchy veggies/week. The emphasis is on nutirents/calories consumed. He compares food calorie for calorie - for instance his fave comparison is 100 cals of steak vs. 100 of broccoli. Which has more protein? I was surprised to find broccoli has more protein - steak has so much fat in 100 cals, there's less room for protein.

I have to say, when I follow it closely - which is about 75% of the time - I'm flat out not hungry. The nutrition is so good your body doesn't require much else.

My 25% off time is usually for stress eating or eating on the run. I keep trying to improve but I've been on so many diets I'm just not going to beat myself up over imperfection. I'd love to know how others cope with stress eating.

I'd like to lose another 70 lbs. so I'm in this for the long haul. Some habits have simply become part of the routine. I'm also walking 3-4 miles, 3 - 4 times a week. I alternate jogging and walking in each session to get the interval training boost.

I'd love to know if anyone else was put on the pill for PCOS and for how long. I have two different doctor's opinions on getting off. One says yes, the other no.

Jennifer 3FC
10-06-2002, 10:10 PM
Oh thanks for the info! Are you following 'The Greatest Diet on Earth' or another plan? Wow, I want to check into this. I miss my fruit so bad. By the way, does no oil mean 'none'? Most of the way I eat my veggies are sauteed with olive oil.

I don't know the answer to the BCP, but there are a few others here that can help you with that. I would also cruise this section, you might find what you are looking for in past threads.

10-07-2002, 09:50 AM
Wingnut: HOGWASH to your doctor. MANY women that are not overweight DO exhibit symptoms. Some severe. Infact, I know one personally that has to deal with excess hair, acne and balding as well as infertility.

10-09-2002, 08:38 PM
Hopefull Spirits -

I had a feeling you were going to say hogwash! I get the feeling he doesn't know squat about PCOS - but his eating plan does work. I checked out your website and was also curious about the triphasic pill nix you talked about. My doctors are sending me in different directions. I've yet to find anyone who's exhibits true knowledge about this disease.

Jennifer - he recommends no oil in the first month although he allows salad dressings with less than 20 cals/2tbs. After that oil in very limited amounts- spray the pan vs spread it with the olive oil. That kind of thang.

Jennifer 3FC
10-09-2002, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the info, Wingnut. (oh dear, I typed wingbut but I found my error) If you don't mind, I will post this on the low carb forum, I think this eating plan will interest some of the people there.

12-04-2002, 03:08 AM

12-04-2002, 03:12 AM
Hey, you guys!!! It has been a while since I have gotten to post, but, I am finally back. I hope that everyone is doing fine. I see that there has been a lot of posting. I also did want to let everyone know that my doctor started me back on my Glucophage and on 2 pills a day. He has put me on 2 pills a day and I really do not have any side effects; I did in the beginning, but, they really didn't last all that long. Hopefully, I can get pregnant before the end of the year!!! Talk to you guys soon!!

12-04-2002, 08:36 AM
1000mg is pretty low. It generally isnt enough to correct the system. If you dont feel like there are any results by the end of January, discuss with your doc about a dose increase.

The average PCOSer falls in the 1500 to 2500mg range while the majority is at 1800 or 2000mg.

GL! Heres to Ovulation!

12-05-2002, 06:23 AM
I am glad that you let me know that cause I surely didn't know and here I am thinking that the dosage was more than enough. Maybe he put me on only 2 cause the last time that I was on them, I actually was on only 1 a day and he took me off of them because he didn't feel that 1 would do what it needed. When I tried taking 2 a day, I was getting lightheaded so he put it down to 1. I don't know about everything else, but, it did control the insulin levels. Now, since I am back on it and taking 2 pills a day, I am not having the lightheadedness, but, I started taking 1 a day for a week and after that started 2. That's the only reason that I can think he only has me on 2 a day. However, I will say this, I am so happy because it looks like my period is starting to come on its own, which is something that never would happen unless I was taking pills to make it come down. It will only be 2 months of me being back on the Glucophage on the 29th of this month, so, hopefully, things will start changing. Definitely a good thing for me, since I am trying to get pregnant. Would you happen to know some other changes besides getting my period on my own should I look for? I appreciate you letting me know about the increased dosage cause I didn't know that people actually have to take that many a day. Hope to talk to you soon.

12-05-2002, 06:26 AM
Oh, and I am a little delayed cause I am just seeing where you have here's to ovulation!!! It would be beautiful if only I can get it to get here soon!!!! lol!!!!!

12-11-2002, 03:51 PM
Hey, I wanted to find out if anyone else who is taking Glucophage experience fullness when eating more quickly compared to when you were not taking it; if that makes sense to anyone. I know that my doctor told me that it may help to lose weight, but, I was just curious about if anyone had the same effects I am. Thanks.

12-12-2002, 07:51 AM
Princessdurr, yes, I have that happen. It's so strange! My doctor had said it would have an appetite suppressant action, and it took a long time to actually kick in but now it's happening. I guess I'm not used to it, or else it really kicks in fast because I'm finding that I often end up suddenly feeling overstuffed. So these days I'm trying to make a point of really listening to my body so I can try to catch it before I'm overstuff.


12-14-2002, 02:02 AM
Hey, Frapilu, thanks so much for letting me know that cause I was just starting to think that I was losing my mind!!!! It is definitely weird cause I notice that sometimes, everything is fine and then other days, I just cannot even stand the site of food; I mean, it will actually make me nauseated just thinking about it. How long has it been since you started it? I started it on 10/29/02. Thank you sooooooooo much!! Talk to you soon.

12-14-2002, 12:36 PM
Hey Princessdurr,

I started in August but just 1 pill a day. Didn't make any difference. In late September, my doctor increased me to 2 pills a day. Neither my doctor not I want me taking too much drugs since I already take lots of other things, so we're moving cautiously. I know HopefulSpirits will say this is not enough but different people react differently to things. In about early November I started noticing that sometimes I wasn't able to eat the same amount as I used to -- strange for me!! It isn't consistent so I still eat too much and I'm still fat, but it's happening more and more. And I'm more attuned to it so I'm getting better at catching it before I've overeatten. I actually catch myself thinking sometimes that I know I have to eat because I haven't eatten in 4 hrs but I don't really feel like it so I eat to just get it over with. Bizarre!!


12-15-2002, 02:58 AM
Hey, Frapilu, believe me, I know what you are talking about. I find myself doing the same thing. I was telling my husband that I know that I need to eat before I take the Metformin but I just don't feel like eating. It's a catch 22 since you know that you have to eat to not be hungry or to take the medicine but you really don't feel like it. I try and eat when it is not that bad so that I can get it over with also. So, it is not too bizarre since at least both of feel the same way. I haven't gotten on a scale to see if I lost weight, but, it certainly doesn't look like it to me since I am also still fat!!! lol!!! I also have noticed, which is definitely good for me, that this is the first time that I am getting a period by myself without taking any medication to get it. I am trying to get pregnant so that is why it is a good thing cause if it wouldn't be for that, it would drive me crazy. I used to be on 1 pill a day also and I didn't notice any side effects like I am now now that I am on the increased dosage. So, how long has it been since they diagnosed you with PCOS or insulin resistance? It has been a year for me. I am so glad that they have this message board because it really helps when they have other people who know what you are going through. Talk to you soon.


12-15-2002, 11:53 AM

I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (and pre-diabetes) at the beginning of August. I do weigh myself regularly and I've lost 8 lb since August. Not a lot, but it's not bad since I really haven't made much of an effort.

In Februry this year I started depo-provera injections since my periods prior to that were just absolutely horrible. I would bleed for months at a time, hemorrahaging huge clots and I would have just agony. It took from February to about September or October for depo-provera to finally really stop my periods but now I'm thrilled to be without periods at all. I'm 44 years old. I've never been interested in having kids and I'm especially not interested now. Good luck to you for getting pregnant, though -- it's good some people want to have kids.

