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08-27-2009, 07:25 PM
So apologies to anyone here who works for UPS but seriously, their customer service SUCKS. My fiance was expecting a very important package (his new phone, which cost $100) and it was expected to be delivered today. So when he came home he checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered today at 11am. Only thing is, I was home, no knock, no doorbell and we even left a note saying to knock hard (since the doorbell is weak). So now I'm mad and so is he, he tries to call UPS and they tell him he has to contact the shipper (which is someone from eBay, natch), blah blah blah, so I get on the phone after he hangs up. I deal with those morons every day at work (I work in receiving at David's Bridal, and packages with thousand dollar wedding gowns come to our store destroyed, luckily nothing has been missing... yet, but one day I found someone else's package in one of our boxes because it had opened up).

Anyways, so both the people I talk to are morons and basically tell me they can't do anything and that I have to contact the shipper (whatever they'd do, I still don't know). So we go knocking on all of our neighbors' doors, nothing. We go to the apt complex down the street to our same number, nothing. I'm about to drive down to the UPS distribution center to complain. Then for some reason, I decide to look on our balcony.... and there the package is, banged up. And mind you, we live on the second story so the UPS guy had to THROW it up onto our porch. Seriously.

If he had left a note saying it was on our balcony, whatever. Or if he had just left it by our front door. Why in God's name he threw it onto our balcony is beyond me. He didn't know if what was in there was breakable.

So I called again and filed a complaint and the woman I talked to was so much more helpful than the other two men I talked to (one of whom was a supervisor). So someone from my town's distribution center is going to call me.

Is that not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard or what?

08-27-2009, 07:31 PM
My first thought was, "What's UPS?" :lol:

Sorry you guys had such an awful experience with them! I hope something will be done to remedy this soon. The driver needs to go back to training. :rolleyes:

08-27-2009, 07:48 PM
The jerks left my $2,500 wedding ring behind our trash can. I only allow important stuff to be shipped postal. They screw around and it could cost someone Federal Time.

08-27-2009, 08:10 PM
That's ridiculous! And the sad thing about UPS is that they aren't held accountable for messing up.

08-27-2009, 08:37 PM
UPS is the bane of my existence.

I run a Mary Kay business on the side, and MK uses UPS to ship all their inventory to the consultants. I kept missing my first order, because they won't just drop a package at my apartment complex...even though we're locked down like a prison here (tons of security around, locked doors, etc).

After three hours on the phone with them, I got into the car and drove to their distribution center. I said that I owned my own business and use UPS for shipping--but from now on everything goes FedEx. I was loud enough and angry enough that they tracked down the truck that had the package and made him turn around and deliver it to me.

I said thank you, then followed it up with a very direct note to the distribution center management as well as corporate headquarters complaining about their policy. If I wanted to drive somewhere to pick something up, I'd drive to the store and save on shipping costs.

08-27-2009, 08:43 PM
I got charged $425 a few months ago from Dish because UPS is terrible. UPS told Dish that I was never home for a scheduled package pickup, 3 days in a row. They said they were banging on the door and leaving notes for me and everything. A few days later my neighbor a few doors down came home from vacation to a pile of paperwork from UPS for me, advising me that they were going to charge my credit card, in addition to the charges I was fighting from Dish, for making them come to my house repeated times and never being there.

I now won't even purchase items from stores that deal with UPS.

08-27-2009, 09:29 PM
That just proves that UPS guys are total morons. They had the wrong house/apt! I mean, come on people!

A couple of years ago I got a package from UPS for my neighbor. I was number 2, he was number 9. Really? I swear go God, some of them must be dyslexic or something.

08-27-2009, 09:37 PM
I got a package of pasta shipped to me (from FiberGourmet...great stuff, BTW, but that's a whole separate post!) today - 12 boxes. And it looked like they had literally dropkicked it, piled every other box on top of it, and then sat on it. And they left it behind a locked gate (so they had to just...throw it...over the gate, dropping it at least 6 feet) with no doorbell, knock, or note. Good thing I went outside to garden!

08-27-2009, 09:50 PM
Ugh, nothing pisses me off when they do that to boxes. They just do not care what might be inside. According to one of DB's UPS guys, that's "just how they load them into the truck." They just pile boxes on top of one another, despite if they're full up to the top. So the result is crushed boxes.

One box of bridesmaids dresses I got was WET and the whole bottom was falling out and luckily the dresses come in plastic, and the plastic was wet! If those dresses had been damaged, some of them were customers' bridesmaids dresses from weddings they're in.

08-27-2009, 10:10 PM
I long ago got sick of dealing with missed deliveries (no one is home during the day), so I always have packages shipped to me at work.

It's a small architecture/interior design office that has clients all over the country. We get UPS/FedEx/DHL dropoffs all day long and have great friendly relationships with our deliverymen. Maybe if I was running a side business it would be a problem, but one or two packages a month isn't noticed and it sure helps my peace of mind when I'm waiting for something.

On another note, we ship (mostly via FedEx) and recieve product samples and architectural drawings every day. We have maybe one or two problems (damage, non-delivery) with shipments each year. With the shipment volume that we do, that is GREAT. We're pretty happy with FedEx.

08-27-2009, 10:35 PM
I've actually had a lot of good success with UPS. Fedex is the one I used to have trouble with.

At one point, the distribution center was 40 miles away from my house. I would order things like one time I ordered a phone. I knew it was coming, checked the tracking number for days expected to have delivery so I'd stay home to wait for the delivery. Well I checked the tracking number when the package didn't get delivered and it said 'undelivered/no one home'. So I call and complain because I was home and they told me not to worry that it would be delivered the next day. So the next day I stay home again and same exact thing happens. I call up again, they assure me it'll be delivered the next day. So I stay home yet again and same thing happens except this time it is '3rd delivery attempt'. So I call up and they tell me I have to go pick up the package, 40 miles away. I end up talking to a supervisor, etc and they end up telling me that the driver probably was running late and just didn't want to drive out to my place and instead went back to the distribution center. So they end up having a courier deliver the package.

So anyway... a few months later, order another item and same thing starts to happen so I tell them that this has happened before and the driver did come out on the '3rd' attempt but it was really the first attempt.

08-28-2009, 12:15 AM
I haven't had problems with UPS, but like Nelie, I loathe FedEx. I was expecting a $10,000 check from my bank, had the tracking number and finally it said it was delivered.

Went home, checked... not there. I called FedEx and they said well... check behind bushes. Um... we don't have any. She connected me with the local office and a woman told me the delivery driver had already left for the day but she would talk to him in the morning and get back with me. Since this check was MIA I had to call the bank to request a stop pay and reissue (which again would be sent via FedEx).

Then the next day I get home (after no call from the woman at the local office) and miraculously there's a package on my doorstep with a $10,000 check in it. I was so PEEVED I called the local office and griped that woman out for 30 minutes. Had she called in the morning to let me know it was delivered to the WRONG ADDRESS and was being redelivered, I could have cancelled the stop pay.

Complete stress for two days and a total waste of time for utter stupidity and irresponsibility. :mad:

In the way of irresponsible companies... in my book U-Haul wins for the century. :mad::mad::mad: