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09-03-2009, 11:25 PM
Hi I'm just curious, I used to weight 120 and due to having uncontrolled thyroid (wasn't taking my meds) I crept up to 165, then I got pregnant and immediately got on my medication (talk about a wake up call) and dropped 10lbs like in a week while pregnant due to being put on the meds. Well...during the pregnancy went up to somewhere in the 180s, and ended up having a c-section. Now I'm back in the 160s, even though my body doesn't look ANYTHING what it looked like before I had gotten pregnant and was in the 160s. I was talking with a co-worker who basically said "Well, your skin was stretched while pregnant and then you had a c-section so those belly muscles are all stretched out and no matter how thin you get your stomach is going to stay stretchy with lots of excess skin and nothing will help it but a tummy tuck"....I just want to know if anyone was in the same situation and their stomach didn't stay "saggyish". Did you keep a "pouch" after you lost weight?? I'm not trying to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. I would like to lose 1.5-2lbs a week...I just hope my stomach doesn't stay over stretched and saggy and....blah!:cry:

Chubby Bunnykins
09-04-2009, 06:32 PM
Hi hon. I wish I had good news for you, but I have very close to this same problem. I got up to about 180 with first pregnancy then went back to 135 then back up to 180 with second pregnancy. I did not have a c-section though. I stayed around 160 for 4 years after second child and have finally, this year, started losing weight. I am down to 140 and have serious loose skin issues. This all depends on your age and your skin elasticity mind you. So you could be just fine. But I am disappointed with this. I look wrinkly and saggy in the belly area when I am sitting down. I can't really complain since I look better in my clothes, but it is still a little disturbing and can create insecurity issues for me. I am hoping that over time my skin will tighten back up as I refuse to have a tummy tuck since "Dog ears" as a side effect seem so much worse (google if you want to see what I mean it is gross) plus the cost and painful recovery. Let me reiterate this does not happen to everyone and your co-worker is generalizing way too much. everyone's body is different.

09-04-2009, 07:59 PM
for anyone who has stretchmarks or sagging skin I totally recommend palmers cocoa butter, it works magic i swear lol. use everywhere generously before going to bed everyday without fail and you will have firmer skin within 14 days, seriously give it a try!

09-04-2009, 08:11 PM
Chubby Bunnykins...of course I had to google "dog ears" and saw a thousand different pictures...gaaah! lol...ugh! The body of a's kind of depressing to know I will have my body bak :/

LucyLucyLucy--I guess I got turned of from Palmers Cocoa Butter b/c I used it through out my ENTIRE pregnancy and my stomach looks hideous...maybe I should try it again but..I feel like I have no hope.

09-04-2009, 11:06 PM
I'm still working on losing the baby weight, So I have not reached that far yet....

But I was told that your tummy and skin are more likely not to sag if you lose the weight slowly. If you lose it too fast your skin can't "keep up". Just something I've heard and seems to hold true with some moms I know...

09-04-2009, 11:43 PM
kaybelle--i've heard the same about loosing slow and that's what I'm trying to do...only time can tell I guess! lol