100 lb. Club - 100 lb Accountability 14 - 20 September

09-14-2009, 04:22 AM
Do you need accountability? A place to post your menu or your plan for the day? Please post here. Everyone is welcome.

09-14-2009, 04:30 AM
Hey lovelies!

How are we all today. Me, I'm OK. Still coughing like anything and I'd really like that to go away soon. I'm getting a bit sick of all the coughing to be honest.

The weekend was very quiet - didn't go to the gym and housework was a bare minimum. All I did was a basic tidy up, the vacuuming and the washing. Seriously, you don't want to go near my bathroom at the moment - I'm a bit scared that the monster from the deep is going to emerge from the shower!

Cardio day at the gym and I got talking with Sarah, who was my trainer before yummy evil trainer, so it was good to see her. And work was work - got rid of one of my nasty claims, or I will be rid of it by tomorrow when I finish the letter, and got 4 more to take its place. It's all fun really!

I'm going to post some photos a some stage over the next few days - I had a makeover after work and yeah, I think I look good. Since I can't really be bothered digging out the camera cables tonight, it's not going to happen tonight. But it will.

So the menu today was:

B - muffin and marmite

S - yoghurt

L - leftover chicken stirfry, muesli bar

D - subway.

Not really that hungry today for some reason.

Have fun everyone!

09-14-2009, 07:06 AM
Hi chicks....yesterday was a good healthy sane food day. :) I am grateful. Also, I managed to eat slow enough that each meal lasted 20-30 minutes. :carrot: (the snacks not that long, however). I am very pleased with this.

I mostly puttered around the house and went to the grocery store.

Today - I have a meeting for our literacy grant. I have lots of paper work to do.

stretches and strengthening
1/2 gallon of water
log food
put fork down between bites and eat s-l-o-w-l-y

breakfast - 2 rice cakes with pnb and a dab of honey, grapes
lunch -garden burger with lite cheese, lite mayo, fresh mushrooms
snack - crackers, laughing cow cheese
dinner - pancake, boca bacon, applesauce
snack - apple, almond butter

Nicolen - I can't wait to see your photo.:) Sorry to hear that you are still coughing. Me too - it's getting old. Glad work is fun. :D

MJ - so glad you are doing OK. :D:D It should be better every day. I hope you were able to get your water in.

Lottie - alot of folks do calorie cycling with great success. :)How was the amusement park?

Have a great day everyone!

09-14-2009, 07:58 AM
Monday is back everyone!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Got a lot done this weekend and am a bit sore. Moved some more of my things and dug up and potted some of my hostas and transplanted bits of my flower beds to the place I am staying now.

My 21 yr old and my 16 yr old came over yesterday and we had a movie day. My son arrived with a fever which had me all flustered with worry. Sinuses, early season colds. All 3 of us passed the kleenex box back and forth repeatedly and swigged juice. :p

Sat was a good food day, although I know I ate too little but I was on the move all day. Sunday didn't make good choices but I'm not beating myself up over it.

The scaled moved again and I made it to a whole 50 lbs off which made me feel good in a lot of ways. Hate to see those wrinkles be de-fatted though...lol.

I am off to take a hot hot shower to try to loosen up my congestion and get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

09-14-2009, 08:33 AM
Hi Friends,

I guess I've finally reached the point where the desire to lose weight is outweighing the desire to eat. It's time to go back to the basics again. Yes, calorie counting is important, but I need to go back to my whole foods lifestyle. Today, I'll be grocery shopping after work and planning menus for the week.

Have a great on-plan day.

09-14-2009, 09:22 AM
I think maybe this is just what I need. I tend to not plan my lunch out and end up eating the wrong stuff. I did great last week and plan to continue.I also have noticed I am eating too fast. I also have gone back to a reg size plate over the summer and gained back some of what i had lost. I need to lose back what I have gained plus about 40 more after that.

breakfast- yogurt, fruit smoothie
lunch- blt salad light mayo
dinner_ chicken soup
snack string cheese and grapes
water- 128 ounces
exercise- jumping on the minitramp (20 min gotta work back up to 30 min)

09-14-2009, 11:23 AM
Hi everyone. Well, after surviving the last 3 weeks of being sick, I got on the scale this morning. It was ok, I lost 1.8 pounds over the past 3 weeks. That's ok. It could have been better if I could have worked out, but we take what we get. Actually, at one point, I got on the scale and I was up 13 pounds. It was in the middle of pneumonia, and I was retaining a lot of water (my feet were so swollen). It really scared me, so I was afraid to get on the scale this morning. So, I am very grateful that I didn't do a lot of damage. I worked out a couple of days last week and I'll be working out the rest of the week. My mom had come for a visit and she left this morning, so I didn't work out today. I think I'll try to go walking at lunch.

Nicolen: Glad you're getting better!

Beverly: Glad you found a way to extend those meals!! Good for you!

Jab: Sounds like a movie day was just what you all needed!

Rhonda: Keep going! You can do it!

Dgramie: Looks like you have a good plan!

Have a great week everyone!

09-14-2009, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone! I am about to take a nap....just took pain meds, so I won't be awake long, but I wanted to pop in.

nicolen--Good for you for resting this weekend, you needed it. A makeover, how fun! I love doing that!!! Can't wait to see pics!

Beverlyjoy--Great Job! How did your meeting go?

jab--Sounds like a good weekend, overall. Hope you feel better!!!!

Rhonda--Excellent! You are back!!! I know you can do this!

dgramie--The good news is, you know what you need to do and I know you can do it! How do you make your fruit smoothie?

Diane--So glad you are feeling better and 1.8lbs when you are sick is great! Did you get a walk in today?

lottie--How are you?

I am doing a bit better every day. I am doing my post-surgery exercises, so my ROM is getting better. Still a bit of pain, but that is to be expected. I am still struggling w/ getting enough water. I will get it back on track though!

I have realized that I am snacking a lot less than when I am at work. I am going to have to remember to take fewer snacks with me and remember to stop and think if I am hungry or bored before I have another snack at work.

Have a great OP day everyone!

09-14-2009, 03:58 PM
Well I went to the amusement park yesterday, fit in all the rides and stayed on plan while splitting some food with my friend. So I still got treats and managed to stay within' my calories.



b: 2 whole eggs, baked fries, 2 slices wheat toast
s: wheat thins and 1 oz extra sharp cheddar
l: mexican pita pizza
s: homemade veggie soup
d: bbq tofu and rice

09-14-2009, 04:04 PM
I'm finding the "just a bites" are creeping back in... three peanuts here, 1/4 apple there... IT NEEDS TO STOP.

So therefore... accountability! 1500 calories today

B- 2 cups bran flakes, 1 cup skim milk, small banana (which I forgot to eat... lol!)
L- LARGE mixed veggie salad with 8 chicken meatballs, 1/4 cup raw peanuts and 2 t low fat asian sesame dressing, yogurt cup
s- large BC peach and 2 lcow wedges
D- 6 homemade cheese pierogies, 1 cup broccoli, 2 T sour cream
S- buttered popcorn rice cake

09-14-2009, 07:30 PM
lottie--great job yesterday!!!!

cfmama--You are doing fantastic! Keep it up!

09-15-2009, 04:38 AM
Another good day today. Gym and yummy trainer and I have lost a total of 1.3 kgs in the last 2 weeks. I'm back to below 230 again and I'm hoping that's the last time I see 23something on the scale. That would be nice.

Anyway, workout was tough, but not as tough as they have been - I think it was sympathy because of the cold. It still had step ups and other fun things though, so it wasn't that easy.

Work's going well - had quite a busy day and a few IT issues didn't help. I've got to remember to save more often - getting the blue screen of death and losing the letter I was working on isn't fun.

Interesting conversation at lunch. There's about six or so of us who have lunch together - depending on rosters, the number can vary a bit, but there's pretty much a core group. Anyway today at lunch, I came out to the lunch room, took my lunch out of the fridge and this other woman, who usually doesn't see me at lunch stared at my lunch and commented on how healthy it was. Of course it was - healthy lunches are a habit now for me.

And the menu was:

B - english muffin with marmite

S - yoghurt and blueberries

S - muesli bar

L - leftover chicken stirfry, kiwifruit

D - quiche and salad.

Beverly, hope the meeting went well!

Jab, sounds like a busy weekend. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Rhonda, go you!

Dgramie, sounds like you're on the right track!

Diane, I'm thrilled you're feeling better, but don't push yourself too hard too soon!

MJ, yay for doing better each day! Awesome

Lottie, sounds like a fun day at the amusement park.

