30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Daily Chat- Weekend 8-29 & 8-30

08-29-2009, 09:58 AM
Morning Chick!

Well it's been interesting on low carb. No cravings like I normally have and no desire to go back and eat more.

I am anxious to see what the scale says next Thursday.

No exercise last night again! I had to take DD back to the dr for a migraine. They ended up giving her a shot, before I got home I ended up with a mirgraine myself and took meds and went to bed. We both slept all evening and all night. I am happy to report no more migraine this morning but my hair hurts and I am so tired.

Today I am going to try to do a massive cooking job and cook several things for the week. I don't want to be unprepared and be hungry then grab my old handy fav's. I actually don't have any of those in the house so it would be harder to grab them but I want to be prepared anyway.

DH has lost 5 lbs this week just by eating low carb meals that I am preparing. He hasn't been on plan 100% either. Men make me sick with the way they lose so fast.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

I am going to putter around the house all day and cook. Then church tomorrow and run by the grocery store to pick up a few things.

08-29-2009, 03:51 PM
Beth - I think it's wonderful that you and DH are dieting together! Based upon my own research, I feel that a low carb lifestyle is a decent choice. Whole grain breads and pastas and limiting refined foods and sugars is a very good way to go. I sure wish my DH would join me in my efforts. He has started more portion control and told me last night that he has lost 5lbs doing that alone. MEN.:rolleyes:

This morning I went to pick up our monthly food haul. Glad to see a bunch of chicken and boneless chops in there this time. We also got 4lbs of Lima Beans and Yams...will have to look up a recipe to use those.

My 4mo is on a feed-a-thon this last 3 days. He's been up 2x's in the night and then waking early with a FULL diaper. Gee - wonder why! :D Anyway - you'd think I would weigh 100lbs with all the nursing I've been doing! Sheesh.

DH works til 7:00pm as usual. Will go to Wal-Mart when the little ones get up from their naps. My 7yo wants to make some fabric tie flip flops together tonight...so I think dinner will be something easy like sandwiches. Busy day.

08-30-2009, 11:56 AM
I have been MIA lately since school started. Kindergarten has been soooo stressful - FOR ME!! DD cries at the end of the day and wants to be picked up early and it has been a struggle trying to juggle school with my work. All day Kindy is too hard on a 5 year old, I think. They want all of the kids to be able to read at the end of the year. What an enormous and stressful goal. I teach HS and so I am looking forward to when all of these young readers reach me, but the poor elementary teachers have so much pressure. Yikes!! DD will adjust but it truly is heartbreaking to see your child struggle with change.

I have been doing well on my diet. The structure of work really helps me. Exercise has been challenging. I am not going to be ready to run a 10k on the 26th. I have been running in the evenings after the kids go to bed, but it's getting dark earlier and earlier. I could get a head lamp, I suppose. :)

I hope everyone is well!!!!

08-30-2009, 06:43 PM
Good to see you again RileyOzzy!! I'm glad that getting back to your schedule has benefited your routine. So sorry to hear about DD's trouble! My now 2nd grader went to public school for K and it was all day. Great for me working full time, but hard on her. :( Lot's of behavioral problems that first semester.

I was able to wear a shirt to church this morning that was to tight last month. Yay! I'm hoping when I weigh tomorrow my "skinnier" feeling will be reflected on the scale.

My back is really feeling better today. I didn't take any medicine until about 30 minutes ago (after I mopped the wood floors, ouch!) DH is gone to Omaha with his brother and the 2 older kids to the Air Show. I stayed behind with the little kids and went to church and taught Sunday school this morning. I did go through Long John's drive through for some fish fillet's after church. I got a meal with fries and all and gave all but the fish to my 2yo.

Gotta figure out some supper and clean up the kitchen. I was pretty wiped out yesterday so the house didn't get picked up. DH works on Saturdays and I pretty much let everybody just watch TV all day in between the food haul trip and the Wal-Mart trip...and the constant nursing...sheesh kid... So now I gotta get it all cleaned up for our little friends tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!