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09-09-2009, 11:35 AM
Good morning gals! I am playing catch up today as I slept in a bit. Guess I am still trying to catch up with the later nights.

I got stung by something on my waist in the back and whatever it was stung me about 5 times. I felt some stinging last night and ignored it thinking it was just a nerve twinge. NOPE! I have a row of big red bumps and the things are sore.

Tomorrow is my mammogram and my ultrasound. I have to drink 32 oz of water and hold it throughout the ultrasound. It says a half an hour before and I have to check in half an hour early so I am going to drink it a couple minutes before leaving so I won't be so uncomfortable.

Jean: Thomas asked me if what I was making was for Jackson, but I didn't lie to him, just omitted some info. I told him no it was for someone elses kid! I don't think he suspects as he was too wrapped up in his game. He asked me when I was out in the kitchen measuring the length and he had gone to the bathroom.

Maggie: Asparagus roasted is the only way Jack will eat it and he loves it that way. It is super easy, takes about half an hour.

I need to run. I have a lot to get done today and I am behind this morning. Have a good one!

09-09-2009, 12:46 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I just spent an hour on the phone comparing prices for tv, phone, and internet bundles. I got tired of 3 bills so bundled a year ago and the price just went up $35 a month. After comparing I guess we will stay with what we have. :( It's a partly sunny/cloudy nice day in my neighborhood. I started going through more pictures yesterday and finally put them away. I just didn't feel like sorting; found lots of pictures of the kids w/o any dates on the back :( so I'm hoping they are duplicates.

Maggie -- Spencer has an A & W combined with a gas station so one has to go inside. I didn't see any glass mugs, but the food tasted authentic. :T I have two of the little mugs; I'm not sure how I got them, but have a sneaking suspicion. :o Isn't it interesting how cats choose their favorite windows? "Mom" would sit on the back of the couch looking out the picture window by the hour. She would also follow the sun around and stretch out for a nap. Ernie likes the upstairs window that looks out over the back yard, bird feeders, etc. He's going to be sad when it's too cold to open the window. I have a plant shelf that he sits on and told Bob he will need to build a ledge for it because Ernie overflows into the open window sill. :lol: Bob is better than I am about leftovers. The problem now is that I'm home at noon and there isn't usually enough for both of us.

"Gma" -- It would be interesting to know where the stings came from. That sounds uncomfortable! :yes: Good luck with your quart of water and the ultrasound. I remember that well! I thought I was going to burst and that was almost 20+ years ago. I'm not sure I could do it now. :no:

I need to get busy! Hope you all have a nice day today!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-09-2009, 12:58 PM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is out today after 3.46 inches of rain yesterday.

Happy 09/09/09. Something special should happen today.

Last night was the first showing for the Challenge. Beautiful quilts. It took us about 1 hour to get everything checked in and hung. Glory is a great organizer. Just one more time and we are done until we hang them for Mid-Atlantic in February.

Faye, I hope your tests go well tomorrow. How is Jack's thumb?

Maggie, Stan made Cupid a window seat, too. He lays there and surveys his kingdom to make sure no other animal or bird steps into it.

Jean, are you suffering withdrawal now that school is in full swing again?

Have a good day!

09-10-2009, 09:22 AM
Good morning gals! Just a quick one as I have to be at the hospital by 9:30 to check in. I currently have my 32 oz in me, but I will have to drink more before I go as I know I can't hold it until 10 am. Thank goodness it is first and I can get it out of the way and run to the bathroom before my mammogram. Boobs or not, squishing anything would more than likely cause me to pee my pants! :lol: :lol:

Jean: They are all still sore and real red. There are about 6 big bumps then a patch of swollen area. Of course they are right where your underwear and pants hit you so they rub all the time. Our tv is separate from our phone and internet bundle, though since we went through att, we do get a $5 reduction in our direct tv. I hate our phone company, but not much I can do about it. We need the internet service and have to have phone service to get it. It is the fastest also so we will just stick to it.

Susan: Jack's thumb is sore and comes and goes, but he did get his xrays but now he can't get in until Oct 12th because he had to cancel tomorrow's appt so it will be another month. It is the same day as my appt now only my appt is first thing in the morning and his is late afternoon. Poor guy always has something. He has knee problems, but can't be off work to have them fixed so he just suffers with them. I just hope it isn't anything he can't live with until he retires.

Well I have to run so I can get the rest of my chores done and showered and dressed. Have a great day today!

09-10-2009, 10:30 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I'm checking in a little early because I was looking for an email, which is not here yet. The sun is shining and it's supposed to be another nice day in my corner of the world. I don't know what happened to the rain; I guess it went around us again. The farmers will blame the windmills. ;) I have to run a couple errands this morning and will stop at the grocery store.

Susan -- I think you must have gotten the rain we were supposed to get; you got a lot! I probably asked this last year, but will ask again. :o Are the quilts at the Challenge for sale or just for viewing each others' designs and workmanship? No, I'm not having withdrawal from school; in talking with teachers it is more unorganized than ever. We ate out last night and one of my former students works at the restaurant. Each time we see her she asks if I won't come back. The problem is they elminiated my job so I wouldn't have anything to go back to. :no: They decided to change the 3 lunch shifts into 2 claiming there is enough table space (and chairs) for everyone. The lunch period went from 27 minutes to 43 minutes so everyone could get through the lunch line and have time to inhale their food. They added the typical cafeteria type tables, that fold in the middle and have tiny little round seats, to the student center making it more crowded than ever. "Big" kids don't fit on the little seats very well. :lol: The teachers' lounge is not big enough for everyone to eat together so some teachers are taking their lunch back to their rooms and/or congregating together in one classroom to eat. The coaches used to eat in the cafeteria with the students but had to move out too.

"Gma" -- I imagine your tests are done by now. :cp: Hope all is well with your innards. Do you suppose you could have shingles and not bug bites or stings? I feel for Jack with sore knees, back, and thumb. Can a person have gout in a thumb? My dad had it in a toe and I know it can be very painful. :yes: After I talked to the second rep yesterday I wished I would have paid attention to her name and called back to report her rude behavior. She was a snot! :( The first lady was very nice and talkative about family, weather, etc., until she learned that we probably weren't interested in a dish if we couldn't get the local Sioux City channels. Then she cut the conversation back to business and ended it by saying she would call back and check with me next week sometime. :shrug:

I need to make my grocery list and head out. Have a great day! Remember to :D and think nice thoughts!

Jean -- :wave: and :D from Iowa!

09-10-2009, 12:25 PM
Good morning, ladies! More rain today - it actually started about 8 pm yesterday. Coastal flood warnings are still in effect. I heard the Farmer's Almanac came out today. It calls for a colder than normal winter and a major hurricane for Florida Sept 2010.

Nothing interesting happening today. Chiropractor appointment after work and then home. I made it to Curves last night so today is an off day there.

Faye, I hope you didn't pee your pants! Maybe they should hand out a Depend when they schedule the test. LOL. I have arthritis in the thumb I dislocated and some days it hurts so bad I can hardly use it so I feel for Jack.

Jean, the quilts are for display only. We have our meetings at a church and the community center and we aren't allowed to sell anything at either location. Most of us rarely, if ever, make quilts for sale. We've had your rain and rain for a lot of others as well.

Have a great day!

09-10-2009, 02:05 PM

It is a lovely day in the Heartland. We have been having lots of rain this summer which the old timers are saying it isn't usual. Well the weather patterns do change every few years ~ rotate is what they do. Anyway it seems it rains in the night with all the thunder and lightening to beat the band. My post of yesterday is floating somewhere in cyberspace for it isn't here today. Wonder what happened to it. Anyone see it? Nothing much happening around here but the ordinary. Got our personal plates for the Jeep yesterday (e-maled y'all because don't want to post it here:) I am jazzed because we got what we wanted and will get to keep it when the state changes over their system. All is well in the Hartland and Life is Good.

DONNA FAYE Hope all is well with your tests today. UGH that is so much water to hold ~ I could never do it. Could those be spider bites you have? Hope you can get them checked while you are being poked and proaded this day. I do hope that Jack's knees can last the 5 years till he can retire.

JEAN Bundles. We don't have bundles and are satisfied how they are because we have them all set up on "auto pay" and like it that way. Guess if we didn't have them on that pay schedule we would like bundeling.;) Sounds likea good sytem. Yep it must be the wind machine's fault that the rain missed you.

