Metabolic Research Center - Meta Quick vs Meta Balance-any recommendations

09-01-2009, 09:30 PM
Since I have increased my weekly running 12+ miles a week my counselor has recommended that I switch to the Meta Balance menu from the Meta Quick because it is more suitable to individuals who have a heavier exercise routine. She indicated that is not based on the chemical balances as with the Meat Quick and it provides more carbs, such as an apple as a snack between breakfast and lunch....I said give me a week to think about it...I have been having a difficult time getting through my runs lately now that I am training for my first 5K in three weeks. Has anyone changed plans or if anyone is on the Meta Balance...did your weight loss slow down with more carbs and one dairy?
I am just afraid to increase both as I am very carb sensitive...Thanks

09-01-2009, 10:28 PM
i don't know anything about the switch in plans but if you get more info, i'd love to hear it. i, too, am having trouble balancing my workouts with my diet and no one at my center has really had anything to offer me as far as advice, other than "just stop exercising," which isn't really what i want to do because i've worked really hard to get where i am now fitness-wise and i'd be really sad to lose that, you know?

anyway, keep me posted!