WW Clubs and Groups - #222 Bale of Turtles Facing Autumn!

09-09-2009, 09:58 PM
:welcome3: :carrot: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on even when the odds are against us. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

Lin S
09-09-2009, 10:45 PM

Checking in to see how you did, Judy. Wow!! .8 pounds is only a mere 3.2 ounces away from a whole pound. That's a respectable loss, even if it did get you right on 200, rather than below. Nice going and you're sure to see that big one next week. :bravo:

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :write: :coffee: :corn: :book2:

09-10-2009, 09:18 AM
went down .8
still not back where I was two weeks ago
but am renewed and rededicated

Food Item POINTS value per serving
6 gummy bears 1
1 1/2 chicken nuggets 2
1 Oreo cookie 1
1/4 thin crust fast-food pizza slice (1 slice is 1/8th of a 12-inch pie) 1
1/2 cup apple juice 1
1/3 cup macaroni and cheese 3
1/2 medium serving fast-food french fries 3
1 oz Teddy Grahams (about 22 pieces) 3
1/3 ice cream sandwich 1
1/2 cup dry cheerios 1
1/4 grilled cheese sandwich 3
1/4 cup raisins 2
1/3 granola bar 1
1/2 cup plain cooked pasta 2
1 oz plain M&Ms (about 35 pieces) 3
3 saltine crackers 1
1 small Tootsie Roll Tootsie pop 1
1/4 peanut butter and jelly sandwich 2

09-10-2009, 10:32 AM
Morning, turtles:

Judy - congrats on the loss. You are almost there! Good going!

Lin- hope you are doing good this week.

Msmeri - thanks for the info.

Princess, Cherry - how you guys doing?

Stayed same at my weigh in, so now time to get down to business.
No more excuses!

Plan on rejoining centre tonight & getting back on track with my walking.
That seems to help keep me on track & I certainly feel better afterwards & enjoy the swim/hot-tub as well.
Goal this week: Stay OP & plan ahead (have ribfest tomorrow) & get in 3 walks.

Have a great day, ladies.

09-11-2009, 08:45 AM
Hi all! The wedding is over and it was a wonderful day! The happy couple is on their honeymoon in Hawaii right now and we are keeping intouch with them via Facebook. I am trying to get back on track but the stress eating has been a problem... I am sooo far behind on posts, just have not had time to log on until now.

Hope all is well with everyone!

09-11-2009, 10:22 AM
Hi Turtles,
Hey Lin, thanks for mathematical interpretation of .8#. I'm hanging in there and Thursday morning I was down even more on my home scale, so I feel I'll be able to break 200# this week. Thanks for the support! :bravo:

MsMeri, thanks for the WW Points on the different foods. I'm glad you lost weight this week and we've all been where you are now. The good thing is your attitude is good and the other thing is to remember to look ahead, not behind. You're doing great! :cp:

Bandit, rejoining the centre will definitely do the trick. I remember that's when your weight started dropping off. Weigh to go! :tread:

Princess, don't worry about a thing. We're so glad you're back and posting. Yay! :cp: :dance: :dancer: that the wedding was so wonderful. I'm glad it was great. The stress eating will ease off now and you'll be fine. Baby step this along with the rest of us.

As for myself, I've had a relatively stress-free time of it lately and my nice weight losses have reflected that. Then out of the blue last night I got a call from my dd who is still sick and the whole family is sick and they need my help again. Sure enough, I headed right back into the kitchen to eat the leftovers I had brought back from the restaurant. Was I hungry? No. Was I feeling like I needed some comfort? Yes. So there it is again and today I'll make sure my eating stays where I want it to be.
You all take care. Be happy. Drink your water. (I'm drinking lots of water today because I can taste the salt from the restaurant food--why do they do that anyway?)
234.6/200/195 closer to onederland :cool:

Lin S
09-11-2009, 11:48 AM
Good morning!

Ms. Meri--you lost almost a whole pound. Be proud of yourself. You done good! :cp:

Princess, I'm glad the wedding went well. I hope they have a great honeymoon and a good start on their marriage. Hang in there. You'll get back on track as you get back to your regular, non-wedding routine. :)

Bandit, I'm with you. Walking does a lot for me, not only in terms of moving my body, but in stress relief, too. You go!:exercise:

Judy, I hope your family gets well soon. Hang in there. You're doing well. :)

Stress seems to be one of the biggies. I've been thinking about that as we've been dealing with the unemployment/not enough income issue. We all seem to post stress followed by eat, as if they automatically and obviously go together. They don't. A lot of people deal with stress in their lives without turning to food. And eating just adds more stress because we beat ourselves up over eating in response to stress. Silly us!! I think we all need to stick post-its on the fridge, pantry, computer monitor, wherever our eyes go often that says-"Will eating because you're stressed solve the problem that's stressing you?"

Add to that question, this one: "If eating will only add more stress, what will help make me feel better, able to cope more easily with the stress, and keep me OP?" I suspect that exercise is one of the best responses to question two, especially going for a walk because walking is not only a great stress relief, but it frees your brain to mull over solutions to the stressors in our lives. However, I'm sure there are others. Knitting, doing anything creative and fun, taking time out for ourselves-a breather before we dig in and cope.

The thing is, stress is not ever going to go away and if we wait for stress-free times to work on our weight goals, we'll never reach them because there's never really a stress-free time. Something always happens, from a whole bunch of little annoyances that add up to a stress-filled day to major things like unemployment, illness, family issues, and so on. So, figuring out how to deal is a biggie.

My current worries include losing access to a kitchen over which I have control. If we lose the ability to cover our rent and have to move in with someone else, eat in shelters or from food banks, etc., I'm going to have a very difficult time because the food people donate isn't always the healthiest and lowest-calorie food on the planet. Anyway, I keep telling myself not to borrow trouble and take one day at a time. I'm resorting to cliches, but by not worrying about what hasn't happened yet, I can keep doing what I need to do while I can.

The result is that I've lost another pound this week, down to 226. I only have 6 more pounds to go to reach my current goal. And the WW software is so amusing. I put in 26 instead of 226 and it said I'd reached goal, and a dangerously low weight, and all these warnings. Plus it wanted me to recalculate my points. Like my dh said, "If you really weighed that little, you'd be dead." :D Then when I fixed the error, it thought I was on maintenance and shouldn't be losing weight. :lol3: The techies need to do some work on error handling. :rolleyes:

Have a great weekend and keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :book2: :coffee: :write: :corn:

09-11-2009, 12:13 PM
Morning, ladies:

Princess - glad to see you back & now that your wedding is over, you can get back to a more normal programme.

Judy - you are doing soooooooo great & next week you will be rewarded.
Keep up the good work.

Lin - I hear you about the stress. Just seems always something going on to play with people's minds. Hang in there & congrats on the weight loss.

I got in a 2 mile walk last night & then quick swim & hot-tub but then came home to an unpleasant thing. Our cat got sprayed by skunk & I cannot believe the mess of that. It really didn't smell like you would think & I called animal emergency services & they said that is because it is the concentrated version. I flushed his eyes several times & washed him for about 2 hours - then kept him in basement until I could take him to groomers this a.m.
What a night!

I tell you, it is always something to deal with. Some days I feel like selling everything, quitting job & moving to a remote island that has lots of vodka!

Tonight will be eating at ribfest - but ate below points yesterday & so far today. So, hopefully will be OK

Have a great weekend!

09-15-2009, 09:34 AM
Angel food cake
Sometimes, we all love a slice of cake. Warm and fluffy, every bite is better than the previous one. With angel food cake, you can enjoy a slice without feeling guilty about it later. Pretend it’s your birthday and have a slice, maybe even with some fat-free whipped cream.

Lin S
09-15-2009, 11:50 AM
Good morning!

Hope the ribfest went OK, Bandit. You're so right about moving to the island. I often feel the same way, minus the vodka. :p

Ms. Meri, I don't feel guilty about eating anything. It really is all OP. If I go over points, I consider it a learning experience and try to figure out how not to make that particular mistake again. I spent several years learning not to divide food into "good" and "bad" categories. I don't binge on any particular foods anymore. I figure out what I want to eat and then figure out how to fit it into my food plan for the week. Or I remind myself that I can have it next week, if I don't have the points available now.

A good angel food cake is a nice dessert, but when I eat it, it's because I want that kind of cake, not as a substitute for something I'd feel guilty about eating. I'm better off not eating anything than eating substitutes because after I eat the substitute, I still want the original thing. I often ended up eating that, too, so in the long run, I eat fewer calories by eating what I really want in the first place.

I also don't eat fat free whipped cream. I dislike eating chemical soups that pass for food, not just because I think they're unhealthy, but because I don't like the taste. I have a very sensitive palate and taste chemical flavors other people don't notice. "Fake" food often tastes weird to me. But I've said that before. I'm glad they help other people with their weight loss journeys, but if I can't eat real food, I'd rather stay fat. I think real food is better for my body and less likely to make me sick over the long haul.

This week has been a real challenge because I've been unable to exercise because of my sore ribs. And I had a couple of restaurant meals because cooking wasn't happening for the same reason. I'm doing fine, point-wise, but I've been eating a few weekly points most days, which is unusual. That's something I notice when I don't exercise--I tend to eat a little bit more. Not a good balance. I'm looking forward to having my ribs stop hurting and getting back to exercising.

I hope everything's good with everyone else. Have a good day.

Keep turtlin'! :balloons:
:comp: :coffee: :corn: :write: :book2: :chef:

09-15-2009, 11:56 AM
Okay Turtles,
I sense we all need a little :love: and :grouphug: Keep on keepin' on, drink your water, and make yourself proud. That's what I'm trying this week.
234.6/200/195 :cool:

09-15-2009, 12:25 PM
Hi ladies. I have been reading your posts but have not been posting myself because i am not doing good at all.:o I am really embarrased to be posting on a weightloss board when i am gaining weight like crazy. Part of it may be that it is TOM time.:( That takes some getting use to after being pregnant for 9 months and not having to deal with it. My weight is up to 239 and i feel horrible about it.:?::(:o:^: Of course if i beat myself up about it then i just eat more so i guess i really am always fighting myself. Sorry for the downer of a post. I am just going to keep trying.:)

09-15-2009, 12:42 PM
Cherry ~ I know what you mean about posting while you are on the gaining end of things. I don't feel up to it either. But I think we all should remember that is when we need the support the MOST. This is not a place to just brag, it is a place to hold out your arm and help a fellow sister!

And second my Dear....
You JUST had a baby!
It takes over a year to get back to normal(ish)
(shhh mine is 19 and I am not there yet)

Start with the foundation
not the numbers on the scale

Drink your water!
track ever bite good or bad

Do this for a while, a long while.

Make it a habit.

Then decide what you can SLOWLY add in baby steps.

and you better be here a lest once a week, or I gonna come hunt you down!

09-15-2009, 12:59 PM
Good afternoon, ladies

Cherry -you sure sound down in the dumps. Remember, we are all here to help you & as Msmeri said, when you don't feel like posting & coming here that is when you really do need it the most. We have all had bad times on this journey & need extra support at times. Maybe just try one positive thing for this week, then add another next week & so on. Remember "baby steps"

Judy - you are soooooo right. We all need to perk things up abit. Good luck at the scale!

Lin - hope your ribs are better & you can get back out there exercising. Makes such a difference with everything overall.

Msmeri - I also make angel food cake mixed with crushed pineapple. Very good & low in points, thanks for the reminder!

I got in 2 walks to far this week and have stayed mostly OP - except for a small bag of chips I found in cupboards. But I still stayed within my points.
Hoping to be down at scales this week.

We have been having nice weather up here for a change which is nice since we really missed out on summer.

Hoping everyone does great at the scales this week!

09-15-2009, 09:34 PM
Just a quick hello...I have not been able to find you all for days....
I am not having a good week but still hang in..
Watching the biggest loser and just crying my eyes out...This season 8 is going to be good...
see ya tomorrow...:dizzy:

09-16-2009, 10:55 AM
Hi Kerri - nice to see you back with us. I also watched BL & love watching it every week. Nice to see their progress. This group really has some sad stories for sure.

Well, I got in another walk last night & off to Tops tonight. I think I will be down abit at the scales - hope so. I have pretty much stayed OP & walked
8.3 miles this past week, but as we all know the scales can be unfriendly at times.

Made "mock mashed potatoes" (mashed cauliflower with cream cheese & marg) and that was really good. Had that with broc/cheese stuffed chicken breast for my supper last night. Very yummy!

Hope everyone is staying OP, exercising and drinking their water!

09-16-2009, 06:50 PM
Hi Turtles,
I'm running very busy which I have been doing for a long time now, but I have good news on the :goodscale: Remember last week I was sure I had broken 200# and I didn't. Well, this week I broke 200# with room to spare. I am so pleased to announce that my WI showed me at 197#. :bravo: to me!!!!!!

I am determined to reach a goal of 150# this year. By mid-September 2010, I will have done it. I'm giving myself so many positive suggestions and positive self talk and it's helping me. I am also getting on the :tread: for 30 min./1 1/2miles as often as possible, and everyday I do a simple 20 minute toning tape from WW's that includes a bit of weight work with barbells. Right now mine are 3#, but I expect to move up to 5# by C hristmas.

I am officially down 37# and am thrilled. I rejoined WW's in 2000, lost 25# that year and have been basically maintaining ever since. This is the least I have been since 2000, and that's a very good thing.

Cherry and Kerri, keep on keepin' on----you can make this work. :bravo:

Lauren, I hope you can chime in soon. I miss you. :love:

MsMeri and Lin, keep up the good work and keep up with the food tips. They always help someone. :chef:

Bandit, I :love: how you're working out again and I've got my fingers crossed right back at you for a :goodscale: tomorrow.

Okay guys=-=gotta run, but I knew you'd like to know that I am offically in ONEDERLAND :cp:
234.6/197/195 and another 5# down. :cool:

09-16-2009, 09:14 PM
Bandit, I love the mock potato's, I will have my Tops weigh-in ...in the morning..I sure hope you are down....:cheer:

I hope you all are having a wonderful week...:hug:

09-17-2009, 10:18 AM
Morning, turtles:

Judy - WOW!!! Great results at the scale. You really are doing sooooo

Kerri - good luck at the scales!

I was down .75# last night - so was happy with that. Just good to see a loss at the scales.

Princess - how you doing? Hope to see you back here posting.

Everyone else - hope you are all doing well.

