30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thurs 09/10

09-10-2009, 10:08 AM
Mornin' ladies! :wave:

Oooohhhh, yesterday was NOT a good eating day. AF is on her way and I had some overwhelming urges...I had a chocolate bar yesterday afternoon and 3 cupcakes at home last night. :eek: :eek:

SO.NOT.GOOD! :mad:

The rest of the cupcakes went in the bottom of the freezer for DH to eat...eventually. I swear I'm going to go home...grab a box or container of some sort...shove all the sugary crap we have in the house into it and tape it! The ice cream is okay to stay in the freezer cause I don't eat it at all...only DH does.

Has anyone seen my willpower?? ACK! :shrug:

09-10-2009, 11:34 AM
Aw, Wifey! Just start over today. Darn hormones, anyway. If I find a little extra will power, I will "will" it your way. ;)

Mornin'. :coffee: Baby up and down all night...feeling like a zombie.

Just another day...got some pork chops for dinner. They're real thin, so think I'll slice them in strips, toss with some garden veggies and serve with rice. I have some Hoisin Sauce and a boatload of rice to use.

I had a NSV today. Slipped on a pair of old familiar shorts and they buttoned better around yon tummy. That felt good! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

09-10-2009, 11:36 AM
Wifey- No extra willpower here. I hate AF and all those chocolate urges.

Willa- very jealous of your vacation! I had planned to go to Guatemala in Jan. but have decided not to go until I get my DD taken care of. DH and I discussed instead of me taking a trip, taking that trip money I would have spent and spending it on a family vacation. We are going to let DD decide where to go. She is talking about a cruise, maybe a Disney cruise.

Thanks to everyone for saying a prayer for my baby. We are still waiting on an appt with a neurologist. I will post more when I found out something. Keep on praying.

So I've not had a good couple of days with DH eating all the LC food and with DD's CT scan results. I have been undecided what to do so I ATE and ATE and ATE! Why do I (we) also resort back to that? I feel like I have changed my "diet" so many times I don't know which way to go. I really hadn't decided what to do but found myself saying I am through with diets all together. If I don't lose a single pound I am going to be happy with myself. Life is so short and I refuse to be controlled by food. I am going to eat what I want when I want, in reason of course. After talking with a good friend she said "well do WW, sounds like what you have in mind anyway". (I've done WW before) so here I am switching yet again to WW and this time I am going to stick with it. No matter how tough, no matter if all my food gets eaten, no matter what. In the past when the going got tough I would bail out, change my plan, cry about failing, feel guilty... I am DONE! No more! (slams fist on desk!) No more hoping this is "THE TIME" that pivotal moment when I finally let it all click and get my act together. I am determined to make it this time. (I am printing this out and posting it on my fridge so I can read it everyday!)

Hope everyone has a great day.

09-10-2009, 12:53 PM
Squeak, hang in there!

Wifey, just put yesterday behind you and focus on today!

Morton, that sounds yummy! We eat a TON of pork because I can get a huge loin for $1.99/pound. It needs a lot of trimming, but when I get it home I trim it and cube it and freeze it in baggies, each with 1 pound of lean, trimmed, cubed pork. Makes my life SOOOOO much easier!

As far as me, I've had good fortune that I don't even feel I deserve! I finally went back and calorieking'ed my food journal from the holiday weekend and compared it to my GoWear Fit. I actually did have an overall calorie deficit! And lo and behold, this morning I weighed in at 190.6. I don't feel like I deserve it -- over the long weekend I had TWO 3000 calorie days, and even my "good" days were around 2000. I tried to be active but my opportunities were limited.

I think what I can be proud of, though, is that after I got back from our trip I IMMEDIATELY got back on plan. Down to 1500 calories and working out the next day. I think that you can survive ANY vacation or hiccup in your plan as long as you don't let it get drawn out into a week or more of off-plan behavior.

So anyway, after simply hoping that I would maintain, now I think I'll have an actual loss!

I have to see the OBGYN today. I'd been putting it off since I had gained the last 25 pounds or so. She was SO proud of me when I had lost the weight to begin with that I was ashamed for her to see me getting heavier and heavier. I'm not looking forward to being weighed fully clothed, though. I much prefer my naked weight!

Tomorrow we leave for a wedding at 6 am. Yuck. I'm not in the wedding but my husband is, so I think I should have lots of time to walk around a new city and do my shred.

Meals are planned for today and exercise is already mostly accomplished, so I'm hoping for a good day today!

09-10-2009, 03:46 PM
Re- vacations are the worst for me . It's like a kiss of diet death.. lol Everytime I go on vacation I find it so hard to come back and get right back on plan. Yeah for you:carrot:.

Mort- Dinner sounds yummy! Gonna make enough to share??