SUSAN Hope your visit with your Chropractor did for you what you wanted. Times I wish I could go to one but I have been told not to because of my back problem. My doc said if I did need one he would send me to one he trusted. I think it would be nice if the quilts could be sold. There is a sandwich/coffee place here in town that has a wall full of shelves full of really nice hand made coffee mugs. Shelf after shelf and they are all different and not for sale. OH they say they used to sell them but not anymore. That is such a tease. My whole point in saying that it is sometimes folks like to buy what is on display. What I am going to do is find out who made those coffee mugs and see if they are still around so I can buy one.;) However, then I would have to decide which model I want and there are several that are my favorites. :o

Have a lovely day all Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later

09-10-2009, 03:57 PM
Good morning to you all. I came home yesterday pooped and my left shoulder hurt because she had to do the left side view of the breast twice and it strained the muscles in my back shoulder. I got my walk in that is for sure. I had to go from the front to the back of the hospital, then back all the way out front besides having to park in the overflow parking lot, which is somewhere in New York I think! :) They not only did an ultrasound on my belly, but then I had to go and empty my bladder, (thank heavens) and come back and to put it delicately, had a probe put up inside me to check my ovaries. This took awhile and didn't hurt, but she would have to push down pretty hard and that was a bit uncomfortable besides the fact they had something like a small feed bag and just as hard under my behind the whole time to lift it up. Thank goodness this isn't a yearly thing! :) My dr should have the results in a couple days and my mammogram in a week or so and they send me a copy of that.

All in all, glad all of it is over for at least a year now. Hopefully, they found nothing on the ultrasound and all this little female issue stuff is just flukes.

Jean: No they aren't shingles because they are individual bumps and when you touch them they feel sort of like you have a splinter in it and for me, that is what stings always do to me. That's one reason I didn't think it was spider bites, it is well may be that or some other biting bug. They don't itch either but are only sore when they are touched or rubbed.

Susan: I had to sit for over an hour and about 30 minutes in, I just could not hold it so ran to the restroom, then took the bottle I brought with me, filled it up twice and drank it down then again halfway. I then was ok when they came to get me to get the test done. If they would do the test on the appt like they are supposed to, maybe that wouldn't happen. I was pretty irked about that part as my appt was 10, I was there at check in at 9:20 like I was supposed to be, but then didn't get called in until 10:40. The people ahead of me were having xrays I am sure of it as one had a brace on his knee, one lady was in a wheelchair that I saw sitting outside the door of one of the rooms, and the third guy was in another room because I saw him. I was way down the hall separate from all the other radiology and no one walked past, the hall was deserted. They had two techs and one was sitting on her fanny reading a magazine so I wonder what the hold up was? At least it is now done and my dr should have the results by Monday she said.

Maggie: We don't have personal plates, but do have plates with the Navy seal on it and US Navy Retired underneath. For once my Mariner at least, has a plate I can remember as I have a reference point and an easy number after that.

I did check the dishwasher this morning, then took out the trash and will start a load of laundry this morning after Jack is up and downstairs. I have clinic this afternoon so will get more knitting done. I did get quit a bit done sitting around yesterday. My mammogram appt was 11:30 and didn't get called in until close to 1 and didn't leave there until almost 1:30.

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going to clean house this weekend,yippee! :lol:

I will talk to you all tomorrow!

09-11-2009, 10:37 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny morning in my corner of the world. No rain yet and we could sure use it. My agenda for today is to pick up, dust, and vacuum the main living area. Tomorrow is the clean the bathrooms routine. Sunday we have another couple coming and we are going to the Clay County Fair. It is supposed to be the largest county fair in the U. S. We have tickets to the Gaither concert in the evening so I hope it doesn't rain since we are sitting in front and not under the roof.

Susan -- I'm glad you got some time in at Curves again. You have to be feeling a lot better to do that. :D Do you have barn quilts in your area? Maybe I should ask if you have barns? :lol: Anyhow, it's fun to drive through the countryside and see the different quilt designs displayed on the barns around here. They have become very popular in the last few years.

Maggie -- We have our tv/phone/cable bill automatically taken out of our checking account also. The main reason being that if I mail it it goes to one of the southern states and there is only a 10 day time between when we get it and it's due. :( Lack of quality postal service you understand! I hope you are able to buy one of the mugs -- it's nice to have "one of a kind." :yes: I have one that the art teacher made (he does pottery shows during the summer months) and gave to me when he was my Secret Santa years ago.