09-17-2009, 11:02 AM
Bandit, :goodscale: Yay! You're on the right track now.
By the way, thanks for the great support. I've worked so hard for this and it's nice to get your kind words.
234.6/197/195 and 40#down :cool:

09-17-2009, 01:24 PM
Hi Judy - thanks! I know I asked you this already - but what programme are you following? I think it was your sisters or friends version of something?
I should be eating more blueberries - heard they help memory :-)

Lunch time - YAH! Get to eat again. Today I brought rye crackers with a can of the thai spicy tuna and clementines. So looking forward to that.

Have a great day!

09-17-2009, 07:52 PM
JUDY!!!! You're in ONEDERLAND!!!!!!!!!!

HOOOOOORRAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot::dancer::dancer::dancer: :flow1: :flow1:
:bravo: :flame::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3::cheer2: :congrat: :congrat: :congrat:

I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!


You have worked SO hard for this, for so long, and YOU DID IT!!!!

I can't find enough superlatives to express what I'm feeling, so I'll stop now. But I am just THRILLED for you!!!! I wish I could give you a huge hug!

I have nothing big to report, just keeping on here. Went for a walk last night with DH, in the dark, because I'd been sitting on my butt all day. It felt great.

Will try to post more regularly. Look what I miss when I don't!!!!

09-18-2009, 12:43 PM
I'm so glad to hear your hearty congrats! You made me feel so good. This struggle to break 200# has been ongoing for sooooooooo long and it feels great to have done it. Now I can read your onward and downward and dream of being 135#. Many thanks, dear friend. :love:

Bandit, again thanks for your kind congrats too! :bravo:I have been using a version of an eating plan from The Fast Track Detox diet by Ann Louise Gittlemna, Ph.D. I'll summarize it here for you and whoever is interested, and if you have any questions, ask away. This worked for me because WW's Core worked for me. After working from this article for a couple of months, I didn't lose much weight, but my measurements changed nicely. Also it broke my plateau. Now I bought the book and eat more options than this article suggests. (I also tried the jumpstart juice day and found it was too little food and I got dizzy and jittery, so I'm not going to include that. You'll lose weight even without that.)
Here goes:

Days 1-7 menus below
Days 8-11 add 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt daily

Breakfast (choose one daily)
1 Fast track smoothie (recipe at end of this)
2 eggs, 2 cups steamed spinach, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 cup berries, 1T.flaxseed (Breakfast is big!)

Lunch choose one daily
4oz. salmon or turkey breast
2 cups mixed salad with 1/4c. each onions, radish cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, olives and 1T. each olive oil and vinegar
4oz. lean burger, 1 cup sauteed veggies, 2 cups mixed salad (as above)

Dinner (choose one daily)

4oz. chicken breast w/ sauteed onions, garlic, lemon and parsley to taste
1/2 c. steamed cauliflower
4 artichoke hearts
4 oz. lean beef, 2 t. spice rub , 1 small baked potato, 1/2c. each steamed broccoli and asparagus 1 t. each olive oil and lemon juice

Snack (choose two daily)
2 hard boiled eggs and 1 cup fresh-cut veggies
1 orange, apple, or pear
2 stalks celery and 1 small raw carrot
1 Fast track smoothie

Recipe for fast track smoothie (as organic as you can find--Trader Joe's has all of these ingredients and so will most health food stores)
In blender, whip 1 cup water, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop vanilla whey powder, 1T. flaxseed oil, 1 T ground flaxseed, 2t. lemon juice, 1 t. unsweetened cranberry juice, 1 packet stevia and 8 ice cubes.

Gittleman also likes organic foods, doesn't like the microwave using plastic trays, really doesn't like regular strawberries and spinach since they are farmed with pesticides. Also doesn't like seafood from polluted waters (duh).

As time went on, I added all sorts of food items such as green beans, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms --lots of mushrooms. I used all sorts of veggies to keep my interest up. I also added a Dr. Praeger's veggetable patty here and there and lately I've added in Ezikiel bread (but I have to be very careful with that because bread can be a trigger food for me). Bandit, I hope this helps.

Everybody, have a great day. I can't believe the weekend is almost here again.

234.6/197/195 and downward and onward :cool:

09-18-2009, 05:26 PM
Judy - thank you very much. I'll check this out over the weekend & try incorporating some of these in my menus. Any help is always appreciated with adding new things or just changing things up.

Have a great weekend, ladies!

09-18-2009, 09:04 PM
Well my tops weigh-in was not so great...up 1/4 ...Sat will be weigh-in for WW...Not doing well at all.I am like the ping pong ball, back and forth up and down and up....I will do better....

Judy thanks for the info...

Hope you all have a great week-end....

Lin S
09-19-2009, 01:15 AM

I posted yesterday, but my post disappeared.

:bravo:, Judy!! Lots of happy :carrot::jig::dance::dancer: :broc: And many, many :congrat::congrat::congrat:

You've worked so hard and deserve a great celebration!! So--go buy a new T-shirt or something :cool:

It's late, so I'll pop back in tomorrow and post replies. I wanted to let you all know that I lost one more pound this week. I'm at an even 225 and have lost an even 20 pounds. (242 isn't the start weight for the total pounds down count. It's a bit confusing because I lost a few before I restarted WW and the 242 is my initial WW start weight.)

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :write: :comp: :coffee: :corn: :book2:

09-19-2009, 08:20 AM
Lin, here's to another :goodscale: :cp: :bravo: :carrot: You're doing great! (I understand the difference with your numbers on the ticker factor because I've got the same deal going. When I say I was 234.6/that was in 2000, but as long as we all know we're heading in the right direction it is all good!) I'm so proud of you losing so much weight so nicely. I'm so thrilled that you're back here at your site to let us share in your progress.

Kerri, you're only up a tiny bit. Do you want to choose one thing to work on this week that might help you break the yo yo cycle? Talk to us and we'll help you out. :grouphug:

:chef: A word about the diet information I posted yesterday. Watch it pretty carefully in this regard: the shake points out to about ten points. When you point out the whole day using an apple one time and an orange as the other snack, I pointed it out as 23points. That's how I worked it into the WW plan. However, there are loads more point friendly shakes out there. This is a "healthy" shake since the flaxseed meal and the flax oil contain omega 3's. (Thought you'd like to know.)

I need to tighten my food up a bit today. You all take care and have a great weekend. We're off to have fun with our dd and grandson at a farm that has hay rides, etc.

234.6/197/195 :cool:

09-20-2009, 08:32 PM
:dancer::dancer::broc:YAY ONEDERLAND! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

We are so proud of you Judy. 197 that is great!

Lin S
09-20-2009, 08:56 PM

Kerri, sometimes it helps to convert those small gains into ounces. 1/4 pound is only 4 ounces. That can be explained by something like water retention, especially if it's hot or you've eaten something with a lot of salt recently. You're doing better than you think you are. Hang in there. :hug:

:congrat: , Bandit. Nice going this week. :carrot:

Judy, thanks for the info. A bit boring for my taste, but it's healthy and I can see that it could help people. I see two things that people who follow that type of program have to watch out for. First, because it's so restricted, it's hard to stick with it long enough to lose a lot of weight. So, it's good that you've found ways to vary it and keep it interesting for you.

The other thing is that it doesn't teach people how to maintain the loss unless they plan on sticking with it forever. So, if people follow this type of program, they need to have a plan for maintenance. It's likely that the author has one and it just wasn't part of your post, being as that's irrelevant. But it is something people who do restricted programs like that need to think about.