Tammy, you're a total rock star! You really are.

And the photos. I need to resize them to upload them and I can't remember how to do that. I'll try again tomorrow night, but failing that, I might just upload them somewhere and post the link.

Talk to you tomorrow!

09-15-2009, 07:54 AM
Hi Chicks... yesterday was a good day. That's six in a row. :carrot: I am so grateful. I am hoping that I'll see the scale go down tomorrow when I weigh.

The meeting went well. We decided to continue with our literacy program - it's combining storytelling (in the oral tradition), free books, and language arts activities for at-risk children in our area. We will have another fundraiser next Spring. It will be a soup lunch, silent auction and performance venue. It's alot of work - but, so worth it.

Today I'd like to carry on with my sanity with food. Also, I have an appointment with the foot doctor.

1/2 gallon water +
stretches & strengthening
write down food and values
journal feelings
aware & mindful eating
put fork down between bites

breakfast - Kashi waffle, npnb, grapes
lunch - turkey and 2% cheese wrap with lite mayo, tomatoes
snack - rice cake, almond butter, tangerine
dinner - egg white scramble, turkey sausage, fruit, toast
snack - Laughing Cow Cheese, crackers

Nicolen - I LOVE that your friend noticed your healthy lunch and your comment that is how you eat now. :D That's awesome!

cfmama - good idea to nip the nibbles in the bud!! :)

lottie - you rock!! A day at the amusement park and still staying in your calorie range. That's a wonderful accomplishment. :carrot:

MJ - I am glad you checked in and so happy that you are feeling progress. :D:D What's a ROM?

Slash - losing weight after being so sick - that's great. :) It would have been major to even stay the same. I am so, so glad you're feeling better.

Hi dgramie -Welcome! Yes, I think slowing down eating helps. Glad you posted. :)

Hi Rhonda! - going to the store to get healthy food is the first step. :):) Yes, indeed. Ya know friend, we can never stop trying!

Jab - sounds like you've been busy! Yes, hop right back on plan. Hope your feeling a bit better! :hug:

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

09-15-2009, 08:22 AM
Wow the board was busy since I was here last ...lol. I am just going to do a quickie wave to the board and glad to see everyone is doing well. :D :D

Work offered to send me home half way through my shift yesterday because I looked so bad. I refused to leave because I can't afford it. I really wanted to lay down though so the offer / suggestion that I leave was very inviting. Was very glad when my shift ended and I got to leave.

Took some nyquil and called it an early night. Had to drag myself up and about this morning so I have my fingers crossed this is going to be a better day.

Yesterday's food choices

tea w/honey

sunflower seeds

tomato sandwich (2 slices whole gr bread, 2 tomatoes sliced, miracle whip)
orange juice

09-15-2009, 11:25 AM
hello ladies, hope everyone is doing great.

today: 1600

b: taco salad, no shell, no meat, black beans instead (yes, for breakfast) haha
s: wheat thins with 1 oz extra sharp cheddar
l: mexican pita pizza
s: homemade vegetable rice soup
d: seitan wings with 1 serv ranch

09-15-2009, 12:14 PM
Well, I'm getting back in the swing of things. I worked out this morning. It still is kind of difficult. I have to remember that it will take awhile to get back to where I was before. I was hoping to go to a spin class on Thursday, but I just don't know if I can do it. We'll see how I do tomorrow. But, I'm doing much better with food plan.

Lottie: Taco salad sounds good!

Jab: Boy, you need to get some healing done! I hope you start feeling better!

Beverly: Great job with 6 days in a row! You're on a roll.

Nicolen: Congrats on getting below 230! That's great!

Cfmama: I understand the bad "little" bites of food. They can really add up. Good for you for recognizing them!

MJ: Make sure you drink your water!

Have a great day everyone!

09-15-2009, 12:18 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome.
my fruit smoothie is yogurt, 1/2 banana, berries with a splash if needed YUM!!

yesterday was great-smoothie for breakfast
snack pumpkin cookie homemade
lunch-blt salad
dinner - homemade chicken soup
string cheese

today breakfast- 2egg fried in spray
1 whole wheat 35cal toast
few grapes
lunch- okra and tomatoes
frozen grapes

dinner- baked porkchop
green beans
sliced tomato

09-15-2009, 07:29 PM
Hi everyone! I had an 'outing' today....it felt SO good to get out of the house! I over did it a bit, so I ended up coming home and taking pain meds and a 2 hour nap. It's ok, though. Tomorrow we are going to my grandmothers for a little while--so I'll get another 'outing'!!

nicolen--Yea for another good day!