Take care,

12-15-2002, 12:31 PM
Just popping in for a bit. I too am IR and Type II diabetic and am on Metformin. I know now that PCOS is the reason for my infertility and lifelong struggle with weightloss. (I'm nearly 64 now and somewhat :censored: off with the medical profession over this issue.)

Anyhow, I have been taking Metformin since Nov. 1 to control BG levels and have seen only minor changes with it. BUT, I agree, it does do something to your appestat! I started at 250 mg, went to 500 and am starting 750 tonight. I sure hope this wonderful side-effect continues and my weight will finally budge. (The "foofy" side effect went away before my husband initiated divorce action!)

Hey, Frap, I'm near Ottawa. We may meet someday!

12-15-2002, 12:54 PM
Hey Ruthxxx,

Cool you're near Ottawa. How far is Delta from Ottawa? It really doesn't affect BG much, does it? Oh well, so long as it keeps helping the appetite, it's good.


12-15-2002, 12:59 PM
I'm about 90 minutes - past Smiths Falls towards Kingston. Grew up in Ottawa though and worked for RevCan until I retired nearly 5 years ago.

12-15-2002, 05:37 PM
Hey, Frapilu, that is excellent for not really making an effort. Maybe I should wait a couple of months before I weigh myself; I won't no how to act!!! I would be overjoyed to lose 8 pounds; that is awesome!!! I definitely agree with you about being rid of the periods; that is why I said that if it wouldn't be for trying to get pregnant, I wouldn't even bother. It really does get frustrating having this when you are trying to get pregnant. I am still hanging in there, though. I am just really glad that I have an awesome husband who is very supportive and this site really helps a lot. In regards to the bad periods; I definitely feel for you with that cause I have had those bad ones also. I am happy for you that everything is under control, though. Thanks for wishing me luck; I will definitely keep you posted. Talk to you soon.

Yessssssssss!!! I know that the doctor said that it could cause weight loss, but, never expected something like this. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing. I feel for you cause my husband and I have been trying for a year now to get pregnant and still not yet. In regards to being upset with the doctors; well, let's just put it this way: if at least half of these doctors had to experience either PCOS or IR, they wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the problem and be a little more sympathetic. Please do keep me posted on how the increase in dosage goes. Talk to you soon.


12-28-2002, 04:13 AM
Hey, Frapilu, just thought that you would like to know that I did weight myself (by accident, if that makes any sense) and to my surprise, I found that I did lose around 8 1/2 pounds. I am so excited, especially since I wasn't even trying. I hope that it continues. I should have been on this dosage a long time ago!!! Hope to talk to you soon and I hope that you had a good Christmas!!!


12-30-2002, 07:08 AM
Congrats Princessdurr! My weight is screwy these days because of the holidays but hopefully that will settle out as I get back into my routine. Love the holidays but they play havoc on weight!! Had a great Christmas & tomorrow is hubby's birthday. Happy new year!!


Jennifer 3FC
01-02-2003, 01:42 AM
Juju, I moved the posts we were writing to each other to it's own thread, since this is a general info sticky. You can see our posts and my last reply to you here:


01-11-2003, 05:07 PM
I'm brand new--and hoping to learn about insulin resistance here. I am diagnosed Metabolic Syndrome, and very interested in learning everything I can to overcome this. The posts are really informative, and I feel blessed to have been sent here to learn and get back on track.

01-21-2003, 12:39 AM
Hello all,

What a wonderful web site! I am glad found it (via sugarbusters.com).

I read an article about insulin resistance in Family Circle or Woman's Day and faxed it over to my doctor. She told me to come in for testing and the results showed that I do have something "going on." She told me to go on The Zone and go back in 3 months. I didn't follow through basically b/c I was too busy to sit down and figure the units and what I could eat.

