Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ September Thread

08-31-2009, 11:18 PM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

09-01-2009, 05:47 PM
Hi Ladies

It has just dawned on me that it was the 1st of September so I though I would start the new thread for this month but Rosebud is more on the ball than me. So all I have done is copied and pasted the entry I put in error the August thread. So a little of deja vue for some of you maybe ;)

Good afternoon the morning started off partially sunny and cloudy. Though now there is no sun in sight and dark clouds lurking over head which has resulted in one short sharp down pour at around 3pm. I have been and come back from treatment at the centre so now I am feeling a bit worn out. DH has gone down to brother's works unit to pick up the van as we are going to deliver back the bean bags that had some faulty screen printing on. We have to be there by lunch time so we will be setting off no later than 9.30am I would think. We knew this trip was in the offing but thought it would be Thursday to be honest.

Watched a documentary in Gaelic last night not that I speak a work of the language it was also subtitled for English speaking people. This was about the last person alive that use to live on the Island of St Kilda of the West coast of Scotland. It is a very remote land whom seemed to have a live that revolved around sea-birds the St Kildian's would kill them for food and sell their eggs etc. Though as people gradually left the Island and there was never a big community of people as there were only something like 10 houses. They were no longer able to sustain themselves as before so they asked the Scottish Government to relocate them in 1930. It was very interesting learning of a way of life that no longer exist. It is good to know that today people are now voluntarily restoring the houses and stone stores today's equivalent of a shed I suppose.,_Scotland I have added some web sites to show you the island and more about it.

RONNI Life can sometimes be like you describe hectic and it seems to get in the way of things you would like to do. Good idea having a yard sale to sell things when paring down and your "larger clothes". This will give you some extra cash for some more clothes in your new size. Or the cash I am sure will always come in handy when you have a growing family.

I think it is the chicken and the egg scenario when it comes to whether your tiredness is due to events in your life or is it just a symptom of your MS. I know when my father was ill I was not sure about my symptoms I was experiencing was due to the stress or was it an attack. I had not had an attack for 9 years so thought I would be scot free by then but I found out that it was attack I was shocked to say the least. That taught me not to be so complacent. I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment with the worries of you Dad's health so I will send prayers up for your family and will be thinking of you during this time.

It is nice to hear from you and what is going on in your part of the world. I have not yet taken my holiday I go on the 12 September so all the children have gone back to school. We do this for financial reasons because holiday homes, hotels, caravan and cabins all put their prices up during the school holiday which I think is so wrong. The kids go back in early September the date varies depending which school.

ROSEBUD I did not realise that your DH had been unwell sorry to hear that and hope he is soon on the mend. I will be thinking about him and yourself of course during this time and say a little pray for you both. In the UK aspirin therapy is often used in a low dose especially with anybody who has had heart conditions with in their families. It can be a good treatment as it thins the blood slightly which can be good the older you get and the more likely your blood vessels are to be furred up. Stress is a big factor in any illness and often makes them worse as I know to my cost with my eczema.

Like you say I think you have nothing to lose to go and see the specialist regarding surgery. This way you can hear what they suggest and it gives you an opportunity to ask questions you may have. They are not going to operate there and then so you will have time to think what is right for you and your DH. If you decide it is not for you at the end of the day after to listening to the experts and what they have to say. You have made an informed decision having all the information to hand with all the pro's and con's. I am not sure that if the procedure is the same here but they do some psychological work with a specialist before hand just to make sure that you are not just hearing what you want to hear. Some people who are really desperate to lose weight only hear the words lose weight. They are then surprised and find it hard to come to terms with the new eating regime. Though I can see that you are going into this with your "eyes open" and are treating the appointment with the doctor to just find out more about the procedures on offer.

It is only normal that you would go off track with the stress you have been having. Though I think 2 days off track is not bad some people do it for weeks. So kudos to you for getting back on the wagon and doing your exercise.

Must go as it is tea time here and my DH is saying he is starving now he has come back. So I will catch you soon. Not sure if I will feel like it tomorrow but I will as ever try and pop on. So bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-02-2009, 12:02 AM
THANKS PURPLE ~ for putting in the closing of the August thread; I really appreciate your help. If you really knew what DH and I have been going thru, you would understand fully why I haven't been able to come in and post.

We have been having some very disappointing experiences of late; and I think it's time to clean house again (but I mean this as far as relationships are concerned not our actual house which is clean already). Some people are so full of themselves, they are totally inconsiderate of other people's feelings; and one thing I cannot abide is deliberate dishonesty and deceit (and we have been experiencing a lot of that lately).

A stranger helped us tonight for nothing -- we were put in a nasty bind today, but a stranger came to our rescue and helped us out. GOD must have sent him like an Angel, so I have asked GOD to bless him for his help. We can't pay this good Samaritan back, but GOD can and HE will some day ...

We don't have a lot of family; most are estranged or distant. The few that do really care about us are far away. I pray to GOD that He will help us meet some true friends here some day; ones that really care about us. Thanks for your help and for taking the reigns for me here. We have some urgent things that we have to do over the next couple of days, but I will try to come in at night before bed if I can.

I will also send RUTH a PM about putting our thread up as a red sticky; she wants me to send her the link to this thread to make it easier for her to find it, so it should be up at the top of the page by tomorrow.

We just got back home but I did manage to eat healthy today. We went shopping a bit and picked up a small new coffee maker as ours was getting a little slow; will try some vinegar & water solution on the old one to see if that is what the problem is (I kinda suspect it). You need 2 cups of white vinegar and add 3 cups of water to clean out the tube system; letting it soak for awhile on off, then continuing on.

Anyways that is all the news from here; got a lot of walking in today and was happy for that. I have always tried to do some walking each day, but some people just don't know that, even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes. I kinda try to walk from one end of our place to the other for about 10 minutes at a time. We also go and walk at other places as well; I have to stop a lot, but at least I do it, and I am very proud of myself that despite all my set-backs and challenges, I have never been a quitter ...

I did some more research this morning and was not impressed with what I found out about the R & Y procedure my doctor wants me to have. Heresay info isn't quite accurate -- that is why we must do research ourselves. I am surprised by the fact that so many people don't have any idea what these procedures are really like before, during, and after. Life will not be normal at all: you cannot eat your favorite foods. I am not interested in living with my face in a toilet or consuming mostly expensive, chalky shakes -- to me, that's not living either.

Honestly, I am not really interested in this at all; and as time goes on I'm not even sure that I want to even read anymore about it. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I am not impressed with anything I am seeing at all. Everyone else thinks that I should investigate it; everyone else thinks that I should see that doctor; everyone else thinks that I should consider it ... but I don't!
I just don't know what to do anymore; so I am just gonna keep doing what I am and try some new things now and then, and see if anything helps.

Anyways, I am really tired and should get some shut-eye, as I am really rambling. Take good care ladies and please do have a great week! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-02-2009, 03:32 AM
Yes, Keep it up and its challenges. do your daily routine and you get success.

09-02-2009, 11:11 AM
Rosebud-I was concerned when you mentioned your doctor talking about the surgery. Surgery is always a major deal. No matter what the statistics are (and like Purple said, there are many,many people here who are successful without any surgery), any surgery carries risks, from anesthesia problems to infections and should be investigated very carefully before doing anything elective. I once considered a surgery for weight loss, but decided it was just too risky, as I've had 5 surgeries since 1992 and had problems with each one (almost died once due to anesthesia issues). And, yes, with the weight loss surgeries, your way of eating changes so drastically, it's amazing that there aren't more people with serious health issues afterwards. And, I do know that many people will regain the weight after a few years, as the stomach can still begin to stretch again. You've done such a great job so far and continue to work your plan and improve your plan to become healthier! You are such an inspiration to me and many others here. We'll support you whatever you do, but I just encourage you to continue investigating any surgical procedure so you can make the most informed decision you can. :hug: I feel for you on the deceit and dishonesty issues-we're having some of those ourselves, as you may have read in the CE thread.

Purple-Hope the deliveries went well. When we still homeschooled 100% of the boys classes, we did our vacationing after everyone else went back to school in Sept. and Oct. too. Saves a lot of money and the weather was always nicer! Where are you going to go?

Not much else going on here, except taking stuff up to mom's to prepare for our yard sale and we have to get DH a birthday gift for tomorrow (he'll be 51), then DS1 will be 28 on the 10th and DS3 will be 13 on the 12th! So, I guess we do have a lot going on!:lol:

Hope you all have a great day! Talk to you later.......

09-02-2009, 11:55 AM
Wow Rosebud, I see you've made some great progress! You are obviously doing something right! I hear you saying you don't really have any interest in the surgery that was suggested, but seem to be being pushed by others. Something I have learned through my many medical issues is to go with my gut instinct. If my first response to a doctor's recommendation is a knee-jerk reaction of "heck no!" it's usually right on. My worst experiences were caused by letting a doctor or family member push me into doing something I really didn't want to do, or felt was unnecessary. I've been told that makes me a non-compliant patient but as a 6 year cancer survivor I'm guessing I made some good decisions along the road! It might be the time just isn't right for you to make that big of a change, and at some point in the future it will come up again and your response will be different. Truly no matter what decision you make you'll have plenty of support on this site, even if you don't have a good support system living nearby!

09-02-2009, 02:05 PM
Hello! I am new to this site, and I need all the encouragement I can get. I am doing a diet my doctor gave me with portion and calorie control. I've been doing it for about 2 weeks.

I have a mobility impairment as a result of a congenital problem that was made worse by a fall. But that's okay as I have a shiny blue scooter to use when I go shopping or to an event here in town. At home I use a wheelchair or a walker (if I'm having a good day).

Anyway, I've joined a couple challenges here, and I thought perhaps this thread would be a good one for me. Almost 100% of the time I am happy and positive in my outlook. But giving up excess food has kinda made me feel depressed.

With your encouragement and support, I will achieve my goal!
Thanks for being here,

09-03-2009, 02:13 PM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

Today the weather has been very grey and over cast with some very sharp down falls of rain so not the nicest day. Unfortunate for some people living in the UK they have weather warning out due to the predicted rainfall of about 25mm for those of us who still work in the old measures that is nigh on an inch. I pray for these people that they will be spared any damage to their homes through flooding etc. It must be so worrying if you live in areas that get these severe weather warnings.

Yesterday went very smoothly on the delivery so no complaints there. Though I was having trouble with the old water works yesterday and wanting the loo frequently. So whilst at the trailer park we delivered to he asked where the toilets were. Oh my I was in for a shock I walked in and it was a male toilet big clue being the urinals :fr:. I was desperate for the loo so my darling DH kept watch on the door so as to spare my blushes and some poor man's come to that :o. It reminded me of the some of the toilets I have been into in Europe on my travels maybe here in England we are more straight laced and see it as strange to have mixed toilets.

I have been shopping today to stock up on food. It was not a big bill today as we did not need so much. The bulk of the money was taken up with fresh vegetables and fruit to be honest. On returning home I have made up a big bowl of fresh fruit salad I must admit it looks rather yummy :T so we will have this later at tea time to get in our recommend 5 fruit/vegetable a day which they say is the ideal amount here in the UK but other countries may have different views on this.

ROSEBUD I am so sorry that you have been experiencing so many issues and problems with so called friends. It is so stressful and not to mention hurtful when you find out people whom you thought were proper friends turn out to be deceitful and dishonest. Some people have no concept of hurting others feelings all they are concerned with are themselves and no one else. So I understand why you have not be able to drop by like normal to the thread. I pray that for you and your DH things get better and you find some true friends as you so both deserve it.

It is nice to know in the world there are still some decent kind and thoughtful people out there who would help a stranger in need. Like you say God will pay him back for is kind deeds. You may not be able to pay them back yourself for their kindness but I am sure that both of you would help someone else in need if you could. God knows this that you would be kind to others so sent you a what I like to call them earth born angel to assist you in your hour of need.

You mention your coffee machine is becoming slow and the method you use with vinegar. Some of these remedies are the best I have to use neat vinegar on the vegetable steamer. This in turn when boiled and left to cool down cleans the elements a treat. There are lots of uses in the home for vinegar or bicarbonate of soda for that matter. They come in a lot cheap than individual shop bought products which are suppose to do that job and not to mention kinder to the environment.

:carrot::carrot: yeah for walking, it does not matter how long in time you took. All these 10 and 15 minute walks all add up in the week. :carrot::carrot: I know you are no quitter your someone who grits their teeth and keep having a bash at it. I admire that quality in you and you have kept me going when times are tough. Thankyou :hug:

Yes surgical intervention are not for every body plus like you say there are risks with the surgery/anaesthesia. Then for the rest of your life you are unable to eat normally ever again. For me personally I could not do that but it is the right path for others. Only the individual person can decide for themselves what is the right thing to do. I think it is right to do as much research as possible so that you know what it is all about so you do not look at it through rose coloured spectacles. You need to know the pro's the con's and then weigh up what is right for you. For me personally it was trial and error with food. What is right for me is not the right path for others.

RONNIE Happy birthday to your DH hope he has a wonderful day. WOW the month of September is a busy one for you regarding birthdays. October I suppose is our month of birthdays with my Mum's on the 10th and then the 24th is both mine and my sister's. Though we are not twins there is 5 years apart and she is my baby sister ;) (40 this year my sister will be so not exactly a baby any more :D)

The trip went really smoothly just the getting up at 7am wasn't so nice :no: I like to only see one sort of 7 on the clock and that is 7pm :D I do not know if you struggle to get up in the mornings. This to me is really strange never prior to the MS did I have any issues with getting up in the morning. I think it is due to the fact I now need more hours of sleep than before.

WEIGHTLOSSWANTED :wave: hello and :welcome2: to the thread.

You have some sound advice there for Rosebud regarding surgery. It in my opinion does not make you a non compliant patient just because you do not go and do every single medical procedure they say. I have dug my heels in when I was having testing for MS all those years ago as I did not want a lumbar puncture. I see how ill it can make people and I saw there were other less invasive procedures that I could have namely MRI. I got my way and guess what they diagnosed me from that so no lumbar puncture needed. You go what is right for you and what you think is the best way forward not the easy option for the doctor.

:congrat: on being a cancer survivor that is something to be proud of and like you say you must have made some right decisions along the road to come this far.

MILETJOHN :wave: hello and :welcome3: to the thread. Here you will find a support along the weight loss journey especially if you have mobility issues as we know how hard it can be.

SPICY A big hello :wave: and :welcome: to the thread.

I will tell you a little of myself as a way of introduction. I am a 44 year old lady living in the UK. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999 so I have now on my 10th year. Prior to to giving up work I was a psychiatric staff nurse and worked with patient who had committed a crime (serious ones like, murder and rape) but who where found to be mentally ill. I adored this work and found giving up work harder to come to terms with than the disease itself. I had mapped out my life career wise and was working towards my ultimate goal to work at the maximum secure hospital such as Rampton or Broadmoor. I was just about to start looking for posts that were vacant there when MS came into my life.

At present I am using a walking stick for my mobility and am knocking on the door for longer distances for getting a mobility scooter. So when the time comes I maybe asking your advice and experience in this matter. I am a complete greenhorn when it comes to scooter and which is right for me.

The first few weeks of adapting your new regime of food to different foods not necessarily what you love to eat. Though you will find lots of recipes on here to try which are low calorie but keep variety in your diet. I kind of count calories but not strictly though will weigh out foods I know that I am very heavy handed in such as rice/ pasta/ and cereal. I understand feeling depressed giving up the foods you love who are kind of a friend to you is understandable. Though it is all about balance. I have found that if I have say a day a week or a fortnight whatever is right for you. This day you are allowed to have something naughty but only that meal the rest of the meals are to be healthy and nutritious. This way I did not feel that I was being not allowed a treat now and again.

Some people also save 150 calories each day to have that nice thing each day like a skinny cow ice cream or a low fat chocolate pudding. There are items out there if you have a look around I have a few lurking around in my house but never more than one in a day. If you find you have trigger foods then do not let them into the house. For a long time nuts could not pass the threshold of my house else I would eat the lot in one sitting :o

So keep up the good work and we will support you along the way on your journey. Looking forward to getting to know you over the forthcoming weeks.

Right I think that is all my news for now so I will go and start thinking about making some tea before I get some hints from DH that he's starving :lol: So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-03-2009, 04:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES & GENTS ~ well, I tried to come in and do a post last night, but my PC quit on me. We thought we had a glitch in our PC, but it turned out to be that our power bar had a glitch in it. We started having trouble a few days ago where my PC would just go on and off by itself ... and we thought ... oooweeooo ... spooky ... :lol: Anyways, this AM, we tried a new power bar and so far things seem to be back to normal again.

So -- what was happening here? We had some stuff put away in storage, but we had to move it, as the owner sold the place, and turned the keys over to the buyer late Tuesday afternoon. Usually one has 30 days to remove your stuff, but the new owners wanted the space right away. So, we went out Tuesday night and someone (an Angel) came by and helped us; and we went back yesterday AM, and got the rest (it all took us only 2-3 hours in total).

The new owners came by and told us that anything that we didn't want, to just leave it there and they would haul it away themselves as they had some other stuff to move already, which was very kind of them also. So, we left them a few things that they could use as well -- for all their help.

So GOD answered our prayers for that -- we asked Him for help becuz we didn't know how we could move everything out of there with such a short notice, and all by ourselves. But once again, He sent us help, and a whole lot of peace of mind too.

DH is building NIKO a dog house with a friend who likes to do things like this to keep busy. UP until now, he had what is called a lean-to shelter, but a nice dog house is much, much better. DH had to go get some screws for the tin roof, which will last a longer time. His friend is very generous; and is giving him the metal for the roof ... may GOD bless him for his generosity.. We just had to supply the plywood and 2" x 4" wood which thankfully, we already had.

So GOD has been answering our prayers about finding us some really good friends closer to home, and we already have some great friends here @ 3FC's, don't we? Just like our dear friend PURPLE who has come to my rescue once again ... thanks so much!

OH Yes, I feel great compassion for those who choose the surgeries -- and I really understand how they feel becuz I have felt the same way myself on many, many occasions. I have considered it in the past and I still have moments of 'what if'???

:welcome: TO ALL OUR NEWBIES ~ who have dropped by recently! Wow ... it is nice to have you all come and visit us in our thread ...

MILETJOHN ~ welcome and thanks for your encouraging words John. I do plan to keep on, keepin' on; will try to improve things here and there, and see what happens. Come back and visit us now and then ...

WEIGHTLOSSWANTED ~ thanks for your words of support; they are very appreciated ...

SPICYWOMAN ~ glad you have found and joined us here. I hope that we can be a help to each other ...

HI RONNIE ~ thanks for your kind words of concern and caring. I know that you have been thru so much yourself with your health issues. I really don't think that I qualify for any surgeries anyways becuz of many health issues I already have myself. Prayers going up for you always ... :hug:

The hydro folks came by and put in our new 'SMART METERS' today, which should help us all to save even more $$$ on our electricity bills, if we use stuff in off-peak times of the day (ie 10 pm to 7 am). We unplug all of our small appliances when they are not in use: like the TV, video & dvd machines, fans, air conditioner, coffee maker, etc. I also unplugged some unnecessary cords and plugs today, as they all draw energy even when you are not using them; and a lot of people don't know that ...

My eating has been very good (credit moi); and I have been doing my daily routine as per usual ... kudos 2 me! The water pills that the doctor has me on is helping to keep the water down in my legs much better; hopefully that will help them heal as well.

DH and I were confused -- we have had such a rushed week that we both thought today was Wednesday, but my PC calendar says that it is Thursday today. So, I hope that you all have a THUNDEROUS THURSDAY ... and a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow too!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-03-2009, 05:09 PM
:wave: Hi to everyone and welcome to our new folks! We enjoy visiting with everyone so come back as often as you can!

Just taking a break before I go make DH his birthday cheesecake-he doesn't like most regular cakes and icings, so we make him cheesecake and put cherry pie filling on top for his birthday treat:T. Obviously not going to be an on-plan day today, especially since we took him pizza for lunch at work! Will be making a lean stir-fry for dinner though, so that won't be so bad. Anyway, I've had a lot of not-on-plan days of late and must get back into gear asap!

Got confirmation on my dad's situation yesterday-he does have Hodgkin's lymphoma along with the throat cancer. He's thinking he'll just stay where he is (rather than move up here with us) and do the radiation treatments on the throat, but no chemo or Hodgkin's treatments at this time. He's taking a couple more weeks to think it through before committing to anything, which just worries me more since you hate to wait for any kind of cancer treatment-as we found out with DH's dad this summer, you can definitely wait too long to start treating.

Purple-just have to tell you that we have October covered with birthdays too. Mine's on the 10th, same as your mom, my mom's is the 22nd, and dad's is the 25th, our anniversary is the 12th, too! I know Rosebud's is in October too. So, we know October is a very special month;)

Rosebud-sounds like you had your hands full with moving things suddenly, but it's wonderful that you found your helping angels at the right time. Hope things are still going ok for your DH, health-wise. And, you too with the legs.

Don't know anything else, but really must get to making that cheesecake-it won't take long as his favorite is the one right out of the Jello box:D Take care, everyone!

09-04-2009, 12:30 PM
Hey, Y'all-
Thanks for the welcomes! I'm here, I'm doing the best job I can, just putting one foot in front of the next.

I enjoyed reading Purple's post. When you want to know about scooters and wheelchairs, I have lots of knowledge to share. I'm on my second scooter and after 9 years of scootin' I'm pretty good at driving it:D I've been reading some British mysteries, so I enjoyed your story about the "loo." I have a strong desire to visit the UK. Who knows? Someday I just might do that!

In the mean time, I am being a good girl and following my food plan. I feel like the little engine that could: I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can!

Good day to everyone!

09-04-2009, 06:47 PM
Hello and good evening fellow chicks

Today has been partially sunny and cloudy all day. Though no rain thankfully on the horizon here. Unfortunately here in the UK as I mention we did have severe weather warning out in some areas. One area that has been hit hard is parts of Scotland when rivers burst there banks when in 24 hours the rainfall that is normally expected in a month fell during that time with catastrophic results. Home have been flooded with the bursting of these rivers and home have been evacuated. These is now going to be a hard time for these family whom this has happen with all the upheaval that the kind of disaster brings.

Today for the main meal of the day we had brown rice and turkey done in a lemon and ginger sauce. I cheat I am afraid on the sauce and it comes out of a jar :o sad to say. Then we had a lovely fresh fruit salad. Talking of fruit we also popped to another supermarket as the one we do the bulk of our shopping has a poor selection of tinned fruit in juice. So I have stocked up a bit on this to make the trip worthwhile.

RONNIE I think your DH birthday is the prime example of when it is good to go off plan. Must admit it all does sound very yummy :T When you talk of cheesecake was it the baked variety which I think is more popular in the US than here. I must admit until my birthday last year I had never tried baked cheesecake but I must admit I did like it I hope you had a wonderful day with your family celebrating your DH birthday.

Yes I can understand your worries about your Dad delaying his treatment after the experience with your FIL. I know here in UK they fast track you through the systems so to speak if you have any form of cancer the doctor then puts your options on the table for treatment and it is up to you which way you wish to take your treatment. I have heard literally that lumps have been found and within a month of going to their GP they are having the consultation giving there treatment options it is virtually going so fast you barely have time to take it all in. I will send prayers for your father and your family.

Yes October is a special month with all these birthdays and anniversaries. It is my Mum 70th birthday this year as well as my sister big 40.

ROSEBUD Glad you have sussed out the switching off eerily for no apparent reason of the PC. Not sure what a power bar is? It must be a different name for something we use daily over the pond.

The smart metres sound a great idea and way of saving electric (hydro). Anything that can save $$$ at the end of the day must be a good thing. I don't know if your bills are as costly as ours for electric (hydro) or gas. I know that we pay monthly sum of 140 :fr: (which is $249 CAD and $229 USD roughly) for the two of them as they are provided by the same company. This for us is the singularly biggest bill per month not that we waste gas or electric. Our home is well insulated so do not need to have heating on as much as others. Plus we ensure lights etc are switched off so we try to do our bit as much as we can. We can get cheaper electric here after midnight till 7am so frequently I do my laundry at that time to take advantage of the cheaper rate.

Glad to hear that the water tablets are having the desired effect on reducing the swelling in your legs. The only side effect I know about from Dad is the running to the loo more frequently. I hope this assists the promoting of healing in your ulcers soon.

SPICY Glad I put a smile to your face and my blushing :o moment of having to use the gents. I can see the funny side it is all part of life and they say variety is the spice of life just not quite the variety I had in mind :lol: You will find overtime I do have a sense of humour and I think that comes partly from my nursing days. It helped keep us sane and alleviate the stress. Then secondly I have a DH with a cracking sense of humour and I always have to be one step ahead of him ;) One of his first antic he pulled on me when we first were together and we were doing the shopping. We were at the checkout and the lady was scanning the goods. After every item she told me the total of the bill :?: which I found kind of strange. I found to my horror afterwards my DH or b/f at the time had told her that I did not have a lot of money and did not know if I could pay all the bill with the all the items I had selected . I have never felt so embarrassed :o in all my life the fact he had told the cashier this. So from that point on I had to be ready for his little antic and swiftly learnt that to play him at his own game. Not that I win very often as he is the master not that I would tell him that ;)

I sure will be calling on your advice as your a seasoned scooter user. I only have one other friend whom uses one and he is a lot lighter than me. He is one of these skinny minnies who can eat like a horse and not put an ounce on. My sister is also blessed that she can eat pretty much what she likes and stays so slim. So we are poles apart when it comes to our weight as I can put on 2lb just looking at something :D My Mum's side of the family are slender and my Dad's side are overweight. I'll give you one guess which side of the family I took after ;) Though this is the lowest adult weight I have ever been. My weight issues began really when I hit my teen age years and have stayed with me ever since.

I am glad to have found a fellow reader. I have read for as long as I remember though I tend on the whole to read books set from the period 1850 to 1950. The books you have read what are the authors name(s) ?

I do hope one day you get the chance to visit the UK as we have some beautiful places to see. Here we have a mild winter and seldom have snowfall. Our summers are not blistering hot either but for the days that are I do have a portable air con unit. We rarely go about 30c it tends to sit around 22 -25c in the summer.

:carrot: Great for staying on plan :carrot: Plus having that motto to keep you going. It is tough admittedly in the beginning but it does get easier as time goes on. When the new foods your prepare become second nature. You will not crave those sugary foods no where near as much and that makes it so much better. For me personally at the beginning it was a bit like giving up cigarettes so the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings that go with that. I would give yourself non food based rewards even small things can make all the difference. For my bigger achievements off losing say 20lbs I would buy an item of clothing. Nothing too expensive as believe you me your not in them for very long. It helped boost my moral and spur me on to going on even when the days were tough. Then I started to like what I saw in the mirror I could see the weight had dropped off. The compliments started rolling in which I liked as part from my DH nobody ever told me I looked nice. I suppose I became addicted to the nice things that were said too me for the first time. I knew if I wanted to hear more I must continue to eat healthy.

Right must go and make my drinking chocolate my evening has rapidly turned into night as I seem to have had many interruptions during the typing of this. So good night to you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-05-2009, 01:00 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we really had a busy day today; and we didn't realize until we went up town to pick up my meds and a few groceries that I forgot (salad stuff & bananas) that this weekend was the September long weekend too. A lady mentioned that to me when I was wondering why it was so busy ...

PURPLE ~ a power bar is an extension bar for your electrical plugins from your PC. Mine had eight outlets on it and it is supposed to protect you from power surges and such; and it is also supposed to turn off if something isn't right. Some people call them 'Surger Bars' or 'Surge Protectors' and they probably have other names too. They are supposed to protect you PC from possible damage.

Anyways, we went out to see a couple who is renovating their home and boy do they need some help. DH went out and helped them find a way to get some hot water flowing for baths or showers. They have much more work to do to get some heat in there but now they can at least have that. They discovered that a couple of their pipes had a leak (it's an old place).

Well, I spent the night trying to find a site she likes to go to; but it took all night just to register and get setup. Now I am getting tired, so I just came in to read and do a quick post. So take good care, and have a great weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-05-2009, 04:10 PM
Good evening fellow chicks

Weather been nice today if rather windy. I did a small load of laundry last night so popped it outside to dry this morning. With the wind they did not take long to dry so I brought them in within 2 hours. I noticed that other neighbours had taken advantage of the windy weather to do their laundry as well.

I have been to the farmers market today to buy one of two bits and pieces. Then today for dinner I did something I have not had in a while is pork in stuffing. You can do this dish with either chicken, pork or turkey. ~Firstly you dip it in egg which has been beaten ( the meat that is ). Then you roll in in stuffing that is in its dry state (packet mixture). You then place in a oven proof tray covered with tinfoil. You then give the tinfoil a good spray over with one cal spray (you must be liberal else it will stick). You place the meat covered in stuffing in the dish lined with tinfoil . When all the meat is completed you then get another sheet of tinfoil and wrap around the dish tightly. Or only making a small amount the tinfoil used to put over the tray can be made into a tight package. Prior to cooking though I forgot to say just drizzle a tiny amount of oil olive. I do meet a tiny amount though over the meat. You then cook slowly in the oven until the meat is tender. Then loosen the meat from the bottom of the tinfoil and leave open to crisp up the stuffing around the meat a little. ( to do this turn the oven up) To crisp up the stuffing coated meat it takes around 5-10 minutes so keep an eye on it. Serve with a selection of vegetables in season and gravy. I have made it without using the beaten egg and it still comes out very nice just to lessen those calories a bit.

It was the switching on of the illuminations at Blackpool. Blackpool is a seaside resort on the west coast of England. It is certainly a great site to see and I have been on numerous occasions. I take the tram (some which are also highly decorated with lights) as there is no way I could see the lights as it stretches some 6 miles.

ROSEBUD I see from your post it is holiday weekend in Canada and like here in the UK we get more shoppers on the days prior stocking up on food. Not that now food shops tend to close they adopt the Sunday opening hours for the bank holidays. The only days that are a complete shut down for shops is Christmas and boxing day. Plus Easter Sunday and Monday. Otherwise they are open for business. You may even find small independent shops open on Christmas etc especially run by families who do not celebrate these days as it is not part of their religious belief. We also have emergency chemist (one nominated in turn with other chemists to each have their fair share) service on those days where they are open for just a couple of hours. I spare a thought for those working on special days like Christmas etc as I know what it is like to work them. I think during my nursing career I only had one or two Christmas's off and rarely new years day. (I offered to work new years day as I am virtually tee total). I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.

I am now wiser as know what a power bar is. Here it is either referred to as a cable extension or a surge protector. Both DH and I have a surge protector after I found out to my cost what a surge can do to your pc. It was an expensive lesson to learn. We also have one for the television to protect that as well. A television is an expensive item to replace. We purchased the present television some 10 years ago and even then it was very expensive. It fortunately has been a good work horse and fingers crossed :crossed: nothing has gone wrong with it. So it seemed in this incidence that paying that bit more has paid off in the long run.

Renovating old places creates lots of work not to mention headaches solving problems. They say that you should have a contingency fund as inevitably something will crop up that you did not expect to have to replace or repair. If you never have to use this contingency it is a bonus. At least now they can have a shower or a bath rather than a strip wash. I know what that can be like when our shower broken down here. Mind you after a couple of days DH had a brain wave :idea: which was to fill the watering can with warm water and have a make shift shower :rofl: I really struggled even with DH help to use the watering can we looked like Laurel and Hardy trying to do this not to mention laughing a lot. Though at the end of the day I was grateful as it made it so much easier to wash my hair. My hair I think at the time was about waist length. It is now just about touching my tailbone so I would definitely need this emergency shower.

Have a grand day Sunday and take care till next time

Bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-05-2009, 11:39 PM
:wave: HI LADIES & other friends ~ We have been having lovely weather here lately; :sunny: and warm with a nice breeze. Seems like summer just arrived for almost the whole week. So DH wanted to go out to our lot to take some measurements of the window that needs replacing. While I did a few things inside the camper, DH cut a bit of grass, but by that time it was getting fairly hot, and he just ended up tiring himself out, which wasn't a very good idea.

After that, we came on home for dinner: I had just plain meat patties (no bun) with some beans, sliced tomato, and salad. I made DH a cheeseburger; plus he had some real fries with gravy that we picked up for him on the way home. He likes the fries, but I just have something a little healthier for me. It's funny, I used to really like fries & gravy, but lately I have noticed that I have lost my taste for them; but hey, I'm not complaining ... I'm thrilled about it. I would much rather have a nice, small baked or boiled new potato with skins on, or homemade homefries instead.

PURPLE ~ your pork dish sounds great; I picked up some boneless center chops and chicken breasts this week at the grocer for a good price. That sounds like a great idea. Yesterday, I made a crockpot of homemade pasta sauce with tomatoes and veggies like mushrooms, carrots, onions, celery, and zucchini for a nice variety; then added in some mini-meatballs and we had this on some special high-fiber & protein spagetti. I had enuff leftover to make three lunches too.

So the last few days, I have been able to keep on plan very well; and with the added stressors we have had, I think that is superb ... credit moi! I also got a bit of walking in yesterday and today, and washed the floor in the camper which is good exercise too, so kudos 2 me for that too. I have a new appreciation for housechores these days ... :lol:

Lots of folks were out at their cottages and camps enjoying the great weather for this last long weekend of the summer/fall. Some kids started back to school last week (the French school, I think). We have one Public English Pre-K to grade 12 and one French Pre-K to grace 12, plus one other English Catholic School here. I know the French kiddies in our neighbourhood did start early for sure this year.