Beverlyjoy--6 days in a row is fantastic! Your literacy program sounds great! Too bad I'm not closer, I'd love to see you perform. How did it go w the foot doctor? Oh, sorry...Range of Motion--bending and straightening.

jab--Hope you feel better!


Diane--Ease yourself back in, you'll be back in full force before you know it!

dgramie--Your smoothie sounds yummy!!!

Still working on the water issue...it WILL get better!

I painted my toenails this afternoon....I had to take my polish off before the surgery and my toes have looked 'naked'....they are now a pretty pearly pink color.

Have a great OP day everyone!

09-16-2009, 06:40 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday was my seventh day of food sanity - I am grateful. I am doing my 'happy dance' :dancer: today because the scale shows I've lost 3 pounds.

I frequently overeat the day I weigh myself - I will NOT do it this time!!

Today I tell stories with at the Senior Day Center. I need to finish my thank you notes for summer work, too.

-stretches and strengthening (I didn't do this yesterday - just didn't feel like it. So I must today :rollpin:)
-1/2 gallon water +
-write down food and values
-journal feelings
-put fork down between bites and pause (yesterday I stretched each meal and snack out to 20 - 30 minutes )
-aware eating
-Positive Mental Attitude

breakfast - instant grits with lite margerine, almond butter spoon, applesauce

lunch - eggs with peppers and onion scramble with lite cheese, toast, tomatoes

snack - apple, pnb

dinner - stuffed peppers

snack - yogurt

Jab - I hope your finally feeling better. It was nice of work to offer you to take the day off. (My friend says that because of the swine flu - her supervisors are sending folks home like crazy if they come to work sick.) Keep drinking lots of water. :)

Lottie - tacos for breakfast sound good to me. :D Sometimes I'll have a turkey sandwich at breakfast. Good plan.

MJ - so glad you got out. Don't over do it - does ice help if you do too much. So glad you'll see your Grandma! :D:D The foot doctor wrapped my foot and it always feels better when he does that. We will try adjusting the arch part of my ankle brace at some point in time. I am hoping that will give me long time relief - it's a long shot. But worth a try. I wish you lived closer too - I'd love to have you come and hear stories!

dgramie - your smoothie sounds great! :)

slash - so glad your food is getting a bit better. :D Slow and steady back into exercise and you'll get back there!

Shout out to everyone that stops by. Have a GREAT op day.

09-16-2009, 09:08 AM
I am pushing fluids and OTC cold meds and they are getting me by. It is dropping to my lungs (lots of hacking) and I have my nebulizer with me so I am prepared...lol.

lottie ~ taco salad sounds good any time of the day

slashni ~ i think i can, i think i can.... just keep repeating it :D

dgramie~ welcome to the board

mj5 ~ glad to hear you are recovering nicely !!! doesn't take long to get cabin fever though does it

beverlyjoy~ wow girl you are on a roll, big time congrats!!!!

my food choices weren't the best yesterday

tea w/ honey
1/2 Arnold's sandwich thin
1/4 cup lf yogurt

sunflower seeds
w grain crackers

spanish rice (large bowl...comfort food)

sherbet ( should have turned back before this, but a friend brought it and if you wave it in my face i am weak... )

Hope everyone has a great OP day !!!

09-16-2009, 09:58 AM
Good Morning!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!

Beverlyjoy--CONGRATS on 3lbs lost!!!! I love stffed peppers, but the one time I made them, they came out, well....not good! Care to share? Oh yes, 'ice is nice' as my ormer PT would say!!! Loys of ice, rest, and elevation. Glad to hear your foot is a bit better, I hope it lasts too!

jab--Take care of yourself! No, it doesn't take long for cabin fever to set in...I'm all for a 'lazy day' BUT when I have to slow down and can't drive....NOT fun!

I am feeling better again today....so very glad for that! I haven't taken any pain meds, yet. I will take some later, I'm sure. My grandmother is awesome....she is 81 and more active than most people much younger. She is getting ready for a garage sale in a couple of weeks and she wants us to go through some stuff to see if my husband wants it to list on ebay, instead.

