30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Daily Chat Thurs. 9/17

09-17-2009, 09:59 AM
Well, we FINALLY have a neuro appointment for Amber (DD). Oct. 2nd, now we just need that MRI apppointment. I did a dance in the kitchen when they called. I still don't know why it took so long. Seriously how hard is it to pick up the phone and call.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am changing from weighing in the morning, to weighing in the evening so my sister and I can weigh together. I am hoping this keeps us both accountable. I am sure I will be up a bit because of weighing in the evening but it will all work out, as long as the scale starts going down I will be happy.

Hope ya'll have a great day.

09-18-2009, 11:35 AM
Beth, I'm really glad to hear that you finally got an appointment. :hug: I get so irritated with Docs offices. Always overbooked and understaffed... Here's hoping it's "nothing". I have had migraines since I was about 10. I have to really watch my water intake and make sure I get enough sleep. Hahaha!

I called a week in advance to make a follow up for my back (I can only go on Tuesdays when DH is home to fill in for me for the daycare). Scheduler said there was nothing available for NEXT Tuesday! Wow. Maybe the Tuesday after that?? :rolleyes: