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07-15-2002, 02:05 PM

Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health,lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #52 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.

07-15-2002, 02:41 PM
Hi Everyone!

First of all: Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!! We succeeded in going to another Circus Parade. My 41 y/o body has a nice red glow to it now due to being out in the sun for over 4 hrs. I did manage to put sunscreen on my face & part of my arms. So...my face isn't red & I have a nice white stripe going down one of my arms because I never finished putting sunscreen on the rest of it! :dizzy:

Second of all: Welcome Karen/CrochetLegacy & Sinnrah!!

Karen: I hope you come back & join us again so that we can get to know you better & help you out on your weightloss journey. Sinnrah: I'm glad that you followed Spryng over to our thread. We do indeed have a nice group of gals over here & one of us are always around for support & encouragement. I hope that your Grandmother is doing a lot better today. It must be a scarry time for you right now. Sheila: Congrats on getting the home that you were hoping to get! Happy moving to you!! I'm so happy for you! Spryng: I hope that your spirits are up today! I didn't check my e-mail in awhile, but I will check for yours after I'm done posting here, okay? Jen/Sassypie: Are your 2 dgs dogs, or dear girls? I thought you had kids, so let me know on this okay? Mel-It sounds like you have that weightloss thingy all figured out & you are doing such a great job!

Well gals, I'd like to stay around longer-but my dd is getting very impatient & wants to go swimming. I will close for now & I promise to address the rest of you later, okay?

07-15-2002, 07:49 PM

I am going down to my parents house Thursday. My grandmother is fine right now...but she is worried. She will go into the hospital Friday. My husband left today for two weeks. It has been raining so bad here that I thought maybe they would cancel but they did not. But i am fine.

Thanks for the welcome.

Sinnrah :dizzy:

07-15-2002, 10:10 PM
Good evening ladies!

Mood seems to be better this evening, I just had a rough morning! One of the puppies got hurt, but he's doing a little better now. Plus I'm getting a little frustrated with my eating. It's getting harder to stay OP, and I thought by now that it would be much easier? I'm so worried about WI tomorrow that I'm affraid to go (I'm still gonna go anyway)!

Thank you Jackie, but no I don't have this figured out yet! I'm not giving up though!!!

Sinnrah, have a nice trip, and we'll be sending well wishes to your Dg!

Well, I better go drink more water, and clean the kitchen! Have a good night!

07-16-2002, 12:57 AM
Good evening all!
Good to see you back Jackie! We have missed you!
Today has been really good. I feel almost like my old self again and that is wonderful to me. I only did 10 minutes on the bike again but only because I want to take sunday and mondays off and couldn't bring myself to do it. I really like that thing. But I went to an exercise site and it said that there hasn't been any info saying that 7 days of exercise is better than 5. The results were the same so it encouraged all to take off two days a week. So I thought sunday and mondays would be great because my Dh is off and all that. but still, I would plop down on the couch and see the bike right there in front of me and just couldn't stay away. But I didn't want to over do it, so I just worked out for 10 minutes. Tomorrow though I'm aiming for at least 30.
My eating hasn't been too bad either. We even went out for chinese buffet (which I love) and I had one small plate and didn't even finish it all. I was full so I stopped. It felt good. Then for dinner I had one small taco. So today was good. I'm trying not to weigh to often though. I'm feeling such great results from the bike that I want to constantly hop on the scale to see if it's working. Not that I feel bad when it doesn't go down but everyday is a bit much. I have three more lbs to lose to hit my 5 lb goal for this month. I hope I get close. :)
Well anyway girls. Things are shaping up here and my dd is almost completely potty trained. She hasn't had any accidents at all the past three days, not even during the night. now when it comes to the #2, she won't go in the potty. Any advice on how to get her to use the potty fot that?? I've talked and talked to her about it but she still won't go in it. So any suggestions from you ladies who have been here before is more than welcome :lol:
I guess I'll get off here. I hope everyone has a great night and an OP day tomorrow!!

07-16-2002, 06:38 AM
Hi Everyone!

My dd woke me up & now I can't get back to sleep. So...here I am, tapping away at the keyboard, visiting you all. Sinnrah: I hope you have a safe trip to your parents house on Thursday. My thoughts will be with you, your Grandmother & family on Friday. Hopefully her hospital stay will go well. I bet you wish that your dh could be with you in the next 2 wks., as this sounds like a difficult time for you right now. As for the rain in your area: Is it anything like AZ is getting right now? How far away do your parents live from you? Happy & safe trails to you & your DH, even though you are going in different directions. How is your weightloss journey going for you? Will you have a plan to stick with when you go out of town?
It sounds like with all the stress your family w/b going through in the next week, you all should go for daily walks together. It will help ease the tension a little & will do your bodies good! ;)Mel:Where in WI are you going to? I live near Milwaukee,WI. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get together? You never know, maybe we'd be close enough! As for staying OP, hang in there & if it makes you feel any better-I'm going through the same thing right now! :eek: My Birthday is all over now & it's back to facing reality again. It's been real tough staying OP with the kids home this summer. I had such a great routine going when they were in school. I was eating my fruit for breakfast, drinking plenty of water to rev me up for my morning hour-long pedal on my recumbant bike & then eating a healthy meal for lunch. Lately I'm starting to forget what a vegetable looks like! I don't want my old bod back, so I better get with it! Want to join me? As for your puppy: I hope that it continues to get better & stay out of trouble. Just how did it get hurt anyways, if I may ask? Just last week, I accidently closed the hinged side of my dd's nightstand door on our new kitten's front paw. She let out a loud shreak, limped for a little bit, but is fine now! Thank goodness her bones must be like rubber yet! Spryng: I'm glad to hear that things are going much better for you & that you are almost feeling back to your old self again. I was quite worried about you!
Good for you that you're staying OP while eating out too!
As for your bike: When I'm following my strict exercise routine, I take the weekends off too. It's good to give your muscles some time off, just as long as it's only for a few days. Not like my time off from it!! My head is spinning already thinking on how I'm going to fit in peddlin', along with my housework! To make matters even worse, I promised to spend the day with my kids swimming somewhere. Thank goodness that my DH w/b out of town! (I won't feel as guilty then.) I'm glad to hear that your dd's potty training is going along quite smoothly. If she's staying dry all night, that is a good sign. As for the #2 part: Hmmn...maybe you need to have your sister come on over & bribe her with the lipstick again! Or better yet...get your dd her own sample from the cosmetic counter at your local drug/dept. store. My son was just the opposite, he didn't like #2 in the pants, but didn't mind the potty part.
I'm sure glad that we're over this stage at our house! Well gals, I'm getting sleepy again. I'm going back to bed for awhile.See yah all later... :yawn:

07-16-2002, 03:17 PM
I'm so used to using quick reply that I forgot to use the regulaer reply on this new thread so that I will get email alerts when someone else posts! :) So now I am using the old reply button.
Anyway, I hope you can fit your bike in again jackie. I know your schedule is so busy. Do you have your bike in your living room? or somewhere else? Maybe if its in a den or exercise room you could move it into the living room so that if you sit down to watch tv you can sit on it and pedal while watching or whatever works for you. Having my bike in the living room has done wonders for me. I sit on the couch and can't help but to see it right in front of me and my body takes over and I feind myself watching one of my favorite shows and pedaling away, I also upped the resistance on the arm bars (not sure what they are called) so that my arms get a bigger workout now too. Today I put in 20 minutes so far. I hope to get at least another 10 in today sometimes hopefully another 20, but we'll see.
The advice on the potty training was good. My dd loves stickers so maybe I will buy her a few sheets of stickers and giver her a sheet to play with every time she goes #2 in her potty chair. Now I just have to buy them :)
My eating has been good today. I was busy cleaning up this morning so I missed breakfast but had some left over spaghetti for lunch and I'm not sure yet what's for dinner. But I'll find something.
Well I'm on my way to fitday to log in my process. I'll catch up with everyone later!

07-16-2002, 06:26 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am sorry I havent gotten back to you since that first post last week! My hubby has been home on sabbatical and last week was his last full week home. He goes back to work tomorrow. (8.5 weeks off - PAID) Man am I ready for that!

Needless to say, I wasnt able to post much due to the fact he decided to do a TON of stuff including almost completely redoing the front yard landscaping! Not that I am complaining.. but sheesh.. I never even got close to the computer! :(

But I am starting again tomorrow morning. I will get up when he does and jump on the scale then the treadmill while he is in the shower! I promise to check in with a longer post so you all can learn a bit about me!

Hugs to everyone!

07-17-2002, 12:47 AM
Hi Ladies,

I would have been here sooner but I was having a slow computer day.:mad: But, Freckles- I dont know what kind of rain AZ is getting right now. I know that it is really bad here. I dont even know if I can get to my parents house. They live five hours away...but they also have been getting alot of rain. They are near Houston.

I am feeling a little down. I miss my hubby. :cry: I am doing alright with my diet today. I started trying to follow some Atkins stuff. Still dont have the book but have been looking around on the website. My father has diabetes so he has a certain diet that he can eat. So there will be things at my parents house for me to continue w/ my diet. We will grill some chicken. :^:

I hope everyone is doing well this evening. I had to go and buy some sleep aid. I was up until 3 am. I dont like to sleep alone. I ended up pigging out. :ink: But oh well....there is always the next day. Right? LOL

Hopefully i will hear from my hubby soon. He can call from a satellite phone. But the rain has been so bad out in the Gulf that he may not be able to. Sorry, Ladies, I just love him too much as times. :love:

Enough of my late night rambling.