I hope to make some more curtains for our camper this week and for the doorway of our washroom as well -- thought I could do it today, but had to bring it back home for some alterations. I find the little camper quite comfy and handy; I really prefer having my own place finally. In time, we'll get all the cushions and mattresses that we need, do a few small repairs, and spiffy the place up a wee bit to our tastes. I managed to get some nicer pictures in the full sun today, so when I get them downloaded, I post one in here for you all to see.

Well, that's all the news for now; hope you all have a lovely weekend, and especially to everyone where this is a longweekend too. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-06-2009, 06:22 PM
Good evening fellow chicks

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all our New Zealand users here on 3fc. Gosh it kind of sounds strange saying that in September :lol: When for me that day is celebrated in June. Though I do know that our Mother's day is different from that of Canada and USA.

Today has been a cloudy day though did not rain :rain: right up until the evening time so we had had the best part of the day dry. I am keeping the eye of the weather more this week because is normally the week we go on holiday but this year we are a week later.

Just finished watching a 2 part documentary about the history of relationships between humans and that of cats. It explored the history of cats in different cultures and mythology. The first stop of the documentary was to a place in Belgium called Ypres. ( I instantly recognised the town of Ypres as I went there when I was at school as part of a history trip. Ypres was one of the towns that was involved in the first world war. I remember being very moved by the Menin gate which is a war memorial.) where every three years they have a festival that shows what happened right up until 1830's that cats where thrown off high buildings. Do not worry no cats are used now only stuffed toys. The ladies who owned these cats were thought to be witches so thus they were burnt. I never realised that in parts of the world cats are revered and even have been thought of as goddesses. One of the highest growth now of the keepers of cats is Japan here they absolutely adore the cat. Virtually in every shop window there is a figurine with a cat with it's paw raised. This is suppose to bring good luck :lucky: and prosperity to you.

Today for lunch I have eaten chicken, with a selection of steamed vegetables. Then for tea we had a sandwich after a selection of fresh and tinned fruit with a low fat framage frais by weight watchers. So a good day for being on plan today so pleased about that.

Last night I had a very heavy stumble when I stood up from my computer chair and my legs just gave way on me. So just like Humpty Dumpty ;) I fell down back onto my chair. I experienced lots of pain in my back which was lessened with my pain killers. It then brought on a bout of pins and needles in each of my limbs. God as been kind to me today and my back is pain free. The pins and needles are virtually gone so things could have been far worse. I gotta stop trying ballet I am hopeless at it :rofl: but I am a slow learner no doubt I will be doing an encore performance someday soon.

ROSEBUD I found that my taste buds have changed a little since embarking on this journey. I prior to this absolutely adored chips (fries) but now I am much happier with a jacket potato or new potatoes like yourself. I am not saying that I don't ever indulge in them but given the choice I would pick the jacket potato option. Just a pity that my love of sweet stuff did take the same journey. I find if I steer clear of it I don't crave it. Though if I start indulging frequently the bad cravings sets in and I want sweet things all the time.

Sounds like your pasta meal with those mini meat balls went a long way making extras for the freezer freeing you up on lots of cooking some days. It is our version of ready made meals;) but a whole lot healthier as we know what has gone into them.

I hope the weather remains nice over the weekend for those of you who have the holiday weekend. If it is anything like British weather it is nice before hand then come the special weekend or what we call here bank holidays the heavens open :rain: Then the only thing it is fit for is our feathered friends the ducks. To make matters worse it is then nice weather again :sunny: the day you go back to work. Talk about rubbing it in :D

:carrot: :carrot: Well done on keeping on plan and getting all that exercise in. :carrot::carrot: Yes you never before really wanted a job that required a bit of elbow grease now you think yeah that will burn some calories :) I today did some cleaning in the kitchen. DH pulled out the cooker today in the kitchen as there seemed a bit of a smell from that area. Well the culprit was discovered :fr: to our horror the side panel on the kitchen cabinet has started to rot that in turn has started to corrode the oven :( I have now put a report into the repairs section online as it is not urgent repair for them to come and look at the problem. To be honest the kitchen in here comes out of the ark (Noah's that is :lol:) and needs to be replaced. Though I do not know if the council will stretch to that much I think they will just replace that panel. Whilst the cooker was pulled out I took the opportunity to clean both sides of the cooker which I can't really do in in its present position. Plus the side panel of the kitchen units well one any road the other is well past it's sell by date :D I will let you know what the council say when they come to inspect the job. Sometimes they do not do an inspection but I think they may as I did mention other issues with the kitchen so :crossed: fingers crossed that we get a new kitchen. I don't want anything too fancy that is just not me just something that is practical and does look like something Mrs Noah would be using :lol:

Talking of council repairs on Wednesday we have the repair man or lady for that matter coming to change the pull light cord in the bathroom. Ours keep jamming so it is only a matter of time before it breaks. I thing it is just ordinary wear and tear cos when you think about it they do get some hammer over the years being pulled on and off for light in the bathroom.

Right it is getting late here soon time for me to make some drinking chocolate and find my bed :faint: I must admit I am tired went to bed late last night but I woke up really early this morning. I must admit since the change in medication I am waking up early in the mornings. Not that I am taking any less just now I take it just twice a day morning and night. Where as before I took it 4 times a day just smaller doses but added up to the same amount. I would not think it would have such a dramatic result as it has. To be honest I thought I would sleep even longer as I was originally taking 200mgs or gabapentin but now I take 300mgs :dunno: Not that I am complaining like it is nicer to be able to get up easier in the morning where as before it was awful some morning I needed a few :kickbutt: to get going ;)

Well right time to say good night and take care my friends till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-06-2009, 07:22 PM
Hello, new friends-

I have done well on my food plan except for the small piece of chocolate cake I had as dessert today after lunch. I am not stressing about it because my dear doctor said for me to occasionally treat myself to a little dessert. So for the first time in weeks and weeks, I indulged. The wonder for me is to just quit feeling guilty over a tiny bite of cake with NO frosting! Left to my own devices, I can beat myself up needlessly.;)

This afternoon I went to a reception at the local art gallery. There was a "dog and cat" showing--- paintings, photos, etc. all showing dogs and/or cats. I entered a photo of my dog Jack, and my partner entered an acrylic painting of two of our previous dogs. We didn't place, but we met some nice people who love pets and are artistic!

Justwant2BHealthy-I thought of Niko's doghouse your husband and friend are making. There was a category at the show for doghouses and kitty houses. (Notice- the feline houses weren't called "cat houses." LOL)

Purple- I read almost constantly. I have just read the last of some wonderful books by Elizabeth George. Although she is an American, she has written some British mysteries. I first was introduced to her works on our Public Broadcasting Network as her works were produced for Masterpiece Theater. She writes about an inspector from Scotland Yard named Lindley. And I am sure all British inspectors are as handsome as Sir Thomas Lindley!

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcomed.

09-07-2009, 02:06 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Grey and overcast day here but no rain thus so far. I have been busy on and off for most of the day. Worked up a good sweat mopping both kitchen and bathroom floors. Kind of figured a good session of mopping would be a good work out and burn calories in the process.

I have made our pack up for tomorrow to take to the ms centre. I made four individual sugar free jellies (jello) to be able to use one for the pack up tomorrow and one for this afternoons tea. Not to mention cooking the dinner somewhere in-between all that lot :D I have also washed a mat today it is rather a big one and it just fits into the washing machine with a bit of jiggery pokery ;) This mat is a machine washable one though once it is wet it is too heavy for me to lift. Not that it comes out that wet out of the washing machine. Too be honest even in its dry state it is just about in the realms of what I can manage though I suspect not for too much longer. After doing all this I treated myself to a long shower and freshen up.

SPICY Well done for keeping on plan keep up the good work. Little treats such as you have mentioned are allowed and make the weight loss journey easier. All throughout my weight loss ( come to a stand still at the minute but I have become less inactive due to some attacks I had nigh on a year ago) I did as you have done. So don't beat yourself it is allowed you haven't got to be an :angel: all the time. I have been off the rails in the past 5 or six days but glad to report I am back on track again and today is my second day of being on plan again. I got myself stressed :stress: out when I put my :foot: foot in it accidentally. It is not in my nature to hurt people I will go out of my way to do the absolute opposite. A week ago at the ms centre a group of us were chatting about mammogram scans as we were all of an age were we either have them regularly or like knocking on the door in the next 5 years, One of the ladies I was talking with mother died of breast cancer so she is carefully monitored. Unbeknown to us the gentleman who was waiting for his wife in the tank who was having treatment was dying of breast cancer. He got up and walked out we thought he was embarrassed as some men can be. Though the minute he had gone the manager of the centre told us. I was so upset and have stressed myself out ever since punishing myself that I have hurt this man. I would never have brought the subject up had I known about his wife. It is hard enough for him going through all of this without people bringing it up. So I know the art of beating oneself up needlessly so I am no stranger to this.

You told me of the Inspector Lindley in your books you read by Elizabeth George. Oh I am sure that our British inspectors are just as handsome as you imagine they could be. Not that I came in contact with inspectors in my line of work but I did see ordinary policeman in uniform. Oh my they could make you go weak at the knees ;) We use to have to contact the police if we lost a patient on our open door forensic unit. All the patients were on regular checks ranging from 30 minutes ( looking and finding them every 30 minutes) right down to suicide watch which meant one nurse assigned to follow them every where they went. Well this one day it was my first in charge of the ward (I had been a in charge on different wards but forensic ward is a different kettle of fish. So much more intense and more responsibility) Well thus began my day which turned out to be a nightmare :D. First a patient went missing so police called and they came down to the ward. We filled in a missing person report with them. Oh one bonus I did get this really cute looking police officer. I shouldn't think the officer barely got back to the station when my second patient when missing so the officer came back. I swear he thought we had been making the patient go missing on purpose so we could see this lovely policeman which would make you go all gooey eyed ;) Well this was a great start to my first day in charge. The final thing to go wrong was a patient started getting violent and not listening to verbal command so control and restraint had to be used. Though we had to call the incident team for back up. Incident team were other nurses from other wards who would come running to your ward when the emergency was alerted. The trouble with these incidents you have lots of paper work. I as the nurse in charge of the ward have to call the shots with the incident team. I then had to draw up an injection swiftly and give it to the patient for his own safety and that of others. So my shift was over and it could not come a minute too soon :D:

We love having you on board Spicy and you have lots of valid information so can contribute in many ways. I loved the board for the same reason the warm welcome and help they gave me to over come my hurdles along the way.

Right time for some tea other wise it will be supper time before I get something to eat. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-08-2009, 12:33 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we've had a couple of very, very busy days lately; as I had mentioned that we likely would. We went out to that old place again and DH helped these folks get one of their bathrooms up and running with hot water so that they can have showers and baths.

Plus they hooked up hot water to the kitchens so they could do dishes with hot water for once; and hooked up the second bathroom today as well. The dear girl was so very happy about this as she had no hot water for a couple of months and they had to travel to a relatives for showers.

Anyways, long days but they treated us to two lovely dinners, two days in a row. We ate very well; was very tastey and fairly healthy too. We both are bushed for the long days; even though I really didn't do much, but I did get some walking in both days which is good (kudos 2 me). Now, we'll take a couple days to recupe and get other things done that need to get done at home (like laundry and such).

DH is in bed already and I will join him soon, as I am tired tonight. I'll come in tomorrow and talk more and answer personal posts to everyone when I have more time and am not so tired. HOpe you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow. So ... take good care of yourselves and thanks to PURPLE for holding down the fort for us once again ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-08-2009, 09:25 PM
Hello, Everyone-
Ah, the long holiday weekend is over! We didn't do much special except have father-in-law over both Sunday and Monday for dinner. We are probably growing tail feathers as we had chicken both days! Sorry for all who eat here at my house, but a chicken breast can be baked, grilled, roasted, and probably many other ways as well!! And they fit so well into my food plan. Cheaper than beef and pork, too. I tried lamb recently, but I think I didn't cook it correctly or something. We didn't care for it.:( Much better eaten at a Greek restaurant.

The scale moved two pounds down for me at my weekly weigh-in. That's a good loss, but I'm one of those "I want it all gone now!" people. Anyone else like that?:tantrum:

I've enjoyed reading all the shares. Thanks for that. You give me a feeling of companionship on my weight loss journey.Spicy:carrot::carrot::carrot:

09-09-2009, 01:20 AM
:wave: should have time to check in tomorrow. worked 14 hours today....

09-09-2009, 02:46 AM
HI VAL ~ it is always so nice to see you drop by, especially when you have been putting in 14-hour work days ... :yikes: That is tiring; hope you don't do that all the time. Hope you had a restful long weekend though ...

HELLO SPICY ~ congrats on releasing 2 lbs forever ... I think most people want to lose weight faster, but I have been thru that enuff to know that isn't how it goes. The scale and I are not friends; I prefer to use other means to gauge my progress (NSV: like inches and sizes), as I have always found that works better for me.

Our dear PURPLE could tell you how to prepare LAMB as she cooks that quite regularly. It is a bit pricey here so we don't eat it much; probably haven't had any since childhood actually. We eat mostly chicken, lean beef and pork here. I picked up some nice boneless & skinless chicken breasts last week on sale; nice to make a stir-fry with.

HI PURPLE ~ hope you had a good day at your 'oxygen therapy' today. I know that tends to tire you out initially, but helps you in the long run. The doctor has me trying some new type of dressing on my leg and it seems to be helping, so we will pick up some more this week too. Sure hope this helps it to clear right up this time.

Sounds like you had some harrowing experiences in your job, but there were also some pleasant perks as well. Your country is well-known for it's telly shows with handsome police officers. I used to watch one show quite regularly on TVO.

I put my legs up after dinner and fell asleep and didn't wake up until now. Am having my tea right now; and DH just sauntered out too. He's gonna have a coffee and a light snack (a chocolate pudding).

We got some minor repairs done around here today; some new floor trim in the bathroom (as some was getting old and hard to clean). Plus they had to make the door on NIKO's doghouse bigger as it was a bit too narrow; and we put an old piece of carpet we had saved in there too. We folded it in three so it would be nice and thick for him -- after all, we want our furry baby to be tres comfy. With a little coaxing, he went in and then laid right down; but from what I can see, I still think he prefers to be outside or under the trailer. :lol:

We went shopping this afternoon, so I got some walking in today (kudos 2 me); picked up some chicken burgers that were on sale again (I love them as they are half the calories of beef burgers). We did pick up some beef burgers for DH as he loves them now and then. I had a chicken burger for dinner with a big slice of tomato; it was really nice too. I ate well today (OP) ... so credit moi!

I picked up a big box of TULIP BULBS today and we planted them this afternoon; put in some new soil too along with my other flowers which bloomed nicely this past week. My neighbour says they are blooming later this year, but they are pretty: I should take a picture of them tomorrow too.

I would like to plant some daffodil bulbs too, if I can find some; we are going to look again tomorrow morning, first thing, before they are all gone. They seem to sell out fast here and I wanted to get some other kinds too, if I can find some that I like. We are trying to fill the garden up with perennial stuff that comes up year after year; so we have less work to do each year.

We also got some paint on for half price clearance to touch up inside our camper trailer and also a piece of plexi-glass to replace one window that was broken. It didn't cost as much as DH thought; so we really lucked out on the prices. So DH wants to go up and do a bit of work there this week at least one day.

Well, that's all the news here from now; hope you ladies (and gents out there) are having a great week. We are having lovely :sunny: and warm weather here this week ... almost like a fall summer, which is nice really. The buggies went into seclusion, but a few came back out today; thankfully, there weren't too many though ...

Take good care; and hope you all have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY ... :hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

09-09-2009, 04:52 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, we are having another hot and :sunny: day again today -- now I am sure that summer has finally arrived! :lol: We went back up town today to try and find some more fall-planting bulbs but the other store didn't get any in, so either I have to go back to the other store and they only had two kinds or I will have to order some thru the mail, which I think might be a better idea as I can get many different kinds and choose the ones that I want as well.

We did manage to get the stuff we need to do the minor repairs on the roof of the trailer; the seam on the one end it leaking a tiny bit, but if we fix it now, it won't ever get too bad, and it is wise to do it before the winter too. We were fortunate to find everthing we needed but we had to buy a wide putty applicator to apply the sealer as they had no brushes left; but I'm sure it will do the job just as well.

DH is having a nap as it is quite hot outside right now; way too hot to do anything outside at this time of day anyways. We already have the utility trailer pretty well set up for what we need to take up to the lot. All I have to do now is make up a cooler lunch tonight and we'll be all set.

I was just thinking that we should call it our 'CAMP' since we have a camper at our lot now. Here in the north, if you have a lot with a camper trailer parked on it -- then, it is called a 'CAMP' ... :lol: People use these for weekend holidaying, summer vacationing, and hunters use them for when they are hunting in the fall as well.

Well, I think I'll go put my legs up for a short while as well. My eating has been spot on today (credit moi); and I managed to get lots of walking in today as well (kudos 2 me). We had to go to three places this morning. If we go up in the morning, it is much easier on my legs and feet.

Tonight, I hope to have a romaine salad with chicken, maybe green beans or asparagus and new potatoes with skins. We got a nice big bag of new potatoes today. We prefer to buy 'NEW' potatoes now, becuz according to my research, they have less starch in them than 'late or fall' potatoes have.

So I hope you all have A GREAT DAY TOMORROW -- and do take care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

09-09-2009, 07:20 PM
Hi Ladies

What glorious weather we have had today been sunny all day though nice breeze to go with it so not unbearable by any means.

Well today is a flying visit I hope to have a little more time tomorrow to sit at my pc and post my normal posts.

I have been busy with preparations for my forth coming holiday which I go Saturday for one week. Though there are days which I can get nothing done one of which was Tuesday which was my oxygen therapy day so after that I am wiped out. Then the other day is Friday as we are going to my parents to pick them up to take them to our home ready for going away on Saturday. So I have to work extra hard in between days. Today has been one of those days so no rocking required tonight to make me sleep I can assure you. Plus I think I was up this morning before the birdies :lol: Ok so I stretch the truth a bit it was just a few minute past 7am. Me up at 7am it is unheard of in resent years I can assure you. I am making the most of it whilst it last because I know there will be a time maybe when I revert back to needing a crane to get me up in the morning ;)

I thought a day or so ago I was starting an MS attack :fr: which was a bit hair raising when I had that familiar numbness from my knees downwards. Fortunately after a night in bed the numbness went though I was fearful that the numbness would have spread over night as this is the normal pattern of my attacks. I do have one residual issue since the little scare that is my right leg is dragging quite markedly so. Normally that rears it's head when I am tired or have been walking quite a bit. I said a little pray to the man upstairs and thanked him for not letting having a full blown attack.

I am sorry ladies that I have not been able to write more but I have read your lovely posts and got myself up to speed.

good night ladies and take care to till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-10-2009, 12:12 AM
I had a great long weekend :) I ended up going to winnipeg for the weekend to hang out with B and meet some of his friends. I was careful to only take day buses (instead of night buses, where one travels for eight hours all night) and wasnt too tired by the time I got back to Thompson.

and now i need to go to bed...... purple please be careful with your health as best you can be. perhaps take it easier. do you keep a symptom journal. same goes for you rosebud and welcome newbies!

09-10-2009, 10:58 PM
HIYA VAL ~ nice to see you drop by; and glad you had a nice long weekend in Edmonton visiting with B and his friends. That's good that you found some way to travel that isn't too tiring for you. Sometimes, we get so busy on our holidays that we need to come back home and rest from the vacation ... :lol:

It is quite humid and sticky here right now; it was a scorcher today with lots of :sunny:. Thank goodness there was a breeze all day and some clouds rolled in this afternoon (had sent up some prayers for them) and that helped a lot. Can't imagine what the temps would have been without them.

We went up to our 'CAMP' today and put in the new window; the man at the store gave us a special plastic that he says will not break or yellow. It really looks like real glass; you cannot tell that it isn't unless you touch it. The heat was kinda getting to DH so after we got all the curtain hooks and rods up for the windows, we decided to come home. I just wanted to get all the curtains up in the windows to help keep things cooler (shading the sun).

Just those things took us all day; we finally got home at 6:30. Then I made dinner; we had some leftover DELI CHICKEN and heated up leftover new potatoes and veggies. So I not only ate well (OP) today (credit moi), I got lots of exercise doing stuff at the cottage with a couple of shorter walks out there (kudos 2 me) ... :D

Now I am going to go put my legs and feet up as they are tired and sore. Last night, I read a romantic comedy called KISS ME KATE; it was cute. I wanted to read something that was light and ended up finishing the whole story. DH and I have to go get new glasses tomorrow too. It is supposed to be a bit cooler next week; and I hope they are right becuz it is very humid in here tonight even though it is cooler.

PURPLE ~ I know you are excited about your yearly holiday; hope you and your DH have a grand time with your family once again this year. I know that you are going to go pick your parents up tomorrow so that you all can leave together. If we don't hear from you before ... please do have a great time !!!

Take good care ladies and have A FANTASTIC FRIDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-11-2009, 01:28 PM
Good morning,Friends-
After two rainy days, I awakened to a beautiful day. Rain makes me hurt, which some of you might understand. So I was happy to scoot out to the mailbox and enjoy some cooler air.

I was interested in reading about your "camp." I taught in a rural fishing community off the coast of Louisiana. There were many "camps" on the island, some quite fancy and expensive. But they were called "camps" by the locals who had little patience with the big city people who owned them. Some were modest little places and others were mini mansions. The camp owners would come down each summer, but by Labor Day they had closed up and gone back to the city for the winter.

I loved living and working there, but my doctor made me retire early. He was right that I needed to quit, but I hated to leave something I loved doing. The first year of retirement, I cried entirely too much. Sounds silly to me now. I love being retired! It just took me awhile to let go of the routine and the interaction with the kids.

So now you know a little something about me! Thank you for being here and adding some positive support with my food plan.

09-11-2009, 09:36 PM
:wave: HI SPICY ~ it was interesting listening to you tell your story about working in a vacation area. We use to go to a place with lovely beaches when we were in our teens; that would have been a super place to work for the summer. Your story made me think of that place a lot.

DH and I went back there on our honeymoon; and through our travels found a place that was even better. We found an amazing place where you could walk out into the water for yards and it still wasn't up to your knees; and it was very quiet, uncrowded, and peaceful there too. The beaches are on one of the great lakes; which is becoming a very popular vacation spot. My sister, NUMPSTER, is trying to buy an awesome business there as we speak. We are very excited for her and her DH; and we hope that it all turns out well for them.

Like you said ... these 'CAMPS' as they are called up here, can range from a small one-room shanty to a camper trailer (like we have) to a big, expensive trailer, to a cottage, or even a country home (like a hobby farm) that they go to only in the summertime. What some people call a cottage is better than some people's homes; of course, these are very rich people at that. Some call them 'summer homes' -- but we also call them cottages; while camps usually refer to a camper-trailer, or a small shed or 'modest' cottage out in the country, or by a lake. Actually, they all range in sizes and styles.

We went up town today to pick up some more flower bulbs and I was fortunate that there were some left, so I picked up quite a few. Our little garden along the house should look pretty nice come next spring and early summer. In the spring, we'll pick up a couple more different kinds that will bloom from summer to fall. I picked up some different kinds of tulips like pretty rose-tulips and daffodils or narcissus, hyacinths, and alliums today to give us more variety to go along with our irises and gladiolus, which look very pretty, I must say.

It was another very, very hot day again today with lots of :sunny: but the clouds came by and saved us by late afternoon. So then I spent some time researching perennial flowers and bushes, and discovered that some kinds of Irises can bloom twice in a season (spring and summer); so I am watching to see if the ones we have in the front yard re-bloom soon too???

We went out for lunch today as I had to wait for our pharmacy to re-open after lunch (1:30 pm); and we met up with a friend and ate with her. I just had a cheeseburger to keep on plan and it was a nice homemade one too. For dinner I just had our favorite super chicken dogs; and I had mine with some beans and stir-fried veggies, so kept on plan well today (credit moi). I also got some walking in today going around a few smaller stores (kudos for that) as well.

I am finding that the water pills are really helping the swelling stay down on my legs and feet; and I hope this continues on. I have been feeling a lot better since taking them too. I have also started taking Vitamin E and that has been noticebly helping my circulation as well. I also started taking Vitamin A to try and help my leg to heal; plus using the tegaderm pads which are a lot easier to use as well -- they cost a bit more but they are worth it.

I did some research and these two vitamins were recommended to help that as well (skin wounds). I bought some fish oil capsules and am taking them a couple times a week; but I did notice you have to watch taking them if you are taking blood thinners, so will ask my doctor about that next time I see him.

Well that is all the news from here for today; and I hope everyone has A WONDERFUL WEEKEND ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-12-2009, 08:36 PM
VAL ~ Here's a link to another thread where I put some pics of my drum gardens ...

You had asked about them some time ago and I had to keep going back to resize them as they wouldn't fit. Last night, I finally found a way to get them down to an acceptable size by cropping off some of the picture, but you can still see what they look like pretty well.

I am going to try to find a better way to show you some more pictures. I may have to go back on Facebook, but I may use an different site like my own blog or some other place; but I'll look for one ...

Anyways, you can also see some of my flowers here. The salad/veggie drums and the tire garden (which had green beans) were in the country. We lost 2 drums in the move; don't know how or where but I still have one and will put that at our lot for bulb flowers. We are gonna try and find a couple of more drums for a salad garden and beans too.

The salad drum has lettuce in the center, surrounded by radishes, spinach, and the outside has mulitiplier green onion sets in a circle. The other drums had similar stuff (only romaine lettuce), but also cabbage starts and regular onions and greens. Later, I also planted green and yellow beans in each drum amongst the onions and boy did they grow well.

We put thick cardboard on the bottom to keep the weeds out and planted the stuff really close together to keep them down: hardly had any weeds in these drums and any we had, were easily pulled out. I told DH that I would love a whole garden of these drums, if I could get enuff of them, as they are very easy to use and pick from.

The marigolds in the basket are ones that I planted myself; some were from seed and a few were seedlings I picked up real cheap. I also had baskets with petunias, and some with red geraniums, and some with pink geraniums, all of which grow really nicely (and EZ too). I picked up the starters from the nursery for those too; well worth the money as they bloom all summer.

I have pictures of those too, but I can only post 5 pics at a time; and I have had to resize them several times too. I will try to post more as time goes on. The gladiolus are the bulbs I planted here in the spring and my, are they gorgeous or what? I want to get some more of those in different colors next spring, and some double-blooming Irises for next year too.

Hope you like the pics ... BBL ... Rosebud:hug:

09-13-2009, 10:08 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just had a quiet day at home. The temps were gorgeous; we had lots of :sunshine: but with a nice breeze and it was idealic weather all round. Talked to NUMPSTER this afternoon; they are still busy and actively pursuing a business venture and we hope their dreams come to fruition for them.

Had lean boneless pork steaks for dinner with veggies and new potats; very healthy and on plan (yeah). Just had one short walk outside today, but it is better than nothing. Was looking at stuff in the net for a while too. Now it's time to put my legs up and rest for a while. Not much other news here right now, but hope you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY and great new week ...


09-14-2009, 01:04 PM
:carrot::carrot::carrot:Happy Monday, Chickies-
I awoke to rain again today. The fifth day in a row! Ouch!:( I need some sunshine! My dog is tracking wet paw prints on the carpet. She is also happier when the sun is shining. Oh, well, this too shall pass.
I had a good weekend, food-wise. Was able to stay on my plan in spite of eating dinner out Friday and breakfast out Saturday morning. We don't usually eat out so much, but for some reason F-I-L called both times and invited us. It is impossible to tell him no. He pulls the "deaf act" when we try to say no!! He is a 92 year old wonder!

:carrot::carrot::carrot:I'm putting all these happy carrots in this post as a way of making me feel more energetic. Hmmm, maybe it's working. I just stopped long enough to put on a load of laundry.

Rosebud- I am going to see if I can figure out how to post a picture of my sister's and her husband's camp. It is just a tiny little house. But I love going there.

Hope you all have some sunshine today!

09-14-2009, 06:07 PM
:wave: HI SPICEY ~ posting a pic is pretty EZ -- just click on the paperclip at the top of the posting page, click on browse and select the picture you want to post, then click on upload; and it does take a few minutes for each picture. Your pics must fit the sizes they show you in the menu box that pops up or it won't work. Then you close the box and click on the paperclip again and they will show you the list you uploaded; it says insert all, and you click on that and the corresponding attachment will show up inside your post. The picture comes up when you have finished your post. Hope this helps you somewhat ...

We had a busy day today -- first, I had to go to the hospital for some tests; they took 5 vials of blood, and DH says that's a good way to lose weight. :lol: I also had to do one of those yucky urine samples, but it actually went pretty smoothly this time. I had to fast for these tests since yesterday, so after they were done, DH and I then went to Timmy's (Tim Horton's) for a brunch.

Then I had to go to my dentist appointment right after that, but this was just for a consult and xray. I have to go back in October for a cleaning and November for a root canal for that one where the filling fell out. I got the new younger dentist this time, and we are going to try and save the tooth for as long as we can since I am missing a tooth on the bottom, as I gotta have something to chew my food with. ;) So everything went well there and I had total peace about it.

After that, we went up town and did our weekly shopping early since we were up there anyways; so I got a good amount of walking in today as well (kudos for that). Ate good today (even with having a brunch out as I only had something small); credit moi ...

Now my feet are pretty sore and so I am taking it easy. Our car is in need of repairs again: we have a couple of leaks somewhere. We are losing our antifreeze and I can smell gas for some reason every time we hit a bump or put gas in, so the car is going into the garage tomorrow AM. I hope we'll be able to survive this bill as it could be a costly one, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that it's better than a car payment.

Tomorrow, I will be staying home keeping busy doing laundry and a few housechores while the car gets fixed. One that is all fixed up, then we will be able to go do some work on the camper again. We only have the roof seam to do before the snow falls; actually we don't really know if it is leaking or not anymore, but it is just a precautionary measure, just in case.

Hope all you ladies have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow and take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-14-2009, 08:00 PM

Maybe I have done this correctly and you can see my sister's camp. What you can't see is that there is a lake in front of it, and a river runs behind it. Very peaceful place with good fishing.

09-14-2009, 09:51 PM
SPICEY ... Actually, I have seen the lake becuz I peeked into your profile and their is a picture of the house with the lake in front of it in there. I looked in there to see what state you lived in, as DH asked my where your sister's camp was. Here's a picture of our camper when we first got it; you can see the crab apple tree that we planted is in front of it, but it is actually about 6-10 feet away ...

We don't have a lake right on our lot, but there are two lakes less than 2 miles away, plus a few creeks and streams as well; and you can get to them all by ATV.

The other pictures are of flowers that I grew in baskets last year: red & pink geraniums; purple and pink petunias; and marigolds too. My sister told me an easier way to downsize the pictures to fit the limit, so I was able to do a bunch last night that I had wanted to post before.


09-14-2009, 11:58 PM
Rosebud- Tell your husband that my sister's camp is in south Louisiana. I live in west-central Arkansas.
I loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for putting them up. Now that I know how to put pictures here, I will try to add more from time to time.

09-15-2009, 10:24 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had an overcast day, but no rain fell; dark ominous clouds showed up later on but nothing. The sun did peek out for a short while and that was nice. Had to put my little mini-heater on just for a few minutes today as the temps were cooler than normal for this time of year (only in the 50's F).

I spent the morning doing laundry and prepared our roast pork and chicken dinner ahead with lots of veggies and new potatoes; it was delish. I had everything ready by early afternoon then took a rest for my legs and back today. Must have been the cool weather bothering my lower back; that often happens. The oven and dryer warmed things up pretty good for us today.

SPICY ~ do you have many bugs down in Lousianna where the camp house is? We are going to put a porch on our cottage (screened and windowed) so we can avoid the midsummer ones. One thing that is nice about fall is that they finally leave; it is really nice for sitting out on the deck right now even if it is a bit cooler. The camper is nice too; no buggies in there ... yeah!!!

The car went into the garage first thing this AM; we had some good news that if the antifreeze leak was from the manifold (which we just replaced last year), then they will replace it free for us becuz it shouldn't be leaking in less than one year. The garage was pretty busy and didn't call us today so maybe they won't get to look at it until tomorrow.

Thank goodness we had all our errands and appointments done for the week; the only thing we forgot to pick up was bottled water but we have enuff to last at least a week or two I think ... Tomorrow I hope to make some curtains for the bathroom of our camper trailer and when the car gets fixed up DH will be putting in some shelves in a cupboard for me and a few other small repairs and modifications that we need.

Not much else going on around here right now; pretty quiet on the home front. Hope everyone is having a great week and please do have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow ...:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-16-2009, 08:35 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had a lovely day here with nice temps, so we decided to wash our windows for the fall, and that took most of the morning. This afternoon, I worked on curtains for the bathroom of our camper trailer -- they are all cut up, now I just have to do the finishing and trim.

I tried to use my sewing machine today, but for some reason that I can't figure out right now, it wouldn't sew for me; I'll have to dig out my book (hope I can find it) and see what that says. In the meantime, I think I start on the tie-backs and do them by hand just to get some of it done.

The mechanic called and he does think the problem in our car was caused by the manifold, and he verified that since we just put a new one in last fall, it is still under warranty, so it will be replaced for free; so that leaves us just the labor costs, and hopefully that is all it will be. The parts will be in tomorrow and they will be able to do the work tomorrow then as well.

DH just came back from helping a friend with some plumbing in their house; he's earning a lot of bonus points -- or should I say ... gold stars with GOD for all the favors and help he gives to other people, and I'm sure GOD will bless him for it too ...