"Gma" -- I'm proud of you for being so patient with your appointments yesterday! My bp would have been off the chart! I probably would have asked what the problem was -- an emergency I can forgive but lack of organization not. :no: Is your doctor looking for something by checking your ovaries? I've never heard of that test. Enjoy your afternoon at the clinic! ;)

I need to get a move on! Have a GREAT day . . . it's TGIF!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-11-2009, 05:14 PM

Been out running erronds this day. We bought 3 trees to plant in this yard. In the front we are putting a Weeping Willow and a Doggwood. In the back we got a Dwarf Apple. We are going to be doing some nice landscaping on this yard. The little neighbor boy came over to help Will dig holes.;) The older these kittens get the more I notice their personalities are so different. First off the Black is biggest and the Gray is the smartest and probably the runt. The Black is near sighted and can't jump up on things as well as the Gray but Black is the cuddley one. Black is a scardie cat and runs and hides under the blankets of our bed when we have guests and Gray greats each separately. Ragg Mopp can pummel Black and not Gray. Gray loves the little good boy treats and Black could care less. When I get up in the morning and open my office door where they have spent the night they both come tumbeling out while Ragg Mopp rushes in along with the Gray and Blackie heads next door to Will's offce. Mopp and Gray get "good boy" treats. When I am in my easy chair in the front room Black will come and cuddle in my lap and purr loudly. Gray will push him out and then they both romp around the room. Gray doesn't want to cuddle but doesn't want Black getting the attention either.

JEAN Sounds like you will be having fun at the fair. Will has told me about that fair and how good it is.;) His old stomping grounds and rodeo days. I am sure you and your friends will enjoy the day alot. Wish I were there.

DONNA FAYE & GLORIA ~ howdy to you this day.

Have a lovely afternoon - evening Magnolias. :wave:

09-12-2009, 09:36 AM
Good morning girls! Boy, yesterday was busy. Lots of kids sick with tummyaches and a few sore throats. There is strep going round again and flu so I was cleaning and spraying and washing my hands a lot yesterday. I sure don't want to come down with something. Our flu shots should be available next week so I think I may go in and get one if I can.

Jean: The interior ultrasound is done with a wand and I guess checks stuff the regular ultrasound doesn't. My paper work said dysfunctional bleeding, so the tech said, "You are having heavy bleeding, right?" I said no, just the opposite and told her about the kooky stuff going on with me. She was a bit surprised, but then we got to work. She was such a sweetheart and so very nice. I still have a sore back shoulder from the mammogram. I guess it will just work its way out. Have fun at the fair and the concert. I miss the old singers that were with the gaither tours that have passed on now.

Maggie: Sounds like you have a houseful of fun.

I have the front of T's sweater almost complete, then I can start on the sleeves and get it all sewed up. This seemed a real easy knit up but the colors came out so great looking I think. I want to get Jackson's sweater yarn ordered the end of next week. His mama is going to measure him for me so I know what size to make. I am afraid the zipper sweater jacket I am making and almost completely done with will be too small. He has really grown.

Have to get to cleaning house and I need to make a triple batch of my lowfat biscuits. Jack has them a lot for breakfast so they go pretty quickly. Have a good Saturday!

09-12-2009, 03:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy cool day in my neighborhood. We got a few rain drops last evening, but not enough to give the flowers and grass a good drink. I've been to WM and the card shop this morning. The washer and dryer are both going too. Bob and Jason are at the lake closing up the cabin for the winter. I should have gone and done some cleaning but it will be there next spring. I need to clean bathrooms and vacuum yet this afternoon. I made a meatloaf for supper so that's ready to bake. Tomorrow is church and the fair, then it will be Monday again. :spin:

Maggie -- I can just picture the kittens playing. They are definitely like children and all have different personalities. I wish Blackie could teach Ernie how to purr! :yes: Once in awhile I can feel him if he's curled up on my lap, but he sure doesn't make any noise. He does snore/groan in his sleep though. :lol:

"Gma" -- Knock on wood I hardly ever caught anything at school. My first year of teaching I had a cold from Sept. through May! I hope you don't catch anything. Kids do grow so fast, that's for sure. When you don't see them very often you can really tell. Amanda says she can tell when they are going through a growth spurt because all they do is eat. :lol: Biscuits sound yummy! :T I haven't had lunch so guess I will do that next.