Take Care
Sinnrah :):devil:

07-17-2002, 11:21 AM
Originally posted by spryng
now when it comes to the #2, she won't go in the potty. Any advice on how to get her to use the potty fot that?? I've talked and talked to her about it but she still won't go in it. So any suggestions from you ladies who have been here before is more than welcome :lol:

Dont know if this helps but My DD took almost a full year to go #2 in the potty. My son? 2 weeks! I think girls have a natural fear of the potty when it comes to #2 as most of my friends with girls had the same problem. HTey dont necessarily act out on the fear but itis there underlying. What I did is have Cassie help me clean up her mess.. laundry etc... eventually she did get started going (probably about 2 months after we started the clean up) so at home we were doing good! It was when we were out that took FOREVER because she didnt want to miss out. treats worked some what but not all the time. It just seemed to click for cassie one day! from then on no more # 2 accidents!

Hang in there.. it will happen. Like my pediatrician said, all kids go off to college being able to go to the bathroom by themselves! LOL That really put me in perspective!


07-17-2002, 11:45 AM
Hi everyone!

So far I am having a GREAT day!

I got up at 6 and weighed in for my starting weight. UGH! 195. but I know now how bad things are. In Jan of 2000 I was 169.. so that is 26 pounds gained in 2.5 years.

After I weighed in, I got dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and hopped on the tread mill! I want to get back into my running routine so I am following the Runner's world recommended start up again. So for the next 8 days I walk!

After my walk I felt so good! I already have 3 glasses of water in and am showered and ready for the day! I am eating my oatmeal and banana breakfast as we speak!

Just a little background on me, I am a 35 year old SAHM of 2 kids Tyler(almost 6 with 4 loose teeth!) and Cassie (4). I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. in Feb of 1999 I started WW at Home program at my all time High weight of 225. That year I lost 56 pounds with the help and support of the gals on the WWathome board here at 3FC.

Then we made a move from CA to WA in 2000. All my hard work went out the window! Well, not all of it.. just some of it. But I am not daunted because I know that I will have to watch my weight all my life. That is just the way it is. BUT I have a plan of attack.

Although WW did wonderful things for me, I just cannot imagine counting points for the rest of my life. WW taught me how to eat correctly, portion sizes, quantity of food groups, etc. So my plan is to stick with the basics, cut out fat, high calorie foods and replace them with lower fat and healthier alternitives. I need to get exercise back into my life regularly, and my goal is to run a 3 or 5K by next summer.

My weight goal of 135? I want to get there as quickly as possible, BUT realisitcally tomorrow wont happen! LOL! So I am looking at a 2 year plan. By next summer I want to be down to 165 and then hit goal by summer 2004. ( that still gives me 1 year wiggle room for my 20 year reunion in 2005! LOL :dizzy: )

Besides being a wife and mother, I am a frelance crochet pattern designer. I have just begun the process to start self publishing my patterns. I am shooting for October 1 as my release date for my first afghan leaflet! Crochet Keeps me sane! And i have a rule too, no eating when I am crocheting... that helped me loose the first 56 pounds...

Sinnrah - I hope you heard from your hubby! I know how it is to miss them! My hubby used to travel for 2 weeks (including weekends) out of every month. It is hard!!

Freckles - Thanks for the welcome! I plan to post more often now! Hubby is back at work! :)

Hope all have a great day! I am off.. we have a dental appointment in an hour!! :(

07-17-2002, 12:18 PM
Good morning all!
Sinnrah, I thought you weighed 105?? Are you maintaining or still dieting?? What is your goal weight?
Karen, it's so nice to get to know you. And congrats on getting on your treadmill this morning. I've been interested in WW but never really looked into it. Plus something inside me just won't let me pay for a diet. I think because losing weight increases health all programs should either be free or covered on insurance. :)
Today I really need to buckle down and get some extra exercise in. Last night I went to a pizza buffett and really over did it. But it was just so good. Then this morning I had cheese nips for breakfast. Not the best of choices. So for the rest of the day I want to eat light and get in about an hour combined of exercise to undo my damange. but we'll see. I just feel so lazy today. I would love to crawl back into bed and sleep the rest of the day away. But of course as you ladies know, it's not possible with two toddlers running around. But I may get in a nap later when they do.
Anyway, I hope everyone else has a great OP day and I hope I do too :lol:

07-17-2002, 01:27 PM
Morning :)

Karen - I can relate to your weight yo-yo so much - especially the moving part! I was doing great on my plan too until we decided to move - then there was literally no time! We were either packing, cleaning, showing or just never in the house due to high interest. Then once we did finally move, the unpacking began -ugh! Everything at that point just seemed so overwhelming and the exercize just got lower and lower on the ladder. So after gaining all the lost weight back and loving myself for it (not!), it finally got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore and I started back up again.

When I really stop and think about it I get angry with myself because I don't understand WHY I waited so long to get back into shape. I wouldn't tolerate the excuses from anyone else so why did I allow myself to make so many for so long? I still don't know the answer to that one... The good news is though that now I'm up and moving again and so are you so congrats and best of luck to you!

Spryng - as for the doo-doo dilemma, the only thing I can suggest is to be as patient and nonchalant about the whole thing as possible BUT watch for the "signs". I know that's much easier said than done! But from experience, believe me it is much better to observe their "tendancies" and get them there a little late than to wait for them to tell you.

My oldest daughter never wanted to stop what she was doing and she would hold it and then have a hard time passing. We actually had to take her to the doctor and give her mineral oil and lots of fiber everyday - and it was still a difficult passing. I blame myself because I realized later that she would kind of *disappear* when she had to go. If I would have noticed earlier she may not have had to go through that rough stage :( . So I hope this helps you a little bit at least - no pressure, just observation.

I have to tell you all quickly that last night we had a bit of a scare here. I had just finished doing my excersizes (around 9:30) and I heard and felt this huge BOOM! The house literally vibrated and I didn't know if it had come from outside or upstairs (where the girls were sleeping). My dh was in the basement on the phone and heard something but thought it was just me working out (nice huh - I'm not that heavy!:mad: :lol: ) so he didn't worry about it. I, on the other hand, ran up the stairs and found my youngest had fallen out of bed. I worried that she had fallen on her head because it was so loud and she was crying and disoriented and then I realized that her neck was really flush. I took her temp and she didn't have a fever but she was complaining that she was "all itchy". I took off her nightgown and she was covered in hives!

Ok, so at this point I'm kinda freaking out inside because I'm trying to remember everything that she had eaten or been in contact with today and my dh is still downstairs on the phone completely unaware that any of this is going on. Not to mention that she also had made a huge #2 mess (liquid) in her pants and she needed to get cleaned up and into the tub.

So, to make my quick story quick, we *think* that it could have been either the fishsticks or the raspberry yogurt that she had for dinner that caused the reaction. She's had fishsticks many times before but not for a long time and as for the yogurt, I can't remember the last time she had raspberry but I want to say she's had that before too. She's fine this morning and acts as if nothing happened last night; but I'm still curious to know what caused the hives. As mean as it sounds, I almost want her to have both separately just so I can see if it was either so I know to have her avoid them in the future. Does this sound terrible? I hope not. :^:

Anyway, I'd better go, the girls keep asking me when we're going to play school and I keep saying "as soon as I finish this post" and they've asked me about 10 times a piece. It's always nice when the youngest does everything the oldest does just to be exactly like her :dizzy: . See you all later and have a great day!

07-17-2002, 01:41 PM
Wow sassy- that does sound like a scare. I don't know the first thing about hives but I'm glad to hear they cleared up on their own. if they aren't dangerous it's probably ok to try the yogurt or fishsticks again seperately to see if that caused the reaction but talk to a doctor about it first.
Well I got in 20 minutes on the bike so far today. It was really hard for me to stay on it. I just wanted to plop on the couch. After 5 minutes I told myself I'd stop at 10 and then at 10 I forced myself to get to 15 and so on. once I hit 20 though I was sweating and tired so I hopped in the shower really quick and freshened up and thought I would feel rejuvenated but instead I am feeling even more tired. I didn't stay up too late last night, got in bed by midnight. The kids didn't get up until 9 so that's at least 9 hours of sleep so why am I so tired!!! The kids lay down at 1 pm and I think I may be going down too. I need a pick me up potion. Wait... I think I may have a diet pepsi in the fridge... gonna go find out...
talk to you girls later :)

07-17-2002, 03:04 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sprying- Girl, I am always dieting. I am on a maintenance program. But would like to lean out more. Just thought maybe Atkins would teach me more about low carb and give me more variety.

I do weigh 105. But still have excess fat around the mid section. I get that honestly from my genes. :lol: But I am going to try and get it leaned out. We'll See.

Crochet- I havent heard from my husband yet. I am leaving out of town tomorrow. So hopefully I will talk to him this weekend. :love:

Okay ladies....you all have a wonderful Day. It is actually Sunshining here in TEXAS.....:wave:

Sinnrah :)

07-17-2002, 04:49 PM
Hi gang!

we are back from the dentist! The kids did good! Tyler wasnt afraid this time and cassie did well for her first time ever! Neither of them had cavities!! So they got this totally cool goodie bag with all sorts of toys and stickers and a coupon for a free taco at our favorite mexican food restarant! AND the got their picture taken for the no cavities wall!