We had creamy mushroom pasta with mini-meatballs for dinner tonight; and I did have a good OP day too. Got lots of exercise in doing the windows, doors, etc this AM (kudos for that); it all counts since it's extra stuff we don't do on a regular basis. My right shoulder was a bit sore afterwards: from an old injury acting up on me again ...

Time for me to rest up my legs and feet; maybe do a bit more sewing too. Hope you all have a very pleasant day tomorrow! Take good care of yourselves and have a nice evening too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-17-2009, 09:36 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, our day started out with :sunny:, but then dark clouds rolled in and we have had :rain: since this afternoon. Just did stuff around here today; actually, didn't do that much -- just taking it easy after two busy days to rest my body a bit.

We had a lot of leftovers today: leftover pasta for lunch; and for dinner, I had roasted veggies with chicken breast and DH had same with roast pork and new tators. I had a small romaine salad for my appetizer, and that filled me up so that I ate less for dinner. So kept on plan really well today! :carrot:

Now I am off to do a bit more exercise, as DH has some nice bouncy music playing. I did my toners this AM and some hand weights this aft. Then will have some tea and do some hand sewing of my curtains again tonight; it is very relaxing sewing by hand -- I actually prefer it and I can rest my legs at the same time.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday tomorrow!!! Take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-17-2009, 09:51 PM
:jig:HI SPICY ~ hope you are having a great day!

:comp:HIYA VAL ~ TGIF ... hope you had a great week up there in Thompson!

:getwell:HI there, MEOWEE ~ sure hope that you are feeling heaps better these days; take good care of yourself!

:cofdate:HI RONNIE ~ glad to hear that things are going much better for you and yours at this time!

:beach:HEY to PURPLE ~ prayers for a safe and fun-filled holiday with family!

:belly:HI to all our VISITORS who drop by for a look-see now and then ... have a great evening! ;)

09-18-2009, 11:02 AM
Hi, Everyone! It's been awhile since I've had more than a couple minutes to read and run here, so I've been missing you all. It's just busy this time of year with schooling and football and gardening to finish and veggies to freeze. I've been freezing tomato juice with celery and onions to use for soups and chili through the winter, as well as freezing my yellow bell peppers. Then, there have also been some different houses on the market in the last couple weeks, so we've spent some time looking at houses hoping to find something that ALL of us would like and make an offer on so we could move.

DS2's football team have won all 3 games so far this season, and the reserve team (which he plays on also) ended their game in a tie, so it's been a good season so far-tonight's game is against a bigger school, so hoping for a win, but we'll see.

DS3's got a cold and is feeling poorly today, so may have to make him some chicken soup! DH, DS1, and DS3 all had birthdays this month, too!:dizzy: Too much going on here!!

Rosebud--your 'camp' and flowers look great! You and your DH sure keep busy too and it's nice that you are able to help out others, too. I enjoy reading what you cook-it gives me ideas to add to what I make. Thanks for keeping this thread going while some of us have been scarce:).

Val-Sounds like you've had a nice time traveling, but hope you aren't too worn out from it, as I know going anywhere in a vehicle is just wearing on the body.

Purple-hope you're enjoying your holiday! And, hope you have some nice stories to tell us when you get back:)

Spicy-I've enjoyed getting to know you from your posts. Your sis's camp looks like a really nice place to get away and relax. And, you live in the same state our favorite Nascar driver is from (Mark Martin). Congrats on keeping with your plan! It's nice to see the weight come off, but even more important to realize that even when the pounds don't come off quickly, you're getting healthier.

Hi too Numpster, Meowee and everyone else too! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Probably won't be able to get on here, as we may have to head to MN at some point. Later!:wave:

09-18-2009, 08:43 PM
Day 9 of no sunshine and rain, rain, rain! But things are looking up as the weatherman promises a "somewhat dry" weekend--- whatever that means!

Okay, I made a big step. I asked that the scale be removed from the bathroom and hidden away. It was like making me crazy. I'll weigh at the end of the month. I am such an obssessive person!:dizzy::dizzy:

Rosebud- yes to bugs in Louisiana. Mostly mosquitoes, some spiders, and mostly in the summer. Most camps have screened windows and doors and the owners use lots of citronella candles and bug spray.

Purple- I have a new British mystery to read as soon as I finish what I've got going. It's by Colin Dexter. An Inspector Morse story--- are you familiar with those books?

Nice to meet you, Ronnie. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Now... for the report on eating. I'm doing well. I did have a "planned slip" yesterday. I got one of those fancy coffee drinks, the ones with the whipped cream and about a gazillion calories. It was great, but guess what? It made me sick! I guess it was just too rich to stay inside of me!! I laughed at myself. I cheat and it gets me sick!!:D:D Learned my lesson there!:barf:

Hope all of you have nice weekends without overeating!

09-19-2009, 12:10 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a nice :sunny: day today; it was a bit cool, but with a sweater or shawl on, it wasn't too bad. We spent the day waiting with baited-breath to hear the verdict on our car; we couldn't understand what was taking them so long as it was in the garage since Tuesday.

Turns out the younger mechanics tried to find the leek and couldn't find it, until the boss returned and put lights all around the car. They think it was coming from a broken seal on the bottom of the manifold; so they have to be extra careful when installing the new one to make sure nothing goes wrong, but that means that we won't get our car back until Monday ... eeks!!!

DH had fish & chips for dinner; and I had light baked chicken balls and baked egg rolls with a romaine salad for dinner. A fun dinner for a Friday night since we were bound to the house, but still healthy enuff too. Since we had no car, DH rode his bike all over today and got very tired, so he was off to bed early tonight.

SPICY ~ sometimes we don't have something for awhile, then when we try it again, we find that we don't like it anymore. I now find french fries to be boring and tasteless; so I no longer want to eat them. Yes, the scale can be more of a hindrance sometimes; I am just weighing myself once in a blue moon; going for size victories instead ... I have always preferred that way.

HI AGAIN, RONNI ~ hope DS3 gets over his cold soon; DH has one too and went to bed early with that as he was very tired. DS2's team is doing well this year. DH and I try to keep busy all the time; we both get bored silly if we have nothing to do -- plus I don't want to start mindless munching from boredom! ;)

Not much else going on here; it's a bit cooler tonight here. Have brought out my little mini-heater to warm me up if needs be; have my shawl handy too. Fall is here for sure with it's cool temps, but I still like this time of year anyways. Hope you all a wonderful weekend!Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-19-2009, 09:29 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a beautiful :sunny: day here so NIKO and I sat on the porch twice to catch some rays! I did some more sewing on my curtains; one set is done and just one more left to do, so will work on that this evening again. I tried to find my instruction manual for my sewing machine this afternoon but couldn't find it: that was just another thing that went missing when we moved last fall.

I will likely do them all by hand; and I am learning some tricks to improve my sewing while I am at it, so this has turned out to be a benefit really. This is likely what folks did many years ago before sewing machines were ever invented. I really don't mind as it is very relaxing ...

Did my toning exercises and some other indoor exercises today while DH went fishing at a nearby lake. He met someone there from way down south who was looking for land to build a house on, and DH took him to someone we know that had some for sale and they have struck a tentative deal. He didn't catch any fish though -- but maybe next time.

Saturday is our fun and lazy night -- we can have whatever we want, but it has to be something that is quick and easy! So we had chicken burgers with crispy bacon and cheese. They were really good and so big as they don't shrink like beef ones do. We had one each on a whole wheat roll and I had a bit of coleslaw with mine.

DH has some funky music playing and NIKO just came running out of there; guess he is getting tired of dancing with DH ... ha ha! It is so funny and cute ...;) The whole bunch of us get going at it sometimes and it good fun, good exercise, and good for laughs too!

Hope you all have a Super Saturday Night and a great weekend all round -- take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-20-2009, 06:05 AM
Hi Ladies

Wow that 10 days went so quickly but it always does when your having fun. I don't have any photographs unfortunately as I forgot to take the camera on holiday :o

My holiday was spent in a log cabin as you know nestled in woodland and over looking a small lake very picturesque I must say. The only downside I would say was there was a pig farm some 1.5 miles down the road from where were were staying. If the wind was blowing in the wrong direction you had the lovely country air smell of pig slurry :barf: Though that is all part and parcel of being in the countryside just because I live more now in a city I spent my childhood and teenage years in the countryside. This was as both sets of grandparents lived in the countryside well they both lived in this very small village if I said it had 30 house I would exaggerating I think. So I know of the smells that can be created in the countryside farming.

We went out every day to a different place to have a look around. One day we went to Elland Road which won't mean a thing to people who do not follow English football (soccer). This is the name of the stadium that my DH football team plays at as he follows Leeds United Football Club. Not that he gets to go to any matches but he follow them by looking at their scores reading all the news of players etc at the club. Well when we went to Elland Road we went to the supporter club shop. Oh my DH was like a kid in a candy shop trying to select what he wanted. In the end it was a cotton Tee shirt , 2 mugs and a mouse mat. Though I think he would have bought the shop if he could. I could see that DH was so happy in the shop and to be near his beloved Leeds United Football Club Stadium. Unfortunately football here as a spectator is mega expensive. Just for a season ticket for one year to see the home games (23 of them in all) it costs over 600 and that is the cheaper way to see all home games. Yikes when you work that out it still comes to over 26 per game. Once upon a time it was a working man's game to come a watch with affordable prices. Though the astronomic prices clubs pay players and pay for transfers is more than we would ever get in a life time of full time work :?: Money in my opinion spoilt the game before the players used to get a very good working wage a little more than the ordinary working man. This was as their working career was short so they could put a little away which would tide them over till they got a new career once football had finished. So to pay to get into the game was affordable and you could take the family.

Needless to say I have been naughty with food over the holiday period but yesterday on returning straight back on the straight and narrow. So health wholesome food. I stepped on the scales this morning really expected to see a weight gain and to my surprise none. I think my saving grace was the walking I have walked so much during this holiday. I would imagine that all the little walks in a day would have added up to well over a 1.5 miles maybe more. Plus I seldom had energy to walk with Rizzie several times a day so that job fell to DH. So I think the walking kept the weight off but the food at the end of the day was not all healthy :o Did manage 3 or 4 salads for tea with no bread. Before going away I did buy some no added sugar cake from the farmers market. Wow the fruit cake was wonderful so moist and tasty you would never have guessed there was no added sugar in it. I suppose the dried fruit like sultanas, currants and raisins sweetened it naturally.

Talking of Rizzie he adored the holiday with all the different sights, smells and new territory to explore. On the log cabin site there were several families also had a Staffordshire bull terriers the same breed a our Rizzie. We had a wooden balcony with table and chairs so we put the plastic table up at the steps so if the door came open he would not wander anywhere. To be honest he could have hurdled the table very easily. Though it is normally enough to deter him in any antics like that. Plus he had the added bonus of having my father with him. He loves my Dad to bits as he spoils him rotten. We have nicknamed my Dad "Mr Softie" because Rizzie has him spoiling so rotten and Rizzie knows full well where to go for all the little tit bits, treats etc. I am sure if he was stopping with Dad full time he would put on stones in weight our Rizzie. When we were away he barely ate any of his own food, yet when we got home I put some fresh food and water down. Rizzie woofed the lot down in record speed eating more in one day in biscuits than he did for the whole holiday.

The holiday has taken its toll on me as I am now very tired and in need of my oxygen treatment. So only a few more days for me to top up the oxygen and hopefully regain some energy.

ROSEBUD Well you had me well and truly I always thought when you said a camper that you and your DH own it was something else. I think you may know them as RV thinking about it (photo included just in case I have the wrong name by the way this to me is a mobile home) What you know as campers to me is a caravan which can be towed by a car or a van. On the holiday site we were on there were some static caravans which stay in the same position as they are to big to move unless you move them on the back of a lorry (truck)

The photographs of the flowers were beautiful you certainly have some green fingers I can kill a flower I think by looking at it :lol: My parents and sister have green fingers but it passed me by in the gene pool. I certainly wished I did have these skills as they are useful to have not to mention lovely vegetables or the wonderful splash of colours that you have shown us.

SPICY I have not read the Colin Dexter books but have cheated and watched the television dramatisation of the books with John Thaw who played Morse. Apparently in every dramatisation of each book Colin Dexter use to play an "extra actor" with a bit part. For example playing a customer in the pub or playing a tramp. Avid reader of these books loved to try and spot him in the drama. If dramatisation of Morse is as good as the book you would have had a good read keeping you guessing who done it right till the end. We now have a spin off drama called Lewis which is the side kick to Morse and it is him solving the crimes. Very much in line with Morse keeping that formula. I did not think I would like it as much but I was wrong.

Yes I know what you mean after weeks of clean living food wise eating rich food then can have a negative effect. Good deterrent for the future I suppose and helps keep us on the right path. I use to have a very sweet tooth and would always pick the most sickly sweet choice on the menu. Though now I find them too sweet and wonder why I ever liked them.

RONNIE Sounds like the colds are visiting your home at the minute. I hope it misses you by, things like that can knock you off your feet and effect you more than others. You made me think it soon will be my flu vaccination end of October beginning of November. I think I have had it now for the past 4 or 5 years on the advice of my doctor. I hope everyone get better soon.

you are going to be kept busy the next few weeks with birthday celebrations of family.

I had a lovely holiday which went by rather quickly. In the evenings we would play cards so 2 or 3 hours would whizz by at a fast pace of knots. We have always played card, board games etc since being little so it is second nature to fill our time in the evening doing this.

We did go out one evening for a pizza (first time for my parents who loved it by the way) so I selected a small individual one and had a vegetarian option. So that was a nice change for the holiday and we all had a grand time. We went to the sea side one day but it blew like gale force 9 off the sea and took me all my time to stand up :lol: so I look like I was drunk :D So we went for a fish and chip lunch in a restaurant and decided to go to a town further inland. Great choice and we had a lovely afternoon there. Walked off some of those calories ;)

VAL Hope your having a wonderful time away and it is not too draining on you.

Time to get up and wash the pots up from breakfast :o Plus go and get dressed I am in my night attire at the moment. My feet are starting to feel like blocks of ice :brr: Bye for now sure have missed my daily visits take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-20-2009, 09:24 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ wow -- has it been 10 days already? We have been keeping busy, so I didn't notice that but I did remember that you said that you would be back on Saturday. Glad that you had such a grand time with your family and your cottage by the lake sounds fab. Oh too bad that you forgot your camera; that would be the first thing I put in my bag: shucks ... we would have loved to see pics of that ...

Nice to have you back too! Yes, what you call a caravan is what is called a Camper-Trailer here. The picture you showed us would be called a "Camper-Van" here; and the longer ones are called Winnebago Campers. There are lots of longer camper trailers, but ours is 20' and is more than adequate for us as there is only two of us. It has a full 4-piece washroom on the left end; a kitchen with table & benches in the middle; and a livingroom (/bedroom) on the rest of the right side. It is quite roomy really -- feels kinda like a mini-apartment. It needed a few minor repairs and modifications, and we have done some already; we hope to have them done before winter sets in.

I have been working on the curtains for the bathroom all weekend and I am almost done. I decided to take a break and come in and visit here for a bit. We had a lovely dinner tonight: I had steak & DH had a boneless pork chop. He had potatoes and veggies with his and I had button mushrooms & onions & veggies with mine ... very filling and very healthy!

I have heard of the Inspector Morse shows as well; I think that I may have even seen some of them. When we had an antennae, we got to see many shows like that on TVO that hailed from England. The books often have many more details, but the shows are fun to watch too.

Well that's all the news for now; hope you all have a marvellous Monday, and a grand week too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-21-2009, 12:21 AM
We just heard that our dear MEOWEE (Linda) passed away this afternoon. She had been sick for some time as you all know: turns out that they just found out one month ago that she did have lung cancer after all. We will definitely miss her sense of humor, her knowledge & insight, her group hugs, and her AM cheers here on our thread and all over 3FC's boards ...

Here's one from us to you, Linda ... :grouphug:

09-21-2009, 10:36 AM
In honor of our friend, MEOWEE (Linda) ~ Morning Chickies ... hope you all have a good one!!! :grouphug:

09-21-2009, 12:30 PM
Hi Ladies

I will miss our dear beloved MEOWEE with her valuable advice and her funny antics of her cats. At least your not in pain any more dear friend and now at peace. I am sure that Meowee is one of our newest angels :angel: I imagine you will be looking over us where ever you maybe seeing that we are "good little chicks" keeping on the the straight and narrow path of a healthy diet :yes:. I send condolences to her family/friends during this sad time.

It is a grey and overcast day here though no rain as yet. This morning it was very chilly and had to have some heat on in the lounge for a little while. I hate to say it but I think winter is just around the corner as there is definitely a nip in the air morning and night now.