I am very excited to sleep in my own bed tonight!!!! I have been living in the recliner and I am ready to tackle the stairs. I will be very glad to get the stitches out on Friday--there aren't many, but they are getting itchy.

I am doing much better w/ water--finally! I stepped on the scale this am and was NOT happy....I know I am bloated from TOM and my knee is SUPER swollen still--that fluid has to weigh something!

09-16-2009, 10:10 AM
HI...yesterday was perfect and I finished the day off with a hard workout with weights.I can sure feel it this morning!!
Today will be a challenge, tonight is our annual church fish fry. So Im cutting calories during the day to allow me to enjoy the fish and sides. I will stay away from the desserts!! Let me tell you these woman can bake!!!! THe men do all the cooking and woman just bring desserts.
breakfast- smoothie
lunch -huge garden salad
dinner_ fish,vinegar slaw, and maybe a salad.

09-16-2009, 11:55 AM
Hi everyone. I am being accountable... I had a bad day with food yesterday. Wow. So easy to slip back into bad habits, but I'm back on track today. I worked out this morning and it was pretty good. I think I'm getting stronger. I was going to skip spin class tomorrow, but I think I'll go and see what I can do. If it is too hard, I'll stop, but I miss it and want to get back to it.

dgramie: Those church food get togethers can be torture! So many good cooks and tasty treats! Good luck to you!

MJ: Hope the stairs are kind to you. I had to laugh about your "outing". It's funny how we take things for granted!

Jab: Oh swell. Hacking. Hang in there!

Beverly: You know, I've noticed that too. It is as if after you weigh yourself, you have an entire week before weighing again, so I'm not as vigilant on food choices.

Rhonda, Nicolen, Lottie, Cfmama: How's it going?

Have a great day everyone!

09-16-2009, 11:57 AM
Jab - take care. So glad you have a nebulizer.

dgramie - good job on planning ahead.

slash - hop right back on your program and you'll be OK. I know you can do it.

mj - my Dad made the BEST stuffed peppers. I've only made them once. Frankly - I get the Stouffers Stuffed Peppers. It is NOT in lite/diet section. Regular Stouffer's in the bright red box. One stuffed pepper and sauce is 150 calories and two are 300. It's more salt than I would ordinarily eat - but, it's only once in a while.


Here's the link for info on the stuffed peppers:

Off to tell tales.

09-16-2009, 01:31 PM
today: 1400

b: 2 whole eggs, 2 slices toast, 1 serv baked fries
s: wheat thins
l: homemade veggie rice soup
s: extra sharp cheddar (1 oz)
d: naked bbq seitan burrito

09-16-2009, 05:12 PM
Hi again! I am SO bored today. I did not use this as an excuse to eat....I'm not hungry, I'm bored! My husband has to go back to work tomorrow, so I'm on my own. It's ok, though, I feel up to it, just not looking forward to being extra bored. I have some new eye shadows that I haven't tried out, yet, so I am going to try playing w them. May not sound exciting, but I love makeup, so it's actually fun for me!

dgramie--Sounds like you had a great workout! Have fun at the fish fry tonight!

Diane--It is so easy to slip back, isn't it? Good for you for getting right back on track! I didn't sleep upstairs last night (I was too sore), BUT I am going to tonight!!! I know...I am so used to just going and doing what I want, when I want (well..not totally, but you know what I mean!)....relying on my husband so much, while I know he is happy to do it, is NOT easy for me!

Beverlyjoy--Good to know! I never know which of those frozen dinner items actually taste good, so I don't normally use them. I'll have to give those a try.

lottie--Keep it up!

Rhonda--How are you doing??

09-16-2009, 10:33 PM
I am happy to report...I did great at the fish fry.Its hard to resist the desserts and I mean tables full of them! I even came home and jumped on the minitramp.
My plan for tommorow
( I will be keeping my 11 month oldgranddaughter the next 2 days)
breakfast 2 egg boiled and 1 peice of ww toast
lunch tuna steak and green beans
dinner- mashed potatoes made with light butter and lowfat milk
baked chicken breast

09-17-2009, 08:17 AM
Hi chicks - I am happy to say that I didn't overeat yesterday. I usually overeat the day I weigh in - and I didn't even consider it. :D I am very grateful.

Today I am having a business lunch with a friend.

I used the recumbent bike yesterday :) - so I'll hold off today. (slow and steady)

-stretches and strengthening
-lots of water
-write down foods and calories
-journal feelings, etc
-put fork down between bites - try to stretch meals to at least 20 minutes
-aware eating
-write a list of why I want to get to a healthy weight - and read it out loud in the morning & evening
-PMA (positive mental attitude)

breakfast - leftover stuffed pepper, toast, a few grapes

lunch - out - grilled fish sandwich, grilled veggies

snack - rice cake, pnb, 1/2 peach

dinner - french toast, boca bacon, sf syrup, tomatoes

snack - cereal, milk

dgramie - you did GREAT. That's a wonderful accomplishment. :carrot: The tramp, too - awesome

MJ - is it going to be a TV day?? Sorry you're bored. I figured that you like makeup because that's usually your 'reward'. ;) I am glad you are making progress with your knee.

Lottie - veggie rice soup sounds good. Thanks for the idea. :)

Have a good day everyone.

09-17-2009, 11:29 AM
Good Morning everyone! I'm a little sore this am, but nothing major....probably just trying to get used to sleeping in our bed w/ pillows propping me up, instead of the recliner.

dgramie--Great job! Have fun w/ your granddaughter!!!!

Beverlyjoy--Excellent! Have fun at lunch! Yes, today will be a tv day....Last night I remembered, I have the whole season of ER on the dvr upstairs, so I think I am going to have an ER marathon for the next couple of days!

Nothing exciting giong on here today...dh went back to work. I am going to go through bills--fun, fun and make a grocery list.

I will hopefully get my stitches out tomorrow....I was hoping to see the dr, but I will be seeing his PA. I really like her, but she wasn't involved in my surgery and I would like to pick my drs brain...oh well, my next appt (which will probably be in a couple of weeks) will be w/ him.

Have a great OP day everyone!

09-17-2009, 11:31 AM
Ok, I made it through spin class! I thought I was going to die, and my muscles are crying now, but I made it. I'm definitely better. No more talk of losing all that time when I was sick. It's over. So, I'll go back to pushing myself more. The spin class instructor was different than the usual one and I didn't like her as much, but it was a good workout... always is! I stayed on plan for food yesterday, but it was a struggle. Why the sudden chocolate craving and ice cream craving? But I'm fighting the urge.

Beverly: You are doing great! Have a good business lunch.

dgramie: You conquered the fish fry! Good for you! It is something we all have to learn, to be able to be sensible even when confronted with huge temptation.

MJ: Hope you have a more fulfilling day today. Are you feeling better?

Lottie: The soup does sound good!

Everyone else: Hey all! Check in and let us know how you are doing!

09-17-2009, 01:05 PM
My my....I had a cheat meal last night. I had chips and salsa with a wing-o rito (tofu "wing" burrito) with all the fixins. I enjoyed myself, but had a bad food hangover all night. Back On Plan today! Doing 1300 cals the next three days to try and even out my cheat! hehe...

other than that, everything is going well, exercise could be better, water could be better, but I'm trying really hard.

I think I drank all my water yesterday. whew. Been having trouble getting it in. exercised yesterday too. yay. :)

today: 1302

b: homemade seitan in sf syrup
s: triscuits and extra sharp cheddar
l: 2 cups homemade veggie soup w/ rice
d: naked seitan bbq burritos
s: 1 cup homemade veggie soup w/ rice

09-18-2009, 02:11 AM
I'm new to 3FC. Four days now. I count calories, but I kind of follow the DASH diet without the nuts. I aim for 1500, but today it was only 1160.

1 cup full fat yogurt
organic raw oatmeal 1/2 cup (mixed with oatmeal) chewy and delish
1 nectarine
2 pkg Stevia
frozen green pepper
1 sm can tuna
1 tbl mayo/onion
1 english muffin
1 slice swiss cheese
green beans steamer bag

09-18-2009, 08:39 AM
Good morning! Hopefully I will get my stitches out today. I am scheduled to see the PA, but I hope to get in a quick chat w/ my surgeon too. Dh and I have to get groceries tonight....we need some healthy stuff in this house! I need to get back into my routine of eating healthier!

Have a great day everyone!