Have a nice day and enjoy the weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-13-2009, 07:02 AM
Good morning to you all! It is nice and quiet this morning. No sirens, no Fedex planes flying overhead, just silence outside except the breeze blowing the leaves off the trees. Looks like it won't be long and I will have that mess to clean up off the deck again. I may start doing it week to week so it isn't such a job all at once.

Jean: Hope the fair is fun for you today. I haven't been to a county fair in years and years. When I was young we used to go every year and it was the one thing to look forward to before school started was the fair the first part of August. It was where my first ever knitting project was displayed. A really poorly made pair of slippers! :)

I am going to cook up some chicken breasts and shred them and have either some noodles or make some dumplings I haven't really decided yet. I haven't made dumplings in very long time and they might be kind of good.

I got Thomas's school fundraiser stuff on Friday though we didn't see the box until yesterday afternoon when Jack went out to the garage. They had tossed it over the gate. The picture frames are cute but I have to get some photo paper to print some pictures of the boys to put in them, then I bought a bill notebook, which will be nice to stick the paper bills in each month and a dry erase calendar that will be nice to put dr appt and such on instead of all the sticky notes hanging all over my computer. I also got a nice, very nice in fact, roll of general gift paper free for ordering at least $40. I also got free shipping. I imagine I will do it online from now on as Kelly doesn't have to make arrangements to get me the stuff and I don't have to pay shipping this way. I will probably use the wrapping paper for dd's birthday present.

Nothing much else going on. I didn't get anything done yesterday because my hip hurt most of the day making it difficult to walk. When I had the ultrasound, I had to position my legs in a difficult way without stirrups and it put a lot of pressure on my left hip and it has been sore since. I must have slept on it badly Friday night because it hurt like the devil Saturday all day. I did bake a triple batch of biscuits and did my daily chores, but said phooey to the cleaning for another day and sat in the recliner most of the day.

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday! Faye

09-13-2009, 01:27 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I've cleaned a bathroom, done another load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and am just waiting to change clothes before our friends come and we leave for the fair. I'd love to wear capris and sandals but know that it will be cooler once it gets dark tonight. Guess I'll opt for slacks and tennies hoping it doesn't get too hot this afternoon. Since it is such a nice day I know it will be super crowded. :(

"Gma" -- Beth sent me the link for Maddy's fund raiser and the kicker is that if I order online I pay shipping which was sky high. If I give Beth my order, which I did, there is no shipping. Go figure! The only difference is that she turns the order and money into the school. Ian also had his last weekend; the catalogs were different but a lot of the stuff was the same. I feel bad that little kids are asked to peddle merchandise! I personally would rather just make a donation and forget it, but I suppose people wouldn't do that either. Your chicken dinner sounds good. I'm looking forward to an authentic corn dog! I haven't had one in years so it will be a real treat for me. :T I hope your hip feels better soon. I've been awake since 5 when Bob walked into the edge of the bed. :mad: I could use a quick nap! :yawn:

I need to change clothes and find my jacket. Hope you all have an enjoyable day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-13-2009, 09:59 PM
Good evening, ladies! A very nice day today but it is cooling down fast tonight.

I tried to go to church this morning, but there was a train crossing Rt. 17 (never happened before) and it went slower and slower and finally stopped. Half an hour later it was still sitting there, church was half over and I turned around and went to Walmart to get me a Verizon cell phone. I'm switching from Tracphone. I've had them for years, but the last year or so the service has become very unreliable and doesn't work for most of my drive to and from work. I checked into Verizon and it's only $1.50 more than I am paying now on their prepaid phones and they work everywhere. Now to pass a new phone number out (but I don't give it to more than 3 or 4 people and the doctors' offices).

The last day of the Challenge was Friday and so that is done. We had a lot of nice compliments and people enjoyed it.

I spent the afternoon with Glory stitching away. We stopped to go to Ruby Tuesday (another buy one get one free coupon) for an early dinner then went back and stitched some more.

I'm really tired now and so I won't do personals tonight. Have a good one.

09-14-2009, 08:51 AM
Good morning to you all! It is raining cats and dogs this morning and my little doggie got soaked. I put him out and went to the bathroom and in the interim it started pouring down rain. He took it all in stride, wasn't even barking when I let him in and gave him a good rub down with a nice big towel so no harm no foul. He is up on his pillow on the coach asleep. I have been working with him to get him to jump up on the bed and he will do it with encouragement, but not when the room is dark. I will just continue to work with him on it until he does it in the dark also.

Jean: Hope you had fun yesterday. I used to like the real junky food like funnel cakes! :T Not much worse than that, fried dough with powdered sugar! :) The st joe county fair in Indiana had a place that sold marvelous rotisserie chicken. I once got ask out on a date to the fair when I was 14 and the guy was 19. We went to the fair with my older sister and her kids. We went off by ourselves, but he was from Scotland, smoked and I was wayyyyyyyy out of my league having it as a first date. Unfortunately, I looked at least 17 because as they say, "I was stacked." We didn't even talk much, as I was a nervous wreck so that was that for sure. He was a very nice guy but truth be told, I couldn't understand half of what he said! :lol: He was a relative of my sister's neighbor who thought I was hot! I am not sure he ever found out I was only 14. Used to happen to me a lot back then. I worked the concessions for my brother's little league team and Notre Dame football players used to show up there and would hit on me having no clue I was so young. I didn't even know how to flirt! :) I was pretty much the same when I met Jack even though I was 18 by that time. Thank goodness he hung in there! :D

Susan: We dumped tracfone too and went with att prepaid. The roaming is a lot better I think as the phone used to never work when we would go to Indiana. We like what we have much better now. I can't see paying a monthly plan for the bit we use it for. We are not tied to our cell phones like some people and what would cost $59 a month for most people would last us the 90 days in which you buy the prepaid plan. Rarely do I have to put extra money on the phones. I don't have long distance on my home phone either. I found that purchasing a 600 minute phone card for much less than $50 lasts months and months and it would cost me that in a month of long distance with bellsouth. It is also much cheaper per minute of talk time I think. Where do you get your buy one get one Ruby Tuesday coupons all the time? I love their salad bar.

Well work is calling me and I want to finish the few rows of the back of t's sweater then start on the sleeves today. I have the front done and ripped the back down past the 2 row stripe and am just redoing it all in the solid since the front stripe would have been right at the beginning of the neckline and looked stupid. I got the measurements for Jackson and my little zipper jacket is about 2 inches too short in the body party so it will have to be ripped back and added. Thank goodness I have never finished it. The sleeves are plenty long enough.

Have a good Monday and if it is raining where you are, try to stay dry! Faye

09-14-2009, 11:58 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's promising to be another nice day in my neighborhood. I had a very hard time getting up and moving this morning. It was after 11 when we got home last night and I was tired. :yawn: As we were standing in line waiting for the grandstand doors to open we discovered that we had missed "shopping" the booths under the grandstand. We didn't buy anything at the two buildings we did go through. It was crowded and every other person seemed to either have a stroller, a wheelchair, or be in a motorized cart.

The Gaither pianist is blind and his "funny" for the evening was that his family went on a cruise during their vacation. The ad said, "if you don't see a whale we will refund your money." The boats we go out on promise the same thing. The guitar player makes funny comments from the back of the stage and told about the band eating at a fancy restaurant. He happened to be leading the blind pianist and the poor guy walked into a wall. The guitar player felt so bad but said the guy was very gracious about it and loudly said, "well, I guess I'll have to get another dog!" The people sitting around them burst out laughing.

Susan -- I've gotten held up by the grain trains in the fall. They seem to go on forever! :( There is supposed to be a time limit that they can stop at an intersection, but I don't think they pay any attention to it. It is aggravating when you don't have a cell phone you can depend on. I don't know if it is the hills or what, but there are places between here and Sioux City where our phones are dead. The kids have the same problem and they are with a different provider. I'm glad the Challenge was a success for you! You are lucky to get coupons for eating out. Every once in awhile someone will call to sell us a coupon book. The stores are all big department stores and restaurants that are 2 1/2 hours away from us! When I try to stop their sales pitch they just keep right on talking. Sometimes I let them finish and explain we live in a rural area and I'm not about to buy knowing that we won't use 99% of the coupons. :no:
Sometimes I just hang up on them.