The council have been this afternoon as we have had trouble with the plumbing in the kitchen as the water was not draining very well away from the sink. Glad to say they have replaced it and put a new fixing for letting the pipes of the washing machine go into so when it is working the water can drain in to the drainage system. Hopefully it has solve a problem that has been troublesome for years. I did contact the council some years back but they said it was my responsibility but policy has since changed and it onus is now on the council.

I started with a sore throat last night and it still remains with me today so I hope it does not develop to a full blown cold. On reading Ronnie's post yesterday I was only thinking I have not had a cold for years. Though this feels as though it might go down that route. For good measure I started my periods this morning so do not feel 100%. I am drinking plenty and yesterday was a bottomless pit nothing seemed to fill me. Talk about the old phrase feed a cold and starve a fever. I think I must have been taking it too literately. Not hungry today though thirsty and glad to have things that are cold which are soothing on my throat.

ROSEBUD Yes I was very annoyed that I forgot the camera though I did manage to forgot a lot this year :o So will have to become ultra organised for next time so to help prevent this. The best I can give you is the web page which has an excellent virtual tour of the log cabin setting we were in greenfinch B We will start looking in another couple months for our holiday next year and we book at the end of December taking the holiday in the September. The weather was dry throughout only needing coats on a couple of occasions. It was not blazing sun or anything but excellent weather for leaving our Rizzie in the car for a couple of hours without any worry to his welfare. Then on our return from our time out he got his fun and enjoyment exploring the woods not to mention staring the ducks out from the balcony.

It would have been nice to take the camera for the birds we saw in the woods. Regularly we saw a several robins, chaffinches, blue tits and great tits to mention a few. These birds have some pretty colour feathers so would have made some great photographs.

DH and I would love to have a RV in the future we often admire those we see out and about on our travels. Like your camper van they give you freedom to go where you want. You have a roof over your head plus like you said it is like a small apartment but on wheels. Here you can go on sites around the country just like the one we have been to pay a price for your pitch for the time you spend there. There are some stunning areas to go to and enjoy the area around it. Needless to say they are in the countryside away from the hussle and bussle of city life.

yes like you mentioned the television or film for that matter often just glean the surface of the book and miss out bits to fit it in a certain time slot. The book does not have such restrictions. You often can get so much more from a book as your own imagination takes over and you have an imagery in your mind of the scene and characters.

Must shoot got to go and make some sandwiches for tomorrows treatment. Not sure whether it will be possible at this point but will do the same preparations as normal just in case I am fit for treatment. Yikes must be something in the water here :lol: our Rizzie is having is "mad half hour" running round the lounge and kitchen tossing his ball up in the air. The coming towards me as I go to get his ball he runs away again. He is teasing me with his ball very mischievous glint in his eye but still a loveable rogue :D

Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-21-2009, 05:48 PM
Hi, Friends....such sad news to learn about Meowee. I've just been in tears. I'll be praying for her family. :hug:

Purple-your vacation sounded wonderful and I'm glad you had a good and relaxing time. Hoping your cold doesn't turn out too bad, though.

Rosebud-hope you are getting those curtains done! I enjoy making and sewing things for the house too and, in fact, I'm working on some curtains for our living room right now too. I just do easy straight seams and no complicated stitching or tucking. Sometimes, I even manage to alter clothing, but I can't do armholes or zippers:dizzy:-been too long since I learned that stuff!

Hi to Val, Numpster, & Spicy! Has anyone heard from Beverlyjoy recently?

Not much going on here-football game tonight again, so we'll be driving about an hour away for that. But, I guess I need to go and take care of a couple things before we need to leave, so I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Have a good evening! :hug: for everyone!

09-22-2009, 02:11 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well we had a mish-mash of weather today; started out with lovely :sunny: and cool temps, but by this afternoon, clouds rolled in and some :rain: came down all evening. That's OK cuz my flowers needed watering anyways ...

Well, we finally got our car back and not without DH getting on their cases about it too; the bill was higher than we expected -- $500.00! :yikes: That's a lot considering they didn't have to pay for the parts which were under warranty: that was all labor. So DH and I sat down and rolled coins to cover a portion of that; and there went a huge chunk of "MY" savings. I will be cutting down our budget starting next month to put that back a bit each month. We just have to pull in our belts a bit, that's all ...

Once we paid that off, we picked up a roll of burlap to put on the roof of our trailer; we already had purchased the fiber tar, so now we can go up and get that done as soon as we have another sunny day. We are trying to get it all ready for the winter months. DH has to cut some 2" x 4" pieces to put in the inside to give strength to the roof from inside: these can be taken back out in the spring once all the snow is gone.

:hug: RONNIE ~ I know, Ronnie, we will miss MEOWEE (Linda) a lot in this thread and forum; she was so bright and cheery. We always looked forward to hearing some funny tidbit about her cats each day. You've had a lot to deal with too with family members having cancer; sending up ^prayers^ for xtra peace and strength for you and your Dad at this time. Hang in there, kiddo ... GOD loves you and so do we!!! :hug: BTW -- yes thanks, I did get those curtains done last night; as I went, it got faster and faster!

HEY PURPLE ~ yes, we were just so blessed to have MEOWEE join our group as our new moderator. She was always so understanding and encouraging too. Like you, I am so glad that she is not suffering anymore either. I just wish our testing and diagnostic methods were much better than they are here in Canada. It took them way too long to get her diagnosis correct, if you ask me; so I am praying that there will be some improvements in that area in our country, and real soon ...

Those cottages look really nifty and that park looks lovely too, esp with all those walking paths; and I see that they have a nice camping area too where there are terrific setups for them as well. During our honeymoon, DH and I went to a few camping sites and just pitched a tent; but now we have our camping-trailer, we can camp in more comfort.

One time, we went camping and made our beds on the sand; but the next morning we woke up in agony ... all the cold had gone into our muscles and youch!!! I told DH that was the last time I would be sleeping on the ground and he agreed. We would go to this lake and pick blueberries and have a grand time. After that, we just slept in our car.

Well, today I ate pretty good; I had a banger (large sausage) and beans with salad for dinner; and DH had his super dogs on whole wheat buns. For lunch, we had grilled cheese sandwich and I had a chicken noodle cupasoup with mine too. For breakfast, I had homemade oatmeal, to which I added some natural bran and wheatgerm.

Well, that's all the news for tonight; hope you all have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY tomorrow -- and take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-22-2009, 11:37 AM
Hi, Gals!

What a day yesterday-rain, rain, rain, which we really needed, but couldn't it have waited until after the football(US-type) game? It had rained all morning and then quit for awhile, but we no more than got to the school (it was an away game) and it started again! Rained so hard that it was splattering up from the bleachers around us and getting us wet under the umbrella! In the first quarter, the coaches and officials decided the call it at halftime, and our boys won on a surprise pass into the end-zone in the 2nd quarter:carrot:!

Now, I have a lot to do the rest of this week, as I'm one of the senior parents in charge of the football player dinner Thursday evening. We're supposed to feed 41 boys and the moms too. The other senior mom and I decided to make pork loins (as they were on sale at the local grocery for an incredible price!) with baked potatoes, applesauce, & assorted dessert bars(the junior moms are making those). I have to get the potatoes and make some barbeque sauce (my own recipe:T). My church is allowing us to use their kitchen and banquet room, which is a real blessing, and we're hoping one of our pastors can be there to offer a blessing before the meal. It's bound to be an interesting evening feeding that many football players!

Other than that, we also are trying to arrange a sale to get rid of the rest of fil's things-time has become a scarce commodity all of a sudden....Then there's the kids' other activities and, of course, Friday night football away game again-whew, I'm getting tired just thinking about everything that needs to be done this week!

Rosebud-Glad you got your curtains done-I bet they'll look wonderful when you put them up! Sorry about that car repair bill-I think the ought to cut the labor costs when it's a warranty repair, but no one here does that-they all just want to make as much as they can:(. I was surprised (but not surprised, if you know what I mean) at how similar Meowee's situation was to my fil's. He also started with a cough that wouldn't go away, which the doc's treated as pneumonia, then found out it was lung cancer when it was really too late to do anything about it. Very sad in both situations. Health care is just getting worse and I don't think having the gov't in charge is going to make anything better-and now I'll climb off my soapbox:o.

Purple-I'd love to have a camper, RV, or something like that also-that's one of our "someday when we retire" kind of things. Lots of cabins here because of Clear Lake is a nice sport and recreational lake. Lots of people come to the town through the summer and many own the "cabins" or rent from someone else. Some of these "cabins" are larger than our house!

We took some pics of some visiting hummingbirds at our feeder last week and I'm going to try to upload them and post them, but not sure if I'll manage it. Well, better get going here or I'll accomplish nothing at all! Have a great day!

09-22-2009, 12:15 PM
here's my hummer

09-22-2009, 04:52 PM
Happy Tuesday, Chickies!:hug:

I was sad to hear about your friend's passing. I remembered her--- and all of you--- today in my prayers.

On our PBS station (educational) we get something every Sunday called Masterpiece Theater. It is where I first met British mystery stories. This month the shows are about Inspector Lewis. Good viewing, but I must admit my "southern US" ears don't always understand what is being said. LOL That's why I got into reading the books. I read all the Insp. Lindsley ones, and now I am starting Insp. Morse. Having seen the stories gives me a visual when I read. The books are always better than the TV shows. Sometimes I get out a map of England to see where the stories are.

What I know about England comes from reading, watching Masterpiece Theater, and postcards. I am a postcard collector and an avid Postcrossing member. One of my favorite postcards is of Queen Elizabeth. Now I have a strong desire to visit! Who knows? Someday I may!

Food has been good and not so good since I last posted. Mostly it has been good except I had a pancake breakfast Saturday... I am still doing my best, but sometimes I get bad!!:devil::devil::devil:

I would like to thank you all for posting here. I read your shares and know I am not alone in this endeavor.

Big hugs from Spicy!

09-22-2009, 09:38 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a pretty nice day today with lots of :sunny: and a cool breeze; it warmed up quite a bit by noon. We had to go up town to pick up some meds and a few groceries this am and then we picked up some clothes for DH at our local "Almost New" shop; I'm so glad that we can pick up stuff for him at such a great price becuz he wears his clothes out so fast, it makes me :dizzy: ... lol!

So I got lots of walking in today; happy for that :carrot: and I ate really well today too. I have been going over my plan and checking to make sure that I am not eating way too many C's; and sure enuff, I found many places where I can shave some off. While I am using servings or portions, they are based on a set total amount of calories for the day; and I noticed that it is so easy to start 'GRAZING' and eat way more than we realize.

I was reading on a site and a doctor there said that this was one of the biggest slips we make. He also gave some tips on how to shave calories off your meals and snacks, which I have now incorporated, ie cut the carbs back a bit.

TIP #1 ~ One of the ideas that I have been using for some time now, is to cut everything in half; then when you hit a plateau or stall, you can half things again -- ie. if you would normally have had 2 toasts for breakfast, cut that in half and only have 1. If you would have 8 almonds, have only 4 ... and so on. Instead of a sandwich with our homemade soup, we now just have 1 slice of nice wheatbran bread or only half a sandwich. I am finally getting DH to eat only 1 hamburger instead of his usual 2.

TIP #2 ~ substitutes -- look for things that have a few less calories in them, ie cream of wheat has less than oatmeal; bran flakes have less than corn flakes and have much more fiber and iron in them.

TIP #3 ~ That's why I have been on the lookout for snacks that are only about 100 calories each. Today, I found some low-fat popcorn in 100-calorie packs; that's just right for the snacks I want to have.

Snacks have always been an issue for me; and my favorite 60-calorie sugar-free puddings and jellos were on for half price today, so I picked up enuff to last awhile. My sugar-free yogurts are only 35 calories each; and with some fruit like a small apple provide quite a filling snack.

So I am journalling everything down this week to see how I am doing and so far I am under today (I over-corrected a bit) ; so then I just added a bit more to my meal or snack to bring it up to where I wanted it to be. I hope this change will help me over this winter to not only not gain anything, but hopefully lose some this year.

HI SPICY ~ that's also how I get to visit the UK too; love those shows that come on our public stations. You get to see the rustic homes and styles that are common along with the natural beauty of the European countryside. We are glad that you like our posts and that you have joined us here on our thread -- the more, the merrier, we like to say ... :D

HI RONNIE ~ glad that your son's football games are turning out so well for them. That dinner that you are planning for the players sounds wonderful; it's a lot of work, but I am sure that they will appreciate it. That's a great picture of your hummingbird; I tried so many times to get one but the feeder was too close to the big window and they would get scared and take off whenever I moved. I think that I really need a camera with a bigger ZOOM on it, then I can take pictures farther away without startling them.

When we went out for our drive, we did notice that we cannot smell any gas or antifreeze anymore, but the car is still jerky -- the mechanics said that they thought this was becuz we needed new spark plugs and wires. So DH will be getting those and putting them on himself next week; in the meanwhile, we will stay at home as much as possible. We sure hope that fixes the issue for good.

Well, that's all the news for now; there's not much else going on here. I will have some more mending to do for awhile -- taking up the hems on the pants I picked up for DH today; that's OK though ... it will keep my hands busy in the evening and keep them from munching! ;)

Hope you all have WONDERFUL WEDNEDAY tomorrow -- and do take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-23-2009, 10:29 AM
Hi ladies

I did not manage to drop by yesterday as it was my treatment day so things were tight time wise. Today the weather is grey and overcast with a chilly feel to the air. We have had a few spots of rain but no more than that. The leaves on the trees are rapidly turning to show their fantastic array of autumnal colours.

I had to visit to the dentist today but nothing too bad just a check up as such. Notice that I had a small lump next to the extraction and it was painful to touch or if you caught it eating. So an xray was taken and it showed no infection. It was a bone that belonged to the jaw and was the edge of the socket of the tooth extraction. It means now I have been referred to the hospital and if they feel that they can help I will have a small operation. This is done under local anaesthetic and they will cut the gum and smooth the bone. Not sure if stitches will be required afterwards as I did not ask but I presume it will. So I will fill you in as I know more.

RONNI Sound like you have been busy feeding all those hungry mouths. I have never fed so many only as many as 9 so a drop in the ocean compared to you. Glad you were able to get the ingredients on offer which is so import in this day and age of such economical uncertainty. I am always on the look out for bargains that way I get the best value for my money.

The dream of the RV is our one for our retirement. Our retirement is more to do with reaching that age as we both do not work. My DH cares for me daily :hug: which can't be easy. The log cabins here tend to be modest affairs more like small versions of bungalows

SPICY I can understand how difficult it can be for overseas viewers of such shows as Inspector Lewis to understand. Lewis is a Jordie and this means he comes from Newcastle. They to to me have a lovely accent but can be hard to understand. We all have those difficulties that you experience even me and that can even be evident in my own country. I find the Glaswegian accent very difficult to understand and that's only about 400 miles from me. Glaswegians come from the Scottish city of Glasgow.

I have never come across anyone who collects postcards. I know some of the postcards dating from the first world war are so ornate and handmade. I saw some in a museum in Belgium and these where tokens of love to men fighting in the trenches of the first world war. The amount of work that must have gone into these was phenomenal.

ROSEBUD These are great ideas for shaving off those calories in areas you may not have thought off. Sometimes as you say you hit a wall and something like this could give you the kick start you need.

:carrot: Good for you being on plan and doing the extra walking all kudos to you :carrot:

You tales of you camping made me think of my niece who persuade her mum to let her go camping in a friends back garden. My niece is fond of her creature comforts found it a nightmare, to her it was cold, hard , uncomfortable. The best thing was she blamed her Mum for the experience say why did you let me go :lol: That's teenagers for you :D

Time to go and make a cuppa my throats somewhat dry so till next time take care ladies.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-23-2009, 09:21 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had some :rain: overnight, but the :sunny: came out for us today. The temps were a bit cooler with a wind, but it was pretty nice most of the day. I just stayed home and did my light housechores while DH helped out a friend with something.

I also spent some time doing stuff on my plan; it takes a bit more time, but I found a way to make it simpler for me each day. I set up a file where I can track what I eat each meal of each day, and that is very helpful too.

Did manage to get some toning exercises and such done today; plus I ate really well today too (credit moi). We had Creole Patties or Exeter Stew, which was the original name; this is a family favorite recipe and I have lots left over if I want to have some for a lunch sometime too.

PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you have to have a wee operation on your jaw. I go for a cleaning in October and root canal in November. They are going to try to save the tooth for as long as they can, as I am missing one on the bottom there and I need something to chew my food with. :lol:

It's time again to go have some tea and put my tired legs up; I guess I have been overdoing it a bit and they are a bit sore tonight. I felt so good with the extra water out, that I have to be careful not to overdo it, or I end up paying with pain. :dizzy:

Take good care of yourselves, and hope that you have a great day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-24-2009, 04:09 PM
Hi Ladies

Been a busy day some how today. I went shopping today for the weekly groceries, then made a fresh fruit salad for our tea. I have cooked a chicken for sandwiches tomorrow plus from the leg meat I will make something else with rice not sure yet what it will be at this point in time.