09-18-2009, 08:53 AM
Hi chicks! Last night I ate a little extra. I guess it's progress not perfection for me. Another day...another plan. Here we go!

breakfast - egg white scramble with ketchup, boca bacon, grapes

lunch - HC chicken marsala, tomatoes

snack - cottage cheese and 1/2 banana

dinner - ww paster with sauces of tomatoes, evoo, olives, onions, garlic, chicken brother, steamed zucchini

snack - cheese toast, 1/2 peach

MJ - hope all goes well today with the stitches and that you get to speak with your doctor. Glad you are improving. Yes, it helps to have the healthy stuff in the house. I know you'll get your groove back.

Suezeeque - Welcome I count calories too.

lottie - keep trying. Good job on the exercise.

slash - so glad your better and you got thru your spin class...YAY

Have a great day, chicks.

09-18-2009, 02:59 PM
Well, I was really sore all day yesterday after spin class, but glad I got back on track with that. I went today and walked the treadmill at a high uphill grade and then did some ab work. That was good. Still fighting the urge to eat everything in sight. Not sure why I'm on such a "craving" mode right now, but I'll keep fighting it off.

Beverly: Progress is good!

MJ: Hope you get those stitches out! Glad to hear that you are getting better.

Suezeeque: Welcome! Glad you could join us!

Lottie: Love chips and salsa!

09-18-2009, 05:33 PM
Hi again! My appt went well...I didn't get to see the dr, but I will next time. From what the PA said, it sounds like I am still a candidate for the partial replacement--which is good news. I won't know for sure, of coure, until I see the dr in a few weeks. I have my exercise assignments--strengthen quads and exercise bike. I am seriously thinking about hitting the gym tomorrow to hop on the bike. I know I want to lose weight before I have more surgery--it will make recovery much easier, and put me that much closer to my goal.

09-19-2009, 12:09 AM
hello ladies, was out and busy all day today. had my 3 mile walk. that was nice. Tomorrow I'm playing POKER. Can't wait. ;)


b: cheese pita pizza
s: wheat thins and hummus
l: veggie riblet patty
s: 1 oz mozzarella cheese
d: zucchini lasagna with ground veggie sausage crumbles <<<can't wait! :)

09-19-2009, 09:36 AM
Hi chicks....hope all is well with you. I've been struggling - but, I will not give up! For today:

- lots of water
- write down food
- stretches and strengthening
- meditation
- fork down between bites
- lots of water

breakfast - boca bacon, pnb toast, strawberry yogurt
lunch - tuna salad sandwich, veggie and dip
snack - peach
dinner - egg white scramble, turkey sausage, fruit, toast
dinner - cereal, fruit, milk

Have a great day.

09-19-2009, 11:57 AM
Good Morning everyone! I did a little light cleaning and put in some laundry. I am going to take some pain meds and rest a bit....I promised dh I would NOT over do it today. We are going to one of my nephew's bday party tonight....can't believe he's turning 18!!! I'm sure he'll ditch the family so he can go hang out w/ his friends, but that's ok, it will be nice to see family for a bit. We are having a nice healthy dinner before we go, so cake should not be a problem--my SIL is not the best baker in the world, so she usually buys a store bought cake, if it's what she usually gets--I don't like it, so no problem resisting! LOL!

Other than that, no major plans today. I MUST drink lots of water today...still struggling w/ that.

Have a great day everyone!

09-20-2009, 09:25 AM
mj5~ glad to hear you are recovering nicely !!!!!!!!!!!!

beverlyjoy~ each and every day is a battle isn't it. I try not to think too far beyond the day in question or it seems to un-nerve me a bit.

lottie~ how was poker ?? i have a group of friends who play texas hold'em every week but I always tell them I don't have the mental capability to play... my mind wanders once I sit down and get the least bit bored or distracted. I also have very "telling" eyes... so basically I would be donating my pennies each week...lol

slashni~ hope you are winning the battle with the craving , that can be a bummer. Sometimes I find it's I just can't find exactly what it is that will conquer the crave and it leads to more mindless eating... ugh

Well I am still toting around kleenex and taking cold meds. I get wheezy if I move around too much which makes me start to hack badly. I had a biker thing yesterday but I only stayed long enough to drop off my dish to pass (a homemade chicken pot pie) and say hello to everyone. My sister and I rented some chick flicks and spent the evening that way.

My daughter (20 yr old) and her gf surprised me Fri after I got off work with flowers and a candle and brought me a cookies and cream chocolate birthday cake. I cried it was a nice surprise and she wrote me a beautiful card. Between them and my sister and my best friend we devoured the cake and any evidence it existed.