I have joined Weight Watchers in the past with some success but I seem to fizzle out after 25 lbs. I think part of the reason for that is I have not been making the correct food choices for my body. My hope is to combine SugarBusters with WW--counting points for food chosen as per the SB book. Anyone out there try that? I'd be very interested in hearing comments on this. I'd like to lose 100 pounds.

I am also a vegetarian which, in some cases, complicates the issue.

Anyway, I will be visiting often and look forward to everyone's postings.

Best wishes,


Jennifer 3FC
01-28-2003, 01:21 AM
Hi Sara! I am not combining WW and SB, but that is pretty interesting! I bet it isn't too hard, there are a lot of low fat foods on SB. I am however a vegetarian these days, and that is proving to be the harder thing of the two! Have you been on the SugarBuster forum here? There is bound to be a points counter there!

04-27-2003, 01:20 PM
To Wingnut:

I am considered a thin person. I was just diagnosed this week with PCOS, after years of suffering with irregular periods, facial hair and acne. I even had an ultrasound in 2000 which showed I had many cysts on my ovaries. After gaining 10 pounds in the last 3 months for no apparent reason and no diet change I finally went to an endocrinologist who told me that I had PCOS. My weight at this time is 146. More weight than I want but no one would call me overweight. I too am intrigued by those women who were very overweight who lost weight and their symptoms went away. I just don't think that all of us fall into that catagory.
I had all the symptoms when I weighed 115 lbs.

I have been to many Doctor's in my life and no one helped me. It was only when I took my health into my own hands and took all the evidence to an endocrinologist after reading about PCOS on the internet. Even the OBGYN that performed the ultrasound did not diagnose me.

My sister who has been overweight all of her life and is obese, has had all of the classic symptoms of PCOS including a full blown beard, severe acne, the brown patches, unable to get pregnant, etc. She heard about PCOS on TV and went to her Doctor who told her that is not what she has. So she went to another Doctor who finally diagnosed her.

Doctor's don't seem to be up to date on PCOS. It is up to you to be informed about your health. You know yourself better than the Doctors know you.

DJ Nikki Nickleback
05-26-2003, 02:50 PM
I agree with you whole heartedly....Sometimes it takes doing the research on your own and presenting it to your doctors, to get the ball rolling. That is why I am here today. I was diagnosed years ago with PCOS, but went untreated til several weeks ago, and I am now on yasmin. I go to my general DR tomorrow though, to see about treatment of IR. Twelve yrs ago, I was 135 lbs, and I am 5'9.....I started getting symptoms, and my wieght shot up by gaining another 135 lbs in 3 months time, with no diet change. No one would help me.....and the depression kicked in REAL quick. It took years to realize that yes my body has changed.....but I HADN"T inside.....although I have become alot stronger than I was then. Now, since technology has advanced greatly.....we can find our own information, and we can press the issue to some of these Doctors who dismiss us as hypocondriacs. There are things wrong with my body, these are the symptoms......and this is what I have found to be some possibilities.....check them out.....if you won't, I'll find another doctor that WILL!

05-30-2003, 10:56 AM
I agree with both of you! I had been going to see my family doctor for 4 years for irregular periods or periods that would go on for 6 weeks at a time...each time she just prescribed a bcp, told me it was perfectly normal, and sent me on my way. Then, when she finally got around to doing blood tests etc., she called me on the phone while I was at work to tell me that she thought I had PCOS and IR. She said it was "nothing to worry about and that I just needed to eat healthy and exercise but that it should regulate itself since I wasn't overweight to begin with. Then she put me on Provera every three months to see if I would get a period.

Well, I did a lot of research on my own - to the point where it almost became an obsession and I found out so much about PCOS and ways that it can be controlled. A couple of months ago, I finally asked her to refer me to a gynecologist, especially since my husband and I are ttc and I had read about metformin and wanted to start on it right away. My gynecologist was much more knowledgeable in PCOS, took me off prevera right away, and prescribed metformin and a low-carb diet.