ROSEBUD Big pat on the back for staying on plan and getting some form of exercise in. My exercise to day came in the form of walking around the supermarket and parking the car further away than normal. This was because we had our dog and it was a little sunny so parked in the nice cool shade. So not for extra exercise did we park the car further away. Walked further in the supermarket as they seemed to have put things in different places with a change round that they are so fond of. Just as you are getting use to the layout they do their party piece and change it round which baffles me where things are:?:

If I am lucky the sharp bone protrude will resolve itself by the healing process and it won't bother me. Though as things stand I will have the operation I would rather have a few days of pain and get it sorted long term. Some years back I had to have a biopsy in my mouth with a stitch in after the biopsy was done. This was done as I was getting constant ulcers in my mouth I was diagnosed with Lichen planus This will give a much better overview than I could give.

It is mainly cleared up though I am prone to bouts of ulcers but I much easier to get rid of than before. So I am some what aware was oral surgery involves and how painful it is afterwards for eating.

Nothing else to report in this neck of the woods today so I will close and say good night to you. Take care ladies till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-24-2009, 11:25 PM
:wave: HIYA CHICKIES ~ Lotsa good news tonight -- we now have our car fixed up and it is running better than ever. Turns out the problem was the wiring connecting the spark plugs; we put new ones on anyways. Now the jerking has totally stopped.

DH did a favor for someone and helped him with his vehicle (the body part, which used to be his trade), and the man not only paid for the parts we needed, but helped DH fix our car too -- isn't that great? GOD is good; and so answered all our prayers about this car!!!

We also got a call that our glasses were ready; so we went up and picked those up today. There was a bit of a mistake with DH's -- as they forgot to put in the bi-focal; but they will fix that up and call us. I now have to get used to my bi-focals, that I don't have to bend down my head to look over the top to see everything else. :lol:

You know, they are perfect for seeing far; perfecting for seeing close, but I guess they can't do anything for the mid-range, where you guessed it, is right where my PC screen is!!! So I have to use my old glasses for reading my screen. :dizzy: I must look pretty funny with my regular bi-focals around my neck and another pair of glasses on my face; maybe kinda like a mad professor or something like that ... or a Mrs. Frankelstein ... :lol: No, no -- not that bad! Ha!

We had a lovely dinner tonight of Wild Pacific Salmon poached in lite Ceasar Dressing (mixed with equal amount water) for 20 minutes; along with rice and mixed veggies. I like this salmon as it is nice and mild tasting, so we will be having this again. Very on plan today.

I also did all my toning and strengthening exercises today; I do 30 minutes of toning work when I first wake up, then I do some more in the afternoon, and did some dancing this evening for aerobics. After dinner, DH and I went for a walk; it was a bit nippy, but it also felt refreshing too -- so did very well on all fronts -- kudos for that!!!

GEE PURPLE ~ I hope that you have success getting rid of your mouth ulcers (will send up some prayers about that for you) as that can't be pleasant while eating. I had a cold sore on my lip that took a while to heal up, and you know, I prayed about it, and it is finally going away. Yes, I do pray for every little thing, and my DH laughs about it (in a nice way), but I figure ~ why not?

You wouldn't believe just how many hundreds (if not thousands) of these little prayers have been answered for us over the years. I started keeping track in a journal and realized how much we take for granted sometimes -- we are really truly blessed. Good things happen to us all the time, but sometimes we fail to take notice, or we forget all too quickly ...

RONNI ~ like I said in another thread; I am so glad to see that issue resolved for you. I'm sure in time, your SIL will come to her senses and learn to appreciate her family more; and if she doesn't, sadly, she is the one who stands to lose much more ...

HEY VAL, TGIF ~ hope you had a good week and are feeling well too! How's it going up there in Thompson these days? How's the romance, I mean friendship, with B going? Still on?

:wave: HI SPICY ...

We had :rain: most of the day today, but the :sunny: did peak out around dinnertime and that was nice for us; but the trees really did need the rain too. Hope you all have A FANTASTIC FRIDAY tomorrow; and please do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-25-2009, 06:59 PM
Hi ladies

Been a bit busy today as we went out for dinner, did some house work and then had step son over for tea. Haven't seen him in ages with his parents marriage break up when he was young DH did not see him that frequently. Though contact was always kept it was so nice to catch up with him and have a bite to eat. I did a little side salad with a chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread. Followed by a fresh fruit salad step son has just got in to healthy eating so was glad to have the type of fayre I served.

Must admit though I am now tired but realised had not dropped by so though I would do so before retiring to bed. No rocking required tonight in that department to make me sleep. We are likely to go out to friends for dinner but not had a confirmation from them as yet so will give a them a bell in the morning to find out whether it is still convenient for them.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the prayers regarding my mouth ulcers. I am just grateful that they are much easier to treat now and do not come so frequently as before. I think it maybe something I have to live with but there are worse things to have to manage health wise than mouth ulcers.

Touch wood I have never experienced a cold sore but my niece has them on a frequent basis. I know how uncomfortable they can be with the tingling sensation you get from this. Yes prayers can be a powerful thing and I try to remember to say thanks when being answered in another prayer. Over the years they sure do mount up all those little things we ask for.

Have you had bifocals before? I now wear a prescription lens of varifocal and it took me ages to get use to them as I was constantly looking through the wrong part of my lens for things. I am fine now I was told though I was quite young to be needing either bifocals or varifocals. I was 40 at the time of needing them well I could have had two pairs of glasses but I knew that would be a recipe for disaster of losing one pair. Plus doing different actives like playing cards or reading recipes in the kitchen I would be swapping from pair to pair. So I made the decision to have varifocals. I did take a long while to get use to them but I was determined to persevere to use them. Now I do not give them a second though automatically using the right part of the lens to focus on different things.

I hope glasses are cheaper in Canada than the UK my last pair of glasses came to 300. Not that I pick any fancy designer frame, in actual fact the frame was quite cheap no it is the lens that stings you in the pocket big time. I am really needing to go for a check up but saving up at present to buy my next pair as I suspect my lens have changed somewhat.

No further news plus it is nearing my bedtime. Just time to make a hot chocolate before bed. So night night and take care all till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-25-2009, 09:12 PM
:wave:HI LADIES ~ we had a glorious :sunny: fall day; yes, the temps were cool, but it was still lovely. With a light jacket on, it was almost perfect really! I spent my morning doing light house chores while DH helped his friend with his vehicle for a couple of hours.

Then we had lunch and went to see another friend in the country as they needed some advice about their house. I spent the afternoon visiting with his wife, who is a sweet girl. They got another new dog today; she is quite nice and the meeting with their present canine boy went fine. They were a bit angst about it as the male is a big husky-shepherd and she is just a small thing that looks like part bordie collie or something similar. I was happy that things went well becuz the poor darling was upset that her people left her behind, but my friend is very loving and dotes on her pets (they are like her kids), so she is going to like living there, I'm sure ...

When we go home, we just had a quick supper of hamburglers; actually DH had his regular beef ones and I just had one chicken burger and a cob of corn on the side. This was so suitable for this nice fall day.

HEY PURPLE ~ no, this my first pair of bi-focals, as I only had reading glasses before, but as time went on, my long-range site got worse too; and it seems that my mid-range isn't that great either. A lady in another thread told me that you can get 'MULTI-FOCALS' -- I guess that is similar to the ones you are talking about. I didn't even know any such thing existed until today ... :lol:

I do have some of different strengths here though, so I am using one of them to read the PC screen; but I am still having to change glasses, which I thought that I could avoid by having bi-focals. I guess the eye doctor forgot to ask me about that; maybe he didn't even think about it himself.

Oh boy, your glasses are quite expensive over there; I guess the more focals makes them more expensive too. I didn't have to pay for my glasses as the insurance plan we have paid for them and the company that made the frames waved the extra fee for me (a policy they added for disabled persons, which I think is so nice of them; GOD bless em' for that too!)

Well, DH is worn out and laid down early tonight; and I am going to take it easy this evening myself as I am bushed too. Now, I am off for tea ... hope you all have a great weekend and A SUPER-DUPER SATURDAY!!! Do take care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-26-2009, 11:54 AM
Hi fellow chicks

I have had a mixed bag in the weather department with the morning being very cloudy with the threat of rain. This afternoon is the absolute opposite with blue skies and sunny. I wonder what the evening has in store for us today :?:

I had a salad corned beef sandwich with fresh fruit for our dinner today. we are going out for dinner tonight as our friends have confirmed with us first thing this morning. Apparently it is going to be curry for tea tonight. I know that she makes them mild for me so no after effects in the tummy department. I am really looking forward to it as I have not seen the both of them for so long. I normally see John as he works at the MS centre each week but not so frequently his wife.

Just finished showering and getting ready for this evening. I know it is rather early but showering for me takes lots of energy the warm water just wipes me. To top it off it looked like Sweeney Todd has been in the bathroom as I managed to nick myself twice shaving. With having reduced feeling in my legs I did not feel either just saw the results of blood trickling down my shins. So now I have plasters (band aids) on the both of them. I think it is coming time to maybe use a different method of hair removal.

Good job I am wearing black tights tonight to go with my outfit as they should hide the plasters fairly well. I am wearing a white blouse with a little bit of embroidery down the left side in white and silver thread. I am wearing it with a long dark navy verging on black with a mixture of polka dots of in shades of white, blue, red and grey. It sounds very gaudy but the pattern is very pretty and plus I get numerous comments how nice it looks.

ROSEBUD Sounds like you had a nice time at friends meeting their new "baby" aka their new dog. I have heard you mention this couple who are renovating their home. This must be a daunting task and it sometimes nice to have another view and advice along the way I am sure. I am sure they value your advice and suggestions along the way. Sometime with a project like this you can't see the woods for the trees at times.

Glad you get your glasses free as they can hit you in the pocket. Shame you still have to use another pair of glasses using the PC. I find though I have to be when reading in bed my favourite place to snuggle up and imagine myself in the story I must sit in a certain positions or I am not looking through the right part of my lens.

Hopped on the scales this morning glad to say that my week of indulgence whilst on holiday has now gone. I put on some weight 2lbs to be precise which was to be expected as I was being rather naughty. I am now back to 177 which my body likes to sit at. I was once down to 175 for a few weeks but I could not sustain that :o I now concentrate on healthy food and portion control rather than trying to be my lowest weight.

Just watched a programme on DMD (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) the one thing I was impressed was how much help the family gets or the person themselves with the condition. Also the life span was much longer than in our own country. The one thing I like was most of the young men lived independently from their family. This must give such empowerment to the young men and allow them to run their life as they want rather than what their parents want.

There was a lovely holiday homes for disabled/ abled bodied people. It catered for both with work surfaces which lowered and raised. Sinks and basins again did the same thing. The setting was beautiful close to the sea and full access for all users to the sea. I thought if I was a wheelchair user I am sure I would value a holiday home like that, that both DH and I would enjoy. It highlighted to me how much further we have to come in helping those with challenges in their lives. I know we are moving in the right direction but still have much to strive for I think in my opinion.

Time for me to finish getting ready to go out. I need to put some make up on for starters and sort my hair out. Got the shaggy dog look at the minute, don't fancy hair with my curry :lol: Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-26-2009, 03:12 PM
Happy Saturday, Chickies-

Two sunny, beautiful days in a row. Such a welcomed relief to the two weeks of rain!

Yesterday I traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to bring my scooter to the repair shop. It had quit on me! I just received a call from the repairman and the cost is $120. I know that's a lot of money, but I am so grateful he was able to fix it. My insurance company will not help pay for a replacement, and scooters can be very expensive. So I am focusing on the postivie... $120. is a lot less than a new scooter!:scooter:

Hot Springs is a bigger city than where I live. It is an interesting place as it has many hot mineral baths. It's a touristy town, too, so there are always lots of people to watch! I love sitting on my scooter in a mall or similiar place and just watching the people. As you can see, it doesn't take much to entertain me!

Food on the road yesterday was okay. I ate out but ordered baked chicken and green beans. Of course, the portion was too big, so I brought half home for dinner. I am amazed at myself because before this try at weight loss, I would have eaten the entire amount and then had dessert! So I can see progress. I am trying to do "mindful eating." And another amazement--- I didn't eat the biscuit!!

Have a great weekend!

09-26-2009, 09:40 PM
:wave: stumbles in

I'm still kicking! I tried to quit amantadine on my own. well that was a mistake!!

let's see.. relationship update. Right now I'm giving B 'space'. He seems to be more comfortable with an internet based relationship... not so much face to face. So I think I'll be breaking it off fairly soon. I'm a few years younger then him... but he's got a lot of growing up to do. It's been a good experience though :)

Work is busy. I moved into the master bedroom in my house.. switched rooms with my brother and painted the room so the house has better resell appeal. It's a beautiful sage green now, instead of Barney the dinosaur purple.

winter is on it's way in northern manitoba. but it has yet to snow! yay!

and i am still tolerating the max dose of Rebif. side effects are too strong for me not to premedicate... and for me to take it during the day right now. but i am taking amantadine regularly and have started meditating in addition to doing yoga. I've also started a belly dance class - I tried to do an intense class but ended up dizzy and confused from some complicated dance moves... so I'm sticking with core moves right now.

I am going to my parents place for an extra long weekend for thanksgiving next month. and thank goodness greyhound didnt withdraw bus serve from manitoba! my brother was thinking he was out a job (and i thought i was out free greyhound bus rides!) so that is looking up.

i am having a gettogether at my house tonight and going out to dance with some girlfriends later. Have a great weekend everyone!

09-27-2009, 12:08 AM
WOW, VAL ~ you look stunning in your new avatar!!! I love, love, love the new color you chose for your hair -- it looks fab on you. Sometimes, we have to try a few different shades to find that special one that enhances our appearance like no other ... and baby, you found it! You look really classy, and sophisticated, and professional too! Love that touch of red lace peeking up out of your suit too ... how very sexy!

Sorry that the thing with Mr. B didn't work out but it's a good thing that you got to see that early on. Maybe you are just more than he can handle at his young age -- maybe someone about 5 years your senior might be suit you more. My DH is 11 years older than me, but there are days when I wonder if he isn't way younger than me; this may be a male thing, I dunno :dunno: (shhhh ... don't tell him I told you that) ... let's just say that he is young at heart ... yah, that's it ... huh, huh ... huh, huh ... ;)

I hope that you can get your meds fixed up pretty soon, so that you can feel better. Good for you doing the meditation and yoga; they are both good for lowering stress levels, they say ... Sounds like you are planning on selling the house in the near future; still planning on returning to school too? I hope you have a wonderful time with mom and dad on Thanksgiving; I think it's so nice to spend holidays like that with family that cares about us.

So glad that you dropped by ... It is nice to hear from you and get an update on your life; and what is going on. Hope you and your girlfriends all have a wonderful night of dancing tonight too! :hug:

SPICY ~ glad that you got your scooter all fixed up; $120 doesn't seem bad, but for a scooter that may be a lot. Sounds like you have a lot of fun zooming around on it in the malls and places like that. I would love to have one someday, but they are tres expensive to own here; the best buys are second-hand ones. You can rent one but they never told me how much it would cost me.

HEY PURPLE ~ gee sorry you knicked yourself again whilst shaving ... Oh, what about an electric shaver? I have a one screen by BRAUN that I just love. It is actually for men, but it doesn't really matter and it is nice and smooth and easy to use. Glad that those 2 wee lbs are gone forever again; I can imagine that 177 for someone your height would look very good. Sometimes, it is better to listen to where our body is happy than trying to go too low and not being well.

Yes, those holiday homes for the disabled sound very nice; it is nice that you found them. When we go anywhere (which isn't that often and we should do that more) ... we always have to look for a ground level place with easy access for me; and a place that allows pets too (as we have always had a pet) or we just wouldn't want to go there.

We had a very dull, overcast day, but later on, the :sunny: finally came out around dinnertime. The sky is very clear right now with a bright half moon and lots of stars; hope that stays so that we have some nice :sunny: for tomorrow. I just putted around here doing little things while DH continued to help his friend with his vehicle; it is taking longer than they thought as they didn't have the right tools and had to modify a bit. Tomorrow he is resting becuz he is very tired.

Hope you all have a peaceful and restful SUNDAY tomorrow; and do take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-27-2009, 08:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a good day with :sunny: on and off; so we went up town after lunch and picked up some Spit BBQ chicken for dinner and that was so yummy and healthy. We may have some frozen yogurt ice cream for our dessert for tonight.

I did very, very well this week keeping OP; credit moi for that! I did have one treat at a friends, but still managed to keep within my cap of 1800 C's a day (pheweee). I did a re-think, and I am going to start at 1600-1800 like someone else on this site, so that I will have some leeway later on down the road.

We also picked up a few things we needed to carry us into next week. So I got a bit of extra walking in today as well (kudos for that). We were going to go for a drive later on, but when DH went to check the oil and antifreeze, he noticed that he has somehow lost a piece off the car that is very important, so he will be going on a hunting expedition tomorrow to replace it. So we ended up staying home for the rest of the day!