"Gma" -- I had my corn dog last night, but it wasn't as good as I remember them being. :no: The prices sure have gone up though! Two corn dogs and two small lemonades was $13. After the show we had to walk past the midway to get to the car and their food stands were still open. I talked Bob into buying a sack of mini donuts; they were donut holes and we got 6 for $4. One was enough for me and it wasn't as good as I remembered either. We all agreed on that one! Two new things I'd never run across was fried candy bars and potato craters. Our friends got an order of the potatoes shaped like a volcano -- they are fresh potatoes sliced very, very thin and deep fat fried, served with ranch and ketchup for dipping. They were crunchy and I can see where they might be habit forming. (The state fair had fried butter cubes which sounded gross to me.) None WW friendly for sure! :no: I could sit and just people watch -- so many over weight and walked like they hurt. That makes me more determined than ever to stay active. Lots of younger kids/adults all ready showing signs of being obese. :(

I need to get back to my picture sorting and finish up the garage junk. Have a nice day! :cb:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-14-2009, 12:02 PM
Good morning, ladies! Beautiful day heading for the 80s.

Faye, we get Ruby Tuesday coupons in our newspaper. On the coupon it says:
"Want even more valuable offers? Sign up for SO CONNECTED at I know we received a coupon yesterday from the server for their new Sunday Breakfast Buffet. Glory and I usually get the top sirloin with a baked potato and broccoli and you also get the salad bar. We have the server bring boxes with the meal and put half of it in the box before we start to eat so we get 2 meals out of one.

Jean, I'll bet you had a great time at the fair. Our Fall Festival will be the first weekend in October. That's the one that our quilt guild demonstrates quilting for and they pay us $350. It's juried vendors of arts and crafts, lots of fair food. I usually get a funnel cake and share it with Sandy and Shelley. I also get apple butter there. It's made in a copper kettle over a wood fire. I get the unsweetened one. There is usually a man grinding cornmeal, too, and I like to get a pound. We have the visitor to our booth sign blocks for our Quilts of Valor we make for wounded soldiers. Last year we had 1,000 and ran out so this year we have 2,000 ready to go. That will make a lot of quilts.

Maggie, what's the latest kitty antics? How's the glass coming along?

Well, I have to get back to work. Have a great day.

09-15-2009, 07:25 AM
Good morning all! I saw that Patrick Swayze finally succumbed to his cancer last night. He sure did fight hard. It is one of those death sentence cancers. I saw him in many films and liked him as much as a person as the actor he was. He also got big thumbs up from me for being married for a long time to only one woman. Not many actors do that these days.

Susan: I signed up at Ruby Tuesday and noticed they have full menu nutrition info so it is definitely another restaurant Jack and I can go to and stay within points. I saw the steak info and the points are really reasonable. They also have mashed cauliflower, which I would like to try sometime. We may go there for lunch today after Jack's cardiology appt. His cardiologist is going to be thrilled when he sees how much weight he has lost and how he looks. I rolled on the floor on Saturday. Jack came down dressed in a beautiful and might I add expensive pair of almost brand new blue jean shorts that were size 42. He had the waist all bunched up and belted. He looked like something from the beverly hillbillies! :lol: He also has drawstring flannel pj bottoms he wears around the house. They keep slipping off his hips because he has drawn the string as tight as it will go and they are still too big. Those look like some clowns baggy pants. They are so big you actually can't see the outline of his legs or behind or anything. He cracks me up because he weighs himself everyday!

Jean: I don't understand why stuff like that has gotten so outrageous other than you are a captive audience. Hot dogs at the ballpark are like $5 apiece now, for a HOT DOG! I was just thinking the other day about when I was in high school and we used to go and eat lunch at the soda fountain at the drug store. We used to get the absolute best ham salad sandwich with chips and a coke for 30 cents! Of course those were the days before unlimited soft drinks. The sandwich and chips were only 25 cents and the coke was a nickel. You could get a plate and I mean a big ole oval plate of ffs for 25 cents too. My girlfriend and I would get them and share them and get cokes for 35 cents total. I have seen those deep fried candy bars. They are supposedly scrumptious, but are probably a whole days worth of points.

My microwave went to Sears heaven last night. I was warming something, it made sort of a grinding noise then just clunked off. I went and unplugged it and replugged it and checked breakers, but I pretty much knew it was gone. I have had it for at least 12 years so that's not bad. Unfortunately, Kenmore's microwaves get horrible reviews. I must have read 40 reviews on different models and not one got above 3 stars and the complaints seem to be the same, broke down within a couple months, buttons quit working or the turntable would break. So, I found a panasonic with great reviews and with a couple new things I like so we are going to look and see if we can find one in town today and if not I will order one online and have it shipped. I can't believe how much we depend on it though. It is going to be tough to do without one if I have to order it online.

You gals have a great day. I am about halfway or so done with one sweater sleeve so I imagine I will take it with me to the cardiologist. No cleaning today. Will do the upstairs tomorrow. The downstairs I did yesterday so it is all nice and clean.

09-15-2009, 11:12 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny morning in my neighborhood. I need to run some errands so will need a jacket to start out at least. I should wash some windows today; the upstairs windows are supposed to "pop" inside but one needs gorilla strength to do that. :( Bob will probably do it at noon, and hopefully I can get them back in the track by myself. :crossed:

Susan -- Making quilts for wounded soldiers is such a nice idea. The personally signed blocks make them extra special. :yes: Do you make cornmeal muffins with the personally ground cornmeal? I haven't had apple butter in years. My mom would buy that at the MN State Fair, for my grandma, when I was a kid. :T

"Gma" -- Beth loved "Dirty Dancing" because she was a dancer when the movie came out. Jason's college friends thought he looked like Patrick Swayze; too bad he couldn't dance like him. ;) I was surprised he lasted as long as he did after his diagnosis. I think Jack needs to go clothes shopping from the sounds of it. :cheer: for him! Sorry about your microwave! Mine is 13/14 years old and I can tell it doesn't have the power it used to.

I'm off to put on my face and head into town. Have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-15-2009, 11:41 AM
Good morning, ladies! A hot one is in store for us today.

Faye, my microwave is so old it isn't digital but it still plugs along. I'll miss Patrick Swayze, too. I loved to watch him dance. It sounds like Jack better go clothes shopping before he is arrested for indecent exposure! Good for him. The mashed cauliflower at Ruby Tuesday is good.

Jean, I sure will be making cornbread and corn muffins with that cornmeal. Our guild has already made over 400 quilts of valor in the last 2 years. We have committed to making them as long as the wars continue.

I finally found a Featherweight 221 sewing machine last night. It's a 1951 Centennial model that was made to commerate Singer's 100th anniversay of making sewing machines. I was lucky in that it has all the original attachments, manual and carrying box. Why did I want a 58 year old sewing machine? The Featherweights are work horses. They are coveted by all serious sewers and quilts. They are quiet, sew beautifully, have all metal parts and best of all only weight 11 pounds so they are perfect for taking to classes, bees, retreats, etc. They only do a straight stitch, but that is all you need to piece quilts. This one is in mint condition, no chips or nicks, all the gold scroll work is intact and it has been reconditioned and cleaned. I was happy to get it for $525. I'm going to see if I can find out how much they sold for originally. Probably $50. The price on them keeps going up every year, so I won't have any trouble getting more than I paid if I decide to sell it down the road.

Well, that's my report for today. Have a good one.

09-15-2009, 01:48 PM

Another lovely day in the Heartland. I have been busy doing "stuff" and did really think I had posted yesteday but looks like I didn't. The kittens are still a source of amusement and Blackie now plays "fetch." Gray Baby will catch on when he takes a notion.:o But Ragg Mopp still plays "keep away." I think I am going to take a break from typing today and do some glass work. I don't have anything cut out and so will start with cutting out my pattern.;)

DONNA FAYE I still love my new Panasonic Microwave with it's 1250 watts of power. It is so quick and defrosts meat like a dream with no hot spots. ;) I saved the glass turntable out of the one that recently died on me and it is a great round surface to use for cooking and defrosting in this new one since it is smaller. This new microwave doesn't take up much more room than my old one did but is so much better. I am sure if you get one of thse nice Panasonic ones you won't be disappointed.

JEAN Isn't it wonderful to be among the troup of "retired folks." Isn't fair food fun food that packs a whallop of calories. I used to love the pork squares on a stick that a couple of local guys made when we were in MN. They made them in the park throughout the year. The squares were 3 inches and they put two of them on a wooden stick. They were slow cooked on their BBQ and tender, oh so tender. One square was plenty so two people used to share one stick full. The cinnamon rolls were to die for.

SUSAN That is a worthy thing to send quilts to the service folks. They are our children and we salute them. Our son got a really neat thing form a stitcher person. It was a quilt that folded up into it's own case and made a pillow. Believe me those service men and women really appreciate "stuff" from home. Thank you and your friends.

Mail just arrived and some catalogues sure do generate the junk. Well ladies i do believe I need to get going. :wave: Type at y'all later. And you have a great day.