Just goes to show...it's always better to educate yourself - doctors are not perfect and may not be as well-versed in a subject as you could be if you're doing your own research! :^:

06-02-2003, 01:41 PM
I am new to this but I have a problem. . My friend has PCO's and is going to an endocrinologist. I went to my doctor to ask if i should go, she said no, you can go on the pill, take a different medicine for any other side effects and I need to lose weight. If I lose weight then I will have less side effects. Which I know I need to!!

The problem is that...1) I am having a heck of a time losing weight. 2) I hurt my knee when I was younger and so when ever I try to do walking or something like that my knee kills the next day. So I bought a bike so hopefully I can try to lose weight that way!! 3)I also have depression, I tried to go on the Atkins diet and my depression went wacky!!

Is there any thing I can do? Plus my self image is shot!! I hate the way I look now. I need to lose 50 pounds. :(

I am just so frustrated!! I also want to get tested for insulin resistance but only an endocrinologist here can do that.....ARGGG!

This is so frustruating!

06-02-2003, 03:40 PM

My suggestion is to find another doctor who will refer you to an endocrinologist. If you have PCOS and/or insulin resistance, it's not something that should be ignored! I had a doctor who ignored my symptoms for a long time and just told me to eat healthy and excercise (I wasn't even overweight) and everything would just work itself out. It wasn't until a year after that she finally agreed to refer me to a gynecologist, who immediately prescribed metformin for me. I really wish I had started taking it sooner as my husband are currently trying to start a family. Healthy eating and excercise are of course wonderful for PCOS and insulin resistance, but it's important also that you get a proper diagnosis.

Also, I was wondering...are you showing any other symptoms of PCOS and/or insulin resistance?

06-02-2003, 04:09 PM
I have irregular periods, overweight, depression, excessive hair, acne..... you name it I probably have it.

I have been diagnosed with PCO's officially for 4 years now. I didn't think there was anything that could be done!!


Jennifer 3FC
06-02-2003, 10:01 PM
Do you have a gynecologist? My ob/gyn is the one that diagnosed me to begin with. He did the insulin resistance test and also the hormone panels. If you specifically ask for a fasting insulin test, maybe they can check for you? I hope you can get a referral soon!

Oh, about the bad knee - I also have a bad knee and I bought a Gazelle and have had no problems. Very low impact!

06-03-2003, 11:11 AM
No Idon't have an ob/gyn. So I have to go to my doctor again. She gets very defensive whenever I ask for a referral. Oh well. She is not dealing with my stuff!!

what is a gazelle?

Jennifer 3FC
06-03-2003, 11:57 PM
A Gazelle is Tony Little's version of an eliptical trainer. You might have seen infomercials with him on it. Short guy, blond hair in a pony tail and a baseball cap? Really muscular, built like a fire hydrant? :) Anyway, you stand on it and glide your legs back and forth and it is similar to cross country skiing. Your feet never leave the pedals, so it doesn't put shock/stress on the joints, other than stretching your legs out while they swing. I bought my more basic model at WalMart for $100. They have fancier, heavier ones on TV. It is completely manual, so you get out of it what you put in. The stronger you pump, the more workout you get.

Good luck with the referral!

DJ Nikki Nickleback
06-04-2003, 07:36 AM
If you have it to spend in your budget, going to places like the YMCA, and doing "Power Waves" or "Aqua-sizing" is really great too. It is vertually no impact on joints....and with the resistance the water offers....it sheds pounds fairly quickly too.
I have yet to get to do this....but my best friend lost ALOT of weight doing it.....and she in the same boat we all are. You might try it~

07-11-2003, 10:16 AM
HI, I am new to this forum, actually I've been reading it for over a month but just joined recently. I was diagnosed with polysic ovarian syndrome 21 years ago at the age of 23 and have been on birth control pills for treatment.