I'm doing fine, so far this week. It's a bit of a struggle. I try to maintain my natural optimism, but it's really easy to slide into "situational depression", as I call it. When the situation is fixed, the depression goes away. So far, I've managed not to overeat in response to what's going on in my life. What helps are my faith, my family and my friends. Your support is really helpful. Thank you. :)

09-21-2009, 03:56 PM
Lin, thanks for the input. I agree with everything you said about the food program I am following right now. However, it broke my plateau which was huge since I had been yo yoing for so long. The second advantage it had was that I didn't have to think about food at all. Believe it or not, the break from planning and preparing (except for the most minimal level) was welcome and helped me focus away from food. I think that this is why it worked for me and now I'm set to move on to try other things. I have become convinced that if I can move on to another eating plan before my body decides to plateau, I can reach goal!!!!! LOL.

MsMeri, hey, are you okay? I'm missing you. :grouphug:

Cherry, thanks so much for the congrats. I remember on this site before when Lauren had such a spectacular weight loss and broke into onederland that I was so thrilled. It gave me the courage to hunker on and lose some weight myself.

We also had a great member named Ariana who consistently lost weight, worked very hard at it, and was successful. Her weight loss encouraged me to keep on. It's weird how that works.

Kerry, good luck on your WW WI coming up. :goodscale: We're all pulling for you.

Bandit, how was your weekend? :idea:

Princess, I'm missing you. Are you doing okay? :grouphug:

My food is going well. Today I am trying to shave off a few points to see a loss on the Wednesday WI. Last week I lost three pounds, so it will be difficult to knock off any weight this week. However, I don't want to go up and I'm hoping to lose at least a 1/2pound. Lin---keep those conversions coming. I love the way you transfer the pound/decimal to pound/ounces. I tried it and it's amazing.

Okay, gotta run. Is anyone up for a Halloween Challenge?
I'll start:
1. arm/toning exercises at least 4X weekly
2. :tread: exercise or boardwalk walking at least 4X weekly
3. count and record points daily
4. aim for 1# or more loss weekly to be 190# by Halloween!

What are your goals?
234.6/197/195 :cool: It's fun being in onederland :cp:

09-22-2009, 07:12 PM
1 point Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Bisque


* 3 pounds eggplant, halved lengthwise
* 5 medium tomatoes, halved and cored
* 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for vegetables
* 1 head garlic, about 1/4 inch cut off top to expose cloves
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 3 tablespoons tomato paste
* 2 cans (14 ounces each) low-sodium chicken broth
* 1 teaspoon kosher salt
* 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper


1. Heat oven to 425 degrees F. In a rimmed baking sheet, liberally brush eggplant and tomatoes with oil; arrange eggplant cut side down and tomatoes cut side up. Brush cut side of garlic head with oil and wrap in foil. Roast vegetables and garlic until vegetables are tender and browning in spots, about 45 minutes. Let stand until eggplant is cool enough to handle, about 20 minutes; peel.

2. Meanwhile, in a large pot, heat oil over medium-low heat. Add onion and cook until softened, 10 to 12 minutes. Stir in tomato paste and cook 2 minutes. Add eggplant and tomatoes. Squeeze roasted garlic from skins into vegetables; stir to combine. Stir in broth, salt and pepper; bring to a simmer and cook 5 minutes. Purée using an immersion blender or a food processor. Makes 10 cups.
Nutrition Facts

* Calories 75,
* Total Fat (g) 3,
* Saturated Fat (g) .5,
* Cholesterol (mg) 0,
* Sodium (mg) 426,
* Carbohydrate (g) 11,
* Fiber (g) 4,
* Protein (g) 4.5

09-23-2009, 01:01 PM
Hi Turtles,
MsMeri, that looks like a recipe worth making!

I'm back from my WW WI and I lost .2# this week. Yay! Last week I lost three pounds and that was so much that I hoped to be able to keep it off and I did.
Gotta run--take it easy and please chime in wherever you are. If things are tough, we're here for support. If things are going well for you, then you are our support.
Love, Judy
234.6/196.8/195 and well into onederland :cool:

09-24-2009, 12:00 AM
Good going, Judy, on another loss after last week. You've really found something that's working for you. I'm so glad! I also agree with you about the helpfulness of not focusing on food and making decisions about food. This has helped me hugely over the past year and a half.

I'm also concerned about maintenance, and how what I'm doing now will translate to maintenance. But that would be true no matter what method I'm using. I do plan to re-join Weight Watchers in about 10 more pounds or so, because I want the long-term accountability and the weekly meetings to help me stay focused. My goal there is to make lifetime and attend meetings for the rest of my days. I expect to return to counting points more carefully then, too. But frankly, as long as we can afford home delivery meals, I'm going to keep eating them. They're the perfect answer to those of us who hate to cook or think about preparing food! And for the most part, they taste better than anything I prepare.

Doing OK here ... ate a bit too much at MIL's this past weekend and am up a pound or so. But it'll come back off ... hopefully before we leave for vacation next week. I anticipate gaining a few pounds on vacation, though fortunately we'll be staying with folks who eat very healthfully, and that will help tremendously.

Have a great day, everyone. Sorry I'm so sporadic these days, but I do think of you all and check in to see how you're doing.

Lin S
09-26-2009, 08:22 PM

Judy, I love your goals. I hope they work well for you. Keep us posted on how you do with them. Nice to see you lost a bit more this week, especially since after a large loss, the next week is often small or 0. You're doing so great. :flow2:

Ms. Meri, your bisque looks wonderful. As a confirmed soup lover, I'll definitely have to try that one out. :cool: On other fronts--how are you doing? I hope things are going well for you.

Good luck on your vacation, Lauren. I love how carefully you plan each stage of your weight loss program. I bet that's responsible for much of your success.

I maintained this week. Food was fine. I ate well within my point level and I'm fine with it. My problem was lack of activity due to having hurt myself. It's frustrating, but I'm much better and getting back into walking again. I expect to see at least a small loss next week, unless things get weird. I should take my measurements, though. My jeans seem looser. :cool:

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :corn: :write: :book2: :coffee:

09-28-2009, 01:24 PM
Hi all! Happy Monday to everyone! I have been out of the picture lately but started back on my WW plan on Saturday along with DH. We both need to get our noses to the grind stone and get healthy! I did cancel my WW plan due to money concerns with being laid off but will follow the plan, it is not like I don't know what to do... just need to do it.

I hope that everyone is well, I will try and get online daily to see what is going on a start posting again!

Take care!

09-28-2009, 08:40 PM
Hi Turtles,
Ooops, I goofed over the weekend. Much more stress than have had lately and it reared its ugly head in my eating. Long story short, ds and family arrived--it was supposed to be a "hotel" stop where they would visit her family in NYC. Instead, because they had colds and didn't want to get her family sick (her dad had been very ill and his immune system is shot) so they decided last minute after driving for six hours to get here that they would stay with us and "relax" all weekend. Somehow that translated into ordering in fattening food including a huge bakery stop that was deadly. I also let everyone sleep in and watched the kids into my exhaustion. Sorry I'm venting, but I'm up three pounds and am looking 200# squarely in the face after bragging about how I'd never see that number again. Egads. Anyway, they left and things are back to normal and I'll do better.

In the meantime, thanks to MsMeri and Lauren and Lin for chiming in here. It's gotten so quiet and I hope all the Turtles will regroup and chime in again.