Me on the other hand. I have a tiny cavity and one of my teeth needs a crown! :(:(:( It has been bugging me for 1.5 years now. My old dentist would do nothing about it!! I am so glad I switched because this new dentist saw it right away! I will be pain free in a couple of months!!

Spryng - WW at home was actually a good deal. It cost $100 up front for EVERYTHING. That included all the electronic calulators, the books (all the ones you get in the course of 8 weeks at the meetings) plus 6 months of telephone support from WW international. But I do agree that any diet program should be covered by insurance!!

Sassy - Boy you sure sound like me. Looking back.. I cannot tell you why it took me so long to get back on the horse! Lazyness? I dont know! But we are moving!! :) Hives! My son had those about 2 years ago on St. Patricks day! They had a party at preschool and I got called to pick him up early.. the doctor told me that he probably ate too much green dye! So now I limit his intake! He only had one other reaction like that one .. when he swiped and ate an extra fruit snack bag... he knows not to do that again! :dizzy:

Sinnrah - I dont even remember 105! Good for you girl! Enjoy your sun in texas! We are warm (80s) but overcast here in the PNW!

BTW, does anyone have a link for an online food journal (cheap or free) that will give me totals for calories and fat, etc. Doesnt have to be the deluxe model.. but just something I can log in daily and see how I am doing!

Talk to you all soon! :)

07-17-2002, 06:53 PM

I missed y'all, and it's really kinda goofy but I wasn't getting the email to notify me of updates and I just figured out why! Duh? Not I'm not blonde, not anymore! I've been pretty busy, Dh is gone to a funeral in La. and I'm still taking care of the pup.

Jackie, I'm sorry I've been so confusing lately :dizzy: I had WI=weigh in last night. And I must say I feel a lot better after hearing the topic this week = weight loss stages!
Stage 1 = Honey moon
Stage 2 = The Thrill is gone!
Stage 3 = Renewed resolve
Stage 4 = Life style change

I discovered I'm in Stage 2, but headed for stage 3 now! Now I understand why I've been feeling so frustrated, and I'm trying to deal with it in a healthy way!
Anyway, my pup is doing better, but still sore, so I have him on pain meds. and Penicillin. We raise bull dogs and I figure he made his sister mad cause she roughed him up good! Now I have them seperated, so no more problems!

Welcome Karen, and good luck! This is a great place to be!

Spryng, It's been a long time since I had to potty train, but all I can say is time and patience is the only thing that works, and offering treat sometime too! :^:

Sinnrah, I feel for you girl, I'm the same way when Dh is gone! I couldn't sleep last night, but he'll be home tonight!!! Then leaving again for a business trip to AZ. in a few days. :(

Oh dear Sassy, that sounds scary! I'm glad everythings alright now. We've had that a couple of times too, once it was an allergy to some meds. and then it was some type of plant allergy. But not life threatening, thank goodness!

Well ladies, it's good to hear that everyones doing good! I better get some house work done,TTFN

OOH! Weigh in!!! Thought I was going to have a gain, but I lost 2.6lbs for a total of 22.2lbs. in 5 weeks! That really helped my mood! :D

07-17-2002, 06:54 PM
WoW! Welcome to everyone who is new! I'm Misty, 27 married mother of 2 Dd's 3yo and 15mo. I'm on a low calorie and low fat diet of my own with yoga and recubent biking for exercise. My long term goal is to maintain 115# I'm currently around 127#. I've lost 30# since last November when I started to diet and I think that is when I joined SAHM. I've been a member here for awhile but my computer went down and I had to re-register. So that's me and I'm glad to meet you all and can't wait to know you better.

Hey to all the not new members too :p! How is everyone? I've been a bit out of sorts. TOM and just feeling lousy. You all know how it goes. So I read some of the posts and I'll do my best to get back on track with all of you. I'm off for now to try and fix dinner.

I added this photo, this is the 2 newest members of our clan :) English Bluetick Hounds Little Dixies "Fancy" Hopper and Little Dixies Hocus Pocus "Gypsy"
Well it didn't work I'll post a link....

07-17-2002, 08:47 PM
Good evening all.
I got a nap in finally when the kids went down at 1:00 pm. It helped a little. I think I might be able to make it until the kids bedtime at 9:00.
My eating has been so-so today. I had ramen noodles for lunch and then my Dh suprised me with chinese take out for dinner. I only ate about half and then drank two glasses of water and got on my bike for 10 more minutes. That's 30 total so far today. I'd like to get in at least 10 more for tonight. I'll find out the damage when I go to fitday. But I think I'm still in the good for today.
Don't feel bad Melissa, I did the same thing. I got so used to using this quick reply that I forgot to use the regular one when a new thread was started and didn't get any email alerts. :) Then I came to the site to see several had posted since I had and I realized what I did! :lol: I love this quick reply but I wish they would put an email option below it like on the regular reply.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your new pic Misty. Are they cats??
Well, I'm getting ready to tape Big Brother 3 tonight. Does any one else like that show? I just love reality TV. Makes my life seem very calm and simple compared to others. :)
I'll check back in later. G'nite!!

07-17-2002, 10:16 PM
LoL! I'm sorry I went off to look up the link and oh man my youngest is trying to potty train on the adult toilet so I sat her there while I turned away to fix her bath. She decided to stand in the toilet!? So I had to mop the bath floor and one thing turned into another... Finally here I am with the link
Let me know it the link works okay girls!
Nighty Nite!

07-18-2002, 07:58 AM
Hi Everyone!

I see a few of the regulars here have posted a little bit about themselves to the newcomers, so here's my life in a nutshell too!:smug: : First of all-I've lived in WI my entire life. My DH & I have been married for 18 yrs & we have 2 beautiful children. A DS who is 13 & a dd who is 8. We have 2 cats- Age: 8 years & the other is 2 mos. We have a 3 y/o goldfish & currently have 5 tadpole/frogs! One has completely turned into a frog & the others are starting to sprout! Thanks to Spryng: I've finally figured out how to keep them alive once they turn into frogs! It sounds so simple now! Now-back to me: I've been a SAHM for the past 4 years & before that I was a FT-City Letter Carrier for the P.O. for 11 yrs. (10 of the years raising a family!) I used to have a 13 mile walking route back then & I thought weighing 135-140# was too much for my 5'5" frame! (I'd love to weigh that now!) I'd even be happy to be 20# lighter right now! Well-with the help of you gals, facing reality, having determination,willpower & exercise, I may get there someday! I just recently lost 16.5# between Easter & Mother's Day. Unfortunately...I've gained back around 5# since the kids got out of school! I lost the 16.5# using the Fit For Life plan & getting on my recumbant bike for 45-60 min. 4-5 days p/wk. The FFL/exercise plan has been by far-then best program that I've ever been on! So-now you know a little about me! Telling you all this has tired me out,so...I'm going back to bed to sleep for a few hrs again!
:yawn: See you later!~

07-18-2002, 12:35 PM
Yes Misty the link worked! What cute dogs!! We are hoping to get a chocolate lab next year and I can't wait. It's been several years since I owned a dog and I love the thought of the kids growing up with them. :) That's funny about your dd in the toilet, makes me remeber the stories that used to be told about me. I was tiny when I was little, like my dd whois 2 1/2 and weighs barely 20 lbs. Well when it got hot I would sit inside the toilet and play, I was so little that my mom could barely see my head above the rim and I was just sitting in there playing with my toys! :lol: I can't imagine being so little at one time but when I look at my dd I can see it. She is just as little.
Anyway, looks like I have gained. I know it's not fat because I haven't really went over my cals at all this week. Yesterday I thought I overdid it with the chinese but turns out my day ended at 1304 cals. Not bad at all. So it must be muscle. How much weight can I expect to gain with muscle and when will I just start losing again? I thought I had gained all I could already until I weighed this morning. Back to 138. I don't mind the number at all because my clothes are fitting better and better the past week. My size 8 jeans are getting loose on my hips and that is great to me no matter what the scale says but I'm just wondering when the scale will start to go down too?? Anybody know??
Well I think I'm taking the kids shopping today. Home World is changing locations so they are having a huge sale and I want to go and see what they have. We have a new pet too, I forgot to tell you all. I bought a plant kit that you put together and then put in a male betta fish (siamese fighting fish) he is so beautiful! Bright blue with streaks of red, gorgeous. So it's a neat setup, a beautiful jar filled with soft pink gemstones and then you put in the fish, and then put the plant (a peace lily) in the top and the fish feeds off the roots and such and then you tie a bow around it and poof! a gorgeous focal point in the room. The best thing was it cost less than 10 dollars to make. :) I think I may make another one to put in my bathroom next to my garden tub. It would be very pretty there.
Well anyway, guess I'll get off here. I'm going to try and stay OP today, hopefully staying around 1200 cals for today and getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise. I'm rooting for everyone else too!! Have a great day!!

07-18-2002, 12:40 PM
Good Morning Everyone!

I am having a good start to my day, although I havent excersized yet. TOM is 1.5 weeks late (No chance of being prego! I am always like this) and my lower back is killing me! I have endometriosis and it is currently growing on the nerves on my back so right before TOM hits I get a ton of pain and my left leg goes numb. But the good news is that when I get on the treadmill it helps.. It is just hard to get out of bed when I feel like this! So when the kids are in their room for quiet time... I will be on the treadmill! I need to get my walking in!

