100 lb. Club - Anyone else make their weight loss a game?

09-08-2009, 08:13 PM
I saw the post, about keeping your weight victories to yourself, but it got me thinking...I've become pretty competitive with myself over my weight. Its like a game I play with myself now; How Far Down Can I Get The Scale This Week game and I'm wondering how many do this?
I'm a daily weigher and lately I'm always pushing to see a smaller number even on a day to day scale (not whole pounds but .1 here or .2 there).
Normally, I'm not terribly competitive, I think games/sports should be done for the enjoyment of the game, but with myself and the weightloss effort, I've gotten a lil scary, LoL.
I think I use this to keep me on track and motivated.

09-08-2009, 08:28 PM
I do make things a game/fun, I need maximum fun in a day! I try to keep track of fibre and whatnot to be sure i have enough in, and calories of course - I use them like money, and spend them on the food I want that day -- some days I'm in the hole a few bucks, other days I have a few extra. I'm big on fun stickers too (i make my own on labels and they say kinda rude things, like F**K YOU weird potato chip craving!" hahhah i'm a goon) But the more attention to you pay to something, the better you'll do ??? that's my theory anyway!