Lauren, have fun on your vacation :beach: and I love your plan for long term maintenance. You've done so well. Your attitude is so good. :cp:

Lin, feel better soon. That was quite a fall you took and it takes a while to heal. Yeah, I bet your measurements are better than before. I have lost very little weight, but I'm down 5 inches from my hip and almost five from my bust. The waist is going down very slowly, but I am down a full inch there as well. When the scale is slow to move downward and the pants are loose, it's gotta be better measurements. Yay. :bravo:

Spent a great day with dh and dd and dear grandson and dear son-in-law. The food was better today and I'm optimistic again.

Good luck to all of us turtles!! Take care and be well.
234.6/196.8/195 and it's cool to be in onederland :cool:

09-28-2009, 08:41 PM
Hi Princess,
Great to see you back again. :grouphug: You can do this and like yousaid, you know what to do. :idea: I didn't see your post when I sent mine in.

09-29-2009, 10:04 AM
Best and Worst Salad Toppings
Not Every Salad is a Healthy One

The foundation of most salads, lettuce adds substance, crunch, water, and fiber for very few calories—only about 10 per cup. But if you want all that and vitamins, too, toss out the iceberg and toss in the romaine, mixed baby greens and spinach. While iceberg lettuce is lower in nutrients (and still makes a decent choice if it's the only thing available), these other greens are rich in vitamins A, C and K, manganese, and folate.

Adding protein, such as lean meat, tofu, eggs or beans, will help bulk up your salad and keep you full longer. Unfortunately, many protein toppings are deep-fried, breaded and greasy, which adds unnecessary calories plus cholesterol, sodium and fat to your salad. Skimp on fattier toppings such as bacon and fried (breaded) chicken strips, and go for lean proteins instead. Grilled chicken, canned beans of all kinds, chickpeas, tofu, hardboiled eggs (especially whites), or water-packed tuna are leaner choices. Nuts and seeds are popular in salads, too, and while they’re a healthy source of good fats and some protein, they’re not exactly low-cal. If you choose to add them, watch your portions (1/2 ounce contains more than 80 calories).

Restaurants know that people love cheese, so they tend to pile on multiple servings of it on their salads. It might be tasty, but it sends the calorie counts sky high! While cheese is a nutritious food that adds flavor, calcium, and protein to a salad, enjoy it in moderation due to its high fat content. Just a half-cup of cheddar cheese (the amount on many large restaurant salads) contains 18 grams of fat and 225 calories. To keep calories in check, use a single serving of cheese (approximately 2 tablespoons). Choose low-fat varieties as much as possible to save on saturated fat and calories. A smaller amount of a stronger-flavored cheese, such as Brie, feta, chevre, gorgonzola, sharp cheddar or bleu cheese will go a long way in helping you cut down on your portions.

Pile on the Veggies
Vegetables like bell peppers, grated carrots, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes provide flavor, fiber, and vitamins for few calories. Grated carrots, for example, have only 45 calories in a whole cup, and there are only about 20 calories in an entire red bell pepper. When building your best salad, use as many veggies as possible for extra filling power—and a nice crunch! Practice moderation when it comes to starchy vegetable toppings like corn and potatoes, which are higher in calories. And remember to go for a variety of colors to ensure you're getting several different nutrients and antioxidants in your salad bowl.

Don't Forget the Fruit
Don't leave fruit on the sidelines! Fresh, canned and dried fruits add a sweetness that can help temper the slightly bitter taste of greens and veggies. They also provide color and texture (not to mention nutrition) to your salad bowl. Chopped apples, pears, grapes, or mandarin oranges (canned in juice—not syrup—and drained) are excellent salad toppers. Chewy dried fruits (cranberries, raisins) work well, too, but they are also high in calories (so only use a sprinkle!). Avocados (and the guacamole made from them) are creamy and nutritious thanks to their heart-healthy fats, but they're also a concentrated sources of calories. Keep your use of avocado to a minimum if you're watching your weight.

Crunchy Toppings
Sesame sticks, crispy noodles and croutons are salty and crunchy but conceal lot of hidden fat. Better options include water chestnuts, apple slivers, a small serving of nuts, crumbled whole-grain crackers, and homemade croutons. To make your own low-fat croutons, just slice a large clove of garlic and rub it over both sides of a piece of whole-grain bread. Cut the bread into cubes and then brown it in the toaster or conventional oven.

A very healthy salad could go very wrong with one too many shakes of oil or dressing. The main issue with dressing is its fat and sodium content—and the fact that people have trouble controlling their portions. Two tablespoons is an appropriate serving of dressing, but most restaurants serve much more than that, whether mixed in to your salad or served on the side. Those calories add up fast. When dining out, always ask for dressing on the side and dip your fork into the dressing before picking up your bite of salad. Caesar, ranch and other cream-based dressings (when not specified as low-fat) are calorie bombs worth avoiding. Look for dressings specified as "low-fat" that contain no more than 60 calories per serving. You can also add flavor for minimal calories by using salsa, vinegar or lemon juice.

Salad may be the symbol of healthy eating, but not every salad is healthful—or diet-friendly. The healthfulness of your next salad depends on the simple choices you make when topping or dressing it. Perhaps my greatest discovery about salads was that because you can customize them so easily, you could make a huge main-course salad for a very small amount of calories. Pile in the lettuce and veggies, add a moderate amount of lean protein, sprinkling some cheese and a little something crunchy and measure a portion-controlled side of dressing, and you’ve got a dinner that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Lin S
09-29-2009, 11:21 AM
Good morning!

Nice to see you again, Princess. Following WW when you're stressed out about money is tough. I'm in that place, too. :hug: :hug: :hug: OTOH, healthy food is often inexpensive, especially if you use beans and veggies to stretch small portions of meat. Good luck!!

Judy, you hang in there. You were stuck in a difficult situation and because you were essentially blindsided, you couldn't plan for it. You'll get right back to doing what works now that you're back to your regular routine. OTOH, you could think about how the weekend went and what you could do if you're ever in a similar situation again. Not to beat yourself up. That's not helpful. Just to be aware of how that kind of unexpected event affects your food and activity choices and think about how to manage them next time. :)

Ms. Meri, thanks for the salad tips. And how are you doing? :)

I'm doing OK. I've gotten a lot of walking in the past few days and I feel much better. I love, love, love my shoes. I don't know where I'll get the $150 to replace them when they wear out, but I'll worry about that when it happens. The thing is, with these shoes, not only do my legs not hurt, but I can walk faster without pain. I have shin issues and they seem to be related to wearing the wrong shoes.

I've decided to do Simply Filling Foods starting Friday. I want to wait until I'm starting a new week to switch. I've been eating my points, but mindlessly. I'm using the points as my gauge of how much to eat, not my hunger signals. The Simply Filling Technique requires that you pay attention to how hungry/satisfied you are and that's something I need to learn to do. If I don't, I might get to goal, but I won't be able to stay there.

I'm not happy with some of the rules, particularly the bread thing. I think whole grain breads should be a once a day food, like cereal, whole wheat pasta, etc. But it's not, so I'm going to have to use points or adjust my food choices accordingly. That's the hard thing because I love to make (and eat) my homemade breads. And I don't overindulge because they're so filling, which is kind of ironic.

I also don't like the nonfat dairy thing. I don't find nonfat dairy satisfying, so I'm going to use points for the yogurt and cheese. I know that for now I have to follow it exactly or I'll get myself into trouble. But I may try a couple of tweaks later on and see if they cause problems or not.