I found Fitday.com and I love it! It really gives me the information I need to see what I need to work on! Like yesterday, I only ate just over 1800 calories.. I know that is way too low for me. So today I can concentrate on getting in more protien. That was low too. (but then again with TOM I am a carbo girl! LOL :dizzy: )

My hubby brought home a dozen Krispy Kremes last night. This morning their are 6 left and I DIDNT EAT ONE! :smug: I might try a bite of one later, just to taste, but if I try one in the morning I will crave sweets for the rest of the day! UGH!

Well, my DD has a 4 year old check up this morning.. so I am off for now.

Hope all have a great day!

07-18-2002, 02:42 PM
We're Back!!!!!!
Gosh this has been busy here, I missed a whole thread and some newcomers. I'll get back on later and read the threads and catch up with everyone. Our vacation was good- busy but good. Glad to be home though. I missed all of you- and at times wished I had access to a computer to at least keep in touch.
Talk to you later!

07-18-2002, 02:43 PM
Hi All! :)

Well the good news is that my dd doesn't have hives anymore. It only lasted through the night and she was able to get to sleep pretty quickly considering. The bad news is that last night I made the girls hot fudge sundaes and then made one for myself too :o . Now, please understand that I don't typically make these things for myself. Usually my dh comes in with one for him and one that he's made for me too - and always without asking! Sounds like a true gentleman huh? NO - it's sabotage I tell you! :lol: So the fact that I actually made one for myself and then ate it too tells me that my body must be missing something that it needs. If it would have been any other type of sundae, I wouldn't have eaten it but it was hot fudge and I just couldn't resist! And to make matters worse, I put lots of walnuts on top too. Ugh!

Sometimes I think I eat bad stuff just because I like it and not for any psychological reasons, like stress, anxiety, pms, whatever. Why does there always have to be a reason anyway? Ok, I'm trying to justify my mistake - is it working? :^: No, ok then, I'll move on...

I have a small dilemma and I'm hoping some of you can help. We live in a small town and it's kinda like living in the country - there's a lot of nature and animals living around our house. In the last few weeks we've found a burrough with baby bunnies in it under the bushes in front of our house. We never would have even seen it but we were pulling weeds and they were just *there*. They have since left the burrough but now we find them scattered throughout our yard - just sitting there. You could easily step on them if you weren't paying attention. Also, we've found several baby birds in our driveway and also just laying in our yard.

We don't really know what to do with them. My dh went to mow the yard yesterday and luckily found one of the birds before he ran it over. Will the mother of these animals come to get them? I'm particularly concerned about the birds because they seem not to move too much. I don't know if they fell out of their nest or if they're waiting for mom or what. I've heard that if you mess with baby birds, the mothers can attack you and I certainly don't want that to happen! Because of these birds, I can't let my dog go outside cause she'd just start messing with them and the girls would ultimately run them over riding bikes. Help! This is the first time this has happened and we've lived in this house for 3 summers now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Time to go get lunch - my kids are arguing over what we're going to have as I type. Should it be mac and cheese or corn dogs? If life's choices were only this simple all the time...sigh ;) . Catch you all later. Bye! :D

07-18-2002, 02:47 PM
Ginny - you snuck in while I was typing. Welcome back! Glad to hear your vacation was fun - can't wait to hear the details! See ya soon :)

07-18-2002, 05:15 PM
hello again!
Welcome back Ginny, we have all missed you!
About your question Sassy- I too live in the country, I have my whole life. Now 1, the bunnies will be fine without a mother. The get to a certain age and they fend for themselves. Obviously they have no fear of people so they stand around watching you. Just be careful with them. Just because they seem tame, they aren't and can still bite if cornered. So you might not want to have your kids playing with them. Now as for the baby birds. They fall out of the nests, sometimes if you see the nest it fell from you can put on gloves and put it back in but with birds it's survival of the fitest and may be rooted right back out. It's nature's way. But call a vet or pet store and talk to someone who knows about those things. You could always raise the birds yourselves with a little food and a special feeder, but if that's too much you may just want to find the nest it fell from and place it back in. And no, the mother won't take care of it if it's on the ground. Now it may protect it, but you'd notice that as soon as you saw the bird, the mother would be close by. But chances are the mother bird doesn't even care. Just one less mouth to feed. Sad I know. I can't tell you how many baby birds I've tried to save in my years only to either have them diet on me or to put them back into the nest just to see it laying dead on the ground the next day. These things happen. But enjoy your wildlife and hopefully you won't have to worry about it much more seeing how fall is just around the corner. Now if you want the rabbits out of your yard you can buy some traps, (the humane ones) and catch them and release them elsewhere away from your property and that sould fix that. Other than that sounds like they have made friends!!
Well ladies, I just got home. Met my Dh for lunch at olive garden. I din't over do it. I really wanted dessert though and didn't get any because he ran out of time. I guess that's a good thing :)
Haven't exercised yet today but will later. Talk to you later!!