Then Saturday I picked up my son and took him to pizza hut (at his request) but I did well and only had 2 slices of pizza and sent the rest home with him. He and his dad are fighting off this cold as well. I took medicine over and wrote down instructions for both of them on what time to take what... you'd think a 48 yr old man could read a cold medicine package but then again I think it's just years of having someone do everything for you. Which I accept the blame for that.

My oldest daughter (21 yr old) went back to Ohio to help her friend. The babysitter had to have emergency surgery and she needs someone to take care of her children while she is at work. So my daughter has gone to stay with her and help with her kids since she just moved back and hadn't found a job yet. I think she was glad to go back and have a reason since she is missing her friends since coming back to Michigan and back to the woods with no social life....

I have a list of things I need to try to get done today but so far I have little motivation. So I am swigging my tea and typing and stalling...lol.

I hope everyone has a great OP day !!!!!!!! I WILL MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES TODAY!!!!!!! :D :D

09-20-2009, 10:25 AM
Hi chicks - another day...another food plan. I keep plugging along! Here's what in store for today:

Dh is coming home today. He's been gone for a week. It will be good to have him home. I need to tidy up my office and clean the bathrooms today.

breakfast - cheerios, milk, 1/2 banana

lunch - black bean and lite cheese wrap with salsa, tomatoes

snack - peach

dinner - sauerkraut and pork steak ( cooking in crockpot) on baked potato

snack - rice cake with pnb, sf cocoa

Jab - sound like you and I had similar illnesses. I had never 'wheezed' before. It's a strange thing. I am so glad you got to spend time with your children. Take care of yourself the best you can. Feel better!!

MJ - sounds like you are making some progress. When do you think they will want to do the partial knee thingy? Gee- you just got this taken care of. Hope you aren't overdoing. I bet the bday party was fun.

Lottie - wow...a three mile walk is awesome. How was the poker game??

Slash - go glad you are back into your exercise routine a bit more. Put on your 'boxing gloves' and fight those urges to eat!

suezeeque - hope you are doing well.

Have a good day everyone!

09-20-2009, 12:21 PM
Heya ladies, poker was fun, the last two weeks I"ve won about 20$ each week, (I keep chopping for second :( ) but it's better than nothing! :)

today: 1900 (calorie cycling this week)
b: 2 whole eggs, 2 slices toast, 1 serv baked fries
s: 1 cup homemade veggie rice soup
l: general tso's tofu and eggroll
s: wheat thins with 2 oz hummus
d: vegetarian chili

09-20-2009, 01:13 PM
Nicolen - where are you? Hope all is OK? Wishing you well.

09-20-2009, 03:11 PM
Hey everyone. Quick post today. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing good this weekend. Might have overdone a little bit yesterday, I worked out in the morning, then went to my son's football game where I stood the whole time, and then went shopping. I was so tired last night!! But, relaxing day today!

09-20-2009, 03:12 PM
Hi everyone! I am looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow....well, sort of! LOL!!! It will be good to get back into a routine. i also need to go to the gym and start on the bike--drs orders. I know I'll be tired tomorrow!

jab--So sorry that you are still sick. Happy belated bday!!!! What a nice surprise from your daughter! Take care of yourself--rest, it sounds like you need it!

Beverlyjoy--I'm plugging along too...YIPPEE for dh coming home. This is SO weird! I have pork chops and sauerkraut in the crockpot too!! Great minds think alike! It smells SO good in here right now!!! Actually, this surgery was the first step of the partial replacement--he wanted to go in and 'look around' before he made a final decision about a partial or a total replacement. Not sure when that will happen--it depends on how I feel after I heal (he did try to 'clean' things up while he was in looking around my knee. I over did a bit earlier, but I am resting now/

lottie--How was poker?

Diane--Keep at it!!


nicolen and Rhonda--How are you?

Have a great OP day everyone!

09-20-2009, 03:24 PM
hi..life has been busy so I have missed a few days of posting. I am doing GREAT!! Food is easy right now..wish I could bottle this feeling and save it for the tough times!
Breakfast- a fiber bar and a few blueberries
lunch- turkey gravy serving of beets stuffing, and aspargus
dinner- 2 slice of pizza hut pizza