I don't know if I'm going to keep that all the time or switch back to points if I have a really difficult week coming up where I know I'll be facing a lot of eating out or pot lucks or similar challenges where I'm going to be faced with a minimum of foods from the Simply Filling list. I'll deal with the details as I go along. And keep you posted on how it goes.

Keep turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :coffee: :write: :comp: :book2: :corn:
So, that's what's going on with me these days.

09-29-2009, 02:37 PM
Hi turtles - lots to catch up on. I have been pretty busy up here with my ladies group & dd coming home. But all is good & hope all of you are keeping well.

Stayed the same AGAIN at my w/i last week - and was lucky to do that given I fell off my plan & had way too many treats & that carried on until Mon a.m. and I have been OP since then. So no idea how scales will react Wed evening. I am hoping for some kind of loss - getting frustrating staying the same. But am grateful not to be going up.

Princess - so happy to see you posting again!
Judy - you always have so much going on with everything, don't know how you juggle everything and still try staying OP.
Msmeri - thanks for salad info
Lin/Lauren - nice to see you posting
Cherry - hang in there!

Hope I didn't miss anyone! Lets get on with our plans!

09-29-2009, 07:26 PM
Hi all and happy Tuesday to everyone! It has turned cold here, summer just seemed to turn around and walk away... not even a little glance over her shoulder or anything! We were in the 40's last night and supposed to get there again. I still have a couple of tomato plants hanging on in the garden but I guess I will pull off what is left and pull the plants out this week.

DH had to have a spot on his back removed today, the doctor did not like the look of it and sent it off to be tested. It was very deep and he had to be sewn up but will go back to get the results and have the stiches removed in a week and a half. I am having back trouble again but trying to stay one step a head of it and I know if I could get some of the extra weight off that it would help.

Food is good so far this week, not totally on plan but way better then it has been in the past and I am within points.

Judy: Stress! UGH, it gets us every time! But it sounds like you have it under control and are back on track!

Bandit: You are still doing so well even with a couple of weeks of not losing... but I know how much you want to see the scale go down so I sure hope that happens for you!

Lin: What kind of shoes did you get? Good luck with the filling foods, I hope that you are able to get the plan to work for you.

Meri: How are you doing?

09-30-2009, 12:51 PM
Thanks Bandit for thinking of me.:hug: I am trying to hang in there but not doing very well. My depression is rearing its ugly head and i am gaining weight.:^:I haven't been posting cause i hate to sound so negative and bring anyone else down. You guys are doing great.:)

09-30-2009, 06:26 PM
{{CherryAutumn}} Please post anyway. You don't have to be all upbeat and cheery; that's not why we're here. We'd just like to hear from you.

Princess, great to see you again! My DH had a spot removed from his back last year; it was basal cell carcinoma. That's the good kind of skin cancer, so it was a relief -- especially after the doctor initially told him he thought it was melanoma. Talk about not getting much sleep for a while there. So I can relate!

Bandit, good for you, getting right back on track. That always helps keep the gains away, or down to a bare minimum. Or, in the case of my upcoming vacation, I find that if I immediately get back on track, the weight comes off more quickly. It hasn't had time to "set" yet, apparently.

Lin, glad to hear you're out and walking again. You're an inspiration to me; I need to walk more. What kind of shoes do you have? I like how you tweak your approach when you're not getting the results you want. Reminds me of a chef, tweaking her recipes. :) Are you doing the NaNo thing this year?

Meri, thanks for the salad tips. How are you?

Judy, five inches from the hips!! Wow! OK, so you had a crappy weekend. I really think those are just part of the journey and actually have a great benefit when we turn them around immediately -- they show us we don't have to be perfect to make this work. The key is turning them around ASAP. So don't waste any time, just jump back on the wagon and keep going! Those pounds will fall right back off and you'll be on your way.

I lost the pounds I gained last week and am back to the weight in my signature. They were mostly hormonal. I've discovered that the middle of my cycle is now my worst time, by far, in every respect. In addition to the weight gain, I get terrible indigestion with bloating, and this month I experienced that sharp, nasty side pain some women get with ovulation. Bleah! Menopause, bring it on!

Anyway, I'm glad to see things getting back to normal, and glad my weight is back down before vacation. Since I fully expect it to go up over the next couple of weeks in the Adirondacks. I've planned a couple of splurges, and I'm also going to drink some lovely wine with most meals (the friends we'll be staying with always have wine with dinner). I'll also do some walking to keep the damage down a bit; here's hoping the weather holds out. They're predicting lots of rain, unfortunately! So I'm bringing some books to read out on the porch, overlooking the lake. I can't wait; we are SO ready for this vacation!

Oh, an NSV (sorry if I already mentioned this one) ... I had to pretty much get an entirely new wardrobe for the fall/winter months, and I recently had to return the new size 14 jeans because when I got them home and wore them for a couple of hours, I realized they were too big! So I went back and got the 12s. They're tight, but not horribly so. So now half my pants are 12s! :D I haven't seen this size in a long, long time. Makes me very, very happy.

Have a great day, everyone. We can do this! It's worth it.

Onward and downward (eventually),


09-30-2009, 08:19 PM
Oh Turtles, I love you all! So good to see so many of us posting again.
MsMeri, love all the salad tips. It's a good reminder to not eat the crazy fatty things available at the salad bars and go for the things that'll get us into the normal weight range. :chef: How are things going for you?

Lin, it's great that you're back to walking. Those shoes sound incredible. I finally found a pair of New Balance that are cut wide enough for my feet. I had been walking in SAS sandals, but these sneakers make much more sense. I love all the personal tips you gave me about stress. I have made huge progress, but when I heard my quiet weekend with dh was going to be completely turned upside down, I started by bingeing right away. Next time I'll do better. the good thing is I went to my meeting this morning, had misplaced my pass, decided not to WI. However, I am going to go to a mtg. tomorrow morning and get a weekly /WI. I think I will be more accountable if I do. I'm saving points for my birthday this weekend. :hb: Yay!
Let us know how the filling foods works out. When I did Core, I loved it and my body liked the change up. I hope you find the same feelings of accomplishment.

Princess, yes, we're having changeable weather here. We've had a cold snap, tomatoes are all gone, not much yield this summer,. but what we had was good. You inspired me to get out in the backyard and put things away. Thanks! Tomorrow I'll pull the veggie plants so the soil will be good for next year.
I've got my fingers crossed for the spot your dh had removed. All that stuff is scary, but if you keep an eye on spots and get to a dermatologist right away, everything should be okay. I am so thrilled for you that food is good! Weigh to go. :chef: I still make your delicious Philly Cheesesteaks via WW style and they are delicious, filling, and low in points. A perfect recipe!

Cherry, you won't bring us down. That's the whole point here. When you need help, ask for it. When you're doing well, you're inspiration for the rest of us. The important part is to post, post, post! :love: :grouphug:

Ohmigosh!!!! I'm so glad that your weight is back down. Isn't it wonderful to find something that works? I keep my eyes open for new things to try, but I won't leave WW's because my support group is wonderful. Good ideas, great leader, and a feeling of friendship. I'm lucky. I know just what you mean about my past weekend. Yes, as Lin says I was blindsided, and yes, I need to have more resources to do better next time, but I also feel that backsliding happens once in awhile and that's gotta be okay too. The problem I had before was I backslid to often and didn't lose weight. I didn't gain, but I didn't do any long term losing. Having resolved at the end of May that that wasn't good enough, I'm working hard to get this weight off.