07-18-2002, 08:15 PM
Welcome Back Ginny! Good to know you all had a great time and made it home safe. Can't wait to hear bout the trip once you get settled.

Great advice for Sassy there Spryng. Couldn't have said it better.

Jackie I never realized you were with the po for so long. Wow. You are even more of a supermom now.

Karen hope you made it on the treadmill and are feeling alittle better.

Spryng what is going on with the baby and the hernia? Did you say and I missed it? I've been concerned.
Oh and labs are great dogs to have with a family. I have a friend who has one and she is so gentle and loyal to him.
And WTG at olive garden! I had LoneStar steak house today and stayed OP too! YaY for us!

Okay I'm off to sweat girls tomorrow is weigh in and I really want to meet that first goal... 125# it is my first short term goal since I hopped back on the diet. Wish me luck.

07-18-2002, 09:25 PM
I thought I would check in!

Havent gotten on the treadmill yet,! Misty! :( I have been running around all day then my daughter ended up with 3 shots today at the doctor! :( I had to deal with that.. she was so upset:cry: So now I have dinner in the oven and I most likely will walk after dinner and the kiddos are in bed. Good for you at the steak house! I LOVE a good steak so that would be a hard one for me![/COLOR}

[COLOR=limegreen]Spyring - Way to go at the Olive Garden! I love that place! hmmm... I am going to have to get out there one of these days!

I just thought I would check in! I will be on that tread mill before bed.. I have too!

07-18-2002, 11:27 PM
Hello again!
Just stealing the computer for a few minutes from Dd(who will be back for it very soon).

Welcome Karen!!!!!!! (love that name,someone very dear shares that name with you!) And I love your screen name- I crochetted my way all the way from NY to Fl and back! (Dh did most of the driving). So you are a treadmill walker- I will most likely be looking to buy one for Dh for his bday.
Can you recommend a good one?

Michele and Spryng- thanks for the warm welcome home. As I mentioned before, I really missed your friendship while on vacation. I hit PMS time while we were gone -plus Dh has been moody and I had the awful urge to post......or just read the posts while I was gone. It is good to be back.

Well, Dd is still upstairs. So I will begin with the first installment of the vacation. We left on Friday, 7/5 and began our drive to Fla to visit BIL and SIl. It was 2 long days of driving. The kids were great (considering) on the road. BIL and SIL just built a house in Fla- we stayed with them for 3 nites. We had a great time there- all get along really well, and considering that they never had children- and they went all over with us and the kids (Busch Gardens, etc) it went well. Glad to see them- but the visit was long enough. And Dh and his brother are a lot alike- and sort of become more so when they are together ( the good and the bad). Thankfully, his wife and I get along great (probably good that we live far apart, we would get into far too much trouble with each other if we lived closer!) Then we went on to Kissimmee to all the stuff there.

Well, Dd is back and will want this again......I'll continue later. Have a great nite. And it is soooooo good to be back!!!

07-18-2002, 11:53 PM
Welcome back Ginny!! missed ya!

Not much going on at my house, just trying to keep Ds and nephew busy! Puppy is doing good, so he's back outside!!! My eating has been pretty good, and I'm finally getting my water again! I go through stage when I just can't stand the taste so I just add a pack of sweet-n-low and a little lemon juice! yum.. it's much easier to down!

Well, I'm still fighting a headache, so I think I'm gonna hit the hay! Good night ladies!

07-19-2002, 12:03 AM
Miracle of miracles!!!!!!!
Dd actually relinquished the computer to me this evening- so I will attempt to finish our vacation update.
But, I think the first thing I will do is start a new thread....see ya there!!!!!! (at SAHM's #54)

07-19-2002, 03:50 PM
Sounds really great Ginny. I'm so glad you had a nice time. Sorry to hear about the TOM and the moody Dh tho. Geesh can I sympathize:( My Dh is the worlds worst for acting up while I feel bad and he says I'm difficult!

Karen hope you made it on the treadmill!
I'm in awful shape! I lifted something and pulled my neck?! Now I hurt when I turn my head to the right. Go figure. It's happened before. It'll be better soon. Oh and my weigh in.... I'm exact same as I was. So my goal wasn't met. I beat myself up pretty bad about it this morning. But I'm dealing better now. I just need to make some changes and add alittle more exercise. So I have to set a new goal. Anyone have a challenge?
Well get back with me on that.

Have a great OP day!