Went off pills in my 20's, conceived, miscarried a few times, had to take clomid, became pregnant and had first child at age of 29, and another child to follow nearly 2 years later. I have been on BC pills since then and presently.

I have a history of hypoglycemia, not sure if I offically have it but it is recorded as history. My father was a type 2 diabetic, Aunt on my mothers side was diabetic, Grandmother (father's side) was hypoglycemic. So, anyways, I am and have been always hungry for at least the last 25 years. Some of my weight gain was of course emotional eatting and the other just plain old hungry and craving breads, sweets, peanut butter. I have been tested years back (1976 & 1991) with the 3 hr and 5 hr GTT came out in normal range.

I have read that insulin resistance and PCOS can go hand in hand. I never knew this. I have never been told this and I am not taking anything for it. I have been on WW for almost 2 yrs. & whenever I tried to be extra good with doing low fat to no fat I would gain. Since 4/18/03 I have been on Atkins and failed to lose anything for 1 1/2 months so I decided to count calories and carbs. Still constantly hungry but cravings are gone, just plain old hungry most of the time. Managed to lose about 4 pounds, 3 that I had put on while on Atkins when I wasn't counting calories along with the carbs..

So what test is the best test to ask for to check my blood sugar, etc? What if it is normal and I am still always hungry?

Thanks for reading this.


08-06-2003, 03:40 PM

Have you tried taking GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) Chromium supplements? Among the many things they are purported to do is even out blood sugar and assist with weightloss. I've found when I take them, I don't get the "starving hungries" anymore.

Jennifer 3FC
08-06-2003, 04:19 PM
Karen, sorry I didn't see this post before now! The blood test you need is fasting insulin. If you go to a gyno or an endocrinologist then they will probably know what to do. If you want to give low carb a try again, post your daily menus on the low carb forum and people will be glad to give you advice on what might be hindering the weight loss. I'm a SLOW loser too. However, slow loss is better than no loss! If I don't watch what I eat, I gain. Reeeal easy.

08-06-2003, 10:44 PM
Jennifer, I'd been on Atkins since Oct, 2002 and lost 80# when Suddenly all weight loss stopped. Not gained but had been dizzy and feeling weird when I asked doc to do a fasting sugar test. It was 126, not terribly high, but followed w/fasting blood sugar and it showed normal but glucose intolerant. I've done quite a bid or reading and decided to change to SB to get everything under control and to have more choices to continue losing weight. I'm starting the diet next Monday after going to the grocery store over the weekend. I'm disabled and can't do much exercise but do have a Gizelle Air Walker that I use daily which helps some. I hope this will work for me. Also thyroid has shut down so have taken .25 pill for a month and now waiting to see if doc will increase dosage. Still no energy so probably will be yes. I'm totally off sugar so shouldn't have too much trouble switching to the different way of eating. Any pointers will be welcomed. Kriket

Jennifer 3FC
08-06-2003, 11:28 PM
Hi Kriket, are you referring to SugarBusters or South Beach diet?

educated diva
08-17-2003, 02:15 PM
this thread has been very interesting to me..a cardiologist several years ago told me i had syndrome X but I didn't really understand what that meant. When I was 23 I was told that I had insulin resistance but not to worry..I have struggled with my weight for years only to find out now that my insulin resistance was defeating me. I always knew I wasn't eating junk food or huge portions despite what people thought. Understanding now that my body simply is going to take longer than average to lose weight and I have to work with what I have instead of competing with people who are not insulin resistance has made a great deal of difference in my approach to weight loss. No longer do I feel guilty about not losing

Jennifer 3FC
08-17-2003, 02:30 PM
Glad to hear it! It's nice to find explanations. What kind of plan are you following?

10-28-2003, 05:41 PM
I have two friends with pcos and one is been following teh special diet. I am watching to see how she does'

she said she lost some weight. i hope this continues for her.