Hooray for your wardrobe size!!!!!!! How terrific to have to return pants because they are too large. Wooo Hoooo!

Okay, this is much too long, but I'm happy to have so many of us chiming in again. Good luck to us all! :dancer: :carrot: :dance: :cp: :bravo:
234.6/196.8/195 and five more pounds down (190 by Halloween)

Good luck to us all!

09-30-2009, 11:08 PM
Thanks ladies for all the encouragement. I will try to post more especially when i am not doing well at all.

10-01-2009, 12:53 PM
Hi Turtles,
Cherry, think about how you want to get on track and do one change for the good this week. I don't have trouble drinking fluids, so I'd concentrate on drinking the water I needed each day. I go so far as to put a sticker on my calendar when I am successful each day! Right now I'm tracking (with stickers) how many times I get on the :tread: and how often I do the 20min. toning DVD I have. What would you like to do? Hey, we all know how hard it is with an infant and lack of motivation, but sometimes when you do one thing for yourself it triggers wanting to do more. :grouphug:

I got over to a WW center this morning and I was up only 1#. That is great. This weekend I'll be busy again and dh is taking me out to dinner tonight. However, we're heading to Outback where I can get fish or a tiny steak and potato and/or steamed veggies and a simple salad (I have them hold the cheese and croutons) and I'll be happy and stay within points.

Everybody have a great day and keep on keepin' on!
234.6/197.8/195 and loving onederland :cool:

10-01-2009, 01:06 PM
Judy- Thanks for the encouragement and for the suggestions. So do i choose something i have trouble with or something i usually am good at? I was thinking of putting a sticker on my calendar each day that i actually track a full day of eating:)

Sorry i can't do all personals. Hello to everyone. Keep up the good work.:hug:

10-01-2009, 01:14 PM
Hi everyone - I was updating my profile & deleted my ticker thing.
Can someone tell me EASILY how to get it back. It took me forever to get it on & now I can't remember what to do & directions don't help me.

10-01-2009, 04:42 PM
Hi Turtles,
Bandit, I'm sorry you lost your ticker thingie. I'm hopeless with stuff like that but I'm sure someone will come to your rescue. :idea:

Cherry, I love your idea of a sticker every day you track and record your food. Go with that one!!!!!! And good luck! :grouphug:

Today is a good day for me and I hope you're all moving and drinking your water.
234.6/197.8/195 :cool:

10-01-2009, 05:39 PM
Hi turtles - OK back in business with the tracker. That is so confusing when you don't know what the heck you are doing.

Anyway, I was up 1# at Tops last night - so wasn't happy with that.

I really need to focus on this stuff!!!

10-01-2009, 10:18 PM
Bandit, I'm sure it's disappointing to be up a pound. None of this is fun, but you've lost a wonderful amount of weight. Our leader pointed out that many of us don't like change and we're dealing with a change of season.
Could this be what is bugging you? I know how great you felt as you were losing steadily with TOPS. Do you want to set a challenge for yourself for this week? I'll join in if you'd like. (I seem to be allowing a little sabotage to be taking place once I crossed over into onederland and with the weddings and birthdays that are planned for the next couple of months, I want to get through those obstacles and lose weight. I am still aiming for 190 by Halloween, and I know I can do it if I push!)

Judy :cool:

10-02-2009, 10:41 AM
During one hour of vigorous exercise, how much does the average person sweat?

A. One tablespoon
B. One cup
C. One pint
D. One quart

Okay, pencils down. For all of those who answered D., congrats! To everyone else, better luck next time.

That’s right – one quart! As you can see, exercise saps a lot of water from our bodies. That’s why it’s very important to drink even more water while exercising. However, drinking water before and after exercise is just as important.

Start paying attention to your fluid intake 2-3 hours before you are going to exercise. Drink 2-3 cups of water during that time, and then drink another cup immediately before you start exercising.

Without this extra water, your muscles will become dehydrated. Muscle movement depends on how hydrated you are, so if they are dry, they will not work as well. As a result, your workout will not be as productive as you would like.

Once you start exercising, keep drinking water frequently. A good rule of thumb is to drink one cup every 15-20 minutes. Keep a water bottle with you. Take breaks to head to the water cooler. Do what it takes you keep yourself hydrated.

10-03-2009, 08:52 AM
Morning all and happy Saturday! I did my W/I this morning here at the house and was down 4.4 lbs, which is good since it is my official first week back on plan. Of course my TOM showed up this morning so next weeks will not be so great but I feel good now that I am back on plan... I have to get out and get some walks in but that has to go slow since I am having back problems again but small strolls with be ok.

DH got his results back, all is well and the spot was not cancer, we are very happy about that feel blessed. Thanks for all of your prays and thoughts!

Judy: I love the cheesesteak recipe also!

Bandit: Is it getting chilly up your way yet?

Lauren: Sounds like you are still doing good on your plan! My MIL was up your way last week and went to a place called Frankenmurth? Not sure about that name, will have to ask her again but she said it was the neatest town with lots of shops, etc... we have a place down here called Nashville (little nashville - of course =) that has lots of shops and resturants, fudge and candy places, all sorts of seasonal shopping places that we love to go to but my MIL says that the place in Michigan was far better...

Meri: Great advise! How are you doing?

Lin: How are you doing?

Cherry: Chin up... I know it is hard but everyone here has faith in you!

talk soon!

10-03-2009, 10:13 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, :cp: :bravo: :dance: :dancer: :carrot: :love: :hug: :cheer:
Ohmigoodness! 4.4# is a wonderful loss=-=and wasn't it polite of TOM to allow you this fabulous :goodscale: before it showed itself! I am so happy for you that you are back on track. Take careful exercise steps (just like you're doing) to keep your back healthy and not to aggrevate it. Early WW'ers never exercised at all. Oh, I'm giddy that you did so well.

Everybody, have a great weekend. I'm doing fine. Dh took me out for a surprise dinner, but we headed to Applebee's where they have a connection with WW's and several WW items. I had the grilled chicken for only 7 points. It was tasty and it fit the bill to not have to cook and to enjoy some quality time with dh. Today my dd and dson in law and d grandson will be here and we'll have a great time.

You all be well and happy. I know there's a lot of worry out there, but we're here with :hug: and :love: and :grouphug:. Things pass, bad times get better, and we still have each other.
234.6/197.8/195 :cool:

Lin S
10-03-2009, 02:16 PM
WOW!! I get busy and don't get in here for a few days and look at all the stuff that's been happening!! :D

Bandit, you maintained, then were up 1 pound. That's an average of .5 pounds, or 8 ounces over a two-week period. You can get that measly amount back off and keep going. As you said, you need to focus. Is there any way we can help you with that? :)

Princess, I'm so glad to hear your DH's spot wasn't cancer. That must have been very stressful, waiting to find out. :hug: And :bravo: on the loss. :carrot:

My shoes are New Balance. They're the only athletic shoe manufacturer that makes a shoe that's wide in the toe and narrower in the heel. Usually, if I get shoes wide enough for the front of my foot, my heel slips and I get blisters. So, I did a search on the NB Web Express site for shoe last SL-2 and New Balance 1123 was one of the selections. Since I had the gift certificate, I decided to try them. They run long, so the advice was to buy a half-size shorter. I did that and they fit perfectly. So, that's my shoe saga.