Not much else going on here right now either; we will just have a quiet evening at home. Will probably do some more hand mending next week on DH's clothes, as I got all mine done last week. Probably do some laundry tomorrow as well, I think.

Hope you all have a BLESSED SUNDAY EVENING and a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow as well! Take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-29-2009, 12:47 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had :rain: here all day today; and I mean quite heavy at times. It was very dark and overcast too. We often get fall rains, and they are a bit late this year actually -- but they revive the trees and grass after the hot July and August months, and it was showing that they needed it ...

HEY PURPLE ~ I hope that you are feeling OK, since we haven't heard from you over the last couple of days. I know that you are looking forward to your treatment tomorrow as they really give you a boost.

GOOD NEWS FROM NUMPSTER ~ well, the deal is done so I can share what they are up to. NUMPSTER and her DH bought an awesome B & B (bed & breakfast) home/business in a lovely area in southern Ontario. It is on a private lake and the place is stunning; I spent some time tonight downloading pictures and will find a way to show them to you all as soon as I can. (EDIT: see the end of post)

You'd also be interested to know that my father and SM came in as her junior partner and they will be helping them get the place up and running. Now all we have to pray for is that her condo sells in time for the take over set for March 15, 2010; and preferably well before that date. The previous owner just wants to spend one more Christmas there as it is so beautiful in the wintertime too.

Thanks for all your prayer support and good thoughts for them; I know that they are very grateful, and she expressed that to us more than once. They are very thankful and grateful that GOD worked things out so well for them, and they have some marvellous plans to hold some Christian Retreats there too!

Just stayed home and rested; doing little things around home. Couldn't do much else with it pouring so much outdoors. Have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY, and take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

PS ~ I did manage to get the pics downloaded; as they had already been downsized ahead of time.

Here's a link to NUMPSTER's new home -- as you can see, this is one awesome place; our entire family is tres excited for them, and we plan on visiting there often ... :lol:

09-29-2009, 01:25 AM
The main problems I'm bipolar, I have asthma, and epilepsy. Most bipolar drugs and anti-spasmotics cause weight gain. So it's hard to find a low impact work out that doesn't make me have an asthma attack and a high impact work out that doesn't stress out my body to the point that I have seizures. It drives me nuts sometimes!!

09-29-2009, 11:00 AM
Welcome, AnnaKitty!:welcome2: My mom is on meds for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and has problems gaining weight as well, so I know what you mean. Glad to have you here. We're kind of a mixed lot with some of us having MS, another with spina bifida-related problems, and others with diabetes or other issues, but we're mostly here to support each other:D

It's cold here in the house this morning, as it was down in the mid-40's F overnight and I refuse to turn on the heat until after Oct. 1st, so it's 68 F in the house right now and I'm sitting under a blanket! It's been a busy few days-did I tell you that the football dinner went very well:carrot:, then they won another game Friday night :woohoo:. Saturday, we went to MN to move DH's dad's stuff to his mom's garage-not sure if we're going to have a sale or just give the stuff away, as there's not much there that's got any value, but would help out someone who's off to college or just starting out. Waiting to hear what DH's sisters finally say about it (although the problem sister will probably be very angry if we decide not to try to make her more money). Sunday, we had a really nice church and then watched football and the Nascar race (DH flips back and forth and back and forth and .....), took a walk, picked more tomatoes, and tried to recoup some energy for the week.

Yesterday, had to take DS3 to a podiatrist and he had to have an ingrown toenail removed, so he's going to be a little sore for a couple days. Then, shopped around a little trying to find some warmer clothes, as I've had to get rid of most of what I had from last year (waaaaayyyyy tooooo big:carrot:!), but having problems finding things that I like. I'm pretty conservative about what I wear and don't like low-cut tops or skin-tight anything and it seems that's all that's available in the stores right now:(. Don't know what I'm going to do, but might try shopping on-line to see if there's anything anywhere out there. I have been going to a 2nd hand store here, but my current size seems to be popular and there's never very much available to choose from.

Val-your pic looks good! Wish I had your wavy hair! Hope you get your meds working effectively. And, hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving trip to your parents next month!

Rosebud-glad Numpster's venture is working out! Tell her congrats! You are doing so well with your plan. I also have bifocals, but can't see the computer screen unless I tilt my head way up or push my chair away from the desk. I have to go back for a recheck soon and will be asking if there's a different way to adjust the prescriptions so I can see the computer and the kitchen countertops, so I don't chop a finger off!

Purple-Hope you enjoyed your dinner out! I suppose today's your treatment day, so hope that goes well, also.

Spicy-Hot Springs sounds nice! And, very good staying with your plan! It's amazing sometimes when we look back at how we used to eat and what we find satisfying now, isn't it? Keep up the good work!

Well, gotta go get something done, I guess. Kids need schoolwork to do and, as usual, there's house cleaning to to you all later! Have a great day!

09-29-2009, 04:09 PM
:welcome3: to our group, ANNA ~ I think that you might have more luck with just plain WALKING becuz of your conditions. Later on, you can try picking up the pace and/or swinging your arms to get a whole-body effect.

I read the advice of a MD (doctor) on the net (sorry, can't recall his name) who said that we really don't need to do a marathon to get into shape -- all we need to do is go for a walk for 20-30 minutes for 3-4 times a week (and more, only if you want to).

You can also do toning exercises and hand-weights which help you to lose inches but don't put too much stress on your body -- ie leg lifts, knee bends, tummy tucks, half sit-ups, calf curls, squats, wall pushups, arm & chair aerobics, stretchie band workouts, yoga, tai chi, and pilates ...

You can start out with 5-10 minutes and one round of 8 for each kind; and then work your way up to 30 minutes and 3 rounds. Don't do more than that or you may stress your body and that is all you need to do daily. Mix them up each day for variety too.

HI RONNI ~ I totally agree with you about the clothes out there now -- they are atrocious!!! It seems the clothing industry has forgotten that the majority of women are over 25 and a size medium-large. I guess they don't want our money ... :?:

I cannot and will not ever buy those clothes; they don't suit me, and are not becoming at all to anyone with imperfections. They look like toddlers clothes to me -- scant and half-cropped off to reveal way too much flesh!

What really bothers me is when I am out somewhere and I turn around to find someone's bottom or bosom flashing me in the face ... ;) You often see these young girls spending all their time trying to keep their pants from falling off ... :o That may get them all the male attention they want (or maybe more than they want), but most people are not impressed by it; and some day, they will learn that.

Our temps fell quite low last night too; and we have a very cold wind again today which makes it feel even colder, but we don't have our furnace on yet either. We just put on some warm clothes (thank goodness I filled my closet some time ago) and a sweater. We also have some nice shawls, vests, and throw blankets if we need them too! I'm on a tight budget just like you and need to save as much $$$ as we can.

YES, I have been reworking and tweaking my plan lately. I made up a journal file; and have set a cap at 1600-1800 calories a day. I am actually enjoying journalling what I am eating each day; I thought it would be such a bother, but it isn't even taking me 15 minutes a day total. Once you have the basic file set up, it only takes a 1-2 minutes to put in what you ate for each meal or snack.

I made a page at the bottom with the most common things we eat daily. I got them from a pocket-sized count book that also has protein, fats, and carb counts along with the calorie counts. It is true what they say -- I am finding that it is helping me to keep better track of what I am eating, and I can have more than I thought, if I choose the right things.

Hope you all have great evening ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

09-30-2009, 12:51 PM
Hi Ladies

wow the last few days have gone by in a blur we have been busy bees as you say. Sunday I was making preparations for the next few days. It felt like I was making sandwiches for the five thousand ;). Monday I went to Middlesex so a longish journey which the end part turned out to be a nightmare. On the road we were on a fuel tanker had spilt its load so fire crew and police were on scene. Traffic was horrendous on than side of the carriage way I was on the opposite carriage way but the normal rubber necking caused big problems on our side. Very near by another road was closed due to an accident and they were recovering vehicles so this just compounded the situation. By the time I got home I was absolutely wiped out. To top it off I ended up with a dickey tummy I think due to my having to take my prescribed laxatives. Today has been the first day I feel ok and no sore tummy. I put a heat patch on my tummy to help with the pain. I found this a comfort but for the first time in using these it has given me a reaction. So I have one really red patch on my tummy but cream helped this no end.

Yesterday was my treatment at the MS centre. Found good news for the centre the bungalow left for us in the legacy made 98,000 (just over really) with the contents of the home. Plus a big pharmaceutical company who must have a charitable section donated us 9,000. The money from the pharmaceutical company will go into buying equipment for exercising such as specialist bikes. These specialist bikes will let you do the work but if you are flagging it then kicks in and does some of the work. It will also sense a spasm and in your legs or arms and go the opposite way which is suppose to help. I have not been on the bike but I might do now I feel more confident down the centre. I will go on other machines down there that at the beginning I would as I am still self concious. My mind cant still get way from the fact I now am more a "normal" size for my height. Years of people pointing , saying comments behind my back or was suppose to be out of my ear shot are deeply ingrained. So I never want to do anything that may draw attention to myself.

Had a spot of good news today. The council repair team member came to look at the kitchen today and he had made another appointment to replace the kitchen unit that is water damaged. Also he let us know that the kitchens in the next two years are going to be replaced. Also the bathroom to be replace though I am not sure what they will do about mine as I have a different bathroom to most. I have a walk in shower and no bath. Also heating system to be update, new door, and new window so lots going to be replaced in the next few years. I suspect it is to get it up to a better standard and at the moment it is not deemed to be at a good enough standard.

Been busy in the kitchen since coming back from doing a bit of shopping made a carrot and coriander soup. Then made a dish of chicken breast diced with green beans chopped and carrot. Brown rice and one tin of low fat mushroom soup and one of low fat chicken soup. This is all put together in one dish. It is a recipe I found from the tin of soup itself then adapted it with changing the vegetables around to suit what I have in store. This is the recipe from the website

ANNAKITTY :welcome2: to the thread nice to have you on board. I can fully related with the issue of epilepsy medication which is renowned for weight gain. I am on 2 such drugs gabapentin and carbamazapine not sure if you are familiar with these drugs as they have different names in different countries. I have been prescribed these for a condition called trigeminal neuralgia and it has found these drugs have properties for killing pain associated with nerves

It is so hard when you are being good and eating healthy. Then the drugs you take seem to be doing the exact opposite of what you want to do "lose weight". Firstly there is light at the end of the tunnel so don't despair. You have to eat as clean as you can. What I mean by that is choose your foods carefully so things like wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholewheat pasta will keep you fuller for longer. Sutanas are good but better would be grapes as the volume would fill your tummy for much longer. It takes a while to get the act right but there is a way. I know I might be a little heavier than I would like but I can do nothing about that but I know the food I put inside me is healthy ( well most of the time I am naughty now and again this keeps me on the straight and narrow so to speak.)

I think also if we are in practice eating well for the majority of time if a new drug comes out on the market that we may have as an alternative without these horrid side effect we will be so use to eating the way we do that technically the weight will drop off to something we are happier with. There are new drugs coming out all the time so I think maybe in the future one of them may help us both :hug:

Exercise is another problem I can associate with as we all can in our own ways. We all have mobility issues of one sort or another. Find an exercise that you like even if you can only tolerate it in small doses they all add up. I can only manage short walks but by the time the weeks up I have managed quite a bit. All right a fit healthy person would have clocked up in an afternoon what it takes me all week to do but I have had to come to the conclusion that I can't do what everybody else can. So I set my own little goals that for instance I do walking as my main form of exercise and I set a goal that I want to walk to so many houses down the street. At times it hasn't been easy and I haven't wanted to do it. Though I drag my posterior into action and by the end of it I am always so pleased I did. I am competitive so setting myself tiny mini goals like that to achieve helps me. If I have a relapse with my MS then I have to start again walking and the distance is much less gradually building up again.

Look forward to getting to know you and hearing more from you.

ROSEBUD Thanks for your entries the last few days when I have been out of action with life. Really had a lovely night out with friends on Saturday then played cards till nearly midnight. The evening goes so quick especially when you are having fun.

Glad you are journalling your food I found that a big help at the beginning and like you I thought it would take forever but in actual fact it only took like your said about 15 minutes. It makes you more accountable writing it down and it can often flag up problem areas that you were not aware off. Like when do you get the munchies or what foods tend to send you binging.

Like you I have the same concepts about clothes I hate to flaunt to much flesh I think it does not look feminine. Dressing with barely any clothes on with skirts that are no bigger than belts looks like prostitutes. You can dress beautifully without dressing like that. I am glad my niece is not like that she covers up and relies on pretty belts or jewellery to show her to her best. Never seen her in a skirt yet don't reckon she has legs ;) Mind you her mum is the same I can't remember the last time she wore a dress or a skirt so must have rubbed off on to the daughters of hers

RONNIE Like I was mentioning to Rosebud I have issues with many of today's styles maybe I am old fashioned but that is me. Like you I found that size 16 which is size 14 US is very popular here so often I think oh I like that blouse only to find none in my size :cry: So the search then continues for another. Sizing for me is another issue gosh there is so much difference between different makers and how they can be so vastly different puzzles me :dunno: So sometimes I am a size 14 UK and another time I am size 16 even a size 18. Now that is 3 sizes difference I wish they would get their act together. I know a lot of it is done for vanity to make ladies think oh lovely I am in a lower size but it make shopping for clothes a nightmare. Right I will get off my soapbox now :lol:

Hope your son soon recovers from the ingrowing toe nail treatment swiftly. Not pleasant to have or the treatment for that matter but the lesser of the two evils. Can't you tell I hate treatment on feet. I was useless when I was a nurse I would bargain with another nurse to do the escort to the chiropodist I would do any of the other horrid smelly jobs that nurse inevitably had to do but going to the chiropodist turned my stomach. I think it was the sound of the machines that they use.

Dinner out with friends was great we had curry well 3 sorts to choose from, chicken, spinach and chickpea then lamb curry so spoilt for choice. I mainly had the chicken but had a small serving of the other two. I would have had the vegetarian option as my main choice but it was a rather spicy curry and though best not to got too mad on it else my tummy will rebel. We played cards till nigh on midnight.

SPICY Hot Springs sounds rather exotic to me even though my city is a tourist destination with the connections with Robin Hood. We have a castle but not in the conventional sense it is a folly. Nottingham is built on a network of caves. I have been down a couple of them prior to my mobility issues. In the second world war apparently the caves were used for air raid shelters.

Glad you had your scooter fixed and are mobile again shame that it is not covered by the insurance but as you say a whole lot cheaper than paying for a brand new scooter. We are fortunate here that we have a scheme that helps disabled now you can either have a car or a scooter. Not sure with the scooter how often it is changed but with a car it is every 3 years. All we have to pay for is fuel and the first 100 for any repairs the rest comes under the insurance. So I know how blessed we are in the UK having a charitable scheme such as this to help people with their mobility.

VAL Wow Barney purple in the main bedroom. Now I love purple but not for a room I must admit I tend to be more neutral when it comes to choosing room colours nothing too vivid. I know I would like the new colour scheme in the master bedroom you have chosen now more too most peoples taste should you wish to sell in the future.

Good to hear what is going on with you at the minute as I know you are busy with work and social life. Belly dancing sound great fun and good exercise no doubt.

Have a lovely time at your parents for thanks giving weekend.

I think I have replied to everybody. #Gosh the thread has been busy in my absence it was great to come back to read every ones posts and get up to speed. so till next time bye bye ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

09-30-2009, 11:20 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Had a busy day today too; had to go to doctors, and got hung up there for almost 3 hours becuz of meetings. My tests turned out pretty good; blood pressure was down; gonna take a small cholesterol pill to get it in the normal range, but other than that OK.

Doc is still pestering me to investigate the WLS thing more; and we had a big discussion about it again today, but DH and I are not too keen on it. I ran into an old neighbour who told me her sister is having WLS in October and she will have to be on liquid shakes for 6.5 months ... eeks! I'm not going to waste a lot of time and money travelling hundreds of miles and do umpteen tests and such when I am not intending to do that at all.

I am just gonna try to work a little harder at getting healthy with my own plan; even if that means starting over with a new, and better plan that I have created myself. I like the plan I have now; it is healthy and can be improved whenever and however I like ...

HI PURPLE ~ glad to see you back and that you are well; you have had a few busy days there. Oh, all those plans for your bungalow sound marvellous; so glad for you that they are gonna fix it all up for you too. Sounds like your MS center has some great ideas too; glad that you now feel like you can participate more there. Your dinner sounds wonderful; I also had some homemade chicken-rice-veggie soup for lunch today ... was tres yummy!

So, I ate really well (OP) today; and got in a bit of walking too (kudos for that). Take good care of yourselves and please do have an enjoyable day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

10-01-2009, 10:10 AM