Cherry, along with everyone else, let me add that it's important to post, even (or maybe especially) if you're having things in your life, including depression, that make reaching your goals difficult. If the depression is severe, you should look for professional help. If it's something we can help with, let us know. But when we post, it helps us to focus on our plan because we're thinking about it. As for the baby step question--choose something you're good at to start with. You'll be guaranteed success and success breeds success, so you're more likely to be successful with the stuff that's harder if you work up to it. Good luck!! :hug:

Lauren, :carrot: on losing the pounds you've gained. Hormones are not fun, especially the havoc they wreak at the end of everything. I haven't had TOM in over a year, but this past week, I'd swear I was ovulating and having bloating and PMS. It was weird. I guess I'm not completely done with slight fluctuations. :eek: (I've been hoping for a reason to use that smilie. I think it's cool. :) )

Good luck with your vacation. Enjoy it immensely. :cool: And :bravo: on the size 12 pants. I've never been smaller than a 14. I went from a size 14 girls into a size 14 women's with no in-betweens. I'd be ecstatic to be a 14 again. :D

Judy, find out about the different shoe lasts New Balance uses. They're shaped differently and finding the right one can really make a difference in fit and comfort.

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your celebration! :woo: I hope one birthday gift you get is a lower number at the scale next week. :D

I lost a pound this week. :cool: The simply filling food plan is doing what I was hoping it would. It's only my second day, but I've already learned some things. I MUST resign from the clean plate club. I have to learn to stop eating at satisfied, even if I haven't finished a whole portion. I'm doing so-so with that. I've stopped sometimes and gone all the way to full other times. It's a learning process.

I need to rethink snacking. I usually bring Kashi bars, which are easy, filling, and portable. But they're counted as points and I'd prefer not to use my points that way. So, I'm going with hard-boiled eggs, for now. I want to drain some plain yogurt and make a savory dip for veggies. I can fill celery with it and that's pretty portable and filling. I could also make hummus or some other bean dip to take with veggies.

Anyway, there are some weird things with the food list. Like corn tortillas are not a filling food, but polenta is. They both have the same ingredients, except for the small amount of dextrose in the tortillas. So, if I make my own and leave out the sugar, can I count them as filling foods?

And, as best I can figure out, you have to count recipes that have non-filling food ingredients as points. I'm not doing that. That makes no sense. Beans are just as filling if I mix them with fat as they are if I don't. I just count the fat as points. So, that's my plan. If anyone knows if I'm wrong about how to manage recipes, please let me know. If you all know of any tips I should know about this plan, please share.

I need to go get ready for rehearsal. Have a great day!

Keep turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :coffee: :corn: :write: :book2:

10-04-2009, 11:04 AM
Week in replay

Wednesday ~ I was down 1.2
Good but not back down to the 126.2 I was before my backwards slide

Friday ~ is always Pizza Night, and I STAYED within my points for the first time ever! Now I know it is possible

Saturday ~ Girlfriend day, After I looked up ALL nutritional information I was at 64 points OMG but at least I wrote it all down!

Sunday ~ To early to say but I am hopeful

I want to lose 100 pounds by around Thanksgiving
So I need to put it in gear
and get to doing the work I know needs to be done
With that being said can somebody wake up DH and have him fix the flat on my bike so I can go for my daily ride?

10-05-2009, 07:46 AM
Morning all and happy Monday to everyone! Cool here this morning... I fear that winter is coming! LOL, like all of my wishes that it won't could stop it =)
Weekend was good but food was not so great... so, it is back on track today!

Lin: Thanks for the info on the shoes... did you know that actually New Balance was the only shoe company that manufactures some of its shoes right here in the United States? Not all of there shoes are yet but they have a business plan in place to hopefully have them all made right here in the good old USA in the next few years... that makes them my shoe of choice! I love how they fit and am glad that you found ones that fit you, that is hard when our feet don't fit into the "norm".

Judy: Glad you had alone time with your DH... him taking you to WW friendly resturant was soooo nice!

Meri: Your weekend sounds like it was a nice one! You are doing so well with your weight loss!

10-05-2009, 12:24 PM
Princess- Winter is on its way here to. The lows have been in the 50's and highs mainly in the 60's.

msmeri- Congrats on the 1.2 pounds down. Your headed in the right direction and i am so proud of how you stayed within points on Pizza night.:D

LinS- congrats on the 1 pound down. Thanks for the encouragement and advice.

Judy- thanks for the support.

Bandit- keep on keeping on

If i missed anyone sorry:hug:

I got 45 min. of excercise on the new wii fit plus last night. It calculated that i worked off 144 calories. :carrot: I thought that was pretty good for a fun workout.

10-05-2009, 02:44 PM
Hi turtles:

Cherry - nice you are being more positive, thats great!

Judy - yes, probably some kind of challenge is what we all need. This week I am aiming to stay OP ALL week & exercising 3 times. At Tops this week, the group is either walking & handing out flyers about our meeting OR staying at clubhouse & excercising together. So, I am planning on taking my hula-hoop (that I bought in summer & can't get the hang of using) and skipping rope.
Hoping someone can show me properly how to hula-hoop. I thought that would be good way of getting in exercise when I watch TV

Princess - yes, it is starting to get colder. We had frost warning Friday night but during day it has been sunny with alittle rain.

Lin - Yes, I need to focus. When I am on track & counting everything, exercising and having proper snacks I do well, but when I get off track it seems to take me until the following Monday a.m. to get back at it. And lots of damage can be done in a few days of really overdoing it. I know that is crazy, but lately that is what has been happening. I need to get right back on track even if I falter abit.

Msmeri - congrats on your loss this week, you seem to be losing regularly which is awesome.

I baked some chicken yesterday, so have that for my dinner tonight with some mashed cauliflower (steamed, mashed with cream cheese) very good!
And my center is open again after their annual cleaning, so NO excuses not to get in a walk & swim

Thanks everyone for all your tips & support!

10-05-2009, 06:58 PM
Hi Turtles,

Lin, you're a pound down. :cp: :bravo: :dance: :carrot:
*I love the dancing carrot because he exemplifies good food and exercise in one icon. LOL Weigh to go Lin. You're doing great. Thanks for the New Balance info. You and Princess are really up on good facts about the company.

First the good stuff: Congrats on losing weight this week. :dancer: :bravo: :goodscale: and many congrats on staying within your points for the first time during pizza night. (The girlfriend night required courage to record, so I'll :cp: for that too!) I know you can lose that 100# total by Thanksgiving. I've gotta scurry too to hit 190# by Halloween, but I bet we can all encourage each other to success.

Priancess, Thanks for the info on N ew BAlance. Yeah, we're getting cold snaps mixed in with balmy weather. Winter's on its way. :bravo: for posting and for staying OP. Weigh to go!

Cherry, I don't have a Wii, but my grandkids really enjoy theirs. Its a wonderful way to get in exercise and love it. You're the best. Keep on keepin' on and enjoy that Wii. :idea:

Bandit, I love your positive attitude! :tread: and :goodscale: go together!
I'm so glad your centre is open again and it seems like you're ready for business.

My next goal is 195# and then 190# by Halloween. I'll have to scurry, but I can do this!
Good luck to us all,
234.6/197.8/195 and well into onederland :cool:

10-05-2009, 08:18 PM
Hi Turtles,
Great posts here! I'm moving us over to thread # 223 Planning for Halloween because we got very